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File: 1511356548479.png (77.41 KB, 512x512, tumblr_odgcg8tsgU1uu2nnqo1_540…)

No. 429928

Popular tumblr horror/'science' blogger who's been getting into a lot of trouble recently.

>Routinely steals content from r/nosleep and shitty pseudoscience blogs

>Rarely bothers to actually fact check or correctly source the information she posts
>Criticised for making so many posts on mental illness on her blog, claims it's "to educate" but often tags the posts under her "creepy" tag
>Stole an artist's artwork for one of her shirts
>Tried to start a program called "Sixpenceee Heals" where she would charge people $30 to fill out a survey and she would write a psychological report on them to help them "be the best version of themselves", despite being a neuroscience student with absolutely no training or qualification in psychiatry. Later apologised for the post and decided not to pursue it. Claims she was "just trying to help people", which doesn't really account for why she tried to charge people $30 for her pseudo-therapy.
>Mentioned visiting family in Bangladesh who have an 8-year-old girl working for them as a maid. When people were understandably horrified at this, she said she didn't condone it but "that's what they do here".
>When these things are now brought up, she claims "it was all taken out of context", the Sixpenceee Heals program was "akin to a life coaching program" and the child labour post was "to raise awareness".


No. 429930

File: 1511356670063.jpg (212.78 KB, 1570x506, shirt design.jpg)

The stolen shirt design

No. 429933

File: 1511357006372.png (331.32 KB, 680x538, 69b.png)

Sixpenceee Heals

No. 429935

File: 1511357148351.png (69.16 KB, 481x696, childlabour.png)

Part 1 of her child labour argument

No. 429936

File: 1511357237145.jpg (112.13 KB, 499x503, childlabour2.jpg)

…and her super defensive reply (sorry to post it in parts, I can't use photoshop for shit)

No. 429939

File: 1511358023541.png (31.16 KB, 537x629, pls no bully.png)

and her backtracking

No. 429943

this thread is long overdue, thanks anon!

No. 429952

Agreed. Thanks for the caps, OP. Has anything happened recently? IIRC these incidents are several months old.

No. 429961

I've been waiting on this thread for years, thank you so much anon. Didn't she "cry type" her apology for sixpenceee heals? How sexpantssss hasn't been driven off the internet yet is beyond me.

No. 429964

Was following her years ago but her advertising stuff was annoying

No. 429966

I'm surprised this thread is just now appearing.

I'm going to second >>429952 though and say I haven't really seen any drama from her lately? All that other stuff is kind of said and done and she's still just a generally shitty person but has she done anything new?

No. 430027

I remember drama with her from a few years ago, everyone was reblogging 'dont repost sixpence!!' posts, even moreso around halloween but I didnt seem like anyone really knew why? It was trendy to not support her for some time ig. Thanks for making this thread maybe now I can finally figure out wtf was going on kek

No. 430033

Yeah, I remember this too. She used to spam her advertisements all day every day.

No. 430127


I actually completely agree with you!
I used to follow her and she struck me as a little full of herself and constantly shilling her ugly-ass shirts but I didn't really care too much, so I was a little surprised when I saw her in the requests thread. I was pretty shocked when I saw >>429933 and the creepy as fuck cult leader-esque way she spoke.

Anyway, onto my actual point, I thought I might as well give an overview for people like myself and >>430027 who didn't really catch the drama as it unfolded since people were asking for a thread on her. I'm sure she'll be lying low right now but I'm optimistic enough to hope it might be able to be used in the future, kinda like how the Zoella thread is relevant again.

No. 430136

File: 1511377496770.jpg (112.24 KB, 515x545, apology.jpg)


She actually gave a fairly decent apology with some resources. What I don't get, though, is why she would charge $30 a pop if she "just wanted to help people".

No. 430382

Where was the first time she mentioned this 8 year old? I remember when this was happening but I couldn't find it (she probably deleted it) but does anybody have caps? I can understand what she says here >>429936 , but it really all depends on what she said to begin with.

No. 430492

sixpencee is just full of herself. I had some private messages with her before and she gets bored fast and rudely pushes you away if you aren't anything big on tumblr.

She actually posts some narcissistic things? I remember she would post about having a lot of boyfriends? and this one post where she said she'll bown down to any hot girl who manages to get her bfs attention or something like that.
But anyways, she's gotten pretty annoying and I stopped following her when she kept on reposting old crap and advertising sponsored items

No. 430509

Exactly the same, I never even actually followed her but I would scroll on the tumblr daily for all of my crime/weird medical/whatever interests. Eventually every other post was advertising her damn scary story contest or her shitty overpriced stolen cliche shirt designs

No. 430856

She regularly stole from a tumblr/blogspot blogger named deformutilation years ago, I wonder if she still does. Deformutilation would speak out against it but no one seemed to care.
But good to know people are finally calling her out.

No. 430895

I knew there had to be shit about this bitch. I used to follow her until I started noticing more ads and shit on her blog than actual content. I can't believe she doesn't get called out more for that.

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