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File: 1512089425479.jpeg (75.3 KB, 300x300, 878CDB73-1A77-4575-B055-759F20…)

No. 435321

Faze Banks is a 26 year old vlogger/YouTuber who first got e-famous playing Call Of Duty. He help found faze clan, an e-sports company that sponsers players.

He briefly left faze clan last year after admitting he has an adderall addiction; later came back and denied having any substance abuse issues and blames his irrational behavior on “lack of sleep” and “taking medication I shouldn’t have been prescribed.” Admitted that he briefly spent time in a psych unit during this phase.

Has had multiple “beefs” with Jake Paul due to dating Jake’s former side hoe Alissa Violet. Jake Paul’s assistant accused him of assaulting her; this was most likely untrue. The beef with Jake Paul is ironic because his best friend is Asian Jake Paul.

Recently has had a shit ton of drama surrounding multiple altercations he had with patrons and staff at a bar called The Barley House in Cleveland, OH. The Barley House released their own exposed video showing multiple incidents of Banks becoming aggressive (and revealed that he is hella balding).

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/bankshasbank
Instagram: www.instagram.com/banks @banks
Twitter: www.twitter.com/banks @banks

Alissa Violet is Jake Paul’s ex whatever; he has accused her of fucking his brother while they were fucking. She got kicked out of the team 10 House last year. Currently she is living with Banks. She may be a sugar baby. She is definitely an instahoe.

Instagram: @alissaviolet
Twitter: @alissaviolet

The rest of the faze clan and clout gang can be discussed here including Asian Jake Paul.

No. 435323

Video Faze Banks released about The Barley House incident.

No. 435324

Video The Barley House released after Faze Banks video.

No. 435333

File: 1512090555909.jpeg (18.57 KB, 168x94, E150142B-D75C-448A-B50D-3AF0E6…)

Shitty potato quality pic of Banks’ bald spot.

No. 435335

jesus I didn't know he was 26 lol so embarrassing for him to be constantly be picking fights with 18 year olds and to be living with rice gum

I used to think Alissa Violet the benefit of the doubt because she came out about being bullied by Jake Paul and didn't tolerate their BS anymore, but she is just like them

No. 435338

Honestly if Alissa wasn’t so stupid and shallow I think she’d be a decent person but the people she chooses to surround herself suck and so does she.

No. 435339

Cringey video of Banks thinking he is a celebrity in Game Stop

No. 435342

I used to feel bad for her because of how poorly she was treated by Team 10, but now I don't think she is the poor innocent girl she used to make herself out to be.

Anyways we all know she will end up ok because she is a young pretty girl

No. 435343

Whyyy can't I unclick and unwatch this? This is too much second-hand embarrassment for me to handle, I can't take it.

No. 435349

eh, to be fair from what I've seen of the Barley House footage they were being agressive with Alissa first
but yeah, I generally despise the whole croud that surrounds both Jake Paul and Rice Gum, these are our youth idols. yay…

No. 435368

Omg this is great. Ahahahahaha.
Also you'd think a "pro gamer" would know that Gamestop doesn't hire hardcore gamers and youtube cucks for their associate positions. The people there are pretty balanced and casual for the most part, probably considered 'normies.' Of course they'd have no idea who this faggot is.

Thanks op for showing me another literal who cringe gamer on youtube. This ought to be good.

No. 435399

I would love for a legal major to weigh in on what they predict the outcome of the lawsuit between Barley House and Faze and Alissa will be.
I feel like barley will sue for defamation, slander, or libel (idk which one). I think Faze mentions that he feels Barley should be liable for his and Alissa's injuries. He also says they are creating a false narrative which might be defamation.
Faze said a barley employee grabbed Alissa's ass. I wonder if they went to court, would Faze have to be able to prove that that is true? Would they be liable for defamation if they can't prove it?
Also, Faze said that the girl and guy who were involved in punching Alissa when they returned to Barley were staff. He believed that they were at the time, but later admitted that they are not. That claim is pretty clearly defamation..

No. 435432

Honestly? Nothing

No one is going to pursue a lawsuit cus faze doesn't want to spend and barley would probably go out of business to try and defend themselves

No. 435557

File: 1512123543798.png (719.4 KB, 750x1334, 8D0D33D5-2E67-4819-9FF0-42A77A…)

His twitter bio

No. 435558

File: 1512123616413.png (174.08 KB, 750x1334, CBF23272-F7E5-4922-83FF-8767C8…)

He just hit 4 million subs…calls keemstar his friend. Enough said.

No. 435560

File: 1512123828060.png (197.88 KB, 750x1334, A9CEB8E3-2A5B-48F8-A203-FA7AF2…)

Tweets from the Barley House night.

No. 436649

The fact that all he keeps doing is starting internet beef/getting into fights with people just makes me not want to take his side anymore. The shit with Jake Paul and the assistant was clearly BS but now it's like every week he's doing some stupid shit against someone so now I'm just like "man, you're probably just a cocky douche irl and thinks everyone owes you shit because you're e-famous"

He seems fucking insufferable.

No. 436657

Latest update is that a judge put a restraining order on Banks and Alyssa to not talk about Barley House and they can't come within 200ft of the establishment because of endangerment.

A lot of people are saying it's because the fans were sending the workers and the bar death threats and shit but then the idiots are like "Waaahhh they're taking away Banks and Alyssa's freedom of speech!!!" when a) freedom of speech doesn't work like that and b) banks himself was sending death threats to the place and that's probably why the restraining order held up.

Imo the whole thing was probably a misunderstanding on banks and alyssa's part, they were being antagonistic douchebags and everyone there who knew each other stood for each other and beat the shit out of them. I mean Alyssa and Banks don't even have a good excuse for her being beat up. They were literally escorted off site to a car to go home by a security guard and then they CAME BACK after they dropped Alyssa's mom at home. Like that's literally just starting shit.

No. 436663

Yeah, the new wave of "YT drama" is just plain trashy. Honey Boo Boo levels of trashy.

No. 436665


Both dudes ( Jake and Banks ) are fuckin hideous. I found it hard to feel sympathy for her when it was obvious she only dated them for fame and money. She really isn't any better than Jake and his gang tbh.


Money and numbers have gone to both of their heads that they think they're royalty and never in the wrong. Literally if management is telling you they don't want you in the staff area, then leave. He has no right to argue that he has permission when he was being told to leave by management. Why could neither of them use the upstairs bathroom ? for you know, customers.

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