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File: 1554931167233.jpeg (430.83 KB, 601x923, 9E004071-6AFF-4FAA-BBD6-640231…)

No. 796678

No. 796693

File: 1554933738186.jpg (137.25 KB, 560x520, -4061835620984507227.jpg)

fucking lol, she looks like she's wearing one of those hot topic sweatbands you'd see on the kid who wore a naruto headband to school. She could've just bought one of those and hid some barbed wire under it to get that pain fix

also her violin hips are gross. It's weird to see the flabby abdomen of a mother on such a young and apparently childless woman, but I guess that's what happens when you choose not to take care of your skin. Looking good is literally her job and she doesn't have the discipline to do some squats or even slap on some lotion? A cheap work ethic makes a cheap whore

No. 796719

>violin hips are gross
>the flabby abdomen of a mother on such a young and apparently childless woman
I seriously hope you're just a misogynist scrot because if you're a girl this level of hatred for a pretty normal figure is even more fucked up
A thread died so you could nitpick some cam girls stomach

No. 796755

For future threads, maybe note what number it is, not just "new thread".

No. 796761

>this level of hatred for a pretty normal figure
if you say so anon but you'd feel more strongly about it than I do.
sorry for triggering some insecurity you have with dip hips and flab, but if it helps, remember that anyone can earn a nice butt with exercise. It's just muscle. Maybe start with squats. I believe in you.

Regarding Skye, if you don't moisturize your skin after poking it full of ink and metal multiple times a month, it's gonna age. If you don't tone the musculature of your body, you're gonna look flabby and unfit even if you don't weigh that much. If you're a sex worker and you're not taking care of your assets, you're losing money. Her poor self care is damaging to her career and I'm not criticizing anything she can't improve on.

No. 796782

the girl is covered from head to toe in hideous tattoos are disgusting body modifications, has fucking holes all over her face to the point of looking like a damn gremlin, and you're here complaining about the most normal shit about the girl and "not taking care of her assets" because she has hip dips (which no guy cares about btw). you're insane. i think the "whole butchering herself and her potential with hideous body mods" would take priority. and no one who finds someone who looks like this, attractive, is going to stop finding her attractive because of hip dips and a "flabby tummy" (which she really doesnt have)

No. 796795

There's no point wasting time putting down her figure when there's a lot of things that are actually ridiculous to talk about, her figure is fine. You're creating drama and as far as I'm concerned your comments in this thread are useless and invalid

No. 796832


You should trim the extraneous code off the Facebook URL.

No summary of the last thread?

And why such a hurry? The last thread had only 1114 comments and her milk is slow.

No. 796834

Hey nice facebook link including all the code that lets facebook know who you are and so on

No. 796836

It's definitely an ex boyfriend, including the usual complete zero knowledge about how women's bodies work. Apparently having wide hips means you've birthed a child? Seems like the usual male logic where our bodies get "stretched" from our prior child proportions via sexual activity

begone scrot, and at least try and blend with the forum a little better should you return

No. 796837

>taking care of your assets

male confirmed.

No. 796876

You can tell it's a horribly bitter ex or at the very least a bitter male by the "a cheap work ethic makes a cheap whore". Like >>796782 said, this girl is a fucking mess, but her ugliness is mostly self-inflicted. Her body is fine, she just chooses to ruin it.


No, anon, they just haven't been doing enough squats! Let the males flood in and explain female biology to you, silly female.

No. 796888

>>796693 might just be an American farmer rather than an ex of Skye. Either way their sensibilities are out of whack

The exes do post though and it's hilarious that they think they're somehow any better than her themselves

No. 796895

why does this cow attract so many newfags?

No. 796951

I'm guessing they are all scrotes waiting for us to post porn.

No. 796973

File: 1554992808574.png (Spoiler Image, 112.63 KB, 234x360, vegan;_;.png)

Looks like she's making progress on that wooly-looking armband, and she graciously showed us her stomach on twitter looking way better than it does on instagram. Good for her. Who knows, maybe it's her camera doing her dirty, maybe it's shoop, but I think it might be the way she poses by arching her lower back that makes her stomach look so saggy in standing photos despite looking good on video. But I don't buy her porn so my access is limited, sorry

>>796888 bingo, American. But even among Americans, I get overexcited and speak too aggressively, then get confused when people think I'm mad. It's not a good look but I'm working on it.

>i think the "whole butchering herself and her potential with hideous body mods" would take priority.
It did, in the last thread, but I don't see her as just some hopeless, hideous gremlin with no future. Cows are people too, farmer. I figured telling her to stop mutilating herself at the height of her addiction would be asking too much, but things like skincare and fitness should be fair territory for a camgirl.

>It's definitely an ex boyfriend
It's definitely not.
>Apparently having wide hips means you've birthed a child?
You are confused, farmer. Why would you say something so silly?

No. 797002

File: 1554999746303.jpg (181.19 KB, 1080x502, PSX_20190411_172149.jpg)

You guys made her sad

No. 797012

120 lbs and what height? how long until she goes full anachan? she’s already got the other self destructive habits so it’s only a matter of time.

No. 797026

because she is posted on Scottish Forums/ groups etc.

No. 797042

File: 1555003577016.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 5E2EC53E-B436-4485-9A79-4F3554…)

well this is tragic. does she think she isn’t going to regret this also?

No. 797044

I think it’s hilarious how she hates this heart thing so much and yet never acknowledges that abomination that is the burning bible tattoo.

No. 797047


Well. You made it here didn’t you? You know who she is. Why waste even more of my time writing out a whole essay when anybody interested can just look at the old thread for more details.
Piss off.

No. 797051

>>797012 she was already ana chan. Read the first thread.

No. 797092

I think she has a deeper hate for the heart tattoo because she had it done at the tattoo parlor who talked shit about her/her tattoos/her modifications and he ex man-friend was there who ever years and told her.

Is it just me or does her blackout look like a grey out? I've seen new blackouts before but for something done super recent, it's very faded/grey…

Also, when people post stupid shit y'all can just report it and the person will get banned. No need to clug up the thread bitching at a newfag/male anon.

No. 797150

When tattoos first heel they normally get a translucent layer on the top that makes them look slightly faded, eventually it heals completely and is bright. Unfortunately dry healing her tattoos means they're not going to come back beautiful and bright, she's ruining them before they even have a chance

No. 797236

What the hell is going on with that tattoo? It looks so old and grey already, and it makes her skin look so wrinkly somehow. Girl, why do you let people butcher you like this? I've seen blackout tattoos and most of them don't look THIS bad. This looks like it was done by a scratcher.

No. 797261

Could be the perforated skin peeling (normal)

No. 797351

She looks to be about 5'4"/162 cm. Pretty average height for a woman, and 120 pounds is a totally normal weight. She has a great figure and body shape imo, she just looks a little bit pudgy because she does nothing but sit on her ass all day. Even the skinniest person is going to look flabby if they're skinnyfat.

No. 797399

She's 5'6". But yeah, totally normal/healthy weight.

No. 798004

Yep, an ex boyfriend. He cheated on the girl in the picture and thats why she broke up with him.

And wow! Skye is also a cheater!

No. 798005

What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 798006

I thought you were talking about the guy Skye was seeing on the last thread.

No. 798031

people have said she shoops her figure. is that true? just curious

No. 798046

I don't think so. I haven't seen any evidence of shooping in her photos, and if she was why not get rid of the violin hips?

No. 798098

No. 798169

Oooof, after eight years of relation ship he‘s into skye/jodie. Wow.

No. 798304

Not surprising. It’s pretty normal to rebound with random slags or hire a hooker to get over your ex.
I pity the ex for all the messages she probably received alerting her to this.

No. 798305

I don’t think she does. It seems like just basic vsco or something to blur out the background. But, she’ll probably get into it soon

No. 798464

File: 1555509629335.jpg (986.04 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190417_085606.jpg)

Back at the tattoo parlor. It's been what, a little over a week since she was last there? I'm glad she doesn't do any drugs (that we've seen) because she has an addictive personality. Like stop, let your body heal from the two pervious block of black you've had done in less than a month…

Also, with Instagrams new "lite" shadow banning of provocative instagram accounts, I think her followers are going to flatline.

No. 798523

File: 1555525816936.jpg (573.25 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20190417-142902_Ins…)

Did she not finish it all the way around at least? The other sections she seemed to.

No. 798525

>It's normal to hire a hooker to get over your ex
farmers are trashier than I thought lmao

No. 798528

Half of this thread is maleposting.

Skye is not very bright: why not get these tats removed with laser treatment rather than be stuck with black patches which will be much harder to remove? It's a pity there is no responsibility for the mental health of your clients when you're a tattoo artist.

No. 798546


She's fully blacking out her arm so I don't know why she's doing it bit by bit covering the tattoos individually when she can just get one part done, let it heal and then continue.

Also when you get tatted, you sign a consent form that says you're of sane body and mind, but who knows with Skye

No. 798547

I'm googling premium snapchats as doesn't she block you if you take screenshots. Do when you're paying do you get to keep the videos and pics? I don't use snapchat btw.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798551

>>798547 the absolute state of this dyslexic scrot

No. 798560

So yeah so one who has her snap want to say if they get content they can keep?

No. 798595

Fuck off

No. 798647

No. 798686

File: 1555591968613.png (19.41 KB, 607x176, chest tattoo.PNG)

apparently the sad vegan area is getting an update soon

No. 798687

File: 1555592030125.jpg (120.93 KB, 1080x2160, D2_1u1xXcAM8aVq.jpg)

also found her vid pricing for anyone curious abt how much she earns

No. 798746

Great find!
I’d love to know how many people buy this stuff, because she’s constantly on shopping sprees and there’s got to be a way to finance it!

No. 798747

Her arm looks ridiculous now- with the messy, separated blacked out bands.
Also, there’s no fucking way this woman is all fine mentally.

No. 798751

File: 1555612478145.png (50.22 KB, 380x394, same tits.PNG)

if she sold her vids through a 3rd party website we'd be able to find out the number of sales but as she's distributing them through her DM's we can only ponder.as a regular Shayna lurker it is almost refreshing that she at least knows how to price things in a logical manner (but maybe Shayna has knocked my expectations bar very low kek)

while trying to find if she has ever bragged about sales, i did notice that she is mutuals with the chick (>>>/snow/795642) who originally got the atrocious tit tats and they do interact a fair bit so i think it's fair to say she was Skye's inspo.

No. 798961

File: 1555697250527.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190419-122127_Ins…)

I can't wait to witness this, after all her other horrible modifications.

No. 798972

I can’t wait! These are going to be a fucking nightmare!

No. 799189

File: 1555779705658.png (4.4 MB, 750x1334, 5920E870-FF99-41CB-B5A2-A48FF8…)

Seems like our girl is falling for this Ross creature. Anyone wanna place bets on how soon she’s gonna hate him?

No. 799315

I love how she says she’s bisexual yet all she does is talk, date and fuck guys

No. 799316

Can’t wait until they cheat on each other

No. 799344

File: 1555864760234.jpeg (315.16 KB, 750x1021, 04679B1F-3BCA-4559-9623-273582…)

is cutting fingers a thing?

No. 799345

Wtf anon. They're just wrinkles/creases from how your finger bends.

No. 799352

Definitely just wrinkles like the other Anon said.

>>799189 I think he'll see how unstable she. Dating someone for 7 years and then dating Jodie is a giant change. His ex went to university, works in a medical field… Jodie begs people to buy her boring and stagnant "content". She's not someone growing and maturing like people in their age group.

But, he does work at Vans and does stick and poke tattoos. Maybe this will work for a while.

No. 799354

I dunno, creases on her finger tips? Also it looks like some even go over her nail

No. 799356

yes you retard. probably due to dry hands but it's possible

No. 799399

My thoughts exactly. This will work for a while until one of them cheat and Skye goes full psycho at him, bitches on the internet and fucks ten more losers to prove a point.

No. 799461

File: 1555933950762.jpeg (606.36 KB, 1242x1547, 985CF734-E0ED-4211-B3B5-4EBCA9…)


No. 799463

that blackout tattoo looks like shit

No. 799657

Why why why is she doing it in break ups!

No. 799675

Is there a logical reason as to why she’s staring the black sleeve in spreads blocks? Instead of just waiting until a part is healed and adding to it. Or is it literally to add more while the rest is still healing? Looks a mess

No. 799679


She didn't even have any tattoos on her forearm to cover.

No. 799728

File: 1556035697997.jpeg (657.29 KB, 750x1136, 95F97E64-30C7-4E3C-962F-385A80…)

Stay tuned for another mess.
Look at how plump her lips are already, she doesn’t need fillers at all unless she wishes to look like a goldfish!

No. 799729

I’m guessing it was to prove that she’s gonna cover this mockingjay cuz she’s so eDgY.

No. 799730

If she’s got the cash she needs to FIX THOSE TEETH!

No. 799942


This is sad, she actually has nice lips. Plump and well proportioned. It's just like her boobs all over again, taking something about her that's perfectly pleasant and fucking it up beyond repair. As other anons have said, waste the money on your damn teeth if you want to change your appearance. She'll have anal prolapse lips for sure.

No. 800018

you would think that plumping her lips up wouldn't help the blowout in her philtrum, maybe she's hoping to hide it that way but tbh i think it would draw more attention to it, clearly she doesn't like it, she shops it out of all her pictures now.

No. 800393

File: 1556229259008.jpeg (499.32 KB, 750x942, 7DA569A9-F415-466A-A084-4E93D6…)

Not a clue why my drunk brain decided to read her tattoo, in this particular picture, as “me turd”. Lol

No. 800786

File: 1556393212469.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, E1616C92-9156-4B5F-B244-4EE54B…)

She’s gonna have to get her straight edge tattoos covered eh?

No. 800796

She’s going to look like a hot fucking mess. I’m ready.

No. 800939

I have a feeling this isn’t gonna be a priority thing because she won’t want to admit that she was wrong and made a stupid decision with those!

No. 800940

I wonder why she isn’t posting much lately. Reckon Ross made her depressed for some reason already?

No. 801007

her most recent post regarding her Vegan tattoo and how she "mostly keeps it to herself" LMAAAOOOOOO

No. 801033

How would one go about getting her stuff for free? Google yields nothing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801042

We definitely need to see her stuff

No. 801044


If you want to see her porn, buy it.

No. 801052

This thread attracts thirsty fucks looking for her nudes but refusing to pay. Gtfo.

No. 801239

File: 1556570544894.jpeg (514.98 KB, 750x1032, 235A413C-E41E-4896-83C0-327F78…)

This is insane. She’s right up there with all the other insanely obnoxious, cunty vegans. Does she honestly not notice how stupid and downright hypocritical she makes herself look?!

No. 801240

I can’t believe that this same girl was kinda cool and original a couple of years ago. Sure, she always made bad decisions and was a bit of a mess, but she’s a retarded fucking degenerate now.

No. 801574

I just thought of that time, not so long ago, that Skye didn’t have eyebrows. Good times.

No. 801696

Well i paid her for nudes and she never delivered which im shocked about

No. 801699

This is an image bored, fellow Anon. So you have any proof? A message, correspondence of any sort?

No. 801744

Proof please!

No. 801755


>the ink was vegan friendly my dudes

i hear this so often, and not once have i heard a reputable tattoo artist say that they can be a 100% sure the ink they use is sourced fully plant/mineral-based.

purdon, you get 50 quid tats that you pay for with a blow job, i HIGHLY doubt, your "tattoo artist" has verifiably vegan ink in his needles.

No. 802188

All the stuff on this board taken for granted on this thread(s) then shouts for proof. lol.Full of it.

No. 802213

you still have to post proof, it's an imageboard.

No. 802596

No one takes this board for granted, we all love and appreciate it for the keks that it brings. Not sure why you’d say that or why you think asking for proof is being “full of it” as we ask all parties making claims to have first hand contact for proof.

Or maybe you just don’t know what being taken for granted means.

No. 802624

I ain't seen any proof of anything said in any thread about. Just hate, what you worried about. Her image?

No. 802628

what? why are all the guys who buy her porn just inbred morons

No. 802663

File: 1557159503942.jpeg (45.04 KB, 750x283, 4498799A-4CA2-408D-959A-0B2A9D…)

This shit is going down tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how fucked up the results are- titty tat level, blowout level, burning bible level or what!

No. 802868

What? Your words not mine. Quit making stuff up.(ban evasion)

No. 802871

File: 1557239839705.jpg (465.72 KB, 720x1135, 20190507_153619.jpg)

She already had full lips i dont understand why she wanted them bigger

No. 802872

I actually think this is an improvement. Larger lips can balance out the facial structure, and the results suit her. Finally, a good choice.

No. 802880

File: 1557243738093.jpg (1.37 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190507_103952.jpg)

Upper left is with the fillers and all others are old… I honestly see no difference. Her lips were fine before, she could do with some braces if anything. Or her eyebrows like she claimed was happening in February.

No. 802884

Her lips are done wrong or with the wrong stuff, shouldn't have dimpling on the inside/bottom.

No. 802901

right? such a minuscule difference, honesty all i can pinpoint is the rippling on the bottom of the upper lip but it is not like that's something you'd want so..

No. 802919


yeah but who knows how much of the plumpness before was owed to editing, angle, lip plumping, or plain biting her lips before shooting.

she's pretty much the only one (except for her johns) that knows what her lips look like in actuality.

No. 802947

it's not minuscule. it looks terrible. anyone saying this looks good is delusional. it's very obvious and it makes her face look fatter somehow/throws off her facial balance/looks ridiculous

No. 802966

Lol she turned off commenting for her lip filler post. ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 802968

File: 1557259674065.jpeg (94.06 KB, 253x617, 5C19E5F2-26D4-4D5E-894C-8F4BF3…)

Where have the baggy holes in her lower/upper lip gone? This is from a boomerang so won’t have been shopped out

No. 802972


Honestly it looks like her lips are just so overfilled that they’re folding back and hiding the hole under that creepy distended sausage lip.

No. 802983

File: 1557262540525.gif (2.98 MB, 269x640, SmartSelect_20190507-215432_In…)

I take back what I said earlier about the difference being minuscule, they look like raw, over filled cocktail sausages. for her sake I hope they settle down some jfc

No. 803025

Can't wait to see her ukpunting reviews, it's my guilty pleasure and if you haven't been there I suggest you go.

No. 803099

You're welcome to drop a screenshot, or even a link.

No. 803118

actually we will see finaal result of her lips after week
now they are swollen and for first day after procedures they look pretty normal

No. 803173

File: 1557330837415.jpg (780.33 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190508-111716.jpg)

These men are pathetic but can't stop reading, if she escorts she will end up being on here.


No. 803200

She looks like she’s been stung by bees or something. What a swollen mess!

No. 803335

Skye was sucking dick on Snapchat within hours of getting her lips done.

No. 803349

she drinks right after getting tattoos, this bitch is fucking stupid

No. 803617

The girl really is fucking stupid. No clue how to exert an self care at all!

No. 804335

File: 1557462636151.jpg (893.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190510-122805_Ins…)

This angle makes her look so different its crazy

No. 804635

wow that big hole in her lower lip, is she even able to drink something without weting all over?

No. 804652

>>804335 your icon is showing

No. 805120

This is not a look for her. Ew.

No. 805130


did not expect to be able to zoom in that much

No. 805359

File: 1557596966212.png (915.61 KB, 750x1334, 7DB5D778-3ACE-4CAE-861D-F73EA6…)

So talented…

No. 805400

Is…is this what Instagram/YT makeup look like irl?? I always had the suspicion that these beats look fucking dirty in day light.

No. 805507

bitch where??

No. 805560

Isn't it awful? Instagram/YT "mua's" have no idea how to do their makeup for anything but their filming setup/facetune. I can't believe she walks around looking so nasty.

No. 806200

File: 1557750721522.jpg (216.77 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20190513-073020_Chr…)

When cows collide… I honestly didn't see this one coming.

No. 806376

File: 1557773524430.jpg (271.01 KB, 537x705, skye.jpg)

Her lips look absolutely awful, she can't even close her mouth.

No. 806381

File: 1557773741648.gif (2.21 MB, 687x396, ew.gif)


No. 806427

File: 1557778044113.jpeg (510.78 KB, 2048x2048, FF493176-91B4-42D7-9F4B-D8A5EC…)

The photo posted by the woman that had JUST filled her lips, compared to the one she posted. She’s obviously using one of those lip sucker devices or heavy editing?

In the candid one, her lips look smaller than the ‘non filled’ selfies she was posting of herself last week.

No. 806435

it's just swelling.

No. 806448


I thought the swelling would die down after a week, but I guess sucking a dick on the same day as getting them done, doesn't help.

No. 806467

File: 1557783536418.jpg (376.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190513-163638_Ins…)

Swelling and, very possiblity, shitty fillers. There's been a lot of people injecting client's faces with products that shouldn't be used. It's gotten so bad Netflix made a series (Botched Up Bodies). The main issue is in the USA there's only a few approved fillers, and across the pond there are literally thousands. It's interesting, and very graphic. A lot of people getting lips done are having lumps form in latter months.

She'll probably be going back once they're not so swollen. I think her upper lip looks weird because she edited it horribly.

No. 806685

File: 1557815720677.jpeg (88.16 KB, 372x662, C623472D-52D3-491E-B162-C32F2C…)

This is a fucking nightmare! Just look at her lips!

No. 806688

I can’t believe any of you like the result!

No. 806699

File: 1557820390413.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.36 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

P sure it's been said here, but she's Pete Burns the second. She's botched her body already it's only a matter of time that something major's going to go majorly wrong. Burn's dodgy filler infected his system and I doubt he even visited cheapo places she has her mods done at.

No. 806702

These really look nothing alike, what's the point of fillers if you're just gonna edit anyway?

No. 806879

File: 1557851730523.jpg (585.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190515-003302_Ins…)


No. 806924

this picture is a mess, fuuuuuuck. exfoliation is a friend, girl.

she should spend some of her money repairing those stretched out holes in her face. your mouth and lips serve many functions lol why fuck it up with piercings everywhere, it looks shit. she's going to look cheap as if she ever hits thirty.

No. 807187

File: 1557923105406.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x2084, 551DD7B9-8EA4-44A2-B139-7E0C73…)


Right, they just gave you a personalised discount code of your actual name out of the goodness of their hearts.

No. 807543

File: 1558010093527.jpg (459.7 KB, 720x1100, 20190516_133427.jpg)

No. 807586

Lol at her blacking out the X's for straight edge on her knuckles.

No. 807588

File: 1558020372466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 508.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190516-232258_Chr…)

Her lips…

No. 807590

I actually think the heart looks a tiny bit better than it was. The straight edge looks shit.

No. 807669

are wrapped around someone's dick, just in case there are anons who don't care to look at revenge porn bullshit.

No. 807730


I mean… I guess the blackout heart looks better than what was there before but it’s so jarring with the backed out arm to stop suddenly and then have a heart. Not that I really know how I’d have gone about fixing the constant mess she makes of her body

No. 807737

Revenge porn? She's posted it herself, what you on about anon?

No. 807857

People on here like bitching about senseless shit like this. She posted it, it’s sensored. That should be that.

No. 807858

Tbh, I actually don’t mind at all how the heart looks now, compared to that shit it was earlier.
She should consider blacking out the Bible too, which is easily her worst tattoo.
Sensoring the Xs is hilarious though. Stupid girl. Proves more than enough about her state of mind.

No. 809090


god, people really put this shit on their skin? those look like notebook doodles

No. 809288


Those eyebrows…mamma mia.

No. 811562

I think so, there are unconfirmed reports that deny this, but I’ve never seen any real proof from her.

No. 811924

File: 1558657062664.jpg (442.18 KB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20190524_011715.jpg)

Her waist ain't that thin. Photoshop maybe?

No. 811980

I think it's an illusion created by the skirt. It sticks out at a point kind of oddly on the sides and makes her hips appear wider.

No. 812138


there were people in the last skye thread saying she eats jelly and things like that, plus she's braindead stupid, so it's possible she eats animal products and doesn't realise it.

she's gonna have a hell of a time covering that giant sternum tattoo when she abandons veganism just like she abandoned straight edge after smoking weed once.

No. 812171

File: 1558702973438.jpg (182.62 KB, 1059x1790, _20190524_135825.JPG)

No. 812173

Even tho the door in the bg moves into a V, i do believe shes just being a dumb thot and wearing a skirt meant to be on your hip on her waist. Almost like theyre sown differently so you can have a flattering waist without showing half your ass.

No. 812178

The only obstruction i can maybe see is a tiny bit of blurring of her ends of her hair where it meets her waist, could be just cuz her hairs moving. But godamn is she sucking in hard.

No. 812618

Toni’s back!

No. 812625

are we pretending that women's hips don't widen during pregnancy/birth? and women's bodies do stretch from childhood to puberty. you sound retarded.

No. 812656


take a biology class, please

No. 813307

File: 1558923549371.jpg (798.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190527-101709_Ins…)

No. 813316

ntayrt but the pelvic bones do soften and separate during pregnancy (hence the waddle that pregnant women get) it's not a permanent thing though. Having a noticeable pelvis certainly isn't some kind of indicator of motherhood. It's just a body type.

No. 813462


Damn her lipfillers are botched; her lips look like bumpy inflated sausages and that's not what good fillers look like

Also pretty funny that she tries to cover up her facetats with foundation. Why do you get them if you cover them up?

No. 813484


she isn't the type to think ahead, she probably got face tats without realising they would look like green splotches under her foundation

most insta models with face tats just go round them with foundation but skye is dumb

No. 813658

the only slightly positive thing about this entire mess is that her hideous sausage lips cover the holes left behind by her stretched philtrum and labret. good lord, those look like they're just about to burst.

No. 813874

She photoshops the holes out. Nothing is covering those holes up unless she gets them stitched up

No. 813876


The difference in all these pictures… she’s still photoshopping the shape, so clearly isn’t happy with how the fillers turned out

No. 814026

anyone knows if she is able to drink and eat normally with the big hole under her lip? would be quite interesting

No. 814048

You can drink with stretched holes in your lip, but sometimes it can dribble. It's not really practical but not the nightmare you'd think it ought to be.

That's a scarification with ink rubbed into it, so it's not a tattoo in the realest sense. Either way, it was a terrible choice. There's another tattooed woman called lucy molloy who has a massive dagger tattooed over one of her eyes and it looks so bad because she wears a full face of make up but seems to leave out the area the tattoo takes up. These girls really don't think this shit through.

No. 814057


i always thought lucy molloy looked like a bootleg monami frost

No. 814069

She really does, but it seems like all these generally “non-conforming”, edgy alternative girls take on a similar look these days.

No. 814070

The moon scarification didn’t take and she was unhappy with him invisible it was so she went and tattooed black, over it.

No. 814119


She got the moon actually tattooed on a while back.

No. 814434

My bad! She could easily get that lasered to minimise it but hey ho, that's the price you pay for tattooing your face when you're practically a fetus.

No. 815386

She’s taking out her cheek piercings, which in my opinion suit her better than 90% of her garbage new mods.

No. 815446

File: 1559227511492.png (858.72 KB, 737x741, w1111111111111111111.png)

she went from looking like she has a hitler moustache to looking like she has an anus on her face.

and she's 17 in the pic on the left. yikes.

No. 815626

Why are you so obsessed with this girl?

This is unhealthy

No. 815676

not sure if piercing age is different where she is but still, whoever was doing them is an ass. your anatomy hasn't fully developed yet and that's why reputable shops have an 18 and over policy.

has she said why she's taking out the cheek piercings? not like it matters but what was the point of doing all that to her face just to remove it a few years later.

No. 815677

not sure if piercing age is different where she is but still, whoever was doing them is an ass. your anatomy hasn't fully developed yet and that's why reputable shops have an 18 and over policy.

has she said why she's taking out the cheek piercings? not like it matters but what was the point of doing all that to her face just to remove it a few years later.

No. 815680


Shops have age requirements primarily to meet the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction. In most areas minors can get certain piercings at certain ages with parental consent. It has nothing to do with growth.

No. 815685


It's 16 in the UK.
18 for genital/nipple piercings.

No. 815837

In that case, I suggest you leave.

No. 815840

She hasn’t said why, but I have a very strong feeling it’s because she thinks she’ll look cute with dimples or something equally waify and stupid.

Also, her face looks simply awful in the 17 picture, but I still feel like she was far cooler back then. At least she had some balls and character.

No. 816053

Yeah she actually looked liked she had some personal tastes. Even if it’s not pretty. Now she’s just a regular « alt girl », which is basically a basic trendy girl but with bodmods (yeah I’m gatekeeping, modern alt fashion is shit and I’ll fight anyone)

Saddest thing is her breasts tho. I was so jealous of her boobs! But that ink is terrible! What a waste lol

No. 816661

File: 1559452080195.jpg (787.24 KB, 1080x1291, 20190602_130556.jpg)

Her hip area is so round

No. 816670

she has hip dips, it's a bone structure thing and you can't do much of anything to fix it except plastic surgery. i at least appreciate she doesn't shoop them away like the majority of girls that have them.

No. 816741

Can't stand the 80s style wearing your pants like this that's so popular now. Just wear em on your hips normally

No. 816817


Hip dips combined with her pushing her butt back a bit so it looks like she has sometting there.

No. 817895

File: 1559664565054.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190604-170824.png)

Well this is gonna be a disaster. 50/50 seems like a fucking hefty cut. And any decent tattoo artist has their own equipment.

No. 817908

I don't get it. Is she trying to let her place? She lives with her mom, what place could she be talking about?

Or is she talking about knowing someone who wants to share their studio?

Skye trying to live with a tattoo artist to get tattoos for blowjobs everyday sounds like her..

No. 817915

My guess is that her shitty stick 'n' poke tattooer boyfriend can't get hired at a real studio so they're trying to set one up.

No. 817980

File: 1559677203040.jpg (683.63 KB, 810x2364, Screenshot_20190604-143634_Ins…)

This is what I was thinking, her boyfriend has horrible designs so I HIGHLY doubt he's had an apprenticeship so they might be trying to make some hoodrat shop out of somewhere. But Jodie doesn't seem like the person to ever leave the house unless she's going with a client or getting food. And he worked at Vans or something similar so he definitely doesn't have the extra income to do it on his own. I think he's just using her for her "following" and hoping to get exposure from her.

No. 818062


The shop she gets tattooed in a lot (Otherworld) is looking for new artists, I think that’s what her post is about

No. 818246

Nah i know people who have worked @ otherworld. There’s one lady who’s the owner and everyone give her a cut. There is no 50/50 cut

No. 818371

File: 1559752656867.jpg (144.68 KB, 1080x626, Screenshot_20190605-113715_Chr…)

50/50 sounds like an absolutely horrible take-home cut to be honest, even with needles/supplies covered. It sounds like a bad shop.

Also I found this highly assuming. The shop/artists must of took one look at her shitty work and been like nahhhh pass. Kek

No. 819277

File: 1559918983976.png (371.6 KB, 369x721, Capture.PNG)

No. 819279

File: 1559919059819.png (516.61 KB, 373x720, Capture.PNG)

Yet another ugly tattoo wtf is she thinking

No. 819327

50/50 cut is typical. I have friends who work at a shop with 100k followers on IG, popular and reputable, and that’s the cut there as well. This is the states tho

No. 819360

I may be wrong… but as far as I know from tattoo artist friends it isn’t typical in the UK?

I know otherworld had a shop minimum of £50 2 years ago… £25 for the artist doesn’t seem right?

But someone may tell me otherwise!

No. 819361

File: 1559932935611.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 73353B0B-3106-4226-86AA-B78771…)

No. 819366

Omfg are those supposed to be pinkys or thumbs? Because they look like neither.
You know your tattoo artist is shit when they can't even get the simplest hand pose right, but I bet they'd say "it's just the style" or some other dumb excuse like that lol

No. 819413

Awful tattoo. She looks cross eyed.

No. 819423

I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a Sailor Jerry-style tattoo or Traditional style. But horribly done.
Could have been cute.

No. 819428

oof. the shading on the arms and chest area looks like mud and her arms remind me of boneless harry potter

No. 819441

I actually like this one, it’s funny

No. 819640

Wasn’t she supposed to be getting her chest finished last month?

No. 819769

File: 1560025958461.png (450.64 KB, 1077x1077, instasize_190608213100.png)

Huh. The girl who did her newest tattoo was talking mad trash about her a few months ago in an Facebook tattoo group. She referenced this forum ffs.

No. 819807

Aw that kind of sucks. I actually feel sorry for Skye.

No. 819933

What was said before this? I find it hilarious she went to someone who 1. Gave her a wonky eyed tattoo, and 2. Was talking shit about her a few months ago.

No. 820001

Another member had made a topic about her. It was during summer last year and Skye was talking about the heat in her Instagram story, the member replied telling her how hot it was where she was living and Skye then was rude to her and blocked her.

I kind of feel bad for her too, she's given someone who trashed her money fgs but Skye is now a member of that Facebook group too and if she searched her name she would see all of this…

No. 820008

She's deleted the photo of the tattoo and unfollowed the artist on IG.

No. 820009

File: 1560085116757.png (192.24 KB, 1080x1110, sketch-1560085129104.png)

The artist has gone private. Anyone follow her?

No. 820019

Same. Obv I don’t like skye but what a stupid and classless way to talk about your customers. Also this tattoo is shit so I guess the personality suits the art

No. 820039

The reason I shared was not to shame Skye but more because the tattoo artist has come across an asshole. As soon as I saw Skye post the artist's tag I knew I'd seen her talk smack so hopefully she got some comeuppance for this. She also copies others design ideas.

No. 820069

So clearly jodie and the artist looks at these threads, because only a few hours ago they both had the picture up and the artist was public.

You have to be a certain kind of dumb to talk about someone poorly on social media, tattoo them, and link yourself to these threads. Kek doesn't surprise me that she steals tattoo designs, >>820019 is right, her lines and shading is horrible and clearly goes with Jodie's crappy collection perfectly.

No. 820109

I was binging on the Inked channel's videos, and look who popped up.

No. 820164


this isn't even the first time she's had work done by an artist who goes on to publicly shit-talk her.

funny how charlotte gives a CW for "dodgy tattoos" and then adds another dodgy tattoo to skye's collection less than a year later.


"this body mod"…? which one? you mean "body modifier"? c'mon Inked

No. 820375

File: 1560146161428.png (16.44 KB, 112x112, 501500506808647687.png)


charlotte you fucking idiot you could have given us some milk

No. 821442

File: 1560381007639.png (635.52 KB, 475x889, wea.png)

she's letting her new boyfriend scrape one of his hideous doodles into her skin less than a week after her last tat

No. 821447

File: 1560381363978.jpg (851.56 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20190612-181555_Ins…)

Buys a plant once

This is garbage, and was he using a fucking sewing needle??

No. 821469


Why is her skin tone that of freezer burn?

No. 821485

File: 1560386730046.png (2.41 MB, 1000x1337, waltermolino.png)

not a very good trace imo

No. 821493

File: 1560387694944.jpg (9.95 KB, 300x260, s-l300.jpg)

This style reminds me of the really poor Jean Cocteau sketches.>>805359 expecially the ones with eyes here.

No. 821611

Wow it basically is traced lmao

No. 821671

Just as original as everything else she has on her body lately. Kek

No. 821748

Confused as to how you think her tattoo is a trace? It looks obviously inspired by but traced? Getting pretty nitpicky and out there now >>821485

No. 821759

File: 1560450611922.png (3.13 MB, 1396x1803, 1560450600905.png)

We think it's traced because… It is. Surprise surprise.

No. 821766

they didn't even handle the foreshortening of the lower arm correctly haha
has credit for the "inspiration" popped up at all or nah?

No. 821897

File: 1560466048363.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 729.65 KB, 2048x1670, 7C37F3B6-A3DD-427C-B826-E67A88…)

How airbrushed is her vag in this picture tho. Like I’m all for being an “insta thot” but at least be genuine(nitpicking)

No. 821913

This isn't very milky…

And also,at least she doesn't have giant sores on her ass like Shayna.

No. 822672

does skye actually have like… hobbies and interests? i swear she posts /exclusively/ about tattoos, vegan food and getting new clothes. when she has a boyfriend she posts about that too. never once does she mention doing anything to pass the time, or for fun.

No. 822715

She's posted about reading multiple times

No. 823609

File: 1560881889464.jpg (157.85 KB, 1079x703, Screenshot_20190618-201732_Twi…)

More face tattoos….

No. 823727

File: 1560893778645.jpg (49.46 KB, 800x450, 4ea.jpg)

No. 824708


oh i cannot WAIT to see what kind of hideous nonsense she adds to the collection

No. 824794

Oh it’s baaaaad it’s so bad

No. 824796

File: 1561126111160.jpg (629.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190621-150758_Ins…)

It's a yikes from me

No. 824798

File: 1561126137453.jpg (649.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190621-150737_Ins…)

No. 824799

File: 1561126234462.jpg (632.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190621-150744_Ins…)

No. 824800

File: 1561126385502.png (1.22 MB, 993x903, ttyyttttt.png)

honestly i'm kinda surprised she didn't go with the extremely played out lil peep eyebrow script thing. still shite though.

also worth noting that she waited a whole NINE DAYS between this and that shitty doodle from her new boyfriend.

No. 824802


also these are going to look horrendous when she covers them with makeup. tattoos covered by foundation always have this murky green colour where they show through and it looks like gangrene or something

No. 824803

I thought that but it would look stupid with the moon being in the centre of her head (I mean those tattoos are ugly as hell anyway)

But she's got 3 clustered tattoos on each cheek and that looks silly

No. 824810


the obvious solution would have been to put those shits LITERALLY ANYWHERE BUT THE FACE. they'd make cute wrist tats i think

No. 824822

You'd think that her retiring so many of her piercings recently would make her pause before getting even more permanent modifications to her face but nope.

No. 824826

basic ass font, still fucked up. at least they match how terrible the things on the sides of her face look. janky. why ppl don't go for quality tattoos on the face i will never understand.

No. 824827

Anyone got her videos?(thirst)

No. 824886

Is she on some kind of medicine (or should be) as to her acting so fucking manic with tattoos? I don't follow her snap, so I don't know if she posts any personal stuff, but she has been making permanent choices and then shortly after changing/covering them.

-The straight edge knuckle tattoos then covering them.
-Many of her piercings and then taking them out.
-Blacking out her arm, even with a good amount of open skin.
-getting so many tattoos back to back

No. 824940

It’s just… bad. Placement is awful, font is bad, the actual words are just weird to advertise on your face.

I think her issue is she has no end goal plan for her look? Most people who are heavily tattooed and/or modded have an idea of what the desired outcome is. Minor changes to that aren’t as drastic as, for instance, taking out the bulk of your piercings.. or blacking out your fingers cuz wait alcohol is good?? Idk. The fact that she only has tattoos where they’re super visible for pictures says a lot about how attention seeking it is.

No. 824963


no, she's just dumb and desperate to be covered in tattoos regardless of their quality or how well they heal

No. 824968

File: 1561152593413.jpeg (231.56 KB, 473x483, 5C4034B1-8D86-4A0C-8321-7354D9…)

Amidst the disaster that she unleashed on her face today, let’s also take a moment to acknowledge how downright fucked up her lips look! Ew!

No. 824971


her relentless facetuning makes her look like a different person in every photo

No. 828709

Further proof of my theory that everyone who calls themself an "empath" is a terrible person.

No. 829218

File: 1561832541449.jpg (605.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190630-022012_Ins…)

No. 829219

sage this. nobody gives a shit

No. 829247

>>829219 I think most of us care about her fucking up her lips even more

No. 829578

She's been posting pictures on her story all day, mostly of her boyfriend who looks like a thumb with a ponytail. The boring buildup to Monday when she inevitably leaves her appointment looking like she got punched in the mouth

No. 829596

I wonder if she'll go to the same person. The woman she got them done by before doesn't do more than 1ml at a time.

No. 829621

She's found herself a new way to mod her body. Let's see if she sticks to lip injections or will eventually go for cheek or jaw fillers, or Botox.

No. 830352


Dunno If anyone's met him, but Andy Stewart is a fucking bellend of a boy.

No. 830641

File: 1562078797963.jpg (641.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190702-224423_Ins…)

No. 830644

File: 1562078823278.jpg (622.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190702-224406_Ins…)

No. 830718

She’s uhhhhhh (in the ways of Skye and they way she fucking uses “UUUUHHH” all the time…) incredibly cringeworthy. It’s just seems like she’s starved of attention and the only way to get that is to make herself look ridiculous. Can’t wait to see what she does next(emoji use)

No. 830744


Well she said before that she wants a nose job and bigger tits

No. 830812

File: 1562093528104.jpg (961.22 KB, 1080x1604, PSX_20190702_195142.jpg)

No. 830814

What did he do to hurt you?
Or is this in reference to Skye's choices in tattoos?

No. 830816

looks like a downie

No. 830899

File: 1562101861869.jpeg (272.06 KB, 686x1220, B57B4B84-F525-4D47-86E5-E5E369…)

Her hips look blurred and edited. ‍♀️ facepalm(emoji)

No. 831140

Part of me thinks she's going so hard on the fillers to hide the hole in her top lip.

No. 831851

File: 1562245240217.jpg (611.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190704-205809_Ins…)

No. 831871

File: 1562249300861.jpg (388.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190704-150811_Ins…)

No. 831888

File: 1562252962669.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, BB507954-A67F-43CD-B659-235AC7…)

sO eDgY

No. 831924


TOTES straight edge tho

No. 832243


Is she seriously smoking right after having lip fillers?

No. 832342

this is a nitpick but why don’t these internet famous girls ever just talk and post like regular people? how hard is it to say “i got my lips done and they’re swollen from the injections”? who made people think that talking like this is cute?

No. 833235

File: 1562496022621.jpg (686.12 KB, 1080x1683, PSX_20190707_114013.jpg)

It's a choice…

No. 833273

File: 1562505602062.jpeg (143.5 KB, 261x465, DDC976BF-AFB2-49FC-9F90-7130A8…)

I genuinely cannot get over how bad her mouth looks now.

I mean. It’s no secret the girl likes garbage tattoos but Jesus, this is awful!
She’s literally already got the exact same words already on her!
I wonder what she’s gonna do with all of them after “daddy” dumps her.

No. 833282

I'm not usually one for the 'but what will she look like when she's old?' argument but seriously. Imagine Skye at 60 with 'baby girl' scrawled all over her. Or at 30, taking into account how Glaswegians tend to age.

No. 833297


Her lips look like they're about to burst in that photo. Jesus christ

No. 833340

If in doubt black it out seems like an possible new mantra for Skye

No. 833351


She looks like a doll that a kid drew all over with sharpie.

No. 833399


yikes, that tat is rougher than a dog's arse. it seriously looks like something a 12-year-old draws in the margins on their school work

No. 833444

There’s no way that’s a real tattoo. It’s just sharpie.

No. 833640

i seriously hope that isn’t a real tattoo. the B’s look like poorly drawn hairy balls

No. 833705

Looks like can’t even close her lips all the way now and it makes her look so dumb. She clearly thinks she’s all pouty lips and bedroom eyes in this picture, but she seriously has that blank stare, and slack-jawed expression of a retard.

No. 833833

this is sharpie folks, are you all stupid?

No. 834225

I think it’s sharpie, but god I hope it’s not! It compliments her overall look and penchant for rubbish tattoos perfectly!

No. 835594

File: 1562852020473.jpeg (51.75 KB, 750x284, A3C72701-57D7-4694-9AAA-B44007…)

This is basically what she does lmao, crazy how she’s blind to how weird she is.

No. 835744


Neither, I've just met him a few times, and he's a fucking helmet. He apprenticed with a guy I get tattooed from and the boy is just a fucking penis. Nae cunt seems to have a good word to say about him.

That said, I hope the wee tadger had the presence of mind to at least get a gobble off this wee tart for his trouble.

No. 835904

File: 1562883694526.jpeg (658.73 KB, 750x981, 44FCFAD8-814D-4098-9344-9CFAD5…)

I just can‘t. Why did she do this to her lips?
I‘m afraid of her boob job. Christ…..

No. 836082

She's still overlining after getting her lips injected to baboon ass proportions…

No. 836217

File: 1562910212099.jpeg (472.61 KB, 750x657, 96E2D39C-5550-4756-9BA1-DC3ADA…)

Skye is starting to remind me of this chick who also has a poorly blacked out arm and questionable face tattoos… I wonder if Skye follows her

No. 836261


Aha I know her irl. Always a laugh when she pops up on /snow. She's got a questionable boobjob too, Skye probably looks up to her.

No. 836479

Good grief who is this?! Horrific!

No. 837297


…Her UN is in the screenshot anon

No. 837573

File: 1563061075255.jpeg (133.61 KB, 746x829, EEC95CEF-EF4E-48BC-83C1-C72790…)

Her lobe is beyond disgusting.

No. 837595

File: 1563062478629.jpg (19.6 KB, 640x350, My-eyes.jpg)

It looks so red, inflamed and irritated! OUCH!

No. 837715


Yipes. At some point you have to know when to just cut it off and start again.

No. 837772

File: 1563077702028.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65 KB, 545x545, D5D48727-FB8D-4A79-BEDB-9DA855…)

Stretched earfag here, Skye perminatly damaged her ears. Looks like a nasty blowout, with an infected cut and..puss? Skye does not know the proper way to stretched. Usually a person with large lobes like her wrap tape around their plug gradually until they reach the next size. To fuck up your ears THIS bad she either doesn’t use lube, skips sizes or she dead stretches (forcing the jewelry in without gradually taping) The only way she can fix this is taking out her plugs and letting it heal or completely reconstructing her lobe. If she doesn’t take care of this soon her ear could rip even further, or the infection could spread and she could lose her whole damn ear. Image is edited and zoomed in so I spoiled it
Saging for ear sperg, sorry farmers

No. 837798

what the hell is going on wit her mouth in that picture? it looks bloody.

No. 837868


This isn’t Skye. That’s that elizabethmintodas posted further up. Stay on topic.

No. 837871

Or maybe you could stay on topic and stop posting about some random botched baboon looking bitch who has literally nothing to do with Skye lol

No. 837903

Skye is going to look just like elizabeth.
I mean, this is quiet obvious.
She‘s on her way, so it fits the topic.

No. 837994

I don't think this is Jodie. No side face tattoos, her ears are cropped, shoulder tattoo, ect.

No. 838150

It's not her, like was just said a few posts ago.
Speaking of her ears, did she keep the cut off parts or something? Seems like the type of weird shit she'd do.

No. 838240

File: 1563148631491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.58 KB, 640x640, 1518746620888 (1).jpg)

You guessed it!

No. 839458

File: 1563380605099.jpg (568.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190718-002010_Ins…)

Her ring fingernail bothers me, the flame isnt fully white like the other nails

No. 839512

have ye no had yer nails done before naw? 9/10 times they dae that finger different from others. on both hands. it’s no out of the ordinary nit picking or wit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 839531

Making it actually different is one thing, this just looks like some paint was smudged off accidentally and it’s not good.

No. 839541

It’s not even just inflamed, it’s actually rotting flesh.

I’ve seen stretched ears like this before. Stretched too quickly and not healing. The thinnest part can sometimes end up being completely dead flesh.

No. 839632

What is the purpose of this? It's not even reshaped into anything

No. 839633

Why are Vikings lurking on lolcow

No. 839769

No. 840563

iirc she deliberately wanted them to be unique so… this.

No. 841539

just jealous

No. 841581

File: 1563719730839.jpg (636.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190721-223325_Ins…)

No. 841622

File: 1563727095082.png (1.06 MB, 1209x741, yyyyyyyyyyyy.png)

bitch you were born in '98

No. 842414

Getting tribal in the year of our lord 2019?
Well, at least compared to some other shit on her the coloring seems solid.

No. 842817

She’s getting acrylics done 5 days after a new set? They should last about 2 weeks as it is, and acrylics are SUPER unhealthy for your nails. she makes me cringe. Rip her cuticles ugh

No. 842981

File: 1563917133584.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, F687898B-86D9-4550-B64D-E690CE…)

The nails are honestly the least of her insanity. LOOK at the state of this hideous palm tattoo of hers! Ew!

No. 842985

File: 1563917359572.jpeg (499.92 KB, 594x830, B32ACF18-C2D6-4F43-AB23-5A6918…)

She probably had her nails redone because she smudged the first lot and people noticed or something. These look kind of better anyway.

Also, look at how messily her straight edge finger stuff was blacked out!
I wonder if she’s gonna just scribble black all over the shitty little tattoos Ross does on her the day after they break up.

No. 845520

File: 1564401154741.jpeg (317.19 KB, 1120x1855, 25FC29B4-8513-4B3A-9542-82C26C…)

Seen this on IG, somebody making a “tacky” necklace, looks very familiar to a certain shitty now black hand tattoo… wonder if it’s a dig apparently this person has beef with SP so it wouldn’t surprise me(don't use emojis)

No. 845591

File: 1564416419173.jpg (675.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190730-000428_Ins…)

Did she get her lips done again??? This is like her 3rd one in short time

No. 845626

In my eyes, she’s gone from a kinda cool teenager, to laughably cliche to just plain gross and cringy over the last few years.

No. 845685


Heart faces are a pretty common tattoo design anon

That pendant or whatever still looks hideous af tho

No. 845878

File: 1564477096644.png (482.02 KB, 882x533, s.png)


She had them done for the first time on 7th May then again on July 2nd and then again yesterday.
I know they're now fresh (again) but honestly look awful because they're rippling

No. 845911

God her lips are disgusting. They look like they’re going to pop.

No. 845929

I hate the shadow its creating on the top of her lip, its like shes constantly doing duck lips

No. 845959

someday they will pop. i really miss her piercings and does anyone know how she drinks? isnt there a big hole under her lip?

No. 845963

Speaking from experience: the hole won't drip unless it's huge and gaping. You would only lose drinks if you actively squirt them through it.

No. 845977

File: 1564498739875.png (854.93 KB, 631x857, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.png)

oh no no no no no

No. 845978

I want to see these balloons in motion. Can she speak?

No. 845982

Her lacefront is halfway down her forehead too. Girl, get it together.

No. 845983

File: 1564499247812.jpeg (118.63 KB, 1080x810, AEFE189A-ABFF-42EC-9BD1-81FAED…)

At the rate she's going she will soon be botched. She seems like the type to not know when to stop with lip fillers, or anything really. First it was the piercings, then tattoos, now fillers. I have no doubt she's going to end up looking something like pictured.

No. 845997


>top lip larger than bottom

Turning the pic upside down helps a little.

Kek if this impedes her ability to blow her clients.

No. 846122

holy shit, she really went for that algae eater look lol

No. 846243

File: 1564528253213.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1242x1706, 45953D1B-E4B5-4125-B843-0A012A…)


No. 846268

File: 1564533108951.jpg (460.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190731-082906_Ins…)

Guess who got a new tattoo

No. 846269


as far as Skye's tattoos go, that one is actually kinda cute. although she left it, what, two days between this one and her last? girl must just feel like shit all the time


lmao why

No. 846363

wtf i know this chick??? why is she even posted here lol no milk

No. 846392

I think it’s bc she has the Exact same dumb face tattoo as our cow.. but some context would be nice … facepalm.jpeg

No. 846394

File: 1564551461813.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 1DA45FFD-4CE8-4D81-B228-981D71…)

No. 846395

File: 1564551495226.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 7B19B560-B15F-488B-92CC-37AB4B…)

“I’m not angry, just disappointed”

No. 846415

who keeps injecting her? wouldn't a self-respecting plastic surgeon take one look at those water balloons and tell her to stop?

No. 846517

She also disabled the comment section on her latest post.
I‘m in shock, I wonder how she‘ll look like in two years.
Big ballon lips, way too huge plastic tits, tons of make up. Holy moly.

No. 846653


she needs to get a fucking grip on what is considered "stealing a design" in tattoo etiquette.

were you the first one to fucking get barbs under your eyes purdon? shut the fuck up.

No. 846665

Wow, what a shock that she got a new tattoo. It’s only once I two weeks that she does this!

I’d love to know if she’s still seeing clients even though she seems to be with Ross all the time? I don’t think so. She’s not posting about it much either? Any ideas?

Also. I CANNOT get over her lips. They’re disgusting.
This is just one in her many addictions that supposedly started with starving and cutting, went to piercings and tattoos and now this, which by far is the most nasty.
Bring back 2016 Skye!

No. 846678

I thought she just did snapchat videos. When has she ever mentioned in person meet ups?

No. 846696

I get the impression she doesn’t meet but has to say/suggest she does to seem edgy or like a legit sex worker
In reality I bet she’d never do it and would be gutted if Ross was to sleep with someone else
Even for ‘work’

No. 846709

skye is so pathetic. lydia has under 500 followers and is a nobody from butt fuck canada.
also skye u didnt invent this tattoo concept. chill

No. 847001

After all this time, the wigs, the nails, the lips that transformed her into the conventional modded Instagram model, I can’t believe she’s actually obsessing about this random girl to this extent. Probably isn’t tagging her in the stories just to stop her getting more followers!

No. 847003

She was offering meet-ups at one point a few months ago. We couldn’t find the price but she did advertise it and write her usual stupid posts about being an escort.

No. 847006

File: 1564640583637.jpeg (219.78 KB, 605x765, 6050F5D2-CE29-4417-9099-DFE5CD…)

No. 847086

File: 1564663784925.jpg (656.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190801-204726_Ins…)

No. 847087

File: 1564663863928.jpg (613.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190801-204719_Ins…)

No. 847118

File: 1564671480913.jpg (537.68 KB, 1080x1920, 20190801_225602.jpg)

I think she might be getting another tattoo

No. 847124

File: 1564673027732.jpg (999.12 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20190801-102118_Ins…)

She did. And she's also trying to move out. 1/2

No. 847126

File: 1564673139713.jpg (363.16 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20190801-102150_Chr…)

2/2 so she's moving in with her new guy? I'm pretty sure he works at Vans, and seems kinda soon for someone like her to be moving in with a guy.

No. 847130


For those not keeping score at home, that's three tattoos and a lip filler injection in two weeks.

No. 847134


She needs to get over herself.
Not everyone with the same tattoo as her, is copying her.
I'm sure that she has tattoos that other people had before her and they're not claiming that she copied them.

No. 847184


This. PlasticAndProud/Alice Amor had those titty tats before her and CrystalLindy has that broken mesh tattoo on her knee.
I can agree it's extra embarrassing sharing a face tattoo with someone though, tbf… like if you're gonna cover your entire body in tattoos that's probably where you'd be most worried about keeping them unique.

No. 847186

File: 1564683352518.jpg (777.74 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190801-191324.jpg)

She really went on that rant about someone copying her tattoos, and then went and did the same. Same placement, same tattoo that a YouTube has

No. 847281

Her lips look so gross!

I’d love it if this girl shamed her in public like she did the face barb girl!

Downright insanity, this. Her body will begin to rebel sooner or later.

Whaaaat! About time to, although I have a feeling she’s probably gonna get the cash and then waste it on more terrible mods and fake nails.

No. 847282

Does she still consistently post on SC and such?

No. 847284

Maybe she’s fighting with her mom or something? She never seemed like she wanted to before and I’ve noticed she doesn’t post about her mum much anymore…

No. 847285

When has waiting for anything to take due course of time being this bitches strong suit?
This is the girl that gets lip fillers and gives blowjobs a couple of hours later and gets three tattoos within a week!

No. 847966

Actually, that youtuber copied the tat and placement from a insta model called kxrlymxrie. She had it wayyy before

No. 848144

Pls sage
Everything is a copy, nothing is original I'm sure every insta thot before her saw it somewhere else

No. 848510

File: 1564931961163.jpeg (261.78 KB, 750x1260, C576F0B2-2F6E-433A-A198-6AAD92…)

She got acrylics done 12 days ago… and has already taken them off and is using stick ons. Her nails are gonna be fuuucked from having 2 sets of acrylics in under a month and now putting these on…

No. 848565

Sit back and enjoy her ride to self destruction. The rest of us are.

No. 849018

File: 1565015119734.jpeg (154.3 KB, 750x736, B7B5AE17-53FF-4C7F-B7F3-DC405F…)

She went Private?! What’s this about?

No. 849099

Aaaand it’s funny how she‘s wearing wigs with a fringe only singe she rippend out her dermal anchor.

No. 849145

File: 1565027871908.jpg (854 KB, 1078x1749, Screenshot_20190805-125418_Ins…)

Looks like it. But here, enjoy her giant anus lips since you can't see it. She really should have gotten her teeth fixed before her lips. 1/2

No. 849147

File: 1565028108703.gif (17.14 MB, 575x640, SmartSelect_20190805-130201_Ch…)

2/2 no guys are gunna want to get their dicks sucked by this.

No. 849157

You can tell how rough she is from the way she speaks.
I’m from Glasgow and it’s only really rough areas that speak like she does.

No. 849158

File: 1565029343969.jpeg (117.44 KB, 661x1176, 0FE7EC7C-BEFF-4455-8E08-84B23D…)

How can these disgusting lips possibly be considered attractive?!

No. 849159

File: 1565029577025.jpeg (308.81 KB, 602x609, B6F5B81D-E11A-47F7-823F-986C37…)

She’s always seemed sorta trashy. Apparently she’s from Govan?
An ex of hers said so on the original thread.

No. 849165

Has she said why she closed her page?

No. 849169

Have you ever met any guys? I’m pretty sure they don’t care.

No. 849199

Men will fuck a mcchicken

No. 849410

Perhaps not regular guys, but I doubt the denigrates she’s made a habit of fucking will care about her lips much either way.
To each their own I suppose.

No. 849467

Her teeth are disgusting but typical british (sorry british anons)
Well she's a hoe and looks very.. different. There's always gonna be a lot of guys willing to fuck her.

No. 849502

Trust me, her teeth are not typical of British people - unless you’re only talking about rougher areas.

All kids I knew grew up with braces and unless someone seriously neglects their teeth, they’re not going to look bad/fall out. A lot of people from rougher areas have bad diets, addiction or alcohol issues or generally a lack of care for their teeth which causes problems like that.

Saying that, braces are on the NHS so I don’t understand why she wouldn’t have got them as a child to fix them a bit - particularly as she’s clearly low income she should have been eligible.

No. 849503

She won’t be eligible now she’s over 18 though.


No. 849545

Honestly, in my experience you're both right. I grew up with people who had braces too, but lots of people's parents simply didn't bother as long as their teeth were healthy. It's unfortunate, there's no requirement for parents to see to it that children's teeth are fixed, it's technically a cosmetic issue.

No. 849969

File: 1565184830648.jpeg (97.86 KB, 750x688, FA777115-36F4-4C60-B0C8-D626A2…)

Oh dear..

No. 849971

Sorry but… men will fuck anything lol. Maybe it seems unlikely because people assume every guy who's down to fuck is attractive but the most shameless fuckboys always look like shit. Definitely makes it more pathetic that she has so much sex.

No. 849976

File: 1565187977558.jpg (860.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190807-222401_Ins…)

Her eyebrows and lips upset me

No. 849978

She can photoshop all the scars and holes out her face but can’t crop a boots carrier bag out of the picture

No. 849981

She’s posted on her insta story asking if anyone knows someone good to do her eyebrows, why can’t she seem to stay regular at a salon? Same with nails, done at one salon and was praising them, then suddenly at another salon days later. She seems to bounce between places and probably slated them all to each other ugh

No. 850008

Might be just me nitpicking but why does she always pull her underwear up till above her bellybutton?

No. 850018

Ugh her lips are so swollen and disgusting. Her septum ring can’t event hang properly. I guess plastic surgery will be her new “body mod”/self harm.

No. 850059

What even is this? Don't some people use rewards charts for like… toddlers or in kindergartens?
Could be to make her waist look thinner/her thighs thicker, many thots do that. Unfortunately it just accentuates her double hips.

No. 850060

To make herself look curvier. It pushes your hip fat down and give the illusion of wider hips.

Not related but anyone know why she turned her comments off?

No. 850083

Yeah, the ‘daddy’ thing and rewards chart.. turning up on the creepy and bordering paedo fantasy territory

No. 850085

What two adults do in the bedroom is entirely up to them. I’m pretty open.
But being so public about your creepy sex fantasies takes it out of the bedroom.
And how can you have a proper adult relationship in that kind of environment?
Does the guy she’s seeing respect her? I doubt it.
It’s fine being a ‘sex object’ in the bedroom
If it stays there - then boundaries are set
Otherwise she’s setting herself up to be used and abused
It’s a shame
It really is
She clearly thinks she’s edgy and cool but she’s just setting herself up to get hurt and made a fool of
At least daft kids before didn’t have their mistakes plastered all over the internet to such a degree(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 850203

I think people use them for bullet journals sometimes but this is most likely a little more sinister

No. 850321

Her teeth are actually really cute and there is literally no milk besides a bunch of dumb asses who want a communal experience bitching about what background items in a cam girl/sex worker/whatever's pictures and being cunts about things that she obviously either can’t immediately change about her appearance, does not want to and you guys can’t let go of that for some ungodly reason while she just feels like shit so she copes in the same unhealthy ways fucking obviously.

She doesn’t have milk all her literally brain damaged exes all came to this site to repair their fragile loser egos and you bitches ate it up so you could protect your right to archive the fuck ups of what, a teenager? Some low income sex worker in her early twenties who seems to act in reactionary and short sighted ways that will just get so much worse with a group of anonymous people permanently attach their rage issues to her legal name???

No one cares about this girl. Every other thread has legit milk, there’s nothing this girl does that is even bad the only issue is she’s really pretty and makes poor decisions so people with personality disorders can fuck up her life. She’s so fucking random there has never been a coherent argument that wouldn’t apply to literally every girl on the planet to gang up on.

None of this has been funny for a long ass time all that’s been detailed is how shitty her life is and when you post images of flaws that actually are unique and beautiful and try to say they’re ugly because they don’t fit your personal beauty standards is fucking embarrassing and sexist(k)

No. 850346

File: 1565271321440.gif (1.26 MB, 320x240, lXPI2YT.gif)


Sounds like you care a bit too much anon

No. 851162

You can fuck right off and leave us to to, no need to whiteknight.

No. 851231

File: 1565432774052.jpg (448.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190810-182342_Chr…)


No. 851232

File: 1565432892297.jpg (430.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190810-182405_Chr…)

2/2 i think shes going to try attempt to do acrylic nails on herself, her wishlist is full of nail things including nail drill and nail tips

No. 851233

By your very essay complaint i guess we have to shut down the shay thread, PNP thread, basically any camwhore or other sexwurker adjacent thread, /PT would have to be shut down full time etc,
You sound like a butthurt friend of hers at best lul.

No. 851267

She couldn't even put on a stick on nails and she thinks she's going to be able to do these herself?

No. 851549

Can’t wait to see her post her shitty acrylic nails she attempts. Although how will she badmouth herself to other nail techs like she does with all her nails and tattoos etc, idiot girl

No. 851653

File: 1565543995293.jpeg (338.93 KB, 750x703, 074B3DAC-1EEE-4675-8BB5-C0A97F…)

Dem lips, tho.

No. 851963

Prolapse anus?

No. 851986

File: 1565626303717.jpg (477.19 KB, 1080x1079, PSX_20190812_170911.jpg)

gapey stretched lip game is still strong..

No. 851988

somehow i really like her upper lip anus(no1curr)

No. 852027

File: 1565632003124.jpeg (317.69 KB, 1125x1103, F160D189-1C96-41FA-AEDA-EBA842…)

Messed up already.

No. 852038

File: 1565633319591.jpg (553.46 KB, 808x1726, Screenshot_20190812-130802_Ins…)

Since other Anon didn't post everything. 1/3

No. 852039

File: 1565633343531.jpg (532.2 KB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20190812-130813_Ins…)


No. 852041

File: 1565633452312.jpg (251.72 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_20190812-130827_Ins…)

It came as no surprise she'd not do her research and had lumpy lips. And it probably didn't help she was sucking dick right after having them done.

No. 852639

Going by these pictures, do you guys realise her skin isn’t half as nice as she pretends it is?

No. 852640

She’s doing the questions on Instagram and I’m certain there’s no way they’re that sanitised- she’s probably sitting in her crappy flat blocking anybody that dares to do anything other than flatter her. Stupid girl.

No. 852641

Haven’t seen anything with/of her mum lately, especially compared to how it used to be. She also plans on moving out- could there be some sort of issue between them? Mum finally came to her senses and realised she birthed psycho?

No. 852644

Her skin is awful.

Does her mum know what she does for ‘a living?’

No. 852685

I bet that’s one reason why they‘re mad at each other.

No. 852721

Why is the upper lip anus black?

No. 852752

I was wondering the same thing as well as she has a black chunk stuck in her septum.

No. 852783

She used to say that her mum knew she was somewhat instagram famous, back before she reached 100k and all that so she could explain the free stuff she was sent. However, she also said that her mum didn’t know what she actually did, that way prior to her beginning to call herself a sex worker and demanding money to show her bits or do meet ups. I’m pretty sure her mum would have figured it out by now and said something about it, in turn, this girl is feeling betrayed and is acting out, also she now probably makes enough money not to exclusively depend on her mums and grans money.

No. 852785

So gross! I only just noticed.
Maybe he’s a scar? Or maybe she just doesn’t clean her piercings out properly or something. Either way, she’s vile.

No. 852788

File: 1565764181164.jpeg (639.5 KB, 746x935, 0B6528BD-EF7C-41C2-9379-BF88AA…)

I think it’s sad she deleted her whole transformation, because she’s gotten constantly lamer.
But even this photo is so much better than she looks now! At least the lips are normal/nice seized, her mouth piercings (I actually liked those) are in and she doesn’t have all the shit face tattoos her.

No. 853051

She still looks like shit in this photo anon. This wasn't even too long ago, and she does have the face tattoos here. Can you not see the gigantic wobbly moon on her forehead?

No. 853628


She doesn’t have anything older and at the time I didn’t think it would get much worse but Jesus, I truly cannot get over those lips!

No. 853641

File: 1565901350024.jpeg (100.85 KB, 635x785, FBA1AFF0-7973-4291-9306-C8B789…)

I might need to read old stuff more but what is going on with her ear?? Poor edit or ripped to shreds?

Shame to see this woman literally destroy herself in every way possible.

No. 853645

She had part of it cut off >>504462

No. 853654

Thanks, anon.
Something to frown at while I drink my tea

No. 853669

Lucky you’re just frowning, I choked and spat my tea the first I saw these. She kept the gross, bloody removed bits of flesh too, fit the record! There are photos somewhere up here, if you’re interested.

No. 853708

I wonder if she regrets cutting her ears up now that she's ditched the more shocking stuff for the basic thot style.

No. 853816

I’m sure she does actually, which would explain why she’s always got her wigs semi-concealing them at the very least. More reason to hold off on extreme mods until you’re a bit older and more mature.

No. 853946

File: 1565971208471.png (2.24 MB, 1080x2148, StitchIt_20191608045914_539.pn…)

Found Skye's male equivalent

No. 853947

File: 1565971275352.png (2.24 MB, 1080x2148, StitchIt_20191608045914_539.pn…)

Found Skye's male equivalent

No. 854015

when you get a bold lettered face tattoo and have to get something even bigger and blacker to cover it up. idk who this dude is and don't want to derail, it's just funny how he covered up the vegan and v tattoos with…that.

No. 854040

File: 1565982485139.png (1.44 MB, 1125x2436, 1D121B40-82BF-495B-BB65-F1D507…)

What’s the issue with this?
It seems like a pretty standard query to a sex worker?
Maybe she’s not into scat but her profile doesn’t say that.

She claims to be an escort but then always posts as though she’s offended at people asking her to.. do her job?

No. 854064

File: 1565984712933.jpg (876.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190817-034140_Ins…)

I think this is her first nail art attempt

No. 854086

Totally valid, anon. She keeps asking to get paid, this seems like a legit enough query. Probably just worried it’s one of us and we’ll make it public or some shit. Kinda foolish to turn down £10k when it’s your literal, self demanded job. She could just say that she isn’t into it too!

No. 854088

File: 1565987474919.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, D072A1CA-B88B-4419-8170-77918B…)

Such a pathetic “rant”.

No. 854091

This is an hilarious find. I’m pretty sure her eventual return end of veganism will look similarly stupid. Probably scratch a blackout all over her midriff, knowing her style.

No. 854092

Isn't it clown behavior to make your lips and body mods look like clown face paint?

No. 854096

Yes, but also, she hasn’t turned it down and also hid all the details. Maybe she’ll negotiate or something? Yet she’s also shaming the willing client and that’s not a great way to go about business!
This post seems like it’s pretty much to protect her in case it’s a joke.

No. 854316

And the difference between Skye and a clown, is…?

No. 854317

File: 1566023284944.jpeg (340.33 KB, 750x1033, 0EA9D390-4C4C-45E2-AF32-0C7B47…)

In case anybody what’s to hear her reason for turning off her comments. Lol sure.

No. 854319

File: 1566023464856.jpeg (103.21 KB, 750x622, E37849DE-BB58-44AA-A8B0-E0C060…)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but does it seem like she’s trying to sell “little vials of drool!”?! EW!

No. 854456


She has to one-up Belle.

No. 854472

looks like someone ate a bunch of glitter and then threw up on a nail.

No. 854924

“because you’re insecure”
and then she proceeds to turn off comments because she’s afraid of other people commenting on her insecurities

No. 855188

File: 1566219665145.jpg (751.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190819-205901_Ins…)

She already messed up her finger trying to do her own nails

No. 855197

Giving your nails a break but preppy them for gel polish..? Isn't that also bad for your nails because you have to rough them up?

No. 855834

File: 1566336982572.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, 5D46251E-7495-4167-BC4F-981EAF…)

Bitch is attention seeking and secretly flattered.

No. 855837

File: 1566337071335.png (3.94 MB, 750x1334, D3DCBF94-34F6-4CB0-BF67-B4563A…)

There’s nothing amazing about keeping some plants alive when you’re literally home all the time.

No. 855838

File: 1566337163544.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, 406D1A3F-2A0A-4EF8-A606-92F0DE…)

Are nails going to be her new form of body abuse and self harm?

No. 855839

File: 1566337321188.jpeg (37.55 KB, 142x253, 709B8B0D-4FCE-47A2-88B1-AB5B61…)

Pls stop, they’re disgusting and you look like shit, Skye. (Yes, we all know you obsessively read this thread.

No. 856040

Shes going to end up infecting her fingers if she keeps it up. As a qualified nail tech I can see she has bought the cheapest nastiest wish stuff, probably doesn’t disinfect her files tools etc, I give it a month before she gives herself a nasty abscess. Why is she so soul bent on destroying herself in any way lol wtf

No. 856041

File: 1566390524208.png (5.83 MB, 1125x2436, D16A6996-A607-452F-8BE8-A776D0…)

Lol why is she acting like it’s some sort of PR deal where they’ve given her special free stuff, they literally put that in every candy coat start up kit it even has it in the description on the site when you buy it 😂

No. 856179

She’s bought branded though? Candy coat & naio nails are good brands afaik???

She just doesn’t know what she’s doing. THATS the issue here.

No. 856230

File: 1566419824775.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, 9F741E4E-C501-49CF-B67A-E69C7F…)

She spent three hours creating this mess apparently, wow.

No. 856486

Bet they're off in a week

No. 856494

I give it 3 days lol
And yes of course, rolls eyes since I’ve posed that comment she’s shown the branded gels. BUT I was referring to all her equipment, sterilising stuff, tips, glue, dehydrator, base gel, top gel etc etc. They’re all from wish but ok go off x

No. 856548

not wking, but gels are legit the only thing that matters (other than getting a low powered drill) in that equation. every good salon will still have cheap af equip from china, because that's what is available, and people in the business know tips and glues are all re-branded chinese shit. you also don't need sterilizer at home, salons use it because you can't share equipment between multiple people without it.

don't act like you know about nails just cause you want to rag on her, her nails look like babby's first try after all this time, that's more than enough to work with.

No. 856694

Couldn’t have put it better myself.
She’s got enough snow without inventing inane rubbish like this.

No. 856698

File: 1566499760183.jpeg (111.95 KB, 750x1290, 93F91492-B332-405D-A32F-6CF69D…)

So, I’m not sure how I’ve not shared this before but I scrolled way back on my Instagram chat and realised that I’d messaged S like a year ago, asking about prices. Never commented on anything or sent her any other messages. Somehow though, I was blocked for these messages.
I would have paid too- lol great business sense.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 857007

File: 1566564895284.jpg (46.49 KB, 407x238, 20190823_205256.jpg)

God her face…

No. 857041

>outing yourself as a scrote
begone, your kind isn’t welcome here

No. 857126

Oh feck off. We are all literally scrotes here, bothering about this stupid girl.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 857127

Haha wow. Far cry from all her Instagram photos. Where did you find this treasure?!

No. 857128

File: 1566589317576.jpeg (360.03 KB, 508x714, 464FBF4B-DC77-4248-955E-8AA27D…)

Whoever told her eye rolling was a good look on her fish lipped face was lying.

No. 857129

Also, doesn’t being an “scrote” mean deviating from the topic/cow at hand?
Wut is this lingo!

No. 857237

>>857129 it means you're a fucking male, fuck off normiesperg.

No. 857257

File: 1566606276567.jpg (575.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190824-082246_Ins…)

Is that meant to be skye

No. 857409

No, I’m definately not male.

No. 857410

File: 1566638792735.jpeg (253.55 KB, 727x751, E6CF0E8A-E605-4F8A-9687-366803…)

I think so. And I think the following one is too, based on the blacked out bits on the arms. truluvv

No. 857604

File: 1566682340670.png (1018.44 KB, 750x1334, 88278AEB-B5F9-475C-9724-10FC05…)

it’s been two days and her nails are already gone

No. 857641

the milk in this thread is outstanding

No. 857652

File: 1566687842113.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1008x1767, Screenshot_20190825-000155.png)

I know that she's not subtle about her use of filters but this is just lazy.

No. 857784

i know nobody cares about her nails, but this is just another example of how impulsive and inconsistent she is

No. 857921

File: 1566756229626.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 62ED2BC8-E2BD-4BF0-B6E5-82FF97…)

If she’s a sex worker and does meet ups and stuff, I really fail to understand how she gets business with this attitude. I mean sure it’s creepy but she legit has a business email for the purpose- how is she going to get any clients if she just does this all the time?

No. 857922

File: 1566756308841.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, 741DCA19-22E7-4A96-ADB7-95669E…)

Ps. There’s literally nothing about him loving her?

No. 857975

I’m confused why she took the time to write back to a creep. Maybe just ignore and block people? But no she likes the attention and engaging with creeps online.

No. 858242

She’s just a ridiculous girl- it’s not like she doesnt block people for far less!
Also. I only just noticed his last message to her. Men are wiiild.

No. 858318

Ft. Nails and palm tattoo as classy and high quality as she is.

No. 858437

File: 1566851926468.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 0B7D05FE-1189-4658-8873-C57ED9…)

No. 858616

She’s literally a FSSWer, what does she expect

No. 858684

File: 1566890769858.jpeg (656.05 KB, 1097x2168, 3C8583FC-F825-4CBD-B2F2-3B4664…)

Is this supposed to be Skye who sits at
Home all day and praises herself for watering a few plants?

No. 858702

Tinfoil is that he gets off to being shamed for it

No. 860861

File: 1567197877265.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, 770ED2F2-12D3-46F5-A9E2-587B1A…)

“Uhhhhhhh” her writing is getting incredibly annoying and all her posts are more boring over time.

No. 862449

Milk on this girl is dying. More proof of how boring she’s gotten now that she’s ruined herself in so many ways!

No. 863338

Look whose gone silent!

No. 863341

Look whose gone silent!

No. 863758

I reckon if she does escorting she only responds to people who buy her snap or have a social media presence she can inspect. So you basically have to let her know all about you before she will fuck you. I wouldn't want her knowing shit about me.

No. 863830

why post it then if it's not milky?

let her have a hobby that may reduce her need to destroy her body any further.

No. 863840

shes a wee chlamydia bandit

No. 863897

There’s no way she’s actually an escort
She’s too whipped by that Ross dude

No. 863931

There’s no way she’s actually escorting at this time. She’s way too obsessed with Ross and all he apparently has to offer her.

That’s sort of insulting to actual SWs to lie l about the job though. I’m pretty sure she lives off her mum, the snap and stuff like panties or presents form fanboys.

No. 863934

File: 1567619559734.jpeg (163.31 KB, 679x598, 3F047BA1-B608-443C-9D71-B6ED59…)

Her lips legit look like they’d pop soon. So much wrong with this photo.

No. 864009

To be honest I’m not sure she’s ever slept with anyone for money, unless she’s been ‘into’ them
But it’s cool to be edgy and say you’re a sex worker when you’re taking photos of your ass in your bedroom in your mums house

No. 864801

File: 1567774617976.jpeg (558.66 KB, 750x793, 38E7EB5A-37E2-42FE-86F1-0C6642…)

For gods sake, what is that with this stupid face? Are some men really into that?
Get a grip!(nitpicking)

No. 865153

These pictures are supposed to be cute/sexy, I think. What a misfire!

No. 865214

File: 1567843190213.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, 62170ADE-85D7-4D45-A16F-EC5511…)

Degenerates Unite.

No. 865282

She thinks she's hot cos she pretty much looks like herself

No. 865328

Nitpicking? LOL
Someone‘s into that!(ban evasion)

No. 865426

you type like a fucking facebook aunt please stop

No. 865438

File: 1567889513666.jpg (910.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190908-044951_Ins…)

Why does she take such unflattering pictures of him

No. 865444

File: 1567889719354.jpeg (661.62 KB, 1536x2048, ED42LtYX4AIRR9b.jpeg)

Her lip is almost touching her nose

No. 865849

I know this bitch. Got a pig on her stomach and a royally botched scarification on her chest that she had to tattoo over despite having firmly insisted that chest tattoos are too “manly” for girls to get.

They’re alike.

No. 865850

Wtf is that awful blackout. Also, she said she was gonna do her whole arm. Has she forgotten?

No. 865851

He’s not exactly good looking to begin with.
She’s probably just trying to prove that he’s still sticking around.

No. 865973

The blackwork is terrible. She should go back to the ‘artist’ to fix it. Wether she’s getting the whole arm or not, the edges are not remotely clean and it’s so patchy and uneven.

No. 866134

I agree. It’s like bad sharpie scribbles rn. if she’s changed her mind about the whole arm at the very least she should go make the edges sharp and even and have evenly shaped black bands. Daft woman. Perhaps she’s broke?

No. 866138

I’m pretty sure she’s at loggerheads with her mum at this point, but regardless, hadn’t she been asking for money to move out by September.?!

No. 866267

There’s no chance she’ll ever have enough income to regularly pay rent/bills

I’d be surprised if she earned more than £100 p/m from her ‘porn’
Only other thing is she might get job seekers allowance or whatever

No. 866663

I’m so curious about this. I’m dying to find out if she’s got any money or is making any money off this whole career she makes such a big deal of!

No. 868501

File: 1568450238316.jpeg (169.63 KB, 1104x1126, 0AD68F96-04EE-479D-91E4-35BA0F…)

She’s not pretending to be an escort anymore
Now she has a boyfriend

And I doubt she ever has been. Maybe seemed like a good idea until she realised she wouldn’t just get to sleep with people she was attracted to.

No. 868519

The truth finally comes out!
I think you’re completely correct and she’s never done a meet up.

No. 868520

File: 1568456286788.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.79 KB, 750x228, 9BE9B705-A815-4833-A03A-5C505A…)

Looks like she’s abandoned that plan of moving out of her momma’s house, since she’s begging for tattoo money again.
Let’s see what horror she’s got in store for us now.

No. 869539

File: 1568668700779.jpeg (279.23 KB, 1125x1512, FB9B7AAD-85D5-447D-B0AC-A6324E…)

Been reading this and trying to prove something

Still don’t buy it

No. 869606

>the service you provide is so undervalued by society

Kek, because being a whore is something you need to be respected for.
Try to do something actually valuable in life, but I doubt you'll get the change cause you ruined your body and nobody would hire you anywhere.

No. 870210

I like how she’s acting like it’s just her safety that’s worrying her and not her boyfriend because she thinks it’ll make her seem weak and goes against her old view that you should dump partners that don’t like you being a whore. Lol

No. 870212

Lol such a stupid, self obsessed woman. She’s clearly reading this, getting miffed and responding via twitter

No. 870214

Being a Whore is NOT a service to society! Wtf don’t justify your stupidity and laziness Skye.

No. 870216

Fuk that. I’m willing to bet my left tit she pussied out before she even tried to do meetups.

No. 870651

File: 1568927690243.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, 7D427CB1-039E-4CCC-9DA9-29E2E8…)

Soo attractive.

No. 870883

File: 1568985596925.jpg (260.49 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20190920_141317.jpg)

Who preferred her when she had all her bodymods?

Now it seems like she's trying way to hard to be something she's not.

No. 870887

Back then it seemed she actually had a life and friends of sorts, now she just cafe hops with her rat looking bf.

No. 871028

I have no idea who that person is but I think it’s a colleague at her one and only, briefly lasting job.
I did think she was far more interesting, cool and unique back then and it did not at all seem like she’d grow into this pathetic, desperate little shit she is today.
However, as long as I remember she has NEVER had any friends aside from her mother and to some extent her grandmother.

No. 872620

Anybody got insight into her eating habits?
Clearly she fancies herself a vegan( I mean that stupid frickin tattoo) by there have been claims by exes that she isn’t?!

No. 873812

This thread has gotten so milk-less.

No. 874556

File: 1569780546613.jpg (436.56 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20190929_200804.jpg)

wtf is going on here?

No. 874560

Photoshop or a portrait mode fuck up

No. 874586

More likes what's going on with her tits lmao ew that top is not good for her

No. 874624


Blur tool overlapped arm, nothing interesting.

More interested if tit was fucked by angle or edit

No. 874633

Nothing interesting with this he blur, but holy shit, this is an awful photo of her!

No. 874635

Agreed! One of her worst in a while- she’s destroyed her face

No. 874837

Is Daddy her boyfriend or even a real person?

No. 874843

No one is here to spoon-feed you, read the threads.

No. 874874


She's unrecognizable…plus the pink overload isn't helping.

No. 874882

File: 1569874664357.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, A75FD449-353A-4E4E-A362-F414A7…)

This set is awful. What’s wrong with her?!

That sentence literally makes no sense.

No. 874883

So much for the XVX tattoo. It took her no time to free fall to weed.

No. 875073

She's so damn ugly. I can't wait for her to get older and regret everything she did to her body.

No. 875133

Don't say anything if you can't be helpful.

No. 875500

File: 1570002957200.jpg (648.33 KB, 1080x2220, 20191002_155229.jpg)

She really is obsessed with being "goff gf"

No. 875597

She's already fucked up her face and body beyond repair. With the way she looks, that's the only thing she can pass for that's also trendy today. Unless a lot of people start getting a heavily modified and no personality outside of having shit tattoos kink, the fake goffic people is her audience.

No. 876269

File: 1570170602050.jpg (237.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191004-071737_Ins…)

Why would you get this tattooed

No. 876276


I haven't been keeping up with Skye as much as I used so excuse my ignorance, it's just that her face looks so odd in this particular photo. I'm hoping it's filters fucking her shit up but what is going on with her nose and eyes?

No. 876770

She’s decided this is a good goff-y expression for photos since she’s obviously insane.

No. 876771

File: 1570298009463.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, EF26160C-272B-4B24-8027-10CE06…)

Does she really thing anybody wants to see this sort of crap content?

No. 877558

File: 1570473231396.jpeg (395.43 KB, 1125x1542, BD12E2A0-AE4D-4CE0-A63C-742E37…)

Christ on a bike what has she done to her lips now?!

No. 877622

Why would you get your lips injected only to keep overlining your lips? It looks like she's got 2 top lips. And that's just with strategic angles and lighting. Imagine how fucked this thing looks IRL. And it looks like her eyebrows are in a battle to see who gets to the piercing in the middle of her head first. The left brow's got a good headstart.

No. 877816

the fact she put on all that makeup and wipes little circles around the barbs, idk why that's so funny but why not just leave them as they are after the application.

No. 877917

Her foundation would cover up the face tattoos so she wipes them so they’re visible. But as they’re not circular she’s left with circles of very obvious different skin tone and it just looks weird.
She’d be better going over the tattoos exactly with a thin make up brush dipped in water

No. 878475

File: 1570664803235.jpg (583.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191010-074239_Ins…)

God i hate this face

No. 878723

she looks like she's taking inspo from pete burns

No. 878745

File: 1570733157052.jpeg (252.58 KB, 746x1326, E47D8068-2829-4CCD-B5C1-4CC284…)

At least she was sort of interesting a year ago. Fuckin LOOK at her now. Like look at the post above this. Fucking GROSS.

No. 879067

File: 1570804520075.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, C4467ECD-5C4A-4471-BAE3-0A70EB…)

Apprently this is when she’s gonna be satisfied with her lips. Ew.

No. 879069

Yeah, I mean she’s jobbless as fuck and got all this free time on her hands and stuff but man, what a waste of time to clean it off exactly with a thin brush!

No. 879070

Have y’all noticed how she routinely deletes older pics off her Instagram so that nobody can compare and contrast the mess she’s made of herself?

No. 879897

File: 1571058737128.jpg (883.65 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191014-210731_Ins…)

She literally taught herself to do acrylic nails yet she cant paint her nails properly still

No. 880229

she's gotten to Shayna levels of eyeliner almost touching her eyebrows

No. 880293

File: 1571133122797.jpeg (188.16 KB, 750x511, 3ECB6F98-641C-49DC-B879-099419…)

Makes sense that she likes this word.

No. 881639

God why do wannabe IG thots think stacking 7 lashes on one eye is a good look? And why get face tattoos if you're going to just halfassedly cover them with shit concealer and give your skin that gross green hue? It looks like she drew on herself with a marker and hasn't showered in days to wash off the drawing. She's just physically fucked herself for life. But at least she has the asscheeks tongue to fall back on.

No. 881840

Good questions right there.

No. 881930

Is she trying to look like Belle Delphine ?

No. 882296

Just googled this neet. Wow. Degenerates, the lot of them!

No. 882297

The what tongue?! Lol

No. 884253

File: 1571947120758.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 6052CFE5-FCFC-4A62-A605-1CA2D0…)

She’s butthurt again. Big surprise. Yawn.

No. 884331

File: 1571960545013.jpg (587.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191025-073927_Ins…)

Her labret hole…

No. 885357

File: 1572180047412.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191027-203658_Ins…)

Her brow and liner bout to touch

No. 885480

File: 1572207013640.jpg (1008.66 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191027_200454.jpg)


So, for a while I thought her arm here looked very odd… then the background became obvious. It's like she's tried to fake having a bit of muscle in that arm

Nice try, Skye.

No. 885521

blackout tattoos can be done well and look pretty striking, skye, you tart. not like that kind of… sharpie scribble.

No. 886102

As a licensed nail tech these are disgusting and look like someone’s first time using acrylic.(no1curr)

No. 886407


i have a stretched labret myself and i absolutely cannot have it without jewellery for more than like an hour because i find myself dribbling through it. god forbid i try to drink something while there's no jewellery in there. nasty.

and hers, even closed up, looks significantly bigger than mine is. how does she eat or drink without dribbling through it? why wouldn't she spend some of her nails-wigs-and-tattoos money on having it sewn up so it doesn't look so blatantly awful? it would be a ten second procedure and it's obviously something that bothers her because she carefully edits it out of every photo.


everything in her photos is reshaped in photoshop. its kinda sad, she obviously has such intense body issues that nothing on her body looks right to her without editing it

No. 892449

So, she’s gotten so boring, we’ve actually run out of al milk.

No. 893769

Sad, but true. She‘s gone basic.

No. 893815

File: 1573827146940.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20191115-141256.png)

No. 893818

File: 1573827803883.jpg (177.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191115-142030_Chr…)

I love how awful her foundation looks around her barb tattoo

No. 893851

Drowning Sad Vegan. Hurt her.

No. 894176

check out the stains on the collar of her top. fuck she's disgusting. ewwwwww

No. 894212

same, i don't think i've seen anyone else with face tattoos do this.

did she ever mention why she took out her facial piercings? to each their own etc. but having that many empty holes looks weird. also that new tattoo is dumb.

No. 894331

File: 1573909916409.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191116-131125.png)

No. 894335

A mess

No. 894337

>>894176 are you completely retarded? That's from the tattooing, i dislike her too but the goddamn reaching.

No. 894413

i think they might mean the intended composition which…is going to be a mess and already was

No. 894502


i know it's nitpicking but it's way too close to the SAD, it's gonna look messy as shit. should be further out towards the armpit and probably a bit smaller. shame, the scorpion actually looks alright

No. 894631

no i agree, if the stupid sad and that other thing weren't there it could be alright, but all of it together makes it an obvious after thought. can't wait to see what the finished result will be.

No. 894954


now i'm wondering; is her artist just unable to do good cohesive placements in a way that suits the client's anatomy, or is skye one of those arsehole clients who says "no, you're doing it MY way" whenever the artist suggests a change in placement that would look better? she has a few tattoos that are really weirdly placed

No. 894959

File: 1574094780145.jpg (527.48 KB, 1080x1486, IMG_20191118_133229.jpg)

I don't like it. Her only decent tattoo is being overshadowed by the recent ones.

No. 894984

All her tattoos look so random. I don’t understand why she doesn’t go with a theme for every body part, this literally looks like fifteen different children were told to draw whatever they want on her body

No. 894989

>>894413 old shit but no the anon is just legit retarded

>>check out the stains on the collar of her top. fuck she's disgusting. ewwwwww

No. 895061

i agree. her chest tattoos now make no sense at all, like the "SAD" was pretty on its own, the drowning dude made her look like a stupid logo and such awkward placement over the "sad";
and NOW she has basically the clip art of tattoos literally just thrown in around the others. and they arent even finished. her chest now gives me a headache all the random stupid imagery. you can tell she isnt going to the same artist either, the art styles are all different too, which makes it even more off looking. This girl is a tattoo tragedy they all look so dumb smashed together ughhhhh. they arent even remotely pretty or attractive

No. 895108

samefagging to say she IS going to completely different artists with each tattoo, all three on her chest are done by different people. all their styles are super different from each other. she tags the artists on her insta posts.

She treats tattoos like personality traits, and just wants to be covered as quickly as possible

No. 895391


whyyyy why why why would she not go to the same artist every time… or at least the same 2-3 artists. she's heading for the type of bodysuit old fellas end up with when they've been getting a tattoo here and there for 40 years.

No. 895422

Tbh this stupid bitch has gotten so basic I’m glad she got this fuckall collage, just for laughs lol

No. 895424

She’s 100% one of those that refuses any suggestions. They probably get blocked on social media for even trying to make it better for her.

No. 899866

File: 1575161830818.jpg (406.49 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191201_015650.jpg)

Does anyone has nudes from her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899868

I really want to see what she is selling im curious if its garbage or some hot stuff

No. 903054

Put your money where your mouth is.

No. 903055

We’re all sorta curious tbh. Judging by the twitter teasers, my hopes aren’t high.

No. 903057

Seems like her and Ross are done, doesn’t it?

No. 903667

How do you know?

No. 903671

I don’t, I’ve just noticed that he’s stopped showing up all over her stories and she’s been less active lately.

No. 903728

Stop grasping at straws Anon

No. 903736

>>903728 stop bumping the thread, anon.

No. 903856

There was a comment around the lines if your boyfriend is not comfortable with your sex toys get a new boyfriend

No. 904806

File: 1576167365301.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191211-175850.png)

He is still with her…

No. 905667

This post was such an obvious reply to the question asked here! Good to know she still checks!

No. 909045

File: 1577112293858.jpg (108.53 KB, 1072x1440, FB_IMG_1577112223697.jpg)

The state of her hand tattoos are just sad

No. 910489

https://instagram.com/shrinkingskye?igshid=10dw9gyb7woyl for anyone interested, this is her old ED instagram. Can't find it in the thread so apologies if it's been posted already.

No. 910499

(@Jodie_PurdonT): https://twitter.com/Jodie_PurdonT?s=09 oh and her old Twitter, some questionable things on it

No. 911057

File: 1577569450162.jpg (626.4 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191228-164357_Ins…)

Does she not comprehend that they meant did she have surgery kek

No. 911088

oh my god she did understand it, imagine being this autistic

No. 911116

Didn't *

No. 911130

Isn't it sarcasm though? Or a weak attempt at it.

No. 915100

File: 1578465521893.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 790DAEA5-F2B9-49FA-940E-CAF1C2…)

No. 915289

File: 1578515447691.jpg (339.25 KB, 720x874, 20200108_202916.jpg)

Another new terrible tattoo

No. 916594

I saw her in real life the other day. In the same shop and stood next to her in queue. I only recognised her from her face tattoos.
I've never seen her despite living in Glasgae but I got to have a good old gawk up close.
So she DEFINITELY photoshops. She looks so completely different compared to her IG. Her lips were awful. It's a shame because she used to look cool a while back.

No. 916797

Epic milk yo

No. 923739

File: 1579985075257.jpg (497.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200126-043955_Ins…)

Her lips…

No. 923807

they're awful but there's also a filter on it, cmon anons why do you do this every time

No. 924473

I don't know what's worse; her clown mouth or the ugly as fuck eyebrows.

No. 924477

File: 1580111970880.jpg (347.07 KB, 1500x1500, red-wax-lips_k285e.jpg)

No. 934975

Transferred into wholly irrelevant, might as well close this thread.

No. 934976

File: 1582321603392.jpeg (606 KB, 749x1334, 951F65A8-582C-4113-8083-C9B459…)

No. 935756

These are the ugliest nails I've seen in my entire life.

No. 939759

File: 1583161490709.jpg (631.53 KB, 1079x1925, Screenshot_20200302-100439_Ins…)

Her lips are so uneven and disgusting

No. 939848

the fuck kind of hack did those. her left upper lip is just spreading upwards

No. 939895

File: 1583180778988.jpeg (194.4 KB, 793x1026, 1F377C72-348E-46D9-B0E5-248CFF…)

Okay correct me if I’m wrong but why does it look like she’s sucking her stomach in?

No. 939899

Oh my god anon. She probably is, who gives a fuck?

No. 939908

this pic has a filter on it that changes the lips so

No. 940007


She should stick with the ashy gray/soft platinum hair. It actually looks somewhat decent.

No. 941910

File: 1583507592578.jpg (682.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200306-230833_Ins…)

She got her lips done again, how big does she want them???

No. 941922

They are sponsored… Her lipfillers are fucking sponsored. Would be hilarious if she end up like the British version of Ariana.(constant nitpicking and lack of sage)

No. 942783

File: 1583684693505.png (4.43 MB, 828x1792, 536AD912-B422-4FA2-AE5D-4892B3…)

I swear to gooooood I wish this girl would stop getting these shitty lumpy lip injections and drop a bag on fixing her teeth or sewing up that hole under her lip. Priorities. Like despite everything she could look halfway decent if she wouldn’t open her mouth or just stop filling her lips with that shit and not letting them heal properly(namefag)

No. 950138

She blocked me on twitter for just praize her in a dm before ask about the prices!!
]Can anyone tell me if she does this often? I felt kind of sad about it. I just praised and asked about the content and the price and she blocked me :/

No. 950139

File: 1585281127120.png (32.33 KB, 986x452, cscsc.png)

She blocked me on twitter for just praize her in a dm before ask about the prices!!

Can anyone tell me if she does this often? I felt kind of sad about it. I just praised and asked about the content and the price and she blocked me :/

No. 950140

File: 1585281250823.png (261.18 KB, 1118x654, ds.png)


No. 952109

She already is at that point kek

No. 967044

File: 1588242136648.png (3.31 MB, 828x1792, 5C1052CB-9FD5-4400-97D3-40984A…)

Drama queen now thinks she’s being attacked???
Wonder what the story is.

No. 968517

this is clearly meant to be tongue in cheek and isn’t milk. she’s been boring for weeks now

No. 968708

I literally asked her a year ago if she’d ever be a stripper, and she blocked me JUST AFTER THAT so yes its common n i mustve hit a nerve without trying. Then she said i was “big mad” when i asked why on another account.(cowtipping)

No. 968787

She’s split with Ross. No longer following each other on insta..

No. 968892

Why bother making loads of effort to look like she does, but not do something about the Glasgow grannie decor in her bedroom?
Sorry if it’s been mentioned before, just catching up on both threads as I’ve not dipped into Purdon before.

No. 969417


She lives with her Mam, who probably decides the decor. Grim.

No. 971875

File: 1589131531165.jpg (601.14 KB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20200510-132517_Ins…)

She's single for sure

No. 972762

She has also removed all videos of her and Ross from Twitter

No. 985902

File: 1591862849288.png (Spoiler Image, 978.3 KB, 807x1600, Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 09.02…)

Looks like she's back to escorting.

No. 986207

Plenty of others to fuck without all the hassle. Fun dates lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 989721

File: 1592606472962.jpg (135.66 KB, 522x1336, IMG_20200619_232818.jpg)

Theres a load of people in the alt scene in glasgow being outed. As predators and such. Skye is one of them

No. 989722

File: 1592606516635.jpg (75.94 KB, 509x752, IMG_20200619_232820.jpg)

No. 989733

Are these being compiled somewhere? Or is this a private message?

No. 989739

Yeah there is a twitter page on it. they keep getting taken down but this is the current one. https://twitter.com/anonexposed5

No. 990082

Skye is having a huge meltdown rant on her Instagram, straight up accusing Liam McKenzie of sexual assault by slapping her “there” and calling her “rape meat”. Claims she feels threatened physically and stuff. How doe we feel about this?

No. 990124

He wrote to Ian Watkins whilst he was in prison so I have no doubt that Laim is a disgusting motherfucker.

No. 990134

Holy fuck. How do you know that?!

No. 990137

File: 1592678634509.png (200.28 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20200620-194233.png)

No. 990139

This is crazy! Sick. I wonder if she knew that when she started dating him. I really; really hope that she isn’t just making this up for attention cuz rn she’s got some of my sympathy though it doesn’t justify the rest of her generally cringe persona

No. 990150

I don’t get it. What was the tweet to Laim, all I see is those SoundCloud links

No. 990152

She seems to be implying that all the posts here are by Liam, which is either wilfully ignorant or just plain dumb.

No. 990158

File: 1592681675681.png (493.53 KB, 750x1334, F99452B8-3297-4AF6-A088-B80019…)

I’ll do the caps for you, anon…

No. 990159

File: 1592681702261.png (478.1 KB, 750x1334, D001D018-EC1D-4565-B178-74EEAB…)

No. 990161

File: 1592681815903.jpeg (125.93 KB, 773x511, F5A74D25-2364-46D4-947F-635680…)

No. 990162

File: 1592681832023.png (364.97 KB, 750x1334, 056D8A79-B14A-4833-A5DE-66E11B…)

No. 990168

File: 1592682006781.png (633.29 KB, 750x1334, 76C76587-E1D1-4851-A5C5-44BB19…)

There are way more on her stories…just given some highlights.
She’s basically saying the accusation of abuser is a vendetta started by Laim. She also says he’s the reason there’s a lolcow thread on her, and includes caps of this thread. She also posted this, a harassing email from Laim, which she claims is an example of the shit he’s constantly doing to her. She also admits to being a shitty person in the past.

No. 990237

I started this thread, honest to God. I’m not Liam.

No. 990242

I’m really not. I’m a brown, csi female that she treated like dirt too much, too long. I started this. I am not Liam; I have never spoken to, let alone met the man. I haven’t spoken here in some time but believe me, she’s fucking crazy. Fuck Jodie for all she was growing up together.

No. 991801

>>814026 This is really what you find interesting? What happened in your life to fuck you up this bad?

No. 991802

S A ??

No. 991859

It is a nit pick… this entire feed is and if you’re not disgusted by all of the hateful posts that you’re reading, you’re a terrible human being (that’s just to anyone reading who is ok with/joining in on this bullshit)

You’re wondering if she has any hobbies?
You’re wondering why she gets so many tattoos/mods
You’re taking an avid interest in her relationships
Constantly stalking her pages…

Some questions you people need to stop and ask yourselves: “Is this healthy? “Are there better ways that I could be spending my time?” And “why do I care so much?”

Answers: No, Absolutely and go get help, work on your own deep seeded issues and on generally being a better person.

No. 991905

Good luck with that. You really think they are going to confirm your suspicion?
Also, the ethos of lolcow is pretty fucking simple to understand. Obviously we like discussing the antics of ethots. Perhaps it will make you feel better that yo girl Purdon is getting off lightly here.

No. 991993

Already have x

No. 992032

No. 992045

I must give it to you, I really do love that you’re saying “she’s getting off lightly.”, you’re an online troll, who chooses to stay “anonymous” even though some of you actually know her AND so much time has been sunk into making these pathetic posts; You’re not scary, Yo’ just naaaasty.

This behaviour is genuinely very unhealthy, I hope you can just take a moment to appreciate that. Please go speak to someone, seek professional help. I’m rooting ya

No. 992047

if you type ‘sage’ in the email field it’ll stop bumping this thread you hate so much to the top where everyone can see it, genius

No. 992055

Everyone should see this feed though… just on a website that has your names next to it but thank you for the advice ♥️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 992133

I find it funny how the thread has been dead for months, until Jodie brings it up, and now her "fanz" are bumping the thread and bringing more attention to her.

No. 992205

Yeah. Anon right above me is spot on. This bitch probably posted about it on her feed exclusively for the attention since it was inactive for months and she was probably suffocating from the lack of attention. Ugly cunt needs to be cancelled.

No. 992919

Hasn't posted anything on her instagram, perhaps taking a break to read this? Although she probably already did, even though she claims "she couldn't stand to read more than 3 posts"

No. 993144

If greg "the catty rapist" McKay isn't on it then there's something far wrong

No. 993645

She has a lot of tattoos from Andy Stewart who has been outed as a sexual predictor who will tattoo for sexual favours and at least one by Max Rathbone, who has now been arrested for rape.

No. 994484

File: 1593068717152.jpg (337.17 KB, 1079x1925, Screenshot_20200625-020055_Ins…)

She just uploaded a bunch of stories to her IG.
I can't help but laugh at this one, what job is she talking about?

No. 994602

I can't believe I sat through that whole crappy story, she even posted one about being at the "mercy of Laim" lmao all because you have a thread on lolcow, poor baby skye

Honestly the manipulation tactics she's trying to pull by posting a whole ass story like this is so funny

No. 995100

Totally it all seems very fake.

No. 1005079


No. 1009216

It was weirdly relieving to have stopped being subject to Jodie’s shit all day on Instagram; going silent was the best thing she in that regard. This’ll be my last post and I’ve already blocked her account so I don’t tend to get sucked again. Good riddance, dumb cunt..

No. 1014428

Well with her deleting most of her pics off instagram and privating her Twitter. Shes created her own echo chamber of yes men and simps. After being exposed shes probably going to be quiet except when she needs money now

No. 1014802

File: 1596124882778.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200730-095327_Ins…)

New tattoo bois, and yes, they're as awful as ever

No. 1014804

File: 1596124944638.jpg (665.93 KB, 1080x2106, Screenshot_20200730-105333_Ins…)

No. 1014832


Such shakey line work and the anatomy seems a bit weird.

Also American traditional x tribal. Not a good combo

No. 1015089

2 completely different styles that were never made for each other in any sort of sense. And if even you wanted to try, this is a piss poor attempt and I pity the artist.

No. 1016114

Did she delete all of her socials? I can't find anything

No. 1016115

actually scratch that just her twitter?

No. 1016157

File: 1596391154764.png (3.8 MB, 828x1792, C65DC471-5D7B-48C8-BA65-1D1F4E…)

She was on lastnight being crazy and attention seeking as always. Seems to have a new Twitter. Apparently she’s possibly quitting Instagram

No. 1017137

Anyone has the link to her new Twitter? I've been digging but can't find it at all… Or is it already deleted

No. 1020201

I wonder if this is another one of those times when she have a mini-breakdown and tries to get a real job. It’s happened before and this situation makes almost no sense. If it is, she’ll be back sooner or later.

No. 1022082

Heard through the vein in Glasgow that the guy she accused on Instagram is moving because of it?

No. 1022520

Somehow I doubt this. More likely a rumour started by her for more attention.

No. 1025403

Think it’s true, I follow him on Instagram and he’s been posting a few things on his story that makes it sound like he could be moving, unsure if she’s the reason though.

No. 1026264

File: 1597958118019.jpg (689.12 KB, 1079x2094, Screenshot_20200820-153425_Ins…)

A new tattoo, seems she can't go a week without craving attention

No. 1026266

File: 1597958179428.jpg (938.56 KB, 1080x2068, Screenshot_20200820-153438_Ins…)

No. 1028090

I speak to him, he is moving, he was meant to be moving in with his dad in England but I think he’s abandoning that and going further down but he hasn’t said where to, I just know it’s this month and it’s because of her and some other stuff? He got a lot of shit for that story

No. 1033041

File: 1599173386575.jpg (926.68 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200903-174745_Ins…)

Not a tattoo person but even I can see that's a cheap sloppy job, wonder if she's even worried about quarantine seeing she's still getting new tattoos

No. 1033042

File: 1599173432530.jpg (724.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200903-174751_Ins…)

No. 1033139

I am a tattooed person and can see that it's not that sloppy. It's a weird ass panther drawing, but it looks like an 'american' traditional style tattoo. Not defending her strange choices. Even her backpiece looks strangely small relative to her back? Idk sage for tattoo blog

No. 1033412

Agree with >>1033139 that the back half >>1033041 looks fine; that's pretty standard american traditional flash, though it kinda looks like it was done by an apprentice.

The face though, holy hell. That's rough.

No. 1042267

Did this silly twat now go delete her IG cuz she’s done with her far black sympathy?

No. 1042448

Did this silly twat now go delete her IG cuz she’s done with her far black sympathy?

No. 1042669

No. The name is skyepurdon.
Her twitter and this thread are also hidden on google etc. Weird.


No. 1042689

File: 1600710516266.jpg (380.63 KB, 810x2755, 20200921_124806.jpg)

Sounds like she's done with prostitution for the time being. Who would have guessed meeting up with strangers over the internet to have sex would have been bad for her mental health? Kek

No. 1042731

"Terrible decision on my end…that's on me bro"

Wow is that actually someone taking accountability for their own actions, and admitting the fucked up reality that fssw isnt all ~uwu so empowered can't stop thriving~

No. 1042738

yeah i don't see a lot to lol at here. so rare to find someone taking accountability for their self imposed suffering on this hell website. good for her.

No. 1042752

Somebody also leaked some of her Snapchat on pornhub.


No. 1042779

Goddamn, I was sort of expecting a little bit better?

No. 1042782

I’m finding it real hard to have any real sympathy for her, to be honest. This is sort off the Karmic justice one can expect for being a shite of the highest order.

No. 1042785

Turns out that for some reason, the dumb bitch blocked me. I’ve never even communicated with her in my life! I wonder what I could have done to offend her.

No. 1042959

I wonder if she moved away from her mom? The room behind her in her pics doesn't look like her room at her moms apartment anymore.
I remember how she constantly talked about her mom and grandma back in the days, but after starting doing sexwork she never mentions them anymore.

No. 1042968


The sound of her family / neighbour’s kid in the background made this really super ultra depressing.

No. 1043210

A while back she showed she was painting her bedroom wall. I'm 90% sure she's still living with her mom. The layout/carpet is the same as it has been.

No. 1044046

Yes admitting she is a crap whore amongst her usual pretentious shite is quite refreshing.

No. 1045551

She definitely still lives with ‘mama Purdon’ since it’s the same bedroom she’s in. I think she’s just stopped mentioning her mum and gran cuz it’ll mess up her badass sex worker image.

No. 1079312

Once she blocked me JUST for asking if she’d ever be a stripper. Then called me “mad” when i went on my backup account n asked her why she blocked me i thought she’d be good at it. She’s known for blocking people for literally no reason.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099380

Why does she even still try?!(necro)

No. 1130432

File: 1610559790936.png (Spoiler Image, 5.66 MB, 3169x1625, 1.png)

Goes out in lockdown to get her cafe fix(or getting a tattoo) and ends up falling on her arse and wasting hospital resources. But it's ok she reminds us to wear a mask from time to time. She's a big strong wummen? More like a pretenious self victimising child.(necro)

No. 1130437

There's no milk in falling and dislocating a knee, anon. Curb your vendetta, get a groupchat.

No. 1130496



No. 1130513

She injured herself, why are you so mad about it. Could literally happen to anyone.

No. 1130518

POV you're anon and jealous of someone for dislocating her kneecap(?)

No. 1130527

Are you slow in the head?

No. 1131312

Sorry I didn't realise you were stupid so I'll stop asking. Seriously everyone get with the program and whats with being addressed as anon. Everyone is anon on here(ban evasion)

No. 1131371

File: 1610638072291.png (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1200x1650, FA03C826-F966-4932-A941-38C03A…)

I’m not sure anon.

No. 1131430

hahahaha dude. that anon is thick is hell

No. 1143343

y’all niggas be sleeping on her, pussy prolly wetter than a waterfall, she can prolly do a split 360 on this dick , look at them lips son! she can lick ur whole asshole and ur
nuts at the same time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1176305

File: 1614892997527.png (Spoiler Image, 4.01 MB, 828x1792, 72A0D8DC-210A-4A71-95DD-D7B63A…)

Are these ribs I see?

No. 1176306

File: 1614893062868.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 759.15 KB, 828x1375, B0D1B1B3-4076-4AA9-9C98-D7CD57…)

Definitely seems like she’s lost some weight.

No. 1184031


Where are you getting these photos? None of her accounts are active.

No. 1188786

Her Twitter is!

No. 1203241

File: 1617789555811.jpg (912.52 KB, 1080x1965, 20210407_195747.jpg)

She's got a new instagram

No. 1203348

i tried searching for her IG the other day to look at her tattoos. I like some of her tattoo designs although I dislike her blacked out arm (not sure why people do that…?). She's definitely lost weight, but I haven't followed her for a year. Now everyone's trying to lose the pandemic weight that we all gained last year.

No. 1216740

File: 1619422812964.png (1.71 MB, 828x1792, 1EF84FD6-A3EE-4BB1-9EB1-28A9F3…)

These posts really got me feeling like the ED is back! Legit disappointed that I didn’t find this crappy new IG page for this long; always knew she couldn’t curb the attention mongering for this long!

No. 1230214

File: 1621023818727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 299.58 KB, 318x468, Skye - Copy.jpg)

New business venture maybe? Or shock horror. A job!

No. 1266405

File: 1624905914826.png (4.56 MB, 828x1792, 9F3EFFB7-D927-4188-A73F-763E46…)

Yawn. Might as well end this thread. This girl is over.

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