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File: 1507509534015.jpg (281.51 KB, 1076x837, himr.jpg)

No. 400674

I think this guy has shown up a few times on /snow/ and /ot/ over the last few months and given recent events in his life, I think he deserves a thread of his own. HIMR/Daniel is 28 year old unemployed serial sexpat with either narcissistic personality disorder or autism (or both) who specializes in hitting and quitting 40 year old Japanese single moms. As of right now he's back in Japan, ostensibly to meet his latest online girlfriend except he immediately dumped her the day they met because he didn't find her attractive enough. They still had sex though. Due to his extremely forward and confessional style HIMR is also a favorite subject of r/hapas which constantly has threads devoted to psychoanalyzing him and his "happy hapa" persona.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_yIF-9jOge6nNA0z-ScrBQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rabbitlol666
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rabbitsatemyfamily/
DeviantArt: https://standardoil.deviantart.com/

Suggested videos:

Latest saga:

For people who have been following the r/hapas/EurasianTiger shitshow:

No. 400676

File: 1507509851172.jpg (250.06 KB, 1075x1006, tomo.jpg)

His (now ex-)girlfriend's channel.

She's is a total mess of a person who watched his channel, saw absolutely nothing wrong, and actively wanted to be in a relationship with him. Even now she defends him and says their one day together was the happiest day of her life.

No. 400682

This guy is definitely a narcissist and based on >>400676 is pretty experienced in finding insecure or mentally ill girls to trick and use for channel content. I have watched a few of his videos and the absurdity of it all is almost entertaining. It's like he has devoted his entire life to acting like a quirky, sex-obsessed outcast character in an anime (even has a Welcome to the NHK channel banner).

A lot of comments on his videos are people praising him and stuff, which is tragic, and feeding his narcissism directly.

No. 400798

File: 1507525380503.jpg (191.07 KB, 1330x560, hmm.jpg)

autism or narcissistic rage?

No. 400830

This dude is a sociopathic whack and it sickens me how many fans he's got.

In this video he says he doesn't want to date beautiful girls because they are like a pile of sugar and he is an ant that has to protect the sugar from all other animals and insects.
Then he says he will take shit instead because he won't have to protect it. Mentions an ex gf of his as "someone full of burn scars who attempted suicide by settting themselves on fire and couldn't even do that right."

And everyone in the comments are like "woow bro you are so right btw you look good."

No. 400835


i'm fucking screaming

inb4 she timed their meeting for maximum fertility

daniel's going to be a baby daddy

No. 400838

Polite sage for my very pointless aside, but his haircut makes him look like someone's mom.

No. 400841

File: 1507538413216.jpg (150.25 KB, 720x1218, IMG_20171009_103922.jpg)

No. 400856

lol this guy seems like elliot rodger, except this guy gets laid

No. 400857

Ugly glasses and hair aside, I guess he is moderately attractive so I'd say that is why he'd get laid that often.
He is definetly a sociopath but I don't really see how he hurts that many people - those single moms he ''dated'' had to know what they were getting into.

No. 400858

Maybe these women want to be “the one”. if he stays with them it means they’re everything the other women were not. I think it’s a defense mechanism on his part because he seems like a miserable person and apart from him being mildly attractive, he doesn’t have much to offer.

No. 400860

ah, if only women would stop giving these disgusting little boys their time,effort, love and sex

they'd either go full retarded incel or grow the fuck up and stop acting so entitled

No. 400872

>Gets bored one day
>Mass spams his HelloTalk contacts with pictures of penises
>Is aware he is breaking the rules and risking ban
>Gets banned
>"How dare they silence me, how dare they mute me from making comments, from posting moments. How dare they stop people from being able to see my moments. That's just so rude."

wew this autist.

No. 400874

File: 1507547798636.png (49.77 KB, 348x595, daniel.png)

He pumped and dumped Tomoko on Friday and he already had a new date on Sunday

No. 400875

File: 1507548194695.png (14.67 KB, 540x153, condoms.png)

He went soft with the half asian girl because he used a condom

No. 400959

but he's always rock hard when he might make a baby with a ~40 year old

No. 400965

>$200 frames
>thinking designer frames only cost that much
step it up little boy.

No. 400966

File: 1507564358777.png (673.82 KB, 918x360, catfish.png)

Daniel got catfished by Tomo. She claimed to be 28 but she's actually 41. She used lots of filters to hide her age.

No. 400970

holy shit kek

No. 400985

she doesn't look that different just looks like your average soft skin filter + aggressive angles (esp in her other pictures). honestly i don't know how he didn't see this coming

No. 401077

I really feel bad for that mentally unstable woman

No. 401078

It was obvious from her voice

No. 401278

File: 1507599962658.png (14.3 KB, 298x119, Capture.PNG)

She seems a bit nuts

No. 401282

no suicide forest pls

No. 401320

she seems like a complete brainwashed airhead
why do people want to be brainwashed airheads who's existence is none other to please some ugly ass dude?

also what was he expecting? no one has milky white blemish free skin with a perfect slim smooth v line in real life, well naturally

No. 401323

>>Gets catfished
>>Still fucks her

No. 401325

lol wtf?
why didn't he run from her before even meeting? this is so weird

No. 401326

File: 1507607705747.png (76.08 KB, 587x423, Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 8.51…)

uhhh found her twitter

>still he is living in my side

confirmed preggo

No. 401386

lol tgere is a video where he says how he won't show pictures of his ex gfs because he respects their privacy

and then he decides to sell them for $3

No. 401501

Not only that, but he fucked her raw and came inside her 3 times.

No. 401617

File: 1507662286914.jpg (46.01 KB, 740x406, IMG_1977.JPG)

No. 401648

This woman is so crazy.
He really got what was coming to him at the end.

No. 401664

OP are you from hapa reddit?

No. 401675

>He really got what was coming to him at the end.
As much as Tomoko actually being pregnant would be the perfect comeuppance for Daniel, I wouldn't wish any kid that kind of fate. What a fucked life.

No. 401677

let him being the david bond of half asian .

No. 401682

Same anon. That's true. I do feel sorry for the kid. He said that she hopes the kid looks just like him. When that happens she wants to name him David Jr and "kiss him a lot". He said that the possibility of her being pregnant is low but women much older than her managed to get pregnant.

No. 401839

Nope. I deep dive into r/hapas like once every 6 months because it's such a ridiculous place but I'm definitely not from there.

No. 402196

new video


No. 402290

time to get an std

No. 402291

another* std

No. 402339

at least hes better than eurasian tiger.He fucking geting laid. most half asian males from hapa reddit come off incel.

No. 402437

Whoa, this makes me feel really sad. She seems really lonely and mentally ill but in a non dangerous way. I feel bad for her..

No. 402466

Me too, she just seems so sad and embarrassed.

No. 402511

Sad definitely but she doesn't seem embarrassed at all. She still talks about him.

No. 402526

File: 1507823746225.png (31.5 KB, 501x341, ow my balls.png)

Daniel thinks he has testicular cancer and that's why the girls he fuck don't get pregnant.

No. 402530

>I think I have cancer guys
>Go see a doctor
This fucking guy.

No. 402566

He's so autistic.
Usually autismo lolcows don't get laid, so it's interesting to follow one that does.

No. 402767

he only had social anxiety that all. He has no moative of on career. He good at illustrating art. He does free lancer on languages interrupter on Japanese online. He dream bang some japanese girl . fuck in the pussy

No. 402799

He doesn't have social anxiety. He just doesn't wanna talk to people, he wanna skip right to sex.
Fuck fuck fuck that's all he thinks about.

No. 402926

so he addiction to sex. Let dude fuck some pussy. Some you ladys act social justice warrior breaking guys balls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 402982

Did you hurt your balls from reading this board? kek

No. 403035

File: 1507908324416.jpg (53.84 KB, 1078x841, Screenshot_20171013-172250_1.j…)

From his newest video "I have a new girlfriend :)"

No. 403051

I agree to be honest. At least this flake isn't another incel nerd who rants online about how evil all women are and not getting any dates. The best part is that he's Asian and he manages to get laid. aznid and hapas could learn something from him kek.

I actually find him pretty cute. Too bad he's cray cray.

No. 403069

sure he's getting laid and that's why we're all watching, but i don't know if it's really something that should be considered admirable

i don't know if it would be good for incels, etc. to hop on the "pumping and dumping middle aged women with low self esteem" bandwagon though

No. 403089

File: 1507914702016.jpg (32.63 KB, 720x246, IMG_20171013_191048.jpg)

No. 403115

he'll get bored of her in a few weeks

No. 403149

Daniel hes half asian

No. 403151

it just look there too many feminist people complain about him.

No. 403153

He's almost 30 and still lives at home.

No. 403154

It just look there is too hard to read please leave

No. 403157

hes 28
He prefer to live with his parent.Wait you never seen his video before?

No. 403158

you must be hapa girl who complain about him

No. 403159

yeah, i'm with this anon. leave.

No. 403160

you guys got problem with him because he like to fuck lots?

No. 403161

It's degenerate, yes, but what bugs me more is how he talks about these girls so freely online and even shares pictures of them without their knowledge.

No. 403162

I have no problem with him, I find him hilarious and sad.

No. 403163

I don't think he ever share pictures of ex gf nude pictures to people on patreon. He share only pictures of his ex pictures of their face.

No. 403165

Are you him? No one cares whether or not you think his behavior is excusable. We think he's hilarious, because he's an autist who fucks cougars and then smears himself all over the internet while doing it. If he didn't make YouTube videos about his shit show of a sex life he wouldn't have a thread about him.

No. 403166

It's one of Daniels fanboys. Most likely came here from the discord.

No. 403167

Go back to school and learn English.

No. 403193


She actually bought Daniel's apperal. She seems off her rocker

No. 403206

File: 1507933655914.png (503.17 KB, 1094x707, himr.png)

Uploaded about an hour ago, lol. Talking about how people are ripping into him in his recent video comments.

No. 403228

really curious about her unfiltered appearance now

No. 403230

>inb4 sage goes in the email field
in my defense i am posting from my phone

No. 403246

sage goes in the email field

No. 403258

the irony of your comment

No. 403461

File: 1507966149729.png (123.05 KB, 749x1098, IMG_1987.PNG)

holy shit

someone found her facebook and tomoko is MARRIED and has a daughter

No. 403497

also she's 46 according to that facebook account

No. 403518

The plot thickens.
This shits fucking crazy lol. I'm not even sure how to fell anymore.

No. 403522

feel* oops

No. 403779

you got a link?

No. 403827

imagine if your mom fell in love with a hapa incel….

No. 403969

File: 1508041252874.png (14.99 KB, 773x123, jkhkj.PNG)

I don't have the link but In Daniel's livestream yesterday Tomoko claimed she deleted her Facebook.

No. 404215

I don't think this comes as a surprise. He seems to have a vibe that attracts older moms.

Hardly an incel. Give him some credit lol.

No. 405007

Victor/Gimmeabreakman/Gimmeaflakeman (who is honestly kind of a cow in his own right) made a video about Daniel.

No. 405330

omg this dude. i found him on /r/japancirclejerk a few days ago and he is batshit insane. total narcissistic sociopath.

No. 405372

File: 1508301343609.jpg (25.74 KB, 529x234, omg.jpg)

Tomoko is fucking crazy

No. 405377

Where is that screenshot from, discord? /non-discord user

I just wish the claims she's already married with a child were substantiated, hard to believe word of mouth from such an unhinged person.

No. 405390

haha damn

No. 405528


its an hour long, do you have a tl;dr?

ill watch a bit, but im not sitting through an hour.
honestly, daniel is everything people have mentioned here. super narcissistic. I have put his videos on in the background while i do stuff just to hear what randomness he has to say. he's really odd and as a westerner to me he looks like an 11th grader.
i wonder if anything bad is going to happen? but id be lying if i didnt say he's one of my new cows i want to follow.
sage for no contribution

No. 405537

Tomo is as cringy as he is, they are made for each other.

No. 405545

She sure is milking the situation. It's all about validation and compliments for her now.

No. 405645

he's mentioned posting videos on pornhub, does anyone have his pornhub profile?

No. 405681

yeah, his username is just himr if i remember correctly. don't think he's posted anything interesting tho

No. 405794

tomo was forbidding him from posting on pornhub but idk what the deal is now

he's getting plenty of attention currently so there's no reason for him to do it right now but youtube just gave him a community strike and he can't stream anymore so anything could happen

No. 405847

Can't find it, someone link that shit

No. 405849

He even tried being a parent to his gf's kid, pretty fucked up knowing he just dumps them

poor kid

No. 405864

No. 406078

oh god this vid is gold, especially the ending. also, tomo left a very bitter comment.

No. 406132

File: 1508462193351.png (6.16 KB, 264x71, Capture.PNG)

holy fuck lol

No. 406142

File: 1508463449364.png (760.33 KB, 800x498, by_any_chance_by_kaneoyasachik…)

Just reading this whole thread now, kinda disappointed that he apparently deleted the "Why I let a Japanese guy give me a blowjob" video from the OP cap. I really would have liked to hear the story/rationale, kek. If anyone here saw it before he tried to erase it from history, fill a sister in

No. 406239

yeah tomo was not his first rodeo lmao

No. 406256

huh? it's still up

No. 406273

No. 406306

did he really spend 20 minutes ranting about ath-a-leets foot and "ring rash"

No. 410706

Is this fake? He just got a new girlfriend a week ago and he's already cheated on her.

No. 410971

File: 1509214818193.png (32.65 KB, 769x365, raw.png)

He got catfished again and yet he still fucked the fat catfish girl.

And of course he didn't use a condom.

No. 412357

Creep-streaming his roommates and apparently he is "gay" now.

No. 444873

What a fucking narcissistic scum bag loser. He is almost as bad as Tenda Spencer.(learn 2 sage)

No. 457835

HIMR recap episode. The new thing is he's finally posting pictures of all of his exes.

No. 489099

Daniel suddenly surged past 11k recently. His got catfished by someone from r/hapas a couple weeks ago and his current gf found his channel which has been pretty entertaining.

No. 489109

link to catfish thread?

No. 489328

I just found this guy on youtube and I can't belive his gf is still with him. He is so full of himself and is nagging about her in all his videos? I mean he promised her to keep silent about her and talks bad about her in the same video. Just watched 4-5 of his newest videos and already fed up of him

No. 489352

She still looks far too good for him. He looks terrible and is a master of the filters as much as any girl I've seen.

No. 490254

r/hapas lost interest in him a long time ago, except for a few obsessives


No. 492281

I just found this guy’s channel a few hours ago and I searched up his name and found this thread. I’m really confused by him. I thought at first he might’ve been playing a character. I’m also not sure how much of his stories I believe. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this puzzled by a YouTube channel.

No. 492642

same, i first watched the one where he's complaining about japanese food and i actually laughed because i thought he was being sarcastic, then i read the comments and everyone was calling him creepy and i was like ???

he's really weird, but then again he is a hapa

No. 492791

I got all excited when his gf kicked him out a few nights ago, shoulda known he'd somehow find his way back in with her. I just wanna see him face consequences for being a shitty person and a cheater who has no shame.

No. 503039

Is he really a hapa? Besides the accent, he reads as straight asian male to me, is that why r/hapas was obsessed with him?

I feel a little bad for Tomo, since I suspect the language barrier is part of why she sounds so creepy.

No. 503510

He clearly looks like a hapa, not full Asian.

No. 503646

he's getting married.

No. 503650

His gf kicked him out, he was talking about all the negative aspects of a japanese gf a few days ago and now he is going to marry her?
In the video about the marriage he also said he wanted to marry his old gf four years ago. Is it just me or does he want a visa really bad, because his one is expiring in march?

No. 504506

he oddly fascinates me

No. 517072

R/hapas 99 time like over project. The head leader Eurasian Tiger is super beta who call everybody a incel and beta. Claim to the greatest woke person. Daniel got ban from R/hapas for post a live stream link on the sub reddit.People on the sub reddit are fucking stupid don't know Eurasian tiger incel history.

No. 517074

Daniel is a Japanophile. Just love to fuck Japanese women.

No. 517085

then he should have stayed with tomo. sure she catfished him and is 50 but she'd marry him for sure.

No. 517184

With tomo she lie about her age. She is marriage and had 20 year old daughter. she never mention about her personal life until Daniel confront her. Daniel new gf soon to be wife is dumb as rock. He used sex as void on not wanted to improve he's social kills. I think he got high Asperger's because he doesn't really connected with hes emotion. He doesn't has no motivation on self improvement himself just being lazy as fuck. Tend have nihilism behavior and suck at relationship.

No. 518039

No. 518058

…Is this Tomo?

No. 518077

No. 518079

I think Daniel some dirty on hes'gf phone. I'm guess she was flirting with white western dude.

No. 519848

When Daniel goes back to UK the Australian guy will go to Japan fuck Daniel gf. Daniel been fuck random Japanese women while hes was in relationship.

No. 521923

That his sister?


No. 526183

In his latest stream he talked about how if all women disappeared, he would rather have sex with a sheep than a man

fun times

No. 526238

And I actually do like older Japanese women, some guys have all the luck. Well, apart from I'm taking White Day chocolate to a 53 year old later this week. And have a date set up with a 50 year old a bit further down the line.
W*lsh, I fucking knew it. Shame, he'd got a nice face, maybe I'd suck him off once down an alley. After a syphilis test, anyway.
Don't live in Kansai does he? I could always arrange to dispose of him. Just need to borrow a truck from somebody…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 528813

She said to an Australian dude that she misses his dick because sex with Daniel is boring, and he's really upset about it, yet he makes nasty videos about girls he dates and talks about fantasizing of having sex with other girls

No. 529809

he got married today, i bet it won*t last a year

No. 529862

File: 1521129374079.jpg (73.5 KB, 854x480, lol.jpg)

How long has he known this woman? 4-5 months at most?

No. 532136

3 month

No. 532179

I have no idea who HIMR Daniel is, but he's actually pretty cute and could look like a model if he dresses up… am I the only one who find him attractive? saged

No. 532259

get help

No. 532325

maybe if i was in middle school. he's not necessarily ugly but he's extremely boyish looking with nothing to balance it out. male models usually have something manly or edgy about their face even if they're boyish or pretty.

No. 532838

You're not the only one, anon.

No. 542489

I missed his live stream today but it was about an argument he had with the wife and how she had gone missing after it.

Anyone catch it and have more detail?

No. 542570


I seen the live stream. You should have been there. it was crazy on the live stream.

No. 542581

Whenever I see his videos I'm surprised someone so decent looking could have such a horrible, toxic outlook. He's like a non-lethal Elliot Rodgers.

No. 542603

A fangirl on the live stream was fucking around call Daniel her bf. Daniel wife was watching the live stream and got very suspicious.

No. 544965

Uh oh, he's going off right now because his wife keeps watching the live streams and telling him what he cant do.

No. 545257

Watched his stream for a whole minute and he managed to talk about his 15cm dick.

No. 545265

He's a fucking cunt. No idea how people like this manage to snag a wife and followers. Not like he's hot or rich.

No. 545625

Isn't his family funding all this bullshit? He's definitely not poor.

No. 545968

Does anyone know what was said on the livestream? His wife is threatening divorce over him talking about something it seems going by his latest video.

She can't be that upset about him talking about his penis right? She needs to love herself more, i don't know why she puts herself through watching his streams during her breaks. She oculd be watching cat videos or something fluffy and wonderful.

No. 546009

It was something about her body

No. 546021

He was just making fun of her body.

No. 546022


He had couple of jobs before .When Daniel was unemployment hes dad gave him money. He's parent don't fund him.

No. 546023

Seems like he was discussing her asshole in way too much detail.

Basically, something you would obviously realise is disrespectful and crossing the line. But he's acting as if it's so strange that she's upset.

No. 546034

Yeah he was and then he kept acting like what he did was a normal thing to do, he's so ignorant to privacy and had the nerve to be mad when she threatened to divorce him, you'd think him living in Japan would realise they're much more private

No. 546067

What did he say?

No. 546068

From what I read in the comments he said her butthole was smelly and had a strange zigzag shape. Can someone confirm?

No. 546070

She has a zigzag butthole. Went into detail how trying to do anal with her is really awful and how her butthole is like a zipper

No. 546071


No. 546094

what, how is this even possible ? i can't imagine something like this. zigzag butthole is like something from a cartoon

No. 546104

TMI time but: I don't know anything about the lady but if she's had children you can get tears of the perineum which might alter the shape after being stitched up. Also things like haemorrhoids and damage of anal sex can potentially affect the shape. Other than that maybe she was just blessed with a different shape (it's basically muscles and veins there so anything is possible).

No. 546106

aaah okay thank you anon. i didn't even know buttholes could have different shapes.

No. 546108


I honestly don't think she had literally a "zigzag" butthole, I think it was more of him being an asshole and making the comparison because her anus was too tight, like as if it was closed together, like a zipper, which is kinda zigzagged.

No. 546135

>marrying a misogynistic yellow fevered sex obsessed autist
>wondering why he acts like a misogynistic yellow fevered sex obsessed autistic asshole
Really activates the almonds

No. 546162

Ew wtf
That made my skin crawl

No. 546579

Yellow fever? He pass as Asian in Japan.
Just Asperger's behavior
He miss out hes sex life from hes teen age life because he got bully. Daniel try to make up he's year that hes miss out.

No. 546601

So did many other people but they didn't become heartless cunts. And you can still have yellow fever even if you pass as Asian.

No. 546624

Is this fucking Tomo? If not your English is so bad

No. 546627

so half Asian male who pass as Asian can have yellow fever?
it doesn't work

Unless you are white passing mixed child you can have yellow fever

No. 546668

learn English before posting again

No. 546897

No. 546898

File: 1522922099751.png (295.66 KB, 809x415, nmWCEaw.png)

No. 547022

>"I'll never do that again"
>"I told her to give me a second chance"
>"If I do it again, we divorce"
>does it again (disrespecting her wish for privacy) literally in the same video
gj daniel

Tomo, don't worry about your English, it's not perfect but understandable. Tell us anything you want to share

No. 548229

Wow, his wife made him start paying all the rent, and he bought her a coffee machine as compensation for embarrassing her online plus the rights to talk about her in his youtube vids.

Dude got whipped. ROFL

No. 548258

I'm still betting on divorce being just a few videos away. This guy is an idiot.

No. 548455


She must of given him a good telling off and now he's worrying about losing the right to stay in Japan if she ends the marriage.

I can see him trying to please her for a while but it won't be long before he rebels again and loses it

No. 548685

he's streaming now

No. 548732


I wish he'd leave streams up afterwards so people have a chance to watch them

Hasn't he said he takes them down so his wife doesn't watch them afterwards, just in case he says something bold?

Anyone able to summarise the latest stream?

No. 550487

He just admitted to knowing about this thread on stream, interesting

No. 552694

so is he a troll or not?

No. 552730

wtf I remember this guy when he had like 500 subs and at most 1k views. Unless youtube is censoring it, apparently you can make a living talking about spreading stds.

No. 552904

He probably made 60% or more of the posts in it.

No. 553688

Sage for bullshit spitballing but is he a hapa with a white dad?
It seems like mixed Asian men with white dads are the fucking weirdos and Asian men with Asian dads and white moms are normal.

No. 553709

It's because hapa guys who grew up with white dads often grew up in a household where Asian women were fetishized/infantilized and Asian men are seen as low value, effeminate, weak. So these half Asian guys have warped ideas of masculinity and sexuality, as well as often hating their Asian side.

No. 553720

stop using hapa.

No. 553759

I think it has less to do with him being a HAPA and more with him being British. Most British male expats I've seen overseas are the most obnoxious, thirsty motherfuckers out there. He probably isn't that much different from them.

No. 554271

he's streaming now strap in guys

No. 554280

That guy reminds me of Elliot Rodgers

No. 557423

I always assumed this guy was a very elaborate troll but now I'm not so sure.

No. 561073

No. 578391

Dude released a sextape, apparently.

No. 578406

it was a rumor, but its not him in the video, just a guy that looks like him at a glance, but their lips in the video are small compared to his and the glasses are different. he does have a pornhub account, but the videos posted on it arent porn from what i remember.

No. 578410

He just made a video about it. I'm not talking about the dude that looks like him.

No. 579568

Is this person real?

No. 579912

omg i wanna drain his balls. he's really sexy to me tbh fam

No. 579939

I think that he's cute but his personality is a massive turn off

No. 579959

Speculation is that he's acting as a very elaborated character or troll to gain youtube money.

No. 581227

File: 1526210901051.jpg (228.01 KB, 1280x720, himr.jpg)


Welcome to a new STD. Daniel has whinged about ever using condoms and…

No. 583579

never saw that coming

No. 583640

So this is what happens when an incel manages to have a sex life…

Surprise surprise! They still remain unstable, sociopathic pieces of shit whether they are getting pussy or not.

No. 584600


>cat sees him approaching

>runs away

"Oh, don't run away, be my friend, come back, come back!"

No. 584854

Oh my god I feel like I am looking at the Elliot Rodger of an alternate universe wtf. Lmfao this is very entertaining I'll binge-listen to the videos while I work

No. 585773

File: 1526527355391.png (Spoiler Image,278.56 KB, 1103x455, HIMR.png)

No. 585797

Daniel is literally trash. My friend showed him to me and we just cringed together what seemed a century. Not suprised he is off with this publicity stunt. Weird gross ass japanese fetishizing worm.
What a mess.

No. 585857

Sometimes I wonder if Daniel posts his videos here to get views/ more people to hate-watch him. Sage for not wanting to bump such a boring guy

No. 585876

i wouldnt be surprised. the mod on pull had to remove a shit ton of his posts on his own thread because he kept trying to bump it to the top with repeat posts or useless shit. he was responding to almost every post until he got banned. he loves the attention.

No. 585898

Considering the whole reason he and his wife even fought was because he was trying to come up with ideas for videos to get more views. This whole "running away from home" is probably fake too.

Even though he's definitely a cow, it's probably best we don't give him the attention he's desperately searching for.

No. 586041


No. 591609

is this a P5 reference?

No. 600170

Lol(learn 2 sage)

No. 600171

Have you seen his new video? Hes disrespectful to other peoples cultures. What a piece of shit

No. 600188

tbh I've just assumed this from the get go. I think everything on his channel is made up and delivered in that deadpan manner for comedic effect. I mean he is British, isn't their humor a little "off" anyways lol?

No. 601570


Unfortunately Daniel is not a complete troll. He's really like that, although he does exaggerate to get views and subscribers. Just look at his vacation videos. He's bitching about everything (and has been doing so for a long time.

Plus the whole Victoria drama.

Daniel is a troll but that's only the veneer over a pretty fucked up person. It's basically 50/50 in terms of what's going on. But it's not a complete act imo.

No. 607602


He talks about how he was rubbing a random ladies foot while she was sleeping, super creepy especially when his wife was next to him.

No. 622766

He's on a yt livestream currently, seems he finally left his wife for good? He downloaded tinder on camera lol

No. 639342

I was wondering if there was a thread on him. What a creepy fucking trainwreck. What is wrong with his 'wife', does she know what he says about her?

No. 639357

He's definitely incel-adjecent.

No. 639406

No. 686344

I really don't get this guy(necro)

No. 704473

Been following this guy for awhile now. I think he's genuine, but he's also much more self aware than he lets on.

Basically the dude has no filter. We all get intrusive thoughts about sex in one way or another, but he acts on them and then lays them all out in a Youtube monologue.

I've known someone with a similar personality to him and I think the drama (constantly fleeing his wife etc) is real.

As for his wife, I suspect she has very low self esteem since she's a 40 something divorcee which is viewed negatively in Japanese society. She doesn't seem to be very fluent in English so he was probably able to hide the worst of his excesses from her for a while despite broadcasting them over YouTube. In his videos, he often speaks in English to his wife and she doesn't respond, but if he speaks in Japanese she does. I think she understands English but not to the level of understanding slang, people slurring their words or talking quickly etc.

He also reigned himself in a bit after his wife found the YouTube channel. We also know she has slapped him before and such so she might have her own mental problems that we're not seeing in the videos. Yes, she holds down a job (or 2?) but it's at a call center which is about as prestigious in Japan as it is in America (read: not at all). Their apartment is a tiny studio. I feel bad for them actually, I lived in that kind of studio before when I was like… early 20s fresh out of school.

As for the marriage, I don't think it's a sham marriage but it's not a traditional marriage in any sense. My guess is Daniel said something like "We can keep dating if you marry me on paper", and she didn't have anyone else in mind, so she agreed to do so. People say they feel bad for the wife but honestly she has Daniel by the balls because she could get him removed from Japan simply by divorcing.

The marriage is definitely due to the visa situation. They remind me a bit of American soldiers who get married to their high school sweet heart at age 18 because that way they can live off base. It's not a solid foundation for a relationship but people do it anyway.

No. 704505

sage your 'deep thoughts'

No. 704874

File: 1538756448618.png (1.28 MB, 1670x850, Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 9.18…)


The wife is also about a 5 in looks while Daniel is a 7 or so.

By the way, anyone else think she looks not fully ethnic Japanese? She definitely was born and raised in Japan by her speech and mannerisms, but I wonder if she's part Korean or part American (of some sort), there are a lot of American fuckwads that abandon their child in Japan and the half kids get treated like shit growing up due to the stigma

If she's mixed with something possibly her and Danny boy even relate to each other on that front

No. 704876

I think this is probably a bad place to get views for your struggling channel.

No. 704879


lol i'm not him but ok
if there's a different board discussing him i haven't found it

I promise you I'm laughing at him not with him

No. 704884

Lmao they’re both 5’s. She just looks like she could be his mom.

No. 704888


True, probably 20 something waifu san would have blown current Daniel out of the water

No. 704919

Did you just call Daniel a 7? He's scraping a 4 at best.

No. 704922

yellow fever anon.

No. 706743

Daniel wife is 37. Daniel use filter for he's face.Rumor has Daniel got aspergers

No. 707062


receipts or sage your shit

No. 718437

yawn he's back fleeing his waifu.

No. 721353

File: 1540516183996.png (2.75 MB, 2212x1306, Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 6.09…)

dude is reddit famous now, what next

No. 722646

lol i wish his bitch ass a cold wan coin lunch(sage your shitposting)

No. 781195

Tl; dr: Makes plans to have sex with Tomoko, but doesn't follow through. He tells his wife after Tomoko makes a video exposing him.

No. 974904

File: 1589637484259.jpg (Spoiler Image,570.87 KB, 1080x2036, 20200516_145058.jpg)


Daniel is now posting to Onlyfans, in his discord he said he already made $350 from selling videos of him jacking off. I'm hoping for a Venus Angelic/HIMR collab kek(subjectfag)

No. 975179

lmao is he circumcised

No. 975208

I hope he and Sora The Troll collab; anons believe they have the same personality

No. 975237

That's a nice hot dog ngl

No. 975249

Genuinely surprised lmao

No. 975267


Ok I was a bit shookedt by that…unlike a certain onion he had nothing to hide

No. 975303

Decent size but the head looks fucking weird and I can't tell why

No. 975389

File: 1589746196556.jpg (567.98 KB, 1048x1397, C9zaC9t.jpg)

Yeah it looks kind of weird. Either way Daniel's dick is still STD infested from fucking mentally ill HIMR groupies, prostitutes and weird old Japanese ladies. Also it is attatched to pic related.

Some people in the reddit post claimed that the dick pic is edited. Probably using a lengthening feature from Meitu photo editing app, usually that feature is used for stretching legs to make them look longer in a photo but in this case it works on a dick too lol. I'm not good at spotting editing tho

No. 975397

So who's going to do the honours to testing this theory?

No. 975401

It looks like it was plucked off, turned sideways, and glued back on.

No. 975626

They don't always point straight ladies.

No. 975637

File: 1589800179698.png (Spoiler Image,709.15 KB, 700x1041, actual_danny.png)

Here's the original unedited dick pic

No. 975639

Yeah I know he has a weird fangirl following but he'd be better keeping that dick a mystery

No. 976491

Thanks for enlightening me…. jfc

No. 976574

File: 1589973358858.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.62 KB, 1734x971, 3pd8lhrgwrz41.jpg)

Oh my god. Daniel uploaded a video of him fucking his sex doll. More in his kiwifarms thread.

No. 976581

File: 1589974531741.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.58 KB, 702x983, ohlord5.jpg)

More dickpics, looks smaller so I guess the first leaked image was edited to be bigger like we thought, or he's using some kind of weird instagram angle to make it look bigger in some photos. You can literally see Daniel's hairy asshole in some of these pics, never did I think this day would come and I am horrified.

No. 976590

typical guy hold the whole base to make your dick look bigger than it actually is. No

No. 976611

Chris Chan tier milk, holy shit

No. 976654


No. 976700

i was not spiritually or emotionally prepared for this shit jfc daniel is legit like female venus lmao
ow my fucken eyes tho, mods can we bring in double spoilers or some shit

No. 976749

File: 1590003853759.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.37 KB, 1718x971, ohlord6.jpg)

I mean this nude is the real winner for Daniel.

Btw Dutch Girl/Mila - if you are lurking here like you do on the subreddit. I wana ask : when you see your man in these pics are you happy with your choices? is this still the guy you want to hook up and go around asia with? is this the guy you wana introduce to your grandma and mom?

Cos if so then you really are mental, even tho you tried so hard to seem sane on reddit. Kek

No. 976778

at least his nudes are better than Onision’s

damning with faint praise

No. 978146

I haven't watched HIMR for ages since Elvis the alien video. I remember joining Daniel's Discord server at one point and i asked him why he doesn't do drawing, he told everyone on the server he doesn't upload more drawing videos because it doesn't bring him the views compare to his crazy videos about his wife.

also well damn with his OF pics, no wonder his wife stays with him

No. 978154

I thought they were getting divorced iirc they split up awhile ago

No. 978171

>Btw Dutch Girl/Mila - if you are lurking here like you do on the subreddit
I'm out of touch with what he's been up to the last few months but I used to visit the subreddit and it's crazy how every woman he fucked ended up on there.

The girl he hooked up with from London separately responded to me and every other poster talking about her, even the kind/concerned posters got told off by her.. She couldn't tell the difference. He has a talent for finding crazy.

No. 978195

The worst thing is that by /snow/ standards, doing porn is the beginning of a lolcows downfall. for this guy, it's some how still the least embarrassing thing about him.

No. 978380

File: 1590311017893.jpg (11.36 KB, 320x180, Chihiro-Divorce-arc.jpg)


Daniel has divorced from her finally, a number of months ago now. There was a bit of drama as his ex-wife (Chihiro) also started doing some streams with the Hong Kong guy, the kind soul who helped Daniel dispose of his sex doll. HK Guy and Chihiro did streams talking about Daniel's weirdness and how the relationship with Daniel was. Sometimes Daniel would appear in their live chats to complain and get involved. I think PULL has some screen caps. This vid is the start of a series with Chihiro and HK guy: https://youtu.be/tiMqrpC6ZZY

Daniel has been in the chat for multiple HK Guy and Chihiro live streams, whining about how Chihiro is actually the worse person from the relationship. Daniel also seems really fixated on getting Chihiro to take back what she said about Daniel's Japanese being bad kek.

Daniel bitched about Chihiro very recently in his streams, and has to keep using examples of shit things Chihiro did to her previous husband as a defence. Somehow that's supposed to negate all the fans and prostitutes Daniel banged while married. Despite it all she was actually a good wife to Daniel. It does seem like Japanese women expect their husbands to cheat on them, so maybe that's why she was forgiving for a while. I believe the discord and streams where Daniel would boast about conquests just made it too hard for her to ignore in the end.

No. 979358

File: 1590513782610.jpg (504.16 KB, 1079x1428, Danielgetsdumped.jpg)

Dutch Girl/Mila dumped Daniel lmao. Also Daniel is sending DMCAs to kiwi farms and reddit because of the nude leaks, not like that helped Anisa or anyone else who tried to take down their leaked nudes

No. 1012411

Daniel makes me feel better about myself like DSP does. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, watching wastrels so that I feel a little better about my low life goals.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1012559


That looks like a chest tattoo of a little robot from Batteries Not Included.

No. 1013090

Lol who has more of his onlyfans

No. 1014443

File: 1596049306877.jpeg (Spoiler Image,151.65 KB, 1242x692, 38B328FE-E94D-4378-99AD-16FC32…)

No. 1014445

No. 1014446

File: 1596049820914.jpeg (40.75 KB, 500x522, 53D771A4-8486-4E77-8975-33FFD2…)

Dear god why why lord why are we here? Just to suffer?
Why is there no censor my baby eyes

No. 1014452

He was always so open about the fact that he likes things in his ass too, like he's so aspergian in his lack of shame

No. 1017315


It's the g spot. In men, apparently, that is where it is, up inside their a-hole.

Honestly though, he's nice looking but am I alone in not finding male genitals at all attractive? gross actually, yuck! Truth is i think all human (and animal come to that) genitalia is ugly. Maybe it is mainly men who thinks genitalia look nice?

No. 1021893


No. 1134957

Does anyone still watch his videos?

He's talking about how Mila dumped him but I swear there was someone called Mila P in the live comments at the time begging him to stop embarrassing her like this and wanting to know why he'd blocked her and asking him to call her, but I can't find those comments now, and not going to sit through hours of him whining to try and find them, there is a Mila M in the comments but that is just a troll.
Weird, I think he dumped her, I think he was bored and decided to just walk away and ghosted her, he's the sort to do something like that but pretend it was her who dumped him to get sympathy and people feeling sorry for him.

Also there's a ghost rat at one point that runs across his floor when the police are knocking outside.

No. 1417618


heres his kiwifarms thread not as up to date but has less rules then reddit: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/daniel-lord-hidinginmyroom.30226/page-17(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1520284

When I first encountered this guy I thought he was just steeped in irony but I guess he really was a lolcow after all.(necro)

No. 1544854

sage your fucking shit moid.

No. 1572794


I don't keep up with him much now. Apparently essex girl has ghosted him. It appears to bother him, despite him saying he was giving up on girls, he is supposed to have a casual girlfriend, he was also enthusing about a different one recently, but then posted about how he had to ghost her because of some weird thing about her, but it was in a stream about 8 hours long or thereabouts and no way am I sitting through all that just to find out what happened.

No. 1779611

Little update: he has a Thai girlfriend now. He is desperately trying to get back with chihiro and makes videos about her constantly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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