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File: 1450044314956.jpg (37.77 KB, 640x480, 0bae378dd999f3a1615826febb67ea…)

No. 75902

Has there ever been a
Kiko/Deerhoof thread?

-Has scammed hundreds of dollars from people through her store "Nectarine Clothing"
-When her shop started getting bad reviews and people demanded to know where their money/items were she closed down the store and never replied to anyone.
-started a Paypal account so people could send her money.
-Started an Amazon wishlist so she could get gifts
-Started a Patreon so she could do her own radio show
-thinks her life is really hard because she's attractive.
-Vegan who looks down on others who eat meat
-Claimed to have suffered from anorexia


No. 75903

File: 1450044654001.jpg (107.29 KB, 1000x811, ven25_ja_08nov_deerhoof.jpg)

idk who the person in the OP is, but for a moment I thought there was drama about the girl from the band Deerhoof
that would have been interesting

No. 75904

oh, you mean like literally every 18 year old girl on the internet?

these usernames are so common that I feel like I've seen them literally thousands of times before. I'd actually be surprised if we don't already have several threads about other girls who go by 'deerhoof' or 'witchbabie'. self obsessed liberal arts student white girls who occasionally scam people on the internet and emulate adventure time aesthetics do not a lolcow make. This belongs in snow.

No. 75905

hah. i vaguely remember seeing this girl on tumblr a looong while back. she claims to be part part asian; wouldn't be surprised if it was just to get ~oppression points~ though

No. 75906

File: 1450062434996.jpg (84.4 KB, 535x567, asexualcamgirl.JPG)

she claimed to do well as an asexual camgirl, while simultaneously begging tumblr for money any time her car broke down

No. 75907

File: 1450062558528.jpg (87.04 KB, 600x847, donation1.JPG)

i've been gathering info on this person for about year now, and now that they deleted their tumblr it INFURIATES me that they refuse to acknowledge their shitty store history and their constant need for donations


No. 75908

File: 1450062727268.jpg (82.27 KB, 561x908, donation2.JPG)

eg. 2

also i misgendered them here >>75906 they id as nonbinary

No. 75909

File: 1450062784058.jpg (103.17 KB, 711x912, donation3.JPG)

afaik i have NEVER seen them deliver their fake little gifts for donating

No. 75910

File: 1450062854172.jpg (89.96 KB, 516x884, donation4.JPG)

mind you these are the ones she didn't delete from tumblr. i know of at least 1 car donation post and 1 new laptop post that she deleted.

No. 75911

pls be joking.

No. 75912

File: 1450062956624.png (432.52 KB, 1440x2560, sucks.png)

also wtf is this

No. 75913

File: 1450063155937.png (463.22 KB, 1440x2560, cust15.png)

No. 75914

File: 1450063311204.jpg (110.67 KB, 783x806, ok.JPG)

ALWAYS looking for a quick buck

No. 75915

File: 1450063338230.jpg (115.83 KB, 896x898, patreon.JPG)

quick buck #2, the show is defunct

No. 75916

File: 1450063446697.jpg (102.47 KB, 570x919, zine.JPG)

quick buck again, defunct zine

No. 75917

she's a legit really pretty girl, it bothers me she's such a turd lol

No. 75918

File: 1450063896170.jpg (62.24 KB, 517x420, comm2.JPG)

tries to make customers feel bad, every single store communication has excuses and passive aggressive bullshit

No. 75919

File: 1450063933280.jpg (80.41 KB, 525x596, comm3.JPG)

No. 75920

File: 1450063994538.jpg (24.72 KB, 552x212, comm4.JPG)

No. 75921

Bitch where? I hate these weebs who claim to be half Japanese for some weird ass aesthetic and you have real biracial Japanese kids being bullied just for being mixed please leave.

No. 75922

File: 1450064019819.jpg (94.78 KB, 803x482, comm5.JPG)

No. 75923

File: 1450064235046.jpg (126.33 KB, 827x738, comm6.JPG)


there was some lulzy shit about her defending this, saying she had a Japanese grandma and all

meanwhile i recall one post of hers where she talked about all the people who flirted with her, not mentioning their race, until she mentioned some "KOREAN BOYS" who chatted her up. KOREAN BOYS. so my weeb senses went ping

No. 75924

File: 1450064421234.jpg (41.32 KB, 822x405, comm7.JPG)

No. 75925

File: 1450064812755.png (368.01 KB, 658x860, maiheritiji.png)

No. 75926

I never thought I would see her on here, wow.

No. 75927

Fairly sure that pic is from when she was underage, she also posted nudes on her tumblr when she was 17

No. 75928

god, i'm so tired of seeing girls like this. what are her 'shows' even about?

No. 75929

I think she made music?

No. 75930

nah, she just did playlists..

her username on mfc was shikahime, there was a few xvideo recordings of her sessions iirc?

also she did the store thing twice, once in 2012? http://deerhoofproblems.tumblr.com/ has some stuff regarding both stores, but they look inactive now

No. 75931

No. 75932

File: 1450078710673.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.29 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mu9ow689g71qa3scmo1_500…)

I also remember she posted this. I'm surprised I found it.. Anyways she got pissed when porn blogs were re-posting it. What did she expect honestly?

No. 75933

>for a used 3-4 year old laptop off Craigslist

This bitch can't be serious.

No. 75934

File: 1450084439540.jpg (268.88 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nkapgxZeTa1qa3scmo1_128…)

OMG I used to follow her, read about her life and swoon over her stupid selfies. I always thought something fishy was going on about her, her shop and her 'love myself-vegan-queer-nonbinary' bullshit. I mean, she looked like a girl (makeup, hair, clothes), had a boyfriend and was constantly making profit of her looks and fans. I was fascinated to say at least, because even then I liked her playlists and her pics and her talk about her like grew on me, IDK. I'm glad to see this thread lol.

No. 75935

Also with this I don't mean to say nonbinary people can't look like a girl, it's just… I you know her, you'll understand what I'm talking about. She didn't shut up about that.

No. 75936

File: 1450085362511.jpg (91.52 KB, 983x758, image.jpg)

>dem titties
Fuck, that is the last straw. I'm maximum jelly here.

No. 75937

It's ok anon. Put down the gun. She's a piece shit and she is probably going to hell.

No. 75938

>this person
it's a girl

No. 75939

are you triggered, anon?

No. 75940

i understand anon

No. 75941

same, i was very confused anon
>i can give eerily accurate tarot card readings (even over the internet!)

oh ffs.

go to the library like the rest of us, cunt

like other people have said; it's a shame she's so cute, and yet such a failure.

No. 75942

I remember there being a post about her making necklaces out of bullet casings(?) that she had said she found and donating the $10 charge to a charity some years ago, if anyone else remembers/wants to go digging. I don't remember any delivery on those necklaces, either

No. 75943

File: 1450093195401.jpg (102.71 KB, 720x960, 11873432_154546171547513_33410…)

Saw this on her Facebook, for a split second I thought she'd posted a photo of Ryden Armani.

No. 75944

xDDDDDDD nice meme my friend!

No. 75945

why did she move into a more expensive apartment if she can't afford it?

No. 75946

File: 1450099521763.png (509.59 KB, 382x575, witchbabie.png)

"non smoker"
also she's posted pictures of her parents before and she's not mixed at all

No. 75947

I sense a high level of samefaggotry in this thread.

No. 75948

wasn't that an electronic cigarette? I don't know if there's a difference with real ones tho. I never understood why she kept buying fancy things if she was so in debt all the time… This all makes sense now.

No. 75949

I'm surprised to see her here too, I used to follow her in Tumblr because she's pretty and sometimes I reblogged her selfies, I never really cared about her. But she deleted her Tumblr, and her Instagram is private :(
Anyway, I'm interested in the scamming stuff.

No. 75950

File: 1450119467917.png (759.43 KB, 1070x1511, Screenshot_2015-12-15-02-31-48…)

no, she used to talk about how smoking made her sick though.

she accepts everyone on her instagram i'm fairly sure

No. 75951

File: 1450119746804.png (5.22 MB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_2014-12-24-08-07-57…)

not sure how plausible it is but she would say she has scoliosis. fairly certain i have more random caps of her posts since she always deleted them which i found odd.

No. 75952

didnt she have a store where she had a bunch of overpriced vegan carepackages and vegan makeup that was basically just elf and tolymoly she resold?
ehh… i believe her. scoliosis isn't uncommon and she probably just has really minor scoliosis and doesn't do the proper exercises/stretches to strengthen her back.

No. 75953

in this pic she reminds me of criedwolves or whatever the fuck their name is

No. 75954

i remember following her about 4 years ago. lol whoa

No. 75955

she had a whole lot of illness, fisical and mental. Don't really know if she was lying or not but everything she said looked like she did because of pitty points/excuses for the delays of her shop.

No. 75956

File: 1450128765548.gif (794.24 KB, 400x300, avtr_86e3e5768bc83c765c70c6ffd…)

for some reason I really don't like this picture of her, it looks really odd.

No. 75957

File: 1450135457798.gif (987.75 KB, 294x224, ein-outofhere.gif)

WHAT THE FUCK. is this real? 'Sucks' is not a slur. dear lord, I'm done.

No. 75958

She's whitebread. Also, she's a big vegan activist? Begging for money over the internet as well? she sounds so damn cunty. This generation is going to be the worst of all with all these asspats and expected handouts.

No. 75959

Yeah, what the fuck is that shit? She should just go out to a local computer store or best buy or what the fuck ever and get something new with a warrant.

No. 75960

She claimed to be asexual and never had sex.
She was surprised when her boyfriend cheated on her after 3 years being together

No. 75961

I have some friends who knew her in real life and said she was a compulsive liar, they were stunned that people actually sent her money because she has never delivered on any promises she'd ever made, ever. I imagine she scammed many thousands of dollars off tumblr.

No. 75962

Is anyone else getting tired of oversized circle glasses being associated with weebs/jfash or is it just me

No. 75963


Well I'm tired of oversized circle glasses in general since they look retard on every person ever

No. 75964


No. 75965

Nothing gets my Koreaboo senses tingling more than circle glasses

No. 75966

They also had a vegan ed recovery blog which had some recipes on it, they de-activated it after a while.

Also towards the end of the nectarine store endevour they had a bunch of interns who I assume kiki recruited through tumblr because they would tag them in stuff, I'm curious to see how they saw the situation. It sounds like they were selling items that they didn't physically have yet, so once they had your money they ordered it from china and when it arrived sent it to the customers

No. 75967

No. 75968

Doesn't every mayonnaise-ass white guilt teen on Tumblr claim to be part native? I swear I've seen it at least a dozen times

No. 75969

is there any site that allows you to look through deleted Tumblr pages?

No. 75970

this is actually not a new thing. white people who want to be cool have been claiming it forever.

No. 75971

File: 1450194030421.jpg (14.36 KB, 599x337, 1446141892642.jpg)


Even the undisputed king of autism (Chris-chan) has claimed on multiple occasions that they have native american blood

You'd think these people would have a fucking clue

No. 75972

I think she said she had sex with her ex-boyfriend, and they called it ~alien sex~ because they were nonbinary or some shit like that.

No. 75973

That's so annoying. On Tumblr I literally witnessed some white kids publicly list themselves as cis, neurotypical, allistic, white, able-bodied etc. (in their about, sidebar, whatever) for like 2 years and then when they start getting more active in SJ shit they immediately change all of it. Change their name to something retarded like Aspen or Echo or Ghost (all of which I've seen, multiple times), self-diagnosed BPD and autism, mixed White/Native American/Jewish so don't invalidate them uwu, and they're now disabled because sometimes they get tired after walking up a few flights of stairs.

No. 75974

File: 1451300399431.jpg (180.74 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_neufm6X7cl1qa3scmo1_128…)

I honestly dislike this chick so much, If anyone wants updates/screenshots of stuff she's done just reply. I'm one of the people she's scammed & i can't believe i stuck with her this far after the shit i've seen her pull. The pic is off her & this type of shit is how shed get new followers

No. 75975


Post some updates, anon!

No. 75976

She's kind of cute, shame she's an lolcow (or just a special snowflake maybe)

No. 75977



No. 75978


Sorry about that, my apologies. I didn't know (hides) But, yeah, my offer still stands on the updates if anyone is interested.

No. 75979


No. 75980

Oh, man. I hate-followed Kiki for years. So glad to see her getting called out. Confirming that everyone who knows her in the real world claims she is a compulsive liar and there was a bunch of drama with her making rape accusations of some guy and then maybe retracting them? It's been so long.
Something that irrationally annoyed me was that she wouldn't shut up about being vegan, but was selling leather on her etsy for a while. She is just the biggest greedy hypocrite and is so damn pretty she got away with it forever.

No. 75981


I agree, she knows how to use her looks. Idk, like I just witnessed her doing things that I wasn't okay with & held out so much hope that it was just a misunderstanding, until I read all the shit she did with her online store. Summary of that: She basically took people's money & bounced. She kept promising to get back to emails & send out order by (insert a date here) & never followed up on it. She said this until she closed her store, deleted her blog & made her IG private so no one could message her, & if they managed to, she'd block them (I should know) I basically am tired of seeing them being known as an angel when they aren't.

No. 75982


What do you want to know? She frustrates me so I got a lot lol

No. 75983

just spill the milk
no one wants to know specific shit could just make a list of what you know.

i used to think she was pretty as hell and love her bob short hair cut but other then that i started getting pretty fucking annoyed with her

No. 75984


I would love to know more about this

No. 75985

I live in a town 2 hours away from her, ordered from her store & she sent my fucking order to TX….I messaged her endlessly about it & by the time her "customer service" guy got back to me, THEY tried to make it out like it was MY FAULT for not mentioning it sooner? Brush, Kiki had 1 job at the time….which was her store, but I guess she still couldn't manage to check her email, inbox, IG, her tempts inbox's. Nah, she was at the time, too busy getting her shitty tattoos

No. 75986

File: 1451352729294.jpg (63.49 KB, 606x523, cust1.JPG)

original milk anon here with more receipts

angry customers edition

No. 75987

File: 1451352755105.jpg (128.73 KB, 606x865, cust2.JPG)


No. 75988

File: 1451352793862.jpg (66.82 KB, 610x466, cust3.JPG)

No. 75989

File: 1451352817291.jpg (61.51 KB, 603x418, cust4.JPG)


No. 75990

File: 1451352860195.jpg (66.48 KB, 613x504, cust5.JPG)


No. 75991

File: 1451352933894.jpg (64.92 KB, 610x426, cust6.JPG)

also here are ALL her paypal emails


No. 75992

File: 1451353012321.jpg (130.64 KB, 618x868, cust7.JPG)

lol the emails

but you can see, why would a GOOD seller need a different email for every scam?

No. 75993

File: 1451353031708.jpg (43.56 KB, 608x366, cust8.JPG)

No. 75994

File: 1451353057242.jpg (49.92 KB, 614x399, cust9.JPG)


No. 75995

File: 1451353113302.png (415.5 KB, 1440x2560, cust10_11.png)

#10 & #11

No. 75996

File: 1451353258932.png (388.71 KB, 1440x2560, cust12.png)


No. 75997

I do not understand scammers. Why even do it? the internet can pull up proof of everything now.

No. 75998

File: 1451353720321.png (371.69 KB, 1440x2560, cust13.png)


No. 75999

File: 1451353771497.png (382.93 KB, 1440x2560, cust14.png)


No. 76000

File: 1451353774045.jpg (43.09 KB, 640x640, 12346084_862393813873676_13760…)


& the WORST PART is that Kiko doesn't give a damn, I got an update from Melissa (someone who was helping Kiko) & she said that she hasn't even seen Kiko since working with her & apparently doesn't know why she hasn't gotten back to people's refunds. Kiko is just laughing it up/smoking cigs everyday (if she really has an illness idk why you'd smoke so much) I have access to her insta. Here's her most recent thing. She's moved into another apt with all her scammed money!!!

No. 76001

File: 1451354842796.png (54.29 KB, 513x337, proof.png)

From Melissa when I asked her about kiko

No. 76002

File: 1451355063468.png (115.13 KB, 532x640, result.png)

Kiko is so stupid, making someone else look like the bad guy for accidentally misgendering them vs Kiko making off with their money & not thinking twice about it

No. 76003

File: 1451355442177.jpg (39.03 KB, 640x640, 12269713_978392698884773_67022…)

This is her new boyfriend. After being cheated on, she sure moved quick

No. 76004

File: 1451355476109.jpg (35.66 KB, 640x640, 12145408_156972681319998_19591…)

Her/her new dude

No. 76005

File: 1451356597294.jpg (41.74 KB, 524x767, cust16.JPG)


this pic was deleted off kiko's insta immediately after this comment

No. 76022

I saw Kiki basically get someone "cyber bullied" basically blasting their mistakes on Tumblr. & I saw her do it again when she answered an ask & told the anon that someone copied her style/hair/makeup & was basically trying to be her

No. 76026

what's even in that cup?

No. 76027

>her bedroom is nicer than me
Damn it. Yeah, she sounds like a shitty ass person, but all that scamming wont last too long. Look at Felice fawn.

No. 76028

meant 'nicer than mine'

No. 76035


I remember that!!! It was Kiki/Emiliee & they were picking on some guy named Justin & making him sound like a shitty guy when Emiliee was taking advantage of him when he was supporting Emilee financially. I don't know why people still decided to follow them after all that. Their followers are fucking air heads

No. 76039


It was Justin (i don't remember what his Tumblr name was) & Tomkittens.

An anon asked Deerhoof (kiki) if they were related to Tomkittens because they looked similar. & Kiki word for word said, "No they just decided to copy me/do their hair exactly like mine and their makeup exactly like mine." her fans basically started attacking Tomkittens saying she should kill herself for "copying" someone she didn't even follow. Kiki to my understand addressed her follows but never actually apologized for her statement accusing Tomkittens of copying her. She deleted that ask so no one could see but I remember it.

No. 76052

File: 1451367655223.png (374.16 KB, 1440x2560, cust17.png)

#17 sorry got interrupted

No. 76053

File: 1451367672871.png (374.26 KB, 1440x2560, cust18.png)


No. 76054

File: 1451367691573.jpg (71.2 KB, 613x685, cust19.JPG)

#19 last one

No. 76055

File: 1451367762301.jpg (42.59 KB, 515x368, taobao.JPG)

their fudging of where they got their products


No. 76057

File: 1451367833558.jpg (213.72 KB, 1795x948, taobao2.JPG)

also i tend to use "they" interchangeably for pronouns, english is not my first language and it's easier sorry

anyway look at all this taobao shit she won't even photograph an actual product for because she doesn't ever have any on hand

No. 76058

File: 1451367871421.jpg (68.2 KB, 540x885, tracking_eth_sourced.JPG)

meanwhile, claims to be ethically sourced

yup, chinese sweatshops sure are ethical

No. 76059

File: 1451367926708.png (281.68 KB, 1440x2560, nophotos.png)

surprise, they don't have time to take photos of their products

No. 76061

File: 1451368003816.png (291.05 KB, 1440x2560, notmarkedshipped.png)

>>76058 This post said tracking numbers on the house. now look at this image here

oh wow looks like the free tracking means nothing if you can't even mark things as shipped

No. 76062

File: 1451368057372.jpg (46.62 KB, 544x374, stealing.JPG)

>pretends packages were stolen
>martyrs self trying to replace them
>blames customers for making her do her job

No. 76064

File: 1451368921294.jpg (84.98 KB, 578x550, veganproblems.JPG)

list of illnesses that veganism cured

No. 76065

File: 1451369035840.jpg (106.03 KB, 714x677, veganethics.JPG)

yes…veganism is for the greater good!!!


>posts on insta saying she's thankful for American Spirits

i'll tell you this, smoking is immediately more harmful than meat eating and it has ZERO POSSIBLE BENEFIT

No. 76066

File: 1451369115825.jpg (88.76 KB, 665x939, veganbuns.JPG)


if you have a gluten intolerance how did you test this recipe? gluten-free baking is very technical and requires lots of testing

also, nice stealing this poor woman's image and not linking to her

No. 76069


Right? & smoking isn't vegan. Tobacco companies (including AS test on animals)

No. 76070

File: 1451369531488.jpg (159.47 KB, 1415x685, vegantheft.JPG)


nvm i guess she stole this woman's dough recipe and just changed out the animal products for half-assed vegan substitutions

i highlighted the similar ingredients

also, this is so STUPID. you CANNOT just 1-to-1 replace animal products in baking like that. you NEED to adjust the rest of the ingredients because baking is chemistry!

even in COOKING she is a lazy thief

No. 76072

Her breasts look a lot better in clothes is all i gotta say lol

No. 76075

File: 1451372636157.png (70.42 KB, 518x542, Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.0…)


Anyone know details on the rape accusations?

No. 76079

File: 1451373246329.jpg (73.28 KB, 500x667, 1440002148581.jpg)

This is from my favorite era of theirs, cutest imo I wish I had more pics

No. 76082

File: 1451374516808.gif (518.89 KB, 500x375, tumblr_my70scTLcR1qh8ptoo1_500…)


You're welcome

No. 76091

File: 1451376696582.jpg (51.33 KB, 500x375, tumblr_natr1jmxAg1qa3scmo5_500…)

ty ty I was trying to find images on google but all that was coming up was shroom hair or nudes.

No. 76092


How do you feel about her (if anything) since reading all the shitty stuff?

No. 76104

File: 1451383205053.jpg (90.46 KB, 736x985, f8ee2f1b5396219f44011dedb16d9f…)

I don't really care but my bf thinks I'm obsessed because I've been looking for pics hah.
I've been following them since I was 15 (they were 16 I think) and I just remember always being really captivated by their appearance like I would pretty much only check their selfie tag. My parents compared me to them once and I was so flattered otl. Towards the end of their tumblr they would constantly post about issues with the store, the posts were probably there mostly to keep the followers who hadn't ordered from them under the impression that they were fixing it. They've done a bunch of shitty things but they're still attractive even if I don't like their current hairstyle so I'll continue to follow their insta lol

No. 76105

File: 1451383490156.jpg (57.43 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mxk1bm7DFt1qa3scmo1_500…)


Here's a super old pic for you.

Yeah, they're trying to become super edgy now/"witch" like i guess?

No. 76106

File: 1451383557548.jpg (72.92 KB, 640x640, 11887091_1132413676776721_5927…)

Her new look

No. 76109

please stop calling her a 'them', ffs. This isn't tumblr. There's two genders. There's two pronouns. End of.

Fuck off.

No. 76110

File: 1451387133994.png (439.56 KB, 508x508, Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 11.1…)

Wonder if she edits her photos cause she looks so unattractive here

No. 76116

File: 1451389190652.jpg (69.36 KB, 716x621, tumblr_ngq71qIG1S1qlik64o1_128…)

She looks like that animal crossing dog

No. 76149

scam info dump anon here, I really don't understand why ppl ke wet please fawning over her looks

she always holds her face a certain way and takes really low quality pics in bad lighting for a reason

they always look bigger and older in candids

it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't obviously use her looks to gain customers to scam

when I have free time I'll hunt for candids

No. 76161

Probably does edit.

No. 76162

you seem really unoriginal

No. 76172

This is such a step down from how she used to look, jesus

No. 76184

More photos please anon. These are great.

No. 76225

Yoooooo, I got some new dirt on kiki from someone that used to know them in person!

No. 76226

omg those glasses are so obnoxious. i might just be being picky but seriously those are very unflattering imo.

No. 76228

I bought from her store several times, and while I did eventually get all my orders, some of them arrived nearly an entire year after I had placed the order. Definitely decided never to buy from her again.

No. 76230

File: 1451420537570.png (293.92 KB, 327x748, Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 11.2…)

Candid, her & her bro. She looks thin, but hair/face are average as fuck

No. 76231

File: 1451420557223.png (275.47 KB, 314x669, Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 11.2…)

No. 76238

what the fuck. You can use just the same recipe but replace the meat with vegetarian pork. I don't understand this dumb bitch.

No. 76240

I want that shirt.

No. 76241

That haircut ages her badly.

No. 76242

File: 1451421456930.png (32.15 KB, 198x358, Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 12.3…)


Same anon here, now i won't reveal who told me this, these are just caps of their opinion of Kiki. AGAIN this blogger knew her irl.

No. 76244

If anyone cares, this is the person that got accused and bullied for copying her.

No. 76245


Yes, that is, I recently talked to them & apologized for Kiki/wanted to see if they were okay. This poor girl had do leave her old Tumblr & make an entire new one because of Kiki

No. 76247

Ha, I actually ordered from her store once! Took months to get to me, and when it arrived it was shoddily wrapped and missing several pieces.

>Paypal account

>Amazon wishlist

Eh. Everyone on tumblr has those. It works if you have enough followers. Some people are just really nice and like sending other people gifts.

No. 76253

aw :( sporkbabe seems like a really nice girl. kiko is so fucking mean.

No. 76259

File: 1451423702372.jpg (41.07 KB, 640x640, 12135459_155720624775397_20683…)

Her shitty/ugly tats she was getting/posting on Tumblr/IG WHILE a shit ton of her supporters were emailing constantly about their 5+ months old orders/refunds????

No. 76282

File: 1451431669279.png (48.38 KB, 530x292, 1.png)

Posting pics of angry Kiki customers. There are WAY more BAD things to say about this bitch than good

No. 76283

File: 1451431680465.png (88.71 KB, 525x527, 2.png)

No. 76284

File: 1451431744817.png (61.9 KB, 282x633, 3.png)

I seriously wonder how she still considers herself a good person

No. 76298

Why do these idiots never just stfu about spending money when they're scamming? How hard is it to stay off the internet and not brag about new tattoos and new stuff? Felice used to do it too and I never understood how somebody could be so openly stupid. Their customers now know they've got money to pay back. Smh

No. 76305

File: 1451435133481.jpg (42.21 KB, 640x640, 11254471_753673294761853_15258…)

Photo of Kiki "casting spell" was her caption on IG. She's taking this, "I am a witch" thing a lil too seriously.

No. 76307

File: 1451435389183.png (609.96 KB, 517x749, Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.18…)

I hope she realizes that SMOKING IS NOT VEGAN!!!! They don't contain animal ingredients (obviously) But tobacco companies INCLUDING American Spirits TEST ON ANIMALS. She also used to talk about herself not being about to hand cigs because "My body is too small/i can't handle them" I also don't understand why she feels the need to constantly mention how "small" she is

No. 76309


Video of Kiki when she had her 2nd online store Datura,which she scammed people with as well. (this is way before she did Nectarine Clothing) This vid is her explaining why she sucks/should never open an online store

No. 76350

File: 1451446954597.png (65.61 KB, 289x598, Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 7.33…)

I honestly wish I could tell Kiko how much of a scum she is

No. 76354

Yeah. I have never smoked but I have read that the only way to avoid funding animal cruelty/testing through cigarettes is just roll your own tobacco. Maybe there are some small brands, unlike the major ones sold everywhere, that are exceptions though. I doubt she is getting anything like that though and is likely just a hypocrite.

No. 76363


She smokes (as proven in pics) American Spirits & they test on animals. Nevertheless, if she's out & about & has bum a cig, I doubt she's going to ask if it's a vegan brand or not. She's just being a hypocrite. She should quit smoking, she could knock one thing off of her laundry list instead of be total cunt

No. 76535

i remember deerhoof!
she'd incessantly bring up her heritage, stressing that she was 1/4 japanese so it was okay for her to buy a kotatsu

my favorite post by her has to be the fake blog post about everyone complimenting her because she wore lipstick.

like, somebody did her makeup at sephora, and remarked that she looked "just like a french girl" (again with the heritage thing)

in that same day she was eating sushi with chopsticks and somebody accidentally offended her by saying that they "liked the way she handled those chopsticks" so she "told them off"

i'd look for it but i honestly don't care to right now

No. 76537

i also remember how hard kiki tried to market herself with her tastes in cult tv/movies.

she stressed the personal significance of triangles to her and that she intended to get a triangle tattoo because triangles are symbolic and beck used a triangle, also twin peaks? unsurprisingly nobody had to even ask for her to gush about this

No. 76573

she looks good

No. 76574

Different from what?

No. 76582

I'm not gonna blast kiki,I know them irl, if they saw this thread, they'd flip. I just wanted to say, with all the things that happened with the store, I saw this coming.

No. 76583

I just hope they grow up, and stop skating by on their looks to avoid problems.

No. 77012

No. 77015

Anyone got more of her cam vids?

No. 77018

File: 1451735728032.jpg (112.56 KB, 1000x750, tumblr_mkvhnaBdM71qh8ptoo1_128…)

did anyone follow her ex boyfriend Dan?
What a pretentious fuck. Like Kiki is really pretentious but this guy goes overboard and he backed Kiki up when she lied through her teeth. They were perfect for each other.
Anyway, he ended up cheating on her because she claimed to be asexual or something and wouldn't have sex with him

No. 77019

she always got upset when porn blogs reblogged her nudes.
She thinks showing her tits like this isn't sexual.

No. 77207


They not only broke up because of the cheating but Dan was pretty fed up with the store, he apparently sunk A LOT of money into it. Also he's becoming more & more aware of the situation which also makes him mad. He doesn't want to blast her like she did him on the internet because she'll pull the victim card an get all their mutual friend to dump him

No. 77246

I'm pretty sure she made that cam video while she was dating Dan. I wonder if he knew

No. 77275

she looks so lame, as per usual. but i might be biased because i think that the style she had before and the one she has now are both hideous and distasteful anyways.

No. 77569

File: 1451893514544.png (191.48 KB, 307x422, Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.1…)

Her face is so round. This is her maybe her new date friend?

No. 77570

File: 1451893544022.png (705.09 KB, 906x755, Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.4…)

Up close shot

No. 77635


Back in the day, when she was relevant and popular, I was following her for around 2 years and every time she posted a photo I would admire how pretty she looked. But now, seeing candids and knowing how photoshopping selfies works, it's like unraveling a lie I believed for forever. It's annoying because she got praised over looking a way that she didn't even look like in the first place.

No. 77637

same I used to be SO jealous of how she looked and seeing those pictures its sucha big difference

No. 77699

File: 1451931371954.png (48.21 KB, 295x419, Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.1…)

Sh scammed this person a couple years back i guess

No. 77705

File: 1451932975315.jpg (14.88 KB, 273x81, 11.JPG)

So fucking spot on.

No. 77728

First time I've heard of this girl and idk why some of you guys are so threatened/envious by her looks? She's not that pretty imo but I can see if you've been following her for a while, her looks could grow on you. Even with the angles/editing, she still looks like the kind of girl who doesn't shave her underarms and just looks like she smells bad. Also that septum does nothing for her nose shape and she really needs to keep her hair long.

No. 77729

She's very 2009 isn't she?

No. 77730


When I was on tumblr in 2010 and had no self confidence and was following tumblr famous girls who had access to cool clothes, makeup, hair extensions and a bunch of people who praised her.. lmao yeah I used to be jealous.. when I was a kid. Now I think she looks stupid.

No. 77863

I wish my hair was that thick. Damn.

No. 77972

Lol it's funny because she did not shave her underarms actually. I don't have pics but I remember one pic where she was showing her boobs and had hairy armpits.

No. 77993

Ugh I was always so jealous of her super thick hair.
Now not so jealous cause she cut it all off and it looks ugly now.

No. 77996

I'm sorry but what's wrong with not shaving your pits? some people have sensitive skin and not everyone wants to shave every 3-4 days. it's not a big deal. Damn, if you're gonna judge someone for being a cunt, do that instead, but not shaving isn't a big deal. You sound like robots.

No. 78001

I didn't say there was something wrong with it, I was just pointing his/her assumption was correct. Chill.

No. 78006

Is shave my pits daily bit I have zero problems with those who choose to do so sparingly or not at all.
At the end of the day it's nobodies business whether another person chooses not to engage in sexist, repressive patriarchal beauty standards.

>inb4 "TUMBLR", I don't even have an account but that's exactly what men expecting women to be hairless by default is

A woman shaving her armpits wasn't even a thing until the 1920's but now we're expected to be hairless all over whilst men get to walk around looking like a gorilla and nobody bats an eyelid.

No. 78012


Well, there's not shaving your pits, and then there's looking like you don't shave your pits.

I should have just said she seemed greasy.

No. 78396

Did anyone else get the vibe she didn't have much of a personality? I feel like she was always changing up her persona, her name, her style, and her stories. Her heritage changed so much. She went from iirc French/Japanese to French/Japanese/implied Navajo (she mentioned "spirit beads from her tribe" and her gma Redstone who was "immersed in rez culture" in AZ) to French/Japanese/Choctaw/Sephardic Jew.

She really had a problem following through on anything too. There was always some lame excuse. I'm really not surprised that her new store ended up a scam.

Also I looked for one of her posts that really irritated me but instead I found this person 31015500/dronedoom on tumblr who's been ripping her posts for 2 or 3 years now and replacing a couple details. Interesting…

No. 78485

>whilst men get to walk around looking like a gorilla and nobody bats an eyelid.
but that's not true. a lot of people gag at a man with too much body hair. especially on his back and torso. it's completely a personal choice, it has nothing to do with "repressive patriarchal beauty standards" at this point seeing as how men choose to groom for a bevy of reasons themselves. i do it because it feels nice and it makes me feel clean. to each their own.

No. 81470

File: 1452963783934.jpg (28.31 KB, 688x359, 1447910847186.jpg)


So she's deleted her tumblr entirely and made her instagram private

Person who took over the deerhoof url just has one post asking her to answer about the scamming accusations

It'd be funny if her behavior wasn't so fucking pathetic

No. 81590

Wasn't she some kind of social retard– or so she said? I remember post where she whined about having social anxiety and how it made things difficult or some shit. But at the same time she showcased her life through her tumblr.

No. 83702

sorry for being OT but.. holy shit anon, vib-ribbon reaction image A+++

No. 84567

File: 1453496109371.jpg (21.07 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

omg this is so validating to read… i used 2 idolize kiki so much because they seemed like "goals" to me ugh. her dark long hair era was definitely her best look imo. like this pic

No. 84786

File: 1453535025144.png (88.18 KB, 557x446, Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.3…)

Something Dan posted when a lot of people (i guess mutual friends/followers were mad at Kiki and this is what he put up in her defense lmfao) Nah dude, people were probably mad because she never actually sold those self care packages but instead took people's hard earned money and did other shit for herself with it. I love how Kiki always wanted to stress the fuck out of being ethically correct, but then does this bs. Fucking dumb.

No. 84903

laughing my fucking ass off at
>distribute self-defense packages in their store to help decrease rape statistics
that is literally the funniest thing i have ever read on this website
>help decrease rape statistics

No. 84957

File: 1453580110805.jpg (66.46 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n2o42jKNEi1qh8ptoo1_500…)

LOL @ this pic i found

No. 84958

she reminds me of that weirdo emo thing from the breakfast club

No. 84975

LOL so gross

No. 84977

she still has that stupid ugly septum. wtf kiko ur not ganna get a /mu/ boi that way even though u try rly hard to impress them.

No. 84999

;_; how do I obtain a /mu/ boi

No. 85027

Easy, go to local shows of weird bands and/or post on /mu/, I know this because I have a /mu/ bf.

No. 85046

File: 1453600171667.jpg (36.03 KB, 338x600, tumblr_n8avdwwqEQ1qh8ptoo1_400…)

The power of makeup and angles are real lol

No. 85047

File: 1453600498633.jpg (64.03 KB, 400x533, tumblr_n9y8yq6S8V1qa3scmo1_400…)

This is the shirt i ordered from Kiki's website way before any of the scam shit came out. I waiting 5 months before asking Kiki wtf was up. She replied saying, "sorry blah blah i'll send you a new one" Sent me a tracking number and a month later still never received the shirt, the tracking number finally updated and showed that she sent my fucking shirt to TX. I told her about it and all she said was, "I'm sorry i'll try to fix it" Never heard from her again and her stupid intern Kyle made it seem like it ending up in TX was my fault. Kiki is one unethical self absorbed cunt. It's so fucking easy to refund through paypal or idk, resend the fucking shirt and actually do your job???

No. 85048

Is this her real hair? If it's not,I'll need a link to her wig.

No. 85053

I'm sorry you went through this, anon, but honestly I have to say you were way too generous with her. Five months? I would give someone a month tops, before I start hassling them for my money back. And if they start giving me bullshit, I would have just opened a dispute on Paypal. They usually side with the buyer.

Like I get some people really want a certain item, but I don't get why people let these type of things drag on for months.

No. 85061


I was too generous with her. People have different reasons for why they waited. At that time in my life, I really liked Kiki's blog and liked who she presented herself as. I figured she was going to eventually get back to me so i didn't bother with it. It was only until she posted that photo of her wearing the shirt and another photo of the shirts in her closet that my opinion on everything changed. Like, if you have it…why did i not receive it? Then as other anon have pointed out, she was getting tattoos and going thrift store shopping while simultaneously saying she was working so much to get orders out. Needless to say that pissed me off because by that time i did send her a ton of emails. At the end of the day, i'm not that upset that i got scammed out of $24, i'm just appalled that Kiko still has people mindlessly following her. She isn't the ethical person she portrayed herself to be. She isn't the sweet innocent person she claimed to be. You do not betray the trust of young teens/adults/others who have supported you for so long by taking their money and getting a new apartment, or buying new shit for yourself. Even if she used the money for something good like charity, that would still be fucked up because it wasn't her money to use.

No. 85065

Yeah, she's a huge bitch for scamming people. I never really idolized an Internet personality enough to be willing to tolerate such blatant poor treatment of fans/paying customers, so I guess that's where the confusion is coming from on my part. I am definitely not the trusting type when it comes to money. That all doesn't change the fact that she had no right to take advantage of her fans and steal their money, of course.

Sorry again, anon.

No. 85093

her hair looks like a fucking wig why would you want that nasty mess?

No. 85106

Different anon, but, it's pretty cute

No. 85134

File: 1453649192502.jpg (140.34 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_nl0tkeGwbn1qh8ptoo1_128…)

I hated this hair cut

No. 85135

Eh, it suits her. I've seen worse.

No. 85136

File: 1453649287085.jpg (30.97 KB, 640x426, 7a07ce99a9fbe2086ffee37de5d25c…)

Those over sized glasses were the worst. I don't even think she needed glasses

No. 85137

File: 1453649335068.gif (990.35 KB, 450x337, tumblr_m3d8tfuyFY1qzmngq.gif)

Then we have whatever the fuck this hairstyle was

No. 85154

Yup,exactly this >>85106

No. 85173

personally i love this hair

No. 85263

It looks like it smells bad.

No. 85264

oops sawwy, thought you were were talking about her long black hair not this pic, didn't mean to include you in >>85263

No. 85265

Why? It looks cute.

No. 85268

File: 1453672844917.gif (869.17 KB, 450x337, wtf4.gif)

Some of the shit she's posted is so cringey. Like wtf is this gif

No. 85275

File: 1453674302058.jpg (27.44 KB, 640x203, image.jpg)


apparently they speak fluent sign language?? lol ok

No. 85303

I honestly thought that she was wearing a giant bushy blue beard for a split second. Why would she do this to herself? Did she go through a "scene" phase or something?

No. 85322


No. 85394

Does anyone have access to her insta? It's private and she wont accept my follow request. I'd like to see what kinds of things she posts nowadays.

No. 85396

the okcupid made me cringe hard. Every sentence.

No. 85919

File: 1453839394990.png (461.64 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-26-14-53-42…)

Bipolar II


No. 85920

File: 1453839427819.png (427.87 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-26-14-53-59…)

No. 85922

File: 1453839631056.png (499.79 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-26-14-54-06…)

No. 85982

tbh those dont sound that far off but if this is supposed to be used as an excuse about all the packages "lost", not shipped, money not refunded to people, etc that is still really shitty

No. 86005

I read those pod on her IG too, & I was thinking the same thing. It doesn't sounds far off & im not going to say Kiki is lying about it. But if she tried or tries to use that as a defense as to why she made EXTEMELY POOR decisions with Nectarine Clothing; that the effects of her illnesses made her make bad choices at that time, then she needs a big slap in her face. Idk if any of you know how easy it is to refund on PayPal, but it's as simple as a click of a button. She could have easily answered emails, said I'm sorry and offered a refund at the click of a button. She could have also done that with her other stores that she also scammed people with as well. What Kiki did at the end of the day is fraud and she should be in jail. Regardless of her newfound illnesses.

No. 86503

Holy fuck. This bitch is trying to fluff out how she scammed people by playing to woe is me card. Fuck this earth.

No. 86504

No. 86688


Wow i am disappoint.

No. 88544

anyone have access to her instagram?

No. 93477

I have access to her insta. I can confirm that all comments about orders go ignored if they aren't deleted swiftly.
But yeah like many others, I ordered from her store and waited months hearing nothing but lame excuses from her via email. It got to the point where I had graduated high school and already spent a semester at college and had still not received my order lmfao. So finally I reblogged one of her posts and put her on blast for what she did.. and what do you know. I got a paypal refund sent to my phone within minutes coupled with an apology tumblr message. amazing.
I'm happy that the info about what she does to people exists somewhere but I wish more people (esp her internet friends) knew about the situation.

No. 98024

any new pics you can share?

No. 98351

File: 1456480257464.png (526.12 KB, 918x532, kikkiokiokio.PNG)

Not the same anon, can post the rest of the text if wanted

No. 98786

File: 1456627537130.png (577.35 KB, 934x596, kiki.png)

she doesn't post too often but here's the latest selfie.
she's also already making "tfw ur bipolar" type posts which i can't help but eyeroll at

No. 98787

keeley "uwu i'm just a smol doing my best to make people i've scammed feel bad for me uwu~!" reed

No. 98815

i remember she said something about how anime/manga is inherently sexist and she got some autist mad

No. 98838

Gross, she looks like Megan Marie.

No. 98857

Crazyness aside, she's honestly quite beautiful.

No. 99071

File: 1456717488737.jpg (67.38 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mwmwj0Auxv1qa3scmo1_500…)

uwu queen's best era

No. 99083

File: 1456720847368.png (419.89 KB, 631x472, nipnapz.png)

nah the real best era is the "asexual" camgirl uwu phase

No. 99085

I too thought the same, lmfao

No. 99940

Anyone got any more pics of her?

No. 100021

File: 1456964046240.png (759.53 KB, 924x594, t.png)

new tattoo. Sew Posi

No. 100050

What does that even mean?

No. 100051

No. 100061

File: 1456971541158.jpg (69.46 KB, 400x533, tumblr_muqnmiwHRY1qa3scmo1_400…)

her hair makes me feel bad about the thin limp spaghetti on my head

No. 100065

don't feel bad anon. u can fix hair
but u can't fix a sketchy / manipulative personality

No. 100067

Why have the album art to "Raise Your Skinny Fists…" with the name of a completely different album. Tacky poser shit.

No. 100157

has she been accepting anyone's instagram requests? i sent one a year ago and she hasnt accepted

No. 100171

No. 100181


No. 100188

When other girls do shit like this it makes us all look like poser faggots and it's frustrating. Thnx kikunt

No. 100225

It's not even that great..? IT looks dirty and smelly.

No. 100227

I recently sent her a request and she accepted before the end of the day, so I'd say so.

No. 100242

She had a weird love/hate relationship with Japan/anime. Like she would talk about how all anime is super sexist and you shouldn't watch it and how even Sailor Moon is bad because of body shaming, but was also a total weeb and claimed to be part Japanese, wore seifukus, and would reblog pictures of cute anime girls and tag herself.

No. 100251

i think she probably started going by kiki because of kiki's delivery service which is….super weeby

No. 100259

like i said earlier in the thread, she was considering purchasing a kotatsu but actually
asked her followers if it was appropriation

No. 100318

I looked on her ex Dan's IG and she commented on a picture of him and (what looks like) his girlfriend. I'm surprised seeing as she made a bit of stink about him cheating on her/used it as an excuse to not send people their packages..

No. 100370

I love how everyone is appropriation with some people. It's a piece of furniture that keeps your legs warm, not a holy part of Japanese culture…

No. 100378

It's a fucking table.
If that were the case, no one in America would be driving cars or owning their flat screen tvs.

No. 100380

The way she puts on a fake voice and drags it on is so irritable.

No. 100602

No. 100607

File: 1457107035470.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.51 KB, 640x426, 1422094360687.jpg)

actual photo of her vagina that she posted on her blog lol…
srry for double post but i found a bunch of cringey shit

No. 100768

I found a video of her when she was ~14/15 awhile ago and her voice is much deeper/normal sounding in it

No. 100839

i had completely forgotten that she didnt shave her armpits.

No. 100876

Her neck is so fucking huge…

No. 100881

If I was in Deerhoof I would feel really fucking weird that some random poser had based her entire internet persona off of my band. They probably wouldn't give a shit though but it's incredibly lame that her url was a fucking bands name and her tumblr meet up was at a fucking Deerhoof concert. Fuck.

No. 100882

File: 1457159252890.jpg (64.39 KB, 500x375, kikunt.jpg)

No. 100892

File: 1457163000651.png (653.65 KB, 438x640, wtf.png)

Anyone remember these brows?

No. 100925

File: 1457172865271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.74 KB, 640x480, kikunt.jpg)


No. 100974

that voice reminds me too much of the act that dd/lg girls put on

No. 100977

Koreaboo brows

No. 100978

File: 1457193626515.jpg (60.19 KB, 400x533, tumblr_n1u18snczS1qa3scmo1_400…)

No. 101009

File: 1457200151283.jpg (73.57 KB, 640x791, image.jpg)

eye roll

No. 101010

File: 1457200286512.jpg (84.38 KB, 640x706, image.jpg)

i feel u

No. 101012

File: 1457200373526.png (275.38 KB, 505x351, kv.png)

does anyone remember when she randomly went bald and never talked about it again
vid: http://tinypic.com/r/2mn3jip/9

No. 101016

>look at my tits!!!!
>I'm not a girl you fucking bigot

God damn these Tumblr bitches are dumb.

No. 101037

did she actually have any autoimmune diseases?

No. 101073

it's possible. would she make a fake bald spot just for attention? … I hope not. she also claimed to have scoliosis.

No. 101144

File: 1457216220214.png (461.82 KB, 677x617, Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 2.11…)

i mean she did make up ridiculous stories like this…. that being said having and ed when you're young can really fuck up your health so it's possible

No. 101194

did she really have an ed, or was she faking that too?

No. 101238

i can believe that happened.

No. 101265

File: 1457232470129.jpg (52.77 KB, 500x333, tumblr_natr1jmxAg1qa3scmo1_500…)

around 2012/2013 seemed to be when she had an ED, in 2014 she blogged a lot about recovery and gaining weight, but i've never seen a discernible different in her weight.

No. 101267

yeah I never noticed a drastic weight difference even though she claimed 10-pound fluctuations and once bragged about "stabilizing" her weight, even though she looked the same

No. 101269

File: 1457232978526.jpg (56.18 KB, 601x385, lb.jpg)

this is the only real picture of her at a higher weight, probably when she was 14 or 15.

No. 101283

No. 101307

File: 1457241711180.jpg (65.01 KB, 500x375, lolok.jpg)

No. 101309

just looks like different lighting and less makeup

No. 101315

File: 1457242003312.jpg (28.76 KB, 492x326, 122.JPG)

She lightened her hair with photoshop here to pull this off as an old photo.

No. 101318

And photoshopping her decolletage area and her lower half of her face thinner.

No. 101351


her ask.fm is still up from like 2 yrs ago

No. 101575

that doesnt really make sense, at least to me. it's clearly an older photo seeing as her hair isn't cut yet here. can you provide a little more evidence than circle her ponytail?

No. 101652


yeah this is a dumb speculation. besides i remember this picture from a separate, older photoset

No. 101669

File: 1457301496340.png (622.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-06-16-55-46…)

I swear she said at some point that she was 1/4 Japanese because of her gma, NOT her bio dad. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills with this bitch's lies

No. 101672

she's said she's kept in contact with the japanese part of her family

No. 101677

I wish I could find a screenshot bit like, if her bio dad was Japanese she would have been half. Instead she made it sound like she had SOME Japanese from a grandma, and never brought up the dad. It was fucking suspicious as he'll and she said all that in response to people calling her out for claiming Japanese blood

No. 101724

i thought the japanese blood was from her grandpa?
honestly, i'm 99% sure she's making it all up. she's probably some trashy german irish mix.

No. 101727

File: 1457319028367.jpg (109.37 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNjU4ODI0MjQ2M15BMl5BanBnXk…)

i could definitely believe that she was mostly irish, she looks irish-american as fuck
>pic related, black irish

No. 101730


she didn't say her dad was full japanese tho if her grandma (his mom) was japanese, her dad would be too. and she 1/4
omg you guys are looking way too far into this

No. 101732

hi kiko. next time, try claiming to be an exotique race that DOESN'T definitively exclude many of the traits you possess. why don't you hop on the high fashion russian trend and claim to be 1/8th tatar? удачи мой друг!

No. 101754

she's as japanese as every other white weeb is

No. 101925

File: 1457370117609.jpg (462.96 KB, 960x1280, hair.jpg)

She's claimed for a few years that her hair is it's natural color, but in a lot of pictures it's solid jet black and in some it's dark brown. idk maybe it's the lighting. I always thought she dyed her hair black to look more ~azn~

No. 101938

Why are some people, especially Americans, so obsessed with being 1/4 this or 1/64 that and flaunt it around?

Even if someone was a little Japanese, it doesn't actually mean anything if they don't speak the language, didn't grew up with cultural traditions at home and/or don't look Japanese at all. I don't get how it's something to be proud of then.

No. 101942

that definitely looks dyed, it's way lighter at the top

No. 101988

File: 1457381338760.jpg (261.2 KB, 539x798, 747672_rm8sg8.jpg)

her natural hair color is brown w/ a slightly copper tones. her hair was bleached for a couple years but i didn't know she claimed to be a natural blonde? on her ask.fm she says her natural hair color is dark brown.

No. 102001

File: 1457383573148.png (19.09 KB, 529x464, aubrism.png)

Idk if anyone has posted this yet but this is a testimonial from someone who used to be her friend about her lying/scamming.

No. 102069

wow, deets on her lying about rape?

No. 102108

all I know is that she was accusing her ex boyfriend who was aubrism's (now aubrophonia) friend. this is all I ever caught wind of so I don't know who's telling the truth.

No. 102169

i wish she still had a tumblr, or at least a public instagram
it's no fun getting these second-hand screenshots

No. 102175

if aubrophonia is who i think they are, that is a likely scenario

No. 102186

why so cryptic

No. 102274

same or at least which ppl realized how shitty she's been earlier on!!! so many ppl have been scammed out of money from her stores, random projects that never saw the light of day, or just donated 2 help her with "rent", etc… :-/

No. 102314

She's actually pretty ugly.

No. 102323

File: 1457426775291.jpg (22.6 KB, 341x512, faggot.jpg)

She always has an ugly ass dopey expression on her face.

No. 102412

I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her smiling..

No. 102471

it's because her teeth are messed up, she's said she's insecure about them.
there's a blog http://deerhoofproblems.tumblr.com/ that pointed out (albeit late)at her past and presents scams, but the admin accuses her in this passive aggressive way. someone should make a new blog so her lameo tumblr friends see it.

No. 102495

does anyone know her new boyfriend's instagram?
she made such a big deal about being pansexual but did she ever actually date a woman lol

No. 102640

File: 1457484303762.png (1.33 MB, 1179x1109, 2.png)

bf's instagram is @614_808_nova

No. 102659

oh it is him

he's some neo nazi around 30 that brags about how br00tal he is
beat his ex (not kiki) with a chair leg when she was drunk, bragged about it etc etc

theres more out there if you look up his handle

i never really liked kiki but it feels as if there is truth to this

No. 102660

also he raped his ex so theres that

No. 102696

he's a neo-nazi?
jeez, how'd she find this total charmer?

No. 102698

does he have a name or any other social media accounts? im having trouble finding stuff.

No. 102700


No. 102704

lol wait, so she's dating the person who made a post about her being garbage?

No. 102706

no her ex boyfriend was friends with him

No. 102731

No. 103205

yeah but the person who made all these claims was… drumroll… Kiki.
I've actually talked to this dude and he really just said a lot of offensive shit to troll people, he's not really a nazi. he did this kind of stuff when he was an addict but he's sober now. who knows the truth tbh

No. 103211


All that shit about Aubrey is not true at all. At worst he was an edgy drug addict, but now he is fine. The stuff he said about Kiki was pretty accepted by a large group of people at the time, so I assume there is some truth.

No. 103233

none of the stuff in that post about me being a rapist is remotely true.

I have a lot more information for this topic if people want it.

No. 103234


I was definitely an edgelord drug addict and kiki definitely used donation money (for darfur lol) to purchase a large amount of hashish from someone I am familiar with.

No. 103248

yas aubrey.. spill the tea. i wish people knew the truth when she was still on tumblr.

No. 103251

tumblr user nohighs and I found keely reed (the name on her birth cert) when she was 16 and only listened to dubstep and wore native headdresses and called herself a bass addict lol.

since then she has uhhh

lying about rape (my friend was not the first OR the last who was accused under extremely similar circumstances)
excessive cheating (she had flings with that Tom guy, her first bf for years and fucked 2 of her exes at the same time while dating my friend)
drinking/doing drugs when she was publicly against both
smoking WHILE lying about having lupus

her datura clothing line: she made 2-3 pieces of each article of clothing but didnt stop orders after she sold out and kept taking orders and just never made more pieces. 2 people got each item (the third ones were for her to "model" in) and then she moved on 2 the next ponzi scheme, and would spend most of the money on hallucinogens, alcohol (she likes 211 steel reserve besuto) and clothing/goods from japan.

No. 103254

she was in a tinychat w/ me and other tumblr friends and I invited my friend J (I dont want 2 post his name or nething he has a real job and a fiancee and shit and isnt part of any of this garbage any more at all) and she found him so attractive she convinced her mom to fly him out and had sex with him within like 2 weeks of seeing his face on a tinychat lmfao

No. 103255


I want to say here that J is a traditionally handsome cis-male who has No Idea About Any Queer Stuff At All so I think that keeks actions speak more about their proclivities in this situation than their words do.

No. 103257

File: 1457570489620.jpg (32.99 KB, 564x451, 5828cb490e5ec67acfa4b2a247d6bf…)

No. 103262

I am looking for old pictures and stuff idk what hard drive things are on offhand and I got banned from tumblr a lot.

if you look at the deerhoof tag on the aubrism tumblr (which I got ghostbanned from for Being A Piece Of Shit) there should be various posts calling her out about stuff but I always get ignored because someone made a post about how I raped a girl with a chair leg (lmfao what)

a lot of the rape misinformation about me is FROM kiki too, fwiw. she makes up tall tales about everyone she doesnt like and people always believed her because tumblr genderqueer royalty or smth

No. 103745

File: 1457571857663.jpg (138.78 KB, 1280x720, 1370495878798.jpg)

No. 103751

I keep getting asks about keeks tho is that mostly from this board? I saw a link to my blog up there. I dont really do mean stuff to people on the internet any more, and I have DEFINITELY not ever raped anyone.

if people care about the real story there also I can post what is a lie and what isnt

that said I am still looking through archives for some stuff. I have a photo of when she cut her hair "scene" to try to impress my crew of internet bullies when she was clearly underage I am trying to dig up right now.

No. 103769

Kiki would also be super passive aggressive to people shit talking her. One time i was mocking her bc shed be like " im so asexual " post nudes for "body positivity" then beg for money. She then had her white knights defend her against me but thenshed like… Like a bunch of my personal posts?
Aubrey is telling the truth. Hes the opposite kiki; "problematic " on the internet, v chill and generous in person.

No. 103771

Why didn't she just stay a cam girl? instead of constantly stealing money and complaining about being poor jfc

No. 103772

Also her bio-Dad is half Japanese. She definitely over exaggerates her features w makeup/hair styles to make her look more asian than she

No. 103773

that about-to-poop pose is so unflattering and that other one too with the lacy shorts that i can't be arsed to link

she was kind of cute, shame she's awful

No. 103775

u cannot have pride if u are a sex worker in her worldview. she would talk shit on sex work ALL THE TIME lol and tried to say her camming was asexual and she would talk to people for money and sing songs and stuff XMFD

No. 103777

But she showed her ta-tas and acted very sensually what a bs artist

No. 103781

she was jacking off on cam and using toys and stuff at the end of the sexwork-era of lore. there was a list of people she trusted w/ that and it evolved from the topless 'asexual' chats.

No. 103782

"she used to get on webcam and masturbate with a shampoo bottle for me" (not me aubrey)

No. 103787

you wouldn't happen to have any of that saved somewhere would you?

No. 103788

i posted about the rape stuff and i don't like kiki either because i was around for those narcissistic posts about her own routine or how twelve imaginary korean boys fell head over heels for her, people calling bullshit and her saying everyone was so full of hate, etc etc

i just wondered if that could by part of why she's fucked up. i knew of somebody that acted like a fuckin caricacture of bpd and only when i started recontextualizing everything and it made more sense i guess? there could actually be a reason why she's a pathological liar

No. 103790

i was looking in the wrong place then because i had assumed those claims were not made by kiki. but i guess this only serves as another testament to how dishonest she is

No. 103792

I do not have any naked photos or videos of kiki saved at all. I am sorry to dissapoint.

No. 103811

im confused. are you the one dating her?

No. 103814

n-no I have not directly spoken to kiki in a long time and idk where that came from. I am formerly user aubrism and currently user aubrophonia on tumblr. I knew kiki and was friends with her for brief periods of time during 2009-2013. she long distance dated one of my friends who moved in with her and later she accused him of raping her. I told several stories already in this topic.

I have never and would never in my entire whole gotdam life date keely "kiki" reed.

No. 103817

No. 103923

J says "when we broke up I moved out and she threw out a bunch of my stuff, including one of a kind cds with recordings of my dead dads band and when I asked for them she laughed at me over the phone.

v. nice person here.

No. 103929

that's beyond fucked up

No. 103934

How has Kiki never been punched in the mouth?

No. 103936

Maybe all these rumours she started about you were so you wouldn't be able to tarnish her sparkling perfect tumblr persona. If she's the only one who's starting them then it looks that way to me, seems pretty convenient for her?

No. 103940


oh no I definitely did some fucked up shit and was a wastrel garbage for my mid-late 20s. I just never raped anyone or beat any of my partners or anything. I definitely was an edgy mean drug addict tho and I do not expect a pass for that.

No. 103944

I was referring to the rape and abuse accusations, I thought those were the only rumours she made. Those are the kind of things tumblr users hardly doubt.

No. 104074

howd she get away with all this shit

No. 104079

by being cute and putting on a sjw facade.

No. 104173

File: 1457691465491.jpg (40.1 KB, 538x591, fgdsf.JPG)

No. 104174

File: 1457691474107.jpg (51.76 KB, 598x552, fgnbgf.JPG)

No. 104176

File: 1457691497369.jpg (60.31 KB, 594x590, gjgfj.JPG)

No. 104177

File: 1457691504193.jpg (63.49 KB, 596x597, gsdfgds.JPG)

No. 104178

File: 1457691510115.jpg (39.79 KB, 593x595, hgjgcj.JPG)

No. 104179

File: 1457691521658.jpg (53.86 KB, 547x590, ncghj.JPG)

No. 104181

File: 1457691529909.jpg (56.32 KB, 598x595, uyhj.JPG)

No. 104182

File: 1457691535178.jpg (30.34 KB, 572x594, dfsd.JPG)

No. 104183

File: 1457691542001.jpg (52.93 KB, 598x583, fgdsffg.JPG)

No. 104184

File: 1457691549416.jpg (43.61 KB, 594x594, fnfcg.JPG)

No. 104185

File: 1457691555100.jpg (77.44 KB, 549x597, gdf.JPG)

No. 104186

File: 1457691560425.jpg (55.83 KB, 550x591, gnhjfxj.JPG)

No. 104187

File: 1457691567276.jpg (47.37 KB, 555x595, hdfhf.JPG)

No. 104188

File: 1457691572476.jpg (43.84 KB, 599x570, htfrj.JPG)

No. 104189

File: 1457691582619.jpg (41.08 KB, 582x592, sdf.JPG)

No. 104190

File: 1457691588329.jpg (65.5 KB, 582x586, wtf.JPG)

No. 104191

File: 1457691618273.jpg (64.06 KB, 596x585, ghzf.JPG)

No. 104192

File: 1457691683345.jpg (45.08 KB, 618x606, xfh.JPG)

No. 104193

File: 1457691943829.jpg (43.71 KB, 485x480, ghkj.JPG)

No. 104195

Why the fuck is every cunt using the stupid dog snapchat thing. It's ugly.

No. 104202

It makes your face thinner

No. 104208

No. 104210

Holy fucking shit, her ugly ass face bothers me.

No. 104212

File: 1457703458178.jpg (20.68 KB, 633x158, nope.JPG)

>young father trying his best

T-that's not even funny.. just odd.

No. 104290

her new blonde hair is ugly af

No. 104291

Her hair isn't blonde anymore, I was just photo dumping. But I agree, it's so fuckin tumblr and fugly af lmao

No. 104292

tumblr snowflakes calling themselves dads is so cringey

No. 104315

File: 1457727342359.jpg (20.26 KB, 649x165, lol.JPG)

She's JUST changed it. She definitely lurks here. This fucking confirms it.

Fuck you, Kiki. You're a stupid selfish asshole.

No. 104326

File: 1457730569480.jpg (18.41 KB, 240x318, 214124.JPG)

>i'm small!

you're annoying!

No. 104337

idk what it is about her that fascinates me so much. she's so awful but so much more interesting to me than the other lolcows
considering her drug and smoking use, it's going to be sad to see her looks start to deteriorate soon! can't wait to see an ancient hag trying to look play up that weird indie-kawaii aesthetic.

No. 104339

File: 1457733527486.jpg (325.97 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nj4lh2Z7i31u71sk1o1_128…)

No. 104340

File: 1457733570223.jpg (53.17 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mfgdljX9Fd1qa3scmo1_500…)

No. 104342

File: 1457733617155.jpg (56.54 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mjro0sSxnm1qa3scmo2_500…)

No. 104343

File: 1457733648729.jpg (58.29 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mnsbd8cent1qa3scmo2_500…)

No. 104344

File: 1457733701609.jpg (57.62 KB, 400x533, tumblr_mwjvl9ILQT1qa3scmo2_400…)

No. 104345

why does she always put on that dopey-eyed open-mouth stare

No. 104346

File: 1457733834128.jpg (360.66 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_njag2q6WMh1u71sk1o1_128…)

No. 104347

god im so jealous of her clear skin/thick hair. why do shitty people get the good genes?

No. 104359

I remember she sold makeup packages with an ELF eyebrow kit, essence gel liner, a MINI tonymoly lip stain, and some witch hazel in a tiny 10¢ spray bottle and charged around $30 for it. I feel bad for whoever bought that shit.

No. 104364

No. 104367

No. 104369

Wow she ruined herself

No. 104371

No. 104374


post about datura/begging for ppl 2 give her money

No. 104380

She looks a lot better in photos.. There's something about her in videos that looks really off.

No. 104381

she can't maintain her kawaii poses in videos

No. 104382

File: 1457741556654.png (330.26 KB, 497x402, Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.10…)


No. 104383


lots of selfies of her from her bob era

No. 104398

Lol I ordered the mini skincare kit and the makeup kit from her. The makeup kit was thrown together and wrapped really hastily, it was a goddamn mess. No treats or confetti or anything like in the display pic, either.

No. 104455

she got called out at one point for selling other artist's music without their permission as "mixtapes" in her store. brushed it off like it was no big deal but stopped selling them

No. 104507

So why did you make livejournal posts years ago bragging about raping underage girls and running from the police? I have screencaps.

No. 104520


Post the screenshots, I'm curious.

No. 104551

I was arrested several times over the years but never actually ran from the police.

I have narcissistic personality disorder and much of what was on livejournal was immature lies to get attention on the internet. I was one of the gurochan founding members so those stories fit the image I was trying to portray at the time and my 17-23 year old self didnt realize the ramifications of words on the internet.

If you notice my livejournal is all private/deleted now because it embarrasses me.


lmfao I remember this. I made a post abt how selling cdrs of music she downloaded from what.cd doesnt fall under fair use iirc.

No. 104604

Honestly, why is anyone listening to what this guy Aubrey is saying at all? He's some 30+ year old dude on the Internet writing call out posts about a young and obviously mentally unsound person who has chosen not to let us in on their life because they know they have made mistakes. They have to live with it forever. It seems pretty pointless to have threads like this out there and just really sad. I don't know Kiki and I've never spoken to them but I remember them from the Internet and I think it's easy to forget that they are a human regardless of their misgivings. Hopefully they can learn from them and grow. I hope you all can too. I don't have high hopes for Aubrey, however.

No. 104606

I came across this board while looking for photos of Kiki's bob for hair reference. It was a really cute time for them. I'm sad to find out what was going on with them, but we don't know everything that was really happening. I'm sure they were experiencing a depression and as someone who frequently goes through that same thing, I understand. You make bad choices, can't handle following through with certain projects, let people down, everything piles up. It's hard to handle. I've done all of those things, without the large following so I didn't experience the same consequences, but I think it's important to consider the circumstances that may have led up to the bad decisions. We shouldn't all be so quick to judge, really.

No. 104607

this is bull fucking shit. she stole money from people in two different store operations and she's being lying for years. you're either kiki or one of her gullible fangirl doofuses.

No. 104609

I'm not either, actually. I totally understand that people have the right to be upset that they stole money but honestly, I don't believe that any of the people commenting on this board had purchased anything from Kiki in the first place. So why are we all wasting our time talking about it? It happened nearly two years ago? Maybe more? Wouldn't it be healthier for everyone to move on? What do you gain from tearing others down? Sad.

No. 104610

And if you did buy something, it's obvious at this point you're not getting a refund, so why waste your time here? Does it make you feel better?

No. 104636

if people want me to not post in this thread I will leave. I hope I did not bother anybody.

No. 104639

This moron keeps forgetting that Kiki is living her life with zero repercussions from what she did. She's taken all that money and never apologized or admitted her mistakes and lies. Of course she's moved on, shes fucking scum and wants people to remember her kawaii righteous SJW past, not the truth.

There's nothing wrong with spilling the truth when someone is still in denill about it.

No. 104658

someone like her is not going to stop scamming people lol. she's probably going to get arrested for credit card fraud or identify theft or not being able to pay her debts in 5 years.

No. 104690

I thought kiki was the coolest thing in the world bc I was so young and impressionable so I gave her hundreds of dollars LMAO but guess what I only got One Fucking Thing. I chose not to make a stink about it at the time because they were a little older than me, I was like I get it! Shit happens. But now that I'm realizing SO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE like everyone who bought from them got fucked…. the adult thing to do in this situation is own up to how badly you fucked up and give people their fucking money back.

No. 104713

she's never going to do that. it's obvious she has no guilt over it, and as long as people are fawning over the fabricated pretty genderqueer ditsy girl persona, there's no advantage to doing so.

No. 104848

its past the 180 days that anyone can get a refund. keeks has escaped w/ everyones money and there is no real recourse lol

ppl on tumblr clearly never understood what a chargeback is.

No. 104874

like..no shit. she manipulated gullible young ppl and boners.

No. 104880

yeah, idc about her stealing from adult men who knew better, but she cultivated a fanbase from young, teenage girls who really looked up to her - and then she stole from them. that's pretty scummy to me.

No. 105540

File: 1457995944599.png (436.07 KB, 745x1155, 022.PNG)

>"pup prince"

No. 105547

oh my god we share the same birthday nooo

No. 105685


hey happy belated birthday you guys

No. 106122

why does she want to be a dude so bad

No. 107469

Does anyone have pictures of her with blond hair?

No. 107470

Because being cis is a crime according to her and a bunch of SJW. She is already pale, which is another crime against humanity.

No. 108700

Didn't kiko claim to have double d breasts that they bound? She was just trying to be perfect tumblr queer ~waifu~ I guess.

No. 108812

No. 108892

I hate to be that farmer but wow, that schnozz in her vids is nothing like her photos, she clearly shoops her face and after watching her video I'm not jealous anymore, kek

No. 108912


think it's just angles/lighting my friend

No. 108917

Some people look fucking great in photos. I wish I could do that but I wouldnt want to be like her where people find me less attractive once they meet me.

No. 108998

THIS. I had a friend back in the day that was fat, edgy and annoying, but she was literally gorgeous in pics. Mind, with angles and makeup but still. I think Kiki must be leaning more on the plane-jane side IRL, but she knows very well how to exploit the styling, light and angles to make her pics very appealing.

No. 109073

this looks like so much effort… why would you minimize your huge boobs? if mine were as big as hers i would show them off everywhere.

No. 109641

she claimed that she was a ~child model~ so that's why she knows how to pose. ok keeley.

No. 109670

File: 1458752939081.jpg (71.32 KB, 640x725, image.jpg)

No. 109674

File: 1458753655968.png (3.45 KB, 275x134, authorbio.png)

this is so cringey.

>no works posted

No. 109733

she deleted her nanowrimo. she's watching this thread, without a doubt.
hey kiki!

No. 109825

Was Kiki actually ever diagnosed with bpd before posting it to Instagram? Or was just gave a probable diagnosis? Kinda weird to get an official diagnosis and then have it reversed so quickly. Unless you have a really really poopy dr I doubt they would diagnose a short term inpatient with a personality disorder unless it's certain.

No. 109830

Also who puts a laundry list of their diagnosis on Instagram? Pretty personal and I'm not sure how one can justify that as ~~mental health awareness~~~ more than just simply saying "I was being treated inpatient for a mental health reason".

No. 109831

Did Kiki graduate high school? I remember them saying they were unschooled.

No. 109838

Tumblr bitches do this. The only reason is for attention.

No. 109875

she mentioned dropping out, maybe even more than once. she whined about failing her (iirc) ged math test even though she would talk about how she was such a physics genius all the time. i think she dropped out of community college too.

No. 111262


that's the whole point of mental health awareness though, to reduce the stigma surrounding each individual illness by talking about it

No. 111276

How does putting a list with at least one incorrect diagnosis that was very quickly reversed reduce stigma?

No. 113651

she dropped out when she was 15. She said she didn't need school because she was smarter than all that. I think she went to a community college for a while too. don't know if she finished or not

No. 113653

apparently she has lupis?
It would be a pretty fucked up thing to lie about and her hair was falling out so I guess it's true?

No. 113658

File: 1459453058739.png (28.28 KB, 536x419, quantum mechanics.png)

this reads like a bad copypasta, amazing

No. 113661

god I remember wishing I could have her eyebrows but now I look at them and think wtf

No. 113664

http://merlions.tumblr.com/post/29747074566/deerhoof-sorry-im-done-facespamming-but-but#notes here's that one post where she talks about how everyone hit on her and a crowd of korean boys gave her bus fare and numbers because of how pretty she looked lol

No. 113665

>every time i accomplished something people would tell me how lovely i looked instead of congratulating me

that didn't happen though did it
nobody does that

No. 113691

She reminds me of that Alex/Zubat person who scammed all those people on Tumblr in the name of charity or something like that. Was there ever a thread on them here?

No. 113761

There was but she disappeared off the internet after all the trannies realized they were scammed, and almost everything she had posted about herself previously turned out to be a load of baloney.

No. 113762

No. 113769

No. 113814

How can she say she needs to wear a minimizer/has big ol double D tits when she looks like a B cup lmao

No. 113816

According to her Instagram. She's going to LA and she dyed her hair blonde (Idc about vanity shit but just incase anyone is curious about that stuff) I wonder how she's affording LA or if she's moving there? It's just as expensive if not more than Seattle lol

No. 113884


what the fuck did you just say to me sleazy butthurt robot pullfag. @_@

No. 113885

hi ashley, honey.

No. 113897

wtf look at the torpedo tits 。◕ ‿ ◕。

No. 114111


No. 114250

newfag bitch cum dumpster tho.

No. 114459

Why does Kiki always claim to have 3-4 jobs and is always starting new ones? I understand having 2 jobs because sometimes when you're new at the place it's hard to get 40 hours but if you stick with one for a while you get (1) more/better hours, (2) job security and (3) better wages. What's the point of working 10 hours a week at 4 jobs and always starting new ones? (which I doubt she does but just an example) She still hasn't got a degree or even gone to a university despite being in college since she was 15–so 6 years. 6 years persuing 2 year degrees. Kiki is flighty, manipulative and uses coping mechanisms up the wazoo. I think she probably actually has BPD but when mental health professionals started asking about her manipulative qualities (which I'm pretty such is part of a borderline diagnosis) she rejected that diagnosis instead of accepting her shitty traits/symptoms and taking it as a reason to grow. Also makes sense with her uncertain sense of self and absorbing temporary personality traits. I think that Kiki is so ill that she doesn't fully realize her actions. Instead she blames them on someone else. She knows something is wrong tho because she got herself hospitalized (which she wanted to happen, she tried to get admitted via a college health clinic the day before her suicide attempt that she promptly posted about on Instagram after her discharge). At this point she really needs to grow up and deal with her problems in the therapy I'm such the hospital prescribed. // wall of text

No. 114521

because she has to appear to be "UwU trying my hardest !! smol hardworking boy" to her followers to reap a sense of self worth from appearing "inspirational". she started her blog at 14 and hasn't been able to function without an audience ever since.

No. 114744

File: 1459741155802.png (436.85 KB, 935x600, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.13…)

You know, I get the same feeling when I've been scammed by someone. Also I have no idea what ex she's referring (most recent Dan or someone else) but she suuuuure likes to throw that shade.

No. 114849

didn't they claim to be cheated on right before they left tumblr? how much are you gonna milk this angle kiki

No. 114871

i'm let down. when i see "alien sex", i expect giger's drawings of aliens boning women, not sniffing glue with a boyfriend and punching eachother in the face or whatever the fuck kiki thinks sex is

No. 115006

I remember her calling herself a misandrist. lmao

No. 115057

She still hangs out with Dan though…. He is on her snap story every once in a while. Plus her relationship with that model guy didn't seem committed Bc she talked about dating/wanting to date a girl when I thought they were dating. Who is she throwing shade at anyway?

No. 115063

bottom line is the bitch is cray. if you can tap it, do it and make like the wind because it's best not to stick around that kind of cray cray.

No. 115065

I'm sure she got cheated on again. she had boyfriends after dan.
yeah i think it's shady she just used the cheating to derail from her scams but in real life they're cool with each other. she made him look like a douche then swept everything under the rug.

No. 115429

File: 1459890169754.gif (11.32 MB, 640x640, kd.gif)

it's super weird how she's moving in this IG video. very calculated and robotic

No. 115432

uh thats so the dog face app can track her without fucking up

No. 115439


No Anon it's so the facial recognition tracker stays on her.

No. 115810

yeah i know but she always does weird movements like this in videos and comes off as unnatural. also ot but i fucking hate that dog app why is it a thing

No. 115883


This is weird and unnatural because it has to be in order to actually recognise her face. I'm surprised she managed to at all never mind whilst moving with her fringe being on her face like that.

No. 115948

what's her snapchat?

No. 116110

This thread is dead

No. 116143

No. 116185

witchbabie i think

No. 116186

anyone have access to her snapchat? screenshot it

No. 116246

She'd probably block you

No. 120635

File: 1460835409621.jpg (66.8 KB, 540x692, lkjmnhbvc.jpg)

youre not missing much. just relentless dog filters

No. 121307

mad cute tbh

No. 123157

File: 1461371318181.jpg (314.57 KB, 1280x720, Pride and Prejudice [1995] 720…)


i have the same haircut as her and i look so ugly

No. 123812


I am so sick of seeing that damn dog filter on every self-conscious girl ever. We get it. You're insecure about your nose and too lazy/dumb to photoshop it.

No. 123917

File: 1461525677046.jpg (156.65 KB, 640x774, coachella.jpg)

No. 123919

File: 1461525751298.jpg (130.38 KB, 603x827, bmgjkl.jpg)

This picture is very un-Kikilike because it's capped from a video.

No. 123920

File: 1461525764266.jpg (127.86 KB, 640x817, ,mklojuhjklo,.jpg)

No. 123922

I know she's a lying, manipulative cunt, but her style is so cute. Too bad she thinks she's an it. I wonder if she still even thinks that at age 21.

No. 123992

This thread is surprisingly pathetic, even for this forum.

No. 124008

What an odd thing to say.

No. 124011

hi keeks

No. 124674


nah, pathetic is:
scamming hundreds of people out of their money to fund an unnecessary lifestyle
ignoring the people you scammed and deleting their comments off instagram and blocking them
pretending to be of mixed heritage
making up mental illnesses for attention and making a mockery of people who really are really ill

No. 124838

File: 1461716133542.gif (951.77 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m6ifgqmVov1qa3scmo1_500…)

she posted this back when she was running datura. looks like there's maybe four med and two large shirts in each color at most. someone upthread said she only made a couple of each item so it looks like that was true.

No. 129346

File: 1462936343201.png (340.92 KB, 638x480, w2e3w4ery.png)

No. 129347

File: 1462936365572.png (415.36 KB, 742x358, bssdfvasd.png)

No. 130068

well, she knows how to use lighting and angles, so she has that going for her which is nice.

No. 130232

hair looks cute……

No. 130325

Lmfao fuckkk this bitch

I never heard of this specimen before. What a narcissistic cunt. I love when someone is so self absorbed with such a dogshit personality that they are completely unaware of the reality around them. That is literally this bitch.
Shes also looks like a potato. Her face is chubby and round, and without makeup shes like a 6. Shes thin but at the same time she looks frumpy, untoned and doughy. Gross

No. 130343

I'm just going to add that there are TONS of cuter/prettier girls who look better than Kiki who don't have the shitty personality attributes that Kiki does. If you want to go head over heels on Kiki's looks that's cool, to each their own, but just remember she's a scammer, liar, manipulator and exploited a lot of things to further popularity to her shitty stores/customer service for years and basically just straight up used her tumblr followers as pawns and attacked others on tumblr when they found flaw in what she was portraying herself to be. After following her for years, seeing the things she's done/said online then deleted, and after watching everything go down with the store and the truth finally coming out up to this point, she's just another one of those shitty people who got caught and bounced.

No. 130561

wow look at those supposed dd's

No. 131057

No. 131128

i know these kind of videos are supposed to be a deadpan humor but for me at least they always missed the mark because of how hard kiki poses

No. 131143

File: 1463430287567.png (510.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

So she's on super good terms with her ex that she framed as an abuser or whatever as a way to scam people of their money. -_-

No. 131149


This is funny because Dan just posted on tumblr about him getting laid. They're both shitty people, they deserve each other

No. 131753

File: 1463530750423.png (24.96 KB, 286x440, lol.png)

No. 131809

such a bratty response jeez

No. 131812


"No one is entitled to my personal information" EXCEPT for when she's using it as a tactic to derail from her shit behavior or when she's wanting to throw someone under the bus/drag their public image to make herself look like an angel/victim. And I suppose Kiki is entitled to keep all the money she stole from everyone over the years? I can't even….

No. 133005

File: 1463857132517.png (295.98 KB, 510x478, w.png)

the iconic double d's

No. 133006

What a dramatic way to respond to someone asking a simple question about something she has broadcast on social media before.

No. 133013

WOW is that really her? Jeez, I used to really believe she bound some huge tits.

No. 133018

i dont think thats her, but her tits are about the same size

No. 133072

Lmfao it's hilarious she convinced so many people that she had double D's. Its fucking obvious shes a b/c cup.

No. 133461

you literally have no idea how bra sizes work, go look at the boob thread on /g/

No. 133926

shes clearly a B at the highest.

No. 136656

File: 1464884872101.png (18.9 KB, 516x99, Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.10…)

No. 136659

that first video is so posed and awkward

No. 136665


You have no idea how bra sizes work. >>133461 is right.

A DD is NOT a big cup size necessarily it has more to do with relative difference between the bust and underbust. however, I totally can kiki being the retard that she is not knowing this and just saying she has a d cup to try to seem like she has large b breasts.

No. 136996

Kiki photo and video dump

Tumblr - kikohoof

No. 136997

Can anyone find the video of her saying that she hopes everyone has a nice day and wants to pay their head?

No. 137222


does anyone know anything about this girl? i recall her and kiki being pretty close with each other.

No. 137250

I think she followed kiki on tumblr and then they met irl because they both lived in the same apartment building or something?

No. 137257

No. 137265

i wonder if they're still friends? has kiki ever tried to scam her?

No. 149644


No. 149669

File: 1467335305708.png (341.84 KB, 544x475, Untitled.png)

No. 149687

that tattoo looks like shit. also why the random japanese.

No. 149705

File: 1467350928678.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Did she copy Ceildh? I have a hard time thinking its just a coincidence.

No. 149706

lmao it really does look like a rip off.. either way lilmixedhunny's looks way better RIP kiki

No. 149731

lordy, it looks like someone doodled on her neck with one of those fine tip sharpies

No. 149782

how many tattoos does she have?

No. 149783

From what I remember she has a triangle, a sigil, and some lyrics on her arm. So probably 5 max.

No. 149842


>>76305 (tiny one on her wrist unless its just a doodle)
>>149669(i hope this one isn't real it's so bad..)

No. 149858

Ceildh got that tattoo like 2 years ago.

No. 150394

more old kiki dump



No. 150551

File: 1467646220580.jpg (43.31 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mvuyuiw3YV1qa3scmo1_500…)

No. 150553

File: 1467646245743.jpg (52.88 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mufvvf8ZQB1qa3scmo2_500…)

No. 150554

File: 1467646267354.jpg (53.77 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mve5bwj10l1qa3scmo2_500…)

No. 150555

File: 1467646392635.jpg (50.7 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mxivnmXw3r1qa3scmo1_500…)

No. 150556

File: 1467646414980.jpg (50.84 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mt1b0y6mLl1qa3scmo1_500…)

No. 150559

File: 1467647161349.jpg (65.31 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n0wtd5tixd1qa3scmo1_500…)

No. 150560

File: 1467647186311.gif (423.07 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nd79u206LS1qa3scmo1_500…)

No. 150561

File: 1467647202186.png (272.19 KB, 510x436, Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 8.44…)

No. 150562

She used to be really cute, it's unfortunate that she's a fakeboi.

No. 150759

she's be cute if she wasn't clearly self-obsessed

No. 150777

the pics are nice but her captions are downright embarrassing

No. 150778

she looks like CL!

No. 150947

No. 152213

It feels like some sick, sweet, petty release to see this thread.

I hate-followed her for a while and was totally jealous of her and even tried to emulate her.

I can't believe she scammed so many people and then just bailed with the money. SO shitty. I knew there was something off about her the whole time

I think she used to make up lies all the time about her life tbh.

She also used to call herself gay all the time even though she only seemed to date men / have crushes on men? She way overplayed her attraction to females and I honestly think she's a fake bisexual lol

No. 152214


WOW. She's WAY heavier than she used to be. And still posing trying to look thin. Sad.

No. 157080

File: 1468914495902.jpg (57.56 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lh1qk8khLn1qa3scmo1_500…)


http://internetcoolguy.tumblr.com/post/3454950787/deerhoof-hi-guys-so-instead-of-just-awareness (first scam…?)

No. 157091

File: 1468919559413.jpg (94.29 KB, 480x640, tumblr_inline_mzgqxdHc671qzmng…)


(sorry these dumps are so long. there is an absurd amount of posts kiki has made that other ppl have reblogged. just trying 2 document at least some of it)

No. 157138

Hey Kiki! We know you lurk this thread. Do you seriously think you're hot? And expect people to believe you get sexually harassed? How delusional

No. 157139

No. 157140

these are also some of my guesses for Kiko posting here.

No. 157145


Jesus fucking Christ, Keeks. Won't rest will you? I thought in my previous 3 posts I'd caught all of them, but they just keep on coming. I'm assuming that anyone here complimenting her looks/cockstrokers are Kiki.

You're such a chubby little cunt, aren't you Kikunt. Fucking hilarious how hard you'll try to convince people that you're attractive, when really you're a photoshopped lil fatass.

Bitch needs to get a job and earn money like normal people instead of using sock accounts to kiss her cellulite-ridden, ugly, photoshopped ass.


No. 157191

File: 1468943335336.png (521.64 KB, 783x609, kr.png)

keely "sucks is a slur" reed everybody

No. 157222

Jesus she's so fucking ugly. Even with photoshop but especially without.

No. 157225

I can't believe she's trying to pull off that stupid fucking wig as her own hair

No. 157227

Ugh those wonky, flat tits and nat geo burger nips

No. 157300

How the fuck are people saying she's pretty? Kiki must be checking this thread.

No. 157301

Can't you read? It's already been established that all cockstrockers here are Kiko herself trying to convince people that she's attractive/want to look like her.

No. 157302

All of these last few comments were made by the same person. Chill. Her tiddies aren't that bad either.

No. 157304

Hey Kiko, checking this thread more closely than we thought. And your tits are shit.

No. 157306

I concur. Her boob:nipple ratio is pathetic

No. 157320

Boo I need a car else I'll get sexually harassed!! Who would fucking touch your ugly ass

No. 157333

File: 1468967326758.png (307.87 KB, 308x456, Untitled.png)

No. 157382

>"I guess it's cause other people think I'm 'pretty' or whatever"
>"I'm so tiny"
>"People only worship me for my bone structure"

Jesus Christ she is so fucking arrogant to be the ugly, unfortunate-looking little chubbo that she is.

Such a deluded little turd to think she's anything other than below average-looking.

No. 157393

these are all by the same person???
im one of the people who has been dumping and its to show the history of her blog(because it was so popular/most things were reblogged/easy to track down/because of the scams) not to be a nit picky freak

No. 157409

theres some serious angry samefagging going on here

No. 157412

File: 1468991994201.jpg (87.09 KB, 1024x804, Salt-Shaker-1024x804.jpg)

No. 157422

Your obvious autism won't fly here Keeks

No. 157434

not ontopic re:kiki but the blog on all those links is sorta my friend and art/persona senpai..what a small world it is. is(was) she friends with kiki? how strange…i know she's sjw leaning because she tweeted some time ago about cis men being the most gross thing ever to her but wow, small world, she is nice too

No. 157491

>when the farmer becomes the cow

this is surreal. are you ok anon

No. 157536

I feel like this should be in /pt

No. 157630

Sorry but she's butt fucking ugly. And she has the nerve to complain about non existent 'sexual harassment'?

No. 157673

what's going on in these past few posts? is someone having a stroke here?

No. 157687

No but I think it was about time that someone called Kiki out for coming here to whiteknight her pathetic self.

No. 157694

this thread is boring because all we have is some old tumblr screenshots from years ago and an occasional instagram screenshot. i wish kiki would make another tumblr, i need some new material.

i guess this is the weird sort of drama that happens when a lolcow is desperate for attention but doesn't want to make it obvious.

No. 157776

Well she does still shoop and for some reason think she's really pretty when she's in the average-ugly range

No. 157813

what has she shooped recently? in all of her instagram photos, she looks pretty plain. it'd be sad if she put all that effort into shooping those photos and still ended up looking just ok.

No. 158075

I reckon all of them. Her facial structure is inconsistent and I agree, she appears to be somewhat unattractive or quite plain.

She's screaming out for a tan. Skin that pale looks disgusting. Why the fuck doesn't she just get a bottle of self tanner for like $6 from a drugstore?? People who don't groom themselves properly disgust me honestly

No. 158077

Nasty fake tans are the opposite of good grooming, and real tans are even worse. Natural skin is always best, and regardless of your preferences pale skin is a well established beauty standard for women.

No. 158109

pale skin makes u look like a toilet seat or a kkk member wtf is this racist-chan(Race bait chan)

No. 158111

Anon said "natural skin tone" not bleached, let's not jump to conclusions.
I agree that a fake tan usually looks bad. Natural tans are beautiful but unless you're buying the good stuff, fake tans on pale people look terrible. Nothing wrong with being pasty, she'll age better for it.

No. 158113

>pale skin makes u look like a kkk member
Somebody should tell them their hoods are unnecessary then. They can just identify each other by a skin colour they have no control over.

I've seen fake tan look good on people, but those are generally the professionally done ones. I think the better ones are brownish and a lot of the cheap ones are orange, which looks awful because it's so blatantly fake.

No. 158117

According to research, the glow you get from beta carotene (the vitamin in vegetables like carrots) is more attractive than a tan.
So no need for sun damage or a fake tan, some vegetables would make her look healthier already.

No. 158124

are u seriously trying to state ur opinion on what looks good as fact using "according to research" ok anon

No. 158127

No it's not my opinion. I personally prefer pale skin, but apparently most people prefer a healthy glow vs Sun damaged skin. If you aren't naturally tan, any brown color you get IS Sun damage, and it's not that weird if humans prefer healthy skin with a glow, over skin which baked in the sun.

No. 158129

im a fake tan wearer but i wear the appropriate shade and it is a browny orange. it looks good tho(Nice blog)

No. 158130

kiki has no milk and the salty anon(s) aren't even entertaining, this thread needs to be locked

No. 158131

her ugly face and unexaplainable vanity is the milk

No. 158132

Here's the study btw

>Implying that healthy skin is attractive must be just my opinion and totally not based on evolutionary biology

No. 158133

File: 1469196561482.gif (384.04 KB, 250x173, unimpressed stanley.gif)

No. 158134

same could be said for you, bitch

No. 163415

File: 1470439277870.png (1.67 MB, 1618x1154, dh.png)

medusa piercing!

No. 163416

File: 1470439324967.png (1.76 MB, 1868x1149, dh1.png)

No. 163784

stumbled on this

No. 163785

thread through an accident of the internet. i knew her in 2009-2012. her boobs were bigger then but she lost a lot of weight, maybe because of ED. idk really. there are nudes from then too but can't share obviously. i do know that the stuff about her studying physics is complete bullshit however

No. 163933

What was she like back then? What was she doing instead of studying physics?

No. 163955

extremely insecure. she was going to school i think for a semester, maybe more. though didn't seem to get that learning about atoms in generic intro science course doesn't qualify you to say you study 'quantum physics'

No. 164129


All of these posts were made by the same IP. User does seem to post a little on other threads, but this one seems to have the most posts (as far as I can see).


No. 172387

Her bob is fucking magic holy shit. Too bad she's a bitch.

No. 172563

File: 1473438126409.jpeg (362.87 KB, 1242x1526, image.jpeg)


No. 172564

She looks awful. It's oddly satisfying.

No. 172641

if this was on her instagram page/in her tagged she removed it already kek. no wonder most of her recent pictures of herself are of her crouching, it looks like she gained a good amount of weight

No. 172662

Are they also super salty in the other ones?

No. 172675

this is an unflattering pic so i'll take it w a grain of salt but nooo at her style in this pic…. her outfits always used 2 be so cute

No. 172680

what happened to her hair? do all people from seattle dress like this?

No. 172726

Good lord, she looks like she's gained 50 lbs. Her neck is as thick as her upper arm lol.

No. 172731

He is clearly sitting on the toilet. Did she just get finished giving him a blumpkin or something?

No. 172738

Lmao she's done a charlotte charms and gone from ana and below average looking to fat and ugly lol

No. 172739

yikes given her gross complexion and overall bad taste i'd say the weight gain is attributed to alcoholism. that beer bloat is real.

No. 172765

oh shit so much for queer cutie lmao! if her followers could see her now. looks like her appearance finally caught up with her actions. this is the look of a compulsive liar with no dedication who scams hundreds of strangers out of their cash.

i love karma

No. 172936

literally what the fuck she blew up like a balloon
is she on benzos or something? i can't even conceive of how this would happen outside of heavy drug use

No. 172943

She's fat now and with a tumblr haircut to boot. Gross.

No. 172975

File: 1473561218334.jpeg (130.19 KB, 1242x945, image.jpeg)

She lives in NYC now

No. 173184

what's she studying now?

No. 176462

No. 177039

File: 1474865473583.gif (383.05 KB, 500x400, 2010blink.gif)

YouTube channel circa 2008: https://www.youtube.com/user/0HD4RL1NG

Video from 2008 under her real name, Keely: https://youtu.be/KBU09xXdlMA

Just found this, Daniel Blue (whalebiology) is under "related voters": https://voterrecords.com/voter/42944450/keely-reed

There was a video of Keely/Kiki/Kiko from around 2008 where she says her name is Keely Suzette Reed and she's "wapanese", or "white/wannabe Japanese". It was uploaded directly to her Tumblr, so it's gone now. I have lots of shit (mostly pictures) saved from her blog; I'll keep 'em coming.

No. 177040

File: 1474866116032.png (450.54 KB, 643x556, holla.png)

Before she became a scammer. This was the kind of persona she had built. Oh, and this was when she still identified as a "she", kek.

No. 177043

File: 1474866498871.jpg (51.06 KB, 640x480, 038098203840.jpg)

She later claimed (vaguely) that this guy sexually abused her. His name is Jarred. Iirc, she was 14 and he was 21 when they dated.

No. 177044

File: 1474866764068.jpg (54.82 KB, 500x375, 29808982190.jpg)

Last one for now. This picture is from 2013. She used to be a lot thinner. I can't confirm or deny if she ever had anorexia, but sometime in 2011 she posted a picture where she had an IV and was in a hospital gown, with the caption "oops". Later, she said she had been hospitalized for dehydration.

No. 177057

Well, it's not vague at all if he was 21 and she was 14. It's statutory rape of a child.

No. 177059

I wonder what caused the huge weight gain.

No. 177061

I agree, but I don't know if they ever had sex.

No. 177285

I have her hair too but a little longer and more curly, I actually like it, the vintage look

No. 177287


She's going to college right? I noticed it makes people gain a bit of weight. Or even just age. Most people are small in highschool then balloon a year or two afterwards if they don't change their habits.

No. 177807

She's been going to college since she was 15

No. 177833

lol i doubt she's been going to college since 15. probably lied about that too.

No. 177849

I buy it, she was in a community of bloggers on tumblr that were all being schooled outside of highschool, in western WA.
She was prob just doing running start full time.

No. 177892

I don't see why people should play this up as if that's an extraordinary indication of intelligence when these days any freshman/sophomore who takes high school AP classes is essentially taking a college credit course. Must be even easier for people in areas with more abundant advanced learning opportunities. I would've killed to have the privilege in my day.

No. 178589

She looks like an 80s mexican chola what the fuck

The bag under her eye is a nice tough, and the gaudy jewellery

No. 180798

File: 1475898477558.png (314.31 KB, 1280x705, Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 10.1…)

No. 180804

tbh i know plenty of trans girls/boys who make jokes about cis people and complain just like gay guys complain about "the straights" like passive comments and jokes and w/e. because there is a feeling of otherness so they make jokes regarding the difference. but like. i've never heard any of them… actually rant this seriously. and we're talking about some "queer cutie" who can't even properly be a fakeboi and they're going off about cis boys as if?? they aren't a fucking cis woman lmao. like there'a such a difference. and with dan too jesus they're really gonna act like dan isn't a fucking cis guy himself. she's such a fucking shithead.

No. 180814

i also love the added touch of this entire screenshot. SO fucking overly upset about cisboys, but def still accepting amazon wishlist gifts wow how thoughtful uwu

No. 181393

File: 1476066210503.png (582.02 KB, 640x970, bun.png)

She used to have a rabbit, but I don't know what happened to it.

No. 181409

she said it got sick and suddenly died i think? she wouldn't shut up about being a "bun parent" or w/e other queer vegan aesthetic she was onto.

No. 181436

File: 1476077457398.jpg (51.2 KB, 400x400, tumblr_no7vswSuyE1qh8ptoo1_400…)

I think her and Dan adopted two new rabbits. These are from his tumblr a few months before they broke up.


No. 181910

http://areyouagirlonastring.tumblr.com/post/54680342158/i-felt-your-boot-on-my-chest-like-the-titanic (her writing?)

No. 181934

how do you find these

No. 186406

How hard is it to get into NYU? Cause apparently she's going there for "graphic design."

No. 186413

she's literally a compulsive liar

No. 186566

mostly everything kiki has posted someone has reblogged at some point. most people have the search function enabled on their tumblr so its actually really easy to find old shit


No. 186577

According to google
>majority of students have GPAs of 3.70 or higher
>31% acceptance rate
>$11k per semester plus 25k for room & board

And even though they're going for graphic design the school doesn't appear to be accredited with NASAD

No. 186645

File: 1477102534694.png (577.62 KB, 1017x661, family.png)

I guess she's not as estranged from her family as she pretends to be (her and her brother, picture taken by her mom)

No. 186672

File: 1477106472237.png (32.59 KB, 509x245, Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.19…)

?? who knows if this is true or not

No. 186695

what ever happened with all the people she scammed?

No. 186716

A GPA of 3.70 is not that great, a GPA of 3.70 would put you around the 60-64% range of a C+ to a B- hardly laudable and the bare minimum in many STEM and some Law and economics papers at my Uni. I'd expect a high GPA for arts and graphic design majors seriously at least 6-7 B+ to A- range, arts is a hack but graphic design requires some knowledge of programming mainly Javascript programming language for web-design for example. A large chunk of graphics design students are required to take computer science papers within the introductory 1st year. There's hardly any females interested in programming only graphic design because of this there's an influx of graphic design students at my uni most of which are female it's become a played stereotype of the "fickle and superficial" comp science paper because so many graphics design students enroll in it. Pretty much looked down on amongst the software design and computer engineering groups.

>31% acceptance rate

What absolute bullocks it seems fairly achievable to get into that institution based on this bare info alone.

>$11k per semester plus 25k for room & board

for fuck sake all the token minority/female in STEM scholarships in the world won't save you from this overpriced accommodation. What a joke this system bankrupts students, punishing them for attempting to get higher educations.

American Universities/Colleges are disappoint.

Though this chick is asinine she used to be so gorgeous I can't help but lament what became of her looks alone.


No. 186721

I sincerely doubt it.

No. 186759

What was on the Reddit account? Looks like it was deleted. Someone's lurking.

No. 186778

GPA stops at 4.0, in some schools 4.2. A 3.7 is typically an A average with some Bs. Dunno where you got 6-7 from.

No. 186787


i mean, it's weird to think of kiko working an honest job but how hard is it to get a part time retail job? i don't think you have to be an optician to work at warby parker

No. 186791


where do you live where a 3.7 GPA is a C/-B student

No. 186814

Coloumbia does a GPA system of 1-5. 3.5-3.9 is considered a B average.

No. 186862

File: 1477173107924.png (471.42 KB, 817x588, mystery beef.png)

It just seems a little too on the nose, but if it's really happening, I'm all in favor of her making an honest living.

What's up with this, though?

No. 186879

uhh asking for advice about her friends parent drying or something? and like one other question idk what it was.

No. 186880


No. 186882

No. 186895

New Zealand

The GPA system seems to be based on differing relative scales nvm lol

No. 186907

>I'm all in favor of her making an honest living.
clearly you're not one of the people she scammed $250 off of lmao. she must've gotten at least $1k and she'll never go to jail from it. hope this musty manipulative cunt chokes. i see she's abusing the filters to hide her eyebags and major laugh lines from heavy drinking, partying and drugs. you can still see the huge one on the right side of her face.

No. 187024

Lol shes getting so fat in the face she has to choose different angles now

No. 187197

she was in MFC, anyone knows is she did porn or something?

No. 188105

this is actually shocking.
she looks like a model when she takes her own photo. This picture makes her look so gross. her hair!

No. 189969

wasn't this girl dating ryan nosdrinker? anyone knows what happened with them?

No. 190140

She was never dating nosdrinker, that was some other white vegan girl who didn't have much of a following herself as far as I'm aware

No. 190817


No. 190825

Um wtf anon

No. 196783

File: 1478863394449.jpg (422.35 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20161111_042226.jpg)

rare kik

No. 196877

is that pee?

No. 196902

I think that's the shadow of the phone used to take the photo.

No. 197059

nice, I love how candids break that polished look she always wants to present
wow breasts so big she has to bind herself, totally DD's

No. 197063

such DD
very bust

No. 197225

this is so embarrassing for her

No. 197291

did you take this picture or did you find it somewhere?

No. 199401

Her tits look like pikelets kek
What is this even supposed to be protesting?

No. 199402

I think i have seen this pic in the papers and such

No. 200748

File: 1479452471455.jpg (64.06 KB, 540x960, 0099099099909.jpg)

from a few months ago…the classic bowl cut

No. 200906

File: 1479488813653.png (583.72 KB, 818x599, Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 9.05…)

No. 201001

lel why does she always do that autistic stance in her candids?

No. 201008

File: 1479508235161.png (276.58 KB, 1241x1874, IMG_1211.PNG)

She lived with him in Seattle/moved with him to NY so its safe to assume so. Glad he took his IG off private so we can see all of her dumpy candids lol

No. 201308


i find it funny how all of her boyfriends have been average, dumpy-looking white guys when she made such a big deal about being a super-progressive radikweer. i think i remember her bragging about having a black girlfriend in high school for tumblr points lol.

No. 201435

what is with that outfit, glasses and hair
she look like a 60 year old

No. 201580

lol well looks like he made it private again.

No. 220353

File: 1482491112804.jpg (61.83 KB, 524x600, 1481088469003.jpg)

sage for salt and blogpost but
i briefly dated a guy from seattle a couple of years ago who was like at one point a weird beta-orbiter of this chick. he was still creepily obsessed w her when we were dating (red flag) and would talk about how she basically lead him on and used him and it was annoying as fuck

dont have anything else besides that though, but tbh i'm glad to see she's fat now kek

No. 222444


No. 227743

File: 1483590535515.png (545.4 KB, 816x596, Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 8.27…)


No. 227857

is her instagram deactivated? can't find her anymore, but maybe she changed her handle. anyway i hope this blows up out of spite

No. 227858

These are all accurate but we all know the 'offended' girl above kiki is a more fitting description of her

No. 227941

kek anon i almost posted this too

No. 227943

File: 1483630835666.png (532.69 KB, 1242x1868, IMG_1679.PNG)

No. 227964

I love how they included Lainey (Onision's wife) in this meme.

Also I know a girl who got suddenly interested in 1970's motorcycle culture and that hairstyle is 100% accurate.

No. 227981

which one of those is Lainey?

No. 227982

Where's Lainey?

No. 227996

has she posted anything else on instagram recently?

No. 228016

File: 1483643736553.png (281.81 KB, 1242x1999, IMG_1682.PNG)

No. 228019

and one other mentioning her anxiety, plus a gif of her smoking and a video of her crying lmao

No. 228021

None of them are Lainey.

No. 228041

that hair colour is not doing her any favours, wow. what was she crying about?

No. 228050

File: 1483648729244.png (248.49 KB, 1242x1997, IMG_1685.PNG)

she posted the same thing to her snapchat so it's probably more "uwu i'm so mentally ill" attention seeking bs since she's constantly been mentioning her health (emergency room, lithium overdose, anxiety, etc.) in every other post. Looks like moving to brooklyn with all that stolen money wasn't such a good idea afterall lmao.

No. 228099

No. 228307

i'm honestly surprised that this didn't trigger kiko at all in the UH I'M NOT A GIRL way

No. 228358

File: 1483672465907.jpg (324.95 KB, 1242x1546, Scam photo.jpg)

She swiftly deleted this but luckily I was able to catch it. She's still trying to hide her scamming past from the follows who don't know about it.

No. 228371

even this fugly scamming self-absorbed bitch has stans

No. 228419

Sorry, I was making a joke, I guess the sarcasm didn't translate too well through my words. I was referring to the picture in the 2nd row, 3rd from the left - the girl with the short hair, red lipstick, and winged eyeliner - very similar to Lainey's daily style. "Pretending to be offended is the only thing that makes me feel unique" is pretty much Lainey's MO.

No. 228502

I figured as much.

No. 228739


The comments on her youtube videos have people mentioning the scamming there. Can't believe people still defend her or associate with her after she fucked off with thousands of dollars, even Dan after she tried to smear him with the cheating posts.

No. 232016

File: 1484243175701.png (65.67 KB, 853x550, aubrey.PNG)

No. 232766

who even is aubrey, and why was he brought up so often in this thread?

No. 234934

did she kill herself?

No. 234965

ugh you just made me find and then read the whole entire thread and aubrey's post was the only interesting thing in it and there were 11 other pages of posts, thanks a lot

No. 234977

?? what is this in reference to

No. 236226

aubrey is a guy from the bemani (music game) community who kiki opened up to about a lot of her scamming/drug bullshit. he 'leaked' a lot of the info and her reputation on tumblr went sour because people started to realize she was full of shit and always had been.

No. 236319

could someone please compile a list of her hairstyles and outfits?

No. 236800

File: 1484775776639.png (226.45 KB, 1242x999, IMG_1797.PNG)

From her last.fm http://ask.fm/deerhoofies

No. 236824

edgy druggie rapist that fucked around with 14/15/16 yr olds on tumblr for a longass time

No. 236830

aubrophonia is a fucking rapist and i wish i could beat the shit out of them. FUCKING GREASY SCUM ADDICT WEEB NEET

No. 236831


No. 236836

whys was a nearly 30 year old hanging out with 14-16 year olds then saying that they faked rape claims? that's fucking scum

No. 236838

Phew, really obvious samefag. C'mon, at least try and type like different people and wait a little longer in between replies!

No. 237268

Was gonna say the same thing, but honestly they do have a point.
In b4 Aubrey comes back in to defend himself because he has nothing better to do with his life.

No. 237392

now that were talking about aubrey again, does anyone have any links to his social media? im surprised i didnt know who he was when i followed keely and her tumblr friends

No. 237460

& His facebook should be Aubrey Starr-McBride.. I wouldn't be able to check though, I haven't been on that site in years

No. 237783

Anyone familiar with deerhoof and kingcheddarkxvii dating or something? I swear I read rumors they did. Anyway it's odd she went by "Kiko" and he goes by Kiko now, but could very well be a coincidence.


Also had no idea she was involved in the confusedtree incidents

No. 237804

Hes admitted to raping a 13 year old. He's scum.

No. 238013

Hahaha confirmed she lurks here, the account is disabled now. She changed her insta username after it was posted too. People are going to find out about your narcissistic scamming ass no matter what you do, Kiki.

No. 239204

File: 1485271691293.png (655.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-24-13-25-46…)

No. 239753

File: 1485360624221.jpg (37.12 KB, 516x483, sgf.JPG)

Look guys

No. 239793


Don't put your fucking email on the email field, caralho

No. 239934


No. 240009

ok cool, but maybe don't namefag, namefag

No. 241534


Yo, I'm Jarred and I dated Kiki back in 2010-2011. I was 20 when we started dating and she was 16, just to clear things up. Still a decent age gap, but perfectly legal in the state of Washington. She is an incredibly emotionally manipulative person and she is totally a compulsive liar. I eventually got fed up with her and moved back to my hometown. About a week after I broke up with her she started a bunch of rumors about me hitting her and sexually abusing her and shit like that, but absolutely none of it was true. I had to deal with the backlash from that for a very long time. A lot of people that were friends with both of us sided with her. Honestly, she was super young, so I kind of just shrugged it off as immaturity and I never really held it against her too much, but it's a real shame to see that even this much later in her life she's still lying and using people. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised…

No. 241541

You probably did abuse her lol
And now you're stalking her on the internet. Creepy.

No. 241550

I'm intrigued. Got any proof? Like old convo screenshot or something

No. 241551

No. 241661


Definitely not "stalking her", I've known about her ripping people off and other people have linked me to this thread multiple times, so I've known about it for a little while. I just felt like providing some information since people have been talking about me on here, that's all.

No. 241662


I have a lot of old pictures of us on my Facebook, but that's mainly it. I suppose I could post a current picture of myself with a few old ones with us together, but that's really the most I could do.

No. 241764

What do you remember her lying about? What did she do to manipulate people? Old FB pictures really aren't that interesting.

No. 241777


She lied about lots of silly little things, honestly. She made stuff up all the time. She was just a compulsive liar. I can't think of a ton of examples off the top of my head, but a big one is that when we started dating she was still dating her ex apparently? She likes to cheat on people and have constant overlap with her relationships. Also sorry, I suppose I really don't have any "proof" other than that, I didnt come here to post a bunch of dirt on her, I just wanted to clear up some false statements that were made about me.

No. 241788

if you're however far removed from the situation and still cant admit dating a 16 year old at 20 was fucked youre a bad person mate. "perfectly legal" doesnt mean "perfectly fine and moral."

No. 241799


Because 20 is the peak age for making good decisions, right? I don't recall saying it was "okay", I just wanted to clarify that legally nothing was done wrong, that's all. Yeah, it was probably not the best idea to get involved with her, in retrospect, but I don't really see what that has to do with what I've said.

No. 241807

I'm sure most of everyone here has made some poor decisions in their early adulthood, let's be real.

No. 242190

if it was ok for you to make dumb decisions when you were 20 why are you here talking about her doing dumb shit at 16? i hate kiki but we already know shes still shitty well into her 20s so i'm not understanding what this discussion is bringing to the table

No. 242438


The only reason I really came here was to clear up some false information that was posted about me, that's mainly it. I don't really care that she did dumb shit when she was 16, like I previously said, I'm not really here to talk shit on her. I answered one individuals question and that was really it.

No. 242513

File: 1485846170052.png (74.24 KB, 1084x522, aubrey.PNG)

If you mean the forum from my screenshot then I don't know how the fuck you found it considering it's a private invite only site but ok.

No. 242684

can u imagine telling the truth on bemanisows

No. 243020

maybe….because I'm also a member of sows? dumbass

No. 244515

kiki (or i guess keely, why did she change it? keely is a cute name) is the reason i went vegetarian, something i wanted to do for a really long time and have stuck to for a few years now, so i can't say i totally resent the enormous role she played in my life back when she still had a tumblr.

but i have to say, her commitment to veganism was/is a total joke. she must not give that many shits about it bc she used tonymoly products - which, first of all, i could only find one source online from a random blogspot that said they were cf (and never explained how they knew or cited their sources), and second, when i went to study abroad in china a couple years ago, i found real tonymoly products here (and a quick google search will also tell you the products are sold in china too). i thought it was important to her so i mentioned it in an ask, that fact certainly made me stop using the brand myself, but she (gently) responded that china'd recently relaxed its animal testing laws and that not everything had to be tested on animals anymore. i'd heard about that too, but i knew that the new laws only extended to domestic products, NOT anything imported; all imported products have always been required to undergo animal testing to be sold here. so tonymoly was still not cf and again, that information was easy to find, she was just too lazy / into her kbeauty aesthetic to truly give a shit i guess. i wouldn't be surprised if she ate pizza on the regs and just never posted pics like she did of the copied pork buns and weird / complicated tofu noodle dishes.

No. 244619

No. 244668

shes very active on the app Peach her username is witchbabie it's private but maybe she will add you

No. 245202

Just checked the app to see if I can find her and witchbabie has seemed to disappear.

No. 245279

Yeah, she lurks here and changes most of her usernames/deletes old accounts as soon as they are mentioned.

No. 245722

I don't think she was actually committed to any of the vegetarian/self care/whatever else she claimed to be, it was just the easiest way to amass followers and scam money from people

No. 245769

Has anyone tried contacting her mother about the scamming? I feel like if my parents found out something as big as what kiki did they would try to actually get to the bottom of it.

No. 245965

I doubt her parents care tbh, her whole family seems kind of trashy.

No. 246401

Nahhh there is no way they care, she posted something on her ask.fm about how she was moving in w dan as soon as she turned 18 and they were just like "ok". Also there is >>103254

No. 246434

No. 246749

File: 1486506365955.jpg (199.14 KB, 640x908, IMG_2933.JPG)

anyone remember this instagram testimony ?

No. 246750

File: 1486506415881.jpg (220.05 KB, 640x908, IMG_2934.JPG)

No. 246752

File: 1486506558383.jpg (143.78 KB, 640x584, IMG_2935.JPG)

No. 247121

she typed all that on instagram? dang

No. 247305

since when is she a baker

what does she have ptsd from?

No. 247443

File: 1486582958678.png (208.91 KB, 1242x1284, IMG_2042.PNG)

She apparently emotionally abused Dan when they were together. Incoming dump 1/5

No. 247444

File: 1486582980425.png (148.72 KB, 1242x1113, IMG_2045.PNG)

No. 247445

File: 1486583043939.png (86.9 KB, 1242x493, IMG_2043.PNG)

No. 247446

File: 1486583098007.png (351.96 KB, 1242x2152, IMG_2044.PNG)

No. 247447

File: 1486583173453.png (132.59 KB, 1242x1080, IMG_2046.PNG)

Lol @ "no patience for thievery"

No. 247453

No. 249029

Did anyone catch Kiki/Kiko/whatever they go by's live stream on instagram last night?

No. 249050

File: 1486822646573.png (320.89 KB, 1440x2448, 20170211_071535.png)

She posted these on peach last night 1/2

No. 249052

File: 1486822668325.png (276.66 KB, 1440x2182, 20170211_071550.png)


No. 249057

I did. It was really, really boring.

No. 249082

I only caught a part of it but they apparently blocked someone and I don't know why. They also claimed that they have been vegan for a third to half of their life yet I only remember them becoming vegan 2 years ago.

No. 249119

ffs what do you expect when dating all these basic ass dudes?

No. 249493

I stopped watching because it was so boring, I didn't see that part. They went vegan when they were 17, I believe, or at least definitely at 18… So 3/4 years (22 in March). They were vegetarian before that so I guess it somehow counted

No. 255067

File: 1487639171424.png (153.69 KB, 1242x1129, IMG_2140.PNG)

She made a vegan insta page (which isn't private) and is looking extra rough these days

No. 255073

was totally going to post about that. she also made a long post about how she was vegan for 200 dollars a month and her autoimmune disease flare ups cause restrictions to foods.

No. 255090

File: 1487641148451.png (398.12 KB, 1242x989, IMG_2141.PNG)

Capped it as well. Keeping up with her weird lies is a headache.

No. 255093

also since when is smoking cigarettes beneficial to one's health when they have an AID? better yet what brand of cigarettes are vegan?

No. 255100

None are. people like to believe american spirits are (but they still test) so the only way to be sure is to roll your own, but that's not cool enough for kiko. Her live stream was fucking hilarious when she made a big deal about being on medical leave from warby but then lit up a cig at the end and was just trying so hard to be casually cool about smoking it with her "see you later"

No. 255108

I wonder if warby knows she's a pathological liar. Or if she even works there to begin with. Isn't she in NYC for college?

No. 255135

She's claimed so twice on her insta + fb but who knows really. According to her she finished school/worked 4 (lol) jobs (either her associates or GED, who knows) in seattle and then moved to NY because she wanted "a challenge" and is apparently going to NYU for graphic design but only mentioned that in previous posts and never posts anything about/at school now

No. 255464

File: 1487698962067.png (222.5 KB, 1242x756, IMG_2143.PNG)

This sounds so manic. Also a six mile walk?? Whatever happened to her diagnosed scoliosis lmao

No. 255477

wasn't she caught stealing recipes and pictures from other blogs?

No. 255491

File: 1487700978333.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2248, 20170221_131336.png)

This is clearly a prepackaged granola bar. Her recipe has no binding agents and no, bananas won't work. You need dates or peanut butter. She's such a scam artist

No. 255492

i don't even understand what she gets out of this. it's not like you can make money from posting recipes on instagram when your account is private. and there must be better ways to get attention and praise.

No. 255495

No she definitely made them.. she posted the recipe link and some in the freezer (?)

No. 255505

these actually sound good and i'd love to make something similar, but i wouldn't put it past her fake ass for it to be a fucking unwrapped kashi bar

No. 255507

No. 255513

regarding the fourth link - did she actually end up getting an intern for her store? look at everything she promised:

Products from the store
Free vegan (and/or whatever else diet limitation you may have) meals during work hours (and baked goods to take home)
Free transportation (if you live in Seattle/once you are in Seattle city limits, if you’re bussing from a suburb)
Glowing letters of recommendation & resume padding out the butt
Bunny cuddles
Minimum wage once the store is in full swing again (1-3 months from August)
Free clothing modification (hemming/altering)
~~trade secrets and adventure~~ (ever wanted to learn design/sewing/pattern making/haggling/where all the best deals are/traipse all over the area hunting for vintage treasures?)

did she end up following through? i want to hear the intern's story.

No. 255533


i'm pretty sure she did - i think i was following her at that point and she reblogged a post the intern had made and talked about her sometimes

No. 255539

The recipe link only hashows granola bars with binding agents. The banana one had protein powder and coconut oil as a binder. She's so stupid. It's also so transparent that shes reading here.

No. 255656

hshahahahahahahaah no she never did any of this, for anyone
her "intern" was some dude she was dating

Why is she remaking her stupid "kikoeats" blog? it was dumb on tumblr and it's dumb on instagram. no one wants to see a bunch of regurgitated pro-ana recipes

No. 255731


wtf at her answer to the anon that sent the ed question to her in the first link.
A LB A DAY. WUT. for 4 weeks?!?
i'm sorry but no. people don't gain that much weight that fast for that long, unless they have some serious edema. also, i know she's not super small, but if she had gained 30 lbs she would look way chubbier seeing as she was never even underweight to start with

No. 255805

It's definitely obvious. She changes usernames/deletes accounts as soon as they are brought up here and mentioned her "new job" on her instagram RIGHT after we thought she was lying about working at warby parker. So hilarious considering she would never want this thread to see the light of day even though its on page one when you google "deerhoof tumblr" or "kiko reed"

No. 255868


Yeah, I'm gonna call bullshit on her cooking ANYTHING with nails like that. Especially baking. If she wants to pretend to be a ~super talented all-natural vegan gluten-free home chef uwu~ she could at least try to look the part, JFC.

No. 255977

During some iteration of her ~so vegan~ online store she was selling an old leather backpack. I don't personally care about secondhand leather, but I messaged her about it and asked why she didn't put a disclaimer on it to educate her tween fans or something and she made some sort of idiotic excuse.

No. 256280

ehh i don't really think that's a big deal if it's not her actual job. it's not like she's got long ass acrylics on

No. 258729

What's her ig user now? She changes it so much, I Can't find it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 258977

why did you put your actual email lol

No. 266176

File: 1489083468912.png (347.82 KB, 1242x1790, IMG_2228.PNG)

Oh kiko, never change. Even without a tumblr platform she's still doing the same narcissistic bullshit

No. 266177

File: 1489083595393.png (342.63 KB, 1242x1771, IMG_2229.PNG)

Another gem, appreciation post for her bf that sounds like every other white guy in brooklyn while she trashes him in private for not accepting her fakeboi pronouns.

No. 266252


Has anyone else noticed that she's dropped in insta follwers lately too? Like by the hundreds? Hopefully it's people realizing that she's a manipulative scammer and calling her out for it. I love how she posts shit about her amazing life when she's set other lives back by taking hundreds of dollars from them.

No. 266258


Also, don't forget about how she was complaining a couple weeks ago about being catfished lmao

Like her priorities are SO FUCKED, it's not that big of a deal to be catfished, what Is a big deal is stealing other people's money over years. Kiki is so fucking stupid smh

No. 266271


No. 266295


She was complaining that someone was using her pictures and made a huge deal about it on IG/her twitter account. Saying how "messed up it is to catfish" WHEN she fucking stole money from people/won't admit it???

No. 267240

he's so fucking ugly lmao.

No. 273827

File: 1490046327682.png (390.17 KB, 1242x1803, IMG_2335.PNG)

Looking like a middle aged "cool mom" lol

No. 274041

she looks like a pr agent

No. 274493

Did she shoop her lips?

Ah Kiko. You are depressingly ugly.

No. 274596

File: 1490140355331.png (296.6 KB, 1242x1869, IMG_2348.PNG)

Nah just overlining them. This is capped from a vid
She did post something about not wearing foundation for a year and it shows…like girl you can't pull that off with these dark circles smh

No. 274599

File: 1490140551884.png (610.04 KB, 1242x1881, IMG_2349.PNG)

Her fashion sense has also gone down the shitter along with her makeup skills
Smh she used to be so cute too but "ty god for these cheekbones" amirite

No. 274632

File: 1490141891254.png (226.84 KB, 1238x1229, IMG_6238.PNG)


Don't forget this

No. 274753

This haircolor is not doing her any favors.
Also where is this from? Doesn't look like it's on any of her public accounts

No. 276009

what's her handle on peach?

No. 278005

This creep coming on here trying to act like the 16/20 year olds dating isn't creepy and then justify himself with trying to pull a "man she must've been the problem not me."
Date girls your own age, stay away from teens.
Stop stalking your ex girlfriend 7 years after you started dating.
God Kiki is gross but you're even worse, you probably did abuse her. The age of consent being 16 in WA doesn't make it not creepy and manipulative by default. I bet you called yourself an "ephebophile" too.

No. 279129

im w/anon on this one lmfao

No. 279137


why are you so ugly and pathetic? don't try to justify how gross you are.

No. 279149

Don't put your email jfc

No. 279510

for the record his hometown is pittsburgh so if anyone is from there stay away from him.

No. 286708


(store stuff)

No. 287630

Thank you for this anon

No. 300842

File: 1493445716824.jpg (9.14 KB, 247x248, oh no.jpg)

Whoa. I just learned of this chick today, also just found this site today. Two new obsessions. Nice.

No. 300845

Nice blogposting, no one cares, learn to sage, don't bump threads if you have nothing relevant to add, yadda yadda yadda.

No. 300850

You're fun at parties.

No. 300905

File: 1493464990626.png (218.55 KB, 750x1174, IMG_4037.PNG)

Anon I checked your pages, you're quite the cow yourself.

No. 301109

File: 1493495201503.png (364.23 KB, 1242x1551, IMG_2574.PNG)

She got a second (?) job at some coffeehouse. Guess that PR position she was bragging about doesn't pay the bills.

No. 301117

Her face is so fucked. Can't believe she shoops.

No. 301511

where'd you get this from? I only have her added on insta

No. 302059

daily_press account on ig

No. 304729

Why is everybody sayin that she's dead? lol

No. 304818

???? where are people saying that

No. 304997

god she's beautiful

No. 305070

ayy wassup kiko?

No. 305110

Where are people talking about her besides here?

No. 305291


not her, just a guy thats been jerking off to her MFC vid for years. shes a goddess(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308886

Did she block any other anons on snapchat? I love how paranoid this thread is making her.

No. 308987

does anyone remember her old boyfriend Dan?
I used to follow him on twitter and holy shit what a pretentious guy.
He used to do in depth analysis on shows like Futurama and it's always sunny and try so hard to sound smart

No. 308988

I meant tumblr not twitter

No. 309065

kek yeah he's still really weird but he was so milky at the end of their relationship since he made angry posts about people messaging him about kikis scamming/ and her emotional abuse towards him after they broke up
Does anyone know who he cheated on her with? I really think this was another of her compulsive lies since he talked way better about her than she ever did about him

No. 310568

Apparently he moved to portland and has a girlfriend. Doesn't post much of his personal life anymore.

No. 313166

plox drop username

No. 314223

witchbabie. She will change it as soon as she sees this post though.

No. 314243

Did anyone see her new tattoo? It looks seriously stupid and unoriginal.

No. 314569

I don't know if it's just me but she looks a bit like that hexygen lady and I can't tell if they're the same person. It's driving me insane.

No. 314574

Holy shit you're right. I think it's mostly the way the photos are taken and the hair cut.

No. 314616

Also their noses are similar I think. After reading this thread I really hope they aren't the same person.

No. 314781

Which one anon? She hasn't posted any new pictures publicly.

No. 315895

She posted a snapchat showing it off. it's a bunch of roses on the top of her arm. At least I think it is.

No. 315902

i'm pretty sure him cheating wasn't a lie. i think i remember him saying something confirming it.

No. 316472

File: 1495200620490.png (245.52 KB, 1242x1875, IMG_2754.PNG)

Her ED is/was back

No. 329775

File: 1496705160971.png (50.18 KB, 560x380, dsf.png)


No. 329793

that's weird, also it seems really strange that it is in Seatle but she says she's living in NYC. Anyone have any idea as to wtf shes on about or where she's now living?

No. 330164

She's definitely in Brooklyn, she said on livestream she moved there because Seattle was "too easy" and she wanted a struggle in her early 20s, despite complaining about how unsafe her neighborhood is, how bad gentrification is (which she is directly contributing to by moving to Bed-Stuy) how its racist and not the progressive place she imagined and how she has to work two jobs just to pay rent lol. Plus her stuff is geotagged there on instagram.

No. 330602

he looks like exra from PLL

No. 331090

>>330164 how recently was her latest live stream?

No. 331261

where was this livestream?

No. 331340

She does them on instagram very rarely. It was last weekend iirc

No. 331616

Any idea who her husband is?

No. 331763

Husband is a weird term since she used to bitch about him online seen here
It's the Ryan guy she's been living with. I highly doubt they got married since she's been dating him for like a year and a half?? And knowing her narcissism she would have made a huge deal about it.

No. 331837

Is there any way to look at her peach account without adding her?

No. 332091

File: 1497046331621.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170609-161044.png)

got a dot tattoo above her mouth

No. 332093

posted this the other day 1/2

No. 332095

File: 1497046414939.png (342.34 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170609-161053.png)

whoops 1/2

No. 332096

File: 1497046434618.png (353.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170609-161103.png)


No. 332098

Kiki and her BF Ryan are deleting their IG as I post this. They ar emailing new ones but only accepting mutual. She's definitely scared someone will ruin her "perfect innocent" image she's trying to remake for herself lol

No. 332099

File: 1497046498097.png (288.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170609-161439.png)

No. 332102

File: 1497046670751.png (318.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170609-161721.png)

No. 332105

just deleted her peach

No. 332109

lmao when did she become bipolar. queer, vegan, mentally ill, rape victim, poor - is that the starter pack?

No. 332134

Poor? I wonder how quickly she used up all the money from her scam. Maybe spend less on cigs, Kiki?

No. 332154

File: 1497053122234.jpg (59.78 KB, 635x435, lmao.JPG)

change your mind kiko?

No. 332156


lol she's such an attention whore. I used to know her when she lived in washington and unless all of this suddenly happened, it's all bullshit. the eating disorder thing makes me laugh especially, bitch has always been chubby as fuck.

No. 332157

lmao nope here i am!! i had chores to attend to. let's get this thing over with

No. 332164


sorry to bruise your ego, but maybe it's because you're actually not that interesting

No. 332165


ok like seriously i'm not gonna sit here all night. if you have any questions, you all evidently know where to find me (like where i live.. my journals.. friends.. partners.. workplaces.. lmao) just DM me on Instagram if i didn't refund you or you have any genuine questions. i'm sick you guys acting like your behaviour is justified for those reasons, so like.. :) just hit me up. there's so much on here that's obviously a lie that is easily disproved, and if it's eating you up that much inside– lemme know! or don't. if you've got so much free time that you can ignore doing something good for yourself or others and fabricate wild lies and validate literal rapists in your free time, that's OK, that's you.

but i'm tappin' out of the game. good job! you chased someone with severe anxiety and bipolar off the internet, re-triggered someone with documented EDNOS (want the paperwork scans? the before/after pics?) back into severe restriction, and made them feel like they couldn't trust their friends because you literally spied on them and violate their privacy on so many fronts. you did it. you win!

here's to hoping no one feels so entitled to you. have a good one tearing this one to shreds lmfao.

No. 332167

that's exactly why you've been stalking and gossiping about me obsessively on here for what, two years..

anyway, inb4 anything says "you scammed!!!11", they haven't spoken to anyone in the last six months, clearly. to my knowledge, everyone's been refunded. comments get deleted because i respond privately and refund them. and i'd be happy to do the same for you if that's the case as well! @kikobau– shoot me a DM.

gn :)

No. 332169

File: 1497055663733.png (84.98 KB, 266x149, 1394339055353.png)

No. 332173

yeah guys just dm this scammer on her instagram thats about to be deleted!

No. 332191

This is such an obvious lie, lmao. Why did you even create a "business" if you weren't even going to hold up your end of the deal? Especially considering most of your followers were teenage girls who looked up to you. I love how you're trying so hard to make us feel guilty.

No. 333197

I love that she's using her mental illnesses as a shield. Like she didnt scam mentally ill people too? Like shed feel sympathy for a mentally ill person chasing their hard earned refund?

FACT: She scammed people. FACT: She lied about a ton of things, strung her customers along, dodged and deleted their questions, and so on. Fuck her stupid ass explanation, there would be no need for people to comment on fucking Dan's profile asking for refunds. FACT: She found it a-okay to prey on young followers, talking up her vegan diet as curing allllll her ills when she's wrecked IRL, stole recipes, and smoked like a chimney. FACT: It's her modus operandi to cut and run when found out. Hence all the changing PayPal emails, the constant fake contact info (the store email, the clueless interns, then the fake fucking burner phone). So fuck you Keeley and your dumb scamming ass.

No. 333216

Yup, if she had actually refunded people, I'm sure there would have been at least ONE person in this thread saying so at least a year ago. Also, I really doubt she's bipolar and BPD at the same time. It's really rare to be diagnosed with both. It really does look like she chose the trendiest MIs in her group of friends to get more pity points.

No. 333217

>Also, I really doubt she's bipolar and BPD at the same time
oh god dont tell me she actually claimed this lmao? that's impossible. bpd is a personality disorder, bipolar disorder is an actual genetic chemical imbalance in the brain. they're often mistaken for one another but they're completely different and so is the treatment. the fact she claimed this for extra snowflake points just proves what a dumb narcissistic cunt she is.

No. 333220

Right here:
How embarrassing for her. Kiki, do you have any shame at all about lying so much about your life?

No. 333222

Oh my God you're right

>Borderline personality disorder involves a longstanding pattern of swings – in moods, relationships, self-image, and behavior (in contrast to distinct episodes of mania or depression in people with bipolar disorder).

>Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is commonly confused with bipolar disorder. Although they do share some similarities, they are very different disorders. BPD is considered an Axis II diagnosis as a personality disorder while bipolar disorder is considered a clinical syndrome, therefore classifying it as Axis I.

Did she not google? Is she retarded? I'm surprised she hasn't claimed autism yet. Anything to make it seem righteous she's a fucking loser. I swear every tumblrfag who's a piece of shit cries bpd to justify their behavior. Did the ptsd make you scam Kiko? Were you triggered into being a lying manipulative egomaniac? Muh persunaliteh dizordurr!!

No. 333254

Ok but why did you delete the post? You scammed people just own up to it somewhere your followers will actually see it. Not sure who your rapist is and that's awful but also that's not why people are still curious about you.

No. 333282

alright, instagram is now gone. Not deleted but new name and only one post.

No. 333302

What does the new post say?

No. 333633

what's her new name?

No. 333636

>>332165 cry me a damn river. you've done far worse than this forum has done to you. You financially abused your fans and then fucked off when it came to putting out what they paid fo