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No. 557047

20 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 31 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/548305

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

List of all Taylor's pets:

-Made two videos of her snakes, one of them just doing dumb shit like laundry and one of them eating
-Has been criticised for using eco earth for her snakes substrate but doesn't care because "she thinks it's good"
-Most likely she's keeping her monitor lizard because o may gash guys he's so tame and use to me and the pet shop insists he's CB
-Left her pets again to go meet Jonny's friend for their birthday
-Is soon leaving again for a holiday in Disney
-Recently spewed facts about animals which have been pointed out to be incorrect
-Everyone believed her GTP was dead since its water bowl was dry and it didn't seem to be in the tank but she's rubbed it in our faces that it's alive
-Impulse bought a mantis shrimp; chucking it in her predator tank until she sets up a new tank for it (it'll likely murder her fish or break out of the tank)

No. 557073

who wants to bet she's gonna come home to a flooded apartment after leaving the mantis shrimp with her "animal professionals" to go to Disney

No. 557074

i think so but i hope none of her animals die because of it (the fish will tho)

No. 557083

Jesus Taylor is a stupid bitch, look at this shrimp fucking up the reef like mike tyson


No. 557102

Is the mantis shrimp in the same aquarium as the lionfish atm? If so, if the shrimp mike tyson’s its way out of the glass then everything will fall out, including the lionfish and if that happens, the cats might get too curious and get poked by it’s barbs.

Why does Taylor like to hoard and also put her animals in danger just for her own benefit?

No. 557116

the cats are apparently locked out but would be fine getting poked by barbs its similar to getting a bee sting according to most. if he breaks out he and 3 fish will die tho.

No. 557129

People in Taylor's Twitter saying they're going to get a mantis shrimp for their first saltwater tank

No. 557132

Those cats are gonna be locked in the bathroom for over a week.

No. 557139

Can’t wait until Taylor makes a mantis shrimp care guide full of entirely fake facts and misinformation

No. 557142


Imagine the fucking disaster that’ll happen once her cats start getting comfortable jumping on everything and attempt to jump onto the lid of or near the predator tank with the shrimp in it

No. 557143

And here we all thought she would possibly learn from the monitor situation. She wants the drama to stop but keeps giving us more fuel for speculation

No. 557148


I can’t believe that she embarrassed herself in front of the entire Youtube herp community by basically admitting to impulse buying and doing zero research, and now she wants to try the fishkeeping community

No. 557172

File: 1523896570502.png (474.99 KB, 595x481, Capture.PNG)

Ghost looks different or is it just me?

No. 557183


Pointed cats (ragdolls, Siamese, Siberians, etc.) get more color as they age.

No. 557185

The last picture you'd have to have the phone so close to the cat it's probably uncomfortable af. His eyes also suggest play mode to me tbh.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the one thing Taylor does right? She has created a community of strangers that don't like her to research all the shit she does wrong and could go wrong, it's wonderful.

No. 557202

After having pets die from starvation or dehydration, i wonder if her cats are underweight? Can never know due to all the floof. Also, if they were neutered by now, she would’ve taken videos/pictured of them “drunk” regardless of having a cone or not because from my experience of my dog getting neutered, i took so much videos of him so high after the prodecure because it was so cute and funny. So i doubt they ever took them in to get them done and probably just sugar coated the situation with lies again

Sage for speculation and a hint of blogposting

No. 557237

He’s in play mode for sure. Or rather play/hunting mode. My cats eyes get bigger when something catches his attention and he has to catch it/murder it

No. 557253


I'm just hoping some of the bigger names in the aquarium community will be more inclined to actually call her out on her bullshit than the herpers have been. I get that smaller channels are worried about Taylor's rabid stans going apeshit on them, but surely if they all supported each other they could survive that no problem.

No. 557268

I don't understand what about this druggie bitch attracts such rabid stans.

No. 557277

File: 1523900238770.png (126.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180416-113845.png)

No. 557288

Well, hopefully is always good! Especially when your home and the safety of your other animals depends on it. Just further illustrates this as either an impulse purchase or her lack of knowledge/experience.

No. 557290

She got a tank very quickly, interesting yet slightly suspicious.

No. 557294



"Hopefully" it won't kill your fish :)

She's basically admitting to have not done any research at all

No. 557306


"Pretty thick" probably just means standard-thickness because she had to buy the first acrylic tank she could find to hold her impulse-purchase, and extra thick ones really aren't that easy to find.

No. 557314


She has to be bullshitting. Yesterday she said she put a tank inside her predator tank and now she's got an non-standard acrylic tank all of a sudden? Sure Jane…

No. 557372

File: 1523904916329.jpg (35.03 KB, 632x255, image.jpg)

Her fans are so delusional.
This tweet is a reply to the introduction of her new accesory.
It's really ironic because in that tweet she states that the mantis shrimp can punch faster than the speed of sound and see more colors than humans, and neither of those are true.
So yeah no, she doesn't do research, at most she parrots the first thing she see on one of those animal fun fact websites for children.

No. 557375

No that was actually accurate, they do have the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom, and mantis shrimp can detect ten times more color than a human, including ultraviolet light. They as well can indeed punch with the speed of a .22 caliber bullet.

She's still an idiot, but those facts were accurate.

No. 557380


Let's make a running list of all the "facts" Taylor has told, only to be corrected within seconds by other, more educated people:

1. Perpetuating the Nanny Dog myth (then pretending like she knew it was a myth the entire time in her pitbull video like she didn't get called out for it lmao)

2. Saying that Mantis Shrimp aren't known for breaking out of tanks

3. Her weird ass methods of feeding her snakes that are "picky eaters"

4. Buying the entirely wrong species of monitor when anyone with two braincells can check Google and tell the difference in a few seconds

Feel free to add more! I haven't been watching her that long to notice any other weird slipups like those

No. 557381


5. Using Eco Earth substrate for her ball pythons

No. 557383


6. Promoting betta sorority tanks.

No. 557389

No. 557390


7. Using red lamps on her animals claiming "they love it" and advising others to use them, when all it does is give them 24/7 light so they have no day/night cycle.

No. 557402

Why is a picture of an innocent baby posted as the threader header? Is there a way please that the image can be changed? Seems like we have some pretty good photoshoppers anons amongst us if they want to make some works of art.

No. 557405

Cant change a header but if you dont like it you can hide it by clicking (hide) right next to where it says "file"

No. 557406

Ps if you look someone photoshopped a monitor trying to eat the baby lmao

No. 557410

>>557132 That's so cruel, those poor cats. Why did Taylor get cats only to travel and be away from them so much and lock them up during those times. I'm sure the cats don't like smelling their own litter boxes. Taylor should know what it feels like to be locked up in a small room for a week with probably no lights and see how she likes it.

No. 557411

>>557172 It's normal for cats with color points to darken as they age. Same cat.

No. 557413


And they're not even tiny kittens anymore so they'll take up a lot more room in the bathroom compared to when they were tiny kittens so now they have even less room in there. I don't know what she must tell herself to justify all of the neglect she puts on to her animals. She's truly a disgusting human being.

No. 557417

How is a baby being in the thread picture offensive to you ?

Maybe channel that outrage into the fact that 1/3 of the pets Taylor has owned have been killed or "rehomed"

No. 557420

>>557380 Her receipt from the petshop would have had the type of Monitor she purchased on it and she could have easily gone back to the shop and gotten a reprint if needed. They have her signed signature on purchase record. She just flat out fucking lied.

No. 557432

honestly the cats would be better cared for, actually get neutered/shots/medical attention, have a cleaner environment/more space, and way more attention in a no-kill shelter. this is rarely the case. most people I know who take subpar care of their pets still love them, still give them attention/space, and still TRY. Taylor doesn't even fucking try. And she has the resources to give these cats a great life.

No. 557438

>>557417 Because it's not Taylor's baby and because it has nothing to do with her animal hoarding. I feel like it's derailing in a sense but that's just my opinion.

"Maybe channel that outrage into the fact that 1/3 of the pets Taylor has owned have been killed or "rehomed""

Exactly, the threader header could have had said neglected animals pictured and made tons more sense, again imo.

No. 557439

Has anyone tweeted Taylor yet and asked her if the cats are neutered like Jonny said was happening? Or is she blocking people left and right asking.

No. 557442

If it’s with the lion fish, it’s in a Biocube 29 - which is GLASS. If she has it in a plastic case inside the tank, it’s PLASTIC not acrylic and it’s not thick plastic. What’s the point in lying? Also, peacocks CAN break out but it’s VERY RARE.

Y’all are just as bad as her with the false information……

No. 557448

pretty sure it was the only ps in the last thread
if you wanna make the next thread image go ahead

No. 557452

>it's not Taylor's baby and because it has nothing to do with her animal hoarding.
kinda does relate to her when she's keeping a monitor that can grow up to 4-5feet long, so it can actually attack a baby especially when her "animal care-taker" has a baby that will likely be in the apartment while Taylor goes off and party

No. 557456


You sound like one of those people whining last thread that no one was going to take us seriously because we called Taylor stupid names or speculated or speculated on less important topics when there's no milk.

The baby ain't in any danger; his eyes aren't even open yet and half his face is covered. If you wanna get mad at someone, get mad at Taylor for posting the picture at all

No. 557466

File: 1523911589136.jpg (131.27 KB, 450x300, tnd.jpg)

This is what I think of every time people mention the mantis shrimp punching through the tank. lol

No. 557468


It perfectly illustrates her lack of care for basic safety and other living creatures. The point is she totally would let a defenseless baby or kitten or whatever near a dangerous predator. Her recklessness and inability to follow basic safety while buying extremely dangerous animals (monitor, shrimp) and housing them next to her other defenseless pets is a major concern. It’s not off topic. You’re being too sensitive because it’s someone else’s baby. But unless it’s your baby, chill out over it and move on

No. 557475

I know some mums avoid cats like death when they have a newborn. Is it dangerous/possibly dangerous or?

No. 557480

One speed of sound is 767.269 miles per hour, a mantis shrimp punch is 31 to 52 mph. If I google "mantis shrimp speed of sound" I get 1 result that's dubious.

No. 557482

>>557452 That's actually a really good point and my opinion has changed somewhat. Since technically the Monitor belongs to the baby's Mother but staying with Taylor, so she's involved. I think Taylor and the Mother would be impulsive enough to let the baby out around it too, since they impulsively purchased it. Scary.

No. 557483


It's because cats can shed a bacteria called Toxoplasma gondii in their poop for a couple of weeks if they get infected with it, and the bacteria can be harmful to pregnant ladies (specifically the baby i think), but generally it would be difficult to contract the bacteria unless you're sniffing their poop or eating it.

That's why there was a pretty big issue for people when Taylor had her heavily pregnant friend look after her cats while she was away since the friend would have been cleaning their litter trays.

No. 557485



No. 557486

>>557456 I wasn't one of those people, you can sit down. There has been plenty of milk, you must not have noticed the Mantis Shrimp controversy presently.

No. 557493

>>557475 No,responsible people can have cats and newborns, even dogs. Because responsible people keep their infants environments healthy and clean and take good care of their animals. I really hope Betsy doesn't bring that baby over to Taylor's filthy place. However both Betsy and Taylor have illustrated they are both absolutely stupid and selfish and immature. Betsy seems like the type that would purchase an animal only to get rid of it later, dump it off at a shelter because it interfered with the baby somehow because she wasn't responsible enough. Taylor hasn't once mentioned Betsy having a say in where the Monitor goes, it can't go to Betsy's because of the baby (if she's responsible) and Taylor is ignoring that it SHOULD go to an appropriate home.

No. 557495


I said "sound like" nimrod. Learn to read. Also "when there's no new milk" not "there's no new milk." Jesus christ

Just stop complaining or leave if the picture triggers you that much

No. 557503

>>557495 I had already changed my opinion and agreed about the image in several posts above, so it's you who can't read.

No. 557506


my original reply to you was before you "changed your mind" lmao

No. 557509

>>557506 You are basically arguing with yourself at this point when you continue to try and fight with someone who willingly changed their opinion. Get a hobby, you need one for your anger issues.

Now back to the topics on the thread or leave.

No. 557511


lmao y'all trying so hard to come up with some sort of burn but you just look embarrassing

more to the point: I'm sick of seeing "stop derailing!!!!" comments every ten replies because someone is throwing a fit that no one is talking about what they want to talk about

Ignore the side conversations, or steer the conversation back to the previous topic, don't just sit there and whine because you're just as useless as the people arguing(derailing)

No. 557512

Back on topic, has Taylor posted any new update on how the Mantis shrimp is being housed? Like a full on aquarium shot? It seems to me like she's avoiding showing how he's housed but of course it's speculation. Where did this magical acrylic tank suddenly come from that she didn't have before? Is she just saying she had it? It seems to me she bought it thinking it was a myth that they can actually punch through glass and panicked after the internet told her otherwise.

No. 557518


She posted a video last night (that she already deleted) feeding it a dead fish, but it wasn't a full tank shot

No. 557522

>>557518 Thank you, I wish someone could have snagged it. Do you know the reason why she deleted it? My biggest worry is that the Mantis Shrimp will break the aquarium, water gushes out, small electrical fire happens, and those thin drywall walls she has (all apartments have these) will go up in flame. Cats don't simply get burned, they literally burn up like a torch because of their fur and it's a horrible painful death. There are so many apartment fires every year because of irresponsible people leaving something unattended properly, trapped pets inside the rooms get burned to death.

She could have literally waited until after Disneyland and upgrading her other tanks to get the Mantis shrimp. I swear she's on drugs when she makes purchases lately.

No. 557524

Could be she searched “thick walled aquarium” on amazon and clicked that Same Day button, because, you know, she’s lazy and could care less about what her animal really needs

No. 557529

if only you posted this earlier, would've been a good op pic

No. 557536

Has Taylor said anything about quarantining considering she's ALREADY put it in a tank with other fish? Or is she ignoring that too?

No. 557542

>>557536 It's irresponsible how she announces a new animal and putting it in the wrong enclosure with animals that it could potentially and will harm, only to immediately after ignore all concern or questions regarding it. Can you make it anymore obvious Taylor you're panicking.

No. 557543


With the amount of animals Taylor has, she could really benefit from one of those "animals trapped inside" stickers that a lot of pet stores sell to put inside the entry way of your home, or one of those "I have animals at home" keychains in the event of something serious happening.

Though I guess she doesn't think that far ahead or care enough

No. 557544

She's only mentioned that since it arrived earlier she's putting it in a tank within a tank, nothing about quarantining.

No. 557552

File: 1523933504860.jpeg (320.89 KB, 640x829, 353E9BBF-650A-440F-A2D3-C55791…)

No. 557556

File: 1523933613729.jpeg (114.27 KB, 640x566, 33AA8337-5BFC-4A18-8B9C-C155D8…)

“Invest in a costly and time consuming saltwater tank like me rather than a 20$ ticket to fulfill your momentary desire to see fish at a professional aquarium!”

No. 557557

>>557544 She never quarantines her animals and she ignores people who question why she doesn't.

She should have had a tank ready and didn't, and there is no way the Mantis Shrimp arrived early. If she had a tank prepared long in advance, even if it were early she would be prepared. Animal hoarders don't prepare room for new arrivals or quarantine, and neglect the old pets, and she is a classic example of this.

No. 557591

File: 1523935277169.jpg (682.9 KB, 1306x1080, jonnyfans.jpg)

This is about Jonny not Taylor, but I thought the interaction was funny because it was one of his fans. He blocked them both over a potential Star Wars debate.

No. 557685

File: 1523945200685.jpeg (153.57 KB, 750x1092, 58943E82-7BC8-468B-85C3-57B1A2…)

I know it’s not recent but holy shit at how she handled those kittens. Animals are literally nothing but objects and props to her. Who the hell would ever hold any cat like that let alone such a fragile small one.

No. 557691

I noticed she has already deleted the tweet about making an aquarium series or whatever it was… Lol already knows she can't be arsed/it wouldn't be up for 4 months.

No. 557703

So how long until the next purchased new animal. She's probably already shopping for it. I bet she is completely panicking now about the Mantis Shrimp with the improper housing. It will take a strong lesson of disaster for this stupid slut to wake up, and even then maybe not. If all of her animals were killed off, she would just immediately get new animals the next day.

No. 557704

The kitten does look super cute, but it is NOT an excuse. I cannot imagine myself grabbing a poor animal in an uncomfortable and dangerous way just to take a photo. I would be horrified that I will harm it

No. 557706

>>557685 Can you imagine how unsafe little Nemo felt in that moment? Look at his splayed out paws and tucked in tail, he was terrified. No compassion, she just wanted her picture and no care for the kittens emotional well being. It's really no wonder the female kitten deteriorated so fast and died, on top of them both being starved and there really is evidence of that. She even jokes about the female kitten's death. Then one week later after she died, went out and bought Ghost off of Craiglist.

No. 557710


Look at him struggling to find his footing while he's being completely unsupported underneath him, poor boy. At least they've grown so Taylor can't manhandle them like this as much, though i'm sure she still finds ways to stress them out for her own benefit.

No. 557715

Amazed we don't have a bet going on with what animal she might possibly get next….

No. 557716

I'm not sure if she might have had two but she 'rehomed' her angelfish a while ago.
She mentioned it towards the end of her ick video that she got rid of it because it bit Cheese.

No. 557717

>>557716 I bet the Angel died and she lied. She said the same thing about the Seahorses that she rehomed them.

No. 557734

She did something similar when the gray kitten was still alive. Like she held them down with one hand which was obviously hurting or at the very least stressing the animals.

No. 557749

Yeah this is where I get angry. Everything is dangerous to kittens at that age. The slightest thing can send a previously healthy baby suddenly downhill. Am I supposed to believe that holding them like that wasn’t stressful to them? Knowing that stress can be a serious fucking risk to a baby animal so young?

There’s several pics of her holding them both dangerously in one hand, stretched away from her body, usually in a car or outside so who knows what the plan was if they fucking fell from that height…I know we’ve moved on, we’re probably six serious scandals past this but it makes me so angry how she just went out and took these babies claiming to be an expert when she wasn’t even aware enough to not hold them like a struggling goddamn turtle and almost certainly caused the death of that grey kitten through stress or a lack of knowing what exactly to look for in a kitten that isn’t thriving. Because she wasn’t fucking qualified to do it.

No. 557763

ok why are you calling her a slut in every post you make? It's actually really annoying

No. 557772

This is the type of forum where people can say literally anything about the lolcow. She’s been called worse and it’s not going to be the last time she’s called a slut. Don’t derail with knitpicking comments about which choice of word people use. -I’m not the original anon but I’m saying it nicely before you get attacked for derailing over something as stupid as the word slut-

No. 557795

Good concept but that picture looks nothing like Taylor, it would be better if you used a picture of her that actually looks like her

No. 557867

That is her, the anon just morphed her face to look like she’s gettig punched.

Anyways, a moment of silence for those poor animals that died from the hands of Taylor’s fans that bought them out of impulse/to get attention from her so they either have no idea what to do so they get bored and forget them, or just throw them in an aquarium without proper care and quarantine.

No. 557884

I can tell none of you ever raised kittens. Holding one on its back is definitely the least of the taylor drama.

The problem is only if she were trying to feed him while he was on his back but I don't think she did any bottle feeding which is probably why the female died. They looked young enough to still need bottles. She really never posted enough about them at all.

No. 557887

What about all the exposed holding of them in the car and the like. I've never raised kittens before but that just seemed like a bad idea the first moment I saw it. Those cats never seemed to have much in the way of blankets / something to keep them warm. Holding Nemo on his back up there was a symptom of a much larger problem of her general mishandling imho.

No. 557888


She did? She posted a video of bottle feeding

No. 557891


Well you obviously can't tell well enough since i've personally raised at least 10 kittens and a handful of cats. I'd never hold any of the kittens i've raised (some of them from birth) the way that Taylor held them. It makes them feel uncomfortable and stressed and is totally unneccesary unless it was temportarily to check them over. Not for Taking photos like Taylor did that probably took at least 10 mins. Sure, it's not as big a deal as other things she has done but it certainly demonstrates that she doesn't care about the way she mishandles her animals or about their mental wellbeing while doing so.

No. 557914

It's repetitive and annoying and obviously the same person who will spam several comments in a row. They need to learn the rules or leave.

No. 557937

I agree. To the people that thinks it’s not so bad, imagine her trying to take that photo? Kittens can get extremely wiggly (forgot the word. Skirmy? Idk lol) trying to position themselves upright, and with her holding him with one hand, i imagine Nemo trying to turn as hard as he could while Taylor is turning him and swinging him around so aggressively. For people that’s experienced (or who have common sense and actually care), they would have them bundled up 90% of the time when they’re held so they’re cozy, warm, and safe (from falls especially)

And this is coming from someone who never had to take care of a 7 week old or younger kitten. If someone actually cares about their pets, they wouldn’t even try to hold young kittens so far from their chest in the first place and that’s if they really have to

Sage for blogging because whatever Taylor tries to do is triggering, but i cant look away from her milk

No. 557964


I've raised many litters of kittens. It's important to support their bellies just like any other adult cat. Especially when they're so tiny. Not only is that stressful for the kitten, it'll effect it's behavior as they grow older. You want your cat to feel safe with you and when being held.

No. 557974

I have raised four orphan litters, actually, and I stand by what I said. Never in the 5 years I’ve volunteered and fostered have I ever flipped a kitten that young (or any age really) onto its back while holding it in one hand so I can take a picture. I’m not saying it’s the worst thing she’s done, but it can stress kittens out and they are incredibly delicate at that age, so why would you do it?

Also she absolutely bottle fed them. She didn’t know how to do it properly.

No. 557979

Even vets wouldn't do this. The normal restraint method is how a mother cat would hold them and they naturally just go 'limp'

No. 558017

File: 1523989282613.jpg (126.14 KB, 1600x900, onepunchmantis.jpg)

one punch mantis.

No. 558031

>>557914 I follow the rules just fine. And Taylor is a slut, and she's also an animal hoarder, are you going to start scolding for calling her that now too? Fuck off.(calm your autism)

No. 558056

really tho calm ur autism
How exactly is she a slut lmao??? Like wut. She’s an animal hoarder but tbh u are annoying as fuck I’ve seen u the past few threads

No. 558063

STOP arguing back ur just as bad. (I am also now just as bad).

Can we get back to nitpicking cause we have no milk please? We have much important internet stuff to discuss like Taylors new Mike Tyson mantis shrimp biting the ear off her other tank inhabitants

No. 558102

I wonder if she’s having trouble with her tank atm while her mantis one punching everything?

No. 558112

File: 1523999301941.jpeg (417.47 KB, 750x913, DEBD205A-5E26-4237-865D-0D1FC9…)

I fear for this cutie :(

No. 558131

Another pettuber just uploaded a video about all her new aquariums and auto misters. For someone with 1mil+ subscibers and $6,000 bracelets and playing $25,000+ for teeth, i would assume Taylor would also start buying huge aquariums and vivariums for all her animals with auto misters, etc, but watching her latest videos, her animals are all on her dirty floor or on old storage crates with hides that’s not meant for reptiles. Her place looks like a crack den and it’s crazy how her stans think her animal care is the best there is. I wonder where her youtube check goes to if she doesn’t want to use it on her animals? Jonny? Partying and drugs?

No. 558133


Just let your cat chew on your expensive bracelet

No. 558139

So while Ghost being latched onto her arm this way is not the worst thing, it is a symptom of her and Jonny's manhandling. Letting your kittens play with your hand and doing things like forcefully rolling them over or tossing them onto each other to fight can teach them that it's ok to bite and claw at you. While it seems like Ghost is being careful, it's still not behavior cat behaviorists encourage.

No. 558141

I keep watching videos of the mantis shrimp cracking glass


No. 558147

>I wonder where her youtube check goes to if she doesn’t want to use it on her animals? Jonny? Partying and drugs?

Basically, yeah.
Taylor was never in it for the animals, she saw them as props to make her quirky. What she's wanted all along is become a model. The reason she has so many animals, and this is told by herself in one of her videos, isn't really because she wants to be Great Value Bindi Irwin or whatever; it's because she didn't have a normal school experience and used animals as substitutes for real friendships.

It's truly never been about the animals, but literally to fill a void. Obviously now she's become more cynical about it.

No. 558162

Yeah I agree with you, I think its just in her nature to not really care about animals for the longevity of their life, shes the definition of the ads that shelters run out saying dogs aren't just for christmas. She is the impulse buyer everyone warns against.

Taylors mental illness isnt an excuse either because nomatter how lazy you get with yourself, your animals can't look after themselves. Doing the bare minimum isn't fair on a creature you've taken the responsibility to look after

No. 558165


lol wut. It didn’t even break the glass. Yeah they’re dangerous but the stories of them breaking glass are rare.

Stop. Nitpicking. When. There’s. No. New. Milk.

Stop falsifying facts.

Worst part about th situation is it was an impulse buy with no tank available.

No. 558166

Lol model, for what? T-shirts for Hot Topic bcause she’s so edgey and #relatable? Well, hope she knows it’s too late for that and no matter how many animals she takes in and makes excuses that she has money, it can’t fill that void especially with her type of attitude/personality that she has that she doesn’t want to fix or deal with so she just blocks it out like how she blocks people on twitter when she doesn’t agree with them.

No. 558211

Yes!!! because my roommate did that with her cat as a kitten and now when we pet him (when he asks) he immediately latches on and starts kicking and biting

No. 558215

File: 1524002801014.jpeg (243.94 KB, 1272x1786, 871E87ED-19F9-488D-9693-1C2126…)

No. 558216

File: 1524002810198.jpeg (256.49 KB, 1267x1915, ABC5FE36-65B6-48C3-A78D-165B2D…)

No. 558220


How can anyone live like that… Poor cats.. :(

No. 558222

She literally looks like an addict

No. 558230

I’ve dealt with oxy addicts that would be appalled by the state of this room.
Who lives like that?

No. 558246


Normally I'm a bit annoyed at the anons that go on about every little mark on her skin and say "She's on drugs picking her skin!!1" but seeing this it's undeniable. Both her and Jonny have been going at it by the looks of it…

No. 558292

Something that happens rarely is something that still happens. Pointing out that something can happen, even though rarely, is not falsifying facts.

No. 558299

File: 1524006632349.png (4.19 MB, 1242x2208, E1E3829C-BC09-4375-9324-98290F…)

No. 558311

I guess like an instathot? I mean we know she wouldn't have been the next Kate Moss that's for sure. That was the whole idea behind moving to L.A. to begin with.

No. 558330

They look like extras from Breaking Bad.

No. 558333

holy heroin hooker

No. 558336

Her hair is a yellow bleached mess. It looks awful!!

She should have kept her hair brown, it looked so nice brown.

No. 558344

File: 1524009887759.jpeg (683.19 KB, 1271x1647, 9849495A-BDE5-4862-BA59-4841AA…)

I wonder if Taylor will be attending.

No. 558345

That's the back of the biocube. So looks like it's not in a tank inside of the biocube.

No. 558347


yeah and it's not necessarily typical for a 30+ year old to still be getting acne all the time and it's always an open wound

they're definitely doing drugs

No. 558348

Am I missing something here? I don't see what's so damning about this photo

No. 558368

File: 1524012265033.png (377.54 KB, 750x1334, F2B843BE-A892-4118-A4F2-5ACD56…)

Can’t remember if Taylor is still going to be in Florida then but if she’s not, I have no doubt she’ll fly to LA just for this

No. 558371

he should have at least 10 inches of substrate to burrow in, he probably feels so exposed and stressed out

No. 558376

LOL is she developing jowls?! How?? She's not even fat!!

No. 558381


If she does it wouldn't be to honor Steve, it would probably be to try to shove her "Steve Irwin inspired" tattoo in Bindi's face and gush about how he was the most important person in the world to her

Meanwhile I'm almost certain that Taylor was just one of those typical kids who watched Animal Planet when it was on, but never showed any vested interest outside of that. Clearly not enough to put an actual effort learning about them

No. 558404


So that's where her skinks name comes from..

No. 558405

watch her bring the skink on a leash to meet her namesake lol

No. 558419

I don't want to live in a world where we can't fight with our cats and let them chew our arms off. Seriously, the cat behavioralists can go blow a dog lover. People like cats because they are feisty and are never tamed by humans.

No. 558423


lmao what kind of comment even is this? no one cares why you prefer cats over dogs or what you think they should be allowed to do

No. 558424


You're literally wrong AND you forgot to sage

No. 558432

Anyone wanna bet that she’ll tweet, “guise! Bindi and her family came to say hi to me and i told them all about my animals and theyre so proud!”

No. 558475


What the fuck are you on about.

I imagine that, should more people listen to cat behaviourists, cats wouldn't have a bad reputation for 'attacking people for no reason'.

People appreciate cats for all sorts of reasons.

How you feel about your cats attacking you (in play or not) is not at all related to Taylor.

Sage for irrelevance.

No. 558485

Looks like Mantis Shrimp get agitated at hands by their tank

No. 558495

>>558216 okay, this is a little off topic, but as a Toys r Us fag who had to make a return of that exact Captain America shield (or at least one very similar) I can say th at the original price of that thing was 400 bucks… buying movie prop look alike things for that much bit she won't even buy dishes for the kittens or proper enclosures for countless fish… this if anything solidifies how horrible their spending habits must be.

No. 558496

they're getting the cats neutered on her ig story.

No. 558504

Why does she do this shit at the weirdest times?

No. 558511

File: 1524024549491.jpeg (3.79 MB, 2048x2048, 5B3FED51-3683-4CD6-B77A-9D53C3…)

No. 558512


Right now? 9pm PT? What the hell?

No. 558514

File: 1524024707154.jpeg (240.87 KB, 1242x1207, C1DAAEC6-DD0B-494F-A187-B0B73C…)

Lol at this bitch having a manager

No. 558518

Jonny probably just put on some music…

Manager…. pfft. No one should manage this hot mess. Or want to.

No. 558519


She's probably bullshitting but I hope she has a manager lmao

Maybe they'll actually force her to make more consistent videos, since I imagine that's where she'd get the money to actually pay them

No. 558524

Her 'manager' should edit some videos for her, they might come out in a reasonable time.

No. 558527

The paper shows she’s at town and country veterinary hospital so I googled it and it’s open 24 hours.

No. 558541

It also has awful reviews, one says the vet was uneducated and the vet techs are rude and don’t answer questions.

No. 558542

it makes sense that she's been congratulated for her animal care, then.

No. 558544

I go to the same vet. They're open 24/7 and often want you to bring your pet in the evening to stay overnight if they're going to get neutered in the morning

No. 558559

Is that both or just Nemo?

No. 558562

She had both

No. 558590

File: 1524037778091.jpeg (155.66 KB, 750x1157, C7A8483C-2C46-4496-9C7A-C6607B…)

On taylors Instagram post about her crab, honesty tyler is almost as full of shit as she is.

No. 558676

I don’t want to derail but Tyler has been keeping up with the thread too because on twitter/instagram he will make sly comments just like her. Only difference is if his lolcow was as savage as Taylor’s I don’t think he’d be able to handle it. Taylor is barely handling any criticism but I feel like Tyler is kind of spineless so he’d be in shambles. I think he’s just trying to mooch off her status “hey look I’m sarcastic too! Sub to me too!”

Taylor is also thriving off of comments like that, the ones that so obviously believe her charade so she keeps making a joke about everything exaggerating what we say so it side tracks from the truth. Like “I do crack” when she really is out here on heroin or “here’s my obviously dead snake!” Yet he’s alive but neglected.

No. 558680

**not confirming she does heroin specifically, I’m just stating that as an example of why she specifically keeps saying crack, I don’t want it to speculated that that is her specific choice of drug, but she clearly doesn’t do crack so I think she’s using that to cover up her actual drug use.

No. 558683

Slightly OT, but the other thread on pettubers attracted a lot of them recently; bitching and crying about the fact they're topics of conversation. Apparently we're all obliged to go to them with suggestions for their care; not expect them to do research before buying an animal. They're /all/ literally as entitled as Taylor; Taylor just happens to have got a thread first because of all the stuff with JC and her apparent drug use.

No. 558684

This was a boomerang, she showed Nemo and Ghost's papers like we've been asking for but conveniently stopped before showing Ghost's breed.

No. 558687

TBF most vets will just write down whatever you tell them for breed. So she could lie to the vets too and say 'ragdoll mix'. It wouldn't mean much.

No. 558688

Lol who is the one posting nonstop some animal related video?
First with the monitor and now with the mantis
We get it! They are really dangerous
I don't need every video there is in YouTube about them
If I want to see them all I can fucking search it.

Is the same manager who make the typo in one of the plushies?
The publicity of her merch gives me cancer everytime
From the fonts to her "interesting facts"!
Who wants and hedgehog with a t-shirt of another hedgehog?

No. 558780

Its multiple people, I posted some but I didn't post them all.

No. 558796

It’s not like there’s only 5 people reading this thread, there’s probably more than we think it is, especially those that just reads so multiple evidence with sources are better than 1, just in case our princess Taytay comes by and say we’re all lying. And plus, if the topic comes up and i come across said topic on youtube or tv, it’s gona remind me how ridiculous Taylor’s decision is and i’m gona share my thoughts. Some people are idiots so you can show a million videos of how large a monitor is or strong a 1 foot mantis shrimp is and they’ll still won’t believe it, especially for Taylor, she thinks she can tame them all and we have videos to prove she’s, in fact, an idiot.

No. 558818

I agree with this. Some serious nitpicking going on in this thread lately lol

No. 559042

File: 1524080292328.jpeg (202.65 KB, 750x1800, 49CAFBD1-3023-4B93-B779-1E7CFD…)

Also regarding ghost’s breed: if he really was adopted, like tay said, how on earth could she possibly know if ghost actually was a “ragdoll mix” lol. There are so many god damn long-haired colorpointed cat breeds. The only reason she knows that ghost is a ragdoll is because that’s what the craigslist idiot told her.
I know we’ve already established that there is no way ghost is a rescue cat but i thought i might as well share.
… btw; you can really see here that the 600 bucks she paid for ghost are actually way too much considering that he barely matches the breed-stand lol.

No. 559052

I honestly don't care what breed Ghost is because at the end of the day, he's from a backyard breeder that sells them for $600 because of how they look. Taylor just impulsively went on Craigslist because she wants to replace her dead kitten and came across a 5 week old kitten like Nemo. If she didn't impulsively bought him and really wanted a ragdoll, she would've researched different registered breeders in her area and buy a $600 purebred kitten. but i guess, "rescuing" kittens with the same age as her other one from craigslist is more exciting for her.

No. 559101

Lmao how much you want to bet her "manager" is just her poor pregnant (recently pregnant?) friend. Or some other friend considering they've been a pretty shitty manager with her terrible upload schedule, typos in videos and merch, and losing subscribers

No. 559114

I'm pretty sure one time she mentioned having the same manager as Tana Mongeau. It was either same manager or same company that manages them.

No. 559120

I follow a couple youtubers (not pet youtubers) who own cats and they all love speculating on the many different breeds their cats resemble lol so this kinda is a good point. If you weren’t sure and you were really invested in your pet, you’d probably spend a bit of time having fun comparing it. To come right out with “he’s a rag doll cross” suggests that she was only thinking “I know it’s a rag doll so everyone else will too, better just say that” instead of realising there’s tons of other cats similar to that.

No. 559121

File: 1524086416561.jpg (618 B, 64x32, KMQ9h.jpg)

Honestly, Ghost looks like he's just a long haired Siamese, which I guess is called Balinese? He has a similar facial structure to this cat. The face is more pointed than rounded like the actual Ragdoll cat's is. Given the monitor situation, I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor purchased what she thought was a purebred Ragdoll, but it's also plausible that Ghost really is some kind of mix, but she calls him a Ragdoll mix to make him sound extra special ad doesn't really know what he is.

No. 559123

File: 1524086600539.jpg (29.92 KB, 620x330, e2WE73S.jpg)

Not sure what happened to my picture. Hopefully it posts ok this time.

No. 559153

To be honest, I don't think she's lying when she says it's a ragdoll mix, regardless of where the cat actually came from. I mean she knows jackshit about cats so the backyard breeder could've told her it was a balinese or birman and she would've believed it.

No. 559312

from what i know siamese cost like $500 and ragdolls cost up to $1200 its definitely possible that this sketchy craigslist byb scammed people into buying a siamese rather than a pure ragdoll so he could get more profit. either way she still bought rather than adopting, condemning a shelter cat bc she selfishly wants to show off a boujee looking cat rather than to take care of an animal

No. 559521

sage a non-backyard breeder Siamese has a wedge head and costs upwards of $800 for pet quality. Ragdolls are not as expensive as CFA Siamese or Himalayans.

No. 559533

I don’t think she bought him because he’s a certain breed. I think she just went on craiglist and typed in “5 week old kitten” because she wanted a replacement for the one that passed away. I bet she was trying to find one that looks like Nemo’s sister to try to fool us

Sage for speculation

No. 559574

Reminder that posting subjects under the age of 16 is forbidden.

No. 559584


No, we already knew the female kitten had died and she had been looking at ragdoll kittens on craigslist before acquiring Nemo and his sister. She caught hell for looking for kittens on craigslist instead of adopting and then like magic, rescued Nemo and his sister. Ghost is what she wanted all along - a bought and paid for ragdoll (or what she thinks is a ragdoll…..or whatever)

No. 559600

She said in a livestream that she has the same manager as Logan Paul

No. 559625

I doubt that (not that she said that, but that she was telling the truth). I fucking hate Logan Paul as well, but there's definitely a huge difference in managing him and managing a barely 1M subscriber YouTuber who stays locked in her Texas apartment

No. 559650

People often think that any cat that has a pointed color is a siamese. I've known many people who sell random mutt cat/s as siamese or ragdolls thinking that they actually are mixed with that. In reality, long hair and pointed colors are pretty common occurrences in mutt cats with no breed mixed in them at all. It's not always due to people willfully setting up scams, some people are genuinely this uninformed and honestly believe their kittens are mixed. It is possible that the cat is a long hair cream moggie with grey points.

No. 559701

File: 1524111029685.jpeg (430.74 KB, 1273x1908, C9EF4E49-ADE7-4B24-AD84-9129D3…)

No. 559721

File: 1524112153822.png (4.47 MB, 1242x2208, B49E6510-59B8-4A2B-9A5E-18BEF3…)

No. 559724

File: 1524112256738.jpeg (500.84 KB, 1241x1990, 1686508C-29D4-43C1-A395-1E74D4…)

No. 559725

File: 1524112265445.jpeg (136.99 KB, 640x363, F780DC04-18F0-4A91-A719-6F2AFE…)

Anyone else kind of grossed out by this considering he actually has a kid that he’s just ignoring?

Alsoyou’d think how much Taylor fawned over Betsy’s baby for the first few days, she’s be all over interjecting herself into his kid’s life.

But that would require more effort and patience than just putting down bowls of food and water in a cage and taking her animals out whenever it’s convinient for her

No. 559728


I would love to see her try to do an actual moon crab care video and get everything completely wrong lmao

Sage for blogging, but I've been looking into wanting to get one of these and when I've been trying to do research online, the general consensus thus far seems to be that there really isn't a lot of info on keeping them since they seem to be pretty new to the exotic pet trade.

So I imagine all of her info is going to be pulled from the articles or the two incomplete sort of care sheets that you can find online.

No. 559739

What the f u c k is she wearing

No. 559752


lol the photo is obviously taken just to show her weird swimsuit/sweater/weirdness.

No. 559771

Oh god, that gave me the thought of Jonny impregnating Taylor… makes me shudder. She is so negligent with her own animals, I can’t even begin to imagine what an awful mother she would make to an actual child.
Also yeah, pretty fucked that Jonny tries so hard to put out the persona like Taylor “my cats are my sons!! I love them more than humans!!” but yet he has an ACTUAL son he acts like doesn’t exist, I mean how much more of a scumbag can you be…
Oh yeah, you could be a rapist. I can’t blame the mom of the kid for not wanting Jonny in the child’s life if that’s the case because he’s a fucking rapist.

No. 559781

File: 1524117853000.png (106.27 KB, 1080x403, IMG_20180419_070007.png)

She has such a bad attitude. It makes me laugh to think about when she said Disney wanted to hire her to be an animal educator, she'd be so fucking rude and condescending to anyone who asked a question she deemed idiotic. I bet she didn't even know coral weren't plants until last week.
She's probably just insulted a lot of her fans and doesn't give a shit.

No. 559815

I'm so glad she's seemed to stop her ugly ass nails and instead just shows her ugly hand

No. 559847

File: 1524126004144.png (484.2 KB, 739x444, TND2.PNG)

Probably reaching but is it weird that just a week or so ago it was so defensive and now it is getting friendly so fast when she has had it for months. If it is getting friendly so fast after it being so defensive last week shouldn't it have been more friendly months ago? Wonder if the last one did actually die and this is a new one.

No. 559982

Probably getting used to her bothering him 24/7

No. 559992

Wait.. i just realized something. So, her hair is actually just a bundle of tumble weed, and all that hair in her photos and videos is just extensions? Lol wow. She’s like 90% plastic and 10% drugs

No. 560042

I am 99% sure her manager is the same company who sells her merch, Studio 71, if you look at the services the provide channel management is one. https://www.studio71.com/us/services/

No. 560048


Yeah, she could easily afford new extensions that don't look so damn ratty, but then they wouldn't match her actual straw hair. She's got very strange "priorities."

No. 560065

Omfg can we please stop conspiring about how her animals have died and shes replaced them, its so stupid

No. 560076

I agree, nothing points to her replacing her animals, it's 100% speculation based on nothing concrete

No. 560078

we also dont know she hasnt lol cheese def should be a lot bigger

No. 560092

Cheese should be bigger, but many fish will stop growing if their environment isn't large enough, at least I've been told this. I know for a fact that Cheese's tank is half the size that's recommended for longhorn cowfish.

No. 560167

He stop growing because the tank isn't big enough
It is pretty normal at least in fishes to stop growing if they consider they won't fit in their enclosure (all tho it does affect their health)
So this by itself prove his enclosure isn't good enough for him because I think he would be twice his actual size at this point.

No. 560174

Idk if you noticed, but this entire thread has been conspiracies. Taylor is never going to come out and be like "I'm on drugs and killed cheese"

No. 560190

Yeah of course not, I'm just wishing the thread would stick to things that actually have SOME thread of evidence, rather than whatever shitty theory people want to make up about her next

No. 560212

File: 1524169728832.png (15.64 KB, 581x143, shadeshade.png)

I hope all these comments stress Taylor out since all she ever does is act like it's all ok.

No. 560240

lol her mom has been posting shit like this all day. Taylor probably does get stressed out but she will never show it because she can never be wrong. Nobody is falling for the "Jonny and I love each other sooooo much!! Nobody understands our love!". She just has to try to hard to act like everything is ok.
Honestly I was thinking about it lately, but I think a huge reason she stays with him is because his standards are outrageously low. "You wanna own 40+ animals and let them crawl all over the carpet and don't care about cleanliness and just wanna be a lazy POS all day and claim it's 'depression'? lol sure go ahead sweetie". As long as whoever Jonny is with is somewhat attractive (honestly though she looks 40 wtf), has money, is young and lets him do drugs/drink he doesn't care. She knows damn well no normal human being would be with someone like her (other than the people attracted to her physically). She has the nastiest personality and just doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself. Who would want that??
Sage for ranting/blogging but as sad as their relationship is, they are almost perfect for each other it's gross. So toxic. If Jonny was out of her life I feel like she'd have a better chance of changing for the better, she needs to learn to be by herself and eventually find someone who will push her to be better.

No. 560242

I wonder if, whenever her mom posts shit like this, it's because Taylor reached out to her to vent about her relationship.

No. 560245

Is her mom still in highschool because wtf. She doesn’t act like a grown woman and tweets like a angry teenage, no wonder Taylor is messed up in the head.

No. 560251

I don't think it's because his standards are low. He actually follows a pattern which is hot, young, and with money. But also emotionally immature for him so he can get away with shit.

Taylor is still in the "not like other girls" phase and is pretty blinded by her internet fame, but whether or not she wants it, those things will fade eventually because YouTube is not a guarantee of permanent success.

And it's kinda obvious that the moment he gets to be alone in tour he'll cheat on her, which will happen when she can't follow him around anymore. Wasn't there a tour in Brazil?

No. 560254

I agree. If they do go on tour at Brazil or anywhere and she’s not with him, he’s probably those type of dudes that are like “i’ma get a Brazilian girl” and boast about it with his band mates that he got laid.

No. 560255

File: 1524173073374.png (667.1 KB, 753x860, 2478EAFA-9482-4FF4-82A9-540835…)

Enjoy this stupid thing i put way too much effort in.

No. 560256

Great job Anon! I can totally see Taylor ad a crazy reptile hoarder in the next couple of years as she descends the rabbit hole of drugs with a manboy of a bf that doesn’t care what’s going on because he’s cashing out her checks

No. 560282

I know for a fact shes on drugs. Feel free to choose your own truths though, nobody has any real reason to believe me when I say it, but Taylor and I know its a fact, and thats enough for me lol

No. 560300

u wanna share the facts? or just sound annoying and smarmy

No. 560306

Not that anon but kek Weed is a drug and we have video of her with that. Might be legal in some states but it's not in hers. She also drank underage. We have texts of her saying she was taking heroin (that as far as I know she hasn't denied, just ignored). Then there's all the scab picking shit.

idk. I wouldn't mind betting she's tried more than weed once or twice. Idk if she's addict yet.. but we all know she lives like one lol.

No. 560307

She confirmed smokes heroine

No. 560318

besides the texts that she claims are fake, do you have proof of heroin tho? like if you do I'd be glad she's finally caught in her lies, but as far as this board goes there's no hard proof been posted. and tru I totally agree she smokes weed and drinks, but weed and alcohol are not on the same level as heroin. that's something that like until we see heroin in the apartment or something of her clearly being high then it just feels like such uncertainty

No. 560331

File: 1524179610430.png (36.66 KB, 583x307, 1234.png)

This is what Taylor chooses to have a life with

No. 560332

but jonny is sober!!1!

No. 560340


Jesus CHRIST, everything he posts makes me cringe so hard. I'm so embarrassed. 31 years old people.

No. 560356

God what a passive aggressive little piss ant. Taylor has to know that this is manipulative behavior. He's clearly trying to stir up family drama before her Disney trip/Meet&greet at the panel. Her mom keeps telling us they plan to try and get in contact or at the very least an in-person meet up with Taylor. He might be worried he is losing his grip on Taylor with her posting the recent "leave my mom alone" thing and how eager her mom is to meet up with her daughter.

No. 560368

File: 1524184165509.png (327.45 KB, 566x553, different.png)

She looks so different when she doesn't make herself up

No. 560384


This little twit, who couldn't even tell the difference between a black throat and roughneck monitor because she's an impulsive idiot, has absolutely ZERO right to criticize anyone who isn't a coral expert. Shut up, Taylor.

No. 560392

File: 1524186635702.jpeg (436.33 KB, 1536x1174, 1092C9AB-197D-4604-8519-8F5C7F…)

Hang on, is she really gonna preach about coral reef conservation when she owns wild caught tropical fish?

No. 560423

It should be in one of the first threads iirc but Taylor’s dad confirmed those texts when she admits to smoking heroin were sent from her number, the ex of Jonny’s who leaked them sent them to her dad when he freaked out and demanded proof, he confirmed on Twitter it was the same number he knew Taylor to have at the time

No. 560427

Semi ot but Jonny was still known to be using within 3 weeks or so before he and Taylor met. No way he quit heroin just like that. Even if she didn’t join him (and she’s easily influenced + according to mama dean said she “wanted this experience”) that still equals him moving in and using within weeks of them knowing each other. Crazy lol

No. 560448

Honestly, who would admit online that they smoke heroine, especially in public? From how her and jonny act, jonny’s drug past, how they’re starting to look, skin picking, and “jokes” about crack, it’s pretty obvious they’re smoking or doing something worse than marijuana. All we can do is just watch her physical appearance change from what they’re doing to themselves, but i think they are doing some sort of drug.

No. 560481

File: 1524195378572.jpeg (219.73 KB, 730x1024, CC87498C-C715-45DC-8212-BD51FD…)

No. 560482

File: 1524195389932.jpeg (140.16 KB, 1289x919, ADF75E4B-32C0-4EFB-BBBA-99E301…)

No. 560485

File: 1524195415713.jpg (371.12 KB, 1651x1391, tweet.jpg)

Neither of them are clean.
Taylor admitted to trying heroine to her dad but he deleted the tweet later to protect her privacy, I can't find it anymore.
Taylor admitted to smoking heroine with Jonny through texts to Jonny's ex Chelsea when Taylor was whining to her about him.
Saged because it's old.

No. 560489

people who are just smoking weed don't have their looks deteriorate as fast as Taylor's. she's on some hard shit for sure.

No. 560490

The anons who say she isn't doing smack are deluding themselves. I really don't know why we even question it here, it's a fact that she is a junkie.

No. 560491


Most of the time I don't judge addicts much because addiction is complicated and there's a serious genetic component that makes it hard for people predisposed but then you see shit like this and I can't feel bad for or not judge either of them. Taylor had so many warnings and ways out and she still went down this road, and Jonny is just the biggest piece of shit with or without drugs ugh what a gross couple.

No. 560492

Did the girl on the end of the same row Taylor is in make video calling her out? It could’ve been click bait because I didn’t watch it but I remember the title was calling her out.

No. 560496

Weed doesn't deteriorate your looks.

No. 560498

Sorta but not really. It was mostly about her crazy fans.

No. 560499

wait what, her dad has twitter too?

No. 560506


Eh if you’re spending all your time high, you’re not going to maintain your looks as well as before. Weed can definitely deteriorate your looks. It doesn’t make you look like a bloated, scabby crack whore tho

No. 560520

Weed, just like a cigarette, can deteriorate your skin too but SUPER slowly because duh, inhaling any type of smoke is bad for your health in general and can mess up alot of things in/on your body but heavier drugs can fuck you up so quickly. Her past videos vs her current, as well as unedited photos, it’s clear that she’s on some strong drugs. Who ages 20 to 30 in less than a year? She’s starting to look like those crazy blonde crackheads in movies but with a load of pets in her messy apartment. For some reason, whenever she’s with her family, she dresses and looks more normal but when she’s at home or with others, she looks like a mess.

Sage for blogposting

No. 560524

File: 1524199237529.png (12.31 KB, 588x109, whoami.png)

A girl who had their last video demonetized and has a boyfriend that's out of town

No. 560538

File: 1524200333233.png (731.06 KB, 750x854, tnd2.png)

Taylor tweeted this then immediately deleted it like 30 minutes later.

No. 560543

Probably neutered, he looks about that age now.

No. 560546

I wonder why she deleted it? it's totally fine to take off a cone if the animal is right with you so you can monitor them for disturbing the incision.

No. 560547


Probably because she has literally no idea what's proper animal care or not so she's afraid she'll get hate for it, not even realizing it's fine.

No. 560548

She's worried it'll be overanalyzed and end up here, even though nothing is wrong.

No. 560551


says the woman who lives in a filthy fucking hovel.

No. 560552


this could totally be nothing, but I remember when I got my sister's male cat neutered, they didn't even give him a cone. The vet said male cats usually don't need one. Female cats on the other hand, need one because they tend to mess with their scars more (because their scar is bigger or something). Googled it, vets usually never provide males with cones after being fixed.

so I don't see why he'd be wearing a cone from being neutered… unless Taylor got him one to be on the safe side, or if the vet threw in a useless cone to up the bill (I've been to my fair share of vets and they definitely do that)

No. 560555

I used to work at a vet and we'd give them just to be safe in case the cat started messing with it. But a neuter is much less invasive than a spay, the incision is smaller, and it's less irritating generally.

No. 560561

File: 1524202582897.jpeg (435.14 KB, 750x896, D9DB4BC6-01F8-485B-A1A8-121A5A…)


Probably because she thought this caption would be more popular

No. 560565

Smoking in general yeah but you can vape or use edibles.

And idk you all have just never been high or what but it's really easy to get fixated on stuff like skincare, makeup, hair while you're high so you actually end up putting in more effort.

No. 560585

i'm still so pissed that nobody will say anything negative about taylor. they all kiss her ass and enable this shit to continue when they have the power to stop it, all because what…some 13 year old fan girls will call them mean names and unsubscribe? for every person unhappy about hearing the truth, there's going to be someone grateful for them telling the truth/doing something to expose her bullshit. i simply don't understand.

No. 560614

Why has she suddenly become so obsessed with corals not being plants? Honestly looks like she's only just found this information out….

No. 560615


I think they're more practical than that. Dark Den's callout video got a positive response, but Swetha lost a large portion of subscribers and her video has way more dislikes than likes. I agree people who defend her are gross, but I can't blame the ones not calling her out.

For some Petubers, this is actually their job, in a more professional way than it is Taylor's. In all likelihood their callout won't hurt Taylor's income as much as it'll hurt theirs, so instead they're just doing the best they can to promote good animal care.

No. 560622

Sage is now explicitly stated to not give an excuse to blog or derail.

No. 560623

Have you ever smoked potty? It absolutely does not have that effect on you or your looks. You have to actively try while smoking weed too look like that, and again as many anons have said I’llsay it again for you, it’s usuly some other substance in addition to weed that gets someone look as rough as she does….

Also to the anon saying it messes with this skin does t know much either. I’ve been smoking everyday for as long as 2006 and I still get compliments on my skin…..

Sage for over explaining the effects of marijuana on the anons who don’t know shit. Back to Taylor and her actual drug usuage (more than pot…)

No. 560737


They've obviously organised this event themselves. They didn't have to invite Taylor. By association they can all get fucked by turning a blind eye and inviting her to this event

No. 560748

I fail to see how discussing a drug Taylor uses is blogging or derailing.

By that definition discussing proper animal care of the animals she owns is also blogging.

No. 560760

(Different anon) you probably take care of yourself though. With Taylor, the only time she takes care of herself if she has to post a video or a photo on instagram and other than that, she’s a mess. From her previous photos of her in the background, her hair is so thin and dry that she’ll probably become bald in a few years from all the hair dying and her face will become all saggy due to all the drugs and surgery, so she has to keep up by getting more surgeries. I’m all analyzing her. Lol. But damn, I’m always mindblown everytime i see her face because she looks like a 30 year old with a mind of a 16 year old that looks at animal care books for it’s pictures

No. 560805

she doesnt do that tho, she just wears makeup every now and then and puts filters on her videos/photos. she'd rather wear buttpads and hair extensions than do a few hip thrusts and putting coconut in her hair to keep it healthy, she doesnt care for herself or her animals

No. 560810

I've been asking my older sister ( Marine Biologist ) about the care of these guys and she said the only reason he'd break the glass by hitting it repeatedly is if she kept putting her fucking hands in its point of view to the point where he feels stressed enough to do so, he also 100% needs more substrate and places to hide out. I don't know what tank he's in but she said its gotta be really deep and ideally have 360 view. I hope she actually does future n makes changes before he gets real stressed enough to punch through the glass/acrylic

No. 560888

Oh man this will be fucking great! All of these drama-drenched attention seekers in one place, half of whom throw mass amounts of shade at one another. I can't wait for the milk to spill.
Some vets will offer a cone regardless due to rate of infection and fucking with stitches goes way down even for males which was already low when a cone is involved. If they didn't use dissolvable stitches, he might fuck with them more too. It just depends on the vet really. Where I worked we never gave out cones because we worked on the cheap.

No. 560889


Who wants to pet Taylor will bring some of her animals and pass them out to everyone without a care? The even is also based outside so thats not going to end well

No. 560919

I feel like she’s more careful now about that kind of thing due to backlash before, but I’m still counting on her not attending at all. A convenient EDS flare up the day before the event is a guarantee.

No. 560926


If by some miracle she does turn up I hope Jonny goes with her and shows her up lol

No. 560940

I read "Who wants to pet Taylor" and was like ewww. An unfortunate typo. I get what you're saying, though. She probably didn't learn her lesson from taking her animals to Vidcon before.

No. 560942

I totally agree that it’s likely she won’t turn up or if she does she will realise she’s in too deep with any questions and will conveniently leave early and blame one of her many so called illnesses. I would love Jonny to turn up though and be the only fool we all know he is.

No. 560950

I feel like you just made a window into the future

No. 560956

She’s gonna make such a fool of herself with the Emzotic/Tyler meet up coming up that she’ll back out of this with a lame excuse! Her fans won’t want anything to do with the rest of the clique group…and Taylor isn’t part of that group. They’ve only invited her to promote themselves!

No. 560962

Wait! Isn’t Jonny’s Brazil tour in August? Perfect excuse!

No. 561001

File: 1524261844078.jpeg (86.9 KB, 998x493, F98D31CB-E94B-444E-8894-08AFBA…)

Oops. It’s july, not August 🤣

No. 561059

New video heres the hooktube


No. 561062

"if theyre burrowing you shouldnt take them out"
didnt she.. do that
in a livestream of johnnys?

No. 561070

I’m really surprised she let JC go to Vegas unsupervised.

No. 561071

File: 1524270528901.png (8.96 MB, 2224x1668, 86BC753F-A74F-4FC5-B7D5-221942…)

Her hand is shaking so bad in this scene and I don’t know what that is on her finger.

No. 561074

More like she's pressed for money lmao.
No wonder she's making more videos. Probably started to realize that she can't take breaks whenever one of her nails hurts because it's an actual job.

No. 561077

File: 1524271121836.png (343.32 KB, 903x584, Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 8.21…)

I haven't even watched this video yet I literally just skipped to a random point and I already found shit that's really iffy with this:

> "I think a 30-40 gallon tank is fine"

Don't you mean: "the two caresheets that I took all my information from think it's fine?"

A 30-40 is….okay, but that's like a bare minimum. It's really showing that she is basically regurgitating information from the few Halloween Crab care sheets that are out there (I distinctly remember reading a tip about putting cuttlebones in their enclosures)

Which kind of triggers me a little that she would just take people's hard work and experience from taking care of their Halloween Moon Crabs and passing it off as her own, especially considering she's been gone 60% of the time since she got her crab so I highly doubt she spends as much time with it to learn these things.

She also keeps throwing words like "I think" and "in my opinion" in, which further demonstrates she wants us all to think she's the cool, smart animal expert that singlehandedly taught the internet about Halloween Crabs.

No. 561078

She took it out Yeah, but we have no idea if it was burrowing or not. Crabs burrow before they molt, other than that they’ll likely just be hanging out on the surface. If they’re just hanging out, then it’s okay to handle them (minimally) but if your crab is burrowing then do not handle them as they could be molting.

Similar to a reptile. It’s okay to handle them, but dong handle them when theyre shedding

No. 561082

Seriously…Blues Clues? Oh yeah. 95% of her audience is children! And I call bull on her “misting” twice a day! And what’s with the audible sponsor? Aren’t they concerned with her association with a druggie rapist? Or do they not know about the drama?

No. 561089

wow ok i wish i could commend her on doing her job but girl..

1. she stole the video title from emzotic

2. they spend a lot of time in their burrows, not just to molt. theyre burrows are up to 5 feet deep and these crabs are WILD CAUGHT so most say the minimum
sunstrate should be 1.5 feet, not 6 inches

3. she wants to get her a "friend" for her below minimum enclosure, despite saying she wont buy any more wild caught animals (she just boight a wild caught mantis shrimp tho so that was obviously a lie lol"

5. she fed him WAY TOO MUCH, crabs are small as heck like try imagine how tiny a halloween crabs stomach is and yet she fed her that much meat?? and didnt show the fruits+veggies that she feeds her, despite the fact that they're extremely important to her diet , why show the animals u feed her but not the plants?

6. "in my opinion" means nothing. "i hope im not forgetting anything" means nothing. tell people to find other sources of information on how to care for these animals. tell people theyre all wild caught. dont pretend youre care is perfect when it's definitely not, just say youre working on improving it thats far more respectful than acting as if a sub par enclosure is ideal

No. 561102

She’s never had this many scratches and bruises on her in her videos til after she met JC. Of course they could be from kitten claws, but still….

No. 561106

probably a combo of kittens scratching her and her obsessively picking at it making it look that fucked up

No. 561114

Yeah that definitely looks nothing like a cat scratch unless she’s been obsessively messing with it.

No. 561122

That's not a scar or a scab. It actually looks like the dumbass burned herself with an oven lmao.

No. 561126

Did anyone else peep what looks to be a huge fucking picked at mark above her right eyebrow (our left)? Looks like it's pretty gnarly since she probably tried her hardest to cover it with makeup.

No. 561134

I just cringed so hard watching her almost drop the crab multiple times. I would rather see it in it's enclosure but she's so obsessed with holding things that don't want to be held. Ugh and the way she acts like shes working at a zoo being super informative when she's just regurgitating whatever she read during her 10 minutes of internet research is extremely annoying.

No. 561137

File: 1524275175022.jpg (29.13 KB, 245x274, Fullscreen capture 4202018 644…)

i darkened it to make it more noticeable

No. 561144

She looks terrifying.. like a damn ventriloquist doll

No. 561147

what happened to wanting to do fun videos instead of informative ones lol

No. 561151

That link didn’t work can anyone tell me how I can watch it without giving her money?

No. 561155

Try again. It took me a couple tries!

No. 561174

File: 1524278501074.png (15.95 KB, 584x129, ok.PNG)

yeah okay taytay

No. 561182

That's even worse, most lip fillers are temporary and dissolve away with time. If her natural lips are that wonky maybe she should get some lip injections to fix it? lol

No. 561199

The way she kept saying "drowned" instead of "drown" drove me insane. She tries to act all well-spoken and knowledgeable but can't say simple words correctly.

No. 561220

File: 1524283645050.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, D6F82A41-A3FE-4CC2-B904-0087F8…)

Looks like the Satanics are by the TV again, and it kind of looks like a different tank to me? I might be wrong but it looks smaller.

No. 561251

Looks like a bruise. I'm going to guess the crab or one of her lizards did that. Cat bites/scratches don't leave bruises, just scabs.

No. 561252

Apologies for bumping the thread with no milk. Totally forgot to sage like the tired piece of shit I am.

No. 561265

Girl don't lie about that. That lisp is getting worse with every new video you post lmao.

No. 561266

I know I'm being nitpicky here but holy shit does she not know the difference between "drown" and "drowned".
Also she didn't need to tell us her videos are unscripted, that's pretty obvious

No. 561271

She said "they have terrible depth perception, they cannot see how far up they are" and then said "if they CAN see distance, the must not care about falling"
At first I was like oh that's an interesting fact about moon crabs! But when she said the second part I realized that she seems to have made up the first part. Doing a quick Google search I couldn't find anything related to their depth perception, maybe someone with more knowledge can verify?
Also every single result in my one minute search turned up at least 1.5 feet of soil, not sure where she gets her info.

No. 561280

here's her newest video on my throwaway account. ad-free.

No. 561283

Every time i see her hands in the shot, her fingers are shaking so much

No. 561290

File: 1524294042499.png (262.27 KB, 1080x1466, IMG_20180421_075743.png)

(see next post)

No. 561291

File: 1524294074805.png (114.18 KB, 1080x548, IMG_20180421_075730.png)


Caught in another lie lmao.

No. 561292

I noticed that too, why would they be so shaky?

No. 561294

and the mantis shrimp

No. 561356

Goddamn, the way her face moves is really unsettling. I don’t remember her mannerisms being so awkward and jerky in her older videos, but it’s been ages since I watched them so who knows. Why can’t she just film her animals and then do a voice over? Watching her sit there rambling and repeating herself is so fucking boring, I didn’t make it through the whole video.

Also, lol at that scuffed and dinged up $6000 bracelet. What an investment. It looks like shit.

No. 561382

Have any of you considered the fact that people can be shaky without being on drugs? I'm all for speculating if she's using or no, but shaky hands don't automatically mean drugs.

No. 561384

Did I literally just waste 15mins of my life watching her trying to be funny and giving the absolute minimum facts she possibly could… 20gal absolute minimum for one crab but what’s a bet when she gets a second she won’t uograde. Do we know what’s in the tank to her right when she has the crab out because that looks like the smallest most boring enclosure ever?? It had like one plant and that’s it in it.
also am I the only one who was bugged the whole time by the fact her eyebrows were uneven.

No. 561391

File: 1524315618870.png (3.09 MB, 2208x1242, BDF8BF63-C86B-40B3-9B8C-5DA1C8…)

Apparently she doesn’t either!

No. 561408

Both already deleted. Come on Taylor,your need for attention is getting ridiculous.

No. 561445

She confirmed smokes heroine

No. 561447

"tHeSe R jUsT mY LiPs"

No. 561463


provide proof please. Otherwise we are just meant to take your word for it?

No. 561469

I do believe this was an earlier argument in the thread and it was stated her Dad confirmed that she was doing that drug by confirming her number from the texts that surfaced of her stating she was doing heroin

No. 561470

If you could get the actual screenshots of said proof. I've read all of the threads and did not see such an argument.

No. 561473

Yes, there must be in the first two threads
And no,we won't spoon feed you
Is that her new rack system?

No. 561481

It looks like from some of the latest photos posted here that her apartment seems to be cleaner? Did she clean up while JC is away? Maybe JC is the slob here and not her.

No. 561490

Nah, she posted pics on twitter (not that they would still be up….) of what her rack system will look like and about how they were delayed in shipping. Think it was two threads ago? Those are just common home depot/hardware store racks you can get.

No. 561495

Isn't her rack system meant to come this month anyway?

If I remember correctly, it got delayed by like 6 weeks if not less

No. 561498

Late April early May, according The update on her Instagram. However I’m asusming second week of May because she’s going to Disney /Florida for that panel next week

No. 561499


ah ok well i knew about that but the anon announced it as if there was some sort of new milk

No. 561615

you posted this exact phrase like two days ago with no real proof. screenshots of text conversations are definitely fishy, but until we see paraphernalia or her actually admitting it, it can't be "confirmed"

No. 561659

File: 1524345110849.png (2.53 MB, 1242x2208, 966B437C-F922-48BB-B208-A7A4A3…)

Mr. Dean has fallen eerily silent since just before Christmas

No. 561676

Was he active on social media before Taylor's drama with JC?

No. 561684

File: 1524346240717.jpeg (221.6 KB, 900x1200, 35F3B956-E045-421A-A6F3-33125F…)

He still looks so small, and she’s had him since October. She really needs to treat him for parasites before he actually does die.

No. 561693

He started more when the LA drama was going down in November. Unlike the female Deans, he doesn’t tweet and delete, which they are both famous for

No. 561715

Insecurity because she has the vapid, shallow mental capacity of a teenage girl. She obviously isn't comfortable in front of the camera. Look at her stupid flavour of the year half top knot hair, $2 hair extensions, fried razor cut hair, plastic face, and caked drag queen makeup completed with poop lips, overly heavy eyeliner, and sharpie brows. If people following these instagram trends doesn't scream insecurity, I don't know what does.

No. 561768

In her new video I noticed this, it’s not well seen or it may be on her other hand but she bites her nails. I don’t think it’s money for why she hasn’t gotten her nails done. A full set is typically $45+ which is clearly affordable for her. I think she’s been biting her nails which is why she hasn’t gotten a full set.

No. 561794

File: 1524355258482.png (71.91 KB, 610x647, ridiculous.png)

This girl was a fan of Taylor until this. Can't say I blame her. Trashy guy.

No. 561833


if he treats girls he barely knows like this when they criticise him I can only imagine the way he speaks to Taylor. He’s like a (Didn’t think this was possible) dumber version of lainys husband.

No. 561847

Just saw this mantis shrimp video pop up on Buzzfeed True Facts on FB. It was posted yesterday. Could Taylor's reach be far enough to influence Buzzfeed? Yikes.


No. 561864

That video's existed since 2013 by zefrank

No. 561875

The amount of filtering she has on her face is ridiculous in her latest video, her face is actually blurry from how saturated it is. I wonder what she is trying to cover up, couldn't be the picking spots and bruises, could it? /s

Seriously, she has got some heavy face filters on.

No. 561923

That video is so painful. But it looks like she hit all the usual complaints from these threads by saying how you need to worry about dropping the crab, enclosure size, addressing the lighting situation, the enclosure set up, and saying how much the crab loves her enclosure. She might not script her videos, but this thread sure did.

I also laughed when she said not to buy pets for your kids because how old does she think her audience is?

The hair and makeup though. Beige blank face and crispy fake hair.

No. 561965


Seems like once she started to be with Jonny, her insecurities became worse. He probably insults her on the daily and she's so blind to even realize what he's doing.

No. 561971

Impulse buying is the worst thing you can do. When you impulse buy you may not have what you need for that animal no matter what it be I understand going to animal-expose and randomly deciding hey I have space for this animal and have everything prepared so im going to buy it now that's understandable and more reasonable. The number one impulse buying situation that I don't understand nor never agree with is when you and your friend go to a shop that supplies animals and buy an animal that they tell you is one breed then not know what kind of animal you bought until people have to tell you what its actual breed is. Then you FINALLY do research on the animal find out its normally wild caught just for example a Savannah monitor instead of a black throat(ed) monitor even though they look nothing alike. When you PREACHED before the situation to never impulse buy then keep the monitor anyway totally not talking about anyone in particular Cough Taylor Nicole Dean Cough(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 561972

No. 561976

Learn how to sage and also what is the point of all of this???

Anyways, holy shit is Sabor underweight. Also taylor is deleting all comments on her last instagram post inquiring about why she'd consider getting another Halloween crab if they're wild caught and she's "against that". She responded to my comment but now both her comment and my own are gone.

No. 562005

File: 1524376715942.png (51.66 KB, 1080x284, IMG_20180422_065712.png)

Looks like this is going to be her excuse to get wild caught animals in the future.
What happened to not profiting off wild caught animals?

No. 562019

File: 1524379730034.jpeg (582.2 KB, 1242x2051, 778C2B9C-6D26-48B3-8AC1-680E35…)

No. 562027

Oh wow cool I'd love to have a friend and boyfriend joke about their rape allegations&scandals on my instagram. She's really surrounded herself with some quality people, speaks volumes of the person she is, really.

No. 562090

''so guys I just found this little guy on the street abandoned'' inc?

No. 562092


"I JUST happened to stumble upon this woman who didn't want her female Halloween crab anymore. In front of Petco. Total surprise, really. I HAD to take it in, you know the people at Petco have no clue how to adequately care for animals. I couldn't leave it with those losers." /s

No. 562102

It's more likely TND got her animal care info off of a buzzfeed video
Like how she rescued a 5 week old ragdoll kitten? Great.

No. 562592

So just because someone had it previously means it's not wild caught anymore? What kind of logic…?

And yeah it'll be some bs excuse like this and she'll lie about it. Something like she had to rescue it. How often do people have halloween crabs they don't want anymore? Better start searching craigslist, anons.

No. 562795

She’ll just buy it at a store and just make an excuse that someone contacted her if she wants their crab. “Had no choice you guys!”

No. 562872

In the end, she's getting just what she wants. The majority of people forgetting/forgiving the monitor 'mistake' as well as all her other lies, and the ones who still care are either a. too worried about their own fame & using her to call her out or b. get attacked and/or blocked for saying anything

No. 562912

Why the hell is Taylor so active on Twitter all of the sudden? Is she desperate for money? Did Johnny take their stash with him so she has no excuse to get high and sleep all day?

No. 562964

She’s probably got time on her hands because she’s not pathetically following after JC and we know she doesn’t spend time looking after her pets. Probably worried that TND lookalike is gaining popularity and is a better petkeeper and hotter/younger and cleaner version of her. Her fans are going to jump ship for TND lookalike.

No. 563007

probably constantly checking jonny's band's social media for any signs of him cheating

No. 563032

File: 1524455970749.jpeg (493.1 KB, 750x1334, 1B243DBB-35F0-416C-A321-D1B086…)

I love how Taylor is liking videos of monkeys being forced into costumes to beg for money. Especially on Earth Day. Classic.

No. 563034

No joke. There's been articles about the abuses of these monkeys too. Way to go Taylor.


Someone should link her.

No. 563042

Did she ever send her monitor to a sanctuary/rescue? It has been kind of brushed aside again.

No. 563094

do you guys think she ever forgets her own pets’ names

No. 563114

but she remembers "cheese" so that's all that matters

No. 563143

The look-a-like is a hoarder who is only a step up from Taylor. She keeps downgrading cages and it’s taking her an awfully long time to bond her bunnies. If she was serious it would be done by now!

No. 563285

File: 1524508679858.png (258.04 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0886.PNG)

Idk if anyone's posted about this yet, but I've seen people talk about how a gossip channel should expose Taylor. I messaged Petty Paige on Snapchat asking if she'd ever make a video about her and she told me she was working on a video about Taylor so there's that

No. 563287

File: 1524508818219.jpeg (76.59 KB, 640x544, 49BE1076-546D-4A40-AFBD-3A21E5…)

lol at least she admits that she’s lazy and it’s not all just “muh medical problems”

No. 563289

File: 1524509017537.jpeg (169.81 KB, 640x894, 0169F349-9A48-430C-A261-902C88…)

Hey Taylor since you’re such an animal expert how about you make some sort of actual video on rattlesnake round ups instead of passive aggressively shaming some random person on Twitter :)

but that would actually require you to scare about animals right

No. 563306

She only downgraded the cages temporarily to move them, they’ve both been upgraded again to larger cages.
I belive she has 2 female rabbits in the group, which can be a hard bond. Same sex rabbits are much harder to bond than male/female pairs

No. 563310

see i don't agree with the bonding thing. i've had my two boys since they were 2 months and they're both 11 months now. i waited until they were 6 months to get fixed, then until they were 7 1/2 months to begin bonding because i wanted to make sure their hormones were died down. they've been a pain in my ass to bond and once one bit the other so hard he started bleeding, so i had to separate them which meant moving one to a completely different room and starting all over, allowing them to forget each other so they wouldn't hold a grudge and refuse to bond. i'm getting back to the prebonding phase of housing them next to each other again and i'm hoping for the best this time around. i have confidence in them. im just doing it at their pace, so i don't think it's fair for everyone to give her shit about bonding. everything else feel free lol but i personally feel like everyone makes bonding out to be soOoOo easy, but sometimes you get stubborn buns.

No. 563330

Agreed, people always make it seem so easy. If you get lucky and your bunnies get along from the start then it’s goung to be fairly easy. But a lot of the times bonding can be a very long process, so id rather see her take it slow and be patient than rush it and possibly end up with her buns getting hurt

No. 563398

i really really hope she doesnt attempt to go into animal husbandry issues theres so much to critique and she was way off when she made her fox video bc its impossible to put every aspect of an animals needs + sources to back up why they are needs in a short video. it would be so good if she just focused on the turtles, monitor, her illnesses impacting the quality of care she can give, and the whole jonny thing
(only writing this in hope that she goes thru this forum as research lmao)

No. 563402

File: 1524515544922.jpeg (396.4 KB, 1444x1982, D981F52C-50E9-4573-B6DF-AA4420…)

No. 563403

File: 1524515559152.jpeg (173.13 KB, 1292x822, C279ACFF-6E0C-4DB9-A9CC-A184D5…)

No. 563487

"I am working on two new videos today that I think youtube will allow at least one to stay monetized. Please watch them even though I haven't kept any of my promises to upload for the last 6 months. I am running out of money and realized that if I need make videos consistently. I can't believe I actually have to put in effort, you all should be happy"

No. 563517

File: 1524520107382.jpeg (348.16 KB, 1242x1498, 6E7AEF78-B25E-49CA-A8BE-443064…)

No. 563518

File: 1524520128499.jpeg (100.87 KB, 1242x567, 6240D07E-A8A4-4E36-B725-8C9FB1…)

lol why is Jonny so obsessed with his ex?

No. 563555

He’s probably not over her and angry that she left him when he thinks he’s amazing. I wonder what Taylor thinks about this? Especially when Chelsea looks (and probably acts) 150% better than Taylor

No. 563557

File: 1524522312966.jpeg (542.44 KB, 1242x1492, 1DDBF596-67B2-4B86-8815-03D84D…)

No. 563558

Because it's an abuse tactic. He's trying to still have some sort of reach to his exes. Plus she's the one who was with him 3 weeks before he met Taylor so he's obviously not over her and wants her attention, especially because both her and Amanda seemed to have stopped caring about him on social media.

No. 563570


What's hilarious is when people remember to sage

No. 563580

Lol perfect translation.

I keep forgetting that Jonny isn’t a 10 year old bully

No. 563625

Technically the anon is adding something new to the conversation with these twitter screenshots since this is also a JC thread since he’s involved with Taylor. However unless you’re uploading all three images at the same time then you don’t really have to sage but highly recommend just saging if you can’t upload at the same time.

This thread has gotten very nit picky lately.

No. 563665

Isn’t he kinda violating her restraining order by tweeting at her?

No. 563667

Sadly probably not since he's not using her name. Even though she could easily argue and show that these tweets are directed at her, given how he does this time and time again. This manlet is obssessed with her lmaooo

No. 563672

If I remember correctly, she said that anytime he mentions her (or is obviously talking about her) she screenshots and saves it in case she ever needs proof against him

No. 563891

Was scrolling past this rather fast and for some reason thought he was talking about fucking Taylor's pets.

No. 563907


At least we have direct confirmation how many pets Taylor has now. Was starting to lose track.

No. 563911


the 33 number comes from 32 pets + taylor

No. 563929

sorry to samefag & also google doc anon here

It's interesting that he uses that number because it matches up what I wrote on the doc for the living total, but even then i took an approximation by leaving out some fish as well as animals of unsure/unknown status. I highly doubt the manlet would care enough to actually individually count every animal in the apartment, so it's very likely he's still lurking around here

sage for speculation

No. 564079

Omg jonny deleted the tweet about chelsea, guess he realised how much of a jealous ex it made him look like. didnt want his money source taylor to throw him out on the street

No. 564171

File: 1524556834075.jpeg (206.76 KB, 750x1334, 9DED4973-F966-44F4-BB97-6BE98A…)

Deleted the tweet about Chelsea and now this. OK jonny….

No. 564240

Bets he types this unironically while holding a twisted tea in his other hand?

No. 564242

And a blunt hanging out of his mouth. lol #soberlife right there

No. 564470

i wouldn't be surprised if he was drunk af and just being an emotional drunk.

No. 564569

that, or taylor made him delete evidence of exactly how many animals she has, to avoid people doing the math themselves and finding how many she's gotten rid of/killed/rehomed

No. 564578


Hilarious considering Chelsea and her family were actually the ones that 'saved' his life. His mom nursed him back to health, and Chelsea still gets the medical bills. The guys get thank yous and she gets called names + threats to the point she has to get a restraining order. He's changed tho so that makes it perfectly ok for Taylor to date him. He's a nice guy now.

No. 564610

Who wants to bet he’ll leave Taylor the moment he finds a girl who makes more money than her?

No. 564620

File: 1524604344727.png (379.87 KB, 747x823, taytay.png)

trying to repair her image in the herp community.

No. 564624

File: 1524604626341.png (129.08 KB, 773x603, taytay.png)

No. 564626

File: 1524604657348.png (104.36 KB, 771x759, taytay.png)


No. 564628

Jesus christ how long has she been saying she wants to cut out meat lmao.. thats her go to line to look like she actually cares

No. 564633


She’s such a hypocrite lmao

Not wanting to participate the meat industry something yet STILL doing it is no better than just blindly practipoating in the near industry. You can’t act high and mighty because you’ll “eventually be vegetarian” Taylor. Lmao dumbass

Also, why stop at vegetarian? Since you supposedly care so much then why are you supporting the diary and egg industry?

No. 564636


she's bitching about people eating endangered animals while she collects wild-caught endangered animals to slowly kill in her tanks. And she isn't even vegetarian.

The hypocrisy is unparalleled.

No. 564639


I wouldn’t even care if she wasn’t vegetarian or vegan, but the fact she’s so passive aggressive and bitchy towards people as if she’s the most holy animal rights activitist when she essentially does the same thing is screwrd up

No. 564661

File: 1524607718514.jpeg (187.4 KB, 1292x1430, A2418F09-9E15-4D3B-A15D-EDE696…)

No. 564710


A fucking WEEK?! Who the hell needs to spend an entire week at Disney? It’s not like you haven’t been to every single park already probably dozens of times

No. 564719


so another nine days not keeping the animals on any kind of care routine and leaving them in the care of her “experts”

No. 564727

Jesus, is this girl really that ignorant? I think it's pretty much common knowledge by now that pangolins are hunted because people believe their scales have medicinal properties. As stupid as said people obviously are, they're not doing it for the fun of it. This comment was obviously from the ONLY person in the world who grew up watching nature documentarys.

No. 564734

Uh…that’s not common knowledge lmao

No. 564811


Not to mention that Disney is fucking TIRING. How much do you want to bet that she will be able to go all 7 days with no complications from her invisible diseases yet she can't film/edit videos for weeks at a time? Ok, Jan.

No. 564833

Her mom and Tanner are going too. I hope JC gets drunk in Epcot and embarrasses her. She deserves it for dating someone so vile.

Also, sick and tired of everyone in the pet community defending her just to use her fame for their own gain. Does no one care about the animals first? I’m down to only like 1-2 that I can actually watch now

No. 564837


>Does no one care about the animals first?

Why would they? Their fans don't pressure them nor hold them accountable for the care they provide their animals with because they're as inexperienced as them. Pet channels are just starting to gain notoriety, and the people who get attention are failed vloggers who needed props to look interesting.

No. 564865

Soooo fucking accurate. She claims she has such bad "muh depression" but she has the energy to do her makeup, hair, get her nails done, go out to bars, now go to Disneyland for 7 DAYS… she can do all these things, but then pulls the depression card to claim she can't edit and stay consistent. You are literally a piece of shit Taylor. Don't use depression as a crutch when there are people out there suffering with REAL mental illnesses, who don't have the energy or want to do a single thing. You can't just selectively have depression on and off. That's not how it works. She is honestly human scum with how she can do all this dumb bullshit but use mental illness as an excuse to not do her literal fucking job. I'm sorry but I know people who struggle with real depression so she annoys the shit out of me with this. Can't wait to get the life she really deserves. Your fame/money/looks won't last long sweetie. At that's left will be your fake, disgusting attitude - and literally nobody will like you for that besides your passive aggressive mom and stans who don't really know you or care about you.

No. 564883

File: 1524623760628.png (445.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-24-20-33-53…)

There you go,Anon
The animals that were miss.

No. 564884

File: 1524623783800.png (415.67 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-24-20-33-56…)

No. 564887

File: 1524623885144.png (298.96 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-24-20-37-38…)

No. 564895

Live animal count is now up to 34+

Did she even tell her fans about those two when she got them? I didn't even have them as a 'status unknown' on the list

No. 564897

Noup, she never told anyone
I bet she was hiding them until her status of hoarder went down
I think the monitor mess was around October?

No. 564920

the monitor mess was like a month ago or maybe two. she had juuuust started seeing jonny in october

No. 564932

File: 1524630156595.jpeg (121.79 KB, 1297x815, 2B1B6790-3784-4217-926C-10C4FF…)

No. 564933

File: 1524630167672.jpeg (192.29 KB, 1379x932, 59A6BCC4-5C2C-4C4E-B3B4-90E2D0…)

No. 564934

She’s mentioned them before, I remember seeing them before months ago

No. 564937


Confusing Jonny with a monitor lizard is an easy mistake to make.

No. 564941

Ok so…do that Taylor. I have accumulated over 2000 hours volunteering at shelters since I started 5 years ago. When's the last time you stepped into one? Practice what you preach you insufferable cunt.

No. 564942

Let me fix the end
"Than you ever could using an EGG account sending hate at people for buying multiple pets even when you don't have the space, the time and the health to take care of all of them and leaving them for days to go chase their druggy rappist boyfriend so him don't cheat or get high without them"*

There, fix your tweet.

No. 564944

File: 1524632101796.jpeg (111.6 KB, 554x1200, A99BDBBD-1DF0-4008-9A9A-4EEFA1…)

No. 564946

Haven’t caught up on this thread yet, still on #8 lol. But has anyone seen JC’s Instagram story tonight? Posting about pain, his teeth, and now (it looks like) in the hospital from side aches? Yet Taylor is still posting on Twitter like everything is dandy… or she just doesn’t care lol

No. 564951

it really bothers me so much that they act like we're all shit people for caring about the wellbeing of their animals. "oh these moo cow people just want to hate on us!!!" no, i want to discuss with other people the fact that y'all can't fucking care for your animals, but 99% of people that know who you are don't realize how fucking shit you are at taking care of your animals. so here we are.

it's ironic that they make fun of us for caring about animals when they claim to do the same, yet want us to "come to them and tell them nicely" when there's something wrong with their husbandry. tried that, you won't listen, so again…here we are.

No. 564952

oh god he is homely

No. 564957

Just watched them and my god he’s disgusting what was that one of him slowly sticking his tongue out..? Definitely seems doped up on something in those videos…

No. 564962

TND and Tyler both mock concerned pet owners openely. It’s funny how it says ‘You changed the group chat name’ - meaning TND. Did she just screenshot her convo and post it here as an anon to start some drama?
Bored much, Taylor? XD

No. 564967

She posted it on Twitter,wtf Anon.

No. 564973

My bad. I wanted tea.

No. 564978

File: 1524635116625.png (218.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5465.PNG)

with what money

No. 564986

shoulda put a spoiler on that i puked a little

No. 564991

That is exactly what she's done to JC's exes though.

No. 565024

Lol i bet they don’t even like each other in reality, they’re just using each other for views. Like c’mon, who would want to be friends with them, especially Taylor who uses her friends and blames them when shit goes down

No. 565125


Looks more like a dentist office to me than a hospital

No. 565128

>pangolins are hunted because people believe their scales have medicinal properties

While this is true, people also eat pangolin (the meat, not the scales) simply because it is a high-priced "luxury" item. There are a lot of Chinese people who actively seek out endangered animals to eat because they think eating them is prestigious and brag-worthy, sort of like caviar. It's the same reason people still eat shitloads of shark fin soup when it's not even tasty. Chinese culture is sick and twisted and eating endangered animals = huge bragging rights.

No. 565133


I think anon was just commenting on the fact Taylor said "Scales???" like she had no idea why anyone would be killing an animal for scales, although if you watch a lot of documentaries and keep up with animal/wildlife news the use of pangolin scales pops up quite a lot.

No. 565136

You’d think she’d be up to date on what types of animals are being killed for certain practices or ideals especially since she named her damn snakes after the people who kill their species for handbags like that’s clever or funny. And considering she keeps trying to do this “holier than thou” twitter mentions for every random article that surfaces on her feed.

Taylor seems very ignorant when it comes to animals in general especially in other cultures. If she actually did research she’d know why they hunt for the scales. She’s quick to call out others for their treatment but won’t actively change her ways or even make a difference. She’d rather spend $6000 on a bracelet than put it towards something more useful than a damn retweet.
Unfortunately, Asian countries tend to be very traditional in their ways so they likely won’t change for that reason.

No. 565192

Damn I wanted to see all the replies to this since Taylor hasn't volunteered a second in her life. But it's deleted ofc

No. 565198

ok taylor but you do none of these things

No. 565205


She probably thinks she comes under the "putting out educational content" part lmao

No. 565207

File: 1524669168363.png (133.97 KB, 769x883, taytay.png)

wow good one.

Taylor is a real lucky girl having such a charmer for a partner.

No. 565211

so immature

No. 565215

Anyone else sees this as just a move to manipulate Taylor as well as shoving it in his ex’s face? Because the more healthy a relationship is the less you hear about them in social media

No. 565225


I'm with you. From what I've seen couples who feel the need to constantly project their love for each other on social media are often the least happy and most jealous.

No. 565235

I guess he doesnt love his child then lol

No. 565341

of all the cows on this board taylor is the only one that gives me legit anxiety. her pupils are always so tiny and shes with an abusive junkie. If she’s developing a heroin addiction she needs to rehome her pets before she kills any more. caring for that many high maintenance exotic animals is a full time job which is not possible if you’re nodding out all day.

No. 565342

Find it funny how she tweets about how you shouldn't tear people down to make yourself appear better than them, whenever Jonny is constantly indirecting his exes and calling them hoes etc. all because chelsea got a new roommate.

No. 565348


If I didn't do digging I wouldn't even have known he had a fucking child.
Oh wait my bad lol, he's not talking about that baby.

Seriously what does she even fucking see in him, I get the "oooh danger man" bullshit but this is beyond a joke now….

No. 565353

I love how she claims she doesn’t involve herself in negativity, is so pure and lovely and kind and doesn’t let the hate get to her, but I guarantee the part she blurred out was talking about this thread lol. It’s so obvious she lets everything that is said here get to her. She knows she won’t last.

No. 565360

Wow this manlet must be such a loving person to be with. Let’s be honest, with Taylor’s animal hoarding and laziness she couldn’t do better than Jonny, but damn the manipulation is so incredibly obvious in him. He probably abuses her constantly just like he abuses drugs + alcohol, and then gushes about her openly on social media to make it seem like they have the most amazing relationship ever. I understand sharing your happiness with your partner on social media, but Jonny has such a nasty attitude, it’s so clear it’s so fake when he says all this garbage. He literally said all of this shit about his exes. He’s not over them, especially Chelsea. He’s trying so hard to rub this relationship in their face, and show everyone online that he is just the most amazing BF ever. Notice how he has NEVER once commented on Taylor’s qualities/personality - because hers is gross. It’s always about how hot she is and how much expensive stuff they get to do, like go to Disneyland and whatnot. He only cares about the looks and money. That’s not a real relationship. These two are so pathetic and makes me 10x more grateful that I am not in a toxic relationship, I know what real love feels like. This girl just jumps guy to guy for money + popularity. Must be a sad life to live tbh, but I don’t feel bad for her because she brings this on herself. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Sage for ranting/blogging she and Jonny are just just such a POS, they deserve each other. Almost threw up in my mouth seeing the fake “gushing” he spills out to her over social media. It’s sad

No. 565501


He also tends to make these big dramatic statements when she's 1. extra active on social media 2. something is going on that she's paying for- like his teeth, this entire trip to disney, etc. It's like he needs to remind the world that his sugarmama is all his and that he 'does stuff for her too'. Especially after he can't seem to stop tweeting things about Chelsea, lol

No. 565525

It would be nice if Taylor watched pewdiepie’s newest video about how no one is that great and people should listen to hate comments because they can be helpful. She could learn a lot from it lol

No. 565574

File: 1524689742143.jpeg (354.86 KB, 750x1241, F6F1CA21-9E9E-408D-97D3-F81080…)

No. 565582

File: 1524690091480.png (1008.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-25-22-59-40…)

How come every time she posts a picture she has a new bruise, burnt spot etc.

No. 565584

This feels kinda creepy

No. 565594

The fact that he keeps taking pictures of her without her knowledge or permission and posting them to social media is very creepy.

No. 565619

It’s soooo gross that he calls Taylor his “family”, implying that she means a lot to him. What qualities in Taylor do you care about? That she’s “hot” and has money and buys everything for you? Yeah, that’s family alright. What about your exes that you raped? Your SON that actually exists, we’re they family too? lol “family” my ass, he has an actual child that means nothing to him but tries so hard to act like Taylor is his everything when we all know she’s not really. He’s so creepy and gross.

No. 565656

He's one of those dudes who thinks if you're not for him then you're against him, it's that simple. He has the mentality of a teenager who throws a fit for not getting his way.

He paints himself as a victim and as someone who was too misunderstood by the people who cared about him when in reality he's a fucking asshole with enough enablers to keep doing shit, and Taylor is among them.

No. 565682

You do realize that the mother of the child took the child and left. If she was smart she would have changed their names and move never to be seen again! Jonny doesn’t see the kid by her choice, I believe.

No. 565700

I bet he doesn't even care

No. 565713


Whether it was Jonny's choice or not, I'm sure he puts all the blame on her.

I had a narcissistic ex like Jonny. When he and his ex had a custody hearing, he told social media that she lied in court (victim) to get full custody but when I saw the documents he was mailed, it said that he failed to appear. Didn't even show up!

Jonny probably realized that having a kid around would cramp his style and was happy to let the mom take it and play victim when asked.

Does anyone know where he was living then? Some states provide free case searches.

No. 565729

tbh why would she even consider letting him watch the kid? He's homeless, keeps fucking around with young girls, isn't sober, and acts like an erratic teenager.
He's far from being fit to look after a child, let alone spend time with her.

No. 565750

Jonny in no way deserves to have children, I agree. He's horrible and I would never trust him with a child. But my point is that it's pathetic how he screams "FAMILY" but couldn't grow the fuck up and support his own. He impregnated his ex, he should have been man enough to fix himself and be the best person he could be. He's just such a scummy, shitty person.

No. 565754

He probably impregnanted his ex girlfriend thinking he can “control” her and say that she’s his forever

No. 565758

Oh god, that's horrible if so. I can imagine him leaving her because like said above it would "cramp his style" and he'd have to spend money on it instead of himself, but even after leaving her probably still feels that same sense of control over her because he altered her life forever.

No. 565771

File: 1524704930073.jpeg (258.31 KB, 1242x1130, 7C4BAF0E-E7F1-4452-82F2-6B625A…)

No. 565779

This is just….so weird? It's almost as if her mother is following her around trying to push herself into Taylor's life

No. 565790

Its weird that her mum responded that way underneath her tweet and its weird that taylor doesnt mention her family ever. its all about jonny.

No. 565804

File: 1524707301326.png (247.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180416-024812.png)

What's extra weird is that she tweeted this recently. If they "see each other" somewhat regularly, doesn't it have to be tense/awkward given the way she ignores her mom on the internet and the way her mom tweets at her passively aggressively 24/7?

No. 565809

>>565713 Pretty sure he was in Portland at the time if you really wanna try to look it up, he wrote a song about leaving the child called "children of divorce" and mentions Portland in the song.

No. 565811

Why does her profile look like a puffy fish here?

No. 565812

Did you read what I wrote? I said if she was smart she’d change their names and move….

No. 565813

No one cares, but he explains his version of it in this interview.

No. 565824

is her mom trying to be the new margo or something? the way she’s constantly inserting herself into her daughters life the way she is is a little.. weird.

No. 565828

It should be a crime to look as ugly as Jonny. I honestly want to throw up in my mouth a bit when I look at him.

No. 565831

Please write 'Sage' in the email field when your posting a comment that isn't directly adding any extra information to the conversation please. If ur just commenting/discussing something you need to sage else it bumps the thread to the top.

No. 565834

Learn to fucking sage. Also, whether or not they change names and move means jackshit, because he doesn't care, and he doesn't care that she doesn't let him see his daughter either. He's more interested in tweeting about his exes and drugs.

No. 565835

Ugh god her mom is such a fucking 12 year old… She tries so hard to force herself into her daughter's life. Honestly the only reason Taylor even sees her I'm sure is so she doesn't get the "your disabled younger brother wants to see you" and she doesn't want her mom screaming and kicking every day on Twitter+Periscope like she was when she first ran away with Jonny.

No. 565857

I honestly just think her mom is that pathetic.

People who act like that can't make/keep friends so she's probably desperate for her daughter's attention even if they see each other often. She has the same mental capacity as Taylor, which is that of a desperate 13 year old girl.

No. 565883

File: 1524713317333.png (839.96 KB, 1242x2208, 81F58A39-FB80-49C9-978D-D9AAD4…)

Bitch who the fuck was taking care of your animals all day

No. 565884


"guys did I mention i have EDS because i do just in case you forgot"

Anyone else think it's weird (and possibly an indicator of her lying/not thinking out an excuse very well) that she gets overly specific about really basic things?

You took pain medication for pain?! Really!? Next thing you're gonna tell me is that you went to the store and bought something!

Also lol…I see she's laying down the groundwork for her next "why I didn't make a video" excuse

No. 565889

How stupid is she? You're only supposed to take two in a 24 hour period. No wonder she knocked herself out for 19 hours.

No. 565893

So she literally pass out and Jonny never got worry about her sleeping all day? Lol she could have die of OD and that retard would be livestreaming just pulling in and out his tongue of his nasty mouth without notice kek. Goals.

No. 565912

Pssst it's a made up story for attention so she can bring up her EDS

No. 565932

Either completely lying for sympathy, or she's a fucking dumbass. I'm gonna go with the first option. Because honestly, if your pain was THAT BAD, you would go to a hospital like a normal person. Not CHUG pills to make it go away. The comment below is absolutely right, that's a great way to permanently damage your liver for life. Not that she would care with the drugs she takes, she's young so she thinks she invincible. But let's be real she completely lied as an excuse for not doing anything and to gain sympathy for "muh EDS hurts so bad waaaahh" when we all know she lies/exaggerates everything. I bet her mom just eats that shit up, poor little Taytay!!

No. 565940

As per usual, she deleted the tweet. The fact that she deletes 50% of the tweets she puts out shows how drugged up she is, she can't handle not impulsively putting shit out on social media and then regrets it so quickly. She doesn't think any decisions through.

No. 565943

File: 1524718593133.jpeg (157 KB, 750x1074, 45BF28F3-4EBF-44A5-8C57-ED7A93…)

JFC I’m sad her stans actually believe this. “I live with someone so they’re well taken care of” girl you live with a alcoholic druggy rapist LOL do people really believe Jonny takes care of those animals?? Does she think through anything she says?

No. 565950

Even besides that, Jonny has shown multiple times that he doesn’t know much about her animals, and probably doesn’t care enough to learn.

No. 565952

When have you ever volunteered for anything Taylor, shut up and sit down with your holier than thou complex. I don't see you bringing awareness about cat and dog meat consumption, or horse meat auctions.

No. 565958

yeah you live with an incompetent dumb fuck. you're really telling me johnny fed all your animals and did all the misting for reptiles etc. etc. all day? you really think we would believe that he cares enough to learn all that? girl needs to get herself the fuck away from him.

No. 565967


Once I saw she deleted that tweet earlier, I went looking to see if she had made any comments or posts or replies in that time she claimed to be asleep and didn't find anything. I thought maybe someone called her out on it, but Jonny did have the picture of her sleeping.

Maybe she just realized she sounded like she had a death wish.

No. 565978


She said that she paid for Taylor's hotel sometime last week when she was going off on someone for calling her mom out. Probably thought paying for Taylor/Johnny's hotel would = Taylor loving her. Instead she pays for Johnny, and Taylor's mom pays for them both.

No. 566005

Or she's probably already waiting for the next youtube paycheck because she ran out of funds. It would explain why she didn't follow JC to Las Vegas either.

No. 566055

Her mother is so immature. She doesn't have the mental capacity to understand how she comes across to other people, now I totally see where Taylor gets it from. Honestly feel like there's some mental disabilities going on here, both of them seem to have the mental abilities of a 10 year old.

No. 566136

7 hours, you mathed wrong

No. 566146

3am to 10pm is 19 hours.

No. 566242

lol in what world is that 7 hours

No. 566337

Is it just me, or is she having way too many feeding issues with her snakes? She shouldn't need to be braining/scenting so many of her feeders. And the paradox BP clearly has not been handled enough.

But then, her enclosures are all incredibly open and sparse, without even the sides covered, nor any foliage to make the snakes feel comfortable outside their hides. Some look like they only have one hide, or a warm hide and a humid hide, of all things. Some look way too damp – you want ambient humidity, not standing moisture. I find it likely that if she covered the sides of her BP enclosures, added more hiding places and foliage cover, she wouldn't have to be braining or scenting, and her snakes wouldn't be underweight and/or dehydrated.

Also, is it just me or is that little cup of saltwater for the crab the saddest fucking thing? The enclosure in general is sad. Hell, all her enclosures are sad. She has all the time and money in the world, yet still has enclosures like someone who got all their advice from Petco.

She has so many animals that could benefit from beautiful, expensive setups with live plants, and has the means to do those things. But I guess "MY NEW PET ____" videos get more views, and its more exciting to buy animals than it is to take care of them.

No. 566348

If what she is saying is true, someone who thoughtlessly takes too many pills because they lack common sense and can’t read bottles is not ready to be responsible for 30+ animal lives.

No. 566355

File: 1524764706727.jpeg (131.07 KB, 1240x712, 1A6125D5-7133-40C6-84D8-833696…)


Ok she just can’t be serious and has to be trolling or something

No. 566359

I don’t think her mom has any friends at all

No. 566362

I mean, they have an owner who has a mind of a 13 year old who’s probably high half of the time with a boy to match her

No. 566366

The more I see from her mother the more I understand why Taylor is how she is, both attention seeking 12 year olds.

No. 566390

Holy shit why is she talking like a fucking baby

No. 566428

She probably just spends all day at home with her special needs kid and lives off that money.
That's why she acts like a special needs kid. She's missing Taylor who ignores her, but she probably used to spend 24/7 with which is why she acts so infantile.
I doubt she has friends, just her son.

No. 566434

File: 1524770265929.png (718.74 KB, 1242x2208, 6109033C-39F3-4A07-940A-EB7749…)

This makes no sense???????? Not to defend Kim K but Taylor seems to be REACHING here.

No. 566443

She's so dumb she can't even understand a simple sentence. Not a fan of the Kardashians, but how can Taylor possibly interpret her tweet in such a way? Jesus christ, it's never a GOOD THING to be struggling with mental health… I guess unless you're Taylor and you love to use it as a way to get attention.

No. 566450

went to read the replies and it's already deleted. even her 13 year old fans must have better reading comprehension that her

No. 566457

Taylor must invest hours and hours a day deleting comments and blocking people. What a pathetic life.

No. 566459


and ignoring her mom unless she needs her to pay for something.

i get so 'triggered' when taylor tweets about anything mental health related. she cannot possibly expect anyone to take her seriously about this subject when she's living with a textbook abuser without any thought to the mental health of his victims.

No. 566462

She expects people to believe her animals were fine while she passed out for 19 hours because she’s living with another person, but what she doesn’t realize is she’s showing how much Johnny doesn’t pay attention or care. Who lets their roommate sleep for 19 hours without checking on them? If someone I lived was sleeping for more than 10 hours I would try to wake them up and if they didn’t respond I would have called 911. If that is true it really shows how careless he is but we all knew that anyways.

No. 566534

File: 1524778462165.jpeg (149.72 KB, 1388x869, A748D154-C758-4A4F-9214-72B668…)

No. 566536

>>566462 What sober person would let their significant other sleep their ENTIRE day away?? He can't bother to clean his shit off the floor or walk 10 feet to smoke outside, she really expects people to believe he got up, took care of himself, and decided to tend to almost THREE DOZEN lives each with very specific care needs?

No. 566561

File: 1524779783464.png (1.19 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180426-165436.png)

that scab on her arm

No. 566581


Her nails are disgusting, like at least wash your hands if youre gonna take a photo of them. Theyre way more gross than her "scabs" or whatever

No. 566583


considering she looks like the most basic insta chick ever and jonny looks like the type of people who only appeals to 13 year old girls on their emo phase. maybe going on tour she saw a lot of alt girls at the venues and just had to copy a new style since she has none of her own. taylor is absolutely not going to be able to pull it off. i hope its as ugly as mariah's. she absolutely looks like the type of girl who has no personality and just takes shit from whoever she's dating.

No. 566587

Was going to post this… looks a bit like a track mark to me but I mean she can’t be that dumb to shoot up there when she loves to show off her tattoos

No. 566588

That Cartier bracelet looks scratched up af lmao

No. 566589

Taylor is a fucking idiot. Her hairs beyond damage already and the fact that they lightened itfor her shows how little these people care about their clients hair

No. 566611

Yeah it looks like she never takes it off.

No. 566612

Im fairly sure you need a special tool to take it off

No. 566645

The Cartier bracelets originally had to be unscrewed at a Cartier store. Nowadays, however, they come with their own screwdriver, so she can take it off herself.

No. 566669

i was just waiting in line at the pet store and an employee was talking to another employee about the youtubers she watches and gets information from, including taylor and em. so the misinformation that taylor spreads isn't even limited to her subscribers anymore. it trickles down after that, so they watch her videos and then they feed that to people who are about to make a commitment to a pet. i know it isn't the employee's job to know everything about every animal, and the new owners should be the ones doing the research, but we all know that's not always the case. just thought it was interesting and figured i'd share

No. 566698

File: 1524787225060.png (4.38 MB, 1242x2208, A7FC9C8A-E20A-47EC-8EBE-A664F5…)

Sorry doesn’t look like a bite mark to me

No. 566703

I've never done drugs, but if it was because of heroin, wouldn't it be like, above her arm? This honestly looks like a puncture from a fang to me. Maybe from one of her snakes.

No. 566704

"My cats had fleas"


Sidenote, I can't wait to see her hair

No. 566705

far up her arm* oops

No. 566711

You’ll be rehoming her if she doesn’t keep any purple, huh?

No. 566717

From how her place is so trashy, I wouldn’t be shock from how many bugs are living with her. Feel bad for her cats if they do have fleas because I don’t think Taylor wants to deal with taking care of that situation when she can sleep 19 hours a day

No. 566718

That's….not what a snake bite looks like….
This is kind of like saying she hopes her green tree python keeps his yellow. Super mohaves turn yellow/darken up with age. It's just what they do.

No. 566728

She didn't say it was a snake bite she said it was a bug bite… Looks a lot like a bug bite to me, doesn't look like she was shooting up there.

No. 566730

Some other guy was saying it looks like a puncture wound from a snake fang, that's what that part of my comment was referring to

No. 566734


And the cats will keep getting fleas.. Because they are super hard to get rid of, especially if you have carpet floor/ dirty clothes everywhere.

Taylor, clean. For your animals sake.

No. 566752

Gawd awful pink like Happy Tails?!!

No. 566755

Talk about reaching. You have bionic vision?! What’s more interesting is the mark in the gators jaws!

No. 566756

She’s had pink hair before and it didn’t look too bad. That was way before JC and the lip fillers and gaudy tattoos.

No. 566759

File: 1524791334893.png (481.2 KB, 640x1136, 6D5ACEA2-4F01-443B-A87B-2E5AA8…)

This video reminded me of someone in earlier threads saying Shiba Inus are Taylor’s favorite breed of dog and I just wanted to get this thought out there. If Taylor ever does get a dog in the future and wants a Shiba Inu, she honestly could get so much brownie points if she did this: saves some of her money and plans a trip to China/South Korea where tons of purebred Shiba inus are getting tortured and slaughter every day for dog meat consumption. With her following and influence she could probably get several dog farms shut down which is what happened when tourists visited South Korea for the Olympics. It would be such a good thing to do for animals and she would benefit cause she could get a purebred Shiba Inu puppy. If she can spend $50,000 on Johnny’s teeth and he gone for her animals for weeks while following Johnny on tour, she would theoretically be able to afford to go to one of those countries for a week and do this. If I had the money and influence popular you tubers had, I would travel to places like this and actually make a difference in the world.

But this is Taylor we’re talking who is too selfish and narcissistic to ever spend time and money on something humanitarian like this.

No. 566762

*he gone for her animals = be gone from her animals

No. 566815

that bracelet looks like it’s about to cut off her circulation. it seems pretty tight

No. 566833

that snake is turning so yellow lmao she said it would only get purpler but we all knew she was full of shit

No. 566868

Shiba's are such difficult dogs to train and she lives in an apartment.
I don't think she should have one either way just because of that.

No. 566897

It's just because it's lower on her arm than it should be due to her holding her hand up, lol.

No. 566923

I don't think gravity alone could push that bracelet down her chubby arm? r u serious lol

No. 566928

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a new Logan Paul level scandal dealing with her using cultural imperialism because that would be milk for life but, she should maybe promote a crusade that is targeted toward her fans that seems obtainable for even them to do. For instance, she still needs to find a local sanctuary/rescue for her monitor that she thinks we all fucking forgot about.

No. 566929

File: 1524805735423.png (451.28 KB, 750x1334, CD5177AF-E5BF-40F8-980A-5E98CC…)

Her reply pissed me off more than it should have.

No. 566933

She’s already pretty much said she’s keeping the monitor. She’s just acting like she had to think about it even though we all know she was never going to give it to a sanctuary.

No. 566953

"Plus my cats had fleas recently"

She never thinks about preventative care does she? Fleas are so easy to keep off your cats with a monthly flea treatment spot on/tablets. My cat hasn't had fleas for 6 years and the only reason she had them to begin with was because she was rescued from a hoarder, and they cleared up within two days of me having her.
She really can't make any good excuses for this one because there is none. It's entirely preventitive, there's no reason other than poor husbandry for her cats to have fleas. Taylor, you are disgusting.

No. 566954

Genuine questions guys, how come Sabor ain’t green yet?

No. 566957

It really doesn't look like a track mark (the spot is also visible in the pic where she's holding the yellow snake up).

While this bint is unbearable and her partner is an abusive prick there seems to be a lot of latching onto pretty mundane stuff as ominous indicators of her using I.V

And if she does start to show tracks I reckon there'd be enough people here who would know what the real deal look like to point them out.

(not having a go at you personally, just having a general whinge)

A "heroine" is a courageous woman, it's not the same spelling as heroin (the opiate).
It can be an easy mistake for people to make if they haven't had much reason to spell either of those words regularly

No. 566963

File: 1524811541691.png (74.13 KB, 714x887, IMG_20180427_084454.png)

Someone let this disgusting piece of shit hold their baby

No. 566973

you know what they say. babies and dogs are the best judge of character

No. 566982


haven't been keeping track of the time she's had him but GTP take a bit over a year to turn fully green.

Although he should probably start showing a little bit of green by now?

No. 566997


If that's from a flea, biggest fucking flea bite ever lol.

And also yeah, her cats absolutely should not have fleas. She lives in an apartment, they should be indoor only because she wouldn't have anywhere safe to let them roam. Indoor only cats VERY rarely get fleas if you don't have a hundred and their living space is kept clean. Most vets recommend regular flea treatment as a precaution (who wants to bet Taylor buys the more dangerous brands because they're cheap, though,) but the only time it's ever even been a concern in my 18 years of having cats is when I had foster cats in and out who could have been carrying fleas.

No. 567055

talking about baby human like an animal, kek

No. 567056

she is getting her hair done at least once a month, no wonder its frying off

No. 567154

Does she even have hair left to dye?

As for her cats fleas, it’s crazy how they’re indoors and they have fleas? I wonder if she also has bed bugs and mites roaming around from how messy and irresponsible she is. And for her scars/marks, the type of bruises and red burn like marks on herself just shows me that she can’t even take care of herself and she has 30+ animals to care!? I only have one pet, a dog, and i already feel like my life is too busy for another animal in my life and i just go to college but she’s always away for long periods of time. Geez

Sage for ranting..i think

No. 567163

>"I don't know why everyone asks anytime I have a scratch or mark on my skin"

Oh you DON'T know Taylor? Could it be you admitting to smoking heroin and living with an addict? Good lord she's so bad at playing coy

No. 567194

File: 1524846573899.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, A73D635C-A7F2-43B1-AF43-D46461…)

No. 567198

All edited looks, but no brains lol. I know guys who would just see her as a “short term” chick because who wants to be with someone forever when they’re narcissistic, brainless, yet pretty like her?

I sound like a bully but her attitude towards everyone and the way she does things especially to her pets trigger me

No. 567205

her veneers freak me the fuck out. digging the hoochie soccer mom look, very new-money trailer trash.

No. 567209

I can't wait to see the unedited selfies with fans from Playlist.

No. 567248

lmaoooo it's so short! I mean it's cute but like we all know it's just been styled professionally. can't wait to see how damaged it is after she washes it.

No. 567250

Fuuuck, they had to really chop off a lot of damage. She really needs to take better care of her hair if she still wants some left when she's older. She can't just go to the salon every other month and expect her poor stylist to fix whatever damage she has done.
Maintenance, Taylor. It's a thing.

No. 567258

File: 1524851345939.jpeg (189.74 KB, 1242x1344, 64E929B1-990E-4ECF-B1EA-E67845…)

He made a joke post using one of those generators for why you will go to jail, it’s not a real warrant but look at him still throwing up Chelsea’s name any chance he gets. He’s so obsessed with her. How is Taylor ok with that? Lol

No. 567261

Oh dude you can tell that must be a problem in their relationship. She knows it's not a long term thing but all is valid as long as she isn't single, even if it means being with a dipshit.

No. 567266

dang dude you still obsessed. tay must be so insecure in that relationship.

No. 567267

Lmao bloody hell. If my partner posted about his ex on social media every other day there's no chance I'd stick around, how does Taylor not see that he's still obsessed? He posts about Chelsea more than her.
The only time he ever posts about Taylor is to either try and make Chelsea jealous or post a cringy, gushing paragraph about her undying love for her which is clearly complete bullshit. He makes my skin crawl.

No. 567270

I can’t help but cringe every time I see those god awful lips… she tried to play it off like these are just her natural lips now but that’s sooo not the case. Nobody has lips that fucked up naturally after the procedure has worn off. Going back to her older pictures they looked much better. Having cute “big lips” is the thing now for a lot of models, so she feels the need to follow the trend. Whoever does her lips totaled botches them or she asks for way too much to be done to them. She would actually have a somewhat cute face if her lips didn’t look like a baboon’s ass. (inb4 she takes that as a compliment because “I love all animals, I love baboons!” lmao)

No. 567271

If you let the piece of shit Jonny Craig, a known druggy, alcoholic and RAPIST hold your baby, you should seriously reconsider whether you should be a parent. That’s disgusting. I get that Taylor’s friends (what little she has left IRL) probably just try to sweep Jonny’s bad rep under the rug so they can stay friends with her, but honestly I don’t get that or believe in that. If your friend is dating an abusive rapist, you don’t have to support your friend’s relationship. Much less let the rapist hold your newborn?? Wtf

No. 567276

Shows that Taylor is just in it for the money + popularity, same with Jonny. They don’t have an undying fucking love for each other like they love to gush out to each other over social media. He’s so not over Chelsea and wants to feel like he has some kind of power over her. Taylor must be insecure as fuck, no wonder she desperately fries her hair every few weeks, she has to try to stay “hot” so he won’t leave her by herself (which she ironically claims she can do, by her tattoo, but she literally moved out of her parents house and straight to Jonny lmao. She’s never been by herself, ever). But in reality she just looks like a 40 year old drug using granny without professionally styled hair and caked makeup. A 21 year old without those things should look younger, not older.

No. 567303

Obviously he’s still in love with Chelsea. He has Taylor wrapped around his dirty finger, and she’s just there sleeping through it all with her hay of a hair and puffer fish lips.

No. 567308

I'm not gonna lie: her hair looks gorgeous. However, salons often use silicones in their products (same as most conditioners) which make hair appear silkier and healthier than it actually is. I had my hair fryed by bleach once and used silicones; eventually had to cut it off. I have hair like Taylor but I'd rather use safe products than ones that build up on your hair.

No. 567404

File: 1524860447155.png (143.35 KB, 1080x645, IMG_20180427_211534.png)

Genuinely confused by this. Does Taylor just not understand basic sentences? It's like this person is talking about her kid being just as amused by a garbage truck as kids are at a trip to Disney… But all Taylor see's is Disney, and her narcissism kicks in and she must tell people yet again that she has money and is going to Disney!!!
Maybe spend some of that money getting your animals proper setups and equipment, heh?

No. 567418

"tHeSe R jUsT mY LiPs GuYs"

No. 567601

Surprised she only got her hair done and not her nails.

No. 567693

ok i really like her lip colour here, it looks like abh lovely?

No. 567706

File: 1524886964370.png (6.84 MB, 1242x2208, AEF69194-4879-436D-9C42-976FCF…)


No. 567712

God she's like one of those expectations vs reality memes personified.

No. 567714

spends more money than anyone else in the group to look esthetically pleasing

LITERALLY looks shitter than everyone else there

I cant wait till everyone gets to see how ignorant she is in comparison to even bullshit keepers like tyler lmfao

No. 567717

That stupid hand pose. I’m so sick of it

No. 567718

damn. hand on the chin, middle parted bangs, tongue out. what a look taylor. that hair is fried bb good luck

No. 567722

Idk why she spends so much money getting her hair done every other week. She always leaves it all dirty and frizzy looking

No. 567732

>>567706 Good gosh does Taylor look ugly. That chick with the glasses is hot not sure her name.

No. 567750


>That chick with the glasses is hot not sure her name.

What? You can barely even see her lol. She’s Maddie Smith, btw.


I cannot believe Taylor said she just had her hair done 24 hours before.

No. 567753

She's adopted jonnys stupid ass tongue out pose…gross. Guess she's trying to look just as ridiculous as him….& its working.

No. 567768

Its like shes a catfish or whatever you call it. She looks completely different on instagram/youtube. Ahh.. the wonders of editing. No wonder Jonny is drunk af at her apartment, talking about Chelsea all day.

No. 567772

She is serving me that "middle school weeb that dyes their hair so they don't have to wear a wig when they cosplay" LEWK.
Those greasy side parted bangs with horrible roots give me flashbacks.
I thought it was so pretty too, but I went downhill FAST.

No. 567778

Lmao she edits her pictures so bad that it looks like the dye has been washed out nearly completely.
Her hair is very damaged to the point it looks like it can’t even really take dye at all. Also never noticed until now that she has nonexistent eyebrows.

No. 567788

She has such a big head

No. 567789

File: 1524894534953.jpg (524.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180427-234842.jpg)

It….it's called an ad? It says "ad" right on it? No wonder taylor always jumps to conclusions, not reading apparently runs in her family.

No. 567804

Lmao it really does. The more posts I see from her mom the more I understand why Taylor is mentally inept.

No. 567808

File: 1524896480624.png (Spoiler Image, 4.3 MB, 750x1334, 4A10630B-19B4-4D9E-B667-E73DDF…)

Was looking at old pictures and she definitely has the same face as her brother. That isn’t a bad thing, she just looks entirely different than in selfies where she can control the angle, lighting, etc.

No. 567813

Jesus fuck her hair didn’t take on that dye at alllll lmao that shit is fried as fuck! Expectation vs reality indeed lmao. She spent all that money to “look good” as she said and it looks like total shit. She must have been hoping dying it would hide the fried out look for a bit but wow that didn’t even last 24 hours. Take care of yourself + your hair Taylor and you wouldn’t look like a 40 year old granny with fried af hair. Just because you spend the most dollars on it, doesn’t mean you’re doing it any good. Jonny definitely isn’t over and obsesses over Chelsea because she’s way hotter, and her hair always looks healthy/really nice. Taylor must be insecure as fuck seeing how much he constantly obsesses over Chelsea.

No. 567858

What the hell is with sticking your tongue out for a picture?!!! Even 2-year olds know better. Living with Jonny too long. Sad to say but Tyler and Maddie look the best here!

No. 567872

File: 1524908866748.png (9.15 MB, 4000x1997, exp.png)

No. 567889

Wow.. She really is just.. something. Ew.

No. 567985

i don't think she looks that bad?? a little rough yeah and the hair is pretty awful but she doesn't look like a monster or anything

No. 567987

File: 1524922204162.png (504.25 KB, 750x1042, 05E02BD5-25DA-4F9A-821F-440E45…)

Found this weird ad on google so i took the chance lol

No. 567999

Didn't Taylor only dye her hair pink because it was brassy and they couldn't tone her hair anymore without damaging it? If her hair was brassy and she wanted to get rid of that she could've chosen purple instead, it'd fade better and she wouldn't look like she had cuts of salmon on her head. This pink is just gonna fade a nasty orange and she's going to fry it even more fixing it and literally go bald. For someone who constantly changes her hair, she sure doesn't know anything about hair. She's probably livid since she most likely spent whatever youtube money she managed to rake in before leaving her apartment on this trashy dye job.

No. 568007

File: 1524923983540.jpeg (149.49 KB, 750x966, DB22CCE9-50A7-4045-BE8E-970C7B…)

From her tagged photos

No. 568010

I can't tell if her tongue is out again or if that's her bottom lip.

No. 568011

stop sticking your tongue out, jesus

No. 568046

it's her tongue. that fan looks fucking stunning and tay looks /okay/ but that hair is just tragic. also put your tongue back in your head, you're supposed to be a professional.

No. 568059

It looks like the fan is the YouTuber and Taylor is the fan LOL

No. 568094

lol @ taylor’s hover hand

No. 568104

Yeah her stylist said they couldn’t lighten it without damaging it. Honestly her stylist probably just cares about the money more than the hair care or Taylor presses her to do what she wants her to do, any stylist should look at that fried ass hair and say I’m not touching that. Taylor should be focusing on getting her hair back to a healthy state before dying it every other fucking week. I have never once dyed my hair and even I know this is pretty basic stuff. When your hair is fried out and damaged, don’t make it worse by damaging it more?? Her hair looks awful. It did not hold that dye one bit.
Also can she please stop with the 1 year old tongue out thing, she’s trying to look cute but ends up just looking stupid.

No. 568143

panel is in about 10 minutes if only it was one of the ones being live streamed
hopefully someone will post clips her tay fucking up

No. 568187

She's going to go back to brunette, mark my words. It's sooo hard to get pink or red out of your hair.

No. 568208

I noticed, though, that on Chelsea’s twitter and Instagram, she sticks her tongue out too in a lot of photos. Is this a generational thing or is she trying to be like Chelsea or what? I’m old so Idk.

No. 568212

I think it’s just an awkward thing they do cos they don’t know how to smile like normal people. Also I believe Chelsea doesn’t like her smile/teeth

No. 568226

Considering the picture on the left is about 24 hours prior the hair on the right looks like CRAP! Most people would tend to try to keep the stylist’s work, considering it actually looks decent!

No. 568230

Is she sticking out her tongue again?!! What a poor quality photo

No. 568264

File: 1524947401703.png (133.82 KB, 1080x553, IMG_20180428_212917.png)

No. 568267

File: 1524947502144.png (244.95 KB, 1080x1371, IMG_20180428_212928.png)

Do you reckon this is about Taylor/manlet? I saw him post on Instagram that 'today sucks'.

No. 568299

File: 1524949028857.jpeg (461.87 KB, 750x1057, 1524948901278.jpeg)

Just saw this on the other thread…wow

No. 568300

File: 1524949059094.png (352.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-28-16-52-08…)

Something seems to be going on

No. 568302

Was just about to comment saying there's tweets about her not turning up to her meet up and no one has been able to contact her?

No. 568303

hahahaa you’re so right

No. 568304

Can't wait to hear the sob story/excuse about what happened.

No. 568308

File: 1524949387250.png (94.54 KB, 1080x497, IMG_20180428_220241.png)

No. 568309

Wow, everyone here who predicted she’d bail was right. Good job proving your “haters” wrong Taylor.

No. 568312

File: 1524949631135.png (886.91 KB, 1080x1078, IMG_20180428_220535.png)

Wasn't sure if this was worth posting earlier but now Taylor is awol it may be relevant.

No. 568319

Drugged out in her hotel room. lol

For someone who claims not to be a druggie, she sure acts like one.

No. 568322


maybe she tried to style her hair and it all fell out lol

No. 568324

File: 1524950406375.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-28-17-17-19…)

No Taylor

No. 568327


"they're truly classy" seems like such a random thing to say, especially when Taylor is so not classy at all

No. 568330

So did she not show up for the panel either or is that separate from the meet up?

No. 568333


people are saying they haven't seen her all day so im assuming she didn't attend that either.

Anyone know how playlist works? Do you have to buy tickets for individual events?

No. 568335

File: 1524950836138.png (16.31 KB, 596x128, mhm.PNG)

No. 568339

File: 1524951135645.jpeg (177.44 KB, 1299x1307, 826A8B14-2A0D-4939-B0D7-F8C7CC…)

No. 568341


genuinely what if she's OD or something…

No. 568342

File: 1524951349199.jpeg (199.37 KB, 1290x1050, CFEE811A-4795-41AA-895A-A3B2D0…)

No. 568343

Honestly she probably didn't show up because her mom is forcing herself into her life.

No. 568345

yet you couldn't even text your mom or the other creators to say that you was unwell? Sure jan

No. 568350

Does she really think she's fooling anybody?? She got trashed and either was too strung out or slept through her meeting time. People spent money to see her at those events, if she was actually ill she would have sent out a tweet or something before the meeting time. She just has no regard for anything and it is going to catch up to her fast.

No. 568353


So her gluten intolerance means she can't edit for days on end but also means she can be extremely sick and then fine for a meetup half a day later?
Why not text your mom or let your fans know in advance?

Is she at playlist with Jonny? He was posting on instagram that "today sucks" and tweeting at a girl to answer her phone within the last 7-8 hours. If your girlfriend is super sick, too sick to tweet to her fans, surely he should have been looking after her and could of tweeted her fans/family to let them know? But we all know it's BS and they probs had a drunken argument.

No. 568355

Taylor clearly has food products at home shes eaten with gluten in jt and been just fine but magically now she 'accidentally' eats some gluten and is completely out of commission and cant even alert other people who will be at the exact same plafe she needs to be? Woh anons are locking these predictions down

No. 568356

a couple weeks ago you "accidentally ate gluten" and you said that a video was 5 days late because of that. if gluten makes you too sick to do your job alone in your apartment for 5 days, how are you already recovered enough to try to see fans in public?

she should still be too sick, or she wasn't too sick last time she used that as an excuse for a delayed video. this is why people get so mad at her. there are so many holes in her story and she is so childish that she can't even make up an excuse BEFORE she bails. she just disappears for a day making everyone wonder where the fuck she is and what's going on, making everything 10x worse

No. 568357

I've never met someone with a gluten intolerance that accidentally eats gluten this often. You'd think if she was genuinely feeling sick she'd at least have the decency to let her fans know before the event. Yikes

No. 568358

Jonny is with her in Florida. That girl he was tweeting at is a long time stan of his turned “friend” I guess and I believe she lives in FL. Either way she is trash for not showing.

No. 568359

It's funny how these illnesses always crop up when she's promised her fans something (meet up/videos) yet she can follow her ugly manlet around the country without issue.

No. 568361

How do you “accidentally” eat gluten?! This is at least the 2nd time she’s used that excuse in a month…and she deleted the first tweet about it!!

No. 568364

Is that what she’s saying?? She ate gluten, got sick, and couldn’t show?

No. 568367

If she couldn’t show up for an event as big as Playlist…she’ll definitely be a no-show for the Mickey Mouse freebie event in Ohio sponsored by Pickles12807. Pickles only invited her for the free exposure.

No. 568368

File: 1524952453971.jpeg (67.01 KB, 725x550, 397E64F0-C65D-4901-826B-AA600A…)

No. 568369

I love her

No. 568370

aaahhhh! omg I wonder if she has any proof if she was talking to taylor

No. 568373

not sure why you're posting this, it was posted very recently in the thread

No. 568374

It's possible she got anxiety over likely being the least knowledgeable person on the panel. Can't script everything when it's live now can you

No. 568377

probably scared people would ask her about her animals' statuses/enclosures and if she was keeping the monitor and knew she couldn't show up because of the controversy lolllll

No. 568378

Could see this coming a mile off. No way was she going to put herself out there on public and risk showing herself up. She knew this all along. God she really does have form.

No. 568390

File: 1524954196889.jpeg (203.08 KB, 750x1334, 7D6AF4E6-6C8C-4FB6-8FC6-49F37C…)

No. 568392

File: 1524954245657.png (1.16 MB, 1124x1568, E1A56074-B9B6-4F1A-BB1C-F03D2A…)

No. 568393

File: 1524954288013.png (604.73 KB, 1121x825, 5BF77B59-6A2E-42A3-9972-9D1CBB…)

No. 568395

pretty sure someone mentioned in a previous thread taylor would say the same thing (not showing up cause she had gluten)
she's so predictable lol

No. 568396

Is anyone really surprised she didn't go?
Convinient that her symptoms cleared up after just a few hours.
Maybe she was tripping on drugs

No. 568398

"probably have to move to the outside so theres not too much traffic" taylor people are not going to mob you like tana - stop reaching girl

No. 568408

That's an awful lot of terrible symptoms to suddenly clear up. I'm glad her thumbs work and she's able to tweet again, must of been awful for her not to be able to post about herself for a few hours.

No. 568415

She never scripts anything! She just didn’t want to show how stupid she is in public!

No. 568419

Seriously? Now she has vertigo too? Man. Her mom sure turned her into an excuse making hypochondriac! She has to have these fake ailments to compete for attention because her brother demands so much!

No. 568422

Yet, all her fans will continue to believe her nonsense, and all the other pet youtubers will continue to act like she's ~ lovely ~

If JC is as much of a textbook narcissist as he appears to be, it's typical for them to start arguments or do things on purpose to ruin important days for their energy sources. That coupled with her anxiety of meeting people and potential criticism, which she can't even handle without blocking or deleting, she probably just shut down.

She wants to 'fix it' but in a setting that her & JC can control.

No. 568424

Who wants to bet she won’t show up to this new meet up? I wonder what her excuse will be this time.

No. 568430

her stans are being so mean to people on her insta…

No. 568431

If you scroll up a few, you’ll see this was already said…not new

No. 568437


Its also at 9pm, and if they're asked to move away from the hotel its going to be dark, shit photos for all her fans, and they're all quite young, I feel bad for their parents that have paid for them to go to this event, and are now probably having to drive them to some random hotel to meet some druggy in the dark

No. 568473

Holy shit. I can’t believe she proved us all right in such spectacular fashion. In fact it would have even been better if she’d just not attended any of this. At least then her young fans wouldn’t have to be SO disappointed. To get their hopes up and then not show at the last goddamn second is awful, she has to know she’s probably the main draw for a lot of the younger kids. Gluten this, EDS that. This chick has a serious problem, and if it’s affecting the first public event she’s ever been asked to attend (?) she can expect that to catch up to her pronto.

I was starting to give her the botd lately. Fucking dumb. She’s a junkie, or at the very least she’s abusing some harder than she can handle substance. Get help now. Fucking hell, she’s a mess.

No. 568478

She wasn’t talking about Taylor though, just Tyler and Maddie

No. 568483


Yes that was the point. Insinuating that Tyler and Maddie are classy, and that Taylor is not.

No. 568506

I'm curious how much of her guest contract she's broken by missing everything today.
As someone who has been a contracted guest at comic cons before, cons can get pissy if you miss your events, especially if they're giving you free room/travel/etc. Fingers crossed Playlist gets on her ass about this.

No. 568525

Lol at Taylor’s fans who say her career is animal care

No. 568538

File: 1524962173163.jpeg (98.3 KB, 1242x401, 61C2AC31-163D-42DA-B501-B37C47…)

No. 568546


Even events she is wishy washy with. Even stuff like this she can’t just be consistent. It has to be special so she can take center stage

No. 568584

god i hope johnny is there with her, and acts up or slips up and says something.
and we get videos of it something.
hell he mom there stalking her and records it

No. 568586

“Really frail” = Sober enough to know she has to try salvage her rep, not sober enough to feel like she can pass for a fully animated human.

No. 568591

It sounds like she didn’t even give Playlist any warning, just skipped without saying anything. So unprofessional. She definitely won’t be invited back next year, but let’s face it, her career would be dead by then anyways.

No. 568607

File: 1524966021775.jpeg (566.17 KB, 1536x2048, 392042AD-7565-4EDC-90DA-9B3D9E…)

No. 568608


Yep, exactly. This is just her "perfect" excuse for when people see pictures of her with fans and say she looks high.

I've met people with gluten intolerances severe enough this sort of thing might happen, but I've never met anyone with a gluten intolerance that severe who is also incapable of texting or calling anyone to let them know what happened. Addicts on the other hand, I'd definitely expect that from. (Plus if she were that ill, Jonny could have let people know where she was, except oh wait, he was just as high as she was.)

No. 568611


Her hair looks a little better. But where are her pants?

No. 568612

it looks like she's just wearing a shirt & no pants

No. 568613

Weak and frail? She left half her clothes in her room. What the hell is she wearing? It’s not a strip club is it?!

No. 568616


I feel like she's still high and she's going to wake up in one of those nightmares realizing she forgot to put on pants.

No. 568618

When she has to move back in with her parents (when, not if) I’ll bet my life going to rehab will be part of the deal.

But it won’t be rehab for nasty street drugs, you guys! She will swear it’s for prescription pain pills, she relied too heavily on them for her chronic pain, it isn’t her fault etc.

No. 568623


GOD I hope she doesn't do that. Actual chronic pain patients have enough to worry about losing access to meds without people like her making up stories that support the 'all pain patients are just druggies' narrative.

She might take a leaf out of Jonny's book, though, I'm pretty sure most of the time he was hospitalized he said it was for back surgery or something when it was because of drugs. She can just claim she's doing some "inpatient EDS" or "inpatient Celiac" treatment.

No. 568626

My honest gut feeling is that Jonny boy FLIPPED out about her going somewhere where her family would be and they had a fight over it where he probably forbade her from showing up at the m&g
But that's just my best guess based on what I unfortunately know about guys like him

No. 568629


Long sleeves in Florida in almost May. Makes sense

No. 568635

File: 1524967908751.png (312.04 KB, 191x634, tnd.PNG)

another fan photo from twitter - too lazy to black the girls face out so heres just tnd

No. 568638

File: 1524968036960.jpeg (206.23 KB, 750x927, DB994727-EDE5-4FF2-BD6B-BF52D1…)

Not meetup related but this was her recent tagged on Instagram yikes

No. 568642

looks just like her

No. 568644

File: 1524968297632.jpg (92.04 KB, 480x360, taylorspants.jpg)

it needed to be done

No. 568647

She has a bra on

No. 568670

File: 1524969119509.jpeg (108.59 KB, 1289x578, ACE30510-A5A2-48C4-886D-69899F…)

No. 568674

File: 1524969169736.jpeg (151.63 KB, 1304x855, D7B1E4AB-65C2-4CF9-AF5C-3707EA…)

No. 568675

So is she trying to say that’s where her pants went.

No. 568677

Oh fuck off Taylor

No. 568680

>>568607 Is that a nightgown wtf.

No. 568681

…she’s literally wearing something that’s is meant to be intimate. Something this see-through/mesh is typically lingerie or meant for a club. Not only that, she really looked in a mirror and thought that wearing a rose coloured bra would be perfectly fine to a meet and greet. She really “soberly” thought that her ass barely covered was okay enough to meet a bunch of kids at night outside of her hotel room. These drugs are something else man…

No. 568689

She was on drugs and missed Live, the Mother should call the cops and ask them to run her through a drug test just to be sure. Who cares if Taylor doesn't want to talk to her after that, she'll thank her Mother in a few years if she's still alive if the drugs haven't killed her by then.

No. 568690

…how do you throw up on yourself but show up spotless…sis there would’ve been a wet spot and it would’ve been easy to see on mesh. Interesting how accidentally eating gluten is causing all these reactions 24 hours later yet last time she couldn’t get out of bed because she was barely awake…okay sis..

No. 568696

File: 1524969664517.jpeg (137.85 KB, 576x1024, 858F5962-B9AD-49B0-9058-EB7193…)

No. 568697

I don't think her mother is legally entitled to request that, Taylor is an adult after all.

My thoughts exactly, you threw up on yourself but showed up spotless? Ok Linda

No. 568699

She's a nasty person and missed live Intentionally. She gave no warning, she could have had Jonny call in or had him call her Mom. There was no reason why fans should not have known she wasn't going to be there including the other Live members. Jonny made a statement that he was looking forward to spending time with the family so he didn't hold her back from it. She got high and ruined the occasion, and it just makes her look even more like a druggy, lying fool. Her career is shot. She has the nerve to show up to the late night meet up in a nightgown.

No. 568701

>>568697 She can still call the cops and tell them she suspects something is up. She can even go to the Hotel staff and tell them and they can call the cops and check the room. Something can be done.

No. 568703


I was hoping she had short shorts or something on that maybe we couldn't see from the angle but that is definitely the tops to the stockings and the bottoms look all torn up? what is this mess?!

No. 568704

Omg she’s not even wearing regular tights!!! They’re either too small on she’s wearing thigh highs (the kind you would clip to underwear) not only that, they’re so see through if she angles the wrong way I bet we’d see a dirty taco. Why would she ever thing this outfit is okay to go meet people’s kids, I wish there was snapchats or something so we can see how she was acting.

No. 568708

Going to meet up your young fans in what seems like a sheer romper where you can clearly see her underwear … classy.

No. 568713

Sheer rompers tend to be for lingerie purposes or outterwear for over a swimsuit. What lead her to decide this was the best outfit choice to go pose with young teen fans?

No. 568715


they look like some kind of control top pantyhose. those usually have the thicker reinforced material on the upper thighs and stomach. i don't even know who the fuck wears pantyhose in 2018 but there she is.

also i think calling that top lingerie is a stretch. those sheer shirts usually have tank top that comes with them. now whether or not she's wearing it is another story.

No. 568719

so you telling me that you "accidentally ate gluten" prevented you to attend a convention that you were invite to and is probably a one time deal where you can build your 'professional career' and gain more fans? you also couldn't tell family members, friends, or other youtubers you're current situation?

If i had an allergic reaction, everyone one that is close to me will probably know in the first hour. why? because i don't want to be dying when no one knows where i am.

she's so lazy and clearly doesn't care about anything that she probably just picked that location to meet fans at her hotel so she can just take an elevator down and do the least amount of effort for people.

Taylor's a druggie idiot.

No. 568722

I call them lingerie because when I online shop that’s typiclaly the category I find them under. Generally lingerie is though of, the straight up stuff guys wanna tip off their girl. But typically it’s usually anything that alludes to the body. (Idk if you’re a female so i don’t want to act like you’re not knowledgable, because you are right in a sense)

No. 568726


It's a lingerie. you can clearly see her bra in >>568635 her top is so short as well that her ass is probably hanging out as well. it's like she's on her way to the corner after she has her meetup

No. 568732

I wonder what that outfit looks like from behind? Her ass must be hanging out. I thought she had shorts on but lol nope

No. 568740

I dont quite understand the timeline of events. The new meetup was done outside of her hotel so she could have a quick walk to it. But she threw up in the uber to get to the hotel. She obviously didn't go to the event. So where was she? Hospital?

No. 568741

File: 1524971721867.jpg (134.43 KB, 900x1350, 24d1fd45b4da9244fabeef2e178813…)

Found her next family friendly pet mom meet & greet outfit

No. 568743

probably just another lie that she's making up to show her fans that "look guys im doing everything for you! give me attention!"

No. 568754

It’s almost sad that she had this opportunity to build bridges and make connections and friends with others in the community but instead she went to her hotel room to get high. Seeing the others all hanging out I feel like if I were in her shoes I’d be regretful to miss out on involving myself in the clique. These people have defended her in the past at their own loss. What a way to prove them wrong.

No. 568760

Who agrees that she will have absolutely no health issues while at Disney World?

No. 568763

Mickey Mouse will lay his hand across her like the pope and she will miraculously be healed.

No. 568768

i seriously don't understand why she wouldn't tell even just her mom she wouldn't be there. her mom said they were on their way to see her. even if her mom is crazy and annoying…how fucking awful to not know what's going on with your daughter when she just doesn't show up to such a huge event?

No. 568769

Something I don't understand is that JC asked about Dapper Day and if he'd look crazy if he didn't dress up. Today was Dapper Day at Magic. Tomorrow it's at Epcot, so maybe he asked for that if the drunk wants to start at that park. Otherwise, maybe she went to Disney today.

No. 568772

Reads like
>I just did drugs so sorry if I don't seem like myself when I meet you guys

Reads like
>You did a good job telling everyone those excuses and hiding taking drugs love you babe

No. 568777

File: 1524973746499.jpg (233.67 KB, 1440x1371, Screenshot_20180428-224553~2.j…)

If you look close she blurred out her finger in this picture…kind of weird

No. 568782

If she was so sick a few hours ago (a sickness that in the past has supposedly taken a full week or more for her to recover from) and it was a horrible ordeal involving puking on herself as she dragged her poor sick ass out to try to save her reputation, then how and why is she still chilling with full makeup still dressed taking selfies in the mirror.

No. 568786

I think it's funny that she wore her official Creator lanyard to a random meet up that she threw together.

No. 568792

>>568777 And her face and her skin, using a beauty app. Lol she looks totally different than in the photos with the people from the meet and greet.

No. 568804

File: 1524975267353.jpeg (216.62 KB, 1301x979, E435F4F5-AE7D-49DD-B7F5-0B0930…)

She retweeted the only one where she actually looked decent, or at least how she normally looks in selfies.

No. 568811

File: 1524975546616.jpeg (486.2 KB, 1262x1642, 475F792E-141A-49B7-879B-1160D5…)

And what other career would she be able to pursue if her “illness” keeps her from doing something like YouTube?

No. 568815

coincidentally the only one with her hand over her chin. so insecure taytay pls love urself enough to improve your life but mostly the lives of your poor neglected animals

No. 568816

she really likes to hammer people in the head with her "illness" problem. She could've just said it once, apologized, and thanked everyone for their patience and kindness. She ends up sounding like "Im sick and frail and i did all this all of this for you! you should feel bad because i can just stop posting videos for you!"

No. 568817

It was one fucking day. One event. Every other day of the year she makes her own schedule. She’s bad at it, but she does.

One commitment. One simple thing. Her EDS, her Celiac, her depression, it’s all a miracle none of that bingo card of conditions ever flares up when she’s apparently taking impeccable care of near 40 exotic pets, or following her boyfriend around the country on multiple flights and car rides, or going to parties, or going to Disney.

She thinks we’re all fucking imbeciles lol

No. 568820

I really wanna know if she was visibly sick at the meetup because she sure don't look sick in those pics. she doesn't look great but she doesn't look like someone who threw up on herself in the past hour at all.

No. 568825


sounds like Taylor lost some friends today. lol they describe her like a partner in science class that didn't show up, so rather than being rude, you tell the teacher they're sick.. probably and request for a different partner.

No. 568828

she has magically powers to clean herself up, and whisk away any sickness upon meeting people in person.

No. 568831

File: 1524976896369.jpeg (213.04 KB, 1242x1441, 39405560-B55F-4E74-8179-F327C7…)

One day old news, but i stumbled on this. The insecurity is strong in this one

No. 568868

File: 1524978611101.jpg (459.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180428-231050.jpg)

No. 568873

>>568868 How about instead Taylor you let people KNOW if you are not going to show up to something, because you are a selfish irresponsible bitch! You are NOT a victim you attention whore.(calm down)

No. 568879

There's absolutely no excuse for why she couldn't find a means to communicate to her peers, her family, or her fans that she wouldn't be making it to the meet and greet AS it was happening. You don't go MIA for hours on end unable to be reached by anyone because "oops I ate a little gluten". When will she realize going MIA and then coming out with an excuse that she was "sick" is the easiest way to make a person look like they are bullshitting.

Maybe that's why your friends don't believe you Taylor, cause you're unrealiable and a liar.

No. 568880

>>568868 Putting tweets out like this makes her look even more like the liar she is.

No. 568881


I believe 99.9% of people when they say they're ill, but you're the exception Taylor. I might believe you were ill if you can't make it to Disney next, but we all know you'll magically be up for that trip.

Anyway, I wonder who doesn't believe her? Is it the other Petubers she's shading here? I'd stop putting up with her after this if I were them.

No. 568891

File: 1524980063288.png (53.95 KB, 606x564, dapperday.png)

really hope it comes out that she didn't go because she went to dapper day with jc instead. can't see any other reason he woulda asked about it

No. 568900


>choose to believe them

thats not how it works. you either believe someone or you don't, you either trust them or you don't. you can't make yourself believe someone's bullshit.

No. 568908


Wonder if any of the pictured fans were grossed out after reading this tweet. I would be. Like, gross a pantsless barfwoman touched me.

And the shirt could work to possibly hide any trackmarks on her arms if she has switched to shooting up heroin.

I suppose we could test this idea with any pictures from Disney if she posts any. Long sleeves vs short sleeves.

Hope her poor animals are doing okay though…

No. 568945

File: 1524985978035.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 8F3BDD05-92CB-439A-BCF9-77D4A1…)

Looks like she has a little something dangling between her legs in this shot. Thought it was her arm but she’s hugging the girl. Sorry to be childish but made me laugh. I can’t imagine what possessed her to think this outfit was appropriate.

No. 568947

Anon, what have you started? It does kind of look like balls, and now I'm laughing at it too. Also her head is so big that it looks photoshopped on to me.

No. 568948


Wait but I actually really like this outfit. I’d totally wear it with black tights or leggings. Curse Taylor for making me question my taste. Definitely needs to leave her hair alone. It looks fucked

No. 568950

as if anymore evidence was needed she's been on drugs. what a trash bag.

No. 568972

I don't understand why you don't want the thread to be bumped. Like do you want it to die? Or why does it matter if it's bumped?(read the rules & usage info)

No. 568973


Way to be an asshole

No. 568977

you're only supposed to bump when there's new milk

No. 568980

She was trying to explain why she would show up still a mess at the later m&g. For sure she took drugs. Heroin (if that's what they took) in a different city is going to be different strength, also if Johnny insisted… well she fucked her day and her image and she probably paid for his drugs too. Maybe she spent the day throwing up but it was drug-related.

No. 568981

Here is how to post: https://lolcow.farm/info
Here is why to post it that way: https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 568982


I think anon was saying the timeline/places in her story do not work. We know it's a lie, but it's a bad one as usual. If she was supposedly too sick to leave her hotel room, and she had the m&g right at her hotel, why would she then take an uber to the hotel?

No. 568985

I didn't fucking mean to, jesus

No. 568988

Her fashion sense is really bizarre. It's like she's attempting an insta-thot look but it just goes into an entirely different direction that doesn't make sense.

Anyway her bailing on the playlist event was to be expected. She probably couldn't handle the idea of people asking her things above her paygrade.

No. 568989

oh thanks, I get you! so she was either somewhere else, or just made up the uber altogether?

No. 568990

That says how and when to sage but not why.

No. 568991

>3.6 If your comment doesn't add anything new to the conversation, sage it.
the why is - it's a rule

No. 568995

Her stans genuinely baffle me. I can't understand defending everything someone does even when they're clearly in the wrong. "She was too sick to call someone"… but her bf was posting on twitter and instagram during that timeframe…. he literally could of called someone or at least picked up her phone when people were calling her trying to find out where she was. Unless you're literally dying in a hospital you're still capable of sending a quick text. Imagine having a job and just not calling in sick? What a fucking ridiculous excuse.

No. 568996

File: 1524993048355.jpg (252.61 KB, 900x467, tnd .jpg)


I think this drawing is pretty close to the real life thing. it's uncanny how alike they look. You know, with her giant head, square jaw, wonky eyes, and fucked up snake.

No. 568998

>do you want it to die?
I think that's the idea of it. If all you can add to a thread are your own thoughts and opinions then it doesn't belong on the board. Although imo people sometimes use the sage option when it's not really necessary (posting new screenshots etc).

>it's a rule don't question it
Haven't seen this mentality since I left school.

No. 569008

Was the meet and greet at her hotel though or a different one?

I think that she didn't want to show up for the panel because people would see how much of a dumbass she is compared to the others.

No. 569011

LMAO, that’s amazing. I vote for that to be the header on the new thread.

No. 569012

File: 1524994276799.jpeg (122.75 KB, 750x1334, A35F8CE8-CE6D-4A80-87B1-FDD5FA…)

I hate to be nitpicky but her face just looks so… weird. Also, Taylor, please put your ugly ass tongue away. It’s not cute.

No. 569017

Rules need to have explanations for why they're rules.
I'm asking for that explanation(take it to meta)

No. 569029

Go make a new thread if you want to debate the rules

No. 569034


I was so busy looking at her legs I didn't look at them lips. They look awful!

No. 569038

You can ask staff about it here >>>/meta/4790

No. 569043

Beautiful,how was this made

No. 569059

I actually can't believe she missed the panel. Looks soooo bad. I wonder what the rest of them thought? isn't tyler the guy she keeps joking with about her drug usage and excuses?

if she was suffering from "muh glooten attak" why didn't she or jonny let anyone know? I wonder how she apologized to the event organizers/participants

No. 569062


Editing in Photoshop. Had a good laugh while making it.

No. 569063

I agree. How many more excuses until her fans realise how full of bullshit she is?
Yes, Tyler is the one she jokes about drug use with. Maybe now they'll all take a step away from her, she's a sinking ship.

I bet she never even spoke to the event organizers, she seems like the "if I ignore it it will go away" type.

No. 569073

I wonder if part of missing the panel is because she wants to see who is there for HER rather than for Em/Tyler. It's a selfish move fuelled by laziness.

No. 569079


of course she won't have any issues at didney worl. it's munchie mecca; munchies fucking LOVE disney and you can 100% guarantee that they will never, ever be inconvenienced by health problems there. bet on it.

this whole trainwreck is just utterly hilarious. the sheer magnitude of this idiot's lack of professionalism is just boggling.

to go missing for hours without notifying ANYONE - not the organizers, the other youtubers, your mother, not even a heads up on social media, not getting your thick-as-pigshit gold digger manbaby to make a fucking phonecall on your behalf - is shitty enough

but to back it up by appearing at your sad apology meetup with no pants on, pantyhose laddered up past your knee, and stinking of puke? it goes way beyond "messy and unprofessional" and deep into "sloppy, disgusting mess".

have fun fighting off those heroin rumors now, idiot. this is straight textbook junkie behavior. bravo, taylor!

No. 569082

Don’t forget vertigo. She threw that in now too!

No. 569084

Would just like to say that as a past fan of Taylor’s I’ve been keeping track of this thread for weeks and knew for a fact her tweet yesterday about her excuse for not turning up for the panel was complete bull. Have been zooming in on her arms from the recent pics of her meeting fans from last night to check for track marks.

No. 569105

Spot on

No. 569121

I thought the shirt was cute but it should’ve had a black cami under it rather than showing her bra and she should have worn leggings or even spandex shorts would have been okay anything better than no pants. I guess she thought not wearing pants would support her “I puked on myself in the car”

No. 569135

File: 1525014726366.png (7.96 MB, 1242x2208, 007671F4-D52A-4E69-A594-D51249…)

Does she not have enough $$ to buy a new pair of pantyhose? Those have runs all over the place! And that’s more like a robe. For goodness sake learn how to use a safety pin instead of letting it all hang out! I’m embarrassed for her!

No. 569143

I think she thinks she looks edgy and “cool” with town up hose

No. 569145

Why even wear those tights though if they're flesh toned and all ripped up? The girl in the background has almost as much clothes on as she does so it doesn't seem like it'd be too cold.
And guys, it's a romper. It's not that she isn't wearing pants, but for some reason she chose a see-through super short one and to wear just a bra underneath.
I'm on the look out for other photos that include her middle finger because she blurred it out. I guess it could've just been a mistake on her editing app though. That mark on her other hand is still there, too.

I've said before and I'll say it again, just wayyyy too many coincidences for there not to be something going on.

No. 569146

More like cheap trailer trash!

No. 569149

Her pupils are so small wondering if from the flash or drugs

No. 569158

Probably the flash but they are suspiciously small in her most recent selfie on IG.

No. 569174

I can't get over that Taylor signed a contract to show up and this is her job, and she straight up skipped it. Whether to get high or whatever. She didn't even make a call or text to be like hey I'm sick I can't make it.

I'm sure this will also affect her ability to do sponsorships since this made it blatantly obvious she doesn't follow through.

I wonder if she realizes how much she fucked up?

Yet another reason she will be a jobless loser living with her parents at 40.

No. 569190

File: 1525020120489.png (910.81 KB, 1242x2208, B985386D-BF06-44AB-B968-D470E6…)

No. 569193

Y’all it’s a romper not a shirt with no pants. It’s still fucking sheer tho

No. 569194


Her "super severe symptoms" cleared up quickly. I really hope someone calls her out on why she was unable to go to her organised meetup because she apparently made herself so sick from "accidentally" eating gluten, but she's having no problems running around Didney Worl. I wonder how she'll try to lie and manipulate her way out of this one.

No. 569199

What a coincidence that when she has videos to edit her gluten problems last for days (so bad she can't sit and edit) but when she's going to Disney they clear up just in time?? Not suspicious at all. Oh but I forgot when someone says they have illnesses we "HAVE" to believe them.

No. 569200

I'm sure if someone were to call her out she'd just tweet about how she is still feeling "severely ill" but is "making herself go" and hope to come off like she's such an inspiration for pushing herself to go to Disney despite "being so sick~"

No. 569201

I will give someone $100 if they can name a time Taylor was too sick to do something fun.

No. 569207

Personally I think it's a good idea so when one is looking through the catalog, they will know what topics actually have new milk vs ones that are speculating or whatever. If there is actually something new, it will be higher up in the catalog or on the first page. It's a good way to determine news vs everything else, shit won't just be bumped for things like in-fighting, blogposting, etc. If the person in question is literally not posting ANY new milk, then what the fuck is there left to talk about? just let it die instead of beating a dead horse ya know? But also it's the rules.
Yes this is what I meant, sorry if it didn't make sense I was tired at first. Where the fuck was she if she was so sick supposedly? I am almost positive if she was at the hospital there would have been pictures or tweets or something about it. Seems to me she was so sick she couldn't leave her hotel room for this gig she signed up for, but not sick enough to get somewhere else. Who know maybe she went to a drugstore to get meds and just decided to do it at a piss poor time.
Only thing I can think of is maybe she just passed the fuck out and could NOT wake up, but IDK if that is what gluten allergies do to people

No. 569212

File: 1525021599638.png (156.2 KB, 1080x919, IMG_20180429_180257.png)

Wait, so did she miss the panel and meet up because she was passed out for 8+ hours or because her 'legs wouldn't work, vertigo was so bad and joint pain was so intense'? Keep your story straight, Taylor. If this is you trying your best I think a potato has more fucking potential.

No. 569214

Couldnt handle better drugs is more like it lol she looks so strung out next to normal people its embarrassing. Clearly you can't hack it in this business, but unfortunately you dont have any experience doing anything else so real work is probably out of the question.

No. 569217

One would think that after "accidentally" eating gluten the first time and supposedly being so miserable, Taytay would have been more conscientious about gluten in foods, asking wait staff at a restaurant, etc, to avoid the misery.

Can't wait to see Tyler's response to this one. Kinda threw him under the bus there.

No. 569224


I agree. Everytime she "accidentally eats gluten", you'd expect her to become more conscious of what she's eating if it makes her THAT sick. But she's done it so many times that she's either lying or just god damn stupid, and either would be plausible.

No. 569227

yeah, she could have made some good contacts showing up here too. What a professional failure.

No. 569236

This was she sickest she has EVER felt and yet she was still up the next day to go to Disney World. The fact that her fans let her get away with this shit is so gross. Shes a vile human being who only cares about herself.

No. 569278

i'm in disneyworld today so if anyone can update i'll see if i can spot her eating a pretzel or getting yelled at by jonny lmaoooo

No. 569279


your best bet is looking on her moms twitter she usually live streams or tweets where her or tanner are, if they're even with taylor

No. 569281

File: 1525029748531.jpg (23.16 KB, 590x144, epcot.jpg)

Her mom and brother are around Epcot it seems

No. 569285

that's where i am for the next few hours but why do i feel like taylor's probably not with her mom…

No. 569298

She passed out but had to take an Uber to her hotel for her last minute meet up?

No. 569299

I hope you catch her eating something that obviously has gluten or even drinking so then she’d really be outed and she can’t even deny it.

No. 569304

File: 1525032310049.jpeg (141.01 KB, 750x787, 9EA86AA8-9779-489E-8152-E9A478…)

No. 569307

File: 1525032485812.png (493.85 KB, 609x501, ok.PNG)

seems like people found her at disney

No. 569309


just post whatever you see about where her and her mom are and i'll do my best! i don't have time to be checking everyone's accounts but i'm so down to do a lil mish to find her lying because i'm so goddamn sick of her shit

No. 569312


bless now that i know what she's wearing it might be easier!!

No. 569316


Her hair is ghastly.

No. 569338

She looks like she doesn’t even like meeting her supporters

No. 569339


the fucking hand

No. 569340

is it just me or has she been gaining weight? maybe she thinks she's got a double chin and has to cover it

No. 569341

She's definitely been gaining weight. It's from all the gluten. lol

No. 569345

She missed yesterday because she was too sick out of nowhere. Then today she’s fine to go to Disney. If she was so sorry, you think she would of taken time to go to Playlist now that she’s feeling better. All the other pet YouTubers did.

It’s almost as if gasp she didn’t come to Orlando to actually go to playlist or care about her fans.

No. 569352


i'm curious how many people she actually met with yesterday seeing as she only posted on twitter what 3 hours before the fact

No. 569374

Seems like if Tyler would've known where she was, Emzotic and Taylor's mother would have at least been told but they didn't seem to know either. Why does she lie soooooo much

>Not 100% sure

>I'm sure she's ok

Even Emzotic and her own mother know she's full of shit.
I'm curious to know how much Emzotic and Tyler suck up to her after this or if they start not mentioning her or talking to her anymore.

No. 569396

File: 1525039837691.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1633, IMG_20180429_230835.png)

For the anon who's at Disney, she's defos around epcot if you're in the area.

No. 569398

File: 1525039859279.png (107.05 KB, 750x1334, ADFA3DE8-9FE2-404B-B7AE-D3C930…)

Confirmed, Taylor is at Epcot

No. 569410

i'm still here, over in "france" but making my way back to that area soon. we'll see if i can spot her. i can't believe she's "sick" for her ONE meetup cut can manage disney. it pisses me off so much. i have no ailments and am completely exhausted after a 10 hour day here

No. 569477

You are our designated spy, good luck anon ;)

No. 569512


She's meeting more 'fans' at Disney than she did at the actual event for her 'job'. Hahaha

No. 569551

i just hope Playlist will make her pay back all the $$ they paid her to attend the event (known youtubers are pricey af) as well as for they plane tickets and hotel

No. 569579

Did she miss the panel or just the meetup?

No. 569582

both I believe, she was MIA all day

No. 569593

Maybe she’s pregnant

No. 569595

ugh i don't even wanna think about that

No. 569596

Well if she can’t even manage to control gluten in what she eats, one can only assume she’s not too responsible about birth control.

No. 569629

File: 1525050748456.png (724.33 KB, 750x1334, 04601367-7475-4734-9DF9-2CA474…)

The other pet youtubers going the extra mile for their fans but Taylor is too busy with her junkie boyfriend to even make any sort of appearance at Playlist. I bet they regret inviting her.

No. 569633

mmmmmmmmmmmmmM I feel that rift forming she is so isolating herself, so dumb

No. 569639

i don't think she's shooting up cuz her dress is sleeveless, lmao. no way she'd wear that if she had trackmarks.

i REALLY wanna know the real reason why she missed the event yesterday, tho. ia with the speculation that she was scared of how much an idiot she'd look and the criticism/questions she'd get. but surely there's more than just that?

No. 569640


is it dumb tho? taylor is worshiped without putting in any of the work that the others do. her fans are paying for her week in disney while she avoided playlist and meeting them, and they don't even care. yet the other pet youtubers have to play nice, because she has that many more fans

i'd like to believe it'd finally catch up to her, but doesn't seem like it

No. 569649

If she becomes known for being flaky, the other pet youtubers aren’t going to invite her to the meet ups that they set up anymore and they’re not gonna want to collab.

Also, she’s not going to be invited to publicity events (such as playlist) in the future if she’s just not going to show up. She’s burning precious career opportunities

No. 569657


It's so funny to me that Maddie is doing a better job of being Taylor than Taylor is. She wasn't even on the panel but showed up to the event and meetup anyway, while Taylor who was on the panel never showed. Maddie hung around Playlist with the other Petubers for an extra day, and it doesn't sound like Taylor went at all. Now she's doing a meet up with the other panel members while Taylor's off not doing any part of her job.

No. 569659

That’s because Maddie(like many others I’m sure) would kill to have been on that panel, or have a following. She wouldn’t waste it like tnd did. I cannot believe she didn’t show.

No. 569698

In those text screenshots of Taylor admitting to doing drugs, she said she never shoots up. We won’t see track marks because shes doing heroin in other ways.

No. 569708

Honestly this was such a wasted opportunity for Taylor. Just because it's a YouTube job doesn't make it any less of a job, and this will hurt her chances at networking.

No. 569731

seems to me, Taylor thinks she's too good to be in any of these youtube activities and money will always be around. She'll rather do her own thing, like sleep all day and go to disney. I hope the whole playlist business, youtube community and the like finally sees her the way she is and start removing her in future events. Then again, youtubers probably like that this happened so they can get Taylor's fans to follow them instead.

No. 569759

File: 1525060981165.jpeg (463.96 KB, 1242x1830, 87CC6D87-FC05-4EAE-AE47-336652…)

Why does her head looks like it’s edited in? Lmao

No. 569760

I can't get over how fucking big her head is. Literally and metaphorically

No. 569767

Jesus Christ above I hope she doesn't breed. She'd probably take a picture of it being held in some uncomfortable fashion for Instagram.

She might put it in a 20 gallon tank with plastic bags for substrate.

Only benefit to her being preggers would be that Jonny might abandon his mealticket. Though, I am sure damage has been done.

No. 569772

she just looks like she smells so bad. that poor fan is way too close, especially if she actually threw up at all, but most likely that was a lie anyway.

No. 569773


i couldn't find her and had to leave the park a few hours after posting!! o well. it's not like i need to catch her in the act to know she's lying 100% of the time even the fact that she's at disney today is enough to prove she's full of shit. i doubt she'll be able to completely avoid gluten in the parks. there aren't many gluten free options and you have to do a lot of research to find them. she's too fucking lazy for that

No. 569808

i sub to the guy that moderated the pettube panel yesterday and they showed a bit of it and it was just Tyler and Em. There seemed to be a lot of people there to see it. Such a shame she let down so many people.

No. 569813

6 more days of Disney tweets or we know she started her fun early.

No. 569840

Saw earlier in the thread that Petty Paige is in the works of making a video on her, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m surprised it took this long for anyone meaningful in the drama community to get ahold of this thread.

But of course we all know the second Taylor sees it she’s just going to derail from the subject with edgy self deprication and “haha drugs”

No. 569842

another difference between her and everyone else, they are all excited to get home to their animals. taylor is staying another week. who did she say was watching them anyway?

No. 569875

I'm betting on her having a meltdown and threatening to quit youtube.

No. 569886

I demand this be the next thread cover photo LOL

No. 569893

I wonder if Taylor just knocked herself out with a fuck ton of pain meds again and that’s why she missed playlist. Whatever happened, I’m pretty sure she slept through the whole day and that’s why she couldn’t tweet or text anyone about how “sick” she was before the event.

No. 569931

Yeah but Johnny too. That's why I think it was something they took together. Also with >>568422 being a factor.

No. 569970

File: 1525086394912.jpeg (165.57 KB, 750x736, DBD7B02A-9CBA-4181-AAAB-BEE214…)

Bag of what looks to be potential black leggings - or it’s just trash seeing as how that bag is way too big to be pants

No. 569991

File: 1525089472318.jpeg (229.93 KB, 1223x1370, 4995CAC6-516E-49D6-B842-E5321A…)

Even if this isn’t Taylor shade it’s still a funny coincidence kek

No. 569993

Why would she wear legging over tights though? In Florida??? The whole story she spun has more holes than Swiss cheese

No. 570078

Is playlist live paying for her hotel? I hope they kick her out for skipping literally the entire event with no warning.

No. 570097

She’s due to speak at another event in August. I’d be pretty concerned if I were them after the complete shambles she made of playlist live.

No. 570102

Wait. Wait. Wait.. so her boobage is not really what it seems on instagram too?? I wish mine could inflate and deflate depending on my attire too.

No. 570107

I bet the other pettubers don’t even like Taylor, especially after what happened. She’s like that one relative that you dislike but have to endure them when they come over for the holidays so you have to act nice to them and take pictures with them when in reality, you dont even want to be around them. Lol

No. 570142

Nah. I'd doubt she would quit YouTube. She'd probably go on hiatus until the money runs out then cone back with, "HAY GUISE GUESS WHO'S BACK!!!"

No. 570166

I’m cracking up. I never thought her boobs were that big especially when she would be in videos. I don’t think they are that big honestly.

No. 570169

gluten-intolerant anon here. even if your tummy hurts, you still have the mental capacity to text people and let them know what's going on. gluten doesn't make your hands not work. her job is on her phone, she has no excuse for failing to do the one important thing that would have been good for her career.

it's also her responsibility to take care of her health and avoid food that she knows will make her sick, which really isn't that hard to do.

celiacs + gluten causes symptoms for two days or more. every time. if her story was true, and she was really that sick, she would be in bed recovering, not out partying in a place full of restaurants that cook bread. and after a reaction, you get more sensitive to it, and just breathing in too many gluten particles could send her back home, so why waste the money if it could make you sick.

so basically, yeah, her story is bullshit.

No. 570180


No, her mom is

No. 570184

Also, it’s bullshit that she wasnt able to tell anyone about her situation. I had food poisoning before and i thought that it was my time and but I still had the strength to pick up my phone and let everyone i know that i was dying in pain in the middle of the night. So either she was high on drugs that JC wanted her to have before attending, or she’s addicted to pain killers which causes her to sleep all day OR she’s so full of herself that she thinks she’s better than anyone else so why bother attending OR she’s afraid of being called out in person and too lazy to organize anything for this event. No matter how you put it, she’s a rich little girl who is irresponsible and don’t care about anyone else but her and JC.

I hope this mistake bites her in the ass

No. 570185

File: 1525106869474.png (215.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5569.PNG)


No. 570190

honestly that is not wisdom, it just sounds like something that that inspirational text post bot came up with

No. 570216

i agree ill cut him some slack, but it doesn't really make sense lol. i can't believe taylor pulled this shit and just basically disappears from social media. it baffles me that she does this bullshit and then she's going to come back and complain about people hating on her

No. 570272

Not sure she’s expected to actually “speak” to anything. This is a youtuber meet up concocted by small youtuber pickles (who has an online store) that is desperate to be promoted and Taylor was invited. If she couldn’t show up to Playlist where some expenses were covered, there’s no way in hell she’ll make it to Ohio and associate with other pet tubers! Her stand will be sorely disappointed!

No. 570278

Ohh I didnt know that. Quite likely then. Or she might go the other way and turn up in the knowledge that she is obviously so much more popular then pickles and revel in being the centre of attention.

No. 570279

I don’t think pickles is in charge, I think her shop is just sponsoring giveaways.

No. 570284


Pickles, maddie and that lori etc are all in some sort of friendship group, so they seem to have come up with the idea of a meetup together. I think pickles probably arranged it all but maddie is from ohio so it was probably a joint effort. As far as I know taylor is not in their friendship group (i think they all skype or something too?) but it was definitely a move to get more exposure to the event by inviting taylor and plastering her face on the poster, no other youtubers not in their group (besides emzotic) seem to have been invited

No. 570287

File: 1525115639998.png (261.57 KB, 1080x1675, IMG_20180430_200812.png)

I've pretty much echoed what this person is saying in the thread before, but I think it's such an important point. I've never told an employer about my mobility issues because people like Taylor give disabled people the stigma that we're lazy and will miss a lot of work. She is doing so much damage. There's days where my back literally feels like it's going to break, but I do my fucking job and don't say a word because I don't want to let people down and also don't want my issues to beat me. Taylor has a complete victim mentality, there's people with a lot worse problems than her that still manage a 9-5. She's fucking pathetic.

No. 570292

File: 1525116113139.png (2.45 MB, 1080x1079, 20180430_151827.png)

That's a lot of ass showing for those trying to say it's a romper.

No. 570293

She's avoiding Twitter because the most liked reply on her last tweet is calling her out on being a lazy pos

No. 570294

File: 1525116230707.png (1.31 MB, 900x899, 20180430_152022.png)

Jonny even managed to keep his tongue in his mouth for this pic and there she goes ruining it.

No. 570298


those tights are disgusting. Her feet look oddly small too, i think its the shoes

No. 570303

she's looking chunky. who's that couple with them?

No. 570312

What is with the tongue sticking out in every pic??? I get doing it occasionally for, like, a playful look, but she's had her tongue hanging out in nearly every pic of this playlist/Florida trip!! and it's ugly & annoying as fuck!

No. 570313

seems like she was dopesick, didn't show up, finally scored and then puked from the opiates (which is extremely common)
her pinned out pupils really say it all

No. 570314


Wow, even Jonny looks decent compared to her in this. The fuck is she wearing?

No. 570315

Her head is even bigger than his is.

No. 570317

she's chunky from all that weed and gluten

No. 570318

She legit looks like a trannie wtf petty, but she is so strange looking, even if you are a fan you gotta notice it

No. 570319

Geuinely can't believe what she's done to her hair lmao. Did no one ever warn her the problems of going brown to blonde every few weeks. Looks like a fucking helmet.

No. 570320

File: 1525117391304.png (706.59 KB, 479x597, 3295423959235.png)


Yeah, it's his band mate Colin and his gf.

No. 570321


Well, there was something weird hanging between her legs in that one picture…

No. 570322

Jonny actually looks like a human! Her? Not so much!!

No. 570324


all that money she has and this bitch doesn't own more than one pair of tights

No. 570325

And there we go showing maturity levels of a 2-year old! Jonny and TayTay sticking out their tongues…the others striking a pose. Can’t expect anything more than that!

No. 570329

I sure hope SOMEONE is taking care of her animals

No. 570334

I think she's used up all her money on frivolous shit already. Had to get her mom to pay for the trip

No. 570335

I wonder if all the comments about her messed up lips finally got to her and now the tongue thing is to hide her lips.

No. 570338

100% this

No. 570350

she likes to flaunt it though on all her photos, but maybe it's because she can edit herself especially to look thinner.

No. 570353

File: 1525119259665.png (851.62 KB, 586x596, 43634634632.png)

I'm sure it's not personal, but I think it's hilarious how deliberately apart from Taylor the girl on the left is standing, lol. Everyone else is touching.

No. 570367

seems betsy might be taking care of the animals(no photos of kids)

No. 570368

pretty sure it's because it makes her face look thinner and longer

No. 570369

I feel like no one ever bothered to each Taylor how to dress or accessorize. She always has something weird going on in her outfits. This red dress could’ve been super fashionable if she paired it well

Also, looks a little bit small for her. She’s probably in denial she’s not a size small or youth large anymore

No. 570371


when you have hair that short and such a huge chunk of skin showing between your neck and where your dress starts, its common sense to put a necklace on or something (like the girl next to her) otherwise that just makes you look broad and awkward

No. 570389


Woow wtf. I know she's a horrible person no matter what she looks like, but when did she gain all of that weight??? She used to be skinny right? Must be munchies from all the drugs and alcohol

No. 570390

Wouldve been cute if she wore white shoes, remove the uglyass torn pantyhose, and wore a mini mouse ear headband but nope, she wants to look like a crackhead in Disney world. I wonder what else she’ll wear in the next following days of enjoying Disney like someone who doesn’t have any illnesses.

No. 570391

>There's days where my back literally feels like it's going to break

And on those days you should be allowed to work from home or given some sort of courtesy, in my opinion. But I agree with all your other points. People like Taylor are the reason employers aren't even willing to make the slightest modifications to little things in order to better accommodate disabled employees. People like her are the reason employers think disabled people are a bunch of lazy whiners, and if it weren't for Taylor-types, we'd probably be cut a lot more slack.

Does Taylor even bother to take any fucking supplements to help ease her joint pain? I'd bet money that she doesn't even bother with the most basic shit like osteo bi-flex.

No. 570396

Her pupils are so pinned here. And this photo was taken at night. Why are we even acting like she isn't a full blown junkie at this point?

No. 570400

She's especially odd looking next to other humans. Her head and face are gigantic, and normally I'm of the opinion that bigger heads/faces generally make for a more attractive individual, but she looks like a caricature.

She's extremely disproportionate, which I think is a big reason she looks so damn weird. Her arms are really short for someone her size. She stores her fat in odd places. She has thunder thighs and big calves, fat upper arm, but barely any ass or tits to speak of. She has almost no wrist and her hands are huge but really chubby at the same time, and she has short stumpy fingers. Also homegirl's neck is short and thick. Not even gonna touch on her face/hair/outfit cause it's all a mess.

No. 570405

How is she wearing a dress (if it's even that) so short? Also it looks like she has a baby bump to me but it's prob due to weird storage areas

No. 570430

she's not fat at all wtf? she's definitely gained weight but i think "thunder thighs" is a bit of a stretch. i don't know if her weight looks distributed weirdly because of how tall she is but i wouldn't call her fat

i didn't even realize she was wearing those same torn to shreds tights. they literally ruin the outfit. like y'all said she could've made the outfit so cute! what the hell is the point of wearing them

No. 570435

like, red-eye is the camera flash reflecting off of the retina (which is visible through the pupil) so the bigger the pupil the more retina exposed, and the higher the likelihood of red-eye in pictures. tay has ZERO red-eye, meaning her retinas were barely exposed, meaning small pupils.

and even the girl who's facing sideways in the background has red-eye. that shows how wide everyone else's pupils were, and how small tay's were.

No. 570439

File: 1525125025081.png (296.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5587.PNG)

this makes me so angry like this is what pettube does :/

No. 570441

People on here will call anyone fat even if they aren't. We've already been through this several times with Taylor.

No. 570442

"living their best lives" lmao how, they never see their owner. give your pets to someone who will spend time with them

No. 570457

File: 1525127108143.png (380.79 KB, 596x341, 546547247427272.png)

No. 570470

File: 1525127785690.jpeg (200.47 KB, 1298x712, C2258F5F-E349-4D0A-AFE7-47FED8…)

No. 570471

File: 1525127795964.jpeg (142.06 KB, 1293x588, 4AB78D0F-3FC4-4B27-B216-44AFC8…)

No. 570474

And somehow her joints stop hurting when she’s riding all the rides. Sure, Jan. Maybe this is an excuse so she can continue to pop pain killers?

No. 570476

If she had all these illnesses and gluten problem, we would’ve seen some sort of “daily life” video or clip in one of her social media. She would’ve and could show us what she does in an everyday bases to treat her illnesses. We would’ve gotten photos of her gluten-free meals she made or bought. We would’ve gotten videos or photos of her supplements or exercises/stretches she does to make herself feel better. But nope, all we get are photos of her face and more excuses as to why she can’t do responsible adult things

No. 570489

Question, why does everyone here call Taylor “Jan”?

No. 570490

It really pisses me off to see this kinda thing, as a person with chronic invisible illness who is sick enough that I can't work. Ya know what else I can't do? Go do fun shit! Have dates with my husband! Prance around Disney for a week. If someone asked me to do that I'd laugh.

Chronic illness isn't convenient. You don't get to magically feel good for the fun stuff. Most of us are lucky if we have one good day in a month when we felt up to fun. Not to mention, we spend our good days catching up on everything we couldn't manage while we're sick.(blogposting)

No. 570493

File: 1525129346466.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, surejan.w529.h352.jpg)

it's a meme

No. 570506

It’s kind of unfair to say all chronic illnesses are like that. For example, IBS is a chronic illness, but it comes and goes, and anxiety is usually a trigger for it. As someone with IBS, I can be completely fine for weeks, and then suddenly something may come up, and I get anxious, and I have a flair up. I’m not trying to defend Taylor, idk how EDS works, but it’s just unfair to say ALL chronic illnesses work like that, because they don’t.

Chronic just means that it’s incurable, so you’ll live with it your whole life. It doesn’t mean you’ll experience symptoms every day. Some people with IBS can even go years in between flair ups, or sometimes they can happen every day. Every illness is different and each person experiences it differently

No. 570514

>We would’ve gotten videos or photos of her supplements

EXACTLY THIS. She's such an attention whore with such a victim complex. We would've seen or heard about how poor Tay Tay has to remember to swallow 4-6+ horse-sized pills everyday.

No. 570515


You're right. I was thinking more along the lines or someone like me who is significantly disabled to the point of being unable to hold a job. I should have clarified.

She's acts like her illnesses impact her life much more heavily than they likely actually do in reality and uses them as a convenient excuse.

No. 570521

her response makes me angry lol. stop making excuses. also, what's her response to failing to call/text someone?

No. 570536


Celiac isn't an umbrella for EDS either. That's a very strange way to put that.

No. 570566

That makes no sense. There is no proven connection of celiac and EDS. Most people have found that cutting out gluten has improved their joint pains but eating never exactly set them on fire. Plus I’ve never seen anyone have a severe reaction and immediately be okay the next day. “I called it a day at 8pm” she was still standing and walking for 12 hours but yet she can’t make it to playlist?? She needs to just let the damn lie go because she’s so damn bad at it.

No. 570569

File: 1525133161978.png (585.29 KB, 1242x2208, 232EE913-83D7-4D7C-8B6B-4FE2ED…)


No. 570571

daaaaamn. although isn't that part of his disorder? never satisfied? idk correct me if I'm wrong but like damn that she even admits she fucked up lol

No. 570587


How long has she has these disorders? If she knows for a fact thay gluten sends her into hurtsville then she would be doing everything in her power to keep these gluten instances down to a minimum.

It's like watching someone repeatedly stick their tongue into an electrical socket.

No. 570599

The point is that they only flare up for little miss Tay when it’s conven to get her out of work, responsibilities and commitment. She always right as rain when it’s time for “fun” activities and trips!

No. 570600

File: 1525135251558.jpeg (254.14 KB, 983x812, 448F4112-E43D-49DD-9ED5-18D6A3…)

Oh, but she said she told Tyler

No. 570602

So uh… Was it vertigo, joint pain, or vomiting? Because she has used basically every excuse possible by now.

No. 570603

She’s finally being honest about SOMETHING!!!

No. 570606

Yes, people with PWS often act up and throw tantrums since their emotional capacity is stunted. Basically, his mom will deal with Tanner acting like a child forever. These tantrums happen very often too, so I can't imagine how draining it must be to be with him all the time. No wonder she takes him places everyday.

No. 570607

She’s developed these since she had to fight for attention because her parents had to devote so much time to Tanner.

No. 570620

From past threads that's definitely the impression people from her old High School said they got of her, that she used her handful of issues for attention and to get out of things constantly.

No. 570621

Has Tyler said anything yet about Taylor just disappearing since she claims she told him?

No. 570622

But I wonder if this will work now that she has a job in YouTube. We know that eventually her stans will stop justifying it, and the ones who say shit like treat yourself will lose interest or forget about her. I mean eventually she'll have to stick to a schedule and "branch out" whether or not she likes it.

No. 570625

Note how she used the plural “kids” she’s acknowledging Taylor as spoiled rotten as well

No. 570628

File: 1525137350775.jpeg (681.35 KB, 1242x1698, D19AEFF1-FA6F-4233-A48C-03662A…)

Not a peep. I see it was tweeted at him but no response from him or Emzotic!

No. 570630

They’re probably staying out of it.

No. 570632


What else can they do? If they say they knew, fans are upset with them. If they say Taylor is lying, her army of stans will attack them. I wish one of them would say something besides 'she's lovely' but it won't happen because of Taylor's follower count.

No. 570635

That’s not how EDS works, and I would love for someone from the EDS community (who actually has it; not a “zebra” munchie warrior) to take a bite out of this one. Especially her saying “gluten makes my EDS worse,” like… what?

No. 570659

I just don't get what Celiac's even has to do with anything?
Idk if I have it but I get severe cramping and digestive problems after eating gluten.
So guess what I do? Not eat it. Especially if I know there's a work event coming up.
If she knows she has a disease she should be informed enough to simply be able to avoid gluten?? So what's the problem?
Also that "I tried my best 💓" shows how much of an Asperger she is. Doesn't know how to communicate in a way that doesn't upset others

No. 570660

They actually treat it like a job unlike some people

No. 570662

I have EDS and she's bat shit fucking crazy at this point. There are no flare ups, you can't trigger it like an allergic reaction and gluten has 0 to do with your CONNECTIVE TISSUES. I'm so sick of her just saying joints as if it's arthritis. There are connective tissues in the abdomen that can react to the contraction of the muscles with puking, that's why she gets "sicker" with EDS when she eats gluten. It's like working out and wondering why your muscles hurt the next day, she did it to herself if anything.

No. 570667

If her eds is so bad then why tf isn’t she doing anything about it? She can afford treatment. I also find it hilarious that she thinks she’s unable to pursue this career sometimes. If she can’t even do this than what does she think she’s gonna do instead

No. 570670

I have eds and I go to the hospital weekly because of it. I call total bull on her celiac making it worse. It just doesn’t make sense. The reason your joints hurt is because your muscles and ligaments are too weak to hold them together so they’re loose and the different parts of your joints don’t move cohesively as they should. Constant movement of a bone or something in the wrong place is what causes inflammation. She makes me so mad.

No. 570672

I honestly think this is her back peddling, she typed in the wrong illness and the mention of EDS was her confusing the lie she told the day before. They have nothing to do with one another.

Also I'm guessing she went to Disney instead of going to Playlist because her make up meet and greet was at 9PM, she said she was done at Disney by 8PM "taking it easy". Just suspicious because I doubt she'd be dumb enough to eat gluten with the risk of not being able to go to Disney at all.

No. 570674

File: 1525140891153.jpeg (281.11 KB, 675x1200, A87775D0-51E1-4930-A3D7-306048…)

So I guess Betsy is watching her animals.

No. 570679

File: 1525141258059.jpeg (220.02 KB, 1299x1021, F785AF63-ADC2-4A48-AEB3-E48CB4…)

No. 570682

What do vertigo and joint pain have to do with each other??

No. 570685

They are all part of Taylor's lies?

That's about it.

I'm also laughing her ass off she has her "friend" aka slave who should be taking care of her NEWBORN BABY but is instead slaving over Taylor's animals while Taylor does 0 work in her paid for hotel while fucking around at Disney.

I bet she's not even paid.

No. 570693

I really feel like her friend can’t handle 40 animals and then a newborn child. There’s definitely sloppy care occurring and it’s amazing her friend isn’t really concerned about her child being around random animals.

No. 570697

File: 1525142720044.jpeg (378.12 KB, 1242x1463, AB7DB65E-8F9B-4E61-B0EA-2FF6E6…)

No. 570701

Chelsea seems pretty bored herself to still follow their relationship so closely.

I don't know why she leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 570703


I have EDS too and I'm not sure why you think there aren't "flare ups." We have EDS lectures and meetups where I live, and if it rains attendance is probably halved because so many people are flaring due to weather. Plus people flare after overexertion, she would have had a better lie if she said the plane fucked her joints up or something because that actually can happen.

However, her "umbrella" statement (and all her statements really) are super weird, and yeah, I've never heard of celiac doing what she says it does.

She's clearly lying, I just hate the way people try to armchair diagnose or undiagnose her when the way they talk about EDS is too overgeneralized.

No. 570704

She’s probably just like us. We can just simply ignore Taylor and JC, but their milk is so good. Not trying to defend her or anything. Taylor probably complained to her numorous times before yet still goes back to being the Taylor we know.

No. 570707


There isn't really treatment for EDS. Just symptom management. There's no approved treatment plan, no cure, even experts really know next to nothing about the illness.

The real reason Taylor isn't seeking treatment is because she doesn't have the symptoms she says she does, though. She's proving that by going to Disney where she can walk around and take pictures multiple days in a row with no problems.


I've been noticing how much she really seems to believe her lies, no guilt whatsoever, and it's like she forgets the truth and just plays the victim because "haters won't believe me!!!" People who aren't lying about being ill don't tweet stuff like that tweet about how you should always "choose" to believe friends.

No. 570709

Wouldn’t having EDS get triggered when riding amusement park rides? Seeing a pic of her on a ride, vertigo-free, joint pain-free, and even body pain-free just tells me she doesn’t suffer from it. I don’t have EDS or any other illness, but I still wouldn’t want to ride a ride if my body is sensitive, hell I don’t even ride because I know my stomach can’t take it.

No. 570711


It's the clarity of having been in an abusive relationship and also the impact of such abuse. You don't just get over it because a relationship is done, especially when said abuser is still always talking about you. She says she didn't have warnings, but she had Manda. So I don't get her when she acts like she's this sole survivor.

No. 570712

She does and doesn't for me. I feel that she'd be happier if she just detached from them all. But, at the same time, I support her and feel for her.
Remember all the messages and texts she showed with Taylor? How horribly Jonny was treating her, threatening to flush kittens down the toilet, relapsing and blaming Taylor's parents. Remember how much Taylor said she wanted out of the relationship so badly, and it was hard to get out? Saying she felt dead, like she wasn't even herself anymore. And when Jonny would find out she and Chelsea were talking, he'd go batshit on Taylor and go through her phone and god knows how much he abused her and in what ways. She'd then go to Chelsea saying how scared she was of him, begging Chelsea and crying for help when she WARNED her it was coming if she didn't get out.
Now look at Taylor. She's always been slimy, but she has become a significantly worse person ever since Jonny came into the picture. She had so much potential, for someone so young. I think she still has a chance to turn this around, but only without him in the picture.
I think this is why Chelsea still fights. She watching young naive Taylor go through this same horrible cycle she went through herself. But Taylor won't take the help she's been given. She's fine with settling for less, going drugs and dating a complete rapist and a loser, and becoming more and more narcissistic every day. Because it allows her to be a lazy POS, because Jonny himself has no standards for who he dates besides having money and "good" looks.
Apologies and sage for ranting/blogposting but while the milk here is good, it honestly makes me sad seeing someone with such potential like Taylor become such a disgusting POS. She's pathetic in every way, and Chelsea is spot on. She's brainwashed and fake, doomed to fail at this rate unless she changes.

No. 570715


Absolutely! I have EDS and I'm medically banned from any ride more intense than a ferris wheel because it can dislocate my spine. There's a spectrum, but most people with EDS wouldn't do what she does.

Plus there's NO WAY, even if it were just celiac, that she recovered from vertigo so bad she couldn't walk to being able to ride whatever rides she wants in like 24 hours.

No. 570716


Isn't Chelsea the one he only broke up with 2 or 3 months before moving in with Taylor? I think she's just still traumatized, she hasn't had enough time to heal, and while she's trying to do so she has to watch Taylor go through exactly what she did despite the help Chelsea tried to give her at first.

It'd definitely be healthier for Chelsea to not pay attention to them, but I get why if she can't help it. Especially with Jonny bringing her up every 4 seconds.

No. 570717

>Also that "I tried my best 💓" shows how much of an Asperger she is.
No it doesn't, if anything it's just an indicator that she's a bitch and a possible narc.

No. 570719

Sorry for a momentary OT but If you have Celiac Disease you absolutely need to know, as its an autoimmune condition which comes with risk of other, serious complications. Other options for the cramping include a gut allergy to wheat but don't be complacent.

No. 570731

Rhetorical question but she's travelling for work and knows she's celiac. Why not go the extra mile to make sure your food is as safe as can be? It's the extra prep you have to do when you have chronic illness.

No. 570737

True, I have also had my suspicions she self posts here but nothing to back that up with other than a feeling.

No. 570738

There's some stupid fat girl all over her tweets making up shit about EDS to defend Taylor

No. 570742


when you have a relationship that's full of drama, you get a little addicted to it. she may be over jonny, but watching it is kinda like a familiar movie that gives you a little boost when you're bored. if you know it's a trainwreck, it's hard not to look….like why we're here.

like someone else said, there's no treatment. you just manage symptoms and dislocations as they happen. my sister has EDS and managed to laugh her rib out of place last week. Whenever she decides to grin and bear it through trips and events, she can barely move for a week after. Taylor never mentions doctor's appointments which blows my mind.

The EDS community is pretty tight knit. There are a lot of local support groups, meetups, and a national conference to raise money for research. She never posts any of those invisible illness memes or EDS awareness month. She only uses it when it's convenient as an excuse.

Everything about Taylor's lies sound like she's never even read about her own illness.

No. 570747

Plus, she seems to have rocky relationship issues herself. Her ex boyfriend Corey seemed like he was the love of her life and seems like they had a lot going for one another, but they broke up only like a month or 2 ago I think. She is probably upset by that still, and is just watching the trainwreck that is Taylor & Jonny's relationship. I'm kinda speculating that Chelsea's relationship with Corey crumbled because the constant involvement in her ex Jonny's life by always tweeting about him (to be fair he's always tweeting about her too) and Taylor and whatnot. Guy probably got tired of being around that kind of toxicity.

No. 570750

File: 1525146924613.png (106.98 KB, 1228x400, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.43…)

I found this tweet from Dec 2016 while trying to find what EDS type Taylor has. She's just packing on those illnesses.

No. 570753

There is no way in hell she has CRPS. I had a coworker who had to stop working after years in a physical job from severe CRPS. It's nicknamed the suicide disease for a reason. You can barely function from the pain CRPS causes. She's full of shit.

No. 570757

I wonder what other illnesses she claims she has over the years?

No. 570760


To be fair EDS is associated with PTSD and anxiety, and I know a disproportionate amount of EDSers with celiac. Co-morbidities are a big thing with genetic illnesses.

Idk if she has CRPS though, it'd be hard to be diagnosed with CRPS and EDS just because the diagnostic criteria for CRPS excludes having something else that causes symptoms, and EDS might cause all those symptoms itself. Mostly I just doubt it because she said herself in her illness video that a doctor said she MAY have CRPS or something.

No. 570762

If I remember correctly she mentioned some where before that she was never actually diagnosed with it and is basically self claiming to have it at this point.

No. 570832

Whether she has these illnesses or not, the bottom line is if they're so horrendous she often has days where she can't stand, or passes out (she's used that twice in the past week?) she does NOT have the ability to look after all her animals. She can't have it both ways. Either you're well enough to look after 40 animals or you're too sick you can't sit and edit a video for days on end. I just feel sorry for those poor animals she clearly treats as accessories.

No. 570835

She actually said something about this. Basically she speaks up because it's her way of coping through the trauma, as well as a form for her to speak up about the abuse. Something along the lines of "I stayed silent for far too long so i want to speak up" kind of thing.

No. 570838


YES this is the gist of it. Whatever she has, if her "flares" are so unpredictable she can't even CALL someone when accidentally exposed to gluten, she can't possibly look after her cats on a daily basis, let alone her whole zoo.

And however you look at this "flare" that kept her from Playlist, there's no way she was that sick and then has a whole day walking around Disney with no mobility aids or anything right after.

No. 570877

Not necessarily. I don’t think tay’s pupil size is something you can judge from one poorly lit photo. Some people are super prone to red eye and others don’t get it so much.

No. 570947


someone should @ the girl telling her Coeliac causes bowel damage. So if Taylor keeps 'accidentally' consuming gluten her body might not be able to take in any nutrients at all.

No. 570953


judging by the facial expressions and body language of the women on either side of her, taylor ripped a massive fart just before this pic was taken

or there's still puke on her tights, idk

No. 571002


my theory is that she insists on wearing tights (even if it's 85-90 degrees outside, or if they get ripped and she does not have a fresh pair) because her legs are where she shoots up to avoid speculation about her arms. jonny has all the tattoos so it's harder to spot these things on him and he doesn't need to worry about covering up as much.

source: brother is a heroin addict and when he starts wearing long sleeves/pants in warm weather it raises red flags for us as a family. it typically means he has relapsed recently and is trying to hide it.

No. 571021

Or she thinks she’s a semi-rockstar chick but have no idea how to dress so she throws in ugly torn pantyhoses and fish nets. It’s amazing she hasn’t tried to copy kat von d or something yet, but she does try to copy kylie jenner with all her weird choices of clothes

No. 571027

my question during all of this flare up with her celiac is where the hell was jonny during all of this? did jonny not care to say, "hey she's having a flare up, she won't be attending the meet up" or was he also "flaring up" and "passed out" lmao

No. 571032

Lmao. Maybe her self-diagnosed illnesses is becoming contagious and spreading to JC as well.

No. 571033

The funny thing is is JC posted on instagram and twitter during the time she was MIA - but she's totally ignored people asking why he never mentioned anything to anyone.

No. 571039

Just seen someone calling her out about going on rollercoasters as people with EDS (especially as severe as hers are meant to be) are advised not to go on them as they can cause dislocations, pain and dizziness (especially if she as vertigo). She replied to this (ignoring the roller coaster bit) but it appears she has deleted the persons comment now, wish I'd screenshot it. And she's now at Disney for the 3rd day in a row without any issues, no walking sticks or wheelchair (I bet she doesn't even own either of these/didn't bring any with her as she knew she'd not need them!)
She's also just said on twitter her "gLoOtEn AtAk" made her joint pain worse, so it was already there prior to supposedly eating gluten, and we're meant to believe walking around disney all day and going on rides doesn't affect her illnesses at all?

No. 571045

this is very true (EDSfag here). not only the rides themselves are bad for EDS, but just standing in line for hours in the heat waiting to get on it is pretty much just as bad. there's no way her EDS is as bad as she's claiming.

No. 571046

We've already seen her picture taken on the Tower of Terror/Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Which is literally just a bunch of extreme drops, and one of the most jostling rides in that park (it think its in Planet Hollywood?). This girl isn't fooling anyone with her EDS bullshit.

No. 571049

When she says EDS does she really mean “Every responsibility makes me Doze off to Sleep, especially eating a ton.”

not trying to offend anyone who suffers from the real deal so i apologize if i do

No. 571058

I was the one that commented and yes she deleted my comment but not before allowing her stans to attack me and call me pitiful and all kinds of names.
They also claim i dont know what having chronic pain is like but i literally wear a back brace to help my chronic back pain lol.
Oh well though at least my comment was up for a short time before she deleted it

No. 571059

Samefag. But i was also very respectful(at least in my eyes) about the way i asked about her eds and she came off like a total cunt in her reply to me

No. 571066

If she was going for the rocker chick look with the ripped tights why wouldn't she wear BLACK tights? Torn nude tights just looks like you have a weird skin condition or scars from a distance. Also, gross, she wore the same tights two days in a row - after claiming she puked on herself no less.

No. 571069

Yeah like Julian Solomita is celiac and when he travels to different countries where he does not speak the native language he still is careful not to eat gluten and I don’t believe he ever has while traveling. She’s just a dumb liar.

No. 571081

Even logically speaking if she recovered this fast she would still feel tired af.

It's like when you're ill and you can take a while to recover because moving alone is a hard work even if you've improved.

No. 571094

I'm surprised she didn't try and request a wheelchair at Disney for pity points and also skipping lines for the rides. Not sure exactly how it works but I pushed around my buddy who had cancer at the time in a Disney brand wheelchair she requested at the entrance. you'd think someone recovering from the "worst pain of her life" wouldn't be having a spectacular time walking all day

No. 571106

Like JC would push her around in a wheelchair lmao

No. 571164

now that's really a reach lol, many people wear tights even in hot weather, i use them to make my legs look nicer, avoid getting tanned and conceal my scars (from dry skin)

No. 571232

File: 1525207236188.jpeg (969.71 KB, 1242x1460, A7D963DF-CFC8-4D30-B4CE-E72A9B…)

Another photo of Taylor face that looks like it’s pasted on

No. 571234

File: 1525207289132.png (479.67 KB, 1242x1789, IMG_3056.PNG)

imagine actually being scared of your partner NOT LIKING DISNEYWORLD

No. 571253

That’s actually quite toxic if you think about it, having to go to your favorite place in the world and all you’re thinking about is if your boyfriend is enjoying himself. What if he hates it? Are you just gona pack up and leave?

No. 571264


blah blah blah i love this person who can't even tell playlist, my mom, or anyone else that i'm sick but can update ig about how he's having a bad day while i'm the ~ sickest that i've been in a long time ~ blah blah i also like paying for everything for him then being grateful he likes it blah

No. 571281

Yeah, he looks so… happy… like he's… enjoying the trip.
He just has this permanent nasty "I'm a bad bitch, mY sHoEs aRe wOrTh mOrE tHaN yA rEnT" look lmao

No. 571333

May is EDS awareness month. I'm sure she won't mention that at all. I haven't seen any tweets about it in her twitter previously.

Is she wearing Jonny's red shirt in those photos? It looks like a man's shirt.

No. 571339

>>569759 She most certainly is gaining weight.