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No. 67712

This is Emily. Can I just please add (read my latest post, please) but when I say I couldn't reply I am, in no way, lying or exaggerating by that. I really didn't want to have to go into detail, and I still won't but please. I'm begging you just don't misunderstand this again but something happened that honestly sid physically effect my ability to reply. Don't hate me for this too, please just don't. Please

No. 67730

Get off IG…no get off any social media for that matter. It's not helping you. You may think that getting your feelings out is going to benefit you but there are more enablers, trolls, and stalkers on the internet than you would believe. If you really want the help that you're crying out for, publishing your pictures on social media is not going to fucking help you. All it will do is feed your ego and validate any disorder you actually have. Just get away from it all.

No. 67742

I have BPD. What I was recommended to do was take a legit break from social media. I did and it's much more manageable now. For your own sake and mental health, step back.

No. 67770

Emily, I was once where you are now. You have to stop feeding your need: your need for people to respond to your hurt. This hunger you have for a response from others will never be satisfied, it will just grow more hungry. It's BDP that makes you this way.

BDP is survivable and life can get better, but it will not happen magically on it's own. Psychological help is the only way.

People on IG or just around you in daily life will never give you the responses and support you truly crave, and you will always be hurting until you do something for yourself.

You can escape from this painful existence Emily, just reach out for medical and psychological help.

I still have the scars on my arms to remind me how desperate I once was. Instagram is a waste of your time and is only feeding your pain. Have the strength to leave it.

No. 67773

Emily, the friends you have on that account are all sick too. Being around them is going to make you sicker. Please get off the Internet and check yourself into the hospital for your body dysmorphic disorder and dangerously low weight. You're too smart for this.

No. 67775

Emily, you really need help. And you can get it. Your mother loves you, and we know you love her. Do it for her, but mostly, do it for yourself. And please, please, leave instagram. It's only making you sicker. You can still be saved, you're not so deep into this shit like Aly, or faking all like Ember (please stay away from her, i've seen her leaving comments on some of your photos).
You need to get better, and mostly, you need to stay away from the internet. Just… seek help. A lot of people cares for you, even some anons here (including myself, stupid as it sounds).

No. 67777

Hi Emily.
I'm sick too! I have bipolar 1 and OCD, and I'll have them for the rest of my life.
It's pretty fucking hard to accept, but the other anons are here are right. There's nothing wrong with being sick, everyone gets the flu every so often and many people have illnesses that will last their lifetime as well. Thankfully we have this super awesome thing called medication and therapy!
Mental illness is no different. Don't go to a doctor and tell them that some anons say you have BDP- you wouldn't immediately say your sore throat is a tumor. Express your symptoms, which can be thoughts, emotions, etc. I began my mental health journey at 14 and have finally found a healthy regime at 22.

By the way, the feeling that there's two of you is quite real. Don't worry about that. You weren't born cruel or evil, it's simply a sickness. It feels like the real you is held at gunpoint by the evil you.

There's lots of people out there who love and care about you. Even if you don't feel comfortable, there are outside resources as well. All you need is three words: "I need help."

Good luck!

No. 67808

Emily, I don't think you're joking, but I think you're milking your disorder for attention whether or not you fully realize it. You do not need to share your intimately private breakdowns with the whole world. You're creating a self-perpetuating circle of triggering drama with your friends on IG with all your bloody, crying selfies and constant body checks. There are certain things that should be kept offline for your own wellbeing. Thousands of people have seen you cry. That is not healthy for you.

No. 67813

Hi Emily, I have DID (diagnosed) and have struggled with it since I was a preteen. I don't think you're joking, but you are giving your other parts a platform to humiliate you, harm you and others and bring about further negativity.

I know the attention is nice, I know it feels like it helps but the instant gratification is just that. Instant. And then it's gone. Honey, you need to make your life a bit more private and start working on yourself as best you can.

No. 68678

Merge this discussion into the existing thread please.

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