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No. 735087

Bobby Burns, former hater turned content collaborator (which lasted not even 2 months) with Shane Dawson, has transitioned from a formerly respected, east coast youtuber to a shitty pot-obsessed sadboi rapper edgelord.

>broke up with longtime girlfriend Jordanna

>now dating pornstar Gina Valentine
>wrecked Shane's Dawson car he gifted him
>constantly posts clips on insta smoking weed and acting "hard"
>is now producing shitty sadboi rap
>now interacts and compliments bottom feeders like toopoor
>has no friends from home in LA and left brother behind in Tennessee
>is obviously having a public breakdown

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No. 735117

>wrecked Shane’s car he gifted him
Holy shit. I didn’t know about that. Deets?

Also, did anyone else cringe throughout this video where Bobby had to take a lie detector test with Shane and the gang? Bobby is set up to the machine at 5:33. It was most painful to watch around 8:38 where
>Ryland: are you using my boyfriend?
>Bobby: n-no
>fails the question

I know Bobby apparently has anxiety and that lie detector tests are dubious at best but it still felt awkward. Also, anyone else get the feeling that Ryland dislikes Bobby? I got those vibes from him.

No. 735123

>Also, anyone else get the feeling that Ryland dislikes Bobby? I got those vibes from him.
Maybe he smelled competition. I got the impression Shane had a crush or whatever on Bobby.

No. 735157

nayrt but Bobby got into a car accident after a night of partying. Rewired Soul made a video about it that includes Bobby's posts about it etc.

I do think it's fucked that people got on his case for wrecking the car Shane got him when he was in an accident, but I also don't believe for a second that he was driving sober.

I honestly feel bad for Bobby, he seems very sensitive and anxious in the videos before he snapped and losing his support system and his girlfriend clearly fucked him up in a major way. He needs to go back home.

No. 735188

>is obviously having a public breakdown

Caps / more info? I don't really know who this guy is, OP doesn't give much to go on. Why isn't he just in SC general? I mean >has no friends from home in LA and left brother behind in Tennessee - what

No. 735190

His support system is gone. That’s why I included that detail. I’m implying that’s why he’s changed so much since moving to LA.

No. 735191

Discussion of him would fit even better in the shane & co thread

No. 735209

>copying Bones's stare
Holy shit, what a wannabe.

No. 735218

It's weird seeing child porn of boys on this site. I jest but he looks so fucking gross a porn star is fucking him? Why does this faggot have nasty tatted on him has he figured out how to blink yet

No. 735257

you're too nice anon. He's clearly chasing clout and wants to be a part of the pathetic soundcloud rappers & alternative thots scene.
Saying that "his gf fucked him up" is also so not fair? It's not her fault he has no brains and personality. He really called himself "nasty boi" lol the cringe. He is so irrelevant I don't think he deserves a thread, he could be few posts total in the Youtuber Thread and that's it.

No. 735266

This isn't the first time he radically changed style. His fans refer to his phases as 1.0,2.0 etc. I think he has issues with his identity a la Abby Brown

No. 735269

I wrote a pretty comprehensive summary when some fuckhead tried to start a thread in pt:

The basics:
>previously a movie critic and worked with incel scum ralph the movie maker
>when the filmfag community started to get oversaturated he started critiquing low-hanging fruit e.g. lele pons videos
>shane flew him, his brother & his cunt of a girlfriend out to LA to make “hater” collab videos
>the polluted LA air got to his head and he decided to move there and house himself, his girlfriend, and a bunch of his nobody friends in a jumbo house in Culver City like some team 10 ringleader wannabe
>while doing this he also cut ties with cinemasins and said he would take down his patreon (but it’s pretty dead now anyway kek) effectively getting rid of most of his side income
>also abandons the HBB project he spent a year trying to hype up during this time but it’s not like his other original projects were any good anyway
>in a turn of events that surprised literally nobody, he realized he was way in over his head and desperately tried to scramble for youtubebux in the exact ways he criticized in his previous videos

Other notable shit:
>one of his first vloggy videos was him trying to buy a macbook pro with multiple maxed-out credit cards, applies for another in the video, justifies it with “it’s ok we’re getting the money next week~”. His girlfriend loses it at the airport and he records her crying her eyes out….for the lulz I guess? changes video title from “my girlfriend lost her MacBook Pro” to “I become a storytime youtuber” after backlash
>ditched shane after the guy bought him a jeep after one episode of his “show” on shane’s channel, where he goes down the fairfax district in LA and spends a grand on useless designer shit
>jordanne and bobby adopt two puppies and lock them in the closet instead of letting them roam around their huge house and socialize. jordanne said in an IG stream that they returned one of the puppies, essentially separating the already-bonded pair, for having “too much energy”
>jordanne goes back to her home town for two weeks and they quietly break up until her live where she admits bobby is in a shitload of debt (go figure)
>aforementioned car crash

I feel like he milked himself dry at this point but anything can happen ig

No. 735272

thanks anon. shit OP but this is basically what's been going on
he made a video where he came out as Bi and now is making an album titled "Bi" which is "dropping soon" so… maybe some more milk after that

No. 735277

Why is his girlfriend a cunt? I know of the Bobby drama but I don’t know of any surrounding her.

No. 735285

I actually was a fan when he did brand sins but watching him spiral since the Shane collab is just… half of me feels sorry for him but the other half of me finds it hilarious

No. 735330

File: 1542736588936.png (435.64 KB, 804x517, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.5…)

No. 735331

She had a huge attitude forwards the criticism Bobby and his gang (including her) got when they started posting those shit vlog style videos. Turns out that her and everyone that was living in the house with Bobby didn’t have jobs so they were all living off of the money he was making from YouTube. Bobby in one of his breakdown videos tried to defend them by saying his friends and gf were editing his videos so it wasn’t like they were freeloading tho obviously they were. I think those are the majors things people were pissed about when it came to his gf? There could be more but idk

No. 735338

File: 1542737092096.png (360.76 KB, 473x572, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.5…)

Not too familiar with his ex but they both seemed to go down a bad road together when they moved to L.A, drugs, over spending, trying to accumulate clout while not providing any actual talent. His new thot flavour of the month just seems like a fucking retard while his ex seemed to be a relatively normal and sane person. Honestly was probably for the best that Jordanne left him as he seems like a manipulative prick willing to throw anyone under the bus to save his own skin.
Same, I'm also a fan of Shane so I thought it would be interesting to see two completely different content creates work through things like adults. Little did everyone know bringing Bobby to L.A and giving him attention would turn him into an edgelord cringe monster.

No. 735345

>jordanne and bobby adopt two puppies and lock them in the closet instead of letting them roam around their huge house and socialize. jordanne said in an IG stream that they returned one of the puppies, essentially separating the already-bonded pair, for having “too much energy”
Woah woah woah wait, WHAT?! When and where was the shown? It's one thing to be an edgelord cunt but another to lock up puppies in a closet.

No. 735353

File: 1542738063009.png (437.68 KB, 807x533, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 1.14…)

This is actually fucking hilarious. Bobby went from being a kinda dorky kid who'd make videos poking fun of insta hoes like lele pons or the clout community. Now he's literally dating a reject porn star insta thot while hanging out with a self proclaimed "ex porn star turn rapper". I've never seen a youtuber go from bashing a type of person to literally turning into one before our very eyes. Next up, face tattoos, DUI, assault charges from a stripper and then OD'ing at a chipotle. This is going to be interesting

No. 735367

And I thought Joji was bad. This guy makes him look really graceful and self aware in comparison.

No. 735374

At least Joji has always been a sadboi and Filthy Frank was just the character, Bobby just full-on imploded on himself.

No. 735376

Another interesting video by rewired soul.

No. 735380

I can get entertainment out of pink guy or filthy frank, and some of joji's pink guy music isn't awful. But Bobby… his "rapping" is just terrible. If he's financially struggling he's not gonna make it anywhere with his music and his youtube content is pure shit now.

No. 735386

It's because he's a skinny white boy from Tennessee trying to be a "hardcore" rapper with lyrics about guns, his blades and all the pussy he's getting. It's jarring and cringeworthy, especially because he seems to be 100% serious.

No. 735689

just went back to the video anon mentioned about the laptops, and that combined with her livestreams confirms she’s just as bad as bobby. they’re both reckless and young with no idea how to manage independent adult lives. it’s for the best that she went back to live with her parents, at least that’s got more stability than living on bobby’s dead channel.

No. 735695

OK … it reads like a weird nitpick, perhaps expand on the thought next time.

Thanks anon, much better. Still not sure he needs his own thread, but at least now there is some detail.

No. 767519

NFKRZ posytted an interview with him. couldn't watch the whole thing.

>his girlfriend is back home

>he wasnt drunk when totalled Shane's car
>he's goiung to pursue musical career
>he never posted a vidoe on his channel thathat he himself hates.

Got bored in the middle. NFKRZ you're still a stupid cunt.

No. 767690

Not gonna lie, I really liked his pre-shane content. He was like, the small-town boy next door who was too smart and sarcastic for his own good. He was unique. Now, he lives where everyone is 'unique' and trying to make it big, and he's gotten totally starstruck.

Nobody cares about some guy from california who can rap and make a beat. They're a dime a dozen. But he's totally become one of them, and lost all the originality that made him popular in the first place.
Also, he's totally on drugs. Probably coke.

Speaking from experience, when you join a new community, IRL or online, it's important to keep your sense of self and remember where you come from, or it's easy to get swept away into becoming who these new friends want you to be.

I feel bad for him, honestly. He's probably going to move home and look back in a couple years like "wow, that was dumb".

No. 787644

File: 1552833746529.png (1.3 MB, 1334x750, 572066A9-9C90-4EAA-9ED8-085D1A…)

Bobby is now acting in the extended universe of the CryptTV channel lol. I did not expect to see him pop up.

No. 957385

Why is this thread dead?
He's been back for awhile now.
Here's his latest lame rap song.

No. 957386

Why did you bump this dead thread with no milk? He looks like a shit titanic sinclair and he's already a stupid cunt. Good grief!

No. 957390

Guess you're right.
It's too bad for Bobby really.
Compared to other youtubers that have returned from cancel culture, Bobby just can't reignite his spark again.
But even with his rap "career" being less than succesful I can give him props for not completely giving up.

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