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File: 1528212840859.png (656.69 KB, 799x600, nitenite.png)

No. 602401

>Vietnamese girl who became instafamous for edgy selfies and 'art'.
>History of ED and depression, multiple suicide attempts documented on her social media
>owned clothing stores Fabulously Fucked and Nirvana Streetwear
>wrote a biography titled Error 404
>came to her PULL thread in spring 2017 to talk to her ~fans~ and stuck around for a bit which ended most criticism on her thread for a while
>divorced her serial cheater husband Papaplaaastic in summer 2017
>claimed her apartment was broken into and her Macbook stolen, Macbook reappears in new photos without explanation
>tried to move in with fellow instafamous friend Sheidlina in Russia, but couldn't get a visa
>announced her suicide for the final time in October 2017, followed up by a third party posting about her death from her account
>recently resurfaced under a new identity, hiding her tattoos and wearing a gas mask in all photos, but old fans quickly realized it was her due to her using the same wigs, clothes and aesthetics and making references to her old persona
>now runs a copycat website of ancient internet mystery Chip-chan in which she cycles through several images made to look like a livestream

Old social media:


New social media:


No. 602404

File: 1528212941399.jpg (48.48 KB, 454x500, 59d1071a73d74_ss(2017-10-01at0…)

No. 602462

File: 1528218113170.png (418.93 KB, 463x592, nite.png)

Her new shtick is ~the last girl on earth~, except everything in her pictures is pristine and she seemingly hasn't put any effort into suspending disbelief. What a lazy attempt at "art". The only photos that have any sort of weathered destruction thing going on are urbex pics she stole for her IG feed.

No. 602467

File: 1528218197994.png (837.84 KB, 931x744, cringe.png)

No. 602468

I followed her on Facebook for the longest time because she was so milky and dramatic.
I honestly believed she had killed herself though, I'm supposing you're going to post more proofs it's her and she lied?
I wonder if I can find the screenshots of her mauled face after an assault.

No. 602470

File: 1528218414085.png (37.61 KB, 496x300, aR2oiso.png)

PULL found many cases of her tattoos being the same, and her using the same wigs, outfits, room, blankets etc, but for starters here's the WhoIs info for her new domain

No. 602473

File: 1528218526818.jpeg (283.19 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20180522-123600-01.…)

No. 602475

File: 1528218545686.jpeg (320.08 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20180522-123613-01.…)

No. 602476

File: 1528218615928.jpg (38.55 KB, 815x500, IGJLLitzpfI.thumb.jpg.a1b5c316…)

Same room and laptop

No. 602477

File: 1528218623499.jpg (24.58 KB, 281x500, 4rSLTz77tOw.thumb.jpg.6378ed0f…)

No. 602478

Link to the PULL thread?

No. 602479

No. 602480


PULL users started translating her memoir into English, Nhi was going to have an English version published before her ~untimely death~

No. 602484

File: 1528218925598.jpg (57.33 KB, 500x500, vMxOO8oAncY.thumb.jpg.472b1647…)

Dumping some pics of her reusing the wig and bikini and more tattoo comparisons

No. 602486

File: 1528218987928.jpeg (54.95 KB, 350x500, 3F43EC69-5A0C-45F9-873B-B3B4F8…)

No. 602487

File: 1528219003743.jpeg (161.23 KB, 750x1334, 13CA05B3-E2BC-471E-9F68-6AC0DC…)

No. 602488

File: 1528219178978.png (161.21 KB, 694x739, Screenshot at Jun 05 19-19-28.…)

Seeking more attention on PULL and posting in their simply_kenna thread

No. 602505

>my social media persona is boring, let me fake my own suicide to spice things up

No. 602512

File: 1528220899925.png (36.37 KB, 433x521, 1.PNG)

GG has tried committing suicide before ALTHOUGH I don't think that's a good reason to reappear as a new persona without any explanation as to what actually happened. I'm going to follow up with 2 more posts after this cause too fucking long

No. 602513

File: 1528220915026.png (34.9 KB, 406x536, 2.PNG)


No. 602514

File: 1528220926506.png (37.16 KB, 419x616, 3.PNG)


No. 602516

Especially if she's attempted before, she should know it's not something she should fake only to reappear without explanation. All it would take is

>Sorry to everyone I worried, I didn't feel able to face my old accounts. I'm still here.

But she clearly likes being thought dead.

No. 602555

So…she’s alive? I thought she’d passed away?

No. 602650

can you read?

No. 602852

What a sick bitch.

No. 603002

How does the account https://www.instagram.com/g0ds0dds/ have almost 1k followers at only 2 photos and a total of 3 comments, all since May 2018? Surely not just from being linked in her bio and some of her posts.

@nitenite99 was also first used in May 2018, has over 10k followers at 21 posts. Both only follow 1 account and don't really interact with her followers. And since she didn't announce her return, she couldn't have used her old following.

I think she made these new accounts and shilled them in her old "fandom" or even bought followers.

No. 603007

maybe she just bought a bunch of fake followers?

No. 603066

Off topic sorry but what ever happened to chip-chan? Haven’t heard that name in so long.

No. 603174

So does this mean all of her shit like “I was detained in russia” and “I got robbed and my book is gone” is bullshit?

No. 603176


I just checked, it seems like her stream is now off. Posts on her reddit are all trying to translate the last sign she showed before the screen went out?

Someone posted photos of what appears to be her that they found on Google Street cams?

Hopefully her caretaker and doctors finally got her on medication that actually helps her schizophrenia or whatever she has.

No. 603211

I think she didn't intend on committing suicide, but I don't doubt she wanted to disappear. Maybe she just ran off. I remember Sheidlina never posted anything about Nhi's supposed death; I believe she knew from the beginning it's not true. Maybe she aided Nhi personally with getting off the radar.
I liked GG's art. I felt for her. The suicide lie, if it was just to throw people off, was a shitty move. But I'm really interested in how she'll explain herself. I don't think she can go far covering her every tat, wearing a gas mask n shit, she'll have to step forward at some point.

No. 603348

After Nhi's "suicide", Sheidlina posted something about Nhi being on a long train ride. Travelling from Vietnam to Russia?

No. 603352

File: 1528302377404.png (491.69 KB, 853x588, Screenshot at Jun 06 18-24-52.…)

No. 603378

File: 1528304741341.png (80.49 KB, 366x777, Screenshot at Jun 06 18-38-07.…)

g0ds0dds.com is registered to her name too

No. 603380


Elena followed both of the accounts(probably when 1-2 pics were only posted), and this is how nitenite99 was brought to people's attention. Read it on PULL.

No. 603388

That still doesn't explain 10k+ followers. Especially considering most of her comments come from the same handful of people.

No. 603395


The acc has been there for a while, Helena has 1 million+ followers and the rumors about her potentially being plaaastic have spread like wildfire. Ta-da.

No. 603449

Lmao I knew her ass wasn’t dead. This bitch reminds me of Raven if Raven was young skinny and actually somewhat talented, but melodramatic, victim complex, emotionally abusive, and intensely borderline regardless. Her book is just a woe is me porn.

No. 603456

>wrote a biography titled Error 404
!!! A cow wrote a biography? Wonder if there's an ebook somewhere…. Oh, it's not in English…Shame.
>anon casually droping a link to translation
Thank you anon, you are the real MVP.

Also I am shocked cause her book has a 3.9 rating on goodreads, does she have that many fans? Or is the book that good?

No. 603485

File: 1528315208431.png (21.05 KB, 303x315, fans.png)

She seems to have a decent amount of weirdly hardcore teen fans for whatever reason. A bunch are spamming the Nite account with things like "Plaasaastiicc!!!" and arguing on if she is GG or not.

No. 603921

There’s a subreddit for her? Link plz, anon, I haven’t seen it.

No. 605490

Anyone else getting a Poppy vibe from her disappearing, then reappearing half a year later with a new name but everything being chock-full of references to her old persona? Except in this case she's both Mars and Poppy. The cult-ish references (last god on earth/last girl on earth) kind of reek of them.

No. 607475

Can anyone post thay google street cam pic of her that someone mentioned?

No. 607612

They're talking about Chip-chan, not Plaaastic. If you want a thread about Chip-chan, make one instead of bumping this thread with OT

No. 608497

Okay i was never on this site so i didn't realise they were replying to someone, no reason to be rude

No. 608591

This person has screenshoted many of the pics that appear in the stream/website


No. 609937

So…is this her? Someone mentioned this video in her Instagram comments but I’m not sure if this is new or old.

No. 610459

The video sounds like an overly convoluted sob story, I'm not buying it. How did she immigrate to the USA but her "livestream" website takes place in her old room? Yeah right. Suddenly she has a terminal disease? Wow, her entire life is so tragic.

She got married to a guy she had only known for one week and when it inevitably fell apart, she waxed on about the ~deepest sadness imaginable~ when her idiot choices got her in that situation in the first place. News flash: Don't marry a fucking stranger, and don't get married at 19-20, you fucking dolt.

No. 610463

Who the fuck does this shit? And for what purpose? Who's the crazie who married her

No. 610467

He used to go by Papaplaaastic, you can still see photos with him on her @Plaaastic account.

This interview takes the cake lmao:

>When we finally meet at a quiet café near Hanoi's Old Quarter, the multi-talented Plaaastic has just survived her third suicide attempt.

>“I’ve literally been my own doctor ever since I moved to Vietnam. It’s difficult to find a psychiatrist who’s able to prescribe and review the treatment to suit the changes of my mental disorders.” G says, the upbeat smile returning.


No. 610472

File: 1528986101276.gif (211.1 KB, 326x326, uNw1AlY.gif)

>live in Asia, where medical tourism is booming
>go to the medically most expensive place in the world to get treatment for the most common disease in the world

No. 610548

But Asia is not one huge wonderful country where medical tourism is blooming and therapists grow on trees. Also it’s possible that a country has a very forward healthcare system but a huge stigma surrounding mental illness.

No. 610559

We're talking about her supposed cancer, keep up.

No. 610563

I have to say I am in honest disbelief/ shock right now.
While I agree that she is far from perfect and possible cow material, I have always had a soft spot for her. Her aesthetic, Her art etc. TO see prove that the whole suicide thing was a hoax breaks my heart in a very weird way. While I am glad she is alive it feels strange. I was genuinely sad and shed a tear when I heard that she had died. I hope she is in a better place now, but I just don't know how I feel.

Sage for blogposting/ sharing my feelings

No. 610570

It sounds like you're ignoring the point on purpose. She complains about living in abject poverty, says she is seeking treatment in a country where treatment can be MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for cancer. How would that make any sense?

No. 610574

My bad, I thought you were talking about her mental issues. I think she mentioned going to therapist in States (it was before her disappearance).

No. 612691

She just got caught for sockpuppeting on PULL

No. 612695

This is some wild shit, wtf
Copy/paste of the admin's post from PULL:

>Hi everyone,

>I don't typically make these kinds of posts and hesitated to put this up. However, I think this situation looks like it's going too far. In October, GG claimed on her social media that she had died. After Nhi's death, I made an admin post with a heavy heart. I had to ask our users not to speculate that someone would fake their own death, unless they had facts to prove it.

>A user came to me and pointed out that they thought the user whatisgoingonhere (https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/39365-whatisgoingonhere/) was a sockpuppet. After digging a bit, this appears to be true. The IP is in Hanoi, and other markers (such as browser fingerprint) match GG's original PULL account.

>Nhi used this account to pretend to be a fan, making false claims about her site (that videos of her sitting around in her room all day are a livestream) to get more views. She spreads rumors about herself (in fake broken english) about having cancer and schizophrenia, and about not being in Vietnam (while posting from Vietnam).

>I'm very disappointed that someone who has talked to my users FIRSTHAND would return to mislead them (in their grief) to promote her new projects and spread rumors about herself.

I'm currently investigating other suspicious accounts. I'm so sorry you guys were misled. I hate that someone would try to use my site to manipulate my base. We'll get to the bottom of this.


No. 612703

Does this mean she is lying about having cancer? What a damn cunt if that is the case

No. 612789

Honestly, she lied about killing herself. It seems like she lied about getting her laptop stolen. I'm not really surprised if she's lying about having cancer, she's so young

No. 612862

Nhi uploaded this video because she knows I'm about to post this. I wanted to wait until PULL posted about her account. I'm the user who contacted Nyx.

Nhi and I used to be friends. Around two weeks ago, I logged into her two nitenite99-related email accounts using her generic password and her phone number when I thought she was asleep. I did this because I can no longer support what she does and she has had a long time to come clean. Please don't pass judgement on this until I'm done posting everything. I believe that the truth must come to light about how she has been and wants to continue taking advantage of her fans' respect and trust.

Here is a screenshot of her email inbox. You can see that she's often addressed with her full name. In the next posts I will show some impersonal ones that explain what she has been up to.

No. 612869

This is the other email account. 99nitenite@gmail and goodandgloom@gmail.

No. 612878

This is an email she was sent two weeks after the public announcement of her death. It contains a few videos showing her on the night of a photoshoot she did for Nirvana Streetwear. They show her posing and laughing in the street with no concern for people or vehicles around her. What they don't show is someone who is so scared for her life, she had to fake her own death.

No. 612890

Are you fucking kidding me? I was such a huge fan of hers. I seriously cried hearing about her death and she was out playing in the street two weeks after she "died?!?!?"

No. 612896

File: 1529199298473.png (164.01 KB, 1067x662, Bgs7GzT.png)

In the screenshot in >>612869
, you can also see that she signed up in PULL with this email address. We already know that she had an account in PULL because she communicated with her fans there. This is a new account. It only has one post in which she claims she is a fan of Plaaastic and brings the sad news that she has cancer and shizophrenia.

No. 612898


nice work anon! please deliver the ice cold milk by the bucketful.

No. 612903

File: 1529199687890.png (546.2 KB, 835x563, JqJOxl0.png)

No. 612904

She used a stolen photo as 'proof' that she was gone… and even pointed attention to it… and didn't check google search beforehand? L M A O

No. 612919

But this isn't the only fake account Nhi uses to spread rumors about herself.
In this email, Instagram confirmed that she changed the username of an account she owns.
Her name was changed from myheartshapedheart to 2bababy.

No. 612922

File: 1529200423900.png (29.13 KB, 601x93, qdZFlM3.png)

If you google 2bababy, there is a cached result of the account 2bababy commenting under Nhi's own death announcement. The comment and a reply to it have been deleted, but Google still shows them in the summary.

No. 612924

File: 1529200481206.png (97.62 KB, 1440x803, exJ9lNb.png)

Nhi is preparing to use her account 2bababy to open a ABDL shop (Adult Baby Diaper Lover).

No. 612927

This is insane, holy shit.

Summary of the main points of the video (from PULL)

》GG explains what happened last year and how it led to her disappearance

》assures people that what she is and what happened was not a "trick" or "killing of a persona" thing; it was all very real

》recalls an incident last year where she was beaten up in the streets for the way she was dressed (a lot of Vietnamese disapprove of her style in traditional terms). says it was a sad event but not surprising (because she knows the mentality of the Vietnamese). she received a lot of death threats for speaking up about this event on social media.

》later on, she was invited to a seminar as a speaker for organising women's rights in Vietnam. anti-feminist organisations found out and came over to where she was doing her talk and she was threatened with doxxing and stuff like "snap her neck off" and if they catch her in public they'll "kill her/kidnap her/rape her" etc

》she didn't give the threats attention until she was actually doxxed with her addresses and phone numbers posted among these anti-feminists. she was at home one day and many men came to her front door.

》that day she had a paranoia/psychotic epside and so she fleed from the scene. she didn't know what to do, didn't tell anyone about it because she feared that they would find her anyway because its a small city. no one knew what had happened that day, not even her friends or coworkers.

》she didn't know what to do and decided to post her own death notice online. explains it is not because she wanted to "kill a persona" or "start a new life"; it was because of being doxxed and the men coming to her door to kill her.

》following this event, she intended to go inpatient in America for 6 months, but after the 5th month, she was diagnosed with a terminal disease.

》"I honestly ran because I was fearful for my life. And when I was no longer in that danger, I found out that even if I don't kill myself, I don't have much time to live anyway."

》states she is no longer into posting about personal things or updates online. her work and art is all she has left. she does not want pity because that's all she had for a long time.

》does not want people to share her video. she doesn't want it to go viral either. asks people to not share where she lives or personal stuff either because it will all replay again (the anti-feminists coming back to kill her)

》"Again, you are never going to see me again because enough is enough. What have all those years given me? I don't know how much longer I have and to the people who thought I was already dead, I might be as well sometime soon. So I don't even know why I'm doing this but, I just feel like it is something I needed to do. Let's just all try to not be cruel. I guess that's it. Hope you are still doing well. Good luck. And even though, I am not there remember the good times." [Video ends]

No. 612953

Now I will move on to her new big project and why it's a copy of two other well-known internet phenomena.
The first is Chip-chan, this is already written above and in PULL, but to summarize it, Chip-chan was a woman in Korea who suffered from schizophrenia, she imprisoned herself in her apartment and made a live stream of herself which caused many users worldwide to speculate.
The other person Nhi is copying from is Youtuber That Poppy who herself is a copy of someone else.
Nhi's new account Nitenite99 and the concept of her new character are inspired by That Poppy.

To the left is a unreleased video of one of the videos in her emails. She films herself in a white sterile room with only day counting marks on the wall. With her platinum blonde wig and praying in a studio room she already looks like a lower budget That Poppy. She has tattoos on her fingers to make her look robotic. Now to show more proof.

No. 612968

She purchased a license for a text to speech program as you can see in this email. She used it to make sound clips to lay over her videos. Her digital voice is very childish and cute like That Poppy. She speaks like a naive child.

No. 612970

She also purchased fake likes or followers from a website. This is an email she sent them to complain about an order not being fulfilled. If you google the company, you will see what they sell.

No. 612975

To put the nail in the coffin, she has a video by That Poppy in her Google Drive.

I will address the folder 'clip' soon.

No. 612977

This is such a spectacular juicy mess for my Saturday night

No. 612978

No. 612981

She said in her post in PULL that she doesn't want pity, and then she goes and posts in third person that she has cancer and shizophrenia. She created the most pitiful character in the world. A lonely girl who is the sole survivor of the apocalypose and only has bugs for friends. The last girl on earth

Here are all of all the clips for her livestream in a playlist with the rest of her Nitenite videos at the point where I had access to the dropbox and drive accounts. This is the content of the clip folder.

She used her PULL account to make it sound realistic but most of the clips are only a few seconds long. In the longest (3 min) she pulls on the door and tries to escape. But she doesn’t want pity, right?

No. 612982

I'm >>612977 lmao, why would you loop in the only saged post on that list? Clearly the other 3 are the same person because they are dumping…

No. 612983

File: 1529202972417.jpg (1.39 MB, 3602x2480, unnamed (2).jpg)

This is all I have to say for now. Nhi never had the intention to run away and disappear. She never stayed away from the internet. She actively contributed to rumors about herself and shared "news" about herself for more sympathy and to get more views on her site. She reads these forums and knows how many people cried over her death. She scrolls past their comments and then adds sockpuppet comments to promote herself. But she doesn't explain herself, she only builds new ways to get money and fame without owning up to her mistakes.

No. 612984

I am not Nhi. I have more proof that I'm very sure she would not like to be public. I won't post it unless she tries to defend herself.

No. 612985

How do you know her well enough that you have her passwords tho? And know all her alt email addresses? Smells just as fishy/disengenuous as the person "from her fanclub" that posted promoting her on pull. Thanks for the info if not a self-post, but I'm always skeptical of people with this much info.

No. 612986

No. 612988

Her password is changed now so I can say it. It was P45sw0rd and the confirmation Google asked for was her phone number which I knew. I tried to log in to her Instagram account but she was awake and activated the 2 factor security before I could get in.
I have screenshots of her hosting company information. I changed her passwords and reset email but I changed my mind and changed it back because I decided telling the truth was enough.

No. 612989


Because it's not that interesting and seems like it's just her trying to get attention for her new project whatever. Not juicy in the slightest, this all reeks of selfpost imo

No. 612991

Google 2-step sends a text to your phone with a code to log in, not just ask for the number. You're uninteresting nobody cares sage your shit

No. 612999

She didn't have 2 step at that moment. It recognized a login attempt from a suspicious VPN and asked me to confirm it's really her, but it wasn't 2 step. Just asked for either a backup email address or her phone number. So I used her number.

No. 613049

Holy shit. How do you even get to a point where faking your own suicide looks like a good idea? This chick sounds insane.

No. 613053

I fucking knew it. No way you can get 10k+ followers that fast with no previous clout.

No. 613059

I remember how in her book she wrote about how her husband said “why you gotta always make yourself out to be the most unfortunate victim” and she had a meltdown over that. She seems absolutely exhausting to be around. Always bitching and complaining if not explicitly then implicitly, taking people on rides because “MUH MENTAL ILLNESS MUH TRAGIC LIFE”, total emotional vampire toward those who care. It’s a shame, wish she could just make pictures because she is good at that. Get some help and stop yelping about the ~deepest sadness imaginable~ Mai Nhi

No. 613061

This is disappointing. I really liked her work, and she seemed like such a genuine person from afar.
I wasn't mad about the suicide thing, I suspected it wasn't true all along. It's just the sockpuppeting and attempted manipulation of her fans for her new project. There should be no reason for such a thing.

No. 613089

@ the anon posting all of this milk, I kind of highly doubt it's Nhi self-posting because her most snowflakey character trait is always needing to be the victim, why would she doxx her own manipulative and unsavory behavior (to her less sympathetic forum compared to pull no less) that paints her in a bad light, as a complete liar? doesn't make sense to me and doesn't fit her usual motives at all. i am really curious about your friendship with her, though. in particular, when did she find you out, how did the reaction/ falling out go down and how do you feel about her personally? any milk or a look into how she was as a person irl, what she's like, and your specific relationship with her is something i KNOW both farmers and pull users will desperately eat up (i know i will), but you do seem hesitant to come forward with everything all at once. what's stopping you? is there something she's holding against you for exposing all of this?

>>613061 i'm on the same page, more or less. i never considered myself a fan before the pull forums but lurked the thread in one sitting. reading about her life kind of sucked me in and tugged at my empathy, especially her mental health/ ED struggles. i felt a little more speculative in regards to her sob stories when they got super woe is me compared to some pull users, but all in all felt sort of invested in her, was very bummed when we all thought she had killed herself, and actually really wanted to read her book once the english translation was finished. now….. i'm disappointed to say the least and thought at the worst she's a bit over dramatic, but NEVER would have pegged her as a full on liar and manipulator. sad shit

No. 613101

This is the funniest fucking part about this holy shit hahahahaha she pushed this hardcore internet sad girl goth image for so long and then just … DIAPERS.

No. 613121

How does a cow that fakes a suicide still have so many defenders????

No. 613133

seeing PULL users basically giving her ideas how to twist everything out so it works for her again is… funny, or maybe just pitiful.

I was one of her supporters, too. I admit that her story seemed so tragic it was getting almost unbelievable, and now I wonder if everything was just a lie.

Friend anon, there's nothing for you to lose now, since she knows. Please do tell us more. Was her childhood as horrifying as she claims? Her parents? Has she really got beaten up that one time?
There's so much that lost any credibility now…

No. 613141

exactly my thoughts too anon. PULL fans just keep trying to find excuses for her, which is understandable in a way, it's hard to fathom the fact that someone you admire could play you like this, but they might just be giving her ideas to defend herself (if she ever tries to)

No. 613146

anon you have nothing to lose or to be scared of. If you know her well its understandable you don't want to spill too much, but if you agree to it would be great to know more about her past, as another anon said, her troubled childhood and such to understand how she came to do this

No. 613164

Anon, can you tell us if "her time during hiding in US" is real or not ? Is she lying about having cancer ?

Tbh it's weird for an anon to just dumped everything at the exact right moment, it's like it has been planned out.

No. 613218

She did not go to the USA or not for long if anything. Google shows all your logins and I checked there to see if my VPN worked. All the prior logins were from Hanoi. I didn't get screenshots of this because it didn't matter to me at the time and I had to move quickly.

I want to stick to what I can prove because I don't want to unpack anecdotes and reveal myself. I don't think she would seek revenge, but at worst she's a manipulative liar, and at best she's suffering from paranoid delusions and I don't want to be the next person who "tried to kill her" in her mind.

Her parents were shit but you can have shit parents and still not turn into an asshole. Her husband cheated on her but she didn't have to marry him a week after meeting him. Most of her suffering is self induced. I believe she seeks out drama and bad situations to feel valid in depression.

I dumped everything at the "right moment" because I was holding on to my proof and thinking about whether or not I should post it really. It's a lot to think about. Then she made her video to try to get ahead of me and I contacted Nyx. As soon as I saw Nyx post I started writing my post.

No. 613231

File: 1529245208386.png (79.43 KB, 640x1136, 583E5965-6842-4EE5-83D5-0C80BD…)

BRO if it wasn’t for instagrams fucking rules
I coulda been in and checked her dm’s and all

Is it bad I wanted it to work

I tried g0ds0dds AND nitenite99 and it came up with this

I tried her email and goodandgloom password came up changed 13 days ago,
99nitenite said changed 12 days ago

No. 613250

File: 1529246223334.jpg (4.26 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0680.JPG)

Hi everyone. This is plaaastic/gg/nitennite99/ the cow. I just want to pop in and tell you that this person is not a friend of mine, nor me self-posting. I do not know how the hell did my password came to your possession, but I do know for a fact I do not know you.

Attached is this person's attempted to login at my email again, from Germany.

Seriously, ex-friend from germany? Spill more tea if I came to defend myself? that is just fucking great whoever the hell you are. fucking kek. I have emailed the mod, and ask that this person's ip to be checked, and I hope soon you guys can all see that that is definitely not me nor anyone I know, and his/her IP address is from Germany and the same as the person who signed into my email.

As for the proof I bought followers and the proof I never actually went offline. I have posted this on PULL, but I might as well post here too. All the things that is "receipts", videos of me laughing and doing photoshoot, can easily be debunked by cross referencing with this https://www.facebook.com/pg/nirvanastreetwear/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1510061949054420

- the photos from that same shoot. All of the "proof" that I never went offline is actually made last year

This, as well as everything else, I can assure you is fabricated. The only exception for buying followers is yes, I do buy followers, for my online shops. I do not think that is wrong.

I do not know you anon. But not only hacked me, posting my personal infos, pretending to be my friend to "spill the tea", this is beyond doxxing. Call me a fucking fake all you want, I dare you to post anything to prove that I even know you. What the fuck. Really, so close you know my password? Now you want to share it with the world?

telling me i am lying when you are doing all of this shits is rich.

No. 613252

…that was fast as fuck

No. 613253

Give it up you’ve been caught out

No. 613255

samefag, but verify your sources anon before milking the cow. The milk might be good but it's almond.

The depression, if I am good enough to fake it for 7 years, write books about it, host talkshows about it, being an activist for it, the world is better off with me faking depression than not

the cancer though, I guess with time you all will know if I am faking it or not lol

No. 613261

Funny how you can't speak out until you've been caught. The anon who spilled your shit already said they used a VPN, you cow.

No. 613263

That's cute how well you speak farmer lingo you two-faced snowflake.

No. 613264


These posts were made from Hanoi, Vietnam.

We're looking into this situation. Remember that posting sensitive information or dox is against our rules. Report posts if you see names of people unrelated to the drama.

No. 613265

yeah because unlike what you think, i want no drama. why do this shit and give up an entire fan base to do all this nonsense? caught in what? somebody hacked me and say they knew me and i explained with receipts that everything that anon said is untrue. the proof is there, all online, since i documented everything online. just ask whatever, i can prove to you always that whatever i said is true. i always read pull and lolcow, and a known poster on pull. i thought lolcow could do so much better after dasha give out mina personal infos and nude but i guess not lol. Anyway, that anon might use vpn here but that is not sure yet, i hope the mod get to it soon. I do still have all the infos from that anon logging into my email though. ofcourse legal action will be taken, spill the tea man but yeah i dont think i am "caught" in anything by the slightest lol. just check all the post on nirvana streerwear facebook or the brands i shoot for and you will know everything is so long ago, not in the recent 6 months

For the mod, here's the "hackerman" anon ip address.

No. 613266

We responded to your email, you can continue to send us information there.

No. 613270

I don't know if this is allowed, but I know the PULL mods are reading here. Please approve my long long post on my newly made account on PULL explain the entire situation.

I am waiting for it to come up.
Sage for non-lolcow related

No. 613271

File: 1529247925745.jpeg (44.11 KB, 888x480, 82F8F3CC-CAA4-4F99-BF28-9CB246…)

Look at that development
Sit down farmers, this could be gooood

No. 613272

Please google this, Factitious disorder imposed on self; and get some actual help.

No. 613273

Hi I’m the person who attempted to login to your insta so you’re wrong about 2 things
1: I’m not the same person who ‘outed’ you and posted all those screenshots
2: I’m from England not Germany you imbecile.
Stop faking cancer and shit. It’s gross.

No. 613274

The posts were made from Vietnam so fuck off with that ‘hacker in germany’ bullshit. Stop trying to cover yourself. That screenshot or whatever it was is rubbish I can’t see anything about you being ‘hacked’ it proves nothing

No. 613275

Nhi you already know that if I wanted to bring harm to you I would post other emails. I'm not interested. I just wanted to expose your lies. I don't have access anymore either as you know. Get help.

No. 613277

We've removed some screenshots out of privacy concerns for the time being.

No. 613278

Post them anyway she deserves to be outed

No. 613279

File: 1529248370414.gif (1.14 MB, 512x384, giphy.gif)

Don't stop the delicious content anons

No. 613292

man, so easy to be you, telling me to stop faking cancer and then ask for proof. Literally talking shits and then I have to explain myself. Why not you post the proof we are friend and proof that i fake my cancer then anon.

This is my facts. Believe it or not, your choice. Just want to put it out there.
1. Did I fake I mental illnesses ? NO
2. Did fake cancer? NO.
3. Did fake being inpatient? NO
4. Did I doxxed myself for all of this support from internet people? NO
I did a lot of wrong things, but those were not it.
Really, you think I don't know how to use a VPN myself? like come on. But yeah, whoever the hell you are, Iegal actions will be taken. I enjoy reading here. I don't mind you all talking about me whatsoever. Really, just the doxxing that is bugging me. Not the first time I was doxxed though, luckily got better at the suing people part from there. Thank you gmail for the infos. Hear from me soon whoever you are.

Gossiping is so different with claiming to be someone on the internet's friend and spending god knows how many shitty ass days of your life logging into so many account of mine. See a therapist. Get help anon. Hope you all enjoy the milk. I will show myself out.

No. 613293

>the cancer though, I guess with time you all will know if I am faking it or not lol
Lmao wtf? Provide some documentation bitch, since you have stellar “receipts” for everything.

No. 613295


No. 613296

Right? Girl, so much of this could be resolved if you posted proof. Wtf are you doing.

No. 613298

No. 613299

enjoying kebab and enjoying hacking me, I see. thanks for the IP address anon, thanks for showing yourself

No. 613303

We were asked to clarify this, so just in case anyone is still wondering: The Hanoi user who posted leaked information is not the same user defending herself. The IP the 'hacker' posted from does not seem to be a VPN, Nhi's IP is also most likely a local IP, but they are different users.

No. 613307

File: 1529250420590.gif (496.21 KB, 500x313, 676968.gif)

No. 613309

Lmao and someone tried to say this wasn't that interesting when I posted about it being juicy… Go to sleep for a few hours and come back to this mess

No. 613313

Honey my house is opposite the kebab shop and I’m a vegetarian Google maps it, there’s houses right by there. nice try though. And as I’ve said repeatedly, IM NOT THE SAME PERSON WHO POSTED SCREENCAPS OF YOUR SHIT. You can see it in the way I type. Lol.

Admin is she even allowed to doxx me? No. I don’t think so.(don't use emojis)

No. 613314

I do not lie, so expose me all you want. Just know that I know you are not using a VPN on lolcow, and I am getting your IP address. Everything you post from now on will be further proof of hacking and slander in court. I am coming for you anon. You are so close to me. See you soon.

No. 613318

i thought you were like… dying?

still healthy enough to attempt to sue someone and even further victimise yourself i guess!

No. 613320

So you were willingly reading all the drama about you when you were "dead" ? what kind of sick person does that? oh wait you. Promoting your shit on gossip forums is low unless you forgot you were outted using a sock puppet account. You also were using stolen images on your instagram.

No. 613321

Have fun taking me to court when I don’t even live at that address anymore and am just visiting for Father’s Day lol

No. 613323

>hacking and slandering IN COURT
kek yeah aren’t you dying and broke? amazing priorities

No. 613325

>I do not lie

Kek of the fucking year

No. 613329

She’s shit up now lol. Probably planning how she’s gunna take me to court, continue lying about cancer, and continue to appear broke to the public.

Admins can you please remove my address from Nhi’s post. I’m fine with Nhi having is as there’s legit nothing she can do cause I don’t live there, but it puts my parents and little sister in danger.

No. 613330


Well, she clearly lied about suicide. Sounds like she's in damage control at the moment and isn't doing a great job of that.

No. 613332

but if you’re dying why sue someone i mean unless you’re lying about this shit like where’s the proof. when you gonna give it

No. 613333

I'm dying at her coming in here trying to do damage control thinking she's going to get the asspats people are so desperate to give her on pull lmao

No. 613334

It's amazing how she jumped here to defend herself before she ever went to pull to confirm if she was dead or not lmao It's great how she's all of a sudden not explain why she used a sock puppet on pull to promote her shitty ass website.

No. 613338

lol none of this would happen if all we cared about was her art instead of her personal life

No. 613339

Thank you for removing admin((emojis))

No. 613342

But of course, all her pathological lying is because of the fans
Get out of here with that shit, she's clearly just desperate for attention and willing to pull all the strings she can to get it

No. 613344

Nhi: ‘boohoo I was so doxxed and threatened’


Nhi: *doxxes another user on lolcow’

lol ok hon only gives us even more reason to believe all this doxxing bullshit and people coming to her house was fake. If she knew how awful doxxing was she would never do so herself.

No. 613360

I understand that you're afraid but you have nothing to worry about. I have posted everything I wanted to post. I have no more that I want to show. I wanted to show proof that you are misleading your fans and I have no intention to harm you.
You say what I posted didn't matter, so there's nothing to sue for, right? I won't be posting any of your private information.

No. 613371

you posted my passwords for other anon to log in, and you said no personal infos? who are you shitting man? you said there are videos of me and log in of me saying I did not went to inpatient. Videos, like I have posted before, were from last year. Basically everything you said about me was a lie and a slander. I did not log in in the states because phones were not allowed in the ward lmaoooo. After all that shits you pull and you said you wanted to do me no harm? I was scared for my life and I needed everyone to believe I am dead BECAUSE WAS DOXXED. You posted the video of me explaining on youtube why I let everyone believe I was dead, and explain why I didn't come back because I will be gone soon anyway, and STILL, you doxxed me, AGAIN. I do not know if you are the person that doxxed me last time, causing me to lose everything i love, but I got you this time. There is a shit tons to sue from, gossip has no consequences and if you choose not to believe me for what i said, that is still no harm to me, but this, this is some illegal, shady, hateful shits. After all that and you said I have nothing to be afraid for? you have the guts to tell me that? I will make you pay, legally, even if it is the last thing I do. Who knows what other infos you have on me lmao. My bank infos? My passport? all were in my emails. Why back out now man. Go all out and then I have more shits to sue you from.

No. 613373

you want so bad to gossip, to say that I lie, and cheat, and do it for fame, but yeah, the proof that I was alive wasn't even needed, I have already explained myself through the video I posted. The people who were following me already knew why I ran and didn't come back. What you did was not even new milk, not even exposing me for my lies, it was just a desperate hateful attempt. I know the horror of being doxxed and scared for future, and I hope you are feeling the exact same as awful as I do

No. 613374

Explain your sock puppet account to promote your shitty website.

No. 613375

No idea who you are but pretending to be dead because you were doxxed is not a normal reaction or solution. Your brain doesn't work properly. Doxxing is also an awful and inexcusable thing to do, but I pretended I was dead because is not normal. This is not how you solve problems. And it clearly caused more for you as evidenced by whatever is going on here.

No. 613378

If you are talking about the Pull account that is from my IP, I have explained on Pull but apparently the post is still not approved. That was sheidlina, if you know her. Again, I know how pull and lolcow works, I have been reading for a long ass time, contribute to some. Lena doesn't though, even used the same email i used for my domain to register on pull lol.. She thought it would be safe. She felt the need to explain things on my behalf occasionally and it backfires. I DID NOT want the cancer story to spread, just wanted to say in my video that i am ill so I won't be returning. Sheidlina however, wants to help and explain cancer..Very sorry about this, bad moves, totally shitty, I will say in defense of myself that I did not aware of the situation until a mod found out, posted and I read about it. She is a dear dear friend but sometimes say some stuff that got me into even more trouble. She was in my place for a brief time to help me move from my doxx ridden home and meet before she gone off to get married.

If you are talking about using another account to post about the vids, I did commented on my own account once because I wanted to link people who were questioning, but I did not want it to stay long enough to make it more crazy, so I deleted in a short while after. This was my own fault. I am sorry. Wanted people to know to know the whole thing, wanted people who not know to better off not know, but yeah. Just kind of winged it and did not turned out as good as i hope.

No. 613379

I get the same paranoid feeling from this thread that I do from the Kelly and chompurrs threads lmao sounds like one person talking to themselves with multiple personalites

No. 613381

I know it was not a normal reaction. that's why I went into treatment. for half a year. that was before my inpatient. I know it is a tough thing to ask for forgiveness in a sensitive time like this but it was literally "just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you" scenario. Paranoia doesn't even start to explain that time for me. I just want no one come after anyone I know too, that's why I did not want to just stop posting and let people come find my friends, my employees in my shop. It doesn't make much sense now, but it was for me back then, right after being beaten on the street and threatened for months on ends online and then actual human came to my door.

No. 613382

If any of this is true then prove it. Show tickets to the USA, show that you were in inpatient treatment, there would be proof for everything unless it's made up, so…

No. 613383

>I didn't give anyone my passwords
>Sheidlina used my email account to make a PULL account and I didn't know until I was outed
>even though the emails are in my inbox all along


No. 613384

may be give me a few days anon. I think I have had enough personal shits online today lmao. I am up to show my tickets, I am not up to show where did i went to inpatient, not comfortable with it.

No. 613385

If you're so ~scared for your life~ why even come back to the internet to pull your same old shit? It's still not all adding up and everything you say will be taken with a grain of salt from here on out until we get a consistent timeline and explanation. You don't deserve anyone's forgiveness just the same as apparently nobody else deserves the true explanation for this shit show. I don't even know why you would come and try to ask for forgiveness tbh

No. 613386

we use the same laptop anon, + she is in on the project 99 too. shares a lot of account. so she know the email used for the website. but not my personal one, which was doxxed

No. 613387

File: 1529258373384.jpeg (120.35 KB, 800x800, D735DEEB-B9DD-40DC-ADB5-ED25FD…)

An outdated password to email that is same as your ig accounts which you use for several public domains can barely qualify as doxxing
No one doubts that you’re mentally ill but here’s a short list of things you can address to look less like a cunt:
Document of your fucking cancer
Document of inpatient stay
Fess up about sock puppets making up rumors/promotion/attacking people who voiced doubt (pull/ig)
Fess up to being an attention seeking retard (suicide/your whole damn life kek)
Anons feel free to add

No. 613388

>give me a few days to mock up some fake documents

No. 613389

yeah i did not come back to do the same old shit. I was not sharing anything but photos, literally, in the exception of one video explaining everything.

Ok, I guess that's it for now, whatever I want to say I have said.

No. 613390

> I know it is a tough thing to ask for forgiveness

You have not asked for forgiveness seriously once. You come in here screeching about the injustice that was done to you and dodge questions and passive-aggressively say 'maybe later lol' while responding here with a vigor that doesn't say 'I'm afraid for my life'. I see a person who's pissed her house of cards fell apart.

If you're so scared, why do you think confronting people on lolcow and posting their address will help? Lol don't you think the evil people who're trying to kill you will feel more provoked?

You fucking admitted to lurking PULL and Lolcow and contributing to posts and commenting your own video under your IG post? If anyone should be outed here it's you. Nice to know you lurk the Dasha threads too, jfc all this time you've been having a grand old time sitting in your gossipy filth instead of fixing your mess of a life.

No. 613392

You mean some of the photos you stole from google images?

No. 613393

Yes, I'm sure you won't be lurking the drama surrounding you and posting (probably to fuel the fire for some kind of tasteless publicity stunt, since that's what this whole thing looks like now) like you totally haven't been during your whole suicide/running away/whatever you claim happened

No. 613394

Sure is quick to throw her friend under the bus

No. 613396

the same friend that doesn't seem to speak english as well. When they met they used google translator to speak?!

No. 613407

Plot twist: Sheidlina took the screenshots and asked someone with better English skills to post

No. 613409

File: 1529259687143.png (525.03 KB, 927x528, sheidlina.png)

The irony…

No. 613412

>$ad $ell$


No. 613430

File: 1529260833247.png (451.59 KB, 535x489, tumblr_ncdeyk0RRB1qapnb3o1_540…)

Pretty shitty of them to not credit Saftkeur for the clear inspiration taken from his/her work.

No. 613434

That's what I thought. Russian doesn't have articles, yet this person who can't string a grammatically correct sentence together in her Instagram posts can use them and even differentiates between an and a. If you compare the style, it sounds a LOT like the posts Nhi made in this thread.

And she says she didn't know about the account until it was outed on PULL, because they shared a laptop, but that doesn't explain how she magically overlooked the emails in plain sight.

No. 613438

Wait so she wants to press charges because nobody knew her password, but Sheidlina used her laptop and even signed up for accounts with one of her email addresses.

No. 613442

yeah the post was definitely written by a native (or very high level non-native) english speaker. the grammar mistakes are inconsistent - both within the text itself and compared to mistakes russians/non-natives make

No. 613459

File: 1529262427833.gif (1.82 MB, 250x209, HkgA8ya.gif)

that logic

no one's fault but your own, nhi. how the fuck can someone be this retarded?

No. 613564

You need to be in a psych ward for a long ass time. There is seriously something fucked about you.

No. 613690

You need to take responsibility for what you have done.
You need to stop making excuses, stop lying, and stop blaming everyone else around you when it is nobody else’s fault but your own. You’re acting like an immature 15 year old. You’ve made several fake accounts in order to spread rumours and lies about yourself, tried to blame your best friend Sheidlina who barely speaks a word of English and would need access to your email in order to activate the account (which you would have seen), you doxxed me which is a WHOLE other point and I am LIVID
if you had been doxxed in the past, and had your house robbed and life threatened as a result of that, causing you to fake your suicide, WHY THE HELL would you do that to another person? You wouldn’t! It proves to me that you lied to everyone about being doxxed.
Not only does it prove that, but your efforts were fruitless, as that is not my current address, but it is where my family, including my young autistic live. You put my family in potential danger, knowing how psycho the fans that still believe you’re in the right are, I wouldn’t be surprised if anything happened/happens. And if it does then I will be the one taking YOU to court. See that backfired didn’t it?
Stop making excuses for your shitty behaviour. Your actions are your fault and your fault alone. Stop putting others through upset and in danger for your own personal game. You’ve been caught out, game over, own up to it.
If you want to discuss this in private and civilly then feel free to dm my insta [removed] and maybe we can sort this so called ‘court’ situation you supposedly want to take me to.(autism)

No. 613697

anon, I highly recommend deleting that post till you still have time to do it. Are you really complaining about being doxxed while posting your personal instagram here?? While I agree with your post… don't be stupid

No. 613704

Hiya anon~ although I appreciate your concern the Instagram on that post is not a ‘personal’ insta persay, and my address nor my phone number are associated with said account.

Plus I trust Instagram staff will not give out my IP as easily as the admins on here, so I believe it is not ‘stupid’
Thank you for the concern though anon~!((emojis))

No. 613728

File: 1529282970456.jpg (35.82 KB, 280x500, Ss7I5xt.jpg)

Someone on PULL found this, looks like Nhi was replying to you as 2bababy while you were defending Plaaastic! In-fucking-credible.

No. 613744

File: 1529284159979.png (186.38 KB, 1024x882, 58C1A4B9-4E50-4CB0-A91C-060D6D…)

>The milk might be good but it's almond.

yes, because this milk is nuts

No. 613750

You sound fucking retarded tbh she can’t do shit with a random ip or address and isn’t taking you to court like she doesn’t even have a case on top being a paranoid schizo chill tf out but gj on giving out even more personal info though, retard
Also don’t use emojis here

No. 613756

File: 1529286097810.jpeg (427.27 KB, 1440x2299, F4A9B1DE-F822-465F-B3A0-1B66B2…)

No. 613757

File: 1529286113501.jpeg (594.65 KB, 1440x2560, FDC7EE46-A6BD-4BA7-877D-6F9085…)

No. 613758

When you fight autism with autism everyone loses (besides the farmers)

No. 613759

File: 1529286281670.jpeg (418.36 KB, 1440x2560, AD6B254D-382D-457E-A92A-439DC6…)

>public profile with name and location
>reees about being doxxed on story while cow tipping
What the fuck is this attention whoring shit you’re a goddamn cow yourself

No. 613770

she brought attention upon herself lmao

No. 613811

Nhi already goes around looking for excuses to victimize herself and you come in charging like a retard giving her one. Good job.

No. 613872

Looks like it’s finally fucking summer with these dumbasses coming in here with their autism

Hope they sue each other lmfao

No. 613923

Wait I got a little confused
Is this girl the milk anon? Or is she the anon who tried to log in into Nhi's insta? Because Nhi mixed them up and I feel lost about it myself now

No. 613941

hi that’s me~

because all my locations are places that are ‘just outside’ those cities in smaller towns. I don’t live directly in any one of them.

also my last name isn’t attached to that account so I’m not worried about that at all, insta is far more secure and I am now using a VPN for safety.

im not worried about people coming to my current address, as I live with my boyfriend and his family, including his brother and they’re both quite tough guys

it was my family address where my very young and actually autistic sister lives that I was very concerned about.

I’m no longer at that location as I was just visiting for Father’s Day, and none of my pics are tagged at that location.

if Nhi actually wants to take me to court, she’s not going to do it through lolcow, so if she’s serious about it she will need a way to contact me. So I gave her an insta to contact me through.

I understand it may be difficult to understand but it’s not my own safety I was concerned about, it was my sisters.

please dont throw the term autistic around. it doesnt make you seem funny or cool lol, it makes you seem shitty(super autism)

No. 613943

i love how everyones ignoring the main part of the post? stop focusing on the instagram handle, and focus on the actual post.

No. 613945

You're a fucking idiot, now you're giving out other personal information too. Also you're on lolcow nobody fucking care. Both you and Nhi sounds psychotic af

No. 613946

barely information that could cause me harm but okay

No. 613947

Considering you tried to get involve in this mess yourself for no reason, you really get no one to blame

No. 613950

can we stop derailing the tread with attention seeking cows?

No. 613956

Ellen ‘crystal’ Hogg you fucking weeaboo autist your internet presence is everywhere anyone who can google can find you stop posting before you make somebody mad enough to fuck with you

No. 613965

Why do you link to your Paypal and like four different wishlists on your page, lmao? What exactly do you create besides low quality selfies? Even G G didn't do that shit.

No. 613970

>posts on an image board
>please dont throw the term autistic around. it doesnt make you seem funny or cool lol, it makes you seem shitty

forty keks

No. 613974

You went full retard and will deal with it. So quit posting, on here and PULL. Before you seriously piss someone off.

No. 613977

yeah let's stop with this girl, from what I understood she's just someone who tried to log into GG's instagram. She's irrelevant completely, and while doxxing her by Nhi was the ultimate shitty move, this girl is happy victimizing herself and thrives in attention we are giving her

Let's go back to GG and try to debunk her shitty defense, maybe
>sockpuppet: it was Lena
So you didn't see the registration emails? Even though you've been actively using the account? Yeah sure.
Also, you're not as sneaky as you think, the broken English thing you tried to do was such a fail
>I found your website when I am searching for more information
>and the website, it is not photo
>I am not sure if it true
and then:
>just kind of putting it out there but her fans caught up to it so quickly
^which shows you're perfectly fluent.
Also, why would a friend try to "help" you by spilling your secrets? What friend would have thought it's a good idea? That's honestly offensive to Lena. And the fact that you used "broken" English to frame her if it gets found out… jesus.
>I only buy followers for my shops
Sure, and nitenite99 just blew up suddenly out of itself. Right

The whole faking suicide and baiting PULL is so pathetic, you used their sympathy for you for views and clout. You were perfectly aware of how they supported you, grieved and hurt for you. And you chose to use it.

Tbh I hope mods on there won't accept your long ass defense post, you should be permabanned on PULL.

No. 614121

It's kinda gross gg has been lurking on lolcow yet tries to be like poppy.. like girl… you really want to be like someone who is a copy of another person? that is raising some red flags she would support poppy or wanna be like poppy.

No. 614301


ffs the Poppy thread has never been so active with the Mars Argo lawsuit ! She can't say she did'nt read it if it's about her inspiration… so lame

No. 614790

sage for super off topic and i don't have any intention of bringing any attention back to the girl gg 'doxxed', but…… i legitimately thought only admin had the ability to do that? did i miss something? i feel stupid and i'm not even a summerfag i just genuinely thought lolcow was pretty safe unless you give your own identity away, or do something shitty enough for mods to expose you… guess it's a good thing i lurk 99% of the time

No. 614858

I think it's because she tried to log into GG's Instagram and GG saw the IP.

No. 614870

Interesting. I wonder how sheidlina feels knowing that you use her friendship and loyalty to defend yourself.

Your claim is so big to believe, just like everything you say online.

No. 614906

Someone needs to ask Sheidlina on Twitter. If she wasn't the one who posted that "explanation" then it could damage her reputation. She is a pretty public person and has a deal with a makeup brand right now so any bad publicity would harm her. I really hope GG is not lying and throwing her friend under the bus.

No. 614912

Doubt that’s it as GG emailed the admins
Also GG claimed the person she doxxed was from Germany originally so idk what happened there

No. 614933


That's it. She is a public person who just got married, she recently posted about some artworks she finished and endorses several brands. Why would she care for a foreign gossip forum talking about a friend?
She never seemed open to talk about the issue and the rare tweets she made weren't clear or anything.

And GG dropped her name very easily, as if she didn't care for the reputation of Sheidlina.

No. 615063

Didn't gg say she was going to post her proof that she went to america yesterday? looks like she can't even stick to that. Hopefully the "proof" she has isn't being faked.

No. 615183

bitch is lurking here, knowing were waiting.
bitch say something

No. 615189

it was suggested that she might try to fake the documents (which may have been her original plan) so maybe that's why she never posted

No. 615191

bitch is lurking here, knowing we're waiting.
bitch say something

No. 615313

She probably doesn’t even know how to fake the documents. I’ve been hospitalized several times and when you’re discharged they give you several pieces of paper. Papers with your information, papers with your diagnosis, papers with your medication, papers with your treatment plan, they even give you dumb papers that they have you fill out before you leave like, “When I am feeling unsafe I:, How to tell when I’m feeling depressed is:, etc… that you just fill out and keep with you so you can reread it and see your warning signs or whatever, plus other pieces of papers from groups and such. She would even have her medication bag that she took her meds home. Maybe even a hospital sack that had all her belongings on it. She could easily show any of these papers without giving out personal information about her or what hospital she was at. They’re not all stamped with HOSPITAL NAME PATIENT NAME PERSONAL INFORMATION. My guess is that she’s going to return and say she threw it all out or lost it. Smh. This girl. If she’s does provide documents, please look out for obvious ESL mistakes.

No. 616039

I was just going to say the exact same thing, I was in inpatient a long time ago and even though i was a minor and didn't deal with most of the paperwork, I still have relics from that visit that very clearly prove where i was - journals they made you write in, worksheets, etc. even if all she had was full of her precious information that could get her 'doxxed' again ALL she has to do is block out the parts that contain private info, why is she acting like that's so hard to do?

although tbh I don't care very much about whether she was in a mental hospital, even if she wasn't we all know she's clearly mentally ill enough for that to be feasible. what i really fucking want to see is ANY bit of proof whatsoever that this girl has a terminal illness. I have lost far too many people close to me to something as devastating as cancer to harbor anything but hatred for the bitch to have the nerve to FAKE something that serious.

if this girl had decided to be honest for once and stopped covering old lies up with new lies, and addressed her situation on why she went into hiding without explaining the suicide situation to her actual FANS and followers, with the way people adore her she would be back in everyone's good graces and able to promote her cheesy apocalypse project in no time. but no, her need to be the most unlucky/ tragic/ pitied girl on earth gives her the classic boy who cried wolf downfall. i swear to god, this bitch has a bigger victim complex than the entire munchie thread combined

No. 616346

File: 1529543688022.png (9.22 MB, 1242x2208, 0B7D4159-CF77-4F11-AD84-948509…)

bich made it to mycringe LOL

No. 616802

well at least she isnt posting pictures on her nitenite instagram. but shes definitely taking too damn long. i wish exposing anon would post more shit to force her hand. bitch is drawing this out.

No. 616816

Can you link it please?

No. 616951

Lmao so much for her existing "proof"

No. 617653

>>613378 Cancer of what do u have? could at leat mention to make it sound more realistic

GG, u doxxed yourself lol, u promoted web-site of u alone in the very same flat, isn`t this rediculous?

how did u manage to get visa to us while a gang of men were standing behind your doors lol?

No. 617689

>>613378 if u claim that u can give a proof of ticket, if u already trying your best to make us believe u, why can`t u give a proof of your deadly disease? This 100% shows u that u are not ill

No. 617824

File: 1529649015636.png (4.88 MB, 1440x2560, CB7967D6-2567-4782-8CE7-DC584D…)

nitenite’s Instagram story

No. 617831

Sperging on ig story. It’s her first public statement and it’s a bunch of boohooing. That is such her MO haha making a redebut with yet another unfortunate event in Nhi’s tragic life.

No. 617839

File: 1529651041012.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 0F1223B6-09BD-4DEF-83EC-CBEB16…)

>Her reply 1/2

No. 617841

File: 1529651115317.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 8F5D18EA-1DDB-47FA-8983-9ECA69…)

GG why you emailing yourself pretending to be your own hacker you psycho you ain’t sueing nobody

No. 617850

Seems like she's trying to re-engineer this controversy to bring positive attention to herself. Nhi's English isn't as good as in the first email, so I almost believe this is real. On the other hand, a person who knows to use a throwaway email to avoid detection would likely also know not to betray personal details like their home country, or living with a host family. They would just go ghost until there's reason to believe they've actually been tracked down (like some sort of direct message to their personal social media, or to the host family's home). Just because someone has your IP address doesn't mean they can find you, and an email like this would only be more incriminating in such a situation. She actually can't do shit to any person without hard evidence, a name and a face.

I like Nhi's work, but literally nothing she says or does can be trusted anymore. If there's no video, we'll know what's up.

No. 617860

>lolcow mod has personally assisted me as an apology because they too need to comply with the law

I understand removing the screenshots of the hacked emails but does that really break the law? Or even lolcow rules? I can’t see the screenshots anymore.

No. 617871

She’s so fucking dramatic the absolute cow. Making it like the measly email sc compromised her safety by revealing her immediate location or contact info or actually commiting id theft.
The only reason she is mad as fuck is because the sc confirmed her online activities right after her ‘death’, sock puppetry, and buying followers.
Of course she’s milking the shit out this crying to the Internet though. So prepare yourself, we’re all about to hear from her lawyer!!!!!

No. 617873

You're "dying" but you want to travel to another continent to have a stern talk to some random girl's parents? Okay…

No. 617874

File: 1529655577637.png (483.69 KB, 750x1334, 61AED13D-0461-4516-A36E-694F37…)

But seriously where are those plane tickets and hospital documents you said you’d provide????

No. 617940

File: 1529662675985.png (614.53 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_2018-06-22-17-17-36…)

I saw her email in the stories (goodandgloom@gmail.com) so i did some search. There is a facebook with that email, the id is nite.nite.3745. She also sold a cat in Hanoi lol.

No. 617942

File: 1529662752195.png (540.7 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_2018-06-22-15-56-00…)

This is the facebook information.

No. 617948


This has to be her pinterest based on the username and name "G"

No. 617949

G G could mean Good and Gloom.

No. 617962

fans of Sheidlina think that GG couldn`t write such shit about Sheidlina. lol, but she actually did.
GG please stop repeating phrases from here in your stories kind "throw under the bus", it`s annoying how u r silently lurking.
GG, u doxxed yourself by spreading your web-site, who`s going to believe your bullshit in stories? You lost the elementary sense of logic.
GG, appologize and say u lied about your desease, about Sheidlina, about everything. For now you are the most disgusting person on Earth.

No. 617964

Hahaha what a fucking trainwreck, seriously couldnt get more passive agressive. And on her side, the story about who doxxxed who etc etc changes so fast

No. 617999

GG Here is the solution for you!!!!
- Make a post on ur plaaastic account and admit that you are a compulsive liar (yes, not schizophreniac, just a compulsive liar)
- List all things you lied about (gang of men, disease, being robbed, admit that you had sockpuppets and fueld shits)
- Make an excuse and start a new life being honest.
Your fans will understand and sympathyze.

Because for now you humiliated yourself to the umanagable degree.

No. 618001

can we get farmhand/admin confirmation???

No. 618014

File: 1529674670101.jpg (177.38 KB, 328x4096, 35852489_1961056077539430_5164…)

Unposted from deleted stories several hours ago

No. 618019

File: 1529675069325.jpg (259.14 KB, 750x4004, 36087703_1961059260872445_6392…)

>exposes binchpleaze, the girl she's been wrongly insinuating is milk anon, to her followers with a msg that was sent Before binchpleaze even posted here

No. 618108

people, who have cancer, do not behave like she does now, isn`t it obvious?
also even people, who are not as poor, as she claims to be, create gofundme, because treatment costs enormous sums of money.
Not that she`s disresprcful only towards people, who actually commit suicide, but towards those, who have fatal diseases.

No. 618116

Your usage of commas gave me cancer

No. 618122

they're probably esl, cut 'em a break

No. 618123

>i don't lie

someone who says they don't lie this much definitely lies lmao

No. 618164

looks like Russian punctuation

No. 618179


omg i just can't. Her mail answer just proves how mentally sick she is.
Again, she is talking about sheidlina, assuming it is anon fault if she is involved while Nhi was the one to hold her name when it is convenient for her.

No. 618266

Hi here is the 'hacker', I just wanted to confirm that it really was me who sent the email to Nhi and I will explain everything in an hour or so when I can get a little bit of privacy to write it all up.

No. 618277

anyone that comes in here without legitimate receipts is most likely going to be thought to be Nhi herself, so you better come correct with proof if you want anyone to believe you.

No. 618285

I'm sure the admins can confirm again that I'm not her, as they did before. I'll go write my statement now, I'll be back when it's done.

No. 618322

why do you have to be so dramatic and mysterious about it? just hard to take seriously kek

No. 618328

theres nothing fucking mysterious about admitting an admin can confirm its not the cow.

No. 618336

i was saying it was dramatic because they keep going on about how they are going to write something up instead of just posting it. not sure what's got you so irritated.

No. 618342

they literally only spoke once. i have no problem waiting for more milk thatll upset GG

No. 618347

i'm sorry but i honestly don't even believe gg HAS lawyers let alone has any legal grounding to sue any of her convoluted, fake 'hackers', let alone fucking Nyx from PULL??? why is she going SO hard on people for doing literally nothing (that binchpleaze girl was stupid but how are you gonna waste your supposedly limited time on earth going after someone who just tried to log in to an account once, and a fucking forum admin for not contacting you? like i don't even understand how that'd be feasible). even if the hacker is real and did 'lie' or whatever the way gg is aggressively going for blood for no reason is so disgusting (to me anyway) and idk how she thinks this method would paint her in any better of a light, just makes her look vindictive/ manic/ bitter on TOP of being fake as fuck

No. 618349

sage for me being stupid and off topic but is anyone else getting random posts hidden/ eaten up? not just my responses but other ones on this thread… is that a common problem or is it just shittier being on mobile…?

No. 618375

You might have "Hide saged posts for this thread" enabled.

No. 618446

>>618266 U can be just GG using another computer. Both GG and hacker are in Hanoi. So proving that u are not GG does not mean proving that u are actual hacker!!!!

No. 618448

samefag still waiting…….

No. 618449

Give it a fucking rest, holy shit.

No. 618459

>>618266 So u didn`t saw her medical records? u just suggested u can say it if it could help her. lol

No. 618496

the fucking reeee'ing right now

No. 618540

I wasn't going to post anymore so I wouldn't make it worse, but Nhi was kind enough to tell me she'd drop the charges if I came out and set the record straight. I replied to her that I need some time for the video, but that I'd post the apology in text form asap. I'll post the video here as soon as I can film it without blowing my cover to my host family and then I'll stop posting for good. So here I am now to set the record straight.
No, I was never friends with her. That was a lie to make the leak more plausible because everyone said nobody would be interested enough to hack her. Well, I did. I didn't think what I was doing was hacking, but it was. I didn't try to brute force anything, but that doesn't make it better. I saw her domain info on PULL and so I had her email address and tried different common weak passwords. I didn't think I'd really get in, I was just killing some time, but I used a VPN anyway because I thought that all the wrong login attempts would get flagged even if I didn't get in. Then one of the passwords worked and I was prompted to confirm that I'm really her. I didn't have any other email addresses at that point, so I clicked on other options until it just asked me to enter the full phone number. I tried the number in her domain info and it worked. I was in shock at first and didn't know if I'd do anything. You know how people will say 'my ex hacked me' when they just didn't log out on their ex's computer or shared the password? I thought I was doing the same. Just taking advantage of a weak login. I can't imagine the fear and confusion she must have felt upon seeing her emails on LC.
I started taking screenshots because I was sure she'd change her password and log me out. I wasn't prepared to actually see all that information. So I clicked the emails that sounded like they would confirm what I already believed. With access to that email, I also got into her more personal account. I also saw some information like what kind of PayPal account she signed up for and could have easily reset her PayPal password and get in there. I didn't because it's not what I was looking for. I wanted to confirm my truth. That's where the confusion started because I found those videos of the
photoshoot and was heartbroken. I saw the date and thought they had been taken that night. I only follow her Instagram accounts, not Facebook, so that's why I didn't compare the bathrobe to the videos or else I would have known. Or maybe I didn't want to dig deeper because I felt like I had an answer. This was my own bias.
I only checked the logins on the goodandgloom email because all I wanted was to see if my VPN had worked. It's possible that the nitenite email had logins from other places. By now it's impossible to tell where Nhi logged in from because I handed out her password to a lot of people. This means whatever has been posted from her email or other accounts up until she caught me might not have been her. It would be hard or impossible to tell because of all the logins I caused from many VPNs all over Europe and all the people I gave her password to before going public. Which also brings us to PULL.
It's understandable that the only person Nhi thought could have done it is Sheidlina, because she thought that the only other person who had access to the email address and the ability to post from Vietnam is Sheidlina. It was a logical conclusion because at this point Nhi had no idea there had been a breach. I'm sorry for the trouble I caused Sheidlina, she shouldn't have her friendship questioned like that. I saw emails Nhi received about cancer treatment options in the USA, so I leaked that she had cancer, not knowing she actually has it. I just wanted to add another piece to the story because I knew nobody would believe her about it once I posted everything else. I'm also sorry that I fooled Nyx into outing the sockpuppet account.
As for Nhi, I can't even begin to explain how sorry I am. I caused her so much fear and pain in such a volatile time in her life. She had every reason to believe that I was one of the people out to get her, not just a fan who went way too far. This is my biggest regret and the worst thing I've done in my life. I can't hope for Nhi's forgiveness, all I'm hoping for is that this won't burden the host family who let me into their home and entrusted their children to me or my family back home. I'm seriously evaluating my behavior in terms of everything that led to me going to Hanoi in the first place and how I got so obsessed that I felt entitled to all this intimite information. The only person who is entitled to speaking out about it is Nhi. Through my biased perspective and ommiting critical emails that would have proven her traveling to the USA for treatment, I jeopardized everything she built for herself. Even if it was all lies for performance art, everyone should be critical if their own thoughts and not believe blindy because they got emotionally attached like me. I idolized her and through social media and her autobiography I felt so close to her while she had no idea I even existed. I am thinking of quitting my job here early to return back home as part of my apology but I also have to make sure I don't leave my host family without help.

I will prove that I'm a white American who speaks accent-free American English, so there's no way I'm Nhi.

No. 618543

File: 1529709633672.png (193.39 KB, 663x619, C26ED3F9-DD3B-48CC-8E12-3AA7A2…)


You really think we’re that dumb…or?

No. 618545

Sounds fake but ok

No. 618546

blink twice if you're in danger

No. 618547

Someone already pointed out upthread that you don't just type in a phone number to verify a Google login, you have to actually verify the code they send you.

No. 618553

Aside from the sheer fact that none of that made any fucking sense, you really think there’s gonna be a lawsuit and groveling for forgiveness is fucking hilarious and discredits you
Fucking pathetic…

No. 618554

>>618540 So u are basically saying that u hacked her in May and posted on PULL a promotion of her nitenite site and wrote that she has cancer, although u wanted to expose her lies? and u gave her passowrd to other people (your friends?), who made sockpuppets on gg`s behalf? lol what a bullshit?

No. 618560

You gotta try harder because this is some wacky bullshit

No. 618607

> This means whatever has been posted from her email or other accounts up until she caught me might not have been her. It would be hard or impossible to tell because of all the logins I caused from many VPNs all over Europe and all the people I gave her password to before going public. Which also brings us to PULL.
>It's understandable that the only person Nhi thought could have done it is Sheidlina, because she thought that the only other person who had access to the email address and the ability to post from Vietnam is Sheidlina. It was a logical conclusion because at this point Nhi had no idea there had been a breach. I'm sorry for the trouble I caused Sheidlina, she shouldn't have her friendship questioned like that. I saw emails Nhi received about cancer treatment options in the USA, so I leaked that she had cancer, not knowing she actually has it. I just wanted to add another piece to the story because I knew nobody would believe her about it once I posted everything else. I'm also sorry that I fooled Nyx into outing the sockpuppet account.

Now that's what I call fake as fuck. Nhi already stated that three people tried to log into her account as a result of your "hacking". However, the PULL "she has cancer and is livestreaming" post happened way before that. She chose to throw Shiedlina under the bus for her own samefagging, not because you hacked her and "someone" (or you) leaked her shit. We're not stupid. Additionally, the screenshots of her inbox you posted had nothing about cancer treatment (and somehow, after seeing her cancer treatment options, you don't even know what kind of cancer she has? Okay).

No. 618613

Jesus christ guys, did you even read nhi's email? She basically threatened hacker-chan with "ADMIT YOU MADE THOSE SOCKPUPPET POSTS AND TELL THEM HOW NICE I WAS TO OFFER YOU FORGIVENESS OR I'LL SUE YOU" lmfao.

No. 618642

i dont see receipts….wtf is this

No. 618644

But lol
Didnt Nhi say that the person exposing her for cancer was Ellen??? (Sheidlina not binchpleaze)
There’s already holes in this hackers story

No. 618646

The so-called hacker claims to get Nhi's email and phone number from PULL. But Nhi's sockpuppet account posted about cancer and stuff on May 24, people found and posted the domain info, email, phone number, etc from nitenite99 website on June 4… Was the "hacker" able to post on there 11 days before she found Nhi's information or what?

No. 618651

U claim to have her email from the post about her nitenite domain, which was posted on the 4th pof June. While the post about cancer u claimed u made was posted on 24th of May.

No. 618654

I mean this bitch might be actually broke she still only wears all the clothes she got for free when she did promotions on plaaastic

No. 618667

I don’t get why gg is trying to sue someone who is probably like 15 years old…. like sorry they saw ur “pizza Huts deals” emails like r u okay?

No. 618703

»"I saw emails Nhi received about cancer treatment options in the USA, so I leaked that she had cancer, not knowing she actually has it. I just wanted to add another piece to the story because I knew nobody would believe her about it once I posted everything else." This is the most dumb illogical part.
And if Sheidlina is so fluent (she`s not), that GG could believe that she wrote that post, she could easily message her and ask before claiming it was her. It all confirms that Nhi lied.
And your "team" from all over the Europe for the whole mounth or more was creating fake accounts to promote sympathy for GG, while u were so damn mad at her. Are u serious?
GG got notifications about girl from Germany, who logged in, but she never got from u? Looks like your first version about logging in while she was asleep was more valid.

No. 618734

As confirmed by admins, cancer post was made from same IP ADDRESS as GG`s previous account on PULL. Not same email. We are not bying your lies.
Between for one e-mail u can create only 1 account, so do not invent your lies please.

No. 618756

Omg she dumb

No. 618770

So, which of these scenarios is most likely?
#1 Nhi is now catfishing as her own "hacker" and placing the blame on them in order to avoid being exposed for her fuckery. Any "video" that follows may be some white chick from Fiverr hired to do this (and before anyone insists Nhi has "no money" for that…Somehow, she has the money to pursue lawsuits toward multiple people, travel abroad for mental health for months at a time, purchase a domain for her art project, etc etc? So broke.)
#2 Nhi intimidated the LC admin into releasing IPs with a lawsuit threat and victim-playing, then intimidated the young, mentally ill fan who got in her account and exposed her lies into taking all the blame, on top of lying on Nhi's behalf about cancer treatment emails to cover her ass (and it's not working, lmao)

No. 618799

Does Nhi even realize that she's blackmailing this person into incriminating themselves further? Doesn't matter if she's free to press charges or not, what she's doing is still blackmail. Good luck with that lawsuit, Nhi!

No. 619001

If you read Nhi's email to the "hacker," it's so clear she just asks her to take the blame for EVERYTHING. This apology is just doing EXACTLY what Nhi asked–admit to doing like ten things that were very clearly Nhi's fault while praising Nhi for being so kind as to give her a "chance." It's fucking nonsense and doesn't line up because GG is trying to cover her own pathological lying ass. How are you guys missing this? Our hacker isn't dumb. This apology is SO in-your-face it's gold.

No. 619022

can we get an admin confirming its the same person who posted the screenshots?

No. 619034

I've supported her on and off. But followed her life and was always leaning towards feeling for her. I did not agree with a lot of dramatic reaction she had, but since I am much older than her and she is still so young I was defending her in my mind as being young. I even defended her on he plaaastic account a few times. Since the whole incident I always felt she was not dead. Esp after Sheidlina had no reactions in terms of grieving or anything similar, and was actually saying GG was alive! After all of this, I have to say that GG is just another snowflake. She has a chance to improve her life, she has that privilege. If you go to her blog it shows her traveling with her bother and his dance group all over the world. She also has a sister in USA, where she went to highschool and she graduated there. Her parents even if they were strict, wanted her to finish her education and sent her to uni which they payed. She is the one who decided to ditch out on all those opportunities and ditch her education because she is a rebel. Edgy. Dark. I have mental issues as well. Severe anxiety and depression. Childhood wasn't ideal either. I had to fight my way to finish university get a job and function in society. We all have a choice. People have it SO much worse than her and she is just at this point a train wreck. If she does have cancer, it is horrible, but what did you expect Nhi? Drugs, alcohol, total abuse of your body. You decided to ditch the responsibilities towards your body as well. Sorry, that is the truth. And now after all of this drama and your web of lies. I really just feel very sorry for you.

No. 619037

A proof please. Never heard she graduated in US. She only mentioned she was in Vietnam untill was thrown by her parents to university in Singapore.

No. 619040

Go to her blog and her plaaastic account on instagram and search for it. There are pics posted where she is clearly writing she is traveling back to USA to graduate. Everything is there just do your research.

No. 619041

File: 1529760863772.png (671.29 KB, 680x662, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 15.3…)

-We use the same laptop.

Also, does this look like someone is poor and is barely making a living? Smh.

No. 619042

She definitely visited US with her class. Anyone remembers the news station incident she was involved in? She mentioned it on her Tumblr along with something dramatic like it was the reason the whole school exchange program was cancelled.

No. 619048

File: 1529761480623.jpg (116.21 KB, 540x540, 3SQgKTeShNfgQfP-7zLzI4dNcHN-t0…)

Pic related

No. 619050

Yes. I remember that. Also, she lied SO many times. What makes anyone think she could stop lying. And this is coming from a long time fan of hers. I mean just use your logic, she is doxxed but goes back to the SAME place and stays there, then fakes her death our of safety and THEN promotes her own website where she is in that SAME apartment all while she is DEAD. That's a whole another level of manipulative behaviour. Not even going to mention the rest.

No. 619053

Lol was she in Oklahoma? Kind of random.

No. 619064

File: 1529763136499.jpeg (156.54 KB, 750x1053, D8C8665A-E54B-43A0-ABF1-F04CDE…)

Not sure about high school, but Nhi’s college roommate talked about her on the first pages of PULL a while ago.

No. 619073

She claims to have a Green card. As far as I know, according to the conditions, u can`t have a green card, if u actually do not reside in the US. Green card is not like a Shengen visa kind of "go to US whenever u want", it is meant for people, who plan migration to US.

No. 619085

> I don`t want to report to police a gang of dudes who came to my appartment to beat me and sent me thousands (literally) emails that they will kill me.

also Nhi
> lawsuit pendind about a girl, who read my "pizza delivery" emails.

No. 619109

She studied mass comm in Singapore (you can read this on her blog) but they had a short program where they had accreditation from Oklahoma City University (which isn't that good of a university tbh) so that's why she was there for a graduation, which wasn't even the official one. The trip itself didn't cost a bomb in comparison to the school fees in Singapore… many kids go to US as part of a summer program, and you can get loans for that.

Sage for blogpost

No. 619265

File: 1529785484368.png (625.79 KB, 917x584, crybaby.png)

More of Nhi's plagiarism, ~muh art is everything I have~ well your art isn't even your art, bitch.

No. 619271

What's the original?

No. 619278

File: 1529786039480.png (600.9 KB, 909x579, Screenshot at Jun 23 22-33-59.…)

Not necessarily super original, but CryBaby is a Melanie Martinez thing and Nhi is catering to MM's fanbase with this.

Here's another, YSL logo turned into edgy statement under the guise of irony and social commentary

No. 619280

File: 1529786071978.png (559.36 KB, 927x590, Screenshot at Jun 23 22-28-27.…)


No. 619283

File: 1529786200025.png (616.78 KB, 921x584, Screenshot at Jun 23 22-35-40.…)

Adidas, Google and more. Tinfoil but maybe she's also just hoping some idiots will buy knockoff brand-looking shit from her lol

No. 619284

File: 1529786224384.png (559.02 KB, 925x591, Screenshot at Jun 23 22-28-42.…)

No. 619287

File: 1529786254850.png (593.04 KB, 922x591, Screenshot at Jun 23 22-36-31.…)

No. 619288

File: 1529786375867.png (530.3 KB, 1235x609, Screenshot at Jun 23 22-39-50.…)

just printed a photo of Sasha Grey (?) onto a shirt here

No. 619289

File: 1529786453406.png (604.76 KB, 987x624, Screenshot at Jun 23 22-41-10.…)

I don't remember the original artist, but this is also a straight copy of a sci-fi illustration

No. 619299

Pinterest posted earlier which appears to be hers has a board named "Crybaby" with photos of Melanie Martinez. It also has photos of outfits that look very similar to what she wears in nitenite photos. This, and the nurse thing.

No. 619419

Just dawned on me though I know it’s reaching but does this board kind of feel like the nitenite was a preplanned thing? I’m talking nurse aesthetic and all, along with the general vibe of this mess.

No. 619422

Yup, she's psychotic and attention-starved

No. 619426

File: 1529796591411.jpeg (135.75 KB, 676x927, 335C3638-C976-4F85-81BA-209875…)

Her gravity defying braids in this photo also seem to be inspired by a Melanie Martinez video.

No. 619427

File: 1529796604343.jpeg (32.44 KB, 688x658, 60786165-0014-4BDB-BD20-7ECD50…)

No. 619439

File: 1529797374321.png (570.29 KB, 918x592, Screenshot at Jun 24 01-43-03.…)

She's even copying Sheidlina

No. 619441

File: 1529797424345.png (441.31 KB, 924x435, Screenshot at Jun 24 01-44-14.…)

note the dates

No. 619442

She’s ddlg trash so of course she’d love to be an edgier version of Felonie

No. 619451

File: 1529797809830.png (749.28 KB, 803x587, Screenshot at Jun 24 01-44-50.…)

More brandwhoring while being totally against commercialism you guys, please buy my designs from one of my 4 fashion labels!!

No. 619452

File: 1529797853784.png (582.94 KB, 800x587, Screenshot at Jun 24 01-42-31.…)

No. 619459

Who wants to bet "My macbook was stolen" was just code for "I'm not gonna bother translating it"? She didn't seem to have lost any photos or anything else worth mentioning except for her book translation (done by someone who speaks really sub-par english to boot)

No. 619483

right! I bet she was loving it that it was being done for free on Pull
she can't even shell out for a translator for her sob story BUT SHE'S GONNA SUE in stead of paying for TOTES REAL CANCER treatment
unfortunately, attention-seeking isn't a terminal illness because attention-seekers are Incapable of killing themselves lol

No. 619490

Nhi said that she posted an explanation to PULL yet it still isn't there? either the mods aren't approving of her post over there or she's lying.

No. 619614

This picture is from before crybaby by MM was even released.

I also don't understand what you're trying to prove with the shirts, it's a style. It's not like she acted as if it was anything more than that or as if she'd created it.

There's enough shit about her, we don't have to talk about random fashion items.

She's Sheidlinas friend, it's not really copying. Not like she would have minded.

No. 619622

Whatever she crazy

No. 619629

Where is your explanation, Nhi?

No. 619643

Someone's triggered

No. 619697

File: 1529814700577.jpg (303.59 KB, 2500x388, Безимени-122.jpg)

she never cared about her fans

No. 619720

smh, i feel bad for all of the people who cried over her "death". what a waste of emotions.

No. 619882

theres gotta be a way to sabotage this new nitenite thing. having the gall to lie about everything while still posting dumb pictures is pretty much shitting on your fans.(this is cowtipping)

No. 619939

if you mean it like " there's a way we could sabotage it" well it could be through mass reporting
but that's dumb and kind of getting down to her level

No. 619943

What’s the point? IMO actually doing anything about it is petty. Marveling at her at lolcow is one thing but sabotaging her project is kind of silly. She is not even trying to get her fans to fund her or something. It won’t even replenish the milk because unlike cows like Tuna she probably won’t whine in public.

No. 619945

She deleted @2bababy or probably just changed the name again.

No. 620473


I wonder how there isnt any uproar about this??? I mean we all knew she had a ddlg relationship with her ex husband but ABDL is another level of creepy

No. 620608

File: 1529893454735.jpg (416.27 KB, 2500x802, Безимени-1f.jpg)

quote from her ig, 13th of August 2017
>"It will be a long, long time before i can own a laptop again because as you know, I was just robbed like a mounth ago (lol) and I can`t afford anything right now even if it is soemthing so essential for my fucking career"

1st of October 2017 - see screenshot

No. 621495

File: 1529976853798.png (112.77 KB, 1082x395, nyx.png)

Guess we'll never see her "explanation" on PULL.

No. 621729

File: 1530000334578.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1509, 90A8C17A-3C49-4CFC-BFC0-E33EE9…)

Love the new tats

No. 621736

She blacked out her entire arms? That's costly. I guess she got tired of wearing the sleeves to hide her tattoos.

No. 621762

honestly they look coloured with a marker.

I'm glad she won't find a hugbox on PULL anymore, props to Nyx for showing some spine.

If she really wanted to "come clean" and post some sort of apology/explanation, she would have come here. Instead she's still bullshitting how her post on PULL is waiting for approval. Now she'll say they just won't let her explain herself boohoo. Forever a victim.

You're so done GG

No. 621839

So, her IG is still private? I can understand why, lmao. If she made it public, her comment section would be in shambles.

No. 621880

File: 1530018832245.png (885.75 KB, 640x1136, CB479E2E-E28B-47F3-B5B5-8D7881…)

COugh cough

Should I gatecrash?

Or at least pop my head in and see if GG’s there?

I’m In the area and I’m so fucking curious but idk if I shouuuuld..?(ban evasion; cowtipping)

No. 621889

I think they're real. It kind of started with black boxes here >>603352 and while that's usually not how you do a black sleeve, she could have started covering her old tattoos before completing it. They tend to look patchy unless you go over it again.

It is, but I'm not sure if it's cheaper in Vietnam. She probably knows someone who does tattoos anyway.

No. 621988

Yeah, go for it. Doubt you'll see Nhi herself since she's supposed to be in Vietnam, but who knows?
If you get the chance to talk to Sheidlina, maybe ask her about Nhi and see how it goes.(Encouraging cowtipping)

No. 622034

If I can squeeze it in after my day trip imma do it

No. 622162

ok so lemme tell ya, i'm a tattoo artist and blacking out both arms takes some fucking time. If she's so broke, how does she have the money to pay for at least 2/3 day sittings for the sake of trying to hide her old Instagram identity (which is kinda exposed anyway now lmao)

it's probably cheaper than in Europe/US but people also earn less in Vietnam

also it's a bit weird that the 'hacker' had all the info for so long and then suddenly disagreed with everything GG was doing and decided to 'expose her', I also love how they said they 'didn't have the time to screenshot everything' but they presumably had the access to her email for weeks, and even if they only accessed it for a few hours then who the fuck has the time to make an account on that email and write a long ass post on pull, delibaretly in broken English, trying to promote the person you disagree with so much. Gives you plenty of time to take screens of the 'cancer treatment option emails' or any other legit proof which you literally could've screen capped within a second but 'nah'.

u put urself into deeper shit with this fake doxxing GG,
yours sincerely,
ex fan of ur art

No. 622189

Go for it anon, I doubt Nhi will be there, but if you could somehow speak to Sheidlina that'd be great(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 622642

she just deleted all of the comments from her pictures on instagram lmao

No. 622714

She has 32 posts on her blog now. 2 new photos?

No. 622715

I think it looks like paint or marker though tbh I genuinely don’t think she went and got her arms blacked out

No. 622884

I think new photos on nitenite Instagram look like she did black out her arms.

No. 622974

i still see comments, may be she turned them off or something.

i am curious about this supposed vid the hacker is making, even if its all bs

No. 623807

File: 1530224106766.png (457.13 KB, 750x1334, 29B4482D-3C64-40C4-B8F2-1FE613…)

Someone on PULL has been talking to her, here are the caps.
This is re: Sheidlina posting on PULL

No. 623808

File: 1530224140906.png (582.41 KB, 750x1334, AAD18AAD-F1D9-4BCC-9EDD-3CCD49…)

No. 623809

File: 1530224174930.png (507.53 KB, 750x1334, 189758BF-818A-4D90-820D-CDC3A9…)

No. 623810

File: 1530224189280.png (397.17 KB, 750x1334, C9584B1E-EDE8-4125-B622-B9AE66…)

No. 623811

File: 1530224238188.png (710.51 KB, 750x1334, 34B622DE-48E8-44DD-AE34-810F0B…)

This one is about the hacker

The user also said that Nhi claimed she has been friends with Lena for 7 years but they met on Instagram, and Nhi's IG wasn't created until 2014, so whatisthetruth.gif

No. 624502

Once Nhi wrote >I am a short sighted, and I wear contact lens always for going out. But at home, I wear glasses and I am really conscious about it.
Probably she added them on explanation video to look more pitiful

No. 627539

So, do you think we will ever see the video from the so-called hacker? lol

No. 628093

tick-tock, tick-tock still no fucking papers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628823

i really dont understand why they would promise that. if nhi could scare them off with a vapid ass threat, why the hell would they show their face. they would be ripped to shreds even further.

No. 629074

File: 1530754819404.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6072.PNG)

Check out papaplaaastic's stories on Instagram. This's really odd to me because it supposed to be her ex's account and like why would he post pictures of her new account? Are they back together or did she get his account?

No. 629256

I don't understand why someone was banned for this post. I'm convinced Nhi is obsessively lurking this thread and has the Lolcow mods/admin by the throat with her BS lawsuit threats.
Never thought I'd see the day a PULL admin would show more balls than a LC one.

No. 629373

…because it was clearly posted by one of the two insane samefags in this thread??? take your tinfoil hat off. admin doesn’t give a shit about some random vietnamese attention whores and their false legal threats.

No. 629417


Didn't he delete his account after all of the shit hit the fan?

I'm not too sure how Instagram works, but if someone deletes their account, can someone create a new account with an old username? Wouldn't surprise me at this point if this is just Nhi trying to get people to pay attention to her again.

No. 629442

one of those admins is too damn heavily involved in this shit, so no they dont have more balls, theyre just as obsessed as every tryhard here. the mods here are way more neutral and stick to modding instead of getting emotionally invested in some dumb vietnamese girl and her retarded antics

No. 629447

Who are the two insane samefags? All I recognize is that IG girl who tried logging into Nhi's accounts, but I assume she's long gone.
And it's already been established that the admin gave IPs to Nhi after she threatened to sue them. I don't even know why you think that'd be tinfoil. They took her seriously.

No. 629471

because the anon was bumping the thread without saging or providing milk…. not everything is an inside job.

No. 629489

Bc bump retard
So many more unsaged milkless bs in this thread that should be banned too
Wtf are you even talking about she literally lied about contacting mods/them agreeing to be her vendetta hound dogs both on here and pull. No one with an oz of sense bought her threat let alone people running websites that have 5 different retards trying to sue them every day
All mods did here was removing some private info and clarifying some IP sources of some posts

No. 629571

the only that has been established is that you dumb fucks will believe every little threat nhi spews. christ no wonder she keeps doing it

No. 630159

I'm pretty sure papaplaaastic changed his username/deleted his account after nhis fans started attacking on him, people were discussing it in the PULL thread if anyone wants to go all the way back to find his new ig… my guess is this papaplaaastic is a rando fan

No. 630200

It`s impossible to create a new account with the same name, when old one was deleted.
And if it was a random fan, how could he know Nhi is alive (remember his post in October). But obviously her ex could know it.
And from her blog, I see that he cheated her by texting other girl and making her compliments, however Nhi never said that he slept with other girl lol.

No. 630272

his account was never deleted, he just deleted all the photos and posts he had done. I have been following the same account on instagram before they broke up

No. 630455

so if he never deleted the account, its either him, or if he gave the account to nhi, then its her?

No. 630806

So I found the voice synth she uses for her Nitenite videos and this edgelord deadass purchased the "Genuine Child Voice". I'm cringing to hell and back; see for yourself:


No. 630923

File: 1530976192396.jpg (71.88 KB, 476x300, Untitled-1k.jpg)

her tumblr post

No. 638973

File: 1531827593815.png (641.35 KB, 1051x1333, 2018-07-17 21.25.42.png)

I wonder if someone has told Sheidlina about gg throwing her name around. If they have and she's still liking ggs stuff I think she's a bit gullible gg must have her twisted around her finger with bullshit. If a friend was doing that to me along with all the other emotional mental gymnastics with that fake suicide I'd be taking steps to separate myself from them. Mental illness can only be an excuse for so long, everybody has a shit life. How long can you be a victim before taking responsibility and set things right and get help for yourself. On another note I wonder how much money gg made from her book after her "death". Sales sky rocket for anything after a "celeb" dies. She's certainly never addressed that lol. Was she mentally ill and had a break down or was she doing it to boost sales.

No. 643660

File: 1532212643140.png (154.15 KB, 969x601, Screenshot at Jul 22 00-35-06.…)

Someone on PULL who's in the VK groups said that basically the Russian fans don't speak a word of English and don't believe anyone who tries to tell them about what really happened and what GG said. They want to believe that she's a saint who can do no wrong. Someone who speaks Russian should really inform Sheidlina and ask if everything is true.

Her ex-husband's profile @papaplaaastic is active again with old posts being now public, and @g0ds0dds is tagged in the bio, so she's probably working with him.

No. 643665

File: 1532213017767.webm (8.19 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (1).webm)

More news -

She has now posted her Nitenite99 video that was previously leaked >>612953 and it looks fucking terrible, the editing is tacky and just drives home how her whole shtick is style over substance, as much as she'd like to convince people otherwise. (Reuploaded here as a webm)

No. 643668

File: 1532213127540.png (836.3 KB, 1439x797, Screenshot at Jul 22 00-45-00.…)

And she's preparing her shop on g0ds0dds.com.

No. 644204

My friend tried to talk to her on Twitter, but she blocked him after leaving on read

No. 644972

what if the papaplastic profile was always under her control? it was kind of a "family profile" which showed their sweet family, cats and so on, and it added to her popularity so it wouldn't be surprising if it was her idea to start it.
after her fans had attacked that profile all the photos were deleted and it was disactivated for a while. Later it was reactivated and it hasn't been very active since then

No. 646235

When GG posted about her breakup her husband’s name was thrown around in the comments section on her Instagram. Too bad I can’t remember it because if papaplaaastic is actually him he probably posts something about her on his Facebook too.

No. 646237

It was his, during their divorce he got a lot of hate for not changing the account name and continuing to "leech" off Plaaastic's name and eventually made it private

No. 646240

File: 1532463278277.jpg (Spoiler Image, 367.88 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_pbqqrhPt9f1xtsdeuo1_128…)

If GG's character is supposed to be a "child" then why is she posting underwear pics (pic related) in the last girl gear? getting a little bit of dd/lg vibes..

No. 646253


she did ask her fans to stop sending hate to papaplaaastic tho. it makes more sense that it was just another one of her accounts vs actually protecting a scumbag ex who cheated on her. when she "died" too, papaplaaastic was one of the first accounts to post "she is not dead" and we all know how much GG loves creating drama / mystique around herself.

No. 646273

also reinforces the illusion that she's always this wronged little girl who took the morally high road by asking her fans to stop harassing "him". and as seen by her flinging law suit threats left and right, our girl is pretty vindictive and not at all inclined to just forgive and forget lol

No. 646327

She's been ddlg for a long time, her old posts with her husband are very vocal about them being in a ddlg relationship. Plus >>612924

No. 646992

Hey,theres a video interviewing GG in vietnamese where she explain why she flushed all of her choker down the drain,does anyone want the translation? Id be happy to help

No. 647118

please translate

No. 647848

>the girl asked why gg flushed all of her choker down the drain
>gg answers that she has mention this before in her blog post (?) because how people wear them and do not understand the meaning of the chokers
>She doesnt mean the people just wear it cuz its nice and all
>She also mention in some of her photos she wear cat ears and chokers because shes a very kinky person,it revoles around bdsm and gg doesnt want to explain any further
>She gave an example how she wore a shirt with an american flag and wrote a edgy status "how many people wore the i love new york shirt have been to america?"
>She doesnt have any ill intentions (bitch please) and people seems too ''witch hunt'' her after the incident
>She also gave another example how you could wear the ''i love new york''shirt and indirectly experience it through different means of media then its ok because they have their own reasons?
>But its not ok when you wore that shirt,you havent been to america and yet you still reply to her status where as they didnt have the financial means to go to the US and they cant love america?
>She doesnt want to fucking understand,like if you love the US,you can wear whatever you want,but if you dont understand what you're wearing and consider it as ""fashion" then you just made a big mistake just like you love a designer and you want to wear their clothes
>GG also explain that everything you wear used to be a culture,she doesnt like it when pp ''disrespect'' her culture,that it has become a trend where pp mindlessly follow without the knowledge
(the audio isnt 100% top notch,but ill translate what i understand)

No. 648511

So she's complaining about people culturally appropriating chokers and I <3 NY shirts? Top kek

Thanks for translating, anon!

No. 648567

You're welcome~~Ill try to find more clips inteviewing gg in vietnamese,if any farmers have some please upload them,thank you so much!
Its funny to see how preachy she is about chokers and i <3 NY tshirts while wearing that seifuku,like,everything she speaks for herself kinda contradicts each other…when will she learn to get off ther high horse ? we'll never know

No. 649413

Since you speak Vietnamese, do you live there? Can you tell us more about how her death announcement was treated in Vietnam and why her book isn't on the publisher's page? (It's Bloom Books)

No. 649515


why the fuck is she so elitist

No. 649579

Yes i do live in Vietnam,overall people i knew or bloggers that have a fairly decent following on facebook (we mainly use facebook) grieve and saddened when her death was announced,they treated her like a saint and nobody dare speak anything bad about her or her army of white knight will drown you,lets just say they have mad respect for a piece of trash like her.The meet&greet vid i link above was organised by Bloom Books,heres a source if youre interested:
it inclues most of the pics from the meet and greet.Unfortunately i cant find anymore videos

No. 649583

File: 1532797066329.png (542.17 KB, 1180x619, Capture7.PNG)

Her book was still promoted after Nhi's "death"

No. 649585

File: 1532797242974.png (890.37 KB, 1139x616, Capture8.PNG)

No. 724361

yo is this her it`s the same user name goodandgloom that someone found right https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/9stn76/schizophrenics_of_reddit_what_were_the_first/e8ro8gf

No. 724447

File: 1541001249717.jpg (89.86 KB, 720x381, IMG_20181031_165341.jpg)

How does it match up with the rest of her narrative?
She already made like 5 or 6 posts

No. 724524

the poster talks about getting doxxed and stalked, i'm pretty fucking sure it's her

No. 724535


everything she has posted checks out that it's her. Somebody cowtipped and she actually responded

No. 724570

Knowing how manipulative she is, it's just her next move. She received mega backlash for her lies, the new persona is a flop, now she'll claim it's all schizophrenia and she can't be blamed just to go back to nite.

No. 725396

File: 1541176701724.jpg (472.66 KB, 1280x722, tumblr_pfux8w4IjQ1xb98ago1_128…)

she talked about her relationship with her brothers and how he and her worked with deaf and mute dancers.
I got curious from her stories, she is obviously not in Vietnam. I look around and found the dance company website https://togetherhigher.com/

any germans anons can translate???
she is in germany right now, me think.

No. 725528

The article makes no mention of Nhi and isn't particularly interesting, it's just a description of her brother's dance troupe guest performance at a German dance festival and explains that their performance is based on war-time PTSD that lives on in their DNA today. It claims all members of the troupe (2 female, 7 male) are deaf.

No. 725677

but that's her in the photo, so she surely must dance with them too??
she mentioned dance touring before, and now on the reddit comments talking about teaching signs so this must be it??
may be some anon can find the facebook of the member of this group. I will dig for more stuff.

No. 725690

File: 1541213860161.jpg (123.12 KB, 1280x1808, 6YCLkys.jpg)

Why are you so sure it's her? I thought so too at the beginning, but the body type doesn't look like her skinny build and the woman they quoted is named Luu Thi Thu Lan. There's only one other woman in the troupe and she doesn't look like Nhi, either. I think when she talks about touring with her brother's dance troupe she's really going along as a roadie, not as a performer. Nhi is also definitely not deaf, something they all claim to be, and seeing as they work with UNESCO and other prestigious organizations, I doubt they'd get away with a lie like that. Especially considering Nhi's very public outspokenness, heh.

Pic related, none of the two only women in the group look like Nhi and Nhi is never mentioned, always just her brother and the woman he founded the troupe with.

No. 725801


She was with them dancing, she had mentioned it a handful of times

No. 725839

File: 1541243221027.png (38.13 KB, 870x276, ggreddit.PNG)

just posting what you talked about (cowtipping and response)
it's 100% her.

No. 725848

I just looked through some of his pictures and dang there are lots of photos showing her.

No. 725849

File: 1541245303355.png (147.46 KB, 146x437, gg.PNG)

No. 725850

not to mini mod or anything but be careful with this, people have been banned for less than this when posting family of the cows

No. 725980

Wew I take everything back, it's her, you're right. That's quite the scam then because we know for sure she's not deaf at all.

They're performers aka public figures so it should be okay in that context afaik

No. 726033

File: 1541274484143.jpg (119.97 KB, 940x528, Copy-20of-20jor062-1-.jpg)

nope guys, the english on the company website wasn't super good (neither is mine) lol but I figured it out

the ORIGINAL group has 8 deaf and mute dancers. but they change dancers every years, not the same people performing (which make sense, the group has been performing more than 10 years some must be fucking old now)

The performance they do with Nhi called "sigh memory" has 9 dancers so they filled in 2 extras. Thought bitch was lying that's she's deaf so I could report her ass out of Unesco but they know lmao. This old post on Plaaastic said she is the only one isn't deaf and mute in the group + one guy with deformity https://www.instagram.com/p/BFa-y5gkIP7/

i'm disappointed. No new milk

No. 726036

sorry double fagging but PULL bitches been reading our thread. Calm your ass down girls. We all want milk but let's not fucking email UNESCO LMAOOOOOOOO

from PULL "First she faked her death, now she's lying about being deaf? Can she get more pathetic?"

PULL bitches if you want your own milk do your own research. The one who posted was a Pull Admin. Come fucking on. Bitch Nhi is a lot of thing but reading on lolcow farm and then tell people Bitch Nhi is pretending to be deaf to UNESCO is a new low. You should not be Admin lMAO

No. 726046

Sit your own ass down newfag, I saw the thread and nobody posted about emailing UNESCO, and in fact most of the milk in this thread came from PULL. All the German articles say the entire troupe is deaf so there's definitely some misrepresentation there. Sage your outrage next time.

No. 726071

File: 1541277939964.gif (137.13 KB, 340x340, YxkhUMw.gif)

Hi Nhi calm the fuck down, your angry ESL spergouts are way too easy to clock

No. 726081

File: 1541279114098.jpg (30.76 KB, 500x375, 1533572387038.jpg)

The pull admin posted a translation. Get a grip.

No. 726204

lmao any opinion different than yours is now called "Nhi" huh. way to go. wanted to talk shit for a little bit but it aint fun anymore. bye bye bitches.

Pull posted after I posted. And pull bitches already want to "report" this. Fucking cowtiping. angsty bitches calling me Nhi probably from Pull themselves. Fuck off

No. 726915

sorry if you're ESL and can't help it or whatever, but people tend to stick out when they don't integrate well at all (especially when we know nhi lurks). maybe you're not nhi or her friend but you could still learn2sage and knock a few excess "bitches" off your vocabulary next time

No. 749239

this other account has to be her too.
I checked it and it was made just to comment that, but throwaway accounts usually imply that it's something you don't want connected to your main acc, but that seems like too much effort for such a harmless comment?
Also has 99 in the username and the same weird grammar quirks.

So she's still around trying to stir up shit about herself. Same old.

No. 750374

File: 1545082226240.png (278.09 KB, 775x700, 132NOxW.png)

Why did nobody post the actual comment?

>first sign was i can hear people from other side of the roads or in other rooms loud and clear, but instead of just whispering about their own conversation, i hear them talk about me, planning to do things to me. any sounds at not a loud enough volume for me to hear clearly, turns into a murder plot

>second sign was feeling a bugs crawling on me at all time. ofcourse, when i look, there is no bugs there and the feelings go away. but this often keeps me up at night, i was convinced there was thousands of insects at all time on my skin

>third sign was the need to runaway. i skip towns to towns because i "have a bad feeling about it". paranoia. anger. everyone is against me.

>edit: wow this kind of blow up so i thought i would add some additional information towards the drug- trigger debate below, i thought it might help somebody in questing.

>before schizophrenia, i was depressed, bulimic and always had anxiety. I self medicate alot with drugs, and even had brief psychosis after prolonged meth usage. but drugs wasn't my trigger. in my twenties, i got married and then divorced, and the stress of it was what brings my adult onset to life. i have stopped using at that point. Schizophrenia is completely different with a drug induced psychosis, and i know different people have different triggers, but if you think you might have some symptoms of schizophrenia, i suggest you stay far away from stress as much as possible, because that's what happened to me.

>therapy helps a lot of people, but it didn't help me. i don't like to talk about it, i don't know if it was the great distrust i have in people, or whatever reasons, i just feel like i suffer twice when i talk about it. i used to be very open with people and therapists when it was just depression, but now i keep everything to myself because i just want to forget.

>i am terrified of drugs now because of what might happen, so i have not used any since my diagnosis, but i drink heavily, and it helps me in a strange way, make me get through the day

>i see a question ask if i can tell what is real and what is not, and the answer is no. i went through a period of time of being cyber bullied, doxxed and stalked ( after my diagnosis), and from it i am now scared of cellphones, doorbells, mails, interactions in general. Any kind of social media interaction that is not anonymous like reddit. but i still wonder if it was real or it was me, i genuinely have no idea. I believed it was real. But who knows? I don't.

>one of the saddest thing about being a schizo is how life changing it is, and things changing is a trigger for most schizophrenic. it is a complete dark merry go round. i used to have a great job, i used to have people who love me, i used to travel the world. everything that was good for me leave me or i ran away from it. when something positive comes to me, i thought "i am here but i am not the person supposed to be here" and i fuck it up. it spirals and you are so scared but you can't help yourself.

>and yes, schizophrenia get worse. all the time. you thought you get used to it, and then new shits show up. i have given up on meds because there is no true cure, just mere comfort. it just makes me binge eat, get fat, and then comes the worsen bulimia and body dysmorphia. can't look at my own face anymore.

>the only things that helps is silence, laying in the dark, and try to forget.

No. 750377

File: 1545082483786.jpg (898.11 KB, 1440x4418, QY66Pnb.jpg)

more recent posts, she's still active

No. 750518

File: 1545135966990.jpg (20.21 KB, 264x500, 5eiiIjG.jpg)

PULL shared this news and thinks she really killed herself this time because her parents changed their profile photos to black and are receiving condolences. It would be the.. what, 4th time now, so I'm not gonna hold my breath, but what do you think? Can any Vietnamese anons confirm?

>Our family share this news with heavy hearts:

>Our daughter and sister, Le Tran Mai Nhi, born in 1994, has passed away on 15 Dec 2018.
>The viewing will take place from 11 AM to 1 PM, on 19 Dec 2018, at Bach Mai Hospital funeral house. >The burial ceremony will take place at Dai hoa than Hoan Vu, Van Dien, Hanoi.
>On behalf of the family,

No. 750526

File: 1545137680029.jpg (23.4 KB, 280x500, o2hst2T.jpg)

From her friend:

>You loved black, but your soul was the lightest/brightest.

>See you in the next life, Nhi'

No. 750527

File: 1545137699348.jpg (38.05 KB, 499x500, pH7Lrpa.jpg)

>Is it true?
>This time it's the truth.

No. 750546

If this is true, I'm not even sad like I was before. She would've just spent the rest of her life manipulating people and selling sadness.

No. 750547

Wasn't it the truth last time as well? Who can even believe or support her at this point?

No. 750548

That's where I'm at too. She was obviously mentally ill and suffering, but she spent this entire time since her last "suicide" trying to manipulate everyone and sockpuppeting it up for the sake of her internet fame while blogging about how she doesn't believe in medication (but uses drugs instead). I know there's no arguing with delusion and mental illness but it's hard to feel sorry for such a manipulative, aggressive human being who attacked everyone who saw past her lies.

No. 750580

No fucks given one way or another. Dumb bitch was/is a liar and a talentless idea thief.

No. 750620

i hate this feeling of suspicion that i've got. makes me feel terrible doubting someone's freaking suicide, but last time was such a goddamn circus. dunno what to think anymore.

No. 750664

Omg she played herself sooo hard. Last time she faked suicide and those who were actually her fans already mourned. This time, regardless if it's true or not, no one is sad about it now lol

No. 750699

File: 1545162920207.jpg (67.53 KB, 640x640, 8ZPzOBw.jpg)

No. 750813

Talk about cutting yourself on your own edge

No. 750891

any updates from hacker-chan maybe?

No. 750956

What? That saga ended ages ago.

No. 751164

yeah but maybe they could see if any accounts have still been in use

No. 751262

either way it can't be posted here, so if there's anything of value, i left my email.

No. 751553

File: 1545312127147.jpg (325.57 KB, 717x1128, 20181220_072045.jpg)

No. 751684

File: 1545337685141.png (248.84 KB, 879x720, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.0…)

taken from PULL, I personally don't know if i can believe ellen since she lied to cover nhi the last time she faked her death, but i do get a more honest vibe from her this time - she's owning up lying before in the comment, and the account she tagged in that photo of them was nitenite99 which completely proves it was nhi (not that it wasn't obvious at this point, i just don't think she had ever admitted it was her)

the PULL thread also had evidence from her family's personal facebook accounts that suggested it could be real this time.

No. 751724

Nhi admitted to being Nitenite after being hacked fyi.

The family posts seem a bit too orchestrated to me because they all changed their profile picture to black, and around the same time too. Almost like they sat down and had a talk about what to do on social media, which would be a weird thing to do after losing someone to suicide. It almost feels like they're trying too hard to convince everyone because maybe Nhi is trying to "escape" online fame again like last time. I won't believe it until there's an unbiased third party announcement like an obituary.

No. 751768

This bitch really faking her death AGAIN

No. 751837

In 2020 of January she'll fake her death for the 4th time exdeee. I cannot fathom how she has friends who accept this behavior, I'm guessing Nhi and her friends love the attention of being the victim everytime she fakes her death.

No. 751905

File: 1545365209478.png (181.61 KB, 1110x576, lol.png)

Wow, Nhi really seems to think we're all mentally challenged. Girl, take your meds and get off social media.

No. 751912

What is the proof, exactly, that she is faking it this time?

No. 751920

there isn't much solid proof right now, but there isn't any good proof that she's actually dead either, and i think until we get an obituary or something solid everyone's gonna be speculating

No. 751938

She's really gone guys, some people posted proof on PULL. Not going to share any of that since it would only condone stalking their private social media. Her family announced it, including older members which would not be aware of her presence on this side of the web.

No. 751944

Same as previous poster, the family members which announced it were her parents, and her brother and his wife. These people would not joke of such a thing. It's pretty sad that she was crying for help and most of us were pretty aware of this but her direct family wasn't until it was too late.

I doubt I've posted about her in this forum but she has always fascinated me. We had mutual friends from Singapore too but she cut them off after graduating, some of them heard the news too and I could not believe it…

No. 751957

File: 1545375644661.gif (3.74 MB, 400x226, tenor.gif)

this smells off

No. 751973

How is it off? You can look at the last 5 pages of PULL for the screenshots confirming her funeral. I'm not Nhi that's for sure, also I guess the blogpost I mentioned in my comment was unnecessary, but I'm just saying that's how I caught wind of the news.

No. 752032

Always someone coming around that was ~totes bffs~ with her irl after her multiple deaths to drop all but useful information

Does this look like pull to you? Either post receipts or stop talking about it. Most people on this website can't be arsed to have to dig through that mess of a website to get info on a girl who has faked her death like 10 times now.

No. 752059

TL;DR there's screenshots of her family changing their profile photos to black and her brother posted the time and date of the funeral service, but it's suspicious because it feels orchestrated coming from a family who just lost someone to suicide. >>750518
Brand new account on PULL posts >>751905 which fits Nhi's MO, she would often pop up to defend herself and try to convince everyone she was really dead. Ellen lied last time, too. It's very possible that she convinced everyone to lie to her again. But there's no proof either way.

>Either post receipts or stop talking about it.

Lolcow has a rule against posting family members and friends unrelated to the drama, so there's only so much we can post. Most posts in here are saged anyway, just let us speculate.

No. 752061

I really don't believe this, she faked her death so many time now her family is prob in on the scheme now. I bet they'll place a sex doll with a black wig in the coffin and say it's her

No. 752063

how are posting receipts from her family members unrelated to the drama? just blur out the names or identifying pics, it's not rocket science

No. 752064

it's even translated for you.

No. 752070

who is verifying that these are really her family members? seems the girl was probably crazy enough to make up fake family member profiles as well.

No. 752072

Lurk more, her brother who posted this has a dance troupe he travels with and works for UNESCO, he's not a nobody. Also her estranged father is a public figure (used to be a popular actor)

No. 752077

File: 1545405872574.png (379.94 KB, 736x1210, Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 10.2…)

Sheidlina posted this a few hours ago and now is gone. Can someone translate?

No. 752079

"shortly before her death she created a website with a live broadcast of her room. all the body movements are prerecorded and will be changing depending on the time of the day"

No. 752081

Wow that's embarrassing, why advertise this sloppy half-assed website as her legacy instead of her more artistic content?
>>612981 has the full playlist of her clips.

No. 752083

LMAO yeah it's fake. This screams eDgEy cringe "art" only Nhi and her circle would consider as art. I bet next month they will say it was a dark aesthetic project or some shit. Stop glamourising suicide. It's a real issue and illness, NOT an ~aesthetic~.

No. 752085

What's with all the newfaggotry right now? This site isn't new.

>>752081 even posted the link to the 6 months old comment explaining the website and leaking its content.

No. 752454

File: 1545457495806.png (254.26 KB, 2086x1344, Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 1.36…)

Here's the screenshot from her mom's fb. Everyone who wished condolences in this pic here are obviously older people.

We all know she had a strained relationship with her parents, why would she fabricate this? Her parent's account is a few years old too. IF you lurk, you'll basically get confirmation that she passed away. Many people are skeptical because of the stunts GG has done, but she has always been troubled.

I'm one of the samefags in the previous post btw. This isn't drama at this point, the girl did pass away, may she finally rest in peace.

No. 752498

Either its another fake death or she forreal died aaaaand alot of ppl dont believe it
Which kek, thats what lying about suicide gets you when you finally decide to go through with it tbfh.

No. 752562

I'm so apathetic to her situation that I don't even care to find out if it's real or not lol I just don't care about her and her biggest mistake was taking advantage of the people that actually did care at one point.

No. 752677

Honestly, here's a quote from her blog from earlier this year. She's been attention whoring for quite a while

>"Trust me though, to turn everything into complete shit. I am at my worst. Everything dark in me has taken over, and I could not focus on anything more than my own pain. Every night I use up every dime I have to buy binge food. Every day I stay away from everyone to scream and cut. I trashed hotel room after hotel rooms, paid hundreds of euros of fines for smoking and burning carpet. I ruin my dance group reputation. I bled through the white dress I use to perform. My colleges started to get terrified of me, and I understand why. I was supposed to be working, to be making my life better, to experience, to travel, to create, to enjoy my dream on stage coming true, but instead I lock myself in my room, doing unspeakable things, and wish I was dead.

Not every story is a happy ending story."

No. 752857

Ellen's new video where she addresses Nhi's apparent death - I'm starting to believe that it's true this time, and I feel like a real cold bitch for feeling absolutely nothing, but it looks like a lot of people are the same way. I mean when you cry wolf the way that she did how do you expect people to react?

translation from PULL:
>"Speaking honestly, there`s one more thing which I can share with u - about pain which I haven`t yet understood. I try not to feel pain and to accept it as a part of the lived day, but now my heart screams so loudly that i can`t cover it with my hands anymore. My darling human died. News were confirmed by family, but we knew immediately - it`s true. GG died for real on December 15th, 2018. We were going to see each other on 28th and celebrate New year together. She was found on a rope in her flat. What can I draw when my heart is broken? Why am I telling u all this? Because she didn`t even leave us a note, didn`t even say goodbye. You have to know, at least you. When one doesn`t know it`s so awful. Last year it was a farewell to the internet, she asked me not to tell anybody that she`s alive. She hadn`t allowed me to see her until she recovers. We talked much on the phone and I was sure she would handle it, because she`s the strongest human I knew. She loved me and my boyfriend but this love turned to be weaker than her illness. And finally she doesn`t feel pain anymore. Take care of your beloved ones, pick up the phone even when you are very busy and stop being selfish to your beloved ones. She was sick, she was miserable, but she loved art more than life and I will create for both of us. You won`t die, I promise. Until I exist, you exist. Was her death in vain? Is my life in vain? No. I don`t want it to be meaningless. All her life she fought against social assaults in her country. She deleted her social media bc she was cyber bullied and threatened on the streets, she ran away from her city bc she was afraid to be different. Now Russia takes leadership in online mockeries, every teen has at least once been a victim of this phenomenon. I myself am always bullied bc I look unordinary, i want u to help me. I want to create a movement against it. Write me your story about when u experienced bulling at school, university, on the street or internet. See you soon, forever yours, Ellen Sheidlina…"

No. 752879

Same anon. Condolences 2 her family even though I feel nothing for her personally.

No. 752913

Nhi has faked her death so many times, I still don't believe it. I think it's an elaborate plan for more attention. Not that I want her dead–people shouldn't use suicide for pitypoints and attention. She's cried wolf so many times and pulled off so many stunts to make her suicides seem real so many times, I just can't believe it if she's actually dead.

No. 752914

Also I thought Nhi claimed her mental illness was from rape and abuse throughout her childhood or something and now Shedina is saying that she "ended" her life over bullying and being threatened in the streets?? By who?? That sounds like bs

No. 752941

Back in 2014 GG used to hang out in Russia with Ellen and Ellen`s best friend @yanakryukova. Ellen and this girl Yana splitted due to unknown reason, and had never been friends till now. Yesterday Ellen posted a video (in stories) where she hangs out with Yana again. It means tragedy (GG`s suicide) united them again.

No. 753885

You have to be completely fucking retarded to think her family would be in on nhi faking yet another suicide. like i cant even stress how retarded that line of thinking is. holy shit yall are braindead. if it was sheidlina in on it? sure. but her family? lol why

No. 753888

Sage, dumbass. Literally nobody cares and that's why the thread hasn't been bumped with a relevant opinion on the matter in days.

No. 936868

File: 1582646342229.jpeg (230.05 KB, 828x1637, AA6732D7-863A-465C-8E11-6C188B…)

Sage bc I’m not even sure if this is worth posting, but the Pinterest acct that was assumed (but never proven) to have belonged to Nhi has had some activity on it in the last couple months. This doesn’t prove much of anything esp. considering it was never even proved to be her acct but I just thought it was interesting.


No. 938946

My apologies for necroing the thread but in case someone wanted to read her book, here's a link pulled from PULL. It's Vietnamese but you can run it through Google translate.


No. 938952

There’s a link in this thread already translated

No. 938968

isn't that like just the first chapter?

No. 938980

It's fiction anyways

No. 938984

Idk cuz who really cares

No. 939096

>posts incorrect info
>gets corrected
>"idk!!! who cares!!!"
It's fine to admit you were wrong, anon.
I would actually like to read her book, so thanks >>938946 for sharing the info! I'm sad the English translation got nowhere. I have a soft spot for mental illness memoirs.

No. 941108

here's her full book in Vietnamese, trying to get it translated into english soon


No. 941117

Already posted…

No. 941316

Hey anon that would be really neat if you translated it! I ran it through Google translate and mostly understood it but a lot of small moments were lost on me.

No. 941605


No. 1315643

File: 1630768715207.png (Spoiler Image, 3.13 MB, 1125x2436, 01DF5A17-20C0-4518-8F46-B4A5CF…)

I followed prettylittleliar’s thread with regards to Nhi’s death before it was inactive. There was this screenshot. According to this facebook post in Vietnamese, it translate:
Sad news:
Our daughter and sister, Le Tran Mai Nhi, born in 1994, has left this world on 15/12/2018.
The funeral will be held from 11:00 to th 13:00, Wednesday, date 19/12/2018, at funeral home of Bach Mai hospital. She will lay to rest at Hoan Vu - Van Dien - Ha Noi.
Reported by eldest son, Le Vu Long, on behalf of the family.

We can learn from this post that:
1. Nhi has really passed away
2. Who her family members are

- Lê Vũ Long is her elder half brother who brought her on his dance tour, you can google and find out who he is. He also acts, just like their father.
- Her father who she mentioned was famous in her book is Dũng Nhi (can google him too), an actor in Vietnam, while her mother is Bình Nhi

Her mother’s facebook:

I remember Nhi mentioning that her family sent her to Singapore because she was too different. It sounded like they’re a prestigious family with a lot of media attention in Vietnam, therefore they could not keep an “unwanted mentally ill daughter” around. They never acknowledged her or posted any pics about her. Poor girl, I hope she rests in peace.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1318379

Anyone knows who deleted her account? It had been memorialised recently aparently.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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