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File: 1430813954054.jpg (40.82 KB, 500x882, 1430779820966.jpg)

No. 4869

No. 4870

I guess she's too poor to buy the costume lol

No. 4871

her wig is too long for gasaii.. worst cosplay she did tbh

No. 4872

She never buys costumes for the characters she "cosplays". It's always really half-assed

No. 4873

she gets wigs from sponsors. she's too poor to buy the costume like the first anon said, kek. so much for being rich and being able to afford cartier bracelets when u can't even afford cosplays. those eyes are shooped terribly

No. 4874

In response to the anon saying Berry tweeted about not calling people by their first name in her culture…
You meant Berry's culture, right? Thats hilarious. You call everyone big sister/brother, aunt, uncle, etc. And yeah, you don't say people's first names because they all have stupid nicknames like Bingbing, Tingting, Mano, Baby, Pong, ___boy, etc.

No. 4875

She might not claim she's a cosplayer rn, but she could atleast given more effort on the makeup. I think it would have looked MUCH better if she atleast took of the bottom lashes. But seems like she shooped her nose less small in this pic?? which is good!

No. 4876

Gasaii is a lolcow on tumblr. Gasai is the last name of an anime character.

No. 4877

lol yea i realized that after i made that comment

No. 4878

No. 4879

She's Filipino and my Filipino friends say that "berrys culture" thing about not calling people by their first name is stupid and not true. I'm Chinese and it's definitely untrue (just in case berry makes some dumb tweet how she claims her chinese side does this). Not sure where Berry got that culture thing from. I have theory it might be something she got from animes lol weeb so hard

No. 4880

Even in anime it isn't different than anywhere else, the only people you don't call by the first name is people you don't know personaly.

No. 4881

So you're saying you only call your classmates by their last name? Idk about you but I live in America like Berry and let me tell you that's not what we do here, unless it's to a authoritative figure, then we say Mr/Ms/Mrs. (last name). Sorry if I sound rude, I just don't think we're on the same page lol

Berrys tweet was about her not calling people by their first name even if they ask her to, and she would only call them by their username. I believe in the tweet jane/PC told her to call her by Angel and Berry replied saying it was "against her culture to call someone by their first name" something like that. Not sure if the tweets deleted but I'll try to find it…..

No. 4882

does she not have anything else to do? y'know being a 20 year old and having a "car" and living in "new york" and being a supa smart student and such you would think she would be doing something with her life by now lol

No. 4883

Yup…there is so much to do in New York, especially if you have money to waste. If she actually lived here (and was as rich as she says), why don't we get pictures of fancy restaurant food? Designer stores? Times Square, the Met, etc. There is so much to show off, and the fact that she doesn't have pictures of anything New York related is a big red flag lol.

No. 4884

well we already proved that she lives in nj but i live in a pretty big city – just bc you live in a big city doesn't mean you have to show off though lol

No. 4885

But its newyork! She doesnt even need to "show off" time square or anything, if she is rich like she claims she would be out a lot. Id expect lots of going out photos like eating out or hauls even. But she has none of that so lol

No. 4886

*eating out in nice eateries in new york. Bakeries etc theres so much to do and so many pretty things in new york

No. 4887

But you're probably not a show-off like Berry is, and I'm pretty sure she would show all the expensive shit to make her "haters so jealous desu"

No. 4888

To be fair, if you're rich you always eat out/ go shopping. And if Berry was doing those type of things she'd be bragging about it.

No. 4889

I said there is so much to show off specifically based on her who loves to show off everything, I know just bc you live in a big city you don't have to show off. But if she can show off and pretend it's legit she will. So if she says something but doesn't have pics it's a big red flag to me that she's lying lol.

No. 4890

this. if her life is really that great and exciting and RICH, why is there not more content…

No. 4891

What kind of rich girl living in New York spends all day in her room? And has no photos of going to nice places? Yet she took the time to post a picture of plain instant ramen

It's so obvious she is not rich nor a resident of NY. And I know ppl have supposedly proved it but it never hurts to have more supporting evidence.

Everything about her social media screams 'fabricated'. Especially her selfies, "I put on makeup with nowhere to go and carefully took xx amounts of pictures of which I chose one or two and photoshopped". No pictures of her outside happily smiling with all the friends she claims to have.

No. 4892

Question (new to Berry) how have people proved she isn't from NY? Just curious, not doubting it.

No. 4893

inb4 anyone is mean lol

You'll find that information in the last thread, scroll back to the top of this one and click on the last thread link. I suggest you look at all the other threads too.

No. 4894

And in what kind of world does anyone rich ever eat instant ramen…

No. 4895

LOL that instant ramen photo cracked me up. She made it look pretty but I'm pretty sure her intentions was to make her look more japanese or something. Does she have any idea what real ramen looks like?

She never posts her fillipino side anymore besides occasionally speaking it. If i remember correctly along time ago she use to post more things related to her culture and not japanese 99% of the time.

No. 4896

Seriously, for someone so rich that lives in newyork and whatever she has nothing else to do but be on the internet all day and make face cosplays and shit.

She keeps digging herself deeper and deeper lolol

No. 4897

Yeah Berry is the total bragging type. Her fake cartiers are a great example of many lol

Watch you guys, shes going to go visit New York again and take a tons of photos of it then gradually post them a day to make it seem like shes legit living in NEw York. I call it.

And besides her fake cartiers she doesnt do anything fancy or fun. Shes a total hermit, trying to live out her fantasy dream life on the internet and then making her own self delusional. I really do think something is a little wrong with her and shes delusional about it.

No. 4898

I thought this might be something to note but if she claims to live in new york why are all her selfie backgrounds in her room? Lol cover your lies up better berry…

No. 4899

*house in NJ room I mean

No. 4900

> take a tons of photos of it then gradually post them a day to make it seem like shes legit living in

LOL sounds like Berry in NY will become the new Kaka in Japan.

No. 4901

KEK you beat me to it, asshole.

It's the Kiki syndrome.

No. 4902

>>84022 remember this? the profile is already deleted

No. 4903

The ouji one? Sorry im on mobile and lolcow is being weirdish but wow of course berry probably took it down herself or asked him to. Hm havent seen any new screenshots of them camming together.
So those facebook chats of them talking to each other, if it is true she is just using his account, is she just talking to herself then? Because so far all the evidence of them not being together anymore and her using his account to be him seems really likely

No. 4904

My family is considered well-off where we live (not top 1% rich, but we live in a big house and can afford to go out for dinner often) but we still eat instant ramen when we don't feel like cooking or going out lol.

That being said, Berry isn't rich so I'm not surprised she eats instant ramen.

No. 4905

Obviously people sometimes eat ramen for shits, but taking a picture of ramen while saying you're rich is on a different level.

No. 4906

If she's going to put egg in her instant ramen she could at least cook it in the pot instead just stirring a raw egg into the broth

No. 4907

That yellow coloring is egg? Makes sense lol

I like how someone asked in the comments if it was tomato soup ramen LOL

No. 4908

Yeah nothing against people who eat ramen, its just berry tries so hard to act like shes rich as fk when shes probably average and considering how weeb she is.
Pretty funny that its obviously instant ramen too and not "real ramen" (knowing berry and how she likes to brag and show off how rich she is You would think she wouldnt take a photo of simple instant noodles)

No. 4909

"you guys dare say I'm not rich?? -goes to rich friends house with a sandwich- LET ME TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR KITCHEN PLS"

No. 4910

File: 1430931452458.jpg (116.34 KB, 579x1024, CEU2nbBWMAAhOL4.jpg)

although my kitchen looks exactly the same as that and my family is poor af lol (forgot to add the picture that she posted)

No. 4911

LOL where is that one kitchen photo with the pizza berry took before? Pretty sure its posted in the threads, would make a good comparison for this photo lmao
Oh berry stop trying you childish weeb, you're middle class at most and live in a little blue house in NJ. Nothing wrong with that.

No. 4912

Berry is obviously stupid and not rich… from what I know not a lot of rich kids brag about how rich they are and do proofs like she does. Plus her other photos proove enough that she isnt rich. Jesus I feel only pity for this chick lol how pitiful. Truly a 12 year old.
Like honestly a photo of a sandwhich and you include the entire kitchen bersus the tiny sandwhich LOL where was that kitchen in your other photos

No. 4913

Also kitchens like that doesn't neccessarily mean youre rich. I know some middle class and below people with kitchens like that. Its 2015, people are modernizing up!

No. 4914

^^^yep exactly. like I said my kitchen looks like that and my family doesn't have much money at all but you know, this IS korinne we're talking about. she thinks this proves that she's rich lol

No. 4915

no wonder she's fat, she only eats junk food

No. 4916

To me, it just looks like your standard kitchen with some nice countertops and cupboards. It's pretty small, too. Nothing wrong with it.

Say she does have a really, really nice home or something, like it costs a fortune. There's a thing called "house rich", where people dump all their savings and money into a ritzy home, but don't have much leftover to pay for nice furniture to match. So they have a beautiful home with dumpy interior design.

But idk. Her & her family finances don't interest me all too much, but it is juicy.

No. 4917

>all dat clutter and mess lol

No. 4918

Plot twist: she's trolling all of you people whl actually care enough about the egg in her ramen noodles or her kitchen.

No. 4919


No. 4920

I just think its hilarious how she said "Made myself a sandwhich" yet took a photo of her entire kitchen while the sandwhich takes up like 5% of the photo lol okay korrinne we all know youre just trying to show off how "rich" you are with "your kitchen".

this photo could be old though, say like taken from a friends house a while ago and she just now posted it because she lurks the threads and wanted to prove us wrong looool
and this would be a pitiful troll if she was trolling us LOL

No. 4921

File: 1430937869834.jpg (32.08 KB, 460x307, Amare-Stoudemires-kitchen-cabi…)

This is just a regular fucking kitchen. Having an island countertop doesn't mean you're rich, lmao.

Now if she posted something like this, I'd be impressed.

No. 4922

plot twist korinne posts this picture on her twitter claiming THIS is her kitchen haha (or better yet, implying it's her kitchen like she usually does)

No. 4923

she isn't dumb enough to post a picture you can google lol

No. 4924

I'm not so sure about that

No. 4925

don't you guys think it's hilarious how berry is a weeb but her best friend is a koreaboo??

No. 4926

Ikr ?? Michelle hahah

No. 4927

she's not well known but she's def a koreaboo lol

No. 4928


and LOL

No. 4929

File: 1430942842640.jpg (47.16 KB, 341x604, w0frpctdzYM.jpg)

Here's the other picture

No. 4930

yo it's not even the same kitchen lmfao

No. 4931

maybe it's her brother's house? the older who lives with his family? idk but that shit is totally different kek

No. 4932

I can believe the "nice " kitchen is her brothers or someone else's. Since she tries so hard to prove she's rich when we all know she lives in a shack. lol

No. 4933

the house isn't /that/ bad lol

No. 4934

i agree, i think it's a pretty common house, but definitely not 'rich desu' as she claims

No. 4935

sorry I used the term "shack" meaning compared to how rich she claims to be lol

No. 4936

Maybe it's just me but do you think the table might have been edited? If you zoom into the edge of the table near the sandwich it looks like she used the clone tool to redraw it on

No. 4937

It could just be the lighting but if you look out the window you can see blue. I'm pretty sure that's part of her house, lol, once again proving she doesn't live in a light grey/red house.

No. 4938

Sorry for sounding very ignorant, but is this just companies having a consistent taste or do people pay to have their kitchens like this? Whenever I see American houses they always go for the beige/brown Italian inspired look.

No. 4939

File: 1430949519485.png (43.34 KB, 1170x1098, diagram.png)

There's nothing wrong with that kitchen but it's not a 'wealthy person with money to burn' kitchen.

ALSO that tabletop does not look like an island, it looks more like a regular counter that is probably used to separate the kitchen area from another room without building a whole wall. Idk how to describe it but see image attached.

No. 4940

Also if you look out the window you see something that looks like a coat hanger?… Is it still normal in US to hang out laundry in your backyard?
Also I have a suspicion that it's not her kitchen after all. Owen looks different and if you look at >>4929 there is no microwave above it. Also from this angle you should be able to see tabletop, but there is none. Everything else looks the same, though. So there are my thoughts:
1) This is somebody's else house who happen to have the same cupboard design (maybe even her brother's, for ex. her parents recommended him this exact furniture company, or had discount for this exact design);
or 2) Her parents renovated the kitchen recently and she tried to brag about it in this really weird way. I don't know what is wrong with just posting a picture with a caption like "New kitchen!" or "My parents bought new … for kitchen!", maybe Korinne is just too IDGAF for this.

No. 4941

Berry brags and tries to prove her wealth way too much lol… my family is quite well off in Berry's standards (paying $60k for school or smth) but this is the first time I've mentioned it to anyone because it's not even important like nO ONE CARES LOL
wearing wealth as an accessory is already a dead giveaway that it's fake (((berry))) her personality is literally just "boob ochinchin boobs boobs video games college hentai rich money cartier boobs oppai hime des u"
being ""rich"" doesn't make you any cooler than anyone else I'm cringing so hard

No. 4942

File: 1430953118408.jpg (229.45 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpg)

the differences I noticed between the kitchens
they cupboards and cabinets look the same but the island is gone (diff angles??) and the fan ventilation thing (dont know what it's called) is replaced by a microwave idk how that even happens

No. 4943

the cabinets are actually different if you notice the handles

No. 4944

File: 1430953394358.jpg (148.76 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

oh I didn't even catch that but wow I must say that I'm surprised she actually puts some thought into her lies

No. 4945

File: 1430953631027.jpg (184.7 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

I take it back about the cabinets being the same as well

No. 4946

File: 1430955935296.jpg (83.46 KB, 453x604, mary3.JPG)

some old pics of Berry I didn't know about, were these posted already?

No. 4947

File: 1430955967662.jpg (49.89 KB, 600x739, 12.JPG)

No. 4948

File: 1430955986701.jpg (32.46 KB, 453x604, Mary1.JPG)

another one

No. 4949

File: 1430955999319.jpg (36.66 KB, 453x604, mary2.JPG)

and the last

No. 4950

Yes they were alrdy posted

No. 4951

comparing >>4869 and >>4949
her nose looks similar here– so this might be her real nose shape and not overly curved at the bridge like how she usually shoops it

No. 4952

Lol she obviously equates middle class with being rich. Sad

No. 4953

this is seriously not a rich house
she's pathetic, so obsessed with proving herself to people online

No. 4954

those old pics are probably edited too but when she wasn't that skilled with ps

No. 4955

It's a standard reno from 2001 sort of look. Shitty faux wood cabinets, plastic looking glass cabinet, still ONLY one sink despite reno, garbage tile backsplash and is that linoleum flooring (poor as fux) on the other picture? Makes you wonder if the marble countertops are even real at that point.

No. 4956

Even the sandwich looks poor.

No. 4957

ikr? white bread? pft this peasant. where's the whole wheat

No. 4958

i wish i had a kitchen like that tbh im too fucking poor
i think berry is average, not poor

No. 4959

she's def average lool just because she isn't as rich as she implies doesn't mean she's poor, just middle class.

No. 4960

This!! Also why she never wears her kawaii clothes and wigs outside? On the few photos of her outside she is just wearing black clothes and jeans….

No. 4961

one thing i noticed about korinne.
She said that she's only talk in Tagalog (philippines language) with her family. But if you guys notice,the screen shots of chats with her sis,bro and parents are always in english. (sorry for my poor english,i'm not from america)
are she lying about this too?

No. 4962

This. A little OT, but I have relatives that live in a home worth over a million dollars for the prime location alone.. but inside is empty. They are so poor but just have a nice house.

Filipino people tend to switch back and forth between english and their native tongue… tagalog speakers, at least. Berry and her siblings did most of their schooling here, so they probably have trouble writing in tagalog.

No. 4963

It's kind of sad that she's making it seem like it's her kitchen.
But I don't think it's fair to judge her class by her house.

I know a lot of people who live in shit houses but own like 3 BMWs and one Ferrari, people have different priorities.

No. 4964

lol during her tumblr days she tried to prove her shopped nose was real by saying something like "my nose is naturally like that, I always got bullied and teased for having a tiny nose"

No. 4965

So she claims to be scared of being called a slut for her tits.
She was made fun of for her tiny nose.
What else?

Irl she was probably just made fun of for her chubbiness.

No. 4966

tbh I'm from Eastern Europe and in my country we generally do call people by their surname or nickname, rarely their first name. But calling people by their first name still isn't weird or wrong, just not that much of a habit.

I doubt Berry is a Slav though.

No. 4967

well those are pretty stupid priorities. also she lies about having a second story home. we're not judging her class so much as her character because she's a liar.

No. 4968

By Asian standards she's not chubby, she's fat.

No. 4969

File: 1431021124628.jpg (109.6 KB, 960x1284, CEatsAYUEAANSu2.jpg large.jpg)

Her new "cosplay" picture

No. 4970

i think she screenshots them in english so people can actually understand because i've seen them talk in tagalog to each other

No. 4971

File: 1431021154673.jpg (36.8 KB, 499x668, CEalveXUkAAoCO9.jpg)

and the original one

No. 4972

Dat bad iris shoop.

No. 4973

File: 1431029438803.png (34.4 KB, 614x370, berry.png)

she's trying so hard kek

No. 4974

i feel like her boyfriend (or ex) doesnt give shit about her anymore, lol.

No. 4975

Is that really something you should be giving her shit for?

No. 4976

since she lies about her boyfriend "getting the meat" years ago and also posing with her siblings and implying it's ouji, it's fun to know that he doesn't care as much for her despite all the things she claims

No. 4977

he doesnt even favorite her tweets lmao

No. 4978

Just watch as she starts doing it (I'm still sure she is the one controlling his accounts lol)

No. 4979

is that like a requirement for being a good bf now? you sound 12
>omg you bastard you didn't like my picture on faceboook!
jesus christ grow up

No. 4980

we already know she's pretending to be ouji since they are no longer together. why are you all being dramatic lol

No. 4981

idk me and my boyfriend have tumblrs and we don't like the same content and he rarely reblogs from me. so i don't think it's a big deal that he doesn't favorite her tweets, they're all stupid ass fuck anyways and all lies
id be really suspicious if he didn't like all her photos she posts of herself

there's no concrete proof of this at all so??????

No. 4982

yeah ^ there's no proof that ouji and her aren't together, it's just something you all are speculating because of what you see but there's no hard evidence saying !! berry is faking ouji !!

No. 4983

hi korinne lol

No. 4984

Maybe because your relationship doesnt revolve around the internet unlike Berry's

No. 4985

Really, you're going to call me Korrine? How tactless. Even anon's in the ashley thread aren't so worthless kek

Actually, we literally met because of the internet and we skype a lot and stuff? That's why I was like, well i could see why he doesn't favorite her tweets after all the only people who do seem to be stupid bitches who want to gain her favor. It's not like she says worthwhile things anyways, just her fucked up engrish sugoi desu shit. But I would find it weird if he didn't like all of her photos, which I'm not sure if he does/doesn't bc I'm not looking that far into it

all i said was there's really no concrete proof that he's not real / that he is and you all are jumping the gun. it makes this whole thread look stupid, as if everything in here is stated on lies that we make up. this is why a lot of people come in here and are like "UR JUS JELOUSSSSSS" before they actually read the shit that's written in the threads

No. 4986

I love how you intentionally misspelled your own name to try to throw us off.

No. 4987

it's rather obvious.

No. 4988

Guys don't jump into conclusions. Don't assume easily that that person's Berry jfc.

No. 4989

We already concluded that Ouji is real and is still currently dating Berry.

Agree, People need to start thinking logical because we don't people to run around with shit we have no proof of. Your BF or GF doesn't need to like every single post,picture,tweet whatever.

Now let's get back on topic about berry please and thank you

No. 4990

don't want*

No. 4991

it's funny how you are like "her bf doesnt need to like all of her shit" yet all he does on twitter is reply to her (and their times usually match, isnt that weird considering they have a quite big tinezone difference?) lol youre contradicting yourself. yes ouji is real, nope, i dont believe berry is still dating him. and considering the massive liar berry is i wouldnt be surprised if that's the case. tbh berry should seek help, she's a compulsive liar.

No. 4992

their times need to match if they're having a conversation with one another.

No. 4993

why do people still care about whiteknighting berry after we all know the shit she does? our opinion won't change kek

No. 4994

File: 1431100570401.png (654.72 KB, 1268x701, ouiji_real_you_guise.png)

>How tactless. Even anon's in the ashley thread aren't so worthless kek

that sperging kind of solidifies the anon's point. why else would you be so upset.

>We already concluded that Ouji is real and is still currently dating Berry.

just as real as kimi kobayashi lmao. besides, who is "we"? her followers? you'd have to be as dense as them to believe her shit.
for all we know, they only knew each other from videochatting (doesn't he live in indonesia?).

No. 4995

I don't give a shit about your opinion, or Berry, or anyone. What annoys me is that you're being a salty nitpicky bitch looking for every single possible thing to shit on her about, which happens to all the other lolcow targets as well. That shit is so PULL I have no words, at least stick to actual things that are wrong with her except for digging deep to find a hair out of place to shit on her for just so you could feel like you belong somewhere for once.

Stop behaving like a 12yo girl jealous of the bitch who stole your boyfriend. If she's as bad as you say, you'll have plenty to nitpick instead of resorting to 'waaah why didn't her bf say what I think he should say?!'

No. 4996

>except for
instead of*

No. 4997

Oh lord, give it a rest already. This is lolcow. Did you forget faggot?

No. 4998

File: 1431101331277.png (366.82 KB, 669x587, butthurt.png)

pic related

yea, well, who else if not berry would be that upset. other option would be a really-new-to-lolcow whiteknight berrylover, but i doubt it.

No. 4999

It's weird how different his speech is from 2010. In 2013 he already texted exactly like Berry. Sure, people change, but not THAT much.

No. 5000

you don't give a shit yet you're here arguing lol berry much?

No. 5001

english isn't his first language so he's improving with his text speech and since he talks to her the most he probably takes the elements of her speech and incorporates it into his own and anyone can change that much within 3 years – you can go from being all XDDDD to…not XDDDD

No. 5002

I always thought it was Korrine? Or Korinne? Who honestly cares?

Yeah, no. I agree that it's totally obvious that they're posting at the same time. I think that's berry posing as him, but it doesn't mean that he's not real?????
This, again, still doesn't prove he doesn't exist. The mannequin/sister/brother thing doesn't mean that he's not real, it just proves that she's desperate to prove that they do things together/have visited each other when they haven't.

I'm actually that anon that first pointed out how weird it was that Ouji was posting a picture from when he was like fucking 8. And all the replies I got were like "so what that doesn't mean anything?"
So it's hilarious how you guys want to pin me as Yin ok lol

There's just not concrete proof that he's not real/they're not dating anymore.
If he had a real facebook and someone added him, and saw that he had no relation to berry anymore on that facebook , then yeah there's some more evidence. But it's literally just hearsay from everyone, and all the proof of it is "well, he only talks about berry." It's not proof.

No. 5003

no one said ouji isn't real. obviously he's real he's just not dating berry. its clear she posts for him on his accounts. and if they are together berry is a pretty shit girlfriend if you ask me since she goes on and on about "japanese boys" and talks to them like she wants their dick

No. 5004

Ok but not exactly like her…
When I was bad at English and used to chat with a guy every day, my English improved a lot but I still didn't write EXACTLY like him.

No. 5005

There's no proof of this either? That they're not dating anymore?
Although it's a really good theory, it's just a theory.

No. 5006

File: 1431106860079.gif (24.42 KB, 277x213, areyoukidding.gif)

>I think that's berry posing as him

When people say "he's not real" that they DO mean she's posing as him. I mean, it's clear as daylight that he's a real person literally.

it's way more likely that they're not together than that they are. Ockham's razor, dude.

No. 5007

The standing two things are.
Ouji isn't real - meaning they're not dating, and she poses as him.
They are dating, he rarely posts himself because she does all the posting for him.
How stupid are you

No. 5008

Ya'll need to chill. Please, let's not call each other names like that one anon did. It will bring more unnecesarry arguments.

No. 5009

File: 1431112825376.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.97 KB, 512x542, MTXX_20150508_211940.jpg)

what's the point in exercising if she's gonna stuff herself full with sweets and high calorie drinks anyway lol

No. 5010

I hate how she does this.
Just like with the squatting thing, I think she's trying to say she can eat whatever garbage she wants, do like 2 squats, and look perfect. It brings up her selfesteem, and of course she then gets a slew of comments that are like "OH I WISH I HAD YOUR BODY WOW" when she's really just a fatty

No. 5011

Same anon sorry
It's the same way that her fans call her "loli big-boobs" now
because it's in that one anime that she said she was going to cosplay, hestia the anime girl
it's said to her in the anime and now people are calling her that

No. 5012

I highly doubt she's exercising in the first place lmao maybe once in a month which she has to brag about srsly she needs to get her shit together if she wants to have a perfect body so badly she should start eating healthy and if she wants to be able to afford exp stuff she should get a fuckin job instead of buying fake products smh

No. 5013

bandwagon much. probably needed some new attention but didnt feel like shooping her whole face so she just covered 90% of it

No. 5014

but thats how savage non-kawaii, non-east asians do it! aka berry

No. 5015

isn't that 'cosplay' kaneki ken? i think she covered her face cause she doesn't have the ghoul mask he's wearing to hide his face.

No. 5016

It is, and probably yeah.

I hate how she sometimes dresses "like a guy" quotes around it because it's not like she's trying, and she doesn't look like one. I don't know why she tries, for points I guess with her followers, but she's not fluid or anything like that and it seems more like she does it mockingly than anything else

No. 5017

actually, what happend to her editing? I mean, her shooped pics looked clear before but now all of them seem extremly blurry.

No. 5018

i think she's editing the blurry ones on her phone cause she's too lazy to do it on her laptop.

No. 5019


I also think she does it to make her skin seem more flawless. Like how a lot of people will edit their skin with that meitxutu app? Don't remember what it's called but venus angelic uses it too, where they just blur and super lighten up the skin

No. 5020

well just because she buys snacks doesn't mean she's gonna eat them ALL in one sitting
calpico is not that bad of a drink btw (unless you're drinking 10 at a time?) and you don't have to go cold turkey when you diet, snacks are fine as long as you can moderate it and who wants to even go out and buy a snack every time they crave one

No. 5021

i think it's because her camera is still broken(?) and she's just using a phone camera so..

No. 5022

She looks like she eats all in one sitting then goes to buy more and then eats some more.

No. 5023

keep projecting fatty

No. 5024

Sorry that i offended you, berry. Didn't realise you were lurking. :^)

No. 5025

she's probably eating and drinking all of them while gaming lol she srsly has no life

No. 5026

Have you seen all the food she posts? All junk food and it's not just snacks. Her meals are all counter productive if she's exercising to stay fit

No. 5027

>berry trying to explain herself

Check the writing style, guys.

No. 5028

Uh no
I'm 95768 lol
We don't write the same I don't use broken racist engrish and my whole post was against her, pretty sure Yin only talks about herself when she praises herself

No. 5029

her name's korinne and yin was just another alias

No. 5030

i heard she used to open threads about herself in warosu/cgl to gain more attention?

No. 5031

ya'll are just jelly of berry's photoshop skills. you'd never look so kawaii even with tons of photoshop.

No. 5032

not sure if you're being sarcastic or…

No. 5033

instead of hating on her you guys should learn from her in order to become kawaii goddesus too. I'm gonna ask berry for a photoshop tutorial. ♡

No. 5034

Huh? This you >>5021?

Doesnt seem anti berry at all.
Would be great if anyone got caps of that

No. 5035

Not that anon, but i do feel the jelly deep inside of me

No. 5036

korinne posts on instagram : -picture of her snacks- "cheat days are my favorite" ..um okay.. hi korinne we know you don't really diet and exercise

No. 5037

Wow I just read all the threads about Berry and I have to say you guys are way more psycho than her. Okay, she's lying about literally everything and acts like a spoilt weeaboo, but at least she doesn't spread personal information and screencaps someone's house like wtf. What gives you the right to do that? And on top of that you guys are even stalking her family. Your obsession with her seems unhealthy. Get a life instead of telling someone you don't even even know irl to get a life. And no, I'm not Berry.

No. 5038

Well when you think about it, it is the ideal cosplay for her.

1) Bandwagon
2) Covers her face so we can't call out her shitty shoop job.

> Calpico
> Not that bad of a drink

Are you for real? It's like 95% sugar water. Just because it has yogurt extract or whatever in it doesn't cancel that out.

Oh no you sure showed us!!! We'll stop making berry threads now thanks for enlightening :(

No. 5039

i'm not berry lol you guys are always so quick to say 'omg it's berry!!'

No. 5040

what personal information? isn't berry living in new yokku? isn't she going to college to become the most intelligent plastic surgeon (with a psychological note from a psychologist!!) of all sekai? oh, and aren't her oppais 100000000% real desu? what personal info?

No. 5041

i am for real @ the calpico part because dude it's better than soda

not that anon but address + phone number is personal information. don't act dumb

No. 5042

im sorry if her shit is online for everyone to see

No. 5043

It's still absolute shit to put in your body. Don't act dumb.


You whiteknights get more tiring the more you come. Thanks for bumping the Berry thread to keep it on the front page though.

No. 5044

I'm not saying that you should stop exposing her lies, but spreading her real address wasn't necessary. Proving that she lives in nj instead of nyc could have been easily done by censoring the street and postal code and what not instead of exposing her full address plus comparing screenshots. Additionally, you guys call it exposing lies but to me it rather seems like cyberbullying as you keep calling her 'fat', 'ugly', 'dumb' etc.

No. 5045

if she didn't try so hard to be the person she isn't we wouldn't care. btw you should also try to see the racist she is.

No. 5046

> Fat
She shoops herself to have a five year old body with massive titties when in reality she looks like the hulk.

> Ugly

She shoops herself to be this ~kawaii Queen desudesu~ when she's average at best.

> Dumb

She bullshits about being in COLLEGE GUYS COLLEGE GONNA BE A PLASTIC SURGEON AND HAVE ENGINEER DOCTOR FRIENDS yet feels the need to brag about getting middle school level mathematics right.

Keep crying whiteknight.

No. 5047


Well it's not like Berry doesn't do the same

No. 5048

I'm on my phone so it's hard to post no that's not me were two diff people

No. 5049

yeah, i remember one time she was like "UGHHH I WANT TO SAY THE N WORD SO BAD"

No. 5050

File: 1431128768485.png (176.4 KB, 1297x561, berry.png)

interesting comments

No. 5051

File: 1431128798560.png (181.16 KB, 1279x384, berry2.png)

No. 5052

File: 1431128822313.png (10.46 KB, 907x197, berry3.png)

and this wtf

No. 5053

Where are you screen shotting those comments from? O;

No. 5054

not the poster but they're from warosu

No. 5055

i think i saw that tweet b4,, i think 1-2 years ago

No. 5056

Its true ,i can remember that , she wrote something like : My friends told me that I look white !!❤❤❤

No. 5057

Do you think Berry stretches her face (nose part ) ?

No. 5058

File: 1431132473706.jpg (62.74 KB, 341x604, IoIoP7xf1Tg.jpg)

F.e in this photo :

No. 5059

you don't even have proof that she is fat though, maybe not as skinny as she makes herself out to be but does that mean she's 'the hulk'? no.

No. 5060

This picture is stretched so long that the hangers in the bg are so narrow too.

Also the chin shooping is so bad it's obvious she got a fat round head.

No. 5061

File: 1431135104630.jpg (276.84 KB, 500x890, tumblr_nhhnwmFBkh1r3wd4to1_128…)

ok you photoshop professionals analyze this pic

No. 5062

Compare the bodypillow product photo to how long it is here, if possible?

I don't know the name of the character to find it.

No. 5063

no professional but it looks like there's an awkward outline around her back ?

No. 5064

First thing I notice is that that horse head is pasted on badly

No. 5065

i doubt that's even hers i bet it's her sister's pillow. I feel like she steals/borrows things from her all the time when she takes a pic

No. 5066

not at home but if you look at the bottom railing? not the floor the bottom thing
it gets more narrow towards the left and it's bigger on the right like this > shape

No. 5067

File: 1431135597812.jpg (97.44 KB, 458x350, leg.jpg)

It's overall low quality but you can see the leg blur>>5061

No. 5068

also the railing again under her knee goes up lol

No. 5069

File: 1431135871403.jpg (171.64 KB, 662x783, line.jpg)

You're right. I played with the contrast and there's this drawn on black line and a weird white glow beside it

No. 5070

not trying to prove you wrong but maybe it's because of the angle?

No. 5071

pretty sure that's a pillow of gintoki from gintama..?

No. 5072

No. 5073

nah you can see the floor boards also look pushed towards her leg

No. 5074

Leg shadow is fatter than leg.

No. 5075

Compare how short his face is there to how long in her pic.

No. 5076

that could be because it's close to the wall though??

No. 5077

File: 1431137383201.jpg (2.27 MB, 2880x1625, arm.jpg)

I think this is where her arm is in her sleeve based on the folds

No. 5078

Wth her leg looks weird

No. 5079

For a rich girl her wardrobe is quite limited.

No. 5080

well you aren't gonna be wearing fancy things at home
not saying she has a huge wardrobe though

No. 5081

I wanna know where she got calpico or whatever in TR.

tbh ive never seen it here :/

No. 5082

kinda hard since it's not a rl pic of the pillow but it seems a bit stretched ?

No. 5083

you usually find them in asian markets

No. 5084

File: 1431139824730.png (743.18 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-05-11-04-48-16…)


If Berry really was as rich as she claims to be she would take pics like this one cuz she loves to show off

No. 5085

File: 1431139871766.png (504.12 KB, 500x890, dc555cf9d2f6487c9311b6e3401e44…)

No. 5086

File: 1431140053948.gif (861.25 KB, 400x275, 1420689543469.gif)

No. 5087

File: 1431140386438.jpeg (167.07 KB, 500x890, 1431135104630.jpeg)

she's glowing also ? maybe it's the lighting

No. 5088

She wears this same shit outside.

No. 5089

She would but that pic is hilarious with the stretched noodle legs and fake bag.

No. 5090

She's glowing around the places that were edited. See how the shoes aren't glowing but the leg has white fade around it.

Same for how the pillow isn't glowing but the side with her hidden (as per usual) is.

No. 5091

File: 1431150404180.jpg (266.62 KB, 834x1017, Untitled-1.jpg)

Okay berry

No. 5092

I'm on mobile but puhlease berry you get jealous. Berry herself tweeted "dont talk to my bf/bae" before [ its somewhere in the threads]

No. 5093

Berry changes her attitude like her wigs.

No. 5094

Looks like berry went to sleep kek. No one defending her now.

No. 5095

how come her boyfriend never posts shit about meeting korinne

No. 5096

because berry = female peter coffin.

No. 5097

Yeah she definitely does, like in this photo>>96302

No. 5098

Yeah think it's also on ichigofaker

No. 5099

File: 1431190052418.png (26.81 KB, 600x325, berry.png)

Berry trying to prove she still has a bf coincidentally after we talked about it here lol hello burry

No. 5100

File: 1431190348440.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-09-12-50-51…)

Once again guys. Why does she keep on posting her "mixed race" bullshit?

No. 5101

with old selfies so she doesn't need to edit new ones lol

No. 5102

>>5099 …how do you even forget your boyfriend's birthday? Like, I get there's a time difference between them since they live on other sides of the world, but you'd probably still say it to them on their birthdate…how do you forget the birthday of someone who's important to you? If you're bad at remembering, there's a thing called writing it down just to make sure…is she trying to be stupid to seem cute? That's not cute. That's just gross and rude imho.

No. 5103

Not defending berry. But I am super forgetful, I don't know my mother's birthday or my boyfriends birthday, so i keep them on the calendar in my iphone, and berry has a smartphone too so I don't know why she doesn't think of doing that because it also reminds you ?? so easy

No. 5104

File: 1431191902065.png (605.43 KB, 451x520, 1411218333867.png)


No. 5105

If this actually happened, I feel really bad for ouiji.

No. 5106

havent they been together for 2+ years? You'd think she'd find a way to write it down somewhere. This isn't "cute", berry

No. 5107

>>5103 well yeah, I did mention that you can write it down somehow if you are forgetful. I remember which month most people's birthday is, but if I can't remember the day it's on or I'm not 100% sure, I got my calender to remind me. it's still a thing. But yeah, she has a smart phone which she can use the calender app to record it. You can also set like a notification to remind you maybe a month beforehand so you can get everything together.

No. 5108

File: 1431195812225.png (33.96 KB, 599x249, 26343232342.png)

i'm actually laughing about this

No. 5109

what does this even mean

No. 5110

correction: I dont have new photoshoped selfies :(

No. 5111

Lol i think that posting about your mixed race only count if you are incredibly hot and ovbiously she is not

No. 5112

Ugh i hate this new fad where she's obviously mostly Filipino but she's like
lol im 1.002% spanish guys

No. 5113

Yeah but berry and ouji have supposedly dated for over 5 years so idk how you can forget a simple birthday date for your bf? Idk might just be what I think.

Also doesnt berry brag about being super fucking smart LOL i feel like if you were as "smart as burry" you probably wouldnt forget so easily

No. 5114

LOL seriously and the whole chinese thing. Im not saying its impossible for her to be mixed with those but if she is indeed mixed its probably a very small bit. She probably just wants to sound special like those people that are always like "im half irish 1/4 cherokee 10% spanish 1% blah blah"

No. 5115


Is she replying to us saying that her selfies are not as clearly shooped?

No. 5116

She's not mixed race. She's so Filipino, down to the need to pretend she's mixed race.

No. 5117

Some other stuff aka 50% photoshop or something like that?

No. 5118


No. 5119

Yeah that's true forgot about that, me and my boyfriend have only been dating for a little less than two years. something that's been going on for a long time, you should remember a bit better i guess

Also yeah, she bragged about how much memorization went into things, but she can't even remember something simple like that?

No. 5120

File: 1431200571338.png (353.88 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-05-11-21-37-57…)

There's was this discussion about berrys kitchen some time agoand her brother posted this photo so I guess the kitchen photo with the pizza was taken in his kitchen ( look at the stove )

No. 5121

that stove looks different compared to >>4929 .
that's probably his own house- not where berry lives

No. 5122


Yeah that's not even the same house
The stove in >>4929 is connected to something, it's not a flat top or w/e its called, its connected to an oven

No. 5123

yes, the stove is completely different

No. 5124

File: 1431203794092.png (509.09 KB, 863x569, Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 4.35…)

So cheat day became unhealthy week?

No. 5125

more like unhealthy life

No. 5126

honestly if i were you guys i would just screenshot all the times korinne has said the n word or her friends and post it on tumblr

No. 5127

There's one on ichigofaker, where she said it under the guise that her friend said it?? not good at explainging stuff but the tweet literaly is like

"what my friend said: what chicken n*er?
Me: NO NUGGET" and she didn't bleep it out
I count that as her saying the n word, but try to abandon responsibility for it. Like, if someone were to call her out on it, she would prbably just say "I"m just quoting my friend!!!!!! I didn't actually say it!"
that's the onoly one I know of though since it's posted on ichigofaker

No. 5128

Berry keeping it obvious

No. 5129

Didn't she said sth like "omg next week we are going to open a dead body to check the kokoro " Some time ago
Cuz she didn't talk about it or took a photo.

No. 5130

No. 5131

File: 1431208199862.jpg (75.33 KB, 640x640, 10570105_1615783298637046_6872…)

She posted this about a month ago claiming that her mom gave it to her. She says that the watch is by Anne Klein. Can anyone confirm whether its real or a replica?

No. 5132

It's been proven a fake the proofs somewhere in the previous thread

No. 5133

I thought that the proof was for the "cartier bracelets"

No. 5134

she pasted the horse head on because her face became so distorted after editing it, and that was the only way she could salvage that pic.

No. 5135

She has never had a full body and face pic. Unable to shoop both it seems!

No. 5136

File: 1431213831227.png (35.6 KB, 609x290, berry.png)

hello berry

No. 5137

what the fuck ?? what kind of humor

No. 5138

But just you wait she's going to find out she's actually .00001% white

No. 5139

She says she is part spanish and people from spain are white.

No. 5140

people on vk are already wondering how she claims to be so thin if she keeps eating shit lmao

No. 5141

Works for people with fast metabolism tho, berry probably will claim to have that.

No. 5142

Is she part every country ever?

No. 5143

Has anyone ever asked Berry if she plans to go to cons? Being the huge weaboo she is and living in the upper nj area there a couple of cons that aren't too bad

No. 5144

I'll never understand why people who are so divorced from their heritages would continually rub it in other people's faces. Like, bitch, you can't speak Spanish or chinese without google translate and I highly doubt you can relate to or practice their cultural customs.

No. 5145

I don't think she would go, that would mean people would see her real face LOL

No. 5146

File: 1431220561212.jpg (294.67 KB, 800x595, off.jpg)

Is it just me or the floor is really off?

No. 5147

File: 1431220596779.png (35.92 KB, 604x379, 1198392343.png)

"I'm lazy" lol more like you're poor

No. 5148

no it's not just you, the floor is fucked up

No. 5149


It appears as though she used the liquify tool to slim her calves and thighs to appear less bulky. She would have been much better off taking a photo from the hips up - liquify magic is more difficult to detect against a solid, plain, background.

No. 5150


Watch her try to say she lives in an intentionally crooked house for its Dickensian charm as a rich folk affectation.

No. 5151

File: 1431222837186.jpg (546.3 KB, 1500x1588, Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.45…)

Sorry bad edit but she's saying that she got her totoro decal from apple when really it's one you can find on ebay, just commonly used on macbooks

No. 5152

now she's claiming to have "two drawers full of makeup" wow so rich desu

No. 5153

Once again Ouji and Berry tweeting at the exact same time

No. 5154

"my skin is so clear and flawless for the last 20 years~ " lol yet I remember her complaining about having acne a bunch of times before?

No. 5155

File: 1431223720881.png (17.25 KB, 578x252, berry.png)

And her oily nose?

No. 5156

Apple sells totoro decals? Also that HP looks like an old model my dad has..
lmao HP laptop but apple decals right

No. 5157

I remember that she used to have a page where she explained how some products improved her skin from small red bumps to clear

No. 5158

why is she talking about her age all of a sudden

No. 5159

I don't think they do it's just her usual bullshit. I searched up the laptop and it's one of the cheaper HP pavilion ($450 i think) with really meh specs

No. 5160

File: 1431224164732.jpg (324.38 KB, 1026x882, Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 10.1…)

No. 5161

File: 1431224263357.png (45.87 KB, 610x435, lol.png)

No. 5162

if she wants to get rid of oil she should use Clinique's soap bar and Clinique's clarifying lotion, not a fucking oil cleanser. That cleanser is for dry skin, not oily. If you have mixed skin with dry patches you can use it but be careful lol

No. 5163

File: 1431225835666.jpg (43.89 KB, 600x800, CEnC2vWVEAIzIxZ.jpg)

If she's so rich she would have gotten a clarasonic

No. 5164

you don't have to buy a certain brand just because you're rich though

No. 5165

No, but it's a sign of how strapped she really is.

She doesn't partake in anything upper middle class people do as it is.

No. 5166

Secret does have decent products but lol "TOTALLY not sponsored guise, but here's my affiliate link!"

No. 5167

i had that hairband. It was from claire's

No. 5168

I'd love for this to happen, like that other potato face chick!

No. 5169

her lower eyelids are quite dark ?

No. 5170

i don't think a facial cleansing machine should be able to be proof of her class though….

No. 5171

I think it is.

People with money don't use that garbage. They wash their faces with high end products and for deep cleaning get facials done by personal estheticians.

No. 5172

She shooped the photo lighter, but had to darken the hair back down, that's why all the hair areas have dark yellow around.

No. 5173

File: 1431228494434.jpg (207.4 KB, 600x800, CEnC2vWVEAIzIxZ.jpg)

Her skin tone's probably closer to this

No. 5174

really? doesn't it also depend on your skin type though?

No. 5175

Awesome work anon!

No. 5176

each to their own opinion though, i get where you're coming from

No. 5177

File: 1431229374667.jpg (66.13 KB, 650x366, image.jpg)


No. 5178

Actually, oils are pretty good for oily skin too. Oily skin is just like a different type of dry skin. It's oily because your skin is trying to make up for how dry it is, so it releases a lot of oil to compensate.
You don't need drying products, and it won't help the oiliness at all.
Just a tip in case anyone else has oily skin.

No. 5179

suddenly, peeps here are skin experts. lol

No. 5180

that's what i was thinking lol

No. 5181

Sorry, lol. I know this is Berry's thread, but I'm a Medical student, so whenever I see/hear things pertaining to the human body I stick my big nose in. I just really want to be helpful to people.

No. 5182

Berrys new selca looks a lot more like i would expect her to look. Think she photoshopped way less. Looks more filipina than usual

No. 5183

Adding onto this a bit, the hairs of her eyebrows are extremely light. Lighter than her hair.
Your eyebrow hair and head hair will always match, even if you don't have full eyebrows, doesn't matter, they'll be the same color.

No. 5184

File: 1431235901915.jpg (21.45 KB, 500x283, CEnnN5WWEAA4oCV.jpg)

Please get bangs again, berry…

No. 5185

Is she unable to shoop herself thinner? Her fake smaller head is getting engulfed by the huge body every time.

No. 5186

On the subject of shooping her skin light, her lips still retain the purplish tone, especially on the upper lip. Purplish lips are associated with dark skin. Even without seeing her before pics I found out that way.

No. 5187

Ugh the way she shooped her left eye looks so fucking wonky. So is the right eye, but the left is immediately noticeable. It looks like something is wrong with it, disgusting

No. 5188

And here I always thought the purple tone was because she changes colours everywhere to be more pink and bluish.

No. 5189

If you zoom in you can see a line above the entirety of her lip

No. 5190

lol where her big fat lips at?

No. 5191

She posted another selfie with the same outfit but face is totally different.

No. 5192

File: 1431238356126.jpg (277.81 KB, 750x585, Untitled-1.jpg)

Theres a random blur at the side of her head and there are a bunch of red pixels on her hair beneath the headband along with a blurry hairline. There are also some red pixels near her chin and mouth

No. 5193

she also put on a wig for no apparent reason when it's 2am and she's doing nothing but stuffing her fat face
lol but it's ok guys bc she's pre-med and she's so smart A++++ in all the classes so she doesn't need to sleep or study

No. 5194

She probably saw this comment and decided to put on a wig with bangs

No. 5195

she's on summer break though lol

No. 5196

She is so on this thread.

No. 5197

LOL "summer break" for Medical students, as if that exists.
She's "pre-med" even though it's a lie, so I'll let that slide, but there's literally no time for summer break.

No. 5198

? she would be in her third year of college, and after the second year she would've finished her gen eds (at least for most students here they would've)
so why wouldn't she have time for summer break? she's not even in actual med school yet

No. 5199

I'm saying this because she's always preaching about how she's "pre-med"
Don't know if you know anything about being a pre-med student, sounds like you don't, but you don't spend a huge chunk of time doing nothing. This time is spent towards becoming an actual med student, and anyone who spends it frivolously isn't serious and doesn't go any further than worthless shit like nursing.

No. 5200

on my phone but guys does it really matter
isn't the mod of ichigofaker a medical student like why not just ask them about her bs I know the blog has posted pieces of it before

No. 5201

File: 1431243146847.png (444.25 KB, 1026x918, berry.png)

No. 5202

sorry I'm retarded and didn't crop my image

No. 5203

This. She's not anything med and with her attitude doesn't have a future in medecine other than wiping butts.

No. 5204

>normal soap
>oil cleanser

what in the world are you DOING, girl?

exactly true.

No. 5205

it is, just styled differently.

No. 5206

It could be that. I don't pay attention to what tone she changes the pics to but still some darker skinned people have purpleish outlined lips and I know from experience.

No. 5207


She put on makeup just to be at home and take selfies..

No. 5208

You're right. Drying products only make skin becomes drier.

No. 5209

i'm in premed right now and i'm entering my second year of college so sorry omg
thanks for telling me though it's good for me to know :) but yeah i thought it was chill until the third year – that's what my counselor has told me though lol

No. 5210

what's that 3D app she uses to make those little avatars with your face on it? it's pretty popular

No. 5211

it's for apple products only

No. 5212

You can download the android version from their site

No. 5213

I know tjis is OT but can someone send me the link to the android download?

No. 5214

No. 5215

File: 1431279462521.jpg (25.4 KB, 500x355, CEn4x5KVAAAd4q8.jpg)

Other new selfie with xxl jacket to hide her fat

No. 5216

I always wondered about her and cons too i just assume NJ never had any but NY does lmao I just think she doesnt want people to see her plus cons are expensive

No. 5217

Apple doesnt sell totoro decals? Am I missing something? She totally got that decal from ebay though seen it a thousand times

LOL get rekt berry

Oil cleanser for your oily nose berry are u fukn stupid

No. 5218

>>5216 I know of one anime Con in NJ called castle point? Other than that, don't think NJ has many others.

No. 5219

Her nose is more curved here unlike her yuno cosplay one
Shes so inconsistent with… everything not just shooping lol

No. 5220

tbh I wouldn't be surprised if shes light skinned (not as pale in photos because I don't think it's possible to be super tanned like she used to be to that light?) because she's such a fucking hermit with nothing to do outside the internet except grocery shopping with her family.

No. 5221

She's going to try to shoop her lips without a purple tone now… i can sense it. My berry senses are tingling.

For the watch, I tried looking through some stores like Macy to find it but I didn't find that watch, same with google images. That watch is like non existent lol.

I think it might have been an old watch from a few years ago or something, but is "out of season" so it was sold for extra cheap (per say like $20 or less USD) to get rid of it and is now long gone. Or it could be fake.
But since Berry posted about the watch not too long ago it might have been the prior situation or a hand me down, which hand me downs are pretty common for families with more than one child.

No. 5222

"tiny" "huge laptop"
uh what her laptop looks average sized and that decal isn't tiny? LOL @ "i got my totoro from apple" bitch please. someone hold me from her stupidity. She just wants to sound rich or some shit because everybody knows apple sells their cases and accessories for super expensive. Good work, though, anon.

"I have so much makeup that I have two drawers" berry sneaking in "2 drawers full of makeup" in her tweet because she actually just wants to brag. and she's very sexist? I noticed she's actually really misogynistic in the past but now I definitely feel like she's more than that.

No. 5223

File: 1431283346761.gif (115.34 KB, 500x283, CEn4x5KVAAAd4q8.gif)

Here's a comparison of her face in both pictures. I tried to place her eyes, mouth and nose in the exact same spot in both pictures, here's the result

No. 5224

Amazing. Her cheeks might have changed due to her smiling in the bigger photo, although I think her face would have been more elongated in the second photo if she's making that face. There's definitely a difference in nose structure and eyes. Nice work anon.

No. 5225

I think it is, you can see the foam and in the lighter one is like ¿?¿?

No. 5226


>Using non-fragrant oils as an alternative to cleansers generally works best if you have dry to very dry skin.

No. 5227

I'm sort of confused by this thread. Yeah she photoshops the shit out of herself, which is annoying, but she looks pretty normal and cute in unphotoshopped pictures. Not sure why people are calling her ugly or fat.

No. 5228

which unphotoshopped pictures are you talking about? Everything she posts of herself is shopped to hell and back, lol.

No. 5229

Idk, maybe the ones I saw were photoshopped then.

Does anyone have a single non photoshopped one they can post?

No. 5230

File: 1431287766250.jpg (45.29 KB, 382x604, gf_Az2rNVGw.jpg)

how can you guys explain this photo tho? any photoshop experts here can show me which part berry edited in this pic to look small and slim like this? I don't think if berry is really fat she can photoshop herself to be this thin?

No. 5231

Those kinds of mirrors can sometimes change perspective and make things look wider or thinner. I don't know if that's what's happening there though, that might be how she really looks.

No. 5232

File: 1431287904767.jpg (26.4 KB, 400x562, 1429064773985.jpg)

This one

No. 5233

or just like someone else said before berry used to be slim but then she gained weight? now thinking back she doesn't post full body picture without face anymore nowadays.. probably she does gained weight and not as slim as before

No. 5234

See >>79863

No. 5235

I think Berry is around 50+ to 60+ kgs maybe rn? Does she stated how much she weighed? No one asked her?

No. 5236

File: 1431288092650.jpg (22.81 KB, 320x600, cDiHTEslH0o.jpg)

but in this pic the mirror still looks normal unlike this pic.. it looks obvious in this one she shopped it

No. 5237

I meant in that other pic

No. 5238

She does look pretty chubby there, though that is literally about 10 years ago at this point. Doesn't say much about how she looks now.

No. 5239

Does anyone else have more full body pics of berry? share it here and if someone can pinpoint where she shopped, that would be great.

No. 5240

Holy fk and look at how angled the mirror is. Anybody would know that angling a mirror this way makes your body elongated giving it the illusion it is thin.

Plus berry has admitted she isnt thin in previous threads after we caught her (cough her damage control and while doing so she basically admitted to shooping her body)

Look at her legs. Also berry is known to stretch her photos to make herself slimmer. I'm on mobile so I cant link the post to the previous thread where proof is posted.

No. 5241

This is totally Macy's sale junk. Wouldn't be surprised if it's her mum's though.

No. 5242

Yet 10 years won't change your whole face completely

No. 5243

Obviously you didn't read my full caption, because oily skin is just a different type of dry skin. it compensates for it by producing a lot of oil on your face, thus oily skin. it's a common myth to think you need drying products, but that won't do anything. you need to moisturizer and tone which will reduce pore size as well as putting moisture into your skin so it doesn't overload with oil

No. 5244

>dat terible shooping

Oh Berry, who are you trying to kid? You're not a 5'11' white girl.

No. 5245

File: 1431288531664.png (194.19 KB, 382x604, berry.png)

No. 5246

Agreed, that pic is a good baseline of her real skintone and face shape.

No. 5247

Notice her lack of collarbones in every photo, the width of her shoulders in her photos etc. all of this have been discussed in her previous threads, a lack of collarbone is usually a good indicator of weight because layers of fat would cover the collarbone making it less prominent.
I would suggest you read the older threads, there are a lot of photos with more info

No. 5248

Did she color out the walls or something behind her?

No. 5249

Eh I disagree honestly. I've seen a lot of chubby kids and teenagers whose face shapes become totally different when they get older and lose a bunch of weight.

No. 5250

Dear god that blur

No. 5251

This. Girls as thin as she shoops herself to look have prominent bones and she's never had any shown.

No. 5252

Yeah I read on a blog that " drying product is stripping your natural oil which mean it’s not good. If it’s stripping your natural oil, it will make our largest organ trying to repair itself by replacing the oil stripped away. This leaves us in a cycle of being tight and dry followed by the inevitable oil slick. Each time we strip the oil away, our skin over-compensates for the lack of moisture by creating more oil. " I hope that anon will get it that oily skin still need moisturizer.

No. 5253

File: 1431288659905.png (300.32 KB, 640x600, 2618d3cd33b72555c27cdae96d7599…)

No. 5254

Yes but Berry didn't lose weight so…

No. 5255

File: 1431288714826.png (655.61 KB, 764x604, 9e0d85326b3ca2e57e63ad13e68da5…)

No. 5256

can't really see anything on the left lol

No. 5257

File: 1431288782933.jpg (118.75 KB, 336x604, FtU725AojTA.jpg)

she looks small here tho

No. 5258

post more pics of her full body guys?

No. 5259

yeah, I don't understand how this one went through with the forensics. The two pictures are very different, and the first one confuses me completely…

No. 5260

File: 1431288823362.jpg (109.1 KB, 385x539, tumblr_nn7zfiu9bT1urk9fvo1_400…)

Compare these people before and after pic and then compare Berry's and you'll understand what we're saying

No. 5261

That's because the quality of the pic isn't enough to give results

No. 5262

Yes, if you're too blind to see the shooping on the left of her ginormous as usual sweater.

No. 5263

Whatever application you used (foto forensics?) looked like it fucked up because she clearly blurred the photo and yet it didnt catch that.

No. 5264

No collarbones lel

No. 5265

Yeah she looks 3
She either goes big titty animu or small loli pedo child

No. 5266

omg im too blind ahahaha I didn't even notice. Kudos to you guys for having sharp eyes

No. 5267

I dunno, I don't think that proves or disproves anything really. She was fat when she was younger and now she's either not fat, or photoshopping away her fat. The fact that she doesn't seem to have a single (recent) clear unedited pic of her face is very suspicious but again, doesn't necessarily prove she looks fat or ugly. She might just be brushing out acne and blemishes.

No. 5268

No because yesterday she said her face was free from acne for 20 years LOL

No. 5269

That's reaching. It's pretty obvious she's chub from all her shoops.

No. 5270

Also her shoulders are massive

No. 5271

File: 1431290021595.jpg (35.35 KB, 342x604, 10417230_710672895657860_13078…)

Anyone remember when Berry posted a photo of her bras through the years ?
She said that she wore the first bra when she was 12 (6th grade ?) and the last one was her current bra size (2014)

No. 5272

If this is true I can only think she got on birth control (lol doubt it I don't think I need to even explain) or she gain lots of weight throughout the years since weight does add on to boob size

No. 5273

or maybe she used her sister's bra to show off kek

No. 5274

true she does like to take her sisters things to use for photos loooool

No. 5275

She probably does wear the second bra, but her boobs probably aren't that big lol.

No. 5276

File: 1431290709645.png (197.95 KB, 671x719, Screenshot_2015-05-10-16-40-01…)

Notice how it's a bunch of 1dollar billls folded 3 times

No. 5277

wtf berry, stop posting pictures of your feet…

No. 5278

so rich desu

No. 5279

the fact that she takes time to edit her feet and post it on the internet .. smh

No. 5280

File: 1431292404016.png (36.12 KB, 606x284, berry.png)

No. 5281

the fuck is wrong with a quinceañera

No. 5282

what does that even mean? …aren't they interchangeable tbh? I'm pretty sure you could wear a Quinceanera dress to prom and no one would shit on you and vice verse? Like, when I search Quinceanera dresses, I find a lot of very big ball gowns…which you could wear to prom as well?
Sorry if I sound ignorant, don't know much about Quinceaneras…

No. 5283

does this mean Berry is going to prom

No. 5284

Nothing. It sounds like she's being racist.

No. 5285

uhhh what. is berry trying to insult peoples prom dresses by comparing it to a quinceanera dress? Thats really low because doesn't a quinceanera dress symbolize a girl turning into an adult or young women in certain cultures?

I knew people who would celebrate quinceanera and quinceaneras were important to them and choosing dresses for one was a huge deal.


I think she is racist. The whole charcoal mask, defending kylie's black face and the "i dreamed i was white :(" is already a pretty big red flag in my opinion.

No. 5286

Quincenera dresses tend to be over-the-top, exaggerated ball gowns but thats if you're the person the party is for. If you're going to one you wear dresses pretty much equivalent to what you would wear to prom, so that makes no fucking sense.

No. 5287

Don't worry, I think the ignorant one here is berry.

I think they're interchangeable and I do agree they're usually over the top as well but the fact she made it sound like an insult is pretty ignorant because quinceaneras are a big deal in certain cultures.

No. 5288

Yea I agree. I think she's using the comparison to say they're tacky, which is pretty offensive.

Also mentioning prom…is it possibly another indicator that she's still in high school, or is that too nit picky? Cause there's no proms in college, but it could be she has friends in hs getting ready for prom.

No. 5289

yeah, that's what I was thinking, that the guests wear formal dresses that could be used as prom dresses as well, but yeah, the person who is having the quinceanera dress is too much for prom.

tbh…my college was supposedly having a prom, which made me also confused because that's typically a HS thing, but yeah, my college had a prom. I would say which college I go to, but I'm afraid it may make me stick out, just a fear even though many people from my college have tumblrs and yada yada but just a precaution, but it's a NYC college.

No. 5290

woowwww look at the 1$ bills lol…where are your benajamins berry if you're so ballin? That's not even a stack that's like less than 10$.

No. 5291

File: 1431302455613.jpg (118.58 KB, 1606x1000, maxresdefault.jpg)

I think you guys underestimate how thin you can make yourself on photoshop if you have enough time and patience (see photo) . She even has the ideal plain colored background. The biggest indicator here for me is how unnatural her body line looks, it's pretty apparent to me. The left side (our right) looks very carefully pulled in.

Plus, look at the wooden board behind her calves. It's wobbly.

The only way she can prove she's super thing is if she took a video of her fully body. But so far in every video she has a thick coat on for whatever reason. That plaid dress she wore, in the picture she didnt have a coat on. But she put one on for the .gif/video to hide her body more

No. 5292

Lol at her whitening her feet to hell and back.

No. 5293

Calling bullshit on this because if this was true, why even keep bras that old
they won't fit you anymore and to keep them for sorry what is it?? 6 years time??? what the fuck
I'm on my phone so sorry if it's not 6 year gap

No. 5294

That's true. Even I don't have bras from that long ago. Plus why does the bra look so brand new and not even worn out if it was from when she was in 6th grade lol

No. 5295

I have bras from a while like years maybe 3 years old??? and they're so old and worn now that even tho I wash them they're not 100% clean and new like they used to be like even after the wash they still look frumpy and just fucking worn

No. 5296

why would people keep their old bras lol

No. 5297

File: 1431306440777.png (53.6 KB, 600x448, 3276723.png)


No. 5298

Especially if you can't fit in it anymore.

No. 5299

I bet that small bra is actually her real bra and the bigger one is her moms

No. 5300

i wouldn't be surprised lol

No. 5301

How the fuck does this even work?
I go to college and all the professors have specific emails and email networks from the school they use to email the class. Its not that easy to pretend?

Maybe in HS this would work but even so I doubt as the system is similar.
Either Berry is lying out of her ass (not surprised) or her bf is dumb as fuck?

No. 5302

I also go to college and it's the same thing. She's probably lying, as usual.

No. 5303

She must be extremely delusional to come up with that tweet…. is she trying to be funny? Considering her bf is probably not her bf anymore and college emails are more specific and easy to catch than that…

No. 5304

lol if you miss a college class is terrible, you wouldn't know what to do and not everyone is nice enough to share their notes. Berry if you were in college you would know that

No. 5305

I'd be pretty livid if my gf pulled some childish ass shit like that tbh.

No. 5306

yall still have no proof that they're really not together anymore though

No. 5307

you dont need to act so offended. Berry lies about everything, so lying about her bf wouldn't be a problem

No. 5308

No. 5309

Can she speak their language?

No. 5310

i'm not offended lol i'm just pointing out that we have no solid proof.

No. 5311

Fat foot… whitened and desaturated that her floor is the wrong colour.

Comapre her floor with the bras lol

No. 5312

More fake bf stories. She doesn't have a bf.

No. 5313

And there has never been any proof she had a boyfriend so…?

No. 5314

Awful lot of ego for someone who ain't shit…

No. 5315

Has berry ever dated before besides ouji? Jw..

No. 5316

that's probably her mom's bra on the bottom. her mom is quite fat.

No. 5317

she claimed that she cut her hair once before she met ouji because she went through a "heartbreak" or something lol implying things as usual

No. 5318

so all of this relationship info is baseless assumptions

No. 5319

First of all, as other people have said, this is impossible to do because most college professors have a special email like 'prof@college.org'

If her bf was dense enough to somehow fall for however she did it, I'd be pretty upset since you'd fall behind in the span of one class and my uni in ny has a limit of absences youre allowed to have (ranging from 2-6)

No. 5320

Pretty sure Berry only said "My mom's mother's day gift is me" because she can't afford to get her mother anything.
with no income, you can't really get your mom a nice gift or anything like that
otherwise I know she would definitely post pictures and brag how she got her mom things

No. 5321

No. 5322

OT but this hair color looks super pretty on her

black doesn't do her many favors

No. 5323

She is 100% percent lying. 1. Someone had already explained about the email so I'm not gonna repeat that. 2. In Indonesia we don't usually communicate with our professors through email esp to announce cancelled class. We usually use sms/bbm group. 3. She doesn't speak Indonesian. His university isn't an international so there's no way his prof would be speaking english either.

No. 5324

100% agree to this.

No. 5325

I wonder if she is thinking in anime cliches too.

No. 5326


No. 5327

Is this girls online life just one big delusional animu lie? I don't really know much about this girl, just some small shit from tumblr and Twitter but she seems like a 16 year old who want to live in her perfect anime dream.
There is no fucking way she's 20 and in collage….

No. 5328

I think i remember a few years ago she talked about her last boyfriend. Her last boyfriend apparently died or something, and she cut her hair to "forget about the past". And I guess she met ouji after that.

No. 5329

In her poem she wrote sth like "..to forget about their (ouji n berrys ) bitter past "

No. 5330

File: 1431357102702.png (582.93 KB, 800x604, feet.png)

I did a comparison image

No. 5331

Can someone "unlighten" the feet pic ??

No. 5332

File: 1431358079200.jpg (40.18 KB, 485x520, image.jpg)

Can't do much on my phone but it does look like she over exposed and saturated the fuck out of it…

No. 5333

Lol her past bf died??? Bitter past? Cut her hair short? Hey berry this isn't a korean drama lol. I bet she's never dated before besides ouji lol.

No. 5334

She lives in a delusional kawaii dreamland so of course she overdramatizes everything, it was probably a puppy crush from grade school who told her she smelt like fat and cheetos

No. 5335

No. 5336

I lol so hard when people are like, "she can't go from fat to THIS skinny"
Like haven't they seen people photoshop others from super old and ragged, to young

No. 5337

That was a really cool watch, thanks anon

No. 5338

holy shit she looks like she's trying to be Wylona? (shopped version obviously)

No. 5339

at least that face on her toe is quite fitting. it looks like it suffers under her weight.
she's probably trying to appeal to foot fetishits, might be getting a lot pms wanting her to post that stuff.

and holy fuck, that is a fat foot if i've ever seen one.

No. 5340

I want to point out that she actually may have just traced the Totoro on her laptop instead of even buying the decal. She did that to her phone case with the ink bottle. (pffft BS @ "I got from apple")

No. 5341

get your sim card sorted, anon

No. 5342

i think you're right! if you look closely you can see some of the lines on berry's "decal" seem to be shaken, and that part in the ears and whiskers are also different from the decal

No. 5343

she'd be cute if she lost weight tbh

No. 5344

she probably said she got it from apple because she doesn't want people to buy the same thing or something

No. 5345

Im the anon who did the original comparison pic and I actually don't think she drew it on. Here's the original link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Totoro-Vinyl-Decal-Sticker-Skin-Apple-MacBook-Pro-Air-Mac-Laptop-/191569283497 if you zoom in it looks kind of rough. Also the "decal" that she did with her phone looked a lot rougher a messier. The lines bulged out and it didn't look as nice. Another possibility is that she might've photoshopped the decal onto her laptop

No. 5346


No. 5347

on my phone but found this looks like the same wig

No. 5348

are you the same person who said the same thing about her kitchen?

No. 5349

Probably lol
We all know isn't a proof of class but it's Berry we're talking about. If she had all that shit she claims to have she would show everything to make her "haters" jealous

No. 5350

no i'm not

No. 5351

ok on a neutral (? imo it's neutral) perspective here you guys are basing her personality off of what you see when her personality is really inconsistent so i don't think she'd just show everything off
i'm not saying that she's rich and whatnot, i'm just saying that you all act like you know her tactics inside and out when i don't believe you do??

No. 5352

Looking through berry's pictures.. does anyone else think she has sort of a hunch back (or bad posture in general)?? Or a really short neck?

No. 5353

Yeah, probably comes from being infront of the laptop almost 24h.

No. 5354

I don't know why but this is so hilarious to me. Who would whiten their feet???

No. 5355

Berry uses various material objects as props to make herself look affluent and impress her "haters" but fails every time.

No. 5356

>Kawaii:3 #instagram #follow #followme #tumblr #wig #hair #dye #anime #berrytsukasa #tsukasa #ichigoflavor #berry #ouji #cute #pretty #beautiful #filipino #japanese #chinese #uljjang #ulzzang #gyaru #selca #asiangirl #asian

The fuck are those hashtags?

No. 5357

don't know, don't care. It's just some deranged fan, berry didn't post it herself. I just thought it was interesting because it looks like the same wig she tried to say was her real hair

No. 5358

File: 1431398825371.png (194.43 KB, 580x381, wtflol.png)


No. 5359

……. waste of paper and ink imo. this is one of those dumb middle school ideas for the "lolz"

No. 5360

File: 1431401083310.png (18.33 KB, 571x203, SOOO LOYAL.png)


No. 5361

why did she put quotations around loyal?

lol wth wow i think its more of he doesnt care? If this tweet actually is true of course (im on the i think hes real just not dating her anymore theory)

No. 5362

So far it looks like her tweets are getting more ridiculous as each day passes.

I'm loling at her recent acist/borderline racist, rude tweets. Oh whatever happened to her kawaii movement and sweet as sugar act during her damage control time lol

No. 5363

ofc he wouldn't say anything cause berry would turn the tables and get all jealous if he said something??

No. 5364

ah yes, loyalty, where if your partner dare compliment someone else, they're not loyal. That's like middle school relationship logic. Berry, go back to middle school if you're going to think like that. Those other children will agree with you.

No. 5365

no one really hands out shit papers like these in college

No. 5366

What is this even for?

No. 5367

I know we already cracked that the email is a lie and she has no concept of how college emails work, but I think she sent him an email as a favour so his mom would let him stay some or something (judging by her wording/attitude and the fact parents usually had to call in or sign you out for absence in hs). This theory still coincides with her being in highschool or hasn't experienced college at least.
Sure seems proud of whatever she pretended to do though

No. 5368

I sort of agree with this, I thought it was just so he could be like, "Hey mom there's no school, see?" type of thing
I know that my mom would definitely question me if I didn't go to class, but I am going to medical school and that is expensive. If this was my community college days, she wouldn't ask for proof. So, I'm not sure, it's still really iffy.

No. 5369


But like I said before she doesn't even speak Indonesian? And I mentioned before in Indonesia we don't use emails to announce cancelled class bc unlike in US not all the people here is using smartphones and most people rarely check their emails anyway so we're still using either sms or bbm chat.
Like in our group we have a bbm group so our prof can inform us about cancelled class or our assignments etc.
I'm calling bullshit in this one.

Also we are old enough for our own responsibilities, unlike in HS where we have to lie and show our parents fake letters or whatevs, our parents don't usually check right?

No. 5370

File: 1431418185339.jpg (415.56 KB, 1080x1232, 2015-05-12-04-06-29_deco.jpg)

She rt this right before she made the tweet so i figured she got story inspo from it

No. 5371

If he's in college why would he need his mothers permission to stay home….if i didn't go to class one day and my mom asked me why not i'd just say i didn't feel like it. It's not that hard anon. She was obviously lying ablut that email thing and i'm actually surprised you think there's a possibility that she didn't.

No. 5372


She clearly has never been to a university if she thought that one needs a permission from his/her mom to skip a class lol. Thats very high school.

No. 5373

If she's over 20 she should understand that it's not nescessary. Anyone over 18 or legal adult age shouldn't need parental permission to skip. They just don't show up

No. 5374

I'm 19 and I live with my parents and I still kinda need permission from my mom to stay home though?? My mom is a "strict asian parent" and I can't just tell her whoop I wanna stay home because I don't feel like class today :-)
she'll kill me lol

No. 5375

i think those are completely different floors though…

No. 5376

That's the thing, YOU have a strict parent, what's to say he does? In any respect he could have just skipped the day and went somewhere else like a park or a mall or whatever.
Berry seeks to think everything in life is a high school slice of life anime.

No. 5377

File: 1431450514793.png (384.04 KB, 630x476, Dz52rgg.png)


No. 5378

isn't it called "walk out the door and pretend you went to school and just spend the time elsewhere"?

No. 5379

Anything she knows about school is based off of anime
therefore only animu highschool life

No. 5380

I dont think they're different/from diffrrent house one just more efited than the other

Also notice the boards in the lighter photo, looks like the photo was compressed to make her feet thinner/smaller
Might just be the angle idk

No. 5381

the floor is the same, but she probably used a ton of filters to whiten her feet and consequently the floor

No. 5382

whut? the one on the left is clearly parquet and the right is laminate. the panel shapes are even different.

No. 5383

well we don't know if he does or doesn't – that's something that we can't figure out, but it is a possibility that his parents might be strict
maybe he wanted to stay home..?? just possibilities

No. 5384

I agree tbh

Whatever the case, the right photo is clearly much more edited than the other. It would also make sense that she edited the right photo much lighter than it should be, taking into consideration these photos


It's berry we're talking about, im not surprised if she edited it like crazy.
Her editing the photo might have manipulated the floor as well to some degree because the only difference I can spot between the two photo is one is much lighter than the other, and as someone else said one floor looks a little more compressed than the other (which could mean her compressing the photo to make her feet thinner in size).

No. 5385

File: 1431458118624.jpg (80.77 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20150512_151349.jpg)

Look at all those singles. #richlyfe

No. 5386


shes been pulling out money in photos alot lately why is that lol

No. 5387

Must've just got her allowance

No. 5388

pretty sure that's the same dollar bills that were in between her toes. Poor dog

No. 5389

I think so too. just look at the fold and how they curve

No. 5390

no way is she seriously trying to flaunt five dollars? I can barely get a decent lunch for five dollars.

She reminds me of when Doctor Zoidberg got 100 dollars and thought he was a multi millionaire

No. 5391

Okay, now all of you are reaching. She's shitposting with the money. Why the fuck would you flaunt 5$ in a serious way.

Not defending Berry, but y'all serious reaching.

No. 5392

Ikr the 5 dollar photo w/ her dog was a joke- thats it. She didn't mean to show off in that case

No. 5393

Yeah no one is stupid enough to be like look i have 5 dollars!! rich af!!!

No. 5394

I know she's using it as a joke but
idk about that ^ looool i mean she was stupid enough to post a lot of things before to make herself seem rich

but what i don't get is the money in between her toe photo that one was truly a waste of time and effort (to edit her feet so much) imo!

No. 5395

trying so seem like a "weirdo" and quirky probably

No. 5396

type in "pinkmiruku stripping" on google and it says her past tweet that just worked as a stripper….

No. 5397

If you mean her tweet about stripping, that was a joke about stipping some fruit? if I recall correctly.

No. 5398

i think people just misinterpreted it since the whole tweet wasnt posted therefore ppl used it to talk more trash about her

No. 5399

File: 1431474667440.png (594.88 KB, 768x1024, berry foot.png)

I tried

No. 5400

dude she might've flaunted stuff before but still no one is gonna flaunt just $5

No. 5401

File: 1431481144839.jpg (215.06 KB, 720x498, asfafa.jpg)

Here's another comparison of the flooring and her foot. The other pic is more edited but I think the picture on the left is a more accurate colouring of her floor.

No. 5402

File: 1431481301297.jpg (187.74 KB, 720x498, adada.jpg)

And here's the two feet

No. 5403

what ever the case with that $5 thing, she got $5 on a dog, big whoop, she lacks humor and isn't rich point blank.


I think her floorboards are the closest to the bra pic. But even then it's probably extra saturated. A good handful of my friends have the same floorboards as her and theirs look much like this
so I'm just basing it off that.

I find it silly that she has to edit/lighten her foot photos so much. If you need to then why do you bother to take photos of your feet loooool

No. 5404

This looks more realistic because her foot doesn't look pale and dead.

No. 5405

Damn, berry isn't even trying with her twitter fanfics now.

No. 5406

Dem fat dead feet.

No. 5407

What happened to dat succulent oppai? Also, why the fuck does she always hide her damn jaw?

No. 5408

Why does she lie about her hair? Why doesn't she just go get it done?

Her wigs are easily searchable and there's nothing wrong with wearing them in the first place.

Also I know it's painfully obvious she's not pre-med but a lot of majors at my Uni such as Business or Bio that had to do professional meetings or hospital visits had some sort of dress code.I personally don't give a shit about people with piercings/colored hair/tattoos it seems a lot of that isn't exactly highly regarded for doctors/surgeons/business whatever.

I'm not sure though so maybe someone could give more details about if these things are acceptable? I do know someone currently getting their CNA License who has huge plugs but I was thinking she might retire them in a professional setting.

No. 5409

fuck, her feet make me sick.
why does she feel the need to post her disgusting lumps of fat?

No. 5410

Probably because getting your hair done (bleaching, toning, maintenance etc) takes a lot of time, money and effort so to make it easier she just lies about it and photoshops. She has dyed her hair before but only to brown, no bleaching. So it was simple but with other colors such as green, purple you must bleach your hair and bleqaching is much harder and requires more work for dark hair.
I find it ridiculous to lie about it though, if she didn't lie about her hair/wig it wouldn't be a big deal.I agree, nothing wrong with wigs!

My friend refuses to get piercings and tattoos because he is majoring in nursing. A lot of my friends that are ahead and goes to meetings and hospital visits all dress professionally during. They also aren't on the internet all the time like Berry lol

No. 5411

makes herself more yellow lmao

No. 5412

a friend of mine is studying medicine and when we talk she usually tell me that uni is taking all of her time and one day she's gonna login in twitter and she will read that Chloe Moretz has 70 years and her grandchildren are starting to act in films hahaha

No. 5413

No. 5414

You're right it really does, I just figured with all her "money" and internet free time she'd had time to have it actually taken care of .

I guess she's just one of those people trying to live out some internet fantasy persona. It's a shame she tries so hard but is so easily seen through

No. 5415

For nurses it's actually very relaxed, I'm not a nurse but an aspiring Doctor, but I've worked with many nurses-to-be. I know some that have tattoos on their arms and wrists and some places are not bothered by it. It may depend on the establishment, of course they cover them up but on off chances they don't, they haven't gotten a lot of flack for it.
For Doctors, it's always a huge No. Again, depends on the place, and no one will outwardly say that it's not allowed but it is hugely looked down on and you're to already know to cover up tattoos and piercings. Things like gauges have been discussed in a manner that's similar to 'take them out or go home' and it depends on how big they are.

No. 5416

Says "dgaf" but makes a tweet about it
That second tweet makes herself sound like a snobby snowflake. Some people don't get the supportive family like she claims to have. And lol boyfriend sureee. I'm pretty sure she does think negatively about herself, why else must she have photoshopped her features and hide behind lies and illusions to make herself seem better than she is? And make a tweet about it she truly does not have anything else to do but game and tweet/be on the internet all the time

No. 5417

IMO if your clothes/scrubs can cover the tattoo you should be good, even doctors.

No. 5418

No. 5419

Ive seen a nurse with a full tattoo sleeve that he didnt bother to cover up. No one seemed to mind probably because he acted very professionally

No. 5420

Don't know if you guys read what I said, but yeah, I already stated this.
Nursing is way more relaxed, let's face it you only need like 1-2 years to become a basic nurse - no one cares. Bigger hospitals will put on a show, usually when bringing in new highers, that they need to attempt to cover up, but in the off chance that they don't it's not a big deal.
For a Doctor though, you definitely will be looked down amongst your coworkers, if it's something facial or really big, you'll get told by faculty.

No. 5421

Also forgot to state, that for Doctors as well, arm tattoo's are a no.
Don't know if any of you have worked in a hospital environment, if you haven't that's actually pretty nice because they are high strung. Not every person is pleasant and cute, few are, but patients - even if they're there for vaccine's - can be really bitchy. I've had them complain to staff/receptionists, for VERY simple things.

No. 5422

please berry post more selfies so we can find your stupid ps shit

No. 5423

ugh her racist tweets on twitter

No. 5424

I used to follow Berry a long, long time ago. And I remember her getting a sponsored review, for a Naked palette knock off. It wasn't a dupe, it was just a fake palette from one of her sponsors.
Still there, found it actually

Remember beening pissed off about this, because fake makeup can be SUPER harmful to your eyes. You can develop rashes, it could get super red and swollen, you could even go blind because most fake makeup has a lot of bad chemicals in it.
The makeup she posted on twitter - at least that Balm nude 'tude palette - is real though.

No. 5425

Double posting.
Look at how big her hand looks in that picture.
Idk, what do you guys think? I actually have really boney hands, and always joke that they look skeletor-ish. When I saw her gif/pictures they don't look super fat just chubby.

No. 5426

Lmao says she's super rich
buys bootleg version
Alright Berry

No. 5427

Based on her tweet of the The Balm nude palette, looks like she's trying to cover up the knock off Naked Palette 2, you know to make it look like she has the real collection. The Balm is relatively cheap, there was actually a 50% off sale a while ago on some website lol
I'm guessing she must have asked her mom to buy it (basing it off on how she said would always say shes going to ask her parents to buy her things smh) because she said "thank you momma"

No. 5428

No. 5429

and didn't she say she doesn't have pictures of her naked palette so she took pics from google? lol since her camera is "broken"

No. 5430

If you look at archives of her old blog, japankorealove

You can tell she's a huge fucking weaboo who wishes really hard that she was japanese

No. 5431

It's not cute to act spoiled, not sure why she likes to act like its a good thing being spoiled and asking her parents to buy her things. She's "20", its shameful. Defintely a highschooler or middle schooler. I could never make my parents buy me random stuff if they already spend so much money in college for me and to care for my siblings too. Shes ungrateful.

No. 5432

If you just google ichigoflavor and go to images, the top ones are fairly old, like a year or so ago. but looking at them you can totally tell a huge difference from then to now. she shoops herself so much now

No. 5433

she didn't buy the bootleg one, it was sponsored

No. 5434

If her camera is broken how can she take the foot photos hah

No. 5435

No. 5436


She blocked me on fb, so could someone please screenshot it ?

No. 5437


it's a faker's account

No. 5438

it's a roleplay account

No. 5439

Huh? Anon was pointing out that fake makeup can be harmful, not accusing Berry of lying.

No. 5440

No. 5441

No. 5442

Yeah sponsored from Sheinside which is replica bootleg paradise
The real Urban Decay NAked palettes are like 50$ a set

No. 5443

she never denied that she photoshopped things

No. 5444

You must be new

No. 5445

She always kept hush hush when people would ask though

No. 5446

Yeah whenever people mentioned her PS on her social media she would get super defensive and say its not photoshopped. Not sure about lately because ever since she beacme exposed and more people see thru her BS (not just ps btw) she started to act sugary and etc.

No. 5447

i'm not i've been reading this thread lol
ok even if she denies some part of ps-ing her stuff she did say that she edits though?? just not specifically what

No. 5448

File: 1431635568467.jpg (34.62 KB, 418x305, 3u4qth.jpg)

No. 5449

File: 1431636802880.jpg (153.81 KB, 500x433, 57109726.jpg)

No. 5450

>just not specifically what
there you go.
Her vague-ness causes people to have misleading thoughts, then when someone points it out publicly in her social medias she goes apeshit

No. 5451

Obviously not, if you're stating things that were debunked in the last thread.
Go back and read the last couple of threads, we've posted direct pictures from her facebook, twitter, and tumblr where she states that she "Doesn't photoshop my skin" "changes the lighting" "enlarges my eyes, but only a little" and thats it.

She has never, not once, owned up to her body shoops, her skin lightening and smoothing, her nose shoop, her facial structure shoop, chin shoops - none of it.

So, go back and read up.

No. 5452


some links to the lazy anon aka >>5447

No. 5453

i will admit this, i haven't seen this >>89784 + the stuff that came before that.
as for >>82829 , "Photoshoppu makes me beauty~" ignore the part after it, she still said that photoshopping makes her look better
>>I don't usually edit my skin in ps
>>keyword usually

as for >>78757 , I'd like to see you guys take a bunch of your selfies from similar angles and do something like that though

No. 5454

forgot to add in thank you for being so nice and giving me links bless ur soul

No. 5455

File: 1431653993833.jpg (12.47 KB, 100x100, berry.jpg)

found her best friends photobucket (by using the web archive thing, putting in her tumblr url and bouncing around. decided to look at where she uploaded her stuff and then look to see if i could find anything)
old photo of berry, not huge but it's something

No. 5456

File: 1431654168295.gif (1.21 MB, 258x258, berry-1.gif)

another one.
personally i think these pics are cute

No. 5457

Yeah, it's a heavier makeup, false eyelashes and a ton of black eyeliner. But at least she doesn't look like a freak alien. She should have just filled in her eyebrows and she would have been good
that nose is still slimmed down in these pics tho lol

No. 5458

i think it looks more natural though? the one with a greenish overlay is really cute and has the least make up out of the other ones (?)
well her nose isn't too huge to begin with so a little tweaking isn't too bad (if you tell me that i missed something in the other threads then please do direct me to something i missed)

No. 5459

LOL reminds me of a thread somewhere once where someone put makeup swatches on their fat hand and someone asked "is that a baby's hand? bc it's so chubby" because it was like this.

No. 5460

Didn't she say this, or am I getting it confused with the "nurse" saying 'you're tiny i wish i was tiny'
like who the fuck would compliment a stranger like that

No. 5461

hi guys, kinda new here.
i think ouji is still her bf because he still draws a little comic every "monthsary" they have. sure there are no recent webcam pics, but she does not have his drawing style and how is she supposed to have movie nights with both him and Michyuu if they're not together lol?

No. 5462

File: 1431660434478.png (1.54 MB, 961x1173, Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.2…)

Berry where are your oppais?

No. 5463

Welcome in, adding in on this, when was their last monthasary thing though

No. 5464

last month, he always posts one without fail and she's always tagged in it too

No. 5465

File: 1431664302153.jpg (209.32 KB, 518x541, monthsary.jpg)

forgot to attach the pic

No. 5466

Is Berry running this account and are these things taken from elsewhere?

No. 5467

i don't think so? he usually includes an extra panel in the comments and where would she even be taking these from?

No. 5468

her sister probably draws those

No. 5469

okay so mystery solved. they were together as of last month at least. And now we wait till the 27th.

No. 5470

unless she paid someone to make those lol

No. 5471


thats just reaching and nitpicky.

No. 5472

different art styles lol, i don't think her own sibling would be helping her out if (hypothetically speaking) she was on ouji's account

No. 5473

her sister defends her when she is posting her tit pics so I can believe she is making these drawings lol its not hard to change up your art style or copy someone elses

No. 5474

pretty sure that'd be too much for anyone in general, WAY too much effort.

No. 5475

okay so movie nights with berry, her bf, and the friend. the friend is an actual person no doubt, berry is berry, (hypothetically speaking if berry was faking ouji) who would be sitting there pretending to be ouji?

No. 5476

if you say it's one of her siblings, that's too much damn work to cover things up lol

No. 5477

most likely her sibling tbh. her friend could know berry doesnt really have a bf and she just takes screenies of her sis or bro on another account to make it look legit

No. 5478

…okay that is seriously way too much work (in the sibling perspective)
they're older than her lol i don't think they'll be like okay lemme pretend to be your bf

No. 5479

unless it's korinne herself on another computer

No. 5480

this is like playing good cop bad cop lol

No. 5481

What if she's the one drawing them?

No. 5482

man yall are really negative

No. 5483

I believe this tbh this was actually a thiught i had concerning the whole movie night thing. Its not that hard to download and install another software or app even and be two people at omce. Effortless and can easily be disguised unlike having someone else per say her sibling do it for her.

No. 5484

If you try hard enough someone might just give a shit! :3

No. 5485

Jesus christ if he actually is real and they're really together this just makes me so fucking sad. Like really almost 5 years of dating and never once met?
I "dated" someone online for 2 years and it was hell and ended up feeling so pointless. Who on earth would put up with 58 months of that is beyond me…

No. 5486

Tbh I'm pretty sure Berry or Ouji (if they truly did date that long, who really knows for real) has cheated or was tempted. Berry showed a lot of signs of her tempted to cheat/was really flirty with some people on twitter (Tony guy for example. Non stop talking about him and tweeting about each other). Idk about Ouji, but considering what you just said I would say its hard not to and Berrys personality seems childish, not sure how he would be able to hold up for so many years and have her dictate his online life lol

No. 5487

Plot twist what if michyuu knows that they arent dating anymore and is just helping berry cover up stuff, since they have been bfffff for years or whatever.

No. 5488

She gets sooo offended when people talk negatively about her boobs lol if she didnt care she would let it go. Easiest way to get on her good side is compliment her boobs tbh, and bring up how you think she doesn't photoshop lmao. Too easy.

No. 5489

Tbh I believe that they are still together

No. 5490

It's like they're both using each other. She's using him to look like she has someone who's ~so in love and dedicated to her~ aka an ego boost, and (based on some comments she had made) he's probably getting nudes and stuff out of her.
I dunno it's kinda sad but I guess they're getting what they want…

No. 5491

jesus christ, she could be easily drawing these herself or shooping existing art. ooooor she could just be posting ouji's old art, that he sent to her ages ago.

nice samefaggotry.

who wants nudes of a landwhale?

No. 5492

Didn't she already post her nudes back in her super early weaboo days

No. 5493

File: 1431707460117.jpg (47.35 KB, 480x656, 1411215881921.jpg)

pic related is the closest thing to nudes of her.

No. 5494

File: 1431707596968.png (92.34 KB, 170x275, 1429640933622.png)

here is a probably unshooped version with the same "snail-hugging-table" pose for comparison.

No. 5495

File: 1431707977782.jpg (131.53 KB, 536x380, IMG_20150517_2.jpg)

I think thats what she pretty much looks like in rl

No. 5496

when presented with evidence you guys just can't accept it can't you

No. 5497

Hm, sorry, I totally thought someone said in the first or second thread that there were a ton of her nudes floating around. I didn't think they were referring to this, because honestly it's not a nude
Is this the only one?

No. 5498

Accept what???
Let me help you, when trying to formulate a complete sentence you need a beginning, middle, and end. I'm rooting for you.

No. 5499


Lol we are many here and some have different opinions than others ~
It's hard to believe anything Berry says cuz she lies about the stupidest things

No. 5500

Wasnt there this girl in the previous thread who said she knows ouji in rl ?? Does he ever speak about having a gf or does he flirt with other girls ?

No. 5501

what evidence

No. 5502

File: 1431709444104.png (171.37 KB, 277x350, 1431707596969.png)

looks like she wasn't as skilled at editing at that time. apparently she only used that skin blurring tool. check that blur on/beneath the chin LMAO, is that a remnant of her double chin? would explain the weirdass pose in the top pic)

No. 5503

because she's a liar lol?

No. 5504

File: 1431709721531.jpg (510.17 KB, 380x536, nzf7g7.jpg)


Whut no i edited the pic w/ a shitty app ( i used an older pic from her pb as an
Example, thats the original pic :

No. 5505

sorry, i didn't realise. now i see it. nevermind the chin thing then haha. looking at the "original" pic, she did edit the eyes bigger, or maybe it's the contacts.

No. 5506

in the original pic look at the side of her face lol she edited it to give herself a V shaped face/chin

No. 5507

do you think you're higher than me or something? lol you can't at least consider that they can be together.

No. 5508


No. 5509

how do we believe that they actually know ouji though? anyone can claim that. i can sit here and type out 'i know ouji and i see him all the time around here blah blah'

No. 5510

File: 1431710957610.gif (876.23 KB, 500x281, hah.gif)

>… can't accept it can't you


>can't … consider that they can be together

holy shit, your bad english is outing you, berry.

No. 5511

Your two posts prove that, yes, I am better than you. kek

No. 5512

i corrected myself lol but nah we're all on the same site so we're the same type of person here

No. 5513

>we're the same type of person here

wrong. you're a cow, and we are farmers.

No. 5514

?? what the fuck are you even talking about

No. 5515

lol, no. You're just some stupid shit-kisser, and you can't even concise thoughts. Nice try though, thumbs up.

Her grammar isn't all that great sometimes, but I'm thankful she's not that type of person who says something racist/bad and then uses the excuse of "Well, English isn't my first language so idk!!!!" because so many tumblr kawaii bitches do that.

No. 5516

True. She doesn't use her fairly bad grip on the english language as an excuse for her racial slurs.
Afterall she admits that her english isn't Einstein tier lmao.

No. 5517

Is encyclopediadramatica accurately written? I was reading Wylona's article and if it's all correct then at least Berry reviews her sponsored items and doesn't just trick people into sending her free shit

No. 5518

File: 1431723285465.jpg (54.44 KB, 323x302, 1384117051001.jpg)

>Is encyclopediadramatica accurately written
This fucking guy.

No. 5519

It's just a question lol I never got into this stuff until now

No. 5520

It's true. Sponsors have come out about it, so it's not just hearsay.
But this is Berry's thread, so we're here to talk mostly about Berry. This question about Wylona would do better somewhere else, you could google her name and there would be other places to chat about her. I don't think she has her own thread on lolcow, maybe she used to a long time ago. I know she's still a popular topic on PULL.

No. 5521

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Wise words to follow, so use your judgement and common sense whenever reading anything posted here, there, anywhere. In fact, do you own research, but it still is a good place to start for certain lolcows, and doesn't always present misleading information.

No. 5522

Well I was relating it back to Berry and just complimenting how she didn't scam any sponsors thus far. I don't care about Wylona otherwise, was just curious.

Sorry I didn't see that :( Thanks for the info though

No. 5523

Umm I kind of want to state the whole berry reviewing thing as false because my friend sent berry things to review months ago but berry never reviewed or promoted their store (i feel a little guilty because I was the one who told my friend she should sponsor berry). Berry always has time to complain and be ignorant on twitter 24/7 and play games so idk what the delay is?

No. 5524

Not trying to be rude, but how do we know this is true. We would need proof of their email exchanges, video is better than screenshots.

No. 5525

sheinside and uniqso are her monthly sponsors, she stopped making reviews for them months ago but she's still getting the free things

No. 5526

her most recent one is the bag form sheinside

but >>5523 said "her friend" so unless her friend owns sheinside or uniqso, then it's someone else

point still stands that its just an allegation with no proof

No. 5527

I've been sponsored by both as well and they both sent me 4-6 items per month. Berry's much more popular than I am so I would assume she gets sent way more than that. She reviews 1 item every 2 months at the most which is why I can see the accusation as true.

No. 5528

I don't think they care, because they would have stopped her sponsorships. No doubt that her old ones still get reblogged, and bring in enough revenue for them to not give a fuck.

No. 5529

I didn't say that they cared though, I'm just using that example to prove that >>5523
could be an actual situation

No. 5530

But you're using sheinside as an example, when it's not even a good example. She's popular enough with sheinside, to where even if she doesn't review their shit it doesn't matter.
We're trying to talk about other stores and shops, who would like to garner more attention and thus send her things for review.
Do you need me to hold your hand for further explanation?

No. 5531

YES but I'm using her lack of reviews for sheinside despite getting sent products to review to show that she may also not be reviewing the products sent by other stores as well. You're saying that there's no proof which is true, but I'm saying that it's very likely >>5523 is speaking the truth seeing how berry has been neglecting many of her sponsors, do you get what I'm saying now??

No. 5532

I've understood what you said the entire time, holy shit you're stupid.
Sheinside does not equal other shops. You cannot use that (as much as your stupid ass would like to) as an example.
Just because she's neglected reviewing for sheinside doesn't mean that she's neglected for other shops, I know it's hard to digest but sheinside does not speak for other stores. Go ahead, try to digest that thought.

For ACTUAL, PLAUSIBLE proof, we would need to NOT use sheinside and actual other stores.

Doesn't matter that she hasn't reviewed sheinside for a long time, doesn't correlate to "well maybe this and that". Show some proof, show emails or exhanges on tumblr or any other form of contact and chat.
Otherwise, you're just blowing smoke in this thread, which gives Berry and her white knights a chance to say that everything we say is bullshit.

Fuck off, kid.

No. 5533

File: 1431739178004.jpg (25.41 KB, 260x260, 61o8yc8bs7L._SX258_BO1,204,203…)

No. 5534

Why Berry doesn't have an article on encyclopedia dramatica?


No. 5535

holy shit ok I'll stop so you can go calm down LOL

No. 5536

same poster detected !!

I kind of agree tho bc there's no proof and its all just assumptions i can come in and say that i tried giving her something and she stole it from me

i think this post is just a lie >>5523
and just trying to start shit bc people did the same thing with wylona and some not all but like 2 of em were proven to be fake just to start drama

No. 5537

File: 1431745231687.jpg (49.95 KB, 420x560, berry.jpg)


No. 5538

That circle blur kek

No. 5539

So this girl plays video games all day during her break instead of doing things productive like working or volunteer work. Such an amazing "pre - med student" -_-

No. 5540

man she went through so many accounts and urls before she finally became "famousu"
it seems really desperate
meowieberry, strawbewwie, japankorealove
what a fucking weaboo

No. 5541

I think it's possible but no validation of it means nothing.

She had so much hair back then it use to look good. Her pose…. it screams weeb.

No. 5542

As always hair covering face and shoulders

No. 5543

File: 1431761581629.jpg (16.18 KB, 525x106, s2a7e511356a92f144a9192dc33ebb…)

No. 5544

Can someone enlighten me in the American school grade system? I believe she still has 3 years of school to go through (if 12 grade is mandatory) from this point onwards, so she should be in her last year of HS by now. Is that correct?

No. 5545

If not the 11th grade.

No. 5546

>oh snap

No. 5547

Didn't she say that she was in 2nd year of college ??

No. 5548


Omg Korinne u little liar

No. 5549

High school is 4 years, 9th-12th, since this was posted during the 2013-2014 school year she should be in 10th grade right now.

No. 5550

how is she going to cover this up I wonder

No. 5551

Probably "lol that wasn't me u guise that was some other tumblrfag with the same url fuk u"

No. 5552

or maybe she pretended to be younger to be so kawaii loli desu

No. 5553

File: 1431768978221.jpg (80.36 KB, 720x581, tumblr_lsvm8hvxrV1r07jmzo1_128…)

Same poster here. She MIGHT defend herself this way, however, the URL of her blog matches up to this >>5537 (and if you google the url you will find a ton of her messages advertising herself and her blog on various social media), typing style somewhat matches, all the coincidences with her living style add up and the fact that she posted some basic algebra and biology adds up as well. I think that she is either:
a) Lying about her age (and I think it's the most likely explanation, since we don't have any proof of her birth date and looking at her older sister pic she might be up to 6 years younger than her);
b) Got held back at least two or three times;
c) Is a dropout. In my country it is possible to abandon high school in first or second grade and go to college or a career school. You'll have to repeat all the stuff from HS in one year, though.

Also, bonus pic I found.

No. 5554

Ooops, forgot something. There is a Google cached version of strawbewwie blog that includes "about me" link. Hovewer, it's not archived, so I was unable to retrieve any information from it.

No. 5555

That would mean….she started dating Ouji when she was 11/12? what the heck? Maybe she was held back in elementary due to her poor english ?

No. 5556

Actually yea, that's a possibility.
No 17 year old would type like that. I refuse to believe it.

No. 5557


Let's not be hasty.
If you go to the link which still exists (http://dildosoup.tumblr.com/post/66125902194), the same replier's link is now http://sei4j.tumblr.com [18/♀/EU]

Could it not be someone who took her URL after?

No. 5558

NICE find holy shit
I tried googling her japankorealove url because she's that type of bitch who used to comment on posts a lot

No. 5559

No. 5560

i like her makeup here even if it is photoshopped on.

those are extensions, right? because this also looks great.

No. 5561

Srsly Berry needs her own ed page

No. 5562

File: 1431799263170.jpg (192.08 KB, 372x496, 1.jpg)

That reply is probably not Berry's, unless she had two blogs at the time it was posted. The lat archives with the japankorealove url hosted are from the beginning 2012; she probably changed her url to ichigoflavor a while later, as the first archive with that url is from 2012.

But man, I wished people had saved more of her old pics I mean look at this kek

No. 5563


She actually looked cute in this picture

No. 5564

I think she use to look cute, this one in particular look kind of cute imo. She looks skinny then :0
Her writing her name a jillion times ruins the photo though lol wth

No. 5565

she's so fucking full of herself

all of her urls had strawberry in common, except japankorealove, I feel like it's obviously a nickname but I don't think anyone gave it to her I think she just started calling herself Berry and thought it was super kawaii desu cute and rolled with it
bc she did the same thing with the tsukasa part

No. 5566


HOw do you find these old pictures of her wth ???

No. 5567

I cringe at tsukasa thats more weeb than berry I remember during christmas she posted a photo of her christmas tree and said "christmas at the tsukasa household" berry wanna be japanese so bad

No. 5568

File: 1431806925317.png (16.76 KB, 601x205, gem.png)

No. 5569

is that actually her? she looks so much skinnier than now.

No. 5570

She probably shooped herself back then or maybe she just gained a bunch of weight

No. 5571

where those oppais at doe lol this pic is only like 5 years old maybe, her boobs seem nonexistent? I think she does look cute here, but was it necessary to write berry all over like that jfc

Shopping is a definite possibility since you can tell she PSed her chin in the photo. She could have easily done more too. But I think she just gained a lot of weight throughout the year. Would explain her massive shoulders now, boobs and more

No. 5572

puberty happened and she became careless of her weight/control

No. 5573

she actually took the time to put her fucking weeb name all over the pic

No. 5574

also at least she looks like a real human being- not an alien that she is now

No. 5575

Looool that last quote on the website. she sounds crazy, insecure and easily jealous. Guess you cant blame her since she was like "17" (sounds more like a 14 y/o just started dating though?)
I don't think she had a serious relationshio or any relationship lasting more than a few weeks before ouji.

No. 5576

her hair used to be so nice

No. 5577


OT but does anyone know where she got the bunny ears?

No. 5578

You can see the extensions though

No. 5579

Didn't she say she had big breasts since 6th grade ??? Cant see em ???

No. 5580

No. 5581

Not into brands? Lol uh huh

Good point! She's defintely older than a 6th grader in that photo

No. 5582

lmao ikr

No. 5583

>I see myself as a successful doctor and a happy family with my hubby. I can't wait to tackle new challenges.
my hubby

No. 5584

File: 1431826038057.jpg (20.22 KB, 500x381, CFKvdPgWoAAmGwv.jpg)

The fake fangs kek

No. 5585

I'm all for big lips but her lips are in dire need of some conditioning and her bottom lips look swollen

No. 5586

her whole face looks messed up?? like her lips are poorly stretched/liquified and her face shape looks different

No. 5587

is this from her twitter? can someone add the link from this please

No. 5588

she's showing her ~collarbones~ now. lmfao

No. 5589

Barely! Looks like shes just tensing up her neck and shoulders

No. 5590

>>5584 her face looks fat lol

No. 5591

File: 1431827983392.png (291.44 KB, 573x586, Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.59…)

No. 5592

Her mouth and face look lopsided o.o

No. 5593

Is that a forever 21 sweater? I have something similar and the pattern in real life is wider than her shoop.

No. 5594

It's hard to tell. There are a lot of stores that sell similar sweaters

No. 5595

The chin/neck area for sure looks shooped.

No. 5596

I can't tell if shes wearing a wig or not but her hair looks blue
Putting a blue filter on a photo cancels out the yellow which in her case would cancel out the yellowy tone in her skin making it appear paler

No. 5597

Also I agree her miuth area looks lopsided not sure if its jist how she moved her mouth or if she digitally rearranged it on photoshop

No. 5598

The shape of her face here looks round.. what happened to her pointy V shape chin???

No. 5599

Her teeth look exactly like it does with people who have FAS. Like it goes upwards in a bow in the middle. I never realized this before.

No. 5600

Also dat beauty mark lol

No. 5601


No. 5602

she's just good at ~~~hiding~~~ it

No. 5603

well if she wasn't famous not many people would care about what her old urls were lol

No. 5604

lmfao that's a bit reaching but i can see what you mean

No. 5605

her fang on the right side– what is that pointy thing below it? could it be just from editing her fangs or ~another lower tooth fang~ ?

No. 5606

File: 1431839747207.png (51.47 KB, 500x381, e8738e99a833828bd34428338ce410…)


No. 5607

having another fang on the bottom isn't really a rare thing, i have one lol my teeth are worse than hers though

No. 5608

What's with Berry and having a lower lip the size of her chin and no fucking upper lip. It just makes her look like Suzy.

No. 5609

File: 1431861765093.jpg (72.16 KB, 497x298, IMG_20150519_1.jpg)

Lol thats pretty much where her real lipline should be

No. 5610

File: 1431862700406.jpg (70.21 KB, 600x600, 45678.jpg)

her lips do look kinda fucked up. maybe she did the kylie jenner challenge, kek.

No. 5611

If that's her real lip line it definitely looks better more even than bottom heavy. She should at least stop doing a gradient on her upper lip.

No. 5612

someone plz post OC's upper face in here.
her hair seems getting shorter and shorter.

No. 5613

https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/599816963725139968 trying to prove so hard she has fangs kek

No. 5614

https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/599987708182802433 so ~smart~ and everything studying to become a super kawaii doctor with an attention span of a squirrel

No. 5615

Get over it Berry , you dont have fangs

No. 5616

She just sounds like the kids I've known in highschool, usually the "underdog" type where they're quiet, not good in school C/D range of grades, maybe some B's. And then they shoot for a really valued job, like becoming a Doctor, because it boosts their esteem and makes them feel important and valuable. But in reality, they don't have what it takes and are just blowing smoke up their own ass.

I wonder, a couple years down the road, what she'll actually be doing. She's not smart enough to become a Doctor, basic level algebra does not a Doctor make. She doesn't seem to be in college either, if she actually is I bet she's only taking two classes because she has a lot of free time on her hands. With more classes comes more work loads, and she just doesn't do anything. I'm sure she has like 1 or 2 classes at the maximum.

No. 5617

People here call it "pre-med syndrome". Kids who really don't have what it takes to become doctors brag about how smart and valued they'll be for asspats of "omg a doctor?! Wow you must be so smart!!!!" and to make themselves feel better that they're probably not going anywhere near medicine in their lives.

I doubt she's going to go to college, but if she does she's probably going to go into some half assed arts program. If not (which is more likely, under the guise of "taking a year off"), she's probably just going to sit at home and trawl the internet.

No. 5618

Somebody mentioned she was or wanted to take an arts major a long time ago in previous threads I think? She has the talent tbh, it seems more likely than her being in "pre med" based on how much time she has on her hands and etc.

No. 5619

i only remember her saying she took arts and ceramic classes. She's always been aiming to be something in the med field since i've followed her in late 2012- early '13

No. 5620

Berry reblogged this https://twitter.com/Shimmycocopuffs/status/600025757008666624

she should follow this advice kek

No. 5621

that's true you guys, but well you can't really judge her intelligence off of what you see on the internet? unless you know her irl and how she actually does in school. the speculation can be true though.

No. 5622

Nothing new…

No. 5623


Most who actually go on to do it don't talk about it. They're busy cramming and also worry about not making it if they broadcast their intentions.

No. 5624

File: 1431931571031.jpg (16.31 KB, 183x275, image.jpg)

Yall remember this pic? Lol this bitch copied a sex doll

No. 5625

File: 1431931660510.jpg (86.55 KB, 580x871, image.jpg)

If you look up 'Japanese sex doll' this pic with come up in the image search, KORINE U GROSS AF

No. 5626

i'm dead. this is hilarious.

No. 5627

No. 5628

WTF? She's fucking gross! "Not showing off my tits to attract old pedos" my ass! ewwww

No. 5629

What's going on with Berry's fat stomach and no neck etc on her pic though? lol

No. 5630

Not that sexy if you need to hide your fat arms burry lol

No. 5631

can you pls use screenshots? links are kind of impractical.

No. 5632

did you guys see this? there was a shitty manga about berry and ouji's love life?

No. 5633

business trip comic…??

No. 5634

wtf did she ask her sister to make those?

No. 5635

I feel like she draws these

No. 5636

i can almost taste the cringe

No. 5637

didn't ouji draw these?

No. 5638

Can someone remember when Berry posted a picture of her living room ? It was a pretty big room with a big window n stuff.
Does someone have it ?

No. 5639

Just in case you didn't know : Berrys Brother [name removed] is pretty good at drawing , not saying that he drew them but there was a time Berry suddenly startet to draw realistic faces (and not anime or doodles ) and I think that her Brother could've drawn then for her or she took his drawings.
Many of his drawings were on his fb but he deleted or set them private.

No. 5640

>>5638 yea I remember that picture it wasn't her living room though since she likes to imply stuff, if you check her living room is pretty small do guys remember that picture she posted of her mc Donald's fries? Only 5% of the pocture was the fries the rest was her shitty living room

No. 5641

Her sister is like 13554635533 times prettier than her.

No. 5642

File: 1431994927221.png (37 KB, 614x284, uggg.png)

here she goes

No. 5643

Korinne/Yin I don't think this would look good for your future job and major you claim to be in

Good find though that's so embarrassing lol.

I wouldn't be surprised if she did. Don't see why some of her whiteknights/fans admire her so much, she has the compulsive liar bone in her and seems to enjoy taking credit for things and claim to be original, real and etc.

KEK why does she do that, making the subject of the picture take up only 5% of the picture. Sounds desperate like: I'll just use this/"the subject" as a reason to post this but actually want people to see everything else because notice that I am "rich" and live with suCH a loving family and have a hubby

I agree, yet her sister isn't as famous or popular as her? I find it suspicious that although her sister posts pretty photos probably even worthy of the tumblr ~~kaaaawaaii~~ community, her sister isn't active on any other social accounts?

Probably got the money from sponsors or is flat out over exaggerating. I feel like she over-exaggerates alot. I think this tweet was an indirect message to the older comments here saying she doesn't give to her friends or w/e. I'm lol-ing, poor honeybeartea is left out xD

Watch berry tweet about HBT too after seeing my comment, or contact her lol

No. 5644

watch out guys maybe she will get more "cartier" bracelets and even rings this time and some clearance sales on name brand items so rich

No. 5645

She will probably be all over the Balmain x H&M collection like every other poor kid trying to be rich.

No. 5646

Okay but what reason is there for posting about this lol? Bragging purposes. If she just wants to do something nice for a friend you don't have to proclaim it to the whole world nor is there any reason to say how much $$$ you got.

Also, if she's as rich as she says she is $600 is NOT a lot of money, but she's talking as if it's a lot. If you buy clothing/expensive jewelry/etc. you can buy like ~7 things with that amount, and that's being generous.

&& living in New York, if you live even a semi-lavish lifestyle you could use up that amount within two weeks.

No. 5647


Agreed. For a rich girl living in NY, $600 shouldn't be that much. Rent is probably up to $1k and more, not to mention food and so on. She's probably just going to say she moved in with her family for the summer even though she never moved out to begin with lol.

No. 5648

where are you getting that she said she "moved out" from ??????????

No. 5649

she never claimed she moved out from her house bruh

No. 5650


I don't think you guys understand what the anon is saying… Of course Berry never said she moved out but she use to say she lived in NEW JERSEY with her parents you know but lately shes been saying she lives in NEW YORK.

The anon was simply saying that she would just use the "moving in with her parents" as an excuse to say that that $600 can be used to other things other than living expenses because living in NY like the other anon said is expensive. But she never did move out of her New Jersey house to begin with do yall understand now. The anon never said that Berry said that

>She's probably just going to say she moved in with her family for the summer even though she never moved out to begin with

No. 5651

* $600 can be used to spend on other things other than living expenses
* never said that Berry said she moved out

Sorry if I'm hella spamming

No. 5652

cant blame her tbh
videogames are addicting and fucking amazing

No. 5653

LOL if think she isn't making these herself. Especially since one of the comics she calls herself pretty lol…

No. 5654

I don't know actually but it has his nick under the title.
me too.

No. 5655

lol she's ouji so she probably is.

No. 5656

No. 5657

i could imagine she actually IS exercising to try to be skinny. I mean it's just exercise, not magic. Thereby she could somewhat turn her lies into truths.

No. 5658

As additcing and fun as games are, its about prioritzing when you major in the medical field. The medical field isn't a joke and takes alot of time and hard work.
I know this has been mentioned many times before but I'm jist going to reiterate: Games and internet shouldn't take up as much time like it does for Berry when you are majoring in what she is claiming to major in. It doesn't make sense to me how she claims to major in pre med or whatever medical major and also being the age/year of college she claims to be in yet game all day and internet/tweet all day and also not making use of your summer.
even though she claims to be supa smurt, there isn't really a way out of the system unless you are a super genius. Surprised she never said she went to Yale because shes so smaAart and rich and Yale isn't too far from NY if I remember correctly kek

No. 5659

Why is there a need to post a private conversation?

No. 5660

File: 1432076206950.png (635.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-19-18-54-45…)

Oops forgot the screenshot

No. 5661

That's a bit rude of her to put someone's business out there like that. Not everyone is comfortable with strangers knowing things like that.

No. 5662

I think its another bragging post, but this time its about how such a "gooood friend" she is, basicaly to prove shes there and is a good person. Maybe more damage control?

I agree though, why do thousands of people need to know this business? No wonder she doesn't let people she knows irl follow her lol if I was that person I would be like wth why are you posting this.

No. 5663

I'd get like, a funny conversation. But why are you announcing to the world a friend's private situation?? Clearly to show everyone what a good Samaritan she is, there's no other reason lol

No. 5664

i get where you guys are coming from but at least she didn't put up any details of the situation, all we know is that the friend is having family problems.

No. 5665

Didn't she say her friends irl found her social media before or whatever? Lol imagine them finding that and finding out who that person texting berry was.
Not sure why she felt compelled to post that besides showing how good of a person she is (lmfao). Her logic reminds me of a middle schooler or a freshman in highschool.

No. 5666

>i get where you guys are coming from but
again with this? why are you here? there's like one person constantly playing devil's advocate for this liar and for what? you're certainly not changing anyone's mind with your weak argument, if you can even call it that.

No. 5667

everyone knows that she doesnt have real life friends lmao

No. 5668

i'm here because you want to be? and i can be here. also besides there have been people other than me who have made similar posts to mine, so no there's not only one person all the time. this is my second post lol and i'm not trying to change anyone's mind, i'm here to just give another perspective
(and besides i think you guys are taking it too far with the screenshot because seriously it's just saying that the friend has a family issue wowww very private stuff revealed to the world)

No. 5669


I think the issue here is… if you were in the same situation (as in, a friend of yours texted you this) would you screenshot it and post it for the world to see? I just don't see a point in posting it other than to show off.

No. 5670

assuming that i have as many followers as berry – probably (and no before anyone says it, i am not berry.)
but if i'm just normal me, i would only ss that to show my other friends..honestly lol call me a bad person but that's what i'd do

No. 5671

why would you send a ss of something about some other person's living problems? da fuq brah

No. 5672

also the friend texted korrine– if she wanted people to see her need for a place to stay she could've used her social media for other people to see. It's pretty fucking rude of you to ss something that's not even your business for the world to see

No. 5673



No. 5674

sorry i'm fucked up :(

No. 5675

dfq not everyone wants tons of people to know they're having family issues? It was texted to her for a reason, in confidence lmao. Most people with a shred of consideration for someone else would realize maybe they shouldn't broadcast the difficulties another is facing.



No. 5676

just because knowing someone is having family issues isn't a big deal to you, it can be for other people.

No. 5677

I wish some of her irl friends would step forward, the ones that found her on twitter and stuff
because i want to hear tales of what she's really like from real people that knew her

and ask them what they think of her shooped face now

No. 5678


and family issues aren't considered a private thing or something? I'm sure you wouldn't want your friend to post your private issues and expose it to 10-thousand people. Even if your name was blocked out it's still pretty inconsiderate.

Berry was clearly only thinking about herself when she posted it – she wants to make her followers think of her as a good person that's there for their friend. If you're such a good friend, you wouldn't have the need to post your friends business like that for your sake.

The friend directly messaged korinne about it and her friend sounds like they really needed help. It's obvious the friend just wanted korinne to know about it. Not thousands of other people.

Let's also take Korinne/Berry's personality (thus far that we have seen/noticed) into consideration: She likes to brag/gloat, she wants people to think highly of her even if it comes to doing ignorant or unnecessary things. If you need examples, there are alot in previous threads.

No. 5679

I get what you're saying, but if this was me I'd be slightly pissed off that she posted this just for the sheer fact to look like a good person on the internet.
Don't use me for your own self image, that shit is so fucking selfish. I'm going through shit in my family and coming to you for advice/friendship and you're going to post our convo online for brownie points??????

No. 5680

This sort of
I thought I saw one convo of her friend talking about something else, and then Korinne goes "ok but what about my boobs in the gif I sent you" and then they replied with some nonchalant "oh yeah cool" type thing

and it was just a weird convo bc on any type of phone, you can delete texts. so it'll look something like

friend: you look weird
friend: nice though
berry: lol ty !!!!!!!!!

then edit it to just show the bottom two

friend: nice though
berry: lol ty !!!!!!!!!

so I figured she was the type of person to delete texts because, really nothing would surprise me about this bitch, and she's very manipulative so why wouldnt she manipulate conversations

No. 5681

She messaged her IRL friends before with that "proof" video but she screen shotted a part where she looked derpy and sent it to multiple people she apparently knows IRL. They didn't seem to care based on how they responded to it kek she sounded desperate and attention seeking (It's in the previous threads.)

I agree it is selfish. She's only trying to make herself look good. Not surprised though, I find Berry/Korinne to be really fake.

There were also incidences in the past where she just saved herself. for example with PC when Berry said she would be there for PC and back her up/"kill bitches with kindness" or some shit during the time PC was going through lots of hate but in the end unfollowed PC because she didn't want to take part in the drama. Not exactly sure what happened but they tweeted each other about it then I believe Berry unfollowed PC shortly after.

No. 5682

lol sorry i deleted the post because i wanted to add something

i wouldn't be surprised if she does delete texts and messages. honestly i always thought she would do that, she seems the type to based on all the lies she dug herself into.

No. 5683

That's fine, wish I could edit the post and tag the correct >

I'm not good at explaining my point a lot of the time but yeah, I wouldn't put it past her to delete and manipulate conversation to put it in her favor.

No. 5684

like i said it's just a different perspective, you guys just say what you want to say lol

No. 5685

For me, I would hate it if she did this to me.

If it's a family problem, that is SO bad that you need to leave your own home and are asking people if you can stay at their place. Like yeah, that's pretty bad? It must be a tough and heavy situation, if the solution you come up with is "I literally have to LEAVE my house, which is supposed to be a sanctuary for people, and go somewhere else due to my family situation being THAT bad"

Your home should always be a place where you can go home to. To relax, to feel safe, to distress, to take time for yourself and do things like homework, pamper yourself, do fun activities like video games.

Obviously her friend isn't in that situation right now, we don't know the details but for it to be serious like that, and then for her piece of shit friend Korinne to put it on the internet for brownie points like

How hard is it for you to understand the concept of being nice to people and respecting others.
And this bitch thinks she can go into the medical field? On what basis.
She can't even be nice to her fucking friends, how is she going to treat total strangers.

No. 5686

^Shes just gonna show them her kawaii animu ps photos and tell them how hard her time was at COllege cuz writing notes is soo difficult with heavy gold cartieres and u can never decide which one of ur 3 laptops to use~~~

No. 5687

whats so funny about berry?
she is just some gross weeb IMO
can someone give some good examples of grade-A milk, please? thats actually entertaining

No. 5688

File: 1432089231412.jpg (105.12 KB, 1440x735, Screenshot_2015-05-19-22-32-22…)

No. 5689

idk how you'd be able to concentrate when you're on the treadmill and playing a console at the same time.. unless she's walking on the slowest speed LOL.
How much weight did you lose, berry? 25 lbs? It must be a really authentic workout regimen

No. 5690

I never said you guys were wrong, but you're also not considering that maybe it's not as /bad/ as it can probably be. What if her friend is just throwing a small tantrum and leaving the house as a rebellious action? We don't know if it's that much serious or not. We don't know the details about anything. I don't condone this, but you all are judging her actions too quickly lol
and like I said this is my perspective, you have your perspective. I'm providing a different POV, you can take it or ignore it, it doesn't matter to me. I also consider your POV too, so lets just keep an open mind.

No. 5691

Berry speaks like her bf and her have actually met and have seen each other for multiple times. I cannot anymore.

No. 5692

But then again, her tweet sounds something like "if someone would actually do it, they would lose tons of weight" she did not clearly imply that she really is doing it

No. 5693

Is this even possible? If shes implying this is what she does, she's probably just walking at a slow pace taking breaks every once in a while. Doesn't sound too different from going to the mall or even school lol idk

Games for 9 hours though… internet the other times

No. 5694

She's just making shit up so people can think she's skinny and losing weight

No. 5695

>but you all are judging her
that's the point of this board so why are you here? your pov is basically "well maybe she's not lying??" without providing any evidence or even a valid reason as to why you feel this way. why are you so invested in this person?

No. 5696

omg LOL. Who would believe this?? That she's actually running on the treadmill or even walking on the treadmill for 9 hours while playing video games? It makes literally NO sense.

Or maybe she's sitting on it while she plays lmao, because that technically counts as being 'on' the treadmill.

Get an actual real workout going and maybe stop eating so much trash

No. 5697

The actual severity of the issue DOES NOT matter. What matters is that her friend is having family problems, and she clearly did not want 10k strangers knowing about it since she privately messaged her friend. Some people don't want others to know they're having any family issues, even if they don't know the details. Burry takes it upon herself to post their private convo.

If were judging her 'too quickly', then can you give an actual legitimate reason that explains why she had to post that conversation?

No. 5698

idk hard to trust your different kind of POV when you've admitted to being an untrustworthy person

No. 5699

>playing while on the treadmill

>for 9 hours

holy shit, that moron has no idea about exercise.
I'll take this back: >>5657

No. 5700

File: 1432141562813.jpg (11.28 KB, 228x246, 765432q.jpg)

ITT: Berry trying to change the consensus. (and failing)

No. 5701

File: 1432142193665.png (74.72 KB, 615x550, berry.png)

more masterpieces lol

No. 5702

Designing T-shirts that will be sold in a Japanese 100 yen market [dollar store]

No. 5703

She is surely a master at writing real life fan fics. I'm sorry but there is very little demand for short, fat average looking models.

No. 5704

It isn't even hard, there are lots of shirt-orinting sites similar to spreadshirt or cafepress in Japan too that you can make some store at.

No. 5705

File: 1432146306200.jpg (69.3 KB, 960x530, 603813_10204250513250821_10970…)

Myk seems to be really fat too, and probably also uses photoshop, but not as much as Berry, considering this pic (unless she really lost all that weight)


No. 5706

Dat humblebrag

No. 5707

cringe at the first tweet. we get it berry, you want to brag. I feel like this is something she over-exaggerated or made up. It's similar to the nurse one she tweeted before.

LOL. She's dreaming

Based on her old family photo where they were sitting at a table her whole family is pretty large and round, except her oldest brother.
Myk definitely looks skinnier in the recent photo but you can tell she still carries chub even in her other photos. Same with Berry, I have a theory Berry managed to loose some weight based on some of her older photos such as one here
(or maybe it was PSed. Never know when it is uploaded from her….)
But gained more weight due to puberty or something. I mean she does eat a lot and stay home practically all day and game. Her weight gain would explain her massive shoulders, constant need to cover her shoulders, really chubby hands, lack of collarbones and so forth.

No. 5708

Her sister has more of a neck than she does

No. 5709

why does she look like michael jackson ?

No. 5710

Berry looks so lifeless next to her sister

No. 5711

you can just ignore me lol i already said it's a different POV
exactly :) you don't have to trust me, just ignore me while i give my two cents because i can.

No. 5712

forgot to say – if you want proof from me then where is the proof that she's actually a fat person irl?

No. 5713

hi korinne

No. 5714

hi there berry

No. 5715



No. 5716

that's not Berry that's her sister

No. 5717


I know i know ,I mean Berry

No. 5718

sorry, thought you were talking about's myk double chin lol

No. 5719

The fucking hair covering her face is hilarious.

She's such a no neck monster

No. 5720

I honestly think berry has a double chin which is why she always covers her chin, jaw and neck with her hair lol

No. 5721

idk her sister in this picture just looks like an average asian which isn't bad
she looks soo much more alive than berry

No. 5722

Confirmed berry having no neck is a hunchback

No. 5723

File: 1432163904383.png (312.89 KB, 620x581, photoshop.png)

After going through all of Berry's pictures on vk, specially the ones that she tweeted I got some interesting shit to show that I'll need to put together in order to show the discrepancies but so far have one of the funniest deleted tweets I found who is she to talk

No. 5724

also sorry for my shitty english kek

No. 5725

That's not her real FB though, so she didn't say this. It's a fanmade FB

No. 5726

Wait, sorry. Having a hard time understanding.
So at one point Berry tweeted this, and the fan account reposted the photo with the 'said' tweet right?
It would be more helpful if the actual tweet was still up

No. 5727


can you guys stop pointing out anyone who has a different opinion as berry? lol it's not really needed here

No. 5728

this is not a facebook page, it's her fanmade vk page in which her fans have been translating her tweets to russian for a long time now. they still have a lot of the pics she tweeted before she deleted all of her old tweets. So I digged and found some interesting shit I'll be posting in the next days.

No. 5729

Basically this is something she tweeted before and then deleted and the mods of that fanpage still have the translation of the tweet up

No. 5730

and you could, in theory, ignore this board and stop wasting your time with pointless comments that adds nothing to the thread. i didn't ask for proof, i asked for an explanation as to why you feel the need to go up to bat for this person who doesn't seem to have any redeeming qualities. are you her or one of her followers?

No. 5731

File: 1432232375143.png (424.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-21-14-17-20…)

Another proof against that "bedroom in new york" bullshit. It is actually raining at Toms River right now, but not in NY

No. 5732

File: 1432232593659.jpg (71.21 KB, 620x538, 876t5e3w.jpg)

are you even aware that some of us here can distinctly tell which posts came from you, berry?

No. 5733

I know she's trying to be funny and quirky with the 911 tweets (like does anyone really call 911 for that? People who seriously do that sound like those annoying neighbors that pick on you for anything) but the way she tweet overall reminds me of a middle schooler or someone fresh in highschool

No. 5734

Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you get fined for calling the police over unimportant bullshit like this?

No. 5735

You're right
For non-emergency type calls, and pranks, you can get fined.

No. 5736

This just sounds like a bunch of bullshit, like who's going to throw and umbrella over the fence. It's not going to help the dog, it's not like the dog can pick it up and use it what the fuck

someone tweet her and tell her its not raining in NY right now lol

No. 5737

>It is actually raining at Toms River right now, but not in NY

how can her followers be so stupid kek

No. 5738

Wow…is she…???

As someone said already, dogs can't even use umbrellas? And just to further confirm it, as someone who lives in NY it is most certainly not raining.

And it sucks when it happens but overall water doesn't hurt dogs, why would a New York police officer, who have so many things to worry about, take the time to knock on her neighbor's door for that?

I said BS type of idiotic things like this when I was in the 2nd grade. This is as believable as "9 hours on a treadmill playing video games"

No. 5739

Berry sure likes to exaggerate a lot o.o she should take a creative writing class with those tweets of hers.

No. 5740

File: 1432248146783.png (370.38 KB, 596x590, school8.png)

More deleted stuff from twitter. I repeat in case you missed it from my last post here, this screenshot was taken from her VK fanpage where the mods keep track of her tweets (and usually translate them to russian).

They update the page really often, usually everyday so the date of the pic is close to the date of the original tweet that was later deleted by Berry.

I'm not familiar with school in the US but some of you can give a estimate of what year she was when she tweeted this.

No. 5741

I did this stuff in highschool and in remedial math in college…lol (for those of you who don't know remedial math is like a class for people who suck at math and need extra help)

No. 5742

From thise, I'm assuming that she's, at most, a third year high school student who is in a lower-level maths class.
(Bad english is bad)

No. 5743


I did this as an 8th grader.

No. 5744

That's like basic algebra. I learned that in 8th grade too

No. 5745

I leanred that in my fourth and third year of high school (I don't know if the grades are different, I was 15-16)

No. 5746

I had this as a review unit at the beginning of grade 9

No. 5747

I remember learning about it around 9th grade.

No. 5748

That's basic algebra, simplifying radicals. She's either way younger than she says she is or poor at math and taking lower classes. I feel like it should be the first one considering if you're old enough you should know that those things aren't complex at all?

In college most people start off at pre-calculus or calculus unless you're bad at math.

No. 5749



in NJ you test for the math you go in to (unless your SAT scores are higher than average)

then everyone takes a normal algebra class before moving on to more advanced math unless once again you test in a high area or are exempt.

No. 5750

She's seriously proud to show she knows the sq rt of 4 is 2..?

ALSO, look at the problem second from the top. She says
that (√(5) x √(5))/7 = 25/7.

But, √(5) x √(5) = 5, not 25.

No. 5751

In NY most colleges do have that Math test that decides what math you go into as well.

Most people I know score enough that the first class they take in their Freshman year of college is pre-calc. No one has to take a normal algebra class unless they really need to (just in my experience).

The point is that if she's super smart like she says she is she wouldn't be doing basic algebra, especially in college, she'd be in a higher math course.

No. 5752

File: 1432262460615.png (27.01 KB, 580x369, sssssssssssss.png)

she thinks you can be racist towards white ppl…

No. 5753

Holy shit, she is so fucking stupid.

No. 5754

Why is she saying "You have never been outside the US" as if she has been???????????????????????????????

No. 5755

this is so embarrassing

No. 5756

if you believe in reverse racism, you are a dumbfuck

No. 5757

she's so uneducated I'm crying

No. 5758

Facepalming so hard..

No. 5759

File: 1432265719893.png (61.78 KB, 640x578, racist bitch.png)

i just found this gem lol

No. 5760

well she did come from the philippines but she's still a dumbass

No. 5761

is hbt half black or something?

No. 5762

File: 1432268490190.png (13.44 KB, 582x106, ljejea.png)

shes like 1%

No. 5763


square root of 11 = 11????

No. 5764

Wow so she bragged about doing incorrect basic algebra…

No. 5765

wouldnt she basically be 1/3 then..? unless the dad is 1/4 black and 3/4 mexican– actually idk tbh

No. 5766

2√(3) x √(3) isn't 18

No. 5767

File: 1432272041353.jpg (122.4 KB, 596x220, dum.jpg)

almost all the visible circled answers are wrong

No. 5768

To be fair, most premed students major in bio which doesn't require the rigorous math classes. However, she is pretty dumb, fucking up on middle school shit. There is no way she is in college.

No. 5769


That's not how it's done mate…

square root of 24/11 is 1.477ish

(2 x square root of 6)/11 = 0.445ish

why would the square roots cancel out???

No. 5770

She's right for once. You can be racist towards any group no matter your own race.

That aside, what was the point of her bringing that up?

No. 5771

Don't you have to take a year of Calculus? At least in my school those classes are pretty difficult and are weed out classes.

No. 5772


Nvm I see what you're trying to say. She didn't write it correctly and she did circle the wrong final answer anyways, so it should have been:


That was my beef, her answer would have been technically correct, just not simplified, if she'd left it as √11, but she decided to take out the √ without fixing the numerator.

No. 5773

Go back to tumblr you stupid cunt.

No. 5774

I'm so stupid guys I saw equation mark as a multiplication mark,sorry.

No. 5775

Let's not have a racism debate shitstorm, seriously. I can already see it springing up lol


Wow…that's so embarrassing…

No. 5776

We need to stop talking about the premed lie, it has been debunked over and then some. Bitch aint even done gradeschool math yet.

No. 5777

Okay guys, what the fuck is with that mangled fucking Chinese she has in her name? Google Translate?

"Wo qi you nai"

My wife from really(???) My wife cause it turned out(???)
(由 and 乃 have a few different meanings, but none of them make any sense next to 我妻, and 妻 isn't even used that often wtf. My Mandarin is really poor so any Chinese anons are free to correct me.)

No. 5778

Its in kanji so you read it as gasai yuno, the pink haired anime character she's "cosplaying". It's not in mandarin characters.

No. 5779

HAHA WOW FUCK I feel completely retarded right now.

Fucking newbie mistake, disregard me, I suck millions of tons of cocks.

No. 5780


Ssh thats okay, I made the same mistake too. I was real pissed thinking she butchered mandarin lol and then some anon explained it in the previous thread.

No. 5781

oooohhhh haha I guess I should read the threads more closely. still sorry for being a sperglord. 对不起!

No. 5782

OT but 妻 is still pretty common in mandarin, as in 妻子 for wife. I guess other ways to say wife would be 媳妇, 夫人 etc?

No. 5783

OT reply but yes you're def right, I've just been taught to use 女人. 妻子 is correct though.

No. 5784

bitch is so clever she doesn't know the difference between an orange and a tangerine

No. 5785


or clementine

No. 5786

Be careful "potatoes," she's threatening to sue a bunch of anons soon…some of which are probably from another country.

No. 5787

File: 1432327079754.png (397.69 KB, 1023x676, 1398881454905.png)

She would probably just get laughed out of court. Actually, the lawyer would probably laugh her out of their office.

No. 5788

She can't afford a lawyer

No. 5789

what the fuck is she gonna actually sue for? "your honor, THEY HURT MY FEELINGS" fucking realistic expectations there

No. 5790

File: 1432328467163.png (21.57 KB, 541x566, 1431280025387.png)

Why do all these lolcows think they can sue anons?
It's just a scare tactic that scares nobody.

No. 5791

File: 1432328583131.jpg (5.64 KB, 178x167, much_kek.jpg)

Oh god.

No. 5792

you can be racist to all races. don't act like whites are the majority in other countries
in some places in south africa, if you just exist and be white your going to get raped in the ass and have everything stolen from you, and if you ask them why "its because their white" and there are south Africans that believe that hitler was a good person because "he starved white people"
want proof? http://citizen.co.za/383598/i-love-hitler-as-he-starved-white-people-dlamini/
also the definition "hatred or intolerance of another race or other races" it doesn't say "except white people" does it?

No. 5793

File: 1432328979418.jpg (107.4 KB, 600x1061, QHyDQJgX18c.jpg)

Here's the full page if you want to check her mistakes

No. 5794

Yes, Your Honor; I'm afraid it is a felony in the United States to hurt someone's feefees.

No. 5795

File: 1432330934070.jpg (38.31 KB, 960x261, XJIvX559XrY.jpg)

A panoramic view of Berry's house I found on her vk fanpage (probably deleted from her twitter too). I though she was rich and lived in this huge ass house kek

No. 5796

I noticed that she shows a lot of steps for someone who is supposedly the genius of the family ._. Like is it really necessary to write √5 x √5 = √25 =5? Isn't it kind of intuitive that √5 ² is equal to 5?

No. 5797

File: 1432331204509.png (8.79 KB, 574x103, whats so funny about it hoe.pn…)

this hoe cant get any more stupid

No. 5798

'√5 x √5 = √25 =5'
Where did she write that?
She actually wrote √5 x √5 = 25 which shows she's flat out wrong

No. 5799

question 8. I didn't include the 7

No. 5800

lets not start a racism debate omfg annoying and off topic

No. 5801

'@PinkMiruku Also, even if its a free country, if you say something about a person, that person could sue you?so be careful potatoes.'

??? That only applies if it's libel or slander which is hard to peg on people in court, I'm pretty sure.

You can't sue someone if you tell them they're ugly or stupid.

No. 5802

If you're in remedial math classes they will ask you to show all the steps, just so they know you understand what the fuck you're doing.

I know because I had to take three remedial math classes since I suck at math /csb

No. 5803

why is it funny tho.. ?

No. 5804

File: 1432334462305.png (108.41 KB, 682x485, so scurry sueing 4 feelings be…)

I screen shot the tweet incase she deletes it since she has a habit of deleting tweets.
She's just trying to scare anons / us. So stupid. Berry stop trying to waste the governments/law force's time with your bullshit lol

Average looking living room. This living room photo fits that blue shack of a house.
Also it's extremely dim… not sure about anywhere else but from where I live and from what I know most "rich" or upper middle class houses are brightly lit inside mostly due to lots of windows and big windows.

From reading her older tweets and recent tweets , I don't think she's a very open minded or educated person. I think she's one of those "unknowingly" racist people that think they're not racist but always make brief or borderline racist comments thinking it's not offensive in any way. She is a hermit that internets all day and is all weaboo (she thinks asians can't be weaboos so she probably takes full pride in that) so it's not surprise to me that she isn't very open minded.

No. 5805

didn't berry say the n-word before? wtf lol

No. 5806

I'm almost convinced that she might be high functioning autistic.

No. 5807

File: 1432335330135.png (15.67 KB, 567x176, 20150522-175330.png)

Wtf? Did this bi*ch really

No. 5808

i just said one post. one
are you mad or something?

No. 5809


No. 5810

she's trying so hard to be a "gamer girl" kek

No. 5811

omfg, valley girls and the n-word
i swear…

No. 5812

File: 1432335773849.png (7.2 KB, 459x89, 20150522-180138.png)

don't you mean wylona

No. 5813

just gonna leave this here those of you who think racism against white people doesn't exist are stupid af. That's the smartest thing I've ever heard korinne say tbh

No. 5814

File: 1432336031451.png (421.61 KB, 577x393, hahahhaa.png)

Instead of $100 bills, she just wipes her tears with those $5 ones she has kek s0 rich

No. 5815

Pardon me while I go laugh myself into a coma

No. 5816

im laughing so hard at that anon whos trying to prove that reverse racism exists

No. 5817

the term "reverse racism" isn't even real because anyone could be racist against anyone. its dumb for people to even think otherwise lol

No. 5818

I wasn't just referring to you I'm referring to everyone who regards it. It's just gonna start a shitstorm and if you guys wanna debate about it racism do it somewhere else.

This isn't a social justice forum omg

No. 5819

File: 1432337698211.png (340.86 KB, 1063x752, not a special little snowflake…)

>using the term reverse-racism
tumblr, plz go back to your hugbox
its just racism. mistreating a person for their race is racism
there is no "reverse" racism towards whites is the same as racism towards any other race

No. 5820

>social justice
>starts going on a SJW rant
>goes on about it
>someone gives a legitimate agruement

No. 5821

Now back to Berry

No. 5822

I am not any of the people who went on a SJW rant? -_- The only thing Ive been saying the whole time is to cut it out. Im not involved nor have I shared my opinion on the matter because I know that this is not the place for it

No. 5823

stop shitting up our berry thread.
how autistic are you?

No. 5824

so anyway, berry is fat and poor

No. 5825

Two of those are me but I don't see how Im shitting up your thread when Im trying to keep it from becoming a racism debate thread. You seem to be the one who fails to comprehend that.

No. 5826

you lost your me and your arguement right there
with your weeaboo emoticons

No. 5827

File: 1432338054170.png (249.71 KB, 627x570, money.png)

definitely kek
(this is another deleted tweet taken from her VK fanclub)

No. 5828

i'm telling you to just stop bringing it up
calm yourself, girl

No. 5829

translation Oh please, you probably just don't understand what Im saying lmao if an emoticon is enough for you to ignore my entire comment.

No. 5830


starting to love vk
>I really want these but I have no money lol
didn't she tweet about her having money not too long ago? By the way these aren't really expensive a bottle is like $5-$10

No. 5831

i stopped reading at the emoticon because it proves your a weeaboo that likes to judge other weeaboos at the emoticon

No. 5832

How is me saying "stop talking about it" worse than:


for example? I was doing the exact thing you're rn, telling people to cut it out

No. 5833

File: 1432338399123.gif (310.02 KB, 268x198, get help.gif)

just stop

No. 5834

you sound like an 'intellect' from reddit or 9gag, please go back to your 'intelligant and euphoric' websites and leave us normal people in peace, thanks

No. 5835

ya'll need to seriously stfu now lmao

No. 5836

No. 5837

>You are not special. You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else
(I'm just referring to the photo) @ berry

No. 5838


so anyways…

No. 5839

does berry have any friends in rl

No. 5840

berry: a-asians cannot be weeaboos I SWEAR

No. 5841

i don't think so

No. 5842

word? has there ever been a pic of her with another live human being?

No. 5843

I think she has like 2 at most lol (she posted a photo of her "friends" in her room before in the older thread) but otherwise most of her photos going out and doing something is just with her family/sibs. there was the time she texted that emily person with a photo of berry herself

No. 5844

besides her siblings/family>>107203

No. 5845

lol i think i remember that and i think berry expected her to tell her how cute she looked but that person was so underwhelmed (if im remember it correctly anyway)

No. 5846

You cannot be racist to a white person becausw racism ia deeper than just hating someone for the colour of your skin. It's a system of oppression. Whites havent been oppressed so therefore people say you cannot be racist towards whites. But you can be prejudice against them. So that explains why said anons were saying that. Just a lurker here and just wanted to make this comment to clear this up.

No. 5847

Please ignore spelling errors. That comment was made on my phone.

No. 5848

actually you can be racist towards whites so you're comment is irrelevant

No. 5849

>racism ia deeper than just hating someone for the colour of your skin

No. 5850


sorry no this is not a widely accepting sociology theory. this is an internet bs theory.

No. 5851

Lol you cant be racist towards white but you can be prejudice. I'm not going going to argue with ignorance when i just told you why people say you cant because its a system of oppression and whites havent been oppressed lol but whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 5852


No. 5853

the only ignorant one is you tbh. obviously you can be racist towards white people idk why this is even a question

No. 5854

It's not an internet theory since it is in its definition. If it only had "hating someone for the colour of their skin" in its definition then yeah, just an internet theory but it also states that its a system of oppression.

No. 5855



No. 5856


first hit on google

noun: racism

the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

No. 5857

Well. It is if you're one of the unfortunate afflicted of tumblritis

No. 5858

You cant be racist towards whites but ok. Anyways moving on with Berry.

No. 5859


have fun with that thought

No. 5860

>ok I lost lets talk about berry

No. 5861

anyone can be racist towards anyone. so yes you can be racists towards whites. so yeah moving on to berry

No. 5862

>You cant be racist towards whites but ok. Anyways moving on with Berry.
You cant be more idiot than you are already but ok. Anyways moving on with Berry.

No. 5863

File: 1432340617300.jpg (38.24 KB, 342x604, 9XQtgvnDQdY.jpg)

That long finger tho

No. 5864

thats not berrys finger. thats an alien finger

No. 5865

File: 1432340852899.gif (686.2 KB, 233x200, magnificent.gif)

this thread just got amazing in a way i didn't expect

No. 5866

what is that…

No. 5867

File: 1432340942609.gif (457.23 KB, 318x238, megivingafuck.gif)

LOL wow

No. 5868

>this week on berry thread
>tumblr invades

No. 5869

Sure, if your dictionary is tumblr.com.

Racism is racism. What the fuck else would it be? It's judging or categorizing people by their race rather than their individual attributes.

No. 5870

File: 1432341690002.jpg (41.63 KB, 342x604, J0sJOpApKjM.jpg)



The text I was talking about ^


&& I Just wanted to bring this back kek ^

<= from her vk fanpage

No. 5871

she stretched that photo to make her finger longer. it doesn't match up to her chub hands in the one jolibee photo

No. 5872

File: 1432341893264.jpg (88.81 KB, 497x746, 1431564232130.jpg)

No. 5873

I'm screaming how the fuck

No. 5874

File: 1432342220513.jpg (57.63 KB, 398x604, YS9dEWuJyGc.jpg)

Do you guys think berry use to wear double eye lid tape or glue before and which is why she has such a deep and large crease now? Michelle phan made a video before on how using double eyelid tape can overtime create a permanent or semi perm lid.

I'm wondering b/c her sister doesn't seem to have prominent lids/crease as berry does. Even though they're siblings and are close of age they don't look alike. and in this photo her lid when she looks down looks wobbly and lighter than her skin/looks like there is a strip of white line above her lid crease which could indicate double eyelid tape? maybe it's bad photoshopping

No. 5875

Maybe it's photoshop idk

No. 5876

File: 1432342358839.png (17.53 KB, 300x102, 5551345 _bd54bff891204cf7e9bf3…)

TFW i her eyes look better this way

No. 5877

File: 1432342366114.jpg (22.3 KB, 480x640, UWCgWrgaxxQ.jpg)

Comparision. This was again in her VK fanpage.

No. 5878

omfg so chubbbbbbbbbbbbbbby

Berry claims to be in the medical field but doesn't seem to really know anything about the human anatomy. No way is her body as thin as she claims with her lack of collarbones and massive chubby hands like this.

No. 5879

What is there to hid?? Her shoulder?? Like barely half her cheek??

No. 5880

Their faces in the mirror. At first I thought it was armpits lol

Hand so fat she don't know when to stop the shop.

What's with the mouth blurring?

No. 5881

File: 1432342743803.jpg (32.45 KB, 341x604, g9x0p0gTWFo.jpg)

for such a "rich" girl that supposedly claims to live in a big 2 story house that owns "cartier", she uses a ratch looking window vent thing

No. 5882

File: 1432343326685.jpg (9.26 KB, 260x194, index.jpg)

the fact she had to stretch it to such obscene amounts to make it look normal–because it doesn't even qualify as thin–means she must got some big meaty claws on her

No. 5883

Looks like an air conditioner. If she was a little bit rich she would use 'Central Air'

No. 5884

File: 1432343633604.jpg (50 KB, 600x1017, 1a.jpg)

can we just relive this for a second because im imagining berry twitching while she clutches her phone and shrieking "TELL ME IM PRETTY"

No. 5885

File: 1432343821670.jpg (56.57 KB, 600x1012, 1429151018088.jpg)

basically how it went

>but qurl dont i look cute??

No. 5886

qurl please… qurl… tell im pretty qurl……….

No. 5887

wait…the fact that two separate messages have the picture attached to it….omfg she sent her picture TWICE

"maybe you didn't notice how cute i was when i sent it the first time so let me resend it"

emily sounds done

No. 5888

Lol. She really does look drunk.

No. 5889

if i was emily id be done too jfc
berry is an attention whore………..

No. 5890

if berry was already in college she would use "why didnt you come to my college". since she's using "why dont you come" makes it seem it'll be in the future. lol.

No. 5891

File: 1432346245070.jpg (47.62 KB, 342x436, 1432340617300.jpg)

No. 5892

File: 1432346848087.gif (333.13 KB, 500x378, tumblr_mijxbpQQKs1qak58ro1_500…)

No. 5893

But for real she was just randomly cosplaying in her room?

No. 5894

Yeah it sounds like college is something that will happen in the future for her plus
>you had to drift away
probably means her friend is going to a different college/uni as her
oooo shit berry this is one big hole

No. 5895

she has no life

No. 5896


No. 5897

Outside would be too dangerous, people would see her without photoshop

No. 5898

Adding onto this.
I remember seeing on tumblr or twitter, another ~vague post~
where her living room tv was mounted above the fire place in a rich house type thing
That does not fit this at all…….

Does anyone else remember the picture thougH??? I CLEARLy remember it but it was a long time ago

No. 5899

Why the fuck would she stretch her finger??????? Like in her other pictures she doesn't have long fingers why is she doing this

as someone w/ long fingers I always think they look skeletal and ugly like what is the point

No. 5900

In her older photo's she doesn't have big lips, probably blurred them bc she didn't like her normal sized lips

No. 5901

It's an air conditioner

If she was rich you think she'd have a bedframe lol and headboard

No. 5902

It's definitely a small shack of a house. Lack of proper lighting and windows throughout is one thing but a real sign is the narrow size of the house.

Then you notice the extremely poor window treatments, cheap furniture and generally cluttered look. Also, what an odd place for a desk.

No. 5903

The race debate needs to stop, you guys can get banned from posting in this thread.
Just shut up about it, take it somewhere else. This place is to talk about Berry, nothing else.

No. 5904


but its been over…

No. 5905

File: 1432355590768.jpg (26.22 KB, 500x500, $_12.JPG)

Reminds me of this picture I see all the time on Ebay.

No. 5906

Fuckin' salad fingers.

No. 5907

Wait what, she and viviana (pastel cutie) are talking to each other again? Smh

No. 5908

She looks like she needs some crystal IV treatment.

No. 5909

File: 1432362507331.jpg (40.86 KB, 453x604, 0N9BTFPJWoo.jpg)


Lol, notice that white drawing on the right. Shape looks like it was to cover someone leaning on top of the table

No. 5910

File: 1432364108723.png (68.71 KB, 908x902, 1406145140885.png)

lmfao classic

No. 5911

>berry's life..

No. 5912

Great find. That's so sad. How many fake house pictures does Berry have at this point??

No. 5913

It doesn't even match up with her supposed house (everyone remember her "pic from my backyard" post?) lol.
I did some reverse image search on this pic and, sadly, no results. I'm sure it's just some pic from realty agency website.

No. 5914

>I'm sure it's just some pic from realty agency website.

This. The shot is obviously to showcase the livingroom and it has been emptied of personal effects (partially staged).

No. 5915

She probably edited and cropped it
(not to mention that white splotch) so reverse image searching wont work

No. 5916

File: 1432397151882.png (527.12 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-05-25-17-49-04…)


I'm not sure but I think I know this place.

Theres this waterpark resort (specially made for familys with kids) which is called "Great Wolf lodge ".

So there are many suits and rooms that you can book and some of them look like this

I KNOW that the chimney -design isnt the exact same but their rooms/suits are all different from each other so the photo taken by Berry could be from the GWL resort.

No. 5917

File: 1432397332428.png (303.8 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-05-25-17-54-49…)

Also her Brother Levin was at the Geeat Wolf Lodge ~ Pocono Mountains, PA

No. 5918

There are many GWL Resorts in America so Berry could have been in a different one than her brother

No. 5919

Berry should really learn to make her lies more consistent kek

No. 5920

THIS WAS IT. She totally posted this and put some vague comment like "I love home" or something like t hat

No. 5921

just wait she'll say she is so rich desu and has a ton of houses

No. 5922

kek, I want to see Berry go on an actual foreign resort and call that home too as an excuse, not that she can afford to

No. 5923


All the rich folks I know have central air. Not window A/C units.

No. 5924

File: 1432441936397.png (33.27 KB, 557x520, 11267538_906286472765239_52080…)

Reminded me of berry instantly

No. 5925

can i make a weebs gereral thread? i wanna weebs general thread

No. 5926

Are her parents divorced?

No. 5927


Uh..no ?

No. 5928

No. 5929

I thought she said she doesn't watch anime?
Lol what a weeb. Does she not know weeb is derogative? For someone so "smart" as she is with a 115% gpa (bs) I think she's kind of stupid

No. 5930

File: 1432485733591.jpg (57.48 KB, 341x604, weeb1.jpg)


No. 5931

Pretty sure Mirai Nikki was the last of its kind to have flip phones, anyway.
Newer anime has characters with smartphones.
She's even bad at being a weeaboo. Imagine that.

No. 5932

also what's wrong with that finger

No. 5933

nvm that's her nail kek

No. 5934

>hiding fat arm under sweater when it's almost summer
>shooped skin white and fingers thin again
>calling it a flip phone and not keitai

No. 5935

Tons of white girls get insulted because theyre very pale. So i agree.

No. 5936

kek I love how every time PC and Berry talks amaitohiko or bunny whatever her name is always butts into their convo.

I think they're all so fake and kiss-assy…all they do is compliment each other and try to get on each other's good side until shit goes down and Berry unfollows lolol.
You have to be a very naive or blinded to not think Berry doesn't photoshop or lie though like it's too obvious. Maybe PC wouldn't notice…i think it's just really back and forth with them and cringing to see. It's the same thing with hbt.

It's kind of sad that PC followed and talk to Berry on her new twitter even though Berry unfollowed her on her old twitter because she didn't want to get involved in the drama PC was in. Some friend Berry is xD I remember PC would always tweet @ berry with her old twitter but berry never responded to any of them because berry unfollowed rofl

if I didn't read the comment to the photo, I would have thought it was berry

that photoshopped screen lol wth

No. 5937

Ok so I ran into some super interesting info at work today. My coworker had on one of those Cartier bracelets, like the ones berry had. I remember her telling me that she couldn't afford a new car so I had to ask how she got one. She told me that they sold off brand ones for $30 at department stores. She later showed me where she got them when we went shopping and interestingly enough, the screwdriver things were the same as the one berry has.
Case closed.

No. 5938

I was just wondering because that could possibly explain her having access and pictures to more than one house, faggot.

No. 5939

I've always been extremely pale. I'm always told to get a tan or that I look like a dead person or something. When I was in elementary school and day care before that, the black girls wouldn't play with me. They said they didn't want to be around a white girl. Idk, I never had a problem with anyone else, but the black kids were always too cool for me and didn't want me around. I was constantly reminded I was a white girl an therefore not worthy.

It's not like fucked up racism or anything, but it took me a long time to find any black people who would actually be my friend and not call me white all the time. I don't understand why it had to be like that –I wasn't ever going around reminding them that they were black– but i guess I deserved it, you know being white and all. Since white people are evil and we are the only ones who can be racist and therefore it falls upon only upon white people to change anything.

OT faggotry. I guess I'm just tired of SJW who think white people are unable to be discriminated against in any way, especially children.

No. 5940

File: 1432499453626.jpg (64.64 KB, 756x797, $_57[1].JPG)

I…I think we already figured that out. Plus there's also a million chinese sellers on ebay that sell them for $20. Everyone knows she has a knockoff

No. 5941

Itd be a lot easier for you to get tan than it would be for someone dark skin to get light skin.the two situations really arent comparable at all.

No. 5942

Whenever people do this shit, all everyone else hears is
"Boo hoo white tears"

Just so you know lmao

No. 5943

please stop with the racism shit on berry's thread

No. 5944

yeah this literally sounds like:

> I want everyone to be sorry for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, onto berry.

Yeah it was already established, but most of her twitter fans think she's rich

No. 5945

File: 1432502992921.jpg (59.74 KB, 540x918, VZzbLdlsndA.jpg)

Berry is so rich yet she needs her (idiot) friends to buy her shit (Another deleted tweet retrieved from her VK fanpage)

No. 5946

File: 1432503067822.jpg (131.55 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I don't want everyone to be sorry for me? Also why do I need to get a tan? Okay sjw. I'm sorry my white tears have offended you so terribly. I deserve to be lynched for my awful crimes.

Anyway, Berry hasn't done anything remarkable latel except pretend that she speaks Spanish.

No. 5947

File: 1432503109205.jpg (140.29 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 5948

File: 1432503163175.jpg (120.73 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

What does this mean?

No. 5949

File: 1432503302798.jpg (137.97 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

"Nachos tacos pantelones" whut

Also sorry for screenshotting her twitter I'm too lazy to crop (because I'm white)

No. 5950

>>5948 she said she's gonna eat good bye guys/nachos/tacos/pants???
I'm portuguese myself so pardon me if I made a mistake in translating ><''

No. 5951

the first "I'm gonna eat now, bye guys nachos tacos pants"
the other is "Ass is (emoji) lolololol"
Basically non-sense

No. 5952

(OT but I'm also portuguese lol)

No. 5953

File: 1432504000089.png (151.39 KB, 450x300, 1432365356879.png)


Whoaaa! I didnt know that people could be this deluded. Seriously???

You're on a whole new level of stupid!

No. 5954


Some hardcore delusion you got there. It's amazing how stupid people can get.

>It's not my fault. It's never my fault! I should be treated special because I am oppressed and I want to be given things and say things and I deserve it because I am not white!

No. 5955

"You can't fool me!!!" (the way she wrote it is fucked up though - dat google translate Spanish)
"I'm a smart chicken <emoji>"

The image saying "yo quiero comer culo", basically means: "I want to eat ass."

How old is this bitch again? Her sense of humour is painful to behold.

No. 5956

File: 1432505731483.png (31.4 KB, 618x335, dumbass....png)

That's not how you say "I am so happy" correctly in Russian, Berry.
The correct way would be "Я очень рад," but I guess she wouldn't know that because that's what Google translate gives her and everyone knows you can always trust google translate.

No. 5957

Berry lives off of free stuff. I find it really deceiving and sad considering she's always bragging about money and her having money. much rich such money. $$$$$4

No. 5958

>not sure how to speak Spain's language

Then why the hell is she typing shit in Spanish????

No. 5959

both what she wrote and what you suggested are the male version of saying it. the female would be "я очень рада"
but I guess that's a nuance just like "boku" in japanese…

No. 5960

Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry. I guess I pressed the backspace and didn't realize.

No. 5961

nothing? If she doesnt know you she wont reply imo or maybe she does, but she wont talk too much. What are you going to say to her?

No. 5962

If you did is there really any use for it? It's not like if you call her she'll accept and respond with a video call

No. 5963

lol idk hats why im asking

No. 5964


No. 5965

this bitch is now trying to talk in spanish? yikes

No. 5966

>boohoo white tears

Please stop and go back to PULL, the offensive part is thinking everyone cares about your fake struggles and not berry.

No. 5967

"Go back to Pull! Go back to pull!" Bitch I've never been to Pull in my life. I've been on lolcow since day one. Do you see how I actually posted cocks after my stupid sob story to try to put the tread back on track? Meanwhile all you can do is contribute to a dead argument. Check yourself and provide cocks next time. no1curr about anyone's shitty opinions.

No. 5968

File: 1432520235054.jpg (23.02 KB, 800x222, Screenshot_2015-05-24-22-14-52…)

Berry knows damn well she uses Google translate.

No. 5969

Is that why you keep replying and typing anonymous into the name bar? You sound hard new

No. 5970

She's going to be speaking Dead languages soon, and the. Her own made up ones, because she is super genius smart

No. 5971

And then her own** damn phones

No. 5972


You're obviously the new one, that's called a sage. If you put it in your email you don't bump the thread with your shitty post. Seriously you're fucking dumb.

No. 5973

Lol what a liar. She barely speaks english.

No. 5974


No. 5975

>raging and saging on /pt/


No. 5976

Had to stop lurking just to tell you both to stfu and get back on topic. Im here to watch berry get caught in lies and witness the dramu. I'm Not here to drown in your salty white tears.

No. 5977

Can someone open a new thread ? Maybe with a short summary of her Drama

No. 5978

that photo was posted awhile ago when iphone 6 came out

No. 5979

Someone should make an ED page lol

No. 5980

little rich berry needs to work to get some money https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/602741041742118912

No. 5981

I don't understand why none of you newfags don't screencap shit

No. 5982

File: 1432576013589.png (81.39 KB, 188x254, Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 10.3…)

kek one of my friends posted this pic of a cosplayer at Fanime and she looks like Berry

No. 5983

who would pay berry 200$ to do their make up lmao. Did they get the ultra deluxe photoshop package that berry uses on herself?

No. 5984

this actually doesnt look like her at all
berry's Filipino

No. 5985


I have a friend who's a freelance makeup artist, the price of 200$ is actually really cheap.
actual MUA's will charge like 400+
but they have actual degree's and such

Berry's not even good at makeup, there's no way I would pay her 200$ for her to do something on my face that I could do myself.

She doesnt' know how to contor correctly, I"m sure she doesn't have the makeup kit large enough to do it either and they're not supplied to the MUA. The makeup artist needs to already have a kit, for their clients. I"m sure she only has makeup suited for herself.

No. 5986

File: 1432576833971.jpg (1.49 MB, 1500x998, New canvas.jpg)

Oh ok Burry. No-neck and/or collarbones shoop is included, I suppose?
ps I apologize to people in the picture, I hold nothing against them.

No. 5987

Actually it kinda does, at least with face proportions.

No. 5988

File: 1432578639944.png (168.56 KB, 352x341, 1424382735559.png)

Whoops, forgot the pic

No. 5989

Fucking this. Minus the "don't".

No. 5990

it's not wrong to work to get money even if you're rich though

No. 5991

but if I were rich and I were so damn good at makeup and a bride asks me to do her makeup for $200 I wouldn't brag about it. In fact, I'm not rich and if that happens to me I would not brag about it :/
(I'm not the anon you're replying btw)

No. 5992

File: 1432597045418.png (138.18 KB, 529x565, berry.png)

Lol I love when an argument is completely dead and then one person has to put their opinion into it. Lurk moar.

And this is an imageboard, links are garbage. Did all of PULL migrate over here now?

No. 5993

true true

No. 5994

if she's so rich why is $200 a big deal?

No. 5995

i think she's only doing makeup for people who's going to the wedding not really the bride or w/e.. and the $200 bucks was probs exaggerated like always i don't really trust anything she posts anymore lmaoo

No. 5996

No but she's a bragging who're who wants everyone to think she gets everything so easy because she's soooo smart and rich so she gets to brag.
Which is bs

No. 5997

File: 1432660843363.