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No. 489545

Aight so there was a bunch of people interested in this in the Thread Requests so this is a thread to discuss particular MAPs you come across. General discussion on MAPs also welcome but please don't derail to infight with bait.

- What is a MAP?
A MAP is a Minor Attracted Person AKA a pedophile. These people generally campaign for empathy towards pedophiles and often imply it's a sexual orientation and, most strikingly, that it's not a bad trait. That kids can consent in the right situation and that sex with minors isn't inherently bad or traumatising if they enjoy it. Lots claim to be non-offending and believe you can be a harmless pedophile who doesn't offend.

Some terminology often used by these shit heads:
NOMAP: Non Offending Map
Anti: I've mostly seen this used as Anti-Contact, but sometimes as Anti-Pedophile from those opposing the community

exclusive: exclusively attracted to minors. non-exclusive means attracted to minors and people over the age of 18.

ephebophile: an adult who is sexually attracted to adolescents

hebephile: sexual interest by adults in pubescent (early adolescent) children (especially those showing Tanner stages 2-3 of development), which is typically ages 11–14.

Some tags or terms often used that you can search to find these scumbags, best used on tumblr or sometimes reddit:
MAP, NOMAP, map acceptance, map support, map safe space, real map support, pro map, minor attraction, minor attracted people, virtuous pedophile, anti nonmap, real map acceptance, non offending pedophile, non offending MAP, anti contact, minor attracted people.

Some links to get you angry:
"unapologetically a pedophile supporter".

A user who tells people on KIK that she is underage. The screenshots will nauseate you.

Piece of shit that makes me want to leave my own country, a MAP who posts and reblogs a lot from the community, so a good resource for long blocks of echo chamber text of people defending their spastic pedophilia with mental gymnastics and attitude.

One of the frilly special kawaii pedophile ~you're special just the way you are uwu~ blogs.

Now unused but another resource for mental gymnastics and pedo justification trying to make fucking pedophilia into this beautiful abstract thing

"I can find girls from 0 to women in their forties attractive, though under 3 what my feelings are get really blurry, they’re just cute mostly. I am most likely to be attracted to girls from ~5-10 and the most attractive of them tend to be the most attractive of anyone."

If you have any personal MAP cows you've come across, please add them.

No. 489580

any notable women who are on this fucked up bandwagon? i assume not.

No. 489593

actually there's a surprising few supporting it, you can find them on tumblr. a lot of teenage girls supporting it too and using the ~im a 16y/o girl and I THINK ITS OK therefore its ok~ idea. Equal amounts men posing as teens and actual teen girls.

No. 489602

This guy was doing the rounds on YT a while ago, he got so much backlash for his uh, opinion on pedophilia being ok. his original video is removed now and I cant find his channel, so here are snips of it even though the guy posting it annoys the shit out of me, i couldn't find a better one.

No. 489633

I'm interested in non-offending pedophiles. There was that one This American Life documentary about an online community of them but that's as far as my knowledge goes. I'd like some book/podcast/doc recommendations if anyone has any.

No. 489647

As a CSA survivor, "MAPS" need to be fucking shot execution style and their supporters need to be tarred and feathered.

Sage for no milk.

No. 489663

File: 1517518883112.jpg (92.08 KB, 561x627, photomagic(1)(1).jpg)

I just need to know if "MAP" is a recent term because it's cast a certain band's famous song in an unflattering new light.

In terms of women MAPs I swear to God Lyndsay "Sex ed for kids" is a MAP ally and she has even said "children are sexual beings" in a vlog.
She is promoting the idea of "consent" for 3-7 year olds when nobody can legally "consent" until aged 16. Implication is children can consent which sounds pretty MAP-y to me. People have also pointed out her behavior is predatory in the comments.


No. 489710

I'm in the same situation(a CSA survivor), and these discussions over whether or not being a pedophile is justified bring an anger I didn't know I could feel. I'm glad that this thread thus far isn't supporting them. I've seen people try to justify MAP's by saying it's a Mental Illness, if it is then that's fine but it's a Mental illness that destroyed the childhoods of myself and millions of others and shouldn't be treated with any compassion or delicacy, it shouldn't be normalised. Our mental and physical health matters more than ~poor delicate mentally ill MAPs uwu~ but of course Tumblr will support who they believe is 'oppressed' and apparently children can fend for themselves and just deal with what these 'activists' and their revolting friends do. Sorry, sage for rage but it's hard not to.

No. 489740

the problem with MAPs is that they hide behind the mental illness excuse but then make more excuses not to get help because of muh stigma.
they're legit endangering people if they don't get professional help, a literal ticking time bomb. and its even better when they enable each others sick desires

No. 489745


I just googled and found several interviews, articles, reports in research journals, and a "virtuous pedophile" org.

No. 489873

The slippery slope is real. You guys think this shit will become mainstream eventually, like the whole trans thing?

No. 489909

I miss the days when even joking about being attracted to a child was wrong,disgusting and considered a big no-no, now people are justifying it, giving people who openly share the fact they find children sexual and fantasize about molesting them, to live normal lives and have it be a-ok as long as they just go to a therapist for 30 minutes and lie their ass off like all the other tumblrinas do when they go to the therapist

even LOLI has becoming acceptable and you can literally jerk it to drawings of naked little girls getting molested and anons like in the old vent thread will come in and claim ~teehee its not pedophilia its a fantasy youre mad over a cartoon its stupid~

all of them, even the supporters should be drowned

No. 489929

"Slippery slope" my ass. Throughout history and across cultures fucking kids was far more prevalent and accepted than changing your gender. Not to mention far more feasible.

It's far worse too, but it's not in any way a modern threat as you're insinuating. On the contrary.

No. 489985

I have to hide this thread but I hope this turns into a doxxing spree like the lift thread did. Just any pedophile trying to say that wanting to fuck toddlers is a sexual orientation or. I honestly can't even finish this post. Anyway I hope to God the doxxing people from the lift thread use this thread to completely decimate some pedophiles lives.

No. 489991

It's so hard to find actual map tumblrs because throughout all the tags you find a promising post like "For all no/maps having a hard time" then the text body is like "good fucking hope you die soon <3"
which is fucking wild.

I hope so but I think this is a whole other ball game, but if there's a will there's a way and I am so ready to see some sweet, sweet justice against dirty pedos.

No. 490091

File: 1517543158759.png (229.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7974.PNG)

This piece of shit was trying to tell me how the Glee actor who got busted with child porn and killed was actually the victim in the whole situation

No. 490184

Yeah, I had been trying to find some milk because I’ve been waiting for this thread (thanks OP) and all I can find is this huge uprising against LGBP+/MAPs which is refreshing to see from tumblr

No. 490212


for anyone who is seeing a lot of much needed tumblr uprising and is looking for the real assholes, you can try the tags "actual map support", "actual map safe space", etc. tumblr users often put actual in front of tags where this happens, incl the spoonies, maps and self diagnosers.

No. 490495

I think it's recent, but might be wrong. What band do you mean?

No. 490892

anon meant Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs I assume.
Great tune and thankfully MAP is a recent tumblrina label so we don't need to worry about that

No. 491369

I think that this MAP bullshit has the propensity to get a lot worse. I don’t see it getting better on account of the liberties taken and given towards the idea of “fluidity”. Moreover, while we can agree that sexuality is inherent, the comparable arguments from a pedophile or sympathizer would be to consider the idea that pedophilia is as hard wired as any form of sexuality. I think what most people (teeny bop tumblr suppprters) don’t seem to grasp is that sexuality is related to sexual preference, but also to intimacy. You can’t be “intimate” with a person who doesn’t share that same level of cognition. If they’re not capable of being an equal it’s always going to be an abuse of power. If you insist that children are capable of consent you’re beyond wrong. Children will eat themselves sick with candy if you leave them alone. (But so will most tumblr fatties.)

Anyone who works with children in any way knows that they are 100% not sexual beings. It’s simply something that hasn’t developed in a child. You can’t have child “friends”. An adults role to a child can be friendly, but an adult and child relationship isn’t capable of anything else.

I also 100% don’t buy into the idea of non offending pedophiles.

There are A LOT of pedophiles on tumblr in particular, especially if you’re part of “fandoms” that pertain to cute shit or Lolita stuff. There was one blog in particular that was ran by some guy in the US, who fell in love with his 8 year old cousin. I remember reading this being DISGUSTED. She came to visit and stayed at the house he lived in with his parents. Apparently they liked the same video games and he made this diatribe about how complete he felt with her, and how she was perfect. It was GROSS. He left a note in her suitcase proclaiming his love to her, telling her not to tell her parents, etc.

If I remember correctly, he was 10 years older than him. All these fucking idiots applauded his “love” for this child. They kept sending him supportive messages and insisting that their parents or some shit were 10-12 years apart, so that it was fine- and “cute” to have “loved her as a child.”

Like no one saw this as FUCKED. That person I think deleted their blog, and I think about that poor child so often. I feel so sad for her. I really hope that her parents found out and they kept that girl away from him. I quit tumblr after that. What a fucking cesspool.

No. 491414

Shit bait.

And it's been proven treating children as anything but children can be incredibly harmful. Look at children raised by narcissists and used by a parental figure as a substitute spouse. It's horrifying MAPs try to act like they're capable of making decisions like that.

No. 491636

Holy shit, I didn't hear about that. I just read an article and he had thousands of "abuse" photos on his computer and flash drive? What the actual fuck?

It takes me to a whole new level of nausea that people defend these people and they find it acceptable/justified and think it should be normalized. I want to vomit. I might be reading into it too much, but they always have <i>those eyes</i> too, that stare which seems like part of them is missing. I wonder if it is a genetic defect that causes people to be like this, because if so, it really needs to be culled from the human race. I want to cry, it feels like nothing is safe anymore, especially for young women.

No. 491857

File: 1517685942451.png (154.02 KB, 640x1136, 68268FD7-B8CC-4AD5-BB1E-4AA723…)

oh man, do i have some stories to tell about this

so back in late 2014ish when the whole gamergate thing was happening i decided to check out 8ch (mostly for gg) but came across the /hebe/ board and it somewhat piqued my interest because i was still underage at the time and was sort of developing a crush on an internet friend in his early 20s, will greentext the rest. the short of it is i became sort of assimilated into this little gang of regulars to the board and that’s where i first came across the term MAP, and hoo boy did i meet a few crazy cows (and yes, i will post screenshots)

>be 15, developing an attraction to this friend (who isn’t at fault i should say, i just thought he was cute and i was nearing the end of a bad first relationship, he didn’t do anything) and just finished playing the pedo game unteralterbach

>decide to make a post in light of this on the board and get flooded with doubtful guys etc and it obviously devolves into me sort of attentionwhoring and anons wanting to talk to me
>they give their emails and i contact them first
>one of them ends up becoming my bf for 2.5 years after that lol but that’s a whole other story
>one of the people is this guy named david clegg, who i just add on skype but we don’t talk until the next thing happens
>fast forward to late 2015, he suddenly messages me saying he’s starting a podcast to talk about MAP and MAP related things and if i’m interested in offering insight as an underage dating a MAP
>i’m under the impression that everyone on the board are hebephiles and not actual pedophiles (the board being named hebe after all, and people getting anal about the difference)
>he adds me to a skype group of people who are all MAPs or MAP related
>over time i find out that he’s a right wing extremist
>and he’s not a hebephile, but an actual pedophile
>the quote that stands out to me the most is “11 really is the golden age. they just turn into those western feminist whores after that” and that fucked me up for a long time after that but /blogpost
>unironic kekistan type; moonman, le epic pepe, “kkkkk. kkkk kkkkk kk” etc galore
>frequently would have meltdowns in the chat blowing up at whoever disagreed with him on anything
>called me a slut and whore for discussing general fashion and dressing up with the other guys (?)
>pic related when everyone was just baffled at him interrupting the conversation
>he would frequently make gross passes at me and another “girl” (another cow from this group that i pretty much hate) while simultaneously giving us both shit for being “too old” and “slutty” (and i expressed my discomfort because i was in a relationship)

i’m trying to find more screenshots, i hope i still have them for you guys

No. 491863

File: 1517686262619.png (123.42 KB, 640x1136, A6BBC9B0-7769-48A4-830C-9E4CB1…)

>frequently talked about “finding the perfect lgf” (loli/little gf)
>the type to complain every day “tfw no lgf”
>people would attempt to give him advice and he would blow up at them for daring to imply that his abrasive personality and extremist politics he would force into every conversation was why he couldn’t get a gf leave alone an lgf
>blamed western civilization for “taking away their innocence”
>messaged me asking if i could hook him up with “other lgfs” even though he said i was a slutty old hag

No. 491865

File: 1517686306206.png (128.97 KB, 640x1136, 3B61ABA6-7A2D-43A2-8B51-D3F5A8…)

i’m trying my best to find screenshots i promise

No. 491878



Thanks for this insight into their horrible minds anon. Keep em coming if you have more.
> 11 is the golden age? These "maps" need to jump off a bridge honestly

No. 491911

File: 1517689848847.png (144.41 KB, 640x1136, 4A9145E6-988A-4822-8CC9-1737BE…)

sorry guys, finding screenshots is harder than i thought
i looked through my computer and they’re all gone i think

anyone know how to look at old skype chat history? maybe that way i can take new ones

otherwise here’s more of his nonsensical pol rambling, saging this for politics

No. 491916

Relevant but saged for blogpost:

A few years ago I heard about a group called Virtuous Pedophiles, who self-indentify as pedophiles but have never offended and never want to, so it basically operates as a support group. I contacted them and asked if I could run a (very informal) study, basically ask them a bunch of questions based on the common assumptions (watched too much porn, abused as kids, etc).

If I took them all at their word - a risk in any study that relies on anecdotal data - most of them didn't watch porn and hadn't been abused. About half of them reported that they were exclusively attracted to minors, and the other half said primarily but were attracted to adults as well. All of them reported that it had onset at puberty; they had realised that while everyone else's sexual attractions matured as normal, theirs just hadn't.

I do not support paedophilia or "MAPs" in any way. But not all paedos abuse kids, just like not all child abusers are paedos. I think there's some merit to studying whether it does develop akin to a sexual orientation or not, purely because it would give some direction in how to prevent people acting on their disgusting desires.

/blogpost. sorry mods pls do not kill me

No. 491926

Samefag but the exposing tumblr in OP… what the fuck ??? People need to kts

The online community you're referring to is (I believe) the Virtuous Pedophile group.

>consent for 3-7 year olds
is this bitch fucking okay

tbf most mental health professionals won't work with people who admit to paedophilic thoughts. Another reason why non-offenders need to come forward so they can be studied. It might be that nothing can be done and paedos just need to be fucking shot or something. Apparently chemical castration is pretty successful.

No. 492077

I meant to say something about this in the Onion thread, but I really hate the distinction of hebe/pedo/ephebo. Ephebophiles say, “well they are sexually mature, it’s not like I’m attracted to an 11 year old, I would never do that that’s sick.” Hebephiles say, “well they are nearing sexual maturation and some girls start menstruation as early as 10, it’s not like I’m attracted to babies, I would never do that that’s sick.” Pedophiles have no fucking excuse until they default to “it’s muh mental illness” and they are the lowest of the low, but it’s like the distinction only exists to virtue signal and excuse the behavior of people like Onision because “it’s not as bad as it could be.” They all are fucking or wanting to fuck children. They all deserve the pits of hell. Even if they never touch a child in their life, child porn is never fucking okay. So many of those children are victims of sex trafficking and they go through absolute unending nightmarish horror and chances of them ever being okay after that are so slim and so many never even live to recover.

Sage for I just made myself really upset.

No. 492327

File: 1517712036591.png (103.34 KB, 1214x406, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 8.39…)

Lmao is this the same David Clegg from The Dick Show?


No. 492417

This is a MAP thread, we know all pedophiles aren't offending but we're here to talk about that disgusting community that tries to pride itself as a support group

No. 493603


I think the reason it’s decolving is because no one actually believes that MAP is a support group for non offenders. It’s like the fatties who show up at weight watchers and never change. They’re still fat, we know they’re still eating.

In order to believe in that form of a support group, you also have to believe that the people who are able to justify- and they do, They justify their attraction to minors, are both non offending in the “celibate” sense, as well as not watching ANY form of CP.

So, do we believe that? Fuck no. Priests aren’t even celibate anymore. You expect me to believe that someone so far removed from human nature has the complexity and discipline to refrain from any form of depravity that they’re interested in?

I don’t believe it. Until then, MAP is just a way of testing the politically correct waters of today. They’re just being covert, and far more sneaky.

No. 493641

Excuse me, but what the hell do you mean by "non-offending pedophiles"?
Someone who just thinks to fuck an underage but doesn't actually do it - being a potential offender for his/her whole life?

No. 493665

http://mells-the-map.tumblr.com/ is the only one I can think about.

No. 493670

No. 493688

They used to have this programme in Germany to help paedophiles with medication and therapy. Apparently it worked pretty well, but unfortunately castration etc. aren't very popular in the public eye so they're always struggling with funding. Idk, we can't shoot people just like that, so I honestly believe castration etc. would be best. Just turn them into asexuals. Unfortunately lots of people who aren't paedophiles rape children.

No. 493862

nta but to be fair, there is overlap. trans people are now asserting that children can consent to hormone blockers and srs. it implies children understand consequence and permanence. so i can see that being used to justify sex with kids.

No. 493879

I don't really agree with this honestly. hebephile is a social construct and while yes, teens are sexually mature, and being attracted to them isn't some kind of mental issue, people who identify as that are choosing to ignore laws that are put in place for protecting minors. I think there -should- be a distinction, because age of consent laws vary by culture etc. so it's not inherently wrong, just morally bankrupt. The other things though should just be pedo straight up, liking children -is- inherently wrong and also morally bankrupt to support.

No. 493883

Well yeah, what's the confusion? It's like how all men are capable of rape but shouldn't be vilified just because of that fact. Men who don't rape but have thoughts of rape and feel shame because of it, aren't disgusting like people who actually do it.

No. 494071

File: 1517859218378.jpg (67.49 KB, 1014x641, vz1Yfxe.jpg)

Helpful post for anyone new to the MAP horrorshow. These are the ~codes~ they use to communicate.

credit to http://the-pedophile-archive.tumblr.com/ a blog that has been archiving this bullshit for awhile

No. 494078

No. 494080

Samefag sorry I hit send before I finished typing, but other terms which coincide with it are chicken plucker, chicken chaser, etc.

No. 494090

File: 1517860167809.jpg (332.98 KB, 1280x1886, 58XwJr3.jpg)

lmao some kawaii infographs were stats pulled out of someones ass

No. 494093

File: 1517860319250.jpg (250.95 KB, 1507x893, sJIt4aW.jpg)

No. 494101

That's actually a really relevant and scary point. Not that anyone sane would agree that children can consent to hormone blockers.

I think you mean ephebephile is a social construct. Hebephiles are attracted to age group 11-14 years old and are definitely not considered "sexually mature". I am in agreement with the point that being attracted to 15-19 year olds is not disordered, especially if you are very close to that age yourself (17 YO attracted to 15 YO for example). Just fucking grim when guys of 40+ are chasing 18 year olds and going "it's not pervy !!1!"

No. 494119

Do these people ever post photos? Curious what someone so open about this stuff would look like.

No. 494123

File: 1517861601036.jpg (61.05 KB, 1444x716, trZUb0e.jpg)

In the same breath- from a pro nomap blog

No. 494127

File: 1517861634724.jpg (32.07 KB, 549x421, RxmYkKj.jpg)

It's just so fucking disgusting that tumblr is brainwashing so many of these retarded teens

No. 494130

File: 1517861671669.jpg (109.89 KB, 578x771, 79ZURrI.jpg)

You can only imagine what goes on in this communitys DMs

No. 494131

File: 1517861752501.jpg (41.56 KB, 530x576, tBzBqZV.jpg)

No. 494180

>I think you mean ephebephile is a social construct

Yes sorry, bad with the lingo.

>Just fucking grim when guys of 40+ are chasing 18 year olds and going "it's not pervy !!1!"

That's what I mean by morally.

One can argue that atleast teens are physically developed like women, and men infantilize women's bodies constantly, so it makes logical sense why physical attraction would occur. But, while some in fact argue they are mentally developed enough, it's generally not true, and definitely still creepy from a social aspect.

Any younger than 15 is where terms become justification and are invalid. Anything younger than 15 just morally and logically inappropriate attraction to children.

No. 494356

Sort of related; my neighbour while growing up was a couple of years older than me. He would constantly try to get in my pants when I was a child, and did sexually assault me on one occasion but thankfully his mom walked in and rescued me from the situation. I was pretty meek but he also overpowered me so I couldn't really get away. Fast forward 17 years and I visit my hometown, turns out the little creep grew up to be a monster. He was convicted of grooming and molesting three girls from the age of 8-10. All started with him sending dick pics on facebook which they were too scared to tell their parents about, they ignored it but he did the usual slimy "I'm sorry, you're so beautiful, lets talk etc etc" bullshit and they did begin talking. Thankfully after he met up with them all the girls told their parents and they got him arrested. Apparently he'd sent pics to several other girls who weren't involved in the court case but they were mentioned. He was convicted, spent fuck all time in jail and shows absolutely no remorse.
He was repeatedly asked why he did it and just laughed about it, said he did it because he was bored and it was fun. He would do it again. In a heartbeat, if he wasn't banned from social media. He doesn't consider himself a pedo, yet displays all the manipulative behaviour and sexual attraction to minors. He ruined their childhoods for fun.

Another guy from my hometown, a brother of a friend, worked as a babysitter and was arrested for making and distributing hardcore child porn. He was arrested at work so it was a pretty big event for a small town and I think we collectively couldn't shower enough to stop our skin crawling. So they are out there, increasingly doing this shit for fun and just to destroy lives, totally proud and unapologetic or completely denial of their pedophilia and any wrongdoing.

No. 494395

Has he been arrested yet? Or does anyone know if he's under investigation for admitting that? He also works for the 'Foundation for Sex Positive Culture' which is deeply disturbing.

No. 494598

Except people who think about molesting a child are absolutely disgusting.

No. 494693

and people who think about rape aren't???

No. 495056

So this happened in the Brony fandom the other day to barely anyone's surprise. There have already been sadface videos about "oh no dis is gonna hurt our reputation!" but like… Priorities. That guy they're talking to was a well established and fairly popular part of the Youtube section of the fandom for the past few years, which he apparently used to get to young members.

Here's a vid summarising the events. You can find testimonies from the victims all over Youtube by now. https://youtu.be/RHp76fMdEXo

No. 495220

File: 1517939000925.png (66.82 KB, 639x517, Hfkshdu6882.png)

No. 495234

File: 1517939777408.gif (2.2 MB, 357x238, 1515637483373.gif)

No. 495247

>don't worry, i also want to brutally rape children!

No. 495327

File: 1517944463915.jpg (13.01 KB, 245x245, 15095601_1359206170778558_7767…)

>and you are not a worse person for it

No. 495336

That reminds me of a guy I used to be friends with when I was 14, he was 20? I think at the time. He’d always talk about how I was a cute Loli or how he wanted a loli girlfriend to fuck when he liked

No. 495715

File: 1517967987665.png (1.43 MB, 539x4878, kys.png)

No. 495889

yeah, we've known about their existence for a loooong time lol

No. 496312

>He also works for the 'Foundation for Sex Positive Culture' which is deeply disturbing.
Absolutely not surprising. I've noticed sex positive rhetoric escalating from "sex is natural and okay and apart of life," to "any perverted, degenerate thought you have is worthy of indulgence," over the past five or so years.

OT, sorry.

No. 496769

I was a part of a MAP discord (only one, because the others were too much for me) and I recognize a lot of the people that are being posted in this thread.

I joined because I'm a victim of csa and found my attractions were, for lack of a better term, strange. Their rhetoric drew me in, and I joined so I would have more people to talk with. At first, I was delighted to find people I could express my fears and worries to and not be judged. But over the course of a few months, I began to see how toxic the community was.

My breaking point was witnessing how many minors join to talk about their "attraction" and how the community responds to them. There will be 14 year olds calling themselves hebephiles (which is false, you're just attracted to your own age group) being welcomed with open arms, being fed all the feel-good lines about how their feelings are "normal" and they "shouldn't be ashamed" of their attraction (not being told that they are children and need to allow their brains to develop and grow). They're encouraged to share their age and they interact with actual MAPs, much older than they are.

Just being in these type of environments/echo chambers work to groom these kids to internalize the ideas of the people who want to take advantage of them and it's common for many of them to end up in relationships with older MAPs to show how open minded and accepting they are. These are usually children who are outcasts or teens/younger adults (like myself) who were csa survivors that have issues with their sexuality due to trauma. Vulnerable individuals who are desperate to belong. But also social outcasts, deviants, and manipulators who are in a space where their echo chamber allows them to avoid self reflection and access to a minor primed for grooming.

I would speak up against these situations (along with the idea that loli/shota is completely harmless, that making child rape jokes is a way to "cope" and not a disgusting thing to do) but they're quick to turn on you for what they see as "anti talk", or trying to be a "more virtuous MAP" than them, which is seen as a threat.

Another MAP who left the community made a tumblr post that explains a lot of my feelings towards the group and those like them.


No. 497164

I'm OP of thread so I hope this doesn't come across as ~dear diary~ but I had one of these too. Guy in late twenties when I was 14 through 18, all online though. He would say things like I was his cute little loli and how he wanted to hold me down and fill me with cum so that I would explode with his children. He also essentially harassed me for nudes if I wasn't sending them of my own volition and threatened to kill himself many times. It never occurred to me at the time that it was essentially child pornography he was soliciting and I wonder how many other girls he did it to. I eventually blocked him on everything and he soon became a legit stalker trying to find my country home and workplace etc I'm so glad that's over now. He had friends who had similar behaviour i.e soliciting pics and sexual attention from then underage girls, usually those in the scene or alternative sphere or who liked video or cars games or memes. Makes me so angry now

No. 497269

My boyfriend and I have a pact that if one of us ever becomes terminally ill, we'll take out as many pedos as we can before we die. They don't deserve to breathe - ""non-offending"" or not. The only ones I can empathize with are the ones who survived csa and as a result have developed pedophilia but they should never be around children.

No. 497941

Realising what was happening years down the line is the most fucked up part. I once befriended a self-admitted 20+ year old pedophile when I was 14 because he was nice and friendly to me. He told me he wanted to "love and protect children" so I would tell him that there was nothing wrong with it. He brought up fetish talk and until recently I never realised how messed up it was for him to talk about his fetishes to a young teen. Messes me up now to think about what I just thought were friendly interactions due to my inexperience and naivety. This is what they take advantage of, kids and young teens are naturally accepting and believe in the better side of adults.

No. 498499

jesus looking back on my early teen years this shit actually happened so much. multiple male friends in early 20s who routinely nicknamed me Jailbait and who obsessed over people like Ericka Camacho i.e hypersexualised teens.

No. 501366

The same goes for me, 14 years old myself and at least two over 21 years old males tried to became my friends and since I was young and alone I allowed having chats with them… I didnt realize that men only talking with teens were dangerous at all. One of them also talked about his sex experiences with another 15 years girl in a playground while he was 25… damn I was so naive. The other one got mad with me because I didnt wanna be her girlfriend and started to manipulate me… he didnt get anything with me but thinking about other girls who maybe got hurt is so sad.

No. 501638

File: 1518465478861.png (32.82 KB, 273x277, Screenshot_661.png)

If any of you haven't been regular on tumblr for a while (I shamefully have been), this rhetoric was welcomed by MOGAI groups as well. I was groomed by a 22 year old "heteromantic homosexual" (at age 15) who would send me shotacon at all hours of the day, insisted MOGAI was the new LGBT and that LGBT people were oppressive towards people who weren't in their 'clique'
MOGAI basically devolved into kinksters who think they're oppressed, people who spend all their time being internet warriors to defend their rights to post incestuous child porn of the gravity falls kids, annoying ace fakeboys, and MAPs. You'll probably notice when you find a MAP, theyll post about all these things. Probably because they were dragged into MOGAI a few years ago.
MAPs started popping up so quickly after mogai started to lose traction it was like whiplash. One evil defeated just for another to spring up.
These people will also bring up "POCD", meaning pedophilic ocd, pedophilic intrusive thoughts. Completely ignoring the fact that people with POCD (or intrusive thoughts about hurting children in general) are deathly AFRAID of hurting children or being involved with the process of hurting children which is why they wouldn't seek to normalize the idea of being attracted to children or look for fucking child porn of any kind.
It's just people desperate to look oppressed. When in reality they're disgusting creeps who willingly fantasize about abusing children.

No. 501639

(Sorry for the wall of text, should've double spaced)

No. 501951

Is she trans? Voice sounds female although that’s a very masculine facial structure.

No. 501962

Unless you're male then idk how you think that's too masculine for a woman.

No. 626165

I've survived this shit when I was around 5 years old. It's haunted me my entire life even now well into my twenties. These sick fucks need to be dealt with violently. They aren't human they are fucking monsters. It's the same as killing off an invasive species in any environment for me as far as morals go. It's just better for the environment if they don't exist. They cannot coexist with normal functioning societies. This is about as damn close to a bi partisan issue as we have today.

No. 626527

Why must those fucking nutjobs give real trans people a bad name?
God, I feel disgusted right now. I can't believe MAPs are real. And I can guarantee you nobody but MAPs themselves are supporting that shit and it'll stay this way.
Unless the world disappoint me once more

No. 626598

Those are real trans people, fuck off with that truscum shit. The trans community supports them more than any other group, most likely because trans people are overrepresented within the map community.

No. 626657

they are real trans people unfortunately. just because they are pedos doesnt mean they arent really trans. like >>626598 said, it seems like the trans community on tumblr is bending over backwards to make them feel supported, and its nasty as fuck. tumblr is a cesspool.

No. 742419

Hebephilia is just a fancy word for pedophilia.

No. 742438

File: 1543766114984.jpeg (51.51 KB, 625x626, A5D5F427-5F44-40F2-9781-214520…)


No. 749146

Incorrect. A Hebephile is someone primarily attracted to adolescents. A peodphile is someone attracted to babies, infants, children and prepubescent children.
Google is your friend anon.

No. 749186

anon they are still attracted to minors is the same lol ,they are disgusting people that need to die

No. 749210

nta but i mean it's not the same. adolescents are teens which includes 19 and 20 year olds. it's gross and creepy but it's not sick like wanting to fuck children adolescents are aesthetically the same as adults.

i'm not defending pedos, but it weakens the issue to conflate them.

No. 749213

I agree here. Men who like teenagers are like Onision, grooming pieces of shit and definitely still disgusting, but pedophiles who are attracted to children are arguably more dangerous and sick. I believe both groups should be punished and jailed and shown no mercy, but disgusting men who injure innocent babies and toddlers should be killed, possibly publicly executed.

No. 749222

Agreed. Developmental stages are 0-3, 4-10, 11-14, 15-19. Any man 20+ pursuing an attraction to a 15/16 year old is predatory as fuck, but it's not the same as finding literal small children sexually attractive.

No. 749258

> adolescents are aesthetically the same as adults.

They are yes. So why are they attracted by the same thing but younger ? Because they are predatory, they know they can manipulate and find a teen they can "learn" sex to. Of course, children are way more vulnerable, but still praying on people you know you'll have the upper hand with is fucked up.

No. 749279

Right, and we all agree on that. It's okay to point out the differences though. No one is advocating either one. But there's a huge difference between manipulating a 16 year old into consenting to sleep with you than raping a small child, that's all.

No. 750256

I thought MAP was a term coined by 4chan to troll websites I didn’t think it was actually legit, wtf

No. 750589

That was clovergender, IIRC.

No. 1761499

File: 1675597993191.jpeg (608.7 KB, 828x1470, DAA0B843-1AF2-4857-BF6F-1FA756…)

lolicon pedophile on instagram.

No. 1761500

File: 1675598149476.jpeg (337.61 KB, 828x1048, 81889152-EC63-484A-9EFE-CEC400…)

lolicon pedophile on instagram.
@popcutesweet / @chocatebanana / @moetrons

No. 1761501

File: 1675598246655.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 649.03 KB, 828x1464, 90623FED-6F74-4095-9799-BBAA09…)

lolicon pedophile on instagram.
@popcutesweet / @chocatebanana / @moetrons(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1761502

File: 1675598298833.png (500.84 KB, 828x1792, 63F4A286-83D6-47F5-9055-6E14F8…)

lolicon pedo on instagram. @popcutesweet / @chocatebanana / @moetrons

No. 1761503

her shared account that is now gone, the other owner of the account says this about her. @popcutesweet / @chocatebanana / @moetrons

No. 1761505

File: 1675598459975.jpeg (213.03 KB, 828x1331, 0CC5A001-0F83-4842-93D9-53157A…)

her shared account, the other owner says this about her and she likes it. @popcutesweet / @chocatebanana / @moetrons

No. 1761514

censor that shit newfag, you can put the account name in your post not in the name part of writing a reply

No. 1761515

and you can put sage in the email field kek

No. 1761951

kek i know this one. definitely a pedo NLOG who panders to her pedo bf. she used to brag about chan scrotes fanning over her. feels like she sits on her ass all day googling her one million usernames to feel good about herself. does a picture of her full face exist out there, i wonder.

No. 1761960

File: 1675653638512.jpeg (441.24 KB, 1169x1981, 21134008-8009-43BC-A224-789B38…)

wow I used to follow moetrons (identified as a femboy and lied about being "cis"). She was posted a few years ago on the fakeboi threads too. She's also disgusting because that anime girl on the pillow case is 11…

No. 1762058

Pedophilia is never ok and an adult wearing a pacifier is pretty fucking weird, but there is nothing wrong with being a femboy.

No. 1762155

it's fine to be gnc, but it's weird to be a woman lying about being a man. Anyways, that's off topic, the girl in question obviously fetishizes young girls and is autopedophillic clearly; i.e the ddlg tendencies, trying to be uwu loli desu, etc.

No. 1762640

File: 1675738827035.jpeg (457.19 KB, 592x1051, E1CED16F-7F58-415B-BCBF-9486F0…)

this is the closest pic i could find with her entire face in it.

No. 1762697

the only acceptable time for an adult to wear a pacifier is if they are rolling on MDMA like how ravers do it. gotta protect those teeth. but as fashion? eww

No. 1768167

Does this even constitute as pedophilia? Just looks like a girl taking the LARP too far. Get real stop clogging the thread with this shit(sage your shit)

No. 1768329

learn to sage next time wking retard

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