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No. 78644


Can we have a thread about Poppy?
She's some forced "up-and-coming star" with horrible music and tumblr tier aesthetic

-Tries to seem deep and strange/random
- extremely self obsessed
- pretentious and annoying tweets like:
"I like myself again
I finally found a friend
His names nobody and
He loves me"
"Everything is alive. me and you."
"I wish I had a rich dad." (lol)
- Makes awful tryhard videos
- Seems to be keeping her full name a secret, because soOOo mysterious


No. 78645


No. 78646


No. 78651

I fail to see why you felt the need to make an entire thread about this nobody when you could've just posted this shit in the Aspiring Idols thread.

No. 78653

Same. Deserves to be closed, seems like a self post. If we leave it open it'll just feed her shallow ego.

No. 78654

>Aspiring Idols thread
are you retarded? This person is not trying to be an idol.

No. 78655

she seems obnoxious af and makes me think of Venus… if Venus had less of an accent.

No. 78658

File: 1452220200591.jpg (192.16 KB, 428x640, 8489097277_056f6ce50c_z.jpg)

Her name is Moriah Poppy, pic related is Poppy before she was just Poppy

No. 78667

Thanks for getting the name, she really is a butterface.

I wonder what she will do when people tire of the littlegirl aesthetic

No. 78670

>"up-and-coming star"
>not trying to be an idol
Okay, so she might not be "aidoru", but American Idol has been posted (at least once) in that thread before.
There is also the Youtube thread in /b/.

tl;dr: Dedicating an entire thread is unnecessary for this nobody.

No. 78671

So its almost impossible to find any info on who she actually is

She signed to island records which is no easy feat for a nobody so obviously there's some nepotism going on here.

Her Island records page states that

"Poppy grew up in Nashville, surrounded by music. Her father was a drummer in a punk band and her brother followed suit, drumming for multiple groups at once."

and as we know Nashville is a big music city with a lot of big names, so its clearly family connections and money at work here not talent.

Also, its very obvious that she has a ghost producer, the lyrics may be hers but everything else is the work of people with more talent.

No. 78680

It's her boyfriend, an edgy emo hipster douche with the amazing name of Titanic Sinclair. He makes and writes all her videos and probably her songs, and does the exact same videos himself. He just repeats the same forced meme irony attempts over and over.

There's probably a better word to describe it, but the whole thing is clearly a marketing ploy to advertise a mediocre pop singer and get internet hype cause she's "so weird and quirky and mysterious". It's a persona that he came up with. He tried to do the exact same thing with his old girlfriend, Mars Argo. Then they broke up (I wouldn't be surprised if he cheated or realized he'd have better potential at fame and money with a different girl) and he did the same thing with Moriah.

The worst part is it'll probably work, and one of the dumb videos will go "viral" and her album will sell way more copies than it deserves.


No. 78687

reminds me of some PC music stuff - looks like a major label trying to cash in on that trend. it's dumb, but i don't see how it's /snow/ material unless there's actual drama with this person. otherwise it's just a failed marketing ploy

No. 78690

IMO the real snowflake is her boyfriend. She's a pawn.

No. 78692

Though she also agreed to be the face of it, and probably thinks it'll make her money. A thread about both of them is warranted for /snow/, I think.

No. 78696

Just so you know Island records have signed the likes of Justin Beiber, Jessie J and Nick Jonas so we can assume POOPy is destined for the commercial market to make that sweet sweet money

No. 78697

He was a member of Mars Argo, whoever the fuck they were


No. 78705


I honestly can't decide if this guy is an asshole or not

No. 78706

Mars Argo was his ex-girlfriend who he tried to pull the same schtick with.

It's just generic edgy "consumerism and rich people are baaad" "parodying".

No. 78708


HAHAHA so this knob saw like what a clip of some andy warhol shit and decided it was his new identity

i bet he pretended to like punk before this - why aren't people like this shot during school shootings

No. 78712

File: 1452226154866.jpg (86.41 KB, 600x400, CAlJC3CUsAEhlxV.jpg)

I can't decide if either of them are self aware creatures or not.

No. 78714


its like scene? what ? is ? this ?

No. 78716


Kaywaii Littlegirl Edge?

No. 78717


scuse the extra >

No. 78731

his entire persona and the persona he designs for his weird "puppets" of girlfriends are totally artificial

it's really weird. i don't know if he does it just for the internet fame and money, or if he's a controlling fuckface, or both.

No. 78734

I liked her cover of Santa baby, but it seems all her covers are deleted from youtube.

No. 78755

i think she's not a bad singer. just not pop star quality, unless she improves a lot.

No. 78756

nymphet grimes with a beck music video background

No. 78768

Grimes imitating Gwen Stefani

No. 78776

That thread is for weeby wannabe NND aidorus and you know it.
"Snow" isn't really about drama though, it's for snowflakes. People who think they're special. And she does think she's special, or at least that's her "thing." Not sure why people are so up in arms that a non-weeb non-ana got posted here. Did it throw you guys off or something?

I half wonder if that's the whole thing. They're all aware that Titanic Sinclair is the performer and the puppeteer girlfriends are the performance.

No. 78777

I didn't like her, but then I watched this one and now I'm convinced it's just an elaborate joke and she's not as retarded and tryhard as her videos would imply.

No. 78778

Lmao never mind, this one destroyed anything I thought of her in >>78777

No. 78799

this thread reads like viral marketing

No. 107977

This video is really cringey. He's trying to make some social commentary but there's just not enough intellect there. Pointing out the trite nature of social media is neither new nor interesting. What pathetic, lazy, wealthy babies.

I just googled Mars Argo girl and she's dramatically cuter and less contrived looking than Poppy.

You'd have to be a massive asshole to name your son Titanic. I know because it's the kind of thing I'd do.

No. 108861

Please learn how to sage. All posts related to these serial viral marketing nobodies should be considered selfposts and should not be bumped.

No. 108993

Finally someone said it.

No. 109011

File: 1458634930918.jpg (58.68 KB, 403x604, 20160317_183327.jpg)

every once in awhile I'll see a new, completely unwarranted thread about this bitch that always says "Who is she?"

No. 109167

Ngl Lowlife is such a banger

No. 109168


No. 109229

Ugh. Please someone permaban this thread. I'm tired of poppy bumping herself.

No. 109429

Seconding the /manure/

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