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No. 399010

New poster here. Found this person a few months ago..
1st YouTube account:
2nd YouTube account (uploads the same videos):https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4BjRsZSI80HgySA6s76Hg

>goes crazy when her sister Heather Ray does anything to her.

>When others troll her, she thinks it's Heather doing it.
>She gets really butthurt at her ex-husband for stealing her first born child
>She says her sister is violating a court order by communicating to her online
>Her sister stole a fucking Thundercats novel, and she has court ordered Heather to return it to her

I also sent a pizza to her.


No. 399020

Just seems like a mentally ill person with family problems. Anything interesting about her?

No. 399060

According to other family members, she was always the crazy one and liked to blame her problems on them.
Apparently, she has a luka magnotta amount of alts made just in case one of her channels gets taken down.

No. 399193

shes so dumb.

No. 399853

Holy shit lmfao

No. 399860

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