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No. 432463

Pulp is famous for being a nude model on Suicide Girls. Runs a patreon posting nudes and has been known to be touchy and easy to offend.

>Had an IG post stating that she should be getting Valentine's Day gifts for all the dudes who jerk off to her and linked her amazon wishlist. After backlash, took it down and called it a "joke"

>Reports from personal friends stated that she would borrow large sums of money and get gifts from friends, but never paid back anything.
>Complains about bills and years of student loans (despite getting an associates at a community college) and then buys hundreds of dollars worth of shoes and lingerie
>Routinely attacks and social-media-shames her fans who comment basic things like "nice boobs", exclaiming that boobs aren't sexual.
>Gets fans for being a "gamer" and "nerd", dropping old videogame and old anime references. Talks about buying games all the time and how she's such a gamer, but public Playstation profile shows she plays 0 of them and they're all old games.
>Routinely asks people to buy things for her dog who is an "emotional support animal" because she "can't afford" toys or dog crib.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pulpfictionally
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pulpfictionaly

No. 432467

File: 1511744548272.png (136.82 KB, 631x577, monhun.png)

"you like monster hunter? so do i!"

No. 432470

I thought the OP thread pic was Lauryn Lawler at first.

No. 432483

what the hell is suicide girls? this reeks selfpost.

No. 432497


sadboys who pay money to see girls be naked but it's okay because it's "artistic"

No. 432500

a softcore porno site for ~~alt gurls~~ from…. what, like 2004?

No. 432514

It's this one softcore porn site where all the girls have colorful hair and tats.
Zoe Quinn has been there, so yeah, the standards are kind of. Uh.

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