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No. 516563

Gather round, reader and/or writer anons, as we discuss the biggest cows in our community.

Cassandra Clare
status: active
books: published
diet: inactive
twitter: https://twitter.com/cassieclare
website: http://cassandraclare.com/
tumblr (of course): http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/
wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassandra_Clare - I notice any mention of her plagiarism isn't there anymore, and her bio has been scrubbed clean. I bet this article has an interesting edit history. She also credits herself as writing Harry Potter fanfiction, fucking lmfao. 10/10 She is thirsty for recognition.

Credit to Farms user Oasys for the description because it's too good:
"Cassandra Clare, 43, born Judith Rumelt and now fondly referred to by her detractors as Casserole Clam, is best known for writing a teen fantasy novel series called The Mortal Instruments. The first book was written in 2007, and since then she’s written 14 fucking books in the same universe and nothing else. They got made into a really unpopular flop of a movie in 2013, and then became an ABC Family show (called Shadowhunters) in 2016. However, Clare is best known as a plagiarist, cyberbully, predator, and ogre.

This part is why I'd say she's a Lolcow rather than just a regular shitty person.
Although most of her drama is in the past, Casserole still chimps out all the time. And now that season 2 of the Shadowhunters show is about to begin, more is to be expected.

First off, she is a huge bully. Here is one account of her bullying (there are numerous). Some of the behaviors mentioned:
Internet stalking.
Obsessive wiki editing.
Using lawyers to threaten people into deleting stuff.
Using people’s IPs to call them and threaten them, or having the police threaten them.
Getting people to gang up/turn on her enemies.
Saying “Tell her that her parents should have aborted her.”
Calling someone’s university police to try and get them expelled during their exams.

And lately there’s:
Sending fans to attack the Shadowhunters writers and try to get them fired. (link deleted)

What’s frustrating is that despite dissing the show, she’s more than happy to pretend to like and support it when a) it’s getting publicity or b) presents an opportunity to promote her new books. Despite barely being involved with the show’s creation, she always shows up at conventions and other appearances with the cast. After having called the show shite again and again.
Clare in 2014, pre-TV series: "I won’t answer questions about the gay characters’ sex lives because that is homophobic. They are not a fetish."
Clare in 2016, when the gays become the hottest TV couple: "I’m writing porn of their “first time”! (And monetizing it… For charity?)"

Here’s some other miscellaneous grievances people have with Clare:
Used her fans to raise somewhere between $2-$10k for a laptop, upsetting peers with legitimate needs i.e. cancer treatment.
Profited off her plagiarism, i.e. attempting to sell bootleg LoTR fanfic merchandise.
Has a nasty incest fetish. Oh shit, did I not mention that those two main characters are siblings? She retcons it in book 2 or 3, but that didn’t stop the movie and show from having some steamy brother/sister makeouts.
Spoiler: from one of her HP smut fics
Abusive relationship fetish. i.e. a black female character gets back together with her white male abuser. Tumblr loved that one.
Yaoi fetish. Wants Aragorn and Legolas to fuck.
Sucks at writing.
The main character is a self insert and it’s dumb. Clary = Clare, both are “gorgeous” redheads. Clary’s best friend/kinda boyfriend is a Jew named Simon Lewis, and Clare’s husband is a Jew named Josh Lewis.
The way she writes female characters indicates clear spitefulness towards attractive and sexually confident women.
Fat and ugly." /end Oasys

For extra keks, I found a website of 78 inspirational Cassandra Clare quotes: https://quotesurf.com/cassandra-clare-quotes
(You'll notice all of them are bland and tripe as can be. My favorite is: "Only the weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry". Poetry is literature, you dumb cunt. This quote is so delectable considering her affinity for stealing sentences, jokes, names, and ideas from successful books, shows, and movies. Her favorites seem to be lifting jokes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Blackadder. It wouldn't surprise me if she changed the punchlines but kept the format in her officially published books. When the fans caught onto her plagiarism in her fanfiction works, Clare said she did it intentionally, to see if how many Buffy/Blackadder fans would pick up on it. Sad, considering some liked her fanfiction so much because of the laugh-out-loud jokes.

She's finally being sued for plagirism: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/feb/10/sherrilyn-kenyon-sues-cassandra-clare-for-wilfully-copying-her-novels

"According to the lawsuit, Kenyon “was alerted by some of her distressed fans” in 2006 about Clare’s planned publication “of a work that incorporated [Kenyon’s] Dark-Hunter Marks”. Kenyon asked for the Dark-Hunter references to be removed, the lawsuit says, and Clare did so, replacing it with the term “shadowhunter”. But according to Kenyon, despite assurances that use of the shadowhunter term would not be expanded, “[Clare] has persisted over time in expanding her use of the term ‘shadowhunters’ from a mere description of her protagonists, first to a tag line on the cover of her works and eventually to a complete rebranding of her works so as to be confusingly similar to the Dark-Hunter Series”."


Lani Sarem
status: active
twitter: https://twitter.com/rockanrollgypsy (still claims her book is a usatoday bestseller even though that's been debunked)
imdb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6576414/
books: published by GeekNation Press, which looks like its owned by an actor-producer duo…actually now that I'm looking into this, there is some weird stuff going on with the people behind the Handbook for Mortals. It seems the book is a pet project of some d-list actors, like Clare Kramer (who owns GeekNation Press), and Thomas Ian Nicholas: "As part of the franchise deal, actor Thomas Ian Nicholas — best known for his work in the American Pie franchise and Rookie of the Year — will produce and likely take a role. Also producing will be Sarem and Chris Kenner, who has served as a longtime executive producer to iconic magician David Copperfield." Seems like the book was printed with the movie adaptation in mind. Clare Kramer was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and TI Nicholas was in American Pie.
>"Expected to launch a franchise with TI Nicholas producing." https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/geeknation-launches-book-publishing-arm-partners-lani-sarem-ya-series-handbook-mortals-1024909

>Her book, Handbook for Mortals, was manipulated onto the New York Times bestseller list in 2017: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/aug/25/handbook-for-mortals-by-lani-sarem-pulled-from-nyt-bestsellers-list

>Sarem commented, saying the NYT were being unfair, and that people were "jealous" of her success

“My personal opinion: I’m a first time author; I did some great numbers,” Sarem told THR in the aftermath. “[The Times] put me on the list. The list is curated. They didn’t have to put me on the list despite how many books I sold. When these people made a big issue, they were like, ‘This is too much effort.'”


>Lani Sarem herself seems to have had some minor roles in some pretty big movies, like the Jason Bourne (2016), and Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (credited as Hotel Guest). She's been acting since at least 2002, and she's never had a name credit, only shit like Girlfriend #3, Audience Member, Show Patron.

There's definitely some shady shit going on with Sarem and the crew behind the book. Looks like a labor of love of some Hollywood has-beens who thought they could make a comeback by owning a bestselling YA book, and making a franchise out of it. Here's a video of Sarem and TI Nicholas at a convention, talking about the book. It has 87 views and it's three months old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZBda_oCA4c


Gloria Tesch/the Tesches
status: inactive
books: self-published/vanity press belongs to Daddy
>The creme de la creme of bad authors, Gloria Tesch, prompted by Mommy and Daddy Tesch (Russian and German immigrants, respectively), wrote a series of Young Adult fantasy books titled Maradonia And…(The Seven Bridges, The Shadow Empire, Gold of Ophir, etc.), and sockpuppeted her way into internet fame/infamy as the "Youngest Author of All Time"
>The books are rife with stolen biblical imagery, horrible grammar and
>SwankIvy on the Tesch's scammy promotional tactics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEVX_L6Zsfg
>Daddy Tesch is a religious scam artist with a lot to hide, apparently. He's a failed musician, did some fraudulent shit with funding a movie, also claimed Maradonia was getting turned into a blockbuster and theme park.
>Around age 19, Gloria dropped writing to pursue a music career as Goldilocks
>made a hilariously bad music video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXlUwCFo7VI) in which she showed a picture of one of her biggest critics, SwankIvy, as she trashed her. Might be some other music video, I can't be arsed to comb through this Guantanamo Bay audio torture.
>Maradonia movie finally came out in 2016, it's the best worst movie of all time
>Watch the movie on youtube (it's unlisted but mama gotchu): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8Q0BZsZ8ns&feature=youtu.be
>Link to Rorschach's complete and glorious review of the movie: http://conjugalfelicity.com/maradonia-the-shadow-empire/
>currently married to a turkish hustler and spending her days shilling cheap mermaid crowns (etsy link is dead)


Robert Stanek
status: active
books: self-published/vanity press belongs to him
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Robert.Stanek.Author/
twitter: https://twitter.com/robertstanek (claims he gave away one millions books, hashtag inspiration)
amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Robert-Stanek/e/B001K8IESG
website: http://www.robertstanek.com/
forum full of sockpuppets where he spent years just him talking to himself: http://ruinmist.proboards.com/
Creepy as shit. No activity since 2012.

>has a habit of beetlejuicing when his name is mentioned

>From Conjugal Felicity's site http://conjugalfelicity.com/robert-stanek/ :

Who is Robert Stanek? He is an award-winning, internationally bestselling author of over 100 books for young children and adults. His book, The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches, is a “#1 Fiction Bestseller” and a “Top 50 All Time Bestseller”. The companion novel, Keeper Martin’s Tale, was the #1 Fantasy of the Year in 2002, spent 26 weeks on Amazon’s SciFi Top 50, and was “Voted Top 10 Fantasy 2004”.
Or so he would have you believe. Actually, Robert Stanek is a self-published author. As far as I can tell, his books have never appeared on any bestseller lists, he has never won any kind of literary award, and almost all of his business comes from him creating hundreds of sockpuppet accounts on Amazon.com and elsewhere, and using these accounts to give his books glowing five-star reviews and trick people into buying them.

>wrote about a reviewer: "In prison, people like him get shanked"

>Discussion on Stanek in a Game of Thrones forum, aptly titled "Robert Stanek shat directly into my soul": http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/42588-robert-stanek-shat-directly-into-my-soul/&page=5


Onision and his books:
status: active
books: self-published via amazon kindle

A very special place in my heart is reserved for Onision's reeing over bad reviews of his books. Onision has self-published two complete books - Stones To Abbigale (March 29th, 2015), and This Is Why I Hate You (September 11th, 2015 - oh, you edgelord, you!). His third books, Reaper's Creek, is currently being written and published chapter-by-chapter on his Patreon.

Onision's narcissistic rage as he reads bad reviews of Stones To Abbigale, whilst wearing a particularly fugly shirt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrSXBGSqX4k

Stones To Abbigale: https://www.amazon.com/Stones-Abbigale-Onision/dp/0692418636
This Is Why I Hate You: https://www.amazon.com/This-Why-I-Hate-You/dp/0692507590
Reaper's Creek (link to chapters are being updated as he publishes them): http://onisiondrama.tumblr.com/post/171019149326

I cannot recommend GINES READS ONISION enough. Gines is a trooper. An outspoken Onision critic for almost a decade, and a small youtuber, she went through every Onision's book chapter by chapter, and she's a pleasure to listen as she tears him to shreds.

Gines Reads Stones to Abbigale playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoiIZHS9Dg4&list=PLxw9nhE747P-mD_vfQlLCpJX-_YWnCoAm
Gines Reads This Is Why I Hate You playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPxyAuISqXs&list=PLxw9nhE747P-Yb1BvUz_awycr7FgDHc3Z
Gines Reads Reaper's Creek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMAnRT43woE
Bonus 3.5-hour Onision bashing by Gines and Stevie (someguy827): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bM9p3XFkOs
Some of you might be familiar with someguy827 and dislike him, which is totally reasonable, but the discussion on Onision's writing and writing in general was interesting. He's since deleted/purged his channel, but Gines's version is still up on her channel.

These are just some folks to tickle your fancy. Hopefully we can have a strong thread going, finally.

No. 516573

File: 1519805422288.jpg (104.76 KB, 1887x561, 0017.JPG)

thank you anon for this thread, i was trying to remember Gloria Tesch's name for a long time. awesome to learn she grew up to become an even more laughable hack. currently she has no wikipedia article and the first thing that comes up when you google her name is her Encyclopedia Dramatica page, followed by her shitty, shitty music videos kek.

No. 516576


Her instagram (https://www.instagram.com/gloriatesch/?hl=hr) is pretty boring. She'll still push the Maradonia shit probably when pushed by Daddy Tesch, but it's mostly modelling and travel related. Forgot to link it in the OP. Her Twitter (https://twitter.com/gloriatesch), bland as well.

No. 516577

Damn OP you're a champ for compiling all of this

No. 516594

In the news today.

California woman who allegedly ran sex ring with her son is prolific feminist erotica writer F.R.R. Mallory.



No. 516599


well, damn. no wonder she was prolific, she had a lot of inspiration!

No. 516607

Thank you for making this thread!
Just wanted to post some more Lani Sarem links. Here's a good description of the whole buying her way onto the bestseller list scam http://www.pajiba.com/book_reviews/did-this-book-buy-its-way-onto-the-new-york-times-bestseller-list.php

It also includes info on how she got a cover artist to rip off another artist by promising to credit the original, then not doing so (also, the new cover is so bad, look at that mullet)

More on her continuing to defend herself http://www.pajiba.com/book_reviews/the-handbook-for-mortals-saga-continues-as-lani-sarem-goes-on-the-no-apologies-tour.php and

Can highly recommend Jenny trout's recaps of the actual book too at http://jennytrout.com - she demonstrates how badly written it is and also sums up new milk when it arises - like how this month loads of obviously bought five star reviews of the book all flooded onto Amazon at once.

Jenny also documents a bunch of authors' cowlike behaviour - http://jennytrout.com/?s=Don%27t+do+this+ever and especially has spent years reporting on the terrible behaviour of EL James, who is surely an author cow queen. Worth a browse for a selection of plagiarists, temper tantrum throwers, snobs, and all manner of cows

No. 516612


Thanks for the supplementary info anon! I live for smart sporkings and bad book rants.

No. 516627

Anne Rice
status: active
books: published
twitter: https://twitter.com/annericeauthor?lang=de
website: http://annerice.com/
wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Rice
>has taken legal actions against Vampire Chronicles fanfiction writers simply because she doesn't like what the fanbase does to her characters, even though it's well known that she also authored erotic fiction under the pen names Anne Rampling and A. N. Roquelaure
>2014: new movie scheduled for next year!
>2016: it's not going to be a movie, but a TV series!
>2018: if you go to her twitter 99 out of 100 tweets are about how shitty Trump is and one there she's reassuring her fans that they're progressing fast with talks about the series
>book sequel - cowritten by her son…

No. 516628

File: 1519813147891.png (135.67 KB, 483x718, saremtantrum.PNG)

yeah me too, there's just something about badly behaved authors and artists…

on twitter at the moment, Lani claiming that someone "made up" a screenshot… which proves that her people are not just leaving five star reviews on her books, they're leaving one star reviews on rival books.

No. 516631

Forgot to add this: she's also pandering a lot to the SJW-tumblerinas, by saying things like Lestat could be black, too! and that they're going to use many POC actors

No. 516632

Lol someone dig up the cafe incident.

No. 516635

No. 516636


Anne Rice is a wicked one, for sure. I wanted to put the whole goodreads drama of 2012 in the OP but while my mind was willing, the body was weak after pulling an all-nighter.

From this site: http://www.jasonsanford.com/blog/2016/8/stop-the-goodread-bullies-stopped

I pulled this info: "Who could have predicted that authors attacking readers would not end well?

It appears Stop the Goodreads Bullies (STGRB), a group of authors including Anne Rice who campaigned to punish readers who post multiple "bad" reviews on Goodreads and other sites, has shut down. Their website is now defunct, pulling up only a generic placeholder site by the domain hosting company.

For more on the inane history of this group, check out my post on STGRB from two years ago. I also suggest reading Foz Meadows' analysis or this Dear Author post.

The circumstances of the STGRB site disappearing also suggest behind the scenes drama in the group. According to the Wayback Machine, the last post on the site was in December 2015. The site also experienced intermittent outages this year.

But it now appears the site is down for good. Internic is reporting the STGRB site has a "ClientTransferProhibited" hold on their url, while the STGRB hosting company (see screengrab) says "The domain [stopthegrbullies.com] has been banned from being used on FastDomain."

What does all that mean? Did someone merely forget to renew the url when it expired or were more serious actions taken against STGRB? I have no idea, but either way it appears Stop the Goodread Bullies has been stopped. Much to the enjoyment of readers everywhere."

No. 516640


It was amazing. And you literally can't beat this n nd of drama.

No. 516641

Thanks anon, as a non native speaker i didn't even know about that.
I admired her a lot when i was a child, so finding out about all this shit later on, makes me despise her even more…

No. 516644


The Hate U Give author was dealt a pretty shit hand, considering she accidentally got involved in this whole shitshow just by merit of being the real NYT bestseller, instead of HfM. I hope she got publicity out of this tho so reviewers who liked the book gave it a good rating, considering Lani and her little army of d-list celebreties are definitely not above sockpuppeting on book sites to give THUG (lel and the author is black, what an unfortunate acronym) one-star reviews, in order to prove to their sad selves that HfM is somehow superior and undeserving of being pulled off the bestseller list. What a sad bunch of losers.

No. 516646

Ah yes, the guy described as white fresh aristocracy, the blackest of blacks.

No but really there's Canon Egyptian people in the series. Why pander? It's not like they're not diverse for an older series. Smh.

No. 516651

honestly I hope all the drama leads to more people reading Angie Thomas' book cos it sounds really good and kind of important… (the film is legit and I think that's a lot of what's upset Lani as she wants to star in her own film as her own self insert character)

also the title is a reference to Tupac and THUG LIFE - The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody - so it's intentional apparently

No. 516656

File: 1519815646872.jpg (85.93 KB, 500x333, tumblr_lplayaoEQi1qgfqrso1_500…)

I hope it's not considered derailing if we have discussion on writing in this thread, too. If it gets out of hand, maybe we can move this thread to /ot/ or make a seperate thread for writing tips and techniques in /ot/, so I'm gonna sage this.

I know a lot of writers find comfort and inspiration in reading about author cows and bad books. I'll always check the bad reviews of any book first, because oftentimes on GoodReads, the "nastiest" reviews are well-thought out, backed up by actual quotes from the book, advice on what not to do or what readers get tired of seeing in books (especially YA, where everyone is sick and tired of love triangles, and flawless female characters). I noticed also that the YA authors who cause drama the most are the ones who have lead female characters who are always faultless, perfect, and beautiful. Makes sense that they'd think of "ugly" reviews as an attack on their character, since the majority of those heroines are just badly veiled author self-inserts. This is so true with SMeyer, Cassandra Clare, Becca Fitzpatrick, Coleen Houck, Lauren Kate, Aprilynne Pyke, etc. All those heroines are perfect, so how dare you point out how bland and passive their are throughout the plot??

How many of you anons are serious about writing? What's your genre of choice? Why are you drawn to bad books and author cows? If you like to read about other authors failing miserably because you're competitive and think your book is better, that's fine too. I've had moments where I'm like, pfft my book is way better.

No. 516657


Oh, no way! That's cool. I didn't mean to come off as racist, I'm genuinely happy for her success! I've heard some good things about the book itself.

No. 516658

From Reddit:

A small time blogger did a review for Anne Rice's book Pandora, and apparently hated it so much she cut it into tiny little pieces as a craft project.
Anne Rice caught wind of this blog, which has ~100 followers, and shared the posting on her facebook page. This lead to a massive witch hunt on the blogger, who soon after realizing she was getting a ton of attention, posted:
"At this time I choose not to remove this post or the comments, the only difference is that a well-known author has singled out a single post from a tiny blog for her followers to demonize. Thank you for your time."
Again, here is the blog posting. The comments are juicy as fuck.
But it doesn't stop there.
It seems as though Anne's fans have turned against her, admonishing her for starting this entire ordeal, and are currently yelling at her, each other, and the blogger - turning her entire facebook page into a giant war zone.

Anne has posted the following message regarding fan fiction:"I do not allow fan fiction. The characters are copyrighted. It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters. I advise my readers to write your own original stories with your own characters. It is absolutely essential that you respect my wishes."

She also famously took to Amazon to personally respond to her detractors a long time ago; she threw an unholy fit then too.

And the books she published under her pseudonyms are not just light erotica, but pretty much BDSM.

No. 516662


ugh she's almost 80, dementia has happened to authors less deserving of it than her.

No. 516663

File: 1519817555393.png (307.36 KB, 1440x1308, 20180228_123154.png)

No. 516665

funny to see heidi heilig here.
I complimented her after reading one of those books a while ago, she thanked me and then blocked me. I was very confused.

No. 516668

No you didn't at all, just thought it was worth pointing out! yeah agreed, I think I'll buy it and give it a read, it sounds really good.

No. 516679

I fondly remember the witch Hunt days of Anne Rice and how a lot of fans of the vampire chronicles did not dare post their fics on sites like fanfiction dot net out of fear she'd sue. I'm talking teenagers and younger. Anne rice and her obsession with her own characters is psychotic.

No. 516720

Ah, Cassie Claire is like, THE original lolcow. I'm surprised no one has posted the link to the plagiarism debacle! It's old and lengthy but super entertaining and worth a read:


I'm pretty serious about writing. As a kid I was really into fanfiction so I knew about msscribe/cassieclaire/andythanfiction (he's a good cow too for this thread I think) and I guess started keeping up with those before I even knew that "cows" were a thing - I just liked reading the drama!

Today I write a lot of poetry and dabble in songwriting, but I try to sometimes write short stories still. I love to discuss writing so I hope this isn't considered derailing!

No. 516725

Someone said it best about the first two books of the immortal series. It’s like reading Star Wars with Luke and Leah. It’s been a while since I read but similar small things. The story had promise and so did the movie but holy hell that tv series was god awful!!!!

No. 516727


>he's a good cow too for this thread I think

Feel free to post more info on him! Like I said, I was a bit mentally spent while writing the OP so any supplements are more than welcome!

Yeah, Clare is the big one when it comes to author cows. I've just been involved in so many threads about her already and they all died out because much of the focus was on the old milk and most anons haven't been around long enough to remember it happening in real time. I love her new spergery tho! She's rich and famous, and still fat and unhappy. It warms my black little heart.

I wanted to really point out just how lazy her writing is, especially in her first book, City of Bones, and her Harry Potter fanfiction (and all the shit she liberally lifted from other well-known works because fanfiction is non-profil so who cares, right?). I was looking for a neat little chart I could link but found a description just as good, from one of her former stans over at: https://bellumina.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/049-why-i-have-a-problem-with-cassandra-clare-why-you-should-too/

"(But) when I read the first book of her “original” trilogy, I was positively floored by how similar it was to The Draco Trilogy.

Granted, the plot’s pretty different. But as we all know, a good book relies on much more than plot and premise, and unfortunately, the characters were straight out of The Draco Trilogy. Of course, Cassandra Clare’s Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, etc. were not exactly canon representations, and she did make these characters something of her own. But Hermione Granger still always retains a bit of Hermione Granger, no matter how garbled an interpretation of her is (and let me tell you, although Clare had a lot of faults, I thought that her interpretations of the Harry Potter characters were, though not totally accurate, both compelling and interesting). When I opened the book, I knew that Clary was Ginny. Alec was Harry. Isabelle was Clare’s version of Blaise (who back then was not officially male or female, and could therefore be interpreted by fandom either way). Valentine was a strange mixture of Lucius and Voldemort. And Jace, of course, was undeniably Draco.

Jace is so Draco, in fact, that it’s impossible to see him as his own character. The way Clare characterizes Jace is the exact same way she characterized her Draco. They share lines (the ones she didn’t steal from Buffy, of course), they share nervous tics, they share appearances, and they even share memories. The second I read the scene in which Jace tells Clary the story about the boy and the falcon, I felt an unpleasant jolt of recognition: that story is one Draco tells in one of the Draco Trilogy installments. I couldn’t remember which one. I couldn’t even remember who Draco told it to (Harry? Ginny? Hermione?). But I knew it was if not word for word taken from her fanfiction, it was very, very close."

No. 516753

Holy shit, andythanfiction. I was hit on by him a few years ago while in cosplay and he made me wholly uncomfortable. He tried to worm his way in to a fandom I was in at the time and when it didn’t net him the same adoration and e-fame that the Harry Potter fandom gave him, he bailed. He was so gross when I talked to him, and when I told him he was making me uncomfortable he just pressed harder.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I discovered the mind-boggling asinine levels of batshit insanity that is him. I wish I could do a TD;LR summary of his insane history but I’m on mobile. But for those who don’t know of him, he is the textbook definition of a manipulative narcissist. A simple google search will yield lots of entertaining post led of him.

No. 516758

Oh, dude, I can’t wait to introduce you guys to Andy! This is more of a fandom thing but he is definitely a writer and I definitely think he’s a cow.

Aka: Andrew Blake, Victoria Bitter, Amy Player
Status: ?
Books: most notably the DAYD series (Dumbledore’s Army and the Year of Darkness) on fanfiction.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndrewMBlake
Website: https://andrewblake.crevado.com/
Fanlore: https://fanlore.org/wiki/Thanfiction
Timeline (this is another hefty, interesting read): https://docs.google.com/document/d/19GpMh506PQNBB4qeTdASHirmJ2YwzElEjHoOSLiYtLc/edit
He used to be on tumblr and Instagram as well but when I searched just now I guess they were deleted.
There is also a novel published about him called “When the Shit Hits the Fan.”

That timeline is seventy-three fucking pages long, so I’ll do my best to summarize the “greatest hits” of Andy.

> Catfished a bunch of people and started a very famous Lord of the Rings group called “Bit of Earth” under the name Victoria Bitter.

> Claimed to be psychic and able to channel Lord of the Rings characters, changing his name to Jordan Wood (like Elijah Wood)
> Started a cult called the Bag-Enders where he would channel important messages. Thought he was going to do a lot of awesome charity work with the LOTR cast. It all failed.
> The “Elijah Wood” character dies and is replaced by an Orlando Bloom character, who goes by Andy.
> Cult gets weirder and weirder, new characters keep getting channeled, and eventually it all falls apart and Andy is alone.
> He published Dumbledore’s Army and the Year of Darkness, which becomes very famous
> Claims to have a lot of similarities to Harry Potter and be a genius/very talented author
> Starts another cult with the DAYD fans involving tasks like “don’t drink any water/eat for 3 days”, asking for money, asking for pictures of people aged 14-28
> Begins to channel Harry Potter characters and his own OCs.
> His friend/fan gets murdered, he tries to raise money off it, turns it into a DAYD thing, and takes other fans on a grueling 2 month hike.
> Does essentially the same culty I-am-this-fandom thing with Supernatural, Dean Winchester, and Misha Collins
> Does essentially the same thing again with Bucky Barnes from MCU only now he does cosplays. On his website you can see his work with makeup and essentially “becoming” the character which is kind of cool if you don’t know anything about him.

No. 516794

Isn't this one of the bitches who loudly spergs whenever someone writes fanfiction of her books? Doesn't seem like someone who could manage to pander to the Tumblr crowd.

No. 516830

She even sues…
Nowadays it's no longer just the tumblr crowd who's all about represetation and maybe those young fans who demand things like that don't know about the older drama

No. 517596

I wanted to suggest make a writing thread in OT. I would love to have a place to discuss writing life and problems with fellow anons without derailing from the cows. What do you think?

No. 517922

File: 1519934389896.png (166.79 KB, 404x404, tumblr_ls7ekzvsny1qcij0do3_500…)


Fully agreed. I'm gonna make one soon!

No. 517944


writing advice general >>>/ot/231750

No. 518005

>expanding her use of the term ‘shadowhunters’ from a mere description of her protagonists, first to a tag line on the cover of her works and eventually to a complete rebranding of her works so as to be confusingly similar to the Dark-Hunter Series

>arguing over the super original term DARK HUNTER

YA authors are fucking retarded

No. 518025

yeah when I read an article about it I was like wow, two unoriginal bestselling YA authors arguing over the most basic generic plot ever. But then I checked out the actual complaint or how you call it, all the similarities are listed there and it's actually a whole lot of stuff, it's not that baseless.

No. 518026


this thread is turning out to be the best thing for me in lolcow. thank you anons!

No. 518067


I don't care, I just want her to go down hard.

Look at the expression on the dude sitting left when this hambeast walk in on their interview. kek She has to derail everything.


No. 518109

I loved Anne Rice's books… Then who knows what the fuck happened, she got worse. It's like one day she knocked her head somewhere and forgot how to write. And now she panders to SJWs too…

What about Stephenie Meyer? What's she doing these days?

No. 518120

I can only second that, thank you OP!
(it feels a lot better to rip on actually rich and successful people)

Anon, have you, or anybody else here, by any chance read her latest Lestat book?
It wasn't published in my native language and therefore i had to read it in english. I don't know, either the translator was always doing an incredibly good job or her writing now is different, somehow lacking bite in comparison to the older ones?

No. 518128

I haven't read it, but close friends whose opinion I really trust have read it and said that it's shit.
As I said, it's like she forgot how to write. A real shame, I loved the first books.

No. 518136

It truly feels like everybody, especially Lestat, is talking and acting like completely different people…
him fathering a child wtf…?

No. 518139


I remember SMeyer being scummy by charging fans autographs, but that was more her brother's idea. But it's still scummy of her, too, considering they're Mormons.

I actually don't have a problem with SMeyer nowadays. Bitch really did change the way publishers look at unexperienced writers. JK and SMeyer really did contribute to big name agents and major publishers accept unsolicited work, in hopes of finding another worldwide bestseller. JK was a single mom on government benefits, and SMeyer was a secretary. And you can say whatever you want about her, but she actually wrote the damn books, unlike Clare who stole and cheated and befriended her way into the publishing world. That's the kind of cow I hate the most.

No. 518420

anybody else looked into the author of My Immortal? her publisher had her "come out" as a marketing ploy because her actual books are otherwise terrible.

plus her explanation for writing My Immortal in the first place was to find her brother or something, because she somehow knew it was going to become a meme.

No. 518485

Oh man, the whole Cassandra Claire stuff takes me back. Shame Journalfen is down, there was plenty of archived milk on her there. Msscribe story is my fave, it makes for such comfy read on long winter nights.

This is pretty old milk, I remember it being discussed way back on FandomWank. https://fanlore.org/wiki/Punishing_Pandora_And_A_Surprising_Opinion_On_Anne_Rice

I read several of her books and as far as I can tell, The Interview With the Vampire is her best and, IMO, only good one. The Lives of Mayfair Witches are my guilty pleasure, tho.

I was about to suggest Poppy Z. Brite (Billy Martin), a vintage fujoshit (she used to write RPF about The Beatles), now a gay transman and a poor man's version of Anne Rice. She published several purple prosish books sometime in late 80s/early 90s, with 99% gay male cast and quite a lot of misogynistic undertones. She also seems to have a thing for incest. Admittedly, I read only one of her books, Exquisite Corpse, which is basically a thinly veiled RPF with Jeffrey Dahmer and Dennis Nilsen as the main pairing. I couldn't honestly stomach it, both in terms of plot and writing style, and I say that as a person who likes Suehiro Maruo and Nabokov.
She had some altercations with her fanbase and critics, but it was all archived on Fandom Wank, so I cannot really link it now.
Curiously, I found a discussion on her on r/GenderCritical as an example of autoandrophilia https://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCritical/comments/71tmlu/poppy_z_brite_a_sad_fascinating_look_at/

Speaking of poor man's Anne Rices, there's also Laurell K. Hamilton with her Mary Sue Anita Blake and her take on any criticism levelled her way as "ur just jealus!!!111" or "u must be sexually frustrated :^)".

No. 518487

File: 1519972956487.png (271.13 KB, 443x296, 2018-02-28 21_29_42-laurell k …)

Oh boy, can we talk about Laurell K. Hamilton and her shitshow books? I'll try to sum up as concisely as I can.

Status: Active
Books: Published
Website (rarely updated anymore): www.laurellkhamilton.com/
Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurell_K._Hamilton
and for fun, here's TV Tropes tearing the series apart: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/AnitaBlake

>writer of two supernatural series, Anita Blake and Merry Gentry (the latter of which neither she nor readers care much about)
>well known for her self-insert main characters; Anita Blake basically an outlet for all her shitty beliefs and fetishes
>wrote lulzy blogs on her mostly neglected website about polyamory, BDSM and being Wiccan
>won't allow anyone to write fanfiction of her precious characters despite the fact that her books are straight up pornographic now
>no social media, unfortunately, but what's out there is pretty milky
>most recent book was delayed an entire year because she wouldn't let the editor edit it

Anita Blake:
>series that had a decently strong start; supernatural stuff in a modern setting
>about book 10 the series jumps the shark, because Anita gains super powers that require her to fuck a ton of people all the time
>character goes from being a staunchly heterosexual, monogamous, devout Christian to having near fatal "BDSM" sex with total strangers, homosexual men, lesbians, and in one book, a 16 year old boy. all of the above become part of her literal harem
>characters become mouth pieces for how polygamy is WAAAY BETTER than mongamy, and characters who are monogamous either die or are punished for it and are overall painted as being very unreasonable (because the author became polygamous of course)
>same with all the female characters because only Anita is a smart badass woman, all others are petty, stupid, and MONOGAMOUS
>extremely uncomfortable borderline bestiality, wereanimals fucking humans in their half-animal form, at one point a character in full-animal form is trying to fuck Anita because she's on her period or some shit and another character has to tell her they can't fuck because panthers have "penis spines"
>speaking of the characters, all the men are described like anime characters, with purple eyes, ankle length hair, one is even described as having "anime bangs"
>reviews on amazon are SCATHING (and a very entertaining read)
>book reads like someone trying to hit a word count; 70% of the books are porn, pages-long descriptions of character appearance, and extremely redundant conversations
>also Anita is described as having E cup tits, a tiny waist, is 5'3" and such a ~smol bean~ and everyone always jerks her off how beautiful she is while she goes "n-no im not baka!" also she has floor length black curly hair because the author has a fetish for long hair (especially curly)

Merry Gentry:
>same shit, except with faeries, main character with big tits and long curly hair has to get pregnant or something so she fucks every anime boi faerie she can find
>LKH hardly updates this series as she's too invested in jerking off to Anita Blake

No. 518516

PZB's life now is so fucking grim. Or I guess I should call him Billy. I read his Facebook when I am in the mood for poverty porn. It almost seems like a requirement for transsexuals online: live in unrelenting and bone crushing poverty and blame it on the cis-scum rather than the inevitability of poverty when you decide to undergo permanent life changes that require a lot of money you don't have.

To become a very short, very ugly, obese man, Poppy broke up with her long-time boyfriend of twenty plus years (who is a straight male and had no interest being the spouse of a man) and moved in with an impoverished HIV positive photographer who is in bad health above and beyond HIV. Billy spends all his time hustling in thrift stores to find crap to sell online and complaining about his poverty, inability to afford testosterone, inability to afford pain medication, the misery of dealing with a mother with dementia and the utter horror of being transgendered.

He's been completely sucked into the SJW machine. When that rapist pedophile transwomen attacked Rose McGowan, Billy reflectively and with little contemplation decided to denounce McGowan as the worst sort of transphobic scum. He does that a lot these days - nibbles some sound bite and chimes in with the prevailing Twitter opinion. When he was still Poppy he was a batshit, argumentative lunatic but at least he exhibited the capacity for independent thought.

In becoming male, Billy has given up any degree of financial security and resigned himself to a lifetime of physical pain and mental illness he cannot afford to treat. Over the years I've lost count of all the financial emergencies Billy has had. He gets infusions of cash - like when Stephen King purchased the original draft of one of her books she was peddling to pay bills - and a week later he's barely able to afford food.

Since transitioning the hustle has taken all joy from him. He's often in too much pain to garden as he used to, he is barely involved in New Orleans Mardi Gras culture, and cannot afford even the occasional dinner out. His life really is a cautionary tale for any person who has dysphoria and wonders if their life will be better after transitioning.

No. 518525

Oh wow I have experience with her work, my old college roommate would collect her books as they released and I read them when she finished.

Agreed with everything you said though. Did this also get a comic series? I wonder what happened to that

No. 518538

It did have a short lived comic series; the art was fucking awful, books dragged out for several issues, and ended in 2012 with Circus of the Damned part 5 or some shit.

No. 518922


Now there is a name I haven't heard in a while. My best friend was a huge LKH fan, and I never understood why. I read her first Anita Blake books and thought that they were just alright. They weren't terrible, but I never understood why they made LKH so popular before her eventual downfall.

It is cringey how she writes Anita as some teeny tiny waifu. I remember one passage of the book stating that Anita was so tiny that regular police hand cuffs did not fit on her, which is just mind blowingly stupid.

Did Amazon remove a bunch of reviews of her books? I remember there being hundreds, sometimes 1,000+, of 1 star reviews. I just went to her Amazon page to read some reviews, but most of the reviews are positive and there are aren't that many anymore.

No. 518945

I used to follow Billy's blog but haven't checked in recently. Sounds like nothing much has changed… It's sad really cos I liked some of his stuff as PZB but I ended up following his blog cos he was making all these really bad paintings and I was masochistically jealous of him always seeming to sell them on account of previous fame (or maybe people just like them, I dunno). Anyway I have old editions of the books, from like the early 90s and the author description says Poppy is 'a gay man trapped in a woman's body' and has 'two boyfriends', which, ouch, he must think back to that and cringe

Exquisite Corpse is by far the worst one, it's horrible. the other full length novels are a bit much too, but I actually really loved some of the short stories in Swamp Foetus. then again I was young when I read it and it appealed to that melancholy goth thing teenagers go through.

No. 518980

I honestly think it was JUST because of the fact it had vampires and werewolves and a love triangle. We all saw how well this formula worked for Twilight. But then it went way off the deep end.

The smol bean Anita shit is fucking absurd, it could rival Lainey. 5'3" is literally average. Yet she always has to have at least one monologue per book about how tiny and fragile she is and everything is too big and everyone is taller than her including every other woman she meets uwu

No. 518984

On the topic of Anne Rice, Bryan Fuller will be running the whole Vampire Chronicles tv adaption, correct? I don’t have high hopes for this tbh, which is unfortunate because Bryan is talented but is just cursed for his shows to get canceled or dropped… I also don’t see someone as sweet as him, who LOVES his fans and interacts with them as much as possible, working together for long with Anne who hates her fans and is obsessive as fuck with her work. It makes me sad how far gone she’s become.

No. 519102


Her brother came to the farms some time ago somewhere at the begininng of the thread and it was a wild ride, and a very sad ending. I suggest you read the thread in its entirety,it's quite amusing:


The basics:
>Terry Rose Christo came forward as My Immortal author
>At the time had a book deal with major publisher about the "truth" behind fic - she wrote it to find her brother? And that somehow makes sense?
>Her brother found the thread and joined
>Claimed Terry/Theresa/Tara was his longlost bio sister and that they were separated as kids
>Outed her as a serial liar, saying her snowflake points (indian heritage) were fake. She's white/Greek.
>He said his sister was fucked up because of narcissistic grandmother and mother
>Tried to contact her numerous times in order to get her to tell the truth
>Book deal fell through once her lies were outed
>She contacted her brother but couldn't stop lying
>He wanted to have a relationship with her but once he criticized their abusive grandmother, she blocked him.
>Currently isn't interested in rebuilding relationship

No. 519137

I honestly can't believe Poppy Z Brite is trans now?! Wow. I never saw that coming. i remember being 13 or 14 and reading Lost Souls by her. I fell in love with all the main vampires and how they were law breaking druggies. Times change.. sheesh

No. 519175


and now Poppy Z. Brite is a law-breaking druggie kek

No. 519852

ohhh i knew PZB was going to come up in here and it breaks my heart a little. his stories were always OTT and agreed, Exquisite Corpse is straight-out hybristophilia. not trying to WK at all, but some of his lesser known books are pretty good reads aside from the fujoshittery - Drawing Blood actually has a very interesting aesthetic universe and Lost Souls has enough interesting quirks to get through the weird kinda incest. Plastic Jesus might basically be beatles fanfic but it still manages to have some heart-wrenching moments.

absolutely, though, he performs much better in short story form - the collections The Devil You Know and Are You Loathesome Tonight have some excellent stuff. the short format makes some of the ridiculous parts of his style (everyone is goth, pretty gayboys everywhere) palatable because it adds a little surrealism or a positive sort of exaggeration when paired with horror themes.


his big mistake was turning his back fully and completely on the horror community. the gay chefs shit of Liquor wasn't anywhere as interesting as his horror to begin with, and especially not interesting enough to write like 5 fucking books about it. the wish fulfillment mary sue-dom (a celebrity chef personally wants to fuck my self insert and give him an opportunity he has not at all earned!) is through the roof and nothing bad happens to anyone ever. all drama is manufactured. the other books are just backstory to these super flat and bland characters; one guy is religious and his family will be mad he's gay!

instead, he gave up everything with horror, literally announced to fans that he was discarding everything he had done with horror and would never return to the genre. literally what made him famous. beyond his personal life, that was the moment he committed career suicide imho.

No. 520005

I liked Wrong Things but nothing else of his TBH.

I remember the Katrina madness where PZB a-begged people to mail benzos.

No. 520013

i'll 100% admit that i liked his work much better when i was a teen and going through it now, the flaws are more glaring. i tend to skim heavily when re-reading any of his novels nowadays, but i'll still maintain that some of his horror short stories are gems. i'm into weird surreal horror and appreciate overwrought aesthetics (the Crow is a classic with ridiculous goth themes; funnily, PZB wrote some homages to it), though.

yeah around katrina is when everything went to hell, that's also around when he turned his back on horror (released antidiluvian tales and then went full tilt on the chefs train).

despite liking his work, he's always been a hell of a cow tho, he even jumped on the anne rice anti-fanfic train:

>Q. How do you feel about fan fiction based on your work?

OK, I really, really hate this whole subject, but for the record, here's where I stand on fan fiction. I don't especially mind people writing about Steve & Ghost, Trevor & Zach, or the characters from EXQUISITE CORPSE. I'm done with those characters, and if people want more of them, it seems reasonable to allow them to make it themselves as long as they're not profiting from it. Knock yourself out. Have fun.

At this point, I don't want fan fiction published about Rickey, G-man, or the other characters in the Liquor world, and yes, I'm afraid I am willing to back that up legally – not to be an asshole, but because I plan to continue writing about these characters for a long time to come and there is quite a bit of evidence that allowing fan fiction can weaken an author's copyright (as discussed here). Writing is my only source of income and I just can't risk having that compromised. Honestly, though, it's about more than money or whether I ever even see the stuff – it's the fact that when someone else writes without permission about characters that are still very much a part of my life, it feels a lot like having someone sleep with my husband, or rather more like having someone sneak up behind him and stick a finger up his butt. They may mean it in a flattering way (because he does have a cute butt), and I may not have to look at it, but that doesn't make me feel a whole lot better, and it's not something I am ever going to get used to.

No. 520037

>whining about fanfiction when you used to write RPF

No. 520078

File: 1520131153658.jpg (7.73 KB, 263x61, really.jpg)

also on that subject, PZB's website still has links to p terrible 'erotica' of his characters. one of them is written "by" one of the two non-serial-killer characters of exquisite corpse.



No. 520264

Anita blake was THE SHIT when I was a 14-year old, I read them all on shady free vampire book sites. Such a waste of talent. Hamilton had such a way of moving the plot along and describing the setting, then she got sidetracked by her furry male harem. I hear her latest book was a return to the old Anita Blake so maybe hope is not lost.

No. 520278

I think her newest AB book comes out in August, I'm going to give it a shot and if it's still furry BDSM porn that almost kills Anita then I'm going to give up for good. Sometimes I go back and read the old ones (I have them on my Kindle) and it kills my soul how much better they were.

I'm bummed the Merry Gentry series turned out as shitty as it did. I gave up on that one like 10 years ago. The first book had a cool premise and then it was just faerie harem shit. I don't get why LKH is so fucking hypersexual when she's almost 60 years old.

No. 520281

JT Leroy aka Terminator episode a major scam artist and cow, and her story is fascinating. I’m passing out but


for starters. There are two documentaries, one called The Cult of JT Leroy and one called Author. Laura basically scammed gay men into shilling her books in order to get published, had a stand in acting the part of ‘JT’, spoke with authors about her suicidal impulses and self harm and baby tranny trick turning. She is a piece of work.

Also, no mention of winterfox/requires hate/Benjanun Sridkaeuew or however the fuck you spell it? Very, very rich Thai woman from a hotel family who urged WoC writers back in the LJ days to get raped by dogs and have acid thrown in their faces for not being good writers while she shits out the worst, dense-with-stupidity prose imaginable? Oh, and while she was managing one of daddy’s hotels, a bunch of people were killed because bedbugs and pesticide, so she has a body count, too.

KF has an excellent thread on her.

No. 520304

Oh god, the post- Katrina days with Poppy Z. Brite were some of the messiest shit I've seen online. Yeah, she begged for fans to send her benzos through the mail and went to the ER at least once for benzos. When the ER doc called her out, she refused to give her name or address or show ID so not only could they not attach the drug seeking to her medical records, they also could not bill her.

I know Katrina ruined a lot of people's lives, and people had to leave the city in order to save their lives and I don't think anyone sees Poppy as bad for fleeing to North Carolina to ride the storm out, but it did illustrate the really negative effects of her animal hoarding. She and Chris Debarr had at least 30 cats when Katrina hit, and she had to leave all of them behind. She had at least one dog she took with her and I can't recall what she did with her reptiles but of course many of her cats died during the storm.

Shit happens and once people find out you are a soft touch, they will bring you cats. But most of her pre-Billy begging was for money to pay vet bills for animals she couldn't afford and made no effort to rehome. All those animals in a southern coastal town and she had no evacuation or bad weather plan in place for when the inevitable happened. As bad as some of the animal hoarders we discuss here are, they are pikers compared to the way Poppy and her husband collected cats.

And let's not forget the intense Catholic trip she went on after Katrina. Grew her hair down to her ass and began engaging in so much Saint worship it would have made the pope blush. Then she got arrested protesting the closing of a Catholic Church.

Poppy was/is just a complete headcase. She has always seemed like a person with a good and kind heart but she, now he, will always be a fucking mess. She wears personae like coats and takes them off when they no longer work. Gothic vampire queen, hippie gardener and animal savior, snotty foodie, Catholic crusader, Anthony Bourdain fan fiction-writer in the form of the Liquor novels, transdude.

No. 520306

god damnit I think I'm just gonna start borrowing them from my library and see how bad it ends up getting, I thiinnnk I stopped at book 10 or something?

No. 520310

Yeah I think it's book 10, it's called Narcissus in Chains.

No. 520311

I'm still in doubt whether they ever manage to finish it, rather than being worried that it might turn out to be shitty. She's been talking about it for years now and they don't even have casted the actors yet…

No. 520386

Good points anon. The horror stories were far from great, but had some interesting ideas tangled in the angst.

Must also thank OP, I never had much interest in following any authors personal lives but everything on here is really eye opening.

No. 520516

(maybe slightly OT but) stuff like this is why i'd only consider writing under a penname and keeping my social media strictly related to my work. not that i'm a closet cow, just knowing too much about an author can ruin their works for me, esp if they're a huge trainwreck.

i feel JK Rowling is on her way there too with all the SJW pandering. of course hermione could be black! of course dumbledore is gay tho you'll never actually see it happening! people on twitter harass her about inclusivity bullshit and she retcons to please them. she gets political on her work-related twitters but it's transparently waiting for moments to clapback in ways that the hive mind will retweet forever. like, let it go, let harry potter go, it's finished. stop retconning, stop pandering. retroactively ruining her work.

No. 520560

IMO Anita Blake stopped being good around Burnt Offerings, although it's commonly accepted that it jumped the shark after Obsidian Butterfly.

No. 520561

I agree. JK Rowling used to be great until the SJW train happened. She hopped on board and every idea that they throw at her, she entertains.

No. 520563

It was a mildly amusing children's book series and now she's desperately trying to stay in the limelight to pander to SJWs. It's sad, really.

No. 520577

I remember hearing "Dumbledore is gay" a lot as a kid, and I never understood why. I still don't, and it doesn't even seem relevant to the story.

The whole "Hermione can be black" thing is also so odd to me. She was clearly described as a white girl, illustrated as a white girl, and casted as a white girl in the movies. People can draw her as black all they want and that's cool w/e, but she is canon white. Rowling isn't actually trying to say she was black the whole time, was she?

No. 520589

File: 1520194961781.png (197.94 KB, 500x541, tumblr_nzprn6py5F1tag0kwo1_500…)

Remember this? kek

No. 520593

Obsidian Butterfly was one of the best I think, but Burnt Offerings introduced walking doormat animu boy Nathaniel so I dislike it for that reason alone.

Narcissus in Chains, however, is the book where Anita gets the ardeur aka becomes a succubus and starts fucking a bunch of random dudes and crying about it. That's when the series takes a HUGE change in tone (read: becomes pornographic).

No. 520596

She said something along the lines of "who said Hermione isn't black?". She had a lot of pull in terms of casting for HP films and she did draw Hermione before, so it looks now as backtracking.

However, I remember reading 7th book as a teenager and some of the wording used when describing Dumbledore's friendship with Grindelwald actually mad me think it had romantic overtones, way before JKR announced Dumbledore's sexuality. I was never a fujo, so I wouldn't really call it shipping goggles on my part.

Also last year (I think) JKR retweeted or liked someones statement regarding the whole female bathroom issue and got called a TERF by some rabid SJWs. I don't remember her trying to wiggle out of that, so I don't think she's drinking SJW kool-aid that much.

However, I decided to completely disregard any of her statements on HP post-canon and I advise you to do the same. This shit is really retroactively destroying the series.

No. 520652

>She said something along the lines of "who said Hermione isn't black?". She had a lot of pull in terms of casting for HP films and she did draw Hermione before, so it looks now as backtracking.

it literally is, it's retconning. her support of a black actor being cast for hermione is good, but there was no reason to declare she had planned the character to be racially ambiguous. these books were written before the age of forced inclusivity, i dont know how anyone can believe she was genuinely 'woke' and had any of these declarations in mind while writing them.

her fanbase is whole nother clusterfuck but idk if it's really on topic?

No. 520673

File: 1520201222510.jpg (38.32 KB, 536x384, 80b1cdb5-a400-43f2-81c9-4c35d0…)

I don't get why she's so desperate to pander to a fandom of a series that ended like a decade ago. I'm glad at least some people (even tumblr sjws) are capable of seeing all this reconning shit for what it is; lip service. Rowling needs to leave the HP fandom in peace. If you wanna be all diverse and politically correct, write a new fucking book about it instead of claiming your series was deffo so inclusive.

No. 520687

>If you wanna be all diverse and politically correct, write a new fucking book about it instead of claiming your series was deffo so inclusive.

exactly! shit like cursed child isn't helping either. it's selling out, plain and simple.

No. 520754

File: 1520209168106.png (498.94 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20180305-111553~2.p…)

Was Cursed Child even all that diverse? I read it ages ago and promptly tried to put it out of my memory.

Honestly that hack Rainbow Rowell and her knock off of HP was more diverse than anything JK wrote, and all it could boast was 1 brown main character and a homosexual couple.

No. 520859

Oh my god I remember this person from way back on fandomwank. the Bit of Earth wank with Turimel was truly the gift that kept on giving

No. 520922

>Rainbow Rowell

oh god why did you invoke that name? i read her shitty harryxdraco recolored fanfic and hated every minute of it. it's barely tolerable if you're sporking, i cant fathom why the person who made me read it considered it one of her top ten. when it got to the point where the ~brooding vampire not-draco~ who she has pointed out many times is super flammable runs off into a forest on fire to be moody and they have a whole makeout session.. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BURNING WOODS. with a guy who has already been described as kindling in the flesh.

No. 520937

lmao "Carry On' was literally an abomination unto God. It literally reads like fanfiction that got picked for publication so the author had to bullshit new names.

the rest of her books are a pandering cringefest too. never forget how many times she described a half-vietnamese character as "exotic."

No. 520940

your description is completely accurate. it's infuriatingly terrible yet somehow completely unmemorable. apparently it's supposed to be a book within a book thing, that her main book fangirl(?) is about an author and this book is the book that author is writing. it's basically fanfiction of fanfiction from her first book from what wikipedia got me to grasp.

i can only imagine she's a fucking trainwreck and a half and more of a fujoshit than holly brown

No. 520960

At first I was wondering if you're talking about "Fangirl" and its fanfic part (which was still better than proper part of that bore of a book), but I checked Rowell's wikipedia page and learned she wrote a novel-lenght version of that fanfic. Kek, how desperate can you be?

Holy shit, I heard about RequiresHate drama meltdown several months ago, but I didn't bother to look into it. This shit is so damn huge.

No. 521017

File: 1520235224840.jpeg (114.94 KB, 500x750, download (1).jpeg)

even the fucking cover looks like a Tumblr fujo otp drawing, wow.

No. 521021

Nobody mentioned C.S. Pacat yet? She's a fujoshit who wrote the Captive Prince trilogy and she's now doing a comic called Fence, where again everyone is gay just like in Captive Prince but instead of fantasy it's a Yuri on Ice knockoff. Her fanbase is fucking bonkers, they revere her writing just because everyone in her books is gay

No. 521058

That's upsetting because I do enjoy Kevin Wada's art. He can do better lol

No. 521295

File: 1520272555968.png (38.8 KB, 734x394, Screenshot at 2018-03-05 11-54…)

No. 521300

Thank you anon, you just saved me like 15 bucks. I was in Barnes and Nobel's today, and someone told me it's really good so I was debating if I should buy it or not.

No. 521365

it kind of looks like holly's purgatory OPs lol. the version i read was really just the words on the cover and the silhouette, i kind of wish it had all that so i'd know the nightmare i was about to get into.

part of me thinks this is made up for attention but the other part of me can believe his mother is as crazy as him

if you really want to read it (even if just to mock it, it's a good MST3K-type read with friends), buy it used from a site like abebooks so the author doesn't get a penny for it.

maybe OT, but reading Carry On actually gave me a lot of confidence and motivation as an author because if this absolute clusterfuck dumpster fire piece of trash got popular, anything i write at least has a chance.

seriously, even from a technical standpoint, it's a nightmare. everything is written in first person and sometimes she'll change perspectives mid-chapter to have other characters talk up her main character. no one has a scene that doesnt have something to do with either not-draco or not-harry. in the makeout scene she seriously switches perspectives every other paragraph for the entire chapter because she isnt a skilled enough writer to do that in 3rd person. it's seriously awful.

No. 521419


J.T. Leroy was the most interesting thing i've read in a while. That woman isn't a cow, she's something entirely unrelated to it.

No. 521806

By the way, I know we're discussing here English language authors, but do you anons have any local cow writers?

A large majority of notable Polish science-fiction/fantasy writers are right wing nuts. I could list at least a dozen of those. Many of them shamelessly sperg on Twitter/Facebook and feel impregnable because of current political climate.

We have some left-wing assholes too, but not nearly as many. The most notable one would be Andrzej Sapkowski, author of The Witcher, although it has less to do with his political views and more with the fact that he's a greedy, raging, alcoholic asshole. TvTropes used to have a list of his antics on their Witcher page, but it's been long since baleeted. He has a tendency to be a total hypocrite, treating his fans like shit and masturbating over his erudition, despite a major drop in his quality of writing (he's still better than most of Polish fantasy writers, admittedly).
His alcoholism became almost a meme in Polish fandom, to the point where at the cons he had to be accompanied by someone who would keep him from getting drunk. Sometime in late 90s he showed up totally plastered and vomited on a fan during a meeting on Pyrkon, one of the major Polish cons. Since then Pyrkon organizers banned him from attending and he's been butthurt about it to this day.
He's also butthurt about games' popularity and dissed all gamers in general, basically implying that they are morons. Even his most dedicated fans admit he's a shitty person.

No. 521955


I remember reading about Laura “J.T Leroy” Albert a while ago. Damn, that shit was fascinating. How fucking scummy and attention-seeking you have to be to pretend to be trans and build a whole fake character, just so you can sell your books?

No. 521997

File: 1520346512866.jpg (48.36 KB, 500x727, suknia2.jpg)

I was wondering if there are any Polish anons here, cause I wanted to bring up Katarzyna Michalak. Holy shit, I can't even.
>writes terrible mary sue fantasy romance novels, cosplays as main heroine on the cover
>writes a 'socially conscious' novel about a homeless bipolar depressive woman, presents people with bipolar depression as ticking timebombs who will attack people
>gets called out on a convention by a woman suffering from said mental illness, claims on blog she is being hunted down by haters who get paid hard cash to destroy her
>went to a veterinary school, claims in a book that a snake is empty on the inside (or sthg)
>writes shitty chick lit in general, is the most popular writer
>asks her readers to visit local bookshops to check if her trainwrecks are displayed properly
>turns another online 'hater' into a negative character in her book
>steals deviantart pictures for her cover mockups
>author of a terrible 50 shades of grey ripoff with hawt and misunderstood mafia dudes
>all her heroines are virginal beauties that all male heroes want to rape. The negative female characters are presented as immoral sluts.

There's so much milk on her but I'm not good at giving summaries.
Her books are the absolutely fucking worst and she's a piece of shit.

Anon, are you following this cow? I would love to further discuss her and maybe translate some of her shit. She's so milky.

No. 522002


Sage for samefag. Here is a google translated blog post about haters. I would love to give you pieces of her novels, but I have to find excerpts online.
To clarify - various people were writing analyses on blogs and boards of her trash novels, pointing out bad style and terrible plots full of harmful stereotypes and plot holes. Her reaction? Instead of becoming a better writer, she claims that there is some great conspiracy to destroy her. See below

>>"A professional hater destroys cheaply and effectively", or how I was forced to leave the country …

Some time ago I received information that a person for several thousands of people was proposed to destroy me as a writer. Practices of paying with positive reviews - from 500 PLN up - I knew. Meanwhile, it turns out that the clients, whoever they are, paying for the positive reviews of my competition was not enough. They began to pay for professional haters. At first I did not believe it. Then yes. And since I myself do not go to any blogs or pages devoted to literature, I asked an external person to objectively look at this phenomenon and here I present how this practice looks like.

A professional hater does not call himself a huckster, of course, only a blogger or a reviewer. He is "hacked" by the client from a group of people who tried to appear as a writer or journalist, but because fate gave them talent, they are even thrown out of the sub portal. Their self-esteem is high ("they did not get to know me, ssysy"), also frustration, but the client is still needed for the potential pitbull to take revenge on those "who succeeded". It is easy to find such frustrats … The client sees this and writes an email to him, of course, anonymously. From now frustrat is no longer a frustrat. He becomes a "professional hanger". Pitbull, who is supposed to bite. He gets an order for a specific person. Any catches allowed. Violation of civil or criminal law also, in the event that a hired person applies to the public prosecutor's office or to a civil action, the client - of course, anonymously - provides support to good lawyers. Monthly salary payable in cash, money from hand to hand. For a particularly effective "grip" - a bonus.

The hiring activity consists in setting up dozens - if you need hundreds - of e-mail accounts, to log in with dozens of them - hundreds - on fejsbuki, book portals, online bookstores and, of course, forums. Everywhere, a professional hater, first understands the book's assessment, and secondly, he writes negative reviews. At the same time, it can not be entries of the type "this is stupid", it is supposed to be "reliable evaluation of the novel" signed by, for example, a language philologist. Polish. It has to be credible. Professionally.

Hejter has a free hand in destroying the goal: he can freely and with impunity - and the more impertinently, the more likes - break the law, because in case he gets "support". In addition to the "fairytale" activities and hundreds of anonymous accounts, the professional hater is interested in getting his name - that's why the client has checked him out, the hater must see his name, he must exist. He wants to be appreciated at all costs. To be famous. Therefore, he assumes his "objective" blog, on which he "objectively" destroys the goal for which they pay him.

It also assumes other websites, without any inhibitions using the images of the target, assembles videos with the victim's messages extracted from the context, from which it results, for example, that the target is a junkie / a junkie. Of course, the paragraphs of the Criminal Code are already there, but the hater, after all, has a guarantee from the clients that "we will help you", will the prosecutor take care of such a trivial matter?

A side-by-side activity, but equally effective, is the assassin's hijacking of hate attacks, so to say "spontaneous", that is, groups inherently filled with hatred for everyone who has achieved something. And envy if this person comes from a given environment. It turns out that the literary who "became famous" by giving four letters to anyone who could help him in his "literary" career attacks the victim of hate in such a way that even the devotees of this writer will find it distasteful and embarrassing. But it is not surprising for such individuals.

What is important: the hated content is invalid, the factual or social value of the book is not important. Every line, every comma and dot is calculated. Regardless of whether you are a specialist in a given field or not, every sentence and paragraph is challenged. And the hottest word of the hater - in the case of the writer - is the word "graphoman". That is exactly who the hijacker is, not his victim. As for the professional hired student, his job is to ridicule not only the book, paragraph, ruler, word, cover, photos, but also the purpose. Every statement, every video, entry, comment and action, even the noblest one, is a material for "machining".

The snowball effect starts. Some absurd, universal campaign for the victim of a "professional hater". It can be either active: evaluating a book that has not yet appeared, underestimating its grades, making general opinions wherever possible, that the victim is a graphographer / graphographer and "can not read" … or passive: people who even they like and read the goal, and would like to write about their books well on their blog, they are immediately attacked, with such ferocity that - due to their own mental health - they stop to write about the goal at all. They still buy and read books, but they will not admit it.

The most dangerous form that mass hate takes is physical attack. A group of hotters is sending an appointment to a meeting, for example in a bookstore, because they would be asked out of the library, beset the target, immobilized at a table where they sign books and begin to attack their victim in an unrefined way. At the same time, one of the people informs him that he has a manic-depressive psychosis, so he is unpunished and is allowed to do anything. Of course, the goal will never risk meeting a psychopath in a public place again, so it gives up all the author's meetings. And if it appears on any occasion, it's rarely with protection. Because you do not know what the next psychopath will come to your head next time, or just lengthen, whether he spills acid, or stabs with a knife, for example …
In the writing and blogging world there is a message that the target does not meet readers, because it despises them, because the libraries do not pay much, because it has soda water … what they invent, they do not matter. No one knows that the target was simply intimidated. Hunted. Game over.

The clients are satisfied. What they pay for has been achieved: the victim disappears from the blogger, bookstore, library and public scene. It still has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of readers, but it ceases to exist in the social consciousness, even if it has not yet existed. It's enough for the client. A professional hater has earned more clients, earns thousands, if not tens of thousands on defamatory videos, training "how to make money on hiring", and everything would be okay - not counting the victim's well-being, working hard for his achievements, she was left unpunished , for a fee, destroyed, if not for one, but …

… among all these bewilders, who are hating because they like, because they have to, because it is their pleasure to destroy someone, someone comes - and this is, for example, the mentally disturbed person mentioned above who decides to finish the goal physically. In her sick mind, it is swarming that someone destroyed her life. First he starts writing threatening letters. When the target does not respond, the threats begin to concern not only the target, but also his children, one of whom is four years old. And that everyone can easily find out where we live …

Now you know why I ran to the end of the world?

PS. To a professional hired and professional writer: you may not believe in divine justice, but that does not mean that she will miss you. No happiness will be built on human harm, and the silver pieces that you take for it will become your curse.

PS2. To fellow pen friends: this can meet everyone and everyone. Do not hesitate, lest you be hated. Places on book shelves are enough for everyone, and hating competition is simply unworthy of the creator who is supposed to create, not destroy.

How to defend against beasts who like to abuse, like to hurt someone? Do not show that it hurts. Nothing so annoys sadistic hymns as a complete lack of reaction to their actions. First of all, I recommend not to go to any websites devoted to books, and eventually leave the Internet at all (how much time does it take to write or play with a child!), But not to lose touch with reality - and to hire people that protect the victim from attacks: moderate, block, delete, accept e-mail and postal correspondence. The professional trainee also has the following means: reporting pages that violate personal rights to fejsbukom, jutub etc, if you are more determined, you have a prosecutor's office and a court. I think that finally someone who does not wave his hand, like me, will file a lawsuit and the "professional" will eventually pay such compensation that it will cool down the enthusiasm of him similar to destroying people's lives. Impunity and impudence have no limits on someone who has no rules, but human patience is indeed.

PS3. As you can guess, the goal of a "professional hater" became me. I do not know clients. The "professional hater" is currently making a career, conducting trainings on how to effectively destroy. He is boasting of the number of orders from subsequent clients, he can pick them up like in placards. I can create the appearance of a gentle and resilient person, but this is only a semblance. I could go to court, but what for? To make him a martyr, prosecuted for "freedom of speech"? I'm not a coward, either. I have dealt with mentally ill people and I can defend myself against them, but there is a limit that I will not let NIKOMU cross: my son's safety. At some point, when things went too far, I decided to leave. According to the haters, I will run away. That's right. I ran away. Let them have joy. I think that I will never come back to Poland because I just lost my sense of security in my own home.
I paid a high price for doing what I love, for my passion, but the greatest harm I could inflict on myself is to give up writing. Through the haters.

No. 522011

Pls not her she is kinda crazy..is she the one that is like adding her self as a char in books?

No. 522033

I used to love the Eragon books as a child, but even back then it was clear to me that they're a blatant copy.
> e.g. Isengard vs. Isenstar
> Luke lives with his uncle and aunt on a remote planet. His quiet life changes when he happens upon droids sent by the captive Princess Leia, who entrusted one of the droids with information vital to the downfall of the Empire.
> Eragon lives with his uncle and cousin in a remote village. His quiet life changes when he happens upon a dragon egg sent by the captive elven princess Arya, who knew that the dragon egg was vital to the downfall of the emperor, Galbatorix.

No. 522037

File: 1520350472730.jpg (244.04 KB, 500x624, portret1.jpg)

Yep, she has several self-inserts.
For the record, from what I know she had a legit mental breakdown after her husband left her; she was suffering some kind of mental illness. I believe the first Ferrin novel (The Chosen self-insert's magical adventure in rapeland) reveals that she wrote it to save her life after being in a psych ward. I might be remembering wrong though.
Doesn't change the fact that she is a piece of shit and a huge cow.
I just remembered some more of her seens. Basically, everything an author cow can do, she did at some point in time. She even bought reviews of her trash on lubimyczytac (polish goodreads).

No. 522128


i can kinda forgive Eragon books because they were written by a teenager. i still have some writing that i started as a teenager and to this day i keep telling myself i'll get to them. i think it's kind of impressive he was able to focus that much and not slack off at that age. you know how teens are.

publishing and pushing your teenage son's fanfiction conglomerate as a bestseller though… now that's a cow.

No. 522222

I used to follow her. One forum I was on has an insanely long thread on her antics; for several years it was the most discussed topic there. The woman who called her out on a convention was a member of that forum.

She actually started as a fanfic writer in a Polish LOTR community. She got jealous about one guy co-writing a fanfic with some teenage girl, so she "anonymously" sent that girl an email where she graphically wrote about said girl getting violently raped. Several years later she inserted the same rape description in her fantasy book, with the victim being a minor vilainess named similarly as that girl.

Said fantasy novel was first self-published, it got rereleased later by a legit publishing house when her books became popular.

Her first popular book was your typical story about a retarded "veterinarian" who escapes from the city to an idyllic village, way back when "A Year in Provence" and "Under the Tuscan Sun" were all the rage. Since then she's been churning out about 5-6 books per year (she seems to have slowed down a bit).

I stopped following her about two years ago. She's milky as fuck, but she's too toxic for me. Is she still in Australia or something?

No. 522224

Wrote rape fanfiction of a real person, and then published it? Holy FUCK.

No. 522253

agreed. I wrote a lot as a kid and I thought it was original and re reading them as an adult it's obvious they are retellings of stories i liked as a kid. They're not bad and I'm glad I wrote them but under no circumstances should they have been published, especially not as original fiction. i think this has gotta be mostly on the parents.

No. 522498


I remember reading the books well into my teen years and never understanding the dumbledore was gay thing. The twitter meltdown though was the cringiest shit ever. She is obviously a greedy bitch clinging to hp fame, even though she is more than well off from book sales, movie sales, merch sales, etc.

No. 522508

hahaha oh my god. Rowling has literally lost her damn mind. It's crazy because I loved the HP books growing up, but this forced inclusion shit is destroying so much.

Is that Newt Scamander??

No. 522795

idk why she's trying so hard either, her books are modern classics and there's so fucking many of them that she could live ten lifetimes off of sales of them alone. there's no need to suck up to fans so hard, JK, you already have worldwide recognition and adoration. just bow out.

No. 522849

might as fucking well be, as this book does not have an ounce of creativity in it

No. 522998

Holy shit, I knew the rough outline about her making trashing a 'hater' in her novel, but not the disgusting details.
And YET she has the gall to play a loving mother who just got her biggest wish turned into reality!!! Dream big, girls!!! uwu

She's disgusting.

She's still sitting in Australia, yes. Apparently she's getting a tv show based on one of her atrocities. YIKES.

No. 523154

Shades of that batshit bitch FrolloFreak writing her own students into her fanfic and killing them off. Why do they do this??

No. 523702

>clinging to hp fame, even though she is more than well off from book sales, movie sales, merch sales, etc

as a huge hp fan, i agree she needs to let go and move on.

actually the funny thing is that around the time the last book and last movie were released, rowling seemed pretty firm with ending harry potter and moving on with her life. but her non-hp books flopped and people were constantly hounding her for more potter material all the time.

i think at some point she went "fuck it" and realized she'd never be able to break away from harry potter so she resigned her self to just keep pumping out more stuff for fans to eat up. that's how we ended with pottermore, cursed child, and FIVE fantastic beasts movies.

as long as the series remains ridiculously popular ( i mean it even has a goddamn theme park!!!) she's gonna keep finding ways to make money. it's too much of a cash cow for her not to take advantage of

No. 523731

>FIVE fantastic beasts movies

now that makes me wonder if they're gonna make Quidditch movies too, but I guess it's unlikely, since they cut it as much as possible from the HP films already.

Undoubtedly they're gonna milk this cash cow for all their can. I would expect a TV series sometime in the future.

No. 523803

>and FIVE fantastic beasts movies.

jfc, was this confirmed? I only heard about the sequel to the first. That's so crazy. She really is a huge cow at this point.

No. 523831

I don't know much about HP but wasn't Fantastic Beasts just a fictional manual with like 50 pages? How are they making 5 movies out of this???

No. 523866

Right? Her books are all about baby tranny whores, wearing raccoon penis bone necklaces. And not even well written.

Seriously, most of her work as JT was about junkie ten year olds being whored out as trannies by their own mothers. At truck stops. I always thought Laura Albert was a bad scene and a little bit horrorcow. Way too fixated on writing pedoshit and child abuse in a glamorized way for me to feel comfortable with her.

No. 523875

Have you even seen the trailer of the first movie? This is not an adaptation of the manual, but a completely new storyline borrowing the title and the character of New Scamander.
I get wanting to shit on milking the HP cashcow, but you just sound like an idiot who can't google

No. 523891

At least the first Fantastic Beast movie is decent without much sjw pandering, but the next one with plot about Dumbledore and Grindelwald…I'm praying it's not turning into a "LOOK AT HOW GAY THEY ARE THEY ARE SO GAY DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT THEY'RE VERY GAY??" spectacle.

Please tell me you're trolling

No. 523906

Meh, I tried to read "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" and dropped it quickly because of shitty style, pretentiousness and gratuitious pedo shit.

However, this thread made me pick up "Sarah" and it's actually not bad, mostly because of magic realism and not taking itself as seriously as "The Heart…".

Still, none of these books would garner as much attention as they did without the whole J.T schtick.

No. 524154

File: 1520537702645.jpg (65.88 KB, 522x529, jk-rowling-twitter-2.jpg)


yep, jk confirmed it herself and is apparently writing the screenplay for all five. which is strange to me because she didn't even bother to write cursed child, she hired people to do it for her…


actually there was some controversy recently because it was announced that the sequel won't focus on dumbledore's sexuality. people were pissed and sending jk angry tweets because ~muh representation~ and saying she wasn't as progressive as she claims

tbh i'm glad they aren't doing the whole sjw pandering, i don't even understand why people care about it when a) dumbledore being in love with grindlewald took place years before the movie's events b)the relationship was abusive and manipulative, not romantic and c) grindlewald wasn't gay and was just using dumbledore's feelings for him in order to get what he wanted…hardly a gay love story we're all dying to see on the big screen

No. 524709

what's with the salt, it was an honest question. I don't watch trailers nor read about movies I'm not interested in.

>not as progressive as she claims

I mean she's not. her Twitter bullshit is 100% lip service.

No. 524739

File: 1520599808395.jpg (377.63 KB, 1126x1500, heart is deceitful.jpg)

>I tried to read "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" and dropped it quickly

There's a film adapted from the book directed by and starring Asia Argento that came out in the US right as the scandal was breaking.
It's shit of course but look at the cast. It wasn't even slumming for most of them, they really thought they were a part of something groundbreaking.

No. 524851

Ohhh man look at the cast. What a waste of talent.

No. 524928

Asia also fucked the girl who was ‘playing’ JT. Shannon, I think her name was? There was a bunch of shit back in the day where Asia said she was pregnant with JT’s kid. Even though he supposedly had Kaposi’s Sarcoma and was dying of AIDS.

The whole thing was such an utter shitshow. I know it’s kind of ancient history, but I think anons would enjoy the hell out of the whole thing. Just psychotic behavior from Laura/Speedy. She was munching before munchies were a thing.

No. 524940

True dat! It’s why she presented herself to older gay authors in SF first, pushing her writing to them. They all thought they were talking to um, a teenaged boy, let’s not get into why, but one author admits that he was in love with the persona, take it for what it’s worth.

They wanted ‘his’ important voice to be heard. Prob wanted something else, too. They all got dumped when JT got picked up by places like Interview magazine and was suddenly modeling Vivienne Westwood dresses and e-fucking Hollywood celebs like Asia and singers from bands you probably liked at one point.

Asia is frankly, a bit of a cow herself. JT had a tendency to attract cows. You should see Billy Corgan go on and on and on and onnnnnn about Speedy, lol, ridiculous.

No. 524999

File: 1520630567648.jpg (81.31 KB, 660x451, random fans.jpg)

>e-fucking Hollywood celebs like Asia and singers from bands you probably liked at one point

No. 525133

“JT” exposed a lot of celebrities as cows especially since she recorded phone conversations with them. Asia is a cow if I ever saw one. Winona Ryder is fucking stupid too.

No. 525421


Is the documentary the best way to follow the JT drama or should I look for something else? Didn't hear much about it before this thread (maybe in passing on goodreads review) and I want to catch up

No. 525428


hahah oh my god, thought Shirley Manson would be smarter than this.

where can i see Billy Corgan talk about "JT"? i love SP but Corgan is one of the choicest assholes in the rock music scene, i'd enjoy seeing him get duped by a 30-something woman he wouldn't give the time of the day.

No. 525429

I've always wondered how the hell that affair could have happened. Savannah Knoop was portraying LeRoy when the affair happened. There had to have been a serious Brandon Teena prosthetic used in the dark thing going on for Asia to believe Knoop was a male. Maybe Knoop used the stories of sexual abuse as a means to keep Asia from wanting to touch her or engage in more involved sex - certainly possible.

I need to go back and retread about the affair because I always thought the pregnancy rumor was the two of them trolling the media. LeRoy called a gossip writer and said he impregnated Asia and then later called back and said he had been speaking metaphorically, that the pregnancy was one of inspiration. Asia used weird, stilted language, like LeRoy gave her "the seed," when she spoke of the pregnancy. I never got the impression the pregnancy was ever considered real by either of them. Asia is a weird woman though…

If Asia really did think somehow she got knocked up by a woman in drag… Dude.

That may explain why she was so appalled when the ruse was exposed. Knoop spoke of the betrayal she perpetuated against Asia and Asia was genuinely crushed. If she really thought she was pregnant she had to have felt like even a bigger fool than she already was.

No. 525489

im reading it now, and the whole Atlantis idea is as bad as Mayfair crossover (hint: the new race, again…). and the whole book is about Lestat and the new characterless characters and the old characters that everyone love appear sometimes in the background

No. 525513


Start with the expose in New York Magazine and the subsequent Vanity Fair article and then watch the documentaries.




The JT Leroy Story contains many recorded conversations between JT/Laura and Billy, Courtney, Gus Van Sant and others.

No. 525844

I suspect that Cassie's husband is a feeder. She was a little chubby yet able to walk and wear regular clothes without a problem before she started dating him.

No. 526039

File: 1520736790071.jpg (136.7 KB, 867x1390, cassandra-clare-young-adult-au…)

I just looked up pictures and jfc you're right. She just used to be portly and now she looks like Jabba the Hutt. I'm especially fond of this picture:

No. 526104

File: 1520745533437.png (627.75 KB, 1222x538, kek.png)

No. 526206

I feel the same; why does she have to write so many new characters? Sometimes i even had a hard time remembering 'who was that again?'… And of course that doesn't make them likeabe.
It would so much better if the setting was in New Orleans with just the handful of old ones.

And the incest in the Mayfair books is disgusting…

No. 526231

Oh god, I'm few days late but I love that Michalak was brought up on lolcow. Thank you my fellow Polish nonnies, the world needs to know

In the topic of Paolini, does anyone know if he's still active? Is he writing something, maybe? I loved his books as a child, too, then shared many keks with friends over them as a more aware teen. But I would actually like to see something new from him, out of curiosity, to see if/how his writing had changed.

No. 526421

It could be something medical after all, she does not look healthy! My brain can't help wondering about feederism. The internets ruined me.

No. 526434


>her Twitter bullshit is 100% lip service.

Can you imagine what would happen if she ever told these sjw's "no", though? we already saw what happened when the people working in the sequel movie said they wouldn't specifically focus on Dumbledore's love life, the "WAAAAA HOMOPHOBES" screeching could even be heard in Mars.


Here is what one of these older authors, Susie Bright, has to say about her (and other people's) experiences with JT:



The shit JT/Laura pulled on Dennis Cooper by using his photos of his muse George Miles for their benefit was all kinds of UGH.

No. 526450

File: 1520798442719.png (22.87 KB, 485x299, hassell.PNG)

been trying to follow the Santino Hassell saga. there's a lot more info here https://thesaltminers.tumblr.com/post/171680546960/the-santino-hassell-debacle but basically it seems like a couple were pretending to be a bi dude writing gay romances, and doing stuff like pretending to have cancer in order to scam people out of money, and catfishing people, tricking them into revealing sex stuff and then using it in their novels. their publisher has dumped them etc.
anyway there seems to be generally lots of wtf going on around this one.

No. 526935

File: 1520841156470.jpg (147.4 KB, 683x749, KMM2.jpg)

Karen Marie Moning is my favorite author lolcow. My milk will not be timeline friendly, but I'll try to provide sources when I can.

KMM got her start with the Highlander series, which wasn't terribly problematic aside from the occasional reviewer saying 'this is sexist'. Which is normal in paranormal romance. It was a lot of timey-wimey shit with people either being Outlander'd back to old Scotland or Highland warriors being ported into the future (or being immortal fae, like Adam Black, my fav character).

But then she started the Fever Series. And that's when shit really hit the fan.
I was on the KMM message boards when a lot of this was going down, but I remember the first milk being when she did the I think 3rd book in the fever series and it ended with a rape scene between the three dark faerie princes. Okay, rape happens. But she wrote it -sexy-. Like Mac was enjoying it. KMM responded terribly to the criticisms, basically saying 'IF YOU DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ'. Which, fair enough, but these aren't triggered SJW's, these were older women who had loved her writing for years.
http://kikurukina.tumblr.com/post/85500131166/the-aftermath-of-macs-rape-is-non-existent is an example of a popular criticism of KMM's dealing with rape in her stories.

Then came her favorite audiobook reader (who narrated her Highlander series) being a pedophile. And her defending it.

After this, in the series, there was a young girl character introduced named Dani O'Malley. She enters the series around 14 (?) and gets sexualized pretty early on.
It created a divide hard on the message boards and since they were shut down it bled onto FB.
Especially now that Dani's POV books have been released and it was obvious that even before Dani was a consenting adult, her manly alpha future lover already had the hots for her.
KMM defended this kind of behavior in the books, citing 'the olden times' bullshit.

All in all she's a pretty clueless person on being called out, and really needs a PR person to shut down her responding to anything (shutting down the message boards was probably the smartest thing she did for her image).

No. 526992


Oh god, KMM. My best friend got me into the Fever series. I really enjoyed it up until the last couple of books, especially the very last one. At that point it honestly felt like KMM was sick of the plot and just wanted to write porn. Which, hey, there is nothing wrong with wanting to write about sex. But when you spent the last couple of books writing plot, you kinda can't just abandon it or half ass it, especially when your devoted fans are invested in the story.

I remember the last book pissed everyone off once everyone found out Vlane raped Mac. It made zero sense and all of that character building was basically for nothing. Vlane was also like the only character that seemed to treat Mac with respect.

I never liked how Baron and Mac's relationship was written as some 'omg pure love' when the only thing they had in common was that they liked having sex with each other. If you take away the sex then Baron and Mac have nothing in common and appear to hate each other. Also, in the book time line, didn't they only know each other for like 2 weeks before Mac started talking about how much she loved him? It just felt cringy the way KMM and some fans would portray them as a great couple when really all they had was the sex.

I didn't follow the drama mentioned in the post, I basically just thought KMM turned into a shit author and left it at that. But even without following the drama, I remember raising an eyebrow a few times when it came to Dani. I don't remember exactly which scenes made me uncomfortable.

No. 527026

Poor Shirley was an early adopter, posting on her blog about how the novel Sarah changed her life. This led to tensions with the rest of Garbage later on when the scandal broke due to the fucking song about her favourite author she insisted they record.

No. 527073

She basically admitted on FB that she was only stretching it this long because she got book deals to extend the series.
I agree with the Mac/Barrons thing, even as a stupid teenager when I was reading those I got the feeling of 'Oh my god this makes no sense whatsoever' in regards to their relationship.
Also in the latest book it was revealed they had hardcore sex the FIRST night they met which was almost rape in terms of Barrons basically using her sisters death to get into her parents (the night he goes to her hotel room in Ireland). But he mindwipes her because 'she showed instant regret at having sex with him and it would've prevented a relationship from happening later on'.
This got a lot of backlash on the FB too, but of course people defended it.

No. 527075

pants* not parents.

No. 527094


Laura Albert throws a tantrum over being called out for the JT bullshit.


Someone who was either her or a buttkisser was caught editing the JT Leroy page on Wikipedia

No. 527268

File: 1520879996227.jpg (139.56 KB, 1766x1514, DYBusf5VwAAPirq.jpg)

this woman, alicia, had been pretending to be bisexual single dad with cancer "santino hassell" for 17 years. and maintained the persona for that long. and wasn't caught until now. it's totally mindblowing. she got married and got her husband in on the story too, and used his face for the face of santino. they even went to conventions, did podcasts, and ran a snapchat where apparently the husband was sexting anyone who would reply.

the crazy thing is that the patreon is still up and "santino" still has like 300 patrons and is charging $100 for more details about this shit. like is someone paying $100 to get lied to more or what? lol

No. 527539

welp this sucks to hear, since I just started the first fever book and thought it was decently written as far as trashy supernatural novels go. though it really seems like the author was trying too hard to make Mac a Sookie Stackhouse clone (except far less resourceful). I don't know if I'll keep reading now.

I know this is a thread for bad books/authors but for you guys who are into supernatural stuff like this (werewolves, vamps, Fae) I highly recommend the Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs. Intetesting world building and the main character is pretty cool. There is a rape scene in one of the books but the aftermath very tastefully and realistically dealt with (and honestly heartbreaking).

No. 527813

I've been wanting to check out the Mercy Thompson series, thanks for the rec!

No. 531558

Has anyone here heard of Lee Israel? I hadn't until I read about the new film Can You Ever Forgive Me? based on her memoir.

Lee Israel was a reasonably successful author in the 1970s and ’80s, writing biographies of the actress Tallulah Bankhead, the journalist Dorothy Kilgallen and the cosmetics magnate Estée Lauder.

In the early 1990s, with her career at a standstill, she became a literary forger, composing and selling hundreds of letters that she said had been written by Edna Ferber, Dorothy Parker, Noël Coward, Lillian Hellman and others. That work, which ended with Ms. Israel’s guilty plea in federal court in 1993, was the subject of her fourth and last book, the memoir “Can You Ever Forgive Me?,” published by Simon & Schuster in 2008.


Photos of a few of her forgeries appear in this NPR article.


No. 531652

File: 1521382396629.jpeg (84.46 KB, 700x525, 9629BD49-A11A-4DF4-AD73-5E9259…)

Savannah! Thanks anon, I couldn’t think of her name and was too lazy to google.

I’m obsessed with Laura/Speedy/JT and how grossly pathological she is. It was a real folie en famille situation, she lured people in with real ease. It’s unreal, the extent to which she’d go to use the shit out of people’s concern for this non-existent kid. AIDS, suicide, SRS; taking huge advantage of the gay community at a time when they’d lost whole groups of friends and lovers due to AIDS. Basically anything she could say to garner the most pity, she’d say. Her lies would be super particular and tailored for the person she was working, so everyone had a slightly different picture of JT before Savannah began to ‘be’ her in public.

This guy who was a member of her Yahoo! group became friends with her and she began calling him, too, and it turns out that she wanted him to have phone sex with her as JT in this creepy abusive way. She’d been a phone sex worker previously so she knew how to work people up, emotionally. Those books would never have happened without her lying. Just a master at manipulation.

Her shrink is also fucked up and I’m almost positive he was in on it. When JT got sued, he took the stand and talked a ton of bullshit about how JT was real because Laura was abused and dangerously suicidal but not dissociative; he has every excuse in the world for her. When the lawyers asked him point blank ‘So you don’t believe that she’s capable of lying to you, even though she a pathological liar?’ he said that he was the only one who understood poor Speedy.

Enjoy delving into the batshit world of JT! It honestly gets more and more insane the deeper you go. I see her as a real horrorcow because she flat out has zero morality. Her latest rap is how she was just being punk and DIY and no one told her that it wasn’t nice to emotionally abuse people so hey, no harm no foul, right!

No. 531664

Oh my god.

Laura is sockpuppeting on her Wikipedia article. She’s mental as fuck. Great find.

No. 531671

what i never understood is why she used savannah for this. savannah was quite clearly a woman. i can't believe shirly, corgan, love, etc, believed this shit. laura, on the other hand, looks like a straight up tranny. the hoax wouldve fared better if she had just claimed to be him all along. redefined herself as being too scared to come out as not being a woman, previously.

No. 531689

If you read that Vanity Fair article, Asia actually talks there about JT's fanny and how she was surprised how well they make neovaginas these days. I have no idea what the pregnancy stuff was about, it sounds totally batshit.

By the way, wasn't Laura Albert mentioned somewhere in Soren thread as a possible inspiration or something? I'm pretty sure I first heard about JT on lolcow some time ago.

No. 531772


apologies for very late but i'm the anon you're replying to. i LOVE this song and used to wonder if it was about a girl or a boy, then chalked it up to the album's name and theme (androgyny) and forgot about it. turns out it was about both after all! how awkward probably a whole album was inspired by this character, although i also became very fond of the JT scam. strange how the song is very upbeat and bubbly while JT was the edgiest sadboy to ever edge, though.

No. 532155

I really like the Fever series, it's seems like the things that people hate about it just never bothered me or I never saw it as an issue. I kind of like Barrons still being a huge hardass and not suddenly becoming all tamed and sweet to Mac once they start their weird relationship. It was pretty clear and not a problem to me that he just is not a good person, there wasn't a hint of kindness or compassion in him, and wasn't going to change for her, he wasn't some tortured, pained love interest that was a sweet, loving person once you got to his vulnerable side. He said he liked who he was and what he was and if Mac wanted to be with him that's just what she was going to deal with. They have a weird, aggressive relationship and I've just read so many paranormal romances that I kind of like it, it's different. I was dreading Barrons revealing his tender side to her and I was impressed that Moning had him just stay the way he was.

Also the Unseelie Princes raping Mac and it being portrayed as sexy made sense to me because they were well established as being creatures that just took what they wanted from women and destroyed their minds from having sex with them and turning them into desperate sex slaves. I saw it for being horrifying, that Mac like instantly goes out of her mind and is into it, and the event haunts her once she recovers, she carries that anger and grudge against them for several books and it's never called anything but rape by any of the characters, even if Mac enjoyed it due to their powers.

tldr; I thought Moning was pretty ballsy for not letting the books turn into typical fantasy romance, it's a hard, cruel, shitty universe and the things that happen in it I just accepted as being part of the story, not reflecting real life issues. Fuck Dani though, I can't stand that character.

No. 577659

File: 1525905298953.png (258.21 KB, 744x736, cocky.PNG)

Faleena Hopkins & 'Cockygate', anyone? Apparently Faleena has written a series of shitty romances called things like Cocky Biker and Cocky Cowboy etc, and has now decided to trademark the word 'cocky'. it's a ridiculous story of supreme entitlement…

her twitter: https://twitter.com/FaleenaHopkins
her blog:
pajiba rundown:

basically she has been sending out cease and desist letters to the 500 other authors who use the word Cocky, even if they published before her. She claims she's protecting a brand but in fact she's just trying to monopolise a keyword on Amazon.

what makes her a spectacular cow is that she seems to be doubling down, with a combination of 'bring it on!' and 'stop bullying me!' while threatening others…
salient facts:
-she trademarked 'cocky' written in a font that she does not have the licence to do that with
-she made a 90 minute rant video which has since been deleted but @jenny_trout at least live-tweeted it.
- has also deleted a bunch of fb posts claiming to have many supporters, none of whom were also posting
- she claims that all people have to do is retitle their books which is easy, but refused to do so herself in the past, see pic related
- uses copyrighted sports team names
- criticised other authors for using the same stock photos as her for cover art, completely missing the point of stock photos
- is now getting amazon & goodreads to delete customer reviews using the word cocky, apparently
- even megacow EL James seems to have taken the side against her

anyway, it's kind of a fun one to dive into on twitter, if you want

No. 577992

someone's reuploaded the meltdown video

No. 622091

can we talk really really shitty books even if they're not from 'big' name authors?


No. 622101

>character's name is Emily Greyly
This is already horrific

No. 622398

found the book trailer

he thinks he's a filmmaker

this one got panned pretty badly forever ago by a podcast I used to listen to

What was really interesting was when people who used to work for him dropped into the comments section of the blog


apparently he likes underage girls

No. 622588

The whole holy trinity of Claire/Sriduangkaew/Albert used sockpuppets to clear their wikipedia articles, just look at the discussions on those pages. I haven't checked others mentioned here, but I'm pretty at lot of them were trying to remove some sketchy details from their articles.

Except an old ugly tranny like Laura wouldn't garner as much sympathy and coverage as a barely legal mentally disturbed former child prostitute transgirl suffering from AIDS would, even though Savannah wasn't that pretty either. Albert looks like an expert at manipulation, I'm surprised she didn't come up with any moneymaking scheme earlier.

No. 628625

File: 1530713730669.jpg (44.72 KB, 634x1013, 4DCA53C800000578-5904583-image…)


How embarrassing.

'I'm just trying to protect my brand': Romance novelist tries unsuccessfully to trademark the word cocky after 'copycat' authors used it for their own titles on the back of her successful erotic series

Novelist Faleena Hopkins has sold 600,000 books from her 'cocky' series
She published her first - Cocky Roomie - in 2016 and has written 18 since
Other titles include Cocky Cowboy, Cocky Quarterback and Cocky Heart Surgeon
She was given a trademark for the title and font in the genre of romance fiction in September 2017
Other authors fought back, claiming she was unfairly trying to corner the market


No. 628751

File: 1530725657281.jpeg (39.64 KB, 335x500, 93C3972B-70D8-4211-8D46-761C78…)

is Nora Sakavic’s “The Foxhole Court” safe from this fujoshit trend? someone mentioned that Rainbow Rowell is just a fujoshit, and there’s been other fujoshits mentioned too. I noticed that most of the popular gay books such as Six of Crows, The Raven Circle, etc. is written by women who write about gay men, which sounds suspicious. having people eat up your book for ~representation~ purposes when it’s just fetishized fujoshit book in disguise is sad. what are these fandoms full of? lgbt “supportive” girls/nb people who actually fetishize mlm relationships? if you want to read something that’s about lgbt people then you should broaden your horizons instead of exclusively sucking up gay books and being obsessed with it if you’re lgbt/supportive of it. but these girls like fanfic too so they don’t see what’s wrong with it I guess. sage for spergging.

No. 628763

I don't think the Raven Cycle is fujoshi shit on part of the author, I've read most of her books and it just seems like she chose to have a gay character that has dimension in this series.

I only found out about the Foxhole Court by seeing tons of shipping and nsfw fanart for it lol. Captive Prince is also popular but it's definitely just the author's personal gay erotica wank she decided to publish. Too many of these young girl fans are just obsessed with yaoi/gay relationships and could go on for hours about how some dudes from a cw show are MEANT TO BE but can't tell you anything about lgbt history.

No. 628864

Thanks, it’s just hard for me to trust a women who writes about gay characters instead of her own sexuality bc it will be scooped up by fujoshits

No. 628869

~Fetishizing~ homo ships is fucking harmless, who gives a shit if girls like it? You're supposed to enjoy and indulge in romance and erotica, makes no difference if it's het or not. You sound like a tumblrtard fakeboi getting offended on behalf of gay men for no good reason.

No. 628962

No, I don’t like people fetishizing male relationships bc it’s cringy and disgusting, especially if they’re apart of or support the lgbt+ community, you fucking calf.

No. 628982

Samefagging but fakebois are the ones fetishizing male relationships too,that’s why they only date each other and go through that phase. You don’t read the fakeboi thread? Same there’s a difference between liking romance and exclusivily focusing on romance that’s mlm and liking only a few other wlw or het relationships if you’re a a creepy fujoshit or focusing on wlw relationships if you’re a creepy guy. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, bi, or ace since I’ve seen people of all sexualites do it. They project, are invasive, and obsessive about it and that’s what makes it a fetish.

No. 629522

I tried to read Captive Prince and I'm half-way through the series, and while I sort of like it for the nostalgia because it reminds me of silly AU fanfics from kink memes, I can't say I know that much about the series or the author. From what I do know from the people who talked about it on tumblr and twitter the novels are supposedly racist because of the main character being "black" when it's not even the case, and the author compared him to herself and implied he's a tanned white guy from not!Ancient Greece.

I did notice that hamletmachine and johannathemad are working on Fence, which I never read, but I heard about people finding at least hamletmachine problematic or a tryhard edgy fujoshi. I'm curious, I want to know if there's anything else to it but from what I've seen Pacat seems self-aware about being a fujoshi.

Dumbledore being gay is the only one of her claims that sort of makes sense, since at the beginning of the 7th volume it's implied he was really close to Grindelwald. The whole "Hermione can be interpreted as a Black character by the readers" was bullshit because it felt like it came out of nowhere.

No. 629896

Thanks anon, do you know any good non fetishizing wlw books? I never hear anyone talking about books like those.

No. 649782

The blurb sounds like stuff you'd see in anime

No. 649785

Or Supernatural, that tv show

No. 661759

dude is on twitter talking like he's got a shot at a netflix series.

found this on his website

No. 707101

File: 1539050392391.jpg (327.3 KB, 1844x1384, Screen-Shot-2018-10-08-at-22.3…)


This author used to be a huge bitch in the Hunter x Hunter fandom, so I went take a look at her published books and WTF. That's a blatant rip off from the manga.

She's not even trying, she also alleges her inspo comes from her history major, top kek.

The ho's tumblr:

No. 707231

File: 1539063160235.jpeg (112.55 KB, 589x404, 2D8832F4-D679-4DE0-8B7B-02F31F…)

How has nobody mentioned Kathleen Hale?!

This crazy bitch kicked up a lot of hilarious drama in 2014 when she published an article on The Guardian describing her obsession, doxing, harassment, and then ACTUAL, REAL LIFE STALKING of a person who left a negative review for her novel, No One Else Can Have You. Why she would publish an article glibly confessing to such batshit fucking insane things is beyond me or anyone else, but it created an incredible shitstorm.

> https://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/oct/18/am-i-being-catfished-an-author-confronts-her-number-one-online-critic Her original essay, still preserved on The Guardian

> https://www.buzzfeed.com/jennaguillaume/this-is-what-happens-when-an-author-tracks-down-a-critic-irl Buzzfeed breakdown of the aftermath
> http://bookthingo.com.au/shenanigans-in-social-media-an-author-brags-about-stalking-a-reader/ A random blogger's take on the situation
> https://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/2014/10/the-choices-of-kathleen-hale/ Another hot take

No. 1008593


Personally I find the Goodreads Gang raging about her new book far more lolworthy than Kathleen Hale herself. I mean, at least she's honest.

No. 1567649

File: 1655814382869.jpg (271.32 KB, 1528x775, yVRHGWs.jpg)

Emily Giffin (author of Something Borrowed) is a massive royalfag and kennedyfag. She has just published a book that might as well be a fanfiction about JFK Jr and Carolyn

No. 1567653

File: 1655814587304.jpg (269.8 KB, 1522x775, jKgOjjR.jpg)

samefag, she contacted the photographer they hired for a secret wedding and got some pictures

No. 1567657

File: 1655814858294.jpg (74.24 KB, 481x844, I1I0dHg.jpg)

samefag her royalfagging, she used to engage in meghan vs kate stan wars but toned down after it got attention and she had to apologize

No. 1567659

File: 1655814910961.jpg (59.4 KB, 415x790, vF31tBT.jpg)

No. 1567855


Megan hatred is one of the most retarded things, and that's from someone browsing a board like this. They're literally complaining that the mother of the child is in the video with her child? Absolute derangement

No. 1840120

reviving this thread because an author decided to ruin her career by calling someone a bitch for giving her 4 stars on goodreads, KEK

No. 1840123

File: 1685776617134.jpg (54.87 KB, 449x665, uUffbDp.jpg)

samefagging, it's sad because she paid the publisher 10k

No. 1840128

File: 1685776946430.jpg (62.16 KB, 860x696, 1Hre4PO.jpg)

samefagging, she doxxed the reviewer

No. 1840286

Absolutely shocked a vanity press "author" would stalk & dox someone over some mild criticism
On the positive side since this is vanity press she had no real "career" to ruin

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