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No. 518260

A thread dedicated to the drama within and surrounding the Skeptic community including those involved with the circle
Included, but not limited to:

>Sargon of Akkad

>Kraut and Tea
>Armoured Skeptic
>The Amazing Atheist
>Vee & co.

Latest drama recap:

Sargon of Akkad gets repeatedly triggered over being the father of his "wife's son."
Starts his own movement naming members "Liberalists." Calls people "niggers" and "faggots" on livestream.

Kraut and Tea hosts a dox party, inviting friends and "academics" to join under the guise of trying to undermine arguments created by the Alt Right. Yet it turned out to be a doxxing community to target people Kraut opposes.
Kraut and Sargon have a good ol' chat regarding Kraut's motives which Kraut streams live to his lackies.
Sargon records the call because he didn't even trust Kraut.
Kraut and "Calling All Academics" Tea abandons ship after it was apparent his facade had worn out.
Kraut and Tea continues to hate French YouTuber Jean/JFG and is sorry his people didn't "gas the French"

Vee's history surfaces and is discovered to enjoy a vore fetish and bases his DeviantArt name on a Digimon character.
Also took multiple images of his mother with black men for some "mysterious" reason wink wink
Vee gets triggered and uploads a new channel intro opening with a Roman salute

Armoured Skeptic continues to jack off to internet camgirls while engaged, and resumes life fantasizing about his own Skeptic+ movement named "The Four Horsemen" movement behind closed doors


No. 518267

Thank fucking God

No. 518271

>Kraut and Tea drama recapped from YouTube

He enlisted as many "Academics" as possible and complained about JFG uploading 3 hour videos debunking him and having to dissect it all
Uploads a number of videos that are factually inaccurate and gets called out for it by his viewers and those more knowledgeable on the various subjects
Doxes Rage After Storm and runs her off of the internet
Created a Discord server with the aim to dox everyone he dislikes and jumps ship once found out

No. 518285

File: 1519955728679.gif (2 MB, 486x365, 4810698a2ed85bab7411707885883b…)

And yet mouthy buddha also got caught for being a naughty boy kek

Ty for this op, heres some more info
>mister metokur calls out sargon for doxxing CRP, sargon denies this
>sargon goes into full meltdown, does the now infamous "im a human being!!!!" chant at the alt right, demands an apology from them via vee. After being pointed out hes using tactics he, in the past lombasted sjw's for, sargon goes on lockdown
>agreed to a second debate with spencer, but misteriously andy get barred by youtube, leaving people to think this is sargons doing
>some speculate its destinys as he and andy have a rocky past
>these debates dubbed "internet blood sports" have been huge on boards like pol and 8chan cow
>recently vee discovers the threads on cow, does the worst thing any cow can do and engages with them trying to get them to stop
>this spurs them to troll him further
>from this entertaining shitshow come many, many glorious memes

No. 518293

File: 1519956595732.jpg (134.29 KB, 1024x576, C6M0KzKU0AAG5Xx.jpg)

What's even more hilarious is that Sargon and his ex skeptic buddies managed to get that autist Andy Warski to host Richard Spencer on his own channel after he found out how the skeptic community were fucking around with him for their own amusement and as a means to an end
He streams much more commonly now and opened up to more political topics and all thanks to Sargon and his pals acting like SJWs
Karma is a bitch

No. 518308

Ok OP i'm just gonna add this bit that comes before your list of events
>user called rageafterstorm makes a video on race realism
>this triggers a youtuber called someblackguy whos angry he now stands no chance with his waifu so calls his friends to try and debunk her video
>kraut and tea is one of them, gets rageafterstorm fired from her gig writing for an online twitter
>this is where the drama starts, as kraut and tea comes back to give a non apology "apology" about getting the "nazi bitch queen" fired from her job, says it doesnt count because shes not being paid
>this is where kraut and tea gets the likes of jeff holiday and others to come together-but rather than talking about "race realism" arguments they proceed to doxx a load of kilroy attendees (some "free speech" event)
>someone leaks this, suddenly the liberal crowd start pointing fingers
>mouthy buddha goes quiet, hes implicated first (though cant remember the charges)
>then jeff now dubbed "doxx holiday"
>thunderf00t makes a vid defending himself
>meanwhile is mainly the alt right not sjws that are laughing at this mess
>kraut and tea deletes, hes called out for using the tactics he accused sjws of doing
>has such a knock on effect andy changes the format of his videos and channel
>things proceed as OP set out

Like there is a lot to this story and I side with no one everyone involved is a hypocritical cow and to borrow a phrase >>518293 has put karma is a bitch!

No. 518333


There was a SJW premise to start the Kilroy event as well
Hosts that were invited were only as such to get information out of those very specific hosts (mainly YouTubers) while also the form they had to sign made claim to more information and rights to a number those attendees' creations iirc

The entire convention was a scam and everyone backed out once ex Vice creator uploaded his stance followed by others causing a domino effect

No. 518336

TY for the info anon! Its funny they accused others of shit they they themselves do, projection I imagine kek.


No. 518337

Interesting seeing this on lolcow now, I've followed Metokur for a while and like listening to him talk about these idiots

No. 518340

People got excited at the idea hes making a vid on sargon (a man who literally seems to want to suck his dick) and releasing it in the next few days.

No. 518343

Oh boy I can't wait to see this

No. 518346

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, i’m so exited!!

No. 518349

it was mainly to get information from the alt right speakers and skeptics to a lesser extent. funny that

and i simply cannot wait for Metokur to make that video he plans because Sargon has been on a power trip acting like he's a moral superiority because "muh liberalists"
there's no shadow of a doubt he wants to be supreme Fuhrer of a liberal collective which he strictly opposed the thought of at first (collectivism that is as individualism was his entire shtick)
and before all this and the Kekistani thing which he managed to destroy as well because (despite what he thinks) he can't organize things properly

No. 518368


I've been trying to get more details about it not sure if its 1 vid or more-because given sargon theres a lot of milk.

I think the step father may implode when it gets released!

Yeah-the fact he tried to make a new name for his following is cringy. Never liked him but he really put me off when he defended that guy from the young turks (Cynk?) calling underage girls sluts and drooling over them. I feel sorry for his daughter (and his wife, apparenly just like skeptic he also faps to trannies).

No. 518369

File: 1519962234649.png (717.88 KB, 1024x1029, 1469565208115.png)

Can we post cringy fan art? They're hilarious.

Poor Jotaro :c

No. 518371

File: 1519962406821.jpg (177.05 KB, 780x1024, vee and daddy sargon.jpg)

Can we also post memes? (I agree poor Jotaro!)

Apparently he lost a lost of support in the past 3 months so this may be the end of the fanart (thankfully)

No. 518882

File: 1520019082180.jpg (185.18 KB, 978x822, franchesca.JPG)

let us not forget that Armoured Skeptic along with at least 'one other anti-feminist' was offered MTV money by Franchesca over at MTV Decoded

No. 518883

File: 1520019153526.jpg (32.56 KB, 720x366, 1515801945891.jpg)


it would sure be hoped that some meme posting is acceptable, especially after Sargon and Richard debated together

No. 519337

In all fairness, Andy is a snake in the bushes as well because we all know he'd have taken up the MTV offer essentially if it wasn't leaked
He already shifted opinion when he said it was a business mistake having a woman as CEO so his opinion shifted somehow somewhere or hid that for a while now

No. 525547

Meanwhile, Antifa rush a random debate held at King's College in London with Sargon of Cuckad and ended up making it the Telegraph newspaper
This'll be one hell of a power trip for him keeping that flag
The Telegraph labelling him as an "alt-right sympathiser" however will get in under his skin


No. 525567

Do any of those people have jobs?

No. 525670

Iirc Thunderf00t works at a university and Jeff Holiday is/was going to school for some STEM field thing, but that's all I know of. Unless you count peddling their merch and patreons.
It was brought up in the sh0e thread that her and septic tank come from well off families, so I wonder how many in the skeptic community also come from wealth.

No. 526119

Most, if not all, skeptics come from wealthy backgrounds and some live in good areas (that are most well known at the very least)
Now it appears most simply make and use YouTube/Patreon bucks currently

Thunderf00t also did scientific work in a research lab but I don't know if it was voluntary or not

No. 532231

This is a stupid assertion. A business cannot release confidential communocations or information about people they contract with, especially individuals.
Unless everyone involved in kilroy is willing to risk huge fines and potential jail time, tim pool and anon are both ignorant about how businesses operate and their obligations.
If you're going to make accusations, at least make sure those accusations will hold up under scrutiny.

No. 535528

You have no way of knowing the financial situation for "most, if not all" skeptics, or any group of people online.
Having met many of them at vidcon, wealth is not something most of them seem to be very familiar with. Aside from a couple of Canucks, most of the time I was around them they were in a shitty dive bar, a cheap mexican restaurant or a very iffy ihop.
These are not people who are familiar with wealth or even financial stability as a constant.
lol that 'skeptic'= well-to-do.

Crazee Hair, dat you?

No. 535553

>they were in a shitty dive bar, a cheap mexican restaurant or a very iffy ihop.

that's just how Anaheim is

No. 535579

I'm not into skeptics but I really enjoyed thunderf00ts debunk and science videos on various crowndfunded projects and other stuff. I even showed my dad.

But hot damn I watched a couple minutes of a few of his socjus and feminism related videos and he is SUCH a blathering sperg in those it was off putting, especially when compared to his logical and composed nature in his debunk videos.

No. 535598

Neither am I but this recent drama seems to be causing a ripple effect across quite a few youtube channels. After the count dankula issue (tbh i dont know if hes a skeptic but he seems to be covered by them) everyone is chiming in.


No. 535601

It's actually quite astounding considering he has a tattoo of the communist symbol and getting labelled a nazi

No. 540322

I am LOLing at the conspiracy autism here!
Tim Pool is a fucking moronic, balding, never-has-been with a camera who thinks he understands the secrets of the universe, but doesn't know shit.
Metokur is pushing it with people who know his personal deets and is probably going to end up either doxed himself or exposed for being the altright faptard that he is.
His videos have been total shit. His kilroy videos were total shit. He couldn't even keep people straight and kept conflating based mama with haram deseret because he's too fucking lazy to stop jerking it to the altright to put in any research. He took ALL of her quotes out of context, admitted it and didn't care.
I can't pretend like I won't be here with my own popcorn when his dox gets dropped. Just for the lulz, I hope Sargon does it.

No. 540341

I hate a lot of metokur's new stuff. It used to be that he fully introduced his topics and while humor is subjective I enjoyed his videos up until the end of last year. Now, if you're not involved with bloodsports and the current edrama, you'll have no idea what's going on, and he's become much more long winded and boring. Even if you didn't know much about the topics before, he explained them before ripping into them so you had a picture of the situation. Now it's more direct response videos.

No. 540455

His new videos have been lazy hack jobs. He's always delaying their release and when they finally come down, they're garbage.
I was subscribed to Based after the start of Joytardation 2017, so I already knew his video about her and kilroy was mostly bullshit.
Metokur has pushed back his video on Kurt Eichenwald again, but it doesn't matter because no one gives a shit about Kurt "OMG! Guns are so loud and scary!" Eichenwald anymore. Unless Jimbo finds video evidence of Eichenwald banging a tranny, who's banging a passed out Mrs. Eischenwald, idgaf. That cow is non-fat dry soy milk product, it's so old.
Metokur should be doing an IA on the downfall of Andy Warski, but he enjoys being the blood god of the kumite and IBS too much.

No. 540473

I'm actually quite keen to see his video on Kurt, since FBI was allegedly involved.

I agree he's too much into IBS these days. I can't stand Warski and their forced memes.

No. 540476

is it very frustrating to have an extremely high IQ?

No. 540723

What are you talking about?

No. 545818

Well then, don't you have egg on your face now.

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