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File: 1530114098917.png (393.9 KB, 447x500, 1525804557414.thumb.png.f7de7f…)

No. 622818

> former wannabe scene queen turned pastel princess turned ka-why (kawaii) ambassador turned ultimate weeb turned G@M3R GuRL
> tattooed, bust-enhanced pushing-30-year-old with a major identity crisis
> serial blocker and comment deleter of those who don't lick her pastel asshole
> infamous for selling gifts, PR packages, and other free stuff on her Depop for a major markup
> has a designer dog she uses as an accessory - as every other living being in her life
> alleged mental health advocate with at least four self-diagnosed illnesses including body dismorphia, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder - all of which she conveniently uses as excuses for her lack of interesting or creative content
> has a Patreon account which is meant for funding Sailor Moon skits, yet not a single whisper of said skits has been heard of for approx. 2 years - nor do her patrons receive any promised gifts
> makes and disposes of friends as quickly as a girl with a heavy flow disposes of tampons
> has no concept of who she is and finds her identity in whatever is popular at the time
> major drama surrounding an Angelic Pretty dress and attempted/succeeded return of said dress
> known for harassing professionals (artists, galleries, companies) to sponsor or collab with her - sends her sheeple followers after said professionals
> spends most of her time whinging on Twitter about her lack of romance
> pretends she's kinky by posting suggestive stories on IG or retweeting similar tweets
> constantly complains of being broke while simultaneously traveling, attending cons, buying 10 lbs of sugar, paying for a personal trainer, and a maid, and a $600 microwave, and lip fillers, etc…
> maintains a wishlist with expensive items that she's too cheap to buy because "my student debt tho"
> collects friends with a similar "aesthetic" as she and has dubbed them "The Fellowship of the Rainbow" - talk of said Fellowship is permitted in this thread if milk is to be found
> consistently adds hints in her videos, IG posts, and tweets that she lurks here and at her thread on PULL


> Tweeted for weeks leading up to some "secret surgery", creating tons of hype prior to and thereafter, promising a video once healed only to fall radio silent on the topic allowing her followers to believe that her body was achieved by "hard work at the gym and a healthy diet"

> finally posts video after 3-4 months admitting she got lipo
> compares lipo to getting a tattoo or a piercing
> continues to abuse photoshop on her pics even in the wake of her new body
> Dre moved out - Phi moved in - young, interesting, German
> already has developed an unhealthy relationship with Phi - suddenly learning German, going to Germany with Phi for Christmas this year, adopting Phi's interests including LARP
> attends several LARP and Renfair events where she dresses as a thotty blue haired "night elf"
> attended E3 with Stephanie and Envy, dressed like slutty clowns, only to complain that they weren't taken seriously and there was "bad energy" all around
> recently has taken to arms against the "fake gamer girl" phenomena claiming that no girl would ever pretend to love games, anime, nerdy things just to get attention
> keeps teasing her Twitch without actually streaming anything
> has been upping her unboxing and mukbang (which she cannot pronounce to save her life) videos

Social Media:

Previous thread: >>>/snow/553929

No. 622832

Did anyone see a twitch gaming video of kelly yet? Is there any or is she just teasing it forever?

No. 622890

File: 1530122070688.png (102.69 KB, 640x889, Capture.PNG)


I cannot get over how ridiculous her followers are. Every single person I've ever known to suffer from depression has been quiet about it - that's not to say that they don't/didn't have people they confide(d) in, but that they weren't all over social media bringing it up all the time.

Her follower really fuel her toxicity by saying this is good behaviour. Most of her followers are young, so they see this as positive and a good example of how to handle your mental illness, when it's just allowing it to fester and be more of a crutch.

As much as I despise the way Kelly behaves as far as money and her relationships go, I do wish she'd get proper help and learn to better cope. That girl is so right in trying to call her out, but her followers were always rush to her defense.

I love how she just assumes this person expects her to have a perfect life and to entertain her - all about her right? Rather it's just a matter of we know already! What do you want us to do? Motivate you? That's on you, honeypie.

No. 622898

Seriously, her friends are spoon-feeding her information, creating her graphics, holding her hand with audio, Alienware is sending her free shit, she has all the time in the world to eat on camera or unbox some crap or travel to some event or con to be seen, but finding the time to actually play a game is impossible?

Even if she's really terrible at games, there are plenty of self aware or self depricating male and female streamers who can acknowledge when they're not doing well and laugh it off. Maybe her ego couldn't handle struggling on camera?

She hates the term fake nerd, but if the shoe fits….

No. 622934

File: 1530125122016.jpeg (345.1 KB, 1242x1665, 9B3BEDA5-531B-407E-AA37-524CDD…)

kek, she retweeted the tweet. Presumably to sic her followers on them. Pathetic.

No. 622935

Kelly needs to make herself look like victim again, as usual, and always bully another person by retweeting with her huge following. She knew the person would get witchhunted whilst her ass would being kissed.

No. 622950

I know Kelly photoshops her pictures to death but this picture really shows how much she does.
the longer you stare at her tiny photoshopped waist in the right pic the weirder it looks

No. 622967

I wonder if she knows that these are things her real life friends think/say to themselves? No friend can have endless reserves of “oh you’re depressed? Oh no you sweet cupcake let me do something for you!”. Depression is so soul crushing but you also can’t imagine everyone to have an endless well of patience and tolerance for your whining - especially when you’re not doing anything to help yourself.
I bet you a bunch of the fellowship has been thinking this exact thing for months.

I also hope someone looks at her twitter and collages every single time she’s tweeted about being depressed recently and sends it to her saying “no one expects you to be perfect - but we’re bored”

No. 622968

I want the milk on Abipop and Beckii staying at her house

No. 622992

Did someone claim there was milk on it?

No. 622997

File: 1530129960344.png (733.52 KB, 809x596, ergwgs.png)

is it just me or does she look really old here? like an elderly lady trying to model

look at her neck

No. 622998

She got her chin fat sucked out. That wrinkly line is the marking of when they removed the extra skin to tighten up her melting face.

No. 623000

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL that's bad photoshop if I ever saw it. From all the shooping she does you'd think she'd have mastered it by now.

No. 623003

she forgot to photoshop her arms smaller when she pulled in her waist, they look beefy as hell

No. 623028

Sage but she wants to be this role model so her way of dealing with someone calling her out is retweeting it? She's almost 30 and she has to play the victim and show how 'targeted' she is?

No. 623037

Pro-tip, sage goes in the email field. You'll know you've done it right when your "anonymous" isn't green.

No. 623074

This in general is just a terrible shot. I'm not sure why she included it, because the other two pics in this photoset are totally fine. You can see her bra and the top of her nipple, you can see where she had her neck lipo'd. I'm fine with showing "real stuff" bc it's better than over-photoshopped bs, but surely they took 2938293 photos. why pick this one? lmao

No. 623138

Has anyone ever considered or spoke about that she may have borderline personality disorder? idk just reading the original post on here really reminds me of friends I have with BPD

No. 623334

ugh don't give her any ideas

No. 623452

From what I understand she rented her house she previously rented it out for America's got talent so it's not too far off.

No. 623455

I agree. I’ve always suspected she could have BPD, but it’s not glamorized like depression and anxiety, so she wouldn’t get the same attention/pity she craves oh so much.

No. 623543

Completely OT but Jimin (BTS) has those little wrinkles too so I wonder if he had chin lipo as well. Wouldn't be surprised..

Honestly though. As a person with depression, following someone who won't shut up about their own depression would make me even more depressed. I'm baffled at how her followers don't realise that she just keeps bringing it up for attention, not to spread awareness…

No. 623560

I commented on her photo just asking what was up with her jawline. Literally just "what's up with your jawline in the third photo?" - not even trolling/being mean/etc… It honestly looks like bad smoothing from photoshop to me, and I wanted to see what she said. But she commented all snarky like "I had surgery, thanks for pointing it out, dude" and later deleted my comment entirely.

Firstly I love how she refers to it as "surgery" because that sounds so much more victimizing and severe than "liposuction".

Secondly, we already know she's still photoshopping herself post-lipo. If that was what those "wrinkles" were from, I'm convinced she'd have just shooped them out. I think she was either trying (if they're actually there) or she was trying to shoop her jawline somehow and fucked up and didn't think anyone would notice.

I haven't found any post-lipo photos from other people that replicate this phenomenon. The only people who have jawlines potentially similar are much older women. So either it's bad shop, like I believe it to be, or she got a botch job by that Wave Plastic Surgery place. Either way, top kek.

No. 623569

Shes said before she actually has bipolar disorder but idk if shes on any medication to treat it… is it possible she could have both?

No. 623579

File: 1530202503983.png (2.51 MB, 1800x900, IMG_1067.PNG)

Pic related is a before and after of Jimin's case. It's much more obvious on video, but you can tell it looks similar to what Kelly has going on.

I'm also pretty sure it's a difficult area to shoop.

No. 623596

he looks like he got his jaw shaved too, what an unfortunate face

No. 623597

Last thing I'll say about this, because it's going way off topic, but I don't think he got a jaw shave. But he definitely got some fat sucked out.

No. 623612

Borderline is often misdiagnosed as bipolar, so that’s a possibility… but kelly has a habit of self-diagnosing so who knows.

No. 623689

She definitely doesn’t have type 1 bipolar since she has never been hospitaized for a manic episode and that is a requirement for that diagnosis. Her behavior is much more in line with borderline personality disorder, she literally displays every single symptom

“ a recurring pattern of instability in relationships, efforts to avoid abandonment, identity disturbance, impulsivity, emotional instability, and chronic feelings of emptiness, among other symptoms.”

No. 623793


Uh no, that is definitely not part of the criteria. She must have had a manic episode, not been hospitalized for it.

While she might be Borderline, there is a lot of overlap between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. In fact, they can look exactly the same. Generally, the difference is that with borderline personality disorder, mood is dependent on events in interpersonal relationships versus bipolar disorder where they just happen when they happen.

I wouldn't follow DSM criteria too closely since it is flawed at best.

No. 623893

It's not.

It's the best that the US has right now unfortunately so we have to use it and push for change.

She probably doesn't have anything more than depression. There are tons of people who behave like her who do not have bipolar disorder i/ii/other or borderline personality disorder.

No. 623925

Why did she photoshop her legs grey/blue here?
At first i thought she was wearing tights, but even opaque tights wouldn't cover up all of her huge dark leg tattoos, and you can see some areas where the color bleeds into other parts of the outfit.

No. 623931

it does look like someone poorly brushed colour on her leg…

No. 624022

Yup, someone mentioned Kelly threw some shade in a mukbang but I couldn't find it

No. 624034


It was in her dark childhood memories mukbang, she said that she gets exhausted when people come over and that sometimes she feels like they expect her to plan touristy things but she cant. And then it turned out it was Abipop and Beckii. But thats all I found

No. 625055

Haven't even watched the video, but I have to ask WTF is wrong with her chest…? Is that the outline of a terrible tattoo? A rash?

No. 625059

I havent made it through the whole thing, but this video is basically a direct response to this thread. She brings up most topics we discuss and defends everything.

Her chest looks like that from a laser procedure she got because of the acne.

No. 625061

yeah its laser to remove acne/heat rash scars- spon video coming soon

No. 625062

Even the procedure is a direct response to this thread, since she did it to get rid of chest acne… LOL. Milk that procedure/plastic surgery cow, Kelly!

No. 625066

You sound like you're excited about pushing someone to get cosmetic procedures. If I understand correctly, this board is not for calling out cow-like behaviour, not a few spots on someone's chest.

No. 625152

File: 1530336103256.png (133.61 KB, 590x559, Screenshot 2018-06-29 at 10.22…)

No. 625219

wow someone just ended their life and she makes it about her

No. 625262

I don't think she is making it about herself. I sympathize with her. Suicide sucks, and that was her family home. xo

No. 625310

Horrible, but also bizzare as fuck, why would someone cs in someone else's house?

Really awful whatever happened

No. 625381

File: 1530356926434.png (643.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180630-111350.png)

No. 625387

And you sound like you're a dumbass. Have you heard about this thing called irony?

No. 625475


She said him, do you think it was her brother?

No. 625479

I was thinking that but it could also be another relative like an uncle

No. 625487

So now that Patreon is suspending adult-content creators do you think Stephanie is going to have to find a job?

No. 625490

you know if it was a relative she would say that for maximum points, the way she shows off her father's ashes all the time and how insensitive she is about that I have no doubt she would be saying if it was a relative

is it even a house her family still live in like I read it as the house she grew up in which would explain her being vague about the person if it was the current resident

No. 625549


yeah she is being incredibly vague about it, I feel that if it was truly something so devastating she'd either not mention it to the small, random (half underage) following she has online or she'd be a lot more specific on what happened.
I feel like what happened is something tragic, but not very relevant to her and she's probably upset about it, but her first thought is "how can I milk more sympathy for this through my twitter" which is kind of gross
I personally don't understand why'd you blab about really personal stuff, especially tragic shit to random strangers on the internet but from the people i know who do it's almost always just an attention thing, trying to make a very tragic incident about themselves and they have no shame because it didn't affect them THAT much.
who was the one who suggested borderline again?

No. 625554

How is she not making it about herself? She says she feels like she failed but makes no mention of how she's actually connected to the person and could have been in a position to help. She makes it all about why she is entitled to constantly mention her depression. I doubt she would actually do anything to hurt herself, but she almost implying that if she did, everyone should feel bad because she was always talking about depression? Everything about these tweets rubs me the wrong way.

No. 625620

Hey Kelly - your LARP character is just as intolerable as you are. Not much of an escape.

I hate these snowflakes acting like their “real life” or their “persona” is something they need to “escape” when it’s something they’ve hand crafted and have every ounce of control over. Don’t like being kelly Eden somedays? Maybe make an effort to actually be insightful into yourself and change the things that make you feel like you need to escape.
Kelly: nah fam I’m gonna invent a lame blue thot elf so I can thirst trap guys doing a hobby I had no interest in until I patched creepily onto my new roomie.

No. 625651

File: 1530379824505.jpg (408.24 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20180630-114941_You…)

I didn't write this comment but it made me LOL so hard.

No. 625844

File: 1530390770001.png (865.87 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180630-173834.png)

I know this is old news but that tattoo is so faded

No. 625964

Oh wow it DOES look like a penis!

No. 625971

She is so fucking delusional and up her own ass.

If anyone says something even remotely negative about her or ANYTHING in general - she thinks they're just bitter, jealous, and projecting? This bitch is crazy!

She is constantly being negative and condescending, wtf? I can't believe she thinks her "viewers" couldn't possibly fathom how being a YouTuber works or that everyone thinks her life is glamorous. LOL. Kelly. No. You have the least glamorous life of anyone, you are so tacky and dysfunctional.

No. 626040

Yeah Kelly, being a YouTuber is soo haaard, especially for you, who just sits and shoves food in their face while complaining to the camera. I suppose that could be hard for someone who is as lazy as she is. She’s the most insufferable, ungrateful person.

No. 626042

Agreed. She sounds like a middle school girl thinking that people are jealous of her. She's an adult. I am sure the majority of the people criticizing her are adults with their own lives and jobs. No one is jealous of her life. The only thing I'm jealous of is all the free shit she gets because I'm cheap and love free shit.

No. 626085

File: 1530416984204.jpg (494.85 KB, 1080x1860, 20180630_234927.jpg)

No. 626093

Is she going to steal his ashes too and put them in a painting?

No. 626102

File: 1530418422730.png (4 MB, 1125x2436, C01B3AAE-26EC-4BC4-8764-137559…)


No. 626106

Pretty sure that’s aimed towards the stuff going down with Mariah right now

No. 626129

When did she become a prostitute?

No. 626142

The cosplay community doesn't get to decide what is and isn't cosplay? Lol ok. Nothing against sex workers, but people are entitled to not want their completely non-sexual, expensive and time consuming hobby regularly misunderstood by the general public.

No. 626166


That joke was made in poor taste, anon. Someone very young died by suicide and Kelly and her family at least deserve some respect on that matter.

No. 626177

That wasn't a joke. I bet she'll steal his ashes and make a painting.

No. 626259

Yeah, this is definitely in response to the moomoo x jannetincosplay drama. Of course Kelly has to try and make herself a part of it. I thought she was taking time off of social media to grieve?

No. 626260

Samefag. Just realized Stephanie posted that, not Kelly. My bad!

No. 626425

There is nothing worse than seeing someone with plenty (a roof over their head, a funded beauty regiment, organic food, SPONSORED PLASTIC SURGERY) bitch about being "targeted" and "hated", like Youtubers are about to be outfitted with red-playbutton armbands and marched off. Shut the fuck up.

"IT'S SO HARD" yea, so is being a barista, an artist, a business owner. You know what's significantly LESS hard than those jobs? Getting paid to show off products you wanted to purchase otherwise to the world. She's lucky as hell (at least for now) and a little gratitude would have gone a long way.

No. 626435

I get that she's grieving & the whole situation is sad, but why is she still photoshopping her face(no photos of kids)

No. 626456

Can you imagine being self obsessed enough to photoshop yourself in a photo with a recently deceased person? It's like openly admitting that the posts aren't about the person you lost, they're about YOU. That's just sad.

No. 626467

The fact that she posts the normal version on twitter and a photoshopped version on IG. Why is she making it so obvious she photoshopped it by posting both versions? She’s such an inconsistent idiot, I don’t know how anyone tolerates her. Saged

No. 626479


I think these are two different pics, fam. The kids face is at a different angle in each.

No. 626480

Kelly talks about depression a lot but seems completely oblivious to the people around her who are suffering.
it's all very sad but she really has made the whole thing about herself and maybe the boys family don't want his face posted on Kelly's twitter and instagram where thousands of people can see it.
it's a personal matter in my opinion but Kelly hasn't been off social media yet

No. 626489

They are different pics look at his hand

No. 626506

Also, none of her family is posting what happened, just that he passed away. Meanwhile, Kelly is blasting how he died all over social media for attention and to whine about how depressed she is again

No. 626568

Has Kelly ever considered that the kid doesn't want his face plastered all over social media?

No. 626576

yeah they are, but are you really trying to say that angling her head totally changed the shape of her skull?

No. 626595

This. The shoop is obvious, and it's really disturbing that she's so obsessed with editing her face, even in this context. And plastering around this poor dead kid on social media in general. Like how narcissistic and completely lacking in any empathy or sense of what is appropriate do you have to be to pull this shit?

No. 626609

I think it is better to post it, he's not some faceless boy. He seemed really nice just from the photo and his expression. She's been talking to her family and I'm sure asked permission before posting.

But it does look like she edited one of the photos.

No. 626610

“I’m sure she asked permission”

You realize no one was joking when we said she literally STOLE her father’s ashes to put them in a painting WITHOUT ASKING HER FAMILY?

She didn’t ask for permission to do shit. She’s doing this to make it about herself, like always.

No. 626629

Random, but does anybody know who he was…? I don't think he was her brother, so maybe a nephew or cousin?

No. 626640

Step brother or cousin, he went by minime online. I won't put his last name down for the sake of privacy

No. 626650

It's so sad to listen to Youtubers who saying that's a hard job. The "most" of them have no idea what is like to work in a hard job (full time +) and to pay the whole shit you have to pay, no free time, no time for fam/friends/love. Don't get me wrong I know how to film and edit videos and yes sometimes it takes the time and it's annoying af BUT it's never hard… (except few things)

No. 626665

Kelly would never last in a retail or service job. She has such an easy life. She gets so much handed to her.
Imagine the breakdown Kelly would have if a customer was rude to her.

No. 626700

She mentioned once before that she worked for MAC

No. 626720

Lol yeah and that didn't last

No. 626830

I agree, i find it a bit in poor taste to be plastering him all over her social media. I know "we all grieve in different ways" but I feel like she's just trying to start a kelly pity party. When I lost an extremely close friend last year it took me weeks to address it on sm.
Like as soon as she found out her first thought it to post about it on twitter? No way, she's totally trying to make it about her. Some things should be personal. Some things should AT LEAST deserve a lot more thought and attention put into them before sharing them with the world.

No. 626922

Exactly. And even if she really didn't do this with the intention of throwing a pity party for herself (doubt it), if the first thing you think when you hear about the death of a loved one is "I have to let Twitter know!", then you really need to re-evaluate your support systems and coping methods. For your own sake. It's just not healthy to continually blast every personal, emotional experience to the internet the moment it happens in lieu of having a face-to-face conversation with a loved one.

No. 626969

File: 1530530591996.jpg (73.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She does all of this shit under the guise of "omg I am EDUCATING people! I am MENTAL HEALTH ACTIVIST! BY TALKING OPENLY ABOUT SUICIDE ON TWITTER I HELP PEOPLE!"

It's like her ultimate protection and her gullible followers gobble it up. She obviously talks about her depression 24/7 because she's whiny and wants pity… same reason why she posted this kids unfortunate passing.

People really need to stop acting that talking about depression or suicide is brave and that it needs to be done all the time because society silences it. Depression and suicide were taboo once, but now it's ALL over the place and definitely not taboo. Tons of popular youtubers talking about being depressed, as well Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter being full with people being openly suicidal, depressed and what not. It's almost "cool" and edgy now to be, because you'll get a lot of sympathy and coddling.

No. 626997

what's interesting is that Kelly is on social media talking about how upset she is and all of her friends don't seem to care.
Stephanie is tweeting about Yuri On Ice Live.
Envy is pushing her NSFW content.
Dre is tweeting about overwatch and other random stuff.

No. 627009


I think it's pretty normal to just say your condolences offline and shut up about it on social media

No. 627013

I am pretty sure that they are giving kelly unlimited asspats. Just like they always do.

No. 627041

sage because tinfoil but I wonder if she even has any other pics with this kid aside from ones from this one day, she doesn't go home for holidays or anything, she just stays in L.A and plays orphan complaining about her friends abandoning her to spend the holidays with their own families, the sister we have seen because she is the one who comes to visit kelly but the rest of the time she pretends she doesn't have a family, how well can she even have known this kid

No. 627042

Although Kelly is an attention whore cow, I feel she lost somebody dear to her and is grieving, and we should respect that. I know she´s plastering her suffering all over the internet which is stupid af, but still, to each its own. Just my two cents.

No. 627108

I had this exact thought. I wouldn't be surprised if others did as well. So it might not be as tinfoily as you think.

No. 627110

samefag - that's not to say it isn't a tragedy. Just that it's not like she's losing someone she spent a lot of quality time with.

No. 627125

psssshhh she just wanted an excuse to not go to anime expo.

No. 627190

I agree. I like criticizing Kelly but there has to be a line. I draw it at making fun of her body and gossiping about a dead relative. I'm no saint but I'm not going to join in on whatever fuckery is happening here. I'll come back in a couple of weeks.

No. 627220

I mean in the spirit of being fair - no one would be talking about this subject if she didn’t blast it to the entire internet immediately and in a way that made it 100% about her.

No. 627251


Finally watching this. I love how she just blames people saying she should have a 9-5 on jealousy. Yes, Kelly, anyone who has criticism for you is jealous.

The criticism she gets 100% comes from her shitty attitude. You don't see this sort of shit going toward non-moochy-cow YouTubers like Jenna Marbles because she doesn't sit around boohooing about her life all the time.

Her little voice in her head is reading PULL and lolcow hahah oh wait no she's psychic.

I don't think anyone denies that producing content is hard and editing is time consuming. But she just posts lazy style videos. Vlogs, unboxings, mukbangs, etc…not educational content, nothing legitimately entertaining. It's stuff that doesn't take effort, skill, research, or any sort of real preparation to accomplish.

HA HA HAAAAAAA wow Kelly, I wonder why your comments section is so positive. Probably because you delete and block anyone with any sort of criticism.

No. 627262

File: 1530565433417.jpeg (368.32 KB, 1125x936, B4BF9188-64EE-4A70-B781-9D3885…)

Idk man, this all feels like an excuse to not go to ax all along.

No. 627404

Kelly drives me fucking crazy and I know she's blasting this all over her social media but…seriously? Nobody WANTS to go to a funeral and she always complains about how she doesn't like to go back home. I'm sure she might not have wanted to go to AX but you're really reaching.

No. 627406

Also did you notice how she describes normal reactions to normal emotionally stressful situations and calls them a depression? Like it isn't a normal reaction to be super sad after a break up or really stressed and worried about getting a big bill or something..

I don't think she knows what depression is tbh

No. 627640

stop derailing. no one cares, wk.

we all knew was going to happen, but she's going to be on twitter the whole time complaining about being in colorado once she's there. Spending time with your family and just being there physically are two different things kelly.

No. 627665

Do not post photos of children.

No. 627804

Why doesn t she want to go to AX?
She is into all that cosplay anime/manga stuff.

I am just curious why all know she doesn t want to go?

No. 627927

Are you daft? Did you not read the thread? She's flown home to CO for a funeral. Herp derp.

No. 627943

She continually makes up excuses to not appear at conventions; she in general doesn't seem to enjoy making public appearances.

I'm going to assume it's because she can't control her image when it's in someone else's hands (ie, a fan takes a pic and uploads it and it's unflattering) and it makes her anxious. I'd argue this is part of the job of an influencer–appearing in public, meeting fans, taking pics, etc–and yet another aspect of this career kelly fails at.

she's not very well suited for this lifestyle and is always pointing fingers at everyone else for that (haters are jealous because they work 9-5 jobs/men think i'm a fake fangirl/i'm too depressed to go to this convention/etc), when the truth is just that she's probably never going to be happy being a "lifestyle brand" like she's been trying. she can't handle criticism and is constantly lying/acting hypocritical because she's insecure and entitled.

tldr: kelly frequently cancels public appearances because she can't photoshop herself irl

No. 628047

The funeral is just the exit to not attend AX but many people suggested she didn t want to go beforehand.

No. 628100

File: 1530650920411.png (11.28 MB, 1242x2208, 48253932-AEB7-4149-B764-653E56…)

“No it’s wrong I don’t want to talk about this here there should be limits”

CLEARLY Kelly has none. Can you IMAGINE putting this on your Instagram stories?!?!

No. 628101

File: 1530650941201.png (10.95 MB, 1242x2208, 5EC20A5B-BA2A-4433-AEEA-EEBE5B…)

No. 628108

Shouldn’t she be too depressed to post right now?

No. 628112

File: 1530651572555.png (60.11 KB, 505x376, phi.png)

it's kinda weird to me that she'd go see a movie with friends while in mourning.. I get that it was probably to get her mind off of things, but it was too soon, immediately after she made a post abt Austin.

No. 628116

File: 1530651692032.png (182.49 KB, 498x585, kelly.png)

Also he was her cousin

She included the photo she put on twitter but I cropped it since mods don't want photos of him here since he was a kid

No. 628122

Kelly put you fucking phone away. Who would want to post this on their IG stories. Does she not know how to respct the family's privacy? She keeps talking about his death non stop.

No. 628143

if you love your family so much kelly then why do you avoid them like the plague, stay home on family holidays and whine about how lonely you are, the main time she mentions her family is when she is being the victim of her fathers passing

No. 628150

Suicide is usually sensitive a lot of people don't always announce it as cause of death publicly.

No. 628158

>>626506 her family isn't even mentioning it, but she's shouting about how he committed suicide to her followers with a megaphone.

No. 628176

Exactly. I’m sure she didn’t ask for permission to blast that as the cause of death from the family either.

No. 628218

She probably never goes home because her family can’t stand her.

No. 628236

Those videos were so inappropriate and I'm actually so angry that she would share something this personal to her thousands and thousands of followers. This is what she's reducing that poor boy to…views on Instagram story.
Fucking gross

No. 628262

>We are not 100% positive why he made his decision to leave this earth but we respect it.

Wtf? There are a lot of things to be said in the case of a 14 year old’s suicide, but “our family respects his decision,” is by far one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard ANYONE say in this sort of context. Is she literally autistic? How could she think this is appropriate?

No. 628268

Bitch is begging for money on instagram, supposedly for the funeral. Which would be acceptable I guess, except that she's trying to raise $10.000? To be fair, I´m from Europe, so I could be wrong, but here I´m pretty sure that amount of money would get you a gold shroud…


No. 628274

How is she so broke, with the size of her channel and all her sponsorships, that she can’t cover this for her family? She should have so much money put away by now, if she did even bare minimum reasonable financial planning. Ugh, I’m sure she has over 9000 excuses for that one, too.

No. 628280

Not defending what she is doing, but funerals in America can be pretty pricy. When you start cutting out all of the unnecessary stuff, they definitely become more reasonable. However, spending a ton on a casket and memorials and embalming have become the "standard" here, so it's very easy to spend $10,000 without even really trying.

No. 628285

File: 1530666784145.jpeg (693.8 KB, 1242x1971, 0B3BAB7D-6FB1-4D21-B0D7-5EFE51…)

Where are the “we should be respectful” anons again?
I would not trust any go fund me anything she ever posts - considering all that Patreon money is still supposedly for her “skits”

No. 628297

Glad someone else noticed that.

Obviously we don't know their lives but I'm sure people are pointing fingers at Kelly's mom for not supporting him enough, which may explain all the posting and e-begging about it

No. 628303

File: 1530667784383.jpeg (883.64 KB, 1125x2206, 9E8D1D32-46BB-438D-8463-D0603D…)

Idk why all of this feels so fishy to me. I understand a funeral this cost in LA or New York, or any major city. But it’s Colorado. I don’t see it costing 10K.

No. 628306

This bothered me a lot too. Like what, in some instances suicide is a-ok? Total airhead.

No. 628310

This is so odd to me, too. Plus her family seems financially comfortable - not rich, but not needy enough to e-beg, by any means. Are they just reluctant to incur any personal costs or debt over this? Is no extended family willing to contribute? 10k should cover the majority of the arrangements, and they’re not poor, so I don’t understand why they need all this money from strangers.

No. 628311

Phew, yep. She talks about her depression constantly, and her “kawaii” content already appeals to teenagers. It stands to reason that she just told a whole bunch of depressed teenagers that it’s normal for a family to respect a teen’s decision to take their lives, especially if the suffering is extreme (and what suicidal teen doesn’t think their suffering is uniquely extreme?)

No. 628325

Not that I condone Kelly’s actions, but Colorado is incredibly expensive. You must not live here, because everything has gotten astronomically expensive in the past ~6 years because of pot.

I wouldn’t be surprised if $10,000 is only part of the funeral costs, tbh.

No. 628330

Saged for I have no idea what I’m doing. However I have been reading through this thread for months and finally today after flip flopping On Kelly’s current controversy, I’ve decided I have to have somewhere to vent. My fiancé just simply does not care at all about Kelly. He’s over me talking about her. At first I was very much of the mindset that this was a really distasteful way for kelly to manage this terrible tragedy, and now I feel appalled by Kelly milking this for attention, views, and the blatant ask for cash!! Considering the context I think that is perverse. Kelly’s delusions of persecution are reminiscent of trumps personality- it’s scary how much overlap. the brainwashing and gaslighting of her friends and fans for her benefit is perverse; she is grandiose and flat out lies without blinking about “all the workouts and healthy food” when we see and read about her eating junk every day and she gets LIPO. She’s a horrible influence to any kids and honestly the “respect his suicide” comment should be deleted. She is unstable and not a role model. She has no awareness that she lacks awareness of anything but herself. I sure hope her therapist knows what she’s doing.

No. 628354

When you sage just type it in the email field. I keep wondering how she has fans with the current content that she's been doing. I forget she does have young fans but what about the older ones. Kelly is so delusional. I hope she doesn't take a photo and video of the actual funeral and post it. At this point she'll do a " My family member committed suicide vlog" "I'm dressing gothic for a few months" "funeral home tour vlog"

No. 628355

Because Kelly must have suggested it. Maybe the whole plan from the beginning was oversharing info to get into people's emotions and pull their heartstrings, and ask for money. I´m pretty sure it would be hard, but they would be able to afford (just like any family does, when tragedy strikes) but why would they strain their finances, when they can get other people to pay for it…?

No. 628387

This made me curious since I recently made arrangements in an economically similar state, so I spent about 2 minutes doing a little research and found what I suspected - that $10,000 should cover the vast majority of the costs (it’s actually higher than the median cost in CO).

These people are financially stable already, there is literally no reason for them to use Kelly’s massive following to appeal for money. If they were raising money for a charity in his memory, it would be different. They’re just trying to cut down on their own costs. I understand where Kelly gets her money grubbing personality, now.

No. 628420

Echoing this and other posts mentioning their financial stability. This is so incredibly distasteful. "Financially stable" Kelly Eden who still has international travel plans this year doesn't have any money to put towards this? Her mother can afford to house and raise a teen boy for years, but has no money to put towards this? How fucking selfish do you have to be to crowdfund the cost of a funeral for your own family when you have money?

No. 628493

How are you so sure of their financial situation? I’ve noticed a few anons have commented on her family being financially stable, so I’m just curious where everyone is getting this information.

No. 628538

I know this is a morbid thought (and I'm not saying it's true), but I assume if her family was taking care of a young boy, they would've been saving up money for him to go to college. Unless they weren't or they're keeping the saved money, I'm surprised they didn't use any savings for college first to cover he costs.

No. 628544

Because they act like rich people, live in an affluent area, and the high school that Kelly went to serves an affluent area. You must ust be rich people, too, if you don’t look at Kelly & her family and smell upper middle class all over them. Only families who are broke af need to crowdfund the entire cost of a funeral. Even if they were struggling somewhat, which they aren’t, they’re not poor like that. It’s not even a question. Kelly comes from money, relative to the average person and her average follower. As a Youtuber with a well-funded patreon, Kelly herself is in an income bracket that should well be able to afford a very nice funeral. These people simply don’t want to deal with such a large bill themselves, plain and simple, and it’s so classless when folks who don’t struggle for money ask strangers to pay for their needs.

It’s also such an upper middle class thing to think having to tighten your belt or incur a bit of debt is “struggling” and “omg you DON’T KNOW OUR STORY wee r not rich,” but I digress.

No. 628569

Kelly has posted pictures during at least one trip home. I recall seeing them in an older thread. They are not disadvantaged or part of America’s working poor. I can just tell from what they’re doing, the way they’re dressed, background details etc. I’m upper middle class in the central US and I recognize it all as common to that world. Sorry for powerlevel. But I agree that it is inappropriate for them to capitalize on Kelly’s fame this way and they need to make sacrifices like other families do when an unexpected death occurs.

No. 628570

Thank you so much for pointing this out, it's incredibly gross to me.

I was highly suicidal when I was a teenager and basically the only thing that kept me from doing it was knowing that it would absolutely destroy my parents. If back then someone had told me that my family would just 'respect' it because it was my own decision I think it would've negatively influenced my mindset.
She really goes too far with this "You have to understand and respect mentally ill people 100% uwu!!" shit.
You have to make it clear to (especially young) depressed people that suicide will never just be 'respected' by their families, it's an awful decision that should never be encouraged in any way whatsoever.

No. 628571

Sorry for double post but I also wanted to add - struggling families don’t tend to run up funeral costs that high, either. If you are used to living frugally you don’t tend to opt for higher end funeral services or waterside burial plots. Kelly’s snaps make it look like they are looking at higher cost arrangements, and they definitely have to be if the funeral is $10,000 or more and they are presumably paying for at least part of it. It’s a sad fact that struggling people are really limited in choice during a hard time very often, but it is a fact. This is all, as a previous anon said, very fishy.

No. 628592

Isn’t Kelly’s mother a successful realtor? Pretty sure she sells million dollar homes. Their family is not poor. Between that and Kelly’s income they would be able to cover the costs of the funeral. But why use money from their own pockets when they can have strangers pay for it?

No. 628596

File: 1530707230406.jpeg (492.67 KB, 2048x1768, 13EB7047-FD75-4328-8138-D8834E…)

“We took the cheapest option based on what the rest of the family wanted

So in other words, you didn’t choose the cheapest option at all… and strangers are expected to help pay for the majority of it, if not ALL of it.

No. 628597

I would hate to have Kelly as a family member. She nicks her Dad's ashes to immortalise him in a shitty self portrait of herself. Her cousin takes his own life and she puts him on blast.

Maybe he was depressed because he was living with his Aunt rather than his parents. when my uncle killed himself I told about 3 friends, the family kept it quiet. He had a service in a church which a lot of people attended to pay respects, his suicide was not mentioned in the service. The family then went to the crematorium and we didn't have a celebration afterwards because he took his own life.

I could not imagine putting up photos of him on social media for pity especially when the rest of my family are being respectful.

No. 628599

It’s also well known that speaking openly about suicide has the opposite of any intended effect to prevent others from making the same choice. Time and time again, studies show that suicide has a social contagion effect. As a “mental health advocate,” Kelly should know better than to blast all this out to her young fan base, many of whom likely follow her at least in part because they relate to her depression posts.

No. 628601

Former funeral director here. Back when I was working in a low cost of living area approximately 8 years ago the average cost of a funeral was $5,000-7,000 USD. Due to inflation and considering where they are, $10,000 could easily be a modest price for this funeral even in a low cost of living area where I was practising. I'm not saying it's any sort of okay for Kelly to be e-begging for money over this, but I just wanted to help put to rest the discussion of if this funeral is too expensive.

No. 628602

9k is around the average advertised going rate in suburbs of Denver, much cheaper with cremation. I’m sure there are additional costs that aren’t part of this. But yeah, I’m sure you’re exactly right. This thing probably costs more than 10k but nowhere near so much that they need to e-beg. Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 628690

kek this is some classic shit here.

kelly: posts a video discussing how people are inappropriate towards her because they think they have a deep personal connection to her even though she doesn't share very much of her life at all gais, god, she barely shares anything omg.

also kelly: shares extremely personal photos regarding the suicide of a family member and asks for people to empathize and donate money her way

enormously, offensively hypocritical. she's the epitome of "have your cake and eat it too." you don't get to be a private person and overshare family shit simultaneously. you don't get to bitch about how people "cross the line" with you personally and then ask these same people to help you financially. honestly, what a fuckin asshole.

No. 628697

Especially asking for additional money on top of the support her fans give her every month via her patreon. You can only suck people so dry, Kelly.

No. 628815

I'm probably wrong but I thought I remembered Kelly bad mouthing her mother a lot in videos but in one of her posts she said her cousin was living with her "wonderful" mother.
Why was he living with Kelly's mother anyways and not his own parents?

No. 628871

I’m sure the last thing a suicidal kid wants is his family breaking the bank and spending thousands for his funeral.
The last thing suicidal people want is to inconvenience anyone.
Mini blog post but when I was suicidal, one thing that stopped me was the thought of my family having to shell out tons of money just to dispose my body.
I’m sure this kid wouldn’t be happy knowing his family is going into debt because he died.
But it doesn’t seem like they’re even thinking of him at this point.

No. 628882

File: 1530736975738.jpeg (717.88 KB, 1242x1714, 4561E2D0-C09D-49E1-BB84-3A9AAF…)

I’m sure they could drive to an apple store or call their support line instead of publicly asking. It’s pretty gross to invade his privacy either way, if he had a password you didn’t know it was for a reason.

No. 628889

I cant believe kelly is really blasting his face in her photoshoped images, asking apple to unlock his phone because the family was to stalk his messages none of which is done discreetly inbetwee professionals but done on social fucking media while she is supposedly a 'mental health advocate' i bet you would love for one of your pastel bff's to bank on you if you were to an hero. just imagine Dre pulling half this shit (i knows shes p much dust to Kelly now) on behalf of Kellys death, she would've been the most scorned ghost haunting the pastel hobo manor.

No. 628915

How much you wanna bet that if they do get into his phone she’ll post screenshots of his conversations and other shit?

No. 628925

i feel like that's exactly what she wants to do while pretending she's raising awareness and continues to make the situation about herself. this is really really gross and kind of uncomfortable to witness.

No. 628926

Can someone repost the pic with the kid covered with a black censor box or something? I want to see Kellys shoop

No. 628973

File: 1530745669570.jpg (1.49 MB, 2560x1920, 18-07-05-00-05-19-978_deco.jpg)

Excuse awkward crop I'm mobile

No. 628977

this shoop doesn't even work because you can still tell how meaty her face is.

what a shameless piece of garbage. this could've been easily covered with a phonecall but no, it's the Kelly show.

No. 628980

Wow. I don’t feel to be surprised by Kelly, although by now I should know better. The fact that she’s blasting this to Apple is just so ridiculous. She does realize that Apple takes privacy incredibly seriously and they don’t even unlock the phones of terrorists and mass shooters. But hey, she’s kelly eden she’s going to demand, Probably launch a campaign against Apple and they refused to unlock his phone for her. This has gotten very gross indeed. Honestly I wanted to come here originally to talk about Dre and Kelly and all of the ridiculousness, but this is just gotten so not OK on so many levels! I wish someone would get this through to her.

No. 628983

If it wasn’t Kelly I wouldn’t think anything of it, but it seems intentional and manipulative for her to have even said “fees” instead of
“costs” to make it sound urgent, and as if the amount is out of their control. There is no reason for her or her family to be doing this. It’s really gross.

No. 628986

this is moderately off topic, but I'm pretty sure apple will work with her and her family on this because the person in question is underage. it's a bit of a different situation than the previous terrorist controversy because he was so young and it's likely the phone wasn't "legally" his–it belonged to the account holder, most likely.

but it's absolutely ridiculous for her to blast this publicly too. jesus christ.

No. 628988

They’ll do it, or the police will. He was a minor.

I’m starting to think that Kelly might just be the calf of a whole family of cows. No wonder the kid offed himself, I would if I was being raised by these cunts.

No. 628996

Kid shoulda enabled the option to erase the phone’s content after failed login attempts. I low key hope he did and that’s why the phone is disabled.
I can’t remember if it disables the phone just with incorrect tries…..

Or maybe kelly is (shock) lying and trying to incite help from Apple by saying is disabled when in reality they just can’t access it.

No. 629003

There can’t be anything more humiliating for a 14 year old boy than having his family go through his phone. If having access to what’s in there could have helped him in any way, it’s too late now. It seems really disrespectful to me to violate that privacy just to grasp at closure. Spoiler alert, Edens - you don’t get it, with suicide. It’s too fucking late. The least you can do is respect the kid’s dignity in death.

No. 629045

I remember a couple weeks ago when she had a family emergency going on and mentioned in a mukbang how ignorant her mother is about mental health. I’m sure this was in regard to her cousin who has passed. It’s a shame…it seems that they were all aware how precarious his mental health was.

No. 629055

100% this. There is nothing more humiliating to a teen than that invasion of privacy. I mean honestly what is even the point?

No. 629082

Wow so now she’s including his last name too?
This bitchcow is the most selfish person I’ve ever seen.

No. 629142

I totally agree. I hate this so much because I already know they would say something to the effect of his final messages having some sort of critical information, and not once are they going to question their own actions or motives in any of this. I hate these people so much.

No. 629150

I feel kind of gross even commenting on this kid’s photos because they shouldn’t be here in the first place, but…was her cousin trans? It really looks like it. I know this board isn’t super sympathetic to trans issues, but kids who genuinely struggle with gender dysphoria (as opposed to fakebois) deal with horrible bullying and extreme depression, and I think most folks can agree that’s a horrible situation for a kid to be in, regardless of gender politics.

If this kid was trans then there’s no question that it had something to do with the suicide, and Kelly’s family is 1000% irredeemably gross for raising 10k to save coin on the funeral, instead of putting that sort of money to charities to help other kids like this one. Heck, that should be true even if I’m blind and this kid was in no way trans - teen suicide is terrible regardless of gender.

No. 629209

"messages he sent before he died" is bizarre. If he's texted or messaged his friends, surely they are in touch with the family and could show the messages from their side. Either sounds like they're trying to see if someone said something to him, a non-friend, or just invading his privacy which is unnecessary. Wasn't her mom talking to him everyday since he was in his house?

Basically what >>628690 said

No. 629213

I wonder if the family emergency was a * attempt by the boy? And they were aware how shitty the mom's support was?

Her e-begging has just led everyone to see through what happened. They should have supported him in the first place (not respecting his decision, the fuck) and also sought serious help when the emergency happened.

Well done Kelly for putting the spotlight on your own family here.

No. 629259

Her family is loaded. Her mom sells million dollar + houses and Kelly is far from poor. The fact shes asking for money is so gross

No. 629267

File: 1530779744256.jpeg (146.9 KB, 750x947, E37E5B91-5DC1-489B-88A5-6E794B…)

Surprised that this one slipped through her insta-banning. Guess her supporters took care of it enough.

No. 629303


No. 629310

If they were genuinely concerned about something sent to him having something to do with his death, they would definitely be having the police unlock his phone. Not letting Kelly tweet at Apple support about it. If that’s the line they go with, then Kelly’s tweet is proof that even they don’t take the idea that seriously. It sounds like this kid was troubled for a long time, and they had hints at how unhappy he was. There’s nothing in that phone that justifies such an invasion of privacy and there’s not a single rational excuse Kelly can give that her own tweet doesn’t invalidate.

No. 629313

Sorry for double posting but - inb4 someone says “cops can’t do that.” They have been able to extract data for years and GreyKey has existed for a while.

No. 629317

Apple will never open his phone! They have the strictest policy when it comes to privacy!
Kelly will probably have a mukbang soon about how she'll never use Apple ever again.
Looking through his phone won't bring him back. What's done is done.
I know his family just want some answers but Kelly making this such a public matter won't help

No. 629318

File: 1530789576881.gif (88.47 KB, 388x336, kelly_edit_new.gif)

Here you go

No. 629335

Tbh, to me he looks like your typical skinny 14-year old boy. I was actually thinking he might have been gay. In any case, I don't think we should discuss him too much.

No. 629336

Like… Why?? To me she looks cuter chubbier. And that shoop and filter she put on look horrible. She's soo insecure it's not funny anymore.

No. 629341

File: 1530795315553.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

Really makes you think that this kid was silently and bravely suffering going through some serious shit most likely while Kelly is laying in her pink bedsheets earning money with one of the easiest jobs of the world and yet keeps crying about being oh so miserable EVERY DAMN day.

The fact that she would make this kids suicide about herself and edit her pictures to be cuter (WTF?) really tells you everything you need to know. It's also gross that she would spread this minors face on the Internet without his permission.

No. 629354


This should put to rest any question about how much this funeral could possibly be costing them. They are definitely milking Kelly’s audience to pay for the whole thing.

No. 629371

What a thoughtless obit. I hope they do better in the eulogy. Will they mention the GFM?

No. 629402

OT but it seems super opportunistic that a funeral home would have their price structure broken down in such a confusing way. People who are grieving aren’t in the headspace to do that kind of math with the addition of fees for everything.
Idk why it just grosses me out looking at it.

Still doesn’t excuse the way Kelly is acting about it. She really is turning this into a circus to garner sympathy and pity

No. 629437

It’s literally just addition, and it’s all pretty straightforward, I don’t know what could be confusing about it? They even have all the basics available in packages so people don’t have to deal with pricing out every little thing, and no fees seem to be hidden. Sage for continuing ot, I just don’t see anything exploitative about this very ordinary funeral service.

No. 629470

Former funeral director back again:

This is incredibly typical of any funeral home. It's not unusual. It's not opportunistic. And if it's confusing, that's LITERALLY what the funeral director's job is. Lol.

No. 629482

Looking at costs it seems asking for $10000 is excessive.

No. 629498

People keep saying he was 14, he was 16. It's in the fundraiser bio.

No. 629532

And looking at the gofundme, the majority of the donors are Kelly’s fans. This is so inappropriate. They’re not even asking for donations to a charity (like teen mental health) in lieu of flowers, as people often do. But no one wants to be the person to call it out given the circumstances, so this will be a very successful scam.

No. 629537

Yeah the price breakdown makes it seem like it could be done under 5k. Idgi.

No. 629549

File: 1530817710360.jpeg (697.44 KB, 2048x1328, 57B31560-CF94-49EB-807C-EF5C15…)

No. 629598

I've been lurking on these threads for a while. I used to follow Kelly, but I don't anymore. I'm not here to defend her, but I have to say it's very ironic that you all are upset about how completely inappropriate it is for her to be putting her private family business on social media…Meanwhile you all are here exploiting these issues as well. You are discussing a young boy's suicide on a gossip forum and I find it incredibly distasteful. I thought this forum's purpose was to point out facts. Not to bully someone in a very sensitive time. My feelings haven't changed about Kelly, but I will never be visiting this site again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 629659

S-s-sorry to have offended you, my queen!

Nah you'll be back. From what I've skimmed through no one was gossiping about the boy. No talking about physical appearance, speculating about why he commited suicide, etc. I only spot complaints about the fact Kelly is wrongfully milking the ordeal, and some speculation about how much her mother makes. We discuss milk that the cows put up. These people wouldn't be cows if they didn't broadcast their foolishness on the internet. Kelly is the one who is being a fool to the boy.

No. 629669

>I thought this forum's purpose was to point out facts.

uh you thought wrong lmao. this is literally a gossip forum. and the few people who are gossiping about this kid specifically, like, speculating about his death, are definitely in the wrong, dont get me wrong. but the majority of us are just sitting here in awe of how kelly is putting this situation on blast. if you need to feel sick about anything it's the fact she's shared his face, name, gravesite, etc with her hundreds of thousands of followers. it's not only dangerous, it's disrespectful, and no one here on lolcow is responsible for that shit. we're just here commenting on it on a relatively lowkey forum. "exploiting"? hardly. aint no one making money from this shit…except kelly.

No. 629675

I would like to point out Kelly’s inconsistency with her mother (is she wonderful or not?) is more proof of her borderline personality disorder.

“A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation”

Devalued mom before, now she’s wonderful (idealizing now)

No. 629779

I agree, I personally have BPD and I can relate very strongly to her inconsistency with her relationships with certain people, It definitely confuses me just looking into her life and not understanding who she likes and dislikes as an outsider looking in. I hope for her sake if she does have BPD she learns soon so she can deal with it better, as if she does have BPD most people in this thread will learn that a lot of her questionable / needy / spoilt / bratty actions can't be helped and seem completely normal in her eyes; the way she acts in response to certain things would be the only option for her and things like that.
I mean, I could tell you loads of things kelly has done that i, someone with bpd, have done or done extremely similar things. Don't think I am making excuses for some of her behaviour though, as mental illness doesn't justify bad behaviour, but i just hope it's considered and if it does turn out to be true people give her a bit of a break about some of the things she does such as need lots of attention and be self conscious, ect, as she wouldn't be able to help herself as her mind is set in that way. Or if at least she does read this thread then i hope she looks into it a lil more, it could help a girl out

i would sage but i dont know how sorry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 629791

Sage goes in the email field.

Saying someone’s bad behavior with BPD can’t be helped is horseshit absolutely sounds like an attempt to excuse her behavior.
Or maybe since you have bpd you also haven’t utilized CBT or learned to be accountable for your actions.

Her having bpd has been discussed and considered in most if not all of her threads. Everyone seems to be on the same page that no mental illness excuses how much of a cow she chooses to be, and willfully as well

No. 629799

No one is gossiping about this kid’s death, Kelly, just about the attention starved sucking wound that is your personality, and your opportunistic family’s attempt to use this tragedy to scam money.

No. 629803

Kek. So her.

No. 629813

Kek. So her.>>629675
I agree completely. She claims to be diagnosed with bipolar (but I’m not sure if that’s a diagnosis given by a professional or one that she came up with on her own) but I think the more accurate diagnosis is borderline personality. She has a consistent pattern of instability in relationships, unstable sense of self/identity (see previous roommates who she essentially copied all of their Kawai style and like became her, I can’t remember her name right now) . She has pattern of unstable relationships, unstable sense of self/identity (constantly shifting interests/ personas, claims to be fit and go to gym every day but doesn’t go to gym and eats delivery junk all day- clearly bc she has gained so much and we see it on videos or on Twitter), she idealizes and/or devalues the shit out of everyone around her, has unstable moods, has grandiose thinking about herself and harsh judgments of others, impulsivity( with shopping and who knows what else), I mean I can go on and on. The most hallmark thing about it is her lack of insight and awareness that she’s in fact the problem at the root of all these failed ventures. I have empathy for people with this disorder, and I also don’t excuse it. She can learn skills and therapies like DBT would be so great for her. I hope she gets there. In the meantime, we will watch destruction and damage unfold in her wake! And I feel sick when I think all these silly fans just lined her bank account with over 6k over this tragic end to a poor young persons life. It is just truly sickening. It makes me not want to support her videos in anyway shape or form, even if that means I don’t watch them. Honestly recently as I watch them I just am so annoyed with her and I find them often painful to watch. I just have to fast forward through much of it. It’s really unfortunate because I feel when I first started watching Kelly’s channel, she was so likable, she didn’t have to be perfect, she was so able to pull off a lot of the things that she was doing and she incorporated a lot more about her art. Now she has absolutely declined and then it makes me not want to support her videos in anyway shape or form, even if that means I don’t watch them. Honestly recently as I watch them I just I’m so annoyed with her and I find them often painful to watch. I just have to fast forward through much of it. It’s really unfortunate because I feel when I first started watching Kelly’s channel, she was so likable, she didn’t have to be perfect. she was so able to pull off a lot of the things that she was doing and she showed a lot more about her art. She just put this pressure on herself about “pixie manic perfect Barbie persona” when I feel like literally no one asked for that and we fans all supported her well rounded authenticity. And she took it and twisted it into this delusion When literally all of the evidence on her comments pages show how supportive her fan bases. Literally nobody bad talks her or badmouth her because they have all been observing what happens when anyone does. It’s just so manipulative and toxic and it really makes me sick to contribute to. Therefore I think I’m just gonna have to refrain from watching her videos from here on out and I’ve already unfollowed her and stopped paying petri on for her too. I only paid five dollars but forget that. Sorry for the rant.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 629818

They would still need to purchase the plot and headstone, in addition to the services and casket. So, while the service can be done for under $5,000 and maybe you can get the casket in there too, the plot and headstone will easily take it over that mark.

Again, $10,000 is fairly typical for a funeral. They can be done for less (or more), but $10,000 is probably the middle-high end of average.

No. 629897

Even if the cost is $10k, it's still super gross to not put any of their own money towards the expenses. Why do they feel entitled to a free funeral? It's not like they won't be able to bury him if people don't crowdfund this. If they truly couldn't afford a burial and casket, why not consider getting him cremated? That's an actual difficult decision people who have no financial options have to deal with.

There are so many fucked up things going on in the world, the gall of these people to ask for a handout when there are so many people actually in need and struggling.

No. 629930

I'm not the same anon, I'm not Kelly either and I don't care if I'm wk-ing, but I disagree about people gossiping about the boy's death. People here are literally speculating if he was gay or trans, or if his family is to blame for his suicide.

Just because Kelly is being very open about his death doesn't mean we can freely make use of her behavior to have something to gossip about. I know that she blasts it out there for all to see, and yes I know the funeral gofundme is fishy, but understand this is a sensitive issue and you're literally using the death of a young boy to keep the torch of Kelly gossip burning on. There's got to be some boundary.

No. 629993

Most of the conversation is judging her for putting it all out in the open specifically so she could get people who watch her videos to cover the funeral costs

She sold him out to the internet in return for money. Us pointing that out isn't the problem.

>How dare you talk about this thing that has been put publicly in your face multiple times, specifically for financial remuneration from the viewers

This whole thing is gross but the observers on the sidelines - who have not said anything disrespectful or unkind about the victim - we are not at fault here. Seems like some gaslighting shit to try and turn this on us

No. 630036

File: 1530857094413.jpeg (207.73 KB, 1224x631, D3115323-C923-4BEC-909F-2898C6…)

Hmm I wonder why she didn’t post this one before everything went down (check out that jaw and waist)

Anybody else getting tired of that same headpiece and wig?

No. 630067

This x1000. Tbh this is probably the only place anyone is going to point out how fucked up the situation is. If it makes someone think twice before handing over their own hard earned money, or giving that money to charity instead - good. Either way, they don’t get to use tragedy to shield themselves from criticism while simultaneously profiting from it.

Those costs are all listed, too. http://evergreenmemorialpark.com/services-rates/cemetery-charges/
With everything listed, they’d have to choose every deluxe option to run up a bill that big. So Kelly was already lying when she told people they went with the cheapest consensus options. Most of the money is coming from her fans, on the gofundme. This is a scam, the worst kind.

No. 630111

1 person mentioned they thought he might have been trans and 1 mentioned he might have been gay, then proceeded to say they didn't think it was right to discuss him further.

We have every right to discuss Kelly's way of dealing with this publicly BECAUSE IT IS BEING PUBLICLY SHARED BY HER.

No. 630520

I'm deeply disturbed by the fact that the math doesn't add up. At first I was just confused but now i'm actually sickened because it really appears evident that they're asking for more money than necessary.

Even if a poor family were crowdfunding for funeral services, it would be still be expected that they choose reasonable services and not pocket anything extra. But the fact that this is a well-off family who can afford these services to begin with, and then it appears they're asking for more than needed even for the deluxe packages.

There's over 40 million Americans living below the poverty line or 100 million living in near poverty. What are those families supposed to do when they lose a loved one? Does she really think they can afford to have these types of funeral services? Should they just have tens of millions of gofundme's?

Especially when you consider the significantly higher rate of mental illness associated with poverty. If Kelly gave a fuck about mental health and vulnerable youth then she would give the donations to charities as many others have stated. Isn't she still making thousands on her patreon every month? I'm getting sick to my stomach thinking of all this.

No. 630584

I can't believe she posted a pic of his casket

No. 630587

This is an image board. Post pics with shit like this.

No. 630646

kelly is known for taking advantage of her followers for free shit. that's why i unfollowed her in the first place, her youtube channel became just an advertising link to her amazon wishlist. idk why yall are surprised.
>"respects" his "choice" to cs but not enough to use her own money to fund his funeral.
people are so quick to help in tragedy that they don't register that it's pretty damn shameful to not even be able to cover the cost of a loved ones funeral. Did he have no health or life insurance? No future college fund? The family (and kelly) should be embarrassed over Kellys actions.

No. 630715

And to say "this is what the family wanted" like… Okay? That sounds fucking rude. "Yeah I want this expensive one. Can't afford it but I WANT it. Make it happen internet".

She's practically livestreming these events. Probably so everyoooone knows what's going on so she has an excuse to "can't work, depression" for a few weeks after.

No. 630783

File: 1530950473711.png (218.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180707-090038.png)

They got almost 9k already… people are fucking dumb.

No. 630850

File: 1530962412352.jpeg (264.49 KB, 750x909, 9AA01661-0FB7-4573-BC56-F7FCBC…)

Throwing that in here cause it reminded me of Kelly lmao

No. 630920

I saw some donors giving anywhere from 250-500$ each.

People are commenting on her insta about how they don't have anything in the bank but will send money as soon as they get their paycheck.

These are people who are living paycheck to paycheck paying for this service, meanwhile Kelly is sitting on tons of patreon money already. So saddening.

No. 630957

It sucks to see generous and kind people be taken advantage of by folks who couldn’t need their financial support less. I can’t get over how selfish they all seem to be. Anons above mentioned how impersonal the obit was, and how weird it is that they didn’t even ask for donations to charity in lieu of flowers for the service. Like, they just pasted some suicide help links in the obit, which should be a loving memorial of the deceased, not a fundraiser or publication of cause of death. It literally seems like they’re making sure people know the circumstances merely to raise more money. Because they certainly aren’t doing anything tangible for the cause of youth suicide or mental health, which is the only ethical reason I can think of to be so public about the details of their family member’s passing.

No. 631112

File: 1530997221188.jpeg (533.03 KB, 1242x2015, F2190A63-92B1-4AF9-B144-CC3937…)

She did end up posting it. I wonder why she didn’t shoop that jaw - maybe because she knows we’ve already seen the photo minus the shoop?

No. 631138

File: 1531000074930.jpg (164.63 KB, 720x706, Screenshot_20180707-224818_Ins…)

No. 631143

>impossible goal
Bitch what?

No. 631186

File: 1531004775486.png (952.8 KB, 720x801, wp_ss_20180708_0001 (2).png)

This is the kawaii content I go on Instagram for

Aside: Is it just me or is she really treating this like content, like a trip to Disneyland?

No. 631192

File: 1531005147388.png (109.23 KB, 720x727, wp_ss_20180708_0002 (2).png)

No. 631196

The picture is so set-up. I can imagine her handing the phone to someone and asking them to take several shots so she could go through and pick the best one.

No. 631199

> A boy doesn't reply to her texts
>I'm so depressed guis I can't get out of bed
>Close family member dies in tragic circumstances
>I'm on cloud 9, I've never felt so close to my family

No. 631222

I really hope she wore something different for the actual service, yes its black but short shorts and a crop top is not okay for a funeral kelly

No. 631225

Can you IMAGINE being the type of twat who asks someone to take this photo for you?!
This plus her talking about how she feels so happy with her family is beyond inappropriate and I’m honestly disgusted. There’s a special place in hell for people who are this awful.

No. 631260

Clearly she has no shame I mean she stole her dad's ashes to paint with. Such a cute girl.

No. 631411

File: 1531025796239.png (161.31 KB, 720x1031, wp_ss_20180708_0007 (2).png)

People like this are super toxic to sensitive people. She's a sociopath LARPing as a sweet, sensitive person. All the comments on her posts are so naive, they're sympathetic and supportive, meanwhile she's tweeting.
>Life is beautiful

Like she's gone through this whole thing to end up being essentially joyous. At a funeral. Because she's getting attention. She's acting like death is not a permanent, terrible painful end but rather some kawaii thing that happens sometimes. He was denied of a full, happy life. It's not a "final resting place" when you're only a teenager. It's a horrible tragic event and she's "on cloud 9".

Heaven forbid any sensitive, easily influenced person becomes her friend. "We respect his decision".

Also note how in the replies someone assumes she's had a good day and notes this is a change from her more depressive posts.
>has literally spent the day burying a relative with money she hawked off people online

No. 631413

File: 1531025909368.png (345.95 KB, 750x1334, FF7C1040-5772-4716-BED2-60FDFD…)

She needs to stop.Kelly you should be ashamed of yourself.

No. 631498

Seriously, this is soo inappropriate. I'd kiiiinda let it slide if it was only the grave plus view but her in shorts, posing… Just… Ugh. She's such trash and K can't believe people still support her.

No. 631499

"no guise… It was totally someone else who randomly snapped a photo of me uwu"

No. 631518

Don´t know, her behaviour really rubs me the wrong way. Even though you should not criticize someone based on a view glimps of their lives through social media, it really feels like she is milking the tragic death of this poor boy. Yes, you have to move on and it is nothing wrong in supporting each other with a slumber party, but… blasting it on the Internet? My only 16 years old cousin killed himself, we can´t afford the burial, but I´m so happy and feel like on cloud 9? whut…? Maybe it is just bad wording, but… come on, Kelly….

No. 631525

Lets see if she'll ever visit the boys grave again. Probably not unless she gets something out of it. Well now that Kelly was able to get majority of the funeral money from her delusional fans she should do something nice for them. Maybe a real nice video thanking everyone and some quality content? But knowing her she won't post anything interesting and it'll take 2 months to upload a video of her on her bed groaning and moaning.

No. 631545

I am still so shocked that she posted some of the funeral process to her stories.

No. 631548

completely fucking tasteless. when my brother died, the last thing on my -or anyone's mind- was documenting it to reminisce over later and share it with the world.

how any of her fans don't see how twisted this is, is beyond me.

No. 631559

Her cousin must be so happy to know that him killing himself brought Kelly to Cloud 9 and all the cousins together. Really makes your heart melt.

No. 631582

File: 1531058908547.png (218.83 KB, 586x348, Screen shot 2018-07-08 at 9.14…)

Meanwhile she has a guest, Tayla, at her house? I'm guessing Tayla was rooming there for AX.

No. 631588

Seriously it took a family members death for her to be positive and be with her family. She should be appreciating she has a family instead of acting so alone in this world attitude.

No. 631617

They “respect his decision,” this is a happy time.

No. 631940

Sorry to kinda derail, but I just felt like it needed to be done. Look at this girl, with a real crippling illness, struggling, crying because she's unable to work and needs help to raise money for her lung transplant. And then look at fucking pink haired bimbo, asking for handouts all the time, and raising money for a prime funeral that she can damn well afford herself. It´s just sickening, really.(derailing)

No. 631955

Can we stop it with the self-righteous "think of the people with over the top miserable circumstances!"? Y'all sound like the idiots who sperg about starving kids in Africa anytime anyone complains about anything. Kelly might act like she's poorer than she really is, but y'all are delusional if you think someone who pretty much never breaks 5 figure view counts makes so much money that shelling out 10k for a funeral should be easy.

>inb4 WHITEKNIGHT!!!111

A disproportionate number of farmers "defend" Kelly in these threads because the reaching and desperation for milk and painting her like some evil sociopath is honestly just cringey at this point.

No. 631962

We're not talking about her, but also her mother and her family. Like it has been pointed before, 10k is a huge fucking amount of money for a funeral. Thirdly, i don't expect very many people in this thread are rich, and yet, we all work for our money and pay for whatever we need to pay for ourselves, like mostly everybody. People struggle to make ends meet, thats just the reality of life. We don't resort to begging when things get hard. Asking for handouts when you can pay for shit yourself, is fucking disgusting. She´s not an evil sociopath, she a spoiled brat. And if you think what she´s doing is ok, them you are simply stupid as fuck.

No. 631967

The sociopath comment is derived from the happiness and joy she has posted about while attending a literal funeral which occurred in tragic circumstances. If you can't see why this is dangerous and troubling behavior it's on you. People who dismiss death as something that is a cute and fun event are absolutely dangerous to depressed and suicidal people. She is minimizing a permanent, horrible, traumatic end to be an event like a trip to Disney. That is sociopathic. It's like a serial killer cleaning up the mess, putting a big smile on and then inviting everyone to dinner. You do not act fucking cheery and on cloud 9 when burying someone's actual fucking body, holy shit anon.

No reaching here. I like Kelly but we as viewers (hate-watching and hmm-watching) should be aware of the selfish undercurrent of her behavior and not be influenced by it.

No. 631969

While I agree comparing her situation to other people struggling financially is unnecessary because the trophy for who's-suffering-the-most is pretty much never gonna be won, I also agree with this anon. Kelly is a constant downtrodden victim, suffering and in need of constant pity and attention, and it's complete bullshit. I'd like to point out that in this situation she's now taken, what, two weeks off "work"? 99% of Americans would be allowed maybe, MAYBE a day off, but since he was "just her cousin"–probably not ANY time would be granted and 99% of Americans would be back at work the very same day they got news of a cousin's suicide. she's a privileged and entitled brat and i think that's what most of us in this thread are criticizing here. you're naive if you think she's not going to milk this situation to take off as much time as she possibly can from doing what very few responsibilities she even has.

i mean, how long until she posts another video, do you think? how long until she streams again? days? weeks? another month or two? it's ridiculous, unprofessional, and it's the reason i unfollowed her almost a year ago now. ugh

No. 631975

So… you guys are so offended by Kelly exploiting Austin's death all over her social media and concerned about how his poor family must feel having their privacy disrespected… that you mercilessly tear apart his cousin, speculate wildly about his family's monetary situation based on evidence that isn't remotely definitive, and use his tragic demise as fuel for your intense rageboner against her on a public form? Can we take a moment to appreciate the irony?

Seriously, though, the hypocrisy and blatant disregard for her family while so fucking appealing. You guys are disgusting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 631978

Uh, gofundmes for funerals is ridiculously common, anon. So, anyone who hopes not to deal with extreme financial burden while grieving a loved one is a spoiled brat?

No. 631979

Nice in-fighting attempt anon.

No. 631980

Kelly made all of these things public, I think we're allowed to discuss and criticize it. She is the one disrespecting his privacy if anything, blasting all of this online to her thousands of followers. She's the one asking for 10k for his funeral, so of course people about his monetary situation. Anyone would, when asking people to cover the costs for an ENTIRE funeral. Where do you see anyone "mercilessly" tearing apart her cousin?
I think she deserves this criticism, if you don't think her saying she is on cloud nine after her family member committed suicide is what is actually disgusting, something is seriously wrong with you…

No. 631982

This newfag is obviously a member of her family/friend/whatever, who talks complete nonsense. Best course of action is to ignore, which is what i´m going to do from now on.

No. 631989

Anyone have some specifics about Kelky stealing her fathers ashes? I know she painted with them but was always under the impression she was given some and other family members had the rest…

No. 631993

In regards to the cloud 9 comment- it's pretty common for grieving people to feel joy from the closeness death brings. Or to for their brain to force happiness because the grief is too unbearable.

No. 631994

>stating actual, provable facts=newfag/connected to Kelly because I have no actual argument

No. 631995

Newfag that doesn't even know how to sage (glad to see you've learnt) and talks complete and utter nonsense, whose claims have been answered extensively in previous posts, lol.

No. 631996

I'm js it's one thing for people who don't have a connection to her to criticise her for information she's willingly put online, but when someone is willingly putting their own family member who they apparently love on blast like this it's a whole different thing. These two situations are not really comparable

No. 632005


>People who dismiss death as something that is a cute and fun event are absolutely dangerous to depressed and suicidal people.

What? No offense, but you're being really overly dramatic. People process death differently, and it isn't uncommon at all for people to say they feel loved after a death in the family; You end up bonding with your friends and family, and you also end up reminiscing and remembering all the good times of the person who passed away. So yes, people may end up feeling closer and more loved than before the death happened. Also, some people just prefer to post happy moments of the death/funeral rather than focus on the tragedy itself. Some people do both. It's not a sign that someone doesn't care.

Lots of friends and family members had died in my life time, and no one handles it the same way. There is no universal way to grieve.

And no, I'm not WKing Kelly. I think that she's been inappropriate in regards to this kid's death, but acting like it's "absolutely dangerous" for someone to make happy remarks about someone's death is just stupid.

No. 632016

We're not talking about what regular people do. In context:

>Kelly goes to a pool party

>This was really hard for me guis I'm so depressed
>Kelly goes to a games convention
>WooAh there was a bad feeling guis, it was so difficult, I was upset
>Kelly goes to a funeral
>I'm on cloud 9, life is good, I'm so happy guis

This is the epitome of a screw loose. What you described is true, but in context of Kelly sinking into deep depression over seemingly nothing, it is very odd to be so joyous over death. And to publicly post that along with getting a bunch of strangers to fund the funeral* is tasteless.

*while living in a glamorous (on the inside at least) apartment in LA and going to Disneyland, shopping, days out constantly, new clothes, parties, constant ordering in food…

No. 632018


Totally blogposting, but I'm gonna disagree. When I was suicidal, one of the things stopping me was realizing how much pain I'd cause other people.
I think what Kelly is doing, inadvertantly though, is saying it's okay to kill yourself. Of course she isn't saying that, but she's showing how it was a beautiful ceremony and how her family is closer together, how they respect his decision (like wtf?), which in a sense romanticizes the entire experience.

Of course everyone grieves differently, and if she does feel closer and a sense of happiness, she can. But as a social media figure, she has to accept her influences on other people. Even if shes made a billion videos about how she doesn't claim responsibility and people don't know her, I think if she just understood that she is called an INFLUENCER for a reason, she'd make real headway. She has every right to treat a funeral however she wants, just don't post it all over social media after saying you need a break.

No. 632020

Yes absolutely. I run a blog and sometimes people send in anons speaking about suicidal feelings. Imagine if I responded "I respect your decision." It's basically suicide baiting. Posting scenic photos standing in front of the grave and ONLY posting about how happy you are at the funeral is absolutely suicide baiting too. She hasn't once posted she's sad - not since she got the thing funded by her viewers.

And speaking for myself I do get influenced even by phrases like "They're in a better place now." Like fuck off. Enjoy the life you have on this planet. Things are better with you here than anywhere else. It is a LOSS and nothing else. Life is precious and fleeting and extremely fucking important. It is not a photo opportunity or a touching event with your family (even if that is a side effect of a whole bunch of people being sad together)

For someone who considers herself a voice for mental illness, and has a lot of depressed viewers, she has handled this really badly.


No. 632046

It has nothing to do with being pink haired or a “bimbo,” and everything to do with kelly being an appalling, exploitative, narcissistic , and very problematic “influencer.” What kind of horrible person uses the suicide of their cousin to line their pockets? To trigger feelings of joy and “cloud 9”? That’s sick.

No. 632054

This is so spot on. The context is why so many of us feel gross about this. Not
judging the way she is grieving but more judging the fact that she’s been happy ever since the money started rolling in.

No. 632065

I love that this post did not cause any in-fighting, everyone seems to agree about how awfully Kelly has been handling this situation.

No. 632087

Well said, anon. Very well said.

No. 632094


Maybe I'm missing something, but she said she was on "cloud 9" after she talked about spending time with her family and bonding. I don't know or care if that emotion is genuine or not; I'm just saying that her response doesn't come off as "dangerous" or as an abnormal reaction. The way Anon worded it as if her response was 'proof' of how dangerous she is just came off as over the top.

Why not focus on stuff that you can actually criticize her for instead of abstract feelings that no one can really prove? Like her making the suicide about herself ("He killed himself! This is why I talk about depression so much!") or her posting pictures of him with her face shopped to hell and back? To me that is not only something more tangible to criticize her on, but I also find it is more fucked up than how than her saying "I'm on cloud 9" after spending time with her friends and family.

>And speaking for myself I do get influenced even by phrases like "They're in a better place now." Like fuck off. Enjoy the life you have on this planet. Things are better with you here than anywhere else. It is a LOSS and nothing else. Life is precious and fleeting and extremely fucking important.

I see your and the other anon's point, but those kinds of phrases are so common because it helps people come to terms with the loss of someone they care about. I don't believe in them, I'm the type of person that just gets quiet and angry when I've lost someone important to me, but this type of bullshit is what some people need to tell themselves to help them move on.

No. 632160


There are many types of mourning and what Kelly is doing is none of them, plain and simple. The word choices in her posts, her heavy presence on social media throughout the entire process, her overexposure of her cousin and his tragedy, the posed photos at a grave and putting the funeral on her Instagram story…the tasteless list goes on. There are times when anons are overdramatic and accuse a cow of being a totally monstrous person because of some slightly shitty idiosyncrasy, but this isn't one of those times.

She's self-obsessed to an extreme and she is obviously not mourning, period.

No. 632172

Bitch fuck off. The funeral website had its costs listed, 10k is fucking excessive to ask strangers to front, where her family paying for ANYTHING

Also peep Kelly's insta stories hanging out with her cousins by a river. You can hear her yell at one cousin cheerfully "Don't die!" and then a young child is seen looking ashamed. A child can understand the gravity of just losing a family member but old Kelly Eden is back to being ya boy with the jokes!!!

No. 632181

If Kelly actually gave two shits about mental health she would have handled this completely differently. We know for a fact that suicide is contagious, and that the very worst thing you can do is be very vocal and public about it when one occurs. Not only is Kelly doing exactly this, but she is doing it for an audience of adolescents who follow her for her “relatable” depression posts, in order to extract money from them - after characterizing the suicide as a decision her family respects, and paints as a sad inevitability that released him from suffering and brought the family together.

Kelly Eden glorifies suicide, period.

No. 632221

check the previous thread, i believe that's where it was discussed. her own posts about it make it pretty clear that she wasn't given them, and that she took them for herself without asking. saying things like "oh man my family is gonna kill me!" tends to be a dead give away.

No. 632231

This. Very well said anon. She has turned this into a spectacle and content instead of actually being present with her family. No one is being overdramatic here.

Exactly. Honestly, I know some people are in here saying it's ridiculous to classify her behavior as dangerous - but it literally actually is. Saying "We respect his decision" is incredibly inappropriate, and her broadcasting it to her young fans is blatantly irresponsible.

In all fairness, maybe they were trying to say they weren't angry with him despite their sadness with that statement? But honestly that's me reaching and speculating because i still cannot believe ANYONE would say they "respected" a family member's decision to kill themselves - let alone a child.

Regardless of her other behavior - the fact that she has broadcast every intimate detail of this situation far and wide and made it about herself is absolutely disgusting and she deserves any criticism she gets for it.

No. 632264

This so hard. It amazes me how hellbent anons are on painting her as a monster in this situation. I definitely think she's handling it poorly and is not suited to be a mental health advocate, but holy shit.

I interpret the "we respect his decision" as a poorly worded "we're not angry at him for it".

Also, you guys keep saying how it's already been established they could have gone cheaper with the funeral, but… maybe the want to honor this dead child in a nicer way than the absolute cheapest available to them? Crazy concept, I know.

No. 632274


ib4 she does another donation pool because "I can't cover rent/my LIFESTYLE since I didn't work x amount of weeks due to a death in the family."

Unless that gofundme included income to not work for a few months.

No. 632284

Who called her a monster? I just see not at all incorrect statements about the inappropriateness of her behavior. There are a few ott anons but the points being made are valid. If the volume or nature of the criticism makes her seem truly terrible, well…

>… maybe the want to honor this dead child in a nicer way than the absolute cheapest available to them? Crazy concept, I know.

Literally no one is criticizing that, what’s fucked up is that they decided to lie about that to Kelly’s audience while asking them for money to pay for all of it, when they can afford it themselves to begin with.

>I interpret the "we respect his decision" as a poorly worded "we're not angry at him for it".

That’s still a messed up thing to say. Anger is a natural reaction to grief, and it is a super complicated part of mourning someone who commits suicide. Minimizing the impact of suicide is absolutely part of glorifying it as a means to an end.

No. 632287

>>632181 ftfy.

Kelly Eden glorifies suicide for profit.

No. 632441

Regarding the cost of the funeral: she straight up said "we went with the cheapest available options" (albeit she added the caveat of what was agreed upon but everyone, but still). She's intentionally misled her followers by making it seem like they pinched pennies wherever they could.

It boggles my mind how many people think the farmers here are mad about them spending a lot of money on the funeral (or Kelly's spending in general) when in reality it's the PRINCIPLE in all of these situations. It's the fact that she acts like she can't afford stuff, when we see she can. The fact that she tried to act like they picked all the cheap shit when there is no way they did that based on the price of the funeral, etc… It's the dishonesty - not the spending itself.

No. 632463

>Who called her a monster? I just see not at all incorrect statements about the inappropriateness of her behavior.
There's multiple people calling her a sociopath

No. 632477

It makes literally zero sense to latch onto that one bit of hyperbole from like two anons in a thread with hundreds of posts, Kelly, but if you think that discredits the criticism in this thread do you i guess.

It is honestly odd how emotionally detached she seems, tbh. She’s made such theater of the grief aspects, and all the natural emotion she’s shown has ranged from goofiness to contentment. Not to mention the constant social media presence giving the impression of mining the experience for content. It’s a level of detachment beyond any natural reaction that comes with death, and it’s uncomfortable to witness.

No. 632494

> who called her a monster?
> “some anon called her a sociopath”

So…still no one, then? Go home and count your cash, Kelly.

No. 632498


Did anyone see Dre's most recent instagram video? I have never laughed so hard in my life. Oh my god, remember when she was making fun of those kids lip syncing? This is so cringeworthy. 10/10 must see.

*Before anyone freaks out like OH MY GOD Kelly wk talking about Dre while Kelly is being a cow! I'm just not going to join in on talking about a kid's suicide no matter how poorly or not poorly his family is behaving. It's nothing about being respectful to the family it's just about not being a gross person in general and feeding off of the death of a kid to further my anti-Kelly agenda. I can wait until she is making more content for that.

No. 632503

HGAHAHHakah that's bad. Her dancing is so sloppy, and Tripp pants do not flatter her at all. Jeez. Stopit, Dre.

No. 632513

No one is really saying there's a right way to grieve, I Kelly's made it pretty apparent that she isn't grieving about the loss of a beautiful young life and from the get go has made this ALL ABOUT HER which is so disgusting. Seriously something wrong with her that she can't even realize what she's doing.

The phrase "they're in a better place now" only really works if the person was sick and suffering, I don't see how a young kid with the rest of his life ahead of him could possibly be in a better place now. There's nothing that makes sense about "respecting his decision"

No. 632519

File: 1531165986773.gif (8.28 MB, 480x270, drelol.gif)

I'm trying to figure out how much money it would take before I would post myself looking that stupid to 200k people. That would easily take more than a couple thousand, maybe 10?

No. 632532

All this shit is why Kelly is a forever alone loser who can't keep a man. She's a pathetic self-centered piece of shit and any halfway decent guy can smell it on her miles away. Must be sad to be relatively attractive and no O e wants you for anything beyond a hit and quit because your personality is so revolting.

No. 632535

Yaaas Dre bring us back to the golden age while you shit on all those normies making Musicaly videos!

No. 632559

Oh man, I only hope that someday I can be that cool. I don't think I have enough teenage angst and desire to loiter in shopping malls left in me though.

I love that she has embraced the mall goth thing though. It provides us with so much entertainment. Did anyone see the instagram story she did about a month back where she was literally crying because Hot Topic had pansexual merch on their website for Pride? Man, I wish they made those easier to save/share.

She was like OMG I am so glad I am being recognized. It's like, okay, whatever you say, glorified bisexual. I understand that bisexual is outdated terminology but let's stop pretending that they're different things, just the term has changed is all.

No. 632633

Bisexual is outdated terminology now? Sorry for OT but wtf?

No. 632663

So excuse for derailing to something totally ot is that the people talking in this thread are gross? No one forced you to post in here, no one was asking you to contribute and therefore you chose to say something about dre instead….

No. 632682


There can be more than one topic at once, unless you are mentally incapable of it. Thankfully, most of us can do it so we'll be okay.

If you want only one topic at time, have fun talking about a dead kid for 2-3 months until Kelly starts making more content but that milk is going to run dry.

Also, not everyone in the thread is gross, just the ones gossiping about a 16 year old who did not decide to become a public figure.

I realize that nobody forced me to post here but, hey, here I am, talking about whatever the fuck I want, on a topic that was decided several threads back to be relevant (as were everyone else in the Fellowship) by popular vote. But, yeah, have fun doing what you're doing and I'll just do what I'm doing, okay? I didn't try to stop you guys.

But hey, taking a page from your"OT CALL THE POLICE" book, maybe you can start a thread called Family of Dead Kid that can afford funeral starts a Gofundme instead. But afaik, nobody else in Kelly's family has decided to become a public figure, even if Kelly is blasting them out on social media herself. At least the fellowship did, so I feel more comfortable gossiping about them.

I didn't think that talking about family and children were condoned on this board.

No. 632686

A few posts have speculated why a 16 year old would have killed himself, it never gained traction and majority posters found it to be ot.

Funeral costs have been speculated because there is a gofundme asking for $10,000 to fund the funeral service and burial.

Kelly's questionable state of grieving has been discussed as is anything she posts as content. Get over it.

>>632663 I agree with anon, if you want to change the subject do so, no need for the disclaimer accusing anons of feeding off some kid we never heard of death. It's Kelly seeking attention for her cousin passing not us.

No. 632688

We get that you’d prefer folks to gossip about your friends than your family, Kelly.

No. 632697

I just cringed out of my skull.

No. 632709

>>632682 wow you sound just like the heinously overly aggressive turd(s) who insisted dre be allowed in this thread and not in altcows where shes always belonged in all of the other threads hmmmmm

good try attempting to sneak it in with a weak excuse "im not gunna talk abt a dead kid guis"

No. 632761

Oh my god, this again you guys? Stop with the in-fighting, it's so stupid. You guys are even fighting about derailing while derailing by in-fighting. Nobody cares.

No. 632784

god this reminds me so much of the tweaker goths from Letterkenny.

No. 632794


Pansexual means attracted to more than two genders, it's basically inclusion for trans and NB people whereas bi implies only being attracted to two.

However prior all these extra words being popularized, bi was and is perfectly acceptable, and outside of internet nerds and teenagers is probably preferable

No. 632796

Aside from that, does Dre even hang out with the Friendship Circle or whatever they're called anymore? I haven't seen anything.

We can probably post about her in altcows instead at this point.

No. 632819

Yeah, she still hangs out with Kelly too. You can see her plenty on the fellowship twitter/instagram. She is also present at all of the fellowship hangouts. You just can't see them on hers because she has this obsession with keeping her insta collage black and green. She just got a fellowship tattoo a month ago.

Kota, on the other hand… it's basically Kota who? at this point. Haven't seen Claire/Vivka/Raquel/that other one around either.

No. 632862

File: 1531196002982.png (144.03 KB, 410x1536, Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.12…)

I just noticed that Kelly doesn't have Dre in her "My Sisters" channel category on her Youtube page, Dre is actually down in "Related" channels which is generated by Youtube's algorithm. Seems shady of Kelly..

No. 632961


I haven't seen Claire around Kelly since around the Angelic Pretty fiasco

No. 633016

Claire is too busy getting herself involved in the current moomoo drama

No. 633048

Agreed. She hasn't been relevant in anything related to Kelly since she moved out. Sure the fellowship is probably still a thing but she's rarely directly associated with Kelly anymore.
I have to wonder if that's just how she planned it to be after she moved out? I can't blame her - I still don't understand how anyone tolerates living with such a lazy narcissist.

No. 633102

Do they even know each other or is this one sided? I don't think I've ever seen ALB interact with Kelly in any way.

No. 633131

File: 1531241143365.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5903.PNG)

No wonder she wears a wig and tells people they should only have pink hair if they have the money to deal with the upkeep. That tattoo is almost gone

No. 633177


>"guys, pink hair is SO expensive, the upkeep is insane"

>box dye

this fucking woman.

No. 633185

I was thinking the same thing about jnig. They’ve interacted on Twitter a couple times… that hardly constitutes a “sister” lol

No. 633188

This is like an anti-advertisement.
>what it shows on the box vs. what you get

No. 633253

She's ridiculous. It's not even hard to upkeep fantasy coloured hair. It's just that people are really stupid and don't understand how to care for it which leads to a need for more frequent redyes (i.e. expensive upkeep).

No. 633324

File: 1531255205850.png (50.74 KB, 524x229, bro.png)

isn't this the brother she claimed abused her

(cut out the photo of the vid since mods don't like us posting screencaps of children, didn't know if it was ok to post or not)

No. 633327

File: 1531255312035.png (679.3 KB, 926x595, yikes.png)

yikes, Kelly

No. 633342

Pink is one of the easiest fantasy colors to have. Your hair can be level 7 and still have a vibrant pink. 1-2 manic panic, ion, etc. diluted is less than $25z Does she wash her hair with hot water or use shitty shampoo or something?

No. 633348

I don't think this is an awful cosplay…it's not her best, sure, but it's not that bad? It IS however pre-liposuction and I don't think she ever posted a single pic from this event on any of her social media, which is pretty interesting/pretty sad.

No. 633413

That's not pre-lipo, that was taken at fanime just a few weeks back. The girl in the second picture is a vlogger and had footage of that shoot in one of her vlogs, someone on here had posted it but I don't remember her youtube name

No. 633418

Wow what an unattractive photo. Why would she post this

No. 633642

I feel like she should have been Amethyst, since she's shorter and then they would have had all the crystal gems. I feel like she purposefully chose to be Lapis instead because Amethyst is one of the chubbier characters on the show, but thats just my theory, who knows.

No. 633645

Not at fanime, this was at ALA. Not sure if this took place before or after the lipo, since I'm not quite sure which day ALA was, and both the vlog and the lipo were around the same time. It might have been just before it, since after the lipo she had the bandage for a while.

No. 633678

What is the moo moo drama? Sorry.

No. 633680


lurk moar and sage posts like that ffs.

No. 633706

her nose or the tattoo?

No. 633713

And people are still saying Kelly isn't ugly kek

No. 633730

File: 1531307706432.png (916.98 KB, 750x1334, 57143413-A27D-4C09-8103-71B70D…)

(1-3) I was honestly surprised to see Claire post comments like this. Saged because it’s a Kelly thread and even though Claire is in the Fellowship it’s kind of OT. You can read more about the moomoo x Lori drama on Lori’s thread >>575128

No. 633731

File: 1531307738622.png (145.21 KB, 750x1334, 620FB136-5399-45C8-BEAB-3C5D31…)


No. 633732

File: 1531307762906.png (130.35 KB, 750x1334, 8A6A41C0-5CDA-4DCA-AB40-123EAD…)


No. 633769


I agree with the other anon - pink is an easy color to have. I lol'd when she said she was thinking of doing blue, that one is actually more difficult to keep in your hair.

But to be fair - her hair in this gollum cave troll photo might be the legitimate fade out from when she shot for splat, iirc? A few threads back she was sitting and bitching about how much she haaaaated her hot pink hair that they made her have for this shoot (because it wasn't as kawaii desu uwu~* )and how it wouldn't fade.

That said, I'm sure she uses boiling hot water and horrible haircare products. I mean, have you seen her natural hair without extensions? just another way she won't take care of herself.

No. 634048

Sorry if I missed something but what’s wrong with these comments? Everybody is talking about the moo drama now, he’s all I’ve seen on my social media

No. 634137

As someone who unfortunately used that dye 10 years ago and Kelly's own bitching, it takes forever to fade and definitely doesn't fade to a pastel color without aggressive bleaching. Idk why she gets high and mighty about color maintainance but still has that horrible wig with the black roots or the latest dyed, ratty looking wig as her bad hair day go to?

No. 634172

Claire is over 30 right? Was married before? But didn't Claire use Kelly for fame? She writes like a 15 yr old.

No. 634259

File: 1531393365867.jpg (35.34 KB, 720x236, _20180712_115946.JPG)

This reads like she wants to boast about how great a time she's had but also she's been lurking again lmao

No. 634272

I didn’t really agree with anons saying she was glorifying suicide or revelling in it but calling it a beautiful time is not necessarily the reaction I would have.

No. 634293

probably calling it beautiful because she gets to milk attention and muh depression from this FOREVER

No. 634341

Glorifying suicide doesn’t mean saying it’s great. It includes minimizing its negative impact, validating it as a means to an end, and hyperpublicizing it as a cause of death. Anything that says “suicide will indeed end your suffering,” or “if you kill yourself they will be sad but they will understand,” or “suicide sends a message,” or “your family will make it through.” At the very least her social media barrage was suicide normalizing. IMO it’s the very definition of glorifying it, too. Suicide is devastating, it rips families apart, finances get destroyed, and deep deep complicated anger is a daily reality for the rest of your life. No one ever gets over losing a family member to suicide, no family truly recovers, and the idea that Kelly could experience that in private then turn around and present it publicly with the amount of stage lighting and scripts and makeup that she puts on it would be mind boggling, if Greed wasn’t already the main character of the Kelly Eden Show.

If she wants to be a self proclaimed mental health advocate, then she can take responsibility for what that means - not amass an audience of depressed teens and then advertise her own teen family member’s suicide to for profit while glossing over every one of suicide’s ugly realities, when doing so is literally the opposite of best practices for talking about suicide. Most of the time lolcow criticism is ott but this is one thing it would be a shame to just chalk up to hateboner exaggerations.

Sorry for being a bit of a sperg but this is legitimately destructive and she’s already getting away with it publicly because it’s so taboo to criticize the “grieving” (even when they’re on cloud 9 I guess). No one should allow her to call herself an advocate for mental health - she’s a youth mental illness profiteer at best.

No. 634369


I can´t with her, I really can´t… Is she serious in calling a week with her family the most beautiful moment in life, when the reason for the visit was the suicide of her cousin in her own home?? She should be ashamed of herself. Just imagine her saying thank you to her cousin for killing himself, so she could have a great week. Wtf…?
How about you could have swang your lazy, self-absorbed ass home before all of that happened, to work on your strange realtionship with your mother/family AND suprise, maybe you, as a selfproclaimed mental health advocate, could have talked with your cousin. And no, I don´t mean, she could have stopped it, that is just stupid, but maybe it could have helped him to talk to someone who also struggled.
But no, for that she would have to step aside from her narcissistic, selfabsorbed and selfcentered Kelly Eden-Show.
OR and that is what I also believe, she just wasn´t close with her cousin and it is not bothering her at all. What would also be okay, you cannot be close to everyone, BUT out of respect for the people who where close to him, shut your fucking mouth about your great holiday at home, where you propably got a lot of attention from neighbours and people in town, who know about it and would not dare to not feel sorry…
Rant over.

No. 634373

Blues and silvers are the hardest colors. Silver can be difficult to tone and unless your hair is practically white or platinum blond (level 9/10), the blue will be green. And that shit won't come out of your hair.

>most beautiful time
How tone deaf do you have to be to do this shit? She can't be serious. A young person killed themselves, nothing about this should be ~beautiful~. Are people seriously not calling her out on this?

I agree with your sperg. Look at her fucking instagram post with the grave, it's the most liked one she has had since May. 0

No. 634382

i honestly can’t believe Kelly would be this delusional to try to turn this whole funeral thing into something beautiful. It’s like she’s trying on purpose to be this quirky manic pixie dream girl that finds beauty in everything and it’s such bullshit. I lost my best friend to suicide and none of its beautiful and none of it is okay or understood by anyway and the fact that she says her family “understands” is such a lie.

No. 634419

>she just wasn´t close with her cousin and it is not bothering her at all. What would also be okay, you cannot be close to everyone, BUT out of respect for the people who where close to him, shut your fucking mouth about your great holiday at home, where you propably got a lot of attention from neighbours and people in town, who know about it and would not dare to not feel sorry…

This is exactly it.

If she goes back to “ya boi is depressed again today!” shitposting after this, instead of being a legit advocate and using her platform to document the process of getting help, she’s irredeemable. She def can’t claim to not have the resources now, not after crowdfunding an entire funeral for someone who took their life due to depression in under a week.

No. 634445

I completely agree, the only positive message about suicide is help is available, help is attainable, and getting help works. If she doesn’t improve the depression and mental health related content on her channel she is a lost cause, and the best thing she could do to respect her cousin would be to get real help and show her audience how it improves her own depression.

No. 634671

No. 634686

NO. SHE DID NOT. I'm not going to watch it, i'll wait for the tl;dr version but oh my god the AUDACITY

No. 634730

Sage for minor blogposting, but I've had cobalt blue hair for three years. If you mix a purple into the dye it helps prevent it turning green.

I do not buy for a second that she was any sort of close to her cousin. I can't fathom sitting there A WEEK LATER and talking about someone I was extremely close to without sobbing or at the very least choking back tears while I spoke. I wouldn't be posting a video about it in the first place, but if I did I'd be a mess. How is she not a mess? Oh, that's right. Because she wasn't close to the kid. Because she never came home. (she uses exhaustion from crying as an excuse for why she's not crying in the video - bitch knew someone would call her out on it)

She talks about how they thought his funeral would be covered by her mom's company - WHAT that's not a thing lol life insurance and burial trusts are things.

omfg she is filming this video the day after his funeral. what even.

She mentions at the beginning that she wanted to talk mostly about her cousin, but she probably spent 3 minutes talking about him in the entire video. She reads something he wrote for class near the end. It's not this amazing piece of prose that she claimed it was, but damn, poor kid.

She gives a brief shoutout to resources at the end and mentions they're in the description, but like, it's more helpful for people when they're given a walkthrough of what those resources are and how they help, etc…just giving them a nod isn't helping anyone.

No. 634784

I'm not going to watch this but is she going to donate the money she makes from this video to suicide awareness or to some sort of charity?…

No. 634818

did she really change the thumbnail from her smug squinting face to her standing over his grave? it looks like they buried him in front of a retention pond.

No. 634841

she absolutely did, i saw it here in the thread with the original thumbnail.

No. 634874

>"Austin was……………"
Nothing naturally pops into her head about how Austin was because in truth she knew close to nothing about him. Sad, considering most YTers script their videos and she couldn't even make up a couple things about him for this totes sincere video.
The memories are so fuzzy for her, she only remembers him from obligatory family events and once in a blue moon visits.
It really shows how superficial she is, trying to make their relationship bigger than it actually was.

She reads from his memoir assignment from school around 16:00.
Austin mentions being bounced around from foster family to foster family, and having a parental figure void. He makes no mention of the rest of his family like Kelly because she was completely absent from his life.
When his dad died, he wrote, the doctor told him he was "Brave" and he said fuck him. I wonder if Austin could see Kelly making his tragedy into something about her, that he would tell her to fuck herself too? Who knows.
>peep that bad acting @23:30

Not a single watery eye nor tear in this video. She truly had nothing to say.

No. 634879

One of the most insulting parts of this video is when she says she's an advocate for mental health. Retweeting depression memes and saying you're depressed as an excuse to not make content isn't advocating. She shouldn't have made this video for multiple reasons. This is beyond disrespectful while still patting her on the back for being a good mental health advocate.

No. 634967


Did anyone screenshot the original thumbnail for the vid?

No. 635062

File: 1531447516987.jpeg (177.22 KB, 738x1172, 83D5EC9A-57E7-4E5D-8B5C-C0DE65…)

Well it’s a good thing she didn’t have to chip in for the funeral…it seems her money was all tied up in finishing her tattoo almost immediately following her return from the funeral because…ya know…priorities

No. 635065

that's fine, it looks like fucking ass.

No. 635075

File: 1531448759345.jpg (54.52 KB, 564x624, d089af0f7edb026ec22cc8fd2bb0a6…)

Yikes. It barely looks like the art.

No. 635094

-films in the room he lived in (and house he died in). Speculating but chances are he died there.

- knew he had a bad upbringing and publicly mentions details through the video. This includes reading out a memoir he wrote about his family life and how it scarred him. The TLDR is his parents suffered from addiction and his father died of it and after a few years of being with his addicted mom he got sent to Kelly’s parents. He saw his dads body at the hospital and maybe felt that he was a reason his dad died?

- gave the kid generic advice and links when knowing he was depressed. That’s it.

- admits she only saw him a few times because she moved out when he moved in.

- complains all the time about how expensive therapy is but thinks nothing about how a teen could afford it.

-family chose a nice area to burry the kid thinking someone else would fit the bill (what insurance covers this?) and then made the fundraiser after realizing it’s on them.

- ends with K making it about her as per usual.

No. 635108

seriously, it looks like she aged like 20 years. wtf.

No. 635117

for real. i'm actually kind of amused because he gave luna nasolabial folds for some ungodly reason. those lines around the mouth are something lolcow loves mentioning about people having all the time to signify how old they look. it's like it's the perfect bait for us. well done, kells

No. 635123

Mining this suicide for content and profit is officially the lowest thing Kelly has ever publicly done.

No. 635126

Sorry for double post and dropping sage but Kelly is sending a horrible message with this, and with her endless depression posting and excuses about not being able to get help (bullshit). The last thing suicidal and depressed young people need to hear from an “advocate” who presumably has more resources and life experience than them is that treatment is out of reach.

No. 635146

Or to hear that the family left behind will have wonderful happy times.

No. 635151

Many mixed emotions came up for me. I felt terrible for poor Austin and what lacking support he received at such a challenging time of life!
But Kelly, you filmed this in his room.
Where he ended his own life (odds are).
The day after his funeral!
And then read his personal memoir on YouTube.

I think the person who said she didn’t know him well at all was spot on. She is milking this for all it’s worth. A true cow. And did anyone notice that while she was reading his memoir and she talked about where he became angry and wanted to kill the doctor her eyes lit up and she almost smiled? Kelly is truly a Sociopath or at least a narcissist. Like a real one.

No. 635167

Came here to say this:

One, he shouldn't have covered the whole upper arm and made it a wraparound. Kelly has thick arms and this just exaggerates the shape. If he did a fixed rectangle it would look a lot better.
Two, the face is thinner than the original which suggests he thinks her arm will get BIGGER in future and that was done to ensure it looked good when it stretched.

Might be tinfoiling. But it could look better, he's a good tattoo artist.

No. 635173

File: 1531457904107.png (8.47 MB, 1125x2436, 8E8BD869-BD0B-4A0E-B734-58BDAB…)

Yeah. Totes mourning.

No. 635179

Is there a tattoo thread in /ot/? Don’t wanna derail over it here, but I’m planning my first large pieces and would love input like this because I have similarly unfortunate dwarf proportions. Apologies for OT, anons!

No. 635180

Is that a bandage on Kelly’s nipple?

I hope she didn’t get her nips pierced because I’m not trying to see her expose her acne tits more

No. 635218

I´m not going to watch this video, it will just make me more angry. And I will say sth about this, when I´m less mad, but…

But she claims, that they thought the company of her mother would pay for the funeral and that is why that went all in with an expensive one, but in the end they could not pay for themselves and they had to make a gofundme?
Can some americans enlighten me… is there such thing in the US at all? Would a company pay for the funeral of your relatives? And if so with no limit pricewise…?

No. 635232


I think a company may pay for an employee’s funeral if they worked there long enough…or more definitely so if the employee died at work (such as an accident in a plant). But there’s no reason they would pay for the funeral of a member of an employee’s family. Unless I’m wrong I have NEVER heard of this even being a possibility. If anything, they might make a donation to the family for expenses but there is no way they would cover $10k.

No. 635235

It was her sitting in a messy dark room mugging the camera with noakeup on.

No. 635261

I think the point is more why did her psycho ass make the video thumbnail her making a youtube thumbnail smug face in her recently deceased by suicide teen cousin's bedroom? What made her change it to an equally tasteless ~aesthetic~ photo at his grave? I can't watch that video, even on hooktube.

Her lack of empathy or respect is unreal. It's disturbing the amount of influence she has on her audience and that she chose to handle this situation so tastelessly every step of the way.

No. 635265

I still haven't seen her credit the artist of the picture.
As an "artist" herself she should know better than anyone to credit an artists work

No. 635269

Didn't and won't watch the full video out of respect. I did skim though, just to see how Kelly was emotion-wise. I think I expected tears but found her demeanour to be the same as usual. But really the one thing that gave away what kind of video it was is the very beginning. That infamous YouTube manipulation pity-pandering sigh.

No. 635271

File: 1531475802472.jpg (107.8 KB, 1371x674, wow.jpg)

Jeez, that tattoo is fucked. Why is the mouth so crooked? The upper part looks good (the eyes) but the middle and lower face… nose and mouth… really didn't come out that good to have it on your skin forever.

No. 635279

the eyes are uneven, the mouth is crooked, the nasolabial folds… This is just tragic looking

No. 635288

File: 1531478358366.png (2.86 MB, 1840x1170, Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 3.37…)

Kelly's post vs. Nikko's post, the angle is slightly different but the way she edited the width of her arm is really dramatic

No. 635296

Why did she not fix that damn crooked mouth? She's a great artist, so why would she let that slide? It bugs me so much.

No. 635302

Right looks like Left after ten years and a lot of cigarettes.

No. 635306


No. This is straight up not a thing. At all. I worked in the funeral industry for over five years, and never saw that happen once.

YouTube preselects thumbnails from random still in your uploads. You can change it to something customer once your video uploads. I'm certain it was just a random shot to start with.

No. 635320

So she got one tattooed lasered off to get this..? Sad

No. 635372

File: 1531489690804.png (289.66 KB, 576x496, Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 15.4…)

Here, but it's most likely just the random frame that youtube selects.

No. 635377

did Kelly ask to have this look like herself lmao, the nose and folds match up…

No. 635392

>nasolabial folds


No. 635510


It's not benefit of the doubt. It legitimately chooses a random shot for you. I'm not speaking out of my ass - this is experience speaking. It'll show up with the preselected thumbnail before you change it.

No. 635525


She is a """professional"""youtuber. This is her job. Her thumbnails are usually gaudy and hideous, but she clearly takes the time to photoshop the shit out of herself or use old or out of context photos while making them. Why on this of all videos would she just let youtube randomly select a frame for the thumbnail? Is she too overwhelmed with how ~beautiful~ it was getting her fans to pay for her cousin's funeral?

She claims that she saw him as a sibling. She claims to be a mental health advocate. She is really just a disgusting, greedy, opportunistic spoiled brat. Giving her the benefit of the doubt makes
no sense in this situation.

No. 635540

From what I´ve heard about the video, Kelly just followed her script for the Kelly Eden-Show. And it is a good script, a lot of people are into it. Just like with a good movie… Sad and tragic.

There was absolutely no need to film this in his room and read out personal notes. But that is what a good movie does to capture the emotions (room with stuff, to disguise a relationship with a fictional character) and show something deep and meaningful (notes).

He had a really bad upcoming with addicted parents and such, same like Kelly and even though she still struggles with the outcome (what she is claiming), she didn´t have the idea, that she as an adult could maybe help this young boy? How could she, when she nearly never went home since she moved out and he moved in.

They have more in common. In the comments of the video, some guys were sorry and said, they knew Austin and played games with him. (Look, you pretentious gamer girl, you two even had the same hobby!)

Let aside the shady cost of the burial-thing (although she would have been able to pay for it), it is disgusting how she is milking this tragic incident and her followers are not calling her out on her bullshit. I don´t understand… how delulu can a follower be?

No. 635597

File: 1531510050311.png (Spoiler Image,365.46 KB, 750x1334, 3A3C32E5-A7F0-4474-8995-38C0B4…)

Here we go, I knew she was just going to use this as a means to further her own ~I am SO depressed, and that’s a valid reason not to do my job or have a real personality~ agenda. So gross.

No. 635599


Lol, of course not.

No. 635724

File: 1531520715344.jpeg (382.71 KB, 1242x1946, BDA5C27F-BA9A-473B-AF9E-A805EC…)

Muh designer dog is healing meh guis.
Truly what bothers me here is that this is a photo someone else took of her dog. She didn’t have to make it part of this whole “idk how to move on from a death look at me I’m so depressed” shitshow - she deliberately chose to.

No. 635853

File: 1531532726561.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180714-023856_Ins…)

Idk dre just rubs me the wrong way. This person probably saw her in a few lines or something

No. 635858

Agreed. My theory is kelly went downhill once Seth moved out and kelly bonded to Dre. Everyone thinks kelly is toxic but Dre sparked the entitled manipulative kelly . Sorry if tinfoil

No. 635872

Her video only has 30 thumbs down and over 2000 thumbs up. I feel so bad that's she's profiting off his death.

No. 635876

File: 1531534982303.png (19.2 KB, 749x218, getting paid from this tragic …)

She only seems to be responding to a few negative comments. It's a part of her job because she forced the "mental health advocate" title onto herself.

No. 635882

File: 1531535563454.jpg (825.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180713-222816_Ins…)

So this is how Kelly was mourning her cousin in Colorado by posing for pictures with her sister. Classy.

No. 635900

File: 1531538660359.png (760.14 KB, 828x520, Eden Ashes.PNG)

I didn't know about this myself until now. Wow, what an egotistical cunt. I hope someone shits on her ashes if she's cremated.

No. 635908


If I found out a family member took HALF of my dad’s ashes for a self portrait I would 100% kill them. That is so selfish. If she used 1/4 of it and did a portrait of him or maybe painted the scenery of his favorite place to relax, visit, etc then that would be a more beautiful (and acceptable) tribute

No. 635928

WHere's the full painting? It already looks soo disrespectful and inappropriate based on that snippet

No. 635937

File: 1531546418221.jpeg (116.57 KB, 605x775, 636D3E40-BA80-4AA8-84D0-0DC105…)

No. 635951

She’s the absolute worst.

She doesn’t “talk about mental health,” she complains about her own depression. Nothing about her “mental health” content is in any way helpful for anyone who actually struggles with it, she just has no way of knowing that because she’s never sincerely pursued mental health recovery herself.

No. 635952

Yup she stole his ashes to paint a portrait of herself, implying blame to him for her own struggles with addiction and depression. She has the maturity and artistic sophistication of a 13 year old, and the agency of a grown woman. It’s a shitshow.

No. 636021

You know, it may be somewhat tinfoil, but I can totally see that. I was looking at some random photo of Kelly the other day,and it was an older one. And the thought totally occurred to me: "what changed?" She used to seem so sweet and down to earth. And that definitely seems like a potential catalyst.

No. 636070

Explain? Just because events coincide doesn’t mean that one led to the other. Correlation is not causation, and I’m really having trouble connecting the dots on this tinfoil unless this is more “guise Dre totally sux tho huh?” derailing.

No. 636094

to be fair i do think dre sucks, possibly even more than kelly (sorry bout it). i'm a completely different anon than those two above but dre has this incredible victim complex that we've seen manifest a handful of times in old kelly vlogs, where dre will have a "panic attack" because of some "terrible event" that happened in public. the very strong implication with all of these events is that someone tried talking to her and she hated it. and she knows that if she acts like its RUINED her entire DAY (much like the disney bullshit, which i 110% believe is just some random person she happened to see more than once, not some semi-stalker situation), people will give her asspats and tell her that she's right and the world is EVIL. it's this sort of victim complex that possibly "taught" kelly that she too could play a victim and get attention, pity, presents, followers, etc.

i'm not sure that's actually what happened but it's plausible-ish, imo.

No. 636116

I can see where the thought is coming from, but imo it seems a lot more plausible that Kelly just let all the internet attention go to her head, and has become increasingly spoiled and bratty as her audience has grown. People don’t tend to learn new behavior in their mid-20s, usually they just start cementing their permanent adult identity.

No. 636247

Also completely different anon, and I agree that Dre sucks. She seems like she used to be this fat shy girl, in the earlier videos from Kelly when she appears, and now it seems low e-stardom has inflated her ego too much. I´ve seen her being rude to fans who made innocent comments, and overall she just sounds like a hipster girl that jumps on any bandwagon (the goth, the emo, the pansexual, just to name a few) and thinks she´s the last cookie on the jar. Which… you aren't Dre. Not at all.

No. 636286

>Talking about mental health is a PART OF MY JOB

Jfc it astounds me how delusional she is. Kelly, you are a youtuber. That is not a job. Acting like you are obligated to "talk" about mental health for a reason bigger than you is such a laugh. Especially when you approach it so horribly and use it as an excuse to whine about muh depression 24/7.

A little ot but on one video she said she has been an "influencer" for 6 years. Yet she has only been on yt for 3ish? Does anyone know what that is about?

No. 636354

No. 636360

I don't want to watch this but holy shit the audacity this woman has. 2 videos capitalising on her little nephew's suidice. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 636386

She's probably one of the most self-obsessed and lazy people I've ever seen.

1. Milking the suicide of a young boy to make money and get sympathy. Doing this without the boys permission to publish his story and pictures.

2. Constantly crying about being depressed and turning everything about herself. When she took her fathers ashes I thought she did it to paint her dad… obviously not, she had to paint herself yet again.

3. Getting expensive cosmetic surgeries, living in a fancy house and getting expensive tattoos but milking her fans for funeral money.

Absolute trash.

No. 636390

Does anyone recall Kelly EVER mentioning Austin’s existence ever before? We’ve gotten quite a lot of commentary from her regarding her family over the years but I don’t recall her ever mentioning him. Gotta get that money though amirite?

No. 636394

No, because in this case it wouldn´t have been about herself and herself always being a victim just once… Kelly doesn´t share sympathy or attention.

But to be fair I´m not sure, i have not seen every video of her, but I can´t imagine it.

No. 636398

I can only imagine my family having a wonderful time together frolicking through the woods the day after my funeral. May you Rest In Peace Austin.(sage posts like this)

No. 636414

she has mentioned her mother, father, sister, brother, and that's it up until this point. she claims she mentioned austin previously, but not by name – in some video she made an offhand comment about dealing with "family issues" and supposedly austin and his depression were the "family issues."

she is 10000% milking this situation. i wonder how many people are really falling for it… i haven't seen any of her friends make any mention of it.

No. 636645

This is so inappropriate. Way to show you really didn't care that much about this tragic event. If my sister committed suicide I would be distraught. I wouldn't be hiking, I wouldn't be on "cloud nine", and I wouldn't be vlogging while my mom drives me around. WTF Kelly. You are so fucking classless. And stop with the excuse of "we all grieve differently"x because you aren't even doing that.(no one cares)

No. 636678

Five fucking ads on this video

No. 636791

I'm not watching either video, I think "vlogs a suicide and funeral" puts her in Logan Paul territory.

Aside, I was clicking around Twitter and someone had uploaded Barbie vlogs saying how great they were. There's a Barbie vlog from 2016 about what to do when you feel down that really reminds me of one of Kelly's videos.

No. 636793

Kelly's version

No. 637062

Holy shit dude, aside from the tips being very similar, it’s the inflection and tone that really freaks me out…

No. 637069

File: 1531668444925.jpg (257.76 KB, 2085x1005, 20180715_112727.jpg)

Kinda ot but I thought this graph was really interesting. It's her sub and view graph over the years

No. 637076

>I haven’t been talking about mental health as much as I’d like to lately because I’ve been in a really good place and I haven’t been as motivated to talk about it with you guys.

I mean at least she admits up front that her “mental health content,” is just about her own emotional lability.

Is it your job to talk about mental health, Kelly? Or is it a category of content that you emphasize less when you, yourself are doing well? Pick ONE, idiot.

No. 637429

File: 1531686562518.png (1017.23 KB, 750x1334, 5BCB01FF-12A1-476B-8E53-597F92…)

…so does she still have this link up in case people are late to donating? I looked and people are still giving $50-$100 in the past day. Like she already collected $9700 for the funeral, yet they still need more? Seems kinda shady and honestly disgusting in character. Is $9700 not enough that she seriously needs to keep milking it?

No. 637635

Oh she’ll definitely leave it up until the money completely stops coming in. She probably gets a boost every time she posts a video. I’m willing to bet that if/when it maxes out, they’ll be a little regretful that they didn’t ask for more.

No. 637826

When I first watched Kelly's video, I thought the inflection and tone were different to her usual because she was mimicking one of her friends (because she does that too) e.g. Courtney. But considering the similarities with that video I think it's cause she was ripping off Barbie (!)
I like that "take a walk" was her first tip, which is definitely something Kelly doesn't do herself, but was first or second on the Barbie one.

No. 638277

She posted a new video and about the 5-6 minute mark she talks about almost taling all Austin's video games and headset etc. with her. Like, wtf. The kid just died a week ago and she's already snatching his belongings.

No. 638278

File: 1531763057829.jpg (19.58 KB, 720x146, _20180716_184256.JPG)

Kelly in mourning is the most positive I've ever seen her wtf is this

No. 638284

No. 638492

The fact that she uses a tragedy to justify the lazyness of touching her roots up, or just putting on that rancid wig.. lol

No. 638502

She’s getting tons of money and attention, is what.

No. 638703


Honestly, I would rather watch a 30 minute time lapse of her roots growing out over the next 3 years with that same amount of grease than ever see that pink bob wig with the dark roots ever again. I know that it's ridiculous but it really triggers me, I just hate that thing.

No. 638792

>Bringing that scamming rat into Kelly's house
It's really interesting seeing how scumbags all seem to be friends and know each other

No. 639323

File: 1531853627947.png (594.38 KB, 1366x768, ke.png)

Welcome back to the Kelly Eden show, starring:
A. "Woe is me", trying to throw shade at society but backfiring to really throwing shade at herrself
B. Over-exaggerating about how many daily comments she gets to make herself seem more important when she only averages about 100-200 a day
C. "Hey guys, remember that I really hate my brother!"
D. What happened to being on Cloud 9 and being so happy? Oh that's right, you're a mental illness edge-lord and we mustn't forget that
E. Hi Kelly, did you enjoy that Barbie video that somebody posted before your retweet?
F. "Hi guys! I actually love my mom so much despite constantly shit-talking her!"

No. 639325

File: 1531853714499.png (650.9 KB, 914x439, fam.png)

Also here is her family having a jolly ol' time after the funeral (blurred out kid's face because mods don't want photos of children here)

Poor kid.

No. 639601

This shit show is becoming too much, really. Stop it already Kelly, this is life, not a film theater.

No. 639607

I love a good fake cry where not a single tear falls

No. 639615

I agree, looked and sounded fake as fuck. Also, she addresses many of the questions posted in the thread…
It feels like another one of her direct responses.

No. 639660

File: 1531874943062.jpeg (538.72 KB, 1125x589, 97E7CAE9-0C9E-4365-B18D-9B198B…)

Yikes. So real. So raw. The new Trisha Paytas.

No. 639663

Ooft those roots.

No. 639736

Wow, Kelly, this is something you should be sharing with your damn therapist, not the entire internet.

Also way to let everyone know how he killed himself. Also confirmed that his room is where he did it, so she did film in the room he died in..nice.

Please take some acting classes, too, Kelly. Your crying skills need major work. It's so obvious she's not legit crying, not a single tear, no colour change in the skin (red tip of the nose or blotching of any of the skin), eyes aren't even misty or red.

And stop with the reply videos. You make it so plain that you lurk hard.

No. 639747

I didn't pick up in the video her saying how he killed himself…

No. 639759

File: 1531882135723.png (4.27 MB, 1334x750, EA9ED312-29A2-4308-904D-2C5B8F…)

Worst fake crying I have ever seen! She literally had to force herself to create liquid/tears!!!! Omg! I feel absolutely bloody awful about the fact that I am questioning and challenging a person’s story of grief and loss. This is not like me at all, and yet I cannot help but have this reaction to Kelly’s contrived, attention seeking, shallow attempts to make this all about herself.

No. 639766


He hanged himself in his room

No. 639771

File: 1531882801535.jpeg (500.47 KB, 743x1057, 88A54B48-F458-4945-BDFE-829B10…)

Ok but 11 hours ago you’re posting this? So grieving. Much sad.

No. 639772

I’m definitely sensing a go fund me for Kelly to “support herself while going home to deal with her grief” coming up…

No. 639780

It's hard to empathize her when the video has 3 ads on it. She doesn't even have to have tears, those ads say enough.
But then again she's struggling already, she cannot afford all her luxuries otherwise.

No. 639783

I agree. here's a example to contrast: one of her best friends, Stephanie Michelle, was in London a year ago when a terrorist attack happened on the bridge (a guy went on a stabbing spree). she had it on vlog and uploaded it to youtube but she refused to monetize the video because she said she didn't want to make money off a tragedy, but wanted to share the experience with her audience. There were no ads in that video.

Kelly, take note from your best friend.

No. 639784

Once again totally fucking up talking about suicide. One of the major things you NEVER FUCKING DO is publicize the specifics.

Kelly Eden glorifies suicide. I hope she never lives this down, unless she does some really serious work in terms of actual advocacy. Like showing people that it’s possible to get help, and that getting help actually works, by doing it herself.

No. 639913

I havent been wanting to contribute to the convo since the whole suicide thing but i am honestly so horrified. as someone who deals with suicidal thoughts myself, seeing how she is reacting is honestly so fucking awful. A big suicide trigger is feeling worthless, useless, a burden, and that people would be better off with you gone. As she has done everything to go and prove that… that she and her family are basically, "better off". And I hate to say that and I know it's not true. BUT if her cousin was watching via kellys socials, that's the impression you get. he killed himself and now "were all together, celebrating, one big happy family, im so happy, im on cloud nine, im making money on this thrilling content, we got 10 grand!" How bloody fucking horrid. Honestly. I'm disgusted.
She is not only glorifying suicide, she's celebrating it. and don't even get me started on her "we respect his decision" bullshit. Kelly how would you feel if someone committed suicide because YOU SAID that it's okay, it's their choice.
We all need to report her videos and her channel as a whole, she needs to be demonetized and flagged for mature content. I really hope there aren't any young impressionable people taking her message to heart. She's not a mental health advocate, she's a mental health RISK to anyone on the edge.
I'm disgusted.

No. 639922

Why are her roots so dark suddenly?
I mean they are much lighter here >>633131(sage posts like this)

No. 639932

You are completely right. I didn't even look at it that way - it does seem like they are all happier "without him" and I can now imagine what a trigger that is. Damn Kelly, you are either a complete idiot or really completely evil.

No. 639934

The most insane thing to me is how there is only small minority who even catches on Kellys insane, narcissistic behavior.

Making everything about herself, draining her fans out of money, monetizing videos about her cousins suicide and spreading pictures of him online without permission while playing the victim and fake crying on Youtube.

And almost everyone just accepts it.

No. 639940

Agreed, the vast majority of her comments seem oblivious. I think it's the LA, cute pink house, puppy, model stuff blinding them to the actual human they're dealing with.

Kek, I didn't see her RT the Barbie vid. Mysterious.

This is disgusting.

Agreed 100%. I wrote a long post about it but I'll save you the rant. But that was (and is, since she's STILL POSTING about it) my exact issue with how this is being handled.

No. 639946

Even though these are the world's fakest tears, and even her accent sounds different in the first 20 seconds, at least she is saying "I feel sad" which wait, she didn't bother to mention even while attending the funeral. It does seem lolcow-inspired also.
Finishing your tattoo is not self-care. Self care is washing, dressing, brushing teeth, eating, not engaging with upsetting content or triggers.
Tattoos and hair dye, that's body modification or enhancement. This video is just posted to juxtaposition the holiday videos that are coming up next week. Concern is self, not how vulnerable people may be influenced by extremely insensitive handling of sensitive situations…While calling yourself "mental health advocate"

No. 639948

Yeah I completely agree…
So many suicidal people think that no one cares whether they're alive or not, that people would be better off without them… If anything, knowing that they might cause eternal grief to their families/loved ones is one of the things that keeps people from committing suicide.
And then there's Kelly, acting like life's a party now that this poor boy killed himself.
Absolutely disgusting. I really, really hope that she doesn't negatively influence any of her followers who might be suicidal and now think that it is actually a good decision…

No. 639950

I'm past the 9 minute mark and not a single tear has hit her cheeks despite her fucking squeezing and contorting her face to try and get a tear out.

If she hadn't posted all the "on cloud 9" happy bullshit prior this I might have taken it more seriously. And she was the financial savoir that she claims she wanted to be, since she uh, got her fanbase to pay for the whole thing.

No. 639973

File: 1531914918762.jpeg (650.01 KB, 2048x1536, 61B4F1D8-FCE5-48C9-9A40-FEA8F4…)

Of course, it’s only a coincidence that she still has the gofundme link up and the donations re-start every time she posts new contentt. I can’t believe you all think she’s just callous and profiteering smh! /s

No. 639977

File: 1531915325813.jpg (35.8 KB, 481x401, 1514999196865.jpg)

Wow, can't wait to see what kind of frivolous crap Kelly will buy with that money!
I'm sure her cousin can rest peacefully now that he knows that this greedy wrench is profiting off of the pain and despair that led him to commit suicide.

No. 639978

I really can’t get over those roots. They didn’t look anything like that a week ago. I honestly think she dyed her roots a dark brown and the ends pink again as a “look at me I can’t even take care of myself”


No. 639987

Your unsaged derailing into hyperbole isn’t going to change the subject or get this thread autosaged, Kelly.

No. 639998

I don't think this Anon is Kelly (pretty sure she's never posted here, but I think Phi has) but your roots go darker when you don't wash your hair, also the video is likely to be contrasted to try and make it seem her face went 0.1% redder while she was "crying"

No. 640000

I don’t know, she reads here a lot and this >>639759 video is basically a direct response to this thread. Personally, it requires quite a bit more mental stretch to believe she’s never posted here than it does to believe that she’d intentionally derail this thread now. Especially considering the histrionics she’s putting on in that video. Girl is bothered - in a “this could affect my channel” and not “I am grieving” sort of way.

No. 640002

Same Anon, finally watched the end "I promise there are other options than this" is her last line after recommending support lines. Recommending is good. But suicide is NOT an "option". It's devastating tragedy for everyone, not an "option". How dare she consider herself a mental health advocate when she has such little care over the words she says and types. And as >>639736 noted she actually mentions the method of death from the perspective of her mother which is wtf way to drop something wildly inappropriate and potentially triggering into your "helpful" video. Pretty glad she only has a low follower count at this point and her influence is negligible.

No. 640011

Given her ability to raise almost $10k in a week with this garbage, I’d say her influence is unfortunately not negligible, which makes her that much worse for saying suicide is an “option” that you should totally not take - even though her theatrics surrounding this one suggest to actual suicidal people that it could be a way to escape their pain without absolutely ruining the lives of everyone who cares about them.

No. 640019

True, honestly I get more disgusted and turned off from Kelly as this goes on. I used to enjoy her videos, and I believed she was depressed, but now I think she is a narcissistic vampire. Her happiness is not dependent on the situation but in how much she is being adored and how much attention is paid to her. Someone could be beheading kittens and as long as they were telling her she was beautiful while they did it she'd be on board.

I need more fun people to watch, do any Anons have suggestions? Albinwonderland is too SJW and patronising for me and the Noodlerella/Zoella type are super irritating. I like Kota and more soft sweet types of Youtubers. Kelly seems harmful to me now, just an emotional leech so I can't enjoy her videos and I don't want to give her views.

No. 640134

I went to the actual video on YouTube to read the comments. Not a single one is calling her out on her bullshit. They're all positive. And they have to be. It's fucked up that she's doing this because a real person is gone, so for anyone to say anything contrary to her could easily be spun as if they're inconsiderate of her family's loss - the loss of a real fucking human. But she's just capitalizing on it without anyone pointing out how fucked up it is. Makes me so sick.

I cannot believe none of them has noticed how fake her crying is. How are they all so blind?

No. 640141

kelly is notorious for deleting anything negative about her in the comment section unless she can spin it around, it's very probable people did call her out

No. 640313

File: 1531943409786.png (475.32 KB, 988x708, t.png)

saw this on twitter kek

I hope the tweet blows up

No. 640334

oh god bless this girl. i absolutely hope this gets attention.

No. 640394

File: 1531946186356.jpeg (578.58 KB, 1470x1965, 98424366-93B1-4D8A-BCED-BF9660…)

I would absolutely love for someone with a little bit of a following to point out all the ways she’s proven she is not a mental health “advocate” in all this, and needs to be held accountable.

If being a mental health advocate in media is her “job” then she needs to step down or be fired. She definitely reads here, and so many anons have laid it out so perfectly. If she continues on this course, then I honestly believe it’s willfully out of laziness, narcissism, and greed, and she’s irredeemable. Since you love responding to lolcow, Kelly, why don’t you show us that you’re not a total piece of shit, for once?

No. 640399

File: 1531946461645.jpeg (296.18 KB, 1242x1556, 00B0791D-A1F4-4D79-8F1E-466FD9…)

The time between these two videos says EVERYTHING anyone needs to know about Kelly Eden.
“I feel guilty” - fake crying glorifies suicide continues to Whore out her cousins suicide
“Removing Acne Scars” - sponsored video for another cosmetic procedure and MAJOR LOLS that we’ve pointed out her chest acne several times in all of her threads

No. 640404

Which is exactly why I believe posts like >>639978 are Kelly false-flagging when the heat is on.

No. 640411

Hard agree. It's too coincidental. So between the multiple videos, including yesterday's failed acting shitshow, in which she essentially just addresses things we've brought up here and the chest acne sponsored video - HI KELLY.

Not even A WHOLE DAY after she uploads a video of herself blatantly fake crying and ignoring ALL best practices for discussing suicide - a cosmetic procedure video? REALLY???

No. 640430

I believe Kelly has posted before, thedisneylandprincess has definitely posted (she has made a live on instagram spilling hate about lolcow) and I would assume Stephanie has as well. I used to love Kelly´s videos (the earlier ones, every since she started to take youtube seriously, most of the content is thrash), and it makes me wonder… Why are we all so obsessed with beauty and aesthetic? Why does everybody feel so inclined to watch videos of people with colorful hair and beautiful clothes/makeup, in their beautiful houses, attending parties and doing frivolous shit? How can some people feel inclined to donate money to a 10k funeral of a person that has obviously no needs whatsoever?

No. 640461

Have you ever looked up the 'halo effect'? I feel like that could be a pretty good explanation…or at least, part of it. Kelly and friends are all generally conventionally attractive, young women who all have a carefully curated aesthetic they present themselves with…they act like cute cartoon characters which plenty of us find entertaining/can live vicariously through

No. 640484

File: 1531953050649.jpg (248.87 KB, 461x800, 3767763157_d062671991_o.jpg)

>using a belt to push up her boobs
taking a page out of Nigri's book, eh?

No. 640486

Vicarious living always increases on track with declining quality of life and wealth in the middle class, but this entire subject is derailing and belongs in OT.

No. 640489

True, I agree we're derailing. I'm just waiting to see if that girl's series of Kelly call-out tweets gain any traction. Seems like other than the acne scar video being uploaded, Kelly's been quiet all today…

No. 640579

Hopefully she’s making appointments with a therapist and planning a major fundraiser for real mental health advocacy?

No. 640639

File: 1531963972448.jpeg (452.29 KB, 600x1350, D590B282-5DE3-489E-8DA5-A5CE03…)

Since there are so many posts about what not to do, I figured I would give people access to this list that also includes what to do.

Suicide sucks, if Kelly won’t help save lives I believe farmers at least could do something useful with this information, and with the topic on this thread seeming like it’ll stay heavy for a while, I figured this is all good stuff to know.

Sorry if this is derailing.

No. 640758

File: 1531971831561.jpeg (209.56 KB, 1205x367, 278663F0-8644-435A-A574-1BA5DD…)

>Fuck cringe culture

Kelly mad.

No. 640885

This isn’t derailing, it’s so important!! And see Kelly: you are doing all the things it says not to. Please don’t let Austin‘s death be in vain. Reevaluate yourself with your therapist or something- if you admit you aren’t a real mental health advocate but rather an ally who’s trying it would be so much better. Please let this terrible tragedy to be an opportunity for you to take an honest look at yourself and make some real change for the world! Step one involves you getting out of your comfort zone.

No. 640886

Kelly is like trump calling out “fake media” - we who post about her are the “fake media” she gaslights just like him. ugh

No. 640954

File: 1531993216478.jpg (8.27 KB, 244x207, Download (1).jpg)

Can someone explain to me why a post like this >>639978 gets you put out to the pasture? I'm not that anon (goes without saying) but they made a decent point that Kelly is so mentally ill that she would legit dye her roots darker on purpose to play more of a victim during what's happening now.

How is this derailing? I don't get it.

No. 640957

>current discussion focuses on Kelly glorifying and profiting off of a relative's suicide
>anon comes in calling her a psychopath because of her hair
>how is this derailing?
Idk anon you tell me.

No. 640958

Lmao how is that a decent point, the video clearly just has a filter on it, and that comment sounds more like a what farmers sound like in a white knight’s head than it does like an actual farmer. Or Kelly’s head. I agree that she’s bothered af and posting in this thread. I believe she tried to derail the topic onto Dre earlier in this thread, too.

No. 641008

How is pointing out possible psychopath behaviour in a person we all know is highly manipulative and is willing to go to retarded lengths to play the victim derailing? I would genuinely not be shocked to hear that Kelly would do this kind of shit to get more sympathy and look like a victim.

Still don't get it, but this will be my last post on the topic and let's go back to Kelly then. I was just genuinely confused.

No. 641012

File: 1532006212091.jpg (621.48 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180719_090814.jpg)

It hasn't blown up, but this reply to it was like by Lindsay Hearts. She is a designer for Foxblood - where Dre also has merch (they are also following each other on Twitter). Tinfoil but it's not a stretch that Lindsay and Dre know each other and Dre has spilt some tea on Kelly.

No. 641016

to be fair, this is a thread to discuss kelly AND the fellowship. dre is part of the fellowship. it's not a stretch to bring her up, especially because the thing that was brought up was 100% lulz ("goth dancing"). i say this as a random non-kelly anon who also thinks dre is shady as fuck.

i'm glad at least some people are noticing these callout tweets. kelly went from someone who vaguely annoyed me with her unprofessional/bratty youtube shit to someone i am actually disgusted by, all in the span of one month.

No. 641023

>kelly went from someone who vaguely annoyed me with her unprofessional/bratty youtube shit to someone i am actually disgusted by, all in the span of one month.

Same. I don't think I have been this triggered about someone being so shamelessly obsessed with herself and WHINY ("Oh I am so depressed! Let me tell you that 100000 times a day!") and malicious at the same time.

No. 641041

The problem is that dre hasn't been relevant when it comes to Kelly in a long time and earlier up in the thread someone did the equivalent of that "psychopath" hair post, but with dre right in the middle of Kelly slutting up this suicide situation.
The problem has never been dre - it's been the extremely suspicious times that she's brought up and the disproportionately aggressive response to people raising those suspicions.
She's only ever mentioned when Kelly is in the middle of MAJOR cow behavior, esp ever since she moved out.
fwiw though i'm also in the group of people who thinks if there's /so much/ milk on dre, she belongs in altcows or her own thread.

Did anyone see Lindsay's response to the question of what other drama? Sounds like maybe she's stopped by the farm or knows someone who has….

No. 641042

File: 1532010588348.png (168.41 KB, 720x946, wp_ss_20180719_0016 (2).png)

Imagine still being a fan of Kelly at this point

No. 641043

File: 1532010655189.jpeg (388.69 KB, 1242x1749, 966FBF1D-992D-44D5-983B-736853…)

No. 641044

File: 1532010688941.jpeg (397.94 KB, 1242x1760, 55B67816-1469-4165-8529-172996…)

No. 641045

File: 1532010714277.png (78.3 KB, 720x419, wp_ss_20180719_0015 (2).png)


The videos are literally monetized, AND she got $10,000 in donations by posting about it, but somehow she is not profiting off it. I pity her accountant

No. 641047

ugh this is rage material, i'm so fucking angry. Did you forget you put his photo all over instagram? Did you forget you disclosed the details of his suicide? Did you forget you filmed in the room where he killed himself and put the whole burial process on Instagram?

God she's such a self entitled cunt I REALLY hope someone responds to this bullshit.

No. 641059

File: 1532011997078.jpeg (367.94 KB, 1242x1522, 12DDF378-B7F0-4ED6-9BD2-11CB47…)

wahh wahh remember that I’m suffering I’m a victim (even though I was tweeting about being so blissful and happy a week ago)

You’re an easy target because you have cow like behavior and continue to be a dumb bitch, Kelly.

No. 641064

I'm glad these girls are calling out on Kelly's bullshit.
What a fucking cunt. My lowest point psychologically my ass. Yet she had the strength to edit and post 4 youtube videos and post them.

No. 641071

Oh but anon not all of those things were posted on Youtube so clearly that's perfectly okay. /s
I don't know if she thinks her audience is full of retards who can't see what she posts on other platforms, or if she's really this lacking in self awareness.

No. 641075

I mean her target audience is pretty fucking stupid. They blidnly support and defend her regardless of her shitty behaviour.

No. 641077

I was gonna link to all the evidence in the thread like
>On cloud 9
>Life is beautiful
>Most difficult but beautiful week of my life
>Every day gets brighter

But the thread is so long it was hard to find them. I used to be the kind of blind hugbox fan like the ones responding now. The fact is I haven't seen any responses from suicidal or depressed people saying she has helped them with all this stuff. Only other people who have lost relatives. What about depressed or suicidal people seeing the joyous, grinning posts and live-blogging she has done of this funeral? That perspective hasn't been covered, presumably because she blocked those people. This coverage does NOT help anyone who is at their lowest point psychologically but she's too selfish to see it. Another Anon pointed out that Stephanie didn't monetize her video about the London terror attack - how are her morals lower than her friends? She wouldn't even make much money from the viewcount she has per video.

It's not just that, it's that she's been posting non-stop about this for TWO WEEKS, gone against all the best practices and guidelines for coverage of this type, and then has the gall to say she's being "attacked" when someone points out how immoral this all is.

No. 641083

Hey anon, I found the screenshot that has her saying she's on cloud 9 >>631413
But I can see how Kelly had fans at one point. She stood out for me for her Sailormoon skits and I was interested in them but she doesn't do anything with that anymore. I don't even know what she even advertises on her patreon. It seems she only keeps the current fans she has is buy getting them to pity her oh so sad life she has.

No. 641084

Amazing. She always tries to "out victim" herself even against a completely valid opinion.

Wasn't she just saying how happy she is/how the trip wound up being a ton of fun with her family like, 5 minutes ago?

No. 641123

Does kelly not see how damaging it is to her point to compare herself to rock band making money off a song about suicide? Most rock bands are using a fake narrative for their music, which in a way I think Kelly is too. Also, she's admitting that she is using his suicide for profit with this comparison.

No. 641131

>Kelly Is a professional content creator.
>Virtually all of Kelly’s content for the past two weeks has been about her cousin’s suicide.
>All of the content is monetized.
>Half of Kelly’s social media profits this month so far are from her cousin’s suicide.

Kelly, you are not just profiting off this. It is paying your rent. Either you are completely stupid, or you think so little of your audience’s intelligence that you expect them to buy this line. Either way it’s not a good look.

No. 641171

Are we also going to point out the fucked up fact that she complains about how she can't post YouTube videos half the time because of her """""depression""""" for weeks to months at a time, but as soon as she has a death in the family and is at ""her lowest point psychologically"" she literally is posting more regularly than she has ever.

I don't believe she feels guilty about anything at all. Cry your fake cow tears, Kelly. We see right through it.

No. 641253

File: 1532025947281.png (133.94 KB, 627x597, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.4…)

Seriously, Kelly and Co are fucking IDIOTS for not seeing how they're doing damage.

No. 641322

>all emotions are valid
In a way, this is true. But filming videos in the room of a person who has committed suicide, the very same room in which they died, after their funeral, reading this person's personal writing and telling the entire internet about their very personal struggles and even the method in which they killed themselves…
Not a single one of these things is valid. And that's without touching on all the other horrid things she's managed to do in the span of merely two weeks.
They can't really think we're all blind, can they? They can't seriously think that we'll simply take their word for it when they insist that doing shit like this is fine, right?

No. 641326

File: 1532029836246.png (1.67 MB, 848x5440, RIP kelly.png)

I saw reading through the Lemonade girl's twitter thread and came across someone lighting into Kelly. Figured I'd share here.
Sorry for the monstrous image. I wanted it to read easily.

No. 641327

Bless this woman.

No. 641330

>"It's clear you've never lost anyone close to you."

WOW Kelly,. You never cease to amaze me. Just when you don't think you could possibly detest her more than you already do…

She is absolutely gross.

No. 641331

"It's clear you've never lost someone close to you."
oh my god.

No. 641337

I like that Kelly Eden, Youtuber and self-proclaimed “Mental Health Advocate,” has the gall to 100% disagree with the recommendations from the World Health Organization. I wish this person hadn’t let her derail, and called her on that right away.

No. 641339

I think she called her on it previously. She kept posting the image of all the things NOT to do.
There were a TON of replies and I tried to just get that one section.

No. 641340

I Love you Cassandra. Thank you for saying how it really is!!

No. 641366

That’s good, even if Kelly doesn’t get the message i hope someone out there does.

Ugh this stuck up womanchild thinks she knows everything. She has zero qualifications to act Iike she knows better than the experts. She keeps waffling back and forth on whether she’s a private person expressing personal grief, or a media professional who does mental health advocacy as her job, and she can’t have it both ways.

No. 641371

Sorry to the person who had to delete their comment because I edited mine - I removed that comment because I didn’t want to imply it was cowtipping, just encouraging anons to avoid temptation to cowtip since Cass is killing it. Sorry for derailing and double posting and generally being a bother with that post - I’ll go ahead and issue myself a ban today for that one.

No. 641373

File: 1532032823773.gif (1.94 MB, 159x146, 1513983188790.gif)

>It's clear you've never lost anyone close to you.

Getting pretty tired of Kelly's shit. Also what a great thing for a 'mental health advocate' to say.
Just imagine if someone else assumed such a thing about her, she'd be non-stop whining about it.

No. 641391

Kelly just posted a new mukbamg with Phi, and Jesus fucking Christ, Phi is so fucking annoying. All they talk about is being depressed.

Someone please, tell these asshats to shut the fuck about how “it’s okay to be depressed!”.

No. 641402

I feel like it all went tits up for Kelly today, starting from when she quote-tweeted Lemonade. She might as well start screencapping lolcow while she's at it, the water is well and truly in the boat now.

Advice for anyone who doesn't want to be a lolcow: Don't directly address the negative comments and especially not blatantly denying things you said, and replying in all caps. This also leads people to look at the dissenters pages and read more criticism on there. It's a PR disaster and she did it to herself.

I do agree with the girl who was throwing the c-bombs in regard to how she handled it. And I'm glad these criticisms are out in the open now. Thank you, brave soldiers.

No. 641404

Necrohazard definitely lurks here. Anyway, well said, it´s a 100% true.

No. 641408

Right? Like no, it’s not okay to be depressed, it’s life sucking and awful and if someone you love is showing signs of depression or opening up to you about being clinically depressed, your job as a friend isn’t to pat them on the back and say “it’s okay,” supporting a person in that situation means supporting them getting help and assisting if necessary.

This is such a big part of what makes her portrayal of depression (and suicide) so damaging. Suicide doesn’t happen out of nowhere and it isn’t inevitable, it’s the end of a very long road of clinical depression that can absolutely be treated in the majority of cases if the person doesn’t have “advocates” like Kelly contributing to the hopelessness of the condition by acting like “it’s okay,” and not “a terrible experience that you don’t have to be having.”

No. 641484

>Kelly uploads a new video
>it's mainly about her being depressed and how she is a victim of bullies

Wow, who would have thought.

No. 641499

File: 1532038839172.jpeg (104.74 KB, 750x543, 64BBDECD-8E4A-420F-AE1F-603FB6…)

Yet another case of her sicking her fans on someone who literally wasn’t even replying to her. No you didn’t show a body Lelly, but you certainly are profiting of something similar!

No. 641521

File: 1532039416482.jpeg (91.55 KB, 1125x342, 5060925D-AE4A-4066-9E20-A0A8B2…)

No. 641525

As someone whose been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts for the past six or so years, I’ve been doing my best to find healthy coping mechanisms. I recently fell into a pretty bad place mentally and seeing Kelly’s reaction towards her cousins suicide was awful for me. I can see my family doing the same, dropping me into the ground and then running off to enjoy each other’s company. I also have a strong support system outside my family, and can only imagine how hard it must be for those without someone to lean on being exposed to her thoughtless content.(blogposting)

No. 641528

File: 1532039567108.jpeg (577.24 KB, 1125x638, 9C2D2D8E-1D61-4493-8FEA-C3E865…)

Oh THAAATS why you couldn’t cry in your video

No. 641538

yeah if you go to that girl's twitter you can see all of her replies to kelly and she did send her another source with the information.

i really didn't think she'd go so far as to outright say "it's clear you've never lost anyone close to you."
i'm glad it blew up in her face, and i bet you she blocked her right after that because she knew she'd stepped in it

No. 641567

Wow this actually makes me want to scream and vomit at the same time.

I wouldn't wish sudden, preventable loss on anyone (which it almost sounds like she's doing here honestly?) but it's obvious Kelly is such a self-serving black hole of a person she can't even fathom how painful it actually is.

I don't expect someone who admittedly stole ashes to put in a shitty self portrait of all things to be respectful of personhood and death in general but holy shit. Poor Cass.

No. 641770


Batshit craziness aside does anyone else want her house? Maybe with a little repainting

No. 641784

Usually families who lose a loved one post a PSA that is something like "We lost dear ____ she was our daughter and brought joy in our lives help us cover funeral costs in memory of them"

But holy cow Kelly managed to drag it on like a dead horse.

No. 641793

File: 1532050200130.jpg (406.88 KB, 1440x2246, IMG_20180719_181906.jpg)

Kelly's friend Lindsay and presimably Kelly and phi getting drunk.

No. 641810

Ohhh she’s been drinking. So that’s why she’s back in here trying to derail again. >>641770

No. 641832

>wtf is this??

A manic episode out of depression

No. 641849

Fucking stop. That’s not how it works, Kelly. If you try to blame “muh bipolar” for all this, I swear to god…

No. 641880

Kelly is so quick to pull out the "projecting" card… It's like she read a really convincing argument about it once and it stuck with her because it was the only explanation for the hate comments she was getting that resounded to her. Never mind her flaws, her negativity, her painting herself as the victim all the time.

Kelly, you should know that criticism is thrown at you FOR A REASON. You get a lot of it because you're toxic and yet you make yourself up to be the victim. Not everyone is projecting, because then that would automatically leave you blame-less.

Stop monetizing videos about your cousin's suicide, stop making disingenuous excuses about it. Stop hiding behind your friends. STOP HIDING BEHIND YOUR DEPRESSION and take responsibility!

No. 642020

File: 1532063098621.png (389.12 KB, 1366x768, 844141F4-96DD-48D3-8705-0C1CD3…)

y i k e s

sorry if it’s all over the place I tried to get everything


No. 642021

File: 1532063131243.jpeg (435.55 KB, 1896x768, 71186196-50FE-4171-BF36-62A6EC…)


No. 642022

File: 1532063200684.jpeg (321.74 KB, 1366x748, 9927ABC3-A307-42E9-A701-BACF40…)


No. 642023

File: 1532063234446.jpeg (311.18 KB, 1333x742, 1F4C1DED-6E5D-4097-9DD5-5B5EB8…)


No. 642024

File: 1532063296238.jpeg (532.87 KB, 1328x1260, EA3CD2BD-BCB4-46D3-851B-073329…)


No. 642041

yikes is fucking right lmao is that an antisemitic meme in her dumb ass projecting picture or was that edited in

There are much cleaner ways of going about this and muh Youtuber martyrdom is one of the lowest hanging she could have gone with. Just make other videos and monetize them to the max??? This grown ass womanchild is throwing a tantrum because people rightfully find her grubbing for cash off the back of a dead child disgusting. Rich.

No. 642046

Cow is off her meds, I'm assuming.

"I'm hurt, I'm in pain! Remember that I'M A VICTIM! Everyone is out to get me when I did nothing wrong!!1! THEY'RE THE MANIPULATING EVERYTHING TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE THE BAD GUY (except they're just stating what I actually did but WHATEVER)! Respect me! PITY ME! WE ARE UTTERLY BROKEN (even though we were all smiles and on cloud nine a minute ago). ONE HAPPY MOMENT (even though I was tweeting about things looking up not too long ago). I never showed his corpse so it's not that bad!!! (disregard the photo of his coffin tho)"



Funny how she complains about how much she spent to fly out to Colorado but she has no problem dropping hundreds of dollars on a fucking microwave and then complaining about how broke she is whilst planning a trip to Mexico and making GoFundMes/promoting her wishlist on every video. Also I'm sure that her whole family could have pooled together the money for the funeral but why do that when your sheep will donate to you right?

I want to keep going but this is ridic. Kelly, get your shit together. Better yet, disappear from social media/YouTube.

Not edited in, she really posted that

No. 642071

File: 1532066051430.jpg (329.09 KB, 1440x2371, IMG_20180719_225133.jpg)

really in such grief, so much paib abd loss. so guilty. please give me money for my loss while I party it up at SDCC :( you must have never lost anyone if you can't side with me here…

No. 642085

This, exactly. I really praise Cassandra for all her patience, because kelly´s arguments reminded me of the ones children use in primary school. How can an almost thirty year old speak such nonsense…? I´m at a loss for words. How can she call people manipulative, when most of her videos are her trying to manipulate her following, as well as tweets, instagram posts, etc…? With fakeass tears, justifying the trip to Mexico so people don't call her out on that later on… Just crazy, it doesn't surprise me that everybody that is close to her eventually leaves (just like Dre did), it must be impossible to live/be close to such an unbalanced person.

No. 642163

>You're the bully
>you're deplorable
>you have some serious hate in your heart
>you're a sociopath

She's throwing around a lot of harsh accusations for someone who cares so much about other people's mental health. Ever considered that the ones getting upset are people who are hurt and offended at your joyous funeral coverage and are suffering from depression themselves?

Mental health advocate my ass

No. 642170


>I am disgusted

>FUUUCK YOU. you're so manipulative

Wow what a sensitive flower Kelly is. You don't say these things to people, all they are doing is describing what you did back to you. They're not being manipulative. You don't know who you're talking to when you're saying these things, Kelly.

No. 642185

"You need to apologize to me." "No, I'M RIGHT and you're wrong! You're just attacking me because you're projecting and this is call out culture!"

The way she reacts to people who hate on her, her entitled, "I'm always right because I'm the victim" mindset becomes more clear to see. Her sentences are practically begging for sympathy… And how hard can it be to earn sympathy, even when you're in the wrong, when you're a petite white girl with pink hair who loves cute things? That's bordering on sociopathic behaviour, Kelly. She's making use of her persona to escape blame.

No. 642189

Wow. I felt bad for her before, because losing a loved one is incredibly hard, but I have absolutely n sympathy whatsoever left for her after this complete and utter shitshow.

I can now conclude that Kelly is indeed one of the worst people on Youtube right now. Using the 'I can't do anything wrong because someone in my family just died and I'm oh so sad' facade to profit off a child's death is truly truly disturbing.

I hope a big channel calls her out on this. Her channel deserves to die.

No. 642191

Actually getting called out by another youtuber would be nice - as for me, I just hope admin reveals her posts. There’s no doubt she’s been derailing this thread repeatedly trying to get the heat off and that’s shady as fuck.

No. 642209

Wtf is that racist projecting meme pardon??

No. 642213

File: 1532083477634.jpeg (872.45 KB, 1205x1086, A20AB3F4-6FFC-4E7C-8844-D9F15F…)

Yes, Kelly posted a racist meme.

No. 642214

She probably has a whole hoard of alt-right saved somewhere.

No. 642225

D-does she not see the discriminatory nature of this? No one can be this dense, right?
The more she tries to argue about this stuff the worse she makes herself look.

No. 642232

Hm. Sounds like projection to me!

No. 642242

can you seriously sage your shit if you're not adding milk

No. 642255

At work so dont have screenshots but the way cassandra responded to this was also pretty great. Said something along the lines of her posting this kind of ignorant shit was why she’s not growing her audience. Agree with other anon, bless that girl’s patience.

No. 642262

File: 1532093495038.png (67.72 KB, 613x431, NGQoj5e.png)


Kelly blocked her after this

No. 642274

Please someone tell me she got called out on Twitter for using this picture. She's probably too stupid to know it's antisemitic though.

No. 642283

File: 1532095285962.png (75.43 KB, 592x732, jew meme.png)

thankfully, yes

No. 642312

File: 1532098241167.jpeg (222.29 KB, 750x1153, A7167C38-866E-4FE6-AA04-870520…)

I can’t belive Robbie Daymond is supporting this cow! Ugh!

No. 642435

I love how people legitimately refuse to understand how she's profiting off of her cousin's suicide. I see nothing wrong with her sharing her grief - despite it seeming really forced. Like it's okay to grieve, sure. It's okay to talk about mental illness. But to handle things the way she did IS harmful. People are so blinded. It's really disgusting to me that they are also commenting saying that Lemonade girl who started it, the girl Kelly retweeted (who wasn't even talking to Kelly? what?), and that girl who really went for Kelly are all either jealous or that they've never experienced loss. What an assumption. Pointing out someone's shitty behaviour does not equate to jealousy. It's so asinine that they jump to that conclusion in defense of their ka-why queen.

Also, incendiary as it may have been for that girl to compare Kelly's actions to Logan Paul, I can understand where the comparison came from. LP made a single (albeit disrespectful) video that he took down and apologised for. Kelly made a spectacle of her cousin's suicide and family's grief for weeks and has continued to profit from it with the GoFundMe that she STILL has up - each time she posts a new video about how sad she is the donations boost again. Nope. Not shady at all. Not exploitative at all.

No. 642536

I was afraid this was going to happen when those girls went in on her so hard - this is tone policing bullshit, and she’s hiding behind her tragedy. This is why celebrities have private social media accounts with limited audiences - because some things need to be shared but not with an enormous audience, and Kelly doesn’t understand at the most basic level that overpublication of suicide causes social contagion of suicide, and it doesn’t matter if the person pointing it out is angry or swears or whatever. Even if Kelly was a “lovely, positive, thoughtful, sensitive person,” it would still be wrong of her to handle this the way she has handled it.

She fucked up super hard by posting a racist meme in the middle of her response, though. Straight up racism is something her audience wouldn’t tolerate and I’m surprised she wasn’t called out on it. If nothing else, there’s no way she can’t acknowledge that was a mistake and she really fucking needs to apologize for the fact that she posted it without blaming someone else for pushing her buttons. Good thing it is archived. If I used twitter I would 100% say something (though I woudln’t be posting about it here if I intended to).

No. 642550

Actually, “Kelly doesn’t understand.” Isn’t the problem. Kelly’s ego is the problem, it has her doing mental gymnastics to stay willfully ignorant of the fact that she’s acting irresponsibly as a media figure, especially one who positions herself as a mental health advocate with a youth audience.

I’m surprised that, with all the reporting that was done on the first season of 13 Reasons Why, so many people still don’t understand the concept of suicide glorification, or media ethics regarding suicide. I know Kelly doesn’t give a fuck about being ethical, but her audience of pastel-lovin’ teens certainly has to have a fuckton of SJWs. I guess that’s part of my point though - young people are impressionable, and they believe so hard in what the people they look up to say.

Kelly needs a LOT of education if she wants to not suck at her job as a self-styled “mental health advocate,” but if she won’t even read one page of a PDF from the WHO and realize she needs to make changes, instead of deciding to “100% disagree” because it contradicts what she personally thinks, there’s no hope for her or for her career.

No. 642610

Lol @ kelly over sharing sensitive details about Austin’s death and funeral and trying to say it’s comparable to writing a song or painting a picture… I hate to break it to you Kelly, but you aren’t creating art or relaying any helpful messages. Posting videos of his burial plot and funeral process is fucking baiting people to get them to watch your MONETIZED videos about his suicide and your “journey” through “grief”. You’re being extremely problematic and no matter how you try to spin it you are capitalizing off of his death for your own selfish gain. Just swallow your pride for once in your selfish life and apologize.

No. 642613

Kelly studied art for christsakes - it’s like she’s never been a part of a critique. She never listens, never takes ownership, never changes. Just tantrums. Probably why she’s still painting her boring circa-early 2000 photorealistic trash paintings. No growth, no talent.

No. 642618

Oh my god I would love to have been a fly on the wall during her portfolio review.
I bet her teachers hated her.

No. 642647

File: 1532119758387.jpeg (140.68 KB, 552x745, D4386ED1-CF48-411D-8257-724BBE…)

Robbie Daymond is cancelled

No. 642651

Yep not supporting Robbie Daymond anymore!

No. 642656

File: 1532119985553.jpeg (148.4 KB, 750x1149, 80AC6C61-0BF9-4C58-B112-2C01A7…)

Does anyone find it sad that Lina spends loads of money on kelly and her roommates just to get noticed and a majority of the time kelly just ignores her. At that same time I find Lina to be fairly stalker-ish!

No. 642661

File: 1532120241324.jpeg (533.78 KB, 750x1235, B8FF491D-F5B6-4AFC-B328-CFE355…)

BIG respect to this person for this tweet!

No. 642681

Lina is an idiot. I dont know what she thinks will happen if she continues to buy shit for Kelly. Does it show or say what she bought?

No. 642689

I think Lina bought something for Phi. I was just thinking she had disappeared as I don't see Lina's comments anywhere where I used to see them all over the place. I'm not sure Phi has had enough presence online to warrant any sorta fandom, she's been in about two videos so far

No. 642708

I just hope everyone calls her out next time she "too #kawaiisad and depressed" to post a video or make content. But you weren't too depressed when a loved one died?

No. 642803

File: 1532129809304.jpeg (325.98 KB, 1125x1622, B21C1CCB-8B80-47B5-B41B-73E6C2…)

This guy is just out of order. Of course Stephanie has to come along again.

No. 642804

File: 1532129874113.jpeg (349.33 KB, 1118x1630, EB6D966D-F046-4426-BF24-E71201…)

This is what he replied to

No. 642815

File: 1532131242446.jpeg (348.65 KB, 1124x1480, D51C2AB7-91BF-4909-8F41-09D634…)

No. 642829

Wait… are they invoking timesup in response to someone complaining about an anti-semetic meme? Like no one is even trying to claim ignorance, just by passing the alt right meme???

No. 642858

So I am the person he got mad at on Twitter and I just wanna say that he back tracked and tried to claim he was helping me and was sorry for "everything that I've been through". I read the momokun thread and then noticed that I was being posted in this thread. Since it's a Kelly thread I hope we can get back to that and thank you for agreeing that he was being really aggressive and ridiculous. I do not own a Twitter account to attack people I made it for my music since I've gotten on Spotify but I abandoned it for a while before coming back and noticted tuexdo mask was being ridiculous.

My thoughts on Kelly were simply that I was upset about how poorly she handled all of this especially after she was told it was harmful inorder to preserve her own ego. Stephanie is never a person I cared about so I could careless whatever comments she would like to add for approval from a high profile voice actor.
All I wanted to say was anti semitic memes and the way she handled her cousin are not okay in any way shape or form.Im saddened that these people who claim to care so much about mental health attacked a person with mental health issues and then said they were playing a victim after saying why they may seem so upset and hurt. I hope Kelly instead of using this to talk about how people are "attacking" her uses this instead to talk about how she may have been harmful and apologies. I got off Twitter cause I'm really sensitive right now and didn't expect people to be so angry that I didn't like the meme or the situation. I expected some of her ignorant followers (which I was well prepared and sassy for)but not a freaking celebrity with a blind following. Hell I expected Kelly herself especially since I tweeted at her that what she was doing was messed up even if she didn't mean it. Normally I don't even like posting this stuff cause it makes me anxious but I was just really upset.

Honestly, their reaction to this situation is far more telling than their initial action. (Sorry for the wall of text I'm done now)

No. 642897

File: 1532136870445.png (1.11 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-07-20-18-28-10…)

No. 642899

File: 1532136893646.png (1.12 MB, 720x951, Screenshot_2018-07-20-18-28-45…)

No. 642901

File: 1532137003851.png (1.08 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-07-20-18-28-18…)

No. 642915

Kelly deadass looks like Tommy Woseau in this photo

No. 642916

Why the fuck is this retard asking for “references,” when the WORLD HEALTH ORGAGNIZATION’s guidelines were tweeted directly to Kelly in the ~so antagonistic~ exchange that he thinks he needs to defend her from???

No. 642919

Am I mistaken, or is he defending her posting that meme? Has she addressed it at all? WHat the FUck.

No. 642922

Who are they cosplaying?

No. 642963

I don’t think even Kelly herself knows what she’s cosplaying

No. 642988

I’m sorry but I cannot imagine someone who was truly distraught with grief being in any shape to bicker with someone on twitter. This is just about her reputation and nothing else. Imagine being someone who donated to her and seeing her doing this all over social media, letting someone with a huge following attack someone in her name just for presenting her with honest criticism. And the racist meme to boot. I hope other people who are seeing this and realizing how awful it is don’t let themselves be intimidated from speaking up the way she wants them to be (bully).

No. 642992

No offense but Robbie Daymond was never relevant, don’t feel hurt by him… Tuxedo Mask is a fairly disliked character and he’s not a “celebrity” nor “high profilic voice actor”. If anything he’s damaging his pretty nonexistent career by supporting and defending Kelly and her anti-Semitic meme. Same goes for Kelly, they’re all going to run out of fans soon since their nasty personalities are leaking through.

No. 643034

He's pretty relevant as an anime/game VA.

No. 643038

What is your (unsaged) point?

No. 643084

Not really, he’s no Steve Blum. His only recognizable characters are Tuxedo Mask and Prompto. Neither were the main characters of their series. He’s recognized for what, Tuxedo Mask? One trick ponies fade away pretty fast.

No. 643146

Kelly joked(?) "I'm growing my hair out tbh" under her black-wigged Instagram post. I think black hair would help with the disconnect that viewers witness; where she loves funerals but gets depressed at pool parties. Add that to her physically cutting her own piercing out, a story she retells in one of her mukbangs, and we have a Goth pretending to be a kawaii girl and confusing everyone.

No. 643154

She's not a goth, not even remotely. Wearing black and being emotionally damaged ≠ goth. Next you'll tell me that posting antisemitic memes and throwing tantrums on twitter also makes her a goth.

No. 643175

She’s not a goth, she’s psycho .

No. 643191

The blur didn't work

No. 643200

File: 1532174041242.jpeg (117.61 KB, 1106x1106, 5D7159F9-84BF-412B-9535-08F26C…)

*fixed the blur. Sorry I didn’t notice the first time I posted, my eyes are shit.

No. 643214


Still highly incredulous that it costs, firstly, EXACTLY $10,000 and even that much at all.

Also I never trust a funeral GoFundMe that doesn't have the funeral home as the beneficiary. They could have used FundtheFuneral.com instead. Either of those two options would have been believable. But, of course, they aren't using it all for the funeral, are they.

No. 643226

“How dare you insinuate the funeral has been paid for in full. We only have $9,777 out of the $10k we asked for. We’re still a whopping $223 short! You think you know everything!”

No. 643235

Does literally everyone in her family have absolutely ruined credit, and absolutely zero savings? Because I still don’t see how it’s justified to have strangers foot this bill. >>643200

No. 643240

He was also Sorey on ToZ and Goro Akechi in P5. He's prettyup and coming, ngl. Vic didn't get a lot of roles at first but this guy is getting big roles and leads out the door. He's popular enough that people I know that don't like Kelly were disappointed he did those vids with her.

No. 643266

Fuck this bitch…I can picture her laying in bed all sprawled out screaming and cursing out Lemonade. While looking over at her amazon wish list hoping to achieve being next twitch titty streamer.

No. 643284

I'm thinking edgy Kat Von D tier, but yeah she's probably just an asshole. Just can't imagine acting the way she does, even the blatant lying about what a sensitive state she's in proceeds to post smiling happy content on her Instagram stories that very same day

I'm still baffled by the fact she gets "depressed" about nothing, but when an actual sad thing happens she's deliriously happy. Like, a time when other humans would be sad she's not sad. All her family seem to be very happy too.
I hate that this happened but I hope Austin is looking down and laughing that the sociopath Eden family were all publicly outed for being who they are.

No. 643303

Imagine Kelly had a BF and he passed away. She would would have a lifetime content on that poor dude.

No. 643318

I mean this is the same person who stole her father's ashes from her family and painted a self portrait with them, shes shown before that she's not above using other people's death to get attention

No. 643329

I can’t believe she still hasn’t addressed the fact that she blatantly posted a racist meme. Imagine if she had posted something with the n-word or mocking black people. There would be hell to pay.

No. 643334

courtney Danes Instagram story had clips of kelly and dre from netflix they filmed something together

No. 643342

I can't stand Kelly and thought everyone was being harsh about the suicide thing until I actually watched her 'i feel guilty' video.
Her body language and the way she went about it all was really telling.

I'm convinced the only thing she feels bad about is getting backlash from moving on too quick.
In the video she gives reasonings for things that she clearly wants to do, dying her hair, finishing tattoos ect, but when she says 'I feel guilty, like I don't deserve it' she actually means 'i feel guilty for moving on with my life, and i am scared of being judged for it'

She tries to excuse her upcoming trip with her friends by saying she feels guilty and just doesn't want to do it, but I honestly think she doesn't feel that sad about the whole cousin thing and sees it more as an inconvenience because no matter what she does now, she thinks people are going to judge her for moving on too quick, so she's putting on this front and kicking up a show for sympathy.

>Look! See I AM sad.

I don't mean to sound cold hearted, perhaps there is a bit of sadness she feels for his loss, but that video just screamed to me 'I am going on vacation with my gal pals and don't wanna see negative tweets calling me out for being insensitive'
The part where she said 'he was 16 and didn't even have his license yet' sounded extremely put on and fake.
Her mentioning the way he actually killed himself was messed up, not to mention she talked about his ex girlfriend and friend and mother.

I feel like the responsible or most classy way to deal with this situation would to say a quick thing on twitter or even make a quick video (if composed enough) just saying hey guys, I'm going to be taking a break due to a family emergency, see you when I get back.

She coukd even continue to vlog about random stuff and just not upload it for a few weeks until she felt better. The whole thing was just weird. She should be trying to make more appointments for a therapist and log off for a while. She's only making herself look worse.

No. 643360

I totally agree with you. She could have avoided everything surrounding this by literally NOT being the type of person who feels the need to share every bit of her life. She likes to talk about how people on the internet don't really know her and she only shares a portion of her life. If that's truly the case she must have a REALLY FULL life because she shares a fuckin LOT of her life on social media.

Being less open is a GOOD thing because then you don't need to justify how you behave against the judgments of others.

No. 643370

File: 1532194715189.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180721-133611.png)


Screenshot from courtneys story.

Anyone know what this is? I couldn't find anything

No. 643371

File: 1532194736011.jpeg (813.68 KB, 1242x1839, C6EAF097-B2A1-4BD1-BD5A-B0751E…)

Kelly had Cass’s tweets deleted.
I’m on mobile so I can’t cap her brutal response, but I can do it later from desktop if no one else does.

No. 643405

what the heck this is so messed up.

Now I REALLY hope admin marks her posts. She’s clearly repeatedly taken advantage of the anonymity of the board to attempt to silence criticism about herself by derailing.

No. 643452

File: 1532201943356.jpg (569.48 KB, 1484x1093, 20180721_143701.jpg)

Why is Kelly posting anti-semetic memes?

No. 643455

This has been posted and discussed in the thread a few times already.
I really do hope she gets called out on it though.

No. 643456

Idk why she hasn't addressed or deleted her racist tweet yet, literally all of the replies are calling her racist. Does she really think it's everyone else who's wrong?

No. 643503

According to PULL it's Amazing Interiors

No. 643553

I’m surprised no one has tweeted at Lootcrate about it, since she’s representing them apparently.

No. 643556

Meant to reply to >>643456 my b.

No. 643583

I agree completely. It’s like she’s only saying it to get her fans to comment and tell her she should still go on her trip and drop money on her tattoo (even though she’s ‘so broke’) so when people call her out on her shit she can be like “look at all the people who said it was ok, it was self care!’

No. 643612

File: 1532208648069.jpeg (414.02 KB, 1936x968, 8E55FCD9-7E08-4EEA-8775-2E93A3…)


So by friend, do you mean lolcow or the girls you blocked?

No. 643618

File: 1532208822534.png (3.55 MB, 1242x2208, 42BC3264-94D8-49BF-9097-854395…)

yikes at her neck

No. 643624

So kelly- who suppoedly is on top of pop and internet culture is not aware of one of the most infamous memes thats existed for quite a while? She either did this for attention and is now trying to play ignorant or she is really is that dumb. Its really hard to tell with her as both fit her persona.

No. 643637

Even if you've never seen the meme before, surely you can see it is a blatant racist caricature…

She's going hard on the "oh gosh, thank you for educating little old me!" in the comments. Now apologize for the way you cheerily broadcast your relative's funeral on the internet and you're good

No. 643661

I honestly wouldn't put it past her to have used that meme on purpose to derail from the heat about the funeral, etc… I think she's likely smarter than we give her credit for. She's just super manipulative.

No. 643680

I wouldnt put it past her but it seems like shes already blocked me and everyone else who was confronting her about exploiting her cousins death (I'm Lemonade)

No. 643693

File: 1532214838923.png (265.68 KB, 1242x2208, EE1A9EC3-F823-44DC-888D-F7F89A…)

Everyone must only refer to me as Miss Sour Lemon from now on misssourlemoncosplay

No. 643727

File: 1532216643354.jpeg (786.07 KB, 3024x1827, 87B81AED-1164-491D-86A5-5326E9…)

The video clip Courtney posted on her insta story was from the Netflix show Amazing Interiors. Kelly is featured on episode 6.

No. 643731

File: 1532216904759.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2613x3505, 36B20D9A-89B2-42DF-AC96-E60B90…)

Idk why her hair looks so orange but I can’t believe how bad her face really is. The things you see when you can’t photoshop video! Idk why she wouldn’t wash her hair before being on a Netflix episode either! Her extensions look god awful

No. 643732

Huh.. her 4 front teeth are fake.

No. 643741

I think she quote-tweeted lemonade's post hoping that the focus on monetization would shift the focus off the real issues. But if anyone clicks her recent @s you can see it all unfold.
She's now playing dumb and at best would make a "whoopsie" apology video, but I doubt it because that would mean accepting she did something wrong.
I do not believe that someone who's "job" is Youtube and social media would fail to spot such obvious racism. Lies of the past 24hr
>whoops I didn't realize it was racist (you did, you just didn't care)
>I'm having such a difficult time (proceeds to post more happy videos and photos)
>I never said how he died (you did, you even wove it into your "I'm so sad" tear-free video about it)

No. 643742

Who read the last line in Yoda's voice?

No. 643798

File: 1532223208856.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6069.PNG)

Sorry for derailing but Stephanie is so annoying. Kelly asks her to repeat herself. So she yells out "my boobs are a bouncing" so loud it catches the cart next to them attention. She's like a walking advertisement for herself.

No. 643852


to be fair she seems to only have closed comedones and not active acne.

No. 643924

File: 1532233790248.jpeg (248.7 KB, 1093x747, 81542E3E-12B7-4D5D-900B-53599F…)


No. 643938

So, did ArtemisNovember get an apology? She said it was anti-Semitic and she was attacked for it.

No. 643942

File: 1532236989064.jpeg (949.36 KB, 1125x2032, 006FBE86-B5AB-4474-BD61-124125…)

Whoever this is, bless you. And shoutout for bringing up Lina’s dumbass.

No. 643962

God Stephanie is dense. They all are. If she’s too dumb to understand basic media ethics she shouldn’t be in media, either. Like what part of the best practices do they not understand? Where are they getting the idea that it’s fine to hyper-publicize a suicide just because you overshare the rest of your life? It’s like they want to add implied caveats to every guideline that she obviously broke (with receipts to prove it) - and it doesn’t work that way.

Typical narcissist bullshit - the “rules” are always for everyone else, and their personal reasons for violating boundaries and harming others are always justified.

No. 644025

"psychology meme", she's trying so hard to sound educated lmao.

But yeah, her 'gracious acceptance' of the racist meme definitely seems like a convenient way to direct away from the glorification of suicide. Had all the other drama not been going down I feel she'd be much less accepting

No. 644118

Hah I love how this person called out on their bullshit. Especially on Lina's shit. Hope she see's it and feels stupid. Stephanie needs to shut up and keep her mouth hidden behind her tits. Her constantly defending Kelly isn't helping the situation.

No. 644119

Holy fuck her segment on Amazing Interiors is so hard to watch . . . “I’m a fine artist” lol. Also “These stars took HOURS AND HOURS to hang.” Kelly, you bought that interior, just like any spoiled Hollywood housewife. Just because you know how to cut out a stairshape or put a coat of paint on a piece of furniture doesn’t mean you can break your arm patting yourself on the back as some sort of artist.

No. 644225

Hilarious because the stars are one of the tackiest features of her house. Looks like a 12 year old's craft project.

No. 644307

Anyone know when this was filmed? It looks old. I noticed she had her engagement (I think?) ring on.

No. 644352


it cant have been that old since she has toshi, the engagement was called of before that so if that is her engagement ring she's just wearing it as an accessory probably to match her accessory dog, a little weird to wear your ring from your ex you seem to hate so much but Kelly is weird like that.

No. 644422

File: 1532294263152.jpg (1.29 MB, 958x3551, TwitterSS.jpg)

saging this since its not really relevant anymore, but wanted to throw it up here since she might have them deleted again.

No. 644563

Bless this woman.

No. 644784

File: 1532317768141.png (4.37 MB, 1125x2001, DB3E9EB8-F7CF-4EA5-B897-40DF49…)

Dear god I wish Lina would stop throwing stuff at Kelly and everyone associated to her.

No. 644791

I'm watching it now. It really looks red-orange. I'm pretty sure it's a wig. It couldn't possibly be her pink hair.

I'm also laughing because she makes that statement about being a fine artist, and then later in the same episode they show the House of Murals which was completed by two real artists who live in the house.

Also her segment was so small hahaha

No. 644846

I don't know about yall but this gofundme and use of suicide is full on cow and not snowflake tier anymore.

No. 644897


Ugh I actually thought phi was sweet until I've discovered she has a wish list. I doubt she had one until she moved in with Kelly.
Your right phi, you don't deserve it, but Lina is too god damn stupid to realise that her hard earned money would be better spent on anyone other than spoilt internet celebrities.

No. 644944

File: 1532338969391.jpeg (475.95 KB, 750x1247, DD91FC82-A5E9-4366-A497-F69B27…)

Glad to see Kelly is feeding her stalkers with more shit content!

No. 645026

File: 1532353756776.jpeg (106.82 KB, 750x600, 5ECD53EE-C2CA-4B29-8A7E-414B7F…)

Look at all of this photoshop. It is very laughable how bad it is.

No. 645031

This is like a Kota level shoop, she shrunk her features too small for her face and now looks like she has a massive fivehead.

Also nitpick but if you had brows that light and were wearing a black wig why wouldn't you just pencil your eyebrows in darker? They look so uncanny between her dark wig and fake lashes.

No. 645101

I can't get over what a bimbo Stephanie looks like in all her cosplays. This looks bad and not like Sango at all. Her sonico was worse. It's sad because she was actually pretty before the huge fake tits and blowing her lips up to be three times their natural size.

No. 645322

Her wig looks like it's about to fly away

No. 645381

File: 1532377847087.jpg (364.21 KB, 900x800, Long-Wattle-Umbrella-Bird-ecau…)

No. 645457

I know its meant to be that way, but the fringe looks oily, and how a wig can look greasy is beyond me.

No. 645618

File: 1532394079687.png (208.08 KB, 640x480, Kagome_Episode_167.png)

….did she even try to look like Kagome? I don't even understand how you could fuck up the bangs so badly. And I guess brown eyes and visible eyebrows aren't ka-why.

No. 645636

Weird how this comment was posted here out of nowhere in the midst of intense scrutiny, shortly before her minor Netflix appearance dropped! So weird! What a coincidence!

No. 645649


Went out of her way to put in larger blue contacts over her already blue eyes.

Bitch lazy and aint even trying.

No. 645660


But at least she was polite enough to acknowledge Lina and thank her for the gift. That's way more than Kelly does.

No. 645904

just a questions: why is she crying tears when she got a manga??

No. 645995

I don't understand how Kelly is this bad at styling wigs.. This and the Steven Universe cosplays could've been cute if she would've had better wigs.

No. 646003

underrated comment lol 10/10 anon

No. 646040

>You can't call me out because I'm mentally ill!
Kelly, you were celebrating and saying you were on cloud 9 after his death.

No. 646079

File: 1532451794061.jpeg (990.52 KB, 2048x1212, 319DBCFD-24F8-4089-890E-5E24FB…)

She’s so slimy in these tweets.
>I didn’t show his photo “in this video*
- But across her social media she posted half a dozen photos of him in multiple posts across various platforms, including his coffin and the place he committed suicide, as well as described the method of suicide.

>I’m just sharing my thoughts.

- While breaking the general guideline that mentions of suicide in the media should be brief and stick to the facts, by posting wall to wall suicide-related content on her channel for weeks, none of which involved factual education about suicide as a preventable public health matter. Simply mentioning the availability of help and linking hotlines does not cut it, or negate the fact that public coverage should be as limited as possible.

>I never did anything for shock value.

- NOT THE POINT. Suicide is socially contagious in counter-intuitive ways, that is the entire point of having best practices guidelines for media figures.

Kelly since you read here, understand this: things like “spreading awareness” and “sharing to process feelings” work differently with suicide than other tragic matters, so we cannot use them as tools for tragedy prevention like we would in other situations, when the context is suicide. Educate yourself. .https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK207262/

No. 646089

Inb4 “But I’m not a newspaper reporter!”

No Kelly, but you are a media figure, and the research applies. Good research requires large samples. Researchers choose newspaper headlines to study media effects at large because news media is media for the general public (i.e. the most people consume news). Also, people have been archiving newspapers for a long time, so there’s a wealth of historical data to draw from as well. Plus, even countries with limited internet have newspapers, so you can study effects across cultures.

TL;DR, this does apply to you, Kelly.

No. 646108

To most people, he is not well-known. Most VAs became popular because 10-20 years ago it was difficult to get the original JPN version of series. Now the option to choose dub versus sub is always there and most people (at least that I know who are in their 20s) choose subtitles. Dubs aren't as popular anymore. Vic was at the right place, at the right time.

Sorry for OT.

No. 646203

File: 1532460273903.jpeg (724.04 KB, 1449x1170, D555BC19-BEAB-471C-8986-312209…)

What a…um…nope I have no words.

Gofundme is still in her bio, btw! That’s three weeks straight now that she’s been shoving suicide in people’s faces. Literally it’s the first thing in her profile, and it’s all laid out right in the gofundme, too. “We lost this child to suicide, look at his angelic face, please give us money.” Sickening.

No. 646204

kek at the first reply. these pants are not flattering, agreed. this is also a pretty old photo judging by her arm tattoo…before she even had her first session with nikko? so this is, what, march? kelly's posting of old photos pretending they're current is really weird.

No. 646228

File: 1532462142038.png (61.24 KB, 576x216, d.png)

her waist keeps changing sizes in these photos

Also kek at these tweets

No. 646236

The mental gymnastics that narcissists are capable of when it comes to protecting their egos from even the most valid criticism are honestly Olympic.

No. 646247

File: 1532463437567.png (30.38 KB, 579x103, w.png)

no wonder you're single

No. 646268

God she’s immature. What is she going to do next, slide him a note that says “will you go out with me, circle one: yes/no?”

No. 646270

File: 1532464204538.png (266.55 KB, 641x889, Capture.PNG)


She's trying to make it look like she really believes the things she posts by replying to every commenter too. Come on, Kelly, we all know you only care about yourself.

No. 646304

File: 1532465137593.png (520.36 KB, 1148x544, hypocrite.png)


sounds like you've got a lot of "hate in your heart", Kelly

No. 646313

Not to mention more evidence that she DID, in fact, reveal how he killed himself when she straight up claims she never mentioned it anywhere.

No. 646322

this women is so disgusting jfc I’m speechless

No. 646329

It´s becoming too much really. Her videos her straight up trash lately, and this personality is unbearable. She´s a fucking thief who prays on lonely people eager to please e-personas, manipulative, exploitative, and really as low as you can go. You disgust me, Kelly Eden.

No. 646333

what a completely over the top reaction to a thought that is completely valid. is it rude to actually ask someone, to their face, how they can afford something? certainly. is it an actual valid question that any level-headed human would have (how can you afford a custom tattoo from a famous artist when you can't afford a funeral)? yes. you can be mad someone is rude while also recognizing that they're bringing up a common-sense question.

throwing a tantrum makes her look all the more guilty, frankly.

No. 646342

Was she not JUST bitching at someone on Twitter about how she isn’t sensationalizing things? But ”a child hung himself” rolls right off the tongue when she wants to clap back, huh? What an absolute cunt. I guarantee you she expects that because she’s doing things like >>646270 this at the moment, none of the other absolute bullshit she’s pulling can be rebuked.

“This is the one self care thing I’ve done boo boo,” you absolute princess, self care isn’t treating yourself to tattoos. Self care is literally taking care of yourself. If you wanted to do real self care - and actually be a real advocate for mental health - this experience with suicide would make you get some real help for once in your miserable life, instead of - or even in addition to - getting tattooed, getting drunk with your friends, cosplaying at a convention, moving ahead with vacation plans, etc.

Also I can’t believe she’s still trying to justify charging this funeral to her audience, but I wish people would stop pointing out the money thing. It’s not wrong, but it’s tacky, and the money is the least of the terrible shit she’s been pulling regarding the suicide.

No. 646354

File: 1532468881243.jpeg (256.43 KB, 750x1086, CC51EA64-6D63-41FB-9492-666937…)

No. 646355

This is appalling, thanks for the screencap Anon

>mentions the method of his death A-FRICKIN-GAIN

insults including:
>you're a real monster
>seriously such a piece of fucking trash
>fuck you. You fucking monster
>you must be a malicious evil person

Mental health advocate, everyone! This is how you talk to people you know nothing about! You tag them in multiple aggressive comments using language usually only reserved to describe serial killers. Sounds healthy

No. 646357

$10,000 funeral and burial? The costs for the site were posted. They buried him, and stayed in the graveyard in non funeral attire. What were the expenses? Covering Kelly's Ma hosting in her family home and air travel for family members? The funeral was hardly spectacular or respectful imo

No. 646362

I've been considering this so much. They utilised the services of a funeral home that is also run as a memorial garden/cemetery. So there are even less expenses since they didn't need to pay for additional transport.

I commented a while back because I used to work as a funeral director, and speculated that it was possible prices had inflated since my employment in that line of work. However, I checked the pricing on the site for the funeral home they used, and the prices are so close to what they used to be that there's no way that his funeral cost that much.

She made a comment that they chose all the cheapest options. NO they didn't. If they really wanted to cut costs and not have to spend a lot they could have a small private family visitation without embalming and then had him cremated. They didn't even have a service - if you look at his obituary and online memorials it mentions in one of them that they had a celebration of life which is usually funeral code for memorial service - which means there is no body present. So they are definitely lying about something regarding what this money is actually for.

I still can't get over the fact that they actually thought her mom's work would pay for the funeral WHAT in the ACTUAL. Work does not do that. If he happened to be employed with her and died as a direct result of working/workplace hazards, then workers compensation does pay some of the funeral costs. But otherwise that's what life insurance is for - so he clearly didn't have a policy.

It just really grinds my gears. Funeral homes have payment plans too. It's possible to pay for it over time. So I just see no excuse to crowdfund and use Kelly's e-fame to forego having to pay for it themselves.

No. 646363

Same Anon but - she thinks by being extra nice to some people, see >>646270
It somehow makes up for writing abuse to fans and ex-patreon donators who have supported her for years. How does she think it would feel to be tagged in abuse by someone you used to admire? It's laughable that she thinks she's a kind person and a spokesperson for mental illness when she hasn't a modicum of empathy. I'm not someone who has commented critically, but she certainly doesn't take it well when someone does.

No. 646419

File: 1532473236670.png (158.48 KB, 1080x1386, IMG_20180724_155834.png)

She keeps moaning over how much she spent to fly to Colorado when LA to Denver is definitely on the cheaper side for domestic flights. Get your story straight, Kelly.

No. 646437

Kelly is such a hypocrite. She says she’s a mental health advocate, and is grieving over a family member just lost to suicide - meanwhile she openly admits to having untreated and unmediated bipolar disorder with recurrent depression, and makes every excuse imaginable for not getting help herself. Why bother even linking her audience to help lines or encouraging them to get help, if she won’t even do the bare minimum herself and set an example? It’s a really mixed message, and proves that she’s a terrible “advocate” even apart from all the issues with her ethics about discussing suicide.

No. 646438

O lord she's such a liar

No. 646443

I think the worst part is that Kelly nor any of the family members contributed ANY money at all.
If they were seriously struggling as much financially and if Kelly was mourning this much I'm sure she would've rather cancelled that tattoo appointment and put the money towards the funeral or something?? It's just so gross and bizarre that they made complete strangers pay for all of it.

No. 646445

Excellent points.

She honestly fucked up in so many ways by posting his name, including it leading directly to the services they used thereby proving how guilty of cash grabbing they are.

I also think it’s super tacky that they listed the gofundme in his obituary. Literally nobody else did that http://evergreenmemorialpark.com/obituaries-pg/.

No. 646455

I honestly hate that people keep confronting her with the money situation. It’s easy to dodge because her fans will always see it as inappropriate.

Stuff like this, however, is much harder for her to wiggle out of. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK207262/

No. 646456

File: 1532477142574.jpeg (273.17 KB, 828x1385, 1241F03A-0545-49F4-85D0-D58210…)

Whoops dropped image

No. 646489

File: 1532480216772.jpeg (161.6 KB, 707x1144, D3249468-34D7-4E0C-8752-C82290…)

Quick, somebody ask an ACTUAL computer-related question! I mean I figure if you’re sponsored by Alienware, then you should know something (like literally anything) about technology. Not this BS, “where do you get your furniture? What hair color do you use?”…but what do I know? I wish this was a real, live Q&A so somebody can call her out and put her on the spot instead of chosen questions

No. 646494

She looks like she's pushing out a fart in this photo.

No. 646497

File: 1532480821634.jpeg (32.04 KB, 745x210, 8E5E6E45-CA62-454A-993F-4B1B3D…)

$50 that she either:
1. Ignores this question entirely
2. Recommends Alienware (haha)
3. Recommends another laptop but gives 0 detail on the specs or an actual in-depth answer (such as something you can’t just read listed on the box)

No. 646520

Damn that is one empty gaze

No. 646535

Lort those are some enormous nipples

No. 646573

File: 1532486050151.jpg (84.13 KB, 1080x444, Screenshot_20180725-033341_Ins…)


No. 646682

Bitch probably flew first class to Colorado because SELF CARE. Just roll that into the gfm because it's totes related to the funeral expenses gawd.

No. 646696


And there you go. That's the worst outburst I've seen from Kelly, verbatim. Just casually drops the "a child hung himself" bomb to defend her indulgences, no biggie. She's entitled to getting the tattoo, she's entitled to lying to her fans about what she does with their money (because they just refuse to believe what kind of person she is in the first place), but using her cousin's suicide to defend herself to such a petty comment is just low.

I used to really like her, even after all the drama before the kid's death, but now she just sickens me.

No. 646698

Also consider: the “community” lost their minds over her returning an AP dress, but rush to her defense about this. Astounding, no?

No. 646705

Which "community" would that be? Her fans defended her relentlessly during the AP fiasco too.

No. 646753

It was quite a shock to see her on that! They didn't manage to make her look sane though

No. 646804

Her own fans defend her about anything, but I think you mean how multiple lengthy videos were posted on Youtube about her when she merely returned a dress to the store, but significantly going against media guidelines about reporting suicide FOR WEEKS ON END and nobody except us and the brave souls on Twitter have spoken up about it. Mysterious. It's almost like the initial hurrah about the dress was only self-serving and when she actually does something wrong morally, the silence is deafening.

And Kelly, mentioning MULTIPLE TIMES the method of death, writing abuse to your fans, posting pictures and videos of him and the coffin, burial plot, filming in his bedroom, reading out his writing, posting "crying" videos about it, saying you are on cloud 9 and had a beautiful week, posting grinning photos with your family one day after the funeral - ALL TOO MUCH and all orchestrated insensitively. This would be ok of it was your personal Facebook profile but this is a public Youtube channel, Instagram, Twitter with 20-200k followers, and you consider yourself a spokesperson for mental health issues on top of all that. You might want to think we are bad people for being critical. The fact is all of this was very upsetting and harmful for certain groups of people and instead of considering this, you call people names and dismiss their comments.

No. 646806

Then "don't look if you don't like it"

You have dedicated followers who subscribed for kawaii content and fun vlogs, and you know many of them have mental illness and depression, and you still posted all this publicly online so you could get your fans to pay for the.whole.thing and then cry because you spent $157 on a flight.

No. 646830

Lolitas hate her, what are you talking about?

No. 646850


No. 646885

For all the wrong reasons apparently, I don’t see any calling her out now. Just a few individuals with the guts to do it spoke up on twitter and instagram, yet when she returned a dress and the worst thing she did in the process was make a couple shopgirls uncomfortable, they came out in droves.

Not that it’s just Lolitas. There’s nobody in the cosplay, gaming, or j-fash communities calling her out, either. The silence, as >>646804 put it so well, is deafening. Somebody at least needs to take her aside privately and tell her that whatever grief she may be experiencing does not negate her responsibilities as a public figure, especially one who claims to be a mental health advocate. But it’s especially bananas to see how easily the people who went apeshit on her for returning a dress will just sit with their mouths closed when she’s literally suicide baiting at this point.

No. 646897

I realize it sounds a bit like I’m pointing fingers and I don’t mean to do that, it’s just weird having been introduced to Kelly Eden via a massive public callout over returning a dress and bothering some shopgirls, while only a few people have openly confronted her over this, and a voice actor even jumped to her defense. If you’re someone for whom weebdom is foreign, it all looks very very odd.

No. 646925


I don't see any of this as oddly as you claim. Logically the AP situation versus her public display of dealing with a suicide is apples and oranges, but Kelly is actually really good at playing her chiefly young audience.

Honestly I am sure the AP fiasco was a fluke as far as her being called out. What I mean is that some Lolitas probably got wind of what Kelly did and flipped out - as we know happened. I doubt they were ever fans of her in the first place or paid much attention to her. The Lolita community can be vicious, and when they hear that someone committed such a major faux pas, they're going to defend it hardcore. Likely once that settled down they stopped paying attention to her - or if they had been fans, were turned off and don't pay attention now.

ALSO Kelly has orchestrated a really perfect arena for herself by being so public about her grief because who is going to say anything to someone grieving? It doesn't matter what shitty stuff she does because she's "protected" by her grief. And it's working. People don't want to call someone out while they're dealing with the loss of a loved one. If you read the comments from her followers to those who called her out on Twitter, they're almost all in the vein of "how dare you kick Queen Kelly while she's down!!" Because this is all in the wake of a loss, everyone is blind to anything unsavoury Kelly might do in favour of trying to comfort and support her.

No. 646964

I was about to say this. Her lolita controversy got called out because Kelly was too stupid to realize people even cared about something like that and thought it would be received as an "interesting storytime video" and not "what a fucking brat."

everything regarding her cousin's death is seen as a period of mourning, which automatically creates a solid defense. it's less "zomg drama" and more "very sad…"

if she'd approached the AP scandal as more of a somber "this terrible thing happened" she probably wouldn't've gotten as much heat, either.

No. 646980

Thank you for explaining and I understand what you mean, but the majority of lolitas who liked her before the AP fiasco dropped her after she acted like an entitled womanchild about returning the dress. Lolitas who heard about her because of the drama never followed her in the first place, they only reacted to that isolated event and didn't pay attention to her after that. (Unless they wanted to watch the trainwreck via lolcow.)

This situation is not relevant enough for the lolita community to react to as a whole as they already hate her enough. Sure, someone posted this situation on one of the fb groups or cgl, but there would not be enough relevancy except she is that one crazy bitch who tried to return the $1000 dress. You can't boycott someone you don't follow. At most there would be a few more #'s on twitter which, while satisfying, ultimately would not do anything to her.

It's her current "fans" who have the responsibility to drag her about this, not communities who already established that she is an awful person. The youtube and cosplay communities never gave a shit about the dress incident in the first place and considering the amount of hugboxing that goes on with those kinds of fans, it's not surprising that they don't call her out on exploiting suicide and if anything blindly agree she is in the right.

No. 646985

File: 1532541139225.jpeg (289.38 KB, 1242x1221, 16CABBC1-16E4-4F66-8903-E00486…)

She’s such a hypocrite rt-ing these kek

No. 647018

File: 1532543518695.jpg (465.93 KB, 1334x750, FakeTearsAndShittyInsultsEditi…)

No. 647020

Beautiful, anon. Perfect for our next thread.

No. 647217

Well said, thank you for this explanation. Tbh all “weeb stuff” is a little foreign to me (sorry for not having a better way to put that, I don’t think weeb stuff is lame I’ve just never been into it personally). I thought there was a lot more overlap to I thought there was a lot more overlap to the the various communities but apparently they’re quite separate! And I didn’t mean to imply that it’s anybody’s responsibility to call her out. The only one responsible for Kelly’s garbage behavior is Kelly. Thanks to the other posters who also clarified that Lolitas really don’t have a lot to do with Kelly Eden generally, I honestly thought all of the convention-going subroups of people who are into Japanese culture had more to do with each other than they actually do!

No. 647250


YES Please!! Perfect!

No. 647265

>>642163 late but imagine calling yourself a mental health advocate and then in the same breath using a legit MH diagnosis (sociopathy) as an insult

No. 647284

Imagine calling yourself a mental health advocate and continuing to act like a victim of bullying after suicide baiting your teen audience for three weeks and being repeatedly being given evidence and recommendations from the world health organization showing all the ways you’re literally promoting suicide. And continuing to do it.

No. 647285

She's complaining about this? Really? Spending under 200$ to be around her family during something so traumatic for them is ridiculous for her to complain about. I used to actually be a fan of hers until seeing how she acted as of recent, and reading this comment is the last straw for me. I'm out, Kelly, you really are scum.

No. 647288

That’s after her fans literally gave her $10,000 too.

No. 647413

File: 1532564727275.png (5.24 MB, 1242x2208, 4ECF7AA1-09DC-4FDE-B37E-CEAA04…)

Nothing says “I miss you” like a crotch shot.

No. 647478

Kelly Eden models her Victorian mourning bikini?

No one needs to see your vulva, girl.

No. 647497

File: 1532569476910.jpeg (449.1 KB, 1125x662, 349FAF91-30F7-4937-98B7-92FADB…)

Okay so, I mentioned this before, but it’s so weird to me that all of these people don’t incorporate themselves more with Kelly and her nucleus of idiots (Stephanie, phi, envy). Examples being, Penny Underbidy, Traci Hines, SuperMaryFace, and now, in this video, Dre, Vivka, and Chris Villain.

Oh wait. No it’s not weird. Kelly is a cancer.

Side note, I wonder what Kelly must think seeing that’s Dre is Chris’ bff now and got his name tatted on her.

No. 647498


No. 647690


I know somewhat of Penny Underbust and SuperMaryFace… It seems as if they were the pioneers of the whole Twitch thot movement? Stupid girls who hide behind body positivity to justify objectifying their own bodies for money. Similar to Kelly, painfully tacky… Of course, Kelly is the creme of the crop because she has depression and is thus, even more justified in everything she does.

As for Dre, Kelly is over Dre, that's old news. Dre was so last year.

No. 647769

Well I always saw Kelly and Dre as good friends (even with the weird tension pointed out here and there), they were never best friends but had a good relationship as roommates on a surface level. Kelly's best friend has always been Stephanie right? (Even though we saw them hit a rough patch) So I don't think she'd necessarily be jealous about Dre's Chris tattoo. Besides, they already have the fellowship tattoo to match each other.

No. 647780

Narcissists dont have friends, they have property. As soon as Dre got her own identity and fame/audience outside of Kelly, she was as good as gone. Hence why Kelly absolutely sperged when Dre said she wanted to separate their content and cultivate her own social media following. I don’t think she’s jealous of any of Dre’s basic ass tattoos, and probably wasn’t even back when they were “super close” (or as close as people like Kelly are capable of being with other people). What’s to be jealous of when you think you gave someone their “spotlight,” as Kelly put it? The only think Kelly covets is being envied herself.

No. 647845

File: 1532601068492.jpeg (174.94 KB, 1366x538, 76B78FD1-78BE-4E91-847B-E744C1…)


Censored bc they are doxxing

No. 647846

File: 1532601098885.jpeg (65.95 KB, 551x819, 3980719C-DF61-4913-B575-18A019…)

Larger photo rotated

No. 647856

>Kelly is fake
>posts school photo with brunette hair

Wow, they sure showed her. Is their point she dyes her hair and is not naturally pink-haired?!

No. 647944

Kelly is a cow, but I really don't see the point in this. It doesn't call her out, or even shares anything remotely interesting…? wtf?

No. 647969

File: 1532614299640.png (179.7 KB, 358x270, kimkelly.PNG)

She reminds me of the rude girl from Freaks and Geeks.

No. 648012

File: 1532618555170.jpeg (400.35 KB, 1242x1556, CA434940-79AC-460C-8A27-2AC76A…)

More like “let me play the woe-is-me victim for sympathy and free stuff, I don’t want to hear any of your struggles tho kek keep that shit out of my inbox praise and validating my fake crusade only”!

Also kek at her suddenly being the grieving expert. Sit down Kelly.

No. 648130


I'm guessing the point is about her surname rather than the hair?

No. 648141

Is she not even capable of talking about grief in a way that doesn't look like she's trying to justify herself…? All that's coming off from her tweets is "me, me, me, me".

No. 648149

you know the funny part about all of this is that if she would just shut the hell up about this situation she wouldnt need to explain her stupid ass behavior. like. privacy exists for a reason, kelly, c'mon girl. sure, we'd still be on that scammy-ass gofundme, but if she'd just stop fuckin talking about this publicly, people would move on. i'm not saying she needs to get over this kid's death.. she needs to get over talking about it publicly. gotdamn

No. 648175


>extreme highs and lows

Once again Kelly, please tell us what highs you experience after a person's death??

No. 648183

File: 1532629778226.jpg (984.34 KB, 1920x2560, 18-07-26-19-23-48-938_deco.jpg)

Samefag but I've just seen this. Trying very hard to justify your shitty behaviour there kelly! Stop telling people it's normal to feel joy when someone has cs jesus christ

No. 648193

She never stops to think what her cousin would have wanted from his family. I guarantee that whatever it may be that was missing from his life, it sure as hell wasn't Kelly spewing off private matters in public that he longed for.

It's all about HER coping and grieving from HER loss, not about paying respect to his memory and ensuring that he rests in peace. She never honors him, his dreams, his achievements, his experiences, his aspirations, his interests, his passions, nor even his struggles. No, it's always about HER highs and lows after SHE went through so much to visit her family on HER own dime!!

As if the kid isn't rolling in his grave watching his cousin make a spectacle out of this. All he wanted was peace.

No. 648201

'blabla everything revolves around me'

She is so tone deaf and narcissistic.

No. 648217

You can confirm she's bi polar just reading this always in an up and down slope

No. 648218

Anyone watch the "Amazing Interiors" episode on Netflix where Kelly shows off her crazy, messy, house to the world? She is in episode 6, the second part of the episode. (There are three segments in a 23 minute episode)

And oh dear. She just likes to toot her own horn huh? I still wonder how the landlord lets her get away with all that stuff?

I miss Dre's room. I love her room.

They REALLY cut her segment REALLY Short, and so many more of the homes on the show are SO much more interesting, instead of a whole house full of …. junk.

No. 648222

That’s not what bipolar looks like at all.

She doesn’t have bipolar disorder at all. Being hyper sometimes is not a manic episode. She has never had a real manic episode.

No. 648231

She isn’t.

No. 648232

Yeah I mean I've been following this pretty closely and all I know about her cousin is how he died. Like she hasn't spoken about /him/ once, just his affect on her. It's so shallow

No. 648296

File: 1532640287318.jpeg (176.18 KB, 1035x675, 92A1E4B9-E549-4B5F-86CE-71CEA3…)

Trying to justify the cloud nine comment kek stay lurking Kelly.

Also her sister seems much worse than her lmfao must run in the Gardiner family

No. 648358

THIS. Really? You miss him so much that he happened to be one thing you never overshared in your life? If you weren’t planning on publicly broadcasting about someone while they were alive, you should probably question your motivations for doing it after they’re dead.

I really hope this ends her. Or is at least a non-ignorable touchstone that she can’t bury or spin.

No. 648392

I have a feeling that the best we can hope for is the non-ignorable touchstone :/ Maybe she'll go the Felice Fawn route and keep scamming her fans out of their money until no one is able to defend her shitty actions. She's definitely on her way

No. 648402

>BECAUSE of Kelly, my cousins funeral, casket, and head stone were paid for
Yeah, by strangers on the internet with more good intentions than sense. Imagine boasting about this like it's a good thing. Is this entire family out of touch with reality?

No. 648408

I mean… she had to learn her behavior somewhere, right?

No. 648410

As someone with bipolar disorder, and other mental and physical disabilities (Which are all diagnosed by a PROFESSIONAL) I can say, from my own experience, that Kelly does NOT have bipolar disorder. Maybe she has Factitious disorder, which is a real thing. Cues she sure does show signs of it.

No. 648440

“Because of Kelly” no bitch, because of the people who donated. They are so ungreatful!!

Besides - if it weren’t for Kelly, the funeral still would have been paid for. It just would have been with their own money. Like everyone else.

No. 648442

Kelly is clearly narcissistic and will continue to gaslight people and twist the truth. I have no tolerance for her anymore. She is the kawaii-wannabe donald trump of east Hollywood. By definition she will never change or acknowledge she’s wrong.

No. 648451

File: 1532655786916.jpeg (158.93 KB, 901x1200, 3EE788A5-1268-4944-B413-F8E37A…)

Oh boy

No. 648510

That water looks so nasty

I’m guessing no Kelly bc she looks tow up af like usual kek

Kelly keeps posting videos of her gross legs on her insta with some sad sappy captions and it makes me wanna hurl

No. 648520

So much yes. Poor child.

No. 648706

Oh boy what? Oh boy please start talking about my friends instead of me for a while, Kelly?(derailing)

No. 649260

No, it’s not Kelly. I was just saying oh boy at Stephanie wearing all of that. And Kelly not being present because she’s too busy on the sand taking crotch shots and saying how much she missed her cousin she barely ever spoke to.

No. 649433

>don’t send me your personal story, it triggers me
>but here’s my triggering personal story and I’m going to broadcast every last detail onto every social media platform that I can


No. 649449

It’s been 3-4 days since the last gofundme donation, but it’s still in her bio. We’re due for some more suicide baiting soon!

No. 649457

File: 1532781073135.jpeg (236.68 KB, 750x1110, EB2364B1-760D-4379-A7DF-08BDE2…)

Suicide is Painless plays softly in the background

No. 649474

Anyone with an ounce of decency or empathy or self awareness would have cut this shit out a while ago. Is she trying to act like an awful parody of a person grieving with her ass (or lack thereof) out? I'm ashamed at myself for having ever enjoyed this hypocritical, exploitative montster's content.

No. 649486

When will this end?
The sad thing is, with all this show about the suicide I lost all respect for Kelly. I watched some of her videos, some were entertaining enough. And some were bad enough to swatch and trashtalk… Of course she presented a persona, but I was okay with it. Most online personalities do that anyway… But this is just enough. For me be a fake and cringey personality, but be a good humanbeing in the end.

However what is this picture? What exactly is the focus? Bad lighting, bad pose, dirty water, strange crop… And I will say what i always said, Kelly has a bad posture for a model.

No. 649555

It’s wild to me that her audience believes any bit of her emotional displays are genuine. I feel like a steady diet of youtubers and their fake-yet-accessible-and-relatable performances of personalities is really ruining a lot of people’s bullshit detectors.

No. 649606

File: 1532799230735.jpeg (531.83 KB, 957x1926, 73245FC2-E1C8-4F3E-8310-6412DF…)

more baiting while showing off her saggy plastic tits kek

No. 649615

A bad habbit

Smh this bitch is almost 30 and still can’t spell for shit.

No. 649628

1. Who does this? Posing "sad" for a photo with this subject? Just imagine the reality behind what went into taking this photo. "I need to post a sad picture." Takes at least 10 photos adjusting her pose with each to pick the one she likes best, then posts it milking on the sympathy over a child's suicide. Disgusting.

2. "It's liberating to not do my hair or makeup and be so natural!" …..still photoshops the picture…..

No. 649631

Like clockwork - >>649449 !

She’s making the exact same expression in this photo >>622997. But ya boi is totally not acting and really grieving (pls send donations!)

No. 649642

>concerned about losing my fanbase expression

Her hairdresser friend has really destroyed her hair. They must rebleach the whole thing every time, those braids are like 1cm thick.

I think I saw a video of Dre's hair being done by the same person, and not only did she do the roots she overlapped the bleach to another few inches of pre-lightened hair. Double-bleaching is how to have nice short straw hair like that

No. 649656

This bitch is on vacation and has the privilege to just whine on instagram the entire time?

Must be nice to not work, go on trips/vacations multiple times a year, but take them for granted cuz she is so spoiled and can't even appreciate them.

Kelly, you are just a shitty person. That is why you are always so unhappy/"depressed."

No. 649722

File: 1532809450580.jpeg (72.94 KB, 1200x675, CE48D255-BBEE-4008-91CA-CD365C…)

all of these stupid ~sad~ beach pics reminded me of that one old courtney stodden tweet. she sounds about as genuine

No. 649892

She looks like she hasn't showered the whole time she's in Hawaii

No. 649936

I wonder how it feels to be not even thirty and look THAT haggard. Eating all the shit she does has realllly taken a toll on her face

No. 649971

Ah now we see where the money has gone

No. 650067

Kelly, your continuous milking of your cousins tragedy is really not a good look. Please stop. You barely hung out with him, you never mentioned him either. We understand that your life is just an attention seeking ploy, and we don’t mind playing along to a certain extent, but your acting skills missed the mark here- we who have emotions would not behave this way so feel free to just move on with kawaii dom without guilt and that would be in better taste than milking it for pathetic 13 yr old melodrama.

No. 650070

It’s really not cute. It’s not attractive but that’s not Kelly’s highest priority. Her highest priority is seeking attention, often through whatever means possible. I feel sad for her but more so for Austin.

No. 650113

>it's so liberating to not wear makeup or change my clothes!!!

wearing the same clothes for a week straight isn't liberating, it's unhealthy.

No. 650114

File: 1532851968628.jpeg (674.45 KB, 978x990, D6863465-995C-4E25-9138-AA9271…)

I mean she said a long time ago that the trip had already been booked & paid for, which is not hard to believe since it’s international travel (Mexico, not Hawaii as anon above said).

I suppose it could stand to reason that she’d have more money had she decided not to go, and could have put that toward the funeral, but it’s pretty common for that stuff to be non-refundable or have significant penalty cost to cancel. I don’t mean to wk Kelly, it just seems like taking this trip is probably pretty low on the list of ~problematic~ things she’s done in the past month (pic related).

No. 650239

File: 1532870229133.jpg (983.05 KB, 1075x1669, Screenshot_20180729-105139_Ins…)

Is her lumpy belly a result of not looking after herself post lipo?

No. 650274

Not exactly, Lipo in general can make you lumpy especially if a shoddy job is done. Now all the crap she eats will go everywhere but her stomach, IE arms and face

No. 650363

Kelly "liking" tweets about suicide which show up in follower's feeds

Because a whole month of suicide related content just isn't enough!!!!!

No. 650367

Don’t be rude anon. His life was hard so they respect his decision! /s

No. 650429

one of the downsides of lipo is that you have to maintain a fairly strict diet for the rest of your life, because fat will "grow" back in the lipo'd area very inconsistently and make you look lumpy. this can be mitigated with a very talented/thorough surgeon, but truthfully most people wind up lumpy if they gain weight back after the procedure.

we all know kelly lies about a lot of things–her "strictly healthy diet" is definitely one of them, lol.

No. 650435

Man why th does kelly think self care is hair dye and tattoos though, it really highlights how much of a shallow conceited person she is

No. 650448

I'm so sick of people getting this every time somebody talks about someone other than Kelly even when it's 100% relevant. Or, in the past few weeks talking about Kelly in reference to anything except her cousin's suicide. Stop with the hi cowing, it's obnoxious. People used to get banned for that but I guess mods have abandoned this thread.

It's like, not our fault we don't have fucking incurable case of tunnel vision.

No. 650454

It's shows how truly ignorant of a "mental health advocate" she is, self care is taking care of yourself, bathing, cleaning, paying bills, occasionally it can include relaxing if you're overworked idk where her dumb ass got the idea that self-care is papering yourself

No. 650460

It’s a meme to make fun of wks and derailers 99% of the time, not literal “hi cow”. Though some of those posts actually are suspicious. And farmhands already banned the anon you’re sperging at so what exactly do you want here other than to start some infighting?

No. 650527

Actually self care can be defined as anything one does that isn’t related to work or obligations. Everyone has different methods of self care and they are all valid. Discounting activities as not “self carey” enough is dumb.

No. 650528


This, but you're also supposed to massage the area to help it heal faster, and most people don't do this as long as you are supposed to. My surgeon told me you're supposed to do it every morning and every night, preferably for a couple of months.

When I got lipo, I massaged the area religiously and within the 2nd month, all the lumps/streaks were gone and they have not been back since.

sage for slight OT.

No. 650531

I agree. I think Kelly is a twat waffle, but that doesn’t mean her version of self care isn’t valid. Its definitely a little extra, but so is Kelly.

No. 650536

File: 1532899719619.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6160.PNG)

She's going crazy on her stories right now.

No. 650545

Why the fuck would she write this after shilling her cousin's funeral and his suicide? she's so beyond tacky.

No. 650554

I would say it's insensitive over tacky.

No. 650736

>wh or waiting
She should start attempting to type better

No. 650823

Uh no, self care is literally taking care of yourself, including healthy recreation - which can include self-pampering if that’s what you’re into. Kelly can’t really call giving herself treats “self-care,” when she won’t even see a real therapist.

No. 650825

This is actually normal for once. Not fake grieving, not being defensive or on cloud 9, just a moment of normal silliness. Moments of normality do happen during times of grief - not this after the storm shit she has been posting, or the dry-cry “guilt” spergs. She’s acting like an actual human again - I predict the gofundme link will be coming down soon.

No. 650833

Yep it’s ya boi, so capable of insight into the fact that I’ve been acting like someone larping grief for a month, and super likely to take a potshot at my own gofundme. You got me!

If you’re gonna “hi cow” at least make a clever point or something.

No. 650849

Not trying to be argumentative, but I’m confused? What does seeing a therapist have to do with whether or not a person is capable of self-care? I’m not trying to defend KE in any way, I’m just not seeing your point? Self care is different for every person. She’s ridiculous, I absolutely can’t deny that, but that being said, it’s reasonable to say that her version of self care would be grandiose right? Just because it isn’t something you or Inwoyld do for self care, doesn’t mean it’s not valid. That’s all I’m saying.

No. 650951

Of course the GoFundMe is coming down soon… she only needs $148 to reach her goal. It’s basically been met already.

No. 650959

Nah, I have to agree with the other anon. Examples of self care are making sure to eat, getting enough sleep, saying no to certain tasks and situations that may induce stess and anxiety. Self care isn’t spoiling yourself with an expensive tattoo or a trip to Mexico. Self care is making sure to perform necessary basic human functions and is supposed to become a regular routine to improve your quality of life, and these basic human functions can be abandoned when someone is in a depression or grieving. There’s a difference between ‘self care’ and ‘treat ya self’. Kelly is treating herself.

No. 650973

Is Inwoyld the name of a character in your fiction novel? That's a very specific typo
This Anon is right, surely we at lolcow (who use OT and G) know this. Plenty of people write about feeling too shitty to shower, brush their teeth, eat right or have productive hobbies. Taking care of those things is considered self care. Luxury stuff can be included in self care with thought and moderation, but surely
>Finish tattoo on first day back after funeral week
>But then don't shower or change clothes for a week on holiday
Would negate the idea that any of this was self-care. You'd think showering would take priority over tattooing. Self-care is about taking effort to meet the basics even when you don't want to.

Sage for ot

No. 651037

This so much. You can't stop washing and changing your clothes and then claim getting a tattoo is self care. It misses the fundamentals of what self care is

No. 651071

Right. Getting or finishing a tattoo might be self-care if you’re someone who has trouble ever doing anything nice for yourself. Kelly does NOT have that issue. Self-care is taking care of the BASIC personal/life maintenance things that people neglect when mental health slips. No matter how “sad” Kelly gets, she has no trouble treating herself.

>>651037 I mean I get it, on a beach vacation you don’t do laundry, or scrub down every single day. That’s not really the point, she does that stuff when she’s at home even when she’s depression tweeting every five minutes.

The number one thing and the most basic aspect of self-care for mental health is staying in therapy/on your meds if you take them. Kelly hasn’t even seen a real doctor in years, if she didn’t just self-dx to begin with. Like the fact that she hasn’t even thought about that even after a preventable death in her own family due to mental health issues…she can honestly shut the fuck up about mental health until she gets some help herself.

No. 651102

Okay I stand corrected. I didn’t think of it that way because I can’t really relate to being depressed and not caring for myself. Thanks for the clarification. Makes sense.

No. 651217

Iirc she's taking paxil. Which yeah,is like babby's first ssri and probably isn't doing shit for her as "depression" is clearly not the cause of her being insufferable and self-absorbed.

I would give her props for seeing an actual professional, but I have doubts about her ability to commit to treatment that would actually challenge her to change. If you're serious about improving your mental health, you have to be proactive about finding a medication/doctor/therapist that works for you and your needs and honest about your life and experiences. Kelly doesn't seem like the type to be honest or not present a filtered/distorted version of reality even in a clinical setting.

Sorry to blogpost, but I had a narcissistic ex who was great a crying crocodile tears to get adderall and anxiety meds, only to turn around and be an abusive asshole and cry "my bipolar!!!!" Getting treatment is a good step but not necessarily a sign of growth or change or progress at all.

No. 651279

SSRI’s without therapy don’t do a hell of a lot, and Kelly’s twitter feed confirms that. I’m in total agreement with you about her likelihood of having a poor mentality for committing to therapy beyond surface-level life coaching.

That’s why she can shut the fuck up about mental health altogether. She knows literally nothing about it and is a hypocrite for telling people to get help for their problems. Because she refuses to do more than gesture at it, herself.

No. 651374

File: 1532984955149.jpg (513.74 KB, 1080x1829, 20180730_170549.jpg)

Guess Phin also goes by Josephine? Seems like this is her personal IG.

No. 651411

Searching that email address & Josephine Von Oswald turns up some of Phi’s old projects, apparently?


It looks like she collected $1550 from her $500 goal, and got no further than the trailer. It looks godawful, and god knows nobody got their perks. I’m not sure who all was involved in this project, but she posted the fundraiser. I can see why she and Kelly get along.

No. 651436

File: 1532989027565.png (4.23 MB, 3088x5735, 51ED8732-1219-4653-B50A-704ABB…)

No. 651453

Slight OT but offering any asshat the ability to make a skit for you or appear on your show is a terrible idea.

No. 651544

Kelly got the tattooed recently from Nikko right (July 12)? Or finished her sleeve. I am surprised she is not following correct procedures for tattoo healing and preventing a magnitude of different bacteria and possible infections from getting into her skin by being around seawater. It is recommended to stay away from seawater/freshwater/pools (2-3 weeks)and she is laying on a beach towel or chair … that can even be bad (bacteria in sand). Although I don't see her swimming, she is doing photo shoots too close to the water. I don't know, hope she doesn't get an infection. But, I guess she knows best…she was a tattoo artist at one point.

No. 651589

You don't have to be a genius to figure it´s her real name… JosePHINe.

No. 651637

Lol have you seen how her crystal tattoo is holding up? Her experience with tattooing isn't really reflected in how she takes care of them. It's pretty stupid to spend so much on a tattoo only to go on a beach vacation days later.

No. 651826

All that immediate UV exposure can’t be doing a lot of good for it either.

No. 652038

Why do her pictures look nice and like she's on a sunny vacation and Kellys pictures look like she's in a swamp? Lol

No. 652337

File: 1533066669738.png (453.02 KB, 2000x768, comments.png)

Been catching up on the milk and I saw these on her YT video, kek

So glad people are calling her out on her shit

No. 652420


I laughed when Kelly and her sheep kept saying "but my rent tho" "but $$ for the funeral tho" - money you make from YouTube views isn't seen for at least a month. The urgency is unwarranted because it won't suddenly show up anyway.

No. 652572

File: 1533078176737.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1574, 1B7E2AC3-876E-402B-8E81-AE0687…)

Um, why does Dre look inbred ahahaha(derailing)

No. 652581

She looks fine. This isn't milk.

No. 652598

Sigh. No she looks inbred. It’s speculating Kelly’s ex roommate. It’s an allowed topic.

No. 652602

Lol just because it's a permitted topic doesn't mean it's automatically milky. You think she looks funny. Cool. That's not milk.

No. 652610

People have been talking about the swampy water Kelly has been in. That’s not milky, it’s just speculation.


No. 652641

This is stupid. It’s not milk. It’s a photo shoot where she is dressed like an elf, big whoop!

No. 652648

I don’t think it’s supposed to be milk, just a side note

No. 652804

If you're gonna talk about Dre at least have it be related or even relatively interesting.

This is stupid and seems like attempted derailing again which has been happening a lot lately. Stop.

No. 652824

No. 652848

The awful cheesy music the whole time and all the ads just reaffirm how disingenuous Kelly is holy shit.

No. 652871

Ugh. Larp already has a bad enough image, people like Kelly and racquelskellington who come into larp to thirst trap are just going to make it worse. I hope she gives up on it before "titty elf game" becomes our overall image.

No. 652986

I can't be the only person who thinks that she's no longer only capitalizing on her cousin's death and her grief to get more views, but she's also capitalizing on the grief of people who have recently lost people close to them. They don't even need to be subscribed to her, they can simply search online for coping with loss and stumble upon this video. I saw a comment about a person losing their grandpa the day before and I thought, wow, Kelly hit a gold mine for views for ad revenue. I probably sound cruel to even think that, but the 6 ads don't lie.

No. 653002


I don't think that's a stretch at all. Not only is she doing that, but she's using this as a way to justify all the "fun happy" shit she was posting while she was "grieving"

It just keeps getting more disgusting the longer she keeps dragging this shit out.

No. 653021

We've passed the 1 month mark of how long she has been posting and making videos about this. Anyone want to bet we get to two months? It's almost gone full circle from being wildly disrespectful to respectful again, he's certainly getting remembered.

Sudden topic change!

No. 653027

God bless these people

No. 653079

File: 1533095999753.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1900, E7EDDFC5-BD57-423E-969F-1472FC…)

No. 653083

Her top and bottom halves look like they belong on two completely different people. Damn she looks botched with those meaty arms and flabby tits while sporting a waist that looks smaller and lumpier than her chin.

No. 653103

man the lipo on her stomach is so awkward with her arms still being fat

No. 653113

It's the same with so many cows that get lipo. It always looks terrible, especially since arms seem to gain the weight back immediately. WHat's the point of lipo if you aren't going to make a life style change? Kelly's upper body looks awful

No. 653338

go to the altcows threat

No. 653342

her body just became a joke really at least her physical appearance starts matching her messed up mind

No. 653383

There’s so much fucking infighting about Dre, and the rest of the fellowship gets mentioned a lot as well - can we either have a second thread just for the Fellowship, or agree that Kelly doesn’t deserve her own thread and this is a Fellowship General? It’s getting old. As. Hell.

No. 653385

Every time i see photos like this I remember that time she was saying it's hard to get shorts because her butt is too big kek. Also the green water is killing me

No. 653386

Personally I agree that she should be in there, but it’s been tried repeatedly and the people who post there regularly seem just as ambivalent about her presence as this thread, so I’m not sure that’s a great solution. I think we need to agree that she belongs here, for better or worse, or give the fellowship & Kelly’s orbiters their own thread.

No. 653389

I thumbed down the video. Maybe if enough people do it, she´ll get the message. This is seriously messed up.

No. 653393

Just the fact that she justifies the lack of self care with grievance, when we all know it's just laziness (she was showing roots most of the time, she just bothered to put rank wigs on before). It´s like, wow, my cousin dying is great, is a good excuse for everything! Which is frankly so disgusting.

No. 653395

it's so stupid people are using the "well she needs to make money even if her nephew died!!" bullshit excuse for the monetization of his death, what about the weeks she didn't upload shit because of "muh depression" but now her nephew died she is suddenly forced to monetize the videos because otherwise she wont manage?
can people please stop pretending she's doing anything other then cashing in on a young boys suicide, figured out it was SO profitable we are now on 4 videos and hiding behind "im doing it because im an advocate!" while really she's just being disgusting

No. 653412

The problem is that lately he posting about fellowship members has been derailing with non milky content. It has nothing to do with "that's not about Kelly"

No. 653422

The way she addresses her lack of self care (no makeup, hair grown out, no manicure) made it all seem like it was a phony gesture she made to appear like she’s having a harder time than she is. I can’t put my finger on it… maybe it’s her tone? The way she explains what self care is and why she’s abandoned it? Or her overall attitude in general? It just feels like she learned it was a potential stage of grieving and was like ‘hey I should do that’.

No. 653431


People just need to learn to ignore derail like
>ehehe dre inbred
nonvalue content complitely

No. 653436

I agree with this, but aren't the mods supposed to step in if there's derailing and infighting? Especially if it goes down the same way every time? It keeps happening. People keep noticing. People argue that Dre/whoever is not milky or relevant. "But isn't this a fellowship thread??" It's so stupid. It's like clockwork at this point.

No. 653456

It's really weird because whoever keeps doing it doesn't respond to anything else in the thread or try to connect it to the conversation. A mod did edit the post with derailing. And it happens every few days. There's a significant chance it's Kelly or an orbiter and it's just annoying tbh. I will happily talk about Stephanie or Dre if they are actually doing something interesting.

No. 653464

This is true, if you don't care about something that's posted just don't respond to it. Instead of derailing and clogging up the thread further.

Also, is it really derailing when this one topic has been the sole focus for like a month? Like now nobody can mention anything other than the suicide shit or else they're accused of derailing. (if I remember correctly this even happened to someone still talking about Kelly)

I do think the fellowship should be included, because before the suicide scandal Kelly didn't really warrant her own thread. Also so many of her videos and posts include them so they're gonna be posted here no matter what. (plus that insta video of Dre dancing on the beach was a cringe gold mine kek)

No. 653465

The "but her rent uwu" excuse is so shitty and can litery be applied to any shitty thing a YouTuber monetizes. Logan Paul suicide forest? "but youtube is his job and he needs to pay his rent" Momokun monetizing her apology video "but she needs to pay her rent!1!11" as if that's any fucking excuse to monetize a video about a kids suicide as if that negates anything shitty

No. 653475

I vote for a second thread for the fellowship, plenty of milk there to be explored!

No. 653520

Agreed. I have no issues discussing other Fellowship members if they're actually doing something worth calling out. But posting a photo of Dre and being like "lol she looks bad" is just an opinion which has no bearing on cow status.

The problem is that the stuff that's been posted that isn't related to the Kelly/suicide/grief saga IS derailing because it's not NEW content or even stuff that's worth discussing. This does happen every time she fucks up - there's a big explosion of milk. And then she suddenly gets quiet and starts trying to toe the line and not post anything that could get her called out, etc…She'll get tired of being as boring as she is without acting like a cow and fuck up again. We just need to be patient.

Kelly most definitely warranted her own thread prior to this suicide mess. The way she boohoos over money constantly yet rakes in $$ from her Patreon that's MEANT for something other than lip fillers, tattoos, and a personal maid is definitely cow-tier behaviour. But if you call her out on it she goes "student debt tho"

No. 653681

File: 1533150956831.png (86.7 KB, 769x246, ig.png)

Kelly changed her Instagram bio. Funny how she removed the description saying things like, "everything helps" etc etc but left the link to the GoFundMe up. Kek

She and the entire Gardiner clan are all money grubbers. Clearly, it runs in the family. They have no shame.

I feel terrible for the kid… but I wouldn't be surprised if they were part of pushing him over the edge. They all seem like horrible people. I'm sure that if he were still around to see all of their actions right now, he'd be ashamed of being part of their family.

No. 653684

File: 1533151110641.png (250.06 KB, 586x431, bio.png)

Here's an archived grab of her previous bio. They're reaaally pushing for that last $148. yikes.

No. 653703

File: 1533152275745.jpg (51.08 KB, 720x284, _20180801_203251.JPG)

When I read "wide awake at 3am" I thought it was gonna be a depression tweet and idk what's worse- her pretend grieving or her tactless tweets that show she really isn't bothered by the suicide lol

No. 653725

I've declined posting about this topic many times because I thought that it would eventually end.

But, maybe they just don't want to participate in the never-ending infighting. How do you know they don't post about anything else? If you don't like it, just keep scrolling, just like they do. You don't own the thread. You should probably get your head checked out with the paranoia and need to control what everybody is doing and saying. You're also completely obsessed with the idea of Kelly or the Fellowship interacting directly with you, which is weird. I don't care if she reads what I say or not, if I did, I'd go @ her on twitter or something.

We talk about petty stuff about Kelly all the time, her wigs, her outfits, her awful backdrops that maker her skin the wrong color. Let them have their Dre thing.

From now on, I'm just going to say Hi Dre to you every time you bring out the tin foil.

No. 653749

Since someone posted caps of her sister defending her on Twitter I wonder if her family saw the donations pouring in from her fans and got really excited/impressed/"relieved"…and encouraged Kelly to keep bringing in that $$$. They probably haven't even considered how fucked up and tactless her behavior is. Or that they just got a bunch of kids/younger adults to pay for a funeral that should have been their responsibility. And since Kelly has such a complex about how she's been treated by her family, she's most likely eating that shit up and wanting more.

No. 653903

She's on twitch rn. Q&A again.

Edit & repost: RIP, someone didn't add the twitch link to the top of the page.


No. 654004

No, the first anons assumption was absolutely correct. Whenever Dre gets brought up it gets defended by the same person or persons who are overly aggressive for no reason and accuse anyone saying anything of being a Dre wk.
Which you’re getting close to by assuming this is tinfoil instead of people being observant and noticing trends.

The Fellowship need their own thread, period. Whoever above said kelly didn’t “deserve” her own thread is sus. and/or wasn’t around for the AP drama let alone what else has been in all of these threads.
Someone once derailed to Dre in the middle of kelly milk session by posting a picture and saying her highlighter looked bad.

I’m here because Kelly is a shitty human being. I don’t want to hear about her gaggle of friends who secretly hate her.

No. 654018

You know it's multiple anons posting the same tinfoil right? This is the first time I've mentioned it

Them lurking is proven by the fact she has mentioned lolcow in her videos, and sometimes posts about stuff we've mentioned here. Absolutely none of them are above acting like a child on the internet. It's less tinfoil and more a reasonable likelihood. Plus have you seen how she responds to her more critical fans directly? Just crazy abuse. I don't think any of us are particularly keen for a direct interaction with someone like that

No. 654037

Different anon here—I have also noticed that whenever Kelly is doing super shady shit, suddenly random things about Dre are posted (usually insulting her appearance). This happened even before Phi moved in.

Just saying, I don't think that it'd be too far of a stretch to assume that it may be Kelly. She very obviously knows and lurks these threads and we all know she's fuming with jealousy over Dre surpassing her via her "really kills me when I've done so much to help someone out & they tell me I'm not allowed to be a part of their spotlight that I helped create" tweet.

This thread is abt Kelly and Dre is no longer really part of her life and hardly a part of the failoship, they rarely hang out anymore… so if there's going to be stuff posted about Dre, I'd like to think that it should be in the altcows thread, no?

Kelly wants to be the center of attention except when it comes to people pointing out things she's doing wrong, then she will try frantically try to point it at others (see: people calling her out on her shit who she then claims are "depressed" or "hateful" people, possibly derailing here to shift focus on Dre, etc.) The spotlight doesn't work that way honey.

No. 654063

Absolutely agree - on all points. Can we make this official and get on with the show now? Kelly’s in such a roll with being in a downward spiral it’d be nice to watch uninterrupted.

No. 654113

File: 1533170297179.jpeg (300.52 KB, 750x484, 99B538C5-BEB7-4EF2-9834-E426F2…)

This has all gotten really bad. I endured the entirety of her last video and was disturbed by how contrived all of her emotions about Austin are. She shows glimpses of true emotion when discussing losing her dad, but not Austin. About 30 minutes to 40 minutes in the video, she goes on about how her mother is being blamed by Austin’s mom for his death. She thinks that she killed him. Now the sister is trying to kill Kelly’s mom. I think the reality of the situation is that we are dealing with a family of really unwell people. It speaks volumes that her sister knows about the videos and the go fund me and she still acts like everything is fine. I think the anon who said about 30 minutes to 40 minutes in the video, she goes on about how her mother is being blamed by Austin’s mom for his death. She thinks that she killed him. Now his mom is trying to kill Kelly‘s mom. I think the reality of the situation is that we are dealing with a family of deranged people. She goes on about how horrible her brother is, but in the video it sounds like her brother just has breakdowns when he realizes that he’s in a family of complete sociopaths and actually bursts to finally speak up and call them out, which is what kelly finds offensive.

I think her version of her relationship with her brother is distorted. Kelly is an abusive person. I felt sick watching the video and thought of the actual Possibility that perhaps Kelly’s mom and her family felt burdened by having to take care of Austin and perhaps did drive him to do such a thing. Now they’re living happily ever after. When her brother called them out on it and as she stated “blames them” , kelly gets offended that he’s having some “anger outburst.” I would have outburst on all of you too! But sorry if tinfoil.

No. 654123

For the record, her sister knows about the GoFundMe because she made it. It's in her name.

No. 654191

She talked about all that on the video? The fuck does her family drama have to do with advice on grief?

No. 654203

It’s was almost an hour and like 5 ads!!! She filled it with all kinds of subtle manipulative messages to combat what everyone on this page knows to be true and trying to twist the truth in her favor to her audience before they catch wind. Honestly once you know the traits and methods to look for , it’s clear as day. This video sealed the deal for me (it was already sealed) that kelly is am actual psychopath, we probably see only the tip of the iceberg. She most definitely lurks here and derails to save face and change the subject. Her fake friends in the fellowship should really take a long hard look at themselves. There may still be hope for them.

No. 654208

It looks like she turned off ads. I just watched it and none played except for the one at the beginning before it started.

Did she actually pay attention to people?

No. 654220

bitch better donate every single cent she made off ads to a mental health charity. it's the least she can do for exploiting her cousins death for views and cash.

No. 654228

At this point I’m starting to wonder if she just wants people to commit suicide. She’s just giving thumbs up to two of the most common “voices” of suicide - that it will put you out of your misery >>650114, and also be an effective way to permanently punish your shitty family >>654113.

No. 654231

If she does this then how much time do you guys think she spends thinking up comebacks to lolcow?

No. 654253

I'm not sure if I could get through the video, but the idea that histrionic Kelly might have a histrionic mother who may be selfish and may have contributed, at least in lack of concern or empathy…it's not too wild of a theory. Actually it's the first thing I thought might have happened.

More happily, it seems one of her cousins seems to be making slightly more useful content regarding youth and LGBT youth suicide, posted on Kelly's accounts. Something about OUT magazine.

Also adds weight to a very early theory by another anon regarding what happened with Austin. Theorizing is wrong in my opinion but at this point when it will probably be months of content on this topic, a brief mention as you did is ok.

Btw on the Kelly derail theory. Lest we forget that multiple cows have been caught posting in their own threads, or attacking competitors via their threads on this site.

No. 654392

File: 1533187543603.jpeg (455.08 KB, 750x1075, 389A0DDE-ED29-4AFB-92F2-75DAB4…)

I’m irritated that she’s still not quoting statistics about suicide correctly. I don’t think she even read the article because it’s really clear that the project is a response to pockets of LGBT high teen suicide in hyper-conservative religious Utah, and that the statistic she quoted about suicide being the leading cause of death in teens 10-17 is in reference to those populations.

I realize that seems like a minor issue but the research has been posted multiple times in this thread stating that when reporting on suicide in media it’s critical to use accurate figures and not overstate how prevalent suicide is.

No. 654393

File: 1533187557006.png (790.84 KB, 2048x1536, D117D9C6-6A14-4AB9-BAE7-1EB0D8…)

And she really did overstate it pretty dramatically.

Kelly you daft girl, how are you going to promote this project to combat teen suicide when you refuse point blank to follow experts’ recommendations for mental health advocates in the media?

No. 654400

Let’s see:

- Didn’t educate about suicide, gives overblown statistics
- Respects his decision, his life was hard as it could be.
- Reptition for 1 month plus across all social media, hours of content, 24/7 suicide barrage.
- We know it was hanging.
- We know it was in the bedroom.
- Uses clickbait titles.
- Took us on a photo tour of the coffin, cemetery, many photos of him, pictures in their home where she had already told people the suicide occurred.
- Celebrity suicides must be covered carefully because people idolize celebrities and want to copy them. Best practices say not to wax overly poetic about those who complete suicide because of similar effects, and it is important to also state that they were very troubled along with their good qualities, even though this is counter-intuitive and hard to do when it is someone you love. She did not do this whatsoever.
- Shows no consideration, “clearly you have never lost someone close to you,” in retort to people upset by her suicide streaming.
- Provides hotlines only, while continually giving excuses for not getting help personally - the example is so much more powerful in a negative way than putting out hotlines that everyone already knows exist is helpful.
-She only recognizes that she herself, a self-proclaimed mental health advocate in the media, is affected by this suicide; she does not take the next necessary step to take care of her own mental health and protect her followers by stepping away from social media during this time, or choosing to keep this aspect of her life private until she has more clarity on the situation.

Kelly. You utterly failed. Accept responsibility. Do some damn good while you still have the chance.

No. 654407

I can see that “how to survive” could be a kind of clever language for dealing with death in a memoir or something fictional, but when it’s a recent teen suicide in the family? It’s so flippant.

No. 654628

I just went to watch the video and I got 5 ads, including the one playing at the start.

No. 654683

File: 1533226921165.jpeg (327.78 KB, 750x514, 0DBBCAE3-301A-40F8-8B46-118B21…)

Come on Kelly is this many advert necessary for a video that isn’t supposedly making money off of your cousins suicide?!

No. 654750

What if it is Kelly or a friend of Kelly? What difference does it make and more importantly, what are you going to do about it?

There are more posts of you guys bitching about Dre being post on the thread than actual posts about Dre on the thread, you realize that right? You guys are the ones derailing.

You can't be interrupted on a forum where you can keep scrolling, it's not a conversation, multiple people can post at once and they can all be read in order, without missing one.

There are thousands of people that believe that the Earth is flat and that the world is run by an elite glass of lizard people. That doesn't make them any less crazy.

No. 655067

This thread is for Kelly. If you want to post her friends make a general thread for them. Otherwise, stop derailing.

No. 655075

Weird. I guess she turned them back on or that somehow my ad blocker was enabled (I usually keep it off when I'm watching YouTube). Well, either way, I'm glad that I somehow didn't contribute to her income!

No. 655088

Giving her a view on YouTube still contributes to her income. Why didn't you just watch it here on the embedded video? No ads, no income views.

No. 655095

I actually had no intention of watching it at all, but it came up and started auto playing while I was watching/doing other things and I just didn't stop it. I've really got to get her videos to stop coming up in my recommendations. I haven't watched one of her videos in about two months.

But, to actually get back to discussing the video and not just my YouTube viewing habits, I'm still somewhat shocked that she would spill so much extra family dirt. I'd be livid if a family member sperged all that about out family. The people in her life must have jobs and that kind of negativity could affect them. Imagine a co-worker stumbling across the video and then spreading the gossip around the office. I'd hate for my co-workers to know that much shit about my family.

No. 655146

tinfoil here but I know the GFM is in Kelly's sister's name but what if they started it and didn't tell the rest of the family so all that money is going directly to the two of them?

No. 655161

I'm a creep and looked up her mom and sister on Facebook - her sister was sharing the GoFundMe link there and her mom shared it as well. I don't think they kept it secret but I do kinda suspect they knew Kelly's following would bring in lots of cash for them, and that they encouraged Kelly to whore it out for them. As I said earlier - Kelly has a complex about how her family has treated her in her childhood and was probably LOVING feeling like the hero to them

No. 655226

I think your theory is so true. In videos with madi kelly used to complain that she and her sister never talk, her sister is not interested in hanging out with her, her sister never calls her. And other videos where she describes her family, her mom seemed just like aloof. It would make a lot of sense that Kelly would be so relishing the time that she’s actually getting some attention and validation from her family. So sad.

No. 655309

File: 1533270597803.png (976.43 KB, 750x1334, D27CF52F-7025-44C7-8F56-D26860…)

Great. Just the perfect fuel for kelly to keep lighting her own dumpster fire of a channel and “brand”. Fuck off kelly! Everyone knows you’re a fake. Get help!

No. 655318

this bitch. does she just sit around searching for suicide posts, b/c i'm willing to bet she didn't even know him and is just using this to prove how much of a mental health advocate she is.

No. 655350

>SEE Lady Gaga says I should keep talking about suicide so THERE!

Call back when Lady Gaga disproves every study that says you should have shut the fuck up ages ago, Kelly Gardiner.

No. 655403

File: 1533282196645.png (408.37 KB, 1280x768, 842C5140-1815-4B56-83D5-8A7524…)

Monetizes videos about cousin and suicide to pay for “rent” while they make a GoFundMe to pay for the entire funeral yet she’s out here spending $52 USD on a stupid shirt

Defense will probably be “TREAT YOSELF SELF-CARE” blah blah blah

We all know where that money is really going. But by all means, continue to talk about how “poor” you supposedly are.

No. 655462


I don't think Kelly is going to fit into an XS.

No. 655470

Anon made me lol. But yes, we all know where the money is going to be spent: expensive holidays, ugly pastels clothes. Which, I have no problem with, as long as people WORK instead of e-beg.

No. 655488

If I remember correctly, her birthday is this month, so get ready for a shit ton of ~self care~/possible further money grubbing happening. Maybe that's why she still has that fucking GoFundMe in her Instagram bio. Kelly's been working sooo hard being the world's shittiest mental health advocate, Kelly deserves a cut of that funeral money!

No. 655918

Well soooorrrryyy to offend you but someone said she was in last board and with all this craziness she very well could be undiagnosed or misdiagnosed

No. 655989

This makes me physically sick to see but if she picked XS and showed the total does that mean she just capped it to lie that she bought it and act sweet?

No. 656016

She didn’t pick XS, that cap was to show the total on the website

No. 656109

Ntayrt but if she’s not misdiagnosed or self-diagnosed then she’s on some meds she’s not telling anyone about. I’m not going to armchair about what actually might be wrong with her, but unmedicated bipolar disorder is absolute chaos and she’s just kinda messy.

No. 656147

She’s not bipolar- that is clear,and has already been discussed in this forum.

No. 656356

This isn’t a “forum” newfag, and that was obviously the point. She isn’t in treatment and her life is pretty much fine, so that rules out any major psychiatric problem.

I don’t think she’s even clinically depressed. I think she’s just spoiled, and being spoiled has made her lazy and bored, and on top of that she has a massive ego to protect so she can’t admit to herself that being the star of the Kelly Eden Social Meda Show for a living is actually really bad for her because it enables her worst qualities (being self-centered and lazy).

No. 656358

I believed she was depressed until this happened and none of her behavior made any sense. She definitely has a neurological disorder of some kind and doesn't hide that fact. Most definitely cluster B as is her whole family, probably. Issues with narcissism and emotionally controlling others. I don't think it really matters what she has, it's likely not bipolar and more likely borderline personality disorder, but it doesn't really matter at the end of the day.

No. 656599

It matters thatf she doesn’t have the mental illnesses she claims to have to draw in an audience and their sweet Patreon bux, ad revenue, and gofundme donations, though.

Kelly is a tricky cow because on one hand, armchairing and derailing over mental heath is The Worst. At the same time, she blathers on about it herself endlessly and the way she profits off it while shaming other people for talking about their own mental health publicly is one of the shittiest aspects of her proclaiming herself to be a “mental health advocate,” (she’s retweeted stuff before against ~mental illness trend~ like bitch what do you expect normalizing the conversation to look like).

No. 657042

I personally know Kelly and she’s a pile of garbage. She gets money by selling her eggs to doners. She uses everyone she meets until she doesn’t need them. She had a thing for married men or men that are taken. She’s steels money from her “friends” the list goes on

No. 657044

Kelly doesn’t have mental health issues. She is not bipolar.she gets sad sometimes like every other human but exaggerates it to make excuses and get attention.

No. 657045

Kelly is fucking fat and disgusting. Shes so self absorbed and insecure she needs taken men to feel better about herself that she can take away love from someone else

No. 657048

It’s a small fucking wield Kelly and you’ve fucked over a lot of people.

No. 657065

I have no trouble believing you but just know that without posting proof or using the site correctly, people will probably be rude. Please provide evidence of things she is hiding or screencaps of interaction with her being nasty if you have them (you can edit your name out if need be), and if you don’t have evidence to provide type “sage” in the email field of your posts.

Kelly is an absolute cunt though and I for one completely believe you.

No. 657067

Either that or Kelly is drunk and false-flagging again! It’s 2:30 am Los Angeles time and she’s at a larp event this weekend with her girlfriends. That seems pretty damn likely to me tbh.