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File: 1551724642998.jpg (187.45 KB, 494x469, Jafar.jpg)

No. 783263

Naseeha Sessions / Jafar of youtube/ Dawah Man/ Imran Ibn Mansur
Instagram: @DawahManOfficial
Snapchat: Dawahman
Twitter: @Imranibnmansur

Jafar is a 29 year old UK muslim lunatic/religious youtuber/scam artist who spouts general nonsense. Jafar started his career as an aspiring rapper, which he failed at miserably. He became a muslim youtuber after one semi-viral video at a public event. In Jafars heavily edited account of the debate, Jafar seems to win against the Sikh he is debating. Later on this turns out to be false, as the debating opponent uploads the whole debate, which shows that Jafar is half of the time extremely triggered and idiotic. One highlight being Jafar almost shitting his pants when he discovers the random Sikh he approached is in fact an Oxford graduate in philosophy. Jafar quickly deletes all traces that he ever uploaded the edited version.

Most of his videos are directed at women and contain fake stories of women who were being sinful and then suddenly having an encounter with Allah, of him approaching small kids on the street to debate them about Islam and only uploading arguments where he "wrecks" these kids. Jafar has an unhealthy obsession with homosexuals, as whenever he is given a chance, he will unprompted compare them to animals and talk about how dicks are gross.

What makes Jafar a lolcow is not him being a Muslim, but him being an absolutely fucking insane scam artist. Do not come here to generalise about Islam or its teachings, that is racebaiting.

Jafar shills his "Muslim Survival Guide" which makes it clear this is a new way for him to try and get shekels. For only £9 a month you too can participate in his great courses, such as "Deenhood", "The fasting and the Furious", "Finding Bae" and "My Big fat Muslim Wedding". Jafar tries to get his gullible audience to pay for everything, like trying to crowdfund his intro graphics, paying for his ubers to debate children on the street, although his Survival Guide currently makes him ~£2000 a month.

Jafar has in the past scammed a whopping £32,000 from his gullible audience. In 2015-2016, he proceeded to make multiple videos begging for money for a charity to save a Pakistani childs life. Jafar claimed the child had a Respiratory distress syndrome, at age 2 although it only affects premature babies, and that the child would die in a week if the money was not raised. After the money was raised in 10 MONTHS, people were suspicious. Whenever someone contacted Jafar about the condition of the child and asked for proof that the money went to this child, Jafar would threaten them with libel.

No. 783265

Jafar was also banned from speaking at the University of East London after referring to homosexuality as a “filthy disease” and comparing to homos as animals.


Jafar has been previously covered by mainstream media, when he offered jihadists his blessings, promoted religious crusades and made an anti-semitic speech about the global zionist order. Jafar referred to this as islamophobia by the media.
On another occasion he was covered by media, after he and his totally not gayposse criticised muslim female youtubers husbands for not having enough control over their wives, because they allow them to be active on social media. Once again, Jafar accused the media of islamophobia.
His most recent and famous autistic spergout is due to, once again, picking fights with other religious Youtubers and getting his shit kicked in by them. Like usual When he loses, he resorts to insulting them.
>Jafar decides to have a fight about allahs birthday being celebrated
>his target is another autist, Imam Asim Hussain, who proceeds to wreck Jafar
>Asim then invites Jafar to come and debate him live at an event
>Jafar says he wont because Asim is disrespecting him
>Asim offers the VIP package (lol) but Jafar still refuses
>Asim makes a 1 ½h video that refutes all of Jafars points
>Jafar gets butthurt and makes an instagram clipart animation to insult Asim

No. 783266

Another example of Jafar picking a fight and losing it miserably.
>Jafar targets an ex-muslim and decides he had left islam for pussy
>makes a video where he never says the dudes name where Jafar calls random dudes wife a white crusty looking atheist
>the dude corrects Jafar, that in fact his wife is muslim but he himself is not
>Jafar doubles down on his claims
>Other people start calling out Jafar
>Jafar makes an "apology" where he apologises for the remarks, because now he knows that the woman is a muslim and insulting muslim women is HARAM
>His apology is an apology only about that he offended people, not for what he said

No. 783269

As the video title suggest, Jafar actually believes all atheists want to drink their dads cum.
Among other beliefs, Jafar also believes in all things mystical. He uses these mystical and magical creatures to excuse his own behaviour when it suits him.

>Claims that if you are not religious enough as a man, a Djinn will come and possess you during sex

>If a girl is not a virgin before marriage, she has committed a sin and is not pure. Jafar wants a woman who no man has ever touched in any capacity.
>Jafar himself lost his virginity before marriage, but that is ok, because if a man has sex with a woman that is not his wife, it is in fact a Djinn taking over his body.


No. 783271

Most of his content is him "replying" to emails that are things that never happened (ie . She Left Alcohol & Clubbing For Hijab). Usually these emails as stated above, regard women coming to faith from corrupt western ways after having an alcohol problem and multiple abortions. Jafars hot takes are not limited to things like that, but he also likes to take on BIG contemporary issues in the world. Like ISIS.

>Jafar makes a video about ISIS, it's just him talking about how Allah destroys infidels (ISIS) and that there needs to be a religious crusade against the infidels of ISIS

>does not realise the irony in this, since ISIS is a religious crusade against the infidels

No. 783274

>believes age is just a number, anyone who can physically get married should be allowed to get married. (time stamp start around 1:46)
>this refers that when a man can get an erection he is ready to marry and a woman is ready to marry when she gets her first period.

The transcript of this link outlines Jafar sperging about western cultures corruption.
An article breaking down how retarded Jafar is and proof that most his beliefs are plagiarized from christian evangelists.

No. 783276

A video of him trying to "rap" and trying to be deep while at it.

No. 783285

Jafar chasing down Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist, as he is trying to leave work while shouting at him, in an attempt to debate him about religion. Krauss tells Jafar he doesn't want to talk to him because he is rude. Jafar loses his shit because of this and tries to have his friend block Krauss from leaving. Jafar then proceeds to start shouting and throwing a tantrum on the street about this.

No. 783286

This is a good primer for Jafar and the highlights of his insanity.

No. 783546

Lol what the fuck is wrong with this goatfucker

No. 783622

File: 1551817874060.gif (1.85 MB, 300x168, C8ACA7E0-FE01-49B2-A797-B9C54F…)

>Jafar himself lost his virginity before marriage, but that is ok, because if a man has sex with a woman that is not his wife, it is in fact a Djinn taking over his body.

No. 783630


Currently Jafar is arranging trips for muslim to the mecca. His newest trip is aimed at women, which he calls the "Sisters Umrah Trip". No men allowed, other than Jafar (other than the compulsory one brother of the woman required to be present for trip). However, the men are not allowed to attend any of the events on the trip, because that is Haram. The price starts at £1300 and it looks like Jafar is about to pull another fast one on his audience!

The trip is 2nd of April until 12th of April in 2019. The video makes it seem like he is hosting his own muslim Bachelor season, where he is the bachelor.

TLDW of the video

>Jafar wants to make a better than the brothers trip to Mecca

>with certain changes
>An unique opportunity to do a Q&A, with Jafar
>A unique socializing opportunity by going to a restaurant, with Jafar!
>This is Halal, because the women are around "good people" aka Jafar
>The sisters also will have an unique opportunity to go shopping, again WITH JAFAR

No. 783665

>Do not come here to generalise about Islam or its teachings, that is racebaiting.
Criticizing a religious ideology is racebaiting?

No. 783706

You're right it's not and it's done in the Mira thread all the time. As long as no racebaiting happens then things are cool.

No. 783708

File: 1551831274761.jpg (10.46 KB, 236x224, lBNSKI1.jpg)

This video is a fucking goldmine of milk. I'm shocked that this lunatic went out and asked 14 year olds how they felt about being potential rape victims? Motherfucker is out of his mind.

No. 784195

Jafar is back with fresh milk. This time around he is giving some real red pill/MGTOW vibes.
>"Feminism Will Oppress Women!!!"
>Jafar starts off with how Islam is not compatible with feminism, because feminism is a movement where women and men have equal rights
>Jafar then proceeds to make some amazing comparisons about womens ability
>if women were equal, it would mean oppression of men
>if you take kids from year seven and put them in an university class, that is the same as giving women equal rights
>If you put a disabled person to do the tasks of able-bodied, that is the same as giving women equal rights

>Allah sent us Islam which is not equal but it is just, because its Allah's word

>Allah sent down laws which set standards only on how to raise women, not men.
>Men were created for jihad (a holy war)
>If women want to go fight in the jihad, they should

No. 787311

Jafars hot-take on the NZ terrorist attack is less lucid than normal, bordering on absolute insanity. He makes three main points

>First point is that its important that muslims get killed because then being a muslim is proving you are a true muslim to Allah

The first points proper insane rant starts at 4:06.
>goes on how this is Allahs way to martyr the true muslims and we should be happy that dude shot up the mosque
>the prophet had to send them to live in another country so they could become martyrs

>His other point is that this happened because the western infidels dont worship allah and that must be changed

>Third point is that Muslims need to be more active in spreading islam, seek help in patience and pray. 12:54 Worshipping Allah in times of bloodshed is like leaving off everything you have…to go join the prophet allah…forget politics they don't admit it is terrorism…Allah is waiting for me to turn to him… if you are really men, okay, okay be a man then and go to the bastion. They killed your sisters and brothers, don't be shared, don't be a little whip bro. Be an authority behind the man, Rama(?) was killed in the basion leading the salat. Go to the masjid and pray.. Allah will give you victory.

>You want to make a statement, make a statement in wallah (?)(I swear to allah)
>there is no better place to die than in the masjid

No. 787577

>the prophet had to send them to live in another country so they could become martyrs
That's sick. If things were that simple then the man who tried to sacrifice his life to stop the shooting wouldn't have done so and the woman sobbing for help on the pavement wouldn't have done so. Chances are that if he were in the same situation he'd have immediately run and tried to hide.

No. 790123

I think Jafer is coo coo as well.
>I can see the dude being upset towards stuff her believes is wrong as well.

No. 845575

Since jafar has lately gone viral, decided to bump this thread with more skim milk
>A NHS worker contacted Jafars muslim community to ask them to make young couples aware about contraception as they have the highest abortion rate in east london
>Jafar decides the fault is in the women, because they're giving it up too easy
>Goes on a very self unaware tirade on how women are tempting men and then killing their kids by having abortions
>Suggests women should not tempt their men as a remedy

No. 845585

>Jafar has a hot take on womens clothing
>Crop tops and makeup were created with evil in mind and a woman would only wear either to acquire penis
>When women dress up or groom themselves it is to acquire penis and be intentionally evil
>Proclaims once again jihad, this time against crop tops, Primark and H&M

No. 1111881

File: 1608562712521.png (428.62 KB, 1588x200, jafarflexing.png)

Jafar has now gone full circle scamming and has now become a flexer. He has now taken his channel to a new level, where he drives and shows off luxury cars and items while pretending to talk about islam.

In reality these videos are him just bragging about his islam paypiggies paying for his new found luxury lifestyle. All the while having a kickstarter trying to get £35,000 for "studio" equipment that he "desperately" needs.

No. 1111887

File: 1608563201479.png (93.34 KB, 1032x744, jafarspussyservice.png)

Additionally, he's back to his harem building ways. He has now a website and videos for the HALAL DATING GUIDE. For 15 pounds a month, you too can have Jafar find you the perfect husband. Except he…

>Reminds all the eligible sisters to have their brother sign them up for the site.

>No woman seeking to apply herself is allowed, only if her brother is the one handling the application

>Only women from anglosphere allowed!

Worry not though, since Jafars servuce allows people to seek polygynous marriage, although encouraging and performing those are illegal in the anglosphere.

No. 1111897

Another tidbit into the great podcast of Jafar and his AMAZING advice for all women out there. As usual, it ends in a plea for more donations for a new gofundme, that is separate from the £35,000 fundraiser mentioned above in >>1111881

>young woman calls in to his podcast

>she doesnt want to get married
>her parents are coercing her to marry
>calls her father controlling
>jafars great advice is that she should listen to her elders, for they are more wise than her
>tells her shes bad for ever arguing against their will
>tells her marriage is her way to independence
>her market value is already decreasing because shes old and she should hurry up to marry
>she reminds him shes only 20
>jafar again calls her old
>mens market value only increases
>having a much older husband is something she should seek to have, its a point of pride for the woman
>womens only gets lower every year starting from her birth
>reminds her out of nowhere that he likes women who are in his mind old
>says all men except him want young women
>tells her to find a man like her father
>tirade on how shes childish and her mind is poisoned because shes a dumb woman who cant think far enough to future
>video ends to a 5min plea for another one of his fundmes, this time for £37,000 to pay for "studio rent" that is "desperately" needed

No. 1111900

Did he literally just imply that a woman's sexual value peaks during infancy? Disgusting.

No. 1111905

Another hot take of Jafar's podcasts on the "affairs of women".

>starts off ranting about how women talk too much

>women want to talk about relationships
>men are too smart and objective to care about petty emotional affairs of women
>if man doesnt want to do something, it is the womans fault
>women need to become more interesting so their husbands have a reason to listen to them
>if a woman isnt interested in her husbands work, she isnt putting in enough effort to understand her husband
>this is because "women control the tranquility of the marriage"
>women shouting or pleading is "pure manipulation"
>women need a man to be complete, for that is what ALLAH INTENDED
>this is why "her" includes "he" in it

>womans greatest strength is femininity

>again goes on a tirade that modern women are too demanding and not feminine enough
>feminists are going to cry "but feminists are competing with men to be men"
>but men are by allahs design better at that than women, so they will always lose

>goes off with his buddy on how women are cold and manipulative

>"if you tell a woman you will kill yourself if she leaves, she will just tell you to do it- that's how COLD women are"
>men threatening suicide is serious because men do it because they're that emotional and honorable
>meanwhile if a woman does the same, she's trying to manipulate and that's because women are by nature cold and manipulative
>men are more merciful and noble by nature and the woman is trying to use that to her advantage

yeah, most likely. would not be the first time he advocates for pedophilia. See >>783274

No. 1112026

Sorry to disappoint, but not only does your value plummet with decrepitude, it's non-existent in the first place even when you're at peak virility. It's because you're male, and sperm is by design abundant and low value. Maybe that's why you need a sky daddy to help you cope with the visceral awareness of nature's design.

However, your net worth may increase, and it might buy you your way out of obsolescence if it's high enough. At this point you become an inconvenience standing in the way of your wallet. Do remember that the vast majority of males are not nearly rich enough even for a pretense of being valuable as wallet keychains.

The absolute state of being male is engaging in this pitiful self deception as you hoard resources hoping to rope in a girl who's vastly out of your league, because deep down you know exactly what your "value" is and how "superior" you are. Seethe as you realize that your only chance = paying women to accept your dick.

No. 1112402

Based anon. I love this.

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