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File: 1554782718770.png (1.63 MB, 1406x1125, Picture1.png)

No. 796040

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer because he wore makeup one time.

Recent milk:
>Reactivates Instagram after only 5 days of her break in hopes that conversation of her controversial tweets has died down. Claims she left Instagram because people were abusing her for being fat and non-binary. Tries pretending that she was never problematic.
>Eventually creates an Instagram highlighted story reel titled "Accountability" where she attempts to call herself out for her problematic tweets. Leaves out the most damning tweets which include romanticizing Hitler and the Holocaust as well as rape jokes. Blames her past on "internalized misogyny, homophobia, and fatphobia."
>Gets her dad to write her a formal letter for her autism assessment. Dad admits Phoebe has frequent "abusive and aggressive" outbursts when someone disagrees with her. >>791495
>Composes list of accessibility demands for event venues to follow. Entire list revolves around herself and her fake disabilities. States that she doesn't have to show proof of her disability to receive free benefits from events, which include free tickets, free taxis, and safe spaces. Asks people to donate to her for creating said list >>790519
>Posts incredibly questionable letter from her doctor (that may not even be a real letter) written for the Adult Autistic Spectrum Disorders Clinic. >>790343
>Is an admin for a Mutual Aid group on Facebook for people with disabilities. The group is basically a group for her to beg for money under the guise of it being community activism.
>Has a Colonoscopy that she pressured her doctors to give her. Says the diet she has to eat in preparation for her Colonoscopy triggers her eating disorder. Claims she is "starving" (despite stuffing herself with ice cream and biscuits the morning of her procedure when she wasn't supposed to). Begs for people to send her money for Chinese takeout in her Mutual Aid group and labels it under "urgent."
>Says doctor told her "Wow, you're just in pain everywhere, aren't you? I'm so sorry" as he stroked her cheek before her procedure. Lies about her nurse telling her she's fit.
>Keeps trying to push her "Jewish" identity. People call her out on being fake Jewish and she deletes all the stories where she claims to be Jewish and blocks anyone who questions her.
>Passive aggressively writes a letter to her neighbor for being noisy at night instead of confronting her neighbor irl. Calls neighbor an "ignorant, entitled fucking cunt" on her Instagram. Makes letter all about herself and reminds her neighbors that she's disabled and that their noise puts more strain on her disability. Says that she is very tired from "work" (even though she only makes her 5-minute crafts a few times a week and frequently gives herself days off for her pizza and win) despite Henry being the only one who works. Doesn't really mention Henry at all.

Instagram: @fatvegfemme
YouTube: @fatveganfemme
Pornhub: @fezxoxo (NSFL)
Etsy: @FatVegFemmeArt

Previous threads:

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No. 796045

File: 1554785079927.png (254.29 KB, 346x597, Lol.png)

Reminder, this glorious chosen enbie charges 40 euro for a portrait.

No. 796047


how much extra for the poorly-lettered on-trend hashtag?

No. 796054

File: 1554787925416.jpg (75.02 KB, 1024x1821, StorySaver_fatvegfemme_5421291…)

all that money for something straight from ms paint

No. 796055

… please tell me his chin is that long and that his eyes are that far apart.

No. 796056

she's being paid to trace pics?

No. 796061

Phoebe, you don't buy a 200+ pound piece of machinery if you're so poor you're begging people for money for take out.
She's too dumb to even lie and say someone gave it to her or something.
Also, I don't know how she can't get it to work, it's super easy. She's probably using the wrong setting or something.

No. 796070

Has Phoebe ever donated to anyone in the Mutual Aid group she runs? Or is it all take and no give?

No. 796071


She stalks here so give it time, and she'll claim that it was 'second hand' or 'on offer',

No. 796072


It's hard to tell, it's all anonymous from what I've seen. (Meaning only the beneficiary can see who's donated)

No. 796073

Given Feebz’s narcissism, I’m sure she’d claim she’s “too poor” to donate to anyone else. Her entitlement to (presumably) large portions of Chinese food when there’s other people who actually need aid in that group is gross. Then she has the gal to try passing it off as people sending her money just because, as if she doesn’t beg for shit. Also the time she got people to buy items from her shop out of pity because of the ~boolies~. Hopefully her admin status is revoked soon.

No. 796077

File: 1554799747563.jpeg (170.76 KB, 1080x1921, D2415009-0D11-4BE8-B017-EC8182…)

This one wasn’t posted in the last thread but holy shit she’s so fucking rude

No. 796080

Someone please save Henry. Also, excellent pic OP.

No. 796081

File: 1554800631858.png (229.92 KB, 816x326, Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 10.0…)

all of the intersections represented here make me suspect this is Phoebe's work on the group's banner but the art isn't quite as shit as usual

No. 796091

for being poor, you surely don't seem to be used to environments too common to poor folks. There are even studies that show that ACTUAL poor people have systemic developmental problems as a result of those environments. Clearly this is new to you, otherwise, you wouldn't be bitching about it. There are billions of people in your position, but they aren't rude fucks who expect others to change. Oh no, many poor people resort to things like sleeping aids (medication, white noise machines, tea) and earplugs (you can even find this at the dollar store in the US.) There are so many solutions to her problems, and she has the money to do it. She just needs to stop getting so much useless shit. Everything has to be about how she's the most oppressed victim ever. Thank god she isn't a single disabled mother trying to raise children.

Now this shit is just hilarious. Why does she continue to use black/poc skins/symbols and capitalize from them? I thought it was unethical because that's what she told Jameela about capitalizing from trans people. Its funny how she's the only one allowed to profit from things, but if the roles were reversed she'd have a fit. The raised fist is a great example, as it was used by black people (1968 Olympics.) She also used Frida Khalo which is hilarious, as she probably doesn't know what Khalo represents to Mexicans. Why does she have a problem with dreads, but not with herself, a white artist, using black civil rights imagery? I mean, she had a ragefit over goddamn noodles. Pheebs, this is why you're on this site.. Not because of FATPHOBIA AND TRANSPHOBIA. You'd be surprised by the amount of trans/fat/women/poc that post on this site. You are just not a very nice person. Stop relying on pseudoscience, and get the hell out of your echo chamber. Find some doctors and follow their advice, and if it doesn't work, at least you tried… Also ffs stop saying you "starve" whenever you're not binging, it's not very woke of you.

No. 796102

OP you missed out
>claims to be poor but eats vegan gluten free food and has never considered maybe just eating normally to save money cos ~activism~
>her poverty is so bad she can't afford the dentist or her medication, despite the fact in the UK if you're too poor for that you get it for free, and it takes about 5 minutes to fill in the relevant forms and give proof of income. No idea why our kween wouldn't wanna apply for this unless she knew she made too much money.

No. 796105

File: 1554807261956.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2829.PNG)


Today's story should be a laugh riot /sarcam

No. 796111

File: 1554811853358.jpg (656.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190409-131004_Ins…)

She's so poor she has a lush bath bomb

No. 796112

File: 1554811971754.jpg (697.87 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20190409-131212_Ins…)

The idea of her squatting over her toilet wiping herself with baby wipes coz she's too many to shower is so gross

No. 796114

A good tip is to stop faking being depressed and just have a god damn shower.

No. 796115

It never ceases to amaze me that people actually pay good money for her 'art'. I'm an actual artist in my spare time, and have been for many years and get nowhere near the engagement she does for that utter shite.

Also like I'm vegan and I'm poor as shit and eat NOTHING Like how she does. Its perfectly possible to eat healthy and vegan when you're poor, let alone when you're clearly middle class like this cow. Ugh she's so infuriating but I cant look away.

No. 796119


Said in another story that she knocked on their door 7 times and they ignored her

No. 796120


If my neighbour was screaming obscenities at me I wouldn't answer the door to them either.

No. 796124

File: 1554815747752.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 892196CD-41F1-4FC9-A588-C34ADB…)

I’m sure after her angry neighbor gets this letter and confront her, her disabled ass will suddenly be able to run up those stairs

No. 796126

File: 1554816960507.png (148.78 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20190409-143518.png)

No. 796131

Why on earth if you’re washing yourself for the first time in awhile would you use a bathbomb. That’s not going to make yourself any cleaner. Just hop in the shower and scrub yourself with soap like any other person. Bath bombs are for winding down after a long day, not regular washes for hygienic purposes

No. 796132

imagine how she smells oh jesus
also lush bath bombs =/= actually washing yourself
she's coating her filth in perfume

No. 796134

File: 1554818969837.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, 19B1BE8C-1D5C-4907-9917-B56E4D…)

Poor cat….

No. 796135

File: 1554819012433.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 8E763464-E0C0-4B8E-9966-5E4638…)

In the first video polly was clearly moving away(7.3 Milkless social media statuses and images )

No. 796136

File: 1554819090825.jpeg (431.46 KB, 750x1099, A3B2FED6-BD98-4482-B951-E15092…)

Stay classy!

No. 796137

how do you get feet that fucking fat

No. 796138


> going out with family

> wears labia pin

No. 796139


be that fat, is the answer. being hugely overweight can lead to water retention

No. 796141

She’s totally used FaceTune or another editing app to smooth her legs. Surely if she cant clean herself due to being “disabled”, she isn’t shaving her legs either… I bed she can’t even reach her legs!

No. 796145


oh god does Henry have to shave her legs for her?

No. 796151

She really has to add that she's "disabled" at every chance she gets, huh?

No. 796154

why is it turned sideways, it just looks like a weird fish mouth now…

No. 796156

Wait so she banged on the ceiling and swore and yelled at her poor upstairs neighbor who wasn't even doing anything wrong? I'd be fucking pissed.

Also, it took them an entire YEAR to confront their neighbors about the noise? If I had loud neighbors that were keeping me up at night I'd last maybe a month before I went to talk to them about it. Who the fuck sits around and gets pissy about the noise and complains about it on instagram stories instead of trying to solve the fucking problem right away?

No. 796169


So was she screaming and cursing out the wrong neighbour? Ranting on insta about what a prick and a cunt he is..

No. 796189

File: 1554831345671.jpeg (120.44 KB, 1080x1921, 157F8D0E-0E6C-4857-A152-9D5C54…)

Everything just has to be severe. It can’t just be a regular ole leg cramp

No. 796190

File: 1554831382547.jpeg (154.25 KB, 1080x1921, 5B0CFFC7-0267-40F6-86BB-5E0ABE…)

oh no she has to wash!!

No. 796192

File: 1554831475061.jpeg (245.13 KB, 1238x1587, 2984EF94-BA5A-4264-A695-5C87CB…)

She posted 3 very similar stories in one go.

No. 796195

File: 1554831738155.jpeg (536.85 KB, 1242x1174, 9CDD3084-8B33-4CF7-9E74-3D5F5F…)

Off topic but Jameela is always correcting her wrongs, so much that she even personally reached out to Phoebe in DM. Phoebe still has her Instagram highlight tab where she’s calling out Jameela, even after Jameela has tried learning and didn’t even owe Phoebe anything.
The difference is Jameela actually wants to do right because she cares. Phoebe never even resurrected her twitter after her past was dug up.

No. 796197

File: 1554831958174.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1954, 184FF1BE-3F91-48D9-94E4-6AF7AD…)

No. 796198

She really does look like the combination of every SJW stereotype there is. Tragic.

No. 796200

anon i was about to post this exact screenshot you bastard man

No. 796201

IDK, Feebles. working? Feeding their cats things they can actually digest? Not taking every opportunity to broadcast what a complete and total cunt they are?

No. 796208


The pink hair really accentuates how flushed her face always is, prob the least flattering colour she could've picked

No. 796218

working, taking care of myself and my surroundings, conserve the little funds i have for food rather than bath bombs and etsy trinkets - i find the propensity of her calling everyone a cunt and a prick pretty gendered and at odds with her sjw status - what's that about peebs?

No. 796219

okay but
she's a neighbour from hell, that kind who goes up to your door because you farted loudly, jesus. she becomes more and more insufferable every time she posts something

No. 796220

You're hungover and fat, get over it.

No. 796223


Yep calling people a cunt is ironic given her pussy-pride and all that vulva badge wearing…

No. 796228


Wasn't she just complaining about people tagging her? Yet somehow she has no problem linking others.

No. 796230

File: 1554836666918.jpeg (183.87 KB, 1080x1921, FBA67FA9-6170-48BD-8220-BD947A…)

Yes.. and someone told her they linked Phoebe’s account so their followers would also follow Phoebe, as in they were trying to give Phoebe exposure to potential new clients. I get that in this context Phoebe was shouting out the creator of the earrings, but when Phoebe went off on that other follower who tagged her, it was for the same reason Phoebe tagged that person to her selfie.

No. 796231

this was in my explore feed and i thought of feebs: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv-t8w8FvLv/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1hymdyb9kuyh1

imagine if she took the advice but no, she can’t live without her hate boner for screeching and verbally attacking women.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: she looks like a young penn jillette covered in unicorn vomit. damn.(Constant neverending autism and nitpicking.)

No. 796235

File: 1554837109357.jpeg (95.75 KB, 750x1334, F03A78DD-FB0F-4ED0-981E-CC43EA…)

She’s with family right now I think since she won’t shut up about how she’s socializing tonight. She just posted pics of her food, then posted this right after. Bitch is really just on Instagram bitching about something yet again when she should be attemptive to her family. Just like when she live blogged Henry’s Christmas party. Then she wonders why she’s ostracized. Always something to be angry about instead of just spending quality time with loved ones

No. 796236


She keeps referring to it as socialising but isn't she just meeting her family?

She doesn't have friends, understandably lol

No. 796268

She has actually complained about not having friends before and its like…wow feebz wonder why. Its almost like you're insufferable to the point you call the word dumb a slur.

No. 796275

File: 1554842009626.png (4.98 MB, 750x1334, 1B87D2C8-C6F8-452A-803F-5074A7…)

Nobody wants to be around someone who gets offended over every tiny thing, I’d imagine trying to be friends with her would be akin to walking on eggshells, having to be extremely careful not to offend her. Phoebe, maybe if you stopped getting your panties in a twist over things as inane as horseback riding and the word “dumb,” people would want to hang out with you more.

Also I have to laugh at her calling herself so poor and “starving” when her family pays for meals regularly like pic related. She had an alcoholic drink, fish and chips, and dessert. Some people don’t even have family that pays for their food at all phoebe, you aren’t poor because at the end of the day you have a family with money to fall back on and buy you a hot meal. She’s insufferable.

No. 796286


Prepare to hear all about the severe IBS cramps after this, she has to put a negative spin on everything after all

No. 796288

that’s enough food for two people. how the fuck does she think she’s eating healthily

No. 796290

No bitch, that's why YOU tag other people. The rest of the world isn't as disgusting as you on the inside.

No. 796291

File: 1554845068299.jpeg (212.29 KB, 750x1334, 11D58343-7239-4110-B77E-C7C2FB…)

Phoebz showing off her new €13.50 novelty socks and two matching genital pin badges at €6.50 each, so around £25 worth including shipping.

That’s after enjoying a £5.95 Lush bath bomb, on her way to the Hungry Horse for a ‘Vegan Mix It Up’ at £10.49 with TWO sides of fries and then a £5.95 Gin & Berry Dessert plus alcoholic drinks in her insta stories.

The restaurant’s website puts her main and sides alone at a total of 1316 calories. 1700+ calories is a conservative estimate with dessert and if she only had one cider.

One day she pretends to be too poor to eat so people give her money, another day she eats in one sitting what she should have in an entire day and extravagantly spends what genuinely poor people pay for a week’s groceries!

She will likely claim that she didn’t pay for any of this, which might be even worse. It would go to show how easy she has it, getting handed everything while others work and she exploits their generosity.

No. 796296


I'm sure she guilts her dad into these daddy/daughter dates cos she's mentioned several times now that he's brought her out and fed her when she's been particularly miserable

But then she couldn't even act excited to go, complains about her pain some more and makes out like a free meal and drinks out is a chore

No. 796297

Thanks for the calculations, anon. What a spoiled pig. It’s either she actually does have money, but she’ll groan about how god forbid a poor person treat themselves!!!1! Except she isn’t treating herself every “once in a while.” This is on a daily basis. Exactly one week ago she was bitching about being “skint:/“ and not being able to afford Chinese food. So that’s why she crowdfunded it and made it sound like an emergency. Yet, she miraculously buys all of these things a week later. Where are her fucking priorities?? Why did other people have to buy her food last week!?
Now her family *likely took her out to eat. That’s fine, whatever. But it goes to show she does have resources and that she is still for some reason loved by people. Loved enough to get taken out to eat mass portions of good food. I bet she gobbled this down in one sitting, rather than boxing the rest to go so that she could have leftovers. But she’ll bitch about the pain this food caused her, talk about how she’s now going to the doctor over it, then go off about how people should PayPal her money for more food for being brave for going to the doctor. It’s a never ending fatty cycle.

She isn’t even good at LARPing poor. Saged for angry sperging.

No. 796300

She has it so fucking good. She really makes this sound like a task. Let’s not forget she considers the hardest part of her day combing her hair.
Even when daddy takes her out, she’s still on Instagram ignoring people and finding something else to be mad about.

No. 796302

Is she a former nazi that converted to judaism?

No. 796303

Wonder if she got the mum's consent to posting pictures and videos of the kid on her stories to all her rabid followers/public account. Not very woke peebz…

No. 796309

File: 1554847009901.jpeg (176.52 KB, 1080x1921, 2B67AFFC-1CDF-4FB2-AF06-08DD98…)


No. 796312

File: 1554847091177.jpeg (70.4 KB, 750x1334, E54E99ED-C472-4C18-AEBB-F7DA83…)

Phoebe, you’re the last person to talk about consent shut the fuck up

No. 796314

File: 1554847321958.png (3.99 MB, 1242x2208, B50FB42D-1D7C-4275-B0C0-46D59E…)

She really thinks she can handle it. We all know what will happen: she’ll be bitching on IG rather than being productive, some part of her body (her asshole) will hurt and she’ll let us know about it too, she’ll announce they’re now up for sale, only two people will buy them, then she’ll go off about how hard it is to run her small business because no one buys her genius art! And she will post that story to her “running a small business” highlight reel.

No. 796327

why do people here act like non-binary exists when even your beloved japan think they exist (they're called x-gender and theres mangas about it)

No. 796328

*Dont exist when

No. 796330


Do these people want a pat on the back for figuring that out. I mean rape is already illegal so they don't really need to use twitter preach this woke message

Also, Pheobe the molester

No. 796331


Pheobes isn't someone you want representing you gender identity

No. 796333

We believe in non-binary, we just don't believe that she's non-binary.

Please don't assume we dislike fat/trans/disabled etc.
We just dislike Phoebe.

No. 796337


Same, nothing against trans/fat/disabled or autistic people, oh or jews or any other group she attaches herself to. Just her and her awful attitude.

No. 796339


And the only one of those words she's claimed for herself that actually can be used to describe her is "fat".

No. 796340

File: 1554850957160.jpeg (391.86 KB, 1242x598, EDB43B7A-DE8F-4DE1-8C67-CBD71E…)

I got this ad when looking at Phoebe’s profile. Thought it was fitting.

No. 796347

So which one is the realistic drawing?
I normally wouldn't give a damn about someone's artistic abilities but she's expecting people to pay crazy amounts of money for baby's first digital art. This is also a woman claiming to be a hard working business owner despite not being smart enough to not create a business around something she's terrible at. And then having the balls to complain that no one buys her shit. She'll invest 200+ pounds into a letter maker instead of investing time into bettering her craft. Hell, if she was good she wouldn't need the letter maker and if she were smart she'd only buy it if the demand for her Dollarama decorations was high enough to need the speed boost. Bitch should take a free business class before wasting more of Henry's money. I hope he dumps her my god he deserves someone who won't take advantage of his autism

I wonder how long and how often she yelled at her upstairs neighbour before finally talking to him and realising he wasn't making the noise the entire time

No, read the threads. She's claiming to be Jewish despite not converting or being born Jewish. She's not ethnically Jewish either. Her grandmother (or great grandmother) converted she Judaism for her husband then converted right back after he died. That's her entire link to Judaism. She's claiming a minority term because she wants to pretend she's anything but a spoilt white brat and this is only one of those she uses. She has a past of outright racism, has made Hitler and holocaust jokes, and as shown in her tweet in the picture above has said things which glorify Hitler. To say nothing of her obvious current misogyny and racism (it's just less overt and easier to miss if you don't pay attention)

No. 796349

Ugh it's one thing to have the basic adult understanding that genitals and breasts are normal. It's an entirely different thing to need to plaster gentitals and breasts all over your clothing, tote bags, pins, etc. It's not "woke," it makes you look like a deviant.

No. 796350

File: 1554852888263.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 960.37 KB, 1242x1591, 1AB9E8B9-D50B-4FC9-9F7A-7F3646…)

I know anons posted some of her nude posts in the last threads, but I don’t think this one was posted (it’s hard to keep track because she went through an era of posting pics similar to this once a week). Read the caption.. it’s amazing how all of the things she complains about are all things she came up with for brownie points, or could be cured by having a job. She says Henry is the only reason she’s alive. What will happen when he leaves her? Because as someone else said in the personal cows thread, Henry was flirting with another person already.
Also the fucking image description oh my god how embarrassing

No. 796360

If I were her family I'd be glad for the silence tbh. Please, get absorbed into your phone while the rest of us chat and enjoy our meals.

No. 796361

does she add the image descriptions for seeing impaired people who use screen readers lol? I doubt she even has ONE blind follower. its strictly for her appearance as a "disabled ally"

also ew. pimply ass on full display

No. 796362

File: 1554854391879.png (277.27 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20190410-005626.png)

86 sales in the past 4 days


No. 796363

Wouldn't it be a fuckin twist if Henry wasn't nearly as low-functioning and "weird" as she claims and actually has been spending the hours he says he's working OT going out with coworkers for a drink and meeting new people? Lots of autistic people can learn to pick up on social cues with practice to the point where you'd have a hard time knowing they are, and he's a good looking guy with a steady job… She barely pays any attention to anyone but herself and her fucking "store" so I wouldn't even doubt he could be securing a way out or a new girlfriend right under her piggy nose.

Go Henry. We believe in you. #SaveHenry2k19

No. 796366

God that ass rash looks fucking toxic. how could it get so bad. does she shit acid?

No. 796369

File: 1554855383842.jpeg (311.62 KB, 1242x1993, 9589C0B9-A363-42AC-A40C-574E1B…)

Woah. Has anyone seen these vegan protest videos before? There’s suddenly a handful of them on her channel, I think they were unlisted until now. Seems a bit performative the way she keeps saying “I’m so sorry baby!!!” repeatedly and starts crying for the camera. It was a bit hard to watch personally, but I don’t get why she felt the need to upload these.


No. 796371

i’ve done that kind of activism before, you give the animals water usually and document their conditions so you can share about how bad they treat the animals

No. 796375

In her most recent post she uses the #bpd which although can be bipolar disorder, is more commonly how borderline personality disorder is shortened…. Funny how in the last thread it was mentioned she's not autistic she might just have borderline personality disorder and now it's in her tags alongside what she currently claims to have…

No. 796377

is it just me or does she have a tan line on her upper back?

No. 796380

The new fad of people self diagnosing with BPD for UwU ~I'm soooo mentally fragile portect me~ UwU really pisses me off.
They try to use it as a shield for their incredibly shitty behavior. It's not cute, it's childish and disgusting.

No. 796381

Oh yes Phoebe, please contribute to the stigmatization of mental illness by excusing yourself of being a cunt some more why don't you. It's like her dad going "oh my daughter isn't a bitch, this cunt just had autism" in that letter he wrote

Documenting conditions of animals and giving them some water is fine but crying for your own camera that "you couldn't save the animals" is just performative. You know these animals are going to be eaten and many others around the world are currently being eaten and that's why you're there. Or potentially you're there as someone who eats meat but wants humane conditions for animals. Either way as usual this feels like Phoebe making activism about herself and how it makes her look. Or, giving her the benefit of the doubt, just shows how stunted she is as an adult. It doesn't matter if you're vegan or not, this is just pathetic to turn on a camera to cry over a couple cows you've seen at a slaughterhouse you chose to go to. Not getting overwhelmed over the conditions or talking about your activism, just flat out crying that you "couldn't save" a couple cows when I doubt she was there to set them free or something

No. 796388

Because… “non-binary” doesn’t exist. There’s no scientific evidence to support its existence. It’s just a label people like Phoebe use so they can feel special and call themselves “queer.”

>We believe in non-binary
Who is “we”? Are there a bunch of newfags flooding in from tumblr or something?

No. 796395

Sat through her how to be a better ally to the disabled video. Some points she makes are sensible, but it's a shame that she's too self-aggrandizing to actually care about the community at large. Ultimately it's a video to talk about her own experiences (as per usual) and to plug in her accessibility document to send to events to make more events accessible (and in turn make money off said document).

>Starts off by saying she's borrowing the tripod she's using! As always. Everything is either borrowed/given/on sale, like the proper communist she is.

>States you cannot call yourself an ally. People in the community must refer to you as an ally. This makes sense in the context of real disabled people, but we know Phoebe is faking everything.

Makes me wonder if she gatekeepes other people who claim disability.

>Explains Mutual Aid. Says it is important to give back to others if you have benefited from Mutual Aid once you have the funds to pay it forward. Talks about how Mutual Aid got her the electronic scooter and a cane AKA the kindness of others got her those picture props. Has likely never given back to others who are disabled, sounds like she just benefits from it.

>Says "I don't see my autism as a disability!!!" essentially admitting she isn't disabled.
>Talks about how allies need to share the work of disabled people, but it's pretty much just about her. Says allies need to share the modeling photos of disabled people (oddly specific considering all the selfies + naked pictures she has uploaded of herself..). Perfect timing to say these things now that she's a ~boss babe~ with her own business and needs all the customers she can grab.
>Says it's important for people to share the work of disabled people like her so that they can actually live!! Despite still going out with her family and indulging in takeaway multiple times a week, as well as buying unnecessary shit.
>Says all public events must be accessible. Keeps bringing up her accessibility document she created. Screeches about how her work is free!1! (even though she links her PayPal and expects reparations). Calls it the bare minimum, although she expects free tickets, earphones, transportation, the best seats, quiet rooms, among other things.
>Says if you are ableist, no amount of apologizing will make anything okay. State you must actively work to fix things. Interesting for her to say this given her past of vulgar tweets and zero accountability.
>The icing on the cake: "I can't even go out of my apartment without falling on a curve because of my wheelchair!!" even though she makes no effort to change her flat to the first floor and she can walk just fine without it. Henry is the one who pushes her anyway.

No. 796397

there are as many intersex people in the world as there are redheads. non binary is real. pheebs is not.(Absolutely no one cares)

No. 796398


Let's not derail. There are other threads to discuss this. Let's all agree Feebz just lies about everything and views it all as a money grab.

No. 796399


also not trying to WK Nathan Pyle here, but this wasn't supposed to be an apology in the first place. Amazed phoebe is going after a man this time tho

No. 796400


personally i'd say the word "dumb" is a slur of sorts, but most people pick their battles and Phoebe does not. everything is an outrage.

No. 796401


(lots of visually impaired ppl have fed back that the alt text widget on Instagram is pretty glitchy so many people still put descriptions in their captions instead)

No. 796402


my favourite thing is how she didn't even do the art in her profile picture. false advertising!

No. 796403


That'll happen when you sit on your ass all the time and rarely wash. Compounded by obesity.

No. 796404

File: 1554865349595.jpg (258.89 KB, 1080x1804, thetruestknowledgableally.jpg)

Remember that time (not even a month ago) she claimed to be starving, and actual poor/people of color called her out for using that term? She made it ALL about HER, and how much of a victim she is. Just because her thread is overflowing with milk, I thought I'd bring this golden quote about how she knows just how bad medical racism is (even though she hasn't experienced it.) Proof right here she is the ultimate best ally ever.

No. 796405


BPD-diagnosed anon here, it's not really something you'd want to have on your records. Brings up all kinds of issues when it comes to being taken seriously with basically any kind of health problem mental or physical. Then we get asshats like Phoebe deciding they have it because they're sad and self harmed once.

No. 796406

She was also disappointed that she doesn’t have Chron’s disease because of the one stomach ache she had. Fuck she’s just looking to tick all the boxes.

No. 796407


but can you imagine the daily whinging updates if she DID have Crohns? It's bad enough with her just-about-IBS.

No. 796408

God and the she also forces Henry to work on her “store” with her. Imagine that. He sometimes only gets one day off, seems to commute far off for the job too, and it’s spent with him helping her with her “job.” She literally said she grows excited when he works overtime because it means more money. They’ve been together for two years, there’s still hope for him to move on. Wonder what she’d do if he left because then she’d actually be poor and on her own (though she’d probably reach out to her cop father, and that wouldn’t look too hot since she hates cops so much!)

No. 796409

File: 1554866260440.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 485.18 KB, 1242x1876, B9AD2D8E-EAEB-4783-BE9C-B7C6A2…)

No. 796410

File: 1554866302796.jpeg (65.34 KB, 1242x221, 3869E5AD-F681-4009-816C-2230E7…)

She has the worst image descriptions this is so fucking uncomfortable.

No. 796422

File: 1554871527024.jpg (19.58 KB, 625x415, people-are-trolling-victoria-j…)

This thread has attracted many retarded newfags who are just not as retarded as Phoebe, because no one is. At least some of them figured out how to sage.

I've never come across someone as self-unaware as this cow. She's such a fucking hypocrite. She couldn't even apologize for her past shitty tweets, despite being a cunt and calling out Jameela for her 2012 show, saying even back then she knew better because Phoebe is such a fucking saint, top fucking kek, her tweets say otherwise. Instead, she had to pull a Victoria Justice. "I was racist? Oh, I think WE WERE ALL RACIST!"

She just wants to be the most disabled person SO BAD. She can't just have normal pain, or have a normal bad day, oh no. Phoebe doesn't stub her toe like normal people, when Phoebe stubs her toe it's like "I have just gone through THE WORST PAIN of my life! I can no longer walk! I need a wheel chair! BENEFITS! I SEVERELY stubbed my toe. I mean, it's SEVERE! The WORST case of stubbed toe they've EVER SEEN! Please send me money for Lush bath bombs I'll never use because I'm a pig and vagina pins that look like Pepe the frog's mouth"

No. 796424

She traces everything that doesn't consist of shapeless blobs stacked on top one another.
If the sound were that bad then she would have known within a couple weeks at most where the general source was. This isn't grounded in reality at all
>correcting her wrongs
No, she's just a less radical member of the self-eating community that Phoebe is also in. She's part of the problem.

No. 796426

why do genderspecials do this retarded "image description" nonsense, can their followers not see what is happening in the photo right in front of them?

No. 796428

Speak for yourself handmaiden, many of us don't cape for trannies. That said, there is much more than that to make fun of Pheebs for!

No. 796430

File: 1554877690241.jpeg (199.54 KB, 1085x818, 4D3B06F9-25EF-4BC0-A32D-A86ADA…)

No. 796431


Nothing to do with gender. Visually impaired people often use apps or screen readers on social media and using image descriptions means that they can know what's in the image and not just the caption (which may be unrelated). Since Phoebe has wedged herself into the disability community its not unreasonable for her to think that this will be appreciated, although her descriptions are rather lacking.

No. 796432

I believe it's supposed to be for blind people to know what's happening in the image.

No. 796433

What does being intersex have to do any of that?

No. 796436

She sounds really bitter in this video, but it comes off as somewhat pitiful. She goes on about how we shouldn't celebrate people changing their bodies, claims that fitspo is the exact same thing as thinspo and that it's nothing to celebrate, and admits she doesn't watch some of her friends' Instagram stories because they'll post before and after pics and they trigger her. She contradicts herself by saying she's hoping to get thin again someday and going back to weight lifting/going to the gym, but admits her body is a "shitstorm" right now and that she can't physically work out. All of this really comes off as her wanting to be fit, but not doing anything to change it so that's why she's mad at other people. At 7:50 she says "If you're promoting body positivity, you should be promoting fat positivity!!" Just seems like she'll really stick with what's most convenient to her and most beneficial to her. Anything that deviates her standards is problematic.

No. 796437

>Shouldn't celebrate people changing their bodies
Hmmmmm Phoebe sounds a bit twansphobic if you ask me! Lmao

No. 796438


FFS Phoebe

Some people (including myself) are fat and cool with it. Some people are fat and really want to lose the weight.
I'm not going to be so salty as to refuse to congratulate a friend on their weight loss when they worked hard at it. Someone losing weight for their health isn't the same as "buying into" to the media's idea of a perfect body.(no one here cares about you being a fatty.)

No. 796441

you're going to shit yourself when you find our gender critical threads.

No. 796444

uhhh how can blind people read instagram captions?

No. 796445


screen readers read text, hence image descriptions in the captions

can we get back on topic?

No. 796449

File: 1554882955507.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.74 KB, 670x697, thriving.jpg)

My greatest masterpiece

No. 796450

Sorry wrong thread. mod please delete this.(You can remove your own posts 30minutes after making them.)

No. 796451

can all you anons going “i’m xyz!!” just stop already? nobody cares

No. 796453


You can delete it yourself you have like 30 minutes or so

No. 796454

The derailing in this thread is insane.
Please stay on topic and write 'sage' in email field of you are not contributing new milk.

No. 796462

No one here cares if you have condition x, y or z.
No one here cares if you are fat.
No one here cares if you are on disability.
No one here cares if identifying as x, y or z is valid.

If you wish to talk about being a disabled autistic valid panhandle, this is not the thread for it. Offtopic rambling, nitpicking and tumblr will catch a 1d ban.

Cowtipping is absolutely prohibited and cowtippers are not welcome here. Your "epic takedowns" are just as cowish as Phoebe herself.

No. 796463

thank you based farmhand. doing the lord’s work.

No. 796465

File: 1554891812354.png (688.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2836.PNG)

super rude of her to moan about someone's comment while identifying them when it wasn't that bad/actually abusive.

if it had been the other way around she'd be crying targeting of disabled/queer/fat /Jewish people.

No. 796467


>>people are such assholes

>>username is rebecca

Yet again she calls out the women. JFC how can her followers with legitimate disabilities not see through her bullshit.

No. 796474

She’s very transparent but most of her followers are the thought policing blindly queer types so they think it’s not their place to speak about what a disabled/fat/jewess is doing wrong

No. 796478


People with legitimate disabilities often depend on online friends as their lifeline, especially if their illness confines them to their home or a small area. It makes one feel like one's world is closing in. Many are apprehensive to 'invalidate' anyone or even contradict them, lest they face social ostracism and lose what may well be the source of most of their social interactions. It's also frowned upon in those circles to question another person's suffering lest one be branded to be 'invalidating' them, which for obvious reasons is a sensitive topic among people who feel they have their concerns dismissed by doctors, either because the problem is supratentorial (i.e. in the patient's head) or because they are intentionally or unintentionally exaggerating it.

No. 796479


Also, Phoebe amassed a shitload of adjectives. Short of being a black trans quadriplegic sex worker with Down's Syndrome and vitiligo who has survived Auschwitz and the bombing of Nagasaki on the same week, it's hard to out-underprivilege her.

No. 796480


maybe they do, they just don't want to be publicly berated like this if they say the wrong thing to her

queer spaces especially can be mine fields of eggshell tredding

No. 796481

File: 1554897208032.png (839.81 KB, 750x1334, 872A0E1D-2F89-4FBF-97BD-3B6381…)

Wasting more money on tat

No. 796486

File: 1554897790580.png (517.63 KB, 750x1334, 241ADFF7-7EF6-480D-944C-A669DF…)

Fair enough that her “pay check” came in

But maybe instead of spending on shit, she should pay forward the kindness someone showed by sending her money! Buy someone else a take away or send some money for something they need?

She’s all take and no give

No. 796490

This is me in the dm. I supported them til recently and I found this thread when I got annoyed with their seemingly constant begging.

They literally said they were starving last week,and conveniently left out the messages where I apologise for maybe demonising Phoebe and Henry.

I pretty much just said you need to learn to budget because it looks hypocritical when you say ur starving and then all of a sudden you have no cashflow problems. Its unfair to the people that donate to them.

I'm blocked now, phoebe can't take any sort of criticism its fucking ridiculous.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 796492

I'm surprised she was able to write such a reasonable, polite letter

No. 796493


Cheapest earrings on their page in a similar style are £8. That's most of a takeaway. Great budgeting, Pheeb.

No. 796500


Phoebe is a she, and don't cowtip.

No. 796506

File: 1554902246509.png (578.1 KB, 750x1334, 6C96C1AB-DBD2-41F4-9A62-52E3F7…)

no fuckin way. NO WAY! i hate this cow

No. 796508

File: 1554903852031.jpg (645.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-144107_Ins…)

Poor Henry. Does super long days that involve getting up at 3am and staying overnight AND dues all the housework.

Yet she constantly moans that he's messy???
She's such a bitch to him.


No. 796509

File: 1554903903790.jpg (630.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-144208_Ins…)

Ranting about spending money

No. 796510

File: 1554903936780.jpg (643.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-144221_Ins…)


No. 796511

File: 1554903964526.jpg (602.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-144231_Ins…)

No. 796512

2 hours ago she was still in bed, so by midday she still hasn't managed to get up.

Is this another "rare" day off Phoebe?

No. 796514


I'd love to think Henry is off getting some side pussy or planning his escape

No. 796515

Her inability to realise that all her 'small' spending ends up to contribute to her being poor is infuriating.

Yeah Phoebe, a £6 pair of earrings won't make you rich, but try tracking your spending and you'll soon realise how many of these shitty purchases you make on a daily basis.

It's so obvious she didn't grow up poor.
She's a spoilt brat whose gone from one sugar daddy to another.

No. 796519

Literally what does she do?

No. 796521


She did work for a while when she was thinner. Does anyone know more about that?

Basically chose to retire at the age of 20

No. 796522

File: 1554906131632.jpg (475.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-152126_Ins…)

She's such a child.

21 years old and changing her bedsheets is considered an achievement.

No. 796524

But literally what does she do now? I couldn't imagine just sitting in bed all day every day (other than doodling obv).

No. 796527

I don't doubt her depression, and that can be a pretty common thing for people with it to do (wallow in bed all day feeling sorry for yourself) especially if they don't work aside from managing an etsy shop full of designs made in 5 minutes flat. Thing is if you tell her what she can do to make herself feel better about all that, she has every excuse in the book as to why she can't manage it.

No. 796528


If someone has a chronic pain condition where pain basically becomes the norm.. would they give pain updates all day long.

No. 796529

How can someone be in “so much pain” yet still document every second of their day?

We’ve all been in pain at some point, migraines, upset stomach, twisted ankle… and the last thing I want to do when I even have an annoying headache is sit on my phone all day!

No. 796531


She obviously thinks highly of herself to think anyone wants the 35 stories per day on her Insta

No. 796532

File: 1554908190354.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-105329.png)


Tell me Feels once you were paid did you offer to pay back the Facebook admins for the takeout or did you turn around and spend it on earrings you didn't need. Learn to manage your money and stop making poor Henry work himself to death. God she pisses me off.

No. 796536

I love the pig nose ring

No. 796538


Love that she responds to people through insta stories, cos it's not like she posts too many already

If she had a single real-life friend or real hobby she wouldn't feel the need to post every bath, every bed change, every noise the neighbours dare to make etc

No. 796558


It'll be interesting to see if she has anything to say on the 'autism is a vaccine injury' debate seeing as the current measles outbreak has started that discussion again

You know, cos feebs is totally autistic

No. 796561

She just seems so unpleasant to be around. I’m sure more of than we’d like to admit all went through dumb sjw phases at some point that we got over, but god damn phoebe is insufferable. You don’t even exit adolescenc until after 25 so in. A few years she’s gonna look back on this and cringe horribly at her attitude. Sucks that it’s all on the internet forever though.

Also, phoebe is a lying liar who lies but let’s for the sake of discussion says she really does have all this chronic shit or whatever.

if you can’t even change bed sheets without being in horrific pain then you gotta go to an institution or something. You’d have a carer 24/7. Or at least you would if you didn’t lie about symptoms and ignore your obesity is the issue and when when the NHS sees through your bullshit I guess.

I know you lurk here pheebs. Know how you “changed” from racist swamp dweller to sjw paragon in a couple years? Yeah well, it’s gonna happen again you know? In 2-3 years you’re gonna look back at this phase in your life and this persona and cringe in to the next dimension. It doesn’t seem like it now but you will. Everyone hates who they were at 21.

No. 796568

File: 1554915841553.jpg (98.2 KB, 750x1334, 55957902_826876161010287_97911…)

Surely she has asked her neighbor's permission before she called them a cunt. Because cunt is such a gender neutral word.

No. 796569

Read through the threads and wow! She's such a disgusting pig, both inside and out.
I'm guessing her story/timeline goes something like this?:
>Chubby kid who struggled with her weight, but was able to lose some fat by hitting the gym hard and dieting in an unsustainable way. (according to info from other thread)
>She begins cheating on and feeling burnt out with her diet and exercise routine.
>She meets Henry and they start dating.
>This brings "happy relationship weight" as well as a feeling of security because she has a man.
>Feebz discovers fat positivity some time around the same time, and feeling burnt out, decides that healthy eating and exercise are not sustainable for anyone.
>Feebz creates more reasons and excuses for why she's fat and gaining weight, and as she gains weight she's more physically uncomfortable and unhealthy so it becomes a self-fulfillng prophecy.

Honestly, it's pretty pathetic, but she's in her early 20s and can make positive changes in her life if she came clean about everything and really forced herself to endure doing something other than wallowing in her own filth and shame for an hour a day. I get the allure of wanting to be taken care of, but can't she see the allure of being a healthy, independent grown up?

No. 796573


I've thought this too, we change drastically between 20 and 30 and plenty of us get wrapped up in popular social justice ideas only to then change.

The fact that she is so adamant and vocal about her views is absurd for a 21 year old with fuck-all experience, none out in the world by herself. Has she ever even paid a house bill? Didn't she move straight from mum/dads house to be with Henry?

Her perspective is that the world ought to revolve around the groups she sees herself in (ironic cos she's isolated in real life) It's a pitiful reminder of how even at 21 we're still mentally developing. She tries to be all harsh and crude in her language (fucking cunts) thinking it shows her strong feelings, it only shows bitterness. She needs a therapist that won't be manipulated by her pity party. She uses the bpd tag in her Instagram posts but if she is diagnosed she certainly isn't working on the self improvement that is hugely important after that diagnosis.

No. 796589

File: 1554919793663.png (960.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-184244.png)

So she lied to her customers. And she's too stupid or lazy to just use a postbox.

No. 796591


If she ordered something and it was late to ship… they'd be the biggest cunt in the world

No. 796602

File: 1554921151699.jpg (465.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-193108_Ins…)

I always assumed she couldn't drive, as she always talked about Henry driving her around.

The idea of her behind the wheel is terrifying.

No. 796608


She really only has two modes with these posts, smiling fatty and rolling eyes fatty, lol

No. 796630

I thought Henry owned multiple cars? I distinctly remember one of them posting multiple photos along with phoebe laying on how cheap and old they were

No. 796636


I think Henry has three but only one of them is in running order and the other two are part of his collecting hobby (I believe it's his special interest as in most autistic people have a hobby or collection that makes them happy) his is italian makes of car

Who's gonna pay for the insurance and upkeep of that second car?

No. 796643


The people in her Facebook group

No. 796669

Lol, she isn't even "dumb SJW phase" she's off the fucking rails.
Like I'm all for not being a dick to people but she literally has isolated herself so completely only her aspie bf will put up with her and that's probs cos he works 12 hours a day. Everything is offensive to her and she is right and everyone else is wrong. Even when orbiters politely message to correct her or argue she calls them a cunt and blocks them, even throwing a tantrum on a Jameela, because adult conversations with being civil is too much to expect from a 21 year old.

No. 796721

ZERO self-awareness. I actually wonder what the fuck is actually wrong with this psycho cow. I've seen trolls that weren't this over-the-top and this hypocritical, yet here Phoebe is, in all her serious glory. I wonder if her head was set on fire as a baby and the fire was put out with a baseball bat causing traumatic brain injury and turning her to the retard she is, because how can she type this out and not realize she's constantly trying to be the most disabled? She turns even a goddamn leg cramp into a SEVERE CRAMP. The only reason she's saying this is because she knows she's full of shit and not disabled, and her only disability is caused by the amount of peanut butter she shoves into her fat face.

You're not poor, you fucking cunt. I swear to god. She makes a mockery of poor/disabled people. The only reason she'd be poor is because she spends money like a retard. Also, the benefits system is shit, but that's because there are a lot of leeches like Phoebe that still haven't had their free cash taken from them. I'm glad the British government isn't being useless for once and isn't giving hard working people's taxes to this mong.

Imagine living in a world where you can't even say "man, I'm so sick of this" without someone finding it problematic. What a joke.

No. 796732


I don't think she understands that by using the word severe every single time she describes pain that people aren't idiots and they'll see she's a drama queen. It'll desensitise anyone who's reading that same old shite every day.

That and rolling her eyes every other pic makes her look less like a poor disabled victim and more like a bitch.

Something is seriously off with her judgement. Its not autism behaviour so fuck knows what went wrong with her brain

No. 796762

Wow. There’s plenty of people who are disabled that can’t drive and they make do. She could take public transit (though in this instance I can understand why this might not be the most practical option, given that she might be carrying some packages). She could take an Uber or taxi. She’d be making loads more from profit anyway, especially with her recent spike in customers. She could have asked a family member to take her. Surely it isn’t healthy to rely on Henry that much? He can’t always be there for her, and he probably wants to relax when he’s home. Just seems like she isn’t putting in effort. For someone who never shuts up about her ~business~ she sure doesn’t go out of her way to meet customer satisfaction. She’s ruining her bond with her clients and tarnishing whatever “reputation” she has as a seller, because we know this won’t be the last time she’ll say this excuse.

It should be noted that she says that she was on disability benefits, but they were “randomly taken away from her” for unknown reasons. Does this actually happen? Because this sounds like a lie. How are they just going to take away your benefits if you actially need them? Obviously she doesn’t need them that badly if this is the case, and if she was actually ever on benefits in the first place.

No. 796765

Sorry to double post, I meant to say this video is where she says she had her benefits taken from her for no reason.

No. 796778

Is there really any point in changing the sheets if you're spending all day in bed while dirty as all hell anyways? The sheets will be smelly by tomorrow with sweat and dirt

Blah blah blah I'm disabled. That's fucking irrelevant to the fact that you're lying and misleading your customers that their package is on the way when it's not and this isn't the first time she's done this. Hell, I'm pretty sure it's against the law to do this. Just don't say it's shipped yet and maybe actually let your customers know if there's a delay in shipping instead of posting it on an Instagram story where they might not see that you lied to them that their package has shipped

It's not one day shipping if you're shipping it out within one day or ordering. Also having a car won't change your fake situation. You'll just claim you're too sick to get in the car and things will be delayed anyways. Besides, for a small business it's smarter to ship things out once a week. All orders shipped out Fridays for example. You'll save on gas and therefore make a better profit. But that's expecting any business sense out of this cunt and she's shown she has no idea how to handle money (I have money now therefore I can spend it instead of saving it for my next "emergency" where I "need" Chinese takeout) let alone make good profit off her business

No. 796781

i mean, she DOESNT need them because she has demonstrated she has no abnormal diseases and doesnt really need treatment for anything other than her godforsaken size, but yes governments can take away your benefits after reviewing if youre no longer deemed "disabled" enough by government standard. i mean, whoever classified this woman as disabled in the first place probably did it shortterm like many disability cases, since she has no diagnosis that would prove her need of longer term health management, perhaps to shut her up or help the fat bitch get her life on track- feebs just assumed her cheque would be unending for her nonexistant problems.

No. 796847

Admittedly I don’t know how the UK post works but can she buy postage online and drop it off at a mailbox on the corner? Or is that too much to ask?

No. 796849

File: 1554962250701.jpeg (134.63 KB, 1024x1821, EEE30B22-CBD3-4BC5-A4DD-432FF7…)

Looks like Daddy takes care of her still. And she couldn’t be bothered to ask him for a ride to the post office, you know, to keep up with her business and make her life easier. Since she’s so poor.

No. 796851

File: 1554962396689.jpeg (120.09 KB, 1080x1921, F5EB9204-F155-45EB-B263-21429B…)

Tragic. Did dad push you around your chair in place of Henry?

No. 796854

File: 1554962629458.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1802, 57385F08-166B-49AB-A1B5-459095…)

Wait, so she also spends her money on weed? Budget better Feebz.

No. 796860

File: 1554964165868.png (2.17 MB, 1640x1125, Feebzz.png)

No. 796868

I know it’s early but next thread pic please

No. 796878

I think she also mentioned how her benefits were taken away because Henry ears too much. She definitely overplays the "poverty" bullshit for sympathy points.

It's because you're so fucking fat and you spend all day in bed, you twat.

No. 796887

File: 1554975226634.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 96DDC1B1-C2F9-4239-97F8-E9DCA3…)

What id give to be able to sell my art full time… everything is just such a hardship for her!!

No. 796889

File: 1554975956837.jpeg (127.89 KB, 750x1334, 9C95159A-D959-49E0-976F-E9ABC2…)

She posted a request for people to provide hygiene tips for her because of her disabilities. She received pages worth of responses, here’s some of them. These are kind of sad to read tbh. On the one hand, I can’t help but feel that some of these people are genuinely depressed or sick and they’re trying to be helpful. On the other, she received so many replies, some of them telling her to take actual breaks in between showering. Like, apply shampoo then take a break! Apply conditioner, then take a break! Apply body wash, then time for another break! Someone else told her to add a bench into her shower so that she could sit. Reminds me of Pixielocks confetti club levels of coddling. Feebz definitely also has loyal followers.
Phoebe also probably has a lot more time in her day than these people who tried helping her. She could easily flip her situation around with minimal effort.

No. 796891

yep. her diet consists of weed, pizza and vegan wine.

No. 796892

File: 1554977403439.jpeg (60.07 KB, 640x1138, 9F78DAB9-F598-4967-BB4F-502A0C…)

wow! so much for being SEVERELY impoverished and POOR

No. 796894

I wish she’d shut the fuck up already. Clearly has enough money for weed, going out with family, buying Lush bath bombs, and has daddy’s support (possibly monetarily too). Imagine if she spent even part of her money to pay someone to take her to the fucking post office, which can’t even be super far from her house I’m sure.

No. 796899

Phoebe thinks she's poor because she has to be aware of money for the first time in her life and has to sometimes forego instant gratification, whereas her middle class parents probably spoiled her (her bastard cop dad definitely seems to kek) and gave into her every demand and she never really had to consider not getting something due to the cost. Phoebe, if you get an actual job you'll have more stable source of disposable income, and you can continue getting salty takeout and plastic shit from Asos without resorting to e-begging.

No. 796900

File: 1554980284911.jpeg (121.59 KB, 1080x1921, 45AEF459-178C-43C7-865B-9EBBA6…)

No. 796906


You know there's something seriously wrong with you when your (diagnosed) autistic bf is the high-functioning and hard working breadwinner in your relationship and you're the one that needs dad to child-mind you while he's away

Her dad seems to think that feeding her is the best way to pacify her too, all they do when they meet up is eat

No. 796916

Funny how she's having a break down because Henry is away.

It's a form of emotional abuse, keeps him on the hook and scared to leave her.

No. 796919


Is that why she's posing crying or is it a ploy to get someone to buy her them expensive tickets?

No. 796920

File: 1554986208659.jpeg (99.49 KB, 750x1334, CB070ABF-56DF-4C1A-9677-2732AC…)

She was watching Jane the Virgin and she started crying because a character reminds her of Henry. Even uploaded a video crying, it’s cringy. So yeah I guess she’s crying over a show but because it reminds her of Henry and she misses him whiping her bloody ass while he’s gone.

No. 796924

File: 1554986451852.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, 02B0A016-FB2E-4F6F-AC81-D0F728…)

Uploaded a few pics and a video of her crying because I guess mentioning it once wasn’t enough.

No. 796925

File: 1554986509462.png (2.62 MB, 1242x2208, D730B80D-5C41-4CEA-B139-502B3E…)

No. 796926

Yep! Almost everything she sells would be classed as a letter or large letter, so she could just print labels from the Royal Mail website or use stamps and then chuck everything in a postbox.

No. 796950

Is that even possible tho?
I mean they aren't married yet so is tue government even allowed to take his earnings into consideration?
In my country they take the parents earning into consideration

No. 796953

they probably take the whole household income into account

No. 796954


They live together so it's judged by overall household income and whether its enough to support two people. Which apparently it is

I wonder if she's starting to worry about him leaving or cheating? Cos that looks like some emotional blackmail right there… don't you dare leave me?

No. 796956

UK fuck here, yes they look at household/partners income.
You can apply for free meds which she totally can't afford and the only reason she hasn't is she knows she will be denied. I guess she'd rather spend it on weed and being vegan.

No. 796969

Meant to reply t9 this one…new to lolcow…

Lol at her use of a gendered term as she's bawling her eyes out…

No. 796970


Tip since you’re new: if you aren’t contributing new milk, write ‘sage’ in the email field as I have done.

No. 796980

Plenty of people in this day and age do artsy stuff as a side hustle. Some do it as their main hustle and it is hard fucking work if you're trying to make decent money. It's not just making the things, it's the admin, contacting customers, keeping track of orders and stock, recording income and outgoings, advertising your business and networking. By comparison, a job in a shop would be so much easier.

Either suck it up Feebs, or get a job. It's that easy.

No. 796982

File: 1554995283924.jpg (984.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190411-160647_Ins…)

"I'm just naturally fat"

No. 796990

File: 1554996340408.png (5.23 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9466.PNG)

but your asshole is fair game to the point you're getting fissures. her mind and body is a wonderland.

No. 796992

File: 1554996812478.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, ED44A064-58AF-42EF-9D47-19369E…)

it’s bad enough that the feebz tortures henry with her existence. but they don’t even have sex. my god somebody please save this man. she’s torturing him. she’s basically deedee blanchard. torturous muchie psycho bitch. literally someone please save henry from this miserable toxic and codependent relationship he seems like such a nice guy who deserves none of this. leech bitch !!!(a-logging)

No. 796994

how do i read these old tweets i see in the topic pics?

No. 796995

She’s probably so fat she can’t find her vagina

No. 796997


So is henry expected to marry her and spend his entire life without sexual fulfilment?

Life is just one big sacrifice for poor henry

No. 796999

Sage your non-contribution. She deleted her twitter but you can find screenshots in previous threads.

No. 797001

fat women in general do tend to legitimately be tighter bc of the excess fat pushing on their vaginal canal, so the fact that she says she can’t have sex “anymore” bc of pain makes me think this legitimately might be the case lmfao

No. 797019

We’ve all seen her flappy veg - this is just another way for her to fake flex. She clearly thinks is desirable to have a tight vag and is just trying to insert herself into that all while claiming “poor me”

No. 797028

File: 1555002323277.jpg (607.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190411-180403_Ins…)

Didn't she say she had Fibro a week ago showing off a leaflet?

No. 797029

File: 1555002370835.jpg (598.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190411-180408_Ins…)

Cow has to not eat for blood test, pulls literal pouty child face

No. 797032

>BMI has been proven bollocks
Why do fatties always think that weightlifters and athletes with enough muscle mass to significantly skew the BMI scale have anything to do with them? Those people don't get told they're morbidly obese by doctors, either. But she's somehow beyond being diagnosed as obese despite that she gained her fat incredibly rapidly through overeating, never exercises and spends as much time sitting as possible, even claiming that a little walking is enough to immobilize her with pain. You're not some miracle healthfat, Phoebe, you're just fat. And yes your BMI is the core of every single medical issue you're facing.

No. 797035

she's uploaded videos of herself masturbating and having sex to pornhub of all places. of course she's going "uwu tight vag can't have sex anymore" because she doesn't want people to find her vids.

No. 797038

BMI Is bollocks for people with a ton of muscle, not obviously morbidly obese people, you dumb cunt.

No. 797040

File: 1555003526441.jpg (658.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190411-182434_Ins…)

So she went to the doctor's high?

No. 797041

File: 1555003561194.jpg (816.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190411-182406_Ins…)

What's her fucking problem with this???

No. 797043

She's such a whiny bitch. She's lucky to get these tests, and she gets them for free thanks to the NHS, and her doctor (stupidly) believes her and is willing to give her tests.

She had no gratitude. God I hope she hurries up and dies from obesity.

No. 797046

it literally says awareness right there not acceptance…though shes probably upset about that too. i cant even tell what shes gonna find problematic anymore. its like she spins a wheel with random words and throws a dart at it every morning

No. 797050

File: 1555004636371.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, D9427F7B-25F7-40B7-8307-980088…)

Um… unless u have vaginismus, ur vagina should expand and self lubricate when youre aroused. Maybe you need to lube up. Henry’s in a sexless manipulative relationship. Poor guy

No. 797054

File: 1555005136164.jpeg (50.94 KB, 750x1334, D5C22A0B-F571-409E-9697-8351AA…)

You haven’t been diagnosed with anything officially Feebz you were told you have symptoms of certain illnesses.

No. 797055

File: 1555005237384.jpeg (334.56 KB, 1242x1897, 25D4063D-CE1A-4723-9EF6-C77090…)

“Save me” okay so you bitch when you have no customers, but when you finally do you still bitch about it. You don’t deserve anything.

No. 797059

BULLSHIT. You aren't ill or disabled, you're a fat waste of space just looking for a reason to justify that you can be.

No. 797061


Henry is going to run off with the first 'sexually functioning' woman he meets, can't blame him

No. 797062

Apple everything. Phoebe the poverty queen.

No. 797064


I'd be willing to give him a pity fuck just to save him from Pheobe

(Obvs joking, not not cow-tipping)

No. 797065


Plus her cutting machine (that she can't even use), a new printer (that she couldn't use because of the lack of borderless printing), a badge making machine…

Wow she has a lot of disposal cash.

Yet she had to go Facebook begging for Chinese food….

What a cunt.

No. 797067


Isn't it humiliating that she's announcing their lack of sex on Insta too? most guys would be pissed

No. 797070

File: 1555006332251.jpeg (289.27 KB, 868x429, E5612975-9E45-43DC-964D-040FF7…)

Am I seeing shit, or does she have two iPads? The one in pic related is the space grey version she’s showed it off a lot of times. The one where she “works” from looks like a rose gold one that’s white in the front. She has a separate iPad for “work” it looks like, rather than modifying her first iPad into one where she can do work from as well. So much for starving.

No. 797072

She looks so fucking fat in this video.

How is she not ashamed.

No. 797073

She's 21!!!

She looks at least 40 here.

Is it being fat that ages you, or just being full of bitterness and hate?

No. 797074

she complained this morning about all the stuff for her shop she had to do and then two hours later is watching jane the virgin, it’s all just pure laziness and lack of motivation that’s her problem.

No. 797077

She also has a Mac, as can be seen in some screenshots (where she wrote the angry letter to her neighbor). So she owns multiple iPads and a Mac, and that’s as far as we know because she’s shown it off. Which one was a “gift” or was on “sale”?
She should sell her two tablets and work from her computer, or downgrade her tablets to some that aren’t Apple and sell her Mac. She only does the bare minimum with them anyway such as streaming shows and keeping track of her sales, and she’d be making a lot of money by selling them. Enough to ration out for groceries for a long while. But she’s too spoiled for that so her Jane the Virgin binges and bitching about shipping orders from the comfort of her own bed using her secondary tablet is the way to go.

No. 797081

to be fair, you can have a successful job online (not just etsy and art) and have stuff going on in the background. but phoebe complains about never having enough money, then she will complain about having too much to do as well as all the trappings that go along with a business that revolves around creating and shipping. at the end of it, she is just a self pitying hambeast that doesnt own up to shit and will place all blame and personal responsibility on someone else. her weight? its fatphobics and doctors. her pain? ableists and doctors. sexual issues, victim blaming. never you mind about her sexual conduct on that girl or her hitler tweets and claiming to be jewish. but we all know she will will never address anything in good faith.

she lives for herself and controlling other people. the sjw bs is just a way to bitch at people and feel righteous about it.

No. 797088


We know her response to that would be her usual 'poor people are allowed to have nice things'

No. 797089

There has to be someone else giving her money. My bet is on her parents. Henry might be able to sustain them, but there is no way she can own multiple expensive electronics (including game consoles etc) from his wage alone.. And don't forget the enormous amount of expensive vegan junk food. Food addiction is costly.

No. 797095

Kek it's kind of funny how she will screech about people having more chances than her and in general are more provileged but then there is she fat as a whale while there are children starving.
Srsly her way of thinking is so fucked up. Her being this fat shows her privilege so much she can't be that poor even because you still need money to buy this many to get this big

No. 797097


Has to be Daddy and maybe online fools.

The tablets and electronics are the most obvious luxuries but all those 6 quid bath bombs, her smoking habit, wine, take aways and being brought out for meals all adds up. The kind of luxuries where you've got nothing to show for it the next day.

No. 797106

i think it’s because jigsaw pieces are associated with autism speaks which is a problematic organisation, according to those with high functioning autism

No. 797130


It's problematic to just decide you have autism and make no efforts to get the assessment for it.

She's not the first cow to 'want autism' though. With mental health problems you have to work at getting better but with autism nobody tells you to change..

No. 797131

I reckon she milks Henry dry for the daily stuff and then hits up daddy for the iPads and macs etc etc. "Boohoo daddy I need to sell my shitty art and one iPad just isn't enough!" Either that or she's influenced Henry to take out credit too, poor sod.

No. 797134

Interesting that she's suddenly talking about marriage a whole lot more. Discussing her dress, a venue and the playlist. Maybe she's worried that Henry's starting to see sense.

No. 797136


I mean how would any guy his age cope with a sexless relationship? Autism or not, he's a young man and he'll grow to resent that.

Probably looking elsewhere already..

No. 797138

The puzzle pieces being associated with autism is due to a PETA-level shit organization called autism speaks. It's basically an organization where you wouldn't be surprised an anti-vaxxer was in charge with their lack of actual understanding of autism. But I'm pretty sure the doctor's office would know that (or at least not believe AS over fellow professionals in the field) and are basically just using the puzzle pieces due to association like how people still represent breast cancer with a pink ribbon despite the SG foundation being as horrible as it is
Tbh this is the closest Pheebs has gotten to being right about something but I bet you she couldn't tell you why AS is a terrible organization just knows that as an "autistic person" she should hate them. Or maybe Henry knows about them and told her about it once. Either way it's her usual superiority complex where she shits on something with no explanation and feels better for it (if this hateful bitch can even feel good)

No. 797140


One of the issues with Autism Speaks (amongst others) is that it's non-autistic people speaking on behalf of autistic people.. so it's ironic that feebs isn't diagnosed but speaks on autism like it's her place to do so.

No. 797152


Phoebe claims she should be paid for "educating" people yet she made a bitchy comment that told me nothing about why the puzzle pieces were problematic.

No. 797174

yeah, course. i’m just trying to explain feebs’ fake outrage over the jigsaw pieces. recent posts explain AS better than my previous post. she’s a real piece of work.

No. 797177

honestly… i don’t believe her. she seems like the hypersexual, feral type. even if her vag is out of service, her pimpled arse is fair game, hence the piles (shite diet also doesn’t help)

No. 797178

Wait so now she’s claiming to have CFS/ME as well as (faking) Fibromyalgia?
…you can’t make this shit up. They’re both diagnosis of exclusion (likely why she’s chasing them) but literally the NHS website states:

If your GP thinks you may have fibromyalgia, they'll first have to rule out all other conditions that could be causing your symptoms.
These conditions may include:
- chronic fatigue syndrome (also known as ME) – a condition that causes long-term tiredness

So…her doctors need some better training with this kinda thing (believable cos these things can be a minefield). Or she’s full of shit about Fibro in the first place (more believable, cos well…it’s Pheebs)

sage for sperg

No. 797180

I refuse to believe any of her supposed vagina issues. Where tf would they have come from so suddenly? We've seen those disgusting videos of her going to town with dildos like there's no tomorrow. She's clearly lying again.

No. 797183


Maybe the spark is gone and she's looking for an excuse for going off sex, she likes faking medical issues so now shes the victim of some vag disorder

No. 797191

My guess? She wanted to humble brag about having a tight vag but then realised she couldn't while larping as a woke feminist who has all the worst possible bodily issues and turned it into a TMI "my vag is so tight I'm not having sex because of the pain!" Thing
She clearly has no problem with anal and never had issues with sex before so it comes off as total bull. At best she's so fat she got "tighter" like Amberlyn with her pinky sized vagina.
I wonder why she stopped with the porn and wonder how she convinced Henry to do it btw. Not to mention the fact that she bragged about talking (and meeting?) with men. Wonder how Henry felt about that

No. 797200

Sounds like she's gone dry for Henry but still wants to bleed him for cash.

No. 797205

The starting cost of her Apple products is $3,000. Let’s assume she was having a good day and decided to go for the more storage, which would cost hundreds more. Her iPads look like the more recent generations, too. No one would just fucking “give” someone those products. Most people have either one or the other, and she also has an iPhone. She could sell her tablets and laptop and invest in a good $500-$600 laptop and stream shows, create her MS paint art, and run her shop there. She’d have thousands to effectively use on groceries each week, and could make multiple hearty meals such as when her daddy comes over to white her ass. I bet she ate yesterday’s portions >>796982
in one go, as oppose to saving some in the fridge for days to come. She would also have enough to pay it forward to other people who have helped her buy her wheelchair and cane, and support people less privileged than her. Fucking despicable how she’s living her best life and still urgently asked for takeout last week.

Agreed. This is so sudden. She goes on about her sex work, and was freely having sex for clicks even while with Henry (part of the reason his family wants him to leave Feebz). Henry is aware of her having sex with others for her porn, while she was in a relationship with him. So does she have the energy to fuck black cock (her words) but not Henry? Because she seems like a nympho based on old tweets. This comes off as her scrounging for more brownie points, as ever facet of her life has to be oppressed. Even her sex life.

No. 797206


Yep! Cant work cos she's sore everywhere and cant even lay back and take a fuck cos now her vagina is also specifically sore

No. 797230

Isn’t it Henry himself in all of the porn videos?

No. 797237

it's been discussed a thousand times, yes

No. 797241

the difference between this and her selfies… you clearly hate your size phoebe come on

No. 797258

Yes it’s him, but Henry’s family member who is a farmer said that part of the reason they want him to leave Phoebe is because of her sex with other men or porn with other men (?) so there’s some implied ~totes poly~ that was happening at some point.

No. 797291

She's said previously that she "hates that photos don't show my real size" nah girl, you're trying to subtly flex that you can take flattering photos lol…

No. 797314

are you a stupid preteen or just a scrote? the way your labia looks literally has nothing to do with how your vagina functions or how you feel during sex.

No. 797323

File: 1555039632720.jpg (91 KB, 720x1184, IMG_20190412_042538.jpg)

no way that she is a size 26 UK size (around 24US?)

No. 797335

A 24 is fucking huge anon I’m fat as fuck and a size 16. In fact, I’m only 40 lbs less than what phoebe claims to be, so I’d venture to say she’s at least 50 lbs heavier than she claims. What’s with the self hate phoebe? Why can’t you own up to the fact that you’re easily over 300 lbs?

No. 797342

She complains when people don't buy enough of her shit, then she complains when she does sell and has to produce the items.

No. 797347


Christ man, it’s called hyperbole.(is this feebz) I was talking about the fact that we’ve all seen her using a dildo without any struggle and in fact seemed to be having a decently roomy time. I’ve had a vagina for 30 years I’m plenty aware on how they work ty

No. 797349

Yeah a US 24 sounds about right for her. (For reference, Tess Holliday claims to be a 22 and is definitely bigger than Feebs.)

No. 797350

a UK 26 is about a US 22

No. 797352

Denial is a hell of a drug. And so is food, because I can't imagine how fucking much she eats to have ballooned from her previous weight to her current weight.

No. 797363

File: 1555066908630.jpg (186.48 KB, 750x1334, 55758150_372482210276332_31226…)

So.. Does she confess to constant binge eating after her diet phase? Or is she trying to imply that she now eats a completely healthy amount of food?

No. 797377

She sees one single week of high calorie fruit smoothies as "dangerous disordered behavior" along with previously describing other normal meals as starvation ("TINY" slices of toast when it's just normal toast, etc., plus her current antics crying about having to limit her intake for one single day or even just after 10pm) so of course now her 1000 calorie meals seem moderate and normal to her. A salad bowl size heap of oatmeal with 5tbsp of peanut butter? Completely normal! How dare anyone shame her when she's a healthy eating queen who has chia seeds in her meal!
She was eating a normal amount before albeit with stupid diet trends and now she thinks her extreme binging is good just because it's constant, and as with all her other flaws, she places a mental filter over the portion sizes, junk food and wine.

No. 797378

is she talking about that dumb banana bitch? lol i would love to see a showdown between those two.

No. 797379


As she legitimately has hypothyroidism, all of her medication (though not dental treatment) is free on the NHS. There are a handful of conditions that quality, hypothyroidism is one of them.

No. 797380


oh jesus

she's exhausted because she's so fat, and unhealthy (probably deficient in multiple vitamins too). not because she has CFS/ME.

and in any case, it's a diagnosis of exclusion so if she is already claiming to have been diagnosed with fibro then that explains the fatigue

which one is it phoebs? fake cfs or fake fibro?

No. 797382

She has mentioned a want to lose weight here and there so I think she does actually realise she's at the very least ugly (I'm assuming she doesn't care about any health reasons as she's trying to fake disability and enjoys the attention). But that being said, I don't think she has ever acknowledged that she over eats and I don't think she even realises she is cause she's a moron. She's proudly demonstrated how much healthy food she eats claiming ~genetics~ but the amounts are insane and obviously are the cause of her weight gain despite her ignorance to it. I'm guessing she's just never learned proper nutrition or portions considering she's claimed 1800 calories is anorexia. The girl is spoilt and ignorant to basic adult requirements all around from money (she's seriously buying more clothing? She's going to spend Henry's entire paycheck within days of getting it and think she's poor again) to even eating

No. 797383


she'll claim they were christmas* presents or something

*NOT chanukah because she's not jewish

No. 797385

its pretty common to get diagnosed with both, but its bad practice - a listed symptom of fibro is chronic fatigue, and a listed symptom of CFS is chronic widespread pain. I know a lot of people who have been diagnosed with both.

No. 797386

i just ran a calculator - if she's 19st and 5'6, 1800 calories is a deficient amount for her to eat per day

No. 797388

File: 1555077361036.png (539.17 KB, 750x1334, CE68C7E7-0D4E-47E6-9322-1D0CA2…)

which is it?

No. 797389

File: 1555077410325.png (520.27 KB, 750x1334, F3ABE8F7-108C-45C6-BCD1-C18507…)


>‘i’m more than my chronic illness’

>‘i’m defined by my chronic illness’

No. 797390

File: 1555077744325.jpeg (126.05 KB, 640x1137, 100184CC-DD2C-475E-A60F-7B296E…)

why bother doing anything at all if it’s barely half arsed

No. 797391

File: 1555078019428.jpg (699.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190412-150347_Ins…)

"Destroying me" everything has to be dramatic. You're cutting out shitty letters. What a hard working ~artist~

No. 797392

She would lose weight rapidly even on 1500-1800 cals a day. I don't medfag the details but it takes effort to be that fat.

No. 797393

… Yeah no shit it's a deficit for someone trying to MAINTAIN OVER 200LBS. 1800kcal per day is a healthy amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight at her height. She could even do less as she literally lies around all day. Aka, it's not anorexia to eat a healthy amount of calories per day. Eating 1800 calories would get her down to at least 130lbs which is a BMI of 21. And that's assuming she burns an extra 400 or so calories on top of a BMR of around 1400 (which she might not have due to her lack of movement through the day). Go ahead and defend her "anorexia" claims when she actually eats unhealthy low levels of calories per day and keeps it up after she's reached a healthy weight. I'll wait

No. 797395

>>797393 ok, i get you - thanks for explaining. i think i'm lost on how she makes the connection between anorexia and eating a calorie deficit?

No. 797396


losing weight doesn’t make you anorexic

No. 797397

>cries about not earning enough from her art
>buys an expensive cutting machine
>is only gonna use it once for "limited art", because putting in effort is too much of a hassle for her..

No. 797419

No worries, sorry for being a little bitchy in my post. As for pheebs, I think she bought into the 2000kcal for an adult lie companies have pushed to make their products seem less unhealthy. She claimed in her blog post that 1800kcals is too low for her height despite that being utterly false. Though eating slightly less than your recommended calories isn't anorexia either so I don't know. Either lies or stupidity basically. At the end of the day she just doesn't know basic nutrition anyways. She thinks eating over 1000 calories is fine if it's porridge and has a sprinkle of chia seeds because she doesn't understand that source doesn't matter if you're wildly over consuming food (and that a small dash of chia seeds is basically pointless for nutrition). If you eat 3000kcals of carrots daily you're still going to be obese

No. 797420

Uhh… I've seen tons of computer-illiterate moms use Cricuts all over Youtube. How difficult can this be to cut out letters? And besides, you could just as easily put in a bulk order for lettered paper cut-outs on Amazon or something. Surely this isn't that difficult to figure out? All she really has to do physically is push a button, load paper, and string some thread.

No. 797421

Of course it's easy. That's why it's so hard for Phoebe, The Most Disabled. It is probably just soooo painful to use even minimal effort.

No. 797429

File: 1555085291319.png (8.39 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9482.PNG)

is there anything that isn't destroying your life, pheebs?

No. 797435

Spends $200 some dollars on a machine to cut out letters for a new shop product but instead it's destroying her life? What the fuck else does she have to do besides learn how to use equipment correctly? Sounds like actual work destroys her life, who tf wants to buy a product from her after reading this?

No. 797437

then… don't fucking make them ?? Lol. Literally noone asked for them but okay.

No. 797438

File: 1555088384007.jpg (353.54 KB, 1080x1920, 55939486_1977063059071138_7988…)

Doesn't she post something like this every day?

No. 797440

As someone classed as physically disabled, mentally disabled and classed as a vulnerable adult in the UK this thread puts me in tears.

As someone who's had to walk five miles to the job center with her stick because we can't afford fuel, I find myself raging hard.

This bitch is awful and I hope she NEVER gets benefits of any significance. I doubt she will because to be eligible for PIP you have to jump through so many hoops. They took my stick during the assessment and made me try to walk which is horrible and traumatic in itself when I've already had three bad falls this year, and tried to deny my claim because I made it five steps.

If she gets PIP I'm going to move across the fucking pond for real because this is just disgusting. I know people with brain tumors and severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia who have been declared 'fit to work' because they can clench their hands into a fist.

Pheebs either you're lying to the world or you're lying to the government, and the thought of you faking your way through one of these awful assessments makes me sick to my stomach.

Not only this but you're making life so much harder for the genuinely disabled: giving us a bad name and reputation, and taking away needed resources.

I am just shocked and appalled, sorry for the blogpost I hope I saged right (noob here)(no1curr)

No. 797441

refer back to

No. 797446

Jesus it’s so fucking sad that someone would make that in the first place
Yes, she always has some excuse for why she hasn’t shipped orders yet. I ALMOST want to order something just to see how long it takes her to get her lazy ass to the post office to ship it. It must take her well over 2 weeks just to get it in the mail

No. 797465

Reading the comments on her latest insta pic where she asks what people are up to that day, it's all one big pity party about awful pain and depression and then there's one (large) woman who comments that she 'confronted' her nurse for commenting on her recent weight loss as a positive… cos it made her feel 'extremely uncomfortable'

Throw away all your medical training! and don't you dare compliment me either lol

No. 797468

Oh FFS pheebs, did you know some people have to get up every morning and go to their jobs that they don’t particularly like to pay for basic stuff…and you have the gall to bitch about making shitty bunting. I don’t think there’s been a cow that has enraged me this much. You’re not at work, you’re sitting at home watching Netflix and telling the world about your disgusting anus.

No. 797469


you sound just like Phoebe

No. 797475

Is this phoebe in the flesh? Lmao how can you come to a thread like this and be so self unaware

No. 797483

Since we know Phoebe reads these threads, a small message:
TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS DIRECTLY THAT YOU LIED AND DIDN'T ACTUALLY SHIP THEIR ITEMS. There are customers who don't know or follow your social medias and there are those who don't watch instastories because they don't have access to the app. Jesus Christ at least try and pretend you're competent and not a scam artist. Welfare won't give you benefits for being figuratively brain-dead
It's hard to feel bad for anyone who supports this bitch but her shop takes advantage of actually autistic and disabled kids and there are obviously those who simply found her shop on Etsy normally and have no clue who she is and just see her reviews. Those people I do feel sorry for and actually deserve the truth and an actual update, not some sketchy instagram story bullshit which does not hold her accountable (makes her accountability tab even more laughable) and likely doesn't actually reach her customers.
She can claim she said something though and play the fool (and likely victim) if anyone complains their shit hasn't arrived weeks after being "shipped" because yeah, she technically "said something" and her echo chamber who don't know better will agree. Plus she knows she gets asspats for being a useless sack of shit in these "I was in too much pain to ship the things I marked as shipped ages ago" posts and can use them to manufacture encouragement to continue this behaviour

No. 797485

if this is a genuine post then i sympathise. but this isn’t the right place for you. you’re better off posting on gossip boards/sites.

No. 797488


If you're classed as a vulnerable adult be careful not to overshare info about yourself on here. Mod/s were mockingly calling users autistic for that same kind of oversharing lately. Better to just discuss Pheobe and not compare it to your own story.

Something UK posters keep mentioning is how hard it is to get disability payments in the UK. What happens if you're rejected? I can imagine she'd pester them til the end of time if given any opportunity to keep appealing it.(>tumblr will catch a 1d ban.)

No. 797496

File: 1555099556391.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, 4825F627-8E22-4E01-ACCD-A0E981…)

Phoebe just stop. Go work on your worthless cut out letters no one wants and stop pretending to care about shade ranges jfc

No. 797502

if you're rejected you can take it to a court appeal but its exhausting and takes a very long time. you have to keep jumping bigger hoops and most people give up. one thing that wouldn't work is pestering them - you very much have to put on a nice suit and talk fancy

No. 797503

I hate jefree for lots of reasons but at least he genuinely apologized for using a racial slur in the past. Phoebe just posted caps saying "look how dumb and edgy I was lol" and called it a day. Also, she still hasn't even addressed the genocide tweets. So I don't think she has any room to call jefree out about accountability.

No. 797504

I dont like J* myself but i'm actually really sick of people trying to call others racist for not having 'dark enough' foundation and concealer when there are plenty of other companies (like fenty) who do. Enough of this shit

No. 797509


I used to sell some bits on Etsy and I didn’t mark anything as shipped until after I’d been to the post office

She’s straight up LYING!

No. 797510


I hope she tries going after J* like she did Jameela. She never will, because he's white and has a dick, but imagine the milk

No. 797514


There’s two benefits, one for all disabled people and one for those who can’t work. You can claim both. ESA (the one for those not in work) is significantly easier to get than PIP (for all disabled people), but both have significant obstacles. When you get denied, you can ask them to reconsider, and if they deny it again, you can take it to a court appeal. After the appeal you have to start from scratch unless they’ve broken the law in the decision.

Feebz used to get ESA but doesn’t anymore because Henry earns more than the limit. She’s currently trying to appeal her PIP decision at court appeal.

No. 797527

She also tried to be like "oh, yes, I was edgy and racist just like WE ALL WERE. We were ALL racists!". I genuinely think this bitch has some kind of traumatic brain injury or a severe personality disorder because you cannot be this retarded and have a functioning brain. The fact that she still has the audacity to call other people out just baffles me.

No. 797532

this isn't a great take lol. telling black people that they have other companies they can browse from when light skinned people have all the options available… Feebs is dumb but that's just idiotic.

J* has an okay selection imo, but I don't know why Feebs is bothering to call him out, so to speak. Just seems like she goes out of her way to find anything to get mad at.

No. 797533

even on this sort of thing she has to include a huge close up of her face. I've never seen anyone else on instagram, popular or just friends with less then 100 followers, do something like this… Does she think it looks good? She knows there's an option to just post text, right? She doesn't have to make it a photo.

No. 797534

Didn't she claim that she once got her benefits reinstated by ringing the DWP and telling them she'd cut herself?

No. 797535

But then how would people see her pained expressions? Or her 'courageously' smiling through the pain? Muh hero.

No. 797546

>look how dumb and edgy i was lol
KEK that's literally every one of these people who try to act like the savior of minorities or the voice of numerous amounts of minorities. they can't say sorry because they're like "people make mistakes!" but it only applies to themselves.

No. 797549

If she did say that, she's talking rubbish because it doesn't work that way. The real version is probably more like her PIP came to an end (some are only awarded for a set time period like a year or two) and she phoned up to send off for a form for a new claim. One of the questions they ask when you call up is about what the medical reason for your application is. Ever the exaggerator; Phoebe.

No. 797558


anything popular to get mad at

what J* and Jameela have in common is that they're both really successful and popular at the moment

No. 797572

if this fat fucking retard paid any attention she would realize it’s an EARLY RELEASE and there’s tons more shades coming. jesus fucking christ feebs the man was forced to put the collection out before he was ready because nearly all units of one shade were stolen. could she not do thirty fucking seconds of research to learn he’s releasing multiple more shades after this?

No. 797586

"Mod/s were mockingly calling users autistic"

this cursed thread and its influx of newfags lmao

Not really. Why should a company have to provide options for every single possible potential customer? Their range is their business; they could bring out two shades of one tone and call it a day if they wanted to. Pressuring them to release products because if they don't it's 'racism' is what is idiotic.

photos get more attention and give her an excuse to use that platform. And she seems narc as fuck.

No. 797591

She probably going after Jeffree because 1 he was the hot easy "racist" topic for a while and 2 unlike her he actually lives his life fully androgynous despite being a fully confident man as opposed to our Phoebe who doesn't actually live or present as an NB but wants the title for oppression points and because she is one of the most self hating women I've ever seen

NTA but if a company comes out with minimal shades the people will vote with their wallet and not buy the product and do have a right to state their disappointment with a lackluster product (foundation is designed to match your color so one which doesn't isn't really a well done product). I think the weird ganging up on products and brands is stupid though. It's easier to just not buy a product and not virtue signal as being better for it. Especially as people of colour got ganged up on for buying the Beauty Blender foundation despite it actually having good shades for certain races by white Phoebe-alikes

No. 797632

File: 1555145646209.jpeg (72.56 KB, 640x1136, 3A0F72F9-3453-44AA-8BC1-5B3CAD…)

No pheebz, when you were her age you were posting Hitler and genocide tweets, and talking about your love and fear for all the “black boys”. This is just another attempt at Flex by putting a woman down, so very transparent

No. 797639


Yes let's go after the young (white! female!) person who is doing something with their lives. This is Phoebe all over.

No. 797644

The expression she does was nicked off vagaggle. She has no personality , she steals ideas , facial expressions , memes , badge ideas , gatekeeps others, she nicks everything off everyone and they’re onto her . She’s no idea.

No. 797645

File: 1555151172668.png (1.51 MB, 640x1136, ACC995CF-881E-42F4-8486-E01063…)

Phoebe has a breakdown when people say ‘crazy’ because apparently it’s a slur, but is perfectly happy with buying from businesses that use ‘freak’ for their branding. Also fuckinghell, imagine claiming to be poor then spending money on ugly shit like this.

No. 797667

File: 1555161062836.png (367.6 KB, 1060x541, tgečwhče.png)

Great. Now only if Feebz stopped forcing vegan diet on an obligate carnivore..

No. 797669

File: 1555162107770.jpeg (353.09 KB, 1080x1920, 38746E8D-EAD5-4CE3-BF10-793A71…)


No. 797670

File: 1555162327309.jpeg (263.31 KB, 1080x1920, 2DC8927E-CF0B-4C7A-8AA8-846CF2…)


i guess she’s having another day off! in that video of the cat, she’s clearly watching something on her ipad. she straight up lies and mugs off her customers, their products aren’t shipped cos feebs is too fucking lazy. their customers should ask for a refund cos at this rate they’re gonna get their stuff in 2 months. pathetic phoebe

No. 797673

It’s never a good look when a seller is complaining about making your item. She cries about living in poverty when she has no orders and then moans when her business is (seemingly) doing well. At least act grateful.
Also, wouldn’t this side business negate any claims she might make for why she should receive benefits and can’t work?

No. 797675

are you all sure she put her cat on a vegan diet? because all i remember is her feeding her some vegan snacks or something before, but i dont think she ever said that her cat was vegan. she probably buys "value cat food" from tescos or sumn

No. 797678

I don't understand why she's always saying her work puts her in physical pain. The majority of it is sitting in front of a computer (or let's be real, laying in bed with her ipad) and the rest of it is literally just moving her arms to put things in envelopes. She had like 5+ stories yesterday about how much pain she was in from making buntings, which is LITERALLY just using a pair of scissors.

No. 797682

File: 1555166073625.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1303, 1552514496960.png)

Yes, it's already been established. Here is a screenshot from the previous thread.
Sorry, I can't figure out how to link specific posts from a different thread.

No. 797683


Gagged when I looked closely at those nails… time for your weekly bath feebs!

No. 797689

She doesn't even need scissors for the buntings, she's using a Cricut to make them. It's just loading paper and pushing buttons.

I don't understand what could possibly be so difficult about putting up 40 new listings on Etsy, isn't their format pretty simple and easy to use? If this is all you do all day, surely you can spread it out over the day and do like ten an hour if you're that stressed over it. That's only four hours of work. I think I understand why she dropped out of high school now.

No. 797692


She's mentioned roping henry in to helping with orders on his days off too. Ridiculous when you consider just how much spare time she has in a week

I don't get how she's applying for benefits when she's making sales and that's proof she can obviously 'work' from home. Is she declaring that income or trying to scam the system?

No. 797698

File: 1555171655542.jpeg (550.46 KB, 859x1373, 0F161CBE-A526-4DB8-A4BB-EF6BA8…)

I know she’s probably not declaring income from PayPal donations and independent sales that aren’t through her etsy, she asks people to send her money through PayPal “friends and family” instead of the “business” option. Probably so people won’t charge back the money, but also so she can treat them as “gifts” and not have it attached to her income or taxed. I highly doubt she’s declaring her income from her website sales too and/or not paying taxes on it, because if she was she might get less benefits. Also there are regulations to what type of job you can work while still getting disability, as long as the job and employer fall under those then you can get benefits while working. But I really don’t think a self run Etsy counts lol

No. 797700

File: 1555172078429.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, sketch-1555172033841.png)

She isn't even using the Cricut for the hearts, she bought yet enough piece of equipment for that

No. 797701

It depends on how much she earns.. People get in trouble if they sell too many things on the internet and don't pay any taxes from their earnings. If she's getting too many "gifts", they might investigate her.

No. 797705

Her nails are so dirty ew ew EW

No. 797706

The only people she's positive about are males. She's such a repulsive creature, disgusting inside and out

No. 797707

File: 1555175115676.png (454.18 KB, 750x1334, C2CFF60B-1263-4F75-AF4C-EDBC4B…)

She’s so abrupt about things

“I can do a customer badge!”

“Ok, thanks”

“But it will cost you the soul of your first born”

No. 797713

I'm actually with her on being annoyed that people expect custom merch for free, but 40 quid?! Surely that art can't take longer than an hour to make, how is that her base rate? She has no training, anyway.

No. 797715

yet another mspaint-tier artist who thinks their art is worth that much, what a joke

No. 797716

Even more hilarious is that they don't want anything "custom" but a different color option. She doesn't have "illustrate" anything. Just change the fucking colors. and the fucking price. Jesus christ.

No. 797717

She literally wrote "you can expect to get art for free/cheap". I know it's a type and she meant can't but good god, if you're going to go after them at least say it properly.

No. 797718

Exactly, she literally sucks. Her "art" is nothing but bad tracing and it's worse than most beginners', if I were her I'd be too ashamed to sell it even for just $2.

No. 797720

Fair enough that she would want extra for adjusting the artwork… but she’s just so rude!

No. 797722

Reasonable - demanding that anyone holding an event provides free tickets, childcare, taxis and noise cancelling headphones.

Unreasonable - asking Phoebe to change a few colours.

No. 797733

the day she finally gets a real part time job working from home on her computer she's gonna feel so ashamed for the time she spent screeching about how poor, helpless and hard working she is. Literally all it would take is some actual income for her to realize she's making life way harder on herself by being a "small business owner"

No. 797740


You can claim PIP regardless of income or hours worked. You can work 40 hour weeks and still claim PIP. It’s got nothing to do with income or work.

She doesn’t claim ESA, which is related to income, but if she did she’d probably lie to them about her income and working hours. She doesn’t even track her hours or file taxes, if she did we’d know about it. Her story would be filled with how hard and difficult it is to be a small business owner and pay taxes.

No. 797743

File: 1555188082850.png (669.59 KB, 750x1334, EC6EBF29-6A30-4F91-AFE7-0AD649…)

Can’t believe she hasn’t called that person a cunt yet…what’s happening to Pheebs

No. 797745

File: 1555188211719.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, E58AE812-48A9-402D-A156-005576…)

Sorry for shitty pic but what a fucking pigsty does that creature live in. Poor Henry having to come home to that after working all day makes me sick

No. 797756

I've had to ree about cows relating to my own life situation in the vent thread in ot before. just take posts like this over there in future newfriend.

No. 797760

I used to be a phoebe supporter until I found this thread. I tried to message her about a work from home program a few months ago pays pretty well and isn’t difficult or time consuming at all and she basically responded with “I know I could work from home but I’m too busy with my small business.” I wanted to tell her she’d make significantly more with a real work from home program but didn’t want to get called a cunt lol

Also she told me she already works full time which I guess was just a blatant lie

No. 797761

File: 1555191767341.jpg (669.78 KB, 1080x1699, 20190413_224159.jpg)

There's a fucking toilet roll on the floor.

She's disgusting

No. 797764

File: 1555192214484.png (18.36 KB, 165x165, megan fox who.png)

is this what she thinks she looks like? 1000 keks

No. 797766


Funny how proud fat person didn't put a pic actually reflective of her ampleness there.

No. 797767


Except that's never going to happen, because when you're working, life is not all about you. Even if you're working from home or freelancing, you won't be able to make everything about you, you'll have to learn to interact with others and relate to them. And a part-time job? Don't make me laugh. She'd constantly cause drama, threaten lawsuits for fatphobia, demand her precious 'reasonable accommodations' that will be everything but reasonable (free ear defenders!), then quit after a week because it's too hard on her fakebromyalgia. She doesn't want to be independent or get better. This suits her just fine.

No. 797769


Can you imagine Feebz with her 400lbs ass standing behind the counter at Starbucks, in ear defenders, taking violent shit breaks every five minutes (meticulously Instagrammed!), her 7XL apron adorned with her own 'I have diagnosis-of-the-week-no1curr' buttons and labia pins, berating customers for not respecting her pronouns?

No. 797770


And then blaming disability discrimination when she gets canned for being a lazy bitch.

I feel so bad for Henry coming home to that shit tip. And to the messy flat too. Ba dum dum.

No. 797772

What made you think she was worth to support even from the start? She seems insufferable even at the first glance imo

No. 797774

File: 1555193320025.jpeg (386.85 KB, 1080x1920, FF53198C-E129-4D15-A875-808C66…)

No. 797775

File: 1555193395844.jpeg (373.52 KB, 1080x1920, 21530175-6B93-47ED-81C1-BCD9AA…)

No. 797776

File: 1555193527914.jpeg (321.96 KB, 1080x1920, 38C2CE9A-8F39-42D6-B2DB-E82A34…)

Sorry, this story was posted before this one. The “GAAAAAAH!” really seals the deal.

No. 797778

ew, i must've missed that in the last thread. gross.

No. 797780

same day delivery?! she’s a moron

No. 797783

I just wanna pop her chin pimple

No. 797784

Sage for nitpick but Christ, that spot on her chin… I know they’re normal and happen sometimes and all that shit but wouldn’t you at least not show them off in selfies? It’s like it’s staring me in the face. This is what happens when you eat grease daily and don’t clean yourself, Feebs.

No. 797785

File: 1555195115377.png (8.31 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9503.PNG)

she would never get a real job solely to continue complaining about how hard she works without being paid.

No. 797786


These are pics posted these last 12h. At least two have a show going on, and in one you can observe her cutting machine not being use. Most if not all, are her complaining. Zero time management.

No. 797787

I’ve been tempted to just spoiler her close-up shots before posting them because they feel like they’re getting harder and harder to look at. Her whimpering faces are the most offensive ones.

No. 797788

as if she works on anything outside of gorging her fat face

No. 797789


More stories to add to her “business” tab. She always has to mention how no one buys her shit, despite the recent numbers proving otherwise (unfortunately). This has to be some form of manipulation because it isn’t healthy to try getting people to pity you on the daily.
Also, Henry usually spends 12 hours a day at work (the time he works + overtime + the time it takes him to get back home). He helps you run your business on his days off. He cleans the house because you don’t do anything, Feebz. Shut up.

No. 797790

File: 1555196353533.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20190413-235819.png)

Wait… what?

No. 797792

File: 1555196992222.png (526.88 KB, 2225x1149, fgjhfhg.png)

Looked through her new items she listed today- so a custom bunting which causes her ~excruciating pain~ to produce only costs $5 more than the other buntings she has for sale? But changing colors and using a button machine justifies marking a $2 button up to $40?

No. 797795

Not necessarily a supporter, I just followed her on ig and didn't really give her posts a lot of thought I guess.

That's probably the case for most of her followers, they just follow so many body positivity/vegan accounts that it's hard to differentiate between them so they don't notice when she contradicts herself or outright lies. If you don't watch her stories and don't know about her past, she's really just another body posi account who makes questionable art.

No. 797796

Her flat looks like it's an average size and would be comfortable for two people if she didn't treat it like a pig pen. Just because you're "poor" doesn't mean you have to live like a complete slob

No. 797811

This is what I don’t understand. If you have such an apparently small and shit flat wouldn’t you try to utilise the space as efficiently as possible? Sure, give yourself a little break for depression mess etc. but I bet she just gets high and throws her takeaways on the ground and is ~too disabled~ to not live in her own filth. Fuck sake feeby. If I didn’t know better I’d think you kept it messy for the poor person reverse flexing you do, but it’s probably just because you’re a lazy [insert phobs favourite word here]

No. 797827

>she/he pronoun button

well she's gotta cater to the other flakes somehow, even if she claims to abhor being called a woman kek

No. 797864

File: 1555245342596.jpg (160.2 KB, 750x1334, 56764760_184719435833087_58285…)

Feebz, the queen of accountability.

No. 797865

Didn't Feebz pull the exact same shit when she was called out for her edgelord tweets? She was getting death threats! for being fat!

No. 797866

wow feebs throwing another mentally ill woman under the bus but we’re supposed to ignore your personal history of blatant bigotry & racism?

>accountability matters!!

>but not when it’s me doing the same stuff!!!

like. clockwork.

No. 797872

File: 1555248992358.png (810.27 KB, 750x1334, 0BF80FB7-8308-497E-A954-A7EA11…)

An insult to actual illustrators

No. 797874


>Doesn't ever apologize, only says "We've all been cunts"

>Ignores the Hitler tweets entirely
>I'm already feeling sucidal, leave me alone!!
>Proceeds to lecture everybody about accountability.

No. 797880


I'm not sure what she wants her "fans" to do here? To buy her work so the pain and anguish is all worth it, or to not buy it because her "work" is quite clearly too much for her pathetic self.

No. 797882

Literal 5th grader MS Paint shit

No. 797886


Luna is ready to scribble a second Mona Lisa compared to Feebles.

No. 797890

What a hypocrite as she conveniently doesn't take accountability for the worst stuff she's done and shrugs off/excuses her own rape attempt. Using literally shaking meme isn't very SJW of you Phoebe.

No. 797893

File: 1555261612568.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, D704A34B-6EA7-43CF-8323-607E40…)

Talk about a shrek looking YIKES

No. 797894


pretty sure this is a brow "tattoo" thing, where the heavy coverage is peeled off after setting but still. yikes.

No. 797897

It’s really sad how phoebe will take these unflattering shots to “get in front of” people calling her disgusting looking. She thinks if she leans in to it we won’t notice her absolutely crippling self-esteem issues. We all know you’re depressed and hate yourself feebs, no matter how much you preach body positivity to convince yourself

No. 797898

File: 1555263228001.jpg (652.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190414-183150_Ins…)


No. 797899

She took so many days off this week, what could have possibly been stressful?! She had that doctor's appointment, she ended up not working for most of the past couple days, and now she needs more time off…? No wonder she can only work for herself, she can't even do that much. She'd be fired on day one at a real job.

No. 797901


No way does she have the equivalent of a 9-5 job. It's a couple hours a day at most, and she can do it while watching TV shows. She's a joke.

No. 797903

Went thru and checked Phoebe's work schedule for the past week:

Sunday, claims she never gets the day off. Whines all night about a neighbor being loud.
Monday, says she won't work and then starts to work. No clue on what.
Tuesday, went out with family and took a bath. Made a test bunting.
Wednesday, tried to clean her flat and ended up laying in bed. Later claims she can't go to the post office to mail packages.
Thursday, claims to have a big to-do list for this day but also goes to a doctor's appointment and watches TV. Gets high at one point. Signs of actual work here >>797055
Friday, buntings are destroying her life despite her holding up just a handful or so. Still hasn't sent out orders.
Saturday, has to list new items. Her back ends up hurting due to it. Claims to have been working for 12 hours straight >>797785
Sunday, today. Not working again until Tuesday apparently.

Buntings really did destroy her life. Who knew stuff you make for preschoolers can make you unable to work for two days. Also, did she ever send out the orders?

No. 797905

been lurkin this cunt for a while but damn this is the milkiest cow i have ever encountered, should have paid attention to her sooner
either complaining about not having enough orders and no money or complaining about having to do a little bit to sell shit? nothing is ever good enough.
holy shit this bitch makes me laugh

No. 797906

We lucked out with this one. Getting a nearly constant stream of milk.

No. 797916

File: 1555266561466.png (227.74 KB, 1242x1869, IMG_9538.PNG)

The neck on this one.

No. 797918

File: 1555266684535.jpeg (182.59 KB, 750x1334, 0562CE55-C0CD-486E-8DC1-0C21AE…)

You are in a hetero relationship and your own mom said you’d never lick a cunt.

No. 797919

File: 1555266741669.jpeg (334.64 KB, 1080x1920, C993D171-0FDD-41D3-BAB8-D6256E…)

Whine whine whine, bitch bitch bitch. Everyone is a problem but her!

No. 797920


That "starvation" diet for the colonoscopy really didn't stop her piling on the pounds huh. She's a fucking whale. I legitimately don't know how she's managed to put on so much weight in such a short period of time, it's literally about 6-7 stone in 18 months. That's insane.

No. 797923

Thin straight men are WAY less likely to date fat women than gay women are wtf

No. 797925

Why does she care about American events KEK
Most of the money from tickets is going to the artists and staff hired

No. 797926

At the end of the day, anything you buy will probably line the pockets of someone vile. For all she knows, her porridge could be being made by a paedophile, I just don’t know why people get on this rampage only when business owners are visible.

No. 797927

File: 1555268348661.png (3.1 MB, 1242x2208, 597E7112-5BA9-4A09-AFF6-DB49CD…)

Reminder to not tell people you’re taking commissions unless you’re prepared to ship their items on time. Or not to run a business at all if you’re going to bitch about people not buying your shit or bitch about actually having to work when someone finally pities you enough to buy your “art.”

No. 797928

Oh god, this could be one of those viral fatty dancing videos.

No. 797929

File: 1555268570028.png (1.82 MB, 1242x2208, F3A07ADD-3515-4CC5-B9F1-5E4CC7…)

Poor Henry. Meanwhile she’s uploading constant selfie videos of herself listening to music and literally slapping her double chin to the beat of songs.

No. 797931

File: 1555268793754.jpg (626.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190414-200529_Ins…)

Doing housework when he's home so he can do it too.

So he gets to work full time and do housework whilst she's a lazy bitch.

No. 797933

File: 1555268875041.jpg (555.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190414-200431_Ins…)

Look at his dead eyes.

That's the face of someone beaten down.


No. 797934

Jokes aside, he actually looks truly miserable. Has anybody reached out to him?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 797935

He probably has to sit on the floor cause her fat takes up the whole sofa


No. 797938

It appears he's the one actually cleaning, as she just keeps recording herself singing a long to songs they're going to play at their wedding or whatever. He's cleaning in the background. Unbelievable that she thinks she's even entitled to marrying him at this point.

No. 797939

I know we're not supposed to cowtip and this is by no means an exception, but this is honestly depressing

Henry, sweetie, please blink twice if you're being held hostage

No. 797944

The entire reason she has a thread is because a relative of Henry’s posted about her in the personal lolcow thread. His loved ones are well aware of what a dumpster fire she is and appear to be quite supportive.

No. 797945

her skin is literally revolting has this bitch never washed her face or anything good lord

No. 797946

To the family member who originally posted please talk some sense into Henry. We aren't allowed because it's cowtipping but you are involved in his life and you can tell him what insanity this is.

No. 797947

It’s a pity he can’t see sense. Hopegfully he does SOON. I bet he thinks of cheating on her all the time, probably already has.

No. 797948

File: 1555270535154.png (1.43 MB, 1500x1123, SaveHenry.png)

No. 797949

File: 1555272253632.png (23.12 KB, 525x386, Untitled.png)

while we're here dearest meme anon; the content in your contributions is great but can you please use free form selection when you're pasting the heads onto the images so they aren't square? (assuming you're using ms paint) Everything else about your memes is a+. Sorry if this is condescending. Thank u for your service.

No. 797951

File: 1555273069953.jpg (169.37 KB, 660x371, pheobr.jpg)

No. 797956

Would she even let him leave?

No. 797958

If he wanted to, she couldn’t stop him. She’s a disabled fatty who can’t move without shitting blood or constant chronic back pain, remember?

No. 797965


But she isn't taking commissions unless you'll pay her £40.

No. 797968

File: 1555278189637.jpeg (275.4 KB, 1024x1820, B5DEC65A-8402-4EA5-A79A-27D03D…)

“I’m not fat, I’m thick boned!”

No. 797970

That amount of stuffing is actually disgusting

No. 797971


Those mashed carrots literally look like they have been chewed up and spat out on the plate

No. 797972

File: 1555278990458.jpg (93.4 KB, 800x450, FatVegCunt.jpg)

No. 797973

That is a fucking meal for 2 people holy shit

No. 797975

Where the hell does she get this vegan? As a vegan, It's difficult to find most foods "vegan version" unless you make them yourself. to go this specific, and combine them all, must mean she's a savant cook, has a ridiculous amount of money, or isn't vegan. Honestly, I think she isn't vegan.

No. 797976

She does like cooking, it’s about the only thing she does.

No. 797980

I think out of everything she pretends to care about, she actually does love animals & is affected by their mistreatment. sort of ridiculous that she can't apply that compassion to actual real humans but I digress.

anyways, most of that stuff can be bought vegan at any grocery store if you live in an even somewhat civilized city in the UK. most of it is just straight veg, and vegan sausages and gravy aren't at all uncommon.

No. 797983

File: 1555280957020.jpg (63.13 KB, 494x273, fridaynightdinner.jpg)

No. 797986


we have a winner!

top keks, anon!

as an actually jewish person she irritates the fuck out of me for claiming to be jewish based on one (temporary!) convert in her family. bitch, it doesn't work that way

No. 797987

none of this is hard to cook from scratch (except the sausages maybe). knowing phoebe though, it probably is all prepared frozen/chilled stuff from the supermarket. It wouldn't be hard to find vegan prepared veg either.

No. 797989


or Henry cooked it?

No. 797992


Thanks a lot, anon! I appreciate the constructive feedback!


I love this, biggest kek. The "pizz" really sells it.


I was thinking that Henry's the real chef in this instance. We know Feebz can cook and it's probably the only thing she has going for her, but Henry's also vegan. I don't doubt she made him cook tonight and she devoured both his and her own portions. Either that or she actually did make herself useful, but he had to scrub their entire pigsty down because she can't be assed to do anything taxing. And she still ate most of their shared meal.

No. 797993

Yeah, that stuffing is a packet mix and the sausages are Linda McCartney

No. 797998

Just did a rough calorie count on this plate and its ~1,800. That's almost her entire days guideline allowance. She's so fucking gross

No. 798000

File: 1555283334623.jpg (268.7 KB, 1080x1920, 57000902_2241116226155747_9134…)

No. 798001

This plate is mostly vegetables. Plus, most vegans know that vegetarian stuffing is vegan, and most meat products now have vegan substitutes. Being vegan is huge in 2019 now, most supermarkets are hopping on the bandwagon.

No. 798009

Bullshit. If she actually cared about animals she wouldn't feed her cat a vegan diet.

No. 798012

where is this forgetting to eat? where is she?

No. 798026

is this why she claims she's poor? she's eating enough for 3 meals in one serving?

No. 798032


I can see her not thinking to drink water but even eating just under the daily recommended intake of calories we'd see some (unintentional) weight loss with someone of Phoebe's size. No way does she skip meals, unless the meals she does eat are hugely unhealthy.

No. 798036

If she really is skipping meals, I'm sure that she is constantly snacking throughout the day. That and calories from alcohol.

No. 798061

File: 1555307353739.jpg (623.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190415-064808_Ins…)

No cow-tipping

But I can already tell she'll only answer the assumptions that fit with her asthetic.
And she'll use this to humble brag

No. 798074

File: 1555318756295.jpeg (88.19 KB, 640x1136, 3E3A02BC-B3B2-48BE-8053-0ED5AC…)

This just sums her up. Dramatically CRYING over somthing she has Activley CHOSEN to wear - and crying over somthing out of context. Why would you wear somthing that makes you upset? What logic is this? Narcissist logic.

No. 798087


not to mention the cultural appropriation kek(>>>/tumblr/)

No. 798089

File: 1555336268991.png (5.58 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9546.PNG)

felt like yesterday's video of Henry doing housework while she jiggled on the couch deserved another angle.

No. 798091

Slight tinfoil but I think the actual reason she puts her face up to the camera in most pictures is because she wants to be in control of how ugly she looks. If someone makes fun of her looks in the super unflattering close up pictures she can laugh it off that yeah, no shit because it's meant to look bad and she also feeds on negativity. Look at the picture above (>>798089) though, she actually looks hideous and she knows it. She can't laugh off if someone calls her ugly in a picture where she isn't meant to. This is a pretty common tactic among those who feel or know they're ugly. It gives them some control over it
Also the close ups really hid just how fat she is. She has a scarf neck with all the fat she's got. I'm guessing soon she'll complain about having some neck disability because it'll be in pain from the distortion, weight, and crushing fat on a sensitive part of her body

No. 798092

You’re spot on m8

No. 798095

File: 1555340284184.jpg (926.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190415-155738_Ins…)

More unnecessary spending from our poverty queen

No. 798096


That rug is filthy and we know from the story posted further up thread that her flat is a tip. Why waste time and money framing shitty art when you could tidy up your pigsty for your poor hardworking partner #savehenry2k19

No. 798104

why does she think people care about her life.. so many goddamn stories of her doing nothing except showing off her ugly face

No. 798106

If she lives in a tiny flat where is she even going to put all of this?

No. 798107

File: 1555348740840.jpg (804.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190415-181841_Ins…)

More purchases!!!

But she's so poor

No. 798109

What bothers me the most is how she CONSTANTLY cries over how poor she is, but always buys new unnessecary shit and once she gets called out on it this cunt screams how poor people are allowed to have nice things

bitch yes, they are but not all the fucking time. There is a big difference between buying something for yourself that makes you feel better after setting some money aside and constantly indulging and then crying and begging for donations.

No. 798111

File: 1555350947063.png (3.4 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_9550.PNG)

>New YouTube video where she asked people what assumptions they have of her
>Someone assumes she can't afford to get married
She says she's found a cheap venue (community center) and doesn't think they're wedding will be more than £600 because they're only paying for the venue, marriage license and catering. Saving costs by "wearing they're own clothes"
Believes the wedding will happen sometime end of next year or 2021.
But "they can definitely afford it"

No. 798113

File: 1555351736299.jpg (742.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190415-190801_Ins…)

we are looking at €28.50 here plus shipping lads. spending a weekly shop on some fucking pins jfc

No. 798114


Custom print by hotcuppacoco - £12.50
‘Man Eater’ print by beeillustrates - £15 + p&p
‘Get thee to a nunnery’ print by spunk.rock - £10.50
‘Pinks and Purples’ print by spunk.rock - £8
‘Water Me’ print by ggggrimes- $6.50
‘Valentines Day Double Sided Print’ by ggggrimes - $7 or may have been bought at $4 in bargain clearance sale.
‘Queer Magic’ handsigned print by hellomynameiswednesday - £15 + p&p

Plus two more that were not immediately identifiable.

Again well over £50 spent on utter trash whilst larping poverty and claiming to not be able to afford food! Imagine accepting money from people under the pretence of buying food when in reality you’re buying this kind of nonsense almost daily.

Alternatively these were gifted by the ‘artists’ and it just confirms how constantly spoiled Phoebe is (as well as hypocritical when demanding £40 to change the colour of a cat drawing - something which would literally take minutes of the privilege of PLAYING with one of Phoebe’s iPads to achieve!).

No. 798116


prettyinpunk had a big Etsy sale and it's likely that Phoebe paid closer to €3 per badge, but by the time you've shipped three of them from Germany that's still another decent spend. I hope this isn't all coming out of Henry's pay packet.

No. 798121

File: 1555354119875.jpg (593.29 KB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20190415-194818_Ins…)

Henry is a lucky, lucky guy

No. 798136

Remember this when she inevitably starts begging for donations or outright tries to crowdfund their entire (LGBTQ+!!) wedding.

No. 798150

File: 1555365173788.png (888.11 KB, 750x1334, D98BF70D-A10D-46C0-8CBA-78DED5…)

Just can’t let people mourn notre dame for 5 minutes can you phoebe

No. 798153

she literally cant, she ALWAYS has to dig and find something to be the most ~*woke one*~

No. 798154

goddamn her sperging about this just reminds me of onionshit and his constant reeing about tragedies. feebs is really just an amalgamation of cows, but for the worse, isn't she?

No. 798156

omg anon, i fucking lost it. top kek

No. 798164

Last time this happened she said she was buying things when she was broke last week because she just got paid, which is ridiculous. If you go from literally starving to buying a $200 sticker maker over the course of a few days you NEED to budget better

No. 798199

This is such a weird form of whataboutism. The same people who are upset that an 850 year old cultural building is burning for something as mundane as an electrical accident ALL 100% ignored other churches being burned?

Let people be sad about the loss here pheebs. You can suck woke dick later.

No. 798233

File: 1555395514138.jpg (329.49 KB, 1080x1920, StorySaver_fatvegfemme_5724713…)

ok onision 2.0

No. 798237

if she was so concerned about them why is she only now mentioning it? both are awful but more people have heard of notre dame

No. 798244


nah she's just priming her audience for her mspaint "save black churches" art where all of the proceeds go to…her.

No. 798264

With the way she spends she won't be able to afford the wedding. To put it simply, with all the money she wasted this month she could have just had the wedding. 200£ to the paper cutter, I'm guessing around 200£ of Etsy shit, 200£ on clothes, 100£ on takeout, wasted 300£ on expensive fancy and processed foods ("curry" sauces, jackfruit, buying vegan brand potato chips when they're already vegan, overconsumption leading to buying too much food, etc), and probably a lot more we don't see considering not that long ago she complained she couldn't go to a concert. And to be honest I'm hoping she delays it long enough for Henry to be able to get away. Autistic people have such higher chances of being in and staying in abusive relationships because they're more easily duped and controlled. Not to mention they do need a bit of extra care simply due to their differences like a partner who doesn't randomly scream at their neighbours (especially the wrong ones), a partner who isn't too sarcastic if they have difficulty understanding it, a partner who is loving and honest (goes without saying but the honesty part includes White lies here), good routines, help with their issues, etc. Meanwhile Pheebs isn't on the good side of any of these plus larps as an autistic girl herself which poor Henry probably believes and accommodates for despite her likely dragging him to loud and flashing concerts as well as the other non-autistically friendly places. Of course depending on what triggers him these examples might not matter but I doubt she ever put any thought into any of this beyond figuring out what triggers she sees in Henry
(and other diagnostic criteria) too emulate herself

No. 798270

This is like Onision when anyone famous dies and he goes all "Many people die everyday!!!" for hours.
I hope some of her followers are French, and that they roasted her.

No. 798277

Her dad will probably pay for it in the hopes she'll be out of his hair once she's married off
Buying a wedding dress now is optimistic, the way she eats she'll definitely have put weight on by next year

No. 798289

File: 1555433701852.jpg (783.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190416-175311_Ins…)

She's so sure that her dislikes are from people waiting.

Maybe your videos aren't very good and people just dislike them???

No. 798293

Convenient text right over her neck fat. What's wrong Pheebs? I thought you were fat positive?

No. 798299

File: 1555436676020.jpg (449.38 KB, 1080x1920, StorySaver_fatvegfemme_5665307…)

The content warning has no purpose here, when the first thing you see is a big bowl of food.
Just proves that she's putting on this act of giving a shit about eating disorders, or she's plain stupid, but most likely both.

No. 798300

File: 1555437023286.jpg (507.83 KB, 1024x1820, StorySaver_fatvegfemme_5582368…)

Phoebe, so poor that she could only go as far away as France on a foreign holiday!

No. 798302

wow I can't believe she doesn't cheer it burning down because it was a symbol of white supremacy and colonization or some shit

No. 798306

this picture is roughly a year old but she seemed to have doubled in size already

No. 798312


Didn't they get engaged on this trip?

That's likely the day she decided to just let herself go completely, prob the day she decided she has terrible pain from attempting sex too

No. 798317

File: 1555442529579.jpg (699.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190416-201822_Ins…)

Her cleavage is so weird

No. 798318

File: 1555442609755.jpg (552.8 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20190416-201921_Ins…)

As we know, she's lying about having a degree in nutrition. She had that certificate in began nutrition from a sketchy place.

No. 798325

What also gets me is that she frequently buys items that are shipped from aboard. UK has a £15 value on importing goods, so she would be charged customs fees which are minimum £8 handling plus whatever fee they want to add on. There is no way she is poor if she is constantly buying things + shipping + customs + handling.

No. 798326

to be fair, going to paris from britain is not that expensive.

was this posted before or after guilting people for feeling sad about it burning? either way, what a turnabout face.

No. 798329

before lol

No. 798330


Her nutrition credentials aren't exactly 'sketchy' as much as they are just absolutely entry-level, like a basic health and safety course.


This is what she got, it's available at "61% off" on job sites, meaning that it's the kind of course that people take to keep the job centre off their backs while claiming benefits and avoiding actually getting a job.

No. 798340

File: 1555446185906.png (187.91 KB, 1242x1835, IMG_9571.PNG)

Posted 3 hours ago and it's already a flop.

No. 798345

She thinks spending 5 minutes on a piece of art she plans to sell is reasonable, so I guess it makes sense that if something doesn't sell in 5 minutes it's a failure.

No. 798350

It's like her breasts are bing pushed up by the fat surrounding her torso beneath

No. 798354

i hope the pool got a good rinse and bleach after feebs got out yuck

No. 798357

At least she’s exercising. I wonder when the last time she did any exercise besides walking a few feet without her wheelchair was

No. 798360

This would be the best thing for her if she'd just stop bitching and moaning about "her pains".

No. 798362

File: 1555459245428.jpeg (134.95 KB, 701x1241, 2906EA74-91C5-441D-AB13-B99EE0…)

tinfoil bit how long do you guys think it’ll be before feebs spergs abt this post by jameela and says it’s not good enough and she’s privileged and the like

No. 798366

sometimes I think about the fact that if jameela was a size 20 feebs would love her and defend her to the death against callout culture

No. 798387


>Their large boobs are visible

shoutout to all her blind followers who don't have to see her small, misshapen tits and can just assume she has normal proportions

No. 798412

even then I'd think she'd find something to tornment her over

No. 798417

File: 1555483913142.jpg (742.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190417-074949_Ins…)

She is another poor person!

No. 798431

How do you do, fellow poors

No. 798436

File: 1555497875887.jpg (294.43 KB, 1080x1920, StorySaver_fatvegfemme_5741531…)

How bad will these be (if she gets them done) compared to her current messes?

No. 798439

>a phrase my family has used for years


No. 798440

File: 1555502034722.png (2 MB, 750x1334, 49F1E294-008C-4FAD-BE5F-F64C8A…)

oh my god this looks like something a 5 year old could make at preschool. why would anyone buy this? I’d love to know how it was so incredibly difficult for poor feebs to make

No. 798444

Don't you know she's


No. 798445

LITERALLY! My 7 year old niece and 6 year old nephew made crafts for me that looked BETTER than this, how is she proud of this crap and sells it, she is in her 20s(no one cares about nieces shitty art)

No. 798458

Really producing some high quality work there pheebs

A slight nudge and they're ruined

No. 798463

jesus, my cat could do better than that shite. also feebs just hit 10k followers… HOW?!(No one cares.)

No. 798470

imagine coming home after a long shift and before you can even open your front door you hear your landwhale gf wailing from inside. you open the door to find her lying in bed, shoving yarn thru six wrinkled paper hearts that look like kindergarten crafts, screaming about the pain it's causing her.

No. 798481

File: 1555516064356.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 85B5EC9F-715E-4C27-A88D-B0A95E…)

She has to wear her engagement ring on her knuckle! That thing is fused to her hand at this point

No. 798482

File: 1555516720312.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 0B0F68F8-DB51-4F58-80CC-517759…)

Surely at this stage she could just roll down the hill to the beach

No. 798509


But feebs, you've gained about a hundred pounds since last summer..

No. 798517

File: 1555524976541.jpg (451.85 KB, 4000x3000, collage.jpg)

I can't comprehend how utterly stupid Phoebe is − so Jameela benefits from diet culture, the same Jameela who didn't eat a meal for three years when she suffered from an eating disorder?!

Even a child has more sense than this pig.

No. 798520

Feebs has no right to be talking about co-opting and profiting off of experiences that aren't her own. Bloody hell. It's hard to tell what's stupidity and what's intentional manipulation with her

No. 798529

File: 1555527648187.png (8.36 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9586.PNG)

Has she ever even thought to google "how to run a small business" this ain't it pheebs

No. 798530

Complaining that your products aren't selling just convinces people that they're lemons, it doesn't manipulate people into buying them kek. It's extremely satisfying that she both wasted her money and is now actively harming her business by whinging.

No. 798534

Fun fact: you don't have to autistically spend money for random people on the internet

No. 798545

this is why people do preorders, you dolt.

No. 798559

File: 1555533749676.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190417-214053_Ins…)

she contributes fuckall to their finances it seems

No. 798561

File: 1555533843171.jpg (611.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190417-214118_Ins…)

also another commission "giveaway" in the works. like c'mon even 15£ is bit much for her shit, I'd be surprised it takes her more than an hour to produce each of her "masterpieces"

No. 798562

I see good artists doing $10-$15 commissions because they’re broke. If she lowered her commission price to be more fair she’d probably have a somewhat steady stream of them

No. 798568

No feebs is a precious enby. She must charge 40 euro for each commission even if its just a recolor, or 50 euro if there are two figures.

No. 798569

Why does she seem to think only fat people can be body positive? What about POC? What about amputees? What about people who are recovering from eating disorders (like Jaleela)? She sure does love gatekeeping

No. 798570

File: 1555536645498.jpg (885 KB, 810x3504, Screenshot_20190417-222532_Ins…)

How dare we all comment on her body!!! It's none of our business!

I thought she loved her fat body and so couldn't be effected by our words….

No. 798571

File: 1555536791593.jpg (778.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190417-222636_Ins…)

Wow she's coming after thin disabled people now

"You're only valid if you're a fat, trans, Jewish, disabled, poor, non-binary person, otherwise you are privileged and a cunt"

No. 798572

File: 1555536913652.jpeg (607.17 KB, 640x1136, AC259E11-F0C8-424F-A04B-E44C13…)

piggy trotter

No. 798574


"I only made £2 in my shop!!! Eeeee!!!!
Oh but look at this nail polish I just brought"

No. 798579

Wow. This is a special kind of privileged fat fuck that thinks she can dismiss actual disabled issues because she eats herself into morbidity.

No. 798581

i wonder if she really thinks she’s more oppressed than a skinny amputee or whatever just bc shes fat and has fibro. I want to understand how her brain works

No. 798582


her skin is fucking awful.

No. 798589

it's because her swimsuit is too small. it's dragging her boobs down.

No. 798591

She's in the middle of a year long binge-drink-eat. Its a wild ride.

No. 798615

because that's the thing people who don't give a shit do is write three paragraphs about it. got it pheebs

No. 798619


That looks like an entire block of tofu… like 5 portions worth. No wonder she is exploding in size, she has no understanding of portion control.

No. 798625

>thin disability privilege

Jesus Christ, just get in your wheelchair and take a roll, feebs.

No. 798626

Ah, such a wonderful advocate. Very inclusive.

No. 798634

K let me go tell a stage 4 cancer patient that they're having a great time being thin and should stop complaining because some fat cunt thinks being thin is a privilege. What an absolute piece of shit.

No. 798649

File: 1555565270966.jpg (18.03 KB, 328x400, 16057a2cf485b8346e063b004565a1…)

Guess that if Phoebe ever loses weight (unlikely) that nobody should feel sorry for her being a wheelchair using disabled lgbt jewish person living in poverty because thin!
Of course we all know that she would complain even if that did hapoen.

No. 798650

Does she ever go one fucking day without bitching and whining, esp about her business?? Why not do something else if it's so awful for you?

No. 798652

File: 1555568068259.jpg (407.6 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20190418-071123_Ins…)

Attacking people who question her again

No. 798655

>Why does appearance of my body matter so much?
Idk Pheebs, you should be considerate of others asking themselves the same thing when you try to attack them for being thin.

No. 798657

not to mention the fact that she makes the appearance of her body everybody's business. This isn't your average girl posting selfies and photos of her outings, Phoebe gets buttass naked and posts her body for the world to see and scrutinize freely. Not to mention the porn she's made. I really don't think you get to use the whole "it's nobody's business" argument when you're the one sharing.

No. 798659

Sales on Etsy
10/4/19 1069
12/4/19 1081
13/4/19 1095
14/4/19 1112
15/4/19 1136
16/4/19 1136
17/4/19 1146
Total sales for a week is 77
If it was just one badge each at £2 + £1.10 postage
Total taken £238.70
In a year she would turnover £12412.00 if all sales were just a badge.
Plus she gets benefits and Henry earns good money.

No. 798664


Is she overcharging for postage by £1.10?

No. 798666

Second class large letter would be 83p + 15p for a jiffy bag, depends if she buys a box of 100.

No. 798669

Then uhh do the fucking surveys? She's just complaining for the sake of complaining.

No. 798671

File: 1555584966882.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 52D9DAFA-5AB9-425F-A370-4580F0…)

She complains when her posts get a low engagement rate.. she complains when her work gets shared lots…

No. 798674

Fat activists like Feebs think it's impossible and unhealthy to lose weight in a meaningful way. They eat "intuitively" which means giving into every passing desire and craving, and can't comprehend that no one else is gorging ourselves into oblivion every day, or think that we're suffering from eating disorders.
I can't believe she thinks she's coming off well here, like to the point that she's showing off. What a crybully.

No. 798677

File: 1555588964161.jpg (1.22 MB, 1123x708, Untitled.jpg)

She's such a tone deaf hypocritical cunt

No. 798680

I think these types of posts she makes are showing her audience how vile she is, instead of painting her as the ~bodypos queer disabled poverty queen she sees herself as

No. 798681

>fuck thin ppl!

and the penny drops.

wish this white whale knew that outside of extremely first world areas, ppl who are thin are usually the poorest of the poor.

No. 798685

Anon, the most cost effective way to live period is by not eating.

No. 798688

Also thin privilege is just one type of privilege… Thin people are real humans with complicated lives too. Does Phoebe - a fat, straight, white, middle class woman who can afford to buy specialty food and junk - truly think she's less privileged than say a black lesbian refugee escaping persecution and real danger and who happens to be thin? It seems like being fat (and being "trans") trumps every other marginalized struggle to people like Phoebe, when really they're just doing it to themselves.

No. 798689

Fuck thin people? Girrrrl, such denial.

If she could find a way to wake up thin tomorrow, she'd jump on it. She is one of those women who've eaten their way into ugliness and hates anyone else who hasnt fallen into the same trap.

No. 798691


bitch i don’t just “think” you’re obese and spotty, it’s an objective fact lol

No. 798693

Thin privilege isn't even a thing, you can literally just stop shoving food down your throat all day and boom, thin privilege!

No. 798695

File: 1555594416649.png (1.33 MB, 1334x750, 4CC59EC5-BA20-4B3D-AF0C-6C2EEB…)

the only content warning i actually appreciate

No. 798697

There is no systematic abuse of fat people, aren’t fat people punished for not taking care of their weight, while others such as women, people of color, lgb are controlled and hated every single day?

No. 798707

she's by far the most stupid, worst cow here, ever..
what a trash human being, being thin doesn't mean your life is perfect, many people actually struggle to gain weight
cancer patients lose weight against their will, that's privilege?
She infuriates me,she's the worst kind of person

No. 798709

File: 1555599007498.png (425.16 KB, 720x1184, clip_now_20190418_154535.png)

wow phoebe you are handling this so maturely, so proud of you, obese queen

No. 798713

idk what world you live in where £12k a year isn't poor. not saying she is though, since she's been shown to get money from daddy and treated constantly, but still. if anything, this simply shows her "small business" is not working. she can't make a living off of it. and she acts like it's everyone else's fault - it could never be her lack of management and constant complaining and bitching that pushes people off of buying. imagine being anorexic and thin and wanting to buy a badge and then you load up phoebe's recent stories, lol. great marketing! no wonder you're screaming after your post doesn't go viral in 3 hours.

No. 798715

£12k plus Henry's wages, benefits, handouts from family and donations from multiple begging posts.

No. 798718

File: 1555603604873.jpg (606.82 KB, 2048x2048, 9310D6AA-2EEB-41AB-B1F2-D6D43D…)

posted these within 24 hours of each other. everyone but pheebs should be open to criticism and anyone who criticizes pheebs is a cunt.

No. 798724

Why does she keep doing that "what about me" thing when she makes everything about herself and her "marginalized statuses".

Kek. Perfect example of extreme sjw in the second pic. Trans people and their supporters get to tell women to eat dicks when they want to talk about themselves.

No. 798726

you can really see that old personality that she tries so hard to hide coming out in that eat 10000 dicks comment. old habits die hard

No. 798730

File: 1555607492621.png (460.68 KB, 1080x1080, sketch-1555607397086.png)

I've noticed in a couple of screenshots lately that she's been wasting yet more money on promoting her posts.

No. 798731


>Reeee I can't stop stuff my face of "healthy crap" so I am going to take it out on people who have self control and can actually eat healthy portions.

No. 798734


i know she reads here so i hope she gets mad when she sees it as it is:

Phoebe is claiming she'a more valuable from and must come before, say, a person who's missing two legs or who has cerebral palsy or ALS or hearing/visual impairment who's a regular weight because she stuffed her face with obscene amounts of food OF HER OWN VOLITION.

Phoebe is purporting that her "uuugghhh i can move but i dun wanna cuz it rlly hurts" should be prioritized over someone who is genuinely permanently unable to do MORE things than her. Someone who is in that situation out of sheer shit luck is less important than some privileged snotty white first world girl who gave herself a temporary impairment by being an overspending, wasteful, spoiled little jerk, because the actually permanently disabled person despite all odds manages to be an average weight? vile.

No. 798735

omg that last pic of her face makes me so irrationally angry, she’s such a smug fat asshole i can’t deal with it

No. 798737


Wait wait wait wait, she complains about the complaints she gets from people seeing her posts but…she pays money…for more people to see them…?

No. 798741

Her “business” is failing because, in addition to her products being shit, she’s not focused on her product. It’s all her. It’s all her dumb face, it’s all her dumb opinions, it’s all about her poor health. Everything is about her, and her life and there’s fuck all about her product or her customers. There’s no divide between professional and personal.

She’s trying make money by just ~being herself~ instead of letting her products speak for themselves.

Hi Phoebe. Self respecting customers don’t care about the blood coming out of your ass. Nobody is going to give you money just because you want it and think you deserve it. Just start a fucking nonsense YouTube channel or go beg on the street. Or, you know, since you seem to be online all the time, actually try to find a job where you can work at home. You seem to have no problem doodling bullshit on your iPads. Take that time to fill out some surveys!

No. 798745

File: 1555610863938.png (874.03 KB, 750x1334, 731F78BE-2D54-4A76-A762-2F58AB…)

“exposure doesn’t pay my bills” uh, no, Henry pays your bills

No. 798754

How on earth is she still on Instagram when at least five of her stories today include her telling other Insta users to eat dicks, to eat her shit and to fuck off and die? Seriously

No. 798759

File: 1555613812760.png (624.66 KB, 720x1184, clip_now_20190418_195536.png)

Posting videos of her own eczema certainly isn't helping her business.

No. 798761

File: 1555614016975.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, EB2DDCAC-A15B-471C-AC8C-4BDF2B…)

So now she has eczema too. Poor little baby so many probLUHMS

No. 798762

File: 1555614166621.jpg (31.46 KB, 564x344, fatcuntsyndrome.jpg)



Jesus fuck, this bitch reminds me so much of Eric Cartman; from the entitlement, the narcissism, the manipulative bullshit, the complete lack of self awareness down to the bleeding arsehole…

No. 798764

Eczema? Or sweat rash from the hot weather today? Hmm.

No. 798770


She's that same shade of pink in every pic I've ever seen her in. Just being a hypochondriac as usual

No. 798774

Yeah either sweating, wearing something too tight, or tbh looks like she got a bit of a sunburn. Wasn't she saying she was going to a pool a few days ago?

I've seen eczema irl. It's not a little pink on your skin. It's pretty much actual sores/very bad rash. Basically it causes skin the skin to raise and appear very irritated. Not just mild pink discoloration, Phebs.

No. 798779


Yep she must diagnose herself with these things after a half-arsed google search cos that is not what eczema looks like

The marks are right where she has a fold of fat under her neck, it's literally just a sweaty fat fold

No. 798781

That's not eczema, you don't get it evenly on both sides of your neck like that. My best guess is she was wearing a shirt that was too tight in the neck and it chafed her skin. Nice try pheebs.

No. 798782

I don't think she knows what systematic means

No. 798789

File: 1555622159899.png (1.8 MB, 1242x2208, 5717D9E9-479E-431C-9454-9070B1…)

No. 798790

The recent promotions tab is always at the top of the notifications page for people who have business accounts. She doesn't necessarily have any active promotions.

No. 798792

untaxable income treshold is 12500 pounds for the new financial year, it was 11850 for the previous one.

No. 798793

Okay, who’s cow-tipping? As much as I want to give her a virtual slap in the face, interfering could stop the flow of milk js

No. 798794

idk anon, if her eczema is very mild or the rash in still in a very early phase then it can appear just pink. but shes probably just being her usual dramatic self.

No. 798796

File: 1555624148866.jpeg (582.31 KB, 1125x1987, E8E829BD-1212-44F2-BAB7-BD65A6…)

Wow, she is really fucking dense. More screenshots incoming.

No. 798798

File: 1555624205718.jpeg (550.52 KB, 1125x2118, 784657B6-06E5-495B-8100-771093…)

Boo hoo, poor pig.

No. 798799

File: 1555624365886.jpeg (411.24 KB, 1125x2113, 4C341DEE-C79B-4E9A-92AC-66BCE6…)

Phoebe found another way to be most opressed person ever. How she will make it to sunday without putting up 9000 stories about her severe pains and bleeding asshole?

No. 798800

she always uses the same boring insults too

No. 798806


She claims she leaving social media until Sunday then makes more stories.
She's so addicted.

No. 798807

We do know where she lives, thanks to that doctors letter she posted.

No. 798808

File: 1555625885557.jpg (587.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190418-231634_Ins…)

No. 798809

File: 1555625928191.jpg (564.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190418-231653_Ins…)

No. 798810

File: 1555625966292.jpg (586.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190418-231706_Ins…)

No. 798811

why would knowing her personal email lead you to her address and not… you know… her full legal name. I think there are more serious privacy concerns to consider, phoebe…

No. 798812

-feeding them a vegan diet
-covering the neck sores with a Bandana rather than treating then properly
-finding it funny when you bring an old cat into the home and the young cat hates her and attacks her
-hugging your cat naked (ewwww)
-letting the old cat turn into a festering mess with an infected eye.
-not allowing Polly freedom to go outside.
-being too "poor" to pay for vet bills.

Yeah I'd call that Animal abuse

No. 798815

this is what happens when you become extremely active online. you post a bunch of personal shit hoping for popularity because they want to be seen as being so "open". pheebs is guilty of trying to be the most oppressed person on the internet.
i applaud non-cows who can get popular because of their entertainment.

No. 798816

cats dont belong outside, retard.

No. 798817

They do in the UK

No. 798820

enjoy the destruction of your ecosystem(derailing)

No. 798824

Get over it, responsible cat owners who properly spay and neuter have no hold on "destroying the environment". The issue here is that Pheeb's is clearly a neglectful owner who can barely give her cat a proper diet, let alone get it fixed.

No. 798828


I love that she’s now scared to go outside. That’s new.

No. 798830


I bet she sent that to herself to make it seem like she is being harassed.

No. 798831

File: 1555629816677.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, CF76D216-5A43-42D4-909A-6231E5…)

She looks sunburned from laying in the sun

No. 798851


She's taken an admittedly nasty comment about non binary people, and made it sound like a personal attack on her.

No. 798855

She said the same thing about police officers a couple of weeks ago.

No. 798865

i’m honestly wondering how she doesnt see how her saying “fuck you” to an ENTIRE group of people is entire hypocritical of her “message”. if you said “fuck fat ugly white girls” she would put you on BLAST, but when she says it, it’s okay because she’s ~disabled~. i’m genuinely curious if she’s jealous they can walk up stairs and she can’t??

No. 798872

File: 1555646825970.png (658.17 KB, 720x1184, clip_now_20190419_050649.png)

sounds pretty bad for business, Phoebe, blocking a bunch of potential customers who haven't done anything

No. 798882

It's so bizarre that people believe the privilege of being able to stuff your face is oppression.

No. 798883

Someone posted her on /fit/, so I suspect that is the prime reason for the cowtipping.

No. 798884

Seriously. A lot of the time thin disabled people are thin because they can't get proper nutrition because of their disorders, they're literally suffering from malnutrition because of what's afflicting their bodies, and this fat fuck thinks she's more oppressed because she's able to sit around and stuff her face all day. It's unbelievable.

No. 798887

>I'm done being polite

I don't think I've ever seen an example of this bitch being polite. Ever. Not a single time.

I can't even imagine how exhausting being this hostile and negative 24/7 would be, especially on the people around her.

No. 798904

this bitch probably detests the fact that she’s white because she can’t claim oppression points for being a poc

No. 798905

File: 1555671671207.png (1.14 MB, 1125x2436, 85D315A3-F862-4E15-BDD3-7AD87C…)

I’ll post the response to this next.. where Febz says she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia… 6 weeks ago.. wasn’t she “diagnosed” like last week?

No. 798906

File: 1555671728097.png (4.94 MB, 1125x2436, 57ADF131-376F-4A03-BE43-606373…)

No. 798907

classist? she lives in a country with free health care…is she retarded

No. 798908

I thought she was supposed to be leaving the internet?
Must feel super threatened by all these attackers to keep fucking around online.

No. 798912

She looks like a thumb with a face. And how is self-diagnosis any more or less valid due to “classicism”? Even if you have no access to healthcare (which she does), you’re still not a doctor and can’t officially diagnose yourself

No. 798915

There goes Phoebe, partaking in classism by getting herself supposedly diagnosed by a doctor.

No. 798917

She’s always going on about that she’s a ‘small business’ do you think she’s registered that with HMRC? cause even though she doesn’t earn enough she still has to do self assessment and pay national insurance, which I don’t imagine the lazy whale does

No. 798922

Can you all stop messaging her please? This person was obviously a farmer. We're here to observe lolcows, not tip them.

No. 798925

As another anon said, she was posted on /fit. I don’t think anybody in this thread is cow tipping since her threads have been up for like a month and it hasn’t been a problem until now.

No. 798926

It’s a farmer. /fit/ doesn’t use the Jewess joke. I get the farmer is tryna stir the pot but just let feebs do bad on her own, she will provide plenty of milk untouched.

Self diagnosis is valid… for Fibro… jesus I’ve really seen everything

No. 798941

Look at the date, it was posted over a month ago.

No. 798948

It means that medicine isn't an incredibly complex field that has to understand underlying mechanisms, biochemistry, and a multitude of other empirically researched topics to just get general diagnosis skills. Yet some lazy fat moron who can't leave her flat and isn't even smart enough to feed her pets a nutritional diet thinks she can self diagnosis? Based off of what? The fact that she wants benefits? What's ableist is the UK giving her resources to abuse a system that tries to provide its best for those who are actually poor and suffering. The US is a much crueler system, where you pay insurance companies A LOT and they refuse to pay for treatments that'll save your life because they can weasel their way out of it. I'd love if she was forced to move to a red state with few healthcare options for the poor. Doctors would rudely tell her she's fat and then she'd get a case worker coming to her home to tell her how to use emergency services appropriately and that she can't see ER services because her hemorrhoids hurt. They might even drop off some free cream.

No. 798954


Yes, and she says that she was diagnosed by a doctor a month ago. But, didn’t she “finally get diagnosed” by a doctor like last week lol

No. 798958

There's no evidence that she's talking about fibro in that post. She could being talking about autism or some other diagnosis.

No. 798959

She is talking about fibro. Look at the post directly before it where someone asked if she's been diagnosed with fibro.

Why would a doctor double diagnose her? Hmm…

No. 798977

My bad, anon.

Wonder if she can make it to Sunday.

No. 798983

File: 1555702543642.jpg (297.08 KB, 1080x2095, 20190419_123505.jpg)

She didn't.

No. 798986

Always good for the milk…

No. 798990

Here >>798808 she says " should have been aborted for my gender"

Where as here >>798983 just says she should have been aborted in general, nothing to do with her gender.

Why has she gotta lie and make it seem worse

No. 798992

File: 1555704228750.png (349.74 KB, 720x1184, clip_now_20190419_205942.png)

Post deleted for not following guidelines, yet she reuploads the same content? What an idiot. It's like she wants to be reported

No. 798994

File: 1555704435019.jpg (531.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190419-210042_Ins…)

No. 798996


Well, Feebs, you reap what you sow.

No. 798998

someone on facebook commented something to the effect of there only being three genders, male, female, and should have been aborted. That was what she initially referenced.

No. 798999

Is her main instagram account not showing up for anybody else, or just me?

No. 799000

i can’t see her either. anyone else ?

No. 799001

File: 1555707070552.png (884.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190418-165917.png)

How much are you offering to pay? I'll do it for £40 a day.

No. 799002

Yeah she's gone on all of my accounts

No. 799004

yep, me too. this is why no cowtipping is a thing. you dry up the milk supply. fucking newfags

No. 799006

File: 1555709009343.png (83.81 KB, 706x484, phoebe.png)

she was posted on /fit/ before

No. 799010

someone messaged her and warned her about posting people’s names, saying she’s been warned of it. maybe her page was removed rather than her deleting??? bc she kept doing it? not really sure but seems logical. she usually just doesn’t go on her page when she’s on a bitch rant she’s never deleted before from what i’ve noticed

No. 799011

She was posted on /fit/ >>799006 but possible they searched her and came here. Might explain the jewess remark.

Anyway, she’ll be back. She’s addicted to being the victim of everything and the internet is the only place where she’ll get praise/attention for her shit attitude.

No. 799012

File: 1555711228057.png (137.61 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20190419-175837.png)

What I see now.

No. 799013

File: 1555711289212.png (137.61 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20190419-175837.png)

No. 799018

File: 1555712034390.jpeg (57.57 KB, 750x1188, 8C13DDD7-D600-45B5-AF05-CA73F5…)

Yeah, I’m seeing the same, except “user not found”

Maybe username change? Most likely deleted.

No. 799020

Its possible that she was reported. Some /fit/ posters declared war on her over the fuck thin people comment and her nude pictures were showing more skin than Instagram thots have been taken down over.

No. 799022

>no icon
>talks like phoebe

Why does this sound like she sent this to herself? She says “whilst” so much she might as well be Vicki shingles.

No. 799023

File: 1555713059876.jpg (389.88 KB, 1903x3000, collage (1).jpg)

It looks like her backup account fatvegfemmex is still up at the moment. Nothing new posted, though.

No. 799033


Ordinarily what she's doing would require her to file as a sole trader, which is not a small business. A small business typically is an Ltd. Having checked her, she is not a director or an officer of one, meaning she has in all likelihood quite a bit of undeclared income. Ordinarily, HMRC leave you with a slap on the wrist if it's not a lot of money. However, in her case, she compounds it by misrepresenting her income to DWP (although I can imagine her being dumb enough to declare income to DWP she hasn't declared to HMRC!). That is fraud, regardless of whether her fakebromyalgia is real or not, and tends to attract the reward of a multi-year ban from benefit applications.

It is infuriating because it's people like her who are the reason for the long, annoying hassle that is the benefits process.

No. 799038

you might be on to something. looking at the profile there's nothing there. no bio, no photos posted, nothing.

No. 799040


she can walk up stairs though - her flat isn't on the ground floor, and she's exaggerating her health issues anyway. granted her size means she'll get very out of breath but that's her own fault.

No. 799044

File: 1555721421199.png (795.2 KB, 1905x1242, E322963C-FDAC-4D3B-A47B-4DC631…)

Don’t know if this has been posted before but her ask.fm is a trove of hypocrisy, misogyny, contradictions, and cringe. And it’s only from 1 year ago.


*for non-UK anons
A stupid, bitchy, or undesirable girl. A sexist term for a woman.

No. 799052

File: 1555722280057.jpeg (394.52 KB, 1242x716, C25F86F5-F1E4-4998-B83F-A75FBD…)

Her followers are talking about her old tweets and her account deactivating on her most recent pic on her backup account. Pic related is the latest ones. …..how are thin people, who are strangers simply existing, “oppressing” fat people?

>asks a polite question on body positivity to a “body positivity activist” about thin woman inclusion

>pheebs posts it to her followers inciting bullying twords the person and insults them
>how do you expect an angered marginalized woman to respond to an oppressor!!!!!?!?!111 politely?!?! PLZ GRL

So you have an excuse to be an asshole to other women who ask questions on what you claim to be an expert on because…. you’re fat? Lol@whut

No. 799054


That's why she's trying to claim she's Jewish. On one of her posts (or a post someone else made using her work) she insists that Jews can't be white, so extra made up oppression points for Phoebe!

No. 799058

File: 1555724008925.png (190.17 KB, 1440x2135, Screenshot_20190419-213144~2.p…)

It doesn't appear to be up anymore.

No. 799060

>"are you straight"


No. 799062

Queer of the year, right there

No. 799069


extra lolsome as her own dad (who she appears close to) is a police officer himself

the hypocrisy is strong with this one

No. 799070


Hmm, yesterday she rejected an offer of moderating assistance because she didn't want to "subject another trans person" to the comments. Effectively outing the person who asked as trans themselves. Nice allyship, there.

No. 799073


It's not "only from 1 year ago" it's from OVER 1 year ago. Comparing it to her edgy teenage tweets, it's clear that this account is from around the same time.

No. 799105

Phoebe get a grip and stop being dramatic. A couple people sending you mean comments does not mean anyone is coming after you IRL. Also, you don't leave your flat either way.

No. 799111

The most recent post is from 2012. These mostly seem to be her friends from high school or something having inside jokes.

Except for the constant "your mom's (genital part)" jokes she makes constantly. That just seems like a weird fixation. Eventually she seems to have dropped the "your mom's" part and just goes straight for calling everyone a cunt.

No. 799112

File: 1555740141258.png (29.51 KB, 738x334, onkia.png)

She really published her full name on here at age 14… Kids are crazy.

No. 799116

File: 1555743808616.jpg (300.38 KB, 1080x1602, 20190420_080258.jpg)

New account?

No. 799119

File: 1555744470769.jpg (451.81 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20190420-081141_Sam…)

No. 799120

File: 1555744497315.jpg (213.52 KB, 1080x855, Screenshot_20190420-081220_Sam…)

No. 799129

Love how she thinks she hack hide from HMRC by temporarily closing her social accounts but hasn’t closed her pattern and Etsy. If they wanted to pursue something there is more than enough evidence out there

No. 799131

Now that it's Passover, I'm expecting this ~fat Jewess~ to post pictures of her giant portion of Kosher food.

No. 799137


She is hilarious. When you search her name, these threads come up full of lovely evidence that the DWP can use if they investigate her for benefit fraud. The internet is forever, Feebs!

No. 799138


She is hilarious. When you search her name, these threads come up full of lovely evidence that the DWP can use if they investigate her for benefit fraud. The internet is forever, Feebs!

No. 799142

File: 1555757415143.jpg (90.19 KB, 1080x1920, 56281743_819912798383775_31874…)

The fatvegfemme_ handle is active. Just posting some art and quotes. If this is really her, did she and Henry have an argument? Pic related.

No. 799145

File: 1555759053664.jpeg (138.2 KB, 745x1184, BCB2C9BD-337E-4880-8E8B-3A1AA3…)


I don’t think this is her, the photo she posted is a screenshot

No. 799146

File: 1555759167147.png (388.22 KB, 750x1334, 53AF6FDE-F677-4D61-9B68-A24DBA…)

There’s no fucking way that fatvegfemme_ is pheobe - self awareness? Apologies? Calls to focus on others and not herself? Yeah, this is not her

No. 799149

File: 1555760009487.png (323.62 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20190420-123210.png)

No. 799150

Troll confirmed

No. 799151

File: 1555760260619.png (685.21 KB, 1080x1538, Screenshot_20190420-123629.png)

No sales since she left Instagram.

No. 799158

Has she deleted her Facebook page? Or have I just been blocked?

No. 799165

Yes, it doesn't show up anymore. Her YT account, Etsy and personal fb (which is basically empty for non-friends) are still up. I wonder when she's coming back.

No. 799177

Dear God this is the second time this month she's gone on a hiatus. Don't worry, anons. Give her two days.

No. 799202

The moment she uses up all her money on clothing and shitty art and accessories she'll be right back Shayna style to beg for more. Not to mention the moment she realises no one actually gives a damn about her art she'll realise she needs to come back to get her sales again. Girl doesn't actually want to know what being poor is like
On top of that, Phoebe is one of the biggest attention whores on this site. She wants all eyes on her, to be seen as sexy, to be loved or hated, to be the victim, etc. I give her a week tops. Less if we include the anons in the Facebook groups she's in too

No. 799221


No, fake account that's quite convincing unless you know what to look for. I've seen a few other people on IG today spread alerts that this is a fake.

No. 799222


deleting your own posts isnt being silenced

god she wants to be a victim so bad

No. 799224

File: 1555792421380.png (131.07 KB, 495x460, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 21.3…)

She's opened another Etsy shop.

No. 799225

What kind of name is that?

No. 799228


a really lazy one for her really lazy "art"

honestly the header looks like the posters 12 year olds design to advertise a bake sale

No. 799230

Something tells me she's not going to have as easy of a time selling this garbage. Typically people who aren't buying things that loudly display how ~oppressed~ they are care a little more about quality.

No. 799231

Bets on how long until she receives her first copyright violation notice? I give it a couple of weeks.

No. 799233

NOTE: Encouraging cowtipping and the act of cowtipping pheebs will result in a permaban from now on. Let the bovid mammal be.

No. 799234

File: 1555796094679.png (762.91 KB, 2554x1264, Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-20 um 2…)

Can someone explain how the Furry Flag belongs to LGBT?

No. 799237

She's just trying to sell her terrible shit to as many people as possible.

I have no idea what that green or blue one is though.

No. 799238

It’s the bear flag for gay men

No. 799240

For those who don't know, I decided to search up what the flags here represent
>The green and black one represents NBs
>The International Bear Brotherhood Pride Flag (Brown, orange, yellow, light beige, white, grey, and black with a bear paw print in black in the upper left corner - Bears [hairy gay men]. The colors represent the various skin tones and natural hair colors as a sign of equality and unity. In addition, hair color has a connection to the body hair of self-identified bears.) - copied this whole thing off a site because I'm not deciphering that. I think Phoebe used this site to get obscure flags: https://www.deviantart.com/savvyred/journal/Pride-Flags-Colors-explained-379547414
>The blue is for "demiboys" (?)
>The pink is for demigirls (???)

No. 799246


The green one is the aromantic flag. You're thinking of the agender flag, which is similar. Demiboy/girl is when you're kind of a boy or girl but not completely.(>>>/tumblr/)

No. 799294

i wonder if phoebe will be back online today like she said she would.

saged for non milk

No. 799387


She doesn't appear to have been.

No. 799406

File: 1555893673359.jpg (473.96 KB, 1080x1555, IMG_20190421_213718.jpg)

Saging because I don't know if this was mentioned before but Phoebe has sized out of a size 22 and can't wear her fat overalls anymore. Her Depop doesn't have much but it was interesting to see. Funny how she's past the size Tess Holiday pretends she is

No. 799411


I don't know how she's gained weight at such a steep trajectory. I know that illness and lack of being able to exercise can do this, but the extent of it in her case is mindblowing. Maybe she's skipping her thyroid pills for the illness scam.

No. 799419

Considering upthread she had a dinner that was her entire caloric requirement at once, that's probably why. If her lunches and breakfasts are remotely equivalent she's basically and likely eating three times what she needs, especially when you add on her snacking and lack of movement. I mean she even started using a wheelchair because she got so fat it hurts to move (and that's assuming it isn't laziness and munchie behaviour which will lead to her getting fatter from lack of movement)

No. 799424

Phoebe has literally made two proper Patreon posts, both last month with nothing this month. Yet she's getting around 100$ per month. This month she will have been paid for absolutely nothing. I don't understand how someone could totally lack any form of shame or ethics

No. 799429

It looks like she has these wadded up on the floor just before taking this picture.

I feel like if she was working on anything, we would’ve heard her complain about how it’s destroying her already

No. 799452

Tess claims to be a US 22 which is a UK 24-26.

No. 799489

Why would she wear penis socks? That's just weird to me.

No. 799506

>Sadly doesn't fit me anymore.

Then maybe try losing weight??
How hypocritical can you even get, wanting pity points for being ~so poor~ but then keep buying tons of food & overeating until you outgrow your clothes so you have to buy new ones lmao.

No. 799540

File: 1555968874054.jpg (384.3 KB, 2048x2048, 71B505F7-3358-4B82-A10B-CDCB3C…)

surprised this isn't asking for donations

No. 799541

Why would people be using pronouns in a message TO Phoebe wishing her well? They're going to say things like "Hi Phoebe, hope things get better for you soon" or whatever. There's no point in grandstanding over how not-like-other-girls she is to the point of needing special pronouns in this context.

No. 799547

her clothes are so wrinkled. does she not hang them up and just leave them in the hamper?

No. 799554

>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition)

Do you think we conduct blood tests for IBS? Or that it’s some sort of genetic mutation? IBS is “diagnosed” through checking off symptoms. Don’t include that retarded point in the next thread about this cow.

No. 799570

it's so strange that phoebe has managed to wedge her way into sj circles and even convince seemingly kind, well-intentioned people that she's some kind of martyr. even if we were to assume that she IS disabled and autistic and queer and trans, her past tweets would be enough to cancel any celebrity among those circles. I'm not sure why she's excused just because she was a teenager. some of them were from as little as 3 years ago, and she never genuinely apologized for any of it.

No. 799579

File: 1555978380314.png (59.52 KB, 295x377, fatvegf.png)

searched phoebe's username on tumblr to see if anyone has ever called her out and this is the only post about her kek. she probably hadn't even shipped it yet by the time they posted this

No. 799587

File: 1555979523245.png (3.24 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_9810.PNG)

at least she left up the "assumptions about me" video. someone assumed that she daydreams a lot. she responded by saying

> "I don't think so, no, I don't have time to, constantly too stressed"

bc never leaving your flat and screeching on the internet takes up so much time and energy.

No. 799588


when was this posted?

No. 799589


She claims to be too ill to work. In my experience knowing people too ill to work, they have a lot of spare time due to necessary rest and downtime. Phoebe is trying to claim her "small business" is akin to a full time job. She's basically telling us she's fit to work, it's a joke she's entitled to ESA.

No. 799635

I guess she's busy eating to be so disgustingly obese.

No. 799659

File: 1556017746240.png (19.9 KB, 585x276, pheebs.png)

NTA but March 23rd.

No. 799673


She should give up on applying for disability payments and just do 'feeder' porn instead. There's a market for that kind of grossness

No. 799712

You're totally right, anon. And honestly, I don't have trouble believing Phoebe's been diagnosed with IBS; her terrible diet, inactivity, frequent drinking (in people with genuine IBS even moderate drinking sets it off) would plausibly produce enough symptoms of the illness to warrant a diagnosis.I'm not sure what is used to make vegan substitute food, but large amounts of fatty/oily food at once can be a trigger, and Im interested to know what goes into making vegan pizza. It's frustrating, though, watching her complain about stomach cramps when she's doing absolutely nothing to help herself, and it cheapens the diagnosis as it exists in the public consciousness so people with genuine unidentifiable stomach intolerances and digestive problems are classed in the same group as chronic complainers like Phoebe.

No. 799717

I know, what social setting is that even normal in? I mean, I know Phoebe doesn't do anything but sit at home and go out for meals, but why anyone would want to wear genitals on their socks or as pins (body positive/realist/everyone is beautiful style ones, no less) is just beyond understanding. Doesn't she worry about people looking? Maybe that's the point, though.

No. 799719

She definitely has scrunched them up on the floor, gross ass bitch. It's not like she does anything else during the day, and yet her house is such a mess. People storing their clothes on the floor triggers the hell out of me

No. 799721

Frame it as being a rebellious display of pleasure at food and an assertion of female right to excess or whatever the fuck and she just might lmao. Feeder porn is empowering, Phoebe, you're protesting diet culture!

No. 799722


People like these don't actually socialise in public. They might dash outside for a second to get the perfect insta pic but there's no actual socialising beyond the moaning they do online.

No. 799726

That's unironically really sad. Humans are social creatures, we aren't meant to be hiding away from environments with other people. Maybe that's how she's gained so much weight so quickly, deep down she feels her life is empty and she doesn't know how to fix it.

No. 799751


Just imagine the stares she must get in public. She can call people cunts online but I'm sure she's not so assertive offline. She literally waits til she gets home to use Insta to complain about horrible trips to the shops and events without enough disability perks

She knows she's the freak out in public, online is safer.

No. 799755

No wonder people try to close the lift doors when they see her approaching. Imagine being out with your children and seeing this unwashed beast of a woman rolling towards you. Her socks and size 26 dungarees are decorated with deformed genitals. As she makes her way towards you she purposefully bumps into people in her chair whilst recording them on her phone. Horrific. I'd be anxiously jabbing the 'close doors' button too.

No. 799771

She has a pornhub account and some videos posted on there, not sure if they're recent.

No. 799846

"jewish and vegan." I'm surprised she didn't post about her fancy kosher food.

No. 799866


I've seen that video she posted to illustrate the "ableism" she faces. They didn't see her. Most people, when trying to get to the elevator in time would call out "hold the elevator please" but where's the potential victimhood in that?

No. 799868


She posted a very detailed account of her "three panic attacks" at a public event where there wasn't an accessible toilet. The best part is, she can walk to the regular bathrooms just fine, but she likes to pretend she can't in public for some reason.

No. 799923

"Needing" accessible toilets is a pretty clever tactic for making people go along with her act - everyone sympathises with needing the bathroom, and (probably) nobody wants to see some poor disabled person piss themself in public because they couldn't get into the toilet. It's a win-win, people are going to either accommodate her for dignity's sake or look like big ol assholes if they don't.

No. 799968

Not surprised, doubt she even knows what makes food kosher or not. She didn't say or do shit about Passover, one of the most important holidays. She probably only knows about Hanukkah and will milk that for all it's worth.

No. 799996

maybe this is a reach but i’m really thinking her account was reported and deleted. she’s never stayed away this long and that tells me it’s not by choice and she’s actuslly been kicked out of her account and i’d struggling to make up some weird bs story as to why she’s making a new account

No. 800012


yet to actually disabled ppl she's the asshole because she's perpetuating the myth that most wheelchair users can't walk (aka faking shit bigtime)

No. 800014


I honestly think it's the benefit fraud cowtipping that's done it. She's realised everything she posts can be viewed by the DWP so she's worked out that she is literally handing them the evidence they need to show she doesn't deserve PIP or ESA.

A big one would be the ever changing list of disabilities she gives herself and the way some of them vanish or change into something else. She paints herself as a fraud. Another would be how she can apparently run a small business or she can consistently use social media every second of the day. They can use that to decide she could consistently work with computers or somewhere she can sit down. Plus all her blathering on about sjw issues shows she is mentally capable. The porn could probably be used on some level too. Her levels of aggression don't exactly fit the "poor me poor me I'm so weak and feeble" narrative she'll be trying in her assessments. They'll be able to compare the Phoebe that turned up on the day for her assessment to the Phoebe she shares on social media.

Sorry for big post but it just boggles me that people applying for benefits/doing benefit fraud don't think about social media sometimes. That's how they catch a lot of the people claiming single parent when they are actually married!

Saged for rambling.

No. 800017


I think the series of stories where she quoted comments and told multiple people to eat shit or more specifically to eat her shit were the end of her account? She then told someone to fuck off and die. Can't imagine Instagram allows that

No. 800022

File: 1556135416253.jpeg (92.62 KB, 640x588, B7EF0CFA-1A4B-429A-B2E2-097228…)

She claims she deactivated

No. 800025

I had a read of her Patreon again. She claims the money she makes allows her to buy supplies (eg: badge maker, paper cutter) for her work, but then complains that her "art" leaves her personally out of pocket when people don't buy her shitty designs. But it's not her money she spends. She pisses me off so badly. She IS defrauding the DWP as she's clearly able to work part time if her "artwork" takes up as much time as she claims, so needs to choose between running her "small business" or her precious taxpayer money that keeps her on her fat arse.

No. 800039

yea she CLAIMS she deactivated. she’s NEVER stayed away this long i don’t think she’s telling the truth i think she was reported or deleted tbh it’s been like what a week already? she’s said herself a million times that she needs instagram bc it’s her only source of interaction w the world lmaooooo and the main way she runs her business. it’s sad to say but she’s literally such a pathetic loser that she NEEDS her instagram and this is something she’s even said herself. i don’t think she’s staying away by choice either, i think she must’ve been reported. i don’t think it’s coincidence she disappears for her longest stint ever after she was warned she’d be reported and removed, ya kno???

No. 800052

She's had 50 sales in the last four days. She doesn't need to reactivate yet. Plus if she had been banned she'd be using it for oppression points.

No. 800053

what the fuck does she do all day now that she doesn't have instagram? it seems like she must have spent 4-5 hours a day just posting, let alone how much time she probably spent scrolling

No. 800060


I'd be pretty disappointed in Instagram if those posts were actually reported and they didn't do anything. A retard going on a 'go eat shit and die' rant at other users shouldn't be welcome on the site

And funny how her friends are calling the workers at Insta 'monsters'. Did they not see her going nuts in the hours before the account went down?

No. 800067

File: 1556147842472.jpg (405.22 KB, 768x1280, 2019_04_25_00.08.09.jpg)

I thought I recognised the name on Facebook, she popped up in a group I'm in and apparently she's going to Glasgow? Apparently has booked it on the spur of the moment and wants recommendations for lgbt bars and clubs? I mean its 1) pretty far away so transport is gonna be hella expensive, 2) how she gonna navigate a club in a wheelchair and the 100+ other problems she has

No. 800070

File: 1556148013137.jpg (141.15 KB, 768x1167, IMG_20190425_001941_279.JPG)

No. 800086

But she's so poor. As we all know, poor people can book last minute vacations where they go to bars/clubs and eat at vegan restaurants
I hope she gets her social media back by then, I'd love to see her accidentally flaunt her wealth, ask for money to pay for her luxuries, show off how not disabled she is, and hopefully shit on the actual LGBT community in person then cry about it online. Oh and show off how not autistic she is too. Hopefully she doesn't drag Henry out to many loud clubs with flashing lights if he's sensitive to that sort of thing
That'd be some good milk

No. 800089

Yeah, this is infuriating. I do think poor people can treat themselves once in a while, but phoebe treats herself to some ridiculous luxury every god damn day. I think she really does believe she's poor somehow, because clearly she doesn't understand that poor people can't buy things off of etsy every week or plan last minute trips. Poor people certainly don't vacation in paris. It's not that they DON'T because they're trying to save money, they CAN'T.

No. 800095


I can't wait for the rundown of all the oppressions she faced on her trip. So I guess not all the vegan scene has excommunicated her for assaulting another woman.

No. 800101

Get her to do webcam porn and get tattoos with Skye while she's in town.

No. 800113

No. 800115

another snowflake on this board, skye purdon

No. 800121

File: 1556159062261.png (690.29 KB, 1151x695, Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 03.2…)

Saged coz it's not new, but I'm going through public FB posts from this year. The placement of the slogan on this T shirt is just horrific. I am shocked she gets buyers, probably coasting on her baffling popularity alone.

No. 800122


She's 5'11?

No. 800126


I was surprised too. Maybe her morbid obesity makes her look shorter.

No. 800165

Yeah. I thought she'd be around 5'3. It's even more impressive how fast she's been able to balloon up then. It must be terrifying to see this enormous beast "walking" towards you.

No. 800168


No. 800197

Jesus Christ I never anticipated she’d be that tall. God that’s horrifying, I thought she’d just be some sort of average height blob.

No. 800200

It's probably cuz we almost never see her standing up, let alone standing next to anyone for height comparison. I thought she was short because obesity makes people look short, and she's always sitting down.

No. 800293

File: 1556212583364.png (310.47 KB, 750x1334, CC5E6C3E-BE26-495B-AEA3-93C872…)

No. 800294

god im gonna sound insensitive, but what grown adult would kill themselves because a rando on the internet called you fat? she cant be serious, this is how a 14 year old would act

No. 800297

Phoebe: “People don’t know how much being mean online can affect someone!!”
Also Phoebe: tells people to die, verbally abuses everyone who doesn’t worship her (and even people who do)

No. 800304


Can someone more familiar with this tell me HOW she knows she’s been reported for benefit fraud? Apart from the cowtipper who told her, obvs.

Gotta say if she was more educated about her ~FibRo~ she’d know IBS symptoms are pretty common with that. But ya know…

No. 800308

"People don't realise how online abuse can affect someone"
So… You gonna stop bullying a brown woman who has a history of abusing her body now? Jameela probably gets tons of racist and misogynistic bitches like you messaging her. Can't be healthy for her

Oh also, you gonna own up for being a racist and misogynist? If you're going to pretend you're not one now, at least own up to how recent your tweets were because that's the main second thing people hate about you. Oh and the attempted rape, can't forget about that can we?
I'm sorry but I can't bring myself to feel bad for her. Not only is she just the stereotypical bully with thin skin, she lies so much about herself that I doubt she actually attempted suicide. She probably at most had a freak out that her lies weren't working and people could see right through her so her narrative wasn't working anymore. The fact that she bothered mentioning how large her Instagram following is makes me feel her main source of anger is likely her losing followers and people seeing who she really is. She threw a temper tantrum and maybe threatened to kill herself to Henry for the attention or because he tried to bring up any valid criticism. An autistic man shouldn't be in such a volitile situation, even if we pretend she does love him, this situation will be the death of him. @Henry, your family loves you, please get out

No. 800310

I love how she never mentions lolcow. It's clear she doesn't want people searching for this thread, so they don't see all the shit in here. Otherwise, she'd totally use this to further victimize herself and push the "stalker issue".

No. 800323

>almost killed myself
I’ll take accidentally choking on a bit of takeaway pizza for 500, Alex

No. 800324

No post-suicide attempt tesco selfie?? She probably just threatened Henry with it, which is abuse, especially if she didn't seek psychiatric help afterwards.

No. 800330

Nah anon she’s skint remember! This time it’ll be the middle aisle of Lidl or among the shelves of the local food bank…Or maybe Dominoes.

No. 800331

File: 1556216642045.jpg (95.7 KB, 974x332, Screenshot_20190425-192310_Sam…)

Coz she has no friends

No. 800426

anyone?? even not henry? oof

No. 800436

File: 1556247704095.png (450.06 KB, 750x1334, F760DEEF-25B8-47A4-AC30-02F291…)

Well, she’s pondering coming back

No. 800437

File: 1556247767834.png (386.03 KB, 750x1334, 56CE4BDB-DDD7-48CC-BFF3-AD5CAE…)

Wonder why? Since you’re such a nice normal girl

No. 800455

Phoebe is so funny to me because she's not even good at pretending to be the "marginalized identities" of being jewish and poor. She usually posts pictures of gluttonous portions of food with inanely descriptive captions but she didn't mention a thing about passover seder. Two weeks ago she was too poor to afford takeout but suddenly she can afford a spontaneous barhopping getaway.

Can't wait for the milky updates in Glasgow

No. 800476


This is Phoebe speak for "but how would I know what to complain and be dramatic about if I don't read my comments?!" Can't have no fake suicides with nothing to TRIGGGGGGGEEEEEER her.

No. 800489

File: 1556278652239.png (20.04 KB, 516x167, ibsqueen.png)

Facebook anon here, now that I've noticed we're in the same groups she's constantly popping up for me in comments. Today there was a post about how "healthy vegans eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day" and this is what she comments.

I'm not gonna get into whether OP was right or not but I found her reply irritating cos she wouldn't have digestive issues if she actually cared about what she consumed. Also she can't afford fruit/veg but can afford expensive milk replacements? Vegan friendly cookies? A 1kg bag of frozen veg is like £1, a carton Oatly is at least £1.50/2. Do the maths Pheebs.

We all know she can afford to eat well (otherwise she wouldn't spend so much on useless etsy shit and expensive journeys to the other side of the country), she just doesn't want to and prefers to be fat for oppression points.

No. 800490


So she was 'truly truly' about to kill herself but she wasn't sent to hospital for inpatient treatment? It really is time for her family to step in and do something, for henrys sake. Dealing with someone who makes false suicide threats can really fuck your head up

No. 800501

>>796040 whilst I agree her story is bs, the nhs doesn't have the resources to send everyone who attempts to impatient. The majority of people are just sent home when medically stable with a crisis number who a referral to the mental health team. A lot of the time, the mental health team won't even talk to people whilst they're in general.

No. 800514

Not enough resources/beds tbh.
I, for one, am glad she’s not clogging up an already broken, underfunded mental health system. Imagine being inpatient with this beast…not that she’d last 2 minutes anyway, they tend to discharge abusive or ~problematic~ patients ASAP unless they’re truly psychotic/manic/whatever

No. 800516

People who are already mentally unstable are likely to go off and try, or at least perform the facade of a suicide attempt, at any provocation. That's the card trans activists constantly pull; the implication that any challenge to the 'accepted' opinion on the topic will cause trans people to commit suicide. They don't seem to understand or care that to any reasonable person it makes trans people sound like severely unstable people rather than the totally normal people they want to be seen as. You see it all the time in crazy spouses of either gender.

No. 800518

This is what's puzzling about her. Why wouldn't you be an angel to anyone dumb or charitable enough to tolerate you?

No. 800525

Suicide threats are never given inpatient. Even legit attempts are only a maybe. That works in Feebz favour though, because it's totally normal to be suicidal and not ever see a mental health professional here.

No. 800531

The pre-decided, portioned mealtimes might do her some good, I'd be curious to see what a 5'11' woman who is THAT fat would look like after two weeks on a normal diet.

No. 800537

File: 1556298698267.jpg (135.52 KB, 960x960, IMG_9860.JPG)

this image makes way more sense now. it used to look like a regular fattie in a tiny clown car but now we know it's a non-binary hulk in a regular sized wheelchair.

No. 800540

Holy shit, now I feel even worse for Henry, who has to wheel around this behemoth.

No. 800541

Probably causing her to screech nonstop about starving and how they trigger her ED relapse.

No. 800548

File: 1556300788117.jpg (38.95 KB, 537x399, CQSILQBUYAAFSH0.jpg)

These crybullies are so sensitive, come on, you dumb lard slapper, have a sense of humour. "One message said they hoped I choked to death on food whilst driving and died" this shit is hilarious. How can you take this kind of "hate" seriously? Oh, yes, they're bursting her narcissistic bubble. Get this, you twat, you chose to put yourself out there, and you constantly choose to be a vile person with a disgusting attitude, and now you're shocked when people hate you? Get fucked right in your bloody asshole, Phoebe.
Also, is anyone buying her manipulative suicidal threats? Kek. She's mad triggered someone reported her fraudulent ass. I mean, I'm a bit sad because she's the milkiest cow we've had in ages, but this is quality content.

This dumbass eats the equivalent of ten portions a day in her mammoth sized meals anyway, the fuck is she sperging about? The amount of money she spends on insane amounts of junk in order to keep looking like a hamplanet at her size/height must be insane. A diet of fruit and veg plus normal portions would probably cost her fat ass a lot less, but she's too much of a fat retard to accept that.

No. 800567

being 5’11 gives her even less of an excuse to be fat. being this tall is a blessing. you can get away with eating more calories without becoming a hambeast as long as you control yourself. exercise isn’t necessary to lose weight for anyone but especially not for tall people because TDEE is way higher just by existing. no more excuses, feebs. there are anons taller than you, and since we all know you lurk here, maybe you should go hit up /ot/ and see what us other giantess bitches do to avoid becoming you.

No. 800568

File: 1556302860139.jpg (121.84 KB, 1003x746, Capture.JPG)


I put her stats into a TDEE calculator (guessed at age, she might be 21) and with a CONSERVATIVE guess at her weight being 300lbs - I'd estimate she's actually closer to 350 from looking at her to be honest - she's eating a fucking giant amount of calories every day even being sedentary.

In order to gain weight at the rate she has in the past year, she's eating 3000-5000 calories a day. It's fucking disgusting and an insult to people living in real poverty that she claims to be poor while eating this amount.

No. 800578

Her ideal weight is around 150 for being 5'11
And her caloric count per day is still under 2000 calories with her lifestyle. Makes her "I once ate 1800 calories per day!!!" Even more laughable because even at her height 1800 calories would get her within a healthy BMI. If she moved around maybe she'd need a little more (not that much though) but her ass is planted on her bed, the couch, or her fake necessary wheelchair.

This fatty is twice the weight she needs while wolfing down food as if she really were a starving and poor child seeing food for the first time. I wonder how much money she does make though. She can afford to turn herself super fat, buy fancy jackfruit often for vegan pulled pork (and probably other expensive vegan options), buys huel, buys plant milks, fancy chips, random art, overpriced sweatshop clothing, a wheelchair, art supplies, a MacBook, iPad, tv and likely some subscription service, instagram promotions she threw away because she got noticed, concert tickets, a last minute trip, bars and clubs, etc. Not only does she buy expensive, she always buys in excess. And that doesn't go into the stuff Henry buys like fancy old cars and wherever he stores them (you don't have to be super rich if you're smart to collect old cars but a poor person can't do it).
The fatty cunt ain't poor, running out of money at the end of the month doesn't necessarily mean you're poor, it means you're living above your means. If living above your means involves simply living, then you're super poor. But buying any tacky thing you find online isn't a part of "living", buying one or two is fine but Pheebs doesn't understand limits or moderation. She's just a brat who wants everything she thinks looks nice

No. 800665


You don't know until you get a letter asking you to come in to talk to someone. I'm willing to bet no one did actually report her.

No. 800666


She's never afaik claimed to be a practising Jew, butfor someone so attached to her one link to being marginalised, she didn't even post a "chag sameach to my queer jewish fat babes" or anything.

No. 800667


her wheelchair is electric (you can see the joystick) but she begged her followers for money for it

Henry does have to lug it up and down three flights of stairs for her though, when she wants to use it as a prop.

No. 800668


ah, the ED which absolutely no one diagnosed her with that caused her to drop down to a healthy weight and no further? terrible, the poor thing.

No. 800738

It's weird, because her frankly impressive weight gain would suggest she has an ED, just not the one she thinks she has.

No. 800757

I was thinking of her first thread where she posted in her stories about Henry having to push her around to get to her “happy place” or something >>783980

No. 800785

>"to her happy place and back"
now that you mention it, FASCINATING how her decrease in mobility and moving in with Henry magically happened at around the same time.

No. 800798

File: 1556400884102.jpg (46.85 KB, 731x529, tickner.jpg)

she is a literal parasite

No. 800817


Also with her weight gain. Now she has someone to do everything for her.

No. 800835

she’s using her alleged restrictive ed history to eat like an actual underweight anorexic in recovery. lmao

No. 800973

How can one have height at their advantage and be able to eat way more calories than average people and still be THIS huge? If she was a shortie she’d have been 600+ pounds by now.

What a shame farmers went and cow tipped her so hard her milk ran dry. She was shaping up to be a good new cow; hope she’ll reactivate again soon.

No. 801003


I want to see the relationship end, that would give us some of the best milk

Now that she's like 'oh Henry you walked in on me about to commit suicide' … he's maybe getting sick of her dramatic shit? One can hope lol

No. 801124


It's Henry's birthday today so I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he's been gifted this trip or he's using his birthday money for it, high doubt she paid for it.

No. 801172

she never claimed to be practicing but she refers to herself as a jew/“this jew”, which is stupid bc the only jewish heritage she has is a (great?) grandmother who converted for her husband (and I’m p sure converted back after he died?)

she fully wants the freedom to exploit her “jew” status for oppression points since that’s literally all she ever does

No. 801174

I don't think her threats came from farmers or cow tipping. I think some people in her disabled lgbtqiaxyz community started to catch on to the act and that's why she's MIA.

No. 801185

nah mate I’m not being funny it was def this group, you would not believe the level of support she still gets, makes me embarrassed to be a dyke that our lot are still supporting her

No. 801198

Poor thing, she's upset that a stranger said she should have aborted. Well imagine how much more upset your loving and supportive father would be to read that his own daughter wishes he'd been aborted (just for becoming a police officer).

No. 801205

She got posted to /fit/, so it was more them than us. We definitely had a few stupid farmers, but I think the majority was fitizens.

No. 801229

I don't think it's us farmers either. Not related to phoebe but to give some context, the guy who started the whole thotaudit thing was this UK gymcel named David Wu. On his social media he actively encouraged reporting e-girls to the IRS. He seems like the typical brigrading fitster.

No. 801254

exactly right, and she has no noticeably ethnically jewish features so the whole thing is pretty embarrassing and kinda offensive that she's LARPing as a jew, im surprised more of her followers haven't called her out for it/she felt guilty about (who am i kidding though, it's pheebz, she has no conscience)

No. 801295

File: 1556586983408.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_20190430-021040.png)

Clock the Rising Sun flag badge. I guess the Nanjing Massacre is right up pro-genocide, attempted rapist Feebs' street.

No. 801310

Is it even legal to sell the logos of car companies straight up like that? She didn't take any artistic liberties or do anything original off them or spoof them. She literally just put their logos on pins. What a fucking idiot, she's just trying to getting her etsy shut down and wow will she be in a panic if her "job" got sunk. It would be her own fault (obviously farmers shouldn't report this - I'm saying companies tend to sniff out copyright infringement to take down)

No. 801313

Lol that's like if someone was selling a Nazi swatiska button

No. 801320


hey she's jumped from one to the other!

No. 801344

She has done the before with pusheen - straight up just made traced it onto shrinkie paper to make “jewellery”. Rips off everyone else’s designs and calls herself an “artist” it’s maddening

No. 801357

How woke of her, selling a flag pin that is associated with the Japanese during WW2 and the rape of Nanking. Honestly she is the dumbest cow on this entire site. What a woke queen.

No. 801373

File: 1556631990171.png (251.6 KB, 1242x1634, IMG_9950.PNG)

she's back on Instagram. this break had to have been Henry's last stand. god I hope she comes back.

No. 801374

Has Phoebe said anything about the latest synagogue shooting? Or is she too lazy to even put a tiny bit of effort into pretending to be Jewish

I can’t decide if she’ll ignore Yom HaShoah like the rest of the Jewish holidays, or milk it for them sweet opression points

No. 801385

She seems to have forgotten that the people she appeals to with her shitty art are also the same type of people that won't support people using copyrighted designs.

How can someone be so thick to moan about artists and exploitation and then use designs created by other people to try and make money? She is deluded.

No. 801406

bio makes it sound like this is the both of them and not just phoebe.

No. 801411

this might be a stretch but if it was meant to include the both of them, i could see her reeing about the haters now coming after her autistic spouse, not just her.

No. 801421


since when has Phoebe ever given a shit about the victimisation of anyone else? lol

No. 801449

She didn’t even bother to make the logo a circle smh she’s so lazy

No. 801456

cant find it, did she already take it down?

No. 801458

She didn’t even bother to make the logo a circle smh she’s so lazy

No. 801476

File: 1556668091886.jpeg (58.18 KB, 750x552, 1554325928869.jpeg)

No. 801481

File: 1556669600396.png (345.21 KB, 1242x2040, IMG_9961.PNG)

It appears the new insta is gone already, but the etsy is still up. 41 new items and 0 sales. Killin it pheebs! Please come back, this is actually a fan page if you think about it (save some cow tipping assholes)

No. 801553


It's not, but in practice, most large companies do not prosecute trademark abuse outside three well-defined cases: passing off (pretending to be that company), misleading claims (pretending that that company somehow ratified your product – this happens often when companies selling after-market products put the original manufacturer's logo on their website to act more 'authentic') and intentional infringement where it causes relatively significant gain (e.g. if Phoebe made an absolute killing from the logo). The reason for that is that none of these claims are trivial. For instance, if you hold the Goatsecks trade mark for a brand of goat's cheese, I can call my brand of children's toy elephants Goatsecks, because they're so different, no reasonable user would confuse them. Same goes for visual appearance, etc. – nobody would assume a shitty homemade pin with the BMW logo is the product of BMW, or pretending to lay claims to being of the quality customers are used to from BMW (the essence of passing off).


No. 801555


Not really, the kiyokujitsu-ki is still the naval ensign of the JMSDF. It differs from the Imperial Navy ensign that the gules (the red tone) is slightly lighter (the old one was more a burgundy), and from the old Imperial Army ensign by being off-center. Also, importantly, the kiyokujitsu-ki pre-dates Japanese expansionism in SE Asia by a lot. Japan itself is pretty damn keen on it – when Korea (which Japan occupied and raped its way through during expansionism) hosted a SE Asian fleet piss-up and get-together, they kindly asked Japan to use their national flag instead of their naval ensign (this is a VERY uncommon demand, and not one that any naval commander would willingly accede to – the naval ensign marks the ship not only as being of the particular country but also sailing under government authority – putting the civilian flag on it makes it a run of the mill civilian vessel, and may even be considered illegal subterfuge: international law specifically forbids armed forces from using civilian insignia where a military ensign is in existence!). Instead of acquiescing, Japan rage-quit the whole fleet review, went home and got smashed on sake and banning kimchi.(no1curr)

No. 801556


I'm pretty sure she deactivated because she realised that she's too dumb to play disabled on social media consistently enough, and when her PIP, ESA etc. claims get reviewed, she might get thwacked.

No. 801635

File: 1556734125744.png (235.39 KB, 1240x1435, IMG_9971.PNG)

the new Instagram is back. also her patreon (which guarantees weekly essays) hasn't posted in a month and continues to take money from 21 people.

No. 801637

Does Phoebe not realise that most people only bought from her shop because they were buying the ‘woe is me’ narrative she was displaying? I highly doubt she’ll get anywhere near as many sales without it as her ‘art’ is actually terrible quality and just ripped from other artists

No. 801649

So she's not trans anymore? She'd definitely list that for points.

No. 801652

some people count non-binary as trans

No. 801751

File: 1556786843775.png (604.89 KB, 720x1172, Screenshot_20190502-014406~2.p…)

backstreets back alright

No. 801752

File: 1556786992243.png (Spoiler Image, 838.99 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_20190502-014813~2.p…)

this one was posted right before the last screenshot im apparently too tired/retarded to post things in order

No. 801753


Oh Phoebe, if you're going to threaten suicide then at least do it in a convincing way. No-one believes your dramatic lard arse. For a start, if you were truly so low that you were intending to cut your throat, you'd have done it. No question. You'd also need more than your average kitchen knife to successfully cut through the muscle. Bonus point: you've got a lot of fat on your neck too, so good luck getting through that.

I feel sorry for Henry. I really do. But no-one here believes you. If Henry's family member is still here, I would seriously flag this sort of behaviour up to him. Because if someone is serious about cutting their own throat, they should be sectioned - not bitching about it on Instagram.

No. 801757


Hopefully she'll still be as milky as ever. Let this be a lesson to anyone who cow tips, but also let's hope she doesn't piss off another community like /fit/ and dry up her own supplies again.

No. 801763

aw welcome back pheebs. we’re ready for our milk :’)

No. 801764


Oh, Phoebe.

1. No way could Henry physically stop you doing anything if you wanted to. You are a giant. He is human size.

2. Poor poor Henry. Imagine being told you are the only thing stopping someone from killing themselves. I would bet anything that he's heard the old "if you break up with me, I'll kill myself" blackmail too.

No wonder his family worry.

No. 801766

File: 1556797093594.png (85.63 KB, 722x600, feebs.png)

How it probably went down

No. 801770


Ah yes, the easy and popular suicide method of cutting your throat… lol

Most people overdose

No. 801774

anon this is spot on

No. 801780

lmao anon youre an absolute treasure.

No. 801782


Considering what a fucktard she is, chances are she would actually miss her jugular and start scraping away at her thyroid cartilage. By which I mean go through a whole set of Japanese steel knives going through the layers of fat, then scratching the cartilage.

No. 801783


Not to give advice, but the jugular vein and the carotid artery are fairly accessible – they lie pretty much under the skin. A layperson can transsect them fairly easily, someone with some anatomical prowess can actually open the carotid up lengthwise, which causes exsanguination in less than a minute and is near impossible to surgically repair. I've had a patient of mine do it in the middle of a major academic hospital. Needless to say, by the time vascular arrived, he was bagged and tagged.

No. 801820

This gave me a hearty chuckle.

No. 801830

This is the most over dramatic shit one can post as a comeback. She's really just going to pretend she didn't also say rude, uncalled for things to anyone who even nicely challenges her, huh? She's only back to keep making money and for clout, art community my ass.

Biggest kek anon. If it isn't too much to ask for, can you please add a pin to her shirt? Maybe a pin that says "nb uwu", if you can please. We can make it next thread pic.

No. 801831

File: 1556821623806.jpg (128.67 KB, 750x1334, 58113813_1067080680147910_5218…)

You told the girl you assaulted (who said she felt like you really were out to rape her) to shut up because her speaking up hurt your feelings.

No. 801853


They kind of look alike.

No. 801917

when she says "we're" she's implying "women" right? way to misgender yourself phoebs

also let the record show that historically, she is the one doing the assaulting

No. 801956


'We' .. Is she claiming to be a rape victim now?

Using the rape of an underage girl to somehow join in with another victim group. Nothing is too low for feebs

No. 801959

File: 1556885356693.png (201.84 KB, 720x1184, clip_now_20190503_130730.png)

Phoebe still playing up the fake jewish angle

No. 801965

File: 1556892670093.png (372.46 KB, 823x686, Opera Snapshot_2019-05-03_1509…)

just admit you're miserable with her and leave her ass

No. 801966


"Looked miserable but haven't killed myself yet"

This girl reminds me of a Dependa. If she lived in the US she'd be a right leaning army wife who complains about how hard is it to be in the military lifestyle, and would have popped out her second child by now for those sweet benefits.

No. 801983

File: 1556901757616.jpg (227.92 KB, 1024x1820, StorySaver_fatvegfemme_5840897…)

Looks like she heard what people were saying about her trip to Scotland and just had to emphasize how cheap the airbnb is

No. 801993

They're going for Henry's birthday but of course Phoebe is going to drag his straight cis ass to every gay bar in the area.

No. 801994

She travels every two weeks. I'm baffled.

No. 802003

File: 1556908049955.jpeg (460.7 KB, 750x1089, CBC039C7-B490-44DC-A79B-5AC8A7…)

Feebs poor lettering does not a disabled person make. Stop

No. 802007

Has she never thought that her way of doing lettering can be quite difficult to read for people with vision impairments?

No. 802012

so she's vegan cares so much about the poor animals yet is adding to all the plastic that has been proven to damage sealife???

No. 802017


I think on topics like this she tosses a coin to decide which sjw stance to take. This time it was vegans for heads (because vegans have heads) and tails won so she went with disabled people.

No. 802019

>>802003 Why? Disabled people???? I can only imagine she means autistic sensory issues, because of paper straws aren't pleasant for some, or just going very obscure with her slacktivism, but otherwise why?? I feel like I'm reading the creation of a random word generator.

No. 802021

i think plastic straws are useful for disabled people who are paralyzed and stuff like that? ot but ive heard complaints that paper/metal straws are useless for disabled people because they cant bend

No. 802022

"Capitalism sucks! Now buy my ugly plastic badges so I have money to spend on tacky plastic jewellery."

No. 802037


A whole bunch of reasons - people with uncontrolled bite reflex can be injured by metal straws, paper and wheat straws are a choke hazard (and useless in hot drinks), also disabled people without continual care may struggle to keep reusable straws clean.

Saged for straw sperg.

No. 802044

Thank you guys. I think I now understand what my confusion actually was with this– who's really out here criticising disabled people's straws? Nobody is smacking plastic straws out of disabled kid's hands.

No. 802046

People who avoid plastic know disabled people need plastic straws, that falls under medical needs and most zero waste or anti plastic people know medical waste is unavoidable. It's a trendy shift in society, if more non disabled people used less plastic that's be better for everyone. Everyone should be aware of all the garbage we are creating, but she'd rather cry oppression about things nobody said despite the straw thing helping more people to learn about pollution and change their lifestyle.

No. 802049

Eh she’s not that wrong with this one though. The majority of waste and pollution comes from massive corporations, not everyday people. Sure it’s better to be environmentslly conscious in everyday life, but that’s not going to stop or help climate change or w/e

No. 802055

We buy from these corporations and allow the government to not regulate them. People have more power than they think. If more people supported change with their own purchases and more people put pressure on the government, there would be change. Corporations only care about money and that isn't going to change as long as the majority of people continue to think they're powerless or just not care at all. People cared enough about the straws that a lot of companies have changed because of it.

No. 802058

File: 1556923323426.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3006.PNG)

oh yay the neckchin closeups are back

also as if Pheebs knows about "real" sex work from uploading her grimy home movies to pornhub kek

No. 802112

File: 1556951621419.jpg (563.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190504-072954_Ins…)

How the fuck is that going to fit on a badge.

Oh, and a plastic badge….

No. 802125

She should wear it while buying her jackfruit and other expensive and imported vegan alternatives which lead to the destruction of habitats as many don't actually care about sustainability. Oh! And while buying her plastic chip bags that can't be recycled, not to mention whatever huel comes in. Then she can come gone to her place littered with trash to go make more plastic badges and waste paper on disposable "queer" lettering that'll go in the trash within a year for those who buy it plus the paper wasted in the cuts

No. 802131

Don't you see anon, plastic isn't a problem, the only problem earth faces is poor phoebe's oppreshun. David Attenborough should totally concentrate on that instead of blathering on about saving the planet.
Fatvag really is a fucking prize.

No. 802143

File: 1556974928807.jpg (141.45 KB, 750x1334, 59274034_416791045779339_32661…)

No. 802147

Coming from the same person who casually dropped the n-word

No. 802155


Why can’t non Afro-Caribbean people use lay edges? It’s a process and that is literally what it’s called! It’s not even slang for anything.

No. 802157

>many terms being created by black trans women
most of these were created by drag queens but go off sis

No. 802159

Karl Marx confirmed racist, for trying to dismantle the Bougie.
Also, "Pop Off/Go Off" has been a thing for years. I've been hearing and saying it since I was a kid here in the UK.

No. 802162

Can someone enlighten me how basic, salty or extra (which is literally just a shortcut for extravagant) are ethnic-related words in any way?
English is not my first language.

No. 802167

you could use google, but it's not about the words themselves, it's about the slang meaning. these words first began to be used in a slang term sense in black communities. it's not that the word "basic" was first used by them, but that the slang term "basic" was.

No. 802171

it's just virtue signaling by a dumb white bitch using a graphic undoubtedly made by another stupid, virtue signaling white girl. cultures mesh; pop culture is black culture is internet culture. the persecution of black people for using AAVE slang won't stop until those terms are coopted and normalized by the mainstream, and it already has happened. celebrate cultures, celebrate the roots and legitimacy of AAVE and celebrate the intermingling of cultures and lexicon instead of forcibly putting artificial bubbles around everything in hopes of clinging on to your gOoD aLly uwu points

No. 802184

Mate. Stop claiming identities that aren't yours then we'll talk

No. 802189

Does that mean anyone other than White British can't use street slang? My rasta mate in SE London spoke in Cockney rhyming slang. I was fine with it because this kind of fuckery didn't exist in the 90s. JFC.

Hope her vegan food isn't made using any Caribbean recipes or ingredients found in the African continent. They must only be for PoC?

Nodding my head and it's almost falling off in agreement with >>802171

Especially when you live in areas that have a diverse cultural mix it's so…normal…to integrate one another's cultures. That must be wrong.

No. 802195

Hilarious coming from a person who wants to get a mizpah tattoo despite not being Jewish

No. 802218

OT as fuck but I had a Pink Panther 90's game that introduced me to Cockney rhyming slang and that shit is wild

No. 802235

but anon, it's a saying her family has used for years!

in all seriousness though I hope she gets that tattoo so she can flounder trying to explain to her followers why she has it despite not being jewish

No. 802259

File: 1557007133420.jpg (792.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190504-225804_Ins…)

She only uses her chair when it suits her.

She suddenly won't need it on her holiday. How convenient.

No. 802262

It really bugs me how often she uses 'lol' and 'Lmao'.

"Life sucks, lol"
"Small business is hard, lmao"
"Henry stopped me killing myself, lol"

No. 802263

She’s going to a nightclub, hows she gonna manage with her cane?

No. 802271

I'm so excited for the next essay on how horribly she was treated as a fat, disabled nonbinary person in these queer clubs she's dragging her cis straight partner to for his birthday. She's amazing.

No. 802272

Isn't Judaism a little bit iffy about tattooing anyways? Depending on the branch, of course.

No. 802287

File: 1557014152505.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.22 MB, 480x270, 444EDFF9-765B-4CC5-8B05-E80A7A…)

No. 802301

i honestly have no idea where she's planning on going because most of the gay bars/clubs in glasgow have stairs to access them? katies bar, delmonicas, axm, riding rooms/polo lounge are the main places and they all have stairs lmao.

No. 802307

Yeah, Leviticus says no permanent tattooing (medical tattoos, and tattoos you didn't consent to, are fine). It can seen as "defacing" your body. I'm sure Phoebe hasn't read the Torah, though, since that takes more effort than drawing a wonky Star of David on her iPad or Googling "fun Jewish words to claim my family totally use all the time".

No. 802326

In my opinion, this is one of the most telling things she’s ever posted

No. 802329

>>alcohol and painkillers
Oh yes, mix these, totally a great idea and great to be broadcasting to your followers. We all know she knows better than doctors, anyways! Jesus christ.

No. 802338

Hope the DWP is watching. If she’s confident in her health enough to book this then she can also uber to work.

No. 802363

If Phoebe was really Jewish, she'd know what Leviticus really means, and not just a generic answer. That bitch would go ten minutes into educating you and your ignorant self. Then she would consider it a mitzvah upon herself to spread her Jewishness. God help me I know someone like this.

No. 802371

File: 1557058656951.png (70.51 KB, 812x430, Screenshot_20190505-131532.png)

And yet at this event last year she was so very disabled that she couldn't get up a couple of steps and forced Henry to carry her.

No. 802378

If this is last year and she was already 20st (which converts to 127kg/280lbs) then at what gross weight is she now? Must be at least 350lbs.

No. 802379

lbr she is either:
1) not gonna go to a gay bar in the first place
2) get around the gay bar fine and just not tell anyone
or 3) get there and make a massive scene out of it all, calling everyone ableist and transphobic when they tell her to stop

Place your bets

No. 802387

I'm hoping for makes a scene and gives us another essay!

No. 802391

this was her "making an appearance" at a body positive event. she had to play it up for her fans.

No. 802392

I honestly think she's going to drop the physical disability act. I think getting reported for fraud with the DWP scared her into hiding for a few weeks and now she won't pursue her claim with them anymore. We'll see her doing stuff she claimed she couldn't do in the past now that she has no financial reason to keep up the act.

No. 802408

She’s probablt never actually made a scene about this stuff in public because she knows she’s being ridiculous. She just says she does for brownie points, which is ridiculous because it makes her look like an asshole.

No. 802432

How can she, in the same breath, realise that 20st is a massive amount for people or Henry to lift wile simultaneously ignoring the fact that it’s such a huge amount for HER to be lifting?! She blames all her mobility issues on anything but her weight - and yet knows that another person lifting it is a huge struggle…it’s a huge struggle for your body too Pheebs you twonk

No. 802451

File: 1557081675914.jpeg (189.38 KB, 750x1334, DBFAB6A3-85A2-4FC6-9C44-474A5D…)

apparently she hooked up with a mental health nurse for a while before he raped her? i can believe the bit about her being hypersexual but the MH nurse? not really.

No. 802453

Not to mention the 20st is from last year, so she putting herself under even more of s struggle now. It's honestly just sad at this point. She is only 21 and won't live past her 40s unless she stops purposely getting fat for internet pandering.

This is rich af considering she sexually assaulted someone before. Until she fully admits what she did then I won't believe a word she says.

No. 802455

File: 1557082473415.jpg (859.91 KB, 2048x2048, 2881481E-DB4D-4C72-A7F5-623443…)

we got a long manifesto about disability parking spaces. there's one more part.

No. 802457

File: 1557082565379.jpg (884.18 KB, 3264x3264, IMG_0088.JPG)


No. 802465

Getting a blue badge isn't always easy. Surely Pheebs knows this, what with her battles to get the big bad NHS and DWP to believe her.

No. 802474

fat bitch can go on whole ass multi day vacation without her wheelchair but she needs to park her car 7 spaces away from the handicap space and it’s the end of the world. priorities! i hate this cow more than finals season

No. 802478

Wait why is IBS included in this? Please tell me that’s not a legitimate reason for obtaining a disabled parking permit.

No. 802480

File: 1557088106849.png (487.38 KB, 1080x1106, Screenshot_20190505-211415.png)

But if you don't have a badge then fuck you and your broken leg. Beep beep, it's Phoebe in one of her three cars and she needs vegan junk food ASAP.

No. 802481

Of course she has to mention that it was a budget supermarket. Tesco trips are reserved for post suicide attempt selfies.

No. 802491

Not all disabilities are visible!
Self diagnosis is valid!
Unless of course it inconveniences pheebs, in which case stop being a dick.

No. 802496

She's so fucking irritating. How can she complain about using her wheelchair and the same day, be posting about not needing it on her little trip because she'll be using uber or whatever?! Can't manage the car park but can manage a mini holiday… hmmm.

Also, I was wondering, does Henry genuinely buy into all her disability drama? Or do we think he knows she's exaggerating and just puts up with it? i remember him laughing at her one time she was having a hissy fit but that's about it.

No. 802511


re: the BodyPosiPanda event - I've had other people who were there verify that she made a huge scene over "ableism" and lack of access.

No. 802512


No, no it isn't.

No. 802519

I wonder if she's going to send her infamous "List of Demands" to the clubs before going

>the club had no quiet space for my autism
>the bartenders didn't respect my pronoun pins
>the bathrooms were gendered

No. 802545

File: 1557103524294.jpg (185.39 KB, 1112x1582, IMG_4540.jpg)

I'm going to make a few posts in a row from her activity today (all with images).

First up, how does she not see the irony in posting this when she only started claiming tenuous Jewish family connection when antisemitism became a big talking point in the UK?

No. 802547

File: 1557103632143.jpg (126.12 KB, 1096x745, IMG_4541.jpg)

Here she claims it's Henry's brother that is autistic, not Henry himself. Is she still glossing over Henry's autism in favour of her own self-diagnosed kind, or does he actually have a brother with more severe autism? Family anon?

No. 802548

File: 1557103706310.jpg (289.63 KB, 1093x1666, IMG_4542.jpg)

Ever dramatic, Phoebe. I'm sure your Scottish followers will be eyerolling at this so badly.

No. 802549

File: 1557103748653.jpg (365.62 KB, 1096x1593, IMG_4543.jpg)

And finally, more proof of what a cunt of a neighbor she is herself. Why would she brag about this online?

No. 802556


Meanwhile the real version is more like the neighbours friends chatted to each other loudly as they left the flat, stalker Phoebe waited by the door ready with her RIGHTEOUS ANGER and jumped out screaming at them, and they carried on leaving at the same speed, probably pissing themselves laughing at the local whacko.

No. 802563

Both of them could have autism. It’s genetic + not unheard of to have more than one kid with it. The risk of having a second child with it increases after the first, I think.

Who knows what the truth is with Feebly, though.

No. 802570

File: 1557110115271.png (2.08 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0099.PNG)

She had to flex on this girl.

No. 802607

Seriously she complains about noise and made all those demands before, yet she's going to a club? A venue which will be noisy, crowded, not disabled friendly, won't have "quiet" spaces.

This should be proof enough she's just one big faker. She's not disabled or autistic, she's just an obese cunt who is leeching off the name of actual autistic and disabled people for profit.

No. 802612

but pheeeeeebs, how do you know the gym bros/people parking in the parent and child spaces arent autistic and avoiding triggers? how do you know they don't have IBS and need to run in to take a shit? pretty ableist bitching at someone when they might have an ~invisible illness~

>has people over every weekend
wait… so she's really whining about late night noise on weekends? i'd kind of understand being upset about it during the week but who the fuck screams at people because they're partying on the weekend. this bitch doesnt even have a job. just because she's a miserable hog with no friends doesn't mean everyone else has to be. man this cow pisses me off.

No. 802614

For such an impoverished individual she sure does go on holiday frequently

No. 802619

Considering the possibility that disabled people might be fit and healthy and motivated to live as normal a life as possible rather than sit eating 24/7 in a darkened room would blow Phoebe's mind

No. 802632

She needs to get over it. The reality is her apartment building has bad noiseproofing and that her neighbors are not doing anything disrespectful or out of the ordinary as evidenced by the fact that she could understand them saying "shhh… ooh, knock twice if we're too loud" without them having to scream it at the top of their lungs. Many, many buildings are built from materials that make it so you end up having to hear your neighbors doing normal things like playing music and having guests over late on weekends. No one should have to halt their life and walk around tip-toeing in silence because of it. Play some white noise loudly, put in ear plugs. She's such a rude and unpleasant person to open her door and intentionally scream out curses into her hall/stairway, probably woke up everyone who was already sleeping.

No. 802644

File: 1557155797436.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0112.PNG)

Ironically the only thing that may be "abuse" or even inaccurate about this statement is the "all your problems are your own fault" which of course resonates the most with pheebs who can't help but create her own problems! That's her personality!

No. 802647

File: 1557157050311.jpg (661.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190506-163649_Ins…)

Coming for Jameela yet again

No. 802650

File: 1557158003252.jpg (355.73 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20190506-164542_Ins…)

Attacking people as usual