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File: 1444177145698.jpg (81.49 KB, 450x450, U0.jpg)

No. 39645

Lets discuss our favorite tumblr ~celebrities~

No. 39647


No. 39656

she would look so good if she lost 20 pounds

No. 39658

Who the fuck is in op pic?
She's be cute if she wasn't fat.

No. 39660

i hate rydenarmani

No. 39675

I can't remember her current username she used to be tiit on tumblr. I remember her saying she had an eating disorder before and she posted pictures of her during that time, she looked so different but I don't know if she necessarily looked better. I think she's cute

No. 39680

No. 39694

Sara had a very serious eating disorder from which she has fully (?) recovered from. Please don't make remarks like that.

No. 39695

She is like 4'9 and I think in her mid 20s now. Her eating disorder was at it worse when she was around 15. She posted photos, which I didn't think to save for future reference, from that time period and she was super spoopy. Bones everywhere. She looked horrible, honestly.

No. 39696

File: 1444182766415.png (164.25 KB, 1080x922, Screenshot_2015-10-06-21-51-29…)


If I find photos, I'll post them but heres this for now.

No. 39698

have you seen tumblr user oeut she used to be girlnah and i think she has a disorder

No. 39699

Remarks? I was replying to someone who said she'd be cuter if she wasn't fat? I'm not sure where you're getting at because I wasn't saying anything bad about her, chill.

No. 39701

is that the girl who shaved in a receding hairline

No. 39702

File: 1444183242167.png (2.34 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1444183146240.png)

Before and after her eating disorder. These photos are roughly 5 years apart. She was 15 in the black and white image, at the height of her disorder.

No. 39703

File: 1444183352159.jpg (284.45 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nv1bgqfDm31r8o47wo1_128…)

I personal like her shape but most of you will say she is "too fat". You do have to keep in mind how short she is. If she were 5 inches taller, she would still be below average height but she would be skinnier.

No. 39706

File: 1444183493426.png (721.76 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_2015-10-06-22-03-10…)

oops personally*

Check out this post she made though lol.

No. 39710

These look like two completely different people.

No. 39712

well, being short makes it a lot easier to become overweight.

i wouldn't say she's fat but she could probably stand to lose a few pounds.

No. 39714

Look at the neck moles though. They both have the same markings. It's definitely the same person. Gaining weight and using angles sure makes a person look different.

No. 39716

she said she is around 140lbs, so she is what you would medically consider "overweight" but she seems way to content with herself to ever want to change, it seems.

No. 39717

Her teeth are identical too. She is just showing her gums in the older pic. Lots of people doubt that is her in that photo but it is.

No. 39719

also she grew out her eyebrows

No. 39720

yes lmao i never noticed it until someone on another thread mentioned it

No. 39721

I think she shaves her hairline from a widows peak to a big rounded arch. Too keks when she gets stubbly.

No. 39722

Same anon who called her fat~
See here she's just cute. I dig it. Op pic is probably just unflattering. I retract my statements.

No. 39723

and her lips are super dry which is probably caused by her being malnourished

No. 39724

those jeans are so horribly unflattering, looks like something a 50 year old on welfare would wear

No. 39725

pic and ig for anyone unfamiliar

i think she shoops and abuses photo stretching apps to get that spoopy look - her agency lists her stats as 5'9 31-24-33 which is thin but not super crazy skinny like you see on her ig http://www.nextmanagement.com/paris/profile/kay-smetsers

No. 39726

She lives in alabama, cut her some slack.

No. 39730

File: 1444186455236.jpg (450.36 KB, 956x1280, tumblr_n8szup4cjF1rhpssho1_128…)

No. 39731

this pic is so scary imagine seeing someone walking up to you in the dark like this slenderman like body she has

No. 39734

Can't really tell because of the jeans but if she's like 4' 9" and 140 what the fuck she looks better than me at 5' 115

No. 39736

File: 1444188214689.jpg (81.81 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nqttr9TOcw1tdrzaro1_500…)

this girl claims to be 16 years old but i couldve sworn she was way older when i followed her she looks at least 30

No. 39738

Man, this generation of teenagers is kind of worrying. Why does it feel like they're all so eager to be adults?

No. 39742

Because they think that once you hit your 20s you get a car and a house and tons of shit handed to you and all you have to do is drink and party and never work.

No. 39751

Haha, wait until the real world hits them and you have to work two jobs to survive, try to get through school and get sick with a mountain of bills. They need to stop watching tv dramas.

No. 39752

That's so gross. Racism is still racism. I dont understand why so many people think it's okay to be racist against white people.

No. 39756

File: 1444196576692.jpg (247.1 KB, 1120x959, tumblr_nvijfiFoqB1r8o47wo1_128…)

her new hairstyle look horrendous yet i love it so much?

No. 39757

She went back and aplogized for making this post. It's been a hot minute since she said that and has since changed her opinion on the matter.

No. 39759

File: 1444197307167.png (384.3 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_2015-10-07-01-48-31…)

No. 39775


I fucking love short, dark hair on women.

No. 39779

I think it looks really good on her honestly.

No. 39785

File: 1444202455797.jpg (522.08 KB, 848x838, tumblr_nvogzpWhL21r8o47wo1_128…)

Ikr, she looks great.

No. 39786

she isn't 4'9. she's 5ft exactly. still tiny as hell.

No. 39787

No. 39805

Oh, welp I like this girl.

No. 39806

You like racism?

No. 39812

Same, that was hilarious.

No. 39821


This really feels like selfposting, no one would actually be this interested in an average looking chubby girl and no one on this board would give a shit that she said nigga

No. 39840

Is anyone else sick of seeing Halsey on their dash? Because she was a tumblrina before she was famous, has mermaid hair, is bisexual, and a white-passing PoC, a lot of people I follow have latched on to her.
Personally I think she's overrated… but, that's just me.

No. 39855

yeah i hate her. she embodies everything that annoys the shit outta me

No. 39861

she also copies 'lyrics' from famous tumblr posts

No. 39862

maybe if she didn't have over 100k followers, i would agree but there's a lot of people who worship the ground she walks on. even her ugliest selfies get over 500 notes.

No. 39866

File: 1444232623760.jpg (108.71 KB, 500x375, large.jpg)

anyone have an opinion on Alise Carter? Her tumblr is dyspnoeic.tumblr.com

I believe she used to be good friends with Felice Fawn.

No. 39877

She certainly looks like it

No. 39891

File: 1444238475226.jpg (248.57 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_m5ycruLM3H1qbt27go1_128…)

I dunno whether she qualifies for a tumblr celebrity, but Staz Lindes is the hottest thing I've seen since the days of Livejournal.


No. 39896

her lips look like a big ole bhole

No. 39911

File: 1444241810976.jpg (110.02 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nlcl3sNIRF1t3h70eo1_540…)

This girl's looks, blog, and lifestyle intrigues me though I honestly believe she is underaged which is a quite unsettling considering she has posted nudes of herself and does a large amount of drugs.

Her name is Lily Jet and here are the only accounts that I know of:


She recently shaved her head completely bald and has several stick 'n' poke tattoos.

No. 39912

File: 1444242038387.jpg (123.74 KB, 592x596, liliil.jpg)

found another instagram but at first i thought it was someone posing as her but now im pretty sure it is really her old account


No. 39913

No. 39923

TBH I love this 80s revival look done right

So so so so sick of those fugly ass buddy holly black hipster glasses that LITERALLY every person on earth wears now, these are fresh as hell

No. 39924

Okay but if she was talking about how white ppl deserve it you would be saying "look at this post lol tumblr". Honestly its true it isn't even "white tears" to think that it's annoying? Not even about being personally offended its just redundant and doesn't really do anything good.

No. 39925

Ten bucks says she's from either Portland or Chicago/some major Midwest city.

No. 39926

Huntington Beach, California actually.

No. 39929


I'm sure she's ana chan, her weight seems to go up and down in her pics, also I hate her blog it's so typical edgy tumblr teen that it's boring

No. 39930

i unfollowed bc every time i see her face it makes me feel like i need to take a shower

No. 39931

her face is scary looking defo ana

No. 39971

I've listened to two of her songs and liked them, but yeah I get what you mean. I'm getting fucking tired of Tumblr having such a monopoly on media. Tumblr aesthetics and shit isn't bad in itself, but eventually it becomes the same shit over and over and it's just sickening.

No. 40103

File: 1444274572902.jpg (522.93 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n8crl1MaFN1t3h70eo1_128…)

aw that's mean. i love lily.

No. 40107

you should see how hard the skinnygossip girls are bashing her now they know shes a whiny fuck and she shoops her photos.

and i think someone from lolcow posted there about her widows peak and everyone fucking lost it haha

No. 40108

Nah, I believe you; I compared the teeth, moles and freckles too.
It's just bizarre how different she looks.

No. 40109

I thought the same thing, I feel like washing my face thoroughly.
I can smell her B.O. from here.

No. 40243


lmao I actually know this girl irl
she gave me a stick n poke tattoo mid September!!
I hadn't met her b4 and she said to just bring something cool as trade for the tat

shes of age, tho she certainly doesn't act like it

No. 40485

that yawl girl was in a "music video" its cringe worthy and hard to watch

No. 40489

The music was eh but I liked the video a lot. Sara is super cute.

No. 40490

how old is she? I've always wanted to know but she never says :x

No. 40492

File: 1444369050799.png (60.18 KB, 729x322, Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.21…)

Best tumblr genre: fucking daddies and littles

everything is written as though it's from /cringe/

pic related, from a fat-ass "weight loss blog" of a little

No. 40493

im guessing shes around 18-20 i dont follow her anymore nor did i ever pay attention

No. 40495

i could only read a few sentences then i had to stop

No. 40526

Anyone into that daddy shit should just kill themselves

No. 40531

No. 40532

No. 40554

18 maybe 19 now, her birthday was coming up
shes a sweet girl just into a grimy pill-filled subculture

No. 42181

File: 1444682453291.png (713.33 KB, 856x548, ok.png)

This seems like a good place to post about this chick rather than making an individual thread for her.

Reason why (I think) she is a snowflake:
>>lies about having sex / claims off and on that she is a virgin http://kiittenymph.tumblr.com/post/93406417412/mobile

>>won't reblog someone's post or "promo them" unless they purchase something from her wishlist

>>says mom is totes chill with her doing drugs and getting drunk http://kiittenymph.tumblr.com/post/128198087722/what-do-your-parentsguardians-think-about-you

>>brags about drug and alcohol use constantly http://kiittenymph.tumblr.com/post/122316036277/have-you-ever-done-coke

>>recently got into the dd/lg scene and now reblogs related porn http://kiittenymph.tumblr.com/post/128708618612/did-you-not-have-a-father-growing-up-is-thishttp://kiittenymph.tumblr.com/post/128734961397/did-you-call-your-ex-daddy-i-did-and-i-thought-it

>>just turned 16 back in june http://kiittenymph.tumblr.com/post/122310725457/oh-dear-you-dont-have-to-put-your-actual-age-out


No. 42187

File: 1444682740966.png (632.64 KB, 877x534, ok2.png)

Also wanted to add that she lives in Oklahoma and I don't know the context of this image but I don't think 15/16 year olds should be going out at night, hanging out with gross dudes (example on the right), doing drugs/getting drunk while dressed in bikini tops and short shorts. I hate to "police their bodies" but they're all minors so I don't feel bad with thinking this tbh.

No. 42316


Do you know how old she is? I'd guess she's in her early/mid-20s and just looks/tries to appear young because:

1. She doesn't post her birth year on her tumblr FAQ, just her month and day.
2. She complimented herself as "forever 12" on one of her photos and 15/16 year olds generally are concerned about trying to look a little older vs younger
3. All the piercings…

No. 42320

she is 16

No. 42325

No. 42330

File: 1444701319315.jpg (34.31 KB, 748x391, 1390741_530097163750826_369753…)

tbh i cant tell if she is lying or what anymore. she apparently used to be in a band?


No. 42339

I follow her, she started pretending she has bpd recently

No. 42340

that link says shes from Cali not Oklahoma

No. 42345

weird? her blogs FAQ says she lives in Tulsa Oklahoma? this is getting really odd.

No. 42824

…said every generation, ever.

No. 42931

File: 1444832175614.gif (947.69 KB, 318x162, 02.gif)

No. 48008

File: 1445549475748.png (1.47 MB, 996x994, cleannn.png)


Nice to see she started to clean her room/dresser before taking selfies.

Here's her wishlist purely for the lulz http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=cm_wl_search_1?ie=UTF8&cid=A1396SH2XJK0NK

No. 48009

That over flowing trash can though.

No. 48013

its 2015 and theres people who still look like this
i hate this type of style its ugly and looks trashy let scene stay in the past

No. 48064

It's not even really scene now it's just ~••tumblr••~ style

No. 48081

anon pls she's obv a mermaid

No. 48483

>thinking she's thicc

No. 48694

Girl in OP's picture really shouldnt have cut her hair. That hairstyle looks good on no one.

No. 48719

typical idiot lolcow user

No. 70048

File: 1449789477031.png (2.43 MB, 1680x2048, PhotoGrid_1449789304158-1.png)

>tfw you follow cardcaptorr.tumblr.com bc you think she us a hottie with a body but she ends up being a butterface :/

No. 70049

File: 1449789543384.jpg (53.59 KB, 500x667, tumblr_inline_n6h9oww17g1r48u5…)

here's an old photo of the girl in OP's pic

No. 70050

File: 1449789558542.jpg (61.9 KB, 640x480, tumblr_mxmnv9fOHT1r8o47wo1_128…)

and another

No. 70052

her nose? does she photoshop?

No. 70077

cardcaptorr is a bitch lmao
I used to follow her on tumblr and she called a 15 year old pathetic and got her followers to send her hate for "copying" her pictures
which, ykno, are just typical teenager selfies

No. 70088

File: 1449793418031.jpg (25.79 KB, 250x375, tumblr_nylj00vueh1r8o47wo1_250…)

girl in op pic also shaved her head then died it blonde

No. 70108

i love it yet i feel she looks like a hairless troll irl

No. 70114

I get such strange satisfaction from finding out that popular tumblrinas are actually cunts / not as perfect as they seem.

No. 70313

Yeah, she's the type of girl that looks really good 'fat.' It's that kind of stocky, womanly build. She looks much better like this than her skelly period.

No. 70396

Does anyone remember morguebaby69? She was a 14 yo girl on tumblr who was into the whole daddy thing, "took drugs", took pics of her butt and other areas of her body. I think she was rich too but I dont remember, I think she deleted her blog or may have created a new one. I don't know the url though. If you search up morguebaby69 you'll get some pix of her.

No. 71285

Never heard of her but goddamn that sounds embarrassing. Edgy 14 yo with a ~daddy kink~ bc she's a cute little princess uvu but she has a dark past bc she takes drugs and her URL has morgue in it :( I'm not surprised that she's rich. Basically all the edgelords on Tumblr are spoilt white kids who want to claim oppression by self-diagnosing mental illness or pretending to be trans or a drug addict…

No. 71324

how is white tears a thing if it's only black people that whine about their non-existant racism every fucking day on tumblr? lmao
oh god

No. 71325

>that photoshopped thigh gap

No. 71331

huh? I ain't see it

No. 71333

File: 1449886481741.png (78.84 KB, 875x637, Screenshot_2015-12-11-21-13-46…)

No. 71343

this is a contradiction anon bc youre here whining like a baby lol

No. 71358

Yet here you are, whining.

No. 71387


this reads like selfpost

No. 71389

lol i promise it's not

No. 73614

File: 1450454137327.png (408.44 KB, 678x480, before and after photoshopping…)

Alright let me take the time to tell you guys about my old personal lolcow from a few years back. Has anyone here ever heard of the blogger catatonia? Real name Victoria or Toria?
I originally followed her account back in 2012, when she was 16, and I was around the same age. She never reached yawl (pink hair chick up top) level Tumblr fame but she did seem to draw quite the crowd for being a suicidal heroin addicted, vulgar, crudely photoshopping attention whore/juggalette.

She isn't really active and I don't consider her to be worth milking anymore though I still feel like some of you will get a kick out of hearing about some of the stuff she has done because well idk, I found it all rather amusing/disturbing at the time.

>at 16, she would post bestiality videos and tell people that's what she is "into" http://imgur.com/a/Fz8oT

>posted selfies with heroin needles http://imgur.com/a/H9B6n

>would put make up on her face and pretend as if she was beat up/attacked multiple times http://imgur.com/a/pyz0E

>was actually grossly overweight but would edit her images horribly to hide this fact. she sent another tumblr user an unedited version of a photo she had on her blog and he shared it on his page, those are the two images I included with my post. Here are more examples of her terrible photoshopping jobs: http://imgur.com/a/1i7VC

>also sold clothes in her online shop http://schizophrenicgrapes.bigcartel.com/ and i was never positive if it was a scam or not? this is the post she repeatedly reblogged http://catatonia.co.vu/post/79328616797/use-code-angel-for-25-off-everything-no-minimum

Here's her blog url if those who want to lurk: http://catatonia.tumblr.com Okay, the end.

No. 73616

I forgot to mention that she would post nudes of herself, despite being underaged. She lied about how old she was multiple times but her true age was 16 in 2012. She removed almost all of the kiddie porn from her blog but other accounts still have them. I already came across a few but I won't be sharing them.

No. 73617

>white person shedding white tears over the term "white tears"

this is too much

No. 73620

Oh just shut the fuck up, you big baby.

No. 73624

Didn't this girl have a PULL thread? Lmao all her "scars" are makeup and she probably doesn't even do drugs.
>mfw cowards don't even smoke crack

No. 73625

If she did, I never saw it. She has had the same url for years though she has slightly changed it.


No idea if she went by anything else.

No. 73780

hah, yes! i knew i recognized this trainwreck from somewhere

ugh, i hate feeding tumblr personalities' egos because they're already huge enough, but i'm jealous of her arms

No. 196555

sorry to bump this old ass thread but i fucking forgot about this chick she was ssoooo cringey!! ew

No. 234818

I was one of the few people at the time pointing out what a hilarious sham she was. It's actually really funny that so many people fell for it.

No. 234942


holy damn, that face does not belong on that body. god bless her.

No. 234943


any other milky pics? she looks pathetic, i need to know more.

No. 251878

sara tiit has the fattest ass

No. 251882

Bumping those old threads, huh?

No. 251972

I used to follow a girl with the username crystals-and-moss or something really similar. She lived in Washington state and was trying to have an open relationship but her bf didn'the really like her and they fought a lot, he cheated I think, and she'd post poor me pics of herself crying. She wasnt milky so much as just like, tryhard and pathetic. She looked like a tumblerina, black hair and pretended to be into witchcraft. Would post nudes. I liked snickering at her attempts to be cool and wonder where she went.

No. 262712

does ANYBODY remember this girl/later on transboy (if i remember correctly?) emery aka cutter- on tumblr?

No. 285105

I know of her because I was friends with her ex before they got together, she was basically bullied and stalked off of Tumblr.. Not sure what provoked the person/people responsible into doing it. I really disliked her but it went pretty overboard unless she'd done something truly heinous.

No. 285353

Wait, being "tumblr famous" is still a thing?

No. 301583

File: 1493567854821.jpg (153.76 KB, 1080x720, Photo on 11-7-15 at 3.56 PM.jp…)

Darklittlefaun - Rebecca Raygoza

No. 301585

File: 1493567918754.jpg (1.2 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_9725.jpg)

No. 301586

File: 1493567969974.jpg (39.86 KB, 800x600, bath5.jpg)

No. 305362

File: 1494016736612.png (114.87 KB, 720x1280, tmp_16423-Screenshot_20170505-…)

sorry for necro and little offtopic, but does someone know something about this? it's taken from girlrejectsgod, maybe also named as girl2god, i don't remember. she could have some milk of her own too.

No. 305544

Girlhatesgod or empiregrotesk?
girlhatesgod had her own thread for a while here as clownhysteria. All she does is sit around and post weird pictures she finds on the Internet.

No. 305622

No milk on her she just posts strange google images. She never had a thread here

No. 305642

the only milky thing shes done is photoshop bruises onto her butt and get into a fight with a girl on tumblr who wears diapers

No. 305786

thanks for the info. i'm more curious (and worried) about the disappearance of empiregrotesk

No. 386368

Why is this in the top posts if there hasn't been a post in 4 months ????

No. 386381

Someone must have posted without saging and then deleted their post.

No. 760297

Anyone got all the photos of her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 760371

Since it looks like someone necro'd this thread I'll share something I found the other day that might fit in this thread…

Anyone remember Jamie Dee / jamjars?

They are transgender now

No. 760378

yeah, i randomly stumbled upon their instagram a couple of weeks ago. it's a shame, he was so cute. i can never fathom why all MTF peeps start dressing outrageously slutty and go for that boring blowup doll look.

No. 760379

I hate this fucking word but there's no better way to convey how I feel: yikes. That… Is so unfortunate. He looks absolutely awful and there is zero chance that will change. More evidence the "hsts are normal and pass better!" meme is pure bullshit. All trannies are hopelessly fugly kek rip in piss to the 6.8/10 twink he used to be.

No. 760393

haha holy shit i met jamjars at a tumblr meet around 2010ish?? he seemed nice and polite. i do remember him having a super skinny small frame and narrow shoulders so he probably passes relatively successfully as a girl

No. 760397

Cuz slutty blowup doll is their idea of a woman. How to spot an agp basically.

No. 760398

File: 1546875724835.jpg (659.79 KB, 942x922, jamjars.jpg)

big yikes indeed

No. 760401

i retract my previous statement >>760393 he does not pass convincingly at all kek

No. 760403

File: 1546876669481.jpg (80.37 KB, 1200x630, ZXVuoqY.jpg)

This is so sad

No. 760405

That's one busted ass uggo woman. He was so freaking cute.

Can we spell autogynephilia? To a lot of these people the hardest part of being a woman is cHooSinG WhAt To WeaR. Messy ass people.

No. 760618

what happened to his girlfriend? the one everyone thought she looked like ramona flowers?

No. 760630

Daaamn. Too bad tumblr is over now cause he could've got some serious tumblr points for this lmao. I'm surprised.

No. 760677

File: 1546911547149.png (14.44 KB, 419x696, tumblr_l0qlqud8uS1qzesejo1_500…)

Was anybody into the whole funny person crowd on Tumblr almost a decade ago? I remember this girl named failbag, she had a Simba icon and used to make comics all the time. I think she fell off the website in the mid 2010s, but I remember the other users she was close to. One of them was Josh Macedo and another was Meysell, who was into making Pokemon references. Weird group.

No. 900972


Does she have any new social media? i wonder what is she up to now.(necro emailfag)

No. 900984

holy fucking shit i remember failbag, deadashistory, meysell, and joshishollywood. I remember Monica and her weird ass obsession with Edward Norton and when she dated Jose for a good couple months. Who was the fucking other couple that they were friends with? The deer girl and the guy who liked Zelda a lot. I honestly thought this funny person following was smaller kek.

No. 906115

File: 1576466732672.jpeg (453.79 KB, 828x895, CEE2DEF1-D8A6-404E-93DE-085427…)

Uncanny valley.

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