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File: 1559039766607.jpeg (281.95 KB, 585x500, 3E6A7F10-A821-4CCC-9AA6-D79017…)

No. 813972

NicoleEeveeDavis drastically photoshops her body and face, and looks completely different in reality. This catfishes everyone on the internet, and people she has met have said she looks nothing like her pictures. She is quite ugly, so it’s understandable to edit herself to this extent, but then she goes around and acts like a saint by saying appearances don’t matter, and is an absolute hypocrite who says photoshop is damaging.

No. 813973

File: 1559039846728.jpeg (37.86 KB, 480x480, 59F3B592-8008-437E-BE6E-19BAF9…)

Here is another example of her photoshopping to the extreme extent, once again

No. 813974

File: 1559040062246.jpeg (881.38 KB, 2401x2401, 7A4D121E-EE15-4FBD-886E-36BC46…)

Here’s a photoshop comparison of NicoleEeveeDavis, a Facetuned picture she posted and the unedited version her friend tagged her in.

No. 813975

File: 1559040710474.jpeg (227.49 KB, 1004x791, 41FF8B6F-BD15-4E90-8948-2FDBF8…)

NicoleEeveeDavis photoshops all her pictures to such an extreme extent, and goes around claiming photoshop is bad and that looks don’t matter, your personality does. This girl has something wrong with her, and should be called out for what she’s doing.(vendetta, shit thread)

No. 813978

shit thread but wow, is she still around? Used to follow her… ages ago. She's the ultimate weeby gamer e-girl, funny to see she hasn't changed at all

No. 813980

Looks like a normal level of editing?
I mean this is barely noticable

No. 814670

This isn't that much editing at all

No. 814744

File: 1559133413515.jpeg (281.13 KB, 1800x1800, FA2E0191-D646-4053-BC7E-F94740…)

No. 814746

File: 1559133540473.jpeg (143.76 KB, 1242x1165, 86F95F2B-1EF4-40B3-B0D5-31BEEF…)

I wouldn’t care about her editing her face and body if she didn’t act like it was completely wrong to do, and contradict herself by doing it. She mentioned H3H3’s video on “instagram versus reality” and made fun of the celebrities who photoshop.

No. 814748

File: 1559133769060.jpeg (938.29 KB, 1242x1694, FD2F8837-B9E1-44D8-A94D-BF5C32…)

No. 814762

She looks like Suzy Berhow

No. 814802

Doesn’t every single cosplayer photoshop their pictures? We’re all so unsurprised by it at this point, it’s really nothing new(samefagging, vendetta)

No. 814859

she doesn't edit her face (that much). She puts on tons of makeup though. She used to make a lot of ranting vids and she looked the same, maybe less blurred skin at most. Anyway, I guess there's no milk on her besides that her look is cringy

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