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No. 774420

Chrisdome6 :
Basically a roblox fag showing his cancerous artwork to the community, the community replied with constructive criticism and Chris screamed saying “Hes autistic” the kid is still 17 to 18 y/o and still draws the same shit like
Cartoons that a five year old would draw
Slimes(which took 5 seconds to draw)


Things to note:
-The roblox community made jokes of him on discord, saying Chris fucked his cat

-Chris still has no understanding of anatomy and screams at people

No. 774421

An old video of him screeching at Minecraft, to help get a basis of how he acts

No. 774423

Provide milk or you're gonna get this thread shut down dude.

No. 774424

Autistic indeed. But couldn't you have just posted this in the bad art thread? No1curr about some random roblox fag.

No. 774431

This was posted in /pt/ and mods decided it was worthy of being moved to /snow/. Srsly?

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