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File: 1552262917039.png (4.23 MB, 1550x1672, unknown (3).png)

No. 785270

Rin is a 20yo “makeup artist” formerly discussed in the fakeboi thread. Hailing from the depths of Tumblr, she dabbled in cosplay and hoped to be a model before ultimately getting into the makeup hobby. She’s currently at 150k followers on Instagram and 30k on Twitter, sponsored by companies like Lime Crime and MILK Makeup, followed by James Charles and other meme MUAs, and is gaining notoriety for her attention-seeking, hypocritical and dramatic behavior. She has been criticized by some flakes like Anzujaamu lately for a rape controversy she dug herself into despite her open SJW-posturing.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gothfruits/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gothfruits
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVsgpPrefn-vF38WfEFIDtg

>terrible MUA who slaps garish colors all over her face and calls it a day, then whines at length if her “look” “flopped” on her social media and begs for more likes
>begs brands for collaboration and PR packages, despite slamming their products publicly
>openly posts DMs from brands when they don’t suck up to her 100% to “call them out”
>would sperg at length about the makeup industry not being ready for such a revolutionary person who is both trans and a POC, while she passes as white and looks like any tumblrina girl ever
>decided to quit her job as a pharmacy tech to move to LA and pursue makeup as her full-time job, is now constantly begging for money for bare necessities and uber rides
>attaches herself to bigger names like Thomas Halbert with constant begging for attention and validation on social media
>shittalks some brands for being not includive enough or ~problematic~, but works with Lime Crime

Gender charades:
>presents as hyperfemme 100% of the time, but loses it when misgendered or “deadnamed”
>admits to not feeling gender dysphoria except for a debilitating fear of pregnancy
>has a stereotypically masculine (with long hair) boyfriend and claims to be in a homosexual relationship with him
>said boyfriend refers to her as a man
>calls herself a bottom in reference to vaginal sex because it’s still gay because she’s a man!!!1
>does not grasp the concept of a private account and tweets about loving her boyfriend’s “nut” all day long as well as talking about her tits and periods at length
>Kalvin Garrah (who also made videos about Laineybot) called her out for transtrending, which caused her to go on a months-long spergout about literal violence against trans people and circlejerks with her friends
>claims that every relationship or attraction she has is “gay” because she’s pansexual and nonbinary

Further annoying behavior:
>preaches about cultural appropriation and racism but got her chosen name Rin from the yao-bait anime “Free!” after cosplaying an eponymous character from the show, thus giving herself a Japanese name because she’s the ultimate weeb
>preaches body positivity and no-bullying but regularly posts screenshots of private messages she received or makeup looks by people she doesn’t approve of
>made 9 instagram stories screeching about a liquor store cashier who wouldn’t sell to her because she’s not 21 yet, calling her a “bitter Brenda” and having an absolute meltdown
>crowdfunded money from her fans to afford a ditto purse, which has yet to be worn once

No. 785271

File: 1552263101582.png (2.35 MB, 1632x2000, unknown (5).png)

Recent Rape controversy:
>used to date a guy named MC
>her best friend of 12 years told her she was raped by that same person
>despite constantly spewing “believe victims!!” rhetoric, Rin accused her of being jealous, dropped her and proceeded to bully her together with her friends until said girl attempted suicide
>when this girl moved on and got married, Rin subtweeted her relationship and made further fun of her
>swept everything under the rug with claims of having been abused herself, until this was recently brought back up by the original victim
>made a video to defend herself, which only made her look worse, so she removed it again

Screencaps include the tweets that initiated this whole mess, and the half-assed apology Rin scribbled in her notes app.

No. 785272

File: 1552263151584.jpg (1.57 MB, 2088x8403, Untitled.jpg)

Contents of the apology video:
>PetiteVanilla (rape victim) and MC are in a relationship, break up
>Rin has known PV for 12 years and MC for less than a month
>Rin asks PV if she’s okay with Rin dating MC, PV doesn’t tell her not to date him
>Rin gets together with MC
>PV tells her about the sexual assault, Rin assumes she’s just jealous
>Rin confronts MC, he claims PV is just a manipulative liar, case closed for Rin
>MC cheats on Rin with another girl who is a friend of Rin
>Rin doesn’t believe her friend would do that to her, so believes that MC was the one who initiated
>Girl confirms that he did but doesn’t call it assault
>Rin and MC break up
>Rin and MC get back together
>MC dumps Rin
>Friend opens up about how it actually was assault
>Rin believes it this time
>Later, the situation is brought up on Twitter by a mutual friend who calls Rin out for bullying PV over the whole situation
>Rin reaches out to the unnamed friend
>Admits that Rin ignored the red flags because she was infatuated with MC
>Admits what she did was awful
>Invites followers to vent in her DMs

>a few days later, deletes this video entirely

>Rin states she had consent from both of his victims when her ex-friend had told her NOT to make a video because she wants to be left alone and move on
>girl comes out on twitter to say she wants nothing more to do with Rin
>continues to harass this girl with phonecalls and messages to have her name cleared
>Rin’s manager’s husband chimes in and starts harassing the victim and her defenders in broken english
>Rin posts some “woe is me” tweets and instagrams and laments about how she’s so misunderstood and everyone’s just twisting her words into malicious actions
>announces she’ll delete her twitter
>tweets publicly at PV one more time, then abandons twitter
>has since been living it up on instagram with her LA life and bragging about how incapable she is of taking care of herself alone, constantly begging for money while simultaneously showing off purchases, and ignoring the twitter drama as well as deleting any IG comment that refers to it

No. 785274

File: 1552263226242.png (4.66 MB, 1923x1795, unknown (9).png)

Rin throwing herself a pity party.

No. 785278

File: 1552263369198.png (1.89 MB, 1467x1750, unknown (8).png)

Compilation of Rin bitching about other youtubers/beauty brands.

No. 785280

File: 1552263480067.png (2.13 MB, 1992x726, unknown (7).png)

Rin can't seem to post a single look without it ~flopping~.

No. 785281

File: 1552263525414.png (1.59 MB, 1017x1957, unknown (10).png)

More complaints/begging.

No. 785282

File: 1552263683912.png (2.53 MB, 1426x1558, unknown (4).png)

Rin's new favorite artist to steal from.

No. 785284

File: 1552263816999.png (1.85 MB, 1659x1708, unknown (6).png)

Rin also got into a bit of drama with Kalvin Garrah, pic related. TL;DR Kalvin accused Rin of being a transtrender and Rin is still hurt over it to this day.

No. 785285

Here's the video of Kalvin reading through his dm's with Rin.

No. 785297

THANK YOU for this, rin has deserved her own thread for a while now and I was starting to get real sick of checking on the PULL thread (aka having to comb through pages of bullshit just to get to the juicy bits). bitch is milky as fuck and seems to pull some new bullshit on the daily, especially in the last couple months when her mostly inactive/ uninteresting PULL thread blew up pretty much exponentially between the kalvin drama and the rape victim controversies. if you're just now learning about her, buckle tf up

No. 785299


this reads like a PULLtard wrote it.

No. 785352

i'm sure they got all the info from the gothfruits thread over there but if OP was an actual pulltard they'd be referring to Rin as "he/they"

No. 785430

Didn’t she already have a thread?

No. 785669

no, she was discussed in the fakeboi thread

No. 785713

I'm amazed no one has called gothfruits out for yellowface since gass.y is Asian.

No. 785717

wait, aren't gothfruits asian?

No. 785720

File: 1552391276123.jpeg (80.69 KB, 815x568, 31CCE479-BD81-4F22-A116-CF1F80…)

Aranza/Rin is Mexican. I thought she was some kind of east asian at first too, but nope just yellowface.

Also Gass.y doesn’t follow Rin anymore kek.

No. 785763

Did she just give a bunch of reasons as to why she’s cancelled james Charles then go on to admit she was cool with him until he ignored her? Fucking kek man

No. 785786

>I'm actually SUPER NICE!!! Regardless of what I do/did!!! Just believe me!!!

The mark of a true manipulator.

No. 785952

Glad somebody made a thread about her. I find her insufferable, like she gets free shit out the hooha, every IG story is about the free shit she gets. Like she's got makeup for the next 100 years. Also I think it's kind of shitty that she's letting her mother keep all the makeup/gifts her fans had sent to her old address in Texas (after she moved to LA).

No. 785954

^ Also find it funny she's now a cow considering she was one of the ones that defriended Dasha and sided with Mina after that whole debacle went down.

No. 786027

File: 1552445109422.jpeg (149.17 KB, 716x1180, 9C0A0A72-7DE8-460E-B419-BB1C51…)

Not to be that person, but rin in the wild compared to pictures she takes of herself is an oof

No. 786029


Kalvin is also a huge fucking cow & dramawhore himself, pot calling the kettle black.

No. 786067

ot but rlly? I'd love milk on him in the ytber thread!

No. 786106

File: 1552461280404.jpg (393.32 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20190313-021035.jpg)

for as much as she goes on bout being poc she looks really white washed here might be lighting but still very pale compared to other pics js…

No. 786107

File: 1552461320731.jpg (749.24 KB, 1077x1753, Screenshot_20190313-021100.jpg)

No. 786108

File: 1552461565385.jpg (482.27 KB, 1076x1759, Screenshot_20190313-021231.jpg)

"Rin is our king hes so handsome uwu" this is what her delusional fanbase be saying in the comments lol (sage for no milk)

No. 786116

Half of the comments are going KIIINNNGGGG I feel like half of them are mocking her lmao

No. 786913


Christ what a narcissist

No. 787006

Honestly I was a fan of Rin but I was like a little hesitant? But I was like whatever if they present hella feminily it's there choice. But then like the whole shit went down with kalvin ( I dont like kalvin so I wasnt on either side ) and then this, I just was so done. They came up with some bullshit about only being weirded out by their tubes? Like bitch, I'm so dysphoric I cant even have penetrative sex because it feel so disgusting and wrong for me. I just dont get all the people blindly supporting them after all the bullshit they are putting out there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 787011

You should delete this comment while you still can and go read the rules. Everyone can see your email address and you're likely to get a ban.

No. 787015

Delet dis

No. 787020

Oof delete ya post.
But your post also reminded me about how she jokes abut being a "bottom" when it comes to penetrative sex with her bf .(emoji)

No. 787023

File: 1552680018599.jpg (310.86 KB, 1350x1200, merge_from_ofoct (3).jpg)

Can you just go to PULL if you don't know how to sage and stay anon? This isn't your blog. Thanks

Anyway, this was Rin's latest attempt at "apologizing".

No. 787026

You need to be 18+ to post here kiddo

No. 787029

This is pretty insulting to actual transgendered people. She's just another girl in makeup that wants to not be like other girls so badly that she says this kind of shit.

No. 787114

She's always been severely butthurt about being referred to as "they/them" but honestly? If a stranger comes up to you, dressed super feminine, and refers to you as a female I highly doubt it's a big deal. She parades the title around to make her "unique".


What is it with PULL folks acting like they are on high ground and have morals on a gossip board? Like you either like an influencer
or not, jfc.

No. 787125

>we're human we all make mistakes
okay yes, but Aranza's mistake was done when she was trying so hard to be the most "inclusive and woke person" ever and she constantly bragged about how nice and never did anything wrong. it's so stupid.

No. 787300

Kind of a dead thread bit with the Instagram numners dropping Rin might loose the MILK contract. I also wonder if he/she/it is banging the husband of he/she/it.

No. 787306

Are you talking about her boyfriend emovegetables? She posts a lot of IG stories of them in bed making out quite often, like why do your fans need to see that shit idek lmfao

No. 788045

File: 1552955635810.jpg (149.81 KB, 582x500, 5jlnvvW.jpg)

Recent developments:

>Milk Makeup has removed all but one photo of Aranza from their insta, despite having taken Aranza on a PR tour just this month to promote their new primer

>the Milk owner has unfollowed @gothfruits
>BlackMoon Cosmetics also only has one image of Aranza left on their account even though Aranza had a "takeover stream" using their account just recently

All this just after making the move to LA, lmao.

Also one of Aranza's closest friend speaks out about the situation. (pic related)

No. 788047

More news:
The girl who was raped (PetiteVanilla) uploaded her own video to explain why she's so upset, in which she states that her entire town knew about the rape because of Aranza's twitter spergout and that she was forced to open up about it to her parents because everyone knew who it was about, which was a conversation she wasn't ready to have or ever planned on having.

No. 788048

File: 1552955875082.jpg (92.42 KB, 327x500, FGKf6DS.jpg)

PetiteVanilla also asked Aranza to delete some tweets with details to protect her identity, which she refused to do and instead bombarded her with messages to try to get her to speak out about it publicly. (Already posted here >>785272)

No. 788080

Just learned about this girl and can’t even watch this video it’s so beyond fucked up she had to make it. If she does report it, harassing a rape victim is illegal and she should take action. People like rin do not learn and definitely do not care. I hope and know la will eat her alive.

No. 788229

I am wondering why everyone was telling me to delete my comment? I'm really confused about ut

No. 788313

Because you’re obviously newfag who didn’t read rules before posting. And this website is trans-UNfriendly. You might wanna try PULL instead.

No. 788906

This site is exclusively for women, retard. If you identify as male then leave.

No. 788967

File: 1553198410221.png (281.31 KB, 633x697, Screenshot at Mar 21 20-59-57.…)

Buzzfeed published an "article" about the rape drama:

>He is adamant that he's "grown" from the incident and does not believe he should be re-tried in a public, social media court today.

>"I hope these people can move on — I wish them no ill," he said. "I want them to know that I am sorry for the hurt I caused them because I was just caught up with being [with] this cool older boy."

>"I’m turning 21 this year and I don’t want to be remembered for the things I did when I was 17."

I wish they'd included how Aranza's manager's husband is still attacking people who comment negatively on Aranza's posts, but maybe more will come out of it still now that Buzzfeed contacted some of the makeup brands Aranza is sponsored by.

No. 788982

ofc it's a buzzfeed article. such a fucking joke


god damnit

No. 788986

Buzzfeed is ~woke~, what do you expect?
And in any case, any criticism that refers to her as a woman would automatically be cast aside on grounds of being ~transphobic!!!~ so this is the only way to go if you want to get through to the vast majority of people in this subculture, sadly.

I still think that despite the semi-neutral wording, it's very critical of her, especially if you look at the photos they chose, the fact they linked the PULL thread, and contacted the brands. Especially her statements make her look pretty bad.

No. 789017

File: 1553215425315.png (48.28 KB, 1226x304, md.png)

This comment on the buzzfeed article kinda confirms a suspicion I had that Rin has kind of mannish features and that's the main reason she gets away with being a ~nonbinary boy~ cause people's first instinct is to think she's a hyper-feminine male cause the mental gymnastics you have to go through to be a girly feminine-presenting female and still be called he is too insane for the average person.

No. 789104

File: 1553245999131.jpeg (82.51 KB, 359x500, 3A47C086-E34D-4369-9D93-8DFFFD…)

The BuzzFeed article got her dropped by Milk Makeup LOLLL

No. 789105

Rin does have a manly ass face kek I bet it’s a complex

No. 789107

A blessing in disguise? Kek

No. 789166

File: 1553272734823.jpeg (166.58 KB, 1080x1201, 5DEFCC6F-2CA6-4004-97D3-D035A0…)

Between her beak and how haggard she looks for her age, no wonder she never achieved her model dreams. How you look 45 at 20? Maybe she can use her portfolio to get into circus school since she wants to be a clown so bad.

>MFW other news sites are picking up or borrowing what Buzzfeed wrote, making her name and handle is synonymous with being a bully and rape apologist


No. 789246

Jesus she almost looks like a TiM here with those hands and figure, how is that even possible? Maybe that's the goal of our afab nb femboi king Organza, going full circle makes you a tru enby

No. 789371

really odd nitpick, anon. her figure still looks very feminine in this photo. she has a super fem figure. her face is a little masculine looking though.

No. 789374

nitpick sage but fail to understand why people continue to call this bitch by her "preferred pronouns"

cuz even if you are sjw a f, she doesn't even deserve respect. she's a piece of shit and there's really no woke points in using a snowflakes "preferred pronouns" when she's a 100% femme presenting transtrender. these articles and pull using her preferred pronouns makes me cringe so hard. call her what she is, a fucking woman

No. 789450

I agree w/ you but sjws have this mindset that misgendering a person is the ultimate sin and that it doesn’t matter how shitty the person in question is — you have to use their preferred pronouns. again, that’s not my stance just how they see it.

Because of this, If the articles had used female pronouns it would have given the opposition something to latch on to and distract from the actual issue of Rin being a piece of shit. Even sjw types who are against Rin would say something like ‘Yeah what Rin did was horrible but you still shouldn’t misgender someone under any circumstances.’

It’s dumb but that’s how it is rn.

No. 789598


need to focus more on the character and less on the pronouns

the reason why the pull thread is trash is bc there's no proper thru line or consistency when the thread posters flip flop between the wrong pronouns like clockwork (it's either he or they for this bitch) and demonize and hiss at anyone who calls her what she is- comfortably female.

if anything it's detracting more for me from how shitty she is that ppl even show her "pronouns" respect while criticizing her… that's how I see it

a flake like this doesn't deserve to be treated with even that level of "sjw decency" but I gues we live in that politically correct a society, that spergs more over someone using the "wrong pronouns" for a flake than the flakes actual behavior being gross no matter what the fuck you call them. I'm a fucking leftist but I'm not going to call you a "they" or "he" if you're 100% femme and clearly don't have dysphoria, sorry

No. 790110

Aranza posted a new apology video. It's just as bad as the first, LMAO

No. 790129


lmao they only now decide to "apologize" after theyre dropped by their biggest brands. theres no emotion in this video and it screams "im being forced 2 do this to save face"


No. 790140

The best thing about watching this gothflops saga progress is how often she would cancel other creators - this bitch loved cancel culture so much until it came back to bite her in the ass, and then she wanted everyone to know that she wasn't the same person she was when she was seventeen and she's sOoOo SoRrYy, despite making absolutely no attempt to change or reflect on her actions until brands and her fans started dropping her like she's cold piss.
Someone should have told this dumbass cow that she can't have her cake and eat it too.

No. 790172

she sounds so annoyed lmao

No. 791060

bahaha this checks off all the MUA apology bingos- sweatshirt, no makeup, no professional setup or lighting. It's very calculated to make you pity the person and think they're really torn up about it or being "real" but in reality it just looks like they can't be bothered to put any effort in.

No. 795268

her new post is a complete vom honestly
>tells followers to post undertale comments to completely drown out any about the drama
real slick
also, in the comments gothflops is still calling out to blackmoon and lime crime lmaooo.

No. 795387

File: 1554577438225.jpg (261.39 KB, 1080x1423, Screenshot_20190406-140316_Ins…)

No. 795388

File: 1554577475979.jpg (332.69 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20190406-140304_Ins…)

No. 795389

File: 1554577549902.jpg (259.38 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_20190406-140253_Ins…)

No. 817279

she posted a new video which is a stereotypical YT apology complete with no makeup and fake tears. she doesn't actually say what she did wrong. it's just a huge pity party for herself saying she can't take her meds and didn't think she would live this long.

>"i'm lost and i'm hurting and i just don't see a point in anything"

>"i just don't want to be here"
>"i'm not capable of killing myself, i'm a coward, i'm afraid of death"

No. 817422

this is so fucking fake and acted it’s actually uncomfortable to watch, holy fucking shit

No. 817458

xoe has always been trash but I'm glad she's now making her trash status known

No. 818403

wait is xoe really a cow? please spill

No. 833483

File: 1562543163938.jpeg (437.24 KB, 1242x1378, A7A949A2-EA36-4F48-B1D3-D7ECF4…)

This thread needs to be revived

No. 833503

Unless you're bringing new milk, it really doesn't, summer fag.

No. 833641

This is straight up ugly. The looks on OP's pic are decent, but this is like babby's first makeup look

No. 876235

File: 1570167697916.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 466.24 KB, 1125x2436, 9CE003B9-B835-42B5-B4D7-9D18A7…)

Can we like discuss this and why he has so many followers?

No. 876238

No. 876239

No. 876241

No. 876249

File: 1570168587390.png (4.83 MB, 1125x2436, 83EAC28B-3D96-4453-9A2D-FB4BE0…)

And hella followers on TikTok too

No. 876257

also why are you questioning her follower count if you're following her too?
wait, did she stop doing makeup stuff?

No. 876262

That was from my friend who sent me the SS and she’s been gone off IG for good while now but is on TikTok posting depression vents

No. 876268

Might wanna try PULL thread instead, as you can see, no one really gives a shit about her here

No. 919986

File: 1579318699781.jpg (862.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200117-223746_Twi…)

Rin remade on twitter

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