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No. 413023

Megan Marie Hall is an obscure but lolcow youtuber I think would make great entertainment if more people knew about her. She's an extremely obese 28 year old woman, obsessive stalker, and radically delusional hog. A few things to note:
>she was catfished in the myspace days by someone pretending to be the famous rapper Omorian, she still believes till this day that she used to be Omorian's girlfriend.

>she literally, legitimately believes in witches, mermaids, fairies, etc. literally. she has an IQ of about 22

>makes fake story times. in real life, she's obese, single and probably never leaves her house or has any friends besides her mom.

>she makes hundreds of fake accounts. to prove to her few haters that people do like her, she's made about 20 fake youtube accounts to leave herself comments and likes. but the accounts are all blank and with usernames that obviously point to her.

>she calls anybody who says something bad to her on her accounts a "stalker". There are 3 girls she used to be friends with who she had a falling out after they realized she was psycho bitch, and she constantly calls them her stalkers. Better yet, she accuses them of making fake accounts to harass her, accuses them of mimicking her, and accuses them of stalking her, all things that SHE'S doing to them.

>she has a very extreme "single white woman syndrome" case towards one of those girls where she tries to BE her (the girl in question is nothing special to warrant this kind of obsession at all, Megan is just a crazy psycho like that). She's been making videos telling lies and talking trash about her for years and years, so much that the girl had to file multiple restraining orders against her to get her to leave her alone.

>she's racially self-loathing and delusional, believes her own lies. Her father is black and her mother is half-black, but here's a video of her claiming that she is only 4% black and that she found that out because she went to the doctor for a physical and they told her that when they tested her blood type ??? (protip: you have to pay $100 for a DNA test from a lab, they don't just give it to you at the doctor's, and it's done with saliva not blood)

for a rundown on her craziness, this is a story time by the girl she's so obsessed with : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGtWHtyMAcY

she's super trollable. leave a comment and she'll go turbo psycho and accuse you of being Harriet, Ashley or Kayla.

No. 413026

forgot to mention, she also believes Omarion named his son, Megaa, after her, and that he writes subliminal tweets meant for her.

No. 413044

seems more like she's mentally ill, not v lulzy, more sad

No. 413379

Umm, that could be said for probably the majority of all our cows here, do you know that?!

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