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File: 1449254806008.jpg (59.09 KB, 540x960, 12346822_1027218367320443_8690…)

No. 67670

New MOMO/ahri pop thread as the old one >>61252 maxed out

Why she posted this ugly photo, I will never know.

No. 67743

because she's ~sO rAnDoM && qUiRkY~

No. 67749

File: 1449268459299.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 67750

File: 1449268517574.png (615.24 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>Today's selfie background

No. 67751


HOLY SHIT THIS IS A NEW LOW. LMAOO oh my god skyleigh please.. this doesn't even look similar to her other shoops.. oh my. she's going even more small and doll like it seems..

No. 67781

Anyone else looking at this and thinking she us slowly trying to imitate Dakota?

The slight alterations to her shops until she is the next kawaii dolly

No. 67830

She just keeps making her face smaller and smaller. Soon there will be no face left.

No. 67857

I was thinking Berry Tsukasa at first but now that you mention it, she does follow Kittyphina (that Kota wannabe) on IG

No. 67859

File: 1449286052709.png (421.77 KB, 816x602, Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.26…)

>wow like the change

No. 67911

File: 1449298130459.png (335.51 KB, 484x601, Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.4…)

seriously, is her face ok?

No. 67922

This one I can deff see the kota wannabe coming out. Goddamn.

No. 67927

should i make a callout blog for her like fakemiruku?

No. 67932

since the vast majority of her fans are just on IG, i dont think it would "help" much.

No. 67934

lol, she looks like she's trying to be Dakota

No. 67936

Holy shit that blurry inner corner with super sharpened eyeliner skyleigh please

No. 68085

File: 1449353036704.jpg (70.17 KB, 780x488, Moon man_daef5e_5325798.jpg)

No. 68099

File: 1449358940799.jpg (16.69 KB, 480x360, reallifeanime.jpg)

She doesn't really look like a Dakota clone like that Kittyphina girl, she looks more like those uzzlangs with the pointy chins.

No. 68106

Is she squashing her whole head flatter or what?

No. 68112

Skyleigh, please fix your makeup. Your eyeliner is too harsh.

No. 68142

>>>wants to be asain
>>>blocks people who ask if she is

No. 68144


No. 68827

File: 1449529274372.jpeg (30.7 KB, 640x151, image.jpeg)

Someone left this comment on a photo a girl I follow posted ?

No. 69163

File: 1449625531668.jpeg (103.76 KB, 750x1077, image.jpeg)

Her bathroom looks so gross and janky. Aren't the houses in Windermere generally really nice?

No. 69169

>that black mold
What the fuuuuuck

No. 69173

that's just poorly applied grout

No. 69175

Ah, okay my bad then. That still looks alarming as hell though.

No. 69192

lol she looks trans

No. 69193

Not to be sjw, but that's such a terrible insult to trans people. Even trans people look better than that.

No. 69204

Here are some legal facts. Her public voter information is out there under her birth name "Skyleigh Renee Arzoomanian" as well as birth date, RACE, registration date, current address, etc. (which can all be found through her parent's names mentioned in previous posts). You can also easily find her actual father's FB who is clearly not japanese (Alex Arzoomanian)

No. 69205

What an unfortunate name.

No. 69210

That's some Elder Scrolls shit.

No. 69213

"Skyleigh" is even worse, honestly.

No. 69218

File: 1449641212298.png (52.2 KB, 375x343, lolwut.png)

>If this were a manga, you would have to guard the bath water before some guys tried to drink it!
Um. What.

No. 69220

Oh wow I just looked up her dad's profile and you know that car she claimed her parents were getting her for her birthday? She stole those pictures from her dad's profile. Top fucking kek.
She goes by Skyleigh Quick because Quick is her mother's maiden name.

No. 69222

File: 1449643069106.jpg (181.97 KB, 960x960, 1507510_10202832673921799_1645…)

Wow look at that kawaii Asian girl on the left. Do you think she's Japanese or Korean?

Also is it just me or does she actually look like Annedere?

No. 69223

File: 1449643146740.jpg (237.28 KB, 484x601, 1449298130459_mr1449642908996_…)

i'm tripping balls man

No. 69229

did they pull down their facebooks?

No. 69232

No they didn't? If you look up Jason R Burger, her stepdad should come up and you can find her mom from his profile.

No. 69235

i was searching the wrong thing lmao, thanks

No. 69237

jesus chirst fuck

No. 69249

File: 1449656387548.jpg (375.94 KB, 1011x1280, ew1.jpg)

No. 69250

File: 1449656421467.jpg (373.38 KB, 1015x1280, ew2.jpg)

is her kitten just a prop to her or what

No. 69251

File: 1449656479922.jpg (459.94 KB, 1016x1280, ew3.jpg)

Also, did she get a DSLR + timer just to sell ugly pictures of herself?

No. 69253

File: 1449656560453.jpg (281.39 KB, 1080x796, 2015-12-09-05-21-51_deco.jpg)

Text for that one.

>signed by me


No. 69255

Implying any of her fans are old enough to have their own cards

No. 69258

newfag lurker here

would it be too much to in someway inform her publically or not(?) that ppl know like everything about her from her legal race to her real rpg wizard last name? idk if this would get good milk or just ruin everything, pls inform

No. 69264

it'd ruin everything.

No. 69267


Not a good idea buying the DSLR, good quality photos need better photoshop skills.
Also her wig looks SO SHINY in those. She needs to buy better quality shit.

No. 69284

File: 1449670938745.png (385.16 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>asking $70 for some random cheap, dumpy-looking salopette from a rEaL LOLITA STORE!!!!!

This looks like I could get it on Taobao for like $15

No. 69286


Forgot to add this onto my post but the tog's name is in the corner.

No. 69292

File: 1449673143968.png (726.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-09-09-47-07…)

No. 69293

File: 1449673176562.png (364.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-09-09-47-03…)

No. 69294

She's selling her ex's first cosplay lmao. Also 89 pounds? kek

No. 69297

File: 1449675114342.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

why does she keep posting this picture it's literally one of the worst ones out of all of them. Her choker is so fucking distorted because she needs to shoop her jaw.. am I the only one who noticed ?

Also she put her profile on private when Asians kept asking her what her ethnicity was. Now if you go into the ahripop tag on Tumblr there's a lot of shit talk about her, which I'm glad about tbh

No. 69300

I wonder what happened to her old super asian shops (the ones that were accompanied by Skyleigh saying "us asians")

No. 69377

Poor guy, he's a cutie though.

No. 69518

File: 1449706802651.jpeg (144.13 KB, 750x1044, image.jpeg)

Ngl I think she's actually pretty cute without her blindingly ugly Azn desu shoop.

Now she says he stole her great-grandmother's jacket and that he sold it or gave it away.

She probably thinks that the reason why lolcow and 4chan keep "bULLYING" and "raping" her is because she shoops herself "Asian" so she figures that if she stops pretending to be Asian, we'll all go away.
Too bad that that's not the only reason why she's a cow.

No. 69594

But she's still photoshopped, that's not her real face and tbh it still looks gimped up. Just because it's not ~Azn desu~ doesn't mean it looks anything like her actual face.

No. 69599

honestly she's hideous

No. 69600

File: 1449712802115.png (48.28 KB, 194x158, poop.png)


i really don't like the colours.. she should have stayed blonde or something

also am i the only one who thinks her profile picture looks horrible?

No. 69609

File: 1449713627337.png (518.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-09-21-08-38…)

Mmm that vague post

No. 69611

Wait who called her out?

No. 69612

Lmao @ her last ig post: isn't the girl she's quoting some latina pretending to be asian as well?

No. 69633

File: 1449716212000.png (140.01 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

keep going !

No. 69642

File: 1449716925297.png (46.61 KB, 309x502, ellis has proofs guys.png)

lordcreepypeepee is Skyleigh's ex (ellisuwc_)'s current gf apparently.

Pic related, if anyone has Insta and wants screens, apparently Ellis is willing to provide.

No. 69656

I agree. Damn, he doing pretty good for himself.
Does skyleech's bfs have an insta?

No. 69657

Wasn't his IG loliguardian or something and he was like 25 when she was 17?

No. 69661

File: 1449719608540.jpg (75.91 KB, 1500x500, sky.jpg)

He changed his Insta.

Header from his Loliguardian twitter. Not sure if it was posted though.

No. 69662

Googling "loliguardian" also brings up a reddit account of "LoliGuardian" so can't say if it's him, but this was in the post history. Would be interesting if it is him. The person states they are 17 though. (don't take any of this as fact) https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/2vcutz/need_help_on_where_to_go/

No. 69666

Sorry for doublepost but also just found this post from three months ago discussing his girlfriend, drama/negativity from people, and instagram so. Likely him? lawl. https://www.reddit.com/r/hacking/comments/3hlxfi/need_help_finding_hack/

No. 69670

Oh okay. I think the 25 thing was from something on his twitch where he called himself "level 25" which some gamers use as a xD ~qUUirkyy!~ way of describing their age.

No. 69712

Thanks anon!

No. 69716

Lmfao shamefur dispray

No. 69733

Yeah I know she's still shooped. It's pretty obvious that she is. What I mean is that she didn't shoop her face into a Gangam face and it looks better without the Gangam face shoop.

Looking through his post history, this definitely seems like him.

I also found a post on his Twitter where he's making up excuses for Skyleigh being a complete hack at LoL: https://twitter.com/LoliGuardian/status/651092048360132608?lang=en

No. 69759

Wtf is that Instagram description that's so disturbing

No. 69828

If she's as kawaii desu azn grl as she shoops herself to be, shouldn't she be able to land herself an actual hot boyfriend instead of some pedo?

No. 69848

File: 1449755785661.png (183.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

so that Latina chick reads this thread. I mean it's great and all that she was straight forward and told people she was Latina, but she still shoops a lot. Anyways I don't think anyone here cares about her lmao no one has mentioned her more than two times, this thread is about skyleigh anyways.

So when will ahripop copy her "insta waifu desu" and make her own post saying she is 100% white hmm?

No. 69858

File: 1449759401954.webm (852.77 KB, 640x640, sumomo.webm)

She does shoop a lot and looks a lot more Latina in her videos than in her photos. I find her more likable than Skyleigh.

No. 69860

I wonder how damaged her hair is. Wasn't in black during the summer?

I hope Ellis puts out the proof of the "cheating, abusing, etc."

?? Why does this chick think this thread is about her? It says "MOMO/ahri pop" not "Ahripop and Sumomo". No one here is even giving her beef. The only posts about her are saying that she's better than Skyleigh.

No. 69864

File: 1449760869909.jpg (74.62 KB, 400x600, Skyleigh was 16 here.jpg)

Found the this and the next image on the Tumblr tag "Ahripop".
I wonder why she doesn't cosplay Elsa/Anna anymore. She had the dresses for both (im sure they weren't cheap), but i guess they aren't asian-desu oppai enough for her.

No. 69865

File: 1449760905955.png (50.63 KB, 702x814, she is apparently transphobic.…)

No. 69866

No. 69867

ooops skip to 3:38

No. 69868

That fake voice is killing me. It's so obvious.
What is she even wearing? "ahri cosplay". No skyleigh, you're just wearing cat ears.

No. 69871

lmao what an ego she has, she must have thought the 'momo' was referring to her or something

No. 69885

File: 1449763480714.png (335.09 KB, 233x629, thighs.png)


omg she almost can't keep up with the voice, a few times it gets weird or she almost has a voice crack. also 89 pounds? look at those thunder thighs..
and her jaw… finally.. raw footage of her jaw. she doesn't even play league that much, she's struggling to even talk about it tbh. adding ears to booty shorts and a tank top isn't a cosplay.. come on skyleigh you could have tried harder

also where did her huge oppais go?

No. 69888

Her chubs is cute

No. 69901

File: 1449765836552.png (1.81 MB, 1336x678, a few caps.png)

Her body seems pretty cute imo (atleast, in that angle). But I think she's lieing about her hip measurement in >>69292 . She says her hips are 30 and her chest is 34, but it seems like her hips are larger than/the same size as her padded chest.

Here are a few more caps.

No. 69944

"They madeded it a sport now" Did I hear that wrong or did she actually say "madeded it" at 4:09

No. 69954

oh my kek
such a a typical "nerdy gamer guuuurrrrllll"

No. 69961

I'm almost certain that she's lying about her height too. She looks taller than 5' whenever she's taking pictures with people.

No. 69974

>>69961 It's pretty obvious that she's lying about her height. Skyleigh is definitely much taller than 5'. She says she's 5' to further perpetuate the deluded fantasy that she's the perfect half asian cat waifu.

No. 69978


I know right? It seems like she's trying so hard do be genuine and it makes her look bad. She doesn't know anything about the game besides her "ahri.. Ahri from league!" she never even plays and when she does she goes 1/10 on aram lmao. I could hardly call it playing. Does she claim to play anything else besides league ??

No. 69991

Holy shit she really does have a moonman face I don't know why she shoops it worse. This picture is really embarrassing she looks uncomfortable

No. 69992

Iirc she says she plays TERA Online and some other MMOs.

I'm not sure if she's lying about her hip or bust measurement. She could be saying that her bust measurement is larger than it actually is since she's going to pad her cosplay with socks or cutlets anyways.

If she got nasolabial and lip fillers, it would probably fix her face.

No. 70037

File: 1449787398418.jpeg (71.46 KB, 483x671, image.jpeg)

Nice chin, sumomo!

No. 70045

I'm so confused, I've seen some of her deluded fans comment on videos of her (like the Homestuck panel one where she looks awful) saying "oh em geee ahri is such a sexy loli i love ur insta <333". Like, do they not realise that she looks completely different from her instagram photos?

No. 70120

Even with the Korean eyeliner, she looks so painfully white, kek

No. 70121

Can we not post her in this thread? Normally, I'd be all up for this, but she obviously gets a kick out of being posted here and thinks this thread is about her :/

I'm surprised they even recognize her.

No. 70122

i like her body but she's definitely lying about all of her measurements. 89 lbs, really?

No. 70123

I think she looks pretty good here, just not in the super tiny azn desu way she puts herself out there as.

No. 70128

there is NO WAY her hips are a 30. and NO WAY she's 89 lbs either lmfao. in the comments of the video, someone says the interviewer is 5'2 and she looks about exactly his height. hahahaha this bitch

No. 70131

I don't usually like chubby girls but I think her body looks cute here… she has good proportions for her weight. She just needs to accept that she's thick instead of pretending to be a tiny 89lb loli

No. 70132

This. Her face isn't hideous or anything either but she needs to stop that shitty eyeliner. Goddamn there's nothing wrong with just being a regular qt white girl, why is she wasting all her potential on trying to be an Azn loli? Shame.

No. 70137

Yeah because heels aren't a thing.

Skyleigh and her friends want to get shit on so bad because negative attention is still attention and they're a bunch of attention whores. I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of them ended up as a cam whore.

No. 70138

Yeah i noticed the interviewer's height comment too. Skyleigh has to be around 5'3" or 5'2" then. It always seems like she's changing her height whenever someone asks her about it.
At 5'0 and 89 pounds, her BMI would be 17.4 At 5'3" and 89 pounds, her BMI would be 15.8. She definitely does not look like she weighs a 15.8 BMI at all.

>yeah because heels aren't a thing.
Even in other photos, she looks to be taller than some people. I think at one point she did say she was 5'2" or around there.

No. 70141

She doesn't look like a 17.4 BMI either… even assuming that she's 5'0, I would guess she's 115-120 lbs

No. 70143

Yeah, she actually looks pretty cute in this video or she looks like a human being at the very least. Her Instagram 80lbs (with 50lbs being her boobs teehee~) kawaii asian high-voiced loli persona is… freaky, to say the least. In some of her giant pointy-chinned long-necked selfies she literally looks like an alien. I feel like she probably has some underlying psychological issues that make her photoshop so excessively, maybe like body dysmorphia or something? I think she mentioned it before but that might have been someone else.

No. 70145

I seriously doubt it. I think she's just an overgrown weeb that loves her Azn waifu fantasy life more than her real, boring gaijin life.

No. 70149

lmao, the guy is trying SO HARD not to look at her boobs

No. 70151

She's never mentioned having body dysmorphia. She just says crap like "I do it because I'm not confident in myself QuQ" while posting shooped to hell and back lingerie pics.

>real, boring gaijin life

I'm surprised she wants to be Asian so badly instead of just hopping on the "I'm white and blonde so every Asian person automatically worships me teehee" bandwagon

No. 70178

nah just a giant attention whore. realized she wasn't a 10/10 so figured shooping herself so azn desu would make her that, or get her more attention at least but she mostly looks just..weird, compared to how she looks irl.

yeah i'd say she's probably 5'2 and 110ish lbs. her body weight is distributed ok but dem thighs..and then saying shes 89 lbs with 30 in hips, wat? unless her ass is a literal pancake despite having large thighs for her body i'm inclined to believe she's lying. but then again, what hasn't she lied about at this point….where do you think she got the $150 for the axent wear headphones? oh yeah her cat getting "sick" lol

No. 70270

File: 1449857415451.jpeg (135.32 KB, 920x1235, image.jpeg)

I wonder why she deleted this

No. 70279

She prob didn't get even comments praising that she's the perfect asian kitty waifu.

No. 70281


No. 70285

No. 70297

saw that, that's why I came over here because the mods are gonna get butthurt and delete it soon probably

No. 71291

Yeah she has a nice body, has nice legs,and her face isn't bad. Confused as to why she destroys herself with photoshop and bad publicity.

No. 71301

She's definitely a lot more attractive than your average wannabe-Asian weeb, and I kind of feel bad for her since she's really young and too stubborn to listen to anyone who tries to give her advice. Instead, she just basks in the compliments of the 50 year old men who follow her and talk about how kawaii loli desu she is.

No. 71312

File: 1449882948772.png (270.61 KB, 434x529, kawaii azn loli.png)

No. 71334

Oh god why

No. 71337

>really young

There are people who use this site, myself included, who are her age or around her age.

She's clearly spoiled by her parents who just hand her everything she wants except for a new ethnicity.

No. 71369

18 is young, and an age where people do lots of dumb shit. It's more likely they'll do or act in a dunb way and regret it when they're 18 or younger, rather than 23+.

No. 71374

Weeb is forever

No. 71378

True. I'm around her age as well and I see what you mean, 18 is a legal adult and it's annoying how immature and stubborn she acts when there are 16 year-olds who have their shit together better than she does. But the fact that she seems to have her sole source of social interaction be Instagram and her deluded fans instead of reasonable adults and friends her age probably isn't helping her mature into a functioning human.

No. 71395

File: 1449902201645.png (210.61 KB, 281x500, image.thumb.png.df7be1cfadbb44…)

bitch needs braces

No. 71498

Her teeth are fine

No. 71499

oh hello there, i thought you learned something and got off the internet

her teeth are yellow as hell and crooked

No. 71504

File: 1449938125821.png (5.36 MB, 1242x2208, image.png.dad79bb41c8deaca07fa…)

Her teeth are fucking nasty

No. 71505

File: 1449938330913.jpeg (26.45 KB, 479x500, image.thumb.jpeg.8cf185a340117…)

so kawaii
azn waifu material!!!11!!

No. 71506

Never heard of a toothbrush?

No. 71509


Why, what's wrong with them?
They're a normal colour, normal shape and has no visible chips or decay.

No. 71510

brit detected

No. 71517

She's Iranian?

No. 71524


You haven't stipulated what's wrong with them

What's wrong with them.

No. 71525

Nothing is. That anon is just thirsty like most people seem to be on here anymore. Eager to attack other members for no reason.

No. 71527


Probably another ana-chan too tbh.

No. 71528

idk I'm not that anon and I think they look pretty gross too. They're yellow, and it looks like her canines are fake like Charms'

No. 71535


That's a bog-standard colour for teeth if you're not bleaching the ever-loving shit out of them, and I'd have thought it was painfully obvious that she's wearing fake fangs…

Do you believe that the bones within your body are all pearly white too? That's a completely natural tooth colour, you've just been tricked into believing bone is white as snow because virtually all toothpastes contain bleaching agents.

Not having completely white teeth doesn't make you dirty or unhygienic, and bleaching your teeth does actually damage them slowly over time so I stay the fuck away from them. I'd rather have cream coloured teeth for my entire life rather than snow white ones that begin to crumble and decay in the future.

No. 71569

She was obviously wearing fake fangs omg..

No. 71598

I know right? Looks like the usual type of name you could see on an Argonian
Naah there's worse imho. I live in a non-english country and these names sound qt to me

No. 71686

File: 1449976558420.png (144.49 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Isn't it too early for April Fool's Day, Skyleigh?
You're such an attention whore that you won't last 2 weeks without your neckbeards telling you that you're their precious anime waifu.

No. 71693

Top kek, nah that ain't happening, lets be real here. Someone's fishing for asspats.

No. 71702

attention whores likes her don't just leave their social media. if she doesn, she'll come back anytime soon

No. 71703

what social media does she have apart from instagram and twitch, actually?

No. 71704

facebook and tumblr. i'm not sure if she has any public social media accounts other than those her ig, tumblr, facebook, and twitch.

No. 71707

What's her Tumblr? Her FB page is still up, instagram's on private (lol) and her twitch is still active but I actually can't find her Tumblr and ahripop25 comes up as "Not found".

No. 71709


She got a lot of hate from users bc of the Asian shoops, people weren't shy to call her out and probably even message her off anon

No. 71711

Wait, who was calling her out and messaging her? Searching her name on Tumblr doesn't give any results except some posts from a while ago.

No. 71712

Her teeth ARE really yellow, wtf. I only know one person with teeth this yellow and it's cause he's shit at brushing them/going to the dentist.

No. 71713

Her Instagram is private know

No. 71717

lol she won't leave
she loves the attention and taking those weird lewd pictures / gain more attention from them.

No. 71718

it's ok, i'm still following her on ig so i can post caps. she hasn't posted anything new but she did change her description to something that's mostly Japanese.

>✩ アリ ✩ ✧☆Cosplay☆✧ ଘ 十八歳 ✩ 背の低い ✩ テレビゲームഒ ✧ʚ Kitty Waifu ɞ✧ ˚⁺✩ そばにいてください。✩⁺˚ ✧PO box 114 Windermere, FL 34786✧ ☾

>✩Ahri ✩ ✧☆Cosplay☆✧ ଘ 18 years old ✩ short ✩ TV game (video games)ഒ ✧ʚ Kitty Waifu ɞ✧ ˚⁺✩ please come close to me (or something like that. can someone better than me at moonspeak translate?) 。✩⁺˚ ✧PO box 114 Windermere, FL 34786✧ ☾


welp guess she deleted that. I guess she wasn't getting the attention she wanted on Tumblr.

No. 71722

Wow, great Google Translate Ahri. You wouldn't write 背の低い without a noun in the end. Like 背の低い女性 (short woman) or whatever.
As for そばにいてください it's more like "Please be by my side".

No. 71723

theres an option where you can hide your tumblr without it appearing in searches, and make it seem like you deleted it

No. 71724

>boohoo i'm leaving my social media ccounts, good bye minnasan!!!!1!
>comes back in 2 days
such a typical lolcow behaviour

No. 71726

If you go directly to the url, http://ahripop25.tumblr.com, it doesn't come up either.
I just checked one of the posts I reblogged from her before I knew who she was and it comes up as "this" and it's unclickable which means that she really did delete.

Ty for the correction!

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it 背が低い as well? 背の低い is "height's short" i.e. short belonging to height whereas 背が低い is my height is short.

The only time where I've seen 背の低い is 背の低い人 ("shorty") so i think Skyleigh probably plugged "shorty" into google translate and then deleted the 人 at the end.

No. 71727

Not really as you can only no-possessive nouns. If it was 背の低さ it'd be a no-possessive, as 低さ is a noun.

No. 71777

wasn't her ig description was in korean for awhile? I like how she can't decide if she wants to be korean or japanese.

No. 71795


It was for months up until now.

Does she actually have any Japanese fans ?

No. 71842

Tysm for the correction again! I'm really new to reading/speaking/writing Japanese so I really appreciate it.

AFAIK no. Her "Japanese" fans are weebs pretending to be Japanese (just like her).

No. 71846

Aw, the old "i'm leaving social media forever!1!" followed by returning a day later after so much "support" aka asspats.
I guess she hasn't been getting enough ass kissing on pics and decided to pull this old attention whore trick.

No. 71887

File: 1450040483112.png (544.75 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>nvm lol

No. 71918

If she left, that'd mean she'd lose 35.4k followers. No matter how many times she threatens I doubt she would tbh.

No. 72045

In the last post someone mentioned her with lunakoto, does anyone know whats up and also what lunakoto's handle might be?

No. 72053

It's Lunakoto…

No. 72095

ofc not i wouldn't lurk on lolcow

No. 72101

(Posted by Suaki.)

she is adorable!

No. 72119

ok samefag-chan

No. 72353

File: 1450123352792.png (659.25 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

What the fuck… This reminds me of Wylo shooping her dead mom.

No. 72355

File: 1450123370165.png (494.79 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 72377

What kind of a shit person could ever do something like this?

No. 72411

She fucking deleted it and posted a made up pic of herself with a "thanks for all your well wishes"

idk about you guys but if my grandmother were dying and there was really such tragedy going on my LAST priority would be to put a ton of makeup on and look all cute and un-affected by the supposed tragedy for pity comments

No. 72422

My cousin does stupid shit like this. When her sister was put in a medically induced coma after being shot she took so many pics and uploaded it to her fB and IG. She also has a habit taking pictures at funerals and uploading them. Personally I don't get it.

No. 72423

Or taking pics with cutesy filters.

No. 72461

File: 1450137755812.jpeg (43.43 KB, 750x245, image.jpeg)

I like how she won't tell people shit about what's going on with her dad and brother. I suspect they were tossed in for sympathy points.

No. 72467

Ahri poop

No. 72508

File: 1450150861251.jpeg (69.16 KB, 750x473, image.jpeg)

And now we know why Skyleigh is so racist all the time.
Her dad legitimately thinks that sharing photos of the Twin Towers will offend people lmao.

No. 72579

Wonder how long until she starts begging for money for her grandma, baby brother, and dad, then coincidentally get a new cosplay outfit or wig…

No. 72656

File: 1450197428360.png (569.77 KB, 801x591, 4t24t.png)

is she going to cosplay battle bunny riven? fuck. that was one of my first cosplans. i'm about halfway through of getting everything. how much you wanna bet she wont even make her huge sword? i mean riven is a fighter, her sword is iconic but i bet skyleigh won't make it.. or can't

No. 72712

It's not that deep lol

No. 72790

not that anon but the point is skyleigh is too lazy and incompetent to make it, she just thinks putting on a white wig and bunny ears and having on a push up bra for her mediocre tits is enough of a cosplay to get her attention on instagram rather than actually cosplaying the character with the props

No. 72843

File: 1450229731659.png (218.34 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 72844

File: 1450229753938.png (220.01 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 72850

File: 1450230507005.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 72851

Holy shit the whiteknight is strong in this one
Also kek on defending her trying to be asian & shooping, because yes at one point lying to say you're part asian is the same as using whitening/brightening products

No. 72859

File: 1450232226256.jpeg (26.07 KB, 155x347, image.jpeg)

No. 72865

Ugly as fuck

No. 72873


How retarded is she by saying that asians who use brightening products want/are trying to be western? fucking retard

No. 72884

she wrote a suicide scenario on one of her pictures

No. 72962

we don't talk shit about yaya han cause she makes her own cosplays and her costumes are pretty fucking amazing and detailed

No. 72963

lmaoooo she reposted this
>A little message to those who hurt others.

Those being ass holes and spreading hate throughout the cosplay community.
It takes you an average of 30 seconds to 5 minutes to type those awful messages you send to people.
It takes that person a minute to read it.
Your stupid little messages that you thought was "so funny" just ruined someone's 24 hours, maybe 48, maybe even longer.
You go on your happy way thinking " oh it's only trolling lol no one will care."
But your stupid 3 minutes caused pain for someone else.
What right do you have to steal someone's happiness away!? To rob them of their time?! Look at this scenario:
There is a person trying to stay positive and happy, everything is going wrong in life but they try to cling to that happiness that they can find.
Than you come along and rip it away from them. Their last thread cut.
Suddenly you wake up to find yourself in a funeral home amongst crying people. The air is silent and full of sadness.
You look to your right and there is a brother who doesn't have his big sister who have him so much strength. He blames himself for being a burden on her.
To your right is a mother and father who are speechless. They blame themselves thinking maybe they didn't love her enough.
Behind you all of her family and friends, broken hearted.
You're 5 minutes of " lols" ruined people's lives.
You took away a precious persons life and someone so dear to so many.
Now they all look to you.
Will you say " sorry it was just a joke?". Can you look into that grandfathers eyes and tell him, that he will never dance with her at her wedding.
You see in the corner of the room is a young man, silent and keeping his distance from everyone.
He looks at the photos of the person he loved, an engagement ring in his pocket. A gift he was going to the her so she could have a new life with him, and his promise to her everything will be okay.

What will you say to these people? What can you say? ….Nothing…… So let this be a warning to those who like write hate messages.

Because if you write a message and the person takes their life, you are a killer…….

No. 72966

File: 1450254028501.png (410.34 KB, 968x543, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.0…)

She wants attention so bad. She's like those kids who post photos of themselves crying saying that they're going to kill themselves.

>oh btw I know that like my entire family is in the hospital but could you please buy some of my old cosplays nya~? QoQ

No. 72976

This is so fucking embarrassing even just to read. This sounds like the type of thing edgy 12 year-olds would have put on their Fanfiction.net profiles to stop people from criticising their literary masterpieces

No. 72981

I'm screencapping this for cringe posts

No. 73037

File: 1450279522518.png (1005.77 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She didn't even write that scenario. She stole it from another cosplayer.

No. 73041

File: 1450280659937.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, image.png)


lol that chick looks weird as fuck.
Also, at least half of those long posts Skyleigh captions her pictures with are from other people / cosplayers. she's honestly starting to piss me off, she deserves all the criticism she gets. I didn't screenshot it but people were asking her stuff like "what hate?" "I haven't seen any hate" and she responded with "I immediately block and delete the comments". she is literally on Instagram 100% of the time, yikes.

No. 73047

She's a fame obsessed NEET so ofc she's constantly on Instagram trying to find new ways to appeal to neckbeards.

No. 73164

ahhhhhh always the worst-case scenarios….

No. 73182

File: 1450298076083.png (17.61 KB, 491x193, 1387395992535[1].png)

not to sound like a bitter cunt but if you're being bullied just get of the net for a while.
Like you don't even have to never use the internet, you can just stop using social media for a while and people will forget about you.

I don't understand how people can beg for follows, post pictures everywhere and generally beg for attention but can't deal with some negative comments. I mean you're putting yourself out there to strangers not everyone is going to pat your ass.

No. 73200

Wait, who is this girl? A friend of Skyleigh's?

No. 73208

Some random cosfame hungry girl from FL. I used to follow her, but then she started begging for sponsorships and starting kissing up to popular cosplayers.

No. 73246

File: 1450323424880.gif (810.87 KB, 500x220, tumblr_inline_nwfkpqjahW1s4sxx…)

No. 73367

File: 1450382899056.jpeg (132.04 KB, 750x1166, image.jpeg)

When ur grandma is dying in the hospital but u still got a con to attend

No. 73377

Who the fuck is Suak?

No. 73397

her stomach is wrinkled into her bottoms.. Da fuq…

No. 73402

she's cute!

No. 73407

Nah, she's just wearing those stupid cat ear panties.

No. 73449

You'd think since her grandma and dad are in the hospital and their conditions are not okay and her baby brother almost died she'd stay with them instead of going to a con…and it looks like she forgot her boobs again.

No. 73455

I wonder wear she got that shirt from.

No. 73461

File: 1450404327354.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


She looks plain af without makeup on.
(but still prettier than when she wears her "Asian" raccoon eyeliner)

No. 73477

Her eyes ad nose are still shooped in this tho

No. 73488

what happened to her kawaii pastel asian obaachan? :(

No. 73490

But she is wearing make up. eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrows are filled in, and lipstick. Probably concealer, foundation, and powder too, but it's hard to tell with the 5,000 filters she uses.

No. 73500

File: 1450413069018.png (269.5 KB, 500x500, image.png)


Correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't that eyeshadow in the outer corner of her eyes? She's still trying to recreate the almond eye/ I'm Asian kawaii desu.

Also look, I found the happy gnome child from runescape. Just photoshop a pointy green hat on her.

No. 73514

It looks like she just stretched her eyes out in Meitu. She looks like she's sick/dying.

Skyleigh doesn't need any secondhand sympathy at the moment so obaachan is alone in the hospital again.

No. 73519

she looks retarded with straight eyebrows.

skyleigh please stop you're not korean.

No. 73525

"b-but the internet told me that I look totally Korean! :("

A kind /cgl/ anon who's going to Holiday Matsuri has promised us pictures of her so fingers crossed that anon will deliver!

No. 73596

File: 1450448272631.jpg (64.94 KB, 1366x768, maxresdefault.jpg)

these straight eyebrows are fucking ugly and makes you look expressionless
weird ass korean trend

No. 73725

they look good on korean girls/kpop stars..and that's the extent of it
white girls doing it just makes them look retarded

No. 73746

Holy shit anon! I know this chick irl

No. 73747

I don't understand why bitches lie about being Asian though? There was this chick in basic with me.. black as fuck, hair nappy as shit and the most stereotypical facial features (huge nose and lips) but she swore she was 1/4 Japanese

No. 73765

File: 1450498419727.png (380.23 KB, 457x553, jacket hestia.png)

Looks like she was Hestia(ft. big green jacket) at the con. She probably wore the jacket because she's wearing a plain black bra? I'm surprised that she doesnt have a nude bra to wear with this. Plus, It wasn't really that cold out today. Also, looks like she got lazy with her cleavage.

not the /cgl/ anon, but I'm also going to Holiday Matsuri and might be able to take a picture of Skyleigh. Not sure if I'm going Saturday or Sunday, but I'll make sure to find her.

No. 73767

based anon

No. 73779

Yeah, straight brows can look good but not on boring white wannabes like Ahri.

No. 73794

Only to weebs or "eccentric" girls on the internet. Irl though I always hear 1/3879782 native american princess~~

Her face is terrifying. It looks like Jeff the killer or whatever the fuck that screamer is. Same expressionless, black rimmed eyes, no nose, red mouth.

No. 73849

Probably because if your into things like kpop, jpop, anime, etc and your Asian you'll get more attention from weebs.

No. 73861

this shit sucks for people who are actually part japanese. i have to carry a pic of me with my grandmother around just incase people start asking me shit.

No. 73862

i'm half japanese and i've had weaboos tell me i don't deserve my heritage because i don't like anime or manga or jrock, lol. also weebs only want to be friends because of my "kawaii nihonjin" blood or because they think i'll teach them japanese. it sucks, huh?

No. 73890

Pretty sure no one gives a fuck if you're actually part jap. Hence the embarrassment of those who wanna be Japanese so badly.
I realize those who are Asian wanna feel special but
Seriously, we don't care.

No. 73911

I've heard similar stories from Asian people getting pestered by them. Weebs are dumb as fuck.

It's surprising Ahri hasn't gotten herself some real Azn friends yet to show off on Instagram.

No. 73915

I wonder if she's like PT in that regard and feels threatened by real Asians, kek

No. 73922

God forbid anyone post anything that your white self can't relate to.

No. 73930

File: 1450584814422.jpeg (59.81 KB, 640x407, image.jpeg)

What's the point of going to a con if you won't even leave your room? Afraid your fans will see your whiteness? Afraid that someone is gonna call you out? Or is she afraid that her ex and his actually hot girlfriend is gonna make her look like shit? What a waste of money on her part. She better not ask for donations to go to another con

No. 73936

She doesn't post photos of what she's going to where and where/when to meet her anymore because her candids from AFO got posted on PULL. She's not scared of her followers seeing her whiteness, she just doesn't want anyone who can't see her in person know that she's white and plain af.

No. 73939

File: 1450588803603.png (645.51 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

loooool wow her face. At least she's still hiding dat chin !!

No. 73944

lol random but gurlll charge your phone. :)

No. 73945

>ahri i've been looking for u where are u at
>me and my friends are trying to find you
kinda creepy kek

No. 73982

>Candids from AFO got posted on PULL

Are these candids still up or were they posted on the old PULL and got lost forever? I'm curious

No. 73984

They're on the new PULL. On the first page of her thread.

No. 73985


I like letting my phone get down to 1%, especially if I'm near a charger

No. 73987

Someone posted a candid from holmat in PULL, also.

No. 74003

File: 1450633981567.jpeg (34.48 KB, 375x500, image.thumb.jpeg.9f4bec3721dd0…)

For anyone who wants to see it without going to PULL.

No. 74006

is this a recent pic? holy shit she looks like 5 yrs younger, nothing like in her instagram pics

No. 74010

File: 1450636281647.jpg (113.46 KB, 600x1067, holiday_matsuri_ahri_7_by_king…)

No. 74011

File: 1450636359517.jpg (109.95 KB, 600x1067, holiday_matsuri_ahri_9_by_king…)

No. 74012

File: 1450636391521.jpg (101.79 KB, 600x1067, holiday_matsuri_ahri_8_by_king…)

No. 74017

File: 1450637205222.png (580.71 KB, 803x445, 34354562.PNG)

No. 74042

good to see she hasn't given up on the furry / otherkin shit, in addition to be trans-racial asian.

No. 74049

honestly i do think she is cute. half of pt/snow is full of p cute girls but the fact they shoop and lie makes them gross

No. 74056


Her nose is so bulbous how could she think that people wouldn't notice the difference?

She's not even bad looking. Average. But wowwww.

No. 74059

She's one of the prettier snowflakes.

No. 74061

God forbid no one gives a fuck about your holy special asian desu ness.

No. 74064

Not a high bar to meet, amongst snowflakes, anyway…. lol she is average, plain… Not beautiful, but not ugly either. Those types of plain ppl, their beauty becomes determined by personality… Which for Ahri is shit so……..

No. 74124

I'm >>73765 and I wasn't able to find Skyleigh at all. I was walking around the con taking pictures of all the nice cosplayers and kept an eye out for her. Either we somehowly managed to avoid each other all day, or she barely left her hotel room.
If she goes to a smaller con like OAD, I'll be able to take a picture of her tho

No. 74125

>necklace inside sweater

No. 74126

this, she's 5/10 at most

No. 74136

According to PULL, Skyleigh has been threatening to fight someone through email for calling her out.

No. 74139

PULL is a crock full of shit.

Please stop derailing. No one gives a shit about how white/Asian you are. If you want people to care, get a Tumblr account.

No. 74144

I just checked the thread and someone said that the PULL member picked the fight. Such PULL behavior.

No. 74149

I read the thread over and the person said they called out skyleigh and skyleigh got mad and challenged the PULL member to a fight.

No. 74214

Poor Skyleigh, spending most of the con time at the hotel.

No. 74243

File: 1450727591662.png (538.1 KB, 805x589, man.png)

Looks like she was with this guy during the weekend?

No. 74247

File: 1450728285185.png (454.1 KB, 511x510, Capture.PNG)

seems to be a streamer.

No. 74249

Thirstin for that gook dick, I see.

No. 74250

File: 1450728776387.png (73.91 KB, 1012x746, PULL collage.png)

I wanted to see what >>74136 was all about, so I put together this little collage.

No. 74251

Pull members take their "jobs" at exposing others so seriously don't they? So admirable. Much edge.

So annoying
Why do they always insist on trying to get involved in the "topic" person's life. Like can we not just discuss a person and or laugh at them without running to them about it.

This is why we can't have nice things.

No. 74252

i think she looks very cute.
your beauty standards are way too high man.^
i agree her facial shape looks very fucked up tho

No. 74253

those shorts are trashy as fuck

No. 74255

how do you know her grandma was dying?

No. 74257


lol he's ugly. And a total nobody. He has what, less than 100 twitch streamers and 200 followers on Instagram? It's not like she's wanting to take a picture with someone e-famous or anything, just any ordinary chink. Fucking fetishisht, where's her boyfriend ?

No. 74258

She wrote it, then deleted the pic. Scroll the thread up and you'll see with your own eyes

No. 74263

File: 1450733704661.jpeg (517.93 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

A PULL admin addressed it. It's the top post in pic related.
Bottom 2 pics are a random PULL member.

Ok that's cool. It was dumb that you threatened Skyleigh via email.

No. 74266

Ew. What's with all these girl with shit taste in men?

No. 74268

95% of men are subpar. That's why.

No. 74270

I wonder how stupid Skyleigh felt when she finds out that the PULL member that she wanted to fight wasn't even at Holmat.

No. 74299

After that asian dick that's what these girls "tastes" are

No. 74305

File: 1450739720617.jpeg (115.86 KB, 750x747, image.jpeg)

No chin-chan is back

This chink is ugly but honestly still hotter than her actual boyfriend. Her boyfriend looks like a pile of mashed potatoes.

No. 74306

Does her boyfriend have an Instagram?

No. 74309

File: 1450740492386.jpeg (108.21 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

Yeah he does. It's terminus_soul but it's on private anyways.

That's him on the couch btw.

No. 74310

File: 1450740527271.jpeg (67.08 KB, 750x747, image.jpeg)

Also she doesn't follow him on Ig… Awkward.

No. 74313

Wouldn't be surprised if she suddenly broke up with him via text when she found this asian streamer >>74305

No. 74319

File: 1450742397744.png (572.16 KB, 881x706, i guess.PNG)

You might be right Anon.

No. 74320

I want to note that the description for this image was "just_jlu :) spontaneous fun at Universal! #universal #hardrock #adventure #roadtrip #funday"

…. Weren't you talking about how you had no money to even get nice things for your family, who is going through such medical hardships right now? But you went to a con and an impromptu trip to an amusement park that costs more money? Ok.

No. 74325

I think she might have a year pass, cause she used to post about going to universal a lot. But yeah, she sure knows how to waste money (headphones/con/cosplays even when people/cats around her are dying.)

No. 74338

pulltards disgust me.

No. 74342

nice try, but i didnt threaten skyleigh.

anyways, she's accused of cheating, so maybe that's what's going on right now

No. 74362

File: 1450752531118.jpg (61.4 KB, 503x505, 1354361793911.jpg)

I really wish PULL would stop doing this shit.

The difference between PULL and lolcow is PULL talks shit about people while under the blanket of "we're just trying to help" while lolcow talks shit about people and admits that it's just for cruel fun. A person who does wrong but says it's for good will always be somewhat more evil than a person who does wrong and admits it's for wrong.

PULL is blinded by their own imagined heroism. They think throwing in disclaimer compliments about how cute someone can be sometimes somehow softens the blow of calling someone a fucking loser who should disappear. This is why they do stupid shit like actually approaching cows IRL. They think they're helping. If they could just admit to being catty fucking bitches, they'd realize how wrong and disruptive actually trying to confront a cow IRL is. If this dumb cunt didn't threaten Ahri, we probably would have had more lulzy unshooped pictures come out.

No. 74366

It's similar to how people say "no offense but…" and proceed to bitch and say nasty or very critical things…. Don't say the "no offense but…" portion. You mean offense. Own up to it. lol

No. 74367

The photo that you find to be very cute was very much photoshopped. That's why her facial shape looks very fucked up here. And again, she may be cute or even slightly above average… but if you have a shitty personality and overall a terrible human being, being cute doesn't mean much. You are still a very ugly person inside.

No. 74368

I feel it's a win-win for them. This nobody streamer can try to get some followers and attention by dating Ahri (who from the looks of it will bring drama as she most likely either cheated or only recently broke up with her other boyfriend)… and Ahri will get to have her Asian fetish satisfied by being able to say she has an Asian boyfriend (like this is some awesome trophy or something special? Disgusting).

No. 74371

lmaoooo i'g get tired of constantly covering my chin

No. 74372

She's cheated before so I doubt that she's afraid of cheating again. She cheated on Ellis to be with her loliguardian potato.

Speaking of Ellis, I'm so glad that he got together with LCPP. He seems much, much happier.

2 admins have already asked the girl to provide full caps and she hasn't responded so she definitely has something to hide.
But seriously, your whole post. Everything is on point.

No. 74381

this is why i like lolcow, you can give your raw, though harsh, opinion without being shatted on, even if they think the same. ahri is a fucking loser and i have the right to talk about it. sure, it's nice to offer some solutions to cows so they can stop receiving negative criticism, but they all act like they're good people.. please. let's just shit on her

No. 74391

>>74381 This is why PULL should stay in their own respective forum and not invade lolcow with their bullshitery.

No. 74393

PULL already steals photos posted here. I posted several photos here but not on PULL and yet they're still in the Ahripop thread there.

No. 74395

>If this dumb cunt didn't threaten Ahri, we probably would have had more lulzy unshooped pictures come out.

I'm curious, what makes you say that? I haven't followed Ahri as a cow until more recently. Doesn't that just seem like a Dakota way to solve a problem? Photoshop more and more fiercely to combat online "haters", which really just makes us comment on the Photoshop and how different her face looks.

No. 74397

She hid in her hotel room because she thought that PULLtard was going to assault her the entire con.

No. 74517


Her meipai account for anyone who wants to watch her videos/download them for future reference.

No. 74524

Shoutout to PULL user catgirl for shamelessly reposting things from this thread and acting like she found them. <3

No. 74584

Looks like Skyleigh went to Georgia with her new boyfriend!

No. 74611


shoutout to you for being needlessly catty. I didn't claim to find it, no need to get defensive over a link, you can't possibly get upset over that lol

No. 74613

Someone posted something that's public online ? they should have given me, a random salty anon on the Internet credit !!!!!

No. 74615

But so weird that he asked her if they can meet up on a previous post where she said she is going to Georgia…… And seriously, Ahri… I thought your fambam is ill and dying. Girl.

No. 74619

poor thing is really insecure she covers her chin almost every single video..

No. 74661

It was just a matter of time until she found some yellow dick to fulfil her Asian wannabe fantasies.
What about her male fans though? Won't they stop supporting her if she brags around with her new Asian trophy?

No. 74715


she has girl fans too who will just say "awh I want to be in an irl shoujou just like you abripoop!!!"

But seriously where is her lolicon boyfriend

No. 74759

File: 1450904115710.jpg (47.14 KB, 540x960, asianleigh.jpg)

Posting here before she asks to her new bf to delete this from his instagram.

What an unfortunate head shape she has…

No. 74766

>Isn't she a cutie?! :)
>Japanese feast with this Lil' cutie~

He seems damn thirsty for her on his instagram.
Either he doesn't (didn't?) know or doesn't care that she already has a bf.

No. 74785

It really seems like he is desperate to get viewers and followers for twitch through Ahri…. Great group of humans, Ahri and him.

No. 74788

I think you're reading too much into this.

He finds her cute and that's it. He also seems like one of those dumb Asians who believe white people when they lie about being 1/4 Asian, kek.

No. 74790

He probably knows she is just a weeaboo, but doesn't care if it gets him to sexytimes

No. 74791

Jfc, she brought those fugly cat ears to the restaurant!? I get so much second hand embarrassment from her photos she takes in public.

No. 74793

She's using him bc he's Asian, and he's using her bc he needs more followers. It's a win/win situation.

No. 74794

…. No. If he believes that she is even a bit Asian, he must be really really really dumb and blind……. Seriously, minorities are more aware, for better or worse, of whether someone else is also a part of that race/nationality. He definitely knows that she is not Asian. He is just choosing to ignore it or keep quiet for now…

No. 74795

What's his instagram?

No. 74796

I am sure the employees at the restaurant were throwing shade…

No. 74891

I think he genuinely thinks she's cute. He is her ideal korean "gamer" trophy boyfriend, as she is his petite white "kitty cosplay waifu" or whatever, they probably are each other's type.

No. 74893

Weeaboos like her always think it's appropriate to wear cat ears, Naruto headbands and whatnot to Japanese restaurants. Hopefully she didn't embarrass herself further by speaking broken Japanese to the employees and saying nya every five seconds.

No. 74915

File: 1450968828466.jpg (88.81 KB, 640x960, 10418179_954934247924129_74097…)

No. 74916

File: 1450968846402.jpg (79.82 KB, 960x640, 11247898_974989292542355_41545…)

No. 74917

File: 1450968947231.jpg (78.27 KB, 640x960, 12373412_954934304590790_57342…)

I'm surprised she didn't cosplay the whole weekend. It looks like she only brought this Hestia costume, and then wore random fashion the rest of the weekend. Didn't she just receive, like, two cosplays? If she wants to be a famous cosplayer, why doesn't she actually cosplay?

No. 74922

Maybe she only wants to be famous for her edited selfies.

She looks cute here though. I prefer it to her overly edited pics.

No. 74924

She looks much older than her age, thanks to the lines near her nose/mouth…. No wonder she edits that out. For some ppl, the lines look good and make them prettier when they smile, but it is just there most of the time for Ahri, smile or not…. lol

No. 74925

He's not even Korean lmao. He's Chinese.

Same. I think she's cuter in these pics than her weird soulless plastic doll selfies.

No. 74952

ditto….. breaks my kokoro to say it but..she's really cute and kinda good looking. don't see why she feels like shooping herself to hell and back. i wish i had a small nose kek flash makes my nose look even bigger, it's a disaster

No. 74953

Why is she barefoot?

No. 74954

hestia is barefoot in the anime, that's her character. im pretty sure she wore shoes beforehand and took them off for the photoshoot

No. 74958

File: 1450987408339.png (578.5 KB, 939x602, Screenshot 2015-12-24 03.02.20…)

No. 74959


So she is really cheating on her loli guardian. That's hilarious, did he say something about it?

No. 74961

I dunno why everyone's acting like she's blatantly cheating in the public eye when break ups are a thing that happen. It could be that he just hasn't touched his IG in a while hence the description + her unfollowing him. We don't know shit yet, chill.

No. 74964

No. 74966

You sure that's him?

I heard the same as anon from >>69657 but this Redditor states he's only 17.

No. 74968

Who knows. Even him allegedly being older than Ahri is hearsay at this point?

No. 74976

File: 1450996043837.png (12.22 KB, 855x108, gg.PNG)

was this really necessary?

No. 74978

seen it too. fucking cringy

No. 74979

File: 1450996476071.png (526.55 KB, 815x519, Screen_Shot_2015-12-24_at_4.33…)

Inconsistent editing.

No. 74980

Probably a PULLtard. We don't even know for sure this Reddit account belongs to her ex-boyfriend.


No. 74982

File: 1450996812358.jpeg (21.19 KB, 341x500, image.thumb.jpeg.c4b0ad095bee4…)

Would say they are holding hands except with all that filtering, can't tell anyyyyything.

No. 74985

File: 1450997519075.gif (847.54 KB, 150x197, reallybitch...gif)

God fucking damnit-please tell me that was a PULLtard. Look, if we want to be able to see shit go down we have to lay fucking low. Blatantly telling what very well could be her current boyfriend that you're someone who's spying on his life from a creepyass stalker hate forum isn't going to make him listen to you. In fact, it'll just make him want to close up shop and delete the account. Seeing as he's had it for almost a year now and his problems are consistent with Ahri's current life, to me personally it seems like that's probably really his account.

It still might not be, but just in case it is don't fuck it up by revealing you're a creeper-bitch, damn!

No. 74986

If the additional info upset you or made you frown, apologies. I am that poster and I edited it out. I do look at PULL, but do not post there. I merely wanted to answer the poster above me on reddit. But I acknowledge we do not know whether that redditor OP is the ex. Answering the thread as if everything was confirmed was wrong. Apologies.

No. 74988

Damnit, bitch. What are we going to do with you..
It's alright, just don't do it again. And stop lurking that literal mentally handicapped faggot-fest forum known as PULL. Remember that you're never helping anyone here. Accept that you're trash and act accordingly-aka be quiet about it anywhere else.

No. 74989

Realizing Ahri had someone film that video of her and her new boytoy from a distance (much popular, such celebrity)…. And the whole "let me grab your hand as you walk away" shit…. Your life is not a kdrama jdrama, Ahri….

No. 74997


I think it's better to watch than to interact with these people. It's no fun if they private all their accounts because someone directs them to a forum or such

No. 75004

Oh well then she's probably going to trade him up at one point.

No. 75005

He isn't 25 I thought that got cleared up earlier in this thread.

No. 75009

>TBT to all the fun I had yesterday
It's only been one day. This guy needs to calm down.

He changed his profile picture the other day i think, and the @ahripop's bitch thing has stayed.

No. 75011

She's an average young white girl. Some people in this thread are trying to make her more than average, or less than. Without the PS , the weeby clothes, she looks like your average highschooler. Not even on the pretty/popular side of it.

No. 75012

Lol seriously…. They just met for the first time over the weekend too. Dramatic much?

Btw, didn't Ahri say she was poor… She bought plane tickets last minute (the boy did not know she was visiting until she posted a photo saying she was headed to GA) during CHRISTMAS season… She presumably stayed in some hotel…. She is flying back on Christmas Eve…. Where is she getting the money, if she claims to be o so poor to need money for her dying, sick fam's christmas gifts?

No. 75021

File: 1451011020190.jpg (647.82 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151224_213439.jpg)

So classy, Ahri…
Uploading a video of the at least half naked boy and you in bed together during the first time you met in person.

No. 75022

Aaaaaand it's gone.

No. 75023

File: 1451012030439.png (114.3 KB, 281x500, 2015-12-24_21.44.31.thumb.png.…)

Nevermind that the leg that is shown is most likely her manicured legs. Just like her red nailed feet in… >>74915

No. 75037

At least it looks like she can dress her self? (minus the dumbass ears)That's more than what can be said about a lot of cows/snowflakes.

No. 75087

File: 1451053250088.png (8.05 KB, 831x88, loliguardian.png)

He posted this comment in reply to one of >>74976 's comments. Looks like this is Skyleigh's ex.

Nice caps anon. That's definitely her leg on the left. I don't know why she thought this would be a good idea to post. Maybe she wants to make her ex and followers jealous?

No. 75093

She probably wanted to show off the fact she now has an Asian boyfriend and they probably even had magical sweet ugu anime sex….

Without realizing that people know they JUST met, that the vid just comes off as honestly whore-ish, that even fans would be confused or critique the video (did she expect ppl to be like awww yay sho cute Asian and you hehe), and that the guy was trying to hide his face (way to respect his privacy, ahri. He may like attention, but you crossed the line),..

No. 75131

File: 1451072289544.gif (180.97 KB, 600x600, 298921912.gif)


No. 75175

PULL went offline when I was trying to watch those videos of Skyleigh dance. Did anyone else happen to save the videos?

No. 75195

She's streaming right now and wow
She has to be using a voice changer. Also she said "My voice feels weird", well if your raising your pitch so much of course it's going to feel weird.

No. 75197

File: 1451096301348.png (506.37 KB, 1022x282, stream desu.png)

She's actually noticing the chat for once so that's good. If only she didn't strain her voice so much, it's hard to understand what she's saying. Not even a few minutes in and she's saying "Nya~".
I'm surprised the webcam isn't pointed towards her boobs.

No. 75198

So Japanese, nya.

No. 75199

Is she really going to sing?

No. 75201

I asked her why she was using a fake voice, in Japanese, and after taking some time to probably running it through google translate, since she is not Japanese and does not speak it, she permablocked.

Dunno why she is choosing to stream when Jngiri and Pokimane are both streaming… lol those two essentially cover all of Ahri's fan pool.

No. 75202


Why does her face look sort of beat up? Her nose could cut some cheese it looks so sharp. Guess I just got used to her flat shoops. I can't watch the stream, what are her fans saying and is she actually playing a game? Or just at a title screen and saying "Nya !!" ?

No. 75203

Watched like 2 minutes of her stream and her fake voice was so off putting I had to close the window. I had never heard her voice before and didn't realize it was almost as annoying as Venus's

No. 75206

The people even talking about her voice get immediately banned. She's also sucking at pushing her lane (i don't know LoL terms, I'm guessing it's called that?)

No. 75208


how many views does she have? can someone screenshot real quick?
Inb4 screen shot of her going 0/7 like her few last streams.

No. 75209

File: 1451098579170.png (535.46 KB, 1094x416, ahri.PNG)

No. 75210

File: 1451098631686.png (309.13 KB, 397x500, image.png)

No. 75212

She's so weird and borderline creepy.

No. 75213

I think she went 1/5 or 1/4 right before losing the game she played. She's talking about potatoes and being potato king. I feel like she's trying to be random.

Is that actually her? I saw that picture, but I don't recall ever seeing her cosplay that.

No. 75214

Yeah it's her. It's her as "officer Ahri". There's shooped pics of this cosplay on Krispii's FB page if you want to see it.

No. 75215

File: 1451098991211.jpeg (154.09 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)

No. 75216

File: 1451099146051.jpeg (159.33 KB, 596x900, image.jpeg)

Krispii is so crazy ugly. Her face is legitimately frightening.

>inb4 is that a tranny

Afaik she isn't one.

No. 75217

She is fucking retarded, 1 hour just saying "potato" wtf why people enjoy such bad playing and hearing this shit

No. 75218

She just said "I'm not doing well today. Makes me sad.". ? You never do well, Skyleigh. I can't stand this stream anymore, I've only been in for a few minutes yet that voice hurts me.

You're right. Dang. Angles matter.

I agree. I also feel like Skyleigh and Krispii aren't friends anymore. They don't seem to really interact anymore.

No. 75221

File: 1451099796939.png (802.79 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Rest in piss skyleigh, you lasted a whole 7 minutes. She's probably playing with people around the silver or bronze elo, unless she's playing with friends that may be higher up. She is cs'ing so bad. The average by 10 minutes should be 50, and that's just mediocre. Every adc ever brings heal, she may have survived if she chose it over ignite. Ignite is useless for her because she'll never even get close to needing it to finish someone off. I can't watch anymore but I expect her to feed a lot. I'm with family and had it muted though so I tolerated about 2 minutes

No. 75227

she's just sitting there eating like a fat fuck making an excuse to cover her chin lol

No. 75229

I wish I were playing adc against her now so I could tilt her even more.

No. 75230

File: 1451101218250.png (145.03 KB, 359x271, Screenshot 2015-12-25 10.39.17…)

So azn desu

No. 75235

I just tried to watch and she immediately said in the middle of playing "fuck this I'm gonna go get food" then came back and died instantly… Best Ahri NA

No. 75236

File: 1451102215811.png (48.09 KB, 326x444, Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.48…)

JustUpBeat is her azn fucktoy

No. 75238

She's talking about the cost of her trip to Georgia on stream right now. She said $120 for the plane ticket and around $60 for food.

No. 75240

Her voice is so shit if ur gonna fake it at least make it believable

No. 75244

Skyleigh should take lessons from lilypichu

No. 75250

File: 1451106557197.jpg (778.64 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151226_000344.jpg)

Fucking hell. She just lipsynced badly to the gwiyomi song. A simple song and she could not even lipsync well cause she does not know Korean. Obvs. And she just keeps saying nyaaaaa. Stop it Skyleigh, Koreans and Japanese do not on a daily basis say nya and speak in your grating kawaii aegyo voice. Good lord.

She asked for money to go to anime expo too.

No. 75254


She's only on twitch to make it seem like she's a cool kawaii gamur gurl and money. If she wanted to interact with her fans and do random things she could choose any other streaming site.

Has she gotten any donations this stream? She's gotten a few in the past most likely, but I've only ever seen one for the parts I've tuned in to. I wonder what the asian girls think of their friends new "Kitty waifu"

No. 75256

From the comments that the girls left on his pics, it sounds like they hate her. Not in a jealous way but in a way that's like "really? a koreaboo?"

No. 75315

File: 1451158608204.jpeg (162.2 KB, 750x816, image.jpeg)

"Cherish the things you already have!" says the girl who was just begging for money last night to go to Anime Expo and Georgia.

No. 75320

Apparently, Her blind twitch viewers actually donated to her for Anime Expo. According to a cap of chat, one follower paid for the whole ticket.

No. 75323

Lmao she looks like a potato. So unflattering for her shape.

No. 75327

lol the people commenting "really beautiful wordzzz <3" This girl is such a fucking hypocrite begging for money cuz she's too lazy to make her own.

No. 75345

Really? I thought Lu was a Vietnamese surname.
I read that Reddit post by her ex and it's hilarious. She broke up with him because he didn't have enough time for her but somehow this guy in Georgia is gonna be there for her. What a sloot.

No. 75348

I would have assumed he is Korean because she calls him her "oppa" but I guess she's just a fetishist who lumps all Asian culture into one indistinguishable mass to exploit for kawaii desu points.

No. 75351

No. He is not Korean. If anything I would not be surprised if him and Ahri both want to be Korean or Japanese….

No. 75354

She'd call any guy "oppa" because she's grade A asian fetishist and koreaboo
I think he's Chinese. Either way, not an ounce of Korean in him. Ahri probably couldn't get a real jap or Korean if she could cus they would see straight through her lies

No. 75362

>cus they would see straight through her lies
I think all of you are giving him too little credit. Asian guys like these are usually not dumb and like taking advantage of Asian fetishists. He knows she's just a koreaboo and he's seen her real face which looks white as hell but he finds her cute and probably got laid. Win-win situation for both.

No. 75364

There's some crossover between Chinese and Viet last names. Bao is another example.

Seconding this. I doubt he's really that dumb and he clearly knows that she doesn't look like her shoops. I'm like 99% sure this "relationship" is really just a hookup because she wants some tiny Asian D and he wants some white pussy.

No. 75410

Yeah, agreed. He gets a clingy white girl and sex, plus followers because she's popular.

No. 75428

Lu (路) is one of the most common Chinese surnames. It's kind of like Miller or Johnson here in America.

But as >>75364 said, there is crossover between some Asian names.

No. 75438

She is really cute.

No. 75439

Yeah and she looks like CL too.

No. 75441

She's really nice as well. I met her! Super friendly and nice :)

No. 75442

Not CL but she does look like kpop idol!

No. 75446

She's average at best.

No. 75448

She's below average to me

No. 75450

Ahri detected

No. 75451

How the fuck does she look like a kpop singer when she has that bulbous nose and is white

No. 75452

Or maybe her fuckboy. This isn't PULL and know one is going to stroke her ego. I think she's a solid 4/10 without PS.

No. 75473

Let's ignore this kid.

She does not look like CL. Not even her photoshop. Don't go around telling Korean people shit like this either, if you are some stupid fan of hers, because it will definitely make the Korean netizens, who are more brutal if they do get a hold, destroy Ahri. She is not asian, she is not cute in Korean standards, and she will never be remotely popular in Korea. Now scram.

No. 75476

Omg chill. I'm not Skyleigh. I was referencing the Suaki thread where she self-posted and kept posting variations of "she's cute!" and saying that she looks like CL.

No. 75532


Another anon here, I know what you meant but it can still cause a bit of derailing. I agree though, she's not inhumanely ugly, but if I saw her all natural she'd also be a 4/10, especially with that ugly nose and personality

No. 75598

Really? after seeing the interview video I'd put her at a 7/10 tbh.

No. 75603

You are a nice person Anon. Would you rate Mira a 6/10 'cause in my eyes they aren't THAT far apart when it comes to natural look. This off course isn't even accounting for her spongebob-esque body and shit personality.

No. 75605

No. 75632

Her face is a 4/10, her nose is a 2/10, and her brain is a -12/10

No. 75646

Mira is not even remotely attractive. Exaggerating so badly isn't necessary anon. Skyleigh is pretty and has a nice body regardless of her attitude. Mira is NOT close.

No. 75656

You opinion is yours. Mine is that I think she's 4/10 with a square body. I tend to lump all below average people in the same range. So yeah IMO Mira and Skyleigh aren't that far apart in the look department.

No. 75657

She's pretty squishy and not attractive in the body department under Asian standards though… Not to mention she doesn't do much in her life but be a potato, so she may be thinner than the average obese American…. But she is still still squish and not toned.

No. 75711

I met Ahri at the con. She's really friendly and nice. You guys would say the same if you met her in real life. ^^

No. 75712

She's still whack and a scammer

No. 75715

The con where she pretty much locked herself in her room? Right.
Well then her con-persona and e-persona need to get together and figure our which Ahri is the real one. She comes across as insecure and fake.

No. 75724

she's a scammer??

No. 75736

what? no. She's too cute to be a scammer. She's too innocent.

No. 75738

File: 1451288809185.jpg (23.44 KB, 466x586, ahri.JPG)

No, she's not a scammer.

she's gorgeous though.

No. 75739

OMG. She's so fucking pretty. Her bf is lucky to have her… wish I was him lol

No. 75740

dafuq am i reading

No. 75741


i like that she only needs to shoop one eye since the wig is covering the other, being lazy but smart. but then again, i can barely see her through that shitty quality and 15 pale filters.
trying to hide her ugly.

also the others are either her fans finding out the thread or trolls.

No. 75747

File: 1451292815642.jpeg (179.02 KB, 750x837, image.jpeg)

I'm pretty sure they're trolls. Her followers wouldn't have the guts to post here.
Also I found a tag that Ahri could consider using.

No. 75748

omg yes so beautiful…. I love when white girls use meitu to make themselves look Asian, it really lets their natural kawaii oppa beauty shine thru >w<

No. 75749

File: 1451293965333.jpeg (512.19 KB, 750x971, image.jpeg)

Yeah, gawd, anon. Are you telling me that "Ahri" is not the most beeyootiful kawaii Asian gril ever? Such a goddess desu. Look! She's a 100% Azn kawaii kitty ulzzang cosplay waifu nyan

No. 75750

File: 1451295311356.jpeg (51.37 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)

UWAAAAAAA! so kawaiiii! she is a real korea, the proof is everywhere!

No. 75752

File: 1451297026029.png (202.57 KB, 201x607, korean azn kitty waifu.png)

omg so azn desu QuQ

No. 75754

omggg yes, she's sho kawaii :33 azn girls r so cute hehehe

No. 75759

Those tiddies…..why…..

No. 75770

I'm a guy and I would date Ahri. Her bf is super lucky. Can't believe she uploaded a photo of her bf half naked in bed though. That was weird but then it's her choice lol She pretty cute too.

No. 75771

You shouldn't be jealous of Ahri cause she's pretty :/ don't be a hater.

No. 75772

gorgeous. wow.

No. 75777

Lol not even sure what you used to squish the photo like that. Gj, anon.

But guys stop trolling. It is confusing.

No. 75778

Stop trolling. If you want to gush over her, go do it on her instagram. If you are an higher order of Asian, she may even ditch her lowly chinese viet bf for you. Ugu.

No. 75794

I think the people calling her OH SO UNATTRACTIVE are just as trollish if not just bitter 30 year old brats.
she's not ugly but the people commenting on her "awesome" beauty are scaring me.

No. 75795

She's not crazy ugly but she's not incredibly hot either. She's just very average in every way.
Average height, average weight, average face, etc.
I do agree that she acts really dumb and that her mentality is that of a 13 year old's though. She's incredibly immature, rude, ungrateful, and spoiled. She didn't even have the brain capacity to realize that posting a picture of her grandmother in a hospital bed for sympathy points isn't something she should do.

No. 75796

Not trolling or bitter. I don't find anything about her cute. When I think cute or pretty I'd think Taylor or sometimes Kota. Ahri is not and will never be cute to me, If you guys find her cute then good for you.

No. 75804

Hey, just wondering, but can you dumb cunts stop talking about how "cute" you think she is? Maybe you're in the wrong place, maybe you missed the turn on your way to PULL or something because you really seem that confused. No one gives a shit about some sub par looking white bitch with what should be an average body along with a below average per-pubesent looking face. Or it could be that you just live in a predominately ugly area, I don't know.

But keep the ass patting to a bare minimum and by that I mean don't do it at all. She gets 1000 compliments a day, relax. Someone saying they think she's ugly here won't hurt her, so stop squaring up like you're ready to die in her honor or something. Shits embarrassing. Literally keep that in PULL.

No. 75807

Who pissed in your coffee this morning?

No. 75808


I think it's pretty understandable that they'd be salty given all the bullshit going on in this thread.

She's not ugly at all, but there's no need for a fucking 50 post debate on whether she's attractive or not.

No. 75819

File: 1451343180955.jpeg (710.21 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

I wonder how her kawaii pastel obaachan is doing.

No. 75821

Why is her chest size different between the two sides of the photo? -_- Plz. Be consistent with editing, Skyleigh. Even if the right-side photo is you somewhat scrunching over, why is the size that drastically different. Why.

No. 75830

File: 1451344258220.jpeg (191.31 KB, 750x1207, image.jpeg)

Kinda surprised that she hasn't deleted this comment yet. She usually deletes stuff like this writhing 2-3 minutes of it being posted.

No. 75831


No. 75835


Skyleigh is annoying and everything, but that comment is really nitpicky imo.

No. 75839

I was thinking the same thing. At least she's trying to do something selfless for once.

No. 75840


I don't think it's nit picky at all tbh. Why not just fucking donate instead of giving them some cheap knitted piece of shit? I'd feel better giving money to a cure or doing something to help the kids out instead of wearing some hat to "give a hat to cancur childz!!!"

No. 75842

I wonder if she's doing it for a good cause or if it's just "LOOK AT ME! IM SO NICE THAT I DONATED MONEY TO HELP KIDS WITH CANCER!"

No. 75844

This look is stupid as fuck but her body is p cute imo

No. 75850

>no trigger discipline

No. 75855

Good point. I was also thinking along the lines of it possibly being a paid sponsor.

No. 75862


Yeah, but they're not just "giving them some cheap knitted piece of shit". 50% of the proceeds are going to a cancer research charity.

While I agree that it would be more effective to just give all of the money to a charity, there are plenty of online shops that do the exact same thing as the shop she's promoting. It's still for a good cause.


Yeah, I get the feeling she's just trying to get asspats for being "omg such an inspiration!!!1", but whatever. It's retarded but it's not like there aren't shitloads of social media whores who do the same.

No. 75864

File: 1451351779216.jpg (16.11 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

As someone who is fit and a has flat stomach I want to point out that I think "pants" like these look unflattering on me, at least a lot less flattering than something much lower rise.
Pieces like these are meant to cover your muffin top and from the look of her belly button I wouldn't be surprised if she had one.

I feel like if she REALLY had a nice "im light as a feather nya QuQ" body she would be wearing low rise shorts not something that covers the majority of her stomach. She went as far as to show off her legs Sky really is the type that would want to go all out on showing off what she has, and covering up what she doesn't have, which being a nice pretty stomach.

No. 75870

>As someone who is fit and a has flat stomach.

Dear god why… this is why bitter bitches was something mentioned earlier. Go back to Pull please.

No. 75882


so people can't express themselves? bitter or not this is an anon thread to say what you feel like. i also think she's skinny fat, and probably has a little pouch at the bottom of her belly. if she didn't, why wouldn't she show off more of her "kawaii waifu bod" ?

No. 75883

why so salty? I'm just giving context on why I don't wear those kinds of high rise bottoms. It was an anonymous post. It's not like I fucking self posted some photo and was all "look at me and tell me I'm sexy"

And how is it bitter? I pointed out she wears high rise because shes tubby and I find it embarrassing because she constantly brags about her amazing cute body, also cringy that so many men are blind to what I pointed out and actually believe her and white knight her like in this thread. Are you implying I'm jealous of her fame? Maybe of someone elses fame but I look up to those people, the majority of Sky's followers are people who love her drama and post in threads like these.

If you don't believe me about the pants, just think about how she hasn't even once posted her lower stomach at all on her account, if it didn't have a muffin top she would have already.

No. 75892

I actually agree. Everyone needs to stop being so nitpicky with each other or each others' feels for Skyleigh and just stay on topic of bashing. UNITY!

No. 75893

>people can't express themselves.

Not if it's some 32" waist chan bs.

No. 76009

It was a picture of a relatively average-weight girl and the first few words of your reply to it were

>As someone who is fit and has a flat stomach I want to point out that I think "pants" like these look unflattering on me

That is a self-post and did not contribute to the discussion. No one cares if you have a flat stomach. "She'd look better with…" or "she looks awful with…" are perfectly fine.

No. 76010

>32 inch waist

no that's fat sorry not sorry if I offend anyone with that, >>75864 here and by thin I have a 24 inch waist.
Sky does NOT look like she is a 24 inch waist like she claims on her wishlist, she looks like she could be at LEAST a 26 or 27 inch, her ass is apparently only 30 which looks like a lie too but I have no idea why she would want to lie about having a flat fucking ass, unless shes trying to sound like most official anime character measurements which are usually have around 30 inch hip measurements or smaller. For example she probably wanted to sound like Kotori from Love Live who has a 31 inch hip measurement (officially 80 centimeters)
(no one cares)

No. 76012


No. 76013

No. 76044

File: 1451365135901.jpg (6.5 KB, 254x198, triple facepalm.jpg)

No. 76098

she's fucking gorgeous. Leave her alone!

No. 76101

Stick up for her elsewhere, this isn't the place to try to he a hero for a fake ass tramp. Take that shit to her IG. you must blind and as hell to think she's pretty. She must be a pretty goddamn liar if you think she's a perfect snowflake that will do no harm ugu uwu

No. 76132

can we get back on topic? rating her looks doesn't change anything, it's just your personal opinion.

She needs to cut the lace on her new black wig (>>75250) better. It's not noticeable in her very lightened selfies, but in the stream pictures/video thing, the lace isn't cut fully.

No. 76135

i dont think thats a wig, i think thats her real hair…looks nasty as hell from all the bleaching and dyeing from before

No. 76139

Its extentions as well

No. 76141

Sorry for all the typos in this shit, i was half asleep

No. 76193

Well, if it's not a wig then she needs to blend her forehead foundation better.

No. 76195

Her hair is ratty as fuck then.

No. 76234

File: 1451420875208.jpeg (194.66 KB, 1767x1054, image.jpeg)

What a brat. Was there even a 4 am showing of the movie in Fort Lauderdale?

No. 76256

kek. you can have a 24-25inch waist and still have flab, you're not making any sense. I've got a 25-inch waist but I'm short and stubby and skinnyfat so I've got a lot of high-waisted shorts for that reason.

No. 76306

No one cares, bitch, gtfo.

Who is she talking about, I wonder… Maybe her ex.

No. 76337

File: 1451444852525.png (958.19 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_2015-12-29-21-58-03…)

remember >>61948 >>61950
>where did her tits go

don't worry, guys. she finally answered the burning question.

No. 76343

that's bullshit; if she binded, you could see the binder or what even binds them. she has no tits, case closed.

No. 76346

She said she used duct tape… Ok where is the tape? How did she bind them so that the duct tape does not show in the middle opening of her top?

No. 76355

Duct tape is also really dangerous to use for binding and can cause injuries to your ribs and lungs, so if she is using that, she should stop.

No. 76378

No worries. She doesn't need to bind, and never does. Unless she uses duct tape to create cleavage, that is.

No. 76478

File: 1451512804898.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-30-16-56-57…)

Nice bra(s) that you are wearing under the swimsuit, Skyleigh.

Also what is this bullshit upperlip overdrawing that some koreaboos are doing. I have never seen that be prevalent in the Korean community…

No. 76479

Maybe she thinks because Dakota did it, she should do it too. She does have that wannabe vibe

No. 76480

Sometimes drawing across your cupid's bow can give you a bigger looking lip, but it's not a thing in Korean make up at all. Mostly they tend to be about that lip gradient if they do anything with changing the lip shape.

No. 76492

i would be embarrassed to wear that swimsuit in public oh god

No. 76497

please tell me she doesnt wear a bra under her swimsuit when she actually goes swimming

No. 76498

File: 1451518379743.jpeg (410 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

No. 76502

lol the other arm is even worse when you actually look at the outlines…

No. 76508

File: 1451522081960.png (678.83 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 76509

File: 1451523381852.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_2015-12-30-19-53-41…)

she wants to try to prove she's got huge tits so badly

No. 76511

and her sitting on her wig like that is so awkward, it looks like she has one of those butt plug tails in.

but anyway, you can see her damn push up bra.

No. 76538

Who wears bras under their bathing suits

No. 76540

Girls who don't want to get push up bikinis but still want to lie about having boobs.

No. 76580

Her outstretched arm has some real wobbles going on.

No. 76581

Anyone got old pics of her?

No. 76687

apparently a user in PULL has dug some and linked them to tons of her old pics, you can check their newest momo thread posts.

No. 76694

I guess this was her old vocaloid group.

No. 76709

File: 1451586462491.png (564.29 KB, 815x509, 8c76b2bff3d6248a0055b27aa0b840…)

I think this picture alone proves she really is Asian.

No. 76720

Hanging out with Asians doesn't make you any less white, dipass.

No. 76735

>What is sarcasm
Quick mind, huh?

No. 76816

File: 1451635412009.jpg (1021.92 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160101_012251.jpg)

So kawaii ugu. …. Except have to be honest here. When she talks in her fake animu kawaii voice, she sounds mentally retarded.

Asians do not speak like animu in real life, Skyleigh.

No. 76817

File: 1451635543858.jpg (969.67 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160101_012829.jpg)

Awesome push up bras! Also that chin… She hid it for the 80 percent of her stream…. Where she nya-ed and called her Viet bf oppa…

She played one poro king game. She fed like cray.

No. 76820

She called him oppa? And he's not offended? Damn…I would be offended if I'm referred by anything that is not from my race's culture and just because I'm 'Asian'.

No. 76840


I have in the past when the bathing suit was poor quality.

Then again i have massive saggy udders so i had to.

No. 76846

In her last stream she did it and h called her something back in japanese i think, idk im not a weeb but goodness she acts like a fucking retard when talks. Seriously, how does anyone put up with this act?

No. 76855

File: 1451665668792.jpeg (28.71 KB, 750x150, image.thumb.jpeg.89f3cf1437598…)

lol guys, she must be overjoyed when she reads this comment. but it was already deleted though…

No. 76858

her fans put up with it, and some of them really think that she acts like the 'lovely loli everyone wants to waifu-ed'. but seriously though, i don't understand her using twitch and mostly not playing game. if she wants to connect to her fans, she should just use another streaming website, not twitch.

No. 76872

tbh twitch is for chatting with viewers and/while streaming games but she doesnt even talk to them. she just says nya and oppa

No. 76910

And seriously nonKoreans do not understand just how mentally retarded she sounds saying oppa and trying to do the gwiyomi song in her kawaiiiii voice. Trust us…. She sounds really retarded.

No. 76917

You don't have to be Korean to understand that she's retarded as hell, anon.

No. 76922

That's fine, I acknowledge that. She just sounds extra retarded when trying to "speak" Korean, is all. :) Not trying to pick a fight with non[insert nationality here].

No. 76927

Yeah she clearly sounds retarded but I'm sure the better you know the language, the worse it must sound.

No. 76979

Do you think she buys her followers? Or is she really gaining half a thousand a day?

No. 76980

On PULL 1.0, someone posted this stats thing which showed that she was legitimately slowly gaining but that was when she had around 20k followers.

I want to say that she buys followers but to play the devil's advocate, it's also very easy for her to gain quickly as well. She's done s4ses and asked her followers to promo her. Heck, her fans even promo her without being asked to. It's also possible that people find her through the explore tab since photos that people you follow liked or photos that might be relevant to you/your recently used tags pop up there too.

No. 76984


i see ! i mean i considered both but she's not gaining a lot more likes and comments on her pictures.. i feel like it doesn't reflect her new follower count? i mean i know a lot of people can be ghost followers or old accounts that are inactive but still, if she gained 2k in a few days, shouldn't she have a lot more likes? i mean i know her titty pictures get attention but all the others are just like normal.
is there a website i can see her stats on?

No. 76986

lordcreepypeepee has more followers than her but has less amount of likes/comments so its difficult to say she buys her them based on only that

No. 77195

File: 1451780787503.jpeg (230.75 KB, 750x1090, image.jpeg)

Skyleigh, you haven't matured at all and you haven't "changed for the better" either.

No. 77200

Lol, Skyleigh makes it look like it's her day job to take a shitty grainy blurred to death picture of herself.

No. 77205

Considering that she seemingly doesn't attend school or go to work, yeah I guess you could say that taking shitty IG pictures is close to her day job. She gets donations and free shit from it too.

No. 77214

If taking the pics really were for herself, she wouldn't post them online. That's because Skyleigh can't live without the validation of other people.

No. 77221

Allow me to rant, sorry if it's long.
LOL, the bitch in her is coming out, I see. So many contradictions in this post. "Welcome to buy me a new camera"? As far as I know, from her previous posts, she had iPhone and iPad, and the quality of those Apple gadgets are quite good. Instagram doesn't fuck the quality too much even when you add filters here and there, it's HER who fuck the quality up from the start. And it IS a valid complain from her followers if she decided to SELL her prints. I mean, who the fuck would buy the grainy ass cosplay prints for a high price? But I guess it doesn't matter to her, as long as she has her fans shielding and buy stuff from and for her. And if she really is posting for herself, she wouldn't beg and ask for money at the first place. The begging contradicts the showing off her 'wealth' too.

"Matured" and "changed for the better"? If you're matured, she wouldn't delete all the constructive criticisms and genuine innocent question about your photo quality. She only want to be praised and be worshipped, and as far as I know, it's not a 'change for the better' as she ALWAYS do that. And it's a childish thing to do.

tl;dr : she's not matured and change for the better, she's just showing the bitch side of her in this post.

*end of rant, sorry it's long

No. 77231

File: 1451797905504.png (738.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-03-00-07-36…)

She is now using ahripop25 on instagram for more "personal" photos.

But holy shit this new Viet boy. Also a Koreaboo. Stop calling yourself oppa. Good god, Skyleigh and Justin. Fucking be confident and appreciative of your own actual cultures.

No. 77238

When they breakup I see him becoming Mark Wahlberg in Fear.

No. 77242

File: 1451801061674.jpeg (177.31 KB, 750x1074, image.jpeg)

>yesterday I saw a commercial with cancer kids and I feel so good about myself knowing that maybe 2 cents from what I paid for this beanie went to helping them! U//w//U

Killerbunny5621 has never heard of Mother Teresa apparently

No. 77243

File: 1451801198357.jpeg (149.24 KB, 750x1032, image.jpeg)

Bonus: Moon face-chan returns

Please post caps of what's on that account.
It's on private now and it'd be too obvious if I tried to follow her on that account since I don't follow her main.

No. 77244

well, maybe these two ARE perfect for each other in that case.

No. 77248

If this little bitch goes to Anime Expo I'll hunt her down and interview her so her white kweeb ass can get exposed and for her followers to see what a fake she truly is.

No. 77251

File: 1451809056959.jpeg (135.47 KB, 750x1074, image.jpeg)

Good luck finding her in the crowd anon. I hope you do find her and interview her.

Her self-portrait of her and her Viet bf. Lmao at her drawing herself as a kawaii azn fox girl. Why does all of her art look like she traces it?

>using uwu unironically

No. 77254

i find it funny how she NEVER mentioned her previous boyfriend..but now that she's with some chinese kid she can't stop talking about him and posting pictures of him for azn loli desu points.
she's fucking gross

No. 77257

she's already a wittle bit japanese, now that she got an asian boyfriend, she must talk about it every single chance she gets so everyone would see she's a full valid asian, nya~

/sarcasm, in case somebody doesn't get it

No. 77260

She also wouldn't be begging for followers.
What a pathetic fag. He's ok with being fetishized because his viet ass knows that East Asians are the most fetishized and this little bitch thinks it puts him in the "in" crowd.

No. 77265

Kek does anyone still have those pictures she posted of her Japanese vocabulary sheets? They were all basic terms like "to eat", "to sleep", etc.
She uses google translate all the time anyways (jumbled up sentence structures, incorrect words that only google translate would spit out, etc) and doesn't actually understand Japanese outside of super basic classroom sentences.

No. 77266

Does she even go to school?

No. 77268

afaik, she has graduated high school and judging from her sporadic timing of posting pictures, i don't think she goes to school or have a job. most of college students and working people don't have that much of a time. cmiiiw guys.

No. 77296

File: 1451828612615.png (37.63 KB, 889x401, ahripop socialblade.png)

Here is the social stats thing:

Her follower count went up a lot during November, which is when she started posting more Hestia/half naked cat girl pictures (I think).

No. 77316

PULLfags detected

No. 77318

Stop derailing the thread of bitching Ahri out by trying to "call out" "PULL" users. Do that shit on the PULL thread in /pt/.

No. 77319

I hate how she's calling her bf oppa. Like wtf. He's not even korean. And he's calling himself oppa too…are they fucking koreaboos? wtf. I'm sorry but it gets annoying when non koreans use the word oppa and etc.

No. 77322

It is pathetic and perpetuates the stereotype of east asia being "superior" to southeast asia…. It is truly sad and pathetic that the viet bf is not proud of his heritage to just be upfront and tell Skyleigh to not refer to him as oppa.

No. 77330

It's called open shirt binding and it's an incredibly fucking stupid thing to do especially considering she's probably using duct tape.

No. 77369

As a side note, Skyleigh, since you roam this board and made the ahripop25 acct private after we posted a screencap of your koreaboo viet bf….. Just try telling Koreans or Japanese that your last name is Seo or whatever bullshit you picked for your Japanese last name. I dare you.

Putting aside the great pride and nationalism both countries have, which may yes seem discriminating in Western views against nonKoreans or Japanese…. We, unlike your viet bf, really take pride in our culture and family names. When fucking weaboos like you think it is all cute and ok to adopt a Korean last name, we fucking cringe the shit out of it and think of you as a deranged white bitch. Just stop. Fuck off.

No. 77392

File: 1451853694205.jpeg (155.75 KB, 750x747, image.jpeg)

Go back to PULL, retard.

No. 77397

So her boyfriend is Viet now? Not Chinese?

No. 77398

idk why people are saying he's viet..he looks chinese to me and Lu is traditionally a chinese last name

No. 77399

He talked about being viet in skyleigh's stream

No. 77401

ah nvm then

No. 77446

Him being viet makes it even worse. More bottom of the barrel Asians being try hards that are suddenly proud to be Asian since discovering the fetishization of Asians by weebs. Have some self respect for fucks sake.

No. 77535

File: 1451886207704.jpg (80.67 KB, 491x696, ahri.JPG)

she just joined League group and she posted this there.

No. 77536

File: 1451886357925.jpg (32.85 KB, 490x318, ahri.JPG)


No. 77539

She hasn't even been in the group for a day and she's already getting called out on her bullshit. Kek.
I wonder how long she'll last.

No. 77540

hahah, busted as quick as her name. her obligatory introduction post are top cringe though.

No. 77542

what's the link

No. 77543

lol did her new bf just fuck over her guise by also adding the real her to the group?

No. 77544

it's a facebook group named Angels of League. It's a closed group though.

imo, more like she fucks herself up. if she didn't post that introduction, she wouldn't get called out.

No. 77545

can you please post all the comments?

No. 77546

she took it down lol

No. 77547

File: 1451889330543.jpeg (28.86 KB, 280x500, ahri.jpeg)

but someone did post few comments on pretty ugly little liar lol

No. 77548

did she get rekt so hard she had to take it down lol

No. 77552

File: 1451890090643.png (190.42 KB, 720x970, Screenshot_2016-01-04-00-41-44…)

lol did screenshot this before she deleted her post

No. 77553

File: 1451890115745.png (113.69 KB, 720x659, Screenshot_2016-01-04-00-42-00…)


No. 77554

File: 1451890152310.png (197.35 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_2016-01-04-00-41-20…)

and she deleted her post after this guys posted this lol

No. 77560

those "uwu" holy shit. But lol Susanna Park ain't having none of that shit.

No. 77566

haha of course the real korean girl isn't going to put up with some koreaboo who is casually racist.

No. 77571

>private for privacy

No. 77573

she fucked up big time here. trying to convince a korean that her facade is real

No. 77576

hope you're saying that he himself is a "bottom of the barrel Asian" and not non-koreans/japanese in general otherwise girl…

anyway his sister uses korean tags on her insta lmao seems like his whole family are koreaboos

No. 77577

is this group just for asians or something? i wonder if she begged to get added in by her bf.

good thing people are calling her out. "believe it or not it's legal" fuck outta here skyleigh

No. 77578

In my experience it's just a league group aimed at asians. I'm white but I've been part of the group for a while now and it's mostly just asspats and a qt competition rather than league discussion.

Im gonna wait for her to join league of hunnies now, that's the main shallow one for popularity.

No. 77579

My boyfriend is Viet and he said that a lot of Viet kids from his language school want to be Korean super bad and do dumb shit like Ahri where they try to convince people that they're anywhere from a little bit Korean to 100% Korean and that their super stereotypical koreaboo name is their real one.

I met a girl in college this year. She's Viet and her real name is Tiffany but she goes by Tokki and photoshops herself into a dorito chin ulzzang on Instagram. The self-hate is real.

No. 77580

Not the same anon and I can't speak for Japanese but conservative Koreans tend to look down upon Viets, Thais, and other Southeastern Asians. I remember when I used to be a little tanner I was called a Thai (I'm Korean American) as an insult when I was in Korea for a summer program.

Skyleigh couldn't get a real Korean or Japanese guy. She probably has a better chance if she just straight up was honest about being white. Maybe she'd get some Korean dick but no Korean guy would officially date her unless he wants a green card tbh

No. 77581

lmao lmao, she changed that skyleigh quick fb profile picture of the viet… im fucking dying

No. 77592

lol that's a good burn, Susanna Park. "Personal purposes" but disagree for privacy.

No. 77609

Isn't this an Armenian name? So that would make Skyleigh part Armenian and not part Asian like she wants to be.

>"Personal purposes" but disagree for privacy.

all my keks

No. 77624

I think it just goes to the great pride Koreans generally have about their nationality, especially after being under japanese ruling where Koreans were not permitted to have any nationalism. So the meh side effect is that Koreans look down upon nonKoreans, especially the darker toned people.

O.o what happened?

No. 77627

File: 1451917310557.png (488.12 KB, 515x562, nicecover.png)

changed her reg fb to a picture of her bf… i still dont understand how someone could want people to believe your Asian THIS badly. Going to so much trouble to cover shit up that you are in fact white

No. 77628

No. 77639

Probably some inside joke or attempts at doing man crush monday or whatever. Or possibly trying to make the Ahri Seo and Skyleigh Quick account appear to be separate so the league group members won't point out her name is NOT Ahri.

No. 77643

The second reason seems more plausible, since as the anon above said, she deleted the introduction post on the league group.

No. 77644

someone should post unsh00ped

No. 77645

lmao i cut off, post unsh00ped photos in the meantime

No. 77669

HAHAHA This is gold.

No. 77687

File: 1451929549673.png (187.28 KB, 511x261, skyleigh and ellis.png)

I hope I'm linking this correctly, but here's a video of her meeting her (ex)boyfriend Ellis for the first time.


No. 77689

her chin is so square.. and her face is so.. big. how unfortunate tbh lmao

No. 77690

at least she looks normal here, not the airbrushed blank face sex doll-ish look that she shoop herself to be. and i guess that's her real voice, too. not cute of course, but tolerable at least.

No. 77693


girl hide your wig cap, that's not very "pro asuna waifu cosplayer" of u

also yeah we all knew her voice was fake as hell. i wonder if she uses it all the time? like she used it when she was interviewed at a con, do you think she was talking in a high pitched voice the whole time?

No. 77695


Idk what's up with viets wanting to be Korean/Japanese, my ex boyfriend in high s school was the same way.

No. 77698

They look so cute together and she looks pretty damn cute for a white girl here. It's so sad that she has become such a weeaboo/koreaboo with a disgusting asian fetish.

I think the reason why she wants to look Asian or "be" Asian so badly is because this is the first time in her life that people have actually drawn attention to her and liked her. So to keep people liking her she keeps pushing the whole "I'm so kawaii asian girl" when in reality, she looks terrible. She looks so much better without trying to mimic Asian features with editing and make up. Even her persona is such a turn off. If she keeps up with this, more people will end up hating her rather than liking her.

No. 77718

>tmw actual Asians believe in her photoshopped face
>lol at the white-blooded American girl trying to pass her real name off as Ahri
>lol at these people giving her the time of day
>smh at everything else

I wonder if she was happy to be accepted in a dominant Asian (as far as I can see) group? Like deep inside she feels that she can validate being a (fake) Asian, but we all know it's because her fuckbudd–boyfriend added her.

And on a side note, I wonder how her family would feel if they found out she was claiming to be Asian. I bet they would be disappointed because that's like denying her family. They know they are not Asian, so what Asian family members are she referring too? Another better (made up) family?

Lastly, I wonder if Sky is one of those people who swear they have NA blood in them, and believe that since the NAs migrated from Asia, they are Asian (yes, they exist).

No. 77733

Please, more caps, I want moar

No. 77734

Oh nvm sorry

No. 77834

The family obvs doesn't care. Remember, also that everyyyone was oh so sick and hurt for the holidays. That why Skyleigh needs money. But in any case, her family seems shitty. Skyleigh is the way she is from genetics and the environment she is exposed to. A normal sane family would feel hurt by Skyleigh's rejection of her own nationaliry and race…. But her fam is not normal.

No. 77840

So I didn't mean that the viets are bottom feeders, they're just perceived that way by the East Asians or more developed Asian countries. This creates a lot of self hate in viets and Filipinos for example.

No. 77849

i really doubt the self-hate is because of what east asians think. native people don't care at all while americanized SEAs are self-hating because they lack ties to their own culture. they try to conform to the american way or exaggerate how ASIAN they are. but because SEA doesn't have as a developed or well-known pop culture, they settle for anime and k-pop instead.

her family probably side-eyes the fuck out of her but there's not really much they can do with her pulling this shit online. if she can really upload a photo of her grandma in the hospital for likes on instagram, she can do anything tbh. hopefully they cut her disgraceful ass off.

No. 77854

File: 1451980248946.jpeg (131.22 KB, 750x1048, image.jpeg)

I doubt they would. She seems to be like a "mommy's precious baby" type. Plus her parents clearly approve of what she's doing (going to a ton of cons, not going to school or work, randomly flying to different states to meet people she met on the internet) because they're providing her with what she needs to do those things.

Figured I would X-post this here but this person is basically asking her about college. I bet she'll just delete the comment and pretend it never existed.

No. 77870

File: 1451995351313.png (339.03 KB, 940x462, musicianfor7to8years.png)

she hasn't take it down, maybe she won't answer and just leave it there because she likes seeing japanese comments on her IG.

and lol, she claims she's a 'musician' for 7-8 years in her recent post. not gonna lie, would be interesting if turns out she can play something descent and original, not a cover. at least she's not lying about a thing then.

No. 77871

naaah i doubt she can play. if she can, she will make something mediocre and sell it on itunes then beg her followers to buy it by now. just like her mediocre-to-shitty drawings.

No. 77874

She won't answer right away because you can't copy and paste from ig comments. She would need to find someone else to translate.

No. 77878

I was back in Vietnam this summer and I did notice that a lot of teens and people in their early 20s (mostly girls from my perspective) were influenced by korean pop culture. Pale skin is viewed as more beautiful there and a lot of girls like the look that is achieved by many korean celebrities. Looking more korean is also viewed positively because of these new beauty standards. If you look on social media you'll see a lot of native viet girls who use filters to lighten and blur their skin in a similar way to ahri's photos

No. 77898

File: 1452008040223.jpg (212.71 KB, 959x606, final_bstSnapshot_806831.jpg)

Bullshitery is strong with this one. cue Why you always lyin

No. 77923

Yes you can?
I'm on my tablet and I am able to do it.

There's the one asking about college, one saying she translated perfectly, and one saying they also travel.

No. 77925

You can't on iphones so she probably waits until she can get to a computer to copy and paste the comments into google translate and then types out the reply on her phone.

No. 77947

Hahahaha of course Skyleigh

No. 78056

File: 1452051141878.jpg (245.52 KB, 960x585, final_bstSnapshot_153791.jpg)

too good not to be posted.

She's going to be a pro dancer guys! Wish her luck uwu nyaaaa~

Yeah right…if she is passionate about dancing, she wouldn't be posting shit cosplays on IG. Afaik, dance major are tough and every student must practice hard everyday in order not to lose their skills. cmiiw guys.

No. 78058


No. 78065

Thank god. Most embarrassing thing ever. When will these weebs grow out of it?

No. 78082

is this tokki, tokki le from the west coast??

No. 78083

File: 1452059034818.jpg (95.17 KB, 600x575, omg.jpg)

All the straight surfaces are not straight. Omg, Skyleigh.

No. 78089

lol, if dance while standing in line with friends makes me a dancer, then I'm Mikhail Baryshnikov.

No. 78095

Nope, I've never heard of Tokki Le before. Tokki is such a common nickname though.

Her bathroom looks janky af.

No. 78098

File: 1452062062057.jpg (213.89 KB, 334x894, convo.JPG)

so, i've got too much time on my hands right now and i found this convo on her bf insta. the way they talked about her like she's some sort of object disgusted me. but the fact that she let them talk about her like that got me thinking that maybe she likes the attention. what a bunch of messed up kids…

No. 78101

Sorry for double posting but omg I just looked her up and I feel so uncomfortable seeing her lingerie pics since she looks like she's like 12. >.>

Jesus fuck. Justin needs to stop treating Sky like a trophy, his friend needs to learn how to control his thirst, and Sky needs to stop acting like a goddamn whore. She has a boyfriend but is still posting cleavage and swimsuit photos for all of her followers to see.

No. 78102


Not gonna lie, her ex looked pretty cute here.

No. 78103

Ellis is pretty cute actually. He looked kinda awkward and uncomfortable when he was still dating Sky but he's obviously more comfortable and happy with Chelsea (LCPP).

No. 78106


Do they have an ig or something like that?

No. 78107

No. 78108


Neat, thx bro.

No. 78113

File: 1452067203176.png (30.22 KB, 862x73, PULL.png)

No. 78143


ngl, i kinda pity her because of the bf's IG conversation, but then again, she has been lying and can't seem to keep a friend. karma do exist, it seems.

No. 78147

That photoshop.. Since she's been doing this for years now, you'd think she would be better. Her right (our left) leg looks so obviously photoshopped so her thigh gap looks larger.

No. 78149

oh i guess it would be her left leg because it's a mirror. I'm too tired for this.

They both talk like they are 15 years old. How is she okay with this. I wouldn't be surprised if this friend was trying to hook up with her.

No. 78187

probably when they realize they're rejected from a job because of their 'internet persona'. Well, it's if any of these weebs want to set their life straight anyway.

No. 78189

File: 1452098089764.png (446.64 KB, 942x334, Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 11.3…)


No. 78193

File: 1452098932029.png (587.2 KB, 600x426, exahripop and zydrizz.png)

Wow, that account is really out to get her.

No. 78199

File: 1452100021258.png (526.76 KB, 887x452, Captureh.PNG)

Glad to see her exboyfriend is doing amazing in his life

No. 78200

File: 1452100338825.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-06-12-09-11…)

looks like she found this account and was not too happy about it, kek

she wrote a fucking novel for the description, but i'm too lazy to cap it

No. 78201

File: 1452100414750.jpg (67.32 KB, 354x500, image.thumb.jpg.6ad2676b44ff1c…)

i'll help you with that

No. 78202

File: 1452100461266.jpg (65.46 KB, 355x500, image.thumb.jpg.7aaa75944f05f1…)

No. 78203

File: 1452100537233.jpg (62.15 KB, 392x500, image.thumb.jpg.86ab239eeb4022…)

Ooops, sorry, it's not in the right order. must have clicked something wrong.

No. 78204

i'm curious, is this really unedited?

No. 78206


Are her curtains in the top right picture supposed to be so wiggly?

No. 78207

kek those eyebrows

No. 78208

to me, it still looks like mild skin editting and no jacked up white balance filter. but i've been wrong before, so who knows. it's interesting seeing her without the brightness turned up to 100% though.

No. 78210

Yeah it looks like she turned up the exposure a bit. The pictures are all kind of grainy.

No. 78211

That zydrizz account used to be an avid ahri fan lol

She does not get the point…. Editing is one thing…. Editing TO APPEAR ASIAN AND BASK IN PEOPLE ASKING HER IF SHE IS NIHONJIN OR HANGOOKIN is the problem.

No. 78212

no, seriously, what is going on with her curtains? holy shit.

No. 78215

i don't think that's a curtain. some sort of artsy interior, maybe.


Harassing her mother? When do this happened? I don't recall anyone harassed her family.

"I respect others opinion but does not mean it is my own and the way i feel and have felt for 8 years."

yea right, if you respect others opinion, you wouldn't delete all the constructive criticism and comments that pointed out you yellow-facing yourself with ps.

No. 78224

apologies on my end. i just realize that the curtain is window blinds that has been shooped badly.

No. 78231


She looks haggard as fuck in the pics on the left. Like the top right one already looks different than the bottom left? She looks sort of sickly lmao. Funny how none of these show the boobs that she always insists to show off in every picture. Guess there was no way she'd post her flat chest

No. 78257


But where are the uwu's.

No. 78262

The zydrizz account was the account that was talking with her boytoy about how "sexy" she was, iirc.

No. 78263

Could had been the PULLfags, not surprising if they did or tried contacting Skyleigh's mom. PULLfags are repulsive.

No. 78269

Don't derail with useless speculation.

No. 78280

pretty sure she's talking about the people here who found her parents' facebooks to save unedited photos of her

No. 78282

She deleted all the comments calling her out. Will post later, unless someone else caught them.

No. 78286

File: 1452119076310.png (169.24 KB, 500x538, Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.24…)

heres the comments calling her out

No. 78291

She's not consistent with her lies and they're going to build up until she's like Berry where she's lied so much that she can't go back.

No. 78353

I think the only thing she really edited out are her laugh lines as seen >>78189

No. 78355

Her noes, chin and jaw are edited here >>78189

No. 78360

theyre edited to make them look more droopy

No. 78364

she edits her jaw and says it's masculine, but it's not square it's pretty round and heart shape.

> when you lie about editing your jaw to say that you want it more round, but it's already round and you just wanna be asian so you use that as an excuse


No. 78391

File: 1452135438144.jpg (666.92 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160105_224129_jpg_a1a9b2…)

No. 78402

File: 1452135970433.jpg (137.47 KB, 717x960, TvMLEVj.jpg)

No. 78414


The Japanese voice for Ahri in League of Legends is not a kawaiiiiii uguuuuuuu nyaaaaaaaa voice.

No. 78417

Even though these may be edited a bit they do look like her real face and I'm glad she's showing it. She is actually pretty cute and shouldn't feel like she has to constantly change her appearance into something else entirely just to be liked. Actually if she kept being fairly honest, I could really like her… But given that just recently she was blatantly lying about her name and race I don't have hope in that happening

No. 78420

exactly, i don't think anyone has harassed her family, she just likes to dramatize and exaggerating things to make herself look like a hopeless victim.

you're right, she deleted it. so much for respecting others opinion, eh?

No. 78424

That time she deleted the instagram post…

As always.

No. 78430

Maybe she deleted that post because so many people call her out on her bullshit and she get tired of deleting all the 'hate comments'.

No. 78431

After the last batch, no one really made hate comments, though. lol (yes, I was bored tonight)

No. 78439

i know, that's why i put the ' '. afaik, no one has really left a hate comment such as "you ugly, you should consider killing yourself" on her IG, only people who are curious why she looks different on every pic, people who ask about her race, the one who pointed out her bad ps, and any other constructive criticisms. either she mistakes it as 'hate' or she doesn't want her bs to be found, that's why she delete them, even blocked the people who asks such question.

No. 78463

Ahri isn't supposed to be a kawaii uguu character anyways. She's supposed to be sexy and alluring.

Looks like wallpaper to me.

No. 78472

File: 1452154584588.png (632.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-07-00-13-28…)

It just keeps getting better though!

No. 78473

File: 1452154637227.png (190.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-07-00-13-13…)

Another one

No. 78474

she said that she connected with ahri when ahri is seductive and charming to the easily decieved- oh wait

No. 78475

Can I just make a picture of Ahri with Ahripops face on it and her holding the PS sign instead of an orb and scream out IM ALL OUT OF MANA OH NO and have it be a gif where it shows her photoshopped face revealing her unedited old hag pasty face

No. 78479

hahah, ahri means 'graceful' or elegant, according to this page : http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ahri_the_Nine-Tailed_Fox/SkinsTrivia

which are something skyleigh not embodied at all. at least from what we've seen so far.

damn, all these accounts that exposed her means she had done something big that pissed people off. she should take notice for that.

No. 78527

Aaaand it's gone. I guess Skyleigh got really Quick with reports
Do it

No. 78539

File: 1452181182132.png (702.15 KB, 941x597, Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.3…)

Exahripop is still going at it.. Though, this is pretty funny !

No. 78547

File: 1452182487213.png (949.74 KB, 750x1254, image.png.4a99dfb781555404d461…)

found another ig that exposed her. they just keep popping out.

No. 78549

File: 1452184024118.png (531.82 KB, 720x685, Screenshot_2016-01-07-08-24-22…)

Ahri be lurking in this thread like

No. 78554

someone from PULL made a post on that League of Angels group "exposing" Ahri. Really hoping this doesn't prevent Ahri from further posting on the group :/ I was enjoying this train wreck and will be very sad if that PULL member's post interferes with my fun

No. 78555

holy shit, that's terryfing. it's like,"yeeees…talk about me moooore…i love it..!"

No. 78556

but she was kicked out, wasn't she? i just hope no other user attempted to do the same as that pull user.

No. 78559

yeah, she was kicked out. just hoping the incident doesn't corner ahri into laying low (if that makes sense?)

sorry my english isnt great and I haven't had much sleep so I'm having trouble explaining myself xD

No. 78567

Do you have a cap of the post? Any comments on it?

No. 78569

I meant in comparison to her real face in the middle

No. 78572

did this one just get deleted? suddenly can't find it anymore.

No. 78575

@ahripopkoreaboo is tearing into her pretty hard, they'll probably be ripped down soon.

No. 78577

yea i think it was deleted.

No. 78578

File: 1452196429090.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I have never seen this one before, but why the hell would you wear such an unflattering thing in public? Or is it that her drooling weeb followers boost up her self confidence and she actually believes she's hot shit.

No. 78580

File: 1452197233641.png (492.09 KB, 517x1794, ss.png)

I didnt take these screenshots myself. They were taken by the PULL member who tried to "expose" Ahri

She blocked Ahri and her boyfriend (so they wouldn't see the post) And then made this

No. 78583

Huh…anything else being posted? I just can't imagine there's going to be much milk from this. When the group member outed her herself that was much more entertaining. >>77552

No. 78588

I'm guessing that was all. But there was also a post Ahri's boyfriend made about how some people had blocked him and Ahri just to talk badly about them.

Nothing juicy/drama worthy. Group members throwing shade at her was much more interesting, which is why I hope she doesn't stop posting there because of that boring post

No. 78592

lel, that Flora Liang who doubts they're the same person was also the one who praised Skyleigh for being pretty here >>77552.

No. 78596

She's such a cute normal girl here. Like, not amazing but genuine. Why can't she accept she has no tits?

No. 78597

That comment "that's not even the same girl though" is pretty funny.

No. 78600


ikr? how can people honestly be some dumb and blind. especially asians

No. 78602

'Cause the shoop so much that they have a hard time differentiating between what's real and what's fake? Aside from that if she already got called out about her name and race I'd be little suspicious about what she really looks like. I think that Flora girl just might be a couple of fries short of a happy meal

No. 78603

wouldn't it be great if ahri got catfished by a white boy pretending to be korean :)

No. 78609

I hate your joke but I keked anyway

No. 78702

what an unfortunate. i like that account because it's the most reasonable one on calling her out. did sky report it herself? if she did, i wonder why she didn't report the other accounts…maybe we can expect her making post about 'haters online' and playing victim again in the future?

No. 78703

as much as i like the joke, she was like, what, 14 in this pic? it's too much imo.

No. 78709

I personally say go for it since she's the one who dreams about peeing on children

No. 78727

different anon but yeah, i remember she posted that dreaming about peeing on children. what the fuck is wrong with this girl? either she tried to be the pervy kawaii waifu or she is messed up in the head.

No. 78757

i think she tried to cater to old men by showing them body pillows she wanted a con a few years ago so they think she's cute but yet sensual

No. 78796

File: 1452266148394.png (399.86 KB, 942x418, Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.1…)

I don't know about you guys, but i'm starting to like this ExAhripop account person.

No. 78797

Skyleigh too tries hard to make herself seem like the "perfect" girl of every guys dream.

No. 78803

omg hahahaah, me too, he/she's hilarious

No. 78823

Last time I checked Kamui did a lot of props for Yaya…

No. 78834

an adc with ignite, top kek

No. 78842


i forgot about my screenshot ahaha the 5 minutes i tuned into the stream she died twice. i'd be embarrassed to do so shit on stream every time. at least her fans are nice enough to encourage her and not talk about her horrible feeding lmao. i wonder when the next time she'll stream it.. im tempted to say some shit in it but ill just get muted or kicked out of the room in like 3 seconds probably.

No. 78852

File: 1452286035192.png (544.61 KB, 933x534, hmm.png)

is this about ahri or am i seeing things?

No. 78854

oh god i can see the lace on her wig

No. 78855


i think like many snowflakes her hair is fairly fried as well since she went from black to blonde to some grey granny shit and then back to black, so now she wears a wig

No. 78865

its not about ahri, its about chelsea's onlime presence

No. 78866


No. 78880

Anon said costumes, not props. Besides, Yaya credits Kamui for making her props and most likely paid for each one too.

Iirc the grey was a wig. She went blonde to blue and then back to black. She should stay with her natural hair color. Imo it's the most flattering color on her.

No. 78907

She used to have 230 followers in her ahripop25 "personal" account with 8 photos, and now she is cutting out and weeding people out… Deleting photos too. lol

I feel she must be weeping and whining to her bf about it… And he's in Cali for a family vacay…. At some point, even wanting Skyleigh for her occasional visits and all the followers she has won't be enough to keep him around. She must be so whiny right now.

No. 78922

File: 1452311863987.jpg (420.88 KB, 591x886, ahripops.jpg)

I've been noticing she has deleted captions on her insta photos. either she deleted them completely or replacing them with decorative emoticons. maybe she's afraid someone would screenshot her mess again, but i think it's too late. almost everything she said has been screenshot-ed up to this point.

also, i found several accounts about exposing her again. now as much as i like these, some of them are using the same jokes, it's kinda boring now.

No. 78926

File: 1452312385404.jpg (119.83 KB, 591x881, ahripop.101.jpg)

this one is pretty reasonable, at least the poster explains what is wrong with sky's posts.

No. 78927

File: 1452312473629.jpg (345.78 KB, 591x884, ahripopdesu.jpg)

i don't think this one is her fanpage acc. all the pic captions seems very sarcastic.

No. 78929

Lol, sure it did LCPP.

No. 78931

It's funny how one person starts a "exposing/hate" acc, and suddenly others start to sprout up out of no where. A lot of people must of been waiting for one person to make the move first…

No. 78939

yeah, some of them looks like they just jump into the hate-wagon. either that, or she really pisses some people off. do these exposing count as bullying though? the one who 'trolls', i mean.

No. 78947

at this point, she has deleted all the photos and cut her follower count down to 34 people. she also removed the name "ahri seo" for a bear emoji.

i almost assumed she just deleted the account and someone else snatched up the username.

No. 78960

File: 1452333483505.jpg (237.87 KB, 591x886, ellis.jpg)

lololol just came across this post from ellis and thought,"did he take a jab at sky's 'nya' and overshooped face?"

No. 78974

>do these exposing count as bullying though?
Depends on how they expose her. This >>78539 was completely unnecessary but there were other accounts that looked pretty reasonable and uploaded comparisons and proof.

No. 78986

her insta is private again, probably because a pull user went through her tagged photos and found photos tagged by her brother that includes her real face. i bet she's going private to untag herself from those photos so no one can see the her real non-ps face.

No. 78991

She also reported the actually calmer of the hate instagrams…. exahripop. Seriously though, the others are worse/bullying. Exahripop was calm.

No. 78992

what good will that do? her followers will see it in the process.

No. 78993

samefagging, but i think she's reporting the ones with the most followers

No. 79000

i'm suspecting she reported the most reasonable exposing acc because they are the ones that truly explain her lies. i bet when her ig is public again, as another anon said above, she'd make a long post about the actual hate accounts, playing victim, and preach about 'treat yourself the way you want to be treated' again. we also can expect her fans eat them all up and defend her endlessly.

No. 79003

If you are the owner of ahripopkoreaboo, you should take >>78991 to heart. Please change your bullying/irrational posts to be reasonable and calm-headed. Seriously, it will go more in having her exposed.

Essentially, stop being a butt-hurt ugly jealous bitch. lol I understand you feel angry that this basic white bitch Skyleigh is getting so much attention when you are probably equivalent in looks and get 0 attention and love. You gotta get over that. You are letting your hate and jealousy (for whatever reason) get to your head, gurl.

No. 79004

Take >>79000 to heart, I mean. Sorry for double-posting above.

No. 79052

samefag doesnt mean what you think it means

No. 79071

File: 1452381426578.jpeg (465.57 KB, 1247x1824, image.jpeg)

Looks like ahri has been telling her friends (or them finding out) about pull or this thread.

No. 79072

File: 1452381459611.jpeg (489.72 KB, 1255x1825, image.jpeg)

No. 79073

File: 1452381485933.jpeg (410.7 KB, 1278x1825, image.jpeg)

No. 79095

tldr… bye.

No. 79101

The whole rant was basically " who cares "

-who cares if you edit and lie
-who cares if you want to look asian
-who cares about the past

She be sounding like frozen with all her "let it go, leave it be" bullshit


No. 79103

She acts like it's just people shitting on someone else's personal life, but this isn't about that. Skyleigh has made a very public persona that she profits off of and therefore it is open to criticism.

No. 79104

It's more like "there's nothing wrong with Photoshopping yourself Asian!"
All of Skyleigh's friends are cuter than her but they're all batshit like her.

No. 79105

I like how she is concerned about racism continuing…. but easily dismisses blatant racism and brushing aside "trying to look asian or not" as some cute little middle schooler's hobby. Skyleigh can dress in any way she wants, but she CANNOT say she is Asian. She doesn't LOOK Asian. She says SHE IS ASIAN. People aren't bitching at Skyleigh for not being perfect. People bitch at her for saying she is perfect BECAUSE SHE IS ASIAN, you know Asians? Asians = egg shaped face, droopy eyes, kitty waifu, kawaii.

Why are people so dumb that they cannot get the difference between those things?

And children these days saying, oh don't criticize…. don't talk because I do this for myself and not you, blah blah. My god you sensitive snowflakes… You are going to have to hear sour, bitter, terrible things in life. Grow up. Cosplay is a career for very select few; real life is not a fairy tale.

No. 79107

I sometimes wonder why you all just don't report her IG as it is in violation of their terms…

do not post sexually suggestive pictures, do not buy followers, also im sure your not aloud to tell/encourage followers to enter websites for earning money for self purposes unless you register as a company.

No. 79110

It would be harder to keep tabs on her that way.

No. 79113

Honestly it kills the lulz and i don't really give s shit if she's breaking the rules. In the grand scheme of things, it's whatever brings the most lulz that I'm most interested in. If Any retard falls under her spell, idgaf, that's their problem and this isn't pull

No. 79115

File: 1452393066511.jpg (92.29 KB, 640x960, 84165466545645415.jpg)

i think she has a freaking twin in my country. only that the twin leave just her jaw/chin alone

No. 79120


I thought makeup was supposed to make you look good

This chick looks so ugly, how do these snowflakes think they look convincing? They will never be azn-desu

No. 79126

Her eye makeup makes it look like she has some terrible eye infection that's causing her eyes to swell up horribly.

No. 79252

File: 1452400328057.jpg (87.85 KB, 960x960, 1966885_420371004765525_153792…)

I know right? she gives me the creeps even when she don't go crazy with the photoshop

but i won't post more photos of her here or else i will be derailing. i will post a little history about her though and if it interests anyone i can open her own thread.

so, she went to a big con here as starfire, there were a shitload of reporters and some of them where from pretty shitty programs. one of these asked to interview her and in the end made a joke and slightly licked her arm.
she went crazy and made petitions, texts, campaings about how they should put the program down just because of ONE shitty reporter. note, the program is really famous here, she would never be able to put it down with an online petition. she didn't though process the guy, which would give her a nice sum of money and end the subject, she just kept talking about it to no end to milk the fame from the incident

tl;dr gets licked by a reporter, don't process him and choose to milk the e-fame from the whole thing

No. 79255

>gets licked by a reporter


No. 79256

@skyleigh.101 ig is private right now, does anyone know why? i don't have ig so i can't follow her and other exposing account cries

No. 79257

Isn't the exposing account called ahripop.101? just make a throwaway instagram with some fake info and use that account to follow the exposing accounts

No. 79258

oh shoot, sorry my bad, yes, i mean @ahripop.101 . i must mixed them up with someone that did make skyleigh.101 exposing acc back then, but it was reported/deleted really fast.

No. 79259

oh forgot to add… it's probably private so ahri and her asslickers can't follow them and report their photos.

No. 79261

because he is from a 'comedy' program. it was really stupid indeed, but i keep wondering if her attitude wasn't even more stupid

No. 79262

make sense, but awwww sucks for me for not having ig. still want to lol on people tearing down sky's fuckery, guess i have to wait on lolcow or pull updates, hahhah

No. 79263

found another acc that expose her : https://www.instagram.com/ahripop.lies/

this one doesn't troll, just parodying sky i guess, every pic description is full of "nyaa"s and "QuQ"s

No. 79277


A fellow brazilian.

Não se usa "process" pra falar processar nesse sentido, você fala "sue"


TBH that program is stupid as fuck and I don't blame her for wanting it down, and licking her or anyone is not funny and not okay, even for "comedy porpuses hurrdhur", specially because she made clear she didn't even wanted him to touch her since she had paint all over her body for the cosplay.
I don't know anything else about her, though, but she doesn't seem very snowflake-y besides her shitty make-up.

No. 79282

jesus christ you are right, i forgot the word at the moment and didn't bother to look for it…

but do you really think she would be able to put down that program? i mean i don't like it, but there is a shitload of people who does and the reporter who licked her is the one to blame, not the program. why not just sue him, get a load of money and shut up about it? even people who don't even know her tried to milk from the event. i think you probably saw people who drew things and made huge texts about that… only because she kept the subject alive.
about her being snowflake-y, i know that some people already told her to put the photoshop down and she was like "i just correct the colors!". also all the basic like fake boobs that she denies, cosplaying from things she don't even know just because it's 'in' now and trying to befriend people to milk their fame. like she is trying to befriend dy chan through her boyfriend right now

No. 79288

She's got nothing to do with Sky. Stop fucking derailing the tread, and take it else where.

No. 79294

File: 1452435833553.png (288.72 KB, 1080x1712, IMG_20160110_102002.png.c2da46…)

i found these on PULL

No. 79295

File: 1452435897772.png (230.92 KB, 1080x1714, IMG_20160110_103749.png.a5e13b…)

that "oppa" though…top cringe…

No. 79296

File: 1452436149214.png (198.34 KB, 1080x1717, IMG_20160110_103552.png.04aa10…)

for me, it seems that justin is implying something in his comment, but not that "we know each other really well". or i'm looking into it too much.

No. 79304

Is this girl legit retarded or something??? Why would anyone use "desu" as a middle name.

Ahri Desu Seo

Desu = is

And changing first name to Korean is one thing but changing last name to a Korean surname……… She will just be destroyed and laughed at by Koreans.

No. 79311

>middle name
I think you're taking this part too seriously.

No. 79315


Yeah, she has her hometown listed as "Kawaii" there. I'm pretty sure she's just trying to be funny or something.

She probably doesn't want to disclose her middle name because of creepy PULLtards and/or because she can't decide on a fake Korean middle name.

No. 79318

It's Renee tho. Her full name is Skyleigh Renee Quick.

No. 79319


That's too white for her to openly admit to

No. 79320


We desperately need a brazilian cosplayer drama thread. I swear, there's so many stories and not a place online to discuss them since br imageboards died.

No. 79321

Koreans do not have middle names… Neither do Japanese……

No. 79323

I think that's a pretty name, I still don't understand why she wants to go another mile of koreaboo-ness by changing it into actual Korean name. It'd make more sense if she actually study Korean literature for years or living in Korea though, in my opinion.

No. 79336

>mfw i go to school in georgia
I don't want to be near here, not even in the same state. Ew

No. 79338


That wasn't the point I was trying to make.

No. 79385

even if she lived in korea, doesn't mean she can have a korean last name

No. 79397

She definitely will not be permitted to change her last name to a Korean surname in Korea easily… Unfortunately in US, she can change it to whatever as long as the change isn't to run away from the law or hide illegal things.

No. 79399

She can if she marries sexy Korean oppa and has kawaii babies.

No. 79412

Koreans don't take the surnames of the husband after marriage.

No. 79415

You do if your a korean american.
In Korea no, in USA yes.

No. 79483

we so fucking need. someone please do, im kind new here and wouldn't know in which board to post

No. 79485

Sorry to sound like noob but why does she want to be Korean now I thought she was wannabe kawaii

No. 79486

i guess because k-pop is the trend right now. as far as i see, she likes to jump onto anything popular and whatever would gain her more followers.

No. 79490

She's been unable to make up her mind for a while. A bunch of her profile descriptions have had mixtures of both broken Japanese & Korean side by side, and she uses basic Korean and Japanese words together when streaming (really basic, like nya and oppa).

No. 79493

i don't think nyaa is a real world in either japanese or korean, more like an expression of a cat like person, i think? cmiiw guys.

No. 79504

Nyaa is literally just "meow"

No. 79509

>J-Jealous of: Justin because he's perfect

Is he perfect because he's Asian and you never will be Skyleigh?

No. 79516

Also for Skyleigh, being Japanese or Korean is the same… Because she just wants to be Asian…. Screw knowing the difference between those two nya uwu.

No. 79521

File: 1452532059663.jpeg (14.48 KB, 296x500, image.thumb.jpeg.c37aeebfc7400…)

Magically growing followers ~

Theres an app for that !

No. 79529

ugh someone show me this app i don't even want efame I just want to feel like people like me.

No. 79531

I used idigic.net I would say it's worth it but paying for likes is better because it puts your posts higher in the tags and you gain more genuine followers

No. 79532

Don't bother anon, since it's not real followers you probably won't feel good about it anyway. My advice is just pick a nice theme of quality pics to post and be active, and you will build a nice little following of genuinely appreciative people easily.

No. 79730

guys, i think she changed her personal ig @ahripop25 to @hoshiko.a since it has very little followers like 33 or so, but it seems that @ahripop25 still exist and it already have like 1k followers. could it be that she wants to start anew when all of the call outs are done and buried her current persona like she did with momosweetcosplay?

No. 79827

found another account that expose her : https://www.instagram.com/quick.burgers/

the way the poster caption every pic reminds me of @/exahripop…

No. 79853

Some person on Pull is claiming to know Sky ? and apparently she was lesbian before meeting Ellis .. and her name is pronounced " Sky-Lee" not "Sky-Lay"

I smell fish..

No. 79857

that reminds me, she also dated another female cosplayer named kovuu or something before she met the loliguardian, if i'm not mistaken? and at one point she wrote that she is pansexual in her insta description. don't know if the pansexual is true though, i had a feeling she wrote that because it was 'the trend'.

No. 79859

File: 1452610733447.png (716.07 KB, 725x650, Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.58…)


I'm going to say yes it is. Looking at the Tumblr account exskyleigh is has the pictures that only exahripop posted ( aka the monkey edit)

No. 79894

She started "dating" Kovuu to "get back at" LCPP because Kovuu is LCPP's ex. No matter how hard she tries, she'll never be as cool or likable as LCPP.

Why are all of their photos so grainy

She probably had a "I'm lesbian. So edgy." phase.
It's possible that they know Skyleigh irl but I won't believe anything they say unless they can prove that they are/were friends.

No. 79912


Probably cause their sharpening it way to much. It's the only thing I can think of. I know that on the edit option for IG there is a "sharpen" option that if you do over do it the picture comes out pixelated/grain. I've fucked up before and used to to much in the past.

No. 80139

wow…that's just sad, coming from both of them. random, but i found sky because of kovuu when kovuu post their harley quinn (sky)-poison ivy(kovuu) couple cosplay, and sky's cosplay was so…lazily done. she just put on a harry potter sweater, a harley quinn blonde wig and eye mask, then call it cosplay. i don't know if the photo has been deleted, but i'd cap it if i found it again.

and anyway a user named exia on pull who used to cosplay with sky said that sky is bi,per say..but a couple of years ago she used to say " I'm bi,but strictly for the V,cause the D is gross"

No. 80147

unless the D is asian

No. 80200

File: 1452658943286.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

This one?

No. 80214

File: 1452659668453.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-12-23-25-03…)

There you go, bb.

No. 80216

The eye mask is also… Ghetto drawn on.

No. 80228

File: 1452660434315.png (1.06 MB, 1075x1339, Screenshot_2016-01-12-23-42-53…)

No. 80311

Yes! That one! Thank you very much guys :D

I know right? That was also what came to mind when I see it. I was surprised when I found out she got like 20-25k followers or so. It was just so, so lazy, I almost think that she's one of that lowcostcosplay kind of people (well not that extreme, but you get the point).

No. 80315

sorry for double posting, but @ahripop.101 is public again, and the new posts are preeetty savage in my opinion.

No. 80323

File: 1452692035061.png (92.58 KB, 1080x563, Screenshot_2016-01-13-08-30-51…)

She has been posting and accepting followers more on the "hoskiko.a", now "kinu.a" account.

No. 80327

it was private, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of posts does she post in this acc?

No. 80359

File: 1452704829582.png (88.85 KB, 483x437, ellis1.png)

i was scrolling through the cosplay tag and saw these posted by an account called quick.moses?
Guess they're asking Ellis about Skyleigh's lies and cheating habits?

No. 80361

File: 1452704875827.png (318.19 KB, 487x599, ellis2.png)

idk how he put up with her

No. 80378

Quick.Moses is just Quick.Burgers name changed.
who was originally ExAhripop.

She posted this on her tumblr…. wtf .. Has anyone seen this ? She apparently posted it durring her momo days

No. 80379

File: 1452707810182.png (798.4 KB, 732x724, Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.5…)

** This

No. 80381


I hate it when people (not you anon, the person who posted that text) just have the "name" as proof. You could easily use a texting app or another cell to send those and write any name. A phone number is actual proof but I guess I can see why they would not post that

No. 80391


You could send yourself the texts, and when they get sent back to your phone just delete the ones showing that you sent it; if that makes sense not good at describing things, if you try it out it'll make sense

I don't like ahripop and I'm sure she's stupid and childish to do some shit like that but idk :/

No. 80393


Her tummy and thighs are practically eating that bikini bottom up, 89 pounds my ass. She must of loved to be jailbait desu

No. 80411

i know what you mean, but then again, why would ellis lie? he's over her, and with someone better. i doubt he's bitter over her and i also bet he's just in this for the lulz like we are

No. 80479

Eh, honestly Ellis wouldn't lie. He doesn't gain anything from it so why even bother. Like anon said " he's in for the lols ".

Also that picture said that he's open to giving info to those that ask .. It's tempting

No. 80486

While it seems unlikely that Ellis would lie about >>80361 , its possible that it is a lie.
They broke up like 2+ years ago (i think), so these texts would be from around 2013/2014. He would have to had kept the same phone, never deleted conversations, saved screenshots, or had that conversation recently.

Why would she ever post something like that at 16?

No. 80513

He said he kept screen shots on his computer and its possible he might have a program on his phone and that saves pictures automatically and can pull them from his laptop. Probably a dropbox something.

No. 80517

he probably had them saved on an old pc and didn't bother with them as time pasted, or not until someone actually asked about it.

I've saved screen shots of arguments before, and after everything settled just sort of forgot about them until I switched computers and was looking through old files/pictures.

No. 80534

plus if you look at the bottom right corner of the text, it has a window open underneath, and the screenshot looks like a picture taken of a computer monitor. plus ellis sent the screenshot, so the person who received it, didn't edit it.

No. 80539

Did you read the screenshot? She's a whore who got started pretty early. I honestly suspected something like this would come out but I didn't know it would come out so soon.
The way she happily allows old man fans to comment all the time rubbed me the wrong way. Most other people would feel gross about that and block them, that way no one else would have to see their sleezy comments and feel skeeved out either. But she always let them stay and dressed more and more provocative doing everything she could to puff her boobs up during streams.

The way she literally jumped on a plane and met some Asian guy then really ACTUALLY posted a video of them laying in bed together…it's like, come on lmao. I'd call her an escort, but I don't think she's that smart. In the case of the Asian guy she was just so desperate for that dick and the Asian status I have no doubts she fucked him for free (although I wonder who payed for her ticket and room-was this a convention or did she fly out specifically for him?).
But still, to leave your loving boyfriend and hitch a plane ride to fuck someone else is pretty alarming. If she's willing to go through that length then I have no doubt she's fucked whoever else was convenient/somehow beneficial to her status or finances.

No. 80547

ATT has a transfer app that transfers basically everything. I used it recently and my messages transferred from a few years ago.

No. 80572

Does Skyleigh really think that not posting for a few weeks is gonna make people forget about her facebook posts were she got called out? lol

No. 80574


she broke up with Loliguardian because he wasn't there for her enough… LOL
As if some asian from Georgia is going to be there for her more.

PLUS on one of her last live streams she was complaining of the cost of her flight+food+hotel ect, so her new boy toy didn't pay for squat and got free sex.

She's a trashy little whore !

No. 80578

File: 1452740568778.png (703.1 KB, 504x807, ahri.png)

Stuff from her old momosweetcosplay tumblr via wayback machine.

No. 80582

File: 1452741925617.png (617 KB, 936x603, Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.2…)


Savage but hilarious !

No. 80606

Ew, that's just ew. And I remember one time she posted about being uncomfortable with several men's comment about her body on her IG. Triple ew. I believe a woman can dress whatever she wants, but with her photos always showing off her body, how the hell she did not expect hungry men to comment on her like that? It's obvious she posted it to them, or she posted it to stroke her ego that she is 'awww i'm a hotshot, men fall for me!!'

Now that get me thinking…does she have some family problem? I mean, where are her parents? Do they know she posted this kind of stuff online?

No. 80610

File: 1452746955570.png (704.17 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I love when people make fun of her bullshit lmao her act is so ridiculous how can skyleigh be taken seriously when half her vocabulary is "nya" and "oppa"?

No. 80611

File: 1452746996796.png (184.43 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Everyone keeps saying "savage" about people calling her out but I love savage. It's so funny

No. 80626

i take this from pull since i'm too lazy to screenshot it. i love how lcpp said that "this is my natural face!! i only edit my jaw :3!!!"

No. 80627

File: 1452749568058.png (374.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-13-23-03-57…)

sorry, forgot to attach the pic

No. 80651

File: 1452755321726.png (223.06 KB, 750x1334, image.png.9439d042da9c2e8be24c…)

taken from pull again, seems like justin is being flirty with an insta girl and not sky. the girl sounds annoying though, and she idolizes sky and suaki-chan when i checked her insta

No. 80654

File: 1452755478252.png (233.17 KB, 750x1334, image.png.64ffbbb0127780dfcc29…)

No. 80655

File: 1452755933041.jpg (59.09 KB, 500x500, noo.jpg)

This man… is creepy.

No. 80661

This pedo milk is so old it's curdled anon

No. 80701

File: 1452779383711.png (524.38 KB, 942x614, Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.47…)

Only reason he ain't blocked is incase he donates money to her. Quick.Moses got it right. >>80655

No. 80707

File: 1452780883760.jpg (321.67 KB, 893x388, loliguardianreddit.jpg)

So, I don't know if I can post it here, but it seems that loliguardian genuinely likes her and would take her back if she asked his to get back together. And looking from his statement, seems like she's having some sort of mental breakdown. Maybe that's why she's off social media? But it's sad that she couldn't give a good reason why she broke up with him, and resort to the vague,"I don't know." (when it's obvious that she left him because he's not Asian).

Seriously though, if she couldn't give the reason why, he should just ditch her for good. When everything with Justin doesn't work, she'd come crawling back to him and would use him as a 'safe emotional net', because she knows that he likes her more than she likes him.

No. 80708

File: 1452781122945.png (359.61 KB, 940x454, Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.16…)

I really do wonder what Justin thinks of all this.

And PFFFT ! Mental break down my fucking ass. Here comes an ultimate sob story.

No. 80716

Called it. She's not having a breakdown at all, she's just saying that so he'll feel sorry for her and take her back. No, what's really going on here is exactly as he was told in that post he made.

She probably realized that dating Asian men isnt as amazing as she thought it would be. Justin probably irritated her and her fantasy fell apart. Or he ignored her/lol'd at her internet drama to her face or told her no to something that her old pushover boyfriend would have said yes to. He probably doesn't spend much on her-which loli seemed to buy her quite a bit when they were together.

She's going back to loli because of convenience, resources, and probably sex now that she's too far to fuck her Asian fantasy. What use is a fuckbuddy if you don't even live near each other. Also, I think Justin was probably getting sick of her anyway. Literally everything he did with her resulted in drama. Meeting, posting a video, announcing they were together, moving her over to the facebook group-he couldnt do a damn thing with her without something going wrong and her probably crying about it.

No. 80717

Going to one up this and bet that Skyleigh was just using loliguardian to get her whining and moping out, and only halfheartedly stated to loliguardiand that she will breakup with her oppa. Once she finds out that loliguardian posted that online, and she sees that lolcow and pull knows… She will freak out that her oppa will dump her.

It always appeared to me that Skyleigh liked Justin more than him liking her… Pretty sure she isn't the one getting tired or disenchanted by dating an Asian guy. If anything, she is using loliguardian for getting gifts and affection before she jumps to a new Asian, omg maybe a nihonjin hangookin, boy next.

No. 80722

Judging from his IG conversation with his friend in this >>78098 , I think he wouldn't care. He seems to use her too.

No. 80732

Dammit, i'm just waiting for a AnneDere style melt down on IG.. Or maybe that is whats happening on her Kinu.A account.

No. 80740

I just want skyleigh to get dumped by her Asian boytoy and than have mr.lolicon date an Asian girl. Skyleigh would be so jelly

No. 80743

isn't annedere the one who talk shit about sky on pull and then went to kiss sky's ass? i didn't follow her after that, what kind of meltdown did she have? Does she have her own thread too on lolcow?

Anyway, I wait for the day she comes back and tell her side of sob story. I'm interested in how she would worded them out, especially after all these proofs.

No. 80771


Yes, but they're both into looking like Lolis and sleeping with old men, so they should both be besties. . . .

Actually Sky likes girls just as much as she likes boy they should hook up.

No. 80775


AnneDere IG is : AnnePuri.. Surprised she's still alive.

No. 80816

damn her boyfriend still streams in the midst of all this like not a care in the world

No. 80817

He's streaming right now ?

No. 80855


this, pls

No. 80856

her most recent pic looks so shitty oh my god

don't want to post it here bc it's ahri's thread, also don't want to post it in the anne thread bc i know it boosts her small ego

No. 80865

>sleeping with old men
Anne did what? What's the story on this???

No. 80883

He streamed yesterday for 4 or 5 hours.

No. 80887

File: 1452813689586.png (598.53 KB, 701x520, Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.18…)

I'm not gonna lie, Exahripop ( Quick.Moses) is my favorite hate account. They just posted this on Tumblr.

** Note that Justin's face is on that sausage kek

No. 80910

I can't help but think that LCPP isn't in that just for the lulz, but also because she feels insecure… I don't know why you guys love her so much, she looks like your regular att whore cosplayer. And no, that's not even savage at all.

No. 80915

Sure, Skyleigh. I'm sure LCPP, who makes all of her cosplays, is liked by people for skills/looks/personality, and is just regularly snarky is doing all this because she feels insecure compared to you. Sure.

No. 80917

Easy there because I hate Sky too. I just don't understand why Elli and LCPP are still talking publicly about this and then deleting the lulz photos. They are not over her, and if you will talk about someone, owe up to what you speak.
And yes, LCPP is beautiful and makes her own cosplays which are beautiful too, I just don't get that attitude. Makes she look so low.

No. 80933

I agree, they should just forget about her and move on, she's not worth their time

No. 80935

File: 1452823984733.png (154.78 KB, 284x494, one.png)

Justin is talking to one of those hate ?? fan ?? accounts …

No. 80936

File: 1452824026734.png (152.65 KB, 303x453, 2.png)

No. 80937

File: 1452824048159.png (170.79 KB, 295x508, 3.png)

No. 80938

File: 1452824091917.png (160.03 KB, 287x503, 4.png)

Thats the last of'em. Stolen from pull

No. 80941

you have a point anon…but I think I read somewhere that if someone asked ellis about sky, he would answer it? that's why he's still taking about her, but he knows that someone would screenshot his posts about sky, so he wouldn't keep them all in his insta. and as far as i know, doesn't lcpp has personal beef with her too? with her shit being called out, she maybe want to join the fun. idk though, it seems like that to me, so far.

No. 80944

Lol why shit talk/post about Skyleigh if you can get the hate accounts to do that for you and enjoy the luls that way.

Now why complain ? their adding special spice to the pot, and I quite like it.

Jesus Fuck he's getting trolled hard and doesn't even know it.

No. 80957

this @/ahripopdesu is smart. he/she got justin to admit that sky is deleting the 'haterzzz comment'. and is it true though he has been hosted by her? never seen the announcement before…usually she would advertise on her IG if she's going to stream.

OT, but that mizuki_loves_bubbles girl is so

No. 80958

*sorry i got cut off

OT, but that mizuki_loves_bubbles girl is so annoying.

No. 80965

That's what i think. I guess Elli doing the 'ask me anything' is also unfair. Like why would you even disclose personal shit (shit that is a call out to her is another whole history and he should disclose it for sure) about her? Get over it.

But I have to admit that what >>80944 said is true. They add spice to it, but they are looking fucking stupid right now. More people to lulz over I guess.

No. 80970

File: 1452828499591.jpg (4.69 KB, 225x261, 11800381_758797097565030_31460…)

Oh sweet jesus he doesn't get that it's a troll account. So stupid.

No. 80972

Ellis and LCPP are talking about Sky because Sky tried to sell Ellis' first cosplay >>69292
I guess she tried to justify it by saying he stole her grandma's jacket or something? And then LCPP just called her out for that shit.
Ellis says he still has caps on his old computer and is willing to share them as proof of her shitty character.

No. 81176

File: 1452861527124.jpg (287.64 KB, 586x886, LoLadc.jpg)

okay, i don't really understand LoL rules and terms, but does this mean she doesn't want to do all the work but want to achieve the same result?

No. 81177

being the adc means you have to do the most work and damage in teamfights, and her asking him to be /her/ adc, means she's going to be supporting him (which means she's going to do the least amount of work esp because skyleigh is a lazy fuck)

so essentially yes she's saying "do all of it for me so i don't have to do anything and still win"

No. 81183

about "feeding," it means to die a bunch disproportionate to your kills and assists. typically when someone is feeding they're basically giving free kills to their opponent either by being unskilled/countered/etc

No. 81221

I 100% agree anon. Though I'm not exactly a huge fan of LCPP. They constantly post snarky vague pictures and delete them to avoid confrontation. I mean, it's no secret that they don't like Sky. Why don't they just go the full 100% and expose her to everyone?

No. 81233

I think Lcpp has posted about confronting her before. I don't have screenshots but she said something along the lines that the only reason she doesn't is because she "doesn't feel like dealing with the white knights" this was a while ago though

No. 81239

File: 1452877421618.png (63.37 KB, 894x215, rip ahri.png)

Looks like Sky went and deleted most of her pictures.

No. 81245

lololol, did she delete the all the sponsored posts too then? they must be pissed if she really did that. well, to be fair, she never did a good job on promoting the product either, so yeah…

No. 81250

jfc can you not read >>80972 gave the reason why LCPP and Ellis are talking about her. From what you two are saying LCPP should allow Ahri to sell Ellis's jack and shit talk him and not say anything. Wow, well sorry she has a backbone.>>81221

No. 81266

is anyone following her to see what she's doing or what posts are kept up?

No. 81270

I almost feel sorry for her breakdown tbh. She lies about being Asian and has done other dumb stuff but I don't think she deserves this.

No. 81273

She brought it on herself. If she didn't lie and cheat, she wouldn't be having any.

No. 81274


GTFO ! She does nothing but shit on people and expect free shit. She's faking a melt down when really she's online playing video games with her boytoy. Last time she left online and came back she told everyone she was in the hospital and some other sob story shit.

Skyleigh is trash and karma is a bitch.

No. 81275

Okay, I would never wish mental break down on anybody, but for all we know, she might lie about this too. From the loliguardian reddit post, it sounds like she is trying to get his sympathy back. I might be wrong about this though, but I'm just saying that it's possible.

No. 81278

She's probably lying. So, her family being in the hospital, her cat and all the other misfortunes that have happened to her and this is what caused her to have a breakdown. She could have just said she was taking a break from the internet to evaluate her life and it would have garnered more sympathy. As some who has had a mental break down and had to be institutionalize this just seems really weird to me. I don't think she's this weak willed to have a metal break down over something so trivial as to being called out on the internet. Maybe I'm wrong to think she has more resilience than that.

No. 81280

Truth comes back and bites you in the ass

No. 81281

Kek, every time something doesn't go Skyleigh's way she makes up bullshit.

Ellis's jacket = He stole my dead grandmothers coat that was given to me

Why are you pandering to old men = They tried raping me and doing bad things to me ( when really she be chasing them )

Hey Skyleigh ! remember Jorge, your 30 something year'ol toy.

Hey can you upload better pics yours are grainy = I've grown up and don't have the money "blah blah" stop hating on me … stop bullying me ~

new kitty = omg I NEED MONEY ! HES DYING. (buys new cosplay) never updates people on how her cats doing.

my families hospitalized = MORE MONEY PLEASE ( goes to con magically after and then Georgia ) never updates how they're doing.

left instagram once before = OMG guuuyz I was in the hospital and ill !!! FOLLOW ME ! S4S , GIVE AWAYS ( never shared and never gave out jack shit )

No. 81285

>deleted almost all of her posts
lol what..? never heard of life outside the internet? kids these days lmaoooo
it's like instagram is her life

No. 81291

File: 1452885640139.png (242.56 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She wasn't sponsored by anyone. Spreepicky hands out discount codes like candy.

She deleted all her photos except for her ~inspirational uwu~ ones.

No. 81315

File: 1452889989008.png (283.58 KB, 487x613, Screenshot_2016-01-15-15-28-50…)

I'll just leave this thing of beauty here

No. 81321


" I hope you enjoy me and who I am inside and out"

Yeah, i'm sure plenty old men have enjoyed you inside and out.

Am I the only one still hung up on the fact that she slept and fooled around with old ass men ??

No. 81323

File: 1452893239959.png (795.12 KB, 1266x841, Capture.PNG)

I forgot about this

No. 81324

File: 1452893258657.png (58.47 KB, 286x806, Capture2.PNG)

No. 81335

>Wants make people comfortable in their own skin and living their own lives.

Yet she edits her self to looks Asian, claims to be half Japanese, tried to give herself a Korean name, had a gofundme to get plastic surgery to look more like her wannabe Asian photoshopped pictures…

No. 81340


She's such a fucking weeaboo. If she was fat everyone would make fun of her and call her out for being so cringy. If she was only a little uglier and less easy she wouldn't be able to get away with half the shit she's pulled

No. 81342


She even seems to have an affect on some Lolcow members and pull and some actually pity her and wish her to get better. Makes me sick. She's shittier then half the people we shit talk about.

No. 81344

I agree! I honestly don't see how she isn't back in /pt/ yet.

No. 81347

Claims to speaks Japanese, probably doesn't even know what desu means

No. 81348

She speaks basic bitch classroom Japanese. Her Japanese is probably as good as a 3 year old native speaker's.

This! No one wishes Annedere to get better or some shit. Skyleigh hasn't done anything worth pitying.

No. 81358

Gosh don't insult 3 year old Japanese toddlers! lol

I wrote to her in Japanese on her stream, and she just smiled and didn't respond for a long time… But many minutes later, after google translating or something, she realized I asked why she was using a fake voice, and she deleted and blocked. -_-

No. 81359

Thats hilarious. How long did it take her to respond ?

next time someone should write in a language she doesn't claim to know and see if she actaully responds and blocks. ( verify even more she uses google translate)

No. 81361

Someone should do it in Chinese. I doubt that dunce knows the difference between Chinese and Japanese. Better yet someone should just insult her with uncommon words.

No. 81367

kek I'll do it.

No. 81378

lol what's so inspirational about the two last posts? iirc it's just "I got hestia figurine, blablabla nya~" and "I draw this nya~" (or did she open commission with that pic)


>I am quite the delicate and colorful flower but I can be tough when it comes down to it!

Sure, jan.

No. 81381

Did she change the captions? Before they were both like "IGNORE THE HATERS AND YOU DO YOU! AS LONG AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF, IT'S ALL GOOD UWU." posts.

No. 81387

afaik, she deleted all the caption before she went private, but i'm pretty sure the hestia one is just her flaunting her 'wealth'.

No. 81391

It would be cool if she actually did parkour like she claims. Or was a musician, VA, actress… anything here

No. 81394

>did parkour
She would fall and bust her face.

No. 81397

A legit hestia pvc figure imported from Japan is $35, about like 30 - 25 on Amazon, I bet. Anyone can afford it hahaha

No. 81399

I just checked, my boyfriend works at anime store, and he sells the exact same one. Its $35. She ain't that wealthy to afford a cheap figure.

No. 81400

File: 1452918655171.jpg (172.08 KB, 650x800, ab13dd4fd967ad7022812fea518f84…)

That's cheap af. My latest pricier reservation is for GS's Cordelia scale figure. Now that's a figure you drag about. Also pre-ordered one for my best friend since she's his waifu.
14154yen for both which is still reasonable. What she paid for that it normal figma and nendoroid prices.

No. 81401

I just ordered the pre-sick spins Stormtrooper, which is 100 plus some change, and I save for it, not beg the neckbeards because im poor Q~Q.

No. 81402

You don't play LoL, right? Support is one of the hardest roles because you have to help everyone in your team. People usually think it's easy because you don't have to focus on farm or kills, but that's bullshit. That's why I switched roles too.

No. 81403

naaaah i doubt it. i bet the closest thing she got to those things are like : do it once for fun, and then "OMG, I'm a parkour/dancer/VA Actress/Musician/etc, etc, uwu nyaaa~!!"

No. 81405

pre ordered sick spins*
But anyways, I kinda miss her and her lulzy antics haha

No. 81407

Exactly! If you have a hobby then it's way more fulfilling saving for it.
I meant *brag and both of them cost 14154yen each.
Where did you get yours at Anon? I also want an army of Stormtrooper Nendoroids.

No. 81408

It's an exclusive, so you can only order it from japan so you gotta get a middle man. There's a few websites. Imageanime.com, bigbadtoystore.com, amiami.com, just to name a few! I hope that helps, anon!

No. 81410

Not that anon but isn't it a huge fuss about an old cosplay? Seriously that's NOT the issue for them. Just talk shit about her like you want but owe up to it and stop deleting your posts. You are no better than her if you can't owe to what you say. LCPP is really snarky and always deletes stuff to avoid dealing with Sky or her white knights, like >>81221 said.

No. 81411

Helps a bunch! I have a Japanese SS,but she's really clueless when it comes to stuff outside of fashion so this helps a lot. Thanks.

No. 81416

I'm >>81250 not the other Anon. I deleted my post because I either mis-linked or worded something weird.

No. 81417

Yeah but you're comparing a well made GS scale figure to Skyleigh's cheapo Hestia prize figure (probably the kind you can get from UFO catchers).

Don't worry she won't be going anywhere. She'll be back soon.

Sort of OT but I wonder if her Kinu.A account is named after the Fire Emblem character since Kinu is a kawaii Nihonjin fox spirit nya QoQ

No. 81418

Not the anon you are talking to but let's be real here. Real league players obviously value supports a lot. In fact, I am an adc main and a great support is rare and a god send. But what that other anon means is that all these girl league whores play support, thinking it is the easiest role to be carried by her oppa. Not all girls are like that, but I get disgusted myself at just how many fellow girls I run into and they just bs decide to be support because it is "easy." Be mad at people like Skyleigh, not this anon speaking the truth of the reality of league whores. Lol

No. 81421

I just used it as a comparison price wise. I do the same with my Sailor Venus/Sailor V/Minako stuff as I'll buy anything related to her, so I understand having something of your favorite character, but it's not something to brag over.

No. 81422

I don't think she's that cultured for Fire Emblem lmao

No. 81423

OT but it's interesting to see that more of her bullshit are coming out when she's off the internet lololol

No. 81424

No. I have both conquest and birthright and if anything she should stick with conquest. She could always cosplay Charlotte or something.

No. 81425

To be real though: who would want to deal with sky or her white knights. Lcpp can't handle the cringe of a single neckbeard commenting on her post let alone a whole army of them. Lol

No. 81427

has anyone tried to weed out any info from lcpp yet?

No. 81428

different anon, but she's opening her ask.fm account again if anyone is interested on asking her things. not guaranteed if she's going to answer it though.


No. 81429

So is skyleigh a NEET?

No. 81430

I don't think so. If anything, it's to attract the neckbeards and be relatable to them uwu

No. 81431

ehh. Support is easy but hard to master. Or maybe I just find it easy since I main it. But honestly I watched a bit of Justin's stream yesterday (he wasn't streaming it was just old) and she never had a good kda. She would get a lot of assists near the end since her team carried hard but her death number is always high. No one should be feeding

No. 81434

Exskyleigh shooped those heads on her. The original is just her in a bikini.

No. 81435

really? it's nice of exskyleigh to shooped her private parts. but still doesn't change the fact that sky is crazy for posting this kind of pic, where she's still underage.

No. 81436

You are right, I just took it in the other way since I'm an ex-main support, and now that I main adc and I know your pain, a good support is indeed a god send.

Justin is gold tho, shit should be easy for her. C'mon gold is the trash tier elo along if platinum.

No. 81473

Apparently someone posted Skyleigh's "kitty waifu" lingerie pics on revenge porn websites

No. 81483


No. 81487

funny, i was just thinking if any of cows and snowflakes pics have been posted on revenge porn site yet, and yeeees it has. I got my answer! XD

I'm not surprised though. If what ellis said is true (that she has many exes and boytoys), she should have seeb it coming

No. 81508

テレビゲーム "Terebi Gemu" -> "Television Game"

I mean, technically this is right, but it refers more to consoles. Also, most people settle with just "Geemu"… It gets the point across.

Also, kek at 十八歳 (15 years old) Nobody writes it that way. It's usually 15歳 or 15 y/o… Nobody writes their age in kanji like that on social networking sites.

So fucking annoying. If you're going to pretend to be Japanese, at least attempt to get a native speaker to go over your profile shit with you. Even someone in their first semester of Japanese could have told her it was wrong.

No. 81516

File: 1452969634014.png (710.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-16-12-21-11…)

Type down ahripop slut and you'll find some

No. 81521

No. 81540

okay that's harsh

No. 81551

This site is quite old though. I don't think it's exahripop or one of her call out accounts.

Not to mention that "TV game" is an incredibly outdated term. That was the term for video games when consoles were just starting to become a thing.
"Bideo gemu" is more commonly used.

No. 81555

No. 81563

Someone on pull said it was uploaded a few months back. Maybe it was one of her ex boytoys who didn't agree with her not wanting to sleep with them anymore so they posted her on porn sites.

This makes me wonder if there is secret videos of Sky and her old fart fuck buddies.

No. 81565

It says uploaded July 16th 2015, so around 6 months ago.

No. 81577

I wouldn't be surprised considering she posted a video of that viet kid after they had sex.

No. 81582

十八歳 is 18y.o, dear anon.
But yeah, most would just say "ビデオゲーム" (bideo geemu).

No. 81585

You guys nitpick the stupidest shit

No. 81597

They really aren't. She says she speaks Japanese and they are pointing out that she obviously does not. These are examples to prove her claim wrong. They aren't nitpicking especially since not all of us can't read Japanese and wouldn't know what she's saying is wrong.

No. 81615

18才…. Nitpick correctly. No one uses the full ass kanji when referring to 18sai in real, every day life. Only noobs like Ahri, and apparently you guys, do.

No. 81616

Gonna go ahead and assume you are the same anon since "bawwwww u gaiz nitpick stoopid shit"

Like >>81597 said, Ahri claims to speak moon and has claimed to be either half or full ~*nihonjin desu*~ in the not-so-distant past.

>tl;dr: Complaining about her yellow teeth is nitpicky, pointing out her inconsistency is not.

No. 81617

No. Not the same anon. Just pointing out the two anons were nitpicking over the usage of the kanji, but the point is… Skyleigh uses the complex kanji like a noob instead of the short hand version like a native…. If we are gonna nitpick, let's nitpick correctly instead of being equally noob and weaboo about Japanese.

No. 81622

Justin's apparently finally defending Sky on her IG. But doing so very half assed ..

And sorry to sick and to tired to screen cap it right now. There posted on pull so go look for yourself.

No. 81632

As if you guys aren't being elitist weebs about a fucking language. It's obvious she doesn't speak. That shit ain't milk though.

No. 81633

Stop fucking chimping out. You sound like a pulltard.

No. 81635

You all sound like fucking retards now drop it and move on !

No. 81638

File: 1453002841550.png (235.59 KB, 750x1334, oppa defend u desu.png)

I was actually just pointing out that 十八歳 is 18 y.o, not 15 like the other anon had said.

Enough OT though, here's a screenshot of Justin defending Skyleigh, nabbed off PULL.

No. 81639

File: 1453003029347.jpeg (305.13 KB, 749x1278, nyono gets it.jpeg)

Another one nabbed off PULL.

No. 81642

File: 1453003252070.png (179.33 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-01-16-13-47-57…)

want to add some screenshot too, this is from that fuzzy girl that claims that she's close with sky.

that logic tho…she stays off ig to wait for everything to die down, but making a new ig and buys followers for it, i can't even…and it's sad for her to be 'defended' by her friend and bf, like she can't speak for herself. they were no better than her, especially justin, his comment about '99% people don't know her personally but magically know so much about her'. you're in the same boat buddy, considering you only know her about what? 2 months? his defense seems so half-assed

No. 81643

by the way, are these comments from sky's main ig (ahripop)? that explains why the polite and reasonable comment is deleted.

No. 81646


Someone was saying the fuzzythenuts apparently is into rape and always subtly drops descriptions about how she wants to see two of her favourite loli characters rape each other.

If true then she is just as foul as Sky.

No. 81647

File: 1453003960400.png (161.25 KB, 640x1136, sky she was tryin to be nice t…)

>safety risks to her and her family
>safety risks

Probably. Went back to look at the PULL post, apparently the comment said that she looks completely different from her shoops.
It was a nice comment too.
Pic related

No. 81651

geez that's fucked up. rape shouldn't be glorified in any way, it's a criminal act ffs.

lol, if it's true that it's from sky's main ig, that's a hypocritical act from her (i don't know the exact word for the act, sorry if i come off too harsh). so much for staying off internet, but still deleting nice comments that pointed out her shooped face. smh…what a trainwreck, at least own up to your mistake

No. 81652

I want someone to link him to loligaurdian's reddit post and the picture of them together.

No. 81657

doesn't he read lolcow and pull too though? if she told him about the forums, i'd like to think he'd be curious and look them up himself. and i think he knows about her previous relationships with loli and many many men, but choose not to give a fuck about it. i mean, judging from his convo with @zydriss on hig insta, he's in this relationship just for sex and gaining followers himself, right? why should he care? sorry if i come off too brash, but if my 'theory' is true, that explains his half assed defense above

No. 81658

File: 1453007171024.png (183.76 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

From loliguardian's reddit….clearly she's always been a slut

No. 81667

wow sounds like she hit a new low

No. 81668

This is like last year I believe. I think she's always been this low if not lower. It's only now that most of her dirty laundry is being aired.

No. 81671

loliguardian seems like he's whipped. seriously though, he should just cut her for good if her toxic behavior affects his life. from my own experience, people who used others for their personal gain would never learn until they get to taste their own medicine. just move on, dude. look at ellis, he's with someone better now, and cooler/hotter too. she isn't worth his attention if she's going to leave him again for someone that intrigues her.

No. 81681

>look at Ellis
I'm glad he and LCPP are a couple now (and a cute one too!) but both of them really need to stfu about Skyleigh and stop stirring shit. They should act like adults and move on already.

No. 81682

well personally i don't mind them stirring shit. more things to lulz on about sky, haha

No. 81685

I agree. It's not like she's being an adult either. I'm happy he's putting her shit on blast unlike a certain beta male ex-boyfriend. Let's be serious nothing they say is going to change how we view her, she's a complete bitch we all know this, but it's no different then when an Anon knows a snowflake/cow and we asked for deets. They are previding us information that we would have to otherwise look for or wait until the shit hits the fan.
>tl;dr they aren't going to far so let's enjoy the free water while it last.

No. 81693

This can be enjoyed without applauding the pedophile like most people on pull would do

No. 81703

applauding? i don't see anyone applauding any pedo, even pull. if i'm not mistaken, a few pull user are planning to report the revenge porn page, since sky is underage in those pic.

No. 81717

I don't know if this is worth mentioning or not, but her insta posts are 0 now. maybe because she's afraid her current followers would read the earlier comments and that would point them to lolcow and pull. still don't know why she didn't deactivate the whole acc though, i mean why keeping an insta with 0 post?

No. 81721

because of her followers. she can't lose 36k.

No. 81738

Pulltards get way too involved with lolcows, just leave it, who cares?

No. 81750

I haven't seen Ellis and Lcpp say anything for a while actually. And nothing unless they're asked it someone brings it to their attention.

No. 81753

File: 1453047785911.png (41.43 KB, 508x147, Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.41…)


No. 81754

File: 1453047854565.png (90.7 KB, 896x276, Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 11.2…)

No. 81756


She does realize that her fans might go searching the tags for her and find the "hate" accounts that expose her bullshit. The tags are the only place left where there are photos of her.

No. 81780

exactly. i think it's no use of her trying to start anew or whatever, some people would eventually found her past photos too, like when she wanted to be known as ahripop and erasing everything momosweetcosplay.

to be fair, it's pretty 'nice' of pull to report the pic, since she IS a minor in those, and child porn is no light matter, but somehow I don't feel sorry for sky at all. These kind of thing could be avoided had she not taken those kind of photos while she's not legal yet, on top of her many many bullshits.

No. 81795

In that case I hope they take her recent picture and posted on another revenge porn site. They should definitely use the one with Justin in the bed. That might attracted the AMWW crowd or whatever.

No. 81809

What child porn? She's 16 taking a pic in a bikini.

No. 81810

People fap off to it anyway and she's putting herself in a sexual manner. Plus 16 isn't an age of consent everywhere, anon.

No. 81831

If we're talking in law context, 16 is still considered a child. Afaik, and if I'm not mistaken, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child's definition of child is "human below the age of 18 years old.", so yeah, if she took that half naked pictures at 16, it can be considered child porn. Cmiiw guys.

No. 81849

In most US states the age of consent is 16:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Also, given the comments she's received from certain followers shouldn't she be reported as well for distributing CP even after know that some followers have point blank said they were fapping to it.

No. 81864

Would you bat an eye if she was at the beach in that thing? Just because people fap to it doesn't make it pornographic in nature. She's an adolescent, not a child.

No. 81873

The age of consent in Florida is 18. Romeo and Juliet laws in Florida only protect you if you're having sex with someone 4 years younger or older than you.

Isn't that the point though? She's not at the beach or the pool. She's sitting on her bed, away from any place where it's normal to be wearing a swimsuit and taking photos of herself.
If it was a photo of her at the beach/pool with friends like "omg my friends and I had so much fun today!", I'd ignore it but instead she's sitting on her bed with her legs spread and shooping her boobs to be bigger and her cleavage to be darker.

No. 81875



It wasn't a swim suit… It was a bra and underwear so yes it is CP

No. 81876

No. 81881

File: 1453062013318.jpeg (30.61 KB, 306x306, image.jpeg)

You guys are the type of people that could see a pic of a naked baby in a family album and call it child porn.

No. 81915

Let's say she's still 16 and she slept with Justin which happened in Georgia. It wouldn't be statutory as she was in Georgia when it happened.

I listed those states because >>81810 said
>16 isn't an age of consent everywhere, anon.
I posted states where 16 is the age of consent.

No. 81922

so if i brought pictures of skyleigh in her bra when she was underage to the police they would tell me it's /not/ cp that's being distributed ?

No. 81931

I used to wear sports bras when I worked out at the gym (16 - 17). The gym I went to had security cameras. Is that child porn?

Think about it like this if an adult flashes a child it's considered indecent exposure not molestation. Her genitalia aren't showing and neither are her boobs. So it's not CP.

No. 81933

Samefagging but since PULL has some of the same pics (or used to) then they have CP on their site and should delete it.

No. 81945

CP is depictions of actual minors engaged in sexual conduct.

No. 81946

File: 1453068447517.png (112.19 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Try again

No. 81947

Holy fuck you guys argue more then pull. STFU and get back to the main topic.

No. 81973

Take note, team. Ahripopdesu and love.ahripop are both great examples of satire instagram accounts. lol

No. 82115

File: 1453087710424.jpeg (147.45 KB, 640x798, image.jpeg.7b91bcfb711bf1e47d7…)

some pull member screenshot-ed lcpp ask.fm answers. apparently, she's been nasty to lots of people.

No. 82116

File: 1453087781320.jpeg (88.12 KB, 640x678, image.jpeg.200634ebcbc17bf51a6…)

No. 82117

File: 1453087839805.jpeg (144.98 KB, 640x795, image.jpeg.64504138b146a01f963…)

No. 82118

File: 1453087867669.jpeg (96.43 KB, 640x572, image.jpeg.d51071a13d7ee84905d…)

No. 82119

File: 1453087898187.jpeg (95.63 KB, 640x793, image.jpeg.df38871e5427488e8d0…)

No. 82120

File: 1453087941782.jpg (278.58 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg.9c0b2548e9a80ef2d924…)

aaaand here comes the whiteknight

No. 82121

File: 1453087963830.jpg (287.7 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg.c03a68d8f02d8fce65bf…)

No. 82123

File: 1453088249178.png (634.92 KB, 920x590, Screen_Shot_2016-01-17_at_12.4…)

"She owes no one any apologies" I can't even with this guy…shielding her with the weakest reason ever when proofs are popping out here and there.

No. 82128

File: 1453089345076.png (645.63 KB, 932x601, Screen_Shot_2016-01-17_at_10.4…)

@/ahripop.desu comments tho, hahahahahhh

No. 82130


let them know lmao

No. 82138

Support is a pretty difficult role because they are the ones initiating fights and disengaging. Every role is essential to the game. She's only asking him to lane with him which is pretty reasonable, but it really doesn't matter because she sucks at the game in any position and he will have to carry her.

No. 82140

just want to let you guys know, that 'fuzzy-whatever' girl is currently white-knighting sky on pull, using the same reason she wrote on her own IG. *grabs popcorn

No. 82156

Thanks for the alert, but oh god fuzzy is so ignorant.

Shes saying that everything on pull is slander when we have screen cap proof that sky is a liar, cheater, race fetishist and an overall shitty person.

Also she is defending sky's racist white ass now with the logic that sky isn't "AS" racist as others so its no big deal and she should be allowed to get away with it???

No. 82158

someone on pull has pointed out that fuzzy is a guy, my bad. for those who want to read the whole debacle at pull thread, it starts on page 166.

yeah, his argument is weak, and honestly, doesn't help. he only made things worse imo.

No. 82159

no she isn't, fuzzy is a girl. she just replied confirming this.

No. 82160

ooops, my bad again, haven't seen that, thank you anon.

No. 82163

God I hate how PULL is so nice-mean.
> If you are a true friend, you will be tough when you need to and let her know being racist is NOT ok. You don't have to repeat the stories. Being private and loyal are great qualities in a friend. And yes, she may be the nicest and kindest friend to you, and you trust her a lot. But unless her response to "hey Skyleigh, is it true you pretend to be Asian and want to be Asian?" is a clear No, I think you owe it to her as a good friend to make it clear that pretending to be Asian is not ok and is racist.

Really, this drama is less exciting than the is this picture CP shitstorm.

I don't want her to come here, but fuck can't they stop handling this girl with kid gloves. At least have fun with her lulzy post.

No. 82166

File: 1453102802053.jpeg (73.87 KB, 317x500, frompullwithlove.jpeg)

taken from Pull

No. 82169


apparently that post has been deleted, because fuzzy has replied back on the comment section and now talking directly on the phone to ellis. trying to clear things up, i guess.

No. 82170

She has to be the most annoying Ahri white knight. I think they should stop responding to her or shut her down.

No. 82171

File: 1453103310901.png (98.13 KB, 1044x530, Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 11.4…)

I've got caps of Fuzzy's lulzy posts too. I'll post them if she deletes them.

No. 82172

Exia's replay tho.

No. 82173

lol, what a contradiction, she claims that she knows her on personal level and that sky is always there for her but she doesn't know if her family is indeed sick or in danger? what a friend!

No. 82174


Yeah, "I have known Sky myself for 3 years," my ass.

She contradicted herself like 3 times lmao, worst white knight I have ever seen;

>"why does this whole subject of people pretending to be who they are not make you so heated?"

>"you can't change your race. Nor is it right to claim to be another race"

No. 82175

Damn LCPP got her fucked up

No. 82176

File: 1453104556860.png (333.94 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-01-18-03-03-26…)

Her white knight defender

No. 82177

She is too concerned with appearing nice, calm, and more mature.

No. 82178

Definitely weak willed enough to be be Skyleigh's friend.

I think Ellis told her off. I wonder who tipped them off about her shit talking Ellis?

No. 82180

File: 1453105163847.png (28.23 KB, 283x306, 1.PNG)

Looks like they worked it out.

No. 82182

File: 1453105210056.png (36.53 KB, 291x390, 2.PNG)

What could she be mad about…

No. 82183

It's a fact LCPP and Ellis read the forums

No. 82184

Ah, well then at least she couldn't backtrack and say she didn't post anything like that.

No. 82185

truly happy for them that it all works out. now maybe we should get back to sky topic. it's sad for her to have her 'friend' answering all the question and clarifying her mess.

No. 82189

File: 1453106289288.jpg (52.82 KB, 640x735, Fuzzythewhiteknight.jpg)


Theres not much on the sky topic until she comes back from her hiatus, unless you can dig some stuff up.

Also here, have an unedited pic of skyleigh from Holiday matsuri with her white knight.

Tht nose though lol

No. 82190

File: 1453106385910.png (18.57 KB, 873x150, i.PNG)

My problem is she said that Ellis was controlling over Skyleigh. Does this mean that Fuzzy actually witnessed this or was this something Skyleigh told her. This is a bit reminiscent of Loligaurdian post about Justin. I might be looking into this a bit too much. It just baffles me how she's able to manipulate people to sympathize with her. Why? She doesn't come across as a nice person. I can't think of anything redeeming about. She's average looking, not cultured and her personality leaves much to be desired. What do people see in her? Some snowflakes and cows at least have something special about theme. Fake personality, fake face and fake voice. She's a fake person.

No. 82194

i assumed sky told her, since she's contradicted herself many times on the pull fiasco. and lcpp said ellis is a loving person to her…i personally don't want to pick sides but given sky's track record, i'm inclined to believe lcpp more, for now.

by "what do people see in her?" do you mean sky? if i'm not mistaken, one or more pull user that has interacted with her in real life (i think exia? i forgot) said that she is considered to be a liiitle bit above average and cute because she's rather small in person. and a different user also pointed out that because she's considered pretty, her yellow-facing and her other shits are justified by her followers. had she not been a pretty girl, she would have been ripped into shreds a long time ago.

No. 82197

I've met both Lcpp and skyleigh irl at holmat and Lcpp seemed very down to earth and appreciative/talking to everyone whereas sky just seemed very fake and withdrawn. Not sure if it's because she was scared lcpp was gonna bust her up all weekend or what but something definitely seemed off putting about skyleigh

No. 82278

oooh did they cross path at some point? must be really awkward if they did lol

after hearing stories from lolcow and pull, yeah, maybe that's why she was withdrawn, plus the story about a pull member that possibly confronted her. but honestly, i don't believe the confrontation one hundred percent, since it seems the pull member who confronted her couldn't give more of legit evidence of her confrontation with sky other than the exchanged e-mails. it can easily be faked.

No. 82285

Yeah, I was referring to Skyleigh. She reminds on of a toned down version of Kathryn from Cruel Intentions. I wonder if she feels bad for any of the things she's done. I tend to disagree with the pretty girl statement. There are a few cows and snowflakes posted her that have gotten way more crap.Venus is the same age as Sky and she's been getting ragged on for years.

No. 82430

Skyleigh should be pleased at how much attention she is getting now. Funny how before she would do/pull anything and everything to get people to notice her, and now she's hiding. Ha ha what a shame.

No. 82433

meanwhile on other side of ig, her bf is enjoying that mizuki_love_bubbles flirtatious remarks…even @/ahripopdesu is trying to tell her off. what's with her insistence on playing 'daddy-daughter' with justin though, geez…that's disturbing as heck

No. 82435

File: 1453133896750.png (183.93 KB, 640x1136, image.png.3c3b4e2cdab2ac3dd59d…)

forgot to attach, sorry

No. 82458

She's so thirsty it's gross. Should Fuzzy be breaking this shit up or something?

No. 82489

I hate to say this, but the Fuzzy crazy bitch looks kinda fine. Especially compared to Sky lmao

No. 82496

you should see her in person lol

No. 82500

Post pics

No. 82527

File: 1453146737398.png (6.16 KB, 557x113, mayo.png)

No. 82533

File: 1453148145085.jpeg (97.62 KB, 638x576, image.jpeg)

No. 82535

anyway we should stop derailing about some irrelevant girl that's obviously delusional about sky

No. 82540

I used to be "friends" with fuzzy (we didn't exactly talk, but we would compliment each other on Instagram), but she really needs to grow up. I'm glad LCPP called her out and LCPP's followers "attacked" fuzzy. Fuzzy just wants brownie points from Skyleigh and to have 40k followers like Sky has.
>Fuzzy:I knew her for 3 years
Funny how you think you knew her for 3 years, but only started to publicly talk to her once she started getting 30k+ followers. True friends share fame, right?

No. 82546


She's just an attention seeker like sky, why else would she post on pull in the first place? To defend her friend?

Nope, it was to make herself look good.

She was probably hoping for sky to notice her oh so brave acts and give her a public shout out or something.

She's not exactly lolcow material but shes pretty cringey.

No. 82551

File: 1453150702783.jpg (93.88 KB, 923x591, I'msomatureuwu.JPG)

Ahripopdesu needs a fucking medal

No. 82552

No she doesn't.

No. 82561

FuzzyBallz exposed the fact that Ahri is racist and is faking the whole asian thing …. She sucks at brown nosing.

No. 82564

Uh… nevermind then

No. 82584


I'm so sick of you fucking self posting all this shit like 'omg ahripop is so cool omg calling her out!!!11!'

You're fucking cringy too

No. 82596


woah calm down salty beth im the one who runs the ahripopdesu accounts. im surprised it put your panties in a twist lmao. i post what i want, some people enjoy it and some people find it annoying, but stop being a retard and saying everything is a self post when you dont know shit. my screen caps are stricly from my phone and say "Rogers" as my phone carrier. the person who posted the screenshot is from a computer. calm down and just enjoy the hate accounts for what they are, dont take it so seriously

No. 82598

Eh calm your tits. Nothing's going on with Ahri right now. Last night was the most drama we had in like a week. The hate sites are keeping the drama going so there's at least a build up for when she returns.

No. 82608

That anon is talking about the anons who praise your every move.

No. 82667


Salty-chan, the only thing that is cringy is you derailing this thread by flaming an anon who actually posted something relevant.

Anyway, has anyone seen this yet?


They're shitting on skyleigh halfway down

No. 82706

Your bar for shitting on someone must be really low. There's only 8 posts about her and one is asking someone to take a photo of her if they see her.

No. 82710

MTE. Looked through thread, wasn't sure if I'd missed something.

No. 82741

fucking pulltards are sympathizing with her actions as usual. as if a half assed "sorry!!" from her would magically make her a likable person

No. 82746

I'm pretty sure that like 99% of the pulltards in her thread secretly want a slice of her fame too and wouldn't hesitate to lick her ass if she offered to promo them.

No. 82749

You guys need to seriously stop derailing the thread by bitching abut PULL. Use that hatred and anger on Skyleigh…..

No. 82751

agree. if you want to bitch about pull, do it in pull thread on pt.

No. 82752


Confirmed self poster and same fag

No. 82757


Bitch I don't even brown cgl why would I care about some american cosplay threads anyways?

No. 82760



But nice try. I didn't even read the posts before you "confirmed" it. You aren't adminsama