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File: 1521363412985.jpg (113.19 KB, 777x437, pfannkuchengesicht.jpg)

No. 531545

Can we have a thread about girls / women with reborn babies?

"A reborn doll is a manufactured skin doll that has been transformed by an artist to resemble a human infant with as much realism as possible."

these women act like these dolls are real babies - even buying a shitload of stuff (eg clothes and toys) for them.

a few examples:

what do you think about them? do you think they are creepy or is it harmless roleplay?

a gem for the german speaking anons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMkCa1ICKg0

No. 531548

File: 1521364041824.jpg (543.56 KB, 1248x2220, 15213639531961767981248.jpg)

This is a good thread idea
I don't know much about this community but I implore everyone to check out this Facebook page its absolutely surreal.

No. 531565

Link? Also your icon is showing

No. 531566

fuck, i’m so excited for this thread I have been confusion watching these freaks for months !

No. 531567

sage for samefagging, This has to be a joke..

No. 531568

File: 1521366922247.jpg (535.96 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20180318-025115.jpg)

I scanned over the page a bit. Does this woman actually have people who want to do meet and greets/live Skype sessions with her and her doll? I can't imagine that exchange would be anything other than uncomfortably awkward.

Ntayrt, but here's the link:

No. 531570

as odd as this is, a lot of these women have the hyper realistic dolls because they've had miscarriages/ emotionally unresolved abortions. this isn't as milky as it is sad

No. 531579

lars and the real girl irl?

No. 531580


Fckn SAME. This is like Christmas for me.
Thank-you, thread Gods.

No. 531586


In the YouTube community specifically, there are a lot of women that I’ve seen who expressly disclose that they have never had miscarriages/lost children.

Initially I thought it was an entirely “coping-based” community, but there are some… absolute loons.

Video related, sorta: people buying these creepy AF things for their kids. Why. They’re so expensive and why does a child need a realistic baby doll?

No. 531593

do one of you know any guys that do that or are they just women?

No. 531626


No. 531630

Here's a woman with couple of channels. This is her silicone baby channel (video embedded), she's also got a silicone baby pug.

They're part of the scummy "vandwelling community", rolling around in an RV with all her dolls as well as three adopted kids who don't get any real schooling and are probably there to bring in the money she can spend on more dolls, their RV channel is FULLtinyHOUSE.

Then there's another channel where the kids' job is to play with dolls and toys for views, that's called NoMad Kids and Toys.

No. 531631

I’m obsessed with these freaks. I especially love the women who buy them the most expensive strollers and pacis and bottles and whatever. They look like blinged out chav dolls.

There was a great doc on channel 4, I think, where a grandmother was having one made of her grandson. Who was alive. Her husband didn’t get it either, and her daughter just seemed like she was over it with a side of what the fuck.

The best part was at the end, where the granny was showing the reborn to her grandson via Skype and rambling about how she’d always have him as a baby and seconds before the cut, you hear the kid telling her that she’s crazy. It was brilliant. They let the kid say what everyone was thinking. Super funny.

No. 531633

Some titties on that baby Shrek, wew.

No. 531636

I sort of find that more understandable than some of these people. It's still weird, but getting a replica grandson seems like a strange sentimental thing. Like she took a baby book too far.

Unless she just went completely nuts and raised the silicone baby instead of her own grandson.

No. 531638

I remember discovering these people when trying to search things related to Hitman Reborn anime lol.

I'm sure there are very normal women who want reborn dolls for emotional reasons but, there is definitely a creepy community of them as well.

Also, this is kinda fucked but, the idea of reborn dolls being so realistic looking can be really bad if you think that ANYONE can buy one. That includes possible pedos. I'm sorry but, that fact really grosses me out because you just know that is happening somewhere.

No. 531655

It is creepy but i'd rather they get their hands on a doll then a real child.

Same goes for the obviously mentally ill women that buy these to scratch that itch of wanting to have a child to care for.
Better they keep themselves happy and satisfied with dolls that they cannot harm then trap a sucker into knocking them up and them having a real child to care for

No. 531659

These fantasy ones look kinda cool in a ''Unique fan merchandise'' kind of way.

No. 531704

This is such a stereotype. A lot of reborn doll collectors and artists just enjoy the aesthetics of a realistic newborn doll. Same as with BJDs or Barbie dolls.

Then you've got the women who have issues, but I believe they are a minority in the community.

No. 531906

File: 1521403605588.jpeg (177.03 KB, 750x905, F5EE89D0-2502-40AC-A0E3-2F08D6…)

No. 531910

holy shit

No. 531915

going to post some…interesting shit i’ve found in that twitter thread

No. 531917

File: 1521404284696.jpeg (212.63 KB, 543x912, 24CEE5F1-7D38-4205-9FE6-7FEBF3…)

the fuck

we gotta find their communities holy shit

No. 531926

No. 531928

File: 1521404737027.png (189.43 KB, 1172x700, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 4.24…)

what is this bitch smoking?

No. 531929

File: 1521404893098.jpeg (103.23 KB, 576x1024, D8041210-332B-4C4C-8C9D-28E073…)

this year’s NYE. you can’t make this shit up, folks

No. 531952

File: 1521406505831.jpg (31.68 KB, 640x426, reborn_1.jpg.jpg)

Once a month this woman has a stall on the local market where she sells these Reborns. I can't spend too much time looking because it's like looking at dead babies and clucky women talking to them like they're real. Now this thread exists I'm going to start chatting to some of the customers from ~the reborn community~ I'll try to get details of where they hang out and what's missing from their lives. I'll pretend I'm interested and take pictures of these things. Hope I can make a valuable contribution in the near future.

No. 531956

Thank you for your service o7

No. 531965

File: 1521407747870.jpg (152.84 KB, 1402x749, fassy.jpg)

Is that a reborn with…FAS?

No. 531976

File: 1521408400457.png (560.54 KB, 688x1204, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 21.2…)

A BNF in the Larry conspiracy theorist group went out of her way to buy a doll to support the theory that Louis Tomlinson from 1D's newborn son was actually a reborn doll. The website and IG are gone now but she'd write mpreg fic and roleplay as Louis and Harry with IG posts and everything.

No. 531989

i’m at a loss for words. what is this. i had to re-read three times to make sense out of this nonsense. celebrity stanning and realdoll lunacy are two crazy things that shouldn’t ever collude.

thank you, anon! looking forward to your contributions.

No. 531997

I just saw a couple days ago a lady carrying around a doll as it was a real baby, I’ve never seen something like this in my city. Made me curious to wonder about what it’s like, why does this happen. I’ve seen a short doc about it but it’s not the same as a more in depth thread. Thanks anons.

I’ll be looking forward too anon! This is quite an interesting subject.

No. 531999

2016 was really peak batshit insanity for the larries, there were fans driving to get irl copies of the baby's birth certificate and genuine belief that this conspiracy extended to federal government levels. The fan who made Sailor is notorious for running charity drives in the 1D guys' names that are scams and is a 50 something year old woman too which is just sad more than milky.

No. 532021

Ugh this is what annoys me most about the reborn community. They have no real time frame of how children actually develop. An infant that young wouldn't be talking. If you're going to buy all this shit for a doll to make it seem like a real baby, then personify it like a real baby too.

No. 532087

Damn I thought I'd never see Amy Flanagan mentioned here lmao she's a nutcase. If anyone is interested in the shit she pulled in 2016 here's a good summary: https://failedlarrypredictions.tumblr.com/post/139889240807/i-hope-youre-following-the-mess-right-now-with

She also plays with barbie dolls dressed like harry and louis, runs several websites to scam her deluded followers out of their money, and believes louis/harry donated thousands of dollars to her charities, including sending her a gift basket. If anyone is curious on what erotomania looks like Amy is a prime example.

No. 532245

This thread got me thinking about a VICE documentary about reborns from a bit ago. Just thought it might be worth sharing.

No. 532326

Where can i find more

No. 532530

Holy shit I'm in TEARS

No. 532543

Shit that doll going down the slide and plopping into the water made me crack up for some reason

No. 532547

Saw this a while ago. This was super fucking weird.

No. 532565

So did she just record a random child? I just….

No. 532569

yeah I’m really confused about the audio, i skimmed around and it seems like spencer is the only one that “talks” could it be some app or something? In another video she asks Spencer to show her “pretty outfit” and the doll says “this is my pretty outfit”

No. 532572

Judging from the thumbnail I thought the child was drunk or something. Wtf. And the audio of the crying sounds like a much younger infant than the three years old the doll looks.

No. 532580

File: 1521444288225.jpg (30.03 KB, 356x376, 1412774916109.jpg)

>mfw i just came across these videos a couple of weeks ago

I'm so glad this thread was made

No. 532581

No. 532634

File: 1521452001869.jpeg (884.81 KB, 1189x1151, 9842C3D6-B649-47E4-B3B7-0BA416…)

mfw watching this at 3:30 am

No. 532676

Don't forget our favorite horrorcow's doll "Lorelei"

No. 532677

No. 532686

File: 1521461762991.jpg (308.15 KB, 1280x960, 819b269b-ebdf-4088-ba56-428d77…)

I am… so confusingly upset by this.

A quick trip down tumblr showed that a sizeable portion of this crazy fandom seem to be into horror dolls. And I just. I can't even fucking comprehend. I was under the impression that those dolls where made originally for SIDS or for late miscariage. Fuck a friend offered to buy me one after a miscariage. Why. Why foes anyone look at this shit and think "a yes an horrifying dead baby, just what missed from my home"

No. 532687

File: 1521462053226.jpg (29.84 KB, 500x366, tumblr_inline_p0lzuxuzjh1u04km…)

No. 532688

I'm thinking she got stock audio and wrote a script around it

No. 532694

It's just a subgenre of doll collecting, like my grandma collected baby and child porcelain dolls, I don't see much difference (besides the weirdos)

No. 532728

File: 1521468496452.jpg (22.22 KB, 309x309, 2bbefe0e11fac09ab966e2c08b558a…)

holy shit we fall further down the drain every day. all of us.

No. 532834

File: 1521479851881.jpg (222.88 KB, 1080x1200, same af.jpg)

I can't deal with this. I'm losing my mind.

No. 532851

She uses a app of her own voice.

No. 532868

I thought Crazy Tami (Onision’s mom) had proper reborn vampire too, but I might’ve been thinking of this.

No. 532986

>A mum-of-five who can't have more children has spent thousands turning her house into a nursery for 50 fake babies. Maternal Alice Winstone, 39, feeds, changes, washes, sleeps with and clothes her jumbo brood which has even forced her husband to move out. Alice, who suffers from a life-threatening anaemic condition, can't work but spends 24/7 caring for her fake family.

Now this is pure insanity.

No. 532992

this person needs help wtf.

No. 533076

I really am sympathetic to people who find this kind of doll comforting if they can't have kids or had a miscarriage. Someone I know has a not-wildly-expensive version that her daughter plays with, she said it actually helped her grieve and holding the little soft weighted doll made me feel better about a miscarriage I had suffered. But to have your live revolve around it, and to own 50 of them, without working and driving away your husband? There are so many other options she could take that deal with her grief that aren't ridiculous like this. Buy one doll and use it to help alongside therapy. Consider adoption, if you're spending this much on plastic children surely that's a reasonable suggestion.

No. 533100

Reborn pregnancies are a thing. This woman runs a "clinic" service that includes pregnancy tests and scans.

No. 533103

she already had 5 kids but can't have more she's clearly crazy and neglecting her family, anon. and having a fake baby like this just makes it worse not better.

No. 533104

My Fake Baby documentary

No. 533112

Bless this thread. I'm going down this rabbit hole tonight..

No. 533113

File: 1521500935237.jpg (5.99 KB, 180x200, 1506582826718.jpg)

the women who buy these need Jesus.

No. 533117

File: 1521500961046.jpg (55.28 KB, 634x396, 34F84F7A00000578-3627069-image…)

Woman who collects ultra-realistic 'reborn' dolls reveals that she wears a fake bump to mimic pregnancy as she waits for each $500 replica baby to arrive in the post

Kathryn Barnes has built up a collection of ten realistic reborn dolls including twins with Down Syndrome [pic related]

She would mock up baby bumps and sonograms and share them online

However, after a torrent of abuse she decided to delete her Instagram account


No. 533137

No, why the fuck would you want someone this insane to adopt REAL kids? I'm glad these loons have plastic dolls to play with because real kids don't need to suffer by their hands.

No. 533140

Where did we go wrong in society that women like this exist?? it's so damn creepy.

No. 533144

damn, why didn’t I thought of this before? profiting from absolute loons, easy money

No. 533193

The worst part of this entire video was that it was supposedly requested…

No. 533195

she HAS kids, who apparently she doesn't take care of.

you and me both anon, it's my damn conscience.

No. 533204

File: 1521505345109.png (385.81 KB, 732x434, Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-20 um 0…)

OML the woman in the OP has been my personal lolcow for a couple months now. Here she is crying because she once again sold one of her dolls so she can get a different one https://youtu.be/V_ymagHjNhw?t=12m14s

No. 533241

>She would mock up baby bumps and sonograms and share them online

imagine being this unhinged

No. 533321

File: 1521511027018.jpeg (888.03 KB, 750x857, B5C8012A-500C-4B23-BD3A-384FB8…)

Would you say that the fantasy dolls are more of an artistic thing then the human dolls? Not my cup of tea at all but the women that do these make more thematic photoshoots/videos around these rather than dressing then up & treating them like real babies it seems

No. 533357

Is that supposed to be a baby Satan? Seems like an edgelord thing to want to own but as I guess as long as you aren’t pretending it’s real it’s marginally less creepy.

If they did the whole fake sonogram thing and pretended to give birth to Satan? Yeah. Absolute loon.

No. 533590

last seen in a pile on the floor with the other plushies

No. 533593

she looks like she's from good farming stock

No. 533622


The video has hundreds of comments from people saying they hope Spencer feels better.

Sabrina, her "mother", works in daycare and is now genuinely pregnant.

No. 533626

This poor dog! The lady keeps screaming at her and shoving her away.

No. 533629

Oh my god. She has an adorable puppy, and shrieks at it for that ugly fucking doll. Christ this is hard to watch.

No. 533632

What an asshole, this moron is neglecting her cute ass puppy

No. 533634

do you have any links to her social media? I tried looking it up but her name seems pretty common

this. it was fucking disturbing. the two guys said it ruined their friendship. imagine being that pathetic that you obsess to that level over people. disgusting.

No. 533637


Fuck, I wanna slap her. If you didn't want your dog to "bother" you while filming, why not put it in another room while filming??

No. 533638

I like these ones, alien babies are fine. I never liked even normal baby dolls as a child because they are anatomically correct and I didn't/don't want that shit in a doll.

I've seen a woman near me pushing a standard child's baby doll around in a pram.

No. 533682

> can't work but spends 24/7 caring for her fake family.

Your tax pounds at work, England.

No. 533799

I completely agree with you both, I was tired and sick af when I wrote my comic and kind of went off on a tangent. I mean people who have one of these dolls and spend a bit too much time on it, should seek a healthier outlet so that maybe they can go on to adopt instead of beating themselves down over not being able to have kids. The normal people who get a bit attached to one reborn doll. I didn't mean it response to that loon. I absolutely agree that anyone unhinged and mentally gone to that level should not have kids. I wonder what the woman in that video was like as a parent to her actual children. Imagine seeing your mother become this.

No. 540807

Totes okay with it. Some women never get over losing a child, whether they be a young age or older - or perhaps stillborn.

No. 540816

I know that one

I think that granny was having envy over her own daughter having a baby, in addition to the fact her grandson wasn't close to her and thus couldn't visit often (I felt like she was one of those crazies who would fight for custody from the actual parents if she could)

No. 540825

don’t namefag, newfag. Nobody here is special.

No. 546450

I've had this creepy video stuck in my head for days. I wonder if she actually filmed it in the middle of the night.

No. 546462

This bitch is unbelievably weird. She's also pregnant with a real child.

No. 953543

how long until someone starts to make rape videos with those dolls…(necro)

No. 953555

Sage, summerfag.

No. 953645

we are Three Days into april

No. 953671


is autum here in south america. also

i need videos of people fucking those toddler dolls! lol

No. 953685

S-someone call the cops

No. 953691


someone call your mom. thin skinned cucks don't belong on internet(ban evasion)

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