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File: 1449947907440.png (222.1 KB, 640x331, Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 19.1…)

No. 71554

The most Specialest of all snowflakes,
Beckie0, Aka Rebecca Brown is a top tier snowflake I've usually kept to myself as a little treat to rage at.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB7kGgiexh6FYm7-AE82YMw

Her Most recent youtube video she describes herself as being #triggered by Christmas.
As well as generally being a top tier spazzlord she's also used her "fame" abuse and harass "Lost lovers" basically men that she's currently mooning over.

In addition to this her top viewed videos are those of her taking a picture every day for insert time here She does this over and over again due to clickbait on facebook giving her views and thus money.

I have met her twice in Person, stories I will save for later on in the thread.

ITT: Beckie0 and Similar Thread.

No. 71556

File: 1449948173883.png (91.61 KB, 444x440, 1396319591548.png)

In person she smells really bad, usually of period blood which she seems to be on perpetually, though she uses a mooncup I don't think she's learned how to wash.

Both Times I met her was in a non youtube environment yet she still speaks as though she's speaking to a Camera rather than a person.

Beckie0 has a problem with young males, stating that she prefers older men due to maturity, the only young males she's ever come into contact with were in her university halls of residence where they partied every weekend and listened to loud music
Pic related

No. 71562

Her disease while real and serious, defines her. Everything to do with Trichotillomania, is related to her, other with the disease are overshadowed by her,other people's coping mechanisms such as brushing ones hair rather than pulling it out is a trigger to her and she will shame them for it.
She has a small yet loyal following beyond the "HURR DURR DIS R ME photo errrryyday" Videos that will comply with most thing she says.

This ties into the men she is currently mooning over, who 90% of the time have to disapear off the face of the internet just to get away from her and her minions, video related.

This guy was especially unlucky as he had shitty poetry written for him as well.

No. 71563

I have more milk if anyone is interested?

No. 71564

Let it flow

No. 71565

just give the milk, don't hold it out coyly.

No. 71567

self post?

No. 71568

A friend of mine works with her at Lush and often tells tales of how much of a drain she is on her floor and how little work she actually gets done.

She will take constant breaks in order to instagram etc to "Promote the Brand" Lush doesn't need any fucking promoting it's already huge.
On many occasions she will get a whole group of her fans to come into the store and distract her, this is often met with hostility from the other employees who can't have a group of 7-10 14 year olds blocking an entire corner of the store, they never buy anything and just prevent other people from buying anything.

She's of course had other jobs while studying ( her education is another fun subject) such as the hard breadline job of being a warden at a stadium and other events, 3 hours a day maximum at 7.45 an hour as I recall. Oh God what a hard life, she described these jobs in person as "beneath her " as she has skills that are better put elsewhere. Why the fuck she considers pretending to cry when she sees someone with nice hair is beyond me.

For her being able to use cool lingo is skill to be reckoned with, I recall her saying the word "Vinester" I.e someone that uses Vine, which seemed to give her more pleasure than when a hipster at her uni once got drunk enough to want to fuck her.
I believe he later had to switch course and University due to her harassing him.

Video Related, It makes me want to rip my nipples off.

No. 71570

Nah, i'd have killed myself if I was her. I'm a 22 year old dude.

No. 71571

you never know, you know. So when will you get her fired?

No. 71572


Unfortunately I am unable to, though I doubt the company would because they realise her her internet stardom, it would basically end up very much like this vidja.

No. 71574

File: 1449951202383.png (23.74 KB, 481x73, Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 20.1…)

Now in person, she in nigh on completely unaware of anyone else's feelings or unable to interpret their intentions,
I will actually try to find a related video in a bit,
Her interpretations of others actions are either always innocent or completely paranoid, I remember her mentioning the infamous boys of her uni halls. How they invited her to their parties and the like, she always declined as she feared they would rape her as they were so immature and not quote "real men".
Yet when in an actual environment where such a thing was 1000% possible it'd be fine by her because the man that was chatting her up was 25+ and had a beard and glasses.
I've never had the dispeasure of meeting anyone more removed from society and Logical though than her.
When in private conversation with someone her age who at this point is not offering her a drink, inviting her to a fun activity or triggering her by having normal hair, she in unable to talk about anything other than basic tumblr popular TV shows. Dr.Who being one of these things.

She also claims to be learning French and has been claiming this for many years now however she is incapable of saying anything beyond "What is your name? Would you like to go to the cinema?"

She today is still of the firm belief that a "man" will come and rescue her from her many triggers. It's always going to be a man despite her fear of them.

Also Pic Related, she's a fucking sjw idiot who "ZOMGZ THER R OTHUR CUNTRIES WHER PPLZ DIED :'("

No. 71575

She also has a alter ego, Jennifer, it's her in a wig.

That she talks to herself with on special Vlogs.
Her alter ego is far more socially normal and is able to do things.
If I were her i'd kill myself as Beckie an Just be Jennifer. Can it really be that hard?

No. 71576

She actually had to go to hospital after this video because she cut herself on all of those edges she has.

No. 71579

File: 1449952002350.png (690.52 KB, 512x599, Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 20.2…)

This is her "art"
This is actually 128 times better than some of the fan art she gets made of her.

No. 71580

What really irks me is that her entire youtube career is built on her inability to do "normal" things which is something she continues to talk about to this day. Yet on Instagram she is perfectly able to do Normal things.
Either she's deluded her fans into thinking she's a broken person, or she' deluded herself into thinking she's a broken person.

She is also a Hoarder,
I can't wait for some titty pics to come out sometime.


No. 71581

Does she still live in the UK? I heard she live in NY or something.

No. 71585

She goes to NYC a lot, this related to her finding that man that she wrote that poem thing about.

That's where her youtube money goes basically, NYC and Wigs, She lives and studies in the UK.

No. 71588

She's just so weird… I can't even put my finger on it. Keep this milk flowing OP, I am intrigue

No. 71591

too bad her wigs are absolute shit and she looks even worse in them.

No. 71595


There's just too much to talk about…
have some milk on her being triggered by hairy men.


srsly though yeah, strange thing is she barely wears them in public unless it's for a photo opportunity or a video. She doesn't wear them at work either,
I remember her deleting videos because she wanted to do a wig review and the amount of Negative feedback (20 or so comments so not much in the real world) was too much for her to handle.

I am looking for more udders to milk atm, these shall include mutual friends that can be persuaded to be sqeezed.

No. 71597

File: 1449954909863.png (794.51 KB, 1025x542, Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 21.1…)

This is some good milk:


>Be 2014,

>Be Beckie0
>Need money
>Have idea to make an IndieGOGO campaign for a documentary I will never make

>Get way more money than needed,

>Spend money on Documentary that a year later is still not made.
>Spend the rest of the money on shit and a trip to new york.
Pic related.

Crowd funding never ceases to amaze me.

I'm serious if you give the money from indiegogo to come through at the end of september 2014 we actually see a deviation from the normal "Hello I am speaking to my room" type of vlogs she usually makes and we see her buying a lot more things including the trip to NYC…
The Film is still not made either and has had a single update and that was after she got the money.

No. 71601

File: 1449956361324.jpg (100.13 KB, 606x604, 10252034_658369114218369_10912…)

Just to show the age of her little minions I am going to post some 10/10 fan art that she gets and ACTUALLY FUCKING SHARES with the world.

Here we see Potato Brown teh baldest of youtube.

No. 71602

File: 1449956393220.jpg (35.28 KB, 479x482, tumblr_inline_nxq8y1xCdF1td6xc…)

No. 71603

File: 1449956402203.jpg (70.27 KB, 612x612, 562146_482520068469942_2170583…)


No. 71604

File: 1449956427591.jpg (82.57 KB, 640x960, 966756_501841849871097_1876619…)

Is this what centrefold means?

No. 71606

File: 1449956561441.jpg (35.01 KB, 461x630, 1619542_707780002610613_525160…)

Are you local?

No. 71608

File: 1449956907147.jpg (64.24 KB, 488x720, 165730_146536245401661_1330140…)

The people that drew these for her are the same people that "donated" money to her indieGOGO scampaign… Knowing the age of 90% of her fanbase she went ahead anyway.

No. 71617

File: 1449961006998.jpg (39.65 KB, 510x569, bigger txt plz.JPG)

Is she visually challenged or something?

No. 71622

Has glasses that she wears for show, but this picture is taken purely to show how intellectual she is. "Look fans! I am READ READING R COOL XD XD"

No. 71625

File: 1449961681152.png (597.17 KB, 1054x349, unfortunate lookalies.png)

She reminds me of a young Yvette Fielding (not a compliment) but sometimes reminds me of Lauren Harries.

No. 71698

so this bitch a cow how exactly? there's plenty of retarded attention whores on youtube.

No. 71750

this is /snow/ the only real place for her on here.

No. 71762

2spooky, this thread inspired me to check up on one of my most hated personal snowflakes, and she had recently posted this video.

No. 71782

oh no i used to like her ;-; i'm afraid to read this and find out she's actually terrible

No. 71783

I'm sorry but she is, she's gone above and beyond the professional mentally ill person.

No. 71786

Tbh that was probably drawn by someone very young. I think it's nice that she shares it anyways.

No. 71790

So far the only actual milk from her seems to be not following through with/not updating about the Indiegogo yoke. A lot of the posters ITT are salter than the Dead Sea about her doing things that literally every Tumblr influenced Youtube does.

No. 71791

….I actually love watching her vlogs. She has a great voice and doesn't seem overly special. Just typical lush and vlogging. All her hair disorder videos are tagged so you can avoid them if you want.

Sorry but besides the indigogo, I'm just not seeing alot of milk. "Somebody once said this about meeting her" and fan art isn't actual substance.

Inb4 whiteknighting, most of her really strange videos are from 5+ years ago she's had her channel for fucking ever.

No. 71792

Those are the people who she took money from for her fake documentary, well their parents money, She's filling young minds with Garbage like being triggered by Dr.Who. All the while making money from it.

No. 71794

It's okay if you like her, hell people on here still defend gerg and he's far worse as a person.

No. 71808

>>Those are the people who she took money from for her fake documentary, well their parents money

Do you have links about these young fans never getting the indiegogo rewards - none of which actually had anything to do with the doc (bar the 14 people who donated £100 for a doc film credit)? Like people pledged their money for thank yous/shout outs on FB (did they get them?) and they knew the money would go towards making the documentary. Aside from saying, "Well she clearly used the money to go to NY" (which easily could've been youtube money/lush money/promotion of products money on SM) "…and the documentary still made/ online" (did she promise she would release it online?), do you actually have evidence that she used the indiegogo money for other shit, or?

No. 71810

Pretty sure this is all self post…

No. 71945

Idk if this is self posting. I can't see why she'd hawk for more youtube followers unless she's going for the 500k tacky youtube plaque they get sent.

She's annoying as hell. Her mannerisms/way of speaking makes me think it's an audition tape for Panorama.

She's also one of those under 25s who're so opinionated I could poke their eyes out with a fork.

This video in particular pisses me off. Surely she's realised by now that people either say things that're "unhelpful" because they haven't experienced your problem so they don't understand what they're saying is "unhelpful" to you. That or the fact that people can just be cunts in general.

I was seeing shrinks before she was even born, but I don't expect ANYONE to pander to my illness. I don't even TELL people about it because, yeah, my illness doesn't define me. Fuck off with your "triggering" shit. One of her "unhelpful" comments is DEAL WITH IT, but if you want to get by DO IT.


Next post is by me n all.

No. 71946

File: 1450051212060.jpg (56.76 KB, 568x557, p.JPG)

BeckyZero, dear, in the adult world there are no safe spaces.

No. 71957

This is OP, Not selfpost Bekiezero,

Look at the dates of her youtube, we see a huge rise in spending post the completion of the Indie GOGO campaign, The rewards were bullshit either way not really value for money unless you actually get to see the finished product which more than a year later we have not seen,
We also see a decline in purchases videos as well as trip videos as the IndieGOGO money presumably ran dry,
We do though see a rise in Her baking things, something that gets views, but requires less money while also being impressive to 12 year olds.
We should really wait and see if the docu actually ever gets made, or when she will next starts a "gib moni plox" campaign and then see the results of that. Then we will know her intentions for certain so I can see why you may not believe what i'm saying as there is only one piece of evidence for it.

No. 71960

Also do continue the rant. plz

No. 71961

Everything is trauma to her. Going to work, like everybody else. Putting up with rainy weather, like everybody else. She really needs to see a therapist and start living her life.

But if she sees her Therapist she might get better and then she wouldn't make any money now would she?

No. 71969

BeckieZero knows she has young followers, some of whom are probably facing the same problems as her, and she is giving them irresonsible advice. She threw her dummy out and is being a negative influence to her followers, because she doesn't seem to realise there has to be some work on her part to getting better. She's a terrible influence, and I honestly don't see how sitc put her on the mental health panel TWICE. Beckie needs to grow up

No. 71978

A guy once looked down her top =Sexual Harassment.

"This was the top I was wearing"- Kek

"Invade my personal space"- With his eyes? Are we following the ancient greek model that beams come out of our eyes now?

She just fucking downplays actual fucking sexual harassment that systematically puts people down perpetually. She has the whole "I AM A VICTUM OF RAEP 2!!!" mindset even though nothing terrible has happened in her life, ever.

Oh apart from that guy leaving her, that must have been pretty bad…

No. 71980

She's also known for deleting and blocking negative comments, but loads of people do this so that's no big deal these days.

No. 71981

File: 1450054870642.jpeg (40.42 KB, 550x367, image.jpeg)

This is some good milk, OP.
Her triggers trigger my triggers.

No. 71982

File: 1450055072637.jpg (23.55 KB, 499x499, 0e9.jpg)

No. 71984

File: 1450055214381.jpg (112.37 KB, 640x637, bab22343ec8bdbf0ffb6048cbb90e8…)

She likes to pretend to play in the big leagues, theres a relatively large youtuber called Carrie who is pretty cool, she's also a stage actor and moves in ponds far to big for BeckieZero to comprehend.

She needs to learn her place.

No. 71987

File: 1450055747429.jpg (9.06 KB, 300x185, 1424614648468.jpg)

The name of her "bf" man thing who cut her off, was for the internet "boofle" she named a plushy dog after him.

This "boofle" was a much older man who was married. Apparently his wife made him cut contact with her, she has spoken numerous times about kissing him, being in bed with him etc.

Yet she still tries to contact him, often in the most desperate of ways, by going to New york to find him.

"I want to share my life with you"- lel

No. 71989

How tiring it must be, to be such a neurotic person, who can't deal with the adult world because it's beneath her. I've know a girl, who I used to be friends with; a more stable BeckieZero more or less. Her entire identity is her illness, it's completely consumed her. Depression and anxiety is an inherent part of her personality. Rather than dealing with it, finding a way out - she only complains. The world must change not her. This is how darling Rebecca is. I think what she need to do is detach herself from such things, stop identify too much with her illness. Move on, focus on the present, don't overthink too much. Trust me, I have my depressive, neurotic moments, but I get my shit together. I'm a young adult. I don't want to miss out on the world because I was focuses on being triggered by fucking Christmas carols. I mean, it just reeks of special snowflake syndrome.

No. 71990

File: 1450055855318.png (38.19 KB, 495x217, Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 01.1…)


No. 71991

well done Becky :) such a big girl!

No. 71992

Also she can't cook for shit.
I'm a fucking student and have never "cooked" such a thing, nor have I ever had the delusion to put it on youtube.

No. 71994

Direct quote from her talking about wanting wrinkledick
"Older people/men.

I cannot connect to people my age. We don’t have anything in common other than Doctor Who and/or Depression. I mean that whole heartedly. No music tastes/tv shows/books… there is NOTHING. They may connect to me, but I cannot.

When I was 5, I would play with the 11 year olds. When I was 12 I had a breakdown because I couldn’t cope being stuck with the same class of 12 year olds in school (which we continued to be in for 6 years). I connected more with the teachers than I did my school mates. When I was at College, I isolated myself from everyone. Whilst they were all screaming on the coach in the morning, talking about sex or skins, I was sitting on my own, headphones in, doing college work. Whilst classmates went to parties and got drunk with hangovers, I was making videos, painting or working. I never stopped working.

I don’t feel I can connect to younger people than myself at all either. Sure I can give advice but at times I don’t feel comfortable being an older sister. I’m not a good role model and instead of lying to the younger generation about how wonderful life is and “it’s good to be you ”(like others I could mention) - I tell life how it is :(. I’m probably a bringer of upset to younger people than a beacon of happiness.

I cannot have any intimate relationships with people my age. I feel like I’m being intimate with siblings which feels extremely uncomfortable. I guess once you’ve had a fling with a man much older than yourself, you can never go back. Young men can be rather immature at times. In my experience, sex is a focal point and that is never a good place to start.

Seeing films or photographs of men my age is so peculiar. I look at them and think “gosh, I’m far too old for them, they are far too young for me”. One Direction are a ½ years younger than I and they look like brothers not “crushes” as society would expect me to see them as. I look towards men in their 30’s/40’s now. I’m serious. Hey, I’m 21 now, the age gap isn’t that big.

(I’ve said before about how I look for minds and not for bodies, I still hold onto that belief… but an older mind is much more suited to me.)

There is something about an older man that is so special. They have life experience, they can protect you (not that a woman needs protecting!), they are more likely to be in a stable situation with finances, they are more likely to have a career, they appear to have greater knowledge about the world - which can be the most fascinating thing!

I need to find an older man… not a young'un. At this rate I’m going to be a cat lady forever watching reruns of TNG with Picard or staring into the eyes of David Tennant on Doctor Who. Sighs.

(I’m sure I’ve written about this before)."

No. 71996

No. 71997

By all accounts and reasoning, this video contains her "boofle". This isn't her father .

I will post the image too just because the video is very triggering.

No. 71998

File: 1450056709358.png (328.39 KB, 640x357, Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 01.2…)

No. 72000

She was meant to meet "boofle" however it became a more pathetic version of Rebecca Black's Friday.


No. 72002

She looks like a 30 something local news anchor from the 90s

No. 72004

He looks scared and confused.

No. 72063

File: 1450066965217.gif (381.31 KB, 366x232, newyork.gif)

No. 72150

She's so desperate for youtube collaborations with more famous youtubers, when this fails she settles for their mothers.


No. 72151

After some Googling, it turned out some version of the film was presented at her college back in Nov 2014 (https://twitter.com/beckie0/status/537925861866225664). I would assume it was finished, if not close to being finished for internet viewing by then. FYI, she renamed the documentary Treasure Trove and was posting completed snippets of it on Instagram/Tumblr in June of 2015. http://beckie0.tumblr.com/tagged/treasuretrove

It's a Grad Film, so whether or not she's allowed to post it online is up to the college. My friend did a Journalism Masters in which she made a documentary, but wasn't allowed to post hers online (e.g. a public Youtube/Vimeo) until it was marked/she got her final results. Maybe that was Rebecca's excuse? According to this tweet (https://twitter.com/beckie0/status/623812443970646016), she graduated at the end of June so that excuse wouldn't be valid now.

In fairness, from what I can see, in all of her posts about it (including the Indiegogo thing), she never actually said she'd post it online - unless you've seen posts I haven't which state such, in which case I stand corrected. But just because she had an Indiegogo campaign to help make the film, does not necessarily mean she's obligated to post it online. Sure, it'd be a nice thing to do for those who donated money, but they donated money to help make the film happen - not to see the film. She could very easily get away with not posting it on that technicality.

Tl:Dr - the doc is finished and has been for over a year now. Snippets were posted online in June and nothing since then.

No. 72153

So the extra money she starts to spend doesn't seem suspicious at all to you?

Thanks for the Info though, that was news to me.

If the Doc has been finished for over a year wouldn't that mean that she was done in something less than two months?
People spend far longer on their work in final year, even without that kind of money. (Source: I used to houseshare with people at Uni studying film)

Also, who the fuck starts an indieGOGO campaign for their grad work? It's not really made clear on the campaign. People put their money into something for a film they were never going to see.

No. 72155

She is also vilified by her own community, essentially for being a negative nancy in a few cases. Trich Support groups have actively had to block her or create BeckieZero Free zones as she would take over the group and try to become it's "Leader".

Then again the Trich groups are Highly sensitive, imagine tumblr triggers but you get hung drawn an quartered for posting something even remotely triggering.

No. 72159

As well as being the most boring lush review, she's also encouraging her young fanbase to send her stuff from where she ALREADY WORKS.

No. 72160

Oh and she tells fans on twitter to pay the postage properly as it's very very very hard for her to do that when it's not paid properly.

No. 72161

Why the hell did she tag that post with "9/11"? Talk about dramatic.

No. 72163

Because she was in NewYork and that's where it happened.
Or maybe "Boofle" Aka Jim has links to the Muslim Extremism world but In this case I think it's the former.

No. 72164

Ah, you're right, my bad. I didn't realize that she could've just been throwing in buzzwords for the tags.

No. 72165

She had a job (Lush), had YouTube money and moved back with her parents after the grad film was made (obviously wasn't spending all of money on rent/food/bills anymore). Logically it checks out. Whether that's the reality is another thing but neither you nor I can say for sure as we can only speculate at this point.

On my phone now so I can't link, but I saw instas and posts about her filming in September. Doesn't necessarily mean that when she started. Also if you have nothing else going on (other essays, assignments, exams) you can get a pretty decent grad doc filmed in two months (how do i know? My journalism friend again and she got a distinction - so it's not impossible). Also beckie0 has been messing with film cameras and editing for ten years (sure she overuses the same camera tricks for her ~arty~ shit, but she had a fuckton of experience and knowledge before she even started the course - that would also influence how fast she could get things done re: filming).

Beckie does apparently. But if people donated expecting to see the doc, that's on them for not reading what they were actually paying for. Usually with these crowd funded yokes, the final product would be part of the rewards (e.g. download of the film, link to watch the film once etc.), but in this campaign it wasnt. The money was purely for the making of the film.

No. 72172

So it was basically just a "Plz gib moni plox" under the the cover of, "I am doing something". Not exactly that great either.

I was commissioned ( and never paid might I add) to do work for an upcoming "game", she was somehow involved as she's featured in the video.
According to other artists that worked on it they were also never paid.


No. 72289

File: 1450115971980.jpg (267.72 KB, 590x761, FG2ou06.jpg)

Also Unable to find toilets apparently,
then tells train companies on twitter that she can't find them…

No. 72294

File: 1450117821791.png (179.41 KB, 599x564, BesyXtlCMAAWX2s.png)

Compares her condition to cancer, publicly tweets this at CarrieFletcher whom she is desperate to work with. Carrie quite clearly doesn't want to so she BeckieZero just tweets at her constantly.

No. 72295

Ridiculous. And the toilets on trains are absolutely disgusting. You only use them when you're desperate.

No. 72347

I don't see what's so bad about her? Like yeah, she's #triggered by everything like a typical tumblr brat but I don't see much milk coming out of her. I have trich so I know of her, but she's really not "the specialest of all snowflakes" imho

No. 72356

All the shit she's stirred up in the Trich community though? I left because I got sick of her trying to make it a BeckieZero's Zone.
We had those enablers that kept treating her like a delicate flower if her opinion was made void.
She always had to be the most oppressed, the sickest ( we see a large amount of salt from her when she was feeling better and didn't pull as much) and the most special leader of the gang, when that didn't work she made herself to be the saddest little bunny because her own community began to call her out and was sick of it being a Beckie0 show.

No. 72366

>the trich community
lmao why is this a thing?

sage because this is a boring vendetta thread

No. 72380

>muh trich communityyyy
ok? I'm in the trich community as well, and I highly doubt the rest of the internet gives a shit.

seriously. this thread is probably comprised of one person who has some sort of unhealthy vendetta. let it go lol.

No. 72441

This is OP I am not trich person but I did have very little to go on, not personal vendetta but am now unsure as to if she even belongs on snow.

No. 72577

>low cut top
>nothing to see

What the fuck happened to her body fat percentage between now (22?) and 14? Has she moved onto eating her hair?

No. 72745


I'm so embarrassed for this kid

No. 77304

I have never rolled my eyes at a flake so hard in my entire life.

No. 77314

Kek. I enjoyed that reference

No. 77342

I actually stumbled upon this chick while binge watching youtube the other night. I immediately thought to myself that she needs a thread here after I watched a good chunk of her videos. Now, I'm really not surprised to see a thread of her already made. Also funny as fuck as the post that bumped it is her her being a total boneless person.

No. 77368

>tfw my little sister has the same disorder and looks up to this girl

No. 77370

Pretty sure these posts are all the same person.

No. 77400

nope i'm only >>77368, sorry

No. 77419

Wow I remember watching her photo everyday video and then some of her trich videos when she was first releasing them. I had no idea she turned into such an attention whore.

No. 77474

Does she have tinder???? I swear I matched with her she's the double

No. 77480

File: 1451871460169.jpg (96.89 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 77481

She's 19? Her hair and makeup make her look like a "fashionable mom" tbh

No. 77495

yeah the pic from the op made me think she was late 30's lmao

No. 77518

No. I'm >>77342 and that's my only post in this thread. Fuck off

No. 77722


>>77480 is saying that the girl in the picture who they were matched with on tinder looks like the woman in OP's picture. The OP picture is a different woman.

No. 78040

No. 78094

File: 1452061299301.png (252.33 KB, 387x383, Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.18…)

For the longest time, I thought that this was a pic of Margo or something.

This girl looks so wrinkly and old, holy shit, I'm surprised none of you mentioned it.

No. 78132


Whoa, shit.

But obviously her name isn't Rachel so I'm guessing it's just a catfish pretending to be a 19 year old girl while using her picture.

No. 79350


No. 79351

File: 1452458071252.jpg (73.52 KB, 1200x1200, 61JWNHt5ewL.jpg)

No. 79511

shes ugly :(

No. 79784

She's so fucking annoying… but I find myself agreeing with a lot of what she says in her review. I feel dirty, anons. :(

(Also, am I the only one who thinks Kylo Ren has the most punchable face ever?)

No. 80106

Alot of what-ifs and cans/cannots. I understand where she's coming from but it seems like its coming from a inexperienced person who doesn't have sex a whole lot? Seems kind of pretentious..

No. 80769

That's what you want in a bad guy isn't it?

No. 80770

"You don't have to watch"
Oh gee thanks Zer0 !

The only XP she has was that 50+ married Jim guy and she has a phobia of bodily fluids. I mean how can you do it with no fluids?

She's also a christfag at heart as it's taught her "morality" the hoe don't kno shit

I think there was a comment somewhere ( can't find it) on youtube of someone suggesting she use a strapon as there wouldn't be any fluids (gallons and gallons of cum). She responded with some "I can't deal with this right now" Bullshit.

No. 82536

haha wow I am so glad I stumbled across this thread. I was literally just thinking "I should make a thread about Beckie0 but no one will probably give a shit because she's only a lolcow in the trichotillomania support group on facebook".. but now it's obvious that she's pretty awful everywhere.

I have to deal with her being god fucking awful in the trich support group on facebook constantly. She almost DAILY makes a give-me-asspats post in the group and then when ANYONE comments anything other than "omg becky ur so brave and famous ty for being a hero" she flips the fuck out and says she's being attacks. And when I say every comment, I mean EVERY comment. She even goes to OTHER people's posts (that have nothing to do with her) to be like "OMG YOU'RE ATTACKING ME :("

Having trichotillomania is bad enough, and she thinks she's the "celebrity spokesperson" for trich. It's nauseating, and it makes me even MORE ashamed to have trich.

No. 82557

This chick is fucking retarded

Not only can most people relate to her 'im a loner/i liked adults better in school muuuuuuh' but how does she fail to realize that older men that sleep with younger women are generally immature and ultimately unfulfilled. If he's looking to relive his 20's, it's because he didn't learn anything in his 20's. Why want a man who actively avoids growth? Only to dismiss younger men who have actual potential to grow up? You'd think she'd notice the big hole in her logic leaking of daddy issues.

No. 83475

It's my absolute favourite thing about her, the fact that she's so much more happy now with added media attention, i have seen her as fucking clickbait. She loves to be sick, if she isn't no one cares, no one gives a fuck about her unboxing. She has to be sick. All the damn time.

No. 83476

File: 1453305449862.jpg (34.27 KB, 482x480, That feel uhhh that feel being…)

She's also retarded for being unable so socialise with people her own age.
The only times she tries is when she want to use them to get views through colabs etc. No one in the London/UK YT community likes her. And the reason for that is that she is unable to make any form of conversation other than about herself and how bad she has it. She used be invited to meetups but she was just basically this meme> Pic related.
Source: I am in that community

No. 84287

Wait is she too anxious to ask train conductors where the toilet is, but she can publicly tweet the rail company? I know there are staff on the train because they come around every once in a while to check your ticket or sell you a cup of tea, so why tweet the rail company? idgi. Also I don't get using toilets on trains. It always seems like a better idea to just hold it in unless you're on a very long trip.

Yeah this is dumb. I've been living with trich since I was 12 and haven't experienced half of what she's going on about, and am getting kind of bothered with friends sending me her videos thinking it'll help when she really doesn't seem to know much and is just trying to be the most special, because it means that people without trich are seeing everyone with as the same as her I think.

No. 84408

Hello Fellow Tritchy,
Yeah I get what you mean with the whole "Look at her video What an INSPIre!!!"

I dealt with my condition through CBT and pretty much consider myself "cured" it can come up again during stressful times but I have learned experience and the NHS how to cope with that.

She's a fucking terrible person for making twelvies think that that's the way to cope with it, I mean thinking back to when I was 12, had her and her videos been around back then… Shit son that could have royally fucked me up.

I fucking hate her and everything about her.

No. 92133

She says in a comment to that video that people would hit in her because she revealed her tun on and offs on youtube.
Do you really thing you are this desirable??? I think you are just afraid of admitting you love wrinkledick.

No. 92143


>mfw I thought it was a vlog about having Trichomonas vaginalis

No. 93351

I always had a strange vibe from her - a "John Green book" attitude when a immature teen considers themselves too smart/deep/etc also the way her trich ruled her entire personality is a bore and always made me wonder how she even got work done at lush (if any at all). Once someone comment3d on a video "hey Lush can hire you and pay on products! Lol" and she got triggered by that

THAT video specially made me fucking angry. She said before shaving her head made her trich worse and she plucked eyebrows and lashes - why the fuck would you do that again! ? I can't science but how shaving your hair off will make the bald patches disappear? You could get em fixed and them get a proper haircut to level it out. This is dumb. And basically a plea for appraisal

So why even have a TMI video??? Also if anyone wants to hit on you that desperately they'd do it without you procoding "on's and off's"

No. 94382

That is exactly what i thought. It made me ao unnecessarily angry tbh. What s the point in the video jf she's not actually giving "too much information" ?? WTF

No. 94402

Hah i remember finding her 'cause she reviewed a book by John Green… You are 100% right though.

No. 94417

File: 1455811499553.png (349.84 KB, 480x480, wp_ss_20160218_0002.png)

How many social media accounts does she need. New "art" ig. I wish I hadn't heard of her here because since then she crops up everywhere and I'm not even looking.

No. 94539

I guess it's against the group rules but if not I'd enjoy caps of this!

No. 100339

File: 1457059642803.png (244.08 KB, 604x172, Untitledsfdgsfsfgsdffgds.png)

After Beckie lost her apartment, all of her hording spilled over into her parent's garage. In her video, she sounded proud that there's no longer any room for the family car.

No. 100340

File: 1457059979705.png (1.02 MB, 1023x707, Untitled0.png)

She's continuing to shave her head. It gives her "street cred" as a Trich spokesperson. But, this will not stop her from ranting about missing her long hair. Several times a year she rants about how seeing long hair on women "triggers" her.

No. 100347

File: 1457060428634.png (451.74 KB, 604x450, cat door.png)

The MISSING CAT DRAMA started when one of her cats didn't come home. Then, we found out that she allows her cats to roam free around the neighborhood. She has a cat-flap on the back door, and lets them come and go as they please. Later, she admitted that she's lost three cats this way, and another was seriously injured. Yet, there's NO sign of remorse, or any indication that Beckie will change her ways.

No. 100351

File: 1457060820780.png (336.91 KB, 948x763, Untitled14.png)

Beckie made about 30 tweets concerning her missing cats - in four days, and it garnered a ton of "attention" and "sympathy". Then, when the comments slowed from well-wishers, she dropped it and moved on to her favorite TV show.

No. 100352

Reading all of the comments from the well-wishers along with Beckie's responses, it's seems that Beckie gets a perverse "sense of joy" and "self-satisfaction" over all this drama. It's very strange…

No. 100353

File: 1457061023666.png (65.64 KB, 446x282, Untitled15.png)

No. 100356

File: 1457061608207.png (583.26 KB, 486x487, Untitledas12.png)

>>94417 Most of the hording and boxes of stuff in her parent's garage is her "art supplies". She made a video entitled: 'Art, GoT and Tidbits (Nov 25, 2015)' where she admitted her art supplies have taken over her parent's garage. Some of her art is better than others…

No. 100358

File: 1457061939661.png (373.41 KB, 888x760, Untitled0 (2).png)

Life is hard for a snowflake. The car broke down, and her cat "ran away". Beckie exclaims: I'm now "catless" and "carless"!

No. 100360

File: 1457062498907.png (1.08 MB, 963x545, Untitled00.png)

It been proven that indoor cats live longer-healthier lives than outdoor cats. So, why does she let them run loose?

No. 100361

There's "always more 'bad stuff, than good stuff'". Lost cats, broken braces, broken down cars, migraine headaches; her mother has a car wreck. Arrgh… life is soooo "complicated"!

No. 100363

File: 1457063887245.jpg (100.93 KB, 601x585, 2a.jpg)

I remember when Valentine's Day was approaching, and Beckie decided that she needed a bf. Of course, she never got that bf. But, she took the opportunity to "lash out" at dating sites and the men who contacted her. Snowflakes have it tough.

No. 100366

File: 1457064487136.jpg (90.9 KB, 442x596, ddd.jpg)

Beckie likes older men, because men her age won't put up the her BS. She claims that kissing and body fluids "disgust" her. Just how does she expect to keep a bf? "Boofle" was a married,TV producer in his 40s, who did a story on Beckie; she immediately fell for him. It was weird. Then, she has several men in their 60s, who send her presents.

No. 100368

This girl is a complete train-wreck! She spends all her time "lecturing" her potential suitors in how they should talk to her. Wow, she is very controlling towards the people around her, yet she can't control her OWN behavior. What makes her think she's sooo superior?

No. 100371

This bitch is pretty pathetic but this whole thread stinks like Princess Doll 2.0

No. 100382

obviously a vendetta/sperg who is obsessed with this boring bitch

No. 101910

Too true, but honestly I enjoy keeping up with her and knowing I'm not the only one who feels snarky towards her. She's irritating in a special way. Don't be deterred, vendetta-chan!

No. 107024

>>101910 If she accepts the doctor's help, she losses her YT revenue. But, if she REJECTS the help, she can continue with her career as a "self-appointed" Trich spokesperson and "NHS Victim". So, why did Rebecca Brown go to the doctor; was it because see needed material for more YT videos?

- "I went back just to see if things have changed…"

- My GP tried to "refer me" to a psychological doctor.

- "I'm not mentally unwell. I feel fine."

- "I said, 'No', to the anti-depressants and the counseling."

- The doctor put me on a waiting list for CBT, "but I'm NOT going to do it."

- Just because the doctor offered help, "doesn't mean it's help".

- "That was the end of my uncomfortable, upsetting, rushed appointment.

- I left empty-handed."

- "I was left feeling emotionally drained, terribly alone, and so helpless."

- "I went in, and came out with nothing."

- I make these videos "to spread awareness".

No. 107032

File: 1458310084107.png (67.75 KB, 836x543, Untitled123.png)

No. 107061

God I've never heard of her before but I just watched this and she pissed me off so much. She refuses the medication and refuses to fill in the CBT form? I know the NHS is shit with mental health as I've been fucked over by them enough times but it really sounds like she had a decent GP who actually gave her a referral that would help her.

No. 108981

I've heard her complain about people with long hair, short hair, and even people getting their hair cut. It's ALL "triggering" to Beckie. Yet, she has no problem posting shaving videos to earn revenue. The double standards never cease.

No. 108982

File: 1458625246019.png (510.87 KB, 902x670, Untitled55.png)

I noticed a photo that Beckie posted before Christmas where she claimed to be pulling again; however, the cut pattern seems to be an exact match for an electric razor.

No. 108984

File: 1458625454421.png (293.66 KB, 842x672, Untitled56.png)

Clearly, Beckie is more concerned with attention seeking and personal promotion. She's even 'fine-tuned' her image, by getting business cards, dropping the 'Beckie0' moniker and changing over to her actual name. It seems she has big plans to be a "mental illness advocate".

No. 109021

I actually agree?? The edges are rather clean and straight. I thought it would look more patchy and uneven, but idk i don't have trich.

Oh oh becky… I am sorry i have to say this but at this point i feel like her Trich is just an open door to popularity… Like… People TALK about her and she fucking loves it. She seems pretty full off herself anyway… I mean she is literally filming every step she makes.. I know it sounds mean but to me it feels like she loves suffering and she loves people being all over her like "aaah hun we love u omg u are so inspiring omg"

No. 109034

Why the quotation marks over lost? who would bother stealing a common cat. They probably got taken by the pound and she never contacted them.

No. 138070


That is too much of an overreaction, imho.

No. 138183

As someone with trich, this cow is such an embarrassment. At least I've grown to control my urges.
She is the worst but at the same time I can't help but enjoy this delicious milk.
All those triggers. Lord help me.

No. 331860

after months and months of various diseases and physical and mental problems she now alson Pleurisy.
the list is getting longer and longer its getting ridiculous

No. 337093

honestly she is my favourite munchie cow and i wish this thread was more active because shes fucking hilarious.

No. 349945


Join us on GG! We're deep into our fifth thread!


No. 349964

holy fuck that's awesome thanks!!!

No. 350055


No. 350429


On her Twitter she was whining about having to wait months for CBT. Cry me a fucking river. People who are actively self-harming and suicidal have to wait just as long.

No. 350553

this. i went to an ER suicidal and legit about to off myself and was still put on a list. she's so insufferable

No. 777551

(do not post dox, especially to necro)

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