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File: 1419040469246.jpg (143.9 KB, 641x906, image.jpg)

No. 421879

A sane person needs to have followed her Instagram for only a few minutes to find out she is angry, lazy, close minded and always looking for a handout. I am not sure who is worse Randomlancila (Amber) for repeatedly preying on her followers (whom she doesn't bother to respond to a majority of time) or her followers, the ones who aren't trolls.

No. 421880

Her instagram is private. Any history?

No. 421881

She is a "body positive activist" and feminist who used to be friends with Rosie. They had it out on social media because Amber (Randomlancila) had problems with Rosie's posts. She didn't feel they were body positive enough or inclusive enough. She started a hashtag called intersectional body positivity. Spelled that out with spaces because it doesn't roll off the tongue. She has hit up her followers for money many times. She doesn't always come out and post a link asking for $ but she will post shit like this. Of all the people I follow for lulz she is the absolute fucking worst because she preys on people who seem to have poor self esteem. And if they give her cash surely she will be their friend. Followed her for a long time. Did not realize it was private. Can post more if there is interest.

No. 421882

Thanks, OP! Fucking hell.
I'm wondering how she was on Instagram if her Internet was shut off? 3G or Internet cafe or something? Weird.

No. 421883

I wondered that also. She does go to school and she likes to remind followers of the perils of not knowing her grades (do your professors not fucking give you grades during the quarter/semester)? She also posted an amazon link to her wish list. Someone offered to buy her something, so of course she responded to them. Actually she did a whole post about it. She said it was okay to get her a Dunkin Donuts gift card instead of Starbucks. Isn't she a gem? Using their wifi while sipping on a follower-paid coffee? She is vile. And her fucking self entitlement seems to have no bounds.

No. 421884

File: 1419054378554.jpg (280.52 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpg)

Her house was (is still?) so nasty, she wore two masks - and nothing else - to clean the closet her cat used as a litter box. It wasn't a long time after she opened an account to sell her clothing.

No. 421885

Oh my god that's disgusting holy shit
How could she go that long without noticing? Is her cat litter trained? I'm seriously considering getting instagram just to follow her

No. 421886

My cat pissed in my closet once from a uti and I could smell it as soon as I opened the closet. How the fuck can it get that bad without being able to smell it from the room?? Cat piss is rank, I'm gagging just thinking about it.

No. 421887

No. 421888

I'm guessing she made it private after her debacle with Rosie.

No. 421889

Can someone who follows her post caps of her insta? Like recent stuff ty

No. 421890

omg.. dude, you can survive without internet. there are libraries with computers for a reason. and they are FREE.

She still has power, water and heat, right? so she can get over not having fucking internet. and unless she is applying to jobs, she doesn't /need/ a cell phone.

Does this bitch have a job or is she just leeching off her followers?

holy shit that is so disgusting. I can't let my cat's litter box go three days without cleaning it out.. how could someone live in that jfc

No. 421891

File: 1420831392430.jpg (126.58 KB, 641x662, image.jpg)

It's been 3 weeks since she hit up her follows for cash. Her car is repossessed. She needs 2K and is "afraid" to start a gofundme because of "backlash" (in other words, comments about how lazy this is from people who have actually have jobs and manage their own afairs) she got last time. Her profile being on private is a shame. She is one of the worst people I have ever known about.

No. 421892

Take the bus.
Get a job.

I'm not even starting a fundraiser after spending 10k on my dog's surgeries. I feel like it's my responsibility and people can donate money to other causes. I'm trying to get a new job and getting a part time job. 2K can be raised by getting a small part time job and saving. It's NOT FUCKING HARD. These cows are so god damn fucking fat!

No. 421893

Seriously. I live in Colorado, known for having absolutely shitty public transportation unless you are in the heart of Denver. Even then, especially if you aren't a student going to a transport school (giving you a free bus pass,) the busses are usually difficult and always expensive.
But it's still not that difficult! I am lucky enough to be able to afford a car with some help from my mom, but none of my roommates do, and instead rely on public transport. They still get to their jobs every day and only in emergencies call me for a ride.

If you are a student, public transport is a lot less expensive than paying for a car (and with it gas, payments, insurance, ect.) And if it was going to cost me 2k to get my car back, I would not even bother. I would just get a job, any job, that was in a ten mile radius of me and use a fucking bicycle. Maybe between rent and food I would be able to save up 2k, but in the grand scheme of things, having a car is not strictly necessary if you are willing to work and compromise to get to your job. Or hell, just start slinging crack or heroin or meth, you can raise 2k easily.

smh at these fat cows

No. 421894

File: 1420860057093.jpg (184.16 KB, 632x618, image.jpg)

And, just as expected, here is. Don't call Über, or Lyft or share rides with a frien. It's better to whine to strangers. Nauseating.

No. 421895

File: 1420860488112.jpg (170.91 KB, 637x922, image.jpg)

Further proof she's a narcissistic mess – She went to a wedding in a dress that wasn't ironed. I suppose I am not surprised since she had to wear two face masks to clean her closet, with clothing covered in cat pee, that she wouldn't bother with something like ironing. Never mind the bride and groom will have photos of this wrinkled disaster. But hey - her cankles were "on fleek" so what else could possibly matter?

No. 421896

Can someone post the gems from her IG? I feel like it's a goldmine but her insta is private

No. 421897

File: 1432620372989.jpg (53.83 KB, 493x353, ce2.jpg)

Literally don't know anything about this girl but JESUS CHRIST HER LEGS (HER ANKLES ESPECIALLY) WHAT THE FUCK

No. 421898

Isn't that site for medical fundraisers? Is that fu drainer a violation of TOS?

No. 421899

I sent a request to her insta, I'm fat so I'm sure she'll accept it. I'll post things when she does.

No. 421900

Why… would you even post that information on the internet? That is something you don't tell the world so they don't think you're a fat disgusting slob.

No. 421901


No. 421902

Damn! T-thanks for trying anon :(

No. 421903

Oh god she is so fucking fat it's terrifying i feel really bad if i gain even 3pounds and eat very little and move my ass but i would kill myself if i ever became that fat oh god…Landwhale size

No. 421904

Also she is so punchable just move you fat greasy sow and get a fucking job, move your lard ass in general.

No. 421905

File: 1510475333310.jpg (198.03 KB, 713x800, IMG_9509.JPG)

She hasn't changed much tbh

No. 421906

Those leggings were black until she put them on

No. 422074

Does anyone know what ever happened to Rosie?

No. 422845

holy shit I always thought of myself as disgustingly obese but even I fit in that like three times… how do people even get that fat…

No. 422869


Quirkyloverosee Rosie? IIRC she got back with ratboy and came back to insta with marginally less shitty makeup and seeming a lot more humble and laid back and anons kinda got bored of her.
I'm too lazy to look tbh but I'm sure her kiwifarms thread will fill you in on what happened to her.

No. 422878

No. 424646

I have that same thought.. like once I have any overhang on my stomach or anywhere, it would be time to look at a diet. But I guess some people just don't care or truly have some abnormal physiology that leads to this.

Overweight I can understand, but obesity on this level is hard for me to understand! D:

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