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File: 1448171600610.jpg (97.57 KB, 640x623, 1448157226444.jpg)

No. 63152

A lolita and Harajuku fashion model who goes by RinRinDoll.
Originally from LA, she was scouted by AP to model for them after allegedly begging them for the job and then moved to Tokyo on a study abroad trip.
She began modeling for AP while on said study abroad trip and soon began modeling for KERA and GLB as well.

Acts like she's lived in Japan her whole life and is Japanese when in reality she's a LA born and raised Chinese girl.
She was popular on daily_lolita but disappeared after AP hired her.


No. 63153

>Acts like she's lived in Japan her whole life and is Japanese
How exactly? Because she speaks Japanese because she's in a mainly Japanese environment? She has no problems speaking English

No. 63154

She literally NEVER posted to daily lolita. Not even to comment on anyone else's outfit.

No. 63155

That's so weird. In every video I've seen of her it always came across like she didn't speak english well.

No. 63156

Lol she speaks English fluently in literally every video.

You sure are trying hard to start some shit lol

No. 63157

Again I don't think she is a snowflake, so this should probably be in /b, but here is what I was going to say.

I met her in school. I don't want to give too much info about that because then it will be obvious who I am should she ever read this. But she had a pretty severe eating disorder then. Looking at her current photos, she still looks the same so I wouldn't be surprised if she still has one. She just kind of faded away and disappeared and then the next thing I know, she is an AP model. I have nothing against her, but her ED was (is?) pretty severe.

No. 63158

her face is so weird holy shit!

No. 63159

Can someone explain how she used to be edgy?

No. 63160

She's so odd looking, and not in a unique way. She creeps me out.

No. 63161

Not sure what the point of lying about her is but you're clearly a newfag.

Did you know if you add "?poster=USERNAME" to any LJ community and all the posts by the user show up? There's no D_L post, she's never posted let alone became popular on DL but you can see every post she ever made on egl from when she first started and was figuring out how to wear a petticoat to when she started modeling for AP.

She was hardly active online, but I remember seeing her around the California scene a few times and I followed her on LJ where she barely posted. She was always a sweetheart.

No. 63162

I'm not even that anon but you have to calm down, your samefagging game is way too much for this girl.

No. 63163

"Begged them for the job" source on this?

And seriously, "acts like she's lived in Japan her whole life"? You sound really salty, theres no need to even have a thread on her.

No. 63164

I'm an oldfag lolita and there was literally never any drama about her. She modeled for AP at the first AP events in the US which is probably how they knew her. Pretty sure someone has a vendetta that they aren't a model in Japan.

No. 63165


No. 63166

I've met her several times in AP parties/randomly at Harajuku and she always speaks english to me/other lolita friends. She never fakes that she can only speak japanese at all.
Also I've seen a few interviews where she says how bad her japanese is because she is still learning (this was an internview of maybe a few years ago so her japanese is probably way better now).

No. 63167

I love her face.

No. 63168

Psht… I was more popular on daily Lolita than angelic Lailah, doesn't mean much.

No. 63169

I literally raised an eyebrow at this. I never recalled any drama about her?

Seriously, ffs. What is this website turning into? If it's not here then it's PULL. Every girl who seems to be into kawaii/japan gets pulled up and bitched at even when they've done fuck all wrong apart from like the style. Kota, Kiki, Venus, Yuka I can see why. But c'mon, it's as if no one is good enough for Jfashion and even if they are they've still got "drama" bagged with them when they haven't.

No. 63170

How is this girl a Lolcow though? There isn't any drama about her.

Thread should be moved.

No. 63171

File: 1448200061023.png (322.56 KB, 938x480, rin.png)

Her face shape scares me, but I think she's a really sweet person.

No. 63172


Lolcow is declining in quality rapidly.

No. 63173

Omg yall is rinrin doll news to you? Do you even jfashion? I thought lolcow was for dramu hungry cgl transplants?
And anyway i dont think this girl is a cow. Yall are just hungry for milk

No. 63174

she needs to get braces
i suspect extreme overbite

No. 63175

She's cute as fuck.

Not all of us are cgl. I only went to /cgl/ for the drama and skincare/makeup threads before moot ruined it.

No. 63176

Whoever is samefagging this thread hard for RinRin Doll just baffles me. I'll get into why.

First of all, there's a lot of weird blatant lies here. RinRin did not "allegedly" beg AP to do anything. She was sort of scouted, similar to Baby with Misako. They liked her style and she began to model for them.
Now, this is where I question why you want to stir this much shit up with her, because in the West, RinRin is largely ignored since she's never had the presence of someone like Misako. The people that DO hate her has actually been xenophobes and racists on Japanese boards. Basically, they could not stand that an American Chinese got to model for their 100% Nippon Angelic Pretty brando and she received some bullying and harsh criticisms for her unusual face.

In this video, she discusses it and has really only ever had positive things to say about bullying and her bad experiences. Overall, she's taken it as a sport and isn't a cow at all, much less a flake.

No. 63177

Yeah she begged AP (litterally begged as if she was desperate) to take her as a model.

No. 63178

Rinrin never posted on daily lolita. Probably because she didn't have any Coords to post. She would show up at cons and wear the same coord for multiple days even for multiple cons. I think I saw her wear the seme kira kira doll set for the entirety of PDX one year, pretty sure she wore it the next year too but DON'T quote me on that. I remember her most in some white BABY OP that she would wear a lot. She never really participated in local meet-ups and didn't have much of an online presence (she mostly appeared on other peoples event posts) but she was always there for big events. And since she's pretty she definitely stood out. But I wouldn't say she was ever popular.

No. 63179

Holy shit, OP stop being fucking jelly. This girl isn't a lolcow. It's like we need a sticky to demonstrate what is and isn't a lolcow. This is getting ridiculous.

No. 63180

Like every single post I can remember with her in it on d_l has her wearing either Kira Kira Doll or that white BTSSB op.

Report the thread for making false accusations I guess. Someone's jelly that they didn't become Angelic Pretty's kawaii rori moderu like RinRin.

No. 63181

Where is your fucking source? Stop pulling shit out of thin air and trying to make a cow when there's nothing to be had.

No. 63182

File: 1448217690120.jpg (8.68 KB, 173x210, 173px-Matsui_rena13(2).jpg)

She reminds me of Matsui Rena

that aside she isn't even a lolcow

No. 63183

so when we want to talk about someone who isn't bad or cringy just generally interesting to talk about should we take it to g?

No. 63184

How is she a lolcow?
From what i'm reading, she seems to be modest (saying her japanese is bad).
is she a lolcow because her face is weird? really?
move this shit to /snow/
i don't want another berry-like thread

No. 63185

Saw her when she came to Sakura-Con, saw her walking around and I said hi to her as I walked by. She gave me a smug look, maybe she was having a bad day but it made think of her as a bitch.

No. 63186

This should really be in /b/ or actually put into a lolita thread. There just isn't enough to even call them snowflakes.

No. 63187

not true, she posted comments and posts in the past.

No. 63188

Really? She was sweet to me at sakuracon and I wasn't even wearing lolita or any jfashion at all. Maybe she was trying to get somewhere?

No. 63189

File: 1448227315485.jpg (130.6 KB, 400x764, 34hwef9.jpg)

disreguard this i was wrong, she never did post on daily_lolita. she was never a popular lolita, she appeared in posts for the Yumemiru Paradise events and that's it. She modeled in the events and made youtube tutorials. She wasn't active apart from that.

She's harmless and shes not a lolcow. Someone is just jealous Maki and Asuka didn't notice her at a convention.

No. 63259

Her makeup in this photo looks really unflattering on her. She looks crosseyed.

No. 63381

Well… Sorry, but I really do hope you are lying.
Rinrin seems like such a cutie, I'm sad to think of her being through this.

And yup. I went here just to be sure but she has no meaning being here.

No. 63554

I bet Rosarie posted this. She hates RinRin because she wanted to model for AP but she's way to fat lol.

No. 64000

You sound like you were imagining things/looking into something way too much

No. 64002

because PULLtards flooded this site and PULLtards tend to think "If this kawaii fashion person has no drama, let's make drama about them because every single kawaii fashion addict SHOULD have drama" Backwards ass thinking.

No. 64016

I'm jealous of her eyes-lips-chin ratio and soft cheeks. Some people find her face weird looking but I think it looks really cute.

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