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File: 1448229085020.jpg (59.2 KB, 960x960, 12122560_963194313738025_12160…)

No. 63146

No. 63147

From what I see she's a regular girl, not ugly. But anyway, who is she and why is she posted here? I see no info or explanation.

No. 63148

I'd fuck her tbh

No. 63149

Lolcow is not your personal army, creep.

No. 63150

Is she more popular than OP in their school or is this some kind of revenge to her for not having sex with OP?

No. 63195

W-why did you feel the need to include her height…

No. 63196

File: 1448231166214.jpg (90 KB, 480x640, tumblr_migrab4HPc1rj6di8o1_500…)

she ain't no ten but isn't exactly an "ugly fucking cow" either.

what has your panties in such a bunch, OP? your boyfriend like her facebook/instagram pictures or something?

No. 63205

No. 63207

File: 1448234582972.jpg (21.84 KB, 480x467, 11026186_1651383015085225_6498…)

Oh and sorry for double post, but >>63196 smells like samefag too.
This entire thread smells of selfpost w/ multiple samefagging.

No. 63285

This screams selfpost…

No. 63314

The amounts of autism I've seen all across lolcow today are astounding. Like, seriously. What the fuck is going on.

No. 63315

this is such an obvious selfpost lmfao.

No. 63317

sorry op.
You have to be over 18 to post here.

No. 63356


Umm no. I samefagged this >>63147
And this >>63150

You got that wrong.

No. 63376

Why are you doxing her OP? Maybe we should contact her and give her a heads up that some jelly bitch is posting her info online. She will probably know exactly who you are.

No. 63377

None of those anons have the same typing style.

No. 63380

We could ask Admin or a farmhand to solve this mystery.

No. 63456

This doesn't mean shit. Of course somebody who's pretending to be multiple persons will try to change the typing style.
Btw admin-sama we summon you, this smells fishy af

No. 63461

Good guesses but I did not make the posts you referenced here >>63205

I did make these two, though

No. 63462

Please, let's not.

No. 63467

I'm so confused? What is this thread even about?

No. 63470

About some girl OP is butthurt over.
why not?

No. 63472

No I think we should.

No. 63552

Anon pls, this entire thread IS suspicious. It's not the first time we see a selfpost.

No. 63559

Admin doesn't care about this thread. That's why we shouldn't ask him to check the IP.

No. 63566

This girl is way too boring to bother exposing. Admin has better things to do.

No. 63609

It's not a selfpost though.

It's a vendetta-chan.

No. 63634

either way people need to stop replying without saging this is a terrible thread holy fuck

No. 63640

this is from the girl this thread is about. i did not post this i only just got linked this last night on instagram and they sent me an email to report this. i think i know who has posted this about me if this website is just for girls to use. ive emailed the admin and you can check my ip and ill gladly send my ip to admin to delete this. thank you. on my ip it should come up saying im from sydney

No. 63656

Nothing's ever deleted from the board. Just sage the thread and it'll go away.

No. 63691

Wtf does that mean

No. 63700

No. 63845

Fat face, cant bother to check out ig, what did she do?

No. 63858

Enough with this basic self poster.

No. 1663474


No. 1663485

Wtf I am friends with this girls parent, she would’ve been maybe 15 when this thread was made. Not a cow, just a regular ass girl. Fucking crazy.

No. 1663494

Yeah miserable people will do some really pathetic stuff

No. 1663559

I wish some of these vendetta threads could be removed, really unfortunate her face is here forever now.

No. 1663584


Fr and fuck the person that dug up a 6 year old thread

No. 1664486

It's nice that OP is banned and all, but why does the thread s exist? There's no milk here, this is just some normal person.

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