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File: 1508693116975.jpg (99.94 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 407633

Jaclyn Glenn is a YouTube atheist mostly known for being a massive plagiarist, having fake tits, injecting herself into every bit of Onision drama possible, and fucking a goth horse.

In 2015 she was caught plagiarizing multiple times from other YouTubers and from her own comment section, and was shamed and ridiculed by other YouTube "skeptics", made a non-apology where she basically said her plagiarism was an accident, and went under the radar for a while. More recently she got attention again for plagiarism - this time accusing Buzzfeed of plagiarizing her - and didn't accept their excuse of not knowing who the fuck she even is. Because who wouldn't know who THE Jaclyn Glenn is, right?

She also believes some stupid shit about gender and thinks of herself as a true progressive. Basically, she's high off the smell of her own highly intellectual farts.

Her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JaclynGlenn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaclynGlenn

Some links talking about her many cases of almost word-for-word plagiarism from 2015:

Recent feature on Phillip DeFranco for whining about Buzzfeed copying her videos:

Excuse me while I die from toxic levels of irony.

No. 407646

i watched the video she made about buzzfeed and most of the similar content was general info about paganism. Also I didn't know who she was until her fake goth husband popped in lol

No. 407654

File: 1508694248733.jpeg (945.75 KB, 1242x1740, 5D10C461-9165-40AA-A994-11073C…)

She’s friends with Blaire and shoe0nhead, right? I’d heard her name a few times before but just assumed she was an even more boring clone of shoe that’s not worth looking up.

But just looking at her YouTube thumbnails and titles she seems like a complete retard attention whore who jumped on the tired-out anti-SJW bandwagon. *~groan~*

As for the Onision drama, she’s dating Social Repose apparently and he has a real-life beef with onion. Maybe that’s why she’s inserting herself into it.

No. 407658

She also used to date toby turner and made a way too personal video about the subject of his rape allegations

No. 407659

I don't know how long she's been with horseface, but she has known Onision personally since at least 2015 (vid attached), and her first real "beef" him was a year ago, over some comments she made about Plainey's gender being fake.

No. 407666

Imagine Jaclyn and socialrepose getting kids together, talk about a poor poor horse faced baby

No. 407673

File: 1508696658974.jpg (31.72 KB, 233x498, sibs.jpg)

Their kids would probably also have webbed appendages.
Nothing anyone can say will convince me that these two dopes aren't siblings.

No. 407728

File: 1508701871923.jpg (50.58 KB, 562x393, 28.jpg)

I'm glad people are calling her out on Twitter over her hypocrisy, but her stan here is forgetting the one thing that made her situation so egregious - that being that when initially called out over her plagiarism in 2015 and asked point blank if that's the first time she'd done it, she lied on record and said it's definitely her first time.
She lied and only apologized after she was called out repeatedly by other people who compiled huge lists of instances of her plagiarism. All well and good for her now to say "that was all in the past, plz forget that little mistake" but the record clearly shows that she lied and lied and only owned up when she had no other choice. She was only sorry she got caught, as they say.

That is why her new accusations are so funny to those of us who don't have the memory span of a goldfish.

It was actually smart of her to accuse others of plagiarizing, even if it is 2 years late. Now because of this, when you search "Jaclyn Glenn plagiarism" the search results might end up being more about people plagiarizing her than her being a plagiarist herself. Maybe she's hoping to bury that little chapter of her history. Maybe being constantly exposed for being a plagiarist every time she attempted to say something intelligent in the past is the reason why ever since then, she sticks to bimbo topics and drama whoring.

No. 407755

I'm surprised,but glad she now has a thread here.

Maybe another thing to note is that recently shes pissed off some lbgt youtubers for speaking on behalf of lbgt people when she herself is not lbgt (which, i was surprised at because of how she spoke about these issues quite a few people thought she was trans) and now shes being called a hypocrite for her stance on transpeople.

I came across her through onision, and even though her videos on him are good shes just as condescending and arrogant as him in her other videos.

saged just in case.

No. 407773


She's an abuser sympathizer so it doesn't surprise me at all that she's now with social repose; Who Ayallah (billiedawnwebb's friend) has repeatedly outed as being abusive to her during their relationship. And before Toby and Social Repose? Another abusive relationship that she went into detail about herself. What's sad is Jaclyn Glen attempts to use whatever intelligence she does own to talk herself out seeing the pattern of guys she dates. Sad.

No. 407990

I hate this bitch. Sage for no contribution, I'm just glad she finally has a thread lol

No. 408081

File: 1508746338370.jpg (59.78 KB, 405x251, nightmares.jpg)

She obviously decided a while ago that her best angle is this 'head-tilted-open-mouth-fake-as-fuck-Joker-smile' thing, and just ran with it in all her thumbnails. But it's nightmare fuel.

She did another 16 min video on Buzzfeed several hours ago, complaining again about how it was shot-for-shot, word-for-word a copy of her video. I cannot believe the hypocrisy from this fake bitch.

No. 408329

When you’re standing side-by-side with a mtf tranny and the tranny is better looking, that’s a really bad sign.

No. 410216

File: 1509110411726.jpg (43.09 KB, 637x175, baddy.jpg)

Is it just me or does she seem to be obsessed with whether people think she's a bad person or not?
I wonder if Richie ever gets jealous that she makes more videos about Onion than she makes about him……

No. 410344

i just don't understand how she paid for stupid looking boobs when she could have done something with her face

No. 410723

all of these web famous people just sleep around. lets take this. her and toby couldn't have been together that long. mina and cyr were together for what 1 months or less. all these girls are youtube groupies. these aren't real relationships. they are counting Instagram messages as dating. lol. they aren't boyfriend and girlfriend they are just dating. toby was just hanging with a random slut-Jaclyn glenn.

No. 410818

File: 1509189005209.jpg (62.91 KB, 660x495, sanpaku.jpg)

I actually immediately lost all patience for her when I noticed this. what a punchable shitty face. more so than the constant pose, her sanpaku really annoy me. pic related.

No. 410827

Settle down, Gruggles. You'll pop a vein.

No. 410828

that's transphobic as hell

I suppose you're the anon who asked in the onion thread if this thread was greg sperging and hell that op sounds so much like him

>Jaclyn Glenn is a YouTube atheist mostly known for being a massive plagiarist, having fake tits, injecting herself into every bit of Onision drama possible, and fucking a goth horse.

No. 410832

yes I am, lol. just read every comment in his voice.

No. 410871

You know there are different anons here, right?
This is two different anons. They don't even type the same. People interrupting a thread to go "hi [thread subject/related party]" is so boring.

I'm the OP. I started it because I'm sick of this plagiarist kicking up shit for attention, especially given her past history with being a plagiarist herself. Considering that she has been involved in the Joy Sparkles drama, the Onision drama, and the drama of a bunch of other cows, clearly she has a propensity for being an attention whore. She has plenty of cow potential, especially now that she's dating another attention whore.
Inevitably, given his dirty Youtube dick, Onision is going to be tangentally related to many cows. Such is the nature of the lolcow.

No. 410883

I agree with you. Fuck these losers. Jaclyn is an attention-seeking retard who deserves a thread. Don’t ruin it for everyone else just because you’re a butthurt whiteknight.

>inb4 samefag/grug/selfpost blah blah

lick my ass.

sage for sperging

No. 410891

File: 1509204976820.jpeg (701.53 KB, 1936x1936, B4279956-DC84-4DB3-9F2D-23AE80…)

I know this is old news, but what is your guys’ opinion on Jaclyn’s drama with Riley Dennis / NeonFiona? As straight up delusional and borderline retarded as Riley is, he kind of has a point about Jaclyn mocking a small YouTuber with barely a fraction of the followers she has, which invited her followers to send Fiona harassment and death threats that she and her small following couldn’t fight off. Fiona might be a retard worthy of criticism but it does seem fairly shitty that Jaclyn didn’t even feel the slightest bit apologetic about sending all that hate her way.

No. 410931

it's true though

No. 411137

>implying "transphobia" is bad

No. 411579

> they don't even type the same
Judging from one liners, sure. What was the point anyways. I think you can be amused by how much this thread's wording can sound like it comes from gurgles without whiteknighting or being against this thread? I don't mind it, I just don't think there's much to laugh about. Jaclyn is kinda boring and repetitive but have fun. Also why don't you just ignore posts you don't like instead of posting boring comments yourself, it draws attention to them?

No. 411892

nah they irl dated and he wouldn't stop sending her shit after they broke up

I think Jaclyn is smart and I love anyone who can enrage Gregma but her hopping on the anti-feminist bandwagon makes zero sense considering her fundamental beliefs seem to actually line up with feminism. lol
Also, mocking Riley Dennis for views when Blaire pretty much covered everything while it was hot is boring as fuck. I disagree with Riley's snowflakey bullshit but it's hard for me not to judge the integrity/quality of content that joins in on the lynching of an easy target. These anti-whatever-the-fucks always beat the dead horse instead of bringing something new to the discussion or solutions even.
Like thanks for showing us that your content is so lazy that you'll go for any low hanging fruit for those edge views.
Her condescending mock voice when she thinks she is being funny makes me cringe, too. Like we get it Jaclyn, you're superior and ultra intelligent because you're a "skeptic." Thanks for arrogantly over explaining things anyone with common sense can figure out on their own within seconds.
Also I'm not over her and other youtubers shilling for that stupid candid app and then pretending it didn't happen.

Sage for being petty but did she somehow become less attractive after her surgery? Her face looks tired and emaciated lately. This is coming from someone who usually finds her objectively beautiful.

I hope that if ever she comes across this thread, she takes this constructively because I actually do like her a lot of the time. Her and Richie can be cringey people but they also have a lot of positive attributes and genuinely seem like decent people.

No. 412026

File: 1509391279973.jpg (59.45 KB, 777x432, 3MTRQ9w.jpg)

No. 412100

>I hope that if ever she comes across this thread, she takes this constructively because I actually do like her a lot of the time.
Sounds dangerously close to cow-tipping.

No. 412310

>outed as being abusive
you mean greg said he was abusive? nice source lol, ayalla herself never said anything about abuse, greg said she did but are you really going to believe greg?

the plagiarism is old news, it's from when she started out in the skeptic community (like when mr repzion was more relevant lol). I beleve TJ made a video about it maybe.

sage because this thread reeks of personal vendetta and nitpicking

No. 412322

Uh no lol
Most cows end up finding themselves on their own
I'm not cow tipping or encouraging it
Just sharing my opinion

No. 412323

Grug will never stop sperging about Richie's "Dear Future Girlfriend" art video lmao
I doubt he is abusive or that Ayalla would hesitate to share that herself

No. 414094

File: 1509705419125.png (69.07 KB, 720x386, 20171103_113627.png)

No. 414097

He is going to gloat about this and it's going to be insufferable.

No. 414098

File: 1509705939271.jpg (52.81 KB, 553x470, Capture.JPG)

I thought it was a troll tweet but turns out it might not be?

Damn wait for Onion to jump onto this.

No. 414099

File: 1509706182238.png (220.32 KB, 720x1004, 20171103_114743.png)

He's been tweeting quite depressing stuff for a while, I've been wondering what's been going on. Has to be something serious since they actually thought about moving together

No. 414102

File: 1509706408978.jpg (363.64 KB, 2896x2896, 20171103_115230.jpg)

That's what I meant. All of them from the past week

No. 414108

File: 1509707271109.jpg (39.04 KB, 532x369, Capture.JPG)

tinfoil: jaclyn cheated on richie with blaire white kek

No. 414113

Seems like Gergle bait for some reason. We'll see. If true he's going to have a field day with it.

No. 414114

File: 1509707920542.jpg (31.29 KB, 426x240, horse fucked voldy.jpg)

Don't be sad, Jaclyn. At least now if you date someone else, there's a chance your future children won't have ass faces.
Silver linings, you know?

No. 414119

She deleted all of his pics from her instagram tho…

No. 414120

Richie is a known cheating dirtbag, so I bet he cheated on her.

No. 414130

File: 1509710037767.png (93.84 KB, 720x464, 20171103_125300.png)

No. 414134

>don't bring it up
>continues to tweet endlessly about it

No. 414135

Jfc, she is almost 30 years old and is tweeting like a teenager who got dumped for the first time.

No. 414136

Hush. Let the milk flow.

No. 414138

If he cheated than i hate how he tweets like hes so broken hearted despite being the reason everything happened? the same thing happened when he first cheated on his ex. but if hes been super depressed lately maybe it was something else. Im sure we'll find out in a few days when both of them release videos….
fuck and theyre all about the drama so wouldnt even be surprised if they get back together and break up and repeat

No. 414149

Oh they are definitely going to get back together again, just you wait and see.. the fact they were going on tour together and seemed happy and then SUDDENLY omg we broke up just reeks of getting back together.. if only they didnt immidiatly twitter everything they do in the heat of the moment it wouldn't be so embarrasing

No. 414188

I've been keeping an eye out and never saw the second tweet…weird. Wonder why she deleted it?

No. 414198

So why should HE be the one constantly upset when he's doing this to himself; sabotaging his own relationships? I thought Jaclyn was annoying back when she was in the atheist youtube circle, but she's honestly so much worse now. Does anyone else get the "nOt LyKe OtHeR gUrLz~~" vibe from her too?

No. 414201

Hahahahahahahahahahah oh man.

Everyone saw it coming from a mile away but it is still hilarious.

No. 414213

maybe she'll do her nose next

No. 414278

They are going to make about 300 videos about it, not including reactions to onision kek

No. 414295

File: 1509725980389.jpg (20.1 KB, 539x121, Capture.JPG)

No. 414300

I still can't believe this is real, LOL. Please tweet more, Jax.

No. 414318

lmao @ "e-celebs" who tweet shit like this

No. 414321

Someone in the Gergle thread said that we don't know if SR cheated. I think this tweet pretty much confirms it since she used the 'repeat this forever' and that's how her past relationships went.
Whether they're going to deny it later on, that's another thing.

No. 414344

The milk tho!
The only time i agree with Onision was with the tweet about JG watch her back in the tour's, and for me in always look like she was always after him in every trip for the same reason, seems he still manage to cheat on her.

Im sure Social Repose wont release any information, not because he mature but he hates being seen like the bad guy, that's what he did the last time with Ayalla.

No. 414352

Not hard to cheat on her if she only visits him during weekends or something.

I wonder how she found out…did a little phone sniffing?
Or the girl he slept with sent her proof.

No. 414353

It's a little sad. I think it was last month when she talked about Richie being different than her other ex's, because he gets jealous and really cares, etc. Then BAM.

No. 414358

Never trust someone who cheated before, farmers.

No. 414371

well tweeting "i told you so" is telling enough i think. i love that these two people are still so stuck in the emo mindset that they tweet shit like this >>414295

No. 414376

tbh i think this time it could really affect his yt and music career, i'm expecting a huge backlash because people can now see he's an asshole and hasn't changed a single bit

No. 414380

Ayalla did say he cheated on her, and SR admitted it. And she did say he would threaten to kill himself which is why she got back together with him in the past which is abusive behavior. I remember the younow where she talks about it, she says she doesnt want to out all the details because SR will just deny it because he doesnt want to look bad and he has a bigger fanbase than her and she was worried he would make her lose all her fans and shit. I actually always believed ayalla that SR was a shitty person. She was dumb for telling onion boy because he cant keep his mouth closed, but there was probably truth to some things onion said but probably exaggerated.

Jaclyn is going to repeat this forever because she has the mindset that she will ignore what everyone else says about a person and wants to see for themselves. Just like onion fans actually. She was friends with onion boy before despite all the bad shit said about him, but only when something happens to her does she realize oh he actually is bad. Same with SR. Ayalla told the world he cheated on her and SR admitted it. Jaclyn again does the oh im not going to believe what anyone says and see for myself. He could be different this time!

No girl. I saw this coming so bad especially when I realized they were not even living in the same state most of the time. Hes probably been cheating the whole relationship.

No. 414384

what a coincidence that this thread was started only a few days before the milk flowed

No. 414385

Social repose admitted after a Ayalla speak about it in her Younow, before that he wasnt saying anything, just avoiding the accusations.

And his video "Dear Future Girlfriend" was in fact base on him, even after he denied it was pretty obvious he did all those things and wasnt just an "art piece". He just didnt spect being attack by Onision so he used the cart "it is art, bruuuh"

No. 414387

I feel bad, I actually like JG mostly bc her onision vids are hilarious and she seems like a nice person. And she is smart. I just am not into her obvious insecure-based videos where she shows off lingerie and talks about her 4chan opinions. She reels in assholes because of those qualities. Hence why she managed to hang out with onision, fucker smells vulnerability states away. Maybe the break up with SR will help her realize this or something

No. 414389

It started cause people want to talk about JG (and SR) in Onision/Laineybot thread but i always thought JG had better milk than plagarism.

No. 414405

Ugh Im so sick of her buzzfeed videos. What is this four now? And her latest is just her actually outside the studios being salty? Girl, at least pretend you have better things to do.

She reminds me of someone who lives in constant fear of their partner cheating because theyre a cheater themselves. She thinks shes being plagiarised because shes a plagiarist herself.

No. 414406

>she seems like a nice person. And she is smart.

Yeah no. Shes very arrogant and thinks shes better than everyone else and if you dont agree with her you are just not as intelligent as her. Its not surprising she and onision used to be friends.

Her videos on onision are true, but then so are everyone else's who calls him out for being the creepy pedo he is.

No. 414408

Agreed. Being right about Gergle is setting the bar very low. Joy was right in a lot of her early videos and she turned out to be delusional.

No. 414409

Indeed. Even the most dumb youtubers have made articulate and accurate videos on how scummy onision is. I guess if there is one thing that unites all sides of youtube its hating onision kek.

No. 414411

At least she move on from her ad-pocalypse saga

No. 414413

Is she dumb?
Jealousy is a huge red flag that the person is a cheater. They're jealous because they think their infidelity means you must be unfaithful too. Guilty conscience.
Don't even consider someone who cheated before, as >>414358 anon said. But don't trust the overly jealous either. Such a skeptic, Jaclyn.

LOL, just saw >>414405 anon beat me to it
>She reminds me of someone who lives in constant fear of their partner cheating because theyre a cheater themselves. She thinks shes being plagiarised because shes a plagiarist herself.

No. 414426

>Fiona might be a retard worthy of criticism but it does seem fairly shitty that Jaclyn didn’t even feel the slightest bit apologetic about sending all that hate her way.

Exactly. Even tho I agree with Arielle and jaclyn on that point the way jaclyn went about it came across as shit stirring. I think this case highlights jaclyn hyprocisy-for all her crying about being part of an oppressed group and suppoedly "championing" said groups she'll happily throw them under the bus when it benefits her. For someone who is apparently so smart and "cares about the lbgtq+ community" the way she handled this shes as bad as those she moans about.

No. 414613

How can we request a Social Repose thread?

No. 414615

there is one but it's dead /snow/182057

No. 414616

File: 1509753439356.jpg (37.18 KB, 574x209, 1509752770399.jpg)

Milk is coming

All the comments are asking what happen because "they dont want to pick a side"
And Social Repose is keeping his charade of lonely emo boi

No. 414633

Flood her Twitter with questions. She will start to spill if she feels villianized.


No. 414634

>She was friends with onion boy before despite all the bad shit said about him, but only when something happens to her does she realize oh he actually is bad

Nah, bb, more like "only when she found a youtuber with a lot of fans that she could get more subs from" she decided to stop being friends with him. Its all about dem youtube subs.

Shes stupid as fuck for thinking SR wouldnt cheat on her even though he cheated on his exes. Why would she be any different? Bet shes feeling stupid as fuck for making those videos of her and SR being dovey-dovey, kissing each other and calling themselves wifey and husband lol

No. 414635

>Shes stupid as fuck for thinking SR wouldnt cheat on her even though he cheated on his exes
Probably thought she's going to be that 'special one'. She also said she never experienced jealousy ( quite an extreme jealousy ), so it was obvious that she's taking it as something positive.

No. 414639

File: 1509755580082.png (102.63 KB, 2710x656, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 8.31…)

Not quite proof, but Jaclyn started following Ayalla. Why would she do that unless he cheated on her?

I wouldn't connect with my ex-boyfriends ex just to talk about it unless I'd have specific questions for her.

No. 414657

She never experienced jealousy because she never dated someone with as many fans as SR. Of course she wasnt going to let that cash-cow go away so easily. Jealousy? More like possessiveness.

Tbh they are both ugly inside and outside so they deserve each other.

No. 414658

Eh not really because she was dating richie while still being friends with onion boy. It was only until he did the whole if your friends with richie i cant be friends with you thing, and "dumped" her as a friend unless she dumped richie so of course she went with richie.

I do think shes dumb for thinking she would be an exception to his cheating. Why date someone you know is a cheater? It wasnt even long after breaking up with ayalla they got together and ayalla hinted she was supposed to be in his filthy pride video but they broke up. jaclyn straight up just replaced her and he put her in her spot. Hes scummy.

I feel like its 100% that he cheated. This is EXACTLY what happened with ayalla. He goes on tour and shes on tour with him. Mid tour, finds out hes been cheating and leaves the tour and breaks up. Literally same exact scenario. She probably wants to talk to ayalla because she went through the same exact thing.

No. 414660

File: 1509757146335.png (88.47 KB, 842x689, pt1.PNG)

I honestly had sneaky suspicions Ayalla's oold poems on tumblr were about Richie and Jaclyn (Her blog is inactive but I'm still mutuals with her on it) this is pt 1 screen shot and I'll post the other one in a follow up post

No. 414661

File: 1509757160102.png (17.54 KB, 827x174, pt2.PNG)

pt 2

No. 414662

I should have re-phrased that - jealousy on his part. She was giggly and happy about how he 'looks like he's going to kill someone if they flirt with her.' In her words, none of her ex's gave a shit enough to even display jealousy. She took this as a form of flattery, not just something really unhealthy ( because that's what it is. A little bit of jealousy is normal, these levels aren't. )

No. 414674

Weird, i thought Toby was jealous, since he stoked her and doubt of every male friend who got near her.

No. 414675

TBH, I never watched any of her vids on Toby. You can find the info I mentioned in vid related. 3 minutes on.

No. 414703


Her most delusional statements typed out for the hearing impaired.

>A lot of people would say this is a bad thing. I think it's a good thing. But Richie is like one of the more jealous guys I've ever dated. Umm laughs And…I like that. Because, I've dated guys before who like did not give a shit about me. Like If I went off with another dude they'd be like "Cool, whatever man." like they just didn't give a shit and that hurt. Like, you want a guy to care. You want a guy to stick up for you and to defend you. And I've like never really had that until Richie.

>Like another guy I dated, when I would get hit on he would like, he would be like "Thats hot" and like, he would fantasize about me with other guys. But Richie's never… Richie does get jealous at like if another guy flirts with me, he wants to kill them. Um smiles, so like I can't imagine him having that as a fantasy. I don't know if that was like a thing that he had one time before in another relationship. I don't know. Like we don't talk about other relationships. Like thats weird. Um, but as far as like our relationship, nothing like that has ever even come up. And I feel like I've been with him… I'm like one of his longer relationships. I feel like I've been with him long enough that I'd know that. It just seems really weird. It just seems really weird for me to fathom him doing that or wanting that. It's just so weird.

>I don't know, like, I've dated so many assholes and I feel like finally I'm not dating an asshole. I'm finally dating a guy who's like, really sweet and he's very respectful to me. And he actually like, geniunely cares about me. Whereas other guys that I've dated it's been…very questionable…whether or not they legitimately cared about me. And now I finally have a good relationship and I don't know tt's weird that people want to hate him so bad. I don't know.

No. 414707

>forgetting richie and ayalla were good friends after their breakup where HE cheated
>ignoring the fact ayalla only demonized richie for cookie points with grease

No. 414709

File: 1509759813199.jpg (30.07 KB, 446x264, totally ok.jpg)

> if another guy flirts with me, he wants to kill them

No. 414712

When the boob job doesn't keep a man around.

No. 414714

speaking from experience, jealousy is normal when it's warranted, even this level. it depends on how frequent the contact between the two are and to what extent it goes. JG isn't overly attractive, but since she has lifted her image from stay-at-home-mom next door to "not the most unattractive youtuber" status with her chest, I imagine she has had offers. she strikes me as the "one for me only" type, and not necessarily capable of cheating. SR on the otherhand seems to be used to floating relationships and filling gaps so habitual behaviors would have lead to him cheating, albeit not necessarily to replace JG but because that is what he's used to and it's "easy"

No. 414716

File: 1509760250101.jpg (48.66 KB, 500x354, 284697.jpg)

>speaking from experience, jealousy is normal when it's warranted, even this level
Nope. There's no amount of "I'll kill anyone who talks to you" that is normal. Not ever. I fear for your relationships if you think this is normal or healthy, anon.

If you have to be jealous of your partner, you don't trust them. Without trust, there is no love.

No. 414717

Ayalla said she tried to be friends with him and that hes a good friend if you're not romantically involved with him, and then she realized he was still lying to her so she ended the friendship. That was before meeting with onion and had nothing to do with onion. Idk why you think SR isnt an asshole. Cheating already is asshole behavior. And its not weird to try to befriend your ex who you cared about immediately after breaking up even if they were an asshole.

I think she dated assholes and so she though richie is a good guy because he was the least asshole of them. He was also probably hiding all the cheating happening and was nice to her face. I could see how someone would think seeing your bf/gf get jealous is nice because it seems like they care about you, but when its too extreme its bad. She should stop dating people who have ex's who tell her he cheats and is an asshole. That'd probably help. Toby Turner also had history of being a shit boyfriend.

No. 414719

The last part, about him not getting out of her life, remember when she had her nickname like Empress? (even her only professional video call Not a princess but an Empress) and suddenly SR decide to call his tour " The empress tour" and now take over complety the word now using the nickname Empress Mothra? after that Ayalla change her nickname.

I feel like he enjoy doing passive agressive things against his ex's, wonder if he will try to trigger JG in the future in low profile.

No. 414723

>I'll kill anyone who talks to you
this is an overzealous statement, and if you believe anyone you are in a relationship with who says this, the problem isn't necessarily them.

No. 414735


>Tbh they are both ugly inside and outside so they deserve each other.

I don't understand the massive hateboner over your average ~intellectual~ youtuber and a serial emo cheater, sure they ugly on the outside but they aren't evil lol
is this about that video with the paint? wew
sage your shit greg
I def think richie is an asshole but I think grease and the things he's said were blown out of proportion to exploit the situation.
I feel for ayalla but she made the mistake of using greg for his emo shitstain demographic to sell her mediocre music. He probably treated her like shit but abuse? Don't buy it, richie seems too sleazy and unconfrontational

No. 414768

Was I the only one that got weird vibes on SR's behind the scenes vlog when he sprayed Jaclyn and that one chick with white paint? Do you think that was the chick? Too bad we'll know know who he cheated with or if it was the same chick when he was with Ayalla. Or just some random groupie.

No. 414778

Next JaclynGlenn video: "Buzzfeed stole my boyfriend"

No. 414791

File: 1509768373256.jpg (181.22 KB, 1061x586, whodat.jpg)


I was more weirded out that he had Natti back playing that big black goth chick. She was in one of his videos the difference between Goth and Emo and they definitely gave me "we just fucked" vibes in that video. So I'd probably be weirded out if I was were Jaclyn that Richie keeps his scraps around for that long.

No. 414794

File: 1509768678250.jpg (9.12 KB, 175x182, dick.jpg)

>they definitely gave me "we just fucked" vibes in that video
No kidding anon, I've never seen a more obvious 'just rode that dick' glance in my life!
Was he with Jaclyn at this time? (I don't keep up with either of their channels tbh, not into all the twisted dramas these people get into with Gergle and his groupettes)

No. 414796


This was August 2016, which I believe was around when he cheated on Ayallah and when him and Ayallah were still trying to be friends. I wonder if she's the girl that Ayallah said he was still lying to her about?

No. 414804

being jealous, and caring for you and standing up for you are all totally different things. many people who've been in relationships with "jealous" bf's like richie, come to find out that their jealousy is actually a form of control, and it's not healthy to have such a tight grip on your partner. It's normal to be concerned if your parter just ups and goes with another person, sure…but if someone just even talks to them.. like..come on..

No. 414816

Onion is being…shockingly classy about this. He must not have heard about it yet. I can't imagine he's keeping his mouth shut like a decent person.

No. 414817

It is shocking, indeed. The only thing that comes to mind is perhaps he wants to wait and see if a) any of this is fake bait b) Jac maybe wants to come to him first, so he has an even stronger "case" against SR?
It's really bizarre that this would be the one thing he chose to stay quiet about, when milk could be rolling in buckets.

No. 414818

All good points. I'm sure Lainey (and possibly his patrons) have been hearing him rant about it nonstop for the past 12 hours.

No. 414819

lainey was laughing and happy they broke up, greg def knows

No. 414827

Sage for tinfoil but I always found Jaclyn Glenn and Richie's relationship odd. They just did it as a publicity stun/ mocking Onision. Something tells me they are just good friends and they are trying to make money off the situation but that is just my opinion.

No. 414831

I can't believe she laughed though, does she not realize how quickly that will become dangerous to her? Grease is gonna olive branch the fuck outta Jaclyn and lame is gonna have to worry about her being wife #3

No. 414833

I hope she laugh and make fun more, so Jaclyn, her minions and Blaire finally attacked her and she wont be able to hide under Grug and her "smol bean anxiety agender" blanket

No. 414837

Honestly if Jaclyn dated Onion, it would literally destroy lame to pieces. And honestly, I think Jaclyn would be the only one who could.

Lame has no idea how fatal this is yet

No. 414861

File: 1509783062530.jpg (15.4 KB, 519x91, um.jpg)

Why would it be dangerous? So dramatic!

No. 414864

Lol that is her way to tell him she is not home but she is gonna be at her dad's place so if he wants to beg her he have to go there.
If she didn't want him to go after her, she would not post that.
Sadly he doesn't give a crap about her, he is probably using his sad tweets to bang groupies

No. 414866

I have some sympathy for her idk, I'm sure she's having an existential crisis currently because all the dudes she dates cheat on her after they make her think it's a long term thing.

If she wasn't so mouthy and outspoken, I think she'd attract the right type of guy who would enjoy her personality. But alas, despite playboy, this girl can only land onions and horses.

You hit this on the head, she's totally letting Richie know where she is so he can beg for her back. I don't think he should, nor should she take him back.

No. 414868

File: 1509784715676.jpg (39.72 KB, 552x334, whatlol.jpg)

No. 414869

in ayalla's post that was linked here she said that he (richie) put her (jaclynn) in the place that she was supposed to be and that it was about her. I'm assuming she meant his music, since ayalla referred to herself as empress on twitter for a long time and now richie has a song titled that which also ties into his other songs. That and her wording was an obvious play on his lyrics. Jaclynn is an idiot for not seeing shit clearly.

No. 414870

I feel like SR has one girl for the public eye, and one (or more) in private.

No. 414887

Are you guys really so dense that you think she thinks he will cancel the remainder of his UK tour to beg for her back? Grow up. This isn't some teen movie.

No. 414888

Hes on tour in the UK. Hes not going to come knocking on her door. I took it as her house was probably a reminder of their relationship and she felt it was dangerous to be alone in her house for her mentally.

it was about the flithy pride video. he made it soon after their breakup. She was obviously supposed to be in it, and the song was about her. Pretty sure he named his shit empress after ayalla started using it and made a song with that in the title which was shitty from SR.

No. 414906

File: 1509798046719.png (196.68 KB, 750x1334, 01130B87-7A4F-4D8D-8507-B2C4F2…)

Seems pretty clear she caught him cheating

No. 414912

In her original tweet about the break up she said "don't want to talk don't have questions or bring it up" but she's been giving details on every single tweet after and mentioning it…
I do think he must have cheated. Two days ago everything was fine, so either he did something recently or it was a while back but she just found out now.

No. 414917

File: 1509799390445.jpg (41.37 KB, 551x433, dvfndk.jpg)

Oof, imagine really thinking this …..

No. 414922

File: 1509800155104.jpg (13.97 KB, 464x93, Capture.JPG)

barf worthy

No. 414930

He sounds like onion kek

Guess they are more alike than they think

No. 414937

Why do adults tweet shit like this in 2017? Why is every e-celeb always acting like a 14 year old emo kid from 2008 on myspace?
Grow up and keep shit to yourself

No. 414943

Cause drama gives them money and attention. Also, they have no class

No. 414947


I'm very certain he's quoting song lyrics ('Bukowski'/Modest Mouse - he mentioned he's a big fan of them before), kek.

No. 414976

I seriously thought this was Mira for a good 10 seconds. I mean, he's no Brad Pitt, but ow.

Because they want attention and asspats.

No. 414995

File: 1509807933445.jpg (482.52 KB, 1080x1484, 20171104_155446.jpg)

Jacklyn liked this tweet from SR brother. Seems like a weird thing to do.

No. 415002

What I don't get is why SR's bandmates didn't tell Jaclyn sooner. Like I know the whole bros before hos mentality but from her behind the scenes vlogs they all seemed like decent guys.. unless SR was super super candid about his hookups. And why you mess around while your girl was on tour with you? I'm thinking she dug around his phone and found out.

No. 415005

Also she will greatly disappoint me if she didn't have a vlog about this. I know Ayalla kept her mouth shut because of her low sub counts and SR would have gotten his followers to ruin his life. Jaclyn was on the same level as him as far as follower counts went, and she's more well known coz of her show and Buzzfeed videos now. Hopefully she doesn't get back with him, and speaks up against what happened without fear of repurcussions like Ayalla did.

No. 415022

File: 1509812046566.png (180.06 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-04-10-13-13…)

Like nothing ever happen

No. 415023

Really? It is f-obvious he won't left his tour but you are talking about the girl who get back with his cheating bf (Toby)in the past, why she wouldn't do that now? More because what is the point on post that aside of letting people (SR) where she is?

No. 415029

Give it some time to sink in, he'll be text bombing her in about a week or gets back from tour.

No. 415037

Usually people won't snitch because then they're involved and no one wants to be in the middle of that kind of mess.

No. 415048

File: 1509814557972.jpg (141.75 KB, 1435x424, Screenshot_20171104-125347.jpg)

JG's friend just posted this so I guess that confirms it

No. 415058

Sooooooo Richie legit put Jaclyn in a music video that was supposed to be Ayalla? like how stupid can Jaclyn be? I bet she feels really stupid now knowing what Ayalla went through thinking she would be ~different~ like Ayalla knew Richie longer than Jaclyn knew Richie. Jaclyn is obviously wanting SR to feel bad for hurting her when…. he doesn't give a literal shit.. Watch them get back together in a couple of weeks like ':) we are soul mates :) he's going to change cause I'M different'

No. 415063

Maybe SR came with excuses like "I was piss drunk when this random fan came and started kissing me, I swear I only kissed back and nothing more but Ayalla went nuts and couldn't forgive me" or some shit

No. 415064

I think he was cheating with Ayalla or something. I find it really weird that he still would use 'empress' in his music videos knowing that is what Ayalla liked to call herself. It is still obvious he probably still wants Ayalla cause I remember watching >>414870 and how he was saying he had to try really hard to get Ayalla to say yes

No. 415067

Ayalla said SR would do random hookups with a bunch of people behind her back. These wouldn't be internet folks but random people so I'm guessing random skeletor groupies he'd find on tour. Hoping JG won't get back with him, the cheating sounds more of a mental game thing.

No. 415068

Do you know anything about them getting married (SR and Jaclyn) in Vegas? I'm still pretty confused if they are actually married or not? I mean Jaclyn would wear a ring on her finger from time to time., are they going to have to get a divorce?

No. 415070

It was just a commitment ceremony so nothing legal.

No. 415078

If this is a real breakup, which i think it is, that's a weird thing to tweet as his brother. Who does that?

I still doubt thats her intentions with that tweet because she implied shes staying with family for "a few days". That's not long enough for SR to come back from tour. Whether they get back together or not is a different story.

Ayalla was also 19 while dating richie and richie is 25 now. I just realized Jaclyn is like 29 years old? wtf. Why would you waste your time on a known cheater?

i doubt he was cheating with her. I think the empress thing was because his whole album was about being a terrible boyfriend and hurting his relationships, so he "stole" the word she was using because he thought that would be oh so artsy. Of course jaclyn just ignored that part too.

No. 415113

this would be gold, lame is such a bitch reacting like that, jaclyn never really did anything to her directly

No. 415119

me too she totally looks like mira

topkek at posting song lyrics after a break up. i know they are embarrassing emos but this is such a teen behavior

No. 415120

I don't remember any time Jaclyn attacked Lainey for anything during that cuddlegate era. She always attacked Onision.

No. 415122

She looks like the product of direct inbreeding. And she's a total skeletor. SR sure has a type.

No. 415124

She misgendered her! That is worse than her own husband cheating on her obviously!

No. 415188

lainey is just a shit person who's siding with her husband cause he's her ~soulmate~, she can't think for herself and she wants to please him

tbh i can't believe SR cheats on his girlfriends who are (in my opinion) out of his league, at least if you only consider the looks. it must be something about low self-esteem and pushing his ego with it. without all the make up and costumes he's actually quite ugly, he doesn't have a good face and looks pretty douchey, especially in his old videos.

No. 415212

File: 1509826159898.png (425.08 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-04-14-07-58…)

Emo rant

No. 415218

She's trying to gain sympathy.

No. 415228

What if their tweets are just lyrics to Social Repose new song and they are seeing how much drama they can stir up before telling everyone?

No. 415233

No, I don't think she would take that so far to deleted him of all social media including their photos or giving Onion the pleasure to say "I told you so"

No. 415235

I don't think she'd just defriend him from social media and and then suddenly friend Ayalla though.

No. 415236

File: 1509829600310.png (554.51 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-04-15-05-47…)

No. 415238


I can't imagine they'd risk the backlash.

No. 415241

>>415238 yeah i guess youre right. They are too into themselves to even risk that.

No. 415242

Haha I still remember the first video I saw from this horsefaced freak. It was the one where he doesn't feel like wearing a goth native American headdress is cultural appropriation. People shit on him all over in those comments.

Isn't he bisexual? You would think he would be more sensitive. I'm really glad that Phil didn't take Jaclyn's side. I don't like Phil at all but he has a ton of influence

No. 415252

Remember when that poor fan girl with Aspergers took his video literally about bringing milk to his house to meet him and then he was all confused when she arrived because he was joking? But jokes need punchlines. The joke didnt even make any sense!

No. 415254

Phil? Who is that?

No. 415257

it was obviously sarcasm/ irony. that doesn't need a punchline.

I'm pretty sure he's straight. But yeah, the headdress is terrible and he should just let go of it. But if he really cheated and Jaclyn is going public with it (which she will eventually), I think a lot of his fans will leave.

No. 415258

Tbf it isn’t his fault the girl was too dumb to get sarcasm. Going to their house (and he lives already in the middle of nowhere) is creepy af.

It’s hard to sympathize with either of them. Richie is a known asshole, Jaclyn should have known better. She only gets what is coming for her to ignore it all for the fun of being more well known.

No. 415268

I feel bad for her and all, but girl, you're almost 30… Cut the teen emo act

No. 415276


Honestly she gives me vibes of someone who leaches off the personality of her boyfriend. She probably has no idea who she is anymore and is still mimicking Richie's behavior. The emo will probably start to dry up as soon as the Richie stank clears from the air.

No. 415279

Yeah, she didn't have anything to do with being emo or goth before Richie and got really into It.

I think she'll be back to her old self once she gets better. But I honestly understand her venting on social media, it's her job after all.

No. 415295

Good point i didn't even notice that. It's kinda sad getting into emo at that age just because your boyfriend is

No. 415307

ayalla said she came home and found her in bed with younger woman lol

No. 415310

Both of them are insufferable. JG seems like the type to still do collab videos with SR just for the views. I can see it now… "EX BF DOES MY MAKEUP" "EX BF DOES XXX" blahhh.

No. 415315

No but she is the kind who likes to talk to the side girl afterwards

No. 415319


Modest Mouse lyrics after a break up?
Wow. Deep.

No. 415323

She will talk to the side girl on YouNow sitting sideways showing her teeth through her thin lips drinking a glass of red wine.

Then Joy Sparkle BS will ask to be in the chat and compliment Jaclyn a bunch of times.

No. 415338

Recent feature on Phillip DeFranco for whining about Buzzfeed copying her videos:

No. 415345

kek she goes by "narlee" and after following her for a few months she is full tilt autism, not chrischan tier but she is mentally not there. however, he knows his reach and his audience, making that kind of claim he should have expected someone was going to do it.

No. 415366

hes so ugly

No. 415370

She wouldnt fly to the UK only to fly back so soon after and leave the tour for a prank either. Its definitely real. Everytime they do some clickbait or prank thing its just for a video.

Idk about jaclyn but he definitely does that and will probably ask her to do it. Look at how many ex videos he made with ayalla. And even not long ago he did the my ex writes me a song thing. He even fake married jaclyn just for clickbait. What a great guy. Hes basically a less evil onion.

No. 415373

yes. he really is just like onion

No. 415380

I am amazed about how good he hide to the public eyes the side girls even if it was a one night hook up
No photos, no status, no leak of screen caps, nothing.
At least nothing obvious, anybody know with who he cheat on Ayalla?

No. 415381


People hate what they see in themselves. Onision is a king cuck douche but SR/JG’s hatred of him always struck me as having more than meets the eye. They both knew they are barely a thread away from being mini-onions, so they fought hard to fight it.

No. 415436

Ayalla said it was a bunch of people and random hookups on FB. And she also said that they weren't internet-y people either, just randoms.

No. 415528


She literally says in this video that SR's video wasn't an art piece and he did a lot of the things to her that he says in that video.

How many lies did he feed JG? That mocking video she made about the art piece gave me the weirdest vibes too. Like I get she was trying to make it seem not serious but it still gave me "girl in deep denial" vibes.

No. 415542

File: 1509843308592.png (149.53 KB, 1182x540, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 8.51…)

Not sure if that's super interesting, but these are the tweets of the person that came along with Jaclyn and Richie. They also replied that tour is not fun anymore etc. Really would love to know what went down.

I don't understand why Jaclyn would wait so long to say what happened, but I guess it must suck to fly to Europe just to return on the same day because something went down. No support, paying for an overpriced return ticket and having no one to talk to while flying back with a broken heart.

I'm not her biggest fan but that's shitty.

No. 415560

lmaoing at the fact that anyone saying anything remotely negative towards Social Repose or Jaclyn Glenn in the Greg thread was met with a "hi greg' a mere few days ago. Everyone who attaches themselves to Greg in any form is deeply unstable and/or a piece of shit, just like him.

No. 415567

If SR's bandmate hates the tour then you know it was SR's shitty attitude. IDK if he cheated, he may well have. But I think SR may have just acted like a complete douche to JG after she found out about it.

No. 415569

File: 1509844855017.png (66.02 KB, 551x359, qaaa.png)

Lmfao just confirmed that this is totally about SR.

No. 415583

Yeah, that thread become extremely agressive.

Well since it started was a pain in the ass SR got sick and couldnt sing, he broke/hurt his ankle because he fall from the scenario, problems with the schedule of other bands, etc. In several of JG's instagram stories he seem annoyend af.

No. 415811

Alright, look, JG… Here's some outsider's perspective on your relationship with SR…

He dove into the relationship, right? Big marketing ploy: are they dating? Are they married? You're an object (to him), and your relationship is a mystery. Toby tries to get in on that (again), and SR swoops in to rescue you. D'awe, right? No. You're SR's property (trademarked?). Makes it public, etc. He got off on the idea that Onion wanted you because you're his property, and not because he finds you worthy of respect in your own right (like your preference for monogamy).

He looked annoyed in most videos with you within the past several months. Not your fault. You looked like you tried to capture his interest with cute voices and expressions of validation, to lukewarm reception. It's something you wanted to hear and wanted others to hear, even if it wasn't part of the discussion. Why?

He's going to guilt trip, like Toby. It's a similar song and dance. Stop being a victim.

No. 415814

the last of mr blaire and all of jacyln videos are what turned me sympathetic to riley. I believe riley saw everyone else having fun online and decided to join in. he has a girlfriend now and seems confident. I'm legit happy for him now. not too long ago i thought the channel should be delete. now, aye no harm no foul. hopeful he will abandon youtube and get a real job. I have faith in riley all because of phony jacyln and mean blaire.
* I misgender and will continue to until the end of time.
cute. I wished kids looked like kids again.
nayrt but Jaclyn gives that impression over multiply videos.
these two talk about everyones business yet they want privacy. get em greg.
people bring up how twinkie Robbie/blaire is but I bet he has nailed a few chicks. I get that vibe. for comparison andy cohen from bravo network has never had a woman and it shows.
the sexual partners you have the less guys value you. fyi.
since day one. I also get the "i use people vibe" you guys hate onion but she used him from the start. I think Richie is a user too so this should be real milk and complex.
who cares about her or blair. if you cheat on them people will comment but nothing will be lost.
I'm the chick who called her a groupie. I stand by that. this was probably not a real relationship. if he is a cheater and she has a lot of long distance relationships, then you are right he more than likely was cheating this whole time.

No. 415816

spotted the incel.

No. 415835

Part me wants to hitup richie, cause I'm a skinny "alt" girl who makes music, just to see get some milk. But im not going to be a pos and tip the cow.

Cant wait for the onion milke though

I forgot about this, but i saw cr1tikl making fun of her (light heartly for sayinh buzzfeed copied her. It reminds me of when emilie autumn accused gaga of copying her.

No. 415839

File: 1509872561498.jpg (29.32 KB, 525x197, 9.jpg)


Jaclyn, seriously. Woman to woman. Stop acting like a little bitch in public. Breakups are hard af, everyone knows this. The best thing you can do for yourself is to not be public with your embarrassing little breakdown. It's time to stop.

No. 415840

I think I'd rather her get all the pity though, social repose is a tool and deserves no sympathy

No. 415843

It seemed from the fact that they broke up as soon as they hit the UK like they had an 8 hour fight on the flight with him sitting next to them, lol.

No. 415868

For some reason, I have this suspicion that maybe she did get a boobjob for SR. She seems insecure enough, and it wouldn't surprise me if she did it in this weird attempt to prevent him from cheating.

No. 415880

She said repeatedly that her flat chest has bothered her for years and she has always wanted to get implants, but something about how defensive she was about how it definitely wasn't for him made it even more suspicious that it was for him. At least getting then when she did.

No. 415886

Maybe Jaclyn peeked at his phone, saw him sexting or some shit, later snooped through phone and found evidence.

No. 415888

File: 1509881181974.jpg (182.97 KB, 810x1229, IMG_20171105_122550.jpg)

Keem is a cow but holy shit I kek'd

No. 415891

File: 1509881749772.jpg (39.26 KB, 521x208, horse.jpg)

>after falling off a horse
Oh it was her sister that fucked Richie then

No. 415892

SR unfollowed Jaclyn, but she's still following him

No. 415921

The FIRST thing Richie mentions in his "dear future gf" video (that Ayalla said is NOT a "art piece" but that he really did do those things to her) is about appearance:

>Dear future gf, you are a masterpiece. But only when you are the correct weight, when you wear nice clothing, and when your makeup is immaculate. Anything less is unacceptable to me.

That entire video is about how he will make his gf feel worthless and insecure so that he can wrap her around his thumb. She might have not done it for him, but I bet he made her feel even more insecure. No way it hasn't contributed to her decision to finally do It.

Onision might have jumped on her for the boob job not only because he's a jerk obsessed with judging women's bodies, but because he knew this and wanted to take advantage of it (and how he did! so much fuel for his narcissism).

Ayalla probably gave him this ammo. She was retarded enough to confide in Greg about Richie, she told him much of what she kept publicly quiet about. Including presumably all the ways in which he made her insecure about her body - including tits among other things.

No. 415957

I thought this was how she found out since this tweet >>414906

Is there evidence that they broke up right after the plane landed? It would make it more likely that she found something in his phone because directly on a plane it's hard to cheat and if she found out before the flight she wouldn't have come with him

No. 416045

At the end of the video they landed and were changing money or paying (who knows) so my best guess it was exactly around the moment she cut the video or a few hours after, maybe at the hotel.
I am very confident about she making a video exclusively about the break up very soon (why burn two videos at the same time when she could upload the other next week, it would get views cause everyone is watching trying to guest what happen)
I hope Keemstar dont try anything, he could ruin the milk

No. 416067


She sounded tearful at times in her latest vlog, too, like at Richie's house.

No. 416091

I dislike keem, but FUCKING KEK, was that a stroke of brilliant.

No. 416101

Well, maybe she felt hurt cause he was ignoring her in most of the times she want him in the videos or answered her in a very bitchy way.
I watch a few old videos and he seems annoyed by her waaaaay before this, another Anon mention trying to catch his attention using baby voice, and fuck it is so fucking true. She became so clingy for a reason.
However it was a dick move to don't tell her he was tired of her before she got in that plane.

No. 416114

File: 1509902650291.png (120.47 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-05-11-22-24…)

No. 416127

Looks like we are back!
Update on the drama

- Jaclyn posted a video talking about how she was cheated
- Richie made a response video
- girl he cheated with looks to be Lexi

Richies video is monotized so don’t watch without ad block

No. 416129


-Richie deleting comments
- Jaclyn responding to his video and having her comment deleted as well
-Huge subscriber drop

No. 416130

I feel so bad for her. Being cheated on is horrible… i don't like her but this situation made me feel simpaty for her. Her video made me remember a really shitty time in my life.

No. 416140

Kinda sad the temp threads content doesn't go over here, considering how much we talked about this over the last 24 hours!

No. 416141

are you too retarded to copy and paste?


>saying she was so happy that richie was public abt the relationship bc she felt like he was proud of her

>and she feels so stupid now
>and is so embarassed
>and she didnt think it'd work that way that it's so obvious that he's with her but still this happens
>calls him out for making emo tweets knowing his fans will rush to ask what SHE did to break his heart
>he dated a girl briefly before her and stayed in touch with her the entire relationship
>first day on the tour she went to the tour and had a quickie with him
>she knows bc she read his texts
>him asking her to come back to the car for another quickie, she said ok as long as he doesn't mess up her makeup
>she cooked for them when she last (the other girl) last visited
>he texted her he missed her, asked to come to shows
>how looking at her the night of the show made him almost prematurely come because of her extra weight, while jaclyn was insecure about being too thin
>the conversations were "very vulgar", he talked shit about the relationship, the girl has a long-term bf too
>he asked her for nudes to tide him over until he could see her again and fuck her twice a day, and she sent them
>she was so excited to meet his family for thanksgiving while he made plans to spend a week with the other chick
>she brought it all up and all SR could talk about was how this was messing up his tour


>starting out by saying he'll lose some fans

>the brutal, graphic details she explained to everyone
>i did care about her
>i have a lot of deep-seated issues
>she thought she could fix me
>i should've just broken it off early
>i always felt this imbalance in the relationship
>we dated for 11 months and i never brought it up because she was so attached and ready to settle down and buy a house
>of course i went along with it
fucking scum
>obviously we were having an amazing time up until last week
>I told her I don't agree with therapy
>I don't agree with medication
>the best solution is not to date anymore so he doesn't hurt people like Jaclyn and Ayalla
>maybe i have a sex problem (CALLED IT)
>ultimately we wanted different things
>i'm so deeply entrenched in social repose as an entity, it comes before love, relationships, even my family
>I'm a little hurt she broadcasted everything
>I'm sorry I let you guys down
>if you don't want to follow me anymore because you think i'm a shitty person, I can't make you stay
>my content will get better tho!!!

No. 416142

No. 416144

Everything is private now. Does anyone have a pic of lexi?

No. 416145

Can't upload a pic with my phone, but just google her: Alexis Shelby Myers

No. 416146

File: 1509990375734.jpg (121.54 KB, 1555x878, VSyqBcy.jpg)

I archived her Tumblr and got some pics.

No. 416147

File: 1509990448513.png (8.88 MB, 1366x21097, screencapture-danceofthedeadan…)

No. 416149

Sage for not contributing but god is he unattractive. Honestly, there are women that want HIM???

No. 416150

File: 1509990568752.png (12.71 MB, 1366x16178, screencapture-leximonstercorps…)

No. 416151

File: 1509990588470.jpg (503.52 KB, 1564x1564, cP4t78M.jpg)

No. 416152

Remember when Jaclyn got extremely sick of mono? 90% probabilities it was his fault.

No. 416153

File: 1509990641252.png (88.69 KB, 1098x512, BezVscS.png)

jaclyn's comment he deleted:
"I absolutely did not ask to move into a house with you 3 months in lol. You are the first person that brought up moving in together and the plan for that wasn't until mid next year. We were in a long distance relationship. The only way to make that work is to have some vague idea of when the distance would be closed. That's the only reason I ever brought it up but thanks for trying to make me sound irrational though. Especially coming from the guy who kept calling me his wife and who bought me a ring to wear on my left ring finger. Do not play like you weren't absolutely perpetuating the idea of real commitment. This was never a conversation we had until after I caught you cheating. Fear of commitment didn't drive you to cheat, are you kidding? You were in another girls pants a month after we started. You made fun of one of my exes for failing at committment as though you were above that. You bring me on a UK/European tour with plans to stay extra days in Paris. You were going to take me to your family thanksgiving. You gave no indication of this being a problem ever.
You discredited everyone who warned me and then you sit there and act like it's shocking to you that I didn't listen to them? You played a role in that. Also, do not call cheating a mistake. If you felt any remorse you wouldn't have continued to do it. You didn't slip and fall. You made a choice. You made that choice over and over again with no regard for my feelings. If I didn't see those texts you would have kept doing it. That is not a mistake, that is intent."

No. 416154

File: 1509990741842.jpg (18.6 KB, 574x217, Capture.JPG)


No. 416156

File: 1509990911927.jpg (22.6 KB, 470x433, Capture.JPG)

The face of remorse

No. 416158

File: 1509991000674.jpeg (57.4 KB, 750x363, 7F0C4975-3D9F-4CF5-A947-8EC199…)

Blaire’s(now deleted) comment on SR’s video

No. 416160

File: 1509991065088.jpeg (153.08 KB, 741x701, 9B1F7980-E606-461B-B705-F0ACF4…)

Shoe’s(also deleted)

No. 416164

I can’t believe he watched his video where he smiles over getting notifications and didn’t redo it. Turn your phone on silent and turn it over at least. Even Onion faked his cheating remorse better than horse face.

No. 416165

Face of remhorse, amirite?

No. 416173

File: 1509991744487.png (111.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-11-06-19-03-18…)

Poor Ana-chan jest wanted to prove she is loveable by letting horseface fuck her in the ass in shit particle infested bilet lmfao

No. 416177

Where are you guys getting this butt stuff? I have read through all of it, and I guess I missed something.

No. 416180

Did you mean: horseface only sticks his herpes-infected dick into walking skeletons cause that is the only way for him to feel manly lmfao

No. 416181

sage for dumb question but why does everyone keep saying SR fucked bathroom thot in the ass? where was that mentioned lol

No. 416185

File: 1509992044245.png (163.35 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-06-12-10-42…)

No. 416186

Gotta stick with the mega-skinny chicks so your pencil dick looks big by comparison.

No. 416188

In JG's video, when she read his texts he was talking with a girl and in rhe conversation it was mentioned that in the first day of the tour she(side girl) went to his concert, then he drag her to the bathroom to have a quickie

No. 416190


yeah and what part of that implies that they had anal

No. 416191

Who was she dating before Toby? Dave Days? Did he cheated on her too?

No. 416192

Anon is asking where the anal rumors came from.

No. 416193


Why are these nu-emos one of the shittiest subcultures to exists on the internet?
Majority of them are still Onision fans……..

No. 416194

File: 1509992333907.png (144.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-11-06-19-03-31…)

Dropped my file, oops

No. 416197

File: 1509992658594.png (175.45 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-06-12-22-06…)

No. 416198

File: 1509992690705.png (180.92 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-06-12-22-44…)

Ex-patreon from Onion

No. 416199

this video was dumb. he acts like jaclyn harassed him for a commitment and felt they weren't on the same page ever so, like any logical person not in a 15 year old mindset currently creating emo music at 30, he keeps dating her so he can feel more tortured about being a "bad person." i love the part where he says he doesn't believe in therapy and "might" have a sex addiction. yawn. i always suspected he was a loser when he dated ayalla when she was like 18 and he was 25.

No. 416214

I don't think SR is in a mood to be sassy and go against Onion.

I'm very excited to see where this all is gonna go. I hope Richie has one of his concerts and everyone mocks him lol

No. 416216

No, I don't think JG or SR will response, none of them are in the mood or have time for that.

No. 416218



What a fucking faggot

No. 416229

File: 1509994203851.png (417.8 KB, 789x756, CHANEL_WALMART.png)

I don't feel bad for her or anything because she's a whiny bitch. I actually think it's funny looking back at her and horseface's smug videos knowing he was fucking Myra clones on the dl. You guys are going overboard with the pity party for yacklyn. It's cringey af.

Only thing I feel bad for is her low ass self-esteem. She could really use some of that feminism she bashes lmao

No. 416241

How exactly does feminism fix someones self-esteem?

No. 416243

>Calls me retarded for not simply "copypasting"
>Spends 20min writing a very detailed and incredibly long resume

Sure jan

No. 416245

We dont link grease videos over here. gdi anon, i just accidentally gave him ad revenue because the video made me open it on youtube.

No. 416248

NTAYRT but this was copied from the tempcow thread, and why are you even complaining about farmers writing summaries? transcript anons are great. get out.

No. 416252

she's a whiny bitch for speaking out about her public relationship without the fear ayalla had? UH OK
Jaclyn doesn't bash feminism outright just the way 3rd wave feminism presents itself. You could really use some of that feminism you're defending to stop kicking a woman down for being cheated on.

If you have a problem with JG bring up some actual milk instead of pathetic nitpicking

No. 416253

Yeah, it's amazing how the anti-feminists are rallying for a woman who has been cheated on while the the feminists are disparaging her.

No. 416256

onion detected

No. 416257

File: 1509995518188.png (493.61 KB, 592x590, eddad4fc6e28a15b8d2ac4e3bd327f…)

Lexi and Richie when they were dating in the summer of 2015.

Also I honestly think the buttsex is just a rumour. All Jaclyn said was that he pulled her into a bathroom and had a quickie and she said to not mess up her makeup.

No. 416260

File: 1509995658014.gif (4.51 MB, 480x270, 93c29069a7eae59d9e008504d2702f…)

Gem from the temp thread.

Skyler, SR's bandmate, after flying with Jaclyn and Richie.

No. 416262

She's a whiny bitch in general. You're putting words in my mouth

And the feminism thing was a joke….chillll. lol

My problem with Jaclyn Glenn is the crazy annoying videos she makes about Buzzfeed (she has made about 4 now, one of which she is sulking outside their offices like some kind of psycho) when she has plagiarized so many people the past and brushed it off. Everyone on YouTube copies each others formats and ideas. She isn't doing anything revolutionary.

Also she mocked people (some of which were native Americans) who criticized Richie in his video appropriation video by calling them Triggered etc.

No. 416263

File: 1509995801400.png (3.64 KB, 296x74, socialbade.png)

Social Repose is nearing 15,000 followers lost on his Youtube.


No. 416264


What video is Onion talking about when he's referring to JG making fun of Ayala? I can't find it on her YT channel

No. 416265

No. 416272

maybe get glasses baby cause it's not on his chanel. It's reupload from his stream.

I still think SR and JG will get into it somewhere down the line because onion sure as fuck will not let go and he demands apologies for him AND lamo lmao

Jaclyn is a fucking dumbass and deserves no sympathy. She is a groen woman and not some inaxperienced teen and should have known better or kept better taps on her retarded boyfriend.

No. 416273


oh thanks! I didn't think to check SR's channel lol

No. 416274

It's still on one of his channels though, check your own glasses baby


No. 416276

OMG that video was a massive red flag.

No. 416280

oh shit, pasted the wrong link. sage for being retarded myself! sorry anon

No. 416303

I wish we could at least access Tempcow.
Lexi should be ground to dust along with Richie.
Especially considering she's got enough room to gobble two dicks with that gap in her mouth

No. 416305

THris is off topic but Ayalla was 19 when her and SR dated and Jaclyn is 29, that’s such a big difference in life experience/maturity and expectations I’m a relationship, he can not POSSIBLY be surprised that Jaclyn thought he was the one and wanted a long term relationship. ??? He’s such a scumbag

No. 416306

No. 416307

File: 1509998631110.jpg (30.91 KB, 525x615, Nightmares.JPG)

No. 416314

Weird. I searched for the link and couldn't access it. Thanks, Anon

No. 416318

you're right. he was so willing to defend his relationship to onion or really anyone who challenged it online, he had her in a bunch of videos, ect, she didn't have any reason to doubt that it was a serious relationship. even when people """warned""" Jaclyn about SR he obviously talked to her about it and made her feel like it was something serious and real.

No. 416330

Especially since Richie was the one who came onto Jaclyn and not the other way around
What an all around prick

No. 416368

Peep that foreshadowing tho

No. 416371

this is why i hate feminists.

No. 416376

>i'm a feminist which means i only support women who blindly support man hating and those that don't are whiny bitch cunts

i can't imagine why there aren't more feminists.

No. 416377


bait is less effective when trying that hard

No. 416378

i'm not baiting at all. that's what 3rd wave feminism is.

No. 416382

but for reals, the hard lesson she's learnt is that as noble as it is to dedicate yourself so much to the person you love, it can end badly, and it's a lot healthier to not get too entwined in someone else who could turn out to be a fraud. I think that's what the anon was jokingly referring to - keep your own identity and don't just try to be the ideal girlfriend.

She couldn't have seen the problem with that, though, given that he pretended to be just as entwined as her. She would have thought it a reasonable gamble.

And we can see he wasn't just going along with her level of attachment but initiated a lot of that, so she had even less reason to be wary.

No. 416385

cool bro, but this is the jaclyn thread, not the incel thread.

No. 416389

>women disagrees with me; must be a man

lol i'm done derailing with this but really.

No. 416407

Back to topic!
This video is so good, a 'fixed' version of his apology video (it's on Twitter, so I can't embed it)

No. 416408

Kek, holy crap that was hilarious. He might have as well posted that instead of his actual video.

No. 416409

Who wants to bet Richie gave Jaclyn that bad case of mono she got? Absolutely disgusting that Richie put her health at risk for some thic pooty tang.

No. 416412

Is for fucking sure he did, i bet she didnt even think he was the one who cause it

No. 416425

File: 1510005970507.png (121.08 KB, 1268x552, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 5.04…)

I just remember her being worried that Richie would get it, too. It's weird that he didn't because hers started just after she was at his place, so I think it's likely that that's true.

Also, apparently the crowd today was rather small.

No. 416432

Damn, i saw the video about her being sick, she mention she feel bad she loss weight cause she was traing to gain it….

No. 416433

She talks about it at 0:36, I guess she did get it from him but yeah.

No. 416449

Anons were joking about how it had to be buttsecks because she's too ugly to look at in the face when you fuck her. From those jokes, other anons started just running with it, and those that didn't keep up thought it was a serious rumor.

That's fucking nasty.
Jaclyn, get all of the tests. All of them.

No. 416489

File: 1510008593597.jpg (17.71 KB, 692x96, Social Decline.JPG)

SR officially minus over 10,000 subs. Kek'd

No. 416490


sr was on okcupid, still hasn't deleted account, video says he even updated

No. 416491

whoa holy crap

No. 416499

That's why she has a thread but she doesn't deserve to be cheated on by this dickhead, her other minor transgressions don't mean she gets to be treated like shit by someone she loved.

No. 416501


It's literally stolen screenshots from what an anon posted on the tempcow thread. I went on and checked the last time it was updated last night, and he lasted updated it June 28 or something like that.

No. 416516

Ready for this horse faced cunt to lose his subs and disappear.

No. 416520

+ When I checked his video had 2 k likes and 21 k dislikes. It gave me a warm feeling.

No. 416523

She needs to find some dick to take her mind off of SR, if no alternate dick is present almost 99% sure they'll get back together.

No. 416524

File: 1510012892440.png (2.16 MB, 971x777, capture_016_05112017_233510.pn…)

cap for those who weren't in the tempcow thread or don't feel like looking up the account

No. 416525

File: 1510012935554.png (61.45 KB, 227x92, capture_018_05112017_233635.pn…)

but seriously jaclyn needs to get tested. fuck knows what diseases he has.

No. 416534

Toby is always around the corner (literally)

No. 416535

That's because le anti-feminists care more about dumb shit than actual issues.

Fuck her, honestly. Like, FUCK him too, but fuck her. She's almost 30, she should know better than to date a fuckboy. This is like going to the beach in a suit made out of bread and getting mad when seagulls fuck with you. What an overdramatic dumbass.

No. 416536

He becomes more and more like onion by the day. And gross, you have a bunch of hook ups and want random hook ups off okcupid but dont want to use a condom? Ew.

No. 416537

It is funny how people are making fun of her for being dramatic but here they are, drinking the milk lol for me she can make fifty videos has long has she tells all the nasty details

No. 416538

these youtubers care about their friend? lmao what crawled up your asshole to have such a massive hateboner
Why do you think she's crying? she didnt know richie wasnt the person she thought he was

No. 416540

I hope one day one of those girls lie to him about taking the pill, get knot up, and tied him forever in a sad life, just like Onion. All because "it doesnt feel that good with condom"

No. 416541

Anon, no…It's already bad enough Gergle spawned 2 children. I don't think SR should have any, ever.

No. 416545

LOL their friend is a dumbass crying over some shit she should've known would happen, she doesn't deserve any sympathy. no hateboner, I didn't even know who she was until a couple days ago, this is just so stupid imo.

It's definitely entertaining, but it's a shitshow on both ends.

No. 416546

>I didn't even know who she was until a couple days ago
which is why this thread exists to nitpick? Aside from the breakup and SR where is the milk? You're about 4 years late.

No. 416549

File: 1510015073796.jpg (24.61 KB, 640x220, IMG_8721.JPG)

Don't know if you saw repzion's (also now deleted by SR) comment anon. But I'm posting it to add to yours. Repzion made a video about SR/JG too.

No. 416550

Dont know if someone cares but Rep also made a video about the topic.

No. 416553

I'm 99% sure he said this exact same thing, verbatim, word for word to Ayalla when she broke up with him for cheating. He wrote on a social media somewhere.

No. 416556

File: 1510015698444.jpg (214.71 KB, 946x1272, POS.JPG)

A brief summary of this cold hard stunner
He also answered a Q on breast implants though which was out of the blue in comparison to his other answered Q's. Didn't see the condom one tho

No. 416560

This remind of my cyr. Cyr was friend with "polycheating-asaurus-rex" onion boy. Was a serial cheater, and got caught so many times he became "polyamorous" just to cheat openly. So did onion (also after he got caught multiple times). Richie was friends with Greg and is a serial cheater and has been caught multiple times. Just wait, soon he'll announce he's polyamorous, get a girl, pressure to be on too so he can cheat openly and not get in trouble. Super bad onion vibes now from him, I shook off traces of it before bc he was anti-o, but he's creepily becoming like Greg.

No. 416561


How do you see the answers to more questions? I'm not seeing these answers.

No. 416566


He said they were more cool than pathetic

No. 416567

Honestly, in my opinion he is worse. I at least see emotions in Onision. I see nothing in SR. He is like a shell without a soul. How could you be so cold to someone that soon after breaking up? He is a real piece of work. Plus, the 'open relationship' cheating with Billie in no way compares to what SR has done. Cheating with some disgusting freak slut in a toilet is on a different level. At lease Lainey and Onion were both into Billie.

No. 416571

Lol, like the only threads on lolcow are about major internet celebrities. I don't know who most of these people are, they're still fun to laugh at. The amount of fucking nobodies who got threads because they were suspected munchies or got their boobs out on stream, let's not pretend there are such high standards for cows.
They can't all be Onision, who has apparently kept these boards entertained singlehandedly for years (can't imagine why tbh, he's so fucking boring to me).

This, all of this.

No. 416575

He's not even trying to get back together or salvage his relationship with JG. He gives zero fucks. It's ridiculous. With his ex, he tried to salvage it. And there were issues in that relationship besides SR. His ex was emotionally unstable, but that in no way gives SR a pass on cheating.

SR said that JG was perfect and their relationship went well up until basically this past week when she found out he cheated, and yet he doesn't give a fuck about working things out with her. Does not make sense.

No. 416576

Exactly. The man has no fucking soul. What a waste of space human being.

No. 416584

Onion is boring now but he used to be good value.

Maybe Richie will become the new darling of lolcow.

No. 416585

I'm sure that Greg would seethe if people started paying ~a monsturrr~ more attention than him.

No. 416586

Welp, out of all of them she does give off the 'waiting for you in a bathroom stall' vibe. As long as you don't mess up her make up and all.

No. 416590

File: 1510018241532.jpg (78.54 KB, 675x1200, kxyrvOy.jpg)

Richie, Ayalla & Lexi all together in February 2016.

No. 416591

Makes sense. She made trouble for him when everything was supposed to be about him. He had to punish her for that, and now she’s gone public (kinda necessary given his comments, even better for us) the bridge is burnt.

And thank Christ for that for Jaclyn’s sake. I could nitpick Jaclyn a lot, she isn’t very likeable to me and says some stupid stuff, but she’s quite obviously just a human being with feelings, unlike SR.

Same with her friends - they’re bullying arseholes but they obviously care that she’s been hurt. Their support makes it possible for Jaclyn to spill the tea in a way that Ayalla couldn’t.

And I couldn’t handle another doormat on these boards.

No. 416594

I agree. I don't like her, but she is so human and I very much feel sorry for the poor girl. It is always sad to see someone suffering like that.

No. 416595

I joined and answered the bullshit to see the response.

Richie's "I joined OKC for sex" answer though pissed me the fuck off

No. 416597

File: 1510018809929.png (22.19 KB, 232x132, cutmypic.png)

Anybody know which ones?

No. 416598

Social Reject has 18 patrons on Patreon. Is this a major source of income for him? How many patrons did he have before Bathroomgate?

No. 416604

Not to say he isn't a sex addicted asshole but, is it me or does it feel like this account was made for exactly this situation? Like he's just going to point at this and go "See? This is why I cheated! I have a problem, I'm so messed up".

Or maybe I just don't want to believe people like this exist and literally have no shame in being the definition of a slut and posting on a public dating site for anyone to find. What a waste of life.

No. 416608

No. 416609

File: 1510019436979.jpeg (114.5 KB, 750x1087, CBB871B8-9789-4299-9119-251535…)

Screenshot in case the tweet goes down

No. 416610

I believe it's fake because the real ones are I'm sure much much worse.

No. 416611

File: 1510019452636.png (94.36 KB, 750x1101, IMG_8726.PNG)

I gotchyo back guuuurrrrlll.

No. 416617


Ayalla was afraid to expose him for cheating, and he knew that. It's all about the game. He gets off on the thrill of being with all these girls and not being under the public eye.

But, with Jaclyn, everyone knows. The game is over.

No. 416622

Why exactly would someone bother faking a (pretty mild) DM chain from over 2 years ago? As if he even remembers all the random bathroom stall sluts he's stuck his dick in over the years, how would a whore like him recall if this is real or not?

This just makes me so angry that on top of everything he would even bother to play victim about other people coming forward. You're a known sociopath womanizer, Richie. You're beyond redemption and nobody fucking cares about your feelings (lol) at this point.
Good thing about being a sociopath is that you don't have to worry too much about pesky human emotions though so you'll be fine.

I'm gonna lol so hard if this turns into a Weinstein thing where like 200 girls come forward like "he fucked me in a port-a-potty too!"

Feel bad for Jaclyn and Ayalla, he must be a human petri dish of STIs. He should have his dick cut off to check how many he's collected. For science.

No. 416624

File: 1510020853247.jpg (486.43 KB, 2000x1333, IMG_8736.JPG)

he even reposted & pinned his tweet promoting his music video today… the song about Ayalla specifically. What a lil asshole.

No. 416629

Do we have a thread for Richie btw? Someone needs to make one fast so he can become our newest dearest cow. Onion is dull.

No. 416630


He pinned that tweet on October 6, not November 6. It was a month ago.

No. 416632

It's a month apart unless I'm missing something? You know shit is bad when you have to agree with Keem and when Gergle can do the 'I was right' though.

No. 416635

There was one that I thought of necroing, but it hasn't been posted in in 7 months and I didn't feel like getting banned.
I do think his drama should be split into his thread though, he and JG are no longer a single entity, so their drama can be separated too. I think his downfall is going to be extended and milky as hell if more girls keep coming forward.
(dropped link)

No. 416637


I think we should just make a new thread. Think he warrants a spot in /pt?

No. 416640

File: 1510021715085.jpg (44.84 KB, 559x428, bullshit.jpg)


No. 416643

I had to check if that tweet's real, because holy kek, what the fuck.

No. 416644

I’m actually completely convinced she fucked him. From the look of their Instagram photos it probably was a year and some change ago, before she was dating her current boyfriend. There’s proof now that he’s willing to DM fans for random sex, and she started as a “fan girl” thirsting on Instagram and ended up taking selfies with him in his bathroom and starring in his music videos. She got that (V)D at some point.

No. 416646

For how the past 24 hours have been going, yes. But I'm afraid that he might lay low for a while and we won't have any interesting new stuff.

No. 416660

File: 1510023181543.jpg (108.28 KB, 678x388, love yourself.jpg)

no, honey. just no.

No. 416661

No. 416664

File: 1510023909570.jpg (31.86 KB, 289x431, jaclyn1.jpg)

Jaclyn has been getting nothing but support, did something happen in the last couple of hours that so many would suddenly turn on her? Could be a glitch, could be milk.

No. 416665

File: 1510023996040.jpg (44.27 KB, 297x559, sr1.jpg)

At the exact same time he won back a lot of people. What?

No. 416666

File: 1510024082118.gif (1.03 MB, 400x293, giphy.gif)

No. 416677

what kind of a sick fuck makes this video and then makes hs gf watch it and documents her response like… everything he says he actually did to her
hes a psychopath

No. 416678

Only thing I could think was theres a twitter with a very similar name/profile that was responding to Richie; Jaclyn asked the girl to change her profile picture because she people were thinking it was her. Maybe related?

No. 416685


Calling him a little boy at the end my god. Damn Keem tell it like it is.

No. 416688

Gotta give it to him for being sincere, even though some of you think its tough and makes him an asshole.

All in all, Jaclyn baby, youre almost 30. Stop acting like a fucking 15 year old with a broken heart. Stay low for a while and stop talking about this shit in public.

They should have kept this shit private, but nah, they have to do videos and tweet about it to get dem view$.

No. 416689


Im thinking it had to do with Keemstar releasing his #DramaAlert video regarding it.

No. 416690

File: 1510026256981.png (254.1 KB, 750x1334, 0DF82CD2-CF2A-4CE3-AFD5-125C40…)

Richie responds to criticism

No. 416694

File: 1510026380434.jpeg (65.05 KB, 734x266, 1E20BD0D-F604-4BB7-8CF5-5BA04A…)

Richie responds to criticism pt 2

No. 416698

>I did say it was all my fault, except for the part that was her fault for getting all attached when I held a commitment ceremony and called her my wife for months on end, that was all on her, stupid weird clingy bitch

No. 416700

> Also she was warned. She should of known better. But um… I take full responsibility.

No. 416702


>admits responsibility but shows no remorse. Fucking psycho

No. 416730

tbh, further proof that ugly men are the worst boyfriends. don't date down, ladies. these toiletdwelling caveturds want you to believe you cant do better and they can give you what cute guys never could, but it a lie and theyre actually worse

No. 416737

God forbid JG speaks out publicly to prevent girl number 3 from making the same mistakes she did. You just know richie's gonna find a new chick to parade around in videos within a couple months. At least with this it's a warning to all the insecure fame whores they'll be fucked over just the same so it's not worth getting involved.

No. 416740

>At least with this it's a warning to all the insecure fame whores they'll be fucked over just the same so it's not worth getting involved.

Oh so what happened to Ayalla was not public enough? Even if she didnt speak about it , Onionboy did and EVERYBODY knew about it. Jaclyn didnt give a fuck about it, all she saw was an opportunity to get "more" famous and took it. There will always be bitches like her that will want to seize that opportunity with an asshole like him (unless he loses his fame).

No. 416743

Ayalla doesn't have the same reach as Jaclyn

No. 416745

File: 1510028901691.jpg (31.84 KB, 886x156, jenny.jpg)

Sadly, there will always be low-class guttersluts that will jump on his peen because he makes youtube videos. He will never have a shortage of willing tail to hit, even if they know he's a dirty, slimy, STD-ridden whore. "Doesn't matter, he's famous!"

And this is how the world gets emo AIDS.

Always nice to see the used up crack pipe and one of the biggest lolcows on youtube, Jenny McDermott, jump in with her unwarranted opinion.
I wonder if she has a thread here. She should. She's endlessly milky.

No. 416746

No one gave a shit about ayalla because she didnt have massive amounts of support from subscribers and other (((famous))) youtubers. It sucks to say, but it's the truth. If she had a more relevant social media prescence more people would have believed her/cared, and maybe Richie's downfall would have happened sooner. But yeah you do have a point it was fucked for JG to ignore what happened to ayalla, like you said it was public as FUCK. She even said in her vid dismissed warning signs because she wanted to ~see the best~ in Richie (Retarded as well). You're making it sound like she didn't fall hard for this dude at all and the entire year they were together she was using him for ~le views~. Not sure we watched the same video but that's what hearbreak looks like.

No. 416756

No one takes what Onion says seriously though. Like I thought Richie sounded like a dick but I also thought that onion was probably dramatizing it for views.

No. 416772


Ayallah really did confide in the worst possible person with the information she shared. One, because of all people Onion-boy cannot keep his mouth shut; and two, having him share the info completely discredits it as possibly being true. The fact that Billie was involved with Onion really complicated things for Ayallah during her breakup with Richie.

No. 416776

Seriously, plus I think most people are conditioned to like a person more if Onision hates them, because his FAX are mostly lies and you know. Fuck Greg.

No. 416801

This is one thing I agree on - it's really too bad Ayalla was ignored in this sense. Much like other anons have said, it couples with not having that many followers, associating with Gergle…and well.
Perhaps these two can talk about everything eventually and share the fucked-up-ness they both experienced dating the same horse individual. Maybe it would be good for them to do so.

Yes, that's exactly why it's harder for some people to understand this. They see anti-O and are automatically on their side ( cause fuck Gergles, really ) - then it turns out that that person was equally completely shitty.
Sadly, lot's of rotten eggs even if they're anti Gergle.

No. 416828

No. 416831

File: 1510033909535.jpg (26.6 KB, 462x149, oh.jpg)

>They see anti-O and are automatically on their side ( cause fuck Gergles, really ) - then it turns out that that person was equally completely shitty.
Seriously I've thought that pretty much every prominent anti-Onion person is a cow themselves for such a long time. The hysteria in every Onision hate forum attracts and breeds these kinds of psychos, it's why I stay far, far away from any of his threads even here on lolcow. Let's not forget that people like Joy and her herd of calves all migrated over from hate forums dedicated to Onion. It's creepy as fuck.

Screencapped for you, for when they inevitably edit it back. Pic related.

No. 416833

it's not necro-ing if there's milk

No. 416837

File: 1510034192098.jpg (30.14 KB, 417x197, lmfao.jpg)

Never mind, I thought there would be more. The top is good though.

No. 416840

Exactly, anon - and Joy's not even the only example. I said the same thing on tempcow and got called Greg - like why the fuck would Gergle be posting that these two are exactly alike, lol?
There are a lot of brilliant anti-O videos out there, but certain individuals who are against him, eventually turn out to be just like him. It's shitty, but it is what it is.

Massive kek.

No. 416842

File: 1510034421541.png (6.23 KB, 680x126, lol.png)

yeah, there isn't too much else to it besides this at the bottom.

No. 416843

Go for it, anon.

No. 416845

I've read through that thread and at least half of it is cringy headdress arguments. Perhaps we should wait a while to see if there's any new milk and then create a fresh one.

No. 416848

File: 1510034960410.png (70.61 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-06-23-04-22…)

Ayalla follows Lexi on Instagram, it is weird

No. 416855

File: 1510035420045.jpg (27.52 KB, 889x106, kek.jpg)

Whoever keeps changing these, it's pretty hilarious.

No. 416864

Okay i dont get why people are acting like onion is some kind of genius who was right about richie. Anyone with any insight knows richie was scum since he cheated on ayalla and ADMITTED IT. There is no was she lying or not. He didn't say he never did it. Which is at least better than what onion does, which is deny he has ever cheated in his life when he clearly did.

What everyone should be mad about and what I definitely was mad at onion for was him trying to dictate who jaclyn can and cant be friends with based off if he likes the person or not. Yeah Richie is known to be scum and he was probably going to cheat on her, but you dont berate someone for dating someone you dont like and defriend them just for it. My friends have dated assholes a million times despite obvious warning signs. Its a human thing to do. Not like im going to dump every friend who makes a bad judgement in people unless they start acting like a huge asshole because of the relationship (aka lameo).

I think most people didnt know ayalla's side of the story UNTIL onion announced it, and ayalla never spoke up really besides on a younow and the way onion phrased everything while cheating on his wife made not only him but ayalla sound like a liar. I always believed her since SR admitted to cheating and of course a cheater is not going to want the details of his shittyness to come out. You can just listen to his songs and see him admitting hes horrible.

No. 416889

This is why these creeps have a never ending conveyor belt of naive girls until they get too old and gross like onion. With all the paint Richie wears who knows how long it will take for him to age like that.

Fuck off, there’s nothing sincere about a guy who gaslights an entire nearly year long relationship. Who knows what else he’s hiding… that’s the fun part.

Ayalla should spill more now.

No. 416919


Richie immediately called fake on the conversation, claiming he wasn’t verified in 2015 and his name back then wasn’t Empress Mothra but he doesn’t get that if you screencap a conversation now it’ll show up with his current name and verified mark. Dumbass deserves the shitstorm he gets kek

No. 416927

This is the kind of self-flagellating fake-remorse onion pulls sometimes.
>I know I'm awful!! I'm not going to change anything, but I take full responsibility! This is not just lip service to make people think I've changed!! :(
They're as bad as each other, just give Richie some time.

No. 416931

He probably gets that, but hopes other people dont get that and believe his piss poor excuse. Also that conversation is hardly as terrible as anything jaclyn revealed, so idk why hes denying it if its real.

Yeah onion always did the "i was wrong poor me feel bad for me because im so terrible and dont deserve love. ill be single for a long time because no one deserves someone terrible like me" shtick. Of course with lameo, his ego has hit the roof and he doesnt even admit hes wrong anymore AT ALL. I bet Richie could get to that point eventually.

I also think Richie wanted to hide his next relationship after Ayalla so he could freely cheat and play girls left and right, but he met jaclyn and saw dollar signs in her since she was a youtuber with a following too. She also lived in LA so he always had a place to stay if he went there to do collabs, which is convenient since LA is a good place for youtubers. He couldn't resist making a fake marriage video. Hes acting like hes just going to go back to "art" and music videos, but he knows that his other videos get more views, so hes likely going to have a new girl to star in his videos in the future. He might pretend they are not dating, but they probably will be.

No. 416934

File: 1510049490651.png (399.54 KB, 882x552, pissbaby.PNG)

The funniest bit about this is Richie acting like he's okay with losing subs (read: attention). Does anyone remember that vidcon video he made where he was bitching about not getting enough attention? Here's parts of the transcript for lulz.

Pic related.

>there's a bunch of people here but there's less than I thought and I want to kill myself

>I go to VidCon for two reasons: one is to meet fans–that's arguably the most important reason. It's a concentrated gathering of people that watch YouTube, and what better way to spend my time than to organize meet and greets and just kind of walk around the showroom

floor and have people meet me that watch my videos and ultimately just have a good time?
And the second reason to go to VidCon or any of these conventions is to meet other creators to meet youtubers to network to try and get collabs to just kind of make friends in the scene. That's also a really really important part of all this. And while I did lots of number one–meeting fans–I did almost none of number two and there's very specific reason behind that.
>After doing some thinking, I must preface this by saying I do enjoy meeting fans the meet and greets are wonderful it's very humbling to see so many people enjoy my videos and tell me how great I am even though, um, you've seen my videos you know you know they're–they're, uh, you know <click noise>.
>But as far as number two and meeting creators… has kind of non-existent for me. Now I
saw pictures of a lot of my friends meeting all these big Youtubers or, or you know making friends and collabingbut i didn't really do any of that…

Wonder if the 'friend' was JG lmao.

No. 416976

File: 1510056930263.png (197.05 KB, 1268x698, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.14…)

We fucking called it. Asshole. I'd love to know if it was that Natti chick or just some randoms.

No. 416980

jaclyn commented that natti is a sweetheart recently, so i doubt she found something on her. But of course it was multiple girls. He cheated with multiple girls on ayalla too. She said he'd message girls on facebook for hookups. Especially with jaclyn being a long distance girlfriend, who knows how many times hes cheated while she was gone? Hope jaclyn gets tested for STDs.

No. 416988

I wonder how she found out. Maybe the girls messaged her, I doubt Richie was honest and told her it wasn't just one girl.
I feel so bad for her :/

No. 417030

I was watching some old jaclyn videos talking about breakups and other shit. And her dating history is just depressing.

Got married at around 21, got divorced a few years into when her youtube channel started (around 2013). Not sure if she was cheated on or not.
Dated DaveDays who cheated on her.
Dated Toby who cheated on her.
Dated Davedays again and moved in with him only to break up shortly after because he cheated on her or did the same shit again.
Dated Richie who cheated on her.

This girl has been having shitty relationship after shitty relationship for like a decade. Why would you even attempt a relationship with a known cheater after the 3-4 time of being cheated on by other guys?

No. 417034

Low self esteem, buying into the schtick instead of acknowledging the red flags. It's not uncommon for women who don't know how they should be treated because they've only had bad examples/experiences. :(

No. 417035

HAhahahaha this is so true! I dated ugly guys in the past. The ugly ones always cheated because their standards were so fucking low. They would fuck absolutely anyone, whereas a hot guy usually has higher standards. I am now married to a real hottie with a fantastic career and he has been nothing but faithful so far!(blogposting)

No. 417037

DaveDays cheated on her? I never heard anything about that? Can you link me to some of the milk?

No. 417038

That is a pretty terrible track record. She should get tested for STDs, and also she a therapist to figure out why she's such a terrible picker. There are lots of perfectly decent men out there; something in her head is causing her to pick losers. One thing I can think of, someone in entertainment is probably not a good direction for her to be looking.

No. 417045

File: 1510063520484.jpg (362.27 KB, 1440x997, Screenshot_20171107-150437.jpg)

No. 417052


In this video she mentions she was cheated on before. It could be about her ex-husband though since Im not sure if she was still with dave days (the first time) at the time or they broke up by then.

This video is the second time she dated him and she talks about moving out because he did the same things he did before. she doesnt outright say it and shes very vague. Also at 3 minute mark she mentions how she thinks its a red flag when people dont post pictures of you or hide you from being in videos, etc and mentions being cheated on before. So no wonder she thought Richie was better. And its heavily implied she cheated. I havent watched all the shit, so i dont know if she ever outright says he did or not.

No. 417054

File: 1510064458831.png (35.35 KB, 432x144, jgcheatinghusband.png)

I saw on her wiki that her ex-husband cheated on her.

No. 417055

It's honestly fucking creepy. The filthy pride video he was going to put ayalla in before meeting jaclyn was literally about ayalla too.

The villian music video some of his lyrics are:
>"Oh god, what have I done?/ It's easier just to run away from me/ My friend, I have sinned/ I watched you buckle under the space I put you in"
>"I am a human/ I am the villain/I am the monster/But you let me right in"

And he wrote all this shit and filmed her in it while constantly cheating on her the whole time. He definitely gets off on it.

I also would be very weary when all of your boyfriend's music content is about being terrible, a monster, and ruining other people. Most people write lyrics from what they know. It's one thing to write about depression and sadness, but when your whole album is about you being a terrible boyfriend who will hurt and ruin people who love you, that's a pretty clear massive red flag.

No. 417060

This video is such foreshadowing. She posts this in 2015. Still bad judge of character and dates a known cheater in 2017. Girl please stop.

She mentions her ex-husband cheated on her with a student in this one. And mentions a bunch of other ways she was cheated on by other people.

No. 417061

Why is she falling for his ~troubled&twisted~ 12yo emo boy musician schtick? God she's stupid.

Keem said it like it is here >>416661. If she doesn't look at stuff realistically like that, but instead buys into his emo persona shite, she will never stop making the same mistakes.

No. 417063

This video is just full of excuses.

How old is this manchild again?

It's embarrassing watching him try to force an emotional response to a situation he clearly doesn't feel anything about or have any guilt/regret over.

No. 417081

Aw man I hope DaveDays didnt cheat o her, I remember liking his videos when I was younger

No. 417094

No. 417118

Ok, the pity party is over for Jaclyn.

It's starting to become clear she's feeding off this attention now. I understand she's hurting but she's making herself look really bad acting like an angsty teen.

She already put her message out. There's no going back to Richie so she needs to start moving on. Also, why hasnt she taken down the pictures of her and Richie from her Twitter?

No. 417121

File: 1510070414337.png (29.85 KB, 618x333, natti.png)

Natti still defending Richie. Gurl, detach yourself from this situation. Its not a good look and makes your boyfriend look like a cuck.

No. 417138

I agree with you but it's also been less than a week, let's give her a week before telling her to move on.

No. 417139

She's probably been gaining followers from this so maybe that's why she's beating a dead horse lmfao.

No. 417146

Bitch its been a couple of days, Holy shit jaclyn wasted a year on this guy.
Sorry but its not up to you to demand that she move on immediately and it seems likely shes finding more shit out, People coming forward to her and that.

Fuck that, I want her to drag him into the ground.

No. 417148

No, it was Toby Turner aka Tobuscus who cheated on her.

2:17 Several girls warned her about Toby but she ignored them.

4:47 She's making excuses for Toby's abusive behaviour. (He just pressured her to do things that made her uncomfortable but he didn't force her to do anything.)

5:35 Toby has a history of cheating and he isn't good with monogamy and he wasn't honest with Jaclyn. They broke up. A week later they got back together because he was gonna change. He didn't. He continued to cheat and lie instead. This went on for months but she was trying to make it work or something and got back with him several times.

12:00 She helped him curb his drug problem.

18:32 She doesn't think of him as a criminal. She makes a lot of excuses for him throughout the entire video.

No. 417152

you don't get to tell her when to stop being upset about wasting a year of her life with a fucker who managed to be worse than gergles
her pain is obviously sincere and he deserves all of the shame and backlash
go fuck yourself cunt

No. 417163

I dont know if anyone can ever stop feeling salty about being cheated on, especially from the start. I'm envious that Jaclyn has thousands on her side and that she can vent to.

Plus, this fool likely gave her mono and who knows what else and put her health at risk. Giving STDs can be a criminal offense. I'd be pissed and ranting too.

No. 417170

But she's not dragging him to the ground, she's doing the "woe is me" (self-)pity dance.

It's all just so cringy. Richie is not a dark demented "villain" like he's trying to sell himself, he's an emo manbaby. Jacklyn is not a poor hapless victim, she's a retard that keeps putting her hand on the stove then whining about getting burnt.

They both act as if they're twelve, and it's embarrassing.

No. 417172


She seems to have deleted the tweet about Natti being a sweetheart, though.

No. 417190


Natti made a public statement video. Cliffnotes below:

>My friend was involved in a dramatic situation

>I'm being called a whore on all my social medias
>Only accused because she's his friend and there's a few pictures of her with him online
>Jaclyn is very nice, everything is peaceful between us, nothing has happened bad between us
>Mentions lolcow, and how people were doing live updates on what she said on twitter and younow
>Touches on people telling her boyfriend to leave her
>People are losing followers and getting negativity
>I'm an innocent bystander and people are leaving hate on my social media for no reasons
>I didn't do anything, someone just wanted a face to blame
>When they found out all they said was "oops sorry"
>It's cyberbulling
>Don't leave hate on JaclynGlenn and Social Reposes' social media
> Its frustrating people feed off drama. The alt-scene is toxic.

No. 417209


More cliffnotes:

>I'm asking if people could leave nice comments or not say anything

>You're wasting your time leaving hate. You could being doing homework or learning Japanese or cooking.
>Their private life should be kept private.
>Send love to these people
>It hurt to hear people say I'm such a downgrade from Jaclyn. I'm insecure.
>There are artists and musician who have done bad things, and you don't know about it because they keep their private life private.
>Everybody has made mistakes and regrets
>Everybody has parts of their lives they need to work on
>Richie is a very nice person. He's always been nice and respectful.
>He's very patient and appreciative of his fans. That's never going to change.
>He appreciates the art. The art is separate from his drama.
>Do what makes you happy
>Dont let drama or rumours or negative people effect how you feel
>I want everything to be calm, peaceful, and happy
>I want people to disregard the mistakes people made, and just get along.
>If youre not involved, there shouldn't be any problems
>I've been with my boyfriend for 10 months. I'm very far away from the east coast.
>I wish everyone would chill out.

No. 417211

She didn't make excuses for him, she explained he was a shitty boyfriend like all his other exes but they didn't see him as a rapist.

The chick who accused toby Turner of rape has no evidence and Instagram photos were found during the time she had claimed to be "roofied". The Tumblr post she wrote was inconsistent and many other girls met her past the time frame of the alleged rape and She still had a thing for Toby then.

No. 417214

He is a sick fuck, dude. Stop trying to minimize it. He has unsafe sex with multiple thots thus putting her health at risk, fucking shames Jaclyn for trusting him, shows no fucking remorse, purposely taunted Ayalla by stealing her "empress" title while having a significantly larger following, etc
We may see through him for the small dicked joke that he is, but that doesn't make him any less of a narcissistic selfish piece of shit who preyed on a vulnerable insecure girl for his "art."
Should she be stronger? Sure. Can self-pity be annoying? Fine. But she's completely within her rights to say everything that she has and someone who almost always disagrees with her views, I am in full support of her side 100%
Also, how she's presenting herself actually does drag Richie. Stop criticizing internet personalities for not handling their emotions exactly as you would like them to.
She's a fucking person, dude. Stop acting so entitled and let her be upset.

No. 417215

You've never been through a break up where you've been lied to for the entire thing, have you? Its going to take way longer than a few days for her to just move on. She can deal with it anyway she likes, I love the milk.

No. 417218


P much copied verbatim kek

No. 417219

Yeah I can see your point. I think the one who's gonna milk this the most is gonna be onision.

No. 417220


>Their private life should be kept private

Airing this drama was their own doing. Jaclyn clearly doesn't want this to be private.

No. 417225

She's making excuses for his shitty behavior tho and she put up with his cheating and lying forever while dismissing everyone who warned her.

Jaclyn keeps falling for the same type of man over and over again. I hope she can at least learn from her experience this time.

No. 417226

I don't understand people who tweet about milk and then get upset that people are involving them. Maybe you shouldn't have white knighted Nu-Greg and no one would have thought of you. Also I don't buy this "separate the art from the artist" shit. If they're a piece of shit, they are a piece of shit. I'm not going to contribute to the success of a piece of shit while actual wonderful people are stepped on and hurt. I hope he disappears. I actually thought he might be an okay person before this and liked some of his songs but that's over now. He deserves the backlash for how he has treated the women who are unfortunate enough to get close to him.

No. 417228

Their relationship was very public and I suppose she didn't want to keep quiet about why they broke up. Especially since this wasn't cheating once but multiple times during the course of one year
Yeah his art is essentially him romantizing how he treats women … yeah nope

No. 417230

She put on blast the shitty stuff he did to her all throughout the relationship, how is that not dragging him? She could have kept quiet and none of it would have ever come out.

Fuck Ritchie he deserves to burn.

No. 417234

No. 417235

>Stop acting so entitled and let her be upset.
She's got no right to be upset.
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
Being fooled by every boyfriend ever? Sorry, it's 100% her fault by now.

No. 417236

Learning that it was more than one girl is actually good for Jaclyn. It makes it less about her and how un-thicc she might have been - and all about his disgusting patterns of behaviour. It should be a firm step out of only-sad towards more-angry.

No. 417237

File: 1510075831517.jpg (125.44 KB, 960x960, 0PYtTtJ.jpg)


>Yeah his art is essentially him romantizing how he treats women … yeah nope

THIS. I don't get the cock-goblins who are defending him saying it's all about his art. Like are you going to support the next album all about how he fucked other girls while being with Jaclyn, and how sad he is he 'cant help himself'???

No. 417239

Anon ur so lucky that you’ve never fully believed someone when they told you you were the one and that they loved you, only to have them cheat on you

No. 417240

Greg, go fuck your foot

No. 417241

>She's got no right to be upset.

LOL. Who died and made you in charge? People can take as long as they need to deal with major issues in their lives. It's been a couple of days since all this fell out, and she's clearly still processing stuff. She probably will be for awhile. If that bugs you, perhaps you should focus on other threads.

That said, I do think she should go see a therapist to figure out why she has this pattern of dating shitty people, as it seems self-destructive on the face of it.

No. 417242

Damn you are a cunt.

No. 417245


>She's got no right to be upset

lol wow anon. heartless. I was the anon earlier saying the pity party is over and she needs to start moving on, but damn, she has every right to be upset for a long time. i just don't think it's helping to continue making her livelyhood (her online presence) all about this drama. she made her statement. she needs to get offline (which i get can be hard cause shes receiving alot of support), but she's going to burn out her fanbase like she did with her non-stop buzzfeed videos if she doesn't stap. i know the milks good so I'll stop complaining, but for her own health she needs to take some time away from this.

No. 417251

I hate how Social Repose excuses his douchebag behaviour as being """artistic"""

No. 417261

Well, it's not her fault, but she is the one who keeps letting this happen to her.

She doesn't have a right to be upset though, everyone told her this would happen and I'm sure she knew. She's so stupid and naive.

No. 417270


“Jaclyn is very nice but Im going support the man who totally screwed her over and put her health at risk — the art guys. its all about the art”


No. 417271

like keemstar said.. love makes people RETARDED

No. 417274

anyone who thinks like this has clearly never known someone who has had abusive relationships. abused people find abusers and often think they're worth the treatment they get. at least jaclyn has enough self respect to dump his 3rd grade goth thanksgiving art project looking ass.

No. 417287

the only person who thinks like this is greg. "she should see the logic and facts in the situation therefore i do not feel bad. except when it comes to me and my emotions and mistakes, then you need to understand me"

No. 417288

She has money and could afford therapy. If she has a history of dating emotionally abusive men and she was aware of it then it's up to her to get help. How old is she? 29? That's just pathetic.

I know there are woman who get told they're worthless, who get beaten, who have to worry about the safety of their children. Some women can't leave abusive men because they are controlled by their abusers financially AND emotionally. Jaclyn has literally the support of thousands, financial freedom (she is not married to him and they don't share a child/home). If she can pull herself out of it before when she was actually married she can do it again.

I'm okay with her continuing to dwell in this pity party because I think it's funny and pathetic. Like girl, forget about him. He's a loser. If KEEMSTAR of all people calls him a loser then why spend time thinking of him! You aren't getting any younger sweetie! Get therapy and be with someone who isn't a goth horseman.

Inb4 one of you thirsty anons tell me to go fuck myself because I offended Jaclyn

No. 417291

I still believe she fucked him. She just wasn't the bathroom stall one, that was Lexi.

Jaclyn confirmed he fucked multiple people while in relationship with her anyways.

No. 417292

>I think I have my shit together because I'm 16 and dating the QB; everyone else is PATHETIC

No. 417293

It's not fair to blame someone for putting trust in another. You have no idea what kind of persuasive bs SR might have told her. He was aware of her history being cheated on, how the fuck is that ok.

It's natural to want to trust people you really like, everyone has been there multiple times. Just because she been there more than you or others doesn't mean she is at fault. No one is sure of anything, your basically saying she shouldn't date anyone anymore because they could possibly be a cheater.

When did blaming the victim of a cheater become a thing?

No. 417295

When people started viewing the cheated on woman as a proponent of the patriarchy because "she should know better."

No. 417296

From the videos, it seemed like SR was sweet to her and definitely showcased her a lot more than his ex girlfriends. I'm sure Jaclyn truly believed he has changed.
And from her video there is intense emotion and sadness because she truly believed that he was "the one" and even admits shes an idiot for it. Not a big fan of Jaclyn's viewpoints and annoying buzzfeed vids, but no need to continue to victim blame when we should be blaming the cheater and the bathroom slut

No. 417298

>Making up imaginary stories about a random anon because you are an obsessed Jaclyn stan


No. 417300

It's wrong to blame the other woman as well.

No. 417301

If anything social retard should be getting therapy. Are we seriously trying to blame Jaclyn? I think it's pretty clear she knows she was an idiot. It takes a lot to make a video exposing his ass knowing Onision would have a field day about it

No. 417303

how lol she cheated on her long term boyfriend too

No. 417307

IMO it's only wrong to blame the other woman/man if they don't know that the person is in a relationship. If you do know and don't care, you're just as scummy as the cheater.

No. 417311

I wasn't aware she had another bf. Has he said anything? I might have missed that

You guys are all acting crazy aggressive. Just relax. Jesus

No. 417316

If she knows shes fucking a guy who isnt single, she just as bad.

No. 417318


its clear that jaclyn and SR broadcasted their relationship. in jaclyns vid she says the girl had a bf of a year and a half (aka nickbastiaans) and that her and SR tried to schedule them fucking so her bf doesnt catch her too

No. 417319

everyone is crazy aggressive on here 100% of the time if you want to avoid being called out try reading the whole thread before posting dumb shit

No. 417321

File: 1510079470163.jpg (81.66 KB, 556x944, Capture (1).JPG)

I feel like one of these type of SR cumslut stans are in this thread rn…

No. 417323

Cowtipping is against the rules, anon.

No. 417326

How am I cowtipping?

No. 417331

how is that cowtipping when its kinda obvious SR fans are in here. There are twitter users hating on Jaclyn for milking it and it's not a coincidence that it's being said here too

No. 417332

how are we living in a world where keemstar is the voice of reason

No. 417333

You aren't; they're retarded.

No. 417339

SR fans and Onion sympathizers are obviously in here. It's pretty funny how these terrible people find a common ground in shaming a women who has been cheated on. Its like pottery.

No. 417340

Lol. Did I say you were? I was reminding you that cowtipping is against the rules and people on this site don't do that shit.

No. 417343

You do realize some people just hate Jaclyn and see right through her always needing to have a public pity party right?

No. 417345

Nice projecting. I don't like Jacklyn either. Doesn't mean you can defend a cheater.

No. 417346

I'm pretty sure a lot of us dislike Jaclyn, that's why this thread was created in the first place. But the topic rn is SR being a disgusting pig and some of us have empathy.

No. 417354

Loving the edits people are making of richies video

No. 417355

I think this should be moved to the SR thread or a new one. It's not really about her, the milk is Richie being a scumbag, she was just naive about him.

No. 417360

No one has anything positive about emo Indian. People are only saying she should log off Twitter and get therapy. I mean being 29 and acting this devastated over a ridiculous male slut loser emo twat like SR just screams major issues. Men cheat. Most men ain't shit and will not change. Women really have to do more to get better

How you guys gonna act in the next event she gets cheated on? Lol. People have to stop coddling this 29 year old woman she's not 18.

No. 417362

It's not as black and white as most of you here perceive it to be.

It's more black and black. It is possible to call out both of them.

Neither of them are accepting responsibility for their actions, so neither of them is on the path to change.

Richie for cheating for the umpteenth time, Jaclyn for choosing a cheater for the umpteenth time.

No. 417366

Jaclyn has taken more responsibility for her actions in her video than Richie has in her response. Yeah Jaclyn was wrong, but Richie was clearly more wrong.

No. 417377

Watch this video >>417060 and tell me she's not equally irresponsible in regards to her love life as she used to be.

If she took responsibility and changed her approach, the same shit would not have happened for the millionth time.

No. 417385

Don't get me wrong. Jaclyn is completely naive and stupid for what happened. But a lot of women are and being a trusting person who sees the good in people is only a bad trait when it backfires from loving a shitty person

No. 417394

>dropped out of medical school
bitch what the fuck. I knew stemlords were dumb but this is a new level of stupid

No. 417395

Trust? She doesn't trust these dudes. She reads their messages. She sees all the red flags and gets suspicious. Lots of women will use that knowledge called experience. Then if it happens again, it's really not a big deal. She also gives her partners her passwords to everything because she thinks thats normal??

Some woman are stupid yes. But Jaclyn, the resident "skeptic guru~" in all things, just wants to be cheated on. She must have a humiliation/cuck fetish. Kek

No. 417398

But this is not a one-time or two-time occurrence. It's a pattern.

Her ignoring red flags over and over again, and then saying "I'm an idiot for doing this" is exactly the same as Richie cheating over and over again and saying "I'm a bad person for doing this".

Just empty words designed to elicit sympathy.
Don't fall for it, from either of them.

No. 417411

Da fuck? Its nothing along the same things. If anything Jac repeating it is hurting herself, while what Richie does is hurting OTHERS and not taking any responsibility. Not the same at all.

Jaclyn just seems like the really gullible type, and I agree with an earlier anon that said she should think about seeing a therapist about it. There is a reason she's picking these douche canoes and legitimately falling in love with them. That doesn't make her a bad person or even that its her fault that THEY cheat. All of these dudes, could… you know… NOT fuck around and actually care a little.

No. 417412

Can someone please make a SR thread so we can call him a douche in peace and not be called a Jaclyn stan?

No. 417415

I'm seriously trying to grasp how people think it's Jaclyn's fault SR did what he did. YEAH Jaclyn is dumb and chooses the wrong guys and has a history of it. Does that make it her fault though? or even make her evil? SR did this to Ayalla too but she didn't have the same patterns as Jaclyn. There's no fucking way its the same as a guy who is a serial cheater.
If anything Jaclyn gave too much to a guy that didn't deserve it.

And fuck yeah we need a new thread to talk shit about SR because I'm sick of these dumbasses blaming the victim

No. 417418

I'm also trying to grasp how you don't get that it's not her fault what HE did, but what SHE did.

If you don't want to be cheated on anymore, the last thing you should do is go for a known cheater.

This is not rocket science.

No. 417421

If she wanted to get cheated on then why would she try to enter a monogamous relationship? She said herself that she likes to see the good in people and doesn't judge them on her past and believes she is dumb for that.

And she only went through those texts because she saw explicit chats. Maybe she accidentally saw it on his phone notifications and used her intuition to lurk further. We don't fucking know how she found out about the initial texts but if she wanted to get cheated on why would she wait a year to do it?

No. 417423

Sounds like Lainey complainey is in this thread and sick of Jaclyn stealing her victim role attention

No. 417424

I do get that she was stupid too I said that in my post.

I don't believe she is 100% innocent but do you really believe she is at the same level of responsibility as Richie in this situation?!

No. 417426

No. 417427

She has full responsibility for taking care of herself, he has full responsibility for taking care of himself.

They're adults.

No. 417428

Exactly. Discord losers, fuck outta here. Go watch Gerg and Lameys amazing content and continue to work your minimum wage jobs while funding their mansion and teslas.

No. 417434

kek, it's either her or someone on the same level of brain dead as her.


Are you over 18? Yes, she was retarded for giving a known cheater ~a chance~ but she didn't shove his dick into some groupie whore. He took the chance she gave him and shat all over it. She was lead to believe that he finally turned over a new leaf, she honestly thought he was the one. And it's not like he didn't play his part in deceiving her. He didn't pull a Greg on her.

No. 417440


y so srs edgy.me

No. 417441

Not that anon but have neither of you been in serious relationships or what? Yes you take responsibility for yourself but, when you entrust your future with someone there is a thing called trust and responsibility that you both share with each other to not lie or cheat. Jesus christ.

The problem is Jaklyn took the relationship seriously(ehich she admits she is an idiot for doing) while SR pulled her along while not giving a fuck but, pretending in front of her that he did. Thats why people here are sympathizing with her a little because its a really shitty feeling when you realize you meant nothing to someone.

No. 417443

>people aren't sucking poor bby jaclyin's dick like me, must be the work of an onion stan

No. 417448

That's all some real life role play shit. She has a humiliation/cuckold fetish. Hmmm… the skeptic youtuber didn't see a cheater coming from a mile away… gee… and then she played into it now getting her rocks off being all exposed. She enjoys this. People do get off to crying and enjoy crying/masturbating.

You guys need to really read the lines in between these people lol. Body humiliation degradation fetish "I wasn't thicc enough :[" . Even just read her YouTube video titles. She acts like she's being sarcastic about it but nope.

It's surprising how most of these skeptic YouTubers are ddlg and humiliation. Actually, no it isn't. Lol

No. 417449

You still have the full responsibility for your choice of whom you will put your trust in.

She keeps making the wrong choice over and over.

No. 417452

that's a biiiit of a stretch
but it was hilarious to read

No. 417455

Wow… with the rumor about richie getting off on girls crying… i really hope he didnt jerk it to her Im an Idiot video

No. 417459

why is it always these peterpan emos who get busted for sketchy shit

No. 417473

They BOTH got off to it anon. Jaclyn = submissive position and Richie = dominant. Jaclyn has always had a cuckold/degradation fetish. Richie has a history of cheating. She was like I'll have that with a side of fries too please.

No. 417475

Guys like this who act like they're tortured artists with no control over their actions when really they're just selfish assholes are the worst. I really don't like Jaclyn or her views, and I think she's an idiot for dating a known cheater in the first place, but he's the one who took advantage of her stupidity and cheated on her multiple times.

No. 417490

Kek at Richie calling the DM's fake when he knows Twitter updates user status and names despite the DM dates. Claiming ignorance won't save you

No. 417494

No she doesn’t have a cuckolding fetish. She dumped him. You sound like a fucking incel.

She fucked up by trusting him despite warnings but if that’s the worst you have on her in this situation - that she was overly trusting - then the hate is overblown. Ditto for not being too bright. None of these youtubers are geniuses.

I really want that separate SR thread now, to get away from JG haters who go too far with it.

No. 417506

File: 1510087276075.png (108.4 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-07-13-30-02…)

I don't know if this is even important, she has been know to be a possible new member of the Onions Trinity , she supports Jaclyn.

No. 417522

She'll be whistling a different tune if she ever ends up in the grease mansion.

No. 417523

BITCH you sound like someone whose taken every narrative these shitty influences at face value.

Call me a fucking incel lmao. You're inexperienced and delusional. WAKE UP!

Whether she is aware of her fetish or not, this girl loooooves to be cheated on. She loovves it. She enjoys the pity party afterward too.

This is not dumb luck, this is deliberate. She does this cuz she likes it!! A lot!

No. 417527

File: 1510087799082.gif (2.85 MB, 480x270, 8EC70047-9559-4221-8915-303343…)

No. 417537

Why tf does age matter here??

No. 417540

Because she's too old to be doing this shit. She acts like a child.

No. 417548

By dumping his ass?
Why is 18 years old the limit? This age shit on this site is retarded.

No. 417550

No one is coddling her or making her out to be a pathetic sad little girl.

Fact of the matter is she trusted someone who she probably shouldn't have trusted and got hurt. If you like Jaclyn or not some of us have sympathy because what SR did was incredibly shitty regardless if she "should've expected it".

I have a feeling she actually did expect to get cheated on but didn't expect to have been cheated on the ENTIRE time.

I think this because when she first saw the nudes and texts she tried to talk it out with him but when she found out the entire relationship was a lie she bounced.

No. 417552

i can't get over how awful her brows look! What the actual fuck

No. 417553

Doing WHAT shit? Posting about the breakup of a very public relationship online?
Get the fuck outta here

No. 417554

You're seeing this from an incredibly distorted view, and I think you're interpreting everything too much.

She doesn't have a cheating fetish, why would someone willingly spend a year with someone and be distraught over being cucked? There is no reason. And she doesn't have a fetish for crying, I haven't seen her cry since this exact moment.

I don't know why you're so sure, you're making ridiculous claims and have very little evidence to support this theory.

She dated Richie and gave him the benefit of the doubt, maybe she didn't expect their relationship to become so long term. We don't know how their relationship got started, we don't know what he told her for her to believe him.

Many people get into situations like this, Jaclyn's fatal mistake is always thinking she is going to be the exception for these individuals.

No. 417565

I don't think Jaclyn expected it to be long term either.
From what I remember, they started hanging out for fun and pretended to get married spontaneously. I think this fun edgy lifestyle attracted Jaclyn and she started to like him more and more and eventually fell in love with him. Like she said in the video, she thought he loved her the same way but she was wrong. He lied to her the entire time.

Why the FUCK would she have a cheating fetish?! Where the hell did you even get that from?!
There are so so so many girls who fall into the same trap as Jaclyn and constantly get hurt by men- doesn't mean they're fucking looking for a pity party- they're just stupid.

Being stupid doesn't equate to cheating on someone you know cares about you and wants a good life with you.

Richie threw away a chance to live a better life with a girlfriend that actually cares but he decided it's better to fuck nasty goth girls in restrooms and cars. Maybe it's Jaclyn's fault for romanticizing him as something he's not, but it's not her fault she got cheated on.

No. 417572

No, by dating an outed cheater and crying like an overdramatic little bitch when said cheater cheats on her.

No. 417573

lol wtf who hurt you

No. 417577

daddy issues is my guess

No. 417582

Report and move on, don't shit up the thread infighting.

When does SR return to the US? What are the chances they meet up for "closure"?

No. 417584

yeah, especially because of fags like you who contribute nothing and don't even bother to sage

No. 417592

why do you type so retardedly?

No. 417596

Doubt it. As she said he hasn't even checked on her once after she confronted and broke up with him. SR will just talk about her for emo attention on twitter but, outside of that probably barely thinks about her and has no interest in fixing anything for closure.

No. 417606

All caps and double exclamation marks. Methinks the robot doth protest too much

She does a bit, she's caught up in the immature culture of youtube, but let's not complain too much about it, because we rely on that immaturity for milk

Yeah she wouldn't have dumped him if cheating was her fetish - just because she's made bad choices repeatedly doesn't mean it's a fetish. Not everything is done because of fetishes, especially for women.

I dunno, she did the commitment ceremony in Vegas and seems to think she thought it was forever. Despite the obviousness of it to everyone else she seems honestly blindsided.

No. 417628

Now if she did that I would lose sympathy for her.

I mean, not for confronting him, but what "closure" and meeting up with an ex usually mean.

Better to NC him

No. 417629

>I have a feeling she actually did expect to get cheated on

You're right. Now just go one step further. Was it just because she is insecure? And stupid? It's never what they want you to think. Even they may not know their own deeper motives. So yes I'm willing to say Jaclyn does not understand or is aware of how she loves being cuckolded.There is no woman out there who keeps getting cheated on who acts like this. For the normal person being cheated on is something no one likes to admit other than to close friends if that. It's very awkward and uncomfortable to tell your friends and family your boyfriend cheated on you. And if you do, it's usually just a quick short explanation. This type of embarrassment and humiliation is obviously enjoyable to Jaclyn every aspect of it. She wants the world to know every detail. Going So far as to admit it's more than 1 girl, the exact sex act itself, and much more. Girl what the hell lol. Wake up she even tweeted "Makes me sick that Richie gets off to me in his video cuz he cheated on me" yes Jaclyn and so did you. You should feel nasty, you're into some mad weird shit!

Thanks for all the love, but maybe focus on the issue at hand? If you're going to sperg over my posts at least contribute something related to the topic at hand while you're at it. Lol

No. 417631

File: 1510090921594.png (151.93 KB, 540x960, 23416223_1623624511034284_5981…)

Finally, some milk from Ayalla.

No. 417634

Can you stop projecting?

No. 417641

Greg, go away already.

No. 417642

(ignore them)


No. 417646


Yaaasssssss. Someone moisturize the udders because milk is incoming.

No. 417647

Shall we liveblog it on tempcow?

No. 417650

File: 1510091548857.jpg (68.36 KB, 1063x799, that gay shit.jpg)

hory shit

No. 417651

I think Jaclyn thought Richie was different was because he was different from her past relationships where they probably were more outwardly shitty and obvious about their cheating. Richie hid everything better and was nice to her most of the time and acted like she was so important to him.

She probably did "learn" from past relationships but she learned the wrong things. She thought someone who hides you away and tries not to mention you are their gf is bad and that if they dont care if other guys are into you and never feel jealous, it's a sign they dont care about you since her past bfs seemed to not care about her much or feel any jealousy. I think Richie cheating hit her hard because it was unexpected since he acted so different from her past ex's who cheated.

omg finally. I was hoping she would talk to jaclyn and jaclyn would encourage her to speak out which is what I think happened since they follow each other on twitter now. spill the milk.

No. 417657


Need to know what time zone, too. Can someone tell us that?

No. 417659

Ayalla lives in VA, that would be Eastern timezone.

No. 417660

hindsight really is 20/20 because if you look back at the majority of their videos you can totally see how Richie never really is feeling it in his videos with jaclyn. Jackie saw it as “hes very serious, doesnt show emotions, very stoic” but no girl, he was just not that into you. Like he just always seemed so over her shit; which i always found weird because before this she seemed like the serious one and him more the goofball. ITs like she thought him being a constant dickhead was a “funny character” for videos.

No. 417666

The only positive from this (other than delicious milk) is we hopefully wont haveto hear that annoying babytalk voice Jaclyn always used around richie. Did that shit get on anyone elses nerves? “Hray Baywb”

No. 417669

Definitely. She made it a big point to mention they made it super obvious they were together on all their social media accounts. I'm sure in her mind the fact that he was always so open about their relationship meant that either him cheating wasn't even a possibility or somehow made him "off limits" in the eyes of other girls.

No. 417682

File: 1510092913443.png (167.5 KB, 591x445, likes.png)

These are in Ayalla's recent likes, so yup, she's about to light shit on fire.

Added Onion hates for the lulz

No. 417687

9:45 am AEDT
11:45 am NZ
10:45 pm London

Basically in 30 mins from now?

No. 417692

Ayalla used it too, wondering if it was some weird kink…

No. 417696

4:45 U.S. CST - 25 minutes from now

No. 417697

Is there an Ayalla thread or will this be taking place in the JG thread on Tempcow? I've never used it. Want to be sure that I'm there to read what's going on.

If someone could hit passing drama whores up with all the pertinent links that would be great too. Is Ayalla going to be streaming on YouNow and if so what's her channel, etc.

Thank you in advance, hope it's okay to ask this here!

No. 417700

No. 417705

>He appreciates the art. The art is separate from his drama.
All of his "art" is literally all about what he does to lovers in his spare time. His drama informs his art, he has openly said he cannot create art without first creating drama and misery to feed off. And it's not even good art ffs. He is scum.

Yes gurl yes

No. 417712


thank you tons!

No. 417714

Ayalla now follows Jaclyn Glenn on twitter.

No. 417715

No. 417724


She's on!

No. 417725

Ayalla's on now

No. 417729

I agree. It was likely a slow burner. How else could you fall for that horse faced loser?
I am so fucking glad that people see them both for what they are now. They are both fucking losers and people stan them so fucking hard. You would think the sun shone out of these two troll doll's asses.(learn 2 sage)

No. 417730

I really hope the Blargh records her stream.

No. 417733

Richie/cheating thread >>>/snow/417732

No. 417735


And Jaclyn is watching

No. 417751


No. 417765

Jonnie Guilbert and Alex Dorame are watching too. I thought they were his friends?

No. 417766

Alex Dorame actually liked Eugena's supporting comment on Jaclyn's tweets… I'm pretty sure Alex is pro-JG but low-key.

No. 417881


Alex is friends with Ayalla, so I'm pretty sure that's where her loyalty lies. I don't know about Johnnie tho.

No. 417891

Ayalla did say that Natti slept with Richie

No. 417938

Aha finally you guys all made your own Jaclyn fan page thread. Head on over to >>>/snow/417732 you spergs. No one cares anymore

No. 417960

there’s a dead SR thread in /snow


No. 417968

The discord fags lurk in their own thread and I think they lurk here now too since they're repeating what Greg told them to believe on younow word for fucking word. The stove analogy it's all him as well

No. 418071

Do you think Jaclyn’s next relationship will be worse, forever or forever worse?

No. 418072

I think it'll take her a long time to try to get into another relationship. It took her quite a while to get over Tobiscus (?) iirc.

No. 418079

She’s probably going to find progressively worse men and the fact that she’s notoriously e-famous will repulse any decent man only leaving abusive freaks to hit her up.

Not only is she becoming a lolcow but she’s becoming a Greek tragedy at the same time.

No. 418099

I second this prognosis.

Her only hope is completely changing her social circle, the type of people she hangs out with, and the type of person she is.

So, practically next to no hope.

No. 418103

I can see her quitting YouTube altogether soon. Most of her things got demonetized, she knows how negative it can be to make her life and relationship public and it might just not be worth it anymore. At least she has a degree and alternatives.

No. 418113

For her sake quitting YouTube and social media would do her a world of good.
We’ve all been through shitty break ups but at least We didn’t broadcast it to the world and trolls.

No. 418114

File: 1510109433056.png (11.66 KB, 575x83, muhhand.png)

Okay, can we agree Jaclyn's starting to milk this a bit. I get she's upset. But she reallly needs to take a break from social media.

No. 418119

I too would love her getting a serious career, a new circle of down-to-earth and off-the-grid friends, and a loving bf. Offline.

But she doesn't strike me as the type to leave the stage. Both the YT stage, and the stage of the Greek tragedy that are her relationships (like the anon above put).

She strikes me as someone who'd rather be in the spotlight and miserable than in the shadow and happy.

No. 418121

I don't get how she can just move on after just a couple of days and finding out more and more shit about a relationship that was an entire lie for her.

Why do some anons keep insisting she's milking? Fucking let her she has every right too

No. 418124

Well when you have the habit of attention whoring it’s not an easy thing to walk away from.
You can’t turn a drama cow into a sane person.

No. 418125

Because she emo-posts like an angsty teen, instead of chugging on a vodka like an adult.

No. 418134

jfc we've been over this already, it's been barely a week. let her fucking grieve. don't know anyone who's ever broken off a year long relationship in just a couple days puking out sunshine and rainbows ffs

No. 418137


No one (except that cunty anon earlier) is saying she should get over it, or be over it by now. Some anons just think she's making things worse by dwelling on her social media and creating an bigger situation than it already is.

But i'll just sit back and enjoy my milk while I can I guess.

No. 418139


Yeah, when it's like 6 - 8 months down the line and she starts dressing and acting like Lexi/Natti/garden variety socialho, I think then she's taking it too far.

No. 418142

Lol, just came to post this. It's really getting obnoxious. Everyone's on your side already, Jaclyn. Stop acting like a 13 year old.

You know what people normally do when they're devastated by a breakup? They delete social media, or turn it all off for weeks or months. Normal people know how to take time for themselves and do their soul-searching and recover. Normal people don't broadcast their misery to as many thousands as possible. She's with family, she has support, she doesn't need to use attention as a crutch. This is why people think she's an attention whore. It's just unnecessary.

No. 418145

Quit projecting

No. 418148

Are you here for milk and criticism or to sympathize with the cows and WK? Fuck off back to tumblr. That's what this site is for, sorry if that upsets your sensitive little heart.

No. 418188

The only person at fault is Richie. Go fuck yourself creep.

lmfao did you see that amazing shop of Lamo's face over a foot on tempcow

>If that bugs you, perhaps you should focus on other threads.
lmao this. I don't understand how this anon thinks it's perfectly acceptable to sperg about how an internet personality is publicly responding to her already public relationship. He deserves it and he looks like a foot with yellow teeth.
Also I second the therapist comment.
Yeah that buzzfeed shit was annoying. You didn't copyright walking into crystal shops and being condescending towards other people's beliefs, Jaclyn.
Seriously, that bitch needs to disappear. She is loving the small attention this site is giving her irrelevant ass with her wannabe clever tweets about the situation that have 0 retweets and faves. Disappear Mira clone. All you've done is take like 3 old ass posts to heart and prove you lurk here. No one cares.

So true. I would have to sacrifice a lot of pride to give Gerg leverage. Dragging Richie is worth it, though, and I'm proud of her for sticking up for herself instead of letting him slither away. I do think she should get therapy, though. Not because I believe she did anything wrong exactly but because she needs to figure out what unhealthy patterns to break to not repeat old mistakes.

Yeah, I don't know why this is so hard for these morons to grasp.

Also, to the anons that are legit angry that Jaclyn is getting sympathy. Does no one care about you or something? Is that why you're salty? lol

No. 418198

>I'm not an incel!!
>screams WAKE UP!!111
>she loves being abused or she would be with a nice guy like me
lol k

No. 418296

nayrt, but you're really reaching and you sound like a tard.

No. 418323

Man, Jaclyn is so fucked up. Glutton for pain almost.

Why the fuck is posting that video of Lexi and Richie? Everyone is on her side. He admitted he cheated.

I can understand being curious but sharing it? I mean, why even watch it.

Shes the type of person that needs to be close enough to the dick to smell it entering Lexi before she truly believes he cheated.

No. 418325

I don't sound any worse than cuck fetish chan

No. 418337

Yeah, you do. You sound worse honestly.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people ITT do. Are you guys coming from the onion thread? If so, please go back there because you're all annoying as shit.

No. 418353


No. 418520

I hope Jaclyn sees this because this seems to be a really interesting take on the whole situation. It makes a lot of sense.

No. 418526

This chick needs to chill out. like sure, be mad, post some emo lyrics, spill the beans a little, but it seems like shes stalking her own hashtags regarding this drama. Now shes posting fan speculation videos about her own breakup? Psycho much? We’re going to be seeing 5+ videos about this no doubt and shes going to watching and posting anything and everything regarding Richie and their breakup for probably as long as they were together

No. 418528


I think this a good video except for those songs were about Ayalla and were written pre-Jaclyn. It does however seems like he was acting out what he did in his past all over-again with Jaclyn as his new play toy. Wouldnt be surprised if this whole thing was some sick game.

No. 418534

stop samefagging.

we know its you.

you already said this, and you cant know unless your psychic.

which is impossible.

also doing


all the

time is unnecsessary.

No. 418833

Well yeah, he even foreshadows in the "dear future girlfriend" video that he is a narcissist, flat out says he is one. Narcs are the worst, most abusive people and incapable of loving. It explains a lot.

And they can't be cured either, NPD is a personality disorder

No. 418891

Another example of cows attracting cows. People who talk about narcs a lot often sound like narcs themselves, humblebragging about their powers of insight, but anons here have made a lot of this these observations themselves, it's all pretty obvious in retrospect of course.

Play at 1.25x speed at least if you have to.

TL;DW: Richie is a narcissist (no shit), narcs have patterns, obvious lyrics analysis, his videos have clues to his shittiness as a person (yeah we got that), thinks Jaclyn was being used as a muse even though it was clearly Ayalla, his Re: I'm an idiot video shows his lack of remorese (we noticed).

It's almost like marketing for his goddamn album, and feeds into his belief that his shitty behaviour is necessary for his creativity

No. 418896

File: 1510175711471.jpg (7.73 KB, 150x85, big head.jpg)

Pic: omg he has a huge head and manlet dad body like onion, the similarities are neverending.

It's pretty normal for people in this situation to become a bit obsessed with it all for a while. If they can't vent to everyone else, then they just stew with the thoughts invading their mind all the time.

Like anons said in the tempcow thread, lots of us would drag our exes like this if we had this much dirt on them, if we had public support, and they had fucked us over to this degree.

Plus why be here if you don't like the milk?

No. 419063

File: 1510186864916.jpg (21.95 KB, 525x112, 397.jpg)

>why be here if you don't like the milk
I prefer my milk creamy, not sour and full of tears.

New tweet about it. Again.

No. 419081

>we shouldn't talk
Out of everything that's happened so far, you're damn fucking right for once Richie.

Jaclyn sounds like she's on her way back into his clutches.

No. 419141

What fucking morons are telling her to talk to him in private?

She should avoid all contact, block him, mute anyone that conveys information about him, either get someone else to retrieve her stuff or kiss it goodbye.

No. 419145

Jaclyn was essentially cucked by social retard and his ex lover.
If she doesn’t go back to him she’ll go back to someone just as bad.
Maybe one day her and Chris Chan can have a fling.

No. 419148

He did publicly tweet at her and then said the same thing. I think it’s ok for her to be sad, I much rather have her spill milk than to keep it for a year.

No. 419160

I am almost envious of the catharsis she gets that most people don't.

But it's also pretty important for the tween fanbase and lots of others to see someone fairly attractive and confident go through this. Chances are a lot of them will go through something like this in their life, and will feel like they're crazy or defective unless they realise how common it is and how it can catch anyone off guard.

No. 419161

File: 1510194661016.png (567.58 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171109-122913.png)

No. 419249

>I am almost envious of the catharsis she gets that most people don't.
I get that, but
She is talking and acting like this is the first time. This is at least her 3rd relationship that ended like this, all of them publicly. There's only so much public catharsis you can have before you start just looking like an overdramatic idiot. Did she not learn how to process this shit the first 2 times? The sad thing is, she won't have even learned her lesson this time. Give it 2 years, rinse and repeat with some other loser.

No. 419265

no one has really mentioned it yet, but im curious. did ayalla have anything interesting to drop on the whole thing when she streamed yesterday?

No. 419268

It went down in the Richie thread because it was more about him than Jaclyn:
>>>/snow/417853 says basically everything she brought up.

No. 419397

File: 1510217665855.jpg (39.23 KB, 521x227, more.jpg)

Richie lied about the dates, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

No. 419416

lol yeah anyone who isn't telling her to stay far away from him is a shitty friend/fan.
Ayalla even said Richie needs to just mail Jaclyn her shit and I agree.
sage your autism
I agree with her. People need to stop rubbing her old relationships in her face. She thought Richie was different because he acted different. And like another said previously, she thought he was different for the wrong reasons. Thinking that his jealousy for example was a good thing because her last exes didn't give a shit. It's sad, but it seems like she is learning. People are being way too salty at her dragging of him. Also, did anyone see this fuck face try to blame her for the pedo rumors? Fuck him.

No. 419432


Mikenactor is so annoying! Shut up you fat sweaty idiot!
I mean, both SocialRepase and Onision are assholes but youre laaaame

No. 419493

why are you guys so bad at this geez

No. 419494

put the youtube link in the youtube field

No. 419546

wym anon? I kinda like him
sage for ot

No. 419742

Vegas wedding/officially started dating…

Um. What? I've been feeling rather sympathetic toward JG but did she really "marry" a guy that she wasn't even officially dating?

No. 419857

it was a "commitment ceremony," but yes they did that immediately after "officially dating" and they milked it forever letting everyone think they were really married. in a video she or he made about it later she said there was a part during the ceremony where they had to say they loved each other and she said it was weird because they hadn't even said it IRL yet. duh they JUST started dating. the whole relationship was weird as shit

No. 419877

post-Joy, Mike will never say anything that matters.

No. 420140

File: 1510296737362.jpg (31.19 KB, 565x271, 2948579248679827.jpg)

Fucking stop.

No. 420254


Im sure she'll read your comment and stop.

No. 420339

She's going back to LA I guess.

No. 422384

No. 423204

Trish talks about it! Starts at 10:38

No. 423223

hahaha ot but gross, how the fuck is trish still such a piece of trash?

No. 423233

File: 1510615574175.gif (947.85 KB, 500x270, f4cb2002569302d413b0419bf9fd17…)

>>423223 30 flirty and trashy

No. 423238

>I don't want to dwell on this forever, I don't want to talk about this forever, I said what I was was comfortable saying in that stream
>proceeds streaming about it, talking in other people's streams about it, incessantly tweets about it
Hmm, how did I know she didn't mean it and was goin to continue? I get that she needs time to get over it, but if you're going to keep broadcasting it, own it. She's just like Richie with his "I'm taking a break". A hurt attention whore is still an attention whore.

No. 424166

trish has never been a youtuber I liked or cared to watch but I admire what thick skin she has
and how she even has empathy for someone as pretentious as Jaclyn who has harshly mocked her so often

No. 432131

Dwelling on it is making her money(necromancy)

No. 434439

Isnt she supossed not to be religious?

No. 434453

So? Did you watch the video? It's part of her Skeptic's Guide to Wellness show where she tries spiritual stuff and 'reviews' it.

No. 434727

I love Trish. She’s a fucking dumbass but also seems like she’d be a really fun person to hang out with which is why I’m addicted to her videos.

But anyway, I looked up some of Jaclyn’s “response” videos to Trisha and they’re so petty and bitchy. Video related, She doesn’t even have any interesting input other than pointing out Trish is dumb (as if we didn’t already know) and it seems like she’s just picking on popular people for views a la Onision, and because she lacks originality. This is why I don’t feel bad for her in all honesty. Trisha is good, and if you don’t have anything interesting to say then leave her alone.

No. 434758

And this is the reason many are skeptial when it comes to jaclyn. Even the skeptic community on youtube have said hows shes a hypocrite for doing these sorts of videos for views. For example she took part in a video about women on youtube and said she felt objectified. But then did a shoot for playboy. Like bitch how you tryna convince people you're smart when you do shit like that?! Seriously maybe shes jealous trisha is smarter than her kek.

No. 435731

>Seriously maybe shes jealous trisha is smarter than her kek.
Yeah if your content is less original and boring compared to Trisha's, who is infamous for being an airhead, then that's saying something about you lmao.

No. 436371

does some one has her nudes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 436393


No. 436423

No. 440279

File: 1512748138194.jpg (107.01 KB, 620x649, feel sorry for me and give me …)

Ok so i'm gonna get shit for this but I dont feel sorry for her anymore. She is a total cunt and she clearly went for social repose because they are so alike (and no I dont mean they both have horse face, but personality wise they are both up their own asses) and she goes on about how shes so smart but went for him?

She probably felt she was gonna be the one to change him. Its amazing for a woman who goes after low hanging fruit and claims women play victims shes suddenly playing out the victim to make bank.

She's a lot like shoe in the projection department-they are both snowflakes who try to put the spotlight on others so they don't get called out for what they really are-attention whores with no intellect and just echo chambers for beta orbiters who exaggerate drama so they can get views with their straw man arguments. I have no idea why youtubers insist shes a nice person given how shes super nasty to other people who have dont her no harm. TBH her and social repose deserved each other.

No. 441232

No. 441273

She edited her eyes to look 50 times higher but neglected to fix her beak. On another note I wonder if she’s legitimately “feeling better” or if she still wants pity points

No. 441321

No way, I agree with you anon. The other anons are mostly just immature snowflakes. The thing that I found interesting is that she is like a decade older than Ayalla, but handled the cheating situation just like her. Anons tried to argue that it was not true, but it was. Did anybody notice that after she found out social cheated, she still wanted to stay? Just like Ayalla. The only thing is that she lucked out and found out that it wasn't just one girl sooner than Ayalla. So she dated a known cheater, started acting all smug like Lainey does with Greg about it, got screwed by him cheating, STILL WANTED TO STAY, then left when she didn't feel special enough to him anymore, aka after finding out he cheated on her not with 1 other girl multiple times, but with multiple girls, multiple times. And this is from someone with a history of being in relationships with cheaters. She seems to me to have left only to cut her loses, not that she didn't want to be with him. I'm in probably the least popular boat, as i'm not mad at either party, they just both need help (not from airing their dirty laundry to the world and having retarded randoms try and diagnose the situation and "help" them). And also, the icing on the cake:

>with him 24/7 for a year

>writes songs about being a pos that she apparently listens to, enjoys, and helps him promote (including about cheating (?))
>cheats on her

TL;DR You are a functional adult ('influencer' as well) in your 20s, you are 100% responsible for yourself, no exceptions. Trust, she is only making things harder for herself listening to these internet retards (anons will just keep blaming Richie for all her future problems though, because she couldn't have possibly had any BEFORE she dated him).

No. 441571

I'm really surprised anyone feels sorry for her after all her shitty behavior in the past. Richie is a shitstain of a human being who should have his dick cut off but I wish people would stop treating Jaclyn like she's some poor abused little flower. She is a cunt herself lol.

Nitpick, but she definitely could use a nose job like the one Blaire had. Every woman I've seen with a nose like that aged horribly.

No. 444417

Did anyone watch this? I love how this dude just brings anyone into his show, lmao

Yeah this thread was unbearable at that time. Only me and one other anon were on the same page. Everyone else just coddles her. I keep forgetting she's 30 too. Isn't she one of those alt-right girls too? Don't let your eggs dry up Jac.

No. 491446

I don’t get why she’s friends with Blaire if she gave other YouTuber’s crap for making fun of trannies and saying there’s only two genders. She also dislikes other youtubers who have the same views as Blaire FOR their views. So she obviously just gives Blaire a pass for being a tranny since Jaclyn is an sjw Hilary supporter who hates everyone else with Blaire’s views.

No. 491447

Same poster, oh I forgot to add, Blaire makes fun of trannies too and says there’s only two genders so it doesn’t make sense for Jaclyn to hate on other youtubers for saying that but give Blaire a pass just cuz she’s trans.

No. 498636

File: 1518181068945.jpg (67.95 KB, 1013x746, howOriginal.JPG)

No. 498693

They have the same opinion about the topic though, they even made a video together about it. So she's not giving Blaire a pass?

No. 499611

They may have the same opinion about the trans topic but not on anything else. And Jaclyn hates other anti sjw youtubers who agree about the trans thing but hate them for their right leaning views. So I think she I giving Blaire a pass.

No. 499613

They’ve never made a video together about that topic.

No. 499617

Another thing that gets me about Jaclyn. If you watch one of the first vids on her channel, she said she the most inspiring YouTuber is onision and he has taught her a lot through his vids. She also said he says things harsh and doesn’t sugar coat things and she agrees with him. She was already older at the time (not a naive teen girl) and she was aware of how he was already. And now she’s acting like he’s ridiculous and unreasonable (which he is)ever since he dropped her as a friend but he’s always been ridiculous and unreasonable yet she liked him and admired him for it?

No. 505010

has anyone else been watching the shitshow go down between her and SR the past day or so? it's really embarrassing. she's now doing with him what she was doing with Onision, making a tweet/video response to every single thing he does. claiming she's moved on yet she cannot stop talking about him. she streamed on V-Day after a "very nice date" with someone else and just complained about SR the whole time, even mentioning she talked about her ex to her date that night. yikes. run, whoever you are, run! many comments from her "fans" are giving her sound advice, like ignore him, take the high road, "this is what he WANTS from you, don't give it to him," etc. she doesn't know what it means to be the bigger person because in reality she's no different than SR or Onision. she claims the only reason she knows about what SR does is because people tweet his every move to her. girl we know you are looking at his shit all on your own. it’s the only thing keeping your online personality alive.

never posted a link here before so hope I'm doing this right: V-Day stream

No. 505866

No. 508009

File: 1519007597158.jpeg (398.38 KB, 750x926, 143DA95B-719B-4136-8B0A-7E8A46…)

is she joking

No. 508294

She keeps talking about how he won’t leave her alone with his indirect messages trying to poke at her, and she says she had know idea he was like this. Hello he was doing the same thing he’s doing to you now, with Ayalla. She did know he was like this but didn’t care when she thought she was the only one he was seeing. She was saying how it’s weird and immature that he makes vids of her and calls it art, and she talks about what trash art it is. But when he made the vid ‘dear future gf” about ayalla, Jaclyn said she didn’t know it was bad because she bought his excuse that it was “art”. So it’s only art when it’s not about her? When it is “oh so immature so creepy”. Should’ve known how he was with all the signs of how he treated ayalla.

No. 529329

They both keep getting talking about the break up. Get over it guys!

No. 628421

Because there’s some minor milk due to her association with Dasha the psychopath, this thread is being revived. As you were, lads.(necro without screenshots or milk)

No. 628423

Thank fuck, I was so pissed with her association but not only that, Edwin had her fucking back during the richie debacle and yet when it comes to mina, Ol' jackie tells him to sling his hook and unfollows him completely like a massive cunt.

Then she cries on the internet about "Ooo why are people so meeeeeeeeeean" Bitch because you associate with fucking sociopathic psychos like grease and putin but still expect to be treated nicely? Fuck off. Thank fuck this thread was revived because the bitch was getting on my last nerve and she was totally self posting in the dasha thread like a rat.

No. 628426

File: 1530681696911.png (69.58 KB, 758x529, wahhhIhangoutwithpeoplelikeMEE…)

Heres a screenshot of the "WAH"

No. 628427

Does she ever fucking learn from her mistakes? She literally never listens to anyone who tells her actual PROOF of things they do and why she shouldn’t be around them.

No. 628428

File: 1530681934377.jpeg (378.15 KB, 550x1136, BECCCD8F-1875-4432-9B95-FBE4A0…)

The selfpost from the other thread

No. 628430

Man, I really wanted to like her for the longest time, but she keeps making stupid decisions without even trying to get better. It always goes like this

>meet new person

>everyone points out red flags
>gets snarky and ignores them
>person fucks her over
>"Waaah why does this keep happening to me???"

now she's shilling betterhelp while announcing that she stopped taking her meds cold turkey because of potential weight gain. Let's go into that:

- you're never, ever supposed to go off psych meds without doctor's guidance, the withdrawals can be terrible
- she always whined about how she was insecure about being skinny and wanting to be thicc
- shows her followers that their figure is more important than their mental health
- shills online therapy like it's in any way comparable to real therapy
- wonders why the hell she's a hot flaming garbage fire

she still has plenty of whiteknights, I wouldn't reach that far and call it a selfpost (yet).

No. 628432

Wait, THATS the reason she stopped her meds?? Holy shit what a fucking atrocious message to send. She's fucking garbage.

No. 628433

File: 1530682151977.png (334.29 KB, 750x1334, FBD094AB-8549-472F-96BA-162554…)

No. 628436

Are you fucking serious? I’ve had issues with being thin but god you’re really stupid to stop taking meds for your own mental health if you’re scared of weight gain. If she’s so scared of gaining weight why complain about being skinny?

I used to like her until I noticed the same thing anon. She never fucking listens to her fans and then a month later goes on a twitter ramble about how she fucked up once again

No. 628437

Was anon banned for not showing the screenshot?

No. 628438

She thinks she lost some excitement and the meds stopped working. Sounds like she needs a higher dose or better therapy, meds won't magically keep you happy and free of anxiety. And then she goes on a rant about how hurtful it was to read that she was gaining weight. Her doctor wanted to put her on a higher dose, but she stopped taking them altogether because she doesn't "want to take something every day" so she'd rather take klonopin or xanax occasionally.

No. 628439

The anon was banned for bumping this thread without actually explaining what was going on or referencing the posts they were talking about. Context is required. It's a short ban.

This user was banned for extensive sperging and because they have sperged in many different threads, not because we think it's Jaclyn.

No. 628441



I think she is awful. She tries so hard to convince everyone that she is uwu so sweet and all the big meanies take advantage of her but she is just as poisonous as the people she gets fucked over by. There is a reason why the same thing keeps happening to her; she is a nasty bitch who gravitates towards other nasty bitches and acts oh so shook when they turn their nastiness on her. If it was a once off and she learned her mistake then perhaps she could be forgiven but she just keeps attracting a-grade assholes like cowshit attracts flies. No sympathy here.

No. 628442

Ahhh I see now. Thank you for explaining farmhand.

No. 628443

not just her friends, even family and friends who tell her they've had shit experiences with people. Of course she's not obligated to listening to fans' opinions on people she hangs with, but someone with her poor judgement should at least listen to their friends.

No. 628445

I always found it strange how almost everyone she became close to were outted as being shitty people or manipulators. Makes sense, you attract what you give out.

No. 628453

Precisement. I honestly do not understand why nice people like eva demuro and jessie paege give her the time of day, especially given her friendship with neo nazi blaire white. She is such a tryhard. It is literally painful to watch her 3edgy5me myspace scene kid larping. Bitch is in her thirties.

No. 628456

I used to be a supporter of Jaclyn but her behavior recently has been making me cringe. I've seen her comment on upcoming young girls videos obviously trying to get attention. Since her breakup with Richie it seems shes on a quest go befriend anyone so long as they can give her exposure. A few weeks ago she was on Eden the Dolls snapchat doing what they were telling her to do. Extreme cringe while she tried to relate to them and twerk.

No. 628457

File: 1530683695858.jpeg (594.45 KB, 750x1321, D0811633-0210-407E-ABA6-8401AD…)

She was asked about the posts on here on her stream just before but she ignored them

No. 628458

Yeah ever since the breakup she start being super cringey and overall patetic. I had to stop watching her Younow's since she talk non stop about SR or Onision.

No. 628459

I wish I had taken a sound clip of her saying that she thinks real stream news is awesome. That really puts her thirst in perspective

No. 628460

My last straw with her was also her threatning the blargh when they posted the clip of her talking about Dasha. It was very obvious who it was about since the Blargh removed most of her videos. The comment section was ripping her a new one and I guess she didn't like that and threatnend to copyright strike. You don't go from constantly supporting the Blargh to threatening them because they were exposing what a dumb f you are.

No. 628461

The videos still up?
Yeah i saw her vendetta against the channels that reupload her livestreams but when they were uploading incriminatory things against Social Repose she didnt have a problem.

No. 628463

The video where she says she didn't want to look at the evidence against Dasha was removed from the blargh.

No. 628465


What richie did to her was horrible but two wrongs do not make a right. As per the screenshot of her comment on here which may or may not be a self-post, just because someone is a cunt to you it does not give you the right to be a cunt to others. I think the biggest problem I have with her is that edwin very publicly defended her over the social repose fiasco and she repaid him by crawling up the derriere of the lunatic bitch making it her life mission to destroy edwins girlfriend. Yet she wonders why bad shit keeps happening to her. She is reaping what she sows.

No. 628473

She probably saw him more like a leech than anything else, also they did hang out together, she probably didn't get a good impression of him and maybe that's why she doesn't give a shit about the situation.
I can see her gossiping about him with Dasha on Dasha's shitty and peeded apartment

No. 628486

She bitches out Richie for being too artistic for therapy or meds yet uses vanity as a reason to dangerously stop her meds? Jesus woman, just admit you either lied about liking everything about him or that you're lying about hating everything he does and did. I feel like she loves assholes until she's their target, like she enjoys second-hand people shitting on others so she doesn't look like the bad guy until it's "retaliation"

No. 628535

File: 1530698557203.jpeg (458.72 KB, 750x1181, B15069DB-9C28-4FB8-BB5D-B1BCD7…)

This bitch… complaining about yt demonetizing her video about muh depreshun where she has ostensibly said that she values her appearance (kek, she will always be an ugly bitch irrespective of whether she is thicc or thin) above her mental health and wonders why. Fucking moron.

No. 628546

Oh shes playing the victim card again-ironic as she complains about others doing this for beinging up legitimate concerns. Shes such a thirsty ass attention whore no wonder she and onion boy had a falling out two narcissists can't occupy the same space. She looked like she was loving all the attention and pity she got from the richie aftermath. So whos mental health video did she copy this time? surely they should be the ones upset about this, not this thieving thot kek

No. 628554

The perpetual victim, anon. I have always disliked her but befriending robbie faggotron was the last straw for me. Or more specifically, the last straw was her queerbaiting by posting a video of blaire’s nye party that involved her making out with that hideous alt right bridge troll barbara4u2c and again with a clip that implied she made out with poor eugenia when in fact it was some other ho they were out with (at a fucking emo night, of all places, like bitch, you are forty years old, 2002 called and wants its avril lavigne back). Bear in mind that her close friend jessie was having serious mental health issues over the fact that she is bi but was uncomfortable coming out, all while thirsty thot jacko is kissing girls in public like it is nbd even though she claims she is straight. Anything for views, right? She is such trash.

No. 628582

EXACTLY-which was why I was laughing when all the assholes on youtube like keemstar were making her out to be some kinda saint when the whole socialrepose exposed thing went down-she was always a bitch, now she was a bitch who got cheated on, she fucking lapped up that attention. She really looks down on others who don't kiss her ass or hold different opinions, im not surprised even atheists want to distance themselves from her. Her other thread comparing her to gucci made me laugh, bitch is lucky to be a walmart $1 bin, given evenrything about her is a shitty knockoff version of other youtubers ideas except with extra thirst.

No. 628647

I always thought it was weird that she had this entire look change as soon as she was with richie, Just up and decided she was GOFFICK CHIC despite looking just like a normal average woman before. Its kind of pathetic that she's still going for that vampire pale GOFFICK look, Almost like she wants richie to still want her.

No. 628774

I have to wonder if the antidepressant even caused the weight gain or if it was the drinking every single night and her turning 30. I never saw her posting shit about exercising before until recently. Now all of a sudden shes talking about situps and walking lol

No. 628845

Probably couldn't drink on her meds and used the typical excuse people have to change meds which is weight loss. Except some people actually gain 20 lbs in a week of almost no eating on some psych drugs which is actually dangerous and can negatively affect mental health, Jackie clearly didn't have that

No. 628847

Didn't she make it such a point to say richie wanted her to gain weight and that no matter what she could NEVER gain?

No. 628866

She has always had terrible style but this goth lite nonsense is so unflattering on her. She has beady little brown eyes that look like pissholes in the snow with the amount of poorly applied eyeliner and shadow she cakes on, she obviously uses foundation that’s too light for her skin and she doesn’t even bother trying to contour or highlight, so she invariably looks like a reanimated corpse, but not in a creative way like dedicated goths do. Adding insult to injury, anything she wears that is not sponsored by black craft cult (kek that shit is designed for angsty teenagers, not senior citizens) looks like it’s from walmart. She really is just a desperate basic bitch trying to fit in with the cool kids like jessie, frank and eva, all of whom are way too nice and inclusive when they should be ditching her toxic, negative, drama seeking ass.

I’m all for enjoying a beverage or ten but she is straight up glamorizing alcoholism. All she does in her live streams is talk to her ugly feral cats in an annoying baby voice while singing along to shit songs for asspats from her edgelord teenybopper fans and chugging cheap wine. She is the apex of cringe.

No. 629048

File: 1530751663605.jpeg (553.18 KB, 750x1081, 0DD3B13D-2ABD-40E5-B2A2-B1F38A…)

So edgy, jacko. Fuck this attention seeking piece of shit so much. This “ironic” wearing of maga shit is one step away from wearing a swastika for the lulz. Hanging out with robbie and trasha really is rubbing off on this dumb cunt.

No. 629050

File: 1530751863594.jpeg (375.68 KB, 750x1247, 58053046-073A-4473-97F9-D69869…)

Fucking kek, you wish you looked 23, you decrepit old hag

No. 629075

I wonder if she bought an official one or borrowed Blaire's. If she bought it then ~~ironically~~~ wearing it ~~ironically~~ donated directly to Trump's campaign
Though I'm positive she's going to start crying in a few minutes about those mean, nasty liberals being mean to her after trying to start shit

No. 629084

She’s live on YouNow victim sperging about Richie finally apologizing to her almost a year after all the shit went down

No. 629090

Holy shit, she’s ripping into Richie for claiming to be getting better but quitting his therapy, the fucking irony. Also “I didn’t bring this up earlier because I didn’t want to cause drama uwu” she is so full of shit.

No. 629092

File: 1530756784884.jpeg (208.19 KB, 750x444, E1F0D7CA-AF10-4DDD-9FF1-18D1D6…)

Such a bad move considering her ~atheist skeptic~ schtick. Although I guess he pseudo-intellectual male audience will lap it up as the height of irony, or bend over backwards to defend her.

No. 629101

File: 1530757970133.png (950.63 KB, 750x1334, A9FB4F51-4A32-4F76-AEE0-5B8E11…)


>I’m done up because I’m going out with mah gurlz eden and blaire tonight

You mean your new pet gays? With your 3edgy5me nationalist memorabilia? Fuck outtta here, you dumb bitch. And if this is you “done up” I’d hate to see what you look like when you’re undone.

No. 629102

I didn't pay a lot of attention to her before, when shit went down with Onion I was on her side and when she posted that "Richie cheated on me" video I really felt for her and it almost made me cry.

Then I started to follow her and little by little, her cringe just became unbearable. Venting about every failed Tinder date on her public account, drinking constantly and kind of glorifying it, cringy atheist jokes, her doing an emo night(was she ever even emo??), making out with alt right attention whores for views.
I thought some of these were just cope mechanisms over what happened woth Richie but it's been so long and she's getting worse and worse.

She seems like those people who change their personalities and friends based on how much attention they will get. "I'm an atheist girl! Now, I'm a goth girl! Now I'm an alt-right girl! Now I'm bisexual for views! I'm also an emo girl!"

She keeps falling for narcs because she has no personality of her own.

Like shit woman, you are in your thirties and even have a STEM degree, was it really worth discarding it and doing this shit instead?

No. 629108

after the richie cheating a lot of whiteknights came to her defense. i dont know if its on her first thread but jacklyn was always a social climber. i always thought she was dating richie for the views anyway. he was actually having a surge of viewers when they got together. i dont think its a coincident.

No. 629113

Fucking hell she is such a narcissist. She is getting drunk on livestream saying she will be late to Blaire’s yet continues to sit there and get drunk and sing patriotic redneck songs in return for asspats from the incels who worship her pseudoedgelord ~athiest~ ass

>fashionably late Blaire will understand

Peep that entitlement

No. 629138

Did she actually graduate? I thought she dropped out of college. Most atheists in the public sphere are insufferable smug assholes. I’m an atheist and people like Jaclyn give us a bad rep. She has a shirt that says Satan Is Bae on it. In addition to being peak cringe it’s also fucking retarded. Deliberately trying to provoke bible thumpers by wearing something like that is so immature. I’m assuming she realizes how stupid that shirt is given that atheists don’t believe in Satan but it’s the sort of shit that makes her look like a petulant child. The “emo” night nonsense was unbearable to watch (and not just because the music fucking sucks, the whole spectacle was a cringefest). She obviously never went through an emo phase as a teenager so she is trying to compensate. It’s not a good look on anyone, much less someone in their thirties. Making out with that ugly nazi bitch at Blaire’s party was the icing on the cake re: her flaming desperation for relevancy.

No. 629158

she dropped out of medical school >>417054 so yes, she has her bachelor's

No. 629177

She acts incredibly stupid for someone with a STEM degree. Case in point: not taking her meds because she cares more about her physical appearance than her mental well-being.

No. 629201


This is all true. It's funny you say that because I was thinking her and Laineybot both like to act younger than their age in the cringiest ways possible. They both also imitate the people around them because they are desperate little followers who want validation and attention

No. 629203

She has a cheek to talk about richie stopping therapy, Bitch gloats about stopping fucking MEDS so she won't gain weight while shilling the betterhelp crap to fans. Great message jaclyn you hypocrite.

Dear god, This bitch is lainey.

No. 629206

My point precisely. Chastises Richie for ditching the therapy but makes a video about how she chose vanity over mental health. That biomed degree must have come from the same cereal box as Lameythot’s psych degree.

No. 629240

I think meds wouldn't really help her with her shit personality, does she at least does talk therapy?

No. 629242

File: 1530773735210.jpg (75.47 KB, 640x744, 3c60bee7ceb6ee25d44b0305d61391…)

What's with keeping her hair in that horrendous shade of red? Does she really thibk it looks good?

She did other shades of red before and it looked way better, is she blind??

No. 629245

She’s doing it to fit in with the rest of the coloured hair YouTuber crew she has attached herself to (Jessie, Frank and Eva, etc.) She is so awkward and out of place with them, if she wasn’t such a flaming twunt I’d feel sorry for her.

No. 629378

I can't believe she threw away what would have been a stable and incredibly fruitful career to be some irrelevant atheist bitch on youtube. If she went through med school at least she might have some sense to her as med school's more hands-on and involved more critical thinking than an undergrad degree can be. But then again, if some high class "intelectual atheist" doesn't give a shit about her own hypocrisy or that mental health is important I don't know what to expect. Sure biochem doesn't always include any psych or neurology courses (depending on the university, past first year bio you could avoid human biology altogether for the degree) but she should still know basic important facts.
Also, how can someone that old still think it's "edgy" or "cool" to say 'hail satan" at theists? Or promote a company with hateful and incredibly childish shirts despite claiming one of the reasons she dislikes religion is blind hatred? Like that sort of cringe does nothing to most people except put them in a bad mood because someone attempted to be an asshole to you completely unprovoked. I mean, when she was going through that thing with SR people and told her they were praying for her (even if you don't believe, it's a nice gesture) she still thought it appropriate to be a cunt when people were sending her well wishes and were worried about her. Half those people probably didn't know she was a raging atheist, her drama reached beyond her fans and people who knew her. And again, at least accept the well-wishes and people taking the time out of their day to do the only thing they can in a situation like this (whether or not it works or there is a god listening at least they tried, this isn't like a natural disaster where you should/can do something physical too)
Sorry for the rant, she just really irks me to the bone just as much as any religious fanatics do. There's no logic or sense to it and they're all hypocrites at the end of it. Jacklyn needs to get back on some pills and to go to some fucking therapy. I can't believe I'm saying this but at least SR did that (he shouldn't have stopped but quitting cause you're delusional into thinking you're better is different than quitting pills almost immediately cold-turkey because you think you gained some weight)

No. 629395

The cringe fest continues, jaclyn on Edens snap chat again acting real wasted saying she wants to suck dick for someone to pull their dicks out. Keep in mind she's hanging out with at least 2 trans girls.

No. 629912

File: 1530846882239.jpeg (237 KB, 750x430, C01522BA-2F14-4392-BC02-1BB725…)

kek she is such a tryhard, being ~ so edgy ~ with her white trash porn star friend and ~ so emo ~ at (yes, really) the fucking warped tour. She even admits she didn’t know any of the bands playing. This is what she gave up med school for.

No. 630054

Jeez, you'd think she'd know at least some given how much she claimed to be into Ritchie's music scene. Or at least she could have researched before going. Most people don't know all the bands prior to going to any music festival and listen to bits beforehand to decide which acts to watch. If she faked it before she might as well keep going all the way with faking it now. She's really falling at this whole emo/scene kid thing, it's starting to feel like Lainey when she claimed to be emo (but at least she seemed to listen to some bands)

No. 630072

File: 1530863681505.png (650.07 KB, 690x728, bootiful.png)

maybe a 23 y/o with progeria

she made an entire video once about a twitter post she made about murica and how dumb people were because nobody understood that it's "SATIRE"! It's clear why she was friends with Onision, she has very similar thought processes. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lup7kwn8ITA )

No. 630076

We are talking about someone who sings awful country songs, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry on her streams (because she can’t let a second go by without reminding everyone that she has a voice that isn’t awful) so it’s not like she is Warped’s demographic. She is shilling for Blackcraft Cult a lot these days so they probably paid for her ticket.

No. 630083

i remember getting dogpiled on twitter for not defending her lol. she's a fake plastic bitch with no personality. she played up everyone's pity and turned it against him when they were both firing shots.

No. 630089

I think she was hoping that yesterday’s “tea” would get more attention than it did. For those who didn’t waste an hour of their time listening to this retard blow smoke up her own ass, she talked about how Richie sent her an apology email to her business account because she has him blocked everywhere else and she didn’t respond so his manager threatened to sue her if she didn’t take down videos she made about him; apparently this happened a couple of months ago, around the time of Playlist, but she didn’t mention it because she didn’t want to create ~drama~ (lol, good one) She then goes on to casually mention that she saw Richie sitting by himself at Playlist looking like “he wasn’t having a good time” and she didn’t want her fans to send him hate (lol, again) and that she was actually planning on taking down the videos before she got the email, but when she was threatened with legal action he decided to keep them up out of spite. Because she just hates the dramu so much surejan.gif

No. 630092

Fucking all of this. She’s an atheist because she thinks it’s 3edgy5me but she’s just as bad as the bible bashers she takes such pride in antagonising. The fact that Richard Dawkins has publicly supported her is infuriating but not surprising, as he is just as much of a smug, self-righteous contrarian as she is. Both of them reflect badly on our community. The “Satan is Bae” and other theist baiting immature bullshit really grinds my gears, so I feel you, rant anon.

No. 630464

File: 1530914837328.jpeg (212.74 KB, 750x836, F28B3798-DE10-4FF5-A610-FAE8AD…)

Of course the filthy skank has roaches. Those nasty ass cats must stink up her apartment. She’s so gross.(Chill)

No. 630481

File: 1530917012320.jpeg (606.64 KB, 750x1251, 981D89BF-2FDF-4175-BD51-D9797D…)

Jfc who told her this was cute? The black lipstick on her non existent lips makes her look like such an old hag.

No. 630700

This honestly wouldn't look too bad if she actually looked happy or like she was enjoying herself. She looks really stiff and awkward here

No. 630773

Agreed. The stiff expression/pose, pale skin (not hatin, I'm pale af too) contrasting against her accessories/makeup gives me a "Weekend at Bernie's" vibe. (That is to say: a corpse wearing sunglasses)

No. 630828

questionable makeup choices aside, her fakes are looking way more natural than last time her thread was active

No. 631293

If I recall correctly they look better as they heal. And maybe she's starting to gain some weight? Barely noticeable as she still looks one step above ana chan, but ever little bit would help

No. 631302

The magic of Photoshop, she isnt that white either.

No. 631482


She has put on weight, that’s why she stopped taking her meds (already discussed upthread on account of the terrible message she’s sending out re: mental health). I think they still look fake as hell, this picture is just shooped to hell (see also: the grim reaper skin tone).

No. 632106

that pic isn’t shopped. it probably has a filter, but it’s very subtle if so. you can see all her birthmarks/freckles and the slightly messy outline of her lipstick, and the background around her body isn’t distorted.

No. 632455

File: 1531161326778.jpg (76.15 KB, 607x579, jkj.JPG)

No. 632462

Jaclyn looks like she’s being held against her will and Blaire’s lips look like they’re melting off his face.

No. 632482

Blaire's plastic ape face is terrifying. Also JG only ever has 2 expressions - "scared" and "I just smelled my own fart".

I'm pretty disappointed with her post-horseface drama. I really figured she would work on her own issues but it's clear she enjoys being a pathological victim.

No. 632661


Blaire really is the second coming of Big Ang. Jacko actually looks slightly less plastic next to these blow up sex dolls.

No. 632886

Is Jaclyn incapable of looking natural in a picture? She always comes across as a poser. The only times she doesn't is when she's entirely in control of the picture, even then it still looks forced but at least she looks less awkward and anxious.
I mean both her and Blaire look awful here, Blaire it's just an unfortunate pose from trying too hard but Jaclyn looks like she's just there for the alcohol and to look like she's got a life. The girl to the right is the only one who looks good here cause she actually looks like she's enjoying herself/cares about her company. Maybe Jaclyn should try that novel idea of doing something she actually enjoys

No. 632922


She is clearly not a happy person and it is reflected in her appearance but hey, she chose vanity over antidepressants so she only has herself to blame.

No. 632952

Of the handful of people Jaclyn follows on Instagram, both Edwin and Dasha made the cut. Edwin defended her during onemorebootypicgate yet she’s still following the psycho who has been abusing his girlfriend for two years. And she wonders why she keeps getting fucked over by assholes.

No. 633581

File: 1531278877234.jpeg (240.99 KB, 750x408, B57AF93C-671A-433D-8C71-7F69FA…)

So much cringe, from the overload of plastic tits, the glorification of alcoholism that normal people grow out of by the age of 16 to the edgelord sjw-baiting maga nonsense and everything in between.


No. 633595

She was such an outsider at that part lmao. Jaclyn was the only one with her phone out majority of the time, except when they were doing the first circle of shots.

No. 633603

File: 1531280794559.jpeg (341.79 KB, 750x913, D3928C3C-4AA4-4267-9A36-7CFC47…)

The only straight girl in a sea of gay men. This mic drop, though

No. 633627

While I'm all for people with different points of views being friends, I think there's a difference here when you're claiming to be all logical yet you hang out with a member of the alt-right (or at least someone who totally panders to them). Not to mention all of Blaire's "liberal" friends aren't actually liberal which indicates she isn't someone who really leaves her echo chamber which reflects badly on Jaclyn's potential character. Not to mention the fact that Blaire is a Christian so Jaclyn is clearly ok with non-athiests yet preaches hate on her chanel

No. 633655

Nail, head, &c. Jaclyn is a narc, she has no sense of self/personality of her and her extreme insecurity results in her pandering to whoever she is in the company of. She’s a miserable creep who has no understanding of human relationships and how to have a functioning one because the only person she cares about is herself.

No. 633721

That thing on the far right has huge proportions, look at that gigantic head holy shit

No. 634032

It's no wonder she gets along so well with people like Onision and social repose. They've got strong enough ideals that over compensate for a lack of personality enough that she can latch onto them and feed off of it to copy. And their notoriety can be used to give her attention as well. Wonder who the next one will be seeing as Blaire likely isn't giving her the amount of notoriety she typically enjoys

No. 634245


I never thought I’d see the day when I’d defend Blaire but I get the impression that she considers Jaclyn a real friend whereas Jaclyn just sees a business venture now that she’s milked the drama with Richie to death and beyond. As shady as Blaire is, she’s not a narcissist. Jaclyn is a calculating cunt who loves pretending to be the victim of all these mean people who take advantage of her kindness uwu. Bitch, your entire channel is based on hate.

No. 634942

File: 1531438277251.jpeg (300.45 KB, 750x830, CBF3CAB6-BB57-4AB1-970C-B675E1…)

Maybe that maga hat wasn’t so ~~ironic~~ after all. The thirst on this thot is palpable.

No. 635197

Oh yeah, I didn't mean to imply Blaire was one of those people. As much as I hate her, she isn't them which is likely working against her with Jaclyn, not as cared about as Onision/SR. Blaire may be biggoted but the people she actually is friends with seem like proper friends. She constantly involves Jaclyn in the things she does and put up with a lot of Jaclyn's diva nature. She's likely going to be dropped when Jaclyn can find someone better to skinwalk who will give her better material to gain fame from.
Speaking of Jaclyn with Blaire though, I bet you anything she's just going to regurgitate Blaire's opinions for this new "political" video. Don't see why this is such a big deal to Jaclyn though, she's made all her social political clear already, American politics is all that right now anyways among YouTube political commentary, so this won't be new. I'm glad she's putting it out on video though so we can see if it changes the moment she finds a new friend. Maybe the next person she leeches off of will be on the total opposite end of the social spectrum

No. 640739

File: 1531970065734.jpeg (207.7 KB, 750x400, 8817D8C2-851C-45DB-8EE4-6E58AC…)

Fuck me, she’s only just realized something most people have figured out by tenth grade. Great clickbaity title too.


No. 641570

'I decide what I think regarding important political matters based on WHO WANTS TO BE MY FRIEND AND WHO DOESN'T'

jesus this woman is 30 and thinks like a teen

No. 641724

Well we all know how great she is a choosing friends so her politics will be equally as shitty.

No. 642307

File: 1532097959842.jpg (91.19 KB, 801x583, 99.JPG)

She has such flimsy opinions on politics that people like Steven Crowder ~can change her mind~ lmao.

No. 642439


jesus christ how does anyone consider this woman smart in any way? I always assumed she was cause everyone seemed to reffer to her as such but every single time I've hear her speak she makes observations of highschool debate team level and you can tell she thinks she's deciffered the secrets of the universe, wtf? I am very curious to hear these "very thought provoking conversations" she supposedly has. Judging for the guy she chose as a boyfriend it's probably all autistic rants about how religion "is the opium of the people.

How does she not realize she is getting her fee fees hurt by rad left because IT IS RAD LEFT? She obviously has never intereacted with a radical right person, any person that is a fanatic wacko won't listen to anything anyone has to say, no matter where in the political spectrum they are. DUH?

No. 642913

Neckbeards and incels think she has STEM cred ~rationality~ because she has a cereal box Bsc but people with real STEM cred can see she’s a fucking idiot. While she was wasting her parents’ money at college getting a degree that she’d eschew in favour of being a cringey edgelord on YouTube she should have taken a class in critical thinking so she’d look like less of a dullard when trying to engage in rational discourse.

No. 643381

samfag but jezz I just noticed the horrid typos. Sorry, English is my 4th language.


wait she has a freaking degree?!?!?!? Please tell me she's a drop out, otherwise…

No. 643707

Yeah, she does. It was discussed a few posts back. She has an undergrad and was going to go to med school but ditched it because she wanted to be famous on the internet

No. 643710

i think she dropped out right before graduating in biochem? or she may have actually graduated

No. 643717

She graduated with a Bsc and was IN med school (I'm surprised too) and decided to drop out and decided to put all of her eggs in the YouTube basket right before all of the ad stuff went crazy.

She talked about it in a video, where she said she's also been divorced?? I forget that she's 30 since she whines like a teenager

No. 643726

Yeah she married some guy roght out of high school basically. He cheated on her like every other ex she had.

No. 644254


What a fucking genius fuuuuuuuuck

No. 644535

Let's be fair, it's probably for the best that she dropped out of med school. As stupid as she's proven to be, I wouldn't trust her to hand out cough drops.

No. 644552

She should hangout with Lainey, they can swap perpetual-victim stories and revel in their covert narcissism

No. 644583

She probably would if Anusion was not in the picture and/or Lameythot had a bigger following of people who legitimately like her as opposed to people who follow her just to mock the fact that she is a translarping narcissist.

No. 644585


Agreed, I am honestly surprised she even got in given how fucking stupid she is. Stupidity is the common attribute amongst all these thirsty D-List YouTube hos, they are too dumb/lazy/deluded to get a proper job and have a normal life outside the internet but are too boring, unoriginal and cringey to make serious scrilla from their content.

No. 648128

Book smart =/= common sense/logical thinking
Now med school is usually much better at weeding those people out with the interview process and the general requirements involving volunteer work and all that over undergraduate admissions but some schools are better than others. No matter what, some people will always slip through the cracks. Those people tend to drop out or get kicked when they can't handle the logical and critical thinking or the problem solving. I wonder how well she actually was doing in classes…

No. 696334

Jaclyn jumps at any opportunity to talk/make a video about SR. this is a response to a video he posted about Jessie Paige and she makes it all about herself

No. 699982

Wow, what a bunch of misogynistic pricks here. When was the last time any of you went on a date?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 700144

>misogynistic pricks
>on an all female website

Did you really have to bump a thread, unsaged, just to say that?

I hope youre not about to say that we all must have “internalized misogyny” next…

No. 700236

I happen to be in a wonderful long term relationship and I also support genuine hard working women. Not those who try to chimp their way into success for popularity points. Jackie is a prime example of trying to force her own popularity.
Just because someone who happens to be a woman is criticized or called out doesn't mean it's misogynistic
>>700144 is right, we're all women here so try harder lmfao you sound like you're projecting for insinuating women have to date other people to not be critical of others actions

No. 841652

File: 1563731182862.png (886.35 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20190722-014439.png)

On her latest video about Shane Dawson. Comment from Ijustine.

No. 843340

File: 1563968206728.png (1.72 MB, 1443x840, firefox_bTj2QA9ey2.png)

Apparently she tried to stage an intervention with Eugenia, and got the cops called on her for kidnapping. Two full length videos dragging Eugenia and her mother for not accepting their 'help'. Her acting in the video is terrible and fake, she's acting so 'shook' like damn bitch calm down, everyone knows you don't care and you're making fat stacks off this girl's mental illness, what the fuck. I bet the 'intervention' was all filmed too. What a fake ass friend.

(Sorry if this is necroposting? But whew)

No. 843359

she actually did help Eugenia, vendetta-chan. who is still living with her abusive parents.

No. 843383

…what fat stacks, anon? afaik her video isn’t even monetized but i could be wrong since i watched it like an hour after it came out so maybe that’s changed. but aside from that i really don’t see how she’s the real bad guy here. if it wasn’t for her intervention would eugenia even have gotten any help at all? from what jaclyn said (and the mysterious lack of her presence in the shane dawson doc) her mom was 100% against eugenia being 5150d and it sounds like she was resistant to outside help for her daughter at all. like, having a a personal driver that waits outside of every place they take you is honestly weird, and definitely supports the idea that eugenia’s mom is in total control. wouldn’t be surprised if she even has her name on all of eugenia’s bank accounts too. if that’s the case i hope E has taken the precaution of opening secondary accounts under her name only where she has funds to access if she needs to get away from her mom, but i wouldn’t be surprised if she stays with her anyway because it truly seems like she’s been trained to have learned helplessness.

No. 843502

That may be the case, tinfoil-chans, but it's still really shitty to slam someone's family right after they came out of recovery. If they cared, they'd let E make her own decisions regarding her mother, not jump on the hype train to start drama and get views. It's none of their business.

No. 843607

While I do agree her whole shaking voice sounds fake as fuck, the story is truly believable. E's mother is also 100% abusive because what kind of parent doesnt force their dying kid to go see a doctor? The mere fact Euginia was living with her mother and wasnt institutionalized sooner is proof her mother is a piece of shit who deserves no empathy whatsoever.

No. 843720

Ah, okay, didn't realize they were the reason she was hospitalized. Forget everything I said, Jaclyn did a good thing for once, wow.
My in-laws didn't let their kid with a rare disorder see a doctor for 10 years. So that's relatable. She probably saved E's life.

No. 844319

File: 1564153127769.jpg (76.03 KB, 484x960, tumblr_c73049cb1adb228ff9fd158…)

Edwin made a video on Jaclyn Glenn. Tone deaf, delusional, hypocritical video. Aggressively irritating in both mocking tone directed at Jaclyn and white knighting the parents of EC. All along with 4 ads. Jaclyn is a cow, but on the matter of EC, she did good. She did right.

No. 844320

File: 1564153300213.png (1.07 MB, 1054x954, no ads.png)

And while he was trying to pain Jaclyn as opportunistic and clout chasing: no ads to be found on either of these

No. 844932

It was good that Jaclyn got Eugenia into Intervention, but her video came off as though she was mostly upset that Eugenia said she felt bullied by them and also seemed like they were mad that they didn’t get credit for their role in Eugenia’s Intervention. I wonder if Eugenia had never said she felt bullied in Shane’s video if Jaclyn would’ve ever made her expose video at all.

I’m also not sure what Jaclyn expected Eugenia’s life to be like after the intervention. Did she expect Eugenia to change her perception of her directly after release (which seems unlikely). Jaclyn said it herself, she knew that it would ruin their friendship for good after, so not sure why she was surprised Eugenia didn’t like them if that’s what Jaclyn expected from the beginning. Did Jaclyn also think Eugenia wouldn’t be going back home to her fam after the intervention? It seems obvious to me she’d go back home after. Looks like after Jaclyn and Co got Eugenia into intervention they didn’t consider what would realistically happen after she got out.

No. 963563

Lowkey the kind of person who thinks drinking wine every day is a personality trait. Spoiler alert: It's not. It's called being a borderline alcoholic.(necro)

No. 1076933

Okay so we all know eugenia has a issue with a ED. But Jaclyn clearly has an issue with drinking. Shes focusing on euginia addiction instead of her own. This 32 year old woman cant film without a wine/beer in her hand or taking a bunch of shots at 11am with blair white. Like girl.. get yourself help before trying to help others. Her drunk YouTube rants are pathetic and shes only getting more hateful the older she gets.

No. 1076969

Little miss atheist had her self a Jewish wedding. Lmfao
Her hypocrisy never end people.

No. 1076975

Watch marriage #2 end up with him cheating on her with men.

No. 1076984

Hi I'm jaclyn glenn. I have the same body figure as eugenia cooney without my fake tits. And likely have an eating disorder too with borderline alcoholism. My super metrosexual husband loves my masculin jawline and lack of figure. Although I'm critical over everything and everyone please don't come after me and call  me a bully or I might drink myself into a coma tonight. I'm not looking for attention, I'm an intelligent 32 year old woman. I only fight for trans rights because its relevant on YouTube. But if you really met me you would see how fake I truly am

No. 1079071

>I only fight for trans rights because its relevant

This is hilarious. If Twitter found out about her ~misgendering poor Kai~ she would be canceled in a heartbeat if she isn't already

No. 1079094

Seems like the same person figured out how to sage. Having a drink in a video does not an alcoholic make and the wedding thing is pretty common.

If you have more info on her being an actual alcoholic then post it. That would be milky. But otherwise for now she's faded into being irrelevant here.

No. 1079125

>fucking a goth horse

No. 1079134

*marriage #2.5. Remember her quasi-marriage with the goth horse?

No. 1079137

Jaclyn glenn looks like a meth head

No. 1079140

She drinks in almost every video, Instagram posts and it goes as far back as 7 years ago. Normal people dont drink that often and get drunk on camera. 98% of the time she has a drink in her hand. I bet 100$ she cant even go a week with out a drink.
>>1079094 she based her channel off of being an atheist for the longest time but then has a religious wedding? Shes hypocritical. And doesn't practice what she preaches.

Also euginia was looking healthy when she made tht video with shane. Once jaclyn spoke out eugenia relapsed fast. So jaclyn un did everything she faught for. Cuz shes a dumb alcoholic with no brain.

No. 1079209

Either post milk or fuck off and stop necroing this dead thread

No. 1079304

>>1079209 lmfao NO. Jaclyn is
garbage and the world should know it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1079329

As much as I hate Jaclyn, weddings are traditionally planned by the parents of the bride so if Jaclyn is ethnically Jewish, it doesn’t surprise me her parents would plan a Jewish wedding. Also, Jew weddings are hilariously fun compared to normal ones. Maybe she appreciated the culture aspect of it rather than the religious aspect.

No. 1079450

Her onlyfans is a rip off. Insane prices for bikini pics.

No. 1079479

Got that post nut clarity, huh scrote? Unless she said she would post nudes and then didn't, you've only got your cumbrain to blame

>Also euginia was looking healthy when she made tht video with shane. Once jaclyn spoke out eugenia relapsed fast. So jaclyn un did everything she faught for.

Of course Shane couldn't put her in front of the camera if she had looked the same as ever and of course Jaclyn couldn't speak out about Eugenia shittalking her until Eugenia actually did it. Your logic doesn't make sense, including the rest of your comment, but keep seething

Agree that she has an issue with alcohol though, and she needs to drop her idiot friends she only keeps around to look like a cool girl (Blaire)

No. 1079920

Dumb ass. Euginia was out of her shell talking about food and looked healthy then jaclyn came around with fake ass video pretending to care shake and studder. Her fake crying with zero tears gave her acting away. Eugenia is went down hill after everyone started asking her about her mom ext.
Her drinking is sad at this point. Ohhh and she keeps saying shes done talking about eugenia then poots another glass to keep talking about it. Shes profiting off all this.

She also looks like a man with a bunch of wigs.

She made fu of greg for having a only fans but then has one her self.

No. 1080051

I hate men

I think eugenia was never planning on staying recovered. She hid her body early on seemed uncomfortable af, I really think that her ed is probably from her controlling ass mom.

Also I do think that Jaclyn has an alcohol problem. In her videos, and on livestreamsshe's always seen holding a drink. She keeps posting videos on onision even tho people in the comments tell her not to give him any attention and it's all he wants. I wish people would let his platform completely die. I don't know why anyone would hate watch him and give him money.

No. 1080078

Her channel has been on a decline for awhile. She uses onion for veiws. She uses just about anyone for veiws.

Her only fans is over priced and garbage that is true.

When it comes to eugenia her moms been cooking with her and talks to her about food now and told her on live stream months back how she was cooking dinner. Theres zero proof that her mother is starving her.
ED, cutting, self hard are normally triggered by stress. I think jaclyn pushed her to her breaking point. Jaclyn just doesn't give a fuck. Now shes harping on shane dawson to 50150 eugenia. Shes torturing this girl. They strap you down on a stretcher when 50.1.50 then take you to a mental hospital not a rehab!. They also had a taser out when they did this whole thing to eugenia.

No. 1080102


anon all your posts look exactly the same. just take up journaling or something.

No. 1080152

are you deliberately being dumb? eugenia was clearly never doing good, even in that "documentary". she has had a severe ed since her preteen years but still skirted around it saying stuff like "oh idk i guess j was just kind of not eating enough! i guess it was kind of an eating disorder" as if it wasnt intentional. she was still obviously underweight but hiding her body in massive clothes. not to mention she was only in treatment for a month and that was months before the shane video. she probably spent the what, five months(?) after dropping all the weight she gained.

i dont like jaclyn but the eugenia situation is not something to criticize her over. if she really just wanted the clout, she would've made the video when eugenia originally made the tweet saying she was privately and voluntarily working on recovering with a doctor.

No. 1080197

In Shane's video she looked better then she ever did. She had colour in her skin her face wasnt sunken in. Her hair looked healthy. Her legs had a bit more meat on them and she admitted to eating fries. All things never before seen with eugenia.
Then jaclyn made a resentful angery video cuz she has beef with eugenias mom. Instead of being a decent human and letting her heal privately she showed how shitty of a person she really is. She intentionally wanted to make things harder on eugenia. She keeps saying I'm not talking about eugenia anymore then turns around and makes another video cuz shes all about the drama. Jaclyn is pathetic and thriving on this girls eating disorder.

I'm sorry you people are so thick that you dont understand how eating disorders work.

Idgaf about your opinion

No. 1080362

most people invested in eugenia are people whove had eating disorders themselves and anybody with an ed, or just a brain, can see she was still unhealthy.

you also need to learn to integrate. it seems like you were just searching for jaclyn hate boards and stumbled here to revive this dry, dead thread because your weird hateboner.

No. 1080422

Not even Twitter would care about her misgendering Kai because of Kai's connection to and assistance of Onision's crimes

No. 1080425

If you hate men, stop sleeping with them, then.

No. 1080432

I swear this is just one person arguing with themselves. Get a life.

No. 1080490

t. eugenia

No. 1080633

god, I fucking hate edwin so much. he is such a piece of shit

No. 1080649

No one said eugenia is healthy NOW. she has clearly relapsed. Just pointing out she did look like she was somewhat on the right path to recovery before jaclyn opened her ugly huge mouth.

Uhhhhh this is a hate board genius go show your jaclynglennboner on her YouTube.lmao you clearly dont belong here then.

Edwin was the only non biased opinion on the matter. Good for him. He made valid points.
Only thing he forgot to pick apart was jaclyns lying body language and fake ass studder and crying. It was as fake as her tits.

As for the gender thing. Shes all righteous about transgender cuz shes friends with blair white. Then turns Around and miss genders some one. Uhh yeah it does look bad.

Jaclyn makes her self look bad in general.

No. 1080651

All the same person stop spamming anon.

No. 1081279

No. 1081364

Anon it’s spelled “stutter,” if you’re going to samefag don’t misspell the same words every time. No one agrees with you or cares. Go take ur meds.

No. 1082747

File: 1605423664652.png (450.36 KB, 965x470, impostor.png)

tinfoil: the low IQ samefriend dragging up super old posts about Jaclyn to get mad at is in fact Onision.

For your consideration, the telltale signs:
- can't spell
- very focussed on blaming Jaclyn for Eugenia's relapse, despite the fact that even people who hate Jaclyn could tell Eugenia was going to relapse anyway
- doesn't seem to understand how eating disorders work despite talking like they're an expert in them
- thinks that alcohol makes all your opinions invalid
- doesn't get why Onision having an OnlyFans is way cringier than anyone else having one
- >>1081279 just posted an Onision skit from 6 months ago which has no milk in it, and absolutely no entertainment value, and it's linked directly to one of his channels so he gets views from it
- the way this person types "uhhhh yeah it does look bad" in >>1080649 is exactly the same way Onision speaks when he's doing his misogynistic little "parodies" of women.

It was worth the ban to point this out, farewell anons. o7

No. 1085324


1 imposter. But everyone else on here just fucking LOVES jaclyn. Must be why they are on here then.ha.
For real get a life you annoying little pest. Anyone who stands up for jaclyns drinking is obviously an alcoholic them selves.
Her drinking does invalidate majority of her opinions if she cant have a political opinion with out being drunk.what an inspiring woman. Fakes tits, booz, degrading towards anyone who has a different opinion. What a lady to look up to.

No. 1085327

Blair white looks more like a woman than jaclyn.
Oh and anon defending her is likely the cow on site.

No. 1089370

Holy shit. Shes offically an alcoholic. She uses a breathalyzer app. Like no casual drinker has that in their possession.

No. 1118053

I give her marriage 2-3 years tops before it crumbles

No. 1118944

give it up onion boy no1curr

No. 1130188

Why did miss atheist have a Jewish wedding? The hypocrisy is mind numbing

No. 1144276

File: 1611840055412.jpg (158.52 KB, 653x566, 20210128_081619.jpg)

Look at her flat forehead

No. 1147300

File: 1612094896160.jpg (484.79 KB, 1152x922, Jaclyn.jpg)

I actually looked up this thread by googling "lolcow jaclyn glenn" wondering if there even was a thread. And I'm glad there is because boy does she grow thin on me. I used to be subbed to her, for years. Her boyfriend Blaire White I was subbed too as well. Until I realized just how full of shit and far up their own ass these people are. These people genuinely enjoy the smell of their own farts. I am so sick and tired of their bullshit. We got Jaclyn here being a "proud Atheist" whatever the hell thats supposed to mean, since she grew up in a religious household. Congratulations Jaclyn, you did it. So did about 800 million other people in the world besides you and they didn't become super duper "outspoken Atheists", trying to mock religion. Thats just the least of her flaws though. I mean she talks about her former bestie Eugenia having an eating disorder but bitch have you looked in the mirror lately? Beyond your fake tits, I mean? Every video she becomes whiter and whiter and its getting so bad its fucking up the contrast on her videos, making her look like a dead hooker found in the trunk of an old car. She's skin over bones, tits dangling everywhere because the cunt doesn't know how to dress herself and besides at this point even a size supersmall will hang over her like a tent. Then her lips I don't know what the fuck is going on here, maybe shes subconsciously so hungry that she started nibbling away at her own lips making her look like Darth Maul and slut I am sick and tired of you trying to peddle merch to us. No really, we KNOW about Adam and Eve and are fully aware you buy your dildo's there and probably now that you married a nice jewish accountant sheets that have a hole in the middle. Go sip some more grain alcohol you salty greedy narcissistic twig. I swear that bitch starts drinking at 7.30 am every morning.
Then she has the gal of accusing Chris Hansen of making money on the Onision story yeah he fucking did, but so did you, Edwin, Blaire, Mikenactor, Repzion and all the other greedy narcissist scum of youtube.
I do have to thank her for that, she's the one solely responsible for me realizing that all youtubers are the scum of the earth. They are absolute douchebags and truly, we need to rid ourselves of the influencer phenomenon. Just because these assholes made a career out of narcissism and get paid for being greedy cunts does not equal them being better than us. If anything, it makes them worse.
Fuck off Jaclyn, seriously. Go settle in Encino with your nice jewish accountant or some shit and give up this public facade you call a career. Oh, and your singing fucking sucks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1149249

Let's be real jaclyn definitely gained profit off the onision drama and victims from all her YouTube channel along with repzilla, edwin, blair white , repzion, they all suck. They are the slime of YouTube.
But jaclyn is by far the worst. She judges eugenias body figure but you are right she her self looks like death. Her paper white skin and skeletal body. I bet she doesn't eat and only drinks. Which she bitches about eugenias self harm when all she does is drink booz what looks like daily. So she should focus on her own self harm. She says shes trying to be a good friend and save eugenia all shes doing is bullying the girl and now thousands of people harassing eugenia daily. I wouldn't be surprised if eugenia snaps and trys to kill her self from all the mental stress being projected onto her. Jaclyn will feel dumb then cuz instead of saving her she will be the cause of her death.
Jaclyns a dumb bitch, a bad friend and kind of a slut. Shes gone through like 5 different guys on YouTube. I feel bad for this new guy she trapped.

No. 1149250

And bitch needs to do something about those roots.

No. 1149565

This new husbando of hers will cheat on her too, and something tells me it will be with another guy.
She has quite a landing strip. Also, blonde is definitely not her color. It makes her look like Casper the friendly ghost.

No. 1149762

The weird thing about Jaclyn is that it was actually she herself that made me hate her.
Let that sink in for a moment.
I wonder if there are any others like me that went from sort-of-fan (subbed) to just hating her.

No. 1150033

Yepp you are not alone.

Well jaclyn does have the worst taste in men. Shes really drawn to the gay metrosexual type men. These two also have a collaboration channel where they give relationship advice. Jaclyn is the last person on earth to be giving successful relationship advice.

No. 1150061

I kinda wish richie would out her for being a crazy bitch. Theres gotta be a reason why guys always cheat on her.

No. 1150106

As much as I couldn't stand watching her most of the time, I thought her input on the Eugenia documentary was fair and she certainly turned out to be right.

That still stands but now it's infuriatingly hypocritical of her to bitch about the Disney onion documentary and talk about victims not consenting to their stories being told with very little time separation between that and making another video about Eugenia. She thinks Eugenia is an abuse victim but she had no problem telling her story without her permission. Apparently that's ok for her to do but no one else. She seems sad to see onision go, like she needs the views that his occasional relevance brings.

Fuck off, he's known for cheating on everyone, so the thing she did wrong was dating him. It's incredibly scrote-like to act like men need to be given a reason to cheat besides being insecure validation-seeking little bitches. Sage your bullshit.

No. 1150150

I was in the SR Discord a while ago and while he wasn't shy about joining his deranged fangirls in shitting on all his exes, he actually defended Jaclyn. Surprised me tbh. He's still garbage.

No. 1150238

does she owe you money lmfao

No. 1150257

Honestly anon you just sound like you were offended by one of her videos or something by the way you mock her. You only gave one criticism which was her being mad at Chris Hansen for making money off of victims. Why don't you come back with some real milk next time.

No. 1150479

I just don't get why she uses such atrocious hair colors. The red and blond both look bad, her face doesn't suit super bright shades. The reddish dark brown she had before looked miles better. Goth style also looks cringy on her, she's like a normie that tries to fake having any personality by badly mimicking other people's style.

>dumb bitch
>kind of slut

How is she a slut? She wasn't the one doing any cheating. You have Onision-tier insults.

No. 1150561

How is she a slut? Shes EASY. She jumps from Man to man with out a breather. Shes now married taking sexy photos selling them online and waves her dildos around on YouTube for the world to see with her fake tits out. Shes a floozy hoochie.

>>1150061 even with him being a known cheater. Shes been cheated on before richie. Shes got bad taste in men and all she does is bitch about everything on earth. It's safe to say she drives them away into the arms of another woman because of her obnoxious personality.

No. 1150822

File: 1612372950564.jpg (585.16 KB, 1638x2048, EdfJOrPVcAAP4ZZ.jpg)

the bitch is controlling too if you ask me. like in her latest "anti-religion" video she had her new husbando in it and he looked uncomfortable as fuck. she doesn't even notice that shit, its all about her, her, her and "how right and level-headed she is."
oh i bet he has a vast array of great stories about her.
I thought they made some really good points. Don't really get why they where put out to pasture tbh.
and she's super besties with a gay guy. those are usually the worst people you'll ever meet. (no offense)

No. 1152915

File: 1612522954936.jpg (149.76 KB, 1144x700, oivey.jpg)

oi vey i'm sure David's mother Ima is glad her boy married the village bicycle nafka.

No. 1152939

File: 1612526441159.jpg (58.98 KB, 161x558, 1612522954936.jpg)

"grandma, why is that man wearing a bridesmaid dress?"
"because he's a pervert, bubele."

No. 1153217

Is this newlyweds sex life so bad that they need to order a box filled with sex toys and a flashlight lmao that's sad.

No. 1156445

File: 1612832427298.jpg (233.57 KB, 1200x1065, rolling_in.jpg)

No. 1156447

File: 1612832476618.jpg (18.21 KB, 192x212, jewg.jpg)

No. 1213425

If anyone deserves to move into a new house. ITS NOT JACLYN GLENN. shes posted links for people to send them stuff off a wish list for the new house.
Like if u cant afford to buy that shit your self maybe you shouldn't buy a house in the first place..
She doesn't even work. She has an only fans. Lmao. Shes not a hard worker. Shes not inspirational. Why the fuck does she deserve a new house ? She really doesn't. She piggy backs off other youtubers to make her YouTube money. She should thank eugenia cooney for that house for giving her so many views.

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