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File: 1452433069898.jpg (166.76 KB, 1335x760, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 79568

I'm interested to know what everyone thinks of Felicia Day.
A "quirky" 36 year old who is praised as the Queen Of Geek.

No. 79569

Oh my god I fucking hate her. She's the epitome of fake gamer girl in it for the money, only Sarkesian has the potential power to usurp her.

No. 79570

Jesus fucking christ has anybody here ever been compared to this bitch by beta fuccbois and had it intended as a compliment all because you're geeky, academic and play vidya?

>"you're like my own personal Felicia Day!"


No. 79571

I remember when she was the cute unknown redhead from Buffy and I just don't understand how she became the "queen of geek".

I'm still subscribed to Geek & Sundry since I used to like Table Top as background noise before Wil Wheaton pissed me off too much. It's funny how Day casually cracks un-PC jokes on her channel but is full SJW on other platforms.

No. 79572

Literally don't know anything about her except my Ex thought she was the most awesome, nerdiest not-like-the-other-whores gurl EVAR. So she must pander to neckbeards/losers and shit, I guess.

No. 79573

my boyfriend was exactly the same. He saved hundreds of pictures of her and stalked her constantly. He thinks she's a joke now and the only reason he liked her because she was so pandering to lonely male gamers.

No. 79574

surely she's got better things to do with her life than cater to the neckbeards tbh

No. 79575

I didn't care about her until Joel picked her to be the new mad in the MST3K reboot. Fucking why?

No. 79576

File: 1452440641114.gif (417.5 KB, 500x268, tumblr_m9v682O7cf1qbuqpro1_500…)

she's so embarrassing

No. 79577

Oh fucking wonderful, fake geeks ruining my favorite TV show.

No. 79578

they're just doing the work of the feminist overlords x o x o
for srs tho it's fucking shit and needs to be stopped

No. 79579

I get how she comes off as annoying, but i really liked her show "the guild" and i also liked her podcast "vaginal fantasy" even though the name is idiotic. Her friends were entertaining and i got some good book recs from it.

No. 79580

I kinda like her, though I don't follow her on social networks or Youtube so I don't know if she's batshit or what. But I liked her in Buffy, Supernatural and the Dragon Age 2 DLC she starred in :/

No. 79581

File: 1452442224212.jpg (60.88 KB, 1024x548, dragon_age_redemption___tallis…)

That DLC was the worst thing ever made. Another way for neckbeards to stroke her ego. She was the worst part about Supernatural. Everytime she opened her mouth I cringed.
"I have two brothers, they're called Xbox and Ps3"

No. 79582

I liked her in the first few seasons of The Guild and in Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog, before she really blew up. And she honestly seems like an alright person on the reg, but I think after she got popular she really started to pander to the nerd community, and it's become super cringy.

No. 79583

File: 1452443147449.jpg (450.76 KB, 1046x1140, g8yoCsD.jpg)

No. 79584

File: 1452443326492.jpg (25.66 KB, 280x280, GameOn.jpg)

would this be considered cultural appropriation?

No. 79585

You may like her or not, but the DLC itself wasn't half bad. The webserie, THAT was cringy and poorly done.

No. 79586

Yeah, me too. I'd kinda forgotten about her after Dr Horrible/early Guild so when everyone started hating on her recently I was like "Why? … Oh."

No. 79587


I guess the "booth babe" comment could be perceived as kind of sexist, although I'm sure that wasn't the dude's intent, but Jesus fucking Christ, they could've just asked him to clarify what he meant. People shouldn't have to walk on eggshells around her just because she's a woman.

I wonder if anyone actually answered his question or if everyone just got offended and told him how great she is and how much she's contributed without actually providing any kind of evidence.

No. 79588

I remember her from the guild and doctor horrible as well. My friends in highschool were obsessed with her..but I could never really get into it.

No. 79589

File: 1452446681855.png (625.68 KB, 565x687, queen.png)

when she was younger she could pass as the cute, nerdy type but now she's almost 40 and quickly losing her fanbase

No. 79590

File: 1452446696186.png (478.97 KB, 603x579, feliciadaycandyroom.png)

Did you know Anita and Felicia Day seem to be some kind of feminist fake gamer girl buddies? It's a really recent thing not a lot of people are paying attention to.
The Felicia Day part starts at about 13:39. Anita and Felicia Day are pretending to be feminist victims from ~attacks by gamers~. Felicia Day touted herself as a geek sweetheart and ~hawt nerd girl~ and was surprised she got fawned over but is really just a typical SJW feminist that loathes her audience.
Notch seems apathetic/to dislike the whole gamer culture thing, so they're trying to get close to him because he's fucking rich after Minecraft and they want to sway him over to a feminism ideology, I assume to get some victim funds. Here's pictures of Felicia day kicking her feet up on his table and just boasting about sitting in the "candy room" at Notch's mansion.

No. 79591


Felicia Day was making web series (The Guild) since before web series were a thing and Wil Wheaton was blogging since before it was called blogging. They are both media trailblazers.

But as to what they've added to "gaming" culture? Absolutely nothing.

I don't even understand why they try so hard to be "gamers". Their accomplishments stand by themselves so why half heartedly claim to be the one true gamers?

No. 79592


Yeah, they definitely seem very successful and accomplished. I can see that even if I don't really like them or agree with them, but I fail to see what they've contributed to "gaming culture".

But of course, nobody is allowed to question a woman when it comes to the whole "geek culture" thing because the whole scene is infested with SJWs who will try to fuck your entire life up if they feel triggered by something you've said.

No. 79593

File: 1452447550286.jpg (234.28 KB, 791x893, pc-gamer-vol7-number11-cliffyb…)


>Notch seems apathetic/to dislike the whole gamer culture thing

I think anyone >25 is apathetic to the "gamer culture thing". The entire thing is an Xbox 360 era invention. People used to laugh at Fatal1ty's dumb sponsorships and Cliffy B's brogrammer bullshit (funny that Cliffy B now rants about brogrammers when he was the first ever brogrammer). But after 10+ years of trying the "gamer" bullshit somehow actually took hold in the 360 era.

We never used to call ourselves anything but if pushed it would have been "user" or "player". "Gamer" is a total sales invention.

No. 79594

Wil Wheaton is worth less than $500.000 and had to make a cameo in Sharknado 2 with his wife so they could pay their bills. He is not successful or accomplished.
Here is Wil going nuts at a reporter on Twitter for not knowing what he has done for gaming


No. 79595

File: 1452448264449.png (383.23 KB, 640x360, doritogate.png)

I agree "Gamer" seems to be marketing pushed on anyone who is more than a casual fan of video games. I honestly do not believe their idea of "gamerz" ever really existed. The whole "Gamers eat Doritos and Drink Mountain Dew while playing on their Hardcore Alienware" was, surprise, something pushed by all those individual companies.

No. 79596

Doritos sound so fucking good right now.

No. 79597

File: 1452450664026.jpg (26.47 KB, 203x255, 1452260088855.jpg)

>I'm interested to know what everyone thinks of Felicia Day
she's a ratfaced kike

No. 79598


My bad.

That's fucking hilarious, though. Thanks, anon.

No. 79599

I liked The Guild, that's about it. She's unbearable.

No. 79600

I have to say that I really can't find the "hot" in her "hot geek gurl". Her nose and mouth are weird shaped

No. 79601

File: 1452454852241.jpg (48.11 KB, 466x552, Felicia-Day-vs-the-White-Deck.…)

you're not the only one

No. 79602

File: 1452454966216.jpg (27.11 KB, 346x278, maxresdefault.jpg)

and another one just cause

No. 79603

everything about her irritates this shit out of me. i actively avoid things she's in. it already annoys me enough that she was in buffy.

No. 79604


Yeah. I really dislike her features but I wouldn't say she's hideous or anything, but it always seems to be the painfully average girls who latch onto the ~omg such a nerd so quirky TEEHEE silly boys XD~ persona.

No. 79605

Yes this, she's identical to this filthy hoarder/cat lady I know. She kinda has a meth face. I guess its true you really only need to be female for sweaty nerds to like you and defend your false status.

No. 79606

I think her physical appeal is that she's thin, but a bit of a butterface. Like, she's not super hot 10/10, so she's more attainable for nerds and geeks? Other, more conventionally attractive gamer girls are just a fantasy for these guys, but Felicia is closer to their own level of attractiveness. If that makes sense. I guess it also makes her easier to relate to and makes her seem more down to earth

No. 79607

Double posting but it also pisses me off that she complains about how all of her non-false feminist fanbase (the sweaty nerd portion) call her hot and she thinks that's misogynistic. Yet she willingly participates in things like >>79583, where those types of comments should absolutely be expected.
But all her retard fans are like 'Yeah, you tell them! Fuck online cat-calling!' then they turn around and retweet/blog pictures of the Supernatural dudes fucking.

I can't stand her followers more than her, because if they weren't around to eat her asshole she wouldn't be here. Now that's shes aging, the dudes are leaving and she's just being held up by tumblr feminists. IMO, she's only Sarkeesian-ing now because she knows this.

No. 79608

I think her face is like that because of her overbite. But I really did like her on the guild. And was starting to grow on her in the show supernatural… but then they killed her off,

No. 79609

I forgot she existed lol.

No. 79610

That must have stung. She quit a bunch of VG voiceover gigs (Guild Wars 2, RIP Zojja 1.0) because legit acting work was keeping her busy.

I sorta felt that all the web series were just to keep her name out there until Joss Whedon found it in his heart to cast her in a leading role, but she found herself stuck in the gamer niche.

No. 79611

Who remembers this video?

No. 79612

Wow, that's cringy.

No. 79613

now I'm glad I chose Logan over Zojja.

No. 79614

I knew she'd be trouble for GW2 for some reason. They had issues with her before all this where her ~real VA~ schedule was conflicting with GW2 recordings.

For those that don't know, GW2 is Guild Wars 2, a big MMO that prides itself on having sort of episodic "Living World" updates. MMOs aren't like normal games where you can just put things off a month when a story and update needs to be recorded. Part of this living world content got delayed a lot and her character just didn't have a speaking roll for a period all thanks to her ruining scheduling.

No. 79615

I always thought she looked like a lizard person.

No. 79616

This made me nauseous.

No. 79617

the dlc was good, her character was fucking awful though. she was a mary sue and my hawke shut her shit down so fast.

No. 79618

The thing I hate about this is the fact she isn't wearing a wig for her 'Lara Croft' cosplay, lmao.

No. 79619

I'd rather have Felicia Day as "Queen of Geek" rather than the trainwreck coswhores who think they are deserving of that title. I can tolerate her. Plus I really liked The Guild.

No. 79620

cliché girl, cliché boy

I realize it's used for comedic effect, but shit, this really isn't helping anyone or anything…

No. 79621

I am not a fan but tolerate her. The problem is she seems to be the only non-coswhore to reach some distinction.

It's often the case that game or geek culture masses fixate on a few semi-attractive women and those women monopolize the few opportunities that exist.

More women need to get distinction as non-coswhores for things to really change for the better I guess.

No. 79622

shes the kind of girl that thinks everyone loves redheads when tbh they are really gross

No. 79623

File: 1452522186495.jpg (101.28 KB, 1920x1080, lmfao.jpg)

No. 79624

I'm not really sure what happened to her. She seemed alright enough to me when she was starting out with The Guild but started to get kind of annoying. Maybe it's the overexposure? That post she made a while back about her getting "attacked" during the whole Gamer Gate drama seemed strange to me too. She didn't actually get attacked but was thinking all these "what ifs" in her mind when she saw gamer bros coming her way. It just didn't make any sense to me.

No. 79625

I remember when dudes I played d&d with like 5 years ago were all on her dick like she was the best thing to happen to geek culture… one of them showed me the "Do you wanna date my avatar" music video because it was his favourite song at the time, but to me that whole video seemed to be just taking the piss out of nerds and how d&d friend didn't realise that and was still just all over her kinda bugged me.

Yes, and it's dumb and creepy and has happened a few times to me.

No. 79626

File: 1452527386698.jpg (107.96 KB, 933x646, 0.JPG)

special snowflake so weird!!

No. 79627

File: 1452527532258.jpg (32.75 KB, 627x386, 1.JPG)

No. 79628

File: 1452527562802.jpg (15.35 KB, 587x77, 2.JPG)

She's so dry and tasteless.

No. 79629

She looks like a bridge troll. Her face is fucking disgusting.

No. 79630

What the fuck, is that her actual nose? It looks like someone used the enlarge tool right on the center of her face.

No. 79631

She thought this looked good enough to post to social media.

No. 79632

I'm not a fan. I've never been one. Never understood the stigma with her. All the geek boys I know things she's soooo hot. I think they are delusional

No. 79633

The only thing of hers I've seen is one episode of the Guild when I was trying it out. The only thing I remember her for is this odd case of paranoia.


>But for the first time maybe in my life, on that Saturday afternoon, I walked towards that pair of gamers and I didn’t smile. I didn’t say hello. In fact, I crossed the street so I wouldn’t walk by them. Because after all the years of gamer love and inclusiveness, something had changed in me. A small voice of doubt in my brain now suspected that those guys and I might not be comrades after all. That they might not greet me with reflected friendliness, but contempt.

No. 79634

What did Will Wheaton do to piss you off? (Don't know much about him)

No. 79635

Yes, this is the post I >>79624 was talking about. Thank you anon for posting it. It just didn't make any sense since she never had any issues with male gamers before. It's like Anita and Zoe brainwashed her or something.

No. 79636

how desperate are you that you dated someone like this

No. 79637

She's probably a gross hambeast or something.

No. 79638

I read through this thread, but what exactly makes her a cow besides being "annoying?" If we made threads for every annoying person out there, this place would be flooded and boring.

Or am I missing something lulzy? The OP is pretty shit.

>"I'm interested to know what everyone thinks"

>no links, no lulzy details, etc.

No. 79639

camel faced

No. 79640

My guy friend showed me that awful video too and The Guild. Really doesn't paint gamers in a good light..

No. 79642

File: 1452550399737.jpg (8.81 KB, 200x213, 467.jpg)

>Makes The Guild in 2007
>Asks gamers for money so she can make season 2
>is only known at all because gamers and her fans got her where she is
>filled The Guild with rape jokes and racist stereotypes
>Fast forward to 2014-2015
>Felicia is now friends with Anita and Zoe and has turned her back on her fans because she thinks they're gross and sexist and much prefers the company of loud feminists.
>She also thinks acting and dressing the way she does at 40 is cute
>she also writes in her book and better looking she is than other girls and can "Steal their boyfriends"

No. 79657

We could have a thread on Will Wheaton too tbh.

Dude is just as annoying as Felicia and really has contributed just as little to geek culture outside of being the most annoying character in TNG.

No. 79658

I misread and thought you'd said "something" instead of "someone." I laughed.

No. 79681

Not the same poster, but he was Wesley Crusher that one time, and that's reason enough.

No. 79690

wtf is wrong with her teeth?

No. 79693

>steal their boyfriends

What? She did? I'm really sad to see a lot of the stuff in this thread, i used to really like her.

No. 79696

I hate when those type of girls use being a redhead as an excuse for their shitty personality.

No. 79699

Natural redhead here. Tbh we are mostly ranked least desirable 99% of the time, so i guess those who shout about being hot are trying to compansate for societys "lol gingers are gross" thing.

No. 79709

to be fair though, redheads are the devils.

No. 79728

ever notice how the popular, celebrity redheads that everyone loves are all natural blonde

No. 79733

Because it's actually rare for a natural redhead to have pretty and proportioned features.

No. 79738

ever notice how every redhead is ugly as fuck

No. 79739

When she got her pixie cut it ruined her "career". It all went downhill from there.

No. 79741

File: 1452566431181.jpg (76.5 KB, 522x522, Felicia-Day-Haircut.jpg)

This is such an ugly picture of her. Of all the pictures she could have uploaded she choice this one.
That nose
That overbite

No. 79744

File: 1452566808412.jpg (65.45 KB, 289x457, 11226907_10153303213581141_666…)

Can someone tell me what is wrong with her legs?

No. 79775

No. 79779

That was such a fanbase altering move on her part… really fucked things up for her big time

No. 79780

jfc she was the most annoying character in Supernatural
her attitude screamed ~I'm a gamer guuurlll, so quirky and originall~

No. 79781

It's cause they wrote her in to be the perfect self-insert for all the tumblr fanbase

No. 79782

File: 1452573056807.png (328.54 KB, 500x444, tumblr_n24ngvKkkL1rftvr1o1_500…)

she has an extreme overbite
her mouth irks me too

No. 79783

File: 1452573078223.jpg (105.88 KB, 736x1104, 884910d6e02185579d715cc106ea53…)

No. 79787

ewww nasty

No. 79793

File: 1452576363896.jpg (55.96 KB, 525x607, ghgljhjvg.JPG)


No. 79817

File: 1452595394751.jpg (534.25 KB, 585x780, g0Bj2iV.jpg)

what's wrong with her everything

No. 79898


May be in the minority, but I think this is one of her cuter pics. Her nose and mouth aren't as unflattering as some of the head on photos, and the angle makes her chin/face shape look nicer.


Wow, what a shit. When that other dude tweeted at felicia day it was rude, even if it was a honest question, he phrased it rudely, but this poor guy is sucking up so hard.

I like some stuff Felicia has done (namely Dr Horrible) but anything I see her in that is recent makes me cringe. Sometimes I watch Table Top if someone I like is one or if its a game I am looking to try, but she's always shouting awful jokes and trying to keep up cringey RP gags that no one wants to go along with, and Wil is just trying to keep up his angry nerd joke persona that gets old real fast.

No. 79904

What's wrong with her everything? KFC lolcow, I don't like her but there's nothing wrong with her body.

I hate you all so much.

No. 79905

No. 79916

File: 1452621865867.jpg (25.74 KB, 329x330, KFCLogo.jpg)

>KFC Lolcow

No. 79917

Felicia's been dating a 78 year old man
for years
author Patrick Sheane Duncan.
If you check out her twitter and facebook she's been advertising his new book.
She refers to him as her friend and always keeps her love life a secret because she knows her male followers will leave her if they find out she has a boyfriend

No. 79930

Goodness, what was she thinking? Her facial features always struck me as being rather masculine, but now she really just looks like some kind of genderspecial tumblr fuccboi.

No. 79935

File: 1452627356291.jpg (128.38 KB, 500x707, felicia pan.jpg)

It looks like she's about to audition for the Peter Pan musical.

No. 79960

File: 1452634120849.jpg (741.74 KB, 2576x2595, 0aazNDJ.jpg)


at first I didn't believe you but
the evidence is very compelling

ugh what a golddigger. unless she's a legit geriatrophile. either way, nasty af

No. 80013

File: 1452641414101.jpg (233.06 KB, 1154x712, 1416448354677.jpg)

he wrote Mr. Holland's Opus, a movie that includes a plot where an older man is tempted by an affair with a much younger redheaded musical prodigy

No. 80014

File: 1452641496060.jpg (974.54 KB, 1180x2932, 1432932481410.jpg)

fugg, that was the wrong image

No. 80017


I feel that with her old long hair.. it kinda offset the overbite some. But now with the short do - it seems more noticeable. Though in a way she can't help how her mouth is shaped.

No. 80021

File: 1452641875028.jpg (16.48 KB, 291x252, lol.JPG)

No. 80023

File: 1452641945805.jpg (223.55 KB, 640x480, wil and mom.jpg)

No. 80025

File: 1452642060198.png (432.56 KB, 631x902, 1451004200014.png)

I feel like this video captures everything reprehensible about Felicia Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f08wubI6N9o

No. 80087

this looks like a picture of a mother and her retarded son

No. 80091

I started watching the video thinking it was a little obnoxious but nothing too damning, but then she started talking about how she used her influence to send her save file to Bethesda because she couldn't figure out a quest for herself. And just when I thought I'd witnessed the highlight of the video, she continued to go on about how the guy who solved it for her deserved to be paid back with signed DVDs.

Damn girl, you flatter yourself way too much.

No. 80095

I feel like someone needs to do a lolcow flow chart of efamous geek gamur women and their tropes because there are so many similar ones that follow each other.

It would be cool to see them all categorized in a hierarchy.

No. 80268

I think we should, apparently he pissed off a lot of people recently with a tumblr post and there does seem to be some milk with him in general.

No. 80275

File: 1452678235052.jpg (126.37 KB, 636x716, 1432138361587.jpg)

he's a never ending source of butthurt

No. 80276

I Just checked out his blogs and hes like the epitome of gamer girl squared. His writing is super cringe worthy it makes tumblr posts look like shakesspear.

No. 80283

I just laughed so hard at this oh my god

No. 80300

I feel like this video shows what she's really like

No. 80301

File: 1452686408666.jpg (24.32 KB, 288x445, 6a00d8341c59aa53ef01053720ff50…)

One time he shouted at a hooters girl because she said "Oh you used to be an actor"
he then went home and wrote the book "Just a Geek" because he was so upset that someone didn't know he was STILL an actor

No. 80351

Jesus fuck this chick's top lip bothers the FUCK out of me. it looks like she's constantly pulli her top lip down over her teeth, but that's just her face. bitch you're rolling in money, fix that shit, lookin all apelike.

No. 80358

I figured I already knew, but the guys that actually find this person attractive are mostly neckbeard types. This guy I have in a few of my classes has this ugly ass beat looking girlfriend and he constantly brags about "how hot she is". She just owns video game merch but she looks like a brick. Felicia is ugly I can't stand looking at that mug.

No. 80482

I forgot to include her snapchat, it's @feliciaday

No. 80663


can't even get through a minute of that

No. 80664

File: 1452757018308.jpg (1.38 MB, 1800x1202, 5364246971_771dea68aa_o.jpg)

>marrying a single mom
>no kids of your own
>adopting her fuck trophies

No. 80666

File: 1452757998176.jpg (163.75 KB, 489x1360, 1450994842461.jpg)

No. 80668

What was this picture about?

No. 84174


No. 84179

Why is he so fucking whiny? Chris Hardwick has pretty much ended up also being famous just for being a geek but he doesn't whine about it. (At least not that I know of.) Wil had his 15 minutes and needs to just go away. PLZ.

No. 84180

Let's be honest here: We don't WANT him to procreate.

No. 84192

I think she's a legit gamer or whatever, but it pisses me off that people like her and Olivia Munn get attention for being attractive women who happen to game when there are TONS OF WOMEN IN GAMING. I hate this 'women gamers are such unicorns!!' bullshit. I'm sure she's a cool person, but every gamer guy jizzes their pants at her name for some reason and it bothers me.

No. 84195

Wil Wheaton is such a goddamn joke.

No. 84203

rofl! At least it was amusing when he Wesley Crusher in TNG. Now he's just a whiney little bitch in his 30s with no claim to fame and he's still grasping for those last 15 minutes.

No. 84205

I thought the woman was his mom and the other kids his little brothers. kek

No. 84206

Dodger is so cute.

No. 84315

>but every gamer guy jizzes their pants at her name for some reason
thats because she was attractive like 10 years ago

No man would fuck her now, unless you are a beta cuck (wil wheton)

No. 84330

File: 1453444885983.jpg (402.19 KB, 458x2458, 1435632679788.jpg)

considering the fossil she's dating, an affair would seem possible until you consider what a beta cuck Wil Wheaton is

No. 84335

File: 1453445526644.png (1.3 MB, 639x1515, anne.png)

>my wife's son

No. 84608

Kit Harington is smol.

No. 84627

File: 1453506546326.jpg (74.48 KB, 600x903, lmao.jpg)

No. 85138

File: 1453649447458.png (1.01 MB, 779x830, pic222.png)

Does anyone here watch Co-Optitude? I can't get through a few seconds of it. Ryon and Felicia aren't funny or entertaining

No. 85155

File: 1453652516708.jpg (343.29 KB, 1131x907, tumblr_o15rd2Nkwe1v423fxo1_128…)


No. 85181

It's like they were made for each other, they're both insufferable cunts.

No. 85200

Isn't the book supposed to be a memoir though? Of course it's going to be mostly about her.

No. 118495

Brand asides, there was definitively a subculture of LAN parties when I was a teenager in mid-late 90's that fits that stereotype. The gender ratio was 5 women for 35 sweaty dudes though.

No. 118533

I honestly can't stand them both.

No. 118544

>mocking Tom Waits


No. 118625

Her poetry would be bland and nonsensical if she didn't have the background illustrating what she was scatting about.
>ten bucks she had to get some nerd to ghostwrite that incredulous shit for her

No. 118628

Meant for >>80300

No. 654926

They're just not rushing anything who knows anyone else have that length, myself included.

No. 1027978

Who has a baby with a fucking geriatric. That man will be dead before the baby can even read.(necro)

No. 1028033

I don’t know, that’s kind of the one aspect of her life that really just makes me feel bad for her. Evidence of this disappears from the internet fairly quickly, but it’s pretty clear she was groomed by that guy from a very young age. Yeah, he bankrolled her fleeting success but It can’t have been worth it. She’s annoying and probably mega egotistical but it’s still sad to see she never got out from under that disgusting creep. Guess she’ls just waiting for him to die.

Sage for necro.

No. 1028040

is 24yo "very young" for you? because that's the age she met him at according to her
you're making a lot of assumptions there, maybe they're a happy couple?

No. 1028192

If the other person is in their 40s/50s/60s? (Not sure how old the dude actually is) Yes, 24 is very young.
I don't have a problem with age gaps, as long as there's not a huge power imbalance. You know you have to be 18 to post here, right?

No. 1028217

hes currently 73, he would have been 56 when she was 24

No. 1028218

also, why did this thread get necro'd? Nobody cares about her anymore

No. 1113022

I'm with >>1028192 here. 24 is reasonable for a 30-35yo, maybe even slightly older than that? but c'mon, dude was well over twice her age at 56. He's a creep.

Welcome to lolcow, shit happens all the time. Someone probably googled her and ended up here considering the comment was unsaged.

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