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File: 1446649692197.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, kbmrFWhG.jpg)

No. 54084

No. 54085

She's fat and it's hard to stomach her personality. She's always doing videos with Shane Dawson, isn't she?

No. 54086

Recently she made video related talking about how her boyfriend of 2 years had been cheating on her. A lot of her fans couldn't tell if it was trolling or not since she has seemingly had various boyfriends over the past 2 years who were not him.

No. 54087

Yeah, she and Shane are bffs.

No. 54089

No. 54091

She used to talk about how her mom was kind of abusive and now she buys her mom a new car/other expensive thing every few months. Sometimes it seems like her mom is using her for her fame and money.

Some comments:

>It really breaks my heart how much your own mother mooches off of you. The greed is written all over her face. I wish you would be able to have the chance to have a mother who will hang out with you without expecting expensive gifts and trips to high price retail stores

>I didn't really have doubts about her mom until I saw the video where trish said that her mom hated her when she was a teen and punished her because she wasn't getting enough child support from her ex husband (Trisha's dad). Now she just seems super sketchy to me.

No. 54094

Is she part black? Looks weird over all.

No. 54095

Meh, I think she is a huge troll and she don't really know how to get out of that persona, she is rather uninteresting.

No. 54101

I like her videos with Shane and Drew. She needs to lose weight. I don't think she is as rich as she claims. She leases everything

No. 54103

i love the way she's like "when i go out people still find me attractive although i'm fat", but it's only because she's bloody plastered in makeup, like she actually looks like a swine in the videos that she's not wearing it

No. 54105

real tired of all the sex videos she makes like say something new ffs

No. 54108

No. 54126

God I love this bitch, what a great marketer. She has people spreading her videos everywhere and gets everyone talking about her so easily.

No. 54127

People can't deal with a successful fat girl.

No. 54161

She's the epitome of America basically.

I like her even though I find her dumb af and cringey. She's good for background noise and makes me feel better about myself kek

No. 54176

ok tumblr

No. 54178

She is like the human version of Miss Piggy. What is she even 'famous' for?

No. 54203

That's actually why I love her

No. 54273

Nah, I don't think it's tumblr at all. I think a lot of people really can't deal with the fact that she's fat and in your face about how fat she is and how much she eats and doesn't give a fuck about it. I don't even think she would be as popular as she is if she weren't a fat girl.

No. 54278

yeah I actually have to admit I hate seeing fat people do well (if they are like trish, if they are like charity workers or something idc)

I just think they are gross and glutenous idk

No. 54309

gawd I used to love her haul videos they were almost pornographic; girl's got a shopping addiction but she hides it now.

No. 54321


Though I am sure they are also full of gluten.

No. 54335

She doesn't really hide it. She had a whole bedroom stuffed full of things in her old apartment and she admitted she had a ton of stuff in storage. I couldn't deal with having that much stuff.

No. 54339

I dislike her too but I like listening to her videos as i workout haha. We feel the exact same way, it seems.

No. 54350

ya but lately it's just been target shit; I miss the bingefest thousand bucks makeup hauls and shoes and purses or whatever.

I hate shopping and spending that much on 'haha I saw it and had to have this fukken $80 palette lol oh and this shirt, whatever' would PAIN me so I used to get this vicarious thrill watching her unload whatever she just felt like picking up at sephora.

No. 54354

File: 1446685749003.gif (2.33 MB, 280x182, d60.gif)

what I mean to say is I agree about having that much shit, but watching her compulsive spending turns me on a little.

No. 54377

Wow her apartment is too tacky, but I kind of love it.

No. 54378

Have you seen queen of Versailles?
I feel like that will be her life one day

No. 54381

Did she get lip injections? Her Kylie lips makes her face look fatter.

No. 54453

File: 1446706418800.jpg (132.7 KB, 526x563, 103374_6170_ful_01.jpg)

lol @ Trisha sending her fishie army to harass Roger Bart

No. 54463

They're cute, she shared where she went because they use numbing cream and she thought it'd be helpful

No. 55376

I actually really like her. And no I don't know why..

No. 55586

Listen to her podcast with Shane Dawson. She fully admits she just makes things up and is a troll.


25 mins onwards is the most specific part about trolling.

No. 55671

Ugh her lips frustrate me to no end. Looking at her old videos with Shane and Drew she looked so cute and different with her thin lips. Now she just looks like every blonde in LA.

No. 55674

She's def mostly a troll but I think the whole crying at 1am about being fat shit is real. She seems pretty miserable about her weight no matter how much she tries to "own" it. She shops the shit out of her IG pics and YT thumbnails and you really only get the full impression of how fat she is when she shows up in fan pics or doesn't have that fish eye camera lense.

Also her hair is fucking gross and she needs to give it a rest. Her mom is def a wretched person who only loves her as far as her money goes.

Otherwise I think she's hilarious and I love how up in arms people get over the ridiculous shit she says that's obviously not serious. I think she's a lot less "genuine" now than she used to be, and I think it's because she's not as comfortable with herself since she's like 70lbs heavier, but she's still pretty funny.

No. 56355

File: 1447152626075.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-10-06-47-56…)

Those lips are looking bad…

No. 56356

File: 1447152757175.png (1.78 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-10-03-22-09-53…)

No. 56613

File: 1447212089199.png (136.1 KB, 400x321, tumblr_nldiy4FMX21ril8gmo1_400…)

No. 56752

File: 1447257373792.gif (210.2 KB, 280x199, 1446962009091.gif)

No. 57056

File: 1447331199315.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

Nightmare fuel!!

No. 57057

>her apartment walls are littered with photos of herself

I could never be this fucking narcissistic, especially if I looked like that. Wow.

No. 57060

Well, this video is amazing inspiration for me to go through all my shit and get rid of EVERYTHING I don't use. Holycrap. Hoarders are fucking scary.

No. 57073

Yeah. Idk why her first thought was "I should get a house so I can expand my hoard" instead of "I have too much dumb shit and my two bedroom apartment is overflowing, I should get rid of some things."

No. 57236

No. 57304


No. 58476

You made my night, anon

No. 58640

That's what kills me. She lived in a beautiful two bedroom apartment on the BEACHFRONT and she wasn't happy because it was too small for all junk? It's crazy. She clearly has a hoarding issue.

No. 58644

Wow. Just fucking wow. Fatlogic or something, because being thin must automatically make someone either ana or 'SKINNY GENETICS'
I know trish is trying to be funny, but that's just damn annoying. A woman cant just eat right and work out. Nope. There's no inbetween. You're either ana or a whale.

No. 59193

>making out with my mom

No. 59696

File: 1447653210197.jpg (18.31 KB, 284x353, image.jpg)

No. 59701


No. 59748

Didn't she just declutter her flat like several months ago…? Oh well, that reasoning behind the new flat really tells how bad it's gotten. She buys so much stuff that isn't necessarily like pretty or fashionable (or whatever the proper adjective would be cba brain) or resellable either.

Yeah, american. Not in a bad way necessarily either, though she isn't something to aspire to be either.

All the junk and the shopping addiction and her being miserable about her weight or her fried short hair makes me feel sorry for her.

No. 59770

What even is this?

No. 60174

No. 60234

i find trish very entertaining to watch. when i first stumbled upon her my first reaction was "she must be mentally ill", but she is, and very open about it.

No. 60240

she reminds me of anna nicole. her attitude seems a bit tongue in cheek. her fowardness is refreshing, tbh. most YT girls are kinda boring – basic makeup gurus, xDDD gaemrrr girls, and the occasional weeb. she gives me a real early 2000's celeb wreck kind of vibe, which i don't necessarily mean in a bad way (I mean, look at how Nicole Richie turned out. I'd say quite well.)

No. 60244

>she reminds me of anna nicole.
Her idol is Anna Nicole. She'd be thrilled to hear that.

No. 60314

>looking up to Anna Nicole Smith
Wtf is wrong with people?

No. 63563

I just discovered that she was on Americas got talent.

No. 63671

omg thats the worst thing I've ever heard. She looks awful and her extensions are so obvious

No. 76314

>I'm a computer programmer

She was also on My Strange Addiction much like our fav Venus. I think for a while she was trying to get famous this way.

No. 76319

Who was said boyfriend though? I know she dated some famous old guy who she consistently name drops, can't remember anymore

No. 76320

Bart Baker

No. 76322

Really? I'm surprised Bart would go out with a fat girl.he didn't seem like the type

No. 76324

lol, it was Roger Bart, not Bart Baker.

No. 76327

I don't understand why Trisha has such a large viewer base, and it baffles me even more that kids watch her, all Trisha does is acts like a bratty retard and literally promotes a slut life style with her vids about sugar daddies, stripper makeup tutorials, etc.

No. 76382

i think a part of her popularity is exactly cause of all the things you said - she's outrageous and dumb, so it's interesting to watch her. i check her videos out sometimes, i don't share her preferences on anything, it's more like watching a monkey in a zoo or a tard have a public meltdown. can't keep ur eyes away from the trainwreck

No. 76387

why did I say bart baker, what the fuck.
mad at myself lmao

No. 76393

She was in eminem's we made you video before too

No. 76396

File: 1451471387285.gif (486.11 KB, 500x200, tumblr_nsghbnGkAp1ube23qo5_500…)

Gonna be honest:
I like her, shes like that one stupid girl in your friend circle that just can't help herself sometimes but is still kinda cute

No. 77333

No. 77349

Does trisha have waardenburg syndrome?

No. 77354

Nah dude, 50 bucks on Snoozy Disorder aka FAS

No. 77366

Can we talk about the whole West Coast Customs drama?

No. 77374

No. She has no symptoms of deafness and her hair is naturally dark as well as her skin not naturally being really that pale. she's white, but definitely not waardenberg. her eyes are far apart but not too wide and her nose looks normal. the only indication is her eye color but it's not really transparent enough imo.

No. 77377

she didn't deserve what happened, it's shitty of a company to treat her like that. i don't think she'd lie, she's not the lying type

No. 77386

This. I hate how people armchair diagnose every moderately ugly/weird looking person

No. 77391

She is though. She lies all the time she even said so in Shanes podcast. But regardless of that some things appear to be a bit shady. How come she never sued? In the statement WCC released they said she changed what she wanted a few times. I honestly don't know what to believe in this case.

Still shitty what they did with the whole electrical thing and expecting her to drive it out in that condition.

No. 77519

That's why I asked and I didn't assume. Why are you so offended?

No. 77524

It's stupid to even ask. Please stop trying to show off your Wikipedia skills.

No. 77526

You don't sound intelligent, you just sound really offended and it's embarrassing.

No. 77558

Wait- is she really kissing her own mother?!

No. 77561

I used to respect Ellen.

No. 77653

lol, so what?

No. 77654

oh fuck didnt see the making out part, sorry anon

No. 77841

It's okay, anon. I'm trying to wrap my head around it, but it's just making me nauseous

No. 77848

File: 1451977457938.gif (74.32 KB, 375x500, 1429210862646.gif)

>tfw you really, really don't want to be a chubby chaser but then you see this bitch

No. 85302

File: 1453682291852.jpg (49.43 KB, 600x600, CZcs3pqUsAAtbiz.jpg)

No. 85417

Well here it is

No. 85419

she's like a fucking whale with tits

No. 85422

No. 85425


I think I threw up in my mouth a little

No. 85615

He's fucking hot tho. Her real boyfriend or nah?

No. 85636

Easy lay and she probably pays for everything

No. 85639

Real dating. It seems superficial though. All they seem to do is get drunk and have sex. However, her dancing has improved a lot (since he's a dancer/one of the back up dancers she hired from her music videos), and I feel like she's far more ambitious. I would not be surprised if she was more emotionally invested in him, than he was, and she comes with a video in about 1-4 months saying that they broke up.

I think from her time line, he's a rebound. I'm hoping, for her well being that the relationship is good.

No. 85640

Sorry for double posting. This wasn't mentioned in the thread before, but I think it's still significant.

She put up a video almost 2 weeks ago talking about how she can't have children any more. Unprotected sex, chlamydia, mangled reproductive system.

No. 85664

I feel a little bad for her.. Poor trasha..

No. 85699

Actions have consequences, especially degenerate actions.

No. 87096

lol. such an attention whore. she makes a video IN ALL CAPS TO GRAB UR ATTN about literally every aspect of her life

No. 87527

I don't think they are really dating at all.

I've heard she's dating the guy she lost her virginnity to, some guy from Full House or something. People saw a photo on his insta where he's at her new year's party.

This guy is gay, Perez Hilton supposedly did an article on him in the past.

So… she goes arround rubbing her boobs and butt againts this guy while dating another… and she did the same when she was dating Roger Bart yet she wonders why no man would take her seriously

No. 87589

Playground has come out, and it's pretty cringeworthy.

No. 87590

Sorry for double posting
this video really makes me suspicious about how genuine the relationship is.

No. 87598

File: 1454185338206.png (346.91 KB, 534x551, Screenshot_2016-01-30-15-20-44…)

What makes her extremities so thick?

No. 87601

File: 1454185629709.png (405.72 KB, 473x828, Screenshot_2016-01-30-15-25-44…)

No. 87602

It's called overeating and sitting around doing nothing. she's obese.

No. 87604

He seems…gay

I haven't watched the second video, just the music one and that was only for a few seconds, but I saw it and I instantly read "oh he's gay"

No. 87605

But.. I mean.. they're so pump and stubby and I swear that isn't natural? Something about her thyroid…?

No. 87606

This is the same guy, right? This was posted on Dec 21st, 2015 btw.

No. 87609

File: 1454187079307.gif (1.66 MB, 480x270, 2qncind.gif)

Still my favourite gif of her

No. 87617

lmao what video is this from?

No. 87631

Looks like the same guy.
Sorry, I don't watch too many of her videos. I'll watch the haul stuff, or if a title catches my attention (but not the super attention whore ones) then I'll watch those.

I normally don't watch any of the videos with guys in them, because she dated bart baker (right?) for two years, but I know in that two year span she would post joke videos of her with guys and joke how they were her boyfriend of the time and be like "the secrets out it's him!! jk it's not" and I got tired of that.

This guy doesn't seem straight to me, I feel like he's using her for what little fame she has, because he has none and needs to climb the ladder in baby steps.

No. 87766

>bart baker
once again, no. roger bart. >>54453

No. 87767

i love trish lol. she is unabashedly herself… shamelessly does what she needs to to make sure she makes the dollar yet also somehow reads as genuine. she's a fuckup for sure, but we all are, and i kind of respect her using her fuckups to her advantage.

that being said, as much as i want to believe this shawn guy is the real deal, my gaydar is ringing like crazy. they are probably in on it together for the views. the new song is kind of catchy actually, albeit a little tasteless but what really do you expect lol.

No. 87778

LMAO bruh I am the same person who said it earlier in the thread, too
I'm done

No. 87782



I think you're not the only one getting gay vibes off him, I looked at the comments and a lot of people are saying he seems gay or just not really into Trish. I think so too, though. Something off about him and Trish.

No. 87808

File: 1454237002079.png (1.55 MB, 1602x674, Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.4…)

I think they're both using each other for popularity. Living the Ken and Barbie fantasy.

She had Sean dressed up in a pink jumper, white tights and pink eye make up. I can't imagine anything more gay.

Merry Trishmas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gep5i7mADTk

I think she comes off as real because she's living the materialistic dream.

No. 87823

i fkn love trish

No. 87833

Trish is my guilty pleasure

No. 108647

Guys, her and sean "broke up"

No. 108652

File: 1458544190719.jpg (50.4 KB, 1200x749, stay safe chan jr.jpg)

I'm gonna light a candle for her Dollar Tree Channing Tatum.

No. 108662

Not that bad.

No. 108665

God the break up video is so fake. There's plenty of evidence of that but I can not deny I am all over this drama, I hope she goes seriously off the deep end this time. Her relantionship was fake as fuck and I hope Shane won't show up to her side to soothe her 'poor broken soul'.

I predict emotional eating mukangs and her being totally alright within 2 days. She probably will sleep with some ancient 'celebrity' from the 80ies and do drunk videos about her about to fuck and they never show up.

No. 113429

No. 113434

Yeah right the last video

No. 113479

Did anyone see that pitiful 'K-fed' Sean call out video?

The worst/best part is that this is her really, really trying. She has never had to work and she thinks she has all this potential but she isn't even mediocre, she's just plain bad at everything she does.

No. 113503

she actually told snapchat she slept with her ex on the weekend… and we should guess which one it is. I don't think she'll be over shane that fast

No. 113515

>emotional eating mukangs
I love those so much tbh.

No. 113559

This video is so sad though. A lot of people go through shit like that. Even though I'm not a fan of her bug I actually do think that her being so open with her emotional issues will help other people going through the same.

No. 113562

What exactly happened?

No. 115781

I personally think Shane just tolerates her, and it's more than obvious that Drew hates her guts and only collabs with her for the extra views.

No. 115784

I think Shane likes her because he can use her energy for his stereotypical gay-voiced persona, but I don't get the vibe that Drew likes anyone at all

It's weird seeing a youtuber so visibly depressed, he's a natural comedian in that sense

Even if Trish is dumb af, she's still a great marketer and it's easy to see she's playing a character on her channel if you don't have aspergers

No. 116112

I actually fucking love Trish. She's so fake, but at least she's upfront about it and doesn't claim to be anything she's not or vice versa. I like her honesty on things, it's refreshing.

Faking a relationship with a gay guy was kind of a dumb move, though.

No. 117655

Is she making feeder fetish vids now? She had a "fast food haul" video a couple days ago and it was just her trying not to eat her lipstick and making all these sexual noises. I was so uncomfortable and didn't watch more than a few minutes.

No. 117667

Trish loves the Trump and no one is surprised.

No. 117668

Trish will make murica great again.
God bless.

No. 117701

If Trish made a "Paris for president" style video it'd be #living

No. 119284

Wow Trisha just went on snapchat and said that things have just come to a head with her internet stalker and she's going to hire security + take a break from the internet for a while. She snapped a short clip of this video of who I assume the guy is, maybe its interesting. It was too autistic for me to watch, I kept zoning out.

His twitter: https://twitter.com/DcSensai
(Extra points for gamergate)

No. 119335


I'm trying Anon, i'm really trying. It's hard to get past all the mouth breathing though.

He seems a little out of touch about his behavior, i can tell you that much.

something tells me he doesn't have a lot of close friends.

No. 119339


samefag but i have no idea what this drama is about, sorry in advance.

does he know her irl?

if not, yeah. his behavior is out of hand. reminds me of the kind of people who convince themselves they are in love with their idols (and that the love is returned).
check out 11:18-12:00 to see what i mean.

No. 119349


13:18 and up is fucking terrifying, if he's just a fan.

poor girl.

No. 119352

Honestly he's really fucking off, jfc run trisha

No. 119357


He's autistic.

I don't feel bad for her since when he used to review her books and buy her stuff, she'd comment positively on his videos and interacted with him a lot.

No. 119393

He's just an online fan

Money talks, autism walks

No. 125544

Its really interesting, this guy is friends with one of my friends and he comments on nearly everything she posts. Its all innocent stuff like you look pretty and the like, but he was getting attack by her other friends and she posted a very angry post defending him, she is very kind person tho. Sorry for the ramble but I didn't know he had multiple "interests".

No. 126292

she made a video saying she's addicted to prescription pain killers

No. 126743

In French "Paytass" or "Pétasse" means "slut/whore"…just kek

No. 127889

Addding Sean Drama videos

No. 127890

No. 127891

No. 134419

shes a stupid fat troll bitch who needs to stop bragging about her ass that looks like minched meat in a ziplock

No. 134460

unsubbed to her last night

started to piss me off

No. 134474

Wow. 27? She is acting like a 5 year old. Also she looks like a toad.

No. 134562

>claims to be curvy
>without waist trainer stomach bigger than her ass and tits combined

No. 134726

File: 1464333455815.gif (640.66 KB, 500x277, image.gif)

That's the case for the majority of fat girls out there claiming to be "curvy" when they're just lumps.

No. 135170

right? and then they're the ones who go tell actual curvy girls who happen to be thin also to eat a cheeseburger

No. 149371

i fucking hate fat bitches. just hateful as fuck, trying to co opt curvy status. fuck out of here.

No. 162640

Why isn't this thread more popular

No. 162642

Probably because she does things for the sake of shock factor for years and it's starting to become weary

For future reference: Don't bump a thread unless you have relevant information for discussion. If you want this thread to stay active contribute news or images and people will come

No. 211831

Is this real or just a stunt?

No. 211835


If you look at this girl named Yasminestradaaa on instagram she posted that she physically saw him come into a gay club with with a guy and they kissed/held hands etc. She's a lesbian and said she only danced with sean "because he was gay" and would've never done so if he was straight.

I actually believe it. Trish has always been adamant that he's not gay and yeah she cries all the time, but she actually seems truly distraught this time. I feel for her TBH

No. 211933

Ya this is fake as shit

It was fake from the get go. Trisha is such a bad actress

No. 212454

I don't think its fake because she posted like 6 videos on this shit, she should know that shit gets old with fans if she's not adding anything new (she wasn't). I feel like she's being overly dramatic though, she made a overly dramaic video when she thought that sean was cheating with the lesbian just cause they danced together, she needs to learn how to chill

No. 212461

i have trish on snapchat and she's crying on there as well, saying how shes broken and calling sean a snake. The crying looks real tbh but its hard to know because shes broken up with him before and got back together.

No. 212463

I feel like it's real, but the youtube videos she's posting keep conflicting with each other, like she changes her direction every 2 hours with this. Sean should run for the hills honestly she's gone off the deep end

No. 212467

You know if she's faking she's really stepped up her acting game, If not feel bad for her man.

No. 212473

Yeah if it was a stunt why would Sean willingly be involved making himself look bad? I always thought he was just using Trish for the internet fame and that their relationship wasn't real.

No. 214266

She came out as gay right now. Shit's pretty hilarious.

No. 214272

She did or Sean did?

No. 214298

she did

No. 214318

I feel like she's done this before with a different break up. I think she's just hurt.

No. 214506

She's on uppers. Look at her eyes hahahahah

No. 214521

What's an upper? Drugs? Tbh she looks like she's been partying hard

No. 214528

Yeah, uppers are a type of drug, examples of uppers are cocaine, speed, meth, molly, crack, etc.

On the opposite end, downers are alcohol, benzos, opiates, etc.

No. 214544


she says she's had sex with both women & men this week - like she wasn't busy with her "breakdown". she nervously looks around everywhere. says there are "aspects" of lesbian sex she doesn't like, which just seems odd - you like vagina or don't trish. i mean, there are no set "aspects" to what lesbian sex is, really. she has made countless videos like "why i love dick", etc. about how much she loves fucking dudes while making no sign of being interested in girls ever till now that she's in trouble.

but now she's a lesbian, only two days after almost getting sued for outing his ex bf.

yeah, i'm not buying it for a second. i'm a lesbian and trish just strikes me as the bi-curious type that would never actually be in a serious relationship with a women.

No. 214545

she looks like she has down syndrome

No. 214547


i've read in other forums that she looks like she's on drugs too. can you tell me why is it that you think that? not trying to sound skeptical, cuz i've heard it elsewhere, just curious.

No. 214551

Honestly, I'm just a passing anon and don't follow this thread or know anything about Trisha.

However, I watched the video out of curiosity and it's hard to say if she's on drugs or if it's just manic or anxious behavior. Her eyes do seem dilated, and she does seem to be almost having a difficult time focusing them, her eyes are quickly shifting around the room, etc.

Also, she's tired, but talking very fast, rambling, can't stay focused. Uppers can keep you from sleeping and kind of speed things up? Though again, it could just be her acting manically, or being anxious.

No. 214556

So I follow Trisha for a long time. She is addicted to opiates which makes her eyes pinned. When she's on them it's obvious because her speech is slurred and sloppy.

However I don't think she's on that in this vid. I think she did a line of coke or snorted some ritalin cuz her eyes are moving super fast and she's talking quickly in a monotone voice because her mind is moving faster than she's able to talk normal.

It's these subtle things. She's tired and drinking water. That's also a sign of uppers cuz it makes you tired since they wear off fast and makes your mouth dry as fuck. She does this annoying thing with the side of her mouth like it's too dry.

No. 214562

She posted this video yesterday as well, which I think answers the question of whether or not she's on drugs.

"A chiggen nugget doesn't… feel social media's impact"

No. 214564

I don't follow Trisha and I don't know much about her, but I've watched her most recent videos and they seem like a cry for help. She needs to get off the Internet for a while. Immediately. You know when you watch/talk to someone and they give you such a bad feeling you think they're going to die soon and in a horrible way? Yeah…

No. 214565

PS. Not sure if she always seems like this though. She just seems to be extremely sad, anxious and high. Made me think she'd OD one of these days.

No. 214568

Yeah I think she's just sad from the drugs wearing off. Tired as hell too most likely. She probably didn't sleep at all and was on a bender the entire night. Most likely gonna binge and then feel a lot different lol. Just my guess tho

No. 214862

I've followed Trisha for years now. She pretty much follows the exact same formula every single time.

1) She breaks up with someone and has a complete online meltdown. She agrees with anything her fans have said about her ex, confirming that they were right and tells them they're her family and how much they mean to her blah blah.
2) As her meltdown continues, she mentions how lonely she is and how everyone just wants to use her and how she will be forever alone.
3) She meets a new guy and gets a sudden surge in confidence. She treats the fans she claimed were her family like complete shit during this stage. People who warn her that her new boyfriend is using her for fame/money, (in Sean's case) that he's gay or that he's cheating or even people who think the relationship is fake are told that they're not real fans but haters. She will go out of her way to make videos making fun of anyone critical of her relationship.
4) She becomes clingy and posessive over her boyfriend which drives them away. It might also have to do with the fact that she puts SO MUCH info about them online and has a camera in their face for every outing they go on.
5) the cycle continues

I do genuinely believe that she has some kind of mental illness (anxiety, paranoia, bi polar maybe) and I feel sorry for her in that aspect. It's hard seeing someone have a mental breakdown online every few weeks when you can relate. But at the same time, she treats her fans so fucking awfully and only really cares about them when she's bored between boyfriends. She emotionally depends on someone at all times and she doesn't care if it's a man, her fans or even the people she hires to do her hair and makeup (who she thinks are her friends…for some reason). It's hard to feel sorry for her when she's such a shit person who uses people herself.

I followed her originally because I thought her story was interesting as someone who moved to LA and became a stripper/escort and did so many shitty acting jobs. She came across a lot of interesting people, she's got every little girl's dream wardrobe/lifestyle and I used to like her old vlogs. She's the kind of personality that I love to hate. But her life is one big dramatic rollercoaster and she insists on putting every minute detail online, it's exhausting to watch now. Get a job, Trish. A real job.

No. 214910

She has bipolar.
Days of manic where she feels great and has so much energy and she can conquer the world.
That can last to a week or longer.
Then she has days of depression, crying, tearful, sad, can't sleep or eat.

It's bipolar. She has bipolar.

No. 214911

Can anyone fill me in on wtf is going on with her latest vids? They look like trash and comments on previous vids suggest she's doing all this in a bid to plead "insanity" if that Sean guy does sue her.

(imo she is pretty smart (allbeit needy looking) considering these "boo hoo" vids have garnered her 1mil+ views)

No. 214975

>she says she's had sex with both women & men this week - like she wasn't busy with her "breakdown".

Trish is a sex addicted trainwreck. I don't think she's physically capable of going more than a couple of days without fucking someone.

>says there are "aspects" of lesbian sex she doesn't like, which just seems odd - you like vagina or don't trish.

I bet she's talking about oral. It's slimy and doesn't necessarily taste/smell pleasant. There are tons of men that hate performing oral on women, and tons of women that hate performing oral on men or at least refuse swallow or refuse to let the guy cum in their mouth. Do you think all those men and women are secretly gay?

> i'm not buying it for a second.

I don't know, it sounded more like she's realizing that she gets along with women more than men, which she's idiotically interpreting as meaning she's a lesbian, because seriously, Trish does not have any idea what healthy sexuality looks like. She can't objectively examine her own preferences because her desperate need to fuck overrides them. Lock her and a dog in a room for a month, and she'd probably start proclaiming herself a zoophile.

sage for armchair psychologist

No. 214994

Please, it only took one look at those nails to know she's not a lesbian.

No. 215011

Guru Gossiper were thinking histrionic personality disorder

I think she's on a video uploading rampage because Sean's suing her and she needs the money. Last break down I kinda lost my respect for her, so this time it's pretty hilarious.

No. 215013

As a full on bi who dated men and women when I heard she was now lesbian I remembered her nails and I couldn't stop laughing. She better drop the fake lesbian persona or the nail art. Even the most femme lesbian won't have long nails.

No. 216072

File: 1482013407709.png (189.49 KB, 750x1128, IMG_7626.PNG)

I think she's on meth tbh apparently it's something she was addicted to in the past and with all her recent paranoia about Sean release of secrets about her…

No. 217900

Meth? At 240+lbs? I don't think so.

No. 217913

She has a binge eating disorder. It's entirely possible she goes on benders and then eats 5x the amount of calories lost

No. 219807

File: 1482393456732.png (491.6 KB, 853x478, Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 2.56…)

jesus, trish.

No. 219808

File: 1482393480832.png (402.23 KB, 855x477, Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 2.55…)

No. 219820

She needs to get off the Internet, ffs.
She needs some kind of treatment and exposing her life online is obviously just making shit worse.

No. 224805

File: 1483172554236.png (448.06 KB, 858x479, Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 3.22…)

Anyone see her new "i have a concussion right now" video she posted recently??? She was whispering the whole time (I could barely make out what she was saying) and she legitimately acted like she was on drugs the whole time.

It has 3k+ likes and 10k+ dislikes, lol. This bitch needs HELP.

No. 224819

she's such a fucking attention whore that fakes shit all the time that I'm legitimately not going to believe her until she ends up in a psych ward or dead.

No. 224838


why are people still falling for Trisha Paytas? she's not even getting good views anymore, this thing is tired. why would you believe a "super real breakdown" from someone who became famous out of trolling videos and fake storytimes about sleepig with celebrities…i mean. are you dense?

the guy he was dating (he mentions him in the vid) was a gay dancer who never actually dated her and has been outed many many many many times by gay ex bfs and friends. trisha knew he wasn't dating him, and that they were playing it up for the views. the "breakdown" was damage control after there was video footage of him in a gay bar. He's still ragging on about it since she has no creatity or talent to get views any other way than by drama. even in her "sean is suing me" vid she used very weird ways to describe their relationship as a social media thing, cuz they were again just playing it off and both knew it wasn't anything else and didn't want to get in legal trouble by saying they were actually dating.

so no, she doesn't need help. she's just doing what she does for living. thanks for the wasted five minutes, she's still faking everything.

No. 224840


she's doesn't get laid as much as she says in her youtube. she even admitted it to shane in a podcast, she has absolutely faked relationships and therefore lot of those "Kinky sex" vids. that slutty persona is again just a persona and she has said so.

>I don't know, it sounded more like she's realizing that she gets along with women more than men, which she's idiotically interpreting as meaning she's a lesbian, because seriously

so you just said i'm wrong for saying she's a dumb girl who is not a lesbian, and then began saying she's probably not actually a lesbian and that she is dumb… what for?

anyways, oral for lesbian women =/= oral for men but i'm not even going to bother with that fuck off

No. 224841


>long nails

>hinting that she doesn't like giving oral to women
>basically only interested in women for friendship

not a lesbian, now moving along

No. 224846

>long nails
What's wrong with this?

No. 224850


I never said I was "falling for Trisha," I just think this shit is entertaining, real or not. The most entertaining part is watching people slowly start to figure out she's legit trash and is doing a lot of this on purpose. And yes, I know about Sean. The whole "cheating "thing is when her breakdown videos started.

Although, her reaction (from my experience) seems to me like she's taking too much Xanax. This video in particular. I'm not jumping to the mental illness conclusion that many are (although I do think she has BPD), but I 100% think prescription drugs are involved.

No. 224854

Imagine getting penetrated by a sharp, pointy object

No. 224996

Holy shit. I remember this chick from Who Wants to be a Superhero? Like 10 years ago. She got rull fat and trampy looking.

No. 225000

I have long nails and I finger myself all the time. It's not as big a deal as people think.

No. 225036


She has long FAKE nails tho. They hurt more and gather bacteria under them no matter how clean you think you are

No. 225039

This. I had acrylics for about 2 weeks and was so triggered by how gross they were getting underneath that no amount of scrubbing with a brush seemed to cleanse. Makeup especially. I just couldn't take it.

I guess you could use toys exclusively but it seems weird/unnatural to never touch yourself or your gf (if you're a lesbian). Like at all.

No. 225041

it's 1300 times easier when in your own body that you can feel instead of plunging someone else's mysterious dark depths, trust

No. 225044

No. 225078

That video annoyed the shit out of me. She kept saying something about people outside of her door or something, acting like she was hiding from them and giggling.I couldn't watch the whole thing.

No. 226855

this gem was in my recommended today for some reason
was going to post it, but it's posted above.

No. 228732

She uploaded a long ass video with Shane Dawson. I can't stand Trisha, but whenever she collabs with Shane i watch because i find him very entertaining.

i'm halfway in, so far

>Shane admitted to dealing with bulimia

>Trisha admitted that she's very aware of whats going on in the drama channels and even was like "they fight with each other" (refering to sanders vs kuckian). she even mentioned a video from I'm Just Here For The Tea, who hardly gets any views. She obvs didn't name drop them but i recognized what she was talking about immediately.
>Shane seemed to think those drama channels are irrelevant as fuck which is true. Also why they don't namedrop anyone other than Sanders.
>They talk about how everything you see in vlogs is fake. Like, trisha even mentions how they would recreate funny moments/jokes that happened before just to get it on video.
>They don't collab anymore because they're close friends now and don't feel like it.
>Shane mentions Sean and says that the relationship was real and he got to see them together.
>Trisha says at some point that it would be insane to fake a relationship for an entire year. Which is true, yet she did just that.

No. 228763

I love videos with Shane and Trisha too. There are two possible situations, either she did fake her relationship (I'd tend to believe that) or she's so stupid that she didn't realise that Sean was gay this entire time. She's pretty adamant that the former is untrue but imo the latter is way, way worse.

Like I know she's thick but how can someone be that thick? It just can't be possible. It was a fake relationship and now Sean is pissed because his little cover-up failed. Just own up Trisha, there's nothing you can possibly say that's more crazy than what you've already said in vlogs.

No. 228771


>shane says all youtubers end up depressed because they can't be themselves on camera. that most youtubers are nothing like you'll see them in their channel, which is funny because he's bffs with trisha known to fake her shit. he also admits later that years ago he was super fake and even had a fake voice he put on in his videos.

>shane mocks youtubers making "2016 worst year ever!" when nothing bad even happened to them. 2015 was appereantly his most depressive year. i love him, he's a dick and when he collabs with trisha she doesn't edit it out.
>trisha says "Vine was so pathetic". tru
>trisha says she wanted to do reacting videos but she doesn't know how to edit said videos. (she doesn't how to put in the screen what she's reacting to)
>40mins trisha says that she's told the drama channels that basically theres no future in what they do because people don't watch them for their personality, just the drama ("you're not wendy williams […] they all think they're wendy williams"). she and kuckian are friends and have talked multiple times so she was probably talking about him.
>sanders tried becoming friends with her on twitter when she was going through her breakdown. suddenly, he blocked her and made a video "exposing her" out of nowhere.
>she refers to one time stepanka and sanders met her at a meet & greet and hanged out. doesn't say stepanka's name but she has talked about it. ("i'm not going to say her name, she's very hateful"). they have made videos saying trisha ignored them, but here trisha says that she just doesn't hang out with many people and certainly not with someone she met at a meet & greet out of nowhere ("they got pissed because i didn't want to hang out […] its scary […] 'well, you don't want to be my friend? well i'm gonna EXPOSE you!'").
>around the 47 minute they're still talking shit and theres a part where it cuts out and cuts back to trisha still talking about the subject, so i imagine they mentioned someone they shouldn't have and edited out.
>she made videos about quentin tarantino back in the day, put them on myspace. six months later she met quentin tarantino.
>she said something on twitter made her sad. they don't say what but shane hints that its soulcrushing when you have a falling out with someone and months later they unfollow you on twitter. so someone must have unfollowed her.
>says jokingly that we should check out her podcast with shane. in that podcast she said that her life on youtube is fake, so now whenever she does something drama channels use that old "receipt". so she's mocking it and saying she hopes it becomes shane's most watched podcast.

man, i love shane videos, he always makes people get messy. trisha has been really fake in her videos lately, so it was nice actually hearing her.

No. 228783


its sad that they don't collab anymore because trisha seems very comfortable around him and does't hold back. like in those videos with where they randomly mention onision i nearly died, because they would have never done that in a normal video of theirs.

not sure either honestly. i don't think shane would play along with a lie like that so i was shocked when they mentioned sean. it seems so weird to see that she still insists that the relationship was real, just say that you were friends playing it up for the camera. i mean, they talked about how youtubers are fake and that they exaggerate everything on that video, how can we believe anything that happened with Sean?

No. 228789

Does anyone ever miss Shane's old types of videos? he's a bit dull now

No. 228792

The costume challenge video killed me. I'd love to see more like that.

No. 228818

i know everyone hates shane or whatever but he's so real. i'm glad she made a long video with him because she's so much more open (although I still think the Sean thing was at least partially faked).

No. 228827

and by partially faked, I mean I think she thought it was real and then towards the end she realized he was gay/playing her for money and then manufactured the drama (I do think she is genuinely upset… but not to the point of these breakdown videos.)

No. 228950

File: 1483759942135.jpg (84.25 KB, 542x386, Superherogroup4_jpg.jpg)

Anon I watched that show and didn't even remember her. Good eye!

No. 228956

File: 1483760171144.jpg (111.21 KB, 800x600, MsLimeLite5_jpg.jpg)

Her superhero name was Ms. Limelight, she was eliminated in episode 3. It's season 2 of Who Wants To Be A Superhero.

Episode 2 quotes from a fan wiki:
>Ms. Limelight was unable to articulate her superhero's abilities to Lee during her interview with him, and Lee felt that a superhero needed to be better able to perform under pressure.
>[other superhero on show] spoke inappropriately to Ms. Limelight, stating that she was "putting on an act" (in his exit interview he clarified that he was only saying that her "ditzy" persona is more like one of "the roles we all play in life" rather than a deliberate deception, though at the time she and the other contestants — along with many viewers — took him to mean the latter).

No. 228960


she was talking about vegan drama

No. 228963

Can't tell if shanes get fat or its muscule.

No. 229176


she wasn't. she was talking about "drama channels". there are drama channels dedicated to beauty gurus that for some reason make lots of videos regarding trisha (sanders, kuckian, i'm just here for the tea, karina, peter monn, lux). and its clear she was talking about them cuz she said "drama channels", and later said that they try to be "like wendy williams". she has also talked multiple times with kuckian and sanders so yeah she would know that they're beefing.

i don't know where you get that "vegan drama" from, trisha is known for lurking her GG threads and every negative video regarding her, she wouldn't really keep up with vegan drama. And if she did she would refer to them as "vegans", not "drama channels". Also when she talked about drama channels she literally referenced her relationship with Sanders later and did an explicit description of a video from I'm Just Here For The Tea.

Not vegan drama.

No. 229222

Wow, so current Trish really is the heaviest she's ever been. She looked really cute here tbh

No. 229903

File: 1483897592753.png (507.59 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0596.PNG)

Kiss ass

No. 229912

Why does she do this? This girl needs friends

No. 235103

Another crying video. God, her lips look disgusting.
I get she got them done recently like a few days ago but fuck. They look like they're about to burst.

No. 235107

File: 1484498905677.jpg (140.73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I know its a cliche at this point and everyone comments on it but I swear to god this girl is so textbook bipolar. What she's describing sounds like textbook hypomania (saying she felt "gods presence" and all these weird religious delusions being a ~warrior of god~) and she claims she just came off of xanax and prozac which is like… the perfect combination to induce mania. She's at the age where it shows up. She's gonna ruin her life.

Even if it's all fake and an act, there's still something seriously wrong imo if you're going to such extents to fake something like that. I don't think her breakdown hallucination videos are real, like the vampire one she just posted, but ones like this… I think she's legit and it's kind of depressing.

sage for armchair diagnosis

No. 235109

Does she not have any family members that give a shit about her enough to help?

No. 239791

File: 1485368958986.png (892.22 KB, 1071x810, manly.png)

how is she even real she looks like a cartoon

also kek latest video implying she had a stroke/heart attack. guess all those "mook bahngz" are catching up to her

No. 242753

God she shows up in the most random shit, she popped up in an episode of Nathan For You too.
She was just there to distract a guy with her boobs.

No. 252752

Excuse you miss piggy is fabulous!

No. 252879

i'm becoming convinced it's one person going around the boards replying to year old posts just to bump them.

No. 258962

update from her cheating gay ex

tl;dw hes the victim

No. 259596

Lmao this is so fake, the fake crying made me giggle. They were perfect for each other.

No. 259623


both are uglies that want to be real famous so badly

No. 259642

Trish's response. I think I empathise with Trish with this one. He's bringing it up out of nowhere just to torment her and make money.

No. 259726

probably her most genuine video about this situation

No. 289639

File: 1491965472166.jpg (59.31 KB, 865x590, 76543678.jpg)

>tries to twerk
>is barely able to lift her fat ass up from the floor

No. 289791

I know right. Her sister is hot

No. 361978

Sorry to bump this thread up after so long, but according to this UK news site (albeit tabloid), Trish Patyas could be in the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother.


No. 361989

given how thirsty she used to be for any airtime on tv i wouldn't doubt this to be true at all…..honestly, i kind of hope it is ….shes my secret guilty pleasure

No. 362275

I hope it's true, she would honestly be fantastic in CBB, it'll be such a car crash.

No. 362503

That would be awesome. I would actually watch Big Brother for that. Of all shows, she would be great entertainment.

No. 363005

Trisha's been hinting on her channel that she's about announce something big soon… but she's been so depressed lately I'm not sure how great it's going to be.

No. 363096

what happened with the backlash when she was talking about black lives matter and saying how if you're afraid to get shot why not just move?

i know she says super stupid shit but ffs this takes the cake

No. 365040

No. 365045

No. 365048

No. 365075

I am so excited to see Trish on tv!!

No. 617491

its lit

No. 617501

Dude I always knew Jason was a fucking cunt piece of shit. He's like fucking 70 and so fat and disgusting himself, he dates someone who's fucking brand is being fat and then leaves them for being fat?

No. 617504

File: 1529626442818.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, A7240F8D-5A84-409A-B252-5DC300…)

Didn’t she get Lipo like a minute ago

No. 617516

can someone give a rundown on how/when their relationship started? i missed that saga and haven’t really been watching her because i found their relationship so weird and him so boring

No. 617523

>Jason: Oh yah we're both fat
>is confronted by trisha
>Jason: well you know what i mean, we're on the heavier side
>*proceeds to have a literal breakdown about a partner/loved one/family never having been 'upfront' with her like that and how any mentions of weight and food is a trigger despite her literal banking on eating/crying infront of a camera for the last year at the least.

I dont even care how much of a twat Jason is, Trisha is psychotic and creates issues where there are none while she latches onto any victimhood that excuses her binge eating and unstable behavior like the sobbing videos. Im honestly so tired of people like her on youtube and how everyone keeps collabing/entertaining her presence. Cunt needs her funds cut.

No. 617528

Jason Nash (the guy she dated) said on a vlog that he needed a girlfriend, and a girlfriend that also did youtube. Everyone commented on it suggesting Trisha. So Trisha and Jason made a "date" video that was clearly just messing around. Jason, with child support to pay and a dwindling Youtube career, realised that getting Trisha in the videos brought in a shit ton of views. So he would regularly invite her to hang out with his "vlog squad" and appear in the videos. Behind the scenes Trisha had legitimately approached Jason to ask if he would consider a relationship with her but he said no as "she was too crazy" (his own quote.) A few months later Jason agreed to be in a relationship with her, with the relationship consisting almost entirely of Trisha buying Jason luxury goods and holidays while he made constant insults and jokes at her expense to his vlog squad. They started dating about 6 months ago, maybe even longer

No. 617529

> He said it was justified because it was true and I talk shit about people behind their back all the time
>He ruined my mental health and destroyed me by insinuating I was fat, how dare he use the fact I'm a two faced liar and a fat fuck to justify saying we're both fat

So as always she can dish it out but she can't take it and the moment the truth comes to the surface she's the poor little victim again. It's tired as fuck Trish, you do this every time and no one has pity for you. Just stop inflicting yourself on other people and learn to be a better person for once.

No. 617531

He admitted himself he knew how crazy she is. Jason was her sugar baby and knew what he was getting himself into.

No. 617532

Saw this video a bit ago on the 14th and knew this was going to happen. I figured that when they moved in, shit would hit the fan for real between those two.

No. 617534

She also has songs about being fat and 'owned' it for a while, yet has a massive breakdown because someone literally said what she says about herself. I know everyone always screams BPD but fuck she has some kind of histrionic or borderline personality shit going on.

No. 617550

that’s a fucking crazy way to start a relationship jeez. he looks so much older than he actually is i assumed all his kids were adults already

thank you for the summary

No. 617554

I really wish she wouldn’t do this. She is fat. It’s not a bad thing. It’s something that’s objectively true. She has so much money, I always figured the reason she didn’t spend it all on personal trainers or weight loss surgery (besides the lipo she had) was because her ~voluptuous~ body was part of her brand. She’s the mukbang queen and makes her living eating fast food. No one expects her to look like a supermodel, so why not own it? Jason should have apologized because that’s what you do when you hurt someone’s feelings, but like…? She’s asking him to deny reality. It just seems so arbitrary. There’s no reason for her to make herself THAT miserable.

No. 617573

It got worsr the more I listened in, she turns comments like eating healthier to physically feel better, combines it with a self aware joke that she took as a personal attack and spins it off to all men wanting skinnier women while admitting she has deep seated insecurities. She has a skewed perspective on everything and can't fully commit to accepting that she needs to change so she cries, babbles about her insecurities while juxaposting all her interactions with jason to fit her wounded lamb narrative.
>I never thought i was fat, like I know im overweight but i thought i looked good
She keeps saying delusional shit like this that directly goes against her whole youtube background of fat NOT being synonymous with unnattrative including her musical carreer. (but never forget early days trish in her bikini grabbing at her muffintop with pride)
If anything she has always been a cow that keeps on giving these past recent years and a big part i personally feel is the amount of enabling and support she has gotten from social media/content creators like shane. She herself basically admits nobody holds her responsible or confronts her about these mental health issues that clearly affect her physical life from plastic surgery to weight loss/gain. I wish she would just go bankrupt.

No. 617580

I don't know if you haven't watched a lot of Jason's videos or something but it is extremely clear that Jason (and his friends) were constant in referring to how fat Trisha is. It is extremely obvious that Jason was using Trisha for her money more than anything, so obviously any comments he made about her weight would hit a lot deeper than someone who knew their partner genuinely loved them. Again, Jason KNEW and said HIMSELF before dating her that she was fucking batshit but he actively chose to date her for the money and views. He's no angel in this and he's lucky he's got off the Trish Train as easily as he has

No. 617593

"I know I'm fat but I'm not THAT fat" is the common litany of a fatty in denial. Even though she always made references and songs to being fat and even got lipo, it was obvious that she never thought she looked that bad.

While I feel bad that that nasty old man took advantage of her insecurity and money, she needed a wake up call.

No. 617600

Jesus I' so glad this is being discussed here because even me that freaking love Trisha can't believe she lost her shit TO THIS EXTENT about someone calling her (and himself) fat and I can't believe most of her comments in the video are people defending her and calling the guy all kinds of names. I honestly don't give a damn about the guy I didn't knew him but calling her fat without even trying to be mean shouldn't be made into such a big deal. Anyone who knows or follows Trish and isn't 15 can tell how crazy she is but this time I was really surprised to see the level of insanity and denial she's reached.

No. 617601

I've never known where she got her money. Can someone inform?

No. 617623

youtube? also when i worked at a sex shop she was on a lot of the plus size clothes covers that displayed how the outfit would look on someone irl, so im guessing that and some small porn work until youtube paid the bills like now.

No. 617624


Go to 9:15 mark

TLDR: Her dad is rich and gave her some money for investment.

No. 617632

Ive never understood why people think Jason is this good sweet well-intentioned person. He fucked Trisha a few times then got involved with another girl who isn't into social media very shortly after. 28:00 minute mark is when she talks about this.

No. 617635

Her primary source of income now is her patreon. ~3 years ago it was YouTube. For a short time it was a combination of YouTube and her dad, then before that it was stripping and escorting.

No. 617645

Exactly, it's really not that deep. I think it's just to boost her views.

No. 617652

Doesnt she have a "we are in love" tour with jason? coming up? She peddles so much fake crap, is this oddly petty surprise breakup all for publicity? orrr whats she going to do about that "tour".

No. 617661

She said she's giving people's money back. I HOPE this is a publicity stunt because if it's not WTF?

No. 617687

File: 1529637187452.jpg (16.53 KB, 480x360, 1527762981054.jpg)

Why is this making me laugh?

No. 617694

I honestly just wanna give her a hug.

No. 617709

I'm split on this one. On one hand, Trish is definitely overweight and it isn't healthy. A good portion of her career is from being fat and mukbangs. On the other hand, if your partner says you hurt their feelings, you shouldn't brush it off.

I think Trish is actually a good person, despite being a total cow. I wish she didn't make videos when she was so overly emotional – but it's kinda her brand.

No. 617728

I watched the video and as someone struggling with body image, hearing any type of comment about my body is detrimental. I can see where she is coming from. It wouldn't surprise me if she has a mental illness since her emotions are extremely exaggerated and she can't maintain friendships, plus binge eating isn't normal at all.

I hope they stay broken up because all the videos with him were just so boring.

No. 617777

I totally agree. Trisha is literally just fucking batshit crazy, but Jason is a sleazy old man who took advantage of that to rinse her for money and views. He was CLEARLY trying to get his sugar mama to change for him so he'd feel better about marrying her. He's a piece of shit.

No. 617819

in my opinion, she is faaaake. She used to at lest seem real, but ever since working with sammy dress and zaful and all of those brand deals with companies that screw over her fan base, i don't believe a word she says. If someone advised her that a breakup with Jason would be good for her image or provide her any monetary benefit, she would prob do it.

Not to mention her whole channel is entirely mukbangs, and she is surprised she is gaining weight? WTF? I,can not feel pity for someone who chooses to endulge in whatever gives them the smallest amount of momentary pleasure and cry about being a victim of those choices rather than making a positive change. She has a lot of people looking up to her and she promotes very unhealthy lifestyle choices. This is a show. She is acting. Making a lot of money off it all, too. I mean, nobody could be THIS delusional. If by some small chance she is really this bad off and her family isn't stepping in, then she needs to take initiative and get herself into a psychiatrists office.

No. 617946

I entirely agree with this comment. I think it must have been teetering in that direction, like all the jokes must have been wearing down on her self esteem. Mix that with a depressive phase and that's what you get.

No. 617988

Thank you

No. 617995

does trish have bdp? serious question

No. 618030

She sure has something

No. 618280

No. 618362

I meant bpd. she's def at least histrionic

No. 618385

I agree, but that something may just be her being 30 years old and never going to therapy, never addressing or trying to fix her issues, and living her life surrounded by enablers that reinforce that it's okay to have catastrophic meltdowns over nothing every other week. She makes her living off of what is essentially tantrums (not to say she isn't suffering, because it's clear she is) and everyone around her just lets her. Does anyone around her actually say, "this is unacceptable; you cannot act this way."

I really believe that a year in CBT learning constructive coping mechanisms could lead her to a place where she can actually be genuinely happy instead of constantly miserable. Her talking about insecurities instilled in her in middle school, is just like… Girl. You should have dealt with this a long time ago.

Sage for longpost, I just genuinely really like her and I wish she would try to get better for her own sake.

No. 618409

File: 1529699015524.png (173.15 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3391.PNG)

No. 618410

File: 1529699026969.png (325.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3392.PNG)

No. 618411

File: 1529699039713.png (340.99 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3393.PNG)

No. 618412

File: 1529699051694.png (322.26 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3394.PNG)

No. 618414

File: 1529699063582.png (318.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3395.PNG)

No. 618415

File: 1529699074227.png (324.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3396.PNG)

No. 618416

File: 1529699086174.png (310.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3397.PNG)

No. 618445

More to come

No. 618447


I love this crazy bitch

No. 618452

also, I don't feel bad for Trisha. Jason wasn't her first sugar baby, they BOTH knew what it was. He's a sleazeball, but at least he gave enough of a shit to tell her she needs to stop doing 10,000 calorie mukbangs and shoving her fat hole with carbs.

No. 618456

Kelsie: Trisha needs therapy, she's a mess.
Trisha: I DON'T LIE, OMG! here's 20 tweets sperging the fuck out about a fat joke. ALSO, I DON'T LIE!


No. 618463

I feel bad for her because I've been in a similar situation in the past, and it does really hurt to have your boyfriend call you fat, repulsive, etc when your self esteem is fragile. No one who cares about you should joke how fat you are, say that you would be hotter if you were smaller, etc. There are definitely more tactful ways to tell someone you're concerned about their weight/health.

BUT she's in total denial to go on this sort of meltdown over a fat joke. It's one thing to have a little cry in private, another film yourself bawling in the kitchen for the 50th time. He was cruel to her, but in the end, he's right. She needs to emotionally disconnect herself from her food and her weight, see it objectively, and help herself.

No. 618501

File: 1529705705230.png (66.9 KB, 582x538, 2018-06-23 08_14_09-Trisha Pay…)

For her sake I do hope she loses the weight and keeps it off, but I feel like it's more to "show Jason," not because she really feels like she needs to lose weight. Super emotional decisions tend not to stick.

No. 618584

Yeah, honestly I can see how he might be bothered watching her literally killing herself with obesity and heart-disease, as most people's partners would. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but it's about more than just appearances, it's health too. Especially that one thing he said about turning 30, it didn't sound like a dig at her. Lots of people do have to change their diets as they get older and they're more susceptible to weight-related illnesses.

I could understand this level of delusion if she was just chubby, but she's literally obese. Then again, I haven't watched any of the videos with this guy so I dunno if he was actually treating her poorly.

No. 618597

I'm so confused by this whole breakdown. Didn't she literally make videos talking about being fat and being ok with it? And her song "fat chicks" is about being fat? Even if she wasn't truly happy with it, REALLY she says that nobody ever called her fat to her face and that is what set her off? It makes no sense. I think the whole thing is made up, I think they both want views and this is how they're doing it. They're acting.

No. 618598

We all know she ruined it. She just had a stupid breakdown over a comment THAT IS TRUE! ans she knows is true and has never ever affected her before and now she's doubling down. He doesn't judge her eating he just doesn't want to eat with her because he also feels insecure about his own weight and she's not capable of understand him.

No. 618605

"Im most upset that this ended the best relationship Ive had. even if we never talk again;that comment will stay with me the rest of my life. and it's not fair to him or me to be together cause it will never go away. the hurt that one "joke" put on me is something I'll always have"

TRISH!!! you just say it! you ruined it! Oh my… she prob just created all this drama so she can go and fuck zane.

No. 618618


Honestly she was treating him worse, if you watch their Videos. Flirting with all of the guys he lives with, waltzing around with her tits out. Talking shit about his ex wife and kids, and making fun of him for his age.

She also wanted to keep him far and gross like her so… Yeah.

No. 618631

Yeah! In the polygraph video she just lied about wanting to fuck everyone! and she's always calling him gay, changed his hair color and was constantly being over dramatic about everything! even about wanting to save money or spending time for his kids. Im glad they're done.

No. 618633

and she's like im not sending hate to jason, i will not talk shit about jason but retweets people that are saying mean things about him? come on.

No. 618639

I wonder if Trisha even makes money from Youtube anymore, I can't imagine many of her videos are monetized these days.

No. 618655

honestly from Jason's video, assuming he was telling the truth, he didn't sound that bad. he didn't have much tact when it came to telling her to eat less (the whole "you'd look hotter as a size smaller" comment was super sleezy) but I do think it came from a caring place. he's right that the older you get, the worse your metabolism gets; he's right that her eating habits are unhealthy, because eating thousands of calories worth of fast food is bad. she is visibly unhealthy, not just her weight but her skin looks so sallow and awful even under the fake tan.

this definitely wasn't the hill to die on if she really thought this was her best relationship.

No. 618662

I feel like he speaks from his own insecurities too. He just said on the new v card video with Josh, that he was overweight when he was younger. He's being insecure about his weight forever, he said it on his response! That it was a mistake to put that responsibility on trish. I believe him, he is worried about her, she eats really bad and solves everything with liposuction and that's not healthy. She knows too! she is just… not ready to embrace it and start working on herself.

No. 618672

Actually picture your partner telling you "you'd look better a size smaller." He didn't say "you'd be healthier" he said you'd LOOK better. I personally could never something like that to my partner. For him to say something like to his partner who he KNOWS has problems with weight and food, especially after dating her for as long as he did he would have known how damaging a comment like that would have been. If he was dating Eugenia Cooney people would have his head for saying "you'd look better if you were a size bigger"

No. 618690

yeah, that's the one thing that really throws his whole narrative off. he says over and over that he thinks she is genuinely beautiful the way she is in his response but trisha caught him on camera saying she'd look better smaller. maybe it was something said out of frustration (because the whole situation was already stupid with Trisha throwing a hissy fit about refusing to eat in front of him) but…it is a pretty awful thing to say, even in the heat of the moment.

who knows, they're definitely better off apart and hopefully don't get back together.

No. 618691

Fantastic video about the situation. I have no idea how any of you think Jason is right in this situation. It is does NOT make it okay for Jason to call Trisha fat because he calls himself fat. He knows Trisha has a lot more issues surrounding it than him.

No. 618692

The fact she caught him on camera saying she'd look better smaller when he denies he said that makes me question every single thing he said in the video. Also compare how upset Trisha looked in her video than Jason. Jason was just doing damage control and didn't seem to really give a shit about the relationship ending. God he's so fucking gross

No. 618695

and there's 211225 videos of Trish calling him old and gay¿?
I feel like the entire situation is hypocritical and childish.

No. 618701

Childish for sure. Yes it’s rude as fuck and you’d be upset, but this reaction is extreme. She has major deep rooted problems that show in every one of her breakdown videos and she’s only getting worse. She ignores her problems and pretends them away and finds new guys to fuck and mask the pain with “love” when deep down she has no love for herself. Yes it would suck to be called fat especially if you were already struggling, but to react like this just shows she needs major mental help.

Their relationship was doomed from the start, the woman doesn’t know how to be single and she practically begged him to date her, and she didn’t take the red flags of him clearly not caring from the beginning.

I get feeling sad for her, but this extreme reaction happens all the time with everything with her and it’s getting old. You can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to help herself, and she doesn’t want to help herself.

No. 618748


she calls herself fat all the time and has a music video called "fat chicks".I don't understand how anyone thinks she has the right to be mad at him when she's sending all of these mixed signals.

Like, okay… Being called fat is your trigger. Why are you calling yourself fat, advertising yourself as plus sized, showing off your body fat and always referencing your weight. It makes as much sense as the Tumblr whores who claim to be CSA survivors yet pander to DD/LG pervs.

It'd be totally different if she was actively trying to lose weight outside of lipo. A woman who has more than one 10,000 calorie mukbang challenges on her channel has no right to bawl about someone calling her fat.

No. 618754

He doesn't have the same issues surrounding being old and gay that Trisha does her weight. He (and his vlog squad) insulted Trisha constantly for lots of things and she clearly didn't care. She has specifically said not to make fat jokes.

He didn't just call her fat. He publicly insulted her. Anyone who watched 5 minutes of Trisha's videos would know she has huge issues. In his own apology HE does not even say "well she calls herself fat!" meaning no matter what, he KNEW it was most likely going to upset her. Trisha has SPECIFICALLY told Jason several times not to make fat jokes. Ignoring everything else, he stepped a boundary with her that she specifically asked him not to cross. Also, you said yourself, she does 10k calorie mukbangs, She clearly has food addiction. If someone had an alcohol problem would it be okay for their partner to, in front of other people too, make jokes about them being a drunk?

No. 618761

Well if you say it like that… if you want to help an alcoholic he has to accept that is an alcoholic and you have to actively help him to get off drinking. She's fat, she feels sick all the time, she wants to lose weight and has a food addiction, so his bf tries to help her, tries to convince her to work out, and change her diet but he's the bad guy, sure.

No. 618765

What was the fat joke, anyways? Her video was so incoherent that all I took away was that they were doing a reality show and he said they were "the ugly couple".

No. 618774

The producer said something about WAITing, and Jason made a dumb joke and said overWEIGHT? and she had a breakdown. Now she's using it to justify her breakdown. There's also a video that trish took out of context saying that she could look hotter if she lose a size when he said it to motivate her cause she was talking extremes! she was saying that she would stop eating.

No. 618843

While she would benefit from directed therapy as you say, she admits her screaming fits and tantrums go back to being a small child. I personally think she has something neurological going one in combination with all the mental health stuff.

I don't know why she doesn't reach out to Dr Phil or whoever. I doubt she will resolve it if let on her own or in private, she seems to lack the skills or the inclination.

No. 618887

Doubt it, she makes the most from her website and Patreon.

No. 618999

He literally made no attempt to help her, he just negged her. If he wanted to help her he'd lead by example (he's fucking fat himself) You don't "help" an alcoholic by grabbing the booze out fo their hand and calling them a drunk. You help by helping them fix the cause of the problem.

He said "overweight like me and Trisha?"


She literally fucking specifically asked Jason to stop making fat jokes and he kept going. He literally over stepped her boundary. If you don't understand how fucked that is you've never been in a relationship before.

No. 619000

anon isn’t whiteknighting, they made valid points. you just echoed like 3 other posts ITT instead. most people can agree that all the other drama notwithstanding, it would definitely feel really shitty to have your partner make a joke about something you’ve told him you’re sensitive about.

>she has videos calling herself fat!!

it’s almost like people’s confidence isn’t completely static. everyone knows trish is nuts, do you really expect her self image to remain consistent?

No. 619002

Anon you sound like you’re taking this really personally.
Jason made a bad joke, Trisha blew up and is spiraling rather than handling it like a mature adult would who had their feelings hurt.

Take a break from this thread cause you’re just gonna tire yourself out trying to WK on a thread dedicated to talking shit

No. 619003

I am not coming at this from an angle of white knighting Trisha. I'm coming at it from the angle that Jason is a piece of shit dude, like so many other piece of shit dudes, that is getting away with negging. He'll do the same shit to his next girl too. The fact you call it a "bad joke" and not "months of mocking an issue his romantic partner had and continuing to do so multiple times after she specifically asked him to stop" is disturbing.

No. 619004

I get this argument but the fact that he just got mad instead of apologizing is the thing

I would break up with my bf too if he called me fat because like Trisha said, that would never go away. To someone without major self esteem issues it seems stupid but to someone who thinks about their appearance and weight constantly it is important, regardless of if she is public about calling herself fat and eating on camera. She said herself he was right. She obviously knows. But knowing that was how he thought of her too ruined it

No. 619006

If were gonna stick to 'Jason knew she was crAzy and just kept making nasty comments!!' Then Trisha should KNOW by now that hes another dudes shes keeping around with her money, she literally repeats the same mistakes over & over and its fucking retarded and each time she gets shielded because the other party did x y z, i mean she clearly was fucking ready for Jason to be a twat when shes out recording the fucker talking and claiming on twitter she doesnt want people to hate him. Im pretty sure shes ok with her body but blames body insecurities/mental health to keep her drama going. She does nothing but use her past and present problems as escape goats while banking on every click, repost and retweet because her whole career is the drama. Its what keeps her selling all this shit she pushes out. She's clearly self aware and in her twitter rant and the video she constantly makes contradictory statements. Shamu needs to stop.
The notion of wether or not the vlog squad should stop can be in another thread/Yt general because i bet they have their own milk.

No. 619007

No one is saying he’s not a bad guy, but she knew that going into this. She begged him to get together it’s in their early vlogs together. He was blatantly uninterested and was throwing up red flags from the beginning.

She is mentally unwell, it’s obvious. She needs help, that’s what most anons are saying. And she’s only gonna make herself worse staying with dudes like him.

No. 619009

A lot of people in this thread are saying what he did is not the action of a bad guy and that Trisha is over reacting. You yourself just called what he did a "bad joke" which totally negates how severe what he's doing actually is. Countless times in this thread people have said Trisha is over reacting. The hurt she's got from this is not at all an over reaction. It makes me wonder why he's divorced, as he almost definitely did something similar with this ex wife. He's just a sleasy gross dude and I can't believe people are playing off what he did so lightly.

No. 619018

>i’m pretty sure she’s ok with her body

do you even know who you’re talking about…? serious question. you think the girl who’s had lipo multiple times and multiple videos breaking down about her weight is ok with her body?

No. 619069

Didn't she literally make a video bragging on how Eminem kept making sure she was okay with being the butt of a fat home in that music video she was in?? And said she was okay with it cause she knew she was fat?? And he jiggles her belly in said music video?? But yeah. Only anonymous people behind screens have ever made a fat joke about her.

And yes, I'm aware he told her she was beautiful and perfect and stuff after filming but jeez. She still consented to bring a fat joke and claims they've only happened in comments.

No. 619100

I just phrased myself wrong tbh its more that shes fine with being 'the fat girl' as long as its set up the way she wants, fat isnt the problem its just how other people see her thats her issue. What she feels is acceptable in the moment/who shes with etc sort of sets up how she feels all the way down to going from super body posi to her going complete fatgirl denial. Like eminem could use her as a joke because he kept stroking her ego but when Jason (outside of all the snide comments hes probably made around his and trish' YT buddy pals) throws a size joke on the expense of the both is enough to topple the elephant.

No. 619105

But he did! He's always talking about dieting because he's also fat and he doesn't want to die at 50 of a heart attack, he has kids and other things to worry about instead of just his appearance. He only eats salads, and work out constantly and he's always inviting her, but of course she won't do it. It was a bad joke, and i can understand why she could feel attacked but it was clearly not his intention. She keeps saying that he finds her disgusting all this crazy talk, it's all in her head and she won't admit it. I hope someone gets the real video to see the actual context of all of this.
I would get mad too if someone is putting all their crazy thoughts on me.

No. 619119

I don't understand why she's this butt blasted about being called fat. She has mirrors lol

No. 619180


Trisha mocked herself. Jason literally has been handling her with kid gloves in regards to her weight. She's probably borderline, and like most borderline's, she cycles from hating how fat she is and wanting to change, to being fatass extraordinaire. That's confusing for anyone, so like anyone who gives half a shit, he encourages her to lose weight when she complains about it.

So what if she's ~sensitive~? she's not chubby, she's morbidly obese and at risk of dying before she even reaches Jason's age. Is he, or anyone, just supposed to let her eat herself into Oblivion?

I don't even think Jason is a good guy. He's a sleaze and a pushover. he let her talk shit about his ex wife, children, and his biPolar disorder. She constantly accuses him of being gay, she tried to make him over to look like her ex, made a video comparing the two of 'em, etc.

People are just defending Trisha because she's fat, and they're also fat so it feels like Jason personally attacked them.

No. 619221

I agree I don't think anyone's saying Jason is a saint in all this, but her reaction is way OTT when you consider that, yeah, she is fat (obese) and clearly has a serious binge eating problem that will lead her to an early grave. That's just reality, and time is honestly not on her side anymore. Younger people can get away with shitty lifestyles, but it catches up to you fast when you get older.

I don't think concern over her health had anything to do with that "joke", but regardless, she needed to hear it from someone real. All her friends and family are probably thinking the same thing but are too afraid to piss her off and end up in a video, it's not just anonymous haters online who are trying to "bully" her.

No. 619425

>if it agrees with my position it's valid
>if it doesn't, it's meaningless.
OK then

>do you really expect her self image to remain consistent?

no. do you really expect people to watch her playing out her issues again and again and just go yeah, fair enough? I mean, you know what lolcow is, yeah?

whale-chan, the fact that you're taking it so personally is what is disturbing. She does this every time, but ~omg such victim~

No. 619762

I can't believe she actually says "I'm not fat I'm chubby"

No. 619808

I thought it was pretty much accepted by now that she's basically a reality show actress. Starring in her one-woman show. The fact that there is a full thread of speculation otherwise is surprising tbh
Sage for irrelevance

No. 619824

To piggyback off your second point, I really think there needs to be a board-wide reminder that “we are not fucking talking about you.” Between this thread and Dasha’s thread, there’s a fuckton of farmers taking weight and body commentary way too personally. No one cares if you look like Trisha or think you look like Trisha or are secretly a 36” waist chan. It’s literally not about you. Stop taking it so personally.

Sage for complete OT irrelevance.

No. 620196

He actually apologized

No. 620197

She's still going

No. 620235

So much for taking a break and not coming back until she lost 50lb kek.

No. 620277

bitch you ARE fat! its not that deep! she's acting like this shit is an attempt on her life and not the obvious fucking truth. either but up and own it or accept it and lose weight, because wavering around between saying you're going to lose 50lbs before coming back to social media and insisting you're only chubby and he's wrong makes you look like the insecure idiot you always have been.

I have sympathy for her but this shit has been going on her entire career. it's time to face the music.

No. 620286

I think Jason has been making those type of comments because he knew that's her weakness wanted to make Trisha react for his "content." He admitted that "at the beginning" he was with her for the views, but I think it's been like that till the very end. Now he has lots of people insulting him and all that. Given that their relationship was real, idk I'm confused af

No. 620336

there's nothing wrong with being fat - she either has to embrace it or get healthy.

No. 620343

Been awhile since I've heard anything about this chick because I don't follow her (she annoys me) but the last thing I heard about her was how she got liposuction and the moment I heard that, I just said "The weight is going to come back". Looks like it did if she's still making a fuss about her weight. It's called portion control and physical activity. If you want to lose weight, it's best to learn this as it'll be more effective in the long run over getting liposuction or doing a fad diet.

No. 620350

Go back to tumblr, there 110% is something wrong with being fat.

No. 620384

He apologised to save his own youtube career

No. 620390

She was significantly thinner back then and much larger now. Very weird thing to bring up

No. 620393

I think she only got lipo on her waist and stomach to make her seem more curvy rather than just fat. Otherwise, she's been roughly the same size for the past year or so.

No. 620402

this video made me think this was all a farce and that they'd wind up back together in time for their 1-night "tour" in july and it'd get them both a ton more followers. but then trisha went off on twitter and was full on psycho for a few hours so maybe not. tbh it's really hard to tell what's real and what's fake with this shit

No. 620407

File: 1529883115240.jpg (284.45 KB, 566x594, pic.jpg)

Sage for samefag.

The left pic is from about a year ago when she had her procedure done and the right one is a week ago.

No. 620413

I think that 90% of what she says and does on her social media is made up for views and only like 10% is actually real.

No. 620424

>When your career is based on compulsively overeating and crying on the floor, but you get offended and break down when someone points out that your career is based on compulsively overeating and crying on the floor

No. 620480

She obviously has BED and makes money exploiting it - Imagine Anas videoing their selves b/ping or dedicating whole channels to them exercising. She needs to stay offline until she gets help.

No. 620482

I don't think the percentage of made-up stuff is as high as she'd like us to think. With her big brother appearance, had she threatened to leave over and over without leaving then I'd say it was for attention. But she fucked it up and walked because she was clearly not coping.

No. 621648

Ah okay, got ya.

Yep, I knew it. The chick has no self control hence why she gained most of the weight back in that area. It's just a waste of money trying to do a shortcut like that when you don't try to maintain it.

Taking a break would probably be good. She can't keep doing that forever. I'm sure she has made enough money to at least take a break for awhile while she gets some help.

No. 625695

File: 1530384565210.png (185.48 KB, 568x314, surejan.png)

yeah right, totally legit and not staged…

they're both clinging to relevance so hard. trisha didn't need to do this tbh but nash is benefiting big time i'm sure, i had no fucking clue who this old fart was before the breakup drama arc.

No. 625854

File: 1530391505582.png (2.64 MB, 1440x2083, Screenshot_2018-06-30-15-44-56…)

Looks like they're back together…

No. 625871

File: 1530392625623.gif (1.49 MB, 480x356, 9A4096CB-EF74-48EE-8E35-E26DFE…)


No. 627547

Did they film these videos from the same hotel room? Lighting is different but the beds and curtains look the same.

No. 634797

she must have something like that. I mean she's te one who released a music vidie for a song called 'thick' and then got lipo days later. who is she kidding? she says she knows she's fat, but when someone else says it she loses her shit. wtf.

No. 635587

Their “relationship” seems fake to me but I bet she has some sort of “hope” he will eventually want to get engaged to her or something. So sad.

No. 642270

On the heels of her last mukbang ever…

Trisha is 212lbs at 5’3. She shows her full body at multiple angles at 12:12 in the video.

No. 642346

she has a history of trolling you know

No. 642369

Can any patrons reupload her latest exclusive video?

No. 655821

good job trying to lose weight, but i hate it sooo much when she films and you can tell she was stuffing her face beforehand because she keeps burping. just makes me think how sick she must feel after eating so much trash.

No. 655825

i love it when people say she is not fat or she says she thinks of herself as chubby because her BMI is over 36 and that is more than overweight. it is disgusting how she lives knowing she is overweight yet pretends she is not because then the people who watch her may think it is normal or healthy to be her size.(nitpicking)

No. 775002

I'm gonna necro this thread because Trisha dropped (and deleted) an accusatory video about Jason Nash, David Dobrik, and Brandon Calvillo.

Active threads about her on Gurugossip or YouTalkTrash are filled with winemoms and retards but maybe some significantly less retarded farmers follow her here still.

-Trisha is crying about the second time Jason and David have joked about Jason wanting a threesome with Tana Mongeau.
-David is horrible, is Ted Bundy.
-Brandon is a pedophile because he (24) started dating his girlfriend while she was 17 and still and high school.

Radio silence on all fronts for the past few days, except for Tana retweeting a clip of her response after Jason said he'd want a threesome with her

No. 775008

Ive been waiting for milk to flow from this cow since the Jason called me fat ark and I was disappointed in the response to the video. (Considering how many cape for/stan creators like Shane, im not surprised lel)

She keeps making her normal egregious statements inbetween actual real life drama that could be used to prop up how the rest of the ""vlog squad"" (disgusting phrase) are as we all expected content hungry weirdos who will do whatever cringy act they can put together for clickbait but it all gets buried under her sausage lips repeating "pedophile" and "literal psychopath" while she cries.

As always, an extra hearty KEK at her being surprised the men she dates are garbage while never examining if maybe its because she is just as big of a dumpster fill herself who will never take a second to reevaluate her decisions and choices.
Tl:Dr: We back baby.

No. 775011

I agree with her that David is manipulative and a gross person. Him using people to hurt (shoot with paintball gun, tase, etc) for views is disgusting. And all of his sheep will comply with anything he wants because that’s their income. I wonder what will come out of this.

No. 775018

some people say shes overreacting because she jokes about cheating all the time, but apparently jason tried kissing tana once. couple that with the threesome jokes and it is going a bit far.

this vid is pretty insightful, it shows clips of the "vlog date" where the kiss happened, they talk about it at 12:56. i think this context makes trisha look actually right and not just a dramacow(but still a dramacow)

No. 775026

Jason always came off as a creep, even when he was on Vine. Glad to know I'm right. Trisha is such a mess, she always falls in love with absolute losers.

No. 775032

That first part with Tana was uncomfortable to watch. He never looked that energetic or happy in any of the videos with Trisha. Trisha's batshit insane but Jason and David seem like shitty people

No. 775796

those videos now deleted, but this reupload of them talking about the whole thing is still up

trisha looks so fucking miserable here. i know she's crazy and toxic but i still feel bad for her. jason has always struck me as weird, and not less crazy than trish. him hanging out with people half his age is creepy enough. the tana clips were just beyond the pale.

No. 775798

Repzilla has a summary video and some of the relevant clips are present in that

No. 775803

File: 1549543053759.jpeg (66.53 KB, 634x1024, 70D20969-83CA-4EAC-896A-ABAB00…)

Repzilla wants to speak to your manager.

No. 775808


Repzilla kinda looks like a pedophile
idk, maybe his appearance reminds me of Austin Jones?

No. 775809

It is true that Trisha has BPD? I've read about it somewhere but I'm not sure if it's sure…

No. 775817

poor fella's got a brain injury, cmon

No. 775834

The fact that Jason stayed with this absolute brain dead cunt after all the nasty things she's said about him, disrespected his religion and culture, and joked about fucking other dudes while selling nudes through patreon makes me so angry. What a literal cuck.

No. 775836

Trisha is extremely emotionally abusive and manipulative, as creepy as Jason is she does not deserve a good relationship with a nice guy at least not without making some serious changes in her attitude and relations with others.

No. 775845

Tbh I don't blame Trisha, this is disgusting.

No. 775881

he is disgusting and creepy but i genuinely don't think he's a terrible person, just an opportunist who does everything for views because that's all he has. that's why he's david's lapdog, imagine being 45 and having a 21 year old (or however old david is) boss you around for clicks on the internet. he is just weak and a beta cuck, i don't think he's an actual creep or a predator. what he said about tana was likely just to spice up their boring autistic vlog.

i don't really hate trisha but it's clear as day she's an unstable manipulative cunt. the reason i don't hate her is because she seems mentally ill in so many ways and can't help it. but there are so many examples just from their vlogs of her being legit evil towards jason. calling him names, trying to make him jealous with his own friends, starting fights over the dumbest shit and breaking down, impulsively breaking up, pressuring him into marriage, talking shit about his ex wife and kids… she seems so kind and caring to her friends but in relationships she's 100% abusive. i don't feel bad for jason tho because he chose all this and it still benefits him financially.

No. 776127

Trisha's without a doubt crazy and everything you said is true, but Jason's not better. Every time she's upset or they fight he gaslights and manipulates everything to make her look crazy and himself sane. He knows Trisha wants to marry and have kids and he knows he doesn't want those things again. He's actively wasting her time by staying with her. I'm also pretty sure he doesn't even love her and is only in it for views, money and the gifts she gets him.

No. 776135

I totally agree he’s a manipulative leech and it’s embarrassing behaviour for a 45 year old man. Trisha doesn’t come out ant better tho. She’s that desperate for love that’s she’s clinging on to this toxic relationship, she needs help with her mental health, she’s clearly unstable and will never change or have a healthy relationship if she doesn’t seek professional help.

No. 776139

I can agree with this, but Trisha also seems to stay with jason in a spiteful way. She knows he doesnt wanna marry her, so what does she do? Shit on him consecutively and very publically, has posted several (always later deleted) exposè videos with the standard crying on the floor format. This time going so far as to mention Jasons children and ex wife who have NOTHING to do with her and Jasons relationship to be honest.
You know Trisha is a cunt when she has to use "slut shaming" as a viable criticism for why a mother might not want a literal landwhale prostitute who has all her dirty laundry on display 24/7 and enabling Jason to continue to be a bottom feeder since Trishas content is on the same level of degeneracy as Davids. The ex-wife I very much understand might not fucking want that shit around, no matter how hard she talks about "but Jason roomies!!" As if shes so sure the ex is fine with that and might just not know how disgusting and careless Jason is? Half of it sounds like over dramatic lies sprinkled in with half truths she tries to twist in her favour. Cause who in the middle of 'outing' Jasons co-worker/friend/whatever as a pedo and talking about David being psycho do you have time to throw in that the ex-wife apparently lives with her bf, gives no fuck abt her kids (and supposedly Trish does?) and that shes after Trisha because….slut?

No. 776195

File: 1549641948474.png (104.03 KB, 802x571, ohshhhh.png)

I just found this under Repzilla's video. Can anyone confirm this?

No. 776313

Dom is a pedophile and a predator. It's so disgusting that someone as big as David continues to promote him. I 100% believe this.

No. 776380

I honestly can't watch this, this is horrible. He talks over her, blatantly disrespects her, and gaslights her the entire time. She says "this happened" and he says " no that's not what happened." She describes how she feels and he tells her how she shouldn't feel that way. Jason is absolutely the asshole in this situation,n no matter how fucked up Trisha is. This is horrible.

No. 776443

It’s speculated I think but I don’t think she has ever been formally diagnosed. Regardless she is for sure mentally ill and would benefit from therapy. Jason is also a nutcase in his own right and their relationship is toxic, but they’re both just as bonkers it makes perfect sense why they’re together. If one decided to make steps to get well they’d realize pretty fast the other is dead weight, but since that’s not happening they’ll just enable one another

No. 776449

I mean she says she has Borderline but I think she’s just a narcissist who can’t handle conflict and doesn’t take the time to calm down or see a therapist instead of breaking down on a video.

I know blah blah armchair dxing internet people but from what I can tell her symptoms match up more with HPD, I think a lot of people get tunnel vision that BPD is the only option for extreme emotions. Additionally she might have bipolar or something and not getting proper help because they see self dx the same as getting help or coping because they have a label for their pain.(1b Do not armchair e.g attempting to diagnose a subject.)

No. 776650

She uploaded a music video with her in Jason in it re-enacting different romance seasons from movies and has as already deleted. Think it was only up for a few hours, I wonder what’s going on there.

No. 776651

No. 776653

Brandon and his girlfriend uploaded this yesterday.

No. 776657

this feels so ridiculously scripted. can't wait for the body language channels to get on this

No. 776659

File: 1549788333451.jpg (20.82 KB, 230x220, mv.jpg)

Is it this one?

No. 776661

Yeah, I couldn’t see it earlier. Thought it was taken down.

No. 776672

It's still/is back up.

No. 776675

I feel like this video only makes Brandon look worse.
<<<<I felt this video summed it up well but it does drag on.

No. 776690

On his own podcast, Brandon basically talks about sleeping with her and smoking weed while she would have been 17.
Starts talking about it 13mins in.

No. 776773

I’m whatever on Edwin but he did a video on theirs that’s actually pretty comprehensive about why they’re lying

No. 776787

I'd watch it on hooktube.com or whatever, so I don't give edwin adsense.

No. 776788

File: 1549827625761.png (389.8 KB, 670x469, 154982754525436687.png)

No. 776790

File: 1549827845298.png (122.85 KB, 1360x225, imageedit_4_3881690137.png)

No. 776831

File: 1549832215564.jpg (23.12 KB, 500x324, p5151d.jpg)

I finally figured out what pendant edwina is always wearing. Pic related.

No. 776900

Hooktube doesn't work anymore.

No. 776929

it works just fine for me

No. 776933

File: 1549862360829.jpg (162.7 KB, 966x712, hooktube.jpg)

it's just a straight youtube embedder now, it no longer protects from views being counted.

No. 778073

No. 780179

shes lost weight(no contribution)

No. 800023

File: 1556136546393.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 647.91 KB, 1242x1364, 67448BA0-402B-470E-BEF0-7E1F84…)

Has anyone had an eye on …whatever is going on here? Along with all the really weird Easter stuff- I used to watch her and stopped and got recommended one of her recent videos and I was seeing in the comments people were going “oh I guess your twitter and instagram weren’t hacked”

No. 800024

File: 1556136681660.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 757.39 KB, 1242x1334, ACD8BD4F-2E31-4426-A36B-9DC712…)


I mean I see porn stars sharing some stuff and then telling folks to go to their websites but she’s been showing full tits - not in this pic obviously but i was a little terrified

No. 800032

I feel like she's bored. She really wants dick, except that she's staying away from men. However, misses the validation of being sexually wanted. Either that or she wants more money - either spent all of it or saving up for music videos.

No. 800059

>Either that or she wants more money
I mean….yeah? Say what you want about Trisha but she's never really hid her intentions. She has no shame in anything she does or wants really….money, sex, plastic surgery, etc. She's been selling nudes privately forever right? Like through patreon or snapchat or whatever? >>800023 makes sense to try and get new buyers, but I'm more surprised she'd post >>800024 for free. That's just her straight up vagina.

No. 800087

Can't be that good if you can pose for a photo and create a Twitter post about it during sex
Also really? Are people still trying to clickbait/fool people with the "I fucked a ghost" story? That feels pretty low effort for Trisha, normally she trolls with more outlandish things. At the same time though that's probably for the best. At least pretending you fucked a ghost for views isn't going to damage you unlike dating total dicks who will use you and abusing food and drugs.

No. 800178

She's just a hoe, anon.
She always posted snippets of her naked body. Probably trying to find new members for her Patreon.
She even posted stuff like that when she was still with Jason.

She also started losing weight and needs validation from strangers, maybe she even wants Jason to get jealous and want her back.

No. 800224

>losing weight

*got another round of lipo

No. 800478

Really? I thought she lost the weight because she's had lipo at some point, but I didn't know she got it again.
Lol what a cunt for telling her fans she's losing weight by just eating one meal a day, while she's got lipo again.

No. 800502

File: 1556285920044.png (3.17 MB, 1140x1608, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 14.34…)

I don't think she got lipo since the first time. Her weight has consistently been going down, like all the parts are slimming down together. She's definitely been losing weight and that her stomach is getting back into the shape it was post-lipo. It's hard to get a clear picture because of how she poses and editing, but it can't all be pinpointed to lipo. I don't think calf lipo exists. If it did, it would show. Plus she hasn't taken any time off for resting, minus this week. If anything were to happen it would be now.

No. 800697

File: 1556345008431.png (255.04 KB, 1008x510, Screen Shot 167.png)

>I don't think she got lipo since the first time
You really think the woman who eats massive amounts of fast food for a living and has an album called "Chicken Fingers & Lipo" has only had Lipo once? I kinda feel like the only milk she ever has is when it involves other people. I don't think it really counts as milk if the shit she says publicly about personal life is way worse than anything you could gossip about. iirc after whatsherface mirandasings had a baby Trisha did a vid with her where she offhandedly talked about having vagina surgery because her "vagina was too loose"

No. 801060

She has never hidden the fact that she gets lipo on the reg.

No. 801134

She's bragging about losing weight by going to the gym (like twice a week tops) and eating one meal a day (which is something like 15 fried shrimps)
She's barely going to gym, still eating trash (just less of it) and constantly tries new stupid diets.
She can't have lost weight like that but she's never lost one word about getting Lipo again.
She's bluntly lying

No. 803816

File: 1557415645747.png (317.76 KB, 700x435, Opera Momentaufnahme_2019-05-0…)

new drama!
she's crying on the kitchenfloor about h3h3s new video where he talks about women heavily photoshopping their bodies and compares their photshopped pictures to how they actually look like.
Trisha's featured with her new braided wig and that probably is what upset her.
She's totally missing Ethans point and it seems like she's just mad because she's in his video, but it's totally not because he talked about her, she's heartbroken for all of the other young girls so she just repeats herself over and over again and cries the whole time.

reuploaded her video to vimeo in case she deletes it once she notices the backlash she's getting. She already has more dislikes than likes.

No. 803854

ethan made a lot of rude remarks and poked fun at her and how she looks like - no wonder she's upset. I'm not a fan of Trisha but I'm also not going to defend the severly retarded h3's vid

No. 803883

She has every right to be upset. When I was watching H3's video, I had to main reflections: "wow, Ethan is really pathetic at this point. Had no content ideas, so decided to jump on the trendy bandwagon of Instagram vs. Real Life that's been done to death. He even uses the same examples as everyone else" and "why did he use Trisha (by the way, he didn't even refer to her by name, I believe?) when she's so open about her natural looks and doesn't try to hide her natural state?".
Those "ugly" pictures of Trisha were ones she posted herself. Everyone knows how she looks without makeup. Yes, that photo of her with the braided hair looked a tad ridiculous, but if she has body dysmorphia, it's not that odd that she would sometimes feel the need to photoshop to the extreme in order to feel pretty.
The purpose of Instagram vs. Real Life is to show young girls how influences bend the reality. Ethan's comparing Trisha to a WWE fighter was completely unnecessary, extremely rude, and very much uncivil. Ew.

No. 803915

Trish is low-hanging fruit. She's easy to pick on. It's upsetting to me knowing that this is all very real for her and she does take it to heart. H3h3 wouldn't even ping Tana or Khloe Kardashian's radar, but Trisha takes literally everything negative anyone says to her and internalizes it.

Pardon my pity-boner. She makes my heart hurt.

No. 803982

Y'all do realize that she is crying because it fits her persona/channel and not because she is actually upset? If her being called out for wearing braids legit makes her upset she would've cried in a video sooner and not as soon as h3 made a video lol

No. 803994

Yeah, a lot of people see her as this confident chick who embraces her flaws, which is true to some degree, but they forget she really is just another girl battling with her insecurities that have haunted her since she was a young girl.

Eyeroll. She is crying because Ethan compared her to a man, laughed at her bare face, and whatnot (I don't want to watch it for the second time just to quote his exact words, point is he was a jerk). Yes, she has a tendency to dramatise and is probably aware that those crying-on-the-kitchen-floors videos are part of her brand, but that does not change the fact that Ethan is a burned-out asshat.

What weirds me out most is that in the video he acted as if she was some kind of random instamodel, didn't mention her name and addressed her as "this girl" (if I recall properly), but put her on the thumbnail knowing it would attract views. Does he have some issues with Trisha? Shady.

No. 804019

Trisha is a sexist homophobic pedo sympathizer. She’s crying to get more attention and clicks. What about her makes people feel so bad? Is it cuz she’s fat and retarded lol

No. 804054

You need to provide proof of your claims.

No. 804183

File: 1557445247043.jpeg (258.34 KB, 1125x1543, F3BB60A8-0E62-4D1A-A745-3F5ED5…)

Ethan is just pushing her even more judging by this tweet.

No. 804233

Ethan shouldn't be trying to stir up drama online to stay relevant. He should be focusing on his heavily pregnant wife.

No. 804255

File: 1557452198753.jpg (341.91 KB, 1080x1218, 20190509_213214.jpg)

that's what google is for, or actually watch her videos, read her tweets. her own twitter bio references woody allen, wtf is this laziness.

also i haven't ever seen her seriously publicly admit she uses facetune and she's constantly promoting scammy ~weight loss~ things, but let's call the wahmbulance b/c she got her feelings hurt when she's attacked plenty of ppl with the evidence uploaded to her youtube.

No. 804262

Its not laziness to expect you to back up claims you make.
That being said, that's gross.

No. 804315


She’s the one that dragged their unborn child into this.

No. 804622


so trisha facetuning the shit out of her pics, being openly abusive to jason (whos also an asshat dont get me wrong) and is majorly narcisstic/unstable is causing less damage to young women than H3h3? LMAO

No. 804903

She's constantly promoting appetite suppressants she's not even using herself. This is way more harmful than Ethan making a few harsh comments while overall spreading a very positive message.
Trisha constantly picked on people's appearances but I guess that doesn't count!
She's pulling the "depressed and suicidal" card, completely making a fool out of herself while she didn't even watch his video and only skipped to the part about her (self centred much?)
Trisha's so dumb she doesn't even realize that the "message" she's spreading now is "it's fine if you hate your natural self and have to filter the shit out of your pictures to feel good in your body. . . YoU aRe EnOuGh"
Don't forget how she's trying to drag Ethan's heavily pregnant wife and their unborn child in this drama.
She's proving over and over again what a cunt she actually is.

No. 804980

No. 804982

Oh boy, a cow crossover. Not going to give this gross, attention whoring butterball views though.

No. 805037

Ethan is literally no different than the posters on Lolcow other than having followers. But go off and defend Trish I guess and act like shes not causing just as much harm as he is to ~uWu impressionable teens~.

No. 805686

Watching this rn and I don't feel like I'm getting the entire story but if he is telling the truth, that was an incredibly shitty thing she did to him.

No. 805788


I'm not watching half an hour of this blubberfuck but the intro seems fishy + Trish talking in an exaggerated "black woman" manner and knowing who Orlin is? Nick said this was before he got famous and had an ant-sized following…idk. Didn't she mention Cameo? Isn't Cameo like Fiverr for D-list celebs?

Neither is above acting like an embarrassing mess to get views, trust and believe. This is only gonna benefit both of them in the long-run. I still think it's staged as fuck.

No. 806159

how they broke up:
>she published the video about david and jason on a saturday and was expecting jason to break up with her, but instead he visited her and went to eat something with her and david
>they all talked about it and decided that they're all taking down their videos
>jason stayed with her until tuesday, everything was fine and they did the response video for his channel
>jason said "we're crazy, but i love her and i want to make this work"
>he's cooking pasta for her and trisha realizes that she doesn't want to mess this up again
>jason leaves on tuesday and trisha's invited to a jeffree star party
>at 7pm, right before her stylist adam arrives, she gets a facetime call from jason in which he said he got a lot of backlash for his video and he thinks they have to break up, because he can't do this anymore
>she takes some pills and chuggs every alcoholic thing she can find
>adam arrives and she totally breaks down, gets a panic attack and thinks she's going to die because she took pills and drank alcohol
>says she couldn't breath anymore, adam prayed for her and called 911
>she's at a hospital and texts jason what happened but that he shouldnt come
>jason comes
>a nurse asks trisha what's wrong with her and she says, with jason in the room, "i want to die"
>david enters the hospital and trisha starts screaming that he has to leave
(keep in mind, she wasn't in a room, they were in the entrance"
>the nurse tells trisha that they have to get her to a mental hospital and that she has to stay
>she breaks down because she doesn't want to "stay with the crazy people" and literally starts running out of the hospital
>security catch her, drag her back in and strap her down on a hospital bed
(jason's watching all of this, yikes)
>they give her a shot in her leg and she sees jason crying and sobbing
>next thing she knows is she wakes up with a note from jason, telling her he loves her and that they'll get through this
>she didnt see him often after this, but it was obvious that they were officially over

other stuff:
>she still loves jason so much and he was the love of her life
>she loves david so much and often went to his house out without jason
>she isn't sorry about what she said about Brandon and his girlfriend
>she was always creeped out when david was filming with minors because she doesn't really want to spend time with minors
>there are a lot of people in jason's live who don't want her to be around him
>she hopes he finds happiness and that she holdes no grudge against him

No. 806198

People wanna say trisha is just a "meme personality" when she clearly just is a completely FUCKED bimbo and im not surprised just disgusted that she keeps projecting this sick unhealthy shit to the public while literal teens and faghags alike try to defend her and her yt posse gliding down from their sub counts to "help" her when they're just as lowiq and emotionally stunted as her.
Whats the next rock bottom clickbait for her? "I started prostituting again :((" ? "I was in a pedo threesome with david l ;(("
"Killed jasons ex-wife because i knew she was a bitch while not knowing her at all :))"

No. 806221

Trisha completely knows what she is doing right now. She knows she's in deep shit and is dishing out what people wanted to know the most (why she and Jason broke up) to divert people from the Nikocado abuse. This is what she seemed to do once she realized she "lost" to h3h3, tweeted that she "loved" their videos and wanted to be on the podcast. I don't really believe her story; I mean we've seen how convincing she is in her trolling videos, but I do think she needs serious mental help.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder how quickly she would have been shut down if she were a guy.

No. 806266

This bitch can never make up her fucking mind lol. Honestly Ethan was a dumb ass for making a video about being comfortable with your natural state and then in the same fucking video making fun of people's unshooped bodies.

However, Trish could have made a waaaaaayyy more mature response video. Instead we get another video of her blubbering on the floor, acting like she gives a shit about the other women he made fun of but really is just feeling sorry for herself. Then she has to drag Hila and their unborn child into it lmao, like Ethan is just an all around awful person because he made a stupid video that happened to include her in it.

And let's not forget how catty Trish has been with other women. She is NOT supportive of other females, she looks at them purely as competition. I mean she was so psycho and insecure about Jason's model ex wife that she couldn't stfu about her. She is cunty towards Kalli (thinner half sister), she generally surrounds herself with men because daddy issues, then she ends up treating them like shit too. But they shouldn't complain because she pays them and showers them with gifts hmmmm…kind of sounds like an abusive cunt to me.

No. 806589

Does Emilia Fart get it now? Or is she still being a dumbass for uWu attention from her lesbian crush that will realistically never have anything to do with her outside of letting her in a few videos so that her fans come over to Trishas shit and boost her viewcount, while putting her down and calling her a troll and weirdo right to her face lol. Like..its sad because she did it basically behind Nico's back, but with Emilia shes doing the same shit right to her face and shes still pathetically clinging on to her stalkerish obsession.

No. 806671

Not to mention Emilia looked like a court jester at Trisha's birthday party. Trish probably intended for her to be 'entertainment' while Emilia probably thought it was kindness.

No. 806690

I just skipped through that video and holy shit, she really has zero friends. Everyone that came (except for Emilia) is doing something for her.
Her editors, her directors, her stylists, her manager etc
What about Shane and Jeffree?

No. 806695

Wow, that's crazy, but I feel bad for her. I think these men and her own behavior damage her and she's constantly re-traumatizing herself. The type of men she goes after, the things she puts up with, it's very sad. She's messy and so dumb and it's unfortunate because she could have a much better life if she wasn't so dumb and unable to realize how harmful certain truly toxic things are. People do like to pretend she's not actually stupid and that the drama is less real, etc, but it's always been obvious she has been a messy, very unintelligent person from day one.

No. 806762

No. 806778


> "I just can't win the internet!!"

> says she shouldn't be cancelled cos it's not like she's a sexual predator
> deflects a lot
> calls the situation "stupid bullshit"
> went on a date with a nonce? i don't know what that has to do with anything but..
> she isn't going to apologise for not wanting to meet up with someone
> she says it wasnt smart to meet up with him cos he threatens his husband with a knife
> he was coming to america anyway so it didn't mater they didnt meet up
> she gets stood up by other people so it isn't a big deal she stood him up
> she shouldn't feel bad for putting herself first
> says nick harassed her by messaging so much
> says its nick's fault that he brought his ticket after she stopped responding
> says he should have gotten his ticket refunded
> said the messages scared her. Says it's legitimate harassment. (in response to the messages he sent when he was in LA asking if he had done something wrong or if she was okay)
> she reached out to her lawyers bc of the "harassment" and that she was SO scared
> if she thought she was in the wrong, she wouldn't have made this video
> made the cameo video to be nice, but didn't really believe what she said
> says she doesn't harm people with her actions
> being stood up is just a part of life
> says she owes Nick nothing and never did
> he didn't deserve any closure because it was his fault he flew out
> she doesn't owe anyone an explanation
> again she says that she shouldn't be cancelled cos she isn't a predator
> she should get a pass because of the jason trauma. She says she is now damaged for life. That isn't deflecting.
> says she is a good person
> talks about inability to get pregnant?? she's rambling a lot.
> nick just wants attention and clout
> if you're offended by this then she doesn't care
> people are allowed to change their minds on collabs!!
> everyone needs to calm down
> she's just a girl trying to get through a broken heart
> she doesn't deserve any of this

honestly this makes Trisha look AWFUL. The entire video is basically it's all his fault she was just protecting herself. She is the victim.

No. 806788

isn't that what she normally does though? if you watch Nick's video you can see that she deleted every message from him, and she clearly said that she was a big fan of him but then comes out saying that she doesn't even know him.

No. 806792

File: 1557841462440.png (54.31 KB, 632x494, Screenshot_30.png)

She posted on her twitter this video, saying that she received/watched videos from Nick that she didn't like, but this video was posted in 2018. When the drama happened in 2017..Why does she keep lying

No. 806793

File: 1557841550265.png (74.43 KB, 636x720, Screenshot_31.png)

some comments from the same tweet

No. 806894

No. 806898

>she says it wasnt smart to meet up with him cos he threatens his husband with a knife
His knife meltdown was 2018. Their drama was back in 2017 or earlier

>he was coming to america anyway so it didn't mater they didnt meet up

So she's admitting that they messaged each other and she knew he was coming anyway

>she gets stood up by other people so it isn't a big deal she stood him up

Oh, so if someone would rob her she were allowed to rob someone as well?

>says its nick's fault that he bought his ticket after she stopped responding

Not true. He told her he's going to buy a ticket for Tuesday, she said that's fine with her.

> said the messages scared her. Says it's legitimate harassment. (in response to the messages he sent when he was in LA asking if he had done something wrong or if she was okay)

Lmao what a fat cunt. he asked me if I'm ok and if he did something wrong because I ghosted him when he went on a plane to meet me because I wanted to, I'm legit so scared for my life :'(

>she should get a pass because of the jason trauma.

I knew she only made the breakup video to avoid talking about Niko
And her tRaUmA who is she kidding. She's so fucking crazy security had to strap her down. If someone's having a trauma, it's Jason.

No. 807348

I feel really bad for Emilia tbh. Clearly some fucked up shit happened to her(molestation as a child then rape as a teen) and I know her fans mostly have their hearts in the right place, but idk if youtube was a good choice for her. Maybe when youtube first started it would have been, but modern youtube is a completely different ballgame. Trish should be ashamed of herself.

No. 809615

I honestly hate that so much attention is being drawn to JC/Tati drama that this whole thing with Nicocado will be completely forgotten in a few days.
It's honestly surprising how no one has cancelled this bitch yet. She has used the "teehee im a troll and u cant judge me because i have mental issuessss" for so long and it's bloody amazing how people keep eating it.
She's basically gaslighting this poor guy until he shuts up

No. 810110

File: 1558420641173.jpg (308.98 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20190521-083541_Ope…)

Don't worry anon.
She still loses a lot of subscribers and gets flooded with avocado emojis and people who call her out. She even deactivated comments on her videos because of it.
Trisha is an ungrateful bitch, but sadly she will never learn.

No. 814855

Lol so shes starting in on Peter Monn now for telling her she needs to get help. She's clearly insane and should have been forced to stay inpatient for much longer than she was made to. If that story is even true.

No. 814862

She is so appalling! She never takes responsibility for her actions but reflects blame onto others and lashes out. She is delusional and narcissistic and manic.

No. 814865

she disabled comments because every single comment was calling her out on being a piece of shit and lying about the video Peter made kek

No. 815294

I'm here for anyone stirring shit with Peter Monn. Let's go Trisha! Rewired Soul remains a piece of shit.

No. 815298

Watching it now and it's fine? The grievance she has with those two guys is legit. They DO monetise their unqualified psychological judgements. they are both ex-addicts who play as being therapists with zero qualifications to do so - Rewired Soul's mother is a therapist, that's his claim to therapy. Peter Monn has a low level massage qualification, that's all.

Trish can be manipulative but she can be fine sometimes too and here she's making points. Whether she should give RS and PM any more views is debatable, I say no.

No. 815309

samefag but here's here spiel from the description –
>in his video he said he was unsure if I was telling the truth.
>when someone says they are going to kill themselves, you believe them. why? because if they're lying, they're ok. but if they aren't and you don't believe them, it could be life threatening. this isn't a pointless drama, it's a real fucking struggle. and Lord be with anybody who pays to seek help from him in his profession - if he says he's "unsure" if they're telling the truth or not
>Peter also asked where my family was in that video. FUCK HIM. for questioning my family. don't ever fucking talk about my family ever. they have been here struggling with me since I was a teenager. you don't get to question that.
>he's white knighting himself on the internet, he hasn't texted or tried calling/no voicemails. he hasn't emailed or sent a dm. there was no reach out or concern over this.
>but there are plenty of ads on the video, so at least he's getting a paycheck right? hope the money is worth it
>to make money off of other people's issues is the lowest scum on the internet. he's no longer light hearted gossip, he's as harmful and dangerous as the Rewired Soul

No. 815329

She's so evil, holy shit.
No wonder no one stays friends with, she backstabbs every single one of them for no reason.
I wonder when she'll be tired of her friendships with Jeffree, Shane and Emilia (if they're all still friends), but she can probably think that far to see that it wouldn't be a good idea to start shit with Shane or Jeffree.

No. 815504

None of these people are actually friends
They're all pathetic losers that only underaged people are "fans" of, and they pay eachother and give eachother expensive gifts to do collaborations. Its sad af. I do believe Emilia is genuine, but she's also extremely mentally unwell and naive. She's on Trishas radar(after treating her like absolute shit the first few times they met, calling her a weirdo and troll to her face ON camera for everyone to see) because Trisha sees her a redemption ark for her miserable channel now that everyone is severing ties with her. Most of these ~mega youtubers~ have no actual friends, and most of them dont even have relationships with the majority of their family. Hence why they turn to youtube for attention in the first place.

No. 815517

Pewds made a video on the Nikado situation

No. 815541


She's on a roll, I mean she's the victim to a long list of meany men lately, or as she keeps calling them here 'grown men' Like Trish you're 31 and you regularly cry your eyes out as if your whole family have all just died in front of you.

Much as I really dislike the rewired soul, her behaviour screams bpd to anyone that's very familiar with it. She fully believes that her own emotional pain justifies her reactions and lashing out at people. Everything revolves around her feelings but she's hysterical like this every fucking week. Her manipulation showed when she mentioned her moms (past) breast cancer in this vid, it didn't even add much of a point.. just had to mention it!

No. 815575


Peter has been an addict himself, he has lost friends to it, has been sober for 24 years, in meetings for most of that time and has worked in treatment centres, he's not claiming to be a doc but he has enough experience to have some insight and the message throughout the video was a caring one, offering to connect her with services if needed..

In response she cried and sniffled and many people would be left with the impression that his video was an attack. He chose his words carefully and was kind and concerned.. you can't win with this woman

No. 815588

mte even if you dont like peter, its very clear he was just speaking from a place of concern
she always plays the victim and sees everything as a ~personal attack~ despite context

did no one watch her on big brother?

No. 815672

>did no one watch her on big brother?

to be fair barely anyone watched that series of big brother

No. 815809

Peter monetises that concern and he has a dinky massage therapist qualification. He's never going to be the good guy in this.

She was a complete mess on BB but even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day and it doesn't make her video inaccurate. The problem is making it in the first place, it's not even needed.

No. 815894

he has every right to monetize his own videos though
im not necessarily defending him as a person, but shes being overdramatic and retarded about things that dont even matter, kek

maybe she should go make some actual real friends in a therapist office or mental health facility, because thats where she belongs, not youtube

No. 816032

I saw that PewDiePie did this, I was waiting for her response and I couldn't even get through it. She's barely tweeting and she turned off comments- what is she even bothering with here? She did some tweets and then deleted them almost right away.

No. 816036

File: 1559329579354.jpeg (304.55 KB, 1242x1164, C3E737A4-491E-4382-9490-0689D5…)

No. 816088

shes so fucking pathetic

No. 816221

Exactly my thought.

She's such an enormous brat, it's unreal. She probably truly can't understand why everyone won't accept her bullshit.
She gets in one drama after the other. Ethan, Nik, Peter and now Pewds. What is she even think– wait, she probably isn't thinking and that's why she behaves so dumb..
What is she even trying to accomplish? More attention? Getting a new boyfriend or even someone willing to knock her up and marry her is going to be a tough one with that history of bullshit.

No. 816294

wasnt one of her sob stories that she couldnt have kids? although, how can anybody believe her when shes a habitual liar?

No. 816536

Is it bad that I'm just so pissed she did this? She shared other peoples stories.

I feel like I shouldn't be that surprised, but goddamn.

No. 816538

She posted this 3 years ago.

Though, of course there's this back and forth about possibly being pregnant or being ready for a baby.
I'd rather not have her reproduce though.

No. 816767

>I'd rather not have her reproduce though
She already abandoned the dog Jason got her (I know she didn't know he bought one, but he only bought it because she was taking non-stop about wanting a pom, after she saw Jeffree's)
She can't even handle an animal. Dog isn't allowed to touch her, she's always flinching and she clearly doesn't like it, I don't even wanna know what she'd do with a baby.
Trisha has a bad mom as well, so that baby would be fucked up for life.

No. 816771

She's way too much of a fucking mess to ever have a child. She's so unstable too. She'd wind up being a single mom because she can't hold onto a relationship.
I feel like if she had a kid she'd constantly cry on YouTube about how hard it is but also have videos of her and her kid doing all these wonderful and fun things!

No. 816881

File: 1559502376847.jpeg (521.06 KB, 2048x1536, D7r9eK2XsAA07tm.jpeg)


Thread about Trisha's new book "101 poems about my ex boyfriend"
She already took it off Amazon, but this thread is a goldmine of second-hand embarrassment.

She's so embarrassing and dumb, I'm positive she doesn't have one functioning brain cell.
!Thank!God! Jason got out of that, I'm sure she would've killed him at some point.
This must be so embarrassing for him…

Never, ever will someone put a ring on that.

Excuse my pettiness, but seriously Trisha, either get serious help or leave the internet and eat your 10K calories a day until you die - at least you're happy that way.

No. 816882

imagine how ~deep~ she thinks this shit is when writing it lmao

No. 816888

Just reading this cringey shit is making me suicidal.

>this is why I result to being a whore

~YouTube Whore: The Musical~

No. 816897

Still better than Rupi Kaur.

That being said, yikes. She really is as vapid and shallow as she seems.

No. 816899

File: 1559504780715.png (585.61 KB, 1536x2048, PicsArt_06-02-09.43.40.png)

She's such a nutcase.

>choose me or the mother of your children

>you can't have both

Jesus Trisha, she will always be in his life, just like his kids. No wonder his ex wife hated her guts, she knew exactly what a person Trisha is.

I find it hilarious that she's so jealous of David and Jason's ex. One of the few people she could've never gotten rid of.

No. 816901

she needs to go back to involuntary commitment in whatever hospital they sent her to last time

No. 816908

My god this is fucking cringy.

No. 816909

Sorry for sounding like a fag, she was jealous of David’s ex? I heard she was but did she do anything to confirm this?

No. 816910

I meant she's jealous of David and Jason's ex wife.
She was jealous of Liza as well? Lol, why am I not surprised, she even was jealous of Jason talking to David's mom.

No. 816915

she was jealous of every female member of the vlog squad lol.

It was so obvious watching the vlogsqaud footage of her

No. 816975

I'm not surprised that she's jealous of Liza. Personal bias here: Liza is pure.

She's a good girl, and definitely not a whore like Trish.

No. 817151

trisha’s just the kind of person to be jealous of any woman whose life is even slightly more stable than hers

No. 817751

Sage for irrelevance but is there anywhere else Emilia and Trisha's relationship is being discussed? Emilia has been discussed a little bit on here I think but I crave more

No. 817768

PULL discussed their relationship

No. 818330

File: 1559740864421.jpg (385.78 KB, 809x1234, Screenshot_20190605-151700_Twi…)

She just can't make up her mind.
First she tries to kill herself, then she goes completely insane, then she's over him, then she writes the cringiest "poems" about him and now she hates him cause he supposedly cheated.

Cheating on her doesn't sound far off, but she's so full of shit and constantly lying to get attention for a while now.

The tweet that started all this was a woman named Rachel Page tweeting that she's attracted to Jason.

No. 818334

Trisha sees a therapist and is clearly emotional. Idk how anyone can stand to 'stan' old man Jason nash. I only ever watched him when he started dating Trisha and finally watched the vlog squad shite. They got on like a Disney channel knock off of the jackass crew or something but far more shit. Jason was always weird around all the 20 year olds. Bet Liza hates him too he's a creep lol

No. 818353


Not a fan of either of them but she's been caught in lies and manipulation before so you can't take her word for anything at this point. Whole relationship was a mess though so they can both say good riddance to it I guess

She's one of those people that uses 'I'm in therapy' as proof that she's trying to better herself, then she continues to act shitty towards the people closest to her and never changes a thing. All talk

No. 820510

File: 1560192422307.jpg (399.86 KB, 1070x1437, Screenshot_20190610-204419_Twi…)

Next drama.
At this point I think she's just spinning her wheel of drama. She next be getting zero attention if that is how she spends her time.

No. 820518

File: 1560192714743.jpg (280.75 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20190610-205005_Ope…)

Is she playing subscriber limbo? She nearly lost 100K and still can't keep her mouth shut.

No. 820584


Now watch her pull the whole I hate you.. no wait I was only joking and I love you.. shit

She could almost do with going inpatient while she learns how to have normal interactions without mind games, manipulation and meltdowns. Therapy isn't cutting it when she's more dedicated to having an online presence than bettering herself.

No. 821507


If this were true, she'd just monetize a video about her experience while just breaking confidentiality. If she was an inpatient, she still wouldn't change.

No. 821618


I don't follow what this message is about or why you didn't sage it

No. 827129

File: 1561550710869.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 9B460455-FCB9-4751-B266-467679…)

Shes super desperate for vlog squad attention. She should know by now that David isn’t going to pay any scandal attention if he doesn’t have to. She’s just making herself look crazy.

No. 827187


Her love/hate thing with david has always confused me

No. 827260

Sad how after how many times David has utterly humiliated her, she still wants to fuck him so badly. Is it because she genuinely likes him (finds him hot) or is it just because she’s fame hungry?

No. 827281

All of the above. I also think it's because David presented her with a challenge. He's stated multiple times that while he found her attractive, he's not mentally unstable enough to want her. I also think Trisha wants to fuck David, because that would hurt Jason, and she would finally succeed in driving a wedge between them.

No. 827834

That is disgusting on so many levels

No. 839890

Late June, Colleen Ballinger said Trishas going to perform with her on her tour. After Trishas latest Twitter meltdown a lot of parents contacted Collen, saying their kids aren't allowed to come to her show if Trishas there.
Rumor is Colleen already kicked her out and is now bringing Joey Graceffa along and promoting him. Colleen's 100% business, I have no doubt that's true.

Hilarous, can't wait for this drama to unfold.
Trisha always thinks she's a great person, but she's just a gigantic whore who can't keep her mouth shut. She's burning all of her bridges.

No. 951053

Trisha's troll twitter where she has a alter called ''tatiana''

No. 956333

No ones surprised but wow girl really did just make an account specifically to bully people with DID

No. 980886

does anyone have a link to the sex tape she did

No. 1043204

why does this swine turn me on so much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1043342

Because you’re the swine anon

No. 1214115

Damn she got fat recently. Even her wrists look chubby.

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