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No. 79889

Genuine lolcow
What does everyone think of this guy?

No. 79891

I think he's an unwitting ploy who's been yes-manned into running in order to make the other candidates look better in the eternal carousel of illusionary democracy.
Do the people actually still believe that they choose who runs their country?

No. 79893

He's an evil genius. He's like the Perez Hilton of politics and I love it.

No. 79895

He's trollin'.

No. 79896

He's either a troll, or insane. Either way I love it.

No. 79900

Self post.

No. 79901

Look at those nasolabial folds

No. 79903

I'm confused about him. I like him, but i'm not sure if he's a puppet or not. But of all the other candidates who are obviously puppets, he's the only one who doesn't seem like one. And he's a clever bastard, too. Look at how he plays with the media, making them admit things they would never say if it wasn't for him.

No. 79906

I do think Trump might qualify for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, like lots of people speculate.

That being said, I think he knows exactly what he's doing. This is either a game to him (just one more accomplishment/trophy) or he has other ulterior motives. Maybe both. I believe everything negative he says is on purpose, intended to shock or spread publicity, etc.

It's interesting to see people say that in 1 on 1 confrontations he's actually very concerned about them liking him/painting him in a positive light.

I actually kind of like him. I don't necessarily agree with everything he's said, but I don't think he really believes those things, either. It's all part of the game.

He's got the same MBTI or whatever personality as me (if you count that for anything), and I have a cluster B PD diagnosis, so I might be whole heartedly projecting my own thoughts onto him. Polite sage for life story; just wanted to confirm a little personal bias.

No. 79909

Why the fuck do you like Donald Trump?
Trump is the biggest puppet of them all. He is only there to stir up shit and make everyone else look like they aren't "hard enough" on the issues, so that both sides become even more extreme to compensate.

Trump doesn't seriously want the presidency. But he does want the media attention, and he wants to fuck with the election. He's what is called a hammer candidate; he swings down repeatedly, blindly onto every issue until he hits a nail that people agree with.

I think that having Donald Trump as a president would be one of the most disgustingly terrible things to happen to America. He is a mockery of all things considered American. I don't like him a single fucking bit.

Yeah, if you vote you can actually choose who is in politics, but corporations and lobbyists and the mega-rich are the ones who have the most say in world issues. But America is not quite an oligarchy yet; if we were, we wouldn't have ever even heard of Bernie Sanders or any other candidate that threatens corporate monopolies and big banks.

No. 79911

>doesn't know about the jew

No. 79914

Go back to /pol/, nigger.

No. 79996

Get outta here, Mila.

No. 79998

Sounds like a psychopath to me.

No. 80001

I like the cut of his jib, really. I am sick to death of PC culture and 'white guilt'. He'd be a great figurehead for the U.S. More so than Shilldog or Hernie. I want American exceptionalism back. Isn't he basically what other countries think of Americans anyways? I don't want us going the way of Canada.

No. 80011

If that guy became president of the US, WWIII would happen by 2019. Don't be fucking stupid.

No. 80012

No. 80018

Ok so here's the milk
I heard this guy got married three times all to Russian mail order brides. Also maybe probably fucking his daughter ivanka

No. 80022

>but America is not quite an oligarchy yet; if we were, we wouldn't have ever even heard of Bernie Sanders or any other candidate that threatens corporate monopolies and big banks

>implying they don't just toss those candidates in to make it seem like you have the option of choice

You don't and you'll realise this when Hillary Clinton wins. I'm not even American and I know she's going to win because her husband was a puppet and she's a puppet too.
She's a convenient choice for those in power.

No. 80360

Hillary is the progressive version of Nixon. A Clinton without a dick to distract him is a terrifying thing.


No. 80768

This year's election season has brought me so much more lulz than stalking some fat bitch's cosplay page.

No. 80798


Being a Brit I don't really know much about Nixon aside from that bullshit with Vietnam, the Kent State Massacre and the Watergate Scandal, although I suspect that likely just about sums up his presidency right?

No. 81224

It's gonna happen anyways. Have you be up to date on the happenings on Europe?

No. 81319

Showbiz troll. I encourage him to wash away the angry liberals and make America great again. Can't stump the Trump!

No. 81382

It's a false flag guys.

Trump is in bed with Hillary. Hillary is still butthurt about losing to Obama that she basically used Trump as a puppet to embed inside the Republican Party. The plan worked as Trump came out attacking Obama's birth records. He could have ran in 2012, but he didn't because Obama was too strong and Hillary was Secretary of State. It's ratfucking on historic proportions that rivals Nixon's CREEP campaign that evolved into the Watergate Scandal. Trump does not care about winning the election. He wants Hillary to win and destroy the Republican Party at the same time. Nixon's modus operandi was to destroy the Democratic Party in 1972.

He's getting the money from somewhere. He sold a penthouse for $21 million earlier.


They can say it's not for funding the Presidential Campaign, but he needs to finance his campaign somehow without donations which is severely lacking. I mean he has to fly on his own plane and his helicopter which needs jet fuel that costs a lot of money. Renting large arenas to hold huge crowds, signs, fliers, advertising, etc. He's mentioned that he bought equities a couple of years ago due to difficulties in the real estate market, but to cash them out, you got to pay a capital gains tax which then gets reported.

He sold another condo for $14 million recently.


Who are these clients? I know the Chinese are parking their money in the US in real estate on a flight to safety, but it's going to be harder now that the government is cracking down on sales in New York and Miami. We can't be sure if they are Chinese. Still the Clintons got into some flak about Chinese campaign contributions during Bill's re-election campaign in 1996. As they said in 'All the President's Men', you need to follow the money.

No. 81426

Trump-hair kin.

Pls do not trigger me.

No. 81530

Nixon was the king of ratfuckery. Watergate was merely the tip of the iceberg when it came to corruption with him. As for Hillary, the media is ridiculously nice to her. If she had an (R) behind the name, she'd be in a prison for a very very long time.

No. 81533

Why stick to hair-kin? You know you can apparently literally BE Trump nowadays? The kin thing went up a notch! Enjoy your wall building!

I know you're kidding but the way he talks about his daughter does creep me out lol

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