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File: 1550943706485.jpg (126.18 KB, 750x1334, evey.jpg)

No. 780705

This thread is for a former drug forum cow turned Reddit cow who's currently blowing up metareddit.


>40-something codeine and alcohol addicted welfare-leech living in the UK

>Has a child with a man convicted of raping a young girl
>Was banned from a bunch of opiate recovery forums for triggering recovering addicts and showing no intention of getting sober (more info: https://archive.is/CAE6K)
>Has the distinction of being banned from the biggest drug forum, Bluelight, simply for being insufferable despite not breaking any rules
>Spends all her time online, her entire life is centered around the communities she joins

Recent milk:

>Joined and became obsessed with Reddit

>Was a slur-dropping Trump supporter (proof: https://imgur.com/a/dgZCxG0) until she learned she could get more attention spamming bland #resist material on the various liberal subreddits, quickly amassed hundreds of thousands of karma doing so
>Was modded to a number of liberal subreddits, most notably /r/fuckthealtright
>Goes on massive, arbitrary banning sprees, bans anybody who criticises her or posts in communities she dislikes, seems to treat reddit as her personal playground in general
>Supported the FTAR autobanning of /r/chapotraphouse users, accused them of cozying up to the right (source: https://imgur.com/a/cvjf3BA)
>Goes on benders, posts and does dumb shit, deletes it out of embarrassment when she sobers up (examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/aeavbm/belleariel_threatens_to_sue_some_site_and_cries/ednr4fh/)
>Accuses users of being alt-right for no reason, doesn't seem to understand politics despite heavy involvement in reddit's politics sphere
>Shows up in meta moderator discussions to try and get the reddit admins to do her bidding (example: https://www.removeddit.com/r/ModSupport/comments/akqncv/happy_community_manager_appreciation_day/?sort=new)
>Left a mod position in one community after someone she disliked got modded (more info: https://archive.is/RwH0L), got remodded, and then complained across reddit about how unfair it is that she's at the bottom of the modlist (example: https://www.reddit.com/r/ModSupport/comments/aojm5n/moderator_list_positions_and_the_threat_of/)
>Is likely kept as a mod due to pity, possibly threatening to harm herself, has an alliance with another insane mod (devavrata17)
>Mischarcterises disagreements as stalking and harassment (example: https://i.redd.it/4ztdlsx42dg21.png)
>Accuses critics of being certain users ("stalkers") from her drug forum days without evidence, threatens police involvement (example: https://archive.is/CckAO)
>Constantly instigates things and douses petrol on the fire and then complains or flounces when it comes back to bite her

Her MO: uses communities to blather on about herself, accuses people who criticise her of stalking, mischaracterises criticism as harassment to get mods or admins to ban users she dislikes, talks shit about people behind their backs (even the ones that are nice to her), extreme (probably somewhat justified given how easily she makes enemies) paranoia, extreme thin skin


Current reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/user/belleariel
Her website (forum currently down because of the current negative attention): https://www.aceeveyisms.com/

Right now she's creating a ton of drama on metareddit and leftyreddit in addition to destroying powermod communities by turning them into her own personal blog and trying to drum up support for her various crusades.

No. 780706

File: 1550944167175.png (48.46 KB, 1143x405, evey1.png)

By 2013 she had already made a name for herself by joining a bunch of drug recovery forums, talking about how much she loves opiates, and getting banned.

No. 780707

File: 1550944360114.png (155.9 KB, 1203x939, evey2.png)

Part one of the announcement that she was banned from Bluelight. As you can see, this was a big fucking deal because, well, it's a drug forum and you have to be a special kind of trainwreck to get banned, let alone banned without breaking any rules.

No. 780708

File: 1550944435199.png (94.88 KB, 935x655, evey3.png)

Part two

No. 780711

File: 1550944621086.png (36.54 KB, 710x259, w5ZCHd0.png)

After getting banned from Bluelight, Evey seemed to lay low, posting mostly to her own forum. She also had a reddit account 'EVEYISMS' during this time and seems to have been a dedicated MAGApede.

No. 780713

File: 1550944793500.png (69.85 KB, 459x881, evey4.png)

At some point Evey learned that it's really easy to gain karma/attention by posting milquetoast #resist content on Reddit and decided to become a Trump-hating "socialist". This is where her reign of terror on Reddit begins.

No. 780717

File: 1550945729019.png (104.82 KB, 885x485, evey5.png)

At some point she got modded to /r/fuckthealtright, probably due to her high karma count and insistence that she really cares about US politics. Since joining the powermod circuit, her BlueLight MO has resumed. Here she is accusing some rando of being a long-term stalker, simply because he criticized her.

No. 780718

File: 1550946195118.png (74.66 KB, 1153x363, evey7.png)

She treats /r/fuckthealtright, and Reddit at large, like her own personal plaything. At one point she flounced from FTAR because someone she dislikes was added to the team, and when she got readded, she complained that the rules are unfair because she's not lower on the modlist.

No. 780719

File: 1550946438287.png (76.23 KB, 1167x459, evey8.png)

Naturally, Evey is still an addict and will go on benders, say and do embarrassing things, and then delete everything when she sobers up. Here is but one example that also functions as an example of the power trips she goes on. Note the presence of devavrata17 in this screenshot; he's also a giant cow and currently Evey's biggest enabler.

No. 780721

File: 1550947153503.png (38.92 KB, 1191x219, 63XR3GR.png)

Along with devavrata17, Evey has managed to turn what could be one of the most non-controversial, easy-to-mod subreddits into a total shitshow.

After /r/fuckthealtright started autobanning anybody who posts to certain leftist forums (/r/chapotraphouse and /r/shitliberalssay), somebody has been leaking FTAR modmail. The leaks demonstrate that Evey, along with devavrata17, is tearing the mod team apart by going on personal crusades and playing the other mods off of each other. Here are some screenshots from the most recent leak:

No. 780722

File: 1550947271641.png (32.59 KB, 1189x167, 1o2vdal.png)

Context: a mod pleaded to have the autoban bot turned off because he was getting heat for it in his other subreddit. Evey, who is now widely known on reddit for her arbitrary banning sprees, denies him.

No. 780723

File: 1550947400581.png (57.51 KB, 1184x275, xtiy9o5.png)

After Evey's ally Deva threatens to quit, Evey goes nuts on the mod who wants the autoban bot removed.

No. 780724

File: 1550947502151.png (142.44 KB, 632x609, yWNJLPp.png)

I forgot to note in this one that it's incredibly hypocritical that she's whining about the other mod scheming in private chatrooms, as she does the same.

Anyway, here the mod Evey attacks gets kicked.

No. 780725

File: 1550947554504.png (139.75 KB, 640x602, 0CvZ73k.png)

One mod (who subsequently deletes his account) gets fed up with Evey and Deva and decides to call them out.

No. 780726

File: 1550947644529.png (172.74 KB, 506x850, ly6moQE.png)

No. 780728

File: 1550947795416.png (201.2 KB, 562x907, 2FcfEks.png)

No. 780729

File: 1550948027973.png (74.51 KB, 957x583, sgbMRrN.png)

That's what I got for now. I know she's not the typical cow on this site, but she sure is a trainwreck.

I don't have any screenshots at the moment, but she's also been causing problems in off-site powermod communities; basically turning people against each other, trying to rally for her personal causes (currently it's to get certain subreddits and critical people banned), and treating general chats like her own personal blog.

No. 780820


Nice write-up and reciepts, OP! Love me some middle aged cows, the delusion is ten times stronger.

No. 780858

>from the uk
>Trump supporter turned liberal for clout

She needs to get off the internet

No. 781010

File: 1551060584230.png (36.88 KB, 827x425, evey9.png)

They're something else, aren't they?
At this point she doesn't have anything outside of the internet. I think her parents have custody of her child, and she's implied that she spends holidays alone (can't find the screenshot, sorry!). She's never had a job and collects disability despite the fact that she clearly has enough energy to spend hours a day finding and spamming content online.

Here she is in a subreddit that she was once modded to (and removed from because a leak from a private mod chat revealed that she accused another mod of stalking for disagreeing with her).

For context, 'Chapo' is a reference to fans of a leftist podcast called 'Chapotraphouse'. They are all radical communists, socialists, or anarchists and there is no way in which a sane or informed person could call them right-wing, let alone 'altright'. This happened after it had already been revealed that she overhauled her ideology for attention.

No. 781012

File: 1551060921843.png (888.98 KB, 2004x3671, evey10.png)

Here she is bitching about the other Topmindsofreddit mod for disagreeing with her moderation tactics. He had been reluctant to ban her over his personal disagreements prior to the leak, but this sealed the deal.

/r/fuckthealtright has seemingly become the focal point of Evey's life, and anybody who criticises it or her moderation style becomes an immediate enemy to her. It will be interesting to see how things escalate before she gets kicked out, and what she'll move on to after that inevitably happens.

No. 781065

Huh small world, this cow is so annoying on the UK subreddits, have had run ins with her before. Not surprised to find out she's so milky. Good farming OP

No. 781069

When they allude to some kind of drama with /r/chapotraphouse browsing them, what's going on there?

No. 781259

Are you talking about the “brigading” parts? If you are, that just means that people from one sub flood into another and basically mass downvote everything and harass the sub. It just shits the sub up for a while, it’s also against Reddit’s rules.

No. 781277

she looks like moldylocks

all these hoes are cut from the same cloth

No. 781297

Sorry, but how is this post supportive of Trump? I don't understand.

No. 781307

Yeah thanks, fucking autocorrect changed brigading to browsing. I know what brigading is but was wondering what set that all off. Usually doesn't come out of nowhere.

No. 781636

File: 1551306194413.jpg (133.26 KB, 1080x627, GzmcdjT.jpg)

Evey got kicked from the mod slack for talking shit about somebody she's modding with (the person she ragequit /r/fuckthealtright over). She is now trying to join the mod discord, but it's not working out.
What do the UK subs think of her?
/r/chapotraphouse was criticizing the fact that FTAR had police dog posts, so Evey and dev17 programmed a bot to autoban everyone who posts to CTH.

No. 781638

File: 1551306364629.jpg (204.77 KB, 1080x877, UDyPZUA.jpg)

She believes that this mod and another mod are the ones leaking all of the FTAR modmail. This is unlikely to be true, as the recipient of the leaks claims that he's still getting them.

No. 781641

File: 1551306520714.jpg (226.93 KB, 1080x1071, UMHiNv5.jpg)

No. 781645

File: 1551306600607.jpg (84.2 KB, 1077x443, WW2OHbB.jpg)

Here she is wishing that said mod would get doxxed. As you may or may not know, doxxing is highly against reddit's rules and this message may be what gets Evey thrown out. But we'll come back to Evey's love for doxxing later

No. 781646

File: 1551306754979.jpg (380.54 KB, 1080x1366, rPTa02k.jpg)

At some point another mod comes into the channel and starts bringing up Evey's previous alt-right tendencies. She switches between denying that she wrote the messages (blatantly false as they're easily searchable) and claiming that she was 'trolling'.

No. 781647

File: 1551306788552.jpg (397.56 KB, 1080x1462, 8wvgL4e.jpg)

No. 781648

File: 1551306842968.jpg (268.62 KB, 1080x1183, 3RK3VFO.jpg)

She denies making a comment with her signature 'n'

No. 781651

File: 1551306913595.jpg (448.49 KB, 1078x1508, LOfcDmj.jpg)

No. 781652

File: 1551306970214.jpg (372.75 KB, 1080x1546, GwdrJ70.jpg)

Anyway, some back and forth later and the conversation ends with this. She gets banned from the slack group shortly after.

No. 781653

File: 1551307170001.jpg (171.73 KB, 1064x519, 63MFH7o.jpg)

Now for the most recent milk: a screenshot of a recent post from Bluelight is circulating around. In it, a Bluelight mod spills some milk from Evey's drug forum days. Allegedly she used to be quite the doxxer, including trying to out medical professionals as recreational drug users out of spite. It sounds like this moderator may share their side of the story- stay tuned!

No. 781674

Man I hope so because this bitch is insane about the dumbest shit, yet there's a lot of pieces still missing as to what all went on. This one is confusing as fuck.

No. 1678927

She’s probably still out there with her wonky eye annoying people(idiot)

No. 1678948

April, don't put your email on the post my friend kek

No. 1678957

Fucking kek what a thread bump

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