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File: 1560570041950.jpg (396.84 KB, 1152x2048, 1560555738580.jpg)

No. 822456

Jude's social media debut was a Barcroft TV doc with her roomie and then got IG and YT for the first time ever, and lolcow debut in the Altcow thread.
-vegan, straight edge, holier than thou
-"soo uncaring", also 24/7 triggered
-is a cunt to seem hardcore n cool
-DDLG little
-faux bi, and hates porn but posts lewds
-will "save the world" - never acts on it, just says it to sound fake deep
-claims to be "goth" but says its not about the music (it is)
-wants to be an influencer with no effort or even a YT schedule
-followers must conform to her opinions or fuck off

Rosie - roommate
Clayton/sadboiaccount - skinwalker
Rotten_hollow: daddy she worships but he probs fucks other girls

Last thread
-now ex-friends with Rosie, starting cos J flipped at R doing weed
-used "gay" to mean bad a lot, followers didn't like, cue many sperg rants defending self
-says daddy doesn't want to be public, anons find out who he is
-J and Clay find lolcow, J is unusually quiet, Clay isn't
-J and Clay's recent beef with @salvjiia and @jazminbean over transphobia and attacking(?) jazmin.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/yung_bish0p
YT: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCa2V6eboma2qawVmnK3Vr2w
Last thread:

No. 822459

File: 1560570547843.webm (3.95 MB, 479x852, 64990728_872895906405992_85063…)

From jazmin's IG story

No. 822460

File: 1560570853530.webm (2.82 MB, 479x852, 64287301_125179565361114_23666…)

From Salvia's story, where Jude claims jazmin is a 2 faced cunt

No. 822473

If she knows jazmin is two faced than surely she also knows that jazmin is rumoured to be underage? Talking shit about an underage autistic girl, stay classy jude

No. 822491

pillsbury sadboi posted a bunch of instagram stories responding to jazmin and basically doubled down on his comments and doesn't apologize for them. good to know he believes that people's gender identity should only be respected when he likes them. idiot

No. 822503

Salvjia is under age too (17) but i wonder if Jude and Clay will come for her since she's jazmin's friend

No. 822507

Summary of the stories:
>there's drama over stuff i said, i won't take it back cos it was hurtful on purpose, i dont respect jazmin. She doesnt represent all lgbt anyway, you know i support lgbt, but you dont know the full story so you can hate what i said but you dont know what I fully think.
Lol then say what you fully think or are you wanting to drag on this petty- I mean this riveting "drama" some more

No. 822518

File: 1560584375916.gif (671.12 KB, 320x240, definitely goth.gif)


>a sheath dress with GOTH stamped across the chest

No. Not even ironically.

Glad my cap was useful!

No. 822558

Fucking idiots to be beefing with active members of the lgbt/art/fashion scene in London from their bedrooms - Jazmin and Salvia are actually out there creating and being part of the scene. This will affect rotten shallows social standing as he goes out in London. For the thousandth time, no wonder he doesn’t want to be associated with Jude and therefore myfatboi - who doesn’t any real life friends.

No. 822570

imagine being well into your 20's and beefing literal TEENAGERS who actually put out better content than you.

No. 822572

I wonder if clay messaged jude to see if she'd be his goff girlfriend but once he found out she was dating someone he had to save face. Like it was talked about last thread, it was obvious he described Jude as his ideal.

No. 822575

File: 1560599663953.jpeg (102.51 KB, 730x1059, 5A66993C-E431-455F-B67C-CAF810…)

His intonation is like a Tim Heidecker asshole character. He is a humourless and talentless. Starting drama with Londoners just to impress Jude, coz he wants to fuck her so bad. He’ll be there when Will and Jude break up, coz she keeps showing her literal and figurative ass online.

No. 822579

I honestly don't understand how one video can inspire someone to change their entire look.

No. 822581

Honestly they're all being petty as shit.

I actually sort of get Jude on this, sometimes you misgender simply because you don't talk to the person a whole lot. Her whole explanation of not liking them just sucks.

These two (?) are just looking for drama being as petty about it as they can be instead of teaching anyone anything good.

No. 822624

>part of the scene
>just sometimes sneaking into clubs underage

And i doubt it will affect will, people dont like jazmin anyway and I doubt anyone really cares aside from jazmins fans

No. 822642

File: 1560615828625.jpeg (130.3 KB, 750x770, DC08FBB2-2790-4407-80B6-177D17…)

Jasmine is 16, her “partner” is at least in his late 20s for the looks of it. Search "gen lamont “ on fb and you’ll find a post about how much of a pedo he is.
I think jazmin has been told but she ignores it , she’s obviously been groomed and is in the mindset that she’s “more mature” and “age is just a number” (she actively says that her age doesn’t define her and that she doesn’t identify with it)

No. 822644

She probably doesn't realize that by saying she doesn't "identify with her age" that makes her age pretty apparent, since that's pretty common for someone her age to say that lol.

Late 20s eh? Fucking disgusting.

No. 822660


Samefag but I forgot to mention her mum is completely aware of her daughters relationship, sneaking into clubs n drug use.
Her mum used to be in a semi popular punk group when she was younger n I think she thinks this is all okay and won’t fuck up her daughter mentally.

No. 822682

I actually use to be friends with this guy when I was 20 and he was in his late 20s then and that was in 2013 so.

No. 822700

She’s always been a inspo for my artwork this is so cringey to find out. I did not know about the partner AT ALL

No. 822705

How do we know all this? In terms of age and ‘partner’?

No. 822714


Unfortunately I have no real proof but I was close friends with her for about a year before I found out her age n how two-faced she is
She would ask to use my passport for I’d n when I said I didn’t have a vaild in date one she would mssg me every week pretty much asking if I had gotten a new passport yet so she could use it

No. 822720

What did she do that was so two faced?

No. 822724

She would shit talk all her “friends” got angry at a friend for not wanting to go to a club with her n said they were “missing out on big opportunities” bc they didn’t want to hang out with parma ham and salvia with her
She drops people when they aren’t useful to her anymore or she meets “cooler” people
There’s a reason her only friends are aesthetically pleasing Instagram personalities with followings

No. 822729

File: 1560630203873.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 3627BCBD-7BB0-4A23-A069-913039…)

Back to the matters at hand. Jude is gonna love having spliff smoke in her flat when baby chlo moves in.

No. 822731


It’s not going to matter because she picks and choices who she holds to her standards

No. 822745

It’s gonna be a big deal, plus 3 littles and Jude’s ego, I reckon they last 6 months in the flat all together.

No. 822760

That’s literally not her partner

No. 822761

File: 1560636466716.jpg (44.91 KB, 1280x720, lulu.jpg)

I knew a girl exactly like this who was into DDLG, I felt super bad for her mom who she bitched about all the time. Anyway I really hope Jasmine grows out of this fast because guys like this want nothing more than to manipulate young girls and 'DDLG' is their card to try and get away with it.

saged for off topic

No. 822762

When I get home tonight I can screenshot and post the Facebook call out post. There were tons of girls/femmes coming forward to share screenshots of him being gross towards them when they were around 17. He literally uses the same lines over and over again.

The post is about a month old and it appears that Jazz was tagged, they just never responded or acknowledged it.

No. 822764

File: 1560636630596.png (235.62 KB, 750x1334, B96352FE-1552-4949-B806-01AABB…)

No. 822765

File: 1560636743773.png (552.96 KB, 750x1334, C62368E9-C126-4716-B05E-7828DD…)


There’s more from the OP

No. 822767

That's disgusting.

No. 822768

File: 1560636870041.png (Spoiler Image, 655.49 KB, 750x1334, 20EC8EAD-27A8-425C-8747-4A9F7C…)


The girl who posted this clarified she’s currently 16.

No. 822771

File: 1560637020228.jpeg (213.39 KB, 750x1032, 78C9BA40-771F-46B6-800C-F9FCA4…)

Oop had to delete. Left my PP in. Here’s where OP has tagged Jazz.

I can summarize the comments discussing the guys behavior and how he got kicked out of other cities before ending up in NY. But it’s way too much to screenshot and post.

No. 822776

On his fb he had a picture of some presents jazmin got him when she went to go see him and in the comments he confirmed they were together unfortunately his fb is gone bc of the call out post

No. 822789

Jasmine has dumped him she mentioned to someone she was going through a breakup around the time this was happening

No. 822794


Thank god
What a disgusting man

No. 822795

yeah I don’t think she stands for any of that at all

No. 822796

I feel bad if she was getting groomed

No. 822801

If you’re not adding new milk please put “sage” in the email field and it won’t bump the thread.

No. 822802

Lovely to hear! I was not sure if they did anything. But I’m very glad they’ve left him.

I saw one of his PPs in the posts screenshots and it reminded me of Raven’s ex who was into BSDM. Yikes

No. 822803

Met them last year at drag world , they seemed lovely . They have always posted about sexual assault from men and being against that so I doubt they were ok with that stuff . They posted something a month or so ago about being deeply dissapointed in someone and feeling lost this could be about him and this grooming scandal? I will try and find the post

No. 822806

This is a thread about Jude m8s, let’s focus on the cow

No. 822813

That’s the thing though
She was actively posting about sexual assault and all of that while dating an adult while she was a child.
If he knew her age then she would know he’s a pedo and creepy for still staying with her
Or she lied about her age to him which is bad (even if turns out the guy probably wouldn’t of minded)

Seems hypocritical

No. 822814

Isn’t that what grooming is though , manipulation from the other person’s side

No. 822854

File: 1560651663357.jpg (1.39 MB, 1436x2761, Screenshot_20190615-222125_Ins…)

No. 822856

How many people usually watch her streams? I can’t imagine many

No. 822892

Yeah once in an IG story she basically said "many of you don't watch the streams. I thought you guys cared…" That last line she said word for word kek. Don't know if thats changed much.

No. 822928

File: 1560665039714.png (383.5 KB, 640x1136, B35146A2-BCDB-4440-8DC7-86A4F8…)

Literally no one cares

No. 822931

what are her and clay even streaming anyway? they're not doing irl streams, they're not drawing or gaming, or even doing meokbang

No. 822934

They just sit there and blather on? Sounds like when Lainey was constantly on YouNow but all she did was rock back and forth and ignore questions about onion

No. 822939

What annoys me about this is how she expects all 60K followers to view her stream. Not literally but does she not know how SNS works? At least a majority are there for your looks, not because they like you. That's not including bots or pages ran by people that might as well be considered bots because they don't interact at all either. Then you have the what? 30 people that comment that like you or use your account to gather followers? 30 people out of 60K. Cut that in half, if that, for those who like you so much they tune in for your streams - if they can make it at that.

She basically has like 60 people that like her for her.

Obviously that's not how SNS works, numbers are off, theres probably more than 60 people who like her for her, etc but it's probably a lot more realistic than what our baby girl thinks.

People probably also don't like Clay. There's so many factors and she really thinks at minimum 400 people with their own lives should tune in to listen to her bad mouth someone who mixed up jam and jelly (referencing one of her and clay's first livestreams)

No. 822970

File: 1560679187034.jpeg (209.3 KB, 746x1025, AE15887B-662B-4B67-88E9-BD535C…)

I’ve dropped in on a few for the lols and lost interest within a minute. Jude seemingly uses the built in webcam on her laptop so the quality is shit. They just bumble through responding to whatever the teens in the chat are saying. Jude and Clay are not very bright and not very nice, so why would anybody wanna hang with them?

Pillsbury fatboi’s hair is back to grandma pubes again. Seems to be embracing the receding hairline with this look.

No. 822981

File: 1560683152651.png (1 MB, 750x1334, 76554B97-97B5-4692-8EC2-6D9771…)

Have told jaz about the thread , they know exactly who the person that said they were two faced and stuff about their mum in this thread previously was basically making he whole thread about jaz bc they felt like it and don’t like jaz, has sent me a screen shot of their account and told me they were barely close friends they met up twice and think it’s fuckef for them to be spreading stuff out of maliciousness because they don’t know shit and were never close friends with them ( screen shot of persons acc whose been shit posting this thread w jaz rumours in here ) , they’ve been in an abusive relationship. That’s not milk either. advice : stop(cowtipping)

No. 822985

Is the same person who said shit about the ID’s from years ago yesterday

No. 822997

Your profile pic is showing. And yeah who cares, this is a thread about Jude being a knob that was derailed by someone who dislikes Jazmin.

No. 822999

Guess they are just trying to bring jaz down any chance they get , anyways back to the cow which is jude

No. 823030

With fatboi and his ‘looks’ - why is he doing this? He obviously has no interest in fashion or makeup artistry.

No. 823033

File: 1560695245716.jpeg (22.73 KB, 247x221, 0A7DCFCB-69BA-483F-AAFB-456D56…)

What’s Jude’s plan other than living off inheritance and failing miserably as an influencer?

No. 823036

I say he just wants to "impress" jude and originally messaged her for that reason until he found out she was taken.

No. 823041

So does Jude keep him around just to fan her ego

No. 823045

Who knows. Jude is probably just as two faced as those girls (apparently). Or maybe she genuinely likes him. She seems to really like him. I know we make fun of them a lot but if we're being serious then it's appropriate to say that i try to see their friendship through unbiased lenses but honestly think he originally just messaged her to hit her up and backtracked and now has to spend money on makeup to keep the story going.

No. 823048

I still have no idea as to what he's doing - an instagram of shit make up, dick riding Jude and apparently making music. Who are you and what do you want fatboi?

No. 823050

Bless whoever made the thread header - it's perfect

No. 823052

Considering how he's new at makeup I wouldn't be too angry at it. However I also like to point out the fact that no video can influence you to suddenly take an interest in makeup - it's something you'd have to take interest in for a while (whether it be years or months). I think that's pretty suspicious. As for music…not even Jude is hyping it up and I gave it a pity listen. That kind of music isn't my favorite but I do know when music is good and understand why it's popular. I don't suggest anymore pity listens. It's just bad.

No. 823054

He's fair game though - why be an arrogant fuckwad and put your makeup exploration out there with no shred of humility. In his taking down lolcow video he was boasting about his beautiful skin and hair which is just blargh. And like, what is his personality other than desperately wanting to be Jude's daddy?

No. 823058

I fucking hate these people who have their gross tongues out in every picture. Brush it at least, that shit is absolutely nasty. Sage for reeeing

No. 823059

I fucking hate these people who have their gross tongues out in every picture. Brush it at least, that shit is absolutely nasty. Sage for reeeing

No. 823104

I fucking hate these people who have their gross tongues out in every picture. Brush it at least, that shit is absolutely nasty. Sage for reeeing

No. 823154

Jude, just do makeup tutorials and hauls and keep your close minded shit to yourself if you want to last more than a year

No. 823208

File: 1560776912577.jpg (1.41 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190617-090740_Ins…)

No. 823318

File: 1560803907880.png (281.06 KB, 483x920, Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 10.12…)

why is she so obsessed about herself?

No. 823348

File: 1560807677454.jpeg (112.4 KB, 638x814, DECB4EB1-B0AC-4A86-B66B-EF0154…)

I let out the ugliest laugh when I saw these photos it’s her “tribute” to bvb

No. 823370

No. 823378

How did she manage to do a bvb look wrong?! That’s her whole thing!

No. 823381

Rosie uses dildos as decor?

No. 823382

nitpick but i dislike her vid intros; idk if it’s just my personal preference but i don’t like how in every vid she has to walk in and sit down, it feels really unnatural. i would say it seems scripted but if it was scripted her speech would flow smoothly

No. 823387

the fact that she has her dildos so casually out in the open next to 'baby and kids toys' is fucking disturbing. she's gross af

No. 823389

dildo clown alert honk honk

No. 823391

Rosie is like two steps away from severe hoarderdom. Those stuffies and figurines are filthy with dust.

No. 823395

Two steps? By the looks of it she’s already there also notice how she says objects make her happy.
I also can’t imagine how packing all of that is going to be like whenever she moves in a few months and I hope that she doesn’t actually use those dildos that she just has lying around in open spaces where bacteria and dust just collects on them

No. 823403


Dildos at 22:30 so you don't have to sit through shite.

No. 823418

Not trying to WK but she did say that those are for display only, and the sex toys she actually uses are in a drawer.

No. 823431

There's NO way she's gonna be able to reasonably move all that shit out. She's definitely gonna have to declutter and get rid of like a third of everything she has. Like her collections or whatever are fine but it's just the fact that she has stacks and stacks of those bin drawers just packed with little niknaks, they really don't have a lot of value objectively and she could get rid of most of it. Even a few comments were saying how she should film a decluttering video.

No. 823450

It's gross, but she still seems much better than Jude by comparison.
She said she doesn't use them.

No. 823452

Her hoarding of those sauce packet things was especially a good example of it, like why doesn't she just give them to some random bum on the street as opposed to keep them in a box?

No. 823466

'she's a gross clown hoarder' is clearly the correct answer.

speak for yourself, if you ask me decorating your room with fucking dildos is pretty disgusting and absolutely something a cow would get up to.

No. 823469

Oh my god, the drawers filled with empty glass bottles and busted compacts and dusty stickers. Just how much junk is she hoarding? This is one of those videos that end up being revealing, in a really bad way. The palms of her hands have streaks of dirt on them. What the hell? The jackrabbit vibes next to Tinkerbell are gray with filth, did she dumpster dive for half this stuff?

I'd kick her out of my house, too.

No. 823482

it's giving me Luna Slater vibes.

No. 823501

Oh my, did she pierce her bridge herself? It's totally out of place.

No. 823508

I honestly thought this was Abby Brown trying a new look.

No. 823556


depends how old it is, it might be migrating slowly

No. 823571

Of course she only uploads when she gets a haul. Yep that's not done to death, it's content. The only kind she knows how to do, cos she's actually bland under the ddlg/edgy persona.
She says she wants to be an influencer, but she's not passionate about it, or her vids would have content and she wouldn't have to bleat "save the world" to make up for it kek. Nah she just wants the free gifts. And fans are dumb enough to give it cos they think she looks cool.

No. 823575

Whats the problem with it? To me Rosie's room tours are fascinating and she seems like a nive person. They show something really new to someone whose house looks like a vampire castle. Its just nitpicking at this point.

No. 823580

File: 1560874164979.png (270.69 KB, 472x912, Screenshot 2019-06-18 at 9.06.…)

No. 823581

File: 1560874207052.png (305.84 KB, 464x916, Screenshot 2019-06-18 at 9.06.…)


No. 823586

File: 1560877494642.jpeg (109.63 KB, 664x952, 8AE43F7A-1CAD-46AF-B5CF-52CAF5…)

I never understood the whole crying during sex being attractive but the again he deals with and supports Jude’s weird ass ddlg fetish so in a way he’s equally as fucked in the head

No. 823620

File: 1560882910793.jpeg (141.33 KB, 642x944, 82656C71-C34B-47D2-AABE-A158B6…)

Hmm sounds familiar

No. 823632

I agree I don’t really see what’s milky about it. Weird? Hell yeah it is but it’s nothing compared to Jude’s rants and skewed viewpoints.

No. 823652

How and why did this thread turn into Jude only and why y'all protecting the dirty dildo decorator? Both are cows, who gives a shit if Rosie is nice, that never stopped anyone from making threads about people before.

No. 823701


I thought it was because there hadn't been much milk on her in general. Not because she was nice.

No. 823734

rosie doesn't have a lot of milk and also she's not such a scumbag like Jude and her sad skinwalker pillsbury boy

No. 823772

Okay Jude we get it you want us to shit talk Rosie

No. 823786

Don’t think that’s Jude lol

No. 823799

File: 1560905505098.png (727.26 KB, 640x1136, 81DA280A-3D80-47FC-A4A1-8E5F87…)

Lol okay so basically you’ve gotta pay for a shoutout, on a site where free shoutouts are the norm and you pay for one if you’re THAT desperate for followers

No. 823814

>>823652 decorating your room with dildos is definitely weird but otherwise not malicious or even that milky. jude on the other hand is fucked in the head with all sorts of shit

No. 823819


Yikes. Just put them in a bag and not have them collect them dust.

I know hygiene is a tough concept for these hitches but Y I K E S.

No. 823866

Do you put filthy dildos all over your cluttered shelves? Really?

Didn't think so. Rosie is a gross, dirty weirdo who looks like she hasn't bathed in weeks. Proudly displaying and videoing your sex toys next to dolls and stuffies is nasty. She is 100% cow.

No. 823873

If you want to talk about Rosie so much and her dildos make another thread. I thought that in the last thread it was agreed that there wouldn’t be much more discussion on Rosie because she isn’t that milky. Seriously, what else is milky about Rosie? Name numerous things. Jude literally is a stuck up bitch who is actually in a DDGL relationship with an ugly wannabe goth twink. That’s more milky than a girl collecting weird ass shit.

No. 823881

Kek imagine thinking you’re that famous to get people to buy your shoutouts, I only imagine a bunch of 12 year olds using their parents money for that shit

No. 823882


She doesn't use the ones on display jfc. It's a little weird but it's also popular to do in ~sex positive~ circles. Of questionable taste, but not milky.

No. 823908

>>823866 i disagree. yeah this is weird but if that's it then that's not 100% cow. if she really was that big of a lolcow i would imagine there'd be a lot more posts about her. judes a narcissistic rude asshole whose daddy doesnt even acknowledge her existence. i would much rather laugh at her than someone who just puts sex toys on a shelf. if youre going to keep whining about how we dont rag on rosie go make your own thread.

No. 823910

File: 1560924510943.png (358.3 KB, 490x898, Screenshot 2019-06-18 at 11.06…)

wow, someone actually paid for a shoutout

No. 823965

ok vendettachan chill out. rosie is/was friends with jude so we already know she has poor taste, but she's not cow material at this current time

makes me sad when young girls do this. they don't realise that they'll barely gain any followers from these shoutouts.

will and jude are actually pretty close in age, but it's more concerning that she acts like a little child instead of a 22 year old

No. 824039


No. 824043


Why wouldn't she? She takes her collectible figures out of their packages.

No. 824049

>makes me sad when young girls do this. they don't realise that they'll barely gain any followers from these shoutouts.

I don't understand why anyone would want a shoutout from someone closely followed on LC.
Probably not the kind of publicity they're looking for.

No. 824050

So rotten said in his live that he doesn't do dating and sleeps around, he's also not vegan (judes daddy is) it might be a curve ball as everything else matched up, he did say he has a sub, but not exclusively

No. 824051

So many girls on his stream saying his voice sent them into little space !!!! Bet jude was crying behind her phone lol

No. 824052

I was on the live too, he said some parts of ddlg like dressing up as a baby and colouring and stuff is too weird… could he maybe not actually be her daddy?

No. 824054

jude hasnt been commenting as usual on rotten's latest posts, maybe she's trying to keep their relationship more lowkey now that we've called her out lol. idk tho

No. 824059

Tinfoil: Maybe they just have a fwb thing.
They seem to spend plenty of time together, being in the same room etc. And Jude might be lying about being monogamous to her daddy (if he exists at all).

No. 824124

Stuff pointing to him being daddy:
-Jude comments first on his pics
-He has many pics in Jude's room
-She wore a tank top that was "daddy's", we later see him wear it
-possibly has a sub

Stuff pointing to him not being it:
-thinks parts of ddlg are creepy, doesn't like colouring, I think Jude said she likes colouring once
-Is obvious about sleeping around (Jude seems possessive, if they were dating he'd do it on the DL)
-claims very strongly to be single

Did I miss anything?

No. 824128

I'm pretty sure Jude is in a very teenage state of mind where you have to be better than everyone else. Admitting to being in a fwb or one-sided relationship wouldn't be 'straight edge' enough for her.

No. 824137

>>824124 her daddy and rotten also have similar voices

No. 824138

File: 1560980235253.jpg (42.63 KB, 540x625, 64613902_2303752526369985_1274…)

This is a custom pacifier for Jude. It says Rotten on it. Rotten isn't a term widely used in ddlg/goth circles, so it MUST be referencing Hollow.

No. 824140

okay but that really is suspicious

No. 824154

>>824138 wow this is incriminating. i cant imagine why else the word rotten would be on it. he HAS to be her daddy.

No. 824176

The other reason Rotten would be on it is because the pacifier is already a reference to Suicide Squad Harley Quinn & in the movie she has Rotten tattooed in the side of her face.

No. 824198

Anons your confirmation bias is showing

No. 824244

File: 1561006919461.jpeg (142.22 KB, 640x1136, 382BEA70-CECA-4E7E-A08C-9FAAD3…)

Okay first off, you’re acting as if you thinking that ur account isn’t aesthetic enough is important enough for an entire post. It’s not 2013 themes aren’t that important let alone important enough to make a psa about.

No. 824246

File: 1561007102813.jpeg (129.05 KB, 640x1136, A1570449-0241-4AAC-9707-D893A4…)

Bitch your life is gonna get a lot harder if you think that because you can’t “fix” things you don’t agree with it’s the end of the world. Again Jude the world doesn’t fucking revolve around you, you’re not fucking Batman you’re not saving anything or anyone

No. 824247

File: 1561007259345.jpeg (132.26 KB, 640x1136, A701BBBD-8E55-4BE6-80B0-2B1230…)

She’s acting like she was just diagnosed with cancer or something.
or that her switching up her look or whatever is gonna cHAnGe tHe woRLd.

No. 824252

so dramatic lol. i imagine her feed is just going to be more posts about missing daddy and doing qnas and nothing's going to really change. ffs jude im sorry but you cant control things you disagree with unless you give up the $600 killstar hauls and devote a significant portion of your time to actually volunteering or organizing something to make a difference instead of promoting some random gofundmes in your stories. i hate how fucking sanctimonious she is all the time.

No. 824254

File: 1561009252652.png (14 KB, 521x73, Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 10.40…)

from her recent stream. she thanked him and said that not enough people are self aware enough LOL

No. 824255

as usual, the stream was pretty dull and just another qna/chat with me type of thing. she said basically nothing about her instagram change and didnt even seem to have much of a plan, seeing how she wanted her fans to think of things for her.

some other highlights:

>everyone got into a circle jerk about hate comments on instagram and jude said that the internet is supposed to bring people together not apart. yeah really accomplishing that by telling every person you disagree with to fuck off

>wants to make merch but doesnt have a way to make it

No. 824300

How does she not feel embarrassed Ebegging to the extent that she does, is she really that entitled

No. 824347

File: 1561049667492.jpg (478.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190620-175321_Ins…)

No. 824354

File: 1561051175502.jpg (371.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190620-181904_Ins…)

No. 824356


Wasn't Jude saying that she doesn't want to talk about it at all? Guess you gotta get them views

No. 824363

someone ask jude if it was rosie's filthy hoarding and dumpster diving for used dildos that made her give rosie the boot(cowtipping; read the rules)

No. 824390

>Ugh I'm so woke and deep that i feel responsible for the world's probs
>when i cant fix them, i get sad
>Instead, I save teh wurl by pushing myself as hard as i can (to do what? She puts no effort in her social media, her only job n)
-btw I made this speech just cos I'm changing up my IG.

No. 824396


The fucking difference. Jude comes off so butthurt and immature. Not very doesn't give a fuck of you either, Jude.

No. 824402

File: 1561057488254.png (374.7 KB, 494x906, Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 12.03…)

pls giv me monies

No. 824436

It's getting old vendetta chan. If Rosie having dildos bothers you that much go make a thread for her.

No. 824444

Jude is buying pink stuff on Chlo’s story so now she isn’t even sticking to her monochromatic brand n I reckon this is part of the whole ‘new Instagram new me’ even tho she does nothing apart from q&as (ik she’s used tiny bits of colour before but we’ll see)
Love that she can still buy shit like that without a job and just constantly e begging whilst sat in her house kek

No. 824464

File: 1561065510877.jpg (1.51 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190620-171725_Ins…)

No. 824493

What is Jude doing with that entirely plastic cup and plastic straw? I guess apart of her new Instagram theme is to not go on her environmental rants or maybe she’s just being a hypocrite like always

No. 824494

File: 1561070522643.jpeg (41.12 KB, 750x417, E9C2C623-6CB4-4966-9AC6-C5F18E…)

‘Rotten is not my daddy’ ‘I only belong to my daddy and want my daddy’

Ok then

No. 824496

>>824493 yeah didnt she post someones gofundme or petition about banning plastic straws? fucking hell the hypocrisy never ends, does it

No. 824498

>>824464 holy shit theres actually color in her face

No. 824499

>>824494 okay this guy HAS to be her daddy. maybe the pacifier wasnt a direct reference to him but the fact that she straight up said she admires rotten in a romantic way means hes her fuckbuddy. you dont say you fancy a friend

No. 824502

What’s the bet in the video they won’t even mention the weed thing even though we all know that’s the reason

No. 824580

File: 1561083069154.png (30.28 KB, 388x261, Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 7.10.…)

No. 824702

This bitch needs to stop fucking cowtipping, the profile pic is from the same person who told Jaz about the thread and posted the kidneyfailure screenshot

No. 824751

Tin foil but maybe jude wants to out him because she's upset about stuff on this thread?

No. 824770

Her comments are getting more and more…you know.

No. 824784

I agree I think she’s trying to make him publicly show his affection for her and getting more and more in his face with the compliments to see if he will bc let’s face it she wouldn’t say this to anyone apart from the dude she calls daddy and is obsessed with because he owns her or some shit

Lmao I actually pity her imagine tryna play off that ur relationship is solid and amazing and all ur life revolves around n then the dudes ‘not ready to be made public/doesn’t want the spotlight on him’ as a daddy but can talk about all his kinks and fucking his friends etc

Sad life she has overall

No. 824824

File: 1561131274544.jpg (332.12 KB, 720x890, 20190621_163156.jpg)

How is this content different from before?

No. 824825

File: 1561131348955.jpg (278.45 KB, 720x995, 20190621_163219.jpg)

No. 824828

Not super relevant but I still don’t get why she likes all her own posts?????

No. 824837

File: 1561133360096.jpg (723.16 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190621-120850_Ins…)

No. 824844

>>824824 it's totally different! because she uh, has her dresser in the background? wow what a revamp!

No. 824850

Her face is so fucking punchable that retarded duck lip she does to make it look like she actually has lips
Sage for nitpick

No. 824864


She side swept her fringe?

No. 824891

File: 1561140605374.jpg (205.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190621-190856_Ins…)

So she e begs because of the fact that her benefits got cut, and then she spends this much money on makeup?

No. 824923

>>824494 not sure if its just my instagram but it seems like jude deleted her comment lol. this just got sad

No. 824927

No Jude’s comment is still there but the girl who said rotten is her daddy’s comment is gone I think rotten deleted it

No. 825017

File: 1561161412563.jpg (965.23 KB, 1439x2022, Screenshot_20190621-195614_Ins…)


No. 825053

File: 1561170198989.jpeg (147.45 KB, 638x950, D632B748-F5D4-49AA-9CDD-484485…)

Y’all sure this ain’t just the weed that Rosie’s been smoking just piled onto a pizza cause that shit looks gross

No. 825055

>>825053 rotten probably wanted to make her feel better since he's hiding their relationship

No. 825111

Why would she spend that much money on a rainbow palette when she literally only uses black and white to do her makeup… Her parents have gotta be loaded or something, there’s no way she’s getting all this cash to waste from her dull youtube hauls

No. 825113

The person ordering the palette is Chloe not Jude, she also has a YT but only has one video which is also a killstar haul (surprise surprise)

No. 825124

God I hate that ahegao face every edgy girl is doing now.
Trash can pizza

No. 825158


Still better makeup than sadboi

No. 825159

File: 1561207421426.jpeg (265.67 KB, 750x1045, 83772113-8413-41BE-96D1-7BCA33…)

Look guys she’s holding her hair in an awkward way and posing in her bedroom rather than the hallway. Such refreshing new content! Maybe she’s going to try to not be a negative cunt anymore? But I doubt it.

No. 825208

File: 1561218959044.jpeg (141.56 KB, 733x758, 0D3A7C93-C519-487F-938D-067371…)

Daddy’s got you some skanky pizza and your single daddy is posing in your bathroom again. How long are you tits gonna keep up the facade? He’s too ashamed to go public with you coz ya cringe and so he can keep fucking around.

No. 825259

>>825208 >>825053 jude said on her stream that her daddy was going to be visiting her soon. interesting how daddy was around to buy her pizza while rotten was taking photos in their bathroom at around the same time she mentioned.

No. 825261

A part of me honestly feels bad she's so deluded or she straight up is playing some fantasy where her 'daddy' loves and prioritises her cause clearly this ain't it.

No. 825274

File: 1561231962796.jpeg (112.11 KB, 632x916, 5DE4E40B-2350-4A6C-8D10-679D12…)

Was this his little diss at the other situation lmao

No. 825277

>>825274 why are the majority of his looks copied from other people? at least jazmin has some creativity and skill. i also hate how there are so many comments from alt tweens about how he's a "god" for doing shit makeup.

No. 825313

wow his dig @ jaz was rlly deep idk how she’s gonna take that

No. 825315

File: 1561238546647.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 135.51 KB, 750x1334, B5102506-A144-4754-B72E-2CE87E…)

No. 825316

Didn’t mean to make spoiler

No. 825330

Jude is blatantly keeping clay around because he wipes her ass for him. She seems to only want friends who she deems below her. So does Rotten, that’s obvi why he’s with her

No. 825337

I can not believe that fucking adults can be this immature esp when jaz is a minor

No. 825339


Then you should have deleted and reposted.

No. 825360

No. 825365

Lol omg I just realised clays like 26 why is he obsessed w Picking at a 16 year old it looks so sad he’s sitting in his room
Copying people on Instagram and she’s literally running her own makeup company
He’s rlly not helping himself

No. 825367

Jaz isn’t a minor in the UK but it’s still so sad on him lol especially as she literally is going about her shit and not paying attention to him and his sad clan

No. 825369

File: 1561247525509.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, 58B5252A-E7F6-409B-9D22-23160E…)

Who in their right mind would take advice from psycho “girlfriend” and fatboi

No. 825400

File: 1561250438941.png (4.19 KB, 287x30, Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 5.37.…)

>>825360 a podcast? thats always the low effort move from d-class content creators whose personalities aren't remotely entertaining enough to carry 30-60 minutes.

No. 825402

>>825369 what are you talking about? i would love to take advice from a whiny "goth" boy who beefs with teenagers and a narcissistic dumpster fire whose own partner doesn't even acknowledge them

No. 825427

File: 1561254025577.png (432.39 KB, 483x922, Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 6.37.…)

i need likes to validate my own self-worth

No. 825433

“Iconic” yeah whatever kek

No. 825444

File: 1561256076065.jpeg (19.39 KB, 401x87, F19AC436-64CD-4502-9442-F176E7…)

Weird flex but okay

No. 825488

Maybe not in the UK but Clay is in America. It's why we've never seen any photos of Clay and Jude together. Maybe to Rotten it's fair game but Clay, good ole' American born and raised, is as white as the people who're culture vultures and don't care what others say. i.e. Clay knows he's "beefing" with a sixteen year old.

No. 825489

Maybe not in the UK but Clay is in America. It's why we've never seen any photos of Clay and Jude together. Maybe to Rotten it's fair game but Clay, good ole' American born and raised, is as white as the people who're culture vultures and don't care what others say. i.e. Clay knows he's "beefing" with a sixteen year old.

No. 825499

File: 1561264713101.jpg (89.59 KB, 720x521, 20190622_233652.jpg)

We've figured out what's different with her recent posts! Now it all makes sense.
Maybe a nitpick but why ask for people's thoughts then say "I'm happy with it whatever I don't care"

No. 825504

>>825499 then why'd you make three melodramatic posts talking about how you want to fix the world's problems or whatever? but alright

No. 825507

File: 1561267342846.png (35.17 KB, 386x315, Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 10.21…)


No. 825508

it annoys the fuck out of me when he says shit like 'taking the piss'. literally no american says that and it's sad how hard he copies jude

No. 825509

File: 1561268170644.png (298.45 KB, 495x917, Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 10.35…)

shes running out of ideas

No. 825526

File: 1561276743076.png (506.1 KB, 486x918, Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 12.56…)

im sure jude feels nice when daddy promotes naked women rather than her account

No. 825561

Those are some horrible looking implants.

No. 825562

It just looks pathetic even age aside bc he’s literally stuck in his room taking selfies and can’t stop trying to pick at people who are actually achieving stuff , but the fact he’s 26 and she’s 16 is so sad on him

No. 825563

Jude said in a stream last night daddy was at hers earlier and has left for tonight and is coming back tomorrow and then rotten posts pics at a party

No. 825570

File: 1561297380503.jpeg (137.86 KB, 630x962, 37209519-B43F-4CFC-BD70-FD6BA3…)

Of course she likes Melanie Martinez

No. 825571

File: 1561297667083.jpeg (114.4 KB, 624x944, 9EB3D5D6-DE4B-4B36-9DD7-EEC14A…)

Jude does realize that Brendon didn’t start making what’s generalized as pop music until 2017 and that everything else he’s made before that is alternative music also what does she mean by “Stop” girl your Jealousy is showing. sage for emo rant

No. 825579

OT, but this is a trans person from my city kek

No. 825581

Does Jude not see that P!atd is just another side of the same warped tour black veil bride masshype coin? Its like every ask is setting her up to sound as vapid as possible, but then again a big chance Jude instinctively does it cause ya know she can't really have opinions without "daddy" holding her hand!

No. 825601

Somthing I find interesting is that regardless of what kinda excuses she uses she brands herself as goth, but has only ever mentioned the top 3 bands that come up when you google goth bands. And really other than when she’s asked about it doesn’t really mention anything related to goth really. Possibly a nitpick but yeah it’s kinda just really easy to see through that she relies on her “aesthetic” to keep her goth card and people who are genuinely into the subculture see right through it. Why do you think that someone with a considerable amount of followers in the goth community like her gets literally zero recognition from well known goth influencers. It’s just so easy to see through.

No. 825668

This is why she started out on alt cows. She has even said goth is not about the music kek. People say that when they don't like the music, to try redefine goth so they can use the label themselves. If you want to dress alt go ahead, just don't throw around a label and misinform people about a whole subculture that doesn't have the greatest rep. Jude legit thinks sound cloud rap is goth.

No. 825713

File: 1561319926683.jpg (397.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190623-205455_Ins…)

Jude's sponsorships

No. 825714

File: 1561319953004.jpg (441.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190623-205503_Ins…)

No. 825731

File: 1561321363676.jpg (227.41 KB, 720x859, 20190623_212149.jpg)

No. 825741

Had to look at her ig to figure out wtf she was talking about. She takes one outfit pic "photoshoot" and turns into three posts. Standing, sitting, face close ups. Expect there is multiples in each post because she's such a narcissist she can't pick one of the basically same picture. Get a life, Jude.

No. 825746

File: 1561323137240.png (423.35 KB, 750x1334, 92C24DC9-8290-4C57-BE84-E56A3E…)

1: who tf asked for this (no one)
2: why would anyone pay for something which is all she actually does which is mundane black and white looks
3: how fuckin insane can you get if you want people to pay you to do looks that you do anyway and no normal influencer gets their followers to pay for something as fucking stupid as a look that they’ll be posting on Instagram she’s actually tapped

No. 825759

The E begging is so so cringe esp as her content is literal shite and 0 effort . Obviously no ones asking for it if u Have to keep posting about it to get ppl to do it

No. 825779

File: 1561331145484.png (739.58 KB, 750x1334, E4F20B5B-F2B0-41EA-9057-78D7B6…)

Couples that E beg together(emoji)

No. 825811

>>825746 i dont think ive ever seen another influencer ask for money to deliver content they already make. yikes

No. 825832

And notice the price, she wants a hundred pounds ($200 in my regions currency) to do a fucking Andy ballsack look. Something that teenagers have been doing for free for over a decade.
I’m genuinely concerned for her followers, most of which are very young and most likely using birthday money or something on her lack of content.
And for fucks sake she really be out here holding content out for ransom at this point.

No. 825894

In all honesty, she has had the Ko-fi page for a good while now and no one has donated. Even now, she has only reached 12% of the goal. People are following her because she has style they're interested in not because they want to give their money to her or genuinely 'stan' her or whatever. She is irrelevant.

No. 825915

Slight OT but he really reminds me of Jake Munro, this poser goth YouTuber that Jude really likes, looks-wise he is skin walking rotten and he's also in a relationship where they e beg together kek.

No. 825972

File: 1561389083935.jpg (381.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190624-161006_Ins…)


No. 825974

File: 1561389139600.jpg (513.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190624-161151_Ins…)

No. 825975

File: 1561389161994.jpg (469.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190624-161147_Ins…)

No. 825990

Not to be that person but these aren’t that good they’re like the messy doodles scene kids used to do in their school planners they actually make me cringe cause they remind me of like 2010

No. 825991

AKSLERJFLYK I’m gonna fucking scream she does that thing u do as a kid where u can’t draw hands so you put them behind their back fuuuuuuuuu these are so bad

No. 825994

Makes me think of middle school LMAO

No. 825998

Nobody in their right mind is going to buy that shit it looks like a 5th grader drew it

No. 826012

Those putrid green thighs! Also I’m choosing to read ‘prick’ in the top right corner.

No. 826052

File: 1561399965730.jpg (300.57 KB, 720x1121, 20190624_191212.jpg)

No. 826055

File: 1561400073071.jpg (446.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190624-191314_Ins…)

I'm amazed at the speed of everyone's decline into begging. Do you think they all mutually decided to beg at the same time so no single person gets singled out?

No. 826081

File: 1561403529265.jpg (747.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190624-201130_Ins…)

Jude supporting chloe. Kink friendly ew.

No. 826086

how else are altcows supposed to get easy money

No. 826088

>>826052 even though the art isnt the best at least chloe is putting in some effort to make money, unlike jude who wants 100 pounds (thats 130 us dollars) for a makeup look that costs her nothing to do.

No. 826089

>>825746 now all we need is pillsbury sadboi to make a ko-fi and the quadfecta of lazy e-begging is complete

No. 826091

You're right. I can respect that much at least. And I assume she plans on practicing and getting better. But we'll see.

No. 826108

File: 1561406067180.png (1.76 MB, 1534x1028, Schermafbeelding 2019-06-24 om…)

No. 826116

I'm confused. What are you trying to point out?

No. 826118

What a bunch of ass clowns. Jude is not a professional or proficient make up artist trying to charge teens for what everyone else does for free. Screeching Chloe is trying to flog pissy pencil drawings. Fatboi is not popular in any way but has a Patreon and is starting a podcast - none of these people have personalities and rotten hello is a fuck boy who is asking ‘fans’ for money, for what? Gurning into your secret girlfriend’s mirror when you come up for a shag and to go out in London?

No. 826195

File: 1561418682343.png (347.62 KB, 480x914, Screenshot 2019-06-24 at 4.22.…)

dollar store rotten hollow

No. 826207

I love how they all decided to be pathetic mis 20s E Beggers for their young followers together , so in synch

No. 826256

They all seem so entitled too like when they had Instagram removing their pictures as if they are the only ones it’s happened to. Hundreds of accounts get their stuff deleted by Instagram it’s not “ppl just hate me” fuck up you’re not that important

No. 826257

And you put the most minimal effort into something you call a job, who cares that no one wants to see ur snatch on Instagram

No. 826298

This looks like anime art you draw in 6th grade but the anime girls are sex slaves.

No. 826511

rotten posted some instagram stories talking about shoes or something. the voice sounds exactly like jude's daddy in a story a while back.

No. 826581

File: 1561494574777.jpeg (139.24 KB, 640x638, BF64B8B1-D4AD-4993-A414-5C05A5…)

thought that looks familiar, that drawing in the middle is just copied from this drawing by @ evillittlethingx on instagram kek

No. 826656

wow that's not even subtle

No. 826662

This group is filled with art stealers lol

No. 826666

:/ hope she doesn't plan on selling that..(emoticon use)

No. 826715

File: 1561508247220.png (500.37 KB, 663x815, Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 5.15.…)

very natural, graceful pose

No. 826723

File: 1561508899189.png (1.2 MB, 1121x823, Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 5.26.…)

>>826581 yikes, i was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she at least credited the original artist but she didnt even do that. if this shows up on her store she is a true scumbag lol

No. 826735

File: 1561510590115.jpeg (330.42 KB, 540x764, 38F804AC-1016-44FA-97D2-842F29…)

Also reminds me of shoppingcartfullofpinkturd

No. 826860

File: 1561519392083.jpg (173.2 KB, 496x650, scarecrow.jpg)

No. 826896

Has she deleted this post now??? Omfg how awkward

No. 826923

>>826896 looks like she did lol. we still caught her

No. 827170

You can tell how committed he is to this goth thing by his clothing. sarcasm intended for the less sarcastic

No. 827239

Just found out on the NSFW part of their discord server and there were a lot of girls posting nudes and sad boi was rating the girls and no one running the server was checking the girls That were posting nudes ID’s or checking if they were underage . The person that was also in the server said most people in the server that were showing nudes for clay to rate were underage. Jude likes to help minors get into kink so it’s not surprising

No. 827265

File: 1561564734841.png (298.73 KB, 433x383, Untitled.png)

I think this is her bf, she posted the image on her story and the guy looks similar enough


No. 827271

Its literally rotten ur post is pointless it’s already been proved

No. 827282

File: 1561566747968.jpeg (627.77 KB, 750x1334, CCEB4345-4074-4A66-81A9-088718…)

Literally scrolled slightly and can confirm, he’s disgusting
Blurred out her pic bc they could be minors

No. 827294

Jesus christ, as if he wasn't cringey and shitty enough. No wonder he keeps calling them his "harem". Jude is really "saving the world" by helping pedophilia and supporting lonely losers like him.

No. 827309

He looks similar to the guy posted here a while ago tbh but I do think her 'daddy' is probably rotten unless she's also fucking around

No. 827315

File: 1561568603507.jpg (533.39 KB, 1401x2560, 20190626_130248.jpg)

No. 827316

That’s her ex she goes live with sometimes

No. 827325

i can't believe these girls are sending this obvious virgin their nudes as if his opinion matters. he clearly hasn't ever seen a vagina in real life. i don't think an adult woman would ever care what he thinks so congrats doughboi you're jerking to cp

No. 827336

Not to wk, but I doubt the girl in this particular photo is underaged. There are multiple tattoos that look aged.

No. 827343

That’s a fair observation but it’s just one example of the stuff being sent

No. 827349

>>827282 ewwww what the actual fuck. this is so sad and disgusting. we might end up with another austin jones situation in the near future

No. 827357


Did he just pull an onision

No. 827364

>>827282 are there any photos that are confirmed underage girls?

No. 827418

File: 1561576109301.jpg (478.17 KB, 720x989, 20190626_200651.jpg)

Looks like she's taking a shit

No. 827438

That’s Tom. She’s said he was her last bf the one that “broke her heart” but apparently they talked and are cool now. He’s been on her stream a few times.

No. 827445

hey fatboi - you're a fucking pervert - that has frequently turned to us cows for style advice - wearing foundation, sorting out your grandma pube hair. but guess what a piece of shit is a piece of shit no matter how many 'looks' no one needs you pull. your fans are sycophantic teens, you're talentless and thick as shit and i can't wait for you to fuck off the internet. well done jude for supporting a skinwalking misogynistic manlet.

No. 827485

Was just browsing and saw she tagged rotten in one of her images. Confirmed Daddy.

No. 827486

Judes ex is called Tom but I think jude refers to him as T his intagram is needsmorebanter, holy hell he's sexy(no1curr)

No. 827487

File: 1561580940631.jpg (146.77 KB, 1080x1533, jude1.jpg)

No. 827491

File: 1561581349779.png (745.38 KB, 1120x824, Screenshot 2019-06-26 at 1.33.…)

>>826715 did shitboi copy this look from jude again?

No. 827492

I mean the look isn’t all that unique?
The doll/jigsaw look is done a lot

No. 827493

Do you know how he broke her heart I thought she said she cheated on him? She probably broke his heart and her playing the victim put the blame on him

No. 827497

NO he cheated on her, she said in a live once, absolute scum

No. 827504

T were live together a few times. Pillsbury just looked uncomfortable as fuck and jude was all gross and little and shy and obviously still likes him, poor jude hah or poor T hah
(Saged for no milk)

No. 827507

>>827504 that's not how you sage. It goes in the email field.

No. 827522


No. 827532

Looking at his more recent photo I'm mildly impressed that his makeup has improved. One day we won't be able to clown on his makeup skills. The thought of that sends shivers down my spine.

No. 827538

I just realized that I'm banned from his server on discord even though I joined for two minutes once and was immediately removed before i could have a proper look around? okay.

No. 827569

I really don't know what you're on about. it looks like shit

No. 827577

I said it improved, not that it was good. Diction. You should study it.

No. 827586

Jazmin is on live saying she knows so much behind the scenes about Jude which needs to be called out, but that she doesn't want to give into the drama?

No. 827631

She said she doesn’t wanna give into gross online negativety

No. 827632

She said in the live People keep messaging her with like their shit experiences they have had with both of them since the drama but she doesn’t wanna be involved w any of their negatively and will “leave it up to them to just prove to people What they are actually about”

No. 827734

It’s amazing how more people can’t see how problematic they are. Literally the moment I saw her saying that there’s nothing wrong with an 8 year old being involved in sexual behaviour i was on her case because who in their right mind would support that……..oh wait her thousands of followers

No. 827781

So I used to be in Clays server in the early days, before he started tripping on this idea of fame and being a celebrity
So at one point there was a 13 year old who put pictures of her thighs in NSFW and it stayed there for 3 days before it was removed, only then did the channel become 18+ only :(

And yeah, he’s so paranoid about Lolcow gossip that he rarely lets anyone into the server…so much for building a community

And on that note, his community is falling apart and he doesn’t even seem to care, he had Jude go off on a bunch of people (yes a 26 year old man needs Jude to fight his battles and attack his “fans”) and since then it’s been dead (to my knowledge)

-I have receipts if y’all are interested?-

No. 827789

Also, sage for continuation/minor info
But in the early days of the server one of the members was abused by her mother and even ended up with a large bruise on her face, at one point she asked for advice on covering it, and upon seeing the picture Clays only fucking response was “took it like a champ” - like this girl has literally had to call the police and been moved to her friends house (prolly the worst weekend of her life) and this trash bag of a man only responded with condescension/sarcasm

Later on the same girl was sexually abused and clearly freaking out in the server, while other members tried to help/ advise/calm her down he made jokes and was generally unhelpful

The guy also begged for nudes in the initial days, I myself and other girls in the server were asked some uncomfortable questions (even to the point where he kept inquiring about my significant others genitalia)

He seemed to also get a kick out of asking girls in relationships to say that they loved him…the guy is Grimy

No. 827796

What a piece of shit. Sure, we're interested in the screencaps.
Still, I don't understand why would Jude choose him from all people. Maybe he is her Patreon?

No. 827797

The more I type the more I realize how much I have to say lmao, did you know that this guy looks down on people who aren’t as original as him and have”boring content” kek

No. 827798

File: 1561623184261.png (507.73 KB, 1125x2001, 15D87358-E7DA-416A-8EE4-0CD2FF…)

I didn’t need much convincing….here’s the altercation where Clay set his attack dog on a “fan”

No. 827799

File: 1561623214999.png (352.7 KB, 1125x2001, B18AB67D-76C7-402F-AB88-30E806…)

No. 827800

File: 1561623275976.png (325.89 KB, 1125x2001, 975017C8-7C46-4076-A405-E548ED…)

Hopefully they send in order (there’s a few, bear with me)

No. 827801

File: 1561623298089.png (302.41 KB, 1125x2001, 20AF0049-27B4-4E9F-8032-CF76EA…)

No. 827802

File: 1561623362475.png (316.55 KB, 1125x2001, E3970E63-C8E0-44A8-9FA1-7B52F2…)

No. 827803

File: 1561623388379.png (352.22 KB, 1125x2001, 603011E0-2920-4A5B-A5E0-EAF173…)

No. 827804

File: 1561623425553.png (331.78 KB, 1125x2001, 38229D4D-EDCB-4DA7-8518-48D790…)

No. 827805

File: 1561623453031.png (295.04 KB, 1125x2001, 7C724FE7-98EC-4F9B-B021-09F1E5…)

No. 827807

File: 1561623514307.png (334.87 KB, 1125x2001, E6B20725-6B63-4446-8E65-286468…)

No. 827808

File: 1561623546277.png (344.88 KB, 1125x2001, 7024ED7C-F9B5-42B8-9492-3EF79E…)

No. 827809

File: 1561623608291.png (317.76 KB, 1125x2001, 126225F0-9FAB-48C2-9613-0E078D…)

No. 827810

File: 1561623640148.png (318.34 KB, 1125x2001, EFC9D70B-B0FB-4E9D-8EA2-FF6355…)

No. 827811

File: 1561623667874.png (315.21 KB, 1125x2001, 695FDBEE-5CB1-46CA-89C9-7CA770…)

No. 827812

File: 1561623695552.png (283.16 KB, 1125x2001, 90B10EB9-1166-46DB-AD92-8D8B49…)

No. 827813

File: 1561623726540.png (314.36 KB, 1125x2001, EE55967C-E94D-42AF-8994-362294…)

No. 827814

File: 1561623757860.png (311.88 KB, 1125x2001, C22896FB-10D6-4CAE-B981-BBFDE6…)

No. 827815

File: 1561623812417.png (308.08 KB, 1125x2001, CCB567F0-6AB8-49BA-ACC0-ED1368…)

No. 827816

File: 1561623858696.png (341.83 KB, 1125x2001, 8512E143-E978-414D-8E2F-D3EF37…)

No. 827817

File: 1561623920647.jpeg (322.02 KB, 1125x1562, A939EAAF-045A-4F50-98E5-69B5AA…)

No. 827818

File: 1561623947430.png (308.96 KB, 1125x2001, 91021BA2-718F-4576-A82A-63F7BE…)

No. 827819

File: 1561624009849.png (334.46 KB, 1125x2001, 591D4DE0-3C08-4ADF-A87B-B16164…)

No. 827820

File: 1561624055618.png (307.23 KB, 1125x2001, 43235965-8438-4BC5-9030-9D3D44…)


No. 827821

File: 1561624113527.png (298.17 KB, 1125x2001, 2A20330D-4A00-4204-89C7-85B221…)

So as long as you agree with Jude you handle a situation correctly

No. 827823

File: 1561624420080.png (Spoiler Image, 364.76 KB, 1125x2001, F074DA68-7E3E-4D53-AAD6-D0FC82…)

Fast forward to a few days later

No. 827825

File: 1561624466406.png (Spoiler Image, 407.09 KB, 1125x2001, D70243C2-2029-4A79-A89A-E818C7…)

No. 827826

Tell me to stop if it’s too much, I also have pics of them trying to Damage control with the LGBTQ “fans” after their altercation with Jazmin (but it’s not as good)

No. 827843

This was a tedious read - but it demonstrates how stupid and mean Clay and Jude are.

No. 827854

It’d be funny to see the backtracking nd damage control tbh

No. 827874

I’ve seen those screen shots they are basically just making their fans talk about
Jaz in the chat and that they aren’t lgbt and they uwu support all of their lgbt fans and basically just being fake woke and not even apologizing about any of the shit they said in the stream that was offensive to lgbt but just fluffing up their followers and calling jaz a cunt

No. 827900

yeah all those messages really make them look bad. it's so funny to me how jude and clay both want to project this image of being edgy and offensive and not caring about shit, but if someone doesn't agree with them on 100% of issues and doesn't suck up to them, jude throws a fit. so funny.

No. 827907

Lmao who tf thinks a healthy friendship is agreeing with people 100% of the time no questions asked no wonder they don’t have any real friends
It’s normal to discuss and debate stuff as friends and fall out cause it’s a relationship like it will have developments etc but noooo your opinion differs slightly to clays so u can’t be his friend

Tbf who would want to be

No. 827913

I thought three whole thing was “I HAVE A FUCKING OPINION EVERYONE CAN HAVE AN
OPINION IDGAF” but when someone voices anything that isn’t sucking the crack
Of their ass they iscolate them and gang up , such a loving gang

No. 827915

I really wanna see these damage control screenshots someone post

No. 827930

File: 1561643536162.jpeg (114.24 KB, 750x1334, 5336AD9E-BE2E-45B2-B478-3CC52A…)

He deserves every skinny Homer Simpson vagina girl in the world

No. 827945

Cheers anon, they were already cringe as hell but this takes it to a new level. Especially clay tbh, jude is just brain dead but clay really makes me laugh, hes so blindingly insecure and it shows in everything he says and does lmao

No. 827960

that was an incredible and infuriating read. they really don't have what it takes to do social influencing. so thin skinned

No. 828037

File: 1561652242731.png (360.67 KB, 1125x2001, DEACC1A5-A4AB-4CA5-860A-14F522…)

So I’m gonna post the damage control pics, but honestly they’re so cringe, after not being present for months Jude and clay were suddenly posting in every chat. It wasn’t even stuff of substance, they were just like…”see we’re not homophobic, we support you” and then didn’t say anything else

No. 828038

File: 1561652288286.png (342.63 KB, 1125x2001, 7862B2F8-0C1A-4A1D-A927-CD0BD0…)

No. 828039

File: 1561652317881.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 223.18 KB, 1116x1580, 204DC71C-AD92-493C-B8C1-884E11…)

No. 828040

File: 1561652382351.jpeg (241.05 KB, 1125x1546, 5BA96A94-8536-4FEF-9C05-F6000F…)

They were just all over the place trying to make themselves funny and relatable and it was laughable, like….we already know you’re garbage

No. 828041

File: 1561652460066.png (413.59 KB, 1125x2001, F2EDC336-92C1-475F-9F39-EDA5A7…)

Like….nobody is talking here, and you guys take it upon yourselves for these fake ass conversations to get people’s attention (Sorry, not buying it)

No. 828042

File: 1561652567251.jpeg (177.93 KB, 1108x1428, 7C2B9D25-F2DE-49DB-8E14-5852DF…)

Some of the others that used to be in the discord have screens they’re sending to me too, there’s just so much bullshit

No. 828058

So my “sources” got some screens of a more recent altercation, let me know if you guys are interested in more infuriating reading

No. 828060

Do they think commenting rainbow emojis is gonna erase all of the shit gathered up they said during that live stream, so fuckin posed

No. 828063

What pisses me off is that they aren't edgy. Edgy is just a thing people made up to describe people with dark humor and / or fashion.

They're just complete assholes.

No. 828078

Just fucking post them or leave, no one's going to beg you to post milk.

No. 828085

File: 1561656216725.png (1.06 MB, 1125x2001, 3D7415A6-083B-49DF-84B0-3C963E…)

Sorry, I didn’t mean to infuriate, just don’t wanna spam shit no one wants lol (I’ll just assume yes from now on)

No. 828086

File: 1561656241110.png (1.04 MB, 1125x2001, 93FC393F-3D52-4E77-AF1E-3A51ED…)

No. 828087

File: 1561656274425.png (984.31 KB, 1125x2001, A20D8BB1-0CAC-4F4B-AEAA-BBD65D…)

No. 828089

File: 1561656296655.png (930.71 KB, 1125x2001, 6AE03047-5410-4825-A973-071A46…)

No. 828090

File: 1561656321339.png (922.03 KB, 1125x2001, C947D363-8B66-4144-8250-41F27C…)

No. 828091

File: 1561656385355.png (988.88 KB, 1125x2001, 41DFC8AB-3AC1-4F84-8D4E-4466DD…)

No. 828092

File: 1561656408325.png (976.95 KB, 1125x2001, 05DE2488-513B-4F67-AB79-F2E591…)

No. 828097

File: 1561656492995.png (936.79 KB, 1125x2001, 64643019-8A29-415C-8EBA-2AB237…)

No. 828098

File: 1561656555638.jpeg (610.79 KB, 1125x1986, 10042B80-2998-4FF6-9F25-3671BD…)

There’s also this…

No. 828108

fucking sweet jesus. i knew these two were dumber than rocks but apparently they're trying to form their own cult too by pushing out any kind of negativity or dissent. this is coming from someone who was actually raised in a cult.

No. 828110

omg what absolute babies. "we can insult everyone but no one can say a joke just in case we find it offensive" they're far more thin skinned than everyone they claim to hate

No. 828111

>>828085 the fact that jude and clay cant take a simple joke like that shows how thin-skinned they are. if anyone makes even the slightest notion that clay isnt to be venerated then its time to argue with teenagers for hours on end

No. 828117

>>828098 goes to show how supportive clay is. he takes misgendering someone's identity as a method of insult because he doesn't take it seriously and believes it can be used as insult fodder. that's like calling a trans person by their former gender because they were rude to you. it shows you dont respect the concept of nonbinary people, but of course clay being clay he still claims to support lgbt people. gtfo of here shitboi

No. 828123

>>827809 fucking christ jude really is black and white. she cant take a neutral stance at all, she HAS to keep reframing baphomet as good or bad, on clay's side or lady's side. only immature middle schoolers still take "sides" seriously, any well-rounded adult should know that the world is filled with gray spots.

No. 828130

>>828092 the fact that she spends so much of her time defending this idiot shows where her priorities are. i also love how clay is too stupid or too cowardly to respond and lets jude do all his work. all he can do is dab away the haters

No. 828135

ughh how insufferable. such an utter douchebag. i cant believe jude would still be friends with him if she witnessed any of this in the discord. he talks about building a community and then goes on to make fun of a teen girl with a hard life who's just trying to find some support from the very person she admires. i almost hate clay more than jude now.

No. 828188

Given all of the screenshots, it's easy to understand why Jude suddenly hates Rosie. I bet they had a minor dispute, but Jude went cray because friends always have to take their friends side?

No. 828189

Clay didn’t just misgender jaz tho , he said in response to the pronouns being told to
Him “fuck her, I don’t give a fuck first off she’s not” as in jaz isn’t non binary. Then Carried on throughout the stream to say shit like “tHe pRonOunS” as if he gets to decide who is and who isn’t . And saying he is literally using that as an insult makes him look even more shit, but ofc he can post some rainbow emojis and his 14 year old fans will eat it up

No. 828190

YOUR VALID WE SUPPORT U 🌈 🌈 , unless we don’t like u!

No. 828195

reading those screens gave me cancer

never met people who were such assholes that the fact that they don’t have friends irl is so blatant
and then you watch them alienate and belittle their online “friends”
they’re so condescending which is ironic bc all of their points are redundant and STUPID

No. 828196

What wank stains . Love how everyone MUST be respectful supportive fun now down to them while the actively shit on everyone and prove to everyone they are just disgusting people . Also clay should learn to take an argument for himself , even when they were talking about jaz in their stream Jude said “well it’s ok cuz you’ve got me innit”

No. 828202

Rotten must not claim Jude bc she’s clearly incapable of having a real adult relationship. Can you imagine trying to talk through an relationship issue with her? She’d throw a fit. No wonder he’s keeping her at a distance and has the ‘daddy’ thing going on

No. 828207

When clays reasonings for not liking lady was “she comes in the call the Does the dishes and says stuff to herself” they both boasts about having a community where everyone
Can go to get away from shit and feel good , and when a young
girl w a hard life goes in the sever to … get away from shit and feel apart of something ur a fucking cunt to her….. genuinely can’t beleive how old and entitled they are . Grow the fuck up it’s disgusting . Telling young people who adore u that u were having a nice call until u came and disturbed it

No. 828217

Fucking hell, how much sand do these faggots have in their vaginas.
Good on sacrament_of_baphomet for leaving their fucking cultish discord.
If you think Jude and her faggot couldn't get any more annoying, all those screenshots get posted

No. 828244

>>828202 at first i thought rotten was an asshole for listing himself as single and hiding their relationship. now i see that jude is a insane egotist and that anyone would want to stay away from her image.

No. 828273

Can I point out how Clay is 26 and Jude is what, 23? How can a 26 year old be friends with a 23 year old? It's a 3 year difference but so is 15 and 18 and there is most definitely a huge mentality gap. At that, how is he running to a 23 year old for help? Does he not have education? Does he sit in his home all day, thinking he's edgy?

I go to work and come home. I attend university and come home. I have a life apart from the internet. These absolute cunts seem to just stay online all the time? At that, they HANG OUT with 14 year olds? I can't stand the mentality difference between my youngest sibling and I at times - I can only imagine being 26 trying to relate to a 16 year old and vice versa. Wow. If this doesn't show how absolutely useless and life less Clay is then I don't know what does. At this point we might as well start a new thread for our new favorite pedophile, philsbury sadboi aka Clay aka Clayton aka scat (I mean, scace). Jude is an egotistic cunt but at this point it seems like her milk well is drying up and Clay's is causing Hurricane Katrina 2.0

No. 828298

File: 1561678030547.png (184.18 KB, 499x813, d2275c3559025637218bbfc445178c…)

No. 828300

File: 1561678076114.png (94.02 KB, 471x366, 2e206af52bddac2f8b83c075735253…)

No. 828301

File: 1561678129169.jpg (201.89 KB, 720x870, 20190627_221118.jpg)

No. 828302

File: 1561678150186.jpg (156.55 KB, 720x926, 20190627_221342.jpg)

No. 828303

File: 1561678188285.jpg (132.58 KB, 720x747, 20190627_221222.jpg)

thought these were particularly cringe and gross

No. 828313

GOD this guy is so gross. he's really out here propositioning his 13 year old female fanbase for nudes while posting a dick with his face photoshopped on it. words are failing me on how fucked this guy is.

No. 828315

the fact that he thinks he deserves a pornstar girlfriend despite looking like a pasty blob who got graffitied with a sharpie baffles me to no end. i thought he couldnt get more pathetic. i hope the teenagers who look up to him grow up and leave him.

No. 828316

>we live in a society, #youcantkillanidea, im so deep and dark guys
>i want a basic insta thot cause i value ass more than personality

No. 828327

File: 1561680176777.png (776.78 KB, 664x829, Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 5.01.…)

THIS is the creature who wants a homer simpson vagina, double d tits, cute ass, and skinny waist with no defects or deformities of any kind. ladies?

No. 828342

File: 1561681807516.jpeg (110.25 KB, 720x853, BE50C303-6713-4154-9ADE-16B64E…)

No. 828344

File: 1561681856536.jpeg (92.93 KB, 720x942, DF14E15A-E441-461B-96BE-8867C6…)

No. 828349

What the fuck. Pressuring young girls into sending him nudes . A while back Jazmin when all the stuff of him ripping them off posted a screenshot of someone messaging them saying something like “clay pressured me into sexual stuff” or idek something along those lines . I’m going to see if I can find it . I think it got deleted soon after bc clay probably had a fit being exposed like that

No. 828354

with every screenshot, my opinion of clay goes further down the toilet. he really feels entitled to harrass these women to see their chest. he's every douchebag "influencer" who tries to take advantage of their tiny inch of fame to manipulate girls. disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.

No. 828360

Just to let everyone know: a lot of the girls in the ss aren't "young" teens, majority of them are in their twenties. just for a clarification.
But there are some who are still 17, just so you are aware, he lets em round up and "eh close enough"

No. 828361

File: 1561683029090.png (316.43 KB, 750x1334, 7CF24E55-BF8C-469B-BB90-129191…)

This was the screenshot from jazmins story when the stuff w them went down , I didn’t get their username in which I’m annoyed at myself for now

No. 828365

how do you bring this stuff to attention?
jude and clay are nobodies. Would anyone actually care?

No. 828542

File: 1561705617407.png (204.35 KB, 474x928, Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 12.05…)

who would want to have a piece of dandruff flake like shitboi whisper into their ear? asmr is another in a list of lazy content that d-class "influencers" do.

No. 828555

He's so pathetic.
Jude is supposed to be anti-porn, yet has no problem supporting and defending this disgusting predator.

No. 828585

what are you talking about? the gap between 26 and 23 is very different to the gap between 18 and 15 because in the former, they're both adults (and both in their near-mid/mid 20s). would you say that a 40 year old & a 43 year old shouldn't be friends?

these are very embarrassing, but to an impressionable young teenage girl, the "okay" with a sad emoji can be pretty manipulative if it's done a lot. guys like clay try to portray themselves as non-threatening and nice guys to groom girls. really the intent is obvious to adult women and outsiders but when you're a teenage girl who looks up to him, you just see his positive attention.

No. 828586


Three years are nothing…I am 24 and most my friends are either around 27 to 29 OR 20/21 (classmates). My partner is also 3 year solder, my ex was 4 years older. At that age 3 years are NOTHING. and not comparable to 15 and 18

No. 828587


I'm actually really interesting tho, I promise.

No. 828589


No. 828590

File: 1561713183242.png (305.02 KB, 750x1334, 8C1190C3-0595-4665-A34B-BEA383…)

Askssksksk this is the most embarrassing thing I’ve read in my life

No. 828592

Not to concentrate on the least embarrassing bit but who tf lists they hate cats I’m screaming

No. 828593

File: 1561713767207.jpeg (620.69 KB, 1242x1174, E26BF328-EB76-40CE-AE4B-3C4A43…)

This is the ad that popped up on the page when I opened it

Yes something more appealing than clay

No. 828605

why hasn't he listed homer simpson vagina as a demand? i do make up for the gram and ask girls online to get their tits out - that's how you dom right?

No. 828606

this content is far more interesting than anything fatboi has farted out

No. 828611

File: 1561719875395.png (404.62 KB, 1144x974, sadboi.png)

No. 828613

He thinks goth means you stay inside all day asking girls for tit pics while listening to sleeping with sirens…sheesh! Lame-o points for listing himself as one of his favorite bands.

No. 828615

Shitty taste in music, huge ego, no personality, shallow, ugly, doesn't go outside, and hates cats. Yep, seems like a real winner.

No. 828623

>I hate cats

Probably cause you can't dominate them.

No. 828625

There isn't ONE goth band he listens to. Same as Jude, she never mentioned a goth band she listens to to my knowledge.
They both are trend squatters and I hope if they try to enter the goth community, they get torn apart. Sure, impressionable teens might be all over them for the spooky aesthetics, but goth is a music-based subcilture. No one would ever take thm seriously.

Sorry for sperg/blog, but I have a hard time even calling myself goth as someone who follows the aesthetic/culture, but mostly listens to industrial, so those two getting recognized as goth (or goff, whatever) just pisses me the fuck off.

No. 828627

Wearing black does not a goth make. He's a dudebro with no friends irl, that just stays in jerking off and creating content nobody asks for.

No. 828645

Yeah when Jude started in the alt cows thread in snow we kek'd at her loving "goth" sound cloud rap, so edgy and deep. She's also one of those people that says "omg goth is not about the music that's elitist, you're goth if u say u r!" Because she doesn't like the music herself. And when fatboi became her stalker/goth student, she obviously taught him all this.

No. 828702

seriously asking myself where he heard that goths don’t go outside

no dude that just means you have poor social skills and are an asshole

No. 828838

>>828611 why do all the shit content creators have to live in washington. onision, projared/holly, leafy, and now this asshole. makes me want to move away

No. 828896

File: 1561749090158.jpeg (134.82 KB, 750x1078, 3FB570CE-5723-4D11-A743-707654…)

So we know how Judes anti porn and shit like that right? Well Shit boi here, as per usual gotta go and copy his “best friend” and go to his discord and tell everyone how porn and masturbating is bad.

No. 828898

File: 1561749129651.jpeg (112.12 KB, 720x905, EF82FA30-6128-445D-BBDE-FFDB12…)

Whoops posted the last photo fiirst ignore that

No. 828899

File: 1561749175226.jpeg (100.79 KB, 720x986, B13DBB3B-7DFC-42F3-B2F6-060461…)

No. 828900

File: 1561749197585.jpeg (102.94 KB, 720x1039, A136647B-7A68-4A7D-BAAE-1D66F8…)

No. 828902

File: 1561749230238.jpeg (122.59 KB, 750x1071, C8EF1FEB-D0B5-4DFD-BE81-4DDD7A…)

No. 828903

File: 1561749259834.jpeg (135.94 KB, 750x934, 8F4809ED-821A-4BC6-8E3B-66DBE2…)

No. 828905

File: 1561749310572.jpeg (83.71 KB, 720x703, D614ACDA-B0D6-4F2F-B1D3-06FF11…)

No. 828907

File: 1561749405480.png (553.86 KB, 750x1334, 8BF07480-303D-4B60-A224-0C612D…)

And the last one again, my apologize

No. 828915

That's not even a topic someone would discuss with their friends. Why is he taking to strangers about something like that?
Maybe he should try going out and losing his virginity, instead of being online 24/7 talking about how long he didn't masturbate and pressuring women into sending nudes.

No. 828916

Virgin, wanna be dom, who jerks off everyday, harasses female fans for nudes, and skinwalks a girl he can't be with, judging what people in actual relationships do. Top kek.

No. 828917

>>828896 hes just salty that a vibrator can please a girl more than he can.

No. 828918

Only a man with a massive superiority complex and inability to not be self absorbed would be intimidated by a sex toy “that’s some cuck shit”
God he’s one pathetic disgusting little man I can’t wait for his fall from grace(well complete mediocrity)

No. 828988

File: 1561766956665.png (448.96 KB, 491x909, Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 5.06.…)

no one gives a shit about you or your thoughts. the only ones that do are us cause we want to laugh at you for being an idiot.

No. 829033

Sorry returning to the T converstation I'm pretty sure T cheated on her? I do recall her saying that in a stream a couple months ago, I wonder why jude is still friends with him? Maybe she still likes him she obviously likes a daddy dom who fucks around hahah ie: rotten

No. 829051

File: 1561782650105.jpeg (144.13 KB, 720x1440, 8168FCFB-300E-4EC3-AE86-B0B62E…)

I just cant with how fucking dumb this dipshit is. He literally @‘s the girl asking her if irish people say that. A plead for her to start talking again maybe? Getting desperate much? Not to mention shes a mod, for “emotional support”

No. 829094

She just posted this guys

No. 829098

Hmm, if this is true she probably deserved it although it does seem weird they are still friends, i don't remember her saying that he cheated on her? Only that he has a really massive willy and ripped her oops, daddy's little girl xo

No. 829099

Well that doesn't look fucking cringe at all, cringe 100 cool 0

No. 829108

Reading all of this is infuriating, how can these kids be so blind at how shitty their "idols" are? Clay is such a sad little piss baby having to have Jude wall of text shame people out of his chat.
The fact that they both think that if the person isn't on their knees blowing you then they're not your friend. I'm glad Rosie doesn't have to deal with Jude's bitching anymore.

No. 829129

did she make that new intro herself? because if so props to her for actually making something
but saying that, I doubt she did

No. 829136

T cheated on her, but she's cheated on every single one of her boyfriends, including him

No. 829138

how is she 22 years old and talking about her love of black veil brides the fucking immature cringe

No. 829144

Just some info, I was in the server and there were kids as young as 13 and onwards there. The NSFW chat is disgusting. It consists of girls being rated by others and pressured into sending nudes by other male figures in the chat. The guys are treated like gods there it’s vile. There’s no ID needed to NSFW content there you literally just press a button saying ‘yeah lol I’m 18’ which anyone can do. The fact the NSFW place was MADE to post nudes is kinda disturbing anyway. And dont use that whole ‘body positivity 1!1!1’ line. People have also shared disturbing kinks there. Some girl describing how she gets off on the idea of stabbing someone. She was clearly a minor too. I wish I had screenshots but I left the server fairly quickly. It was disturbing. I’ll try dig some out though. If you said anyone’s fantasies were disgusting you’d get hate. It’s a dark place. Full of 15 year old emos and disturbed 20+ year olds.

No. 829147

The disturbed 20 year olds are 15 year old emos in disguise. And yeah it is NSFW, kek at how shatboi keeps saying the chat is about ~reaching out to his community~ and then asking minors to post nudes, and hiding behind Jude's sperging when someone doesn't lick either of their asses. Who would lick them though, with the amount of shit that comes out? Yikes.

No. 829159

It’s genuinely disgusting what consists of their “safe haven community” . Nsfw yet some of the people in there Aren’t even at the legal age to work

No. 829165

could you take screenshots and report the server? is reporting servers a thing? i don't use discord much.

No. 829175

File: 1561819673337.jpeg (138.69 KB, 640x553, 63E9F408-7F39-4325-9029-987B3D…)

Nobody at all:
No one on this planet:
Jude: I’m so glad my video about my love for black veil brides in 2019 help you guys so much

No. 829213

ugh, these discord screenshots are so nasty. thank u to the farmer who posted these. really sheds light onto what a sad, nasty little manlet scatboi is.

No. 829229

File: 1561836837846.jpg (276.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190629-203244_Ins…)

No. 829236

File: 1561837661414.png (65.17 KB, 477x496, Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 12.46…)

jude was the first one to join the discord lol

No. 829237

File: 1561837703324.png (155.3 KB, 375x636, Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 12.45…)

sadboi fishing for compliments as usual

No. 829238

File: 1561837742554.png (27.84 KB, 946x199, Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 12.43…)

how tf is sadboi allowed to be on here then lmao

No. 829243

File: 1561838378698.png (779.58 KB, 750x1334, 69DEF942-4B19-4D33-9363-0E8AD7…)

No. 829250

>>829243 she needs to get a life and do something aside from asking people to ask her questions. no midtier instagoth is so interesting that they need to have qnas every other day

No. 829265

Right? That’s all she does too. There’s nothing captivating or unique about her. She’s not very bright, so just hearing her talk isn’t going to keep viewers/subs/whatever around for long.

No. 829268

File: 1561841981047.jpg (261.61 KB, 720x1280, 1557432742062.jpg)

someone mentioned yuri on ice during her stream and she said "your gay is showing i'm not dealing w it"


No. 829272

File: 1561842325056.jpeg (169.42 KB, 737x899, 0E97DA4D-9D75-4DA2-8040-6914DE…)

You’re a dudebro, aged 26 that mentioned in his rambling podcast of nothing that you borrow money off your parents to support your ‘lifestyle’ - you’re not talented, you’re not hustling - just fuck off

No. 829273

Your grandma pubes hair is truly terrible, I have no idea what’s going on with that processed nightmare

No. 829277

File: 1561843075650.png (28.76 KB, 516x177, Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 2.17.…)


No. 829278

File: 1561843102049.png (69.79 KB, 437x457, Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 2.04.…)

inspired by rotten yet again

No. 829285

in a joking way or a serious way?

No. 829298

rhetorical question but wtf is "iconic" about this?

>when you have the house to yourself for a few minutes and need to take a new ~edgy~ pic for all the tweens to froth over.

No. 829369

“But you guys I totally can’t be homophobic and a cunt because I’m Bisexual even tho I’m strictly into cocks and refuse to date a woman and totally don’t make real bisexuals look bad you guys just can’t take a joke” That’s literally what Jude sounds like when she goes on these rants after she says something that people don’t like and proves what a shitty person she can be

No. 829377

File: 1561855658823.jpeg (30.45 KB, 750x278, 17E61F7F-A82C-424D-AFDE-21DBC3…)

Just saw this on a video … I thought Jude said she would convince Chloe to not like jaz and shit lol

No. 829381

Chlo is one of the only people that Jude breaks her straight edge "morals" for but forces down everyone else's throats, wonder if she'll do something similar here. Or throw a fit at her like with Rosie.

No. 829392

She does the same w being vegan . rants about veganism and attacks people who aren’t vegan but let’s her daddy and friends slide

No. 829394

I remember once on a stream she was roasting jaz for only being vegetarian and not being vegan and being like “CUZ SURE VEGETARIAN IS JUST AS GOOD FOR THE PLANET AND ANIMALS WELL DONE” and basically mocking them not being vegan with clay and they were both laughing while clay is literally not vegan or vegetarian from what I know or he’d probably feel the need to put it on his dating bio.

No. 829398

She Then goes onto rant about how boys shouldn’t be creepy and it’s disgusting and not ok and u should be able to post a vid of u getting fucked up the ass and not get creeped on …… but let’s clay slide and beg girls for nudes and pressure his fans into sending him shit and creeping on people . This was on a stream with clay btw. Such double standard for her friends

No. 829402

>>829377 what video?

No. 829403

File: 1561859869972.png (778.7 KB, 1480x809, Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 6.57.…)

i think sadboi deleted the lolcow video lmaoo

No. 829404

Just a video of some guys reviewing jasmine hooked on the look but they didn’t rlly roast they were just saying how she’s scary https://youtu.be/P_IpPCBeXIo

No. 829405

File: 1561860017637.png (724.11 KB, 1196x809, Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 7.00.…)

>>829404 i dont think you linked the right vid….?

No. 829406

File: 1561860037108.png (792.24 KB, 750x1334, 13EA1DBE-2924-4799-81D4-19640F…)

She can’t go a second without begging for her followers attention to feed her ego

No. 829407

Oh fuck sorry https://youtu.be/jHMoa2USCiw that’s it , they changed the title round from
Barcrofts og to something that was never said by anyone

No. 829408

File: 1561860413314.png (18.59 KB, 653x129, Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 7.06.…)

jude isnt gonna like this LOL. their plans to move in will already crumble

No. 829413

>haven't done a Q&A in a while
what?? all you ever do are Q&As. you can't go a day without having your fanbase pretend to be interested in what you have to say?
>ask something new and engaging, read the FAQ first
ffs what is with her entitled ass. your fans shouldn't have to wade through a bunch of your garbage just to ask YOU a question. if you get the same question just don't answer it.
>don't ask what makeup i use cause i proper don't care
sorry your fans take interest in the only thing you do besides hauls.

No. 829416

>>829406 idk if its just me but i swear she gets less and less questions sent in to her with every qna she does

No. 829546

It's funny how Jude genuinely thinks she has fans.

No. 829563

Yeah she does. Either she's being asked Qs she's got before or her fans are getting sick of it, probably both. Make some real content Jude, your channel is dying and you haven't even started it properly. Kek at how she wants to be a YT star but all she's done is lazy hauls and then silence. She wants fame without effort, and unless you pull a Kim K with a sex tape, that isn't happening.

No. 829619

Jude and jaz are both going to hyper japan do you think Jude will rip jaz apart like she said she would or cling to daddy

No. 829624

She'll probably avoid her. It won't look good if a grown woman attacks a kid.

No. 829635

A grown woman but less mature than the person who is legally a kid LOL

No. 829637

File: 1561919705324.jpg (352.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190630-193403_Ins…)

No. 829643

File: 1561921085781.jpeg (122.67 KB, 634x908, C7BDEFF3-0EBA-4F93-BC41-09F7F4…)

I can’t imagine Jude actually exercising tbh and nobody is saying that “heathy” goth is bad lmao but Jude is barley goth herself so she wouldn’t know

No. 829646

File: 1561921549800.jpeg (121.09 KB, 640x826, DB3F2A6D-FE8D-4B03-9CE7-2E8919…)

I’ve found Fatbois personal/failed music career account

No. 829648

File: 1561921572131.jpeg (89.55 KB, 636x818, E29E88F3-998E-4657-9024-6FDFA0…)

No. 829649

File: 1561921623003.jpeg (90.29 KB, 632x834, 4E8FD343-4C56-4092-806C-5DA6CB…)

No. 829652

File: 1561922216428.png (169.32 KB, 1294x530, lol.png)

He has made a goddamn song for Jude lol

No. 829656

File: 1561922625606.jpg (382.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190630-202255_Ins…)

No. 829658

>>829652 jude uses that song in her videos. his music isn't a secret, but i don't believe its been discussed before.

No. 829661

So, he was a basic edgy rapper wannabe and then decided to latch on a goth subculture.

No. 829662

No. 829706

File: 1561928285463.jpeg (157.62 KB, 746x1017, 5BBFCF89-723F-44BF-9055-7F9648…)

Oh you hate cats do you? Busted!

No. 829715

he used to look good in 2018/2017. What happened? Christ.

No. 829718

I understand that his music is not for everyone out there but what's annoying is that if he genuinely tries to be a thing, his name is already connected to lolcow. For some wild reason that he breaks out in the scene or whatever, this'll what'll pop up if you type in mysadboiaccount_ and maybe scace. Or both. All the screenshots of him pressuring girls into sending nudes, etc. He really screwed himself over, hah.

No. 829734

It was discussed very briefly in the previous thread, someone found the link to his soundcloud of bad trap music. Lmao bet he thinks it's sooo goth. Just like Jude, no wonder he holds onto her so hard, she preaches a fake version of goth he can be without actually liking goth music. And from his dating profile he lists loads of emo bands, omg how hardcore. The definition of try hard poser who uses goth as a label for instagram.

No. 829750

Cop that receding hairline

No. 829751

She mentions she has a batman complex in this and that's so cringy

No. 829764

File: 1561936524445.jpeg (158.42 KB, 750x1072, 098EF42A-8DAE-485D-88CD-1F32E4…)

I’m straight edge and sickened by drug users, but I pretend on the gram I sip lean before I met my self righteous wank doll Jude

No. 829789

File: 1561939591685.png (698.21 KB, 1086x1070, 0-comments.png)

No. 829913

>June 27 2019
Fairly recent, wonder why he's started now even though he has his discord harem?

No. 830048

File: 1562000142074.png (338.42 KB, 484x914, Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 9.53.…)

>lists himself as single

No. 830364

File: 1562030521443.png (382.32 KB, 479x929, Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 6.21.…)

wow. what good advice, rotten. not totally obvious at all.

No. 830371

Anyone else notice that Jude has been less outspoken since this thread came about? Like she goes on and on about how little fucks she gives but it honestly seems like she’s starting to shut up for once. Or it could be because of the Jazmin drama.

No. 830424

File: 1562043382008.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-01-23-11-06…)

Looks like she's just having personal issues. I wonder why

No. 830503

She’s just written a whole caption about being sad today she’s so attention seeking yes Jude people get sad u don’t have to state it in a paragraph five times so ur fans will run to u and ask if their princess is okay

No. 830504

She thinks she’s being inspiring and revolutionary by saying she’s sad today , a lot of people are sad saying you are sad doesn’t make you totally transparent the realest of the real

No. 830600

Omg guys I feel so sad today, like I vaguepost about every other day, without any explanation why because that's private even though I also bring it up so much. Pay attention to me. I'm so real, deep and different.
Saving the world one whine at a time. Keep it up Bishop.

No. 830688

Jude : I think it’s so important to keep it real with u goffgang, I say the truth I’m honest with u guys I don’t give a fuck

A fan : why are you sad

Jude : I don’t owe u fucking anything I’ll share what I want stop asking me personal questions ur being a cunt

No. 830715

>is a "goth" youtuber and finally makes a video about music
>makes a video about fucking black veil brides

No. 831076

I think it’s hilarious that when you search #goffgang on Instagram it’s all just teenyboppers sucking up to her, teenyboppers doing her shity makeup or fatboi.
Child fan base confirmed

No. 831085

File: 1562132420118.png (322.9 KB, 600x544, Screenshot 2019-07-02 at 10.39…)

the contour omfg he doesnt even blend it out, i thought he had a neckbeard at first holy shit

No. 831135

File: 1562143310859.jpeg (461.11 KB, 750x1035, A192E13E-01BD-4B90-BF37-7E482B…)

Goth my ass, not even sports goth. Putting on some poorly executed makeup and wearing gray sweats?! He looks like a pudgy baby. You can’t sort that neckline with a dirty black chin strap.

No. 831186

No. 831222

"it's not just sprite" yeah okay very believable

No. 831250

Rosie and chloe both commented on jazmins recent post are we going to be seeing a bitch fit from princess Jude soon?

No. 831635

Lol this cow only wishes she was goth! She just another wannabe goth who only listens to sound crappers and emo music- o bet she couldn’t name a single goth band without having to use google. Bet she looks up to toxic crap and her fake boyfriend. Highly doubt she has a “daddy” too at this point. Bet she’s only saying that for attention.

No. 831644

File: 1562204615337.png (38.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-07-04-02-38-26…)

Something is definitely going on between them two, Judes really sad and hanging out with this new guy called Jamie @pyromantic_prince who is definitely her type! And rotten posts this^ it's says "what a mess"

No. 831678

Jamie is trans, I don't think Jude would be in to him concerting shes "Strictly into dicks"

No. 831722

>>831644 yeah they had to have had some kind of argument or broke up, probably because rotten wants to keep it on the dl and jude was fed up with it. i was also intrigued by pyromantic prince and jude suddenly promoting him but unless hes had bottom surgery i doubt jude would be into him.

No. 831792

Yeh she’ll probably develop “feelings” for this guy but then won’t want to be with them for their genitals but will probably post some ‘woke shit’ about being attracted to someone’s personality or some bullshit whilst also missing her fake “daddy”

No. 831801

at least jude left the flat for once

No. 831803

>>831678 she already said she wouldn't date a trans person

No. 831815

Rotten hasn’t been over there in over a week that’s not v normal for their routine that she said they had

No. 831868

File: 1562248575338.png (1.09 MB, 359x640, IMG_3415.PNG)

But she can't take her eyes off lolcow…

No. 831902

>>831815 she also hasnt posted a comment on rottens photos in quite some time

No. 831967

File: 1562264918256.jpg (327.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190704-192820_Ins…)

Not sure if milk

No. 831983

shocking - 20 something jude finds rebound love in an unbalanced relationship with a fuckboy that's ashamed of her that doesn't last forever and ever

No. 831990

File: 1562268318638.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, FEEF1B91-CF97-4F89-B79A-7C6335…)

Trouble in paradise!

No. 831993

File: 1562269420001.jpg (348.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190704-144237_Ins…)

How did rotten go from this to a Jake lookalike? He also smokes - unless he stopped but there is a photo of him smoking.

No. 831995

File: 1562269621291.jpg (515.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190704-144639_Ins…)

He looks basic without makeup.

No. 831996

I don’t like the piercings and makeup, but he’s got a symmetrical face, good bone structure and pretty eyes.

No. 832000

File: 1562270065147.jpg (362.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190704-145205_Ins…)

Not the exact photo of him smoking but here's one. Doesn't matter if it was a vape or not - doesn't make him straight edged. Maybe a nitpick, especially since quitting is a thing, but…this exists.

No. 832001

Rotten probably had enough of Jude's tantrums.

No. 832006

I wonder if they met during one of Jude's rare outings. His entire feed (to an extent) and his tagged photos show off a social life and Jude's…well. Her IG is new but it's like she has no friends aside from sadboi.

No. 832012

They must have met online like all of her friends

No. 832014

Probably. Will meets a lot of people from online - at least that's what I see from his 2015 posts.

No. 832064

I’m pretty sure jazmin and rotten were at the same party a couple of weeks ago they were posting at the same place and someone I follow was there

No. 832078

I absolutely fucking hate the way she overdraws her lipstick then on top literally does the duck face. Fucking cringe

No. 832083


Also because pyromantic Prince has 2 inch long nipples

No. 832185

Holy fuck he does

No. 832233

don't fucking encourage him.
>>831995 is right, he looks as basic as they come.

No. 832478


She still follows him though, just checked.

No. 832485

File: 1562354610810.jpg (239.25 KB, 702x1045, 20190705_202206.jpg)

No. 832487

File: 1562354645243.jpg (193.46 KB, 720x817, 20190705_202230.jpg)

>>832485 she truly is changing the world. What an inspiration.

No. 832498

showing off your conventionally attractive boobs isn't revolutionary jude

No. 832528

Right? She only made the caption to humble brag.

>Guys, others are showing off their fake tits, but my boobs are all natural!

No. 832544

>>832487 i hate when people post nudes under the guise of "body positivity" when in reality they just want an excuse to feel like theyre doing something noble when they're not. jude is a white, thin, conventionally attractive young woman. you're not pushing any boundaries.

No. 832581

with all that airbrushing, they might as well be fake kek

No. 832637

File: 1562373634411.jpeg (516.42 KB, 750x1071, 33318E43-B019-4600-ADA3-D0D279…)

Nah. They’re hanging out at an Andy Black concert tonight. Looks like they’re good.

No. 832680

I don’t think she could name a single goth band without using google. Just another fake wannabe insta goth like Toxic crybaby who licks Killstars ass.

No. 832700


I dread to ask what qualifies as a Goth band nowadays because my own answers would be showing my age.

No. 832817

we've already established he's not straight edge. he does hard drugs. jude is a hypocrite.

No. 832978

File: 1562438692376.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 27DB21CB-00AC-4BFE-9A82-20C4C5…)

Come on, the two of you just admit that you’re banging - but fuckboy rotten shallow won’t have any of it I guess.

No. 832981

File: 1562439196903.jpeg (463.36 KB, 2048x2048, AD9D54D8-F4CC-4B88-99CB-AB7829…)

Up to date slug compilation

No. 833018

Can we spoiler the tongue pics? They're kinda gross since it looks like Jude never brushes her fucking tongue

No. 833057

File: 1562447430977.jpg (41.83 KB, 327x480, jude.jpg)

our goff kween is here to remind us that not drawing loads of chains and inverted crosses and shit on your face is baby bat behaviour

No. 833173

Not raceb8ing but she doesn't look "white" tbh. Not pure "white", anyway. I can't be the only one who sees it. She reminds me of felice fawn in the sense that she'd try to push the "white" gimmick but she looked ethnic and others noticed it as well.

No. 833277

She’s very obviously white, like maybe she’s got some distant ethnicity to her but yeah, white as bread

No. 833278

Are you blind anon? June is whiter than flour and doesnt have any "ethnic" features other than those of an average Caucasian.

No. 833280

you’re the only one who sees it

No. 833307

File: 1562514412324.jpeg (464.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-07-06-23-27-18…)

Am I the only one that doesn't understand Jaz's whole being trans thing? She dresses like a lolita-uwu-nymphette and has girly long hair, how is she dysphoric? Wouldn't she want to hide that she's a girl?

No. 833318

Jaz doesn’t want to be a boy … and they like to dress like that it’s not hard to understand they want a genderless voice w hormones and no chest they explain it a lot . Why are you even bringing that up in a Jude thread that’s not milk lmao

No. 833322

File: 1562515859082.jpeg (106.79 KB, 598x952, 90054A6C-8857-465E-AEB9-EB5000…)

Holy shit they managed to make the sim look as retarded as Jude

No. 833324

Just because they like bright and j fashion femme clothes doesn’t mean they aren’t dysphoric u need to educate urself on that . clothes are just fabric and dysphoria comes from the body it’s not the same

No. 833325

Not sure if milk but jaz is hanging out with rottens friends

No. 833333

Jazz is a woman, will always be a woman, and within a few years she and all the rest of you attention-seekers are going to regret that you permanently mangled your bodies in pursuit of being ~special~. Also, lern 2 sage

No. 833338

File: 1562518724859.jpeg (19.19 KB, 600x600, EF342770-A8F0-4399-A3B5-5105CA…)

/tinfoil/ but this thread has one anon who doesn’t seem to know how to reply to posts and only talks about that jaz chick

No. 833342

it's a mate of jaz or jaz, but who cares - they're doing far better at life than jude, who can't even work out how to make merch. but i digress - this is a thread about our needy bishop.

No. 833346

Alright sadboi

No. 833353

File: 1562521790310.jpeg (252.77 KB, 750x1180, FD1DE609-5E30-4E30-A0A9-8750D0…)

Speaking of…the only people who look at your unwanted content is us…to laugh at it.

No. 833370

>>833333 mate calm it down. your personal bigotry doesnt constitute milk. either you're jude, sadboi, or a fan of either who wants to derail the thread. gtfo

No. 833429

I know we're a bunch of bitches, but go off on actual idiots like Jude and Fatboi - not a minor that has nothing to do with these fools.(autism; non-integration)

No. 833575

File: 1562559342229.png (471.19 KB, 720x1079, wp_ss_20190708_0004.png)

This was a few days ago but why does she always post about being ~sad~? Especially for someone who tries so hard to be edgy and deep and equates herself to Batman. Unless this is one of her ways of showing how deep she is. Her last line is hypocritical, she never "does" anything about being sad except do generic vagueposts. Also simpering about rotten hollow again, is whatever they seemed to be arguing about over now?

No. 833658

File: 1562581687626.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, 3FCC51F4-837B-4B50-B405-B3F4D0…)

You just know fatboi is so fucking jealous right now

No. 833661

File: 1562582714171.png (283.74 KB, 527x299, ana.png)

Is pyro an anachan on top of being a fakeboi? Look at that ribcage.

No. 833677

this is a blatant sponsership post. she's done it in the worst way possible as well. it doesn't even sound like she's convinced by the words she's saying.

No. 833744

Yo I went to check out this pyro dude’s insta and they were like “5 months ago I lost my family including my mom to a plane crash” but then they took a pic with their mom less than 5 months ago lmao wut(newfaggotry)

No. 833766

please learn to sage

does he even have patrons? why would anyone listen to him

No. 833767

Caps? This is an image board

No. 833808

Pretty sure it says the uncle died and the rest were injured but it’s some horrible as fuck sentence structure and doesn’t make much sense

No. 834026

File: 1562639025333.png (22.15 KB, 410x183, Screenshot 2019-07-08 at 7.16.…)

shitboi really added "don't say sorry if you don't mean it" to his bio instead of #youcantkillanidea. god how unbearable. if you dont want to apologize, fine, but dont go around parading it like youre tough. you got into a stupid argument with a literal teenager about a makeup look, insulted her on a livestream, and now you're putting this little tag in your description like the insecure little worm you are. i wonder if this is directed towards jude as well, seeing how jude (surprisingly) apologized.

No. 834248

File: 1562682319050.jpg (479.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190709-152417_Ins…)

Rosie made 3 stories dedicated to Jazbeans brand

No. 834308

it's been discussed before that she did a make up video using jazmin's make up before, this isn't really milk

No. 834365

Didn't Jude & Rose say they were making a Q&A video together and then never?

No. 834368

File: 1562695362608.jpg (220.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190709-190126_Ins…)

No. 834373

File: 1562695759464.jpg (362.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190709-190130_Ins…)

No. 834400

File: 1562698208314.jpeg (220.22 KB, 750x1234, 2A5F07B9-3B88-45C6-BEE6-3AB3EB…)

Yoooooo it doesn’t say he’s single anymore and it says ‘let’s save the world together’ hello Jude’s daddy ur finally admitting to it slowly but surely

Also in his stories he talk about being more vegan and not smoking anymore lmao

He also talks shit and tells someone who doesn’t like their body to ‘make it better’

Confirmed: Jude’s daddy is as trashy as she is (guess we knew already tho)

No. 834479

How long until jude gets knocked up?

No. 834588

She’s stated multiple times that if she ever got pregnant she would get an abortion even though she has technically unprotected sex but she does have a birth control that goes in her arm she’s said she would get a abortion because shes her “Daddy’s only baby and princess” as most littles do. But tbh do we really want the people reproducing and possibly putting a poor child at risk all for some sick fetish

No. 834691

it honestly is bs that someone keeps reporting her images. she's not promoting cutting or self-harm, and she can't go around wearing long sleeves forever

No. 834883


Eh, it comes with the territory. She doesn't have to upload pictures of her arms at all, it can easily be cropped. She likes the outcry, means she can play the ickle baby victim.

No. 834906

Her arms are absolutely triggering to some people.
She's also showing them on purpose cause she wants people to notice, there's no reason to stand like that

>being daddys only baby and princess
Oh wow, good on her going down that pedophile route

Fucking disgusting.

No. 834912

Oop finally says Rottens not single 👀 doesn’t explain why he’s not following Jude now tho UNLESS he’s found someone else and shes thrown a tantrum hence the passive aggressive insta stories at each other // could also be trying to remove the scent

No. 835000

File: 1562780072329.jpeg (303.04 KB, 750x1090, 3CF912FC-ED0E-41A5-ACD4-1C4FD8…)

He’s still following her and he commented on her most recent photo which he hasn’t done in quite some time.

No. 835397

her nose contour is killing me

No. 835783

Yeah she only ever contours with black, for that ~aesthetic~. Though it just looks… Dirty? Insane nit pick I know. But like, use grey or something.

No. 835812

what contour? drawing black lines in ur face isn't contouring.

No. 835818

it makes her nose look even bigger

No. 835879

Holy shit, this. She always looks SO dirty. Especially when she does random lines/spots all over her face. It drives me fuckin nuts.

No. 835912

File: 1562884113082.png (387.97 KB, 750x1334, 26818170-9799-4FF8-BD1D-3A39F4…)

Do we reckon she made this account herself or do you think there’s a poor kid out there who’s actually devoted their time to this

No. 836000


Anon that's a big ass reach. She's been poses like that in every other picture for the longest and she literally can't do anything about her arms at this point. People are being a dick and that's it.

No. 836007

>>835912 oh god… this is sad

No. 836262

>she helps me understand the good things about people
Jude only does that being a shit person in comparison.

No. 836311


Anon, if she's going to base her entire life around instagram, then maybe she should make better life choices. My arms are similarly fucked and I don't try to have an insta career showing off my body. It's simple. Use another platform, or follow the rules insta lays down. It's easy AF to take photos that crop your arms out, or use certain poses, or cover up with clothing, or take photos of something other than yourself all the time.

No. 836312


Writes exactly the same way as Jude

No. 836426

File: 1562948137804.jpeg (93.5 KB, 616x900, 8A7CF7D1-99A6-482A-8304-FFFEE9…)

Pyromaniac prince’s bio says he/him yet he tags his posts as non binary and androgynous lmao

No. 836568

No. 836578

"jude has stayed the same since she was 14" yeah I think we can tell

No. 836583

They both made it seem like the drugs thing was the reason they aren't close anymore. Jude is a huge bitch over being straight edge

No. 836600

No. 836609

>>836568 fuckin hell this video made me cringe. rosie is selfish for not telling her friend about something as benign as smoking weed, therefore their friendship must end. meanwhile jude is going to be moving in with a chimneystack. ugh

No. 836611

I know right, at some point it looked like she was about to make Rosie cry tbh
for real though, good for Rosie to get out of there

No. 836617

>>836568 why does jude feel so entitled to information that doesnt concern her lol

No. 836628

I laughed out loud when they said the "drug" was weed.

No. 836656

There are times in the video you can hear Rosie's voice crack its sad. And although I don't, or didn't, have any strong feelings against jude after seeing this video and her attitude towards Rosie I just think shes a straight up c*nt now.

No. 836668


It made me sad when Rosie really had a cracking voice and tears in her eyes and Jude just sitting their like excuse me, all the time you state you still cool but you cannot for once say sth even like "hey, it is okay"?

I mean I totally get that drugs, no matter if weed or heroin, can destroy a friendship - i couldnt handle my best friend suddenly smoking weed either but how must Jude habe treated her that she was literally scared for months to twll her best friend…

Rosie deserves better. She is by far not the perfect girl but seems so lovely and genuine compared to Jude

No. 836671

Jude really comes across as very controlling so I'm not shocked that Rosie was scared, she still sounds like it in the vid.

I'm also straight edge too-someone needs to tell jude its no excuse to be an ass to people especially if you were friends with them. I get they have to live apart but when jude was like "yeah we're not gonna see each other ever again" like-isnt that extreme? Maybe its good because tbh rosie deserves a better friend.

No. 836678

it's probably just to get more likes or views. it's not that deep

No. 836705

So rosie can't smoke weed, but it's fine when chloe does it? Plus chloe smokes like 30 cigs a day. How will jude cope?

No. 836707

File: 1562968613715.jpg (322.57 KB, 720x1232, 20190712_225642.jpg)

Cow crossover

No. 836713


I remember Jude once mentioned that it is fine if they do whatever but are honest - which Rosie wasnt.
Cant blame Rosie though

No. 836721

Not to tinfoil but given all that info I get the feelings rosie doing weed is being used as an excuse for the real reason jude wants her out.

No. 836772

Idk they were originally thinking jude would move but she is unemployed so Rosie is instead, so that doesn’t fit into the idea of her having a different motive.

I think the issue is that Jude is black and white about things and is upset that Rosie isn’t the same as her with beliefs. From how they talk they were really similar when they met and probably bonded. Rosie grew up once she met ppl and moved to London. Jude has not. So it isn’t really about weed, it is just an example of how Rosie has changed and Jude cannot handle it. She is upset about the not knowing everything Rosie does thing.

But if Chloe is someone she met as a smoker, then it’s already a different friendship. There is no pretending that they are sooo similar and think the same. I also don’t think Chloe will be a push over, especially since Jude needs them to have a place to live since she has like 2 friends

No. 836921

I feel like Jude would have more of a struggle to find a new place to live since she’s unemployed. But because she’s the lead tenant in the current flat then she doesn’t have to worry about any of that which would make it easier for her if Rosie moved out.

Jude’s a fucking twat and she came across that way the entire video. If your mates scared to tell you something about them then you’re probably shit. Take the hint.

No. 836928


nitpick but fuuucking hell is Jude's voice grating as shit

No. 836930

Probably the real reason they fell out too, Jude is immature and hasn't grown as a person since 14, while Rose has. Bet it was little things building up over time and the weed thing just sending it all over the (straight) edge.

Agree with >>83677, she's ok with her ddlg friends smoking cos she knew up front, Rose "secretly" starting weed is betrayal in her mind. Rose could've told her and stopped her blowing up, but hey maybe that's exactly why she held off telling her. Either way, good they can still share a laugh, but yeah stop sharing living space. Rose, find a friend who appreciates you.

No. 836947

Rosie literally says she is not good at confronting outspoken people like Jude and it made their communication off. As her friend would you not want to help her feel more confident around you Jude? Or do you need to keep up that edgy and tough persona all the time like you did when you were fourteen, kek.

No. 836956

Jude really seems like she wants all the attention and all the information, not respecting any of Rose's boundaries. Having dealt with fiends like that I really feel for Rose, I hope she continues to grow her friend group with people who respect her.

No. 836970

File: 1562983625439.png (32.14 KB, 417x250, Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 2.41.…)

>jude really values the truth
>lets her boyfriend pretend hes single for months on end

yeah ok sure

No. 837155

I have a feeling that if Rosie had told Jude upfront that she'd started smoking weed, Jude would have still gone off on her. It seems like Jude holds her to a very high standard, and maybe that's due to their shared history, but no one is the same as they were in school (apart from Jude, apparently). Rosie's gonna have a much better time with supportive friends who aren't hypocrites. And I can't imagine that Will's stopped doing class As.

No. 837173

…so basically what I said with added descriptions from the video? OK then.

No. 837206

I skipped through this but the amount of times Jude interrupted Rose and basically 'corrected' her was too much, and of course Rose just agrees because I don't think she has much other option.

No. 837254

Couldn't get through the whole thing but honestly I think this will be great for Rosie and I hope she continues to grow and build her confidence away from Jude. The fact Jude is so proud of not changing since 14 is so weird, like, that's not a compliment… you can tell how teenage-minded she is just from how she talks. I don't know how Rosie has managed this long tbh

No. 837796

File: 1563083018327.png (320.08 KB, 487x916, Screenshot 2019-07-13 at 10.42…)

>jude is the special guest
it's not like he has any other friends

No. 838193

idk if we've spoken about this yet, but clay always has the same three people in his lives. this evie giirl,some tranny named alex and an ass kisser whos name i cant remember, something with an m.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 838221

I always thought she was super pale from her videos but dang she looks quite dark next to Rosie.

No. 838224

Sage for nit picking as fuck: Why does Jude's makeup look… dirty? It looks a bit like that in some of her own pics and i thought it was just lighting, but here she looks it and Rosie looks fine next to her.

No. 838428

File: 1563191345349.jpg (296.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190715-124746_Ins…)

No. 838455

It seems the general response to the vid is that most people think Jude is controlling and being really over the top. Imagine being so arrogant that you feel you have the moral high ground to basically kick someone out because 'they've changed' and being proud that you've stayed the same since you were 14. What the hell is Jude gonna do when her baby friends are all stoned in their rooms shagging their daddies? She's going to be livid.

Side note, she looks dirty because she doesn't know basic colour theory and just uses black eye shadow rather than varying darker tones.

No. 838519

File: 1563208705108.jpg (412.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190715-173642_Ins…)

Chloe is no longer moving in with jude, along with metal princess.

No. 838570

Ha ha, no one wants to live with Jude.

No. 838582

Jude's case of arrested development is so extreme, no wonder she said she always needs to be in a relationship. She has no desire to be an independent adult.

Everyone her age is starting to leave her behind because they're all growing into themselves and Jude is too stubborn to leave behind the edgy 14 year old act. She's going to end up being the next Raven.

No. 838617

File: 1563221635531.png (339.67 KB, 1440x1832, Screenshot_2019-07-15-07-39-25…)

No. 838624

File: 1563222661789.png (275.45 KB, 1439x1574, Screenshot_2019-07-15-07-38-33…)

No. 838627

God she's soooooo jealous of Rosie. We're approaching the meltdown event horizon.

No. 838670

don’t namefag weetabixman69

No. 838718

why does she have to go out of her way to fight with everyone who leaves a hate comment lol.

No. 838732

She’s so quick to jump on the “me and Rosie are good okay!!!” Bandwagon as if that means shit when Rosie was very obviously distressed in the video. Jude thinks they are fine because as Rosie said, she’s not one for confrontation, so Jude can walk all over her and say what she wants because she knows Rosie wouldn’t dare disagree with the almighty Jude.

No. 838866

Speaking of that! Notice how in metal princesses story about not moving in with Jude anymore, she says the very typical Jude thing: “for reasons I don’t wanna share”. It sounds a lot like what was going on when the drama between Rosie and Jude started. My thoughts are that Jude makes ppl say that when something happens involving her. Idk if she threatens them or whatever but she’s definitely hiding something that’s her fault.

No. 838908

Knowing Jude she probably told them to become straight edge before they move in to the appartment.
Hopefully she has money from her family or she'll be kicked out in no time.

No. 838919

I honestly think it’s not fair that people are shaming Rosie for not telling Jude she smoked weed. Realistically Rosie is an adult, and no adult has to answer to anyone about what they choose to do in their free time. Jude preaches that “I don’t owe anyone anything” bullshit while ending a friendship because she wasn’t told something.

No. 838924

To be fair - other than the underage weiners that worship Jude - I think the general consensus is Rosie has done nothing wrong and Jude is a sanctimonious child who doesn't know how to live in the real world or outside her bedroom walls. I bet you even her daddy doesn't want to move in with her.

No. 839043

>>838519 i wonder if they took rosie's side in all this, and they realized jude is crazy. especially since chloe smokes weed herself.

No. 839121

File: 1563311760524.png (1.69 MB, 950x1194, Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.1…)

jesus christ this image…… also she edited her fringe to look more white terribly. look at the edge of the fringe

No. 839132

Her tongue makes me so uneasy it’s always slightly coated it seems?? Nitpick I know but bleh

No. 839134

File: 1563313713023.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 5CF702C1-E831-4EA4-9B6B-DC4ACB…)

Think she’s legit black and white filtered that section of her hair bc part of her forehead is done on this one kek nice try Jude

No. 839193

Jude you could afford toner and bleach if you got a job.

No. 839208

Now that Jude will be alone, no Rosie, no Chloe or monster princess, and also no job, how is she going to fund herself? She said in the "me and Rosie are ok!!1" video that it's her bank account the rent comes from… But where is that coming from? Parents? Daddy? Would they be willing to shell out more for the unemployed self righteous ~baby~?

No. 839218

I was gonna say jude must have some decent cash if she can live alone in london-even outer greater london is expensive.
Unless this is the reason they said rosie isnt getting kicked out yet-they are waiting for jude to find another flatmate(s) so she can afford to let rosie go.

No. 839267

This is the ugliest photo ever.

No. 839275

Actually the entire photoset is ugly - they're her worst to date.

No. 839342

She says she has 'savings' - from what?? It means inheritance or her parents are paying for her to sit in London going mental on the internet.

No. 839384

this is some of the worst makeup i've seen in a while. none of it is appealing. the bandaids, the stickers. the white out lips.

No. 839468

On one side I understand that they bonded over straight edge bullshit and Jude's disappointed that Rosie started smoking and couldn't be honest with her. On the other side I totally understand that Rosie, instead of Jude, matured. She doesn't owe Jude an explanation for every thing she does and I totally understand why she was scared of Jude and rather stayed silent.
If I had a roommate who was aggressive and crazy 24/7 I'd be scared about telling them something that'd piss them off, too.

No. 839598

I went back and watched Jude's day in the life video and it was so depressing. Her life is so empty that she plans out all of her social media interactions, right down to checking discord. She seriously needs to get a job, her 12 year old audience is going to think it's cool to be a greasy neet.

No. 839618

It really was tragic. Down to not being able to make a cup of tea and the total trash she eats. If I had a day like that it would be a depressing wasted day. In her mind she was keeping it real, but in reality she's unemployed and her only real meaning in life is being someone's girlfriend. That's such a uninspiring fart of a message to be sending out to the kids.

No. 839741

File: 1563427597385.jpg (942.07 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190718_002421.jpg)

New post. I hope this Daddy trip brings some milk.

No. 839754

Tinfoil: she'll come back as a huge stoner and will become an even more anoying fake goth talking about how weed solves all the worlds problems

No. 839817

Her duck lips make her look constipated

No. 839828

File: 1563459790298.jpeg (200.1 KB, 750x1030, 0A5F8216-18D1-4EBA-B010-9D1968…)

Jude you’re clearly keeping an eye on this thread
Excuses about shitty hair editing enclosed

No. 839853

How can she say she didn't edit it when it's two different colors I-

No. 839868

No. 839909

Enough with these NEETs with no life experience churning out advice on their socials. In a recent Jude Q&A when someone asked her how they could be more body confident her insightful advice was to 'make your body better'…

No. 839935

>>839868 they equated not wanting to date a person bc of their genitals as the same thing as not wanting to date someone bc of the colour of their skin jfc

No. 839946

>>839868 guys im not transphobic i have a trans friend

No. 839981

I mean I think they were trying to talk about discriminating against trans people's genitals, but they instead said "if you base attraction on anyone's genitals you're ignorant." They know what sexual preferences means right? A gay girl will more likely want someone with a vag. And Jude specifically said "ignorant" when a few times on IG she said she's strictly into cocks. Hmm.

No. 840042

File: 1563489518793.gif (2.61 MB, 294x200, 5B4AF5B1-8691-4FA3-A059-C45963…)

This is all I can see

No. 840052

>>839981 yeah lmao her hypocrisy knows no bounds

No. 840418

As proven by their fellow BVB attenders.. definitely shagging her at least. Apparently they were all over each other at the gig.

(Cropped out the fan who took the photo as they're under 18)(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 840419

File: 1563546245639.jpg (107.23 KB, 476x611, IMG_0195.jpg)

No. 841010

File: 1563613446739.jpg (471.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190720-100240_Ins…)

Its only okay when jude is transphobic

No. 841033

More like its only Jude who gets to use words period. Theres no explicit language and like the tamest basic "neopronouns are dumb" but in a fake deep way which people are allowed to say
Jude can't seriously sit around getting fingerbanged while pretendig to be a toddler and talk about that publically without being reported, but a random you dont agree with can't post something? Very censorship, v not radical of you Jewd.

No. 841062

>guys please report this transphobic account!!
>close friends with sadboi who doesnt respect pronouns/gender identity


No. 841108

She's been going really hard on this transphobia shit since we brought it up. Even went out and grabbed a fakeboy to use as an accessory.

No. 841428

She's basically a fame whore and with that comes trend-hopping. She's late to this trend but well she was late to social media in the first place… And has already fucked herself over. The first google result for her name is this thread kek. Good luck with that "influencer" stuff Jude, you'll need it cos for all the blind fans you have you're still a shit person. Hypocritical, god complex, spergy tantrum throwing, immature, attention thirsty, edgelord, need i go on?

No. 841488

She’s trying to be a model now, sharing some instagram brands model search. Perhaps her trying to take on another “lazy” job, little does she know Instagram models get paid zero, they’ll occasionally get free clothes but in the case that she knows it she’s a fucking scab considering she can spend 500 pounds on killstar

No. 841698

File: 1563736929633.png (451.01 KB, 487x912, Screenshot 2019-07-21 at 12.20…)

clayton in his true form

No. 841937

File: 1563763162195.png (136.71 KB, 1440x693, Screenshot_2019-07-21-19-19-22…)

Cow crossover with rottingd0ll on her newest post

No. 841941

File: 1563763398795.png (570.99 KB, 934x579, judenewpost.PNG)

No. 841975

She can’t deny rotten being her daddy now like it’s pretty obvious already but this post is a straight up confession

No. 841988

What is this angle? And her terrible duck face? How did she think this picture was good enough to post…Also she tries to hard to sound deep and intellectual. It just comes off like rehearsed personality. She's going to be the next Vicky Shingles if she doesn't catch a dose of reality. Everything about Jude is fake. It's all just a mask she hides behind. I don't know if she could be real if she tried.

No. 841999

File: 1563767940671.jpg (107 KB, 1080x1349, fatboi.jpg)

From the discord

No. 842000

File: 1563767962754.jpg (84.42 KB, 1080x1350, fatboi1.jpg)

his makeup is so messy

No. 842008

is this supposed to be like plastic surgery because you dont even make incisions there. it looks a mess

No. 842011

it's so sad that every single one of her outfit and make up pics is taken in her bedroom by her tripod. it's just so pitiful

No. 842054

>>841941 god the fake deep captions kill me

No. 842081

File: 1563777505069.jpeg (70.72 KB, 640x374, 9E04FA17-1E53-43F3-B1F4-7303EE…)

No. 842104

birds of a feather and all they seem like they'd get along in a very horrific way

No. 842132

I too would be dropping hints if my 'daddy' was flaunting himself as single on his social medias and probably elsewhere lmao.

No. 842183

File: 1563806155853.jpg (520.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190722-153522_Ins…)

Chloe is hanging out with rosie

No. 842213

>I love being in nature, I'm so deep you guys, I'm ~breathing in the night~
>bathroom selfie

No. 842241

No. 842250

>>842241 she didn't address why she chose the word rotten on one of the dummys.
She spent £40 on the two..hows the employment going Jude?

No. 842319

Jude and Chloe don’t follow each other anymore.

No. 842325

She said she has some serious stuff going on in her most recent post. Must be the loss of her friends lol wouldn't be surprised if she was kicked out.
She should be, anyhow. From the outside perspective it seems like her aggressive nature is pushing the entire situation into a "Jude's fault" sector - and we don't even know what went down.

No. 842333

File: 1563819886135.jpg (642.06 KB, 1429x2111, Screenshot_20190722-142440_Ins…)

No. 842513

Was curious as to the quality of the podcasts SadBoi makes, his most recent one he talks about how he used to be a fucking drug dealer (mentions ecstasy and weed)…how does that fit in with straight edged Jude?

No. 842515

Sage for reeing ^^ but I feel like my Iq dropped and I lost 5 years of my life watching that podcast video fml(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 842545


It’s a suicide squad Harley Quinn styled dummy and she has rotten tattooed on her cheek in the movie

No. 842562

File: 1563843500009.png (22.61 KB, 236x301, judepatreon.PNG)

Did her patreon subs fall? I thought she made around $90 from patreon

No. 842564

People is at least realising how much of a shitty person she is

No. 842629

When I checked last time it was $100 and yes I believe she had 6 so one has dropped her.

No. 842727

>"yeah i still can't afford a mic or a camera"
>"so i dropped £40 on adult pacis"
Kek it's clear you have other priorities Jude and don't actually care about YT. It just seems cool to be an influencer and force your followers to think exactly like you, so you shit out some low quality hauls every few weeks.

No. 842868

It's weird how clean and refreshing Rosie's x5 photos are compared to Jude's. Might be because the photos are focused on her while Jude's have everything in focus.

No. 842946

File: 1563913607353.jpg (322.09 KB, 720x1138, 20190723_212559.jpg)

New post. When will she learn that people follow her mostly because of the way she looks?

No. 842950

>I wish I didn't wear the makeup

Then wash your face?

No. 842952

>"sometimes i wish i didn't wear the make up or have the style i have"

bitch this is a CHOICE you make. i'm seriously dying about how she's trying to make it seem like she's carrying some huge burden. what a martyr.

No. 842958

>i am in no way a makeup artist or a makeup//fashion account

how the fuck can she say this seriously lol. literally all you do are hauls and makeup. no one listens to you because youre a rude immature cunt. you are not a beacon of wisdom, youre just a goth girl on instagram with a bunch of teenage fans desperately trying to gain validation for your own self-worth through how much others pay attention to you.

No. 843042

I love how all Judes friends are now finding out how much of a bitch she is, Rosie and Chloe are chill and im happy they cut Jude out of their lives

No. 843086

File: 1563929227238.jpg (637.61 KB, 1080x1773, 20190723_194526.jpg)

Jude is losing friends as Rosie gains them all. Or, at the very least, keeps them. Peep pyromantic.

No. 843269

Coming from the girl who complains when people report her instagram posts and "censoring" her.

No. 843331

File: 1563966899558.jpg (451.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190724-121448_Ins…)

Still begging

No. 843332

File: 1563966920281.jpg (400.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190724-121454_Ins…)

No. 843344

Imagine having to do a “boyfriend reveal” lmao

No. 843381

Wtf is there to reveal? She knows everyone knows it’s Rotten.

No. 843413

Literally having to cover their hands bc it’s rotten and he has tattoos all over em

Lmao remember when she refused to answer things or reveal anything about him but now it’s the only content she can make bc she’s such a shut in

and metal princess and clo don’t follow her etc anymore soo he’s literally all she has it’s kinda sad

No. 843447

is there any milk on why chlo and metal princess unfollowed jude? i can't seem to find anything as to why but it may just be me being a retard. seems they unfollowed and started hanging out with rosie instead when jude ditched rosie for smoking weed?

saged for absolutely no contribution to the thread whatsoever, just asking

No. 843449

That's probably why they're doing it now. They know that everyone knows they're together so it's no point pretending it's a secret anymore.

No. 843472

Other anons always said he was hiding her because she was so shitty or wanted to cheat on her.i wonder how he feels now that she mostly likely forced him to change his single status and make a video. Idk how Jude can even like him let alone call him daddy, he looks so cringy and does he even have a job?

No. 843547

After doing some digging it looks like rotten was still hanging out/taking pics with his (ex) girlfriend at the time he and Jude were taking photos together? Maybe keeping his bit on the side on the downlow? Also the picture she posted for the "big reveal" is exactly the same as a photo he took with his ex. Sad.

No. 843555

File: 1563996593247.jpg (420.56 KB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_20190724_202938.jpg)

Discreet. Also if u check out the pics he's been tagged in he creates looks that mimic that of his g/f at the time… Just sayin'(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 843575

That girl said that they weren't dating. I did my own digging a while back and she repeatedly said that. Although I never believed it because almost all tagged photos were of her account.

No. 843610

>>843332 oh my god "boyfriend reveal". that is tragic. i almost feel bad for jude now that she's only got 2 friends (one of them being a skinwalking fuckboy who also has no friends).

No. 844177


Right now we don't know and I kinda doubt Chloe will say anything about the situation, but it really could be about the weed thing or whatever and the way Jude treats Rosie. Jude is technically being a massive hypocrite for getting all worked up over Rosie doing shit when her boyfriend was doing the same thing, if not worse, but somehow couldn't tolerate Rosie doing whatever she wanted as an adult.

This is only tinfoil/speculation but it's a big possibility and can be one of many different reasons.

No. 844194

And the fact that both monster princess and chloe cancelled on moving with jude, but still hang out with Rosie (or at least Chloe does) could point to it being the weed thing. But yeah won't know for sure unless they speak up themselves.

No. 844247

I used to know someone close to Jude to the point where me and Jude would be in the same house. I know a bit about her situation, her rich Mother pays for everything out of guilt because she's a druggy, hence why Jude is straight edge.

She can't hold down a job because she was unhappy with wearing a uniform and tbh she always came accross as lazy and entitled. She would heckle people about veganism and preach about how evil non-vegans are, rather than listening to both sides of the argument. You literally can't have a conversation with her unless you agree with everything she says because she chucks her toys out of her pram and goes off on a self righteous rant.

Her ex would go out to work all day while she stayed in the flat playing video games. This was about a year ago iirc. She's definitely gotten a lot worse now. Didn 't even think that was possible. She's just a scrubba in every sense of the word.

No. 844303


Lol did she do that with Andrew?

No. 844306

This guy is rich, scammed 2K from a gofundme that was intended to fund his visit to South Africa to visit his family who was injured in a plane crash which his late uncle (who he hated) passed saving everyone. He used this incident to gain attention for himself several times. He even has that plane tattooed, despite not caring about his uncle and deciding to use that money to fund his visit. He spent that 2K on a gaming laptop after posting in a Trans Support group on Facebook asking for recommendations. Also set up a gofundme to bring stray dog from Japan home despite being able to afford it himself. Massive case of yellow fever which you can search up pretty easily on his Tumblr. Also forced his ex to submit a fake rape claim to the police because he’s not actually into polygamy — just being allowed to control his SO. Was controlling with his other ex too. Just not a great person in general. Claims to be poor but has a Tesla, has a rich family. Lies about suicide attempts — you name it, he’s done it!

No. 844342

Of course Jude's always been a lazy ass. And if her mum is rich enough to consistently fund that no wonder she's so spoilt and entitled.

He showed off the plane tatt in the vid posted upthread about answering trans questions with Jude, said it was "special" to him

Both of you do/did you know them personally and what other milk do you have

No. 844368

Unfortunately. What would you like to know? On another note, he also tries to be the entirety of the LGBT+ community attempting to speak for everyone — shifting from claiming he was “treated like a fuck toy” before University to claiming that “I can only have sex with someone I love” alongside constantly shifting from being bi/pan to straight despite identifying as a lesbian before transitioning. Either way his tags on IG and Tumblr speak for themselves. Constant BS. Also struggles to interact with POC for some weird reason, probably just stems from ignorance. Doesn’t hesitate to hard R when making jokes, or quoting things — think it’s because of how he tries to latch on to this South African identity. Claims to be vegan (not sure if he still does at the moment) but will choose to eat non-vegan stuff. I think he’s just addicted to labels tbh. Oh, and he doesn’t even like dogs is what I’ve been told he’s said. Despite telling people not to speak on the plane crash he reached out to a magazine whilst his family was in the hospital and described his uncle as having been ‘stripped naked by the flames’. To me he comes off as having zero emotions, just imitates them and changes his stories & feelings & creates new lies in order to relate to someone. Right now since he’s lost all attention from others, he’s trying to worm his way into all these online communities kek.

No. 844434

File: 1564168393191.jpg (543.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190726-201134_Ins…)

Cow crossover

No. 844440

File: 1564168794776.jpeg (174.59 KB, 750x1334, 4C360336-6988-4532-B534-1B26C4…)

Just an example of how attention starved he consistently is.

No. 844444

>>844440 …this kind of email isnt normal from where I'm from in the uk. Can anyone confirm if is for them? For the most part, schools won't address that shit at all. There might be some casual conversation about it, but not an email?

No. 844447

Since everyone at University saw through him he reached out to the school to get the word out to the entire department — despite reaching out to a magazine & posting about the incident everywhere on social media during the same time period.

No. 844454

Here’s the link to said article that quotes his interview with a magazine that he reached out to despite that email: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6467883/British-pilot-hailed-hero-crash-landing-South-African-mountain-top.html

If you scroll down you can see his “dramatic” retelling of the incident. Clearly the number one priority when your family including your mum is in the hospital and being treated for serious burns.

No. 844473

He also brought it up multiple times on his Instagram story and still posts and constantly talks about it on his Youtube. That email isn't a normal thing for the UK.

If you look at any of his recent videos he always brings up the crash, even got a tattoo of a plane for it even though in his advice Q&A he says he only likes it aesthetically (Jude is also in the video)

No. 844477

File: 1564173434244.jpg (112.75 KB, 1080x1920, 67137720_357393251821721_28336…)

Instagram post

No. 844481

My favorite part is when he is like, I had no transport or ways to get out, SO I JUST MOVED. Like its, the easiest thing on Earth and he had access to buses…

No. 844482

No transport aka his girlfriend dumped him so he couldn’t bum a free 4 hour ride anymore.

No. 844489


Is this the same girlfriend mentioned before with the rape claim? Did anyone get news on that?

No. 844498

Yes it is. Basically the police investigated it and said that the person who was accused could actually file charges against pyromantic-prince as they were false, but he chose not to.

No. 844575

File: 1564187015533.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-26-19-21-34…)

Why would anyone want to be Jude? A closed minded childish fake goth

No. 844582

By saying this, that means she's proud of her own self as a person. How sad is that? And she's always saying fake-deep life coach stuff like improve yourself and be who you want, and acting like she's worked hard on herself. When in reality she's a petulant child.

Sounds like a cow himself. Please keep spilling anon, to give us an idea of the person Jude is happily friends with. (Btw does Jude know any of this about him?)

No. 844589

File: 1564189288759.jpg (158.6 KB, 750x1334, 65886685_147275459668463_50857…)

Still pushing that fake bisexual thing. When I see her say stuff like this, her "strictly into cocks" IG story comes to mind…

Love how she calls herself a creator when all she "creates" is Q and As, bathroom selfies, and hauls. But then again the YTers she listed like toxic tears and Jake munro are real lazy themselves, so.

No. 844620

File: 1564194451564.png (232.97 KB, 481x924, Screenshot 2019-07-26 at 7.27.…)

jamie is also not straightedge and smokes cigs. add another to the list of hypocritical friendships

No. 844635

File: 1564197395539.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-25-00-45-19…)

sage because it's not Jude, but does Tabby hate Rosie or something?

No. 844641

She's offended by Rosie's new yarn twists and "cancelled" her

No. 844693

Well that's a new level of retarded

No. 844714

I used to know him. Here's a list.

Pretends to be poor, made his mum pay £5000 for him to get private top surgery despite claims his main source of funding was from working & gofundme
Only got £3000 for maintenance loan, got given £3000 by his family and his mum paid for his accommodation
Then said SFE were unfair because they didn't give him more money lol
Also refused to buy toilet paper and stole it from uni because he was so "poor"
Had his mum pay for accommodation in Japan where he never stayed and didn’t pay towards bills when living with his girlfriend
Had accommodation in the most expensive place in York (£156 a week) yet lived with his girlfriend instead and never paid bills.
Used his Gofundme money on a 2k gaming laptop for Minecraft and Sims
Couldn't raise enough money to make other people pay for taking his dog home from Japan, got his mum to pay £3000 for it anyway
Refused to pay rent in Japan for months just because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Went to private school, still stupid
Spent two and a half years of uni talking about dropping out, dropped out in third year with 5 months left, and is now talking about going back
Would complain about not being able to do his homework because he was too popular and people kept talking to him
Would actually spend most of his time when he was meant to be doing homework distracting other people from doing their homework instead

Constantly talks about how depressed he is but refuses to see a doctor
Constantly talks about how anxious he is but refuses to see a doctor and also doesn't show any signs of anxiety
Said something to the effect of eating more vegetables helped him get over his depression, so it can help anyone get over their depression~! (He doesn’t eat vegetables, or consume water)
Also said he overcame anxiety because “some stuff happened”
Seriously claims that he has PTSD from falling into a puddle and also his mum braking hard one time when driving
As a result of this “PTSD” he forced his ex to drive him to where he was staying (with his late uncle who he hated) even on days that she was working and attending classes (about 4 hours in total). He didn’t do any chores and complained about having to take care of the dog all by himself when the dog is ultimately his responsibility.
Fetishises mental illnesses.
Says he once got tested for autism just because someone “offered him the opportunity” and he was like yeah okay
Doesn't think other people's mental health problems are real (probably because his aren't) & judging by the way he talks about them he views mental illnesses as a sign of immaturity e.g. says he overcame anxiety because a bunch of stuff happened and forced him to grow up

Anti-drugs but smokes weed
Was vegan to have the moral high ground over other people, would eat meat when drunk or when convenient to him
Is now sober to have the moral high ground over other people
Would go to drinking parties, not drink and complain that people were drunk, or complain about spending money going out just to drink soda.
Has openly claimed to be addicted to energy drinks and cigarettes but they’re just bad habits.
Brags about taking care of a paralytic drunk
Stopped smoking and then started again just so he could "socialise"

Told everyone in his gap year he did nothing but have orgies in Exeter
Humblebragged about how he's slept with over 50 people
Tries to sleep with everyone he's friends with
Sexualises everyone but then tries to act holier than thou. Usually acts like a typical perverted old man would when making comments about women.
Grinds on his mum when drinking
Gets his dildo and chains out to show people at any opportunity
Says that his sex drive is so high he can't go without having sex
Flaunts his “kinks” but is hesitant to engage in anything not vanilla. Not an issue in itself, but the lie and false image is.
Sent pics of his kinky scratches to his mum
Somehow manages to slut shame as a result of him sexualising everyone and everything.
Hinted that he was gang raped at a young age for clout
Obsessed with calling himself a fuckboi

Acts like he can play guitar, won't ever tune it
Refuses to believe or accept anything is his fault ever, down to making minor mistakes about a word
Is only friends with Jude because he can leech off her following
Wants to be an influencer but doesn't have an upload schedule, and rarely does anything.
Makes fun of kpop while using it for attention (the dancing, the hair)
Thinks he's better than literally everyone with no proof
Wanted to change his name to Sora
Kept trying to bring his dog and his guitar to uni for the attention – did two academic presentations about his dog, for whatever clout he thought he might get from “rescuing a Stray Japanese Dog from Japan who responds to Japanese”.
Tried to sell his clothes on Facebook to his fans while offering to spray them with his "unique" cologne deodorant smell

Drops people when they stop being useful to him or see through his bullshit
Makes no effort to maintain friendships
Talks about how he got "bullied" but the girl later apologised to him and now they're friends, it was just that she was jealous of him
Cancels other people but remains friends with someone who he outed as a rapist
Says he won't get involved in drama while being the biggest shit stirrer in the middle
Was friends with some people, bitched about them to others and lied to OG friend saying other people bitched, not him.
Blame abusive behaviour on his PMS, or on the other person!
Thinks nobody has the right to be mad at him for his behaviour in general
Picks at the insecurities of others but gets defensive if someone unknowingly says something that upsets him
Talks openly about how he manipulates people (or tries to)
Constantly talks about how social media is poisonous but is literally using social media to fuel his attention seeking needs
Won’t accept other people’s boundaries

Couldn't stand [redacted classmate] being transphobic but this Jude is all cool
Misgenders NB people but gets /triggered/ if someone misgenders him despite also identifying as NB.
Once bitched about getting gendered correctly (as male) the one time he wanted to be gendered as female just to get into a club for free
Acted like the people in Japan had some LGBT+ phobic agenda to him personally, but received only praise, because he wants to be oppressed so badly.
Is cis-passing but shames or looks down on those who arent.
Had a weird thing for wearing a wig and makeup and acting like it's weird that he can pass for female and/or looks like his sister

Even though he hated the people.
Had a gofundme to go to SA but never went, bought a laptop instead.
The ‘robbery’…just so happened to steal his passport. He had £500 lying around for the robber to steal and left his laptop and bank cards out (even though he keeps his bank cards in his phone case lol)
Made a video about the plane crash “ABOUT THE PLANE CRASH” and spent most of it talking about his dog
Every time the social media attention about the plane crash dies down, he mentions it somewhere else so that people will give him attention for it

False rape claim because he didn't like that the dude was cis.
Framed his first uni ex as abusive but would constantly cheat on her under the guise of ‘being poly’.
Framed his ex as a raging alcoholic in order to brag about being “sober”. Still drank.
Is completely useless when he doesn't have a girlfriend to mother him
Stayed with his gf all summer while she worked full time and studied Japanese and he did nothing except cuddle her dog
Berated said ex for not being accustomed to first-class flights
Had a weird thing for being younger than his last ex, constantly made digs at her for being older and made jokes about her being a pedo
Takes on the "aesthetic" of whoever he's fucking e.g. super emo with his gf in first year, fairly normal with his next girlfriend, now it's Jude so he's going back to the edgelord phase
Says the longest he’s not been in a relationship for is 3 months (since the age of 12)

No. 844723

>Grinds on his mum when drinking
Excuse me? What the hell is the story with this one.

No. 844725

Invited his mum university drinking, went ham on the dance floor apparently. He dances like a basic bitch white girl in a club.

No. 844729

I've been looking at his Instagram for a while and he constantly uploads videos of him 'dancing', 'playing' guitar or singing. It's cringy, especially the Kpop dances.

Also, I noticed a lot of his tags mention 'model'. Anyone of you knows if he was/is actually a model.

No. 844731

Wait, so one he invited his mum drinking at University? Was it just him and his mum so weird?

And Two he grinded on his own mother. How did he have any friends?

No. 844733

No he's not a model and never has been. He's trying to become a model presumably because he wants more people to fawn over him and doesn't want to get a real job. Also he says he works part time right now but I don't believe that given he's never felt compelled to get a job at any other point in his life.
His mum, sister, and a group of his university friends. Sister was okay, they're close in age. Took his mum to the SU though lol. Also one of his girlfriends looked lowkey like his mum.

No. 844871

So TL;DR is he's a massive attention whore, hypocrite, leech, has a god complex, and entitled af. Now who else does that sound like? Birds of a feather, kek.

No. 844886

>>844871 perfect member of the goff gang

No. 844889

Can vouch for the majority of this. Like others have said, they're a perfect match.

No. 844954

File: 1564268299687.png (775.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190727-225718.png)

The originality. Could he try any harder to leech off other people lol

No. 845108

Isn't that Jude's t shirt that she wore in the barcroft video?

No. 845112

>>844954 im amazed that jude's managed to turn another fuckboy into a "goth". gotta chase that fame in whatever corner you can find it in, i guess

No. 845200

Jude acts like a fuckboy herself or at least a female ddlg version of one kek, what with loving bad sound cloud rap, using that "lad" slang and trying to be relatable but edgy at the same time. And I say "act" cos most of the persona she shows online is so exaggerated like a caricature that it can't be her real self?

No. 845254

File: 1564341318432.png (1.29 MB, 1296x881, Screenshot 2019-07-28 at 12.15…)

you can literally see the exact moment he turned goth lol

No. 845286

File: 1564346254307.jpg (544.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190728-213624_Ins…)

Shading jude?

No. 845306

Can we stop calling her a "he" just because she passes? This is cringy.

No. 845314


Don’t be like Jude and be transphobic, quit nitpicking

No. 845315



No. 845323


Don't be a transphobic cunt.(>>>/tumblr/)

No. 845329

File: 1564353200175.jpeg (203.51 KB, 636x571, 424EE3CA-5DB5-459B-981D-2256C1…)

shut up

No. 845370

I don’t understand Jude’s thing with speaking like a 12 year old roadman, Does she realise if she was heard in the street all like “Ye me Goff gang mandem is mad Peng blud” she would probably get shanked. Like jude your from upperclass London you ain’t hard

No. 845418

She wants to seem hard though, cos that's what her fave soundclout rappers do. She idolises it like a tween. And she wants her fans to idolise her. Well she said she hasn't changed since age 14 in that vid with Rosie, so…

No. 845423


It could be, kek. I mean her art isn't great, but at least she's actually creating stuff for cash instead of e-begging. That's more than Jude can say. Though, Chloe does have a YT as well and her only video is a haul (surprise surprise) wonder if she'll go down the same lazy haul route or not.

No. 845498

High key that’s not Soundcloud though, she speaks like all she listens to is grime rap and bangaz, speaking like a Soundcloud rapper would go against her straight edge perfection

No. 845517

She fucking ebegged not to long ago during the same time she got her expensive buffalo shoes "i dont like to ebeg" gtfo of here. She has specifically ebegged to cover her own bills JUST like jude, i really dont think shes shading, i think she knows shes asked for money before and is doing the "but i have shitty art i can totally trade!!" So she doesnt seem like shes just waiting for people to donate instead which is literally the case. I sort of dont believe these girls dont either have parents regularly sending them money/Are on unemployment benefits. Cause how are they all keeping up with rent/electric and purchasing all that tat when we all know none of them have large fanbases/patreons that generates income above 10£? Not like any of them saved any of the money from when they actually bothered working at cyberdog lul

No. 845974

No. 846001

File: 1564504008057.jpg (244.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190730-172602_Ins…)

No. 846025

Not to go off topic but I fucking hate his pics where you see the top of his shaved pube area like I don’t wanna see the start of ur naked dick thanks

No. 846391


aren’t podcasts supposed to have like, a topic, or be informative, or even theatrical sometimes?

WHAT the fuck are they doing? Theyre video chatting and then uploading it to YouTube. Fucking narcissists!!!

No. 846450

File: 1564564908772.jpeg (243.14 KB, 750x1017, 5B78EF51-4187-4AF9-9654-B5E589…)

“The Prick”

I tried listening to some of Fatboi’s podcasts for the lol factor, but had to abort because I felt myself getting dumber.

No. 846545

We live in a society

No. 846549

holy shit this is ugly

No. 846628

File: 1564593118908.png (391.47 KB, 483x908, Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 10.10…)

No. 846647

Looks like some dad's poor attempt at a 'cool' halloween makeup
>Am I down with the kids now?

No. 846656

it's a teenager.
teenagers adopt subcultures over night because hormones and emancipation and feeling out personality borders.
welcome to adolescence 101

>where. is. the. milk.

No. 846692

Lol he's 22. That's past being a teenager.

No. 846759

>>846656 he's an adult you moron. it's obvious that he decided to change his image to suck up to jude like shitboi did.

No. 846787

Seems like he’s living with Jude now. I guess that confirms the habit of leeching off others :/

No. 846990

File: 1564636157561.png (296.27 KB, 720x964, wp_ss_20190801_0007.png)

Thirsty much

No. 847042

Nitpick as F but why is his hair line so far up? Forget five-head, he has a nine-head.

No. 847055

He has this weird thing where he has to be around another person at ALL times. Though if he seems to be living with Jude now they're probably fucking if not dating by now. Dickhead can't go too long without having sex (:

If they're not sleeping together or dating I'll be real surprised. Honestly since he "loves kink" and preys on power imbalances, I'm sure he's into the whole DDLG thing. Is she older than him? Because I bet he loves that too. He'll be getting off on calling her a pedo while acting all daddy towards her. He's literally disgusting.((:)

No. 847078

he's got a really bad receding hairline, which he addressed in his lolcow vid as a 'mature' hairline or some shit. you're balding and your hair texture is like an old ladies. but yeah he's got a homer simpson forehead to match his homer simpson vag fantasy.

No. 847266

Jazmin's new video is….interesting?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847267

this isn't a jazmin thread

No. 847273


people that aren't Jude but around her are mentioned here as well so I thought it would be okay.

No. 847274

This isn't milk.

No. 847402


You should only post about other people if they directly interact with Jude and give milk. Jazmin was mentioned in the previous thread because she and Jude had beef, but since it's over there's no need to mention her anymore, especially since she and Jude aren't friends. Hope this helps you understand more.

No. 847456

Any further word on her boyfriend reveal?

No. 847474

Judes busy leeching off her mum and playing video games all day - don't rush her!

No. 847524

File: 1564754945835.jpg (497.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190802-150806_Ins…)

No. 847525

File: 1564755038594.jpg (280.36 KB, 720x880, 20190802_151052.jpg)

No. 847594

File: 1564763816432.jpeg (53.67 KB, 739x215, AE17C06D-917D-4791-AB00-B0A1CE…)

Let’s stop this fan/ influencer bullshit

labels things as fan art or fan make up

I could go on but we all know she contradicts herself so fucking often

No. 847698

File: 1564776946112.png (3.01 MB, 640x1136, D1804CE5-3F21-4FB3-B403-701396…)

Wonder what that means, is Jude the one moving out now?

No. 847703

God I hope Chloe is moving in with Rosie, just for the lulz if nothing else. I wonder if Jude is moving in with Jamie or Rotten?

No. 847752

Perhaps this 'boyfriend reveal' video will be an announcement that she is moving in with him.

No. 847939

He's only just taken single off his profile, I don't very much he'd want to move in together now…if ever. Jude's going to move in with pyromantic ponce I reckon.

No. 847952

File: 1564836857335.jpg (218.92 KB, 938x1668, 67090394_2867036399978915_3762…)

Ah but unless it's you or Clay, right?

No. 848165

i don't think they're fucking since Jude is "strictly into cocks"

No. 848168

three minutes in and they're already talking about fucking masturbating, while they know all their "fans" are fucking 13 or some shit

No. 848443

File: 1564919366971.png (502.34 KB, 1600x1280, unknown-9.png)

✌️(don't use emojis)

No. 848459

another case for the cyber police.(don't use emojis)

No. 848472

>>848443 who did he even send this to?

No. 848477

File: 1564925263751.jpg (18.64 KB, 800x159, _20190804_142451.JPG)

good reading skills y'all

No. 848496

File: 1564928842944.jpeg (223.04 KB, 656x968, C04859A6-7DED-4FA6-A6E9-2345CF…)

It’s almost like goth is a music based subculture and that your not goth at all Jude

No. 848519

Yeah lol she really pushes "goth isn't music, it's whatever you want" and "eLiTiStS" - cos she doesn't like the music but wants to be in the subculture (and saying she's "alternative" isn't trendy enough ig). But well you're not exactly a skater if you collect boards but never ride them? Nothing wrong with it just use the right words.

No. 848632

So did blanks mum send this to her to post here, or do we have a mother daughter farming team on our hands?

I do hope that the “him” doesn’t infer we have a scrote in our midst.

No. 848686

I would not call Jude goth by any stretch…she is absolutely pretending…
But it feels worth noting that there /are/ some sub-genres of Goth that aren't music based, and you can be into those sub-genres without listening to traditional goth music, and still be goth. Stuff like Steamgoth, Victorian Goth, and Strega.

THAT being said, none of that applies to her since she doesn't identify as any of those anyway.

No. 848833


LOL he had a guess at who he thought posted about him here and then went to someone's mum with that, while bullshitting as much legal bs as he could possibly muster. Imagine being that kind of a dickhead lol "You told people on the internet the bad stuff I did, let's see what your mum has to say about that"

No. 849440

Goth hasn't been about the music for like 10 years now, still doesn't change that Jude's just a DDLGer who wears edgy t shirts though.

No. 849441

Didn't they make a term for this? Like that people who like goth music are goths but people who like the fashion, aesthetics and literature but not the music are gothics? I could be wrong though and Jude doesn't seem like either, sadly some goths on the more hardcore end would probably be fine with her bullshit.

No. 849479

File: 1565084317451.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, 831C0595-6368-4861-847C-245486…)

Ahh yes Jude your flat as fuck as fuck ass is fantastic content.

I also love how because she’s so boring and literally doesn’t do anything half interesting she makes multiple posts for each look like anyone gives a shit

No. 849494

Gotta love the unwarranted ego that comes with skinnyfats and showing a miniature pillsbury doughboy ass thats as flat and square as her personality kek

No. 849629

File: 1565118319110.jpg (361.41 KB, 720x1041, 20190806_200339.jpg)

She's so desperate to be an influencer

No. 849633

Imagine your "brand" focusing ultimately on bad makeup and promoting kink to children and teenagers (referring to Jude ofc, not whatever this "boutique" is). Disgusting.

No. 849656

If Jude started doing actual modeling and become a bit more popular on youtube, I can see her getting offered sponsorships or working with clothing brands to model/promote. But not if she keeps posting about her pedo kink or becomes a promoter for a ddlg seller. What company would want to work with her if she keeps posting about adult pacifiers? She's digging herself into a hole.

No. 849705

File: 1565128421913.jpeg (808.77 KB, 2048x2048, BF76A064-E46D-4F86-82B6-473261…)

They both have such dull monotonous content. It’s sad to think of them both pulling faces at their phone for these ‘photo shoots’ Imagine them pouring over 100s of samey shots wondering which one(s) will make the cut, it’s for the fans!

No. 849879

File: 1565153181047.png (433.82 KB, 484x922, Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 9.46.…)

does shitboi have a gf now? how the fuck

No. 849918

Willing to bet one of his desperate followers turned out to live near him and he's desperate too so they met up

No. 849921

Ew, he found his homer simpson. Also calvin klein and yellow sweats - so goth…

No. 849923

Imagine being a woman who has that low of standards and willing to adhere to his outrageously high standards. Does he even have any clout to chase?

No. 849948

Probable nitpick, apologise if it is, but how can you promote anything if you cant even spell the tag of the brand you wanna promote correctly

No. 849963


i hope he finally found his Homer Simpson vagina cutie

No. 850007

It is, but she always has small spelling errors, and she's so thirsty to be an influencer you think she'd care. She cares about clout, but not doing content.

It shows with her vids too, she talks big about saving the world then does haul videos that YT is already full of. If she cared she'd do stuff unique to her. But apart from the makeup she's pretty generic, maybe she should work on that, and her god complex and saviour complex issues, first.

No. 850137

I feel like whatever money Jude has is drying up because she's really trying to get sponsors.

No. 850257

File: 1565245457673.jpg (476.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190808-072255_Ins…)

No. 850259


wtf calls it that in current year?

No. 850460

File: 1565292311359.png (169.29 KB, 469x916, Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 12.24…)

No. 850473

You're fucking American we don't say innit

No. 850499

File: 1565295306787.jpeg (165.33 KB, 626x940, 1B775CF3-1F91-4682-937A-9ACDB9…)

No. 850514


I've never wanted to beat the shit out of someone so try-hard and mediocre this badly kek. Can he stop skin walking for 5 seconds and be a decent person, it's really not that hard

No. 850644

Some of the comments here are just stupid, there is little difference in the 20's and the late teens, unless one has a family. Life is about learning, you live and learn, nothing changes between twenty three and twenty six. An adult is an adult at sixteen in the UK, some are more mature than others. Some are more mature in their early 20's than others.

Honestly, stupid posts on here.

It is unfortunate that somebody like Jude isn't genuine. She has a lot to learn, she's only twenty two. Someday she'll adjust.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 850675

>adult at sixteen


No. 850680

>>850644 at least learn to integrate before you start criticizing others posts. jude is an adult and has admitted that she has the mental age of 14. she should be fully responsible for her idiotic behavior instead of blaming it on her age.

No. 850685

File: 1565320007108.png (308.16 KB, 476x918, Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 8.05.…)

>lists himself in his top 5 songs

No. 850687

File: 1565320034493.png (253.52 KB, 480x909, Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 8.06.…)

the thirst continues

No. 850706

calling your girl a "stripper bitch" then turning around and thirsting on Jude again. >>850687 This man really is absolute trash.

Calm down with the cringe fatboi.

No. 850764

He looks so much better without his dumb goth make up and whatever.

No. 850782

Nah, he’s just feeling himself so much right now because he’s had sex for the first time.

No. 850783

That miserable crusty hair

No. 850857

File: 1565363590011.png (285.09 KB, 479x924, Screenshot 2019-08-09 at 8.13.…)

remember kids, if this crusty mole rat can find love, you can too

No. 850938

I wonder what his gf looks like…It doesn’t seem like she’s a Jude clone which is what I would’ve expected from him

No. 851010

File: 1565382956013.jpg (310.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190809-213501_Ins…)

More bad hair editing

No. 851075

I honestly don’t understand why she even feels the need to edit her hair??? If it’s not perfectly white who tf cares?

No. 851078

File: 1565395638402.png (538.41 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2019-08-09-17-06-17…)

surprisingly normal, definitely out of his league though.

No. 851312

On a live stream Jazmin said she saw rotten at a party and he didn’t say anything to her

No. 851409

Imagine your bf wanting to take a selfie together and then only showing himself with like 2% of you

No. 851434

File: 1565482748123.jpeg (125.18 KB, 634x954, 8AAB8BE9-069F-4429-8A35-C4B553…)

Okay but how didn’t someone as ugly and un likable as fat boi get a girlfriend has this chick even looked on his Instagram or to see who his best friend is lmfao
Sage for no contribution

No. 851439

Her entire instagram is just her abusing model/actor search tags so she might have some narc tendencies as well

No. 851440

her eyebrows are fucked and she has a receding hairline just like fatboi - aw!

No. 851468

File: 1565489855159.jpeg (157 KB, 828x961, 876F5A9E-DF9A-4731-9FFD-6CB62D…)

They still comment on each others post despite being friends?

No. 851500

this random chick has literally nothing to do with the milk. dating this dude is not milk. stop posting her.

No. 851528

Her eyes look like they’re not on speaking terms. They fit together perfectly

Imagine not having friends and having to ask for weed on social media oof

No. 851533

She's definitely not good looking, but pedoboi? Ew.
Wonder what will happen because of his obsession with Jude, can't see anyone being ok with their bf obsessing over another woman.

No. 851625

No. 851638

>>851625 I didn't watch the whole video, but she's moving in with Jamie for a month. She plans on finding a new place to live and a job within that month. How is she going to find a job that quickly, when she hasn't been able to find one in the months that she has been unemployed?

No. 851639

So I just arched Jude’s new video. Apparently she vapes?? 0 nicotine of course and for pure aesthetic edge lord purposes cause she’s so straight edge since 14!1!1! But isn’t still showing that kinda thing AdvErTISiNg ThE D-D-DrUgS??? And sage if you want for nick picking but the DDLG stuff she just shows and shares so openly makes me feel sick. Pushing it a young audience is wrong. It’s a KINK at the end of the day and anybody partaking in kink or viewing the material has to be 18 years old. She’s literally promoting BDSM to kids who do not fully understand the dynamic, the ideal of consent in those situations, safety and much more. I’m in the BDSM community she makes us look disgusting. And her bragging about scissoring a girl at 8 and how young she was when she had sex ?? 13 year olds and underage KIDS don’t need to know anything like that. It’s dangerous and disgusting. Lowkey shocked more people aren’t speaking out more against her on this. I’ve had a few run ins with her and know others who have too. Heard the same stuff and witnessed it. She and the people she associates with are disgusting. And her daddy?? Man, dude needs a thread of his own.

No. 851656

God I can't wait for the incoming shitshow. She's for sure just going to end up mooching off Jamie.

No. 851881

>supreme hat
>pervert beanie
>SAO sword
Jude's literally got the fashion sense and personality of a 14 year old fuckboy lol, pretty fitting since she's apparently had the same personality since she was 14
She's an obnoxious twat so I'm really not surprised that she vapes but yeah her BDSM advertising has become really blatant lately even though most of her audience is like 14 year old girls, she especially seemed to be pushing it in her last video by advertising adult binkies.

No. 851889

File: 1565602911779.png (515.25 KB, 640x1136, B19722D2-3428-4569-AB9E-2B6003…)

Does she realise who’s is that picture? She just keeps getting more gross with this kiddy fucking thing

No. 851928

she definitely does
she's talked about how she loves the anime

No. 851936

File: 1565612514444.jpg (322.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190812-132120_Ins…)

No. 851937

File: 1565612599465.jpg (440.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190812-132331_Ins…)

No. 851943

This just in, pesticide spraying companies are causing mass animal genocide.

No. 851947

Mosquitos spread disease. I'm gonna go-ahead and keep using bugspray.

It's easy to be self righteous when you don't live in a place with documented diseases spread by bugs.

No. 851993

File: 1565627170923.jpeg (156.08 KB, 622x950, 92D1E359-CCC5-4BF5-84F1-CED159…)

Jude just admit that you have no sexual or romantic attraction to females and that your not Bi or whatever you claim to be also the characters in the background look like their 13 fucking disgusting

No. 851994

>two cute submissive girls
gross, what does bdsm even have to do with yuri?

No. 851999

She has a gigantic picture frame thing she wants to display Killstar tags in…she has no soul…or taste

No. 852017

This is from Yuru Yuri. They’re 13 year old girls.
And the boy here is 12

Seriously is she retarded?

No. 852069

File: 1565636814903.jpg (317.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190812-200524_Ins…)

No. 852086

Jude’s the type of person that would say “ Their just characters it doesn’t matter it totally doesn’t make me look weird” the thing is why would you even want to look at anime child porn it’s not attractive and just makes you look predatory but it goes along with her pedo kink so I’m not surprised

No. 852088

I hate how from that answer you can tell that she would only have sex with a girl if it made her "daddy" happy.

No. 852192

She is not bisexual. She only likes cute sub girls because that's how she sees herself, but she mistakes that as sexual attraction because ddlg is sexual for her. An adult would be able to tell this but she's the same mental age as her fans, so she can't.
Also being faux bi gives her brownie points for being trendy and she's a fame whore so.

No. 852386

File: 1565689683317.jpg (351.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190813-104802_Ins…)

No. 852413


So if she ever has to deal with a roach infestation or something she's just going to let the little shits run around her flat? And literally every other person knows mosquitos spread shit but I guess that isn't a good enough reason to spray them.

No. 852426

So she watches Yuri and Yaoi yet doesn’t like porn? So does she think that gay and lesbian sex isn’t real sex I don’t know sounds a little homophobic to me ms “Bisexual” sage for tumblr rant

No. 852542

>I'm so against porn, unless they're soft animu gays uwu. It isn't real porn if it's cute cartoon characters!

Yeah tell that to boku no pico.
And generally, footage of a sex act made for an audience is porn, even if it was made from claymation.

No. 852546

>So does she think that gay and lesbian sex isn’t real sex
Hm to me it seems she's fetishising gays/lesbians, like how she pretends to be bi and how yuri and yaoi is ~so cute~ but totally not porn cos that's nasty. Oof she might be a fujoshi/fudanshi. Like those "omg smol gay bean" people on Dumblr.

No. 852574

>that answer
Whut. Its like shes trying to come off smart but just sounds like a dumbass.

No. 852798

That's what it sounds like when she says just about anything.

No. 853002

File: 1565806882215.jpg (391.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190814-192101_Ins…)

No. 853159

File: 1565825977328.png (610.08 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20190814_0008.png)

"I dont hate nom vegans I just wish they weren't dumb!"

No. 853160

File: 1565826056655.png (443.93 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20190814_0007.png)

Says the shut in.

No. 853789

See here’s the thing with vegans, it’s all fine to believe what you wanna believe and eat what you wanna eat but when it comes to implying that non vegans shouldn’t be allowed to choose what they wanna eat if that makes sense.
Like she’s all about freedom of choice and living your own life but only if you’re vegan. Literally makes 0 sense

No. 853977

Yeah she preaches ~be yourself~ but she'll only like it if it matches her ideals. Like how her followers have to agree with whatever she says or she ree's at them. "Be yourself" more like "be like me."

No. 854080

File: 1565986435758.jpeg (220.46 KB, 632x932, D8ABB999-BAFB-4B2C-B026-452DB3…)

Shut the fuck up fat boi we all know you still lurk here

No. 854099

100% his hair got dissed hard here he tried to change it

No. 854127

>I don't want that negativity in my life


>I do wish awful and horrific things to them all tho


What did he mean by this? Is he saying that he's a positive person that spreads positivity?

>I don't pay it no never mind.

Yet, he responds about it. Why do people that claim to not care.. always give attention instead of ignoring shit?

No. 854171

maybe the double negative is literal; he does pay us mind

No. 854188

I refuse to believe for a second that this self absorbed idiot isn't reading every word posted here.

No. 854305

He wants to be Jude so badly even down to his IG stories, she did an assumptions Q and A recently. Usually I'd say it was a coincidence, Jude loves her Q and As since it gives her lazy ass the illusion of giving fans "content", but because of what a skin walker pillsbury doughboy is I bet it was intentional.

No. 854339

My arse people send you screenshots, you’re here everyday fatboi

No. 854376

File: 1566052922610.jpg (84.4 KB, 1080x2076, 67091500_489915438489691_63520…)


And fatboi somehow has a girlfriend (he jokes that she isn't, but I'm guessing that's banter) so why is he so obsessed with Jude still. You can be best friends without skin walking someone y'know.

No. 855012

>i do wish awful and horrific things to them all tho
thanks that's sweet and not negative at all innit

No. 855255

File: 1566237846926.jpg (1.25 MB, 1440x2714, 20190819_140346.jpg)

No. 855529

Jude: >i am the change, if you don't do that you're mundane

Also Jude: >haven't changed since 14! :)

Also also Jude: >why do people call me a hypocrite and hate on me ree you're stupid

But then also Jude: >i'm never triggered, so chill, positive vibes

No. 855776

File: 1566330285544.jpg (624.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190820-204132_Ins…)

Chloe is no longer with her daddy

No. 855777

File: 1566330323715.jpg (216.77 KB, 720x1223, 20190820_204226.jpg)

>>855776 he is no longer in her bio

No. 855823

what happened to the boyfriend reveal video

No. 855840

File: 1566337338636.jpg (965.04 KB, 1439x2768, Screenshot_20190820-174202_Ins…)

No. 855911

Omg Jude you're so deep and edgy and different, of course it must have been such a struggle - to carry around that massive head of yours, that is. Grow up ffs.

No. 855998


She’s literally a dominant girl though. She says she’s ‘in to’ submissive girls because that’s how she idolises herself. This is why she’s so angry all the time. Because she claims to be something she’s not. She’s not an innocent submissive little baby girl all the time because she’s got this overbearing narcissistic personality. She ACTS that way but her personality is literally the opposite of that.(emoji)

No. 856006

bdsm 101 - your personality i.e being dominant does not always correlate to your sexual preferences.

No. 856589

File: 1566486633714.jpeg (99.03 KB, 624x926, DD788A49-2AB5-4F30-90A2-EF215A…)

Love how the vegans like peta and shit have turned the amazon burning for 3 weeks into a don’t eat meat campaign instead of donating to help put the fire out and praising the people who are actually trying to put it out in Brazil

No. 856726

He’s not a vegan lol.

No. 856736

derailing but the fire was a hoax you donkey, it was a photo a from 30 years ago. google it. IT IS about not eating meat because fires and deforestation are started illegally by cattle farmers. do some research. not eating beef for a year saves thousands and thousands of trees from being cut and burnt down for farms. there are alternative ways to help other than donating money(autism)

No. 856745

File: 1566504781620.jpeg (121.64 KB, 696x1000, CA351ED7-FCB5-4C7C-9BD8-1396EB…)


By not eating meat lol


No. 856746

Shut the fuck up. So not eating meat helps saves trees but who’s going to help all the underpaid and overworked migrant farmers who pick your fruits, veggies, and grains?

This is why I can’t stand vegans like Jude. They claim to be ethical, but besides not contributing to the exploitation of animals how “ethical” are you really?

No. 856755

Are you stupid? Most vegans (where I live anyway) don’t support those industries / main chain supermarkets. Everyone I know buys organic, home grown or market stock from local sources. Stop having a cry over vegans just because you can. Yes some vegans can be toxic but like 70% of them aren’t like that at all. AT LEAST they are trying to help. Not trying to WK but the problem isn’t vegans

No. 856773

>So not eating meat helps saves trees but who’s going to help all the underpaid and overworked migrant farmers who pick your fruits, veggies, and grains?

Do you worry this much about the overworked, underpaid migrant workers in slaughterhouses and chicken factories?(derailing)

No. 856779

File: 1566508982049.jpg (424.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190822-222236_Ins…)

Rosie's girlfriend

No. 856787

So she’s a Jude clone who’s slightly prettier? Uh Rosie have fun I guess.

No. 856794

>>856787 not every goth girl looks like jude, and besides its jude's personality that sucks and not her looks.

No. 856808

She doesn’t look anything like Jude.

No. 856811

What kind of gotcha is that? Of course the treatment of animals and people alike has been well documented in the meat industry. No shit migrants and people in poverty are exploited. A lot of vegans call attention to that, but fail to point out the flaws in the vegan lifestyle. There are some butthurt vegans in this thread.

No. 856826

@ the vegan sperg: Whatever you feel about the meat and the veg industries, we can at least agree that Jude doesn't really. Like she only cares enough about them to virtue signal to her fans, posting IG stories about other people's causes to somehow "save teh wurld" because she thinks she's Batman.

No. 856896

File: 1566530031783.png (351.45 KB, 483x917, Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 8.13.…)

that was quick

No. 856941

Good luck finding another one kek. He obviously doesn't pull in any ladies (unless you count under age fans), but he dropped this one like a hot cake as if he can easily get another…

No. 856966

File: 1566550153408.jpg (426.72 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190823-094919_Fac…)

Rosies girlfriend looks nothing like Jude (anon who said that) she is pretty though

No. 857068

Aside from being white with dark hair she doesn't look like Jude whatsoever imo. I'm happy for Rosie, she seems sweet and I'm glad she's moving on from being associated with Jude

No. 857285

Doesn't anyone here have anything better to do than keep commenting that woman, Jude, why bother, if she's not genuine leave her to it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 857359

>>857285 do you know what website youre on

No. 857360

File: 1566622899280.png (345.13 KB, 630x426, Screenshot 2019-08-23 at 10.01…)

No. 858097

Jude and friends reminds me of this [http://www.dobi.nu/yourscenesucks/halloweencore/index.htm]

No. 858101

File: 1566781520678.jpeg (145.74 KB, 628x958, BD2FD6D8-7793-4878-AD78-141C8D…)

Clayton the predator strikes again ladies and gentlemen

No. 858102

File: 1566781701128.jpg (91.32 KB, 692x530, Little-Green-Men-ferengi-19047…)

No. 858137

File: 1566788625674.jpg (278.43 KB, 1440x1080, 18077308_1299217046799880_8697…)

He kind of looks like Abby brown's ex Willy.

No. 858505


No. 858776

File: 1566923277796.png (605.27 KB, 640x1136, E2CDF63B-94B0-4AB9-B53F-E4561D…)

he looks like a whole clown and has the audacity to judge womens’ appearances; i have to laugh

No. 858793

File: 1566926732855.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, AE339D11-C6A4-46DA-95A9-4E40B8…)

He has terrible taste. And for someone who purports to have OCD, those nails are scummy as hell.

No. 858796

LOL my god he’s fucking ugly what is his hair

No. 858801

File: 1566927436260.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 319.97 KB, 750x1198, A21836D8-BCF7-428F-9B43-683A42…)

He really has no right to judge anyone’s looks. Plus hair is one of the things he can control, and it looks like a bleached damaged poodle.

No. 859677

File: 1567010880359.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 181.62 KB, 642x970, A6E3D05D-AC99-4FB2-B2D2-E8950E…)

I want to be surprised but somehow I’m not

No. 859733

because its what Jude is into

No. 860161

No. 860191

>>860161 can't be fucked to watch, but she said retarded within 10 seconds and I bet thats going to trigger her fans

No. 860250

So what happened to her life update/boyfriend reveal video?

No. 860379

Get a fucking job Jude, this is embarrasing. Hasn't changed since she was 14…no shit when this is the content she creates.

No. 860621

Kek bet she forgot all about it - in her "day in my life" video she put checking discord on her to do list like she might forget it.

By the way, milk on Jude has gotten pretty stale. She was milkier before so she got a thread but if this staleness continues should we move her back to the altcow general thread?

No. 860928

File: 1567206865507.jpeg (521.37 KB, 828x1322, 4A0576E3-7140-4CC2-B41A-188593…)

Update on Rosie, apparently she isn’t gonna be staying in the apartment anymore.

No. 860949

Your icon is showing, anon

No. 861087

First Jude was moving. Then Rosie. Then Jude again. Then back to Rosie. Wtf.
I thought Jude was moving in with pyro mantic prince anyway, did he bail or something?

No. 861716

fatboi's started doing sets of 3 instagram posts, presumably copying jude again

No. 861745

Agree milk is stale, dk why she got her own thread in the first place tbh, but I sense something with the moving thing.
Rosie and Jude are going back and forth on who's leaving for months and people helping Jude move drop like flies eg her Little friends and pyro.

Also Jesus, pillsbury doughboy needs a life. Everything about him revolves around Jude, copying her style, speech, posting of IG pics, trying to be an an "influencer". It's just sad.

No. 861750

File: 1567306653809.jpeg (422.38 KB, 750x933, A3418031-B5D7-4FC6-9DD3-492336…)

Ew, balding fried hair, all time low for Fatboi.

Agreed, Jude is too boring for a thread of her own.

No. 862572

File: 1567451156634.jpg (557.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190902-200429_Ins…)

No. 863135

File: 1567522955281.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.62 KB, 713x486, download.jpg)

And the milk dries up as the little girls realize you actually have to work to live in London. And fatboi carries on giving us looks that nobody asked for.

No. 863192

Dude wtf who posts corpses like this

No. 863222

rosie did work, tbf. she just got stuck with a shitty roomie/former best friend who is moving then isn't moving. from the get go, it makes no sense that rosie (the one who works and pays for sutff herself) was the one who had to move out of the apartment while jude does nothing

No. 863315

File: 1567538992091.jpg (442.83 KB, 1080x1686, jude.jpg)


She's back to leaving again

No. 863344

But like the above, they have no idea of the harsh realities of living in London. You need a regular income and to be smart with your cash. It's both uber expensive and unrelenting here. You can't just sit on your arse on twitch calling things gay and retarded.

No. 863349

>>863315 her plan was to find a job/home in a month whilst living with pyro. I guess she failed to find a job how fucking surprising.

No. 863437

I bet the only “job hunting” she did was reposting those instagram model search ads

No. 864261

Did anyone notice the blatant racism in the sims video….(namefagging)

No. 864330

He wants those edgy goff points lol. He has the mentality of a teenager, like his idol Jude.

No. 865263

Jude is so dry now the basics on her have been covered. She's still a cow but not enough for a thread anymore. Maybe she should be moved to alt cows like other anons have said…

No. 865568

totes, i always thought she was too boring to have her own thread, but then she eruppted into homophobic, pedo little, neet, self righteous vegan (just eats smash and ketchup) straight edge…but that's about it…that's all she's got…and this is all she'll eveer be, living off family money and living for her fuckboi daddy to choke her when he comes up to london clubbing, she's just really really sad.

No. 865613

I think she'll be a good fit in altcows, and there isn't a lot to talk about but she'll still have a place. the "muh real goth" thread posters might disagree of course…

No. 865833

She was in Brighton seeing her ex T yesterday
(His Instagram story had her in it in the background) and They were at a pusheen cafe that I doubt a daddy dom like him would be have wanted to be in, she probably convinced him to pay aswell.

No. 867235

I think she still has milk. My thoughts are while she’s living wherever she is she’s just not posting much of it. + we all know she went real quiet after she found this thread

No. 867241

well post it then?

No. 867673

So I heard from a friend that pyro and Jude are fucking… her daddy took single out of his bio because in order for Jude to post who her daddy is he asked to be in an open relationship

No. 867701

this is an image board

No. 867828

F it, I'm re introducing Jude to altcows for now. If she explodes with anything like she did at the start, this thread is still here, but rn i agree she's too stale for it.

No. 868474

Daddy was revealed on her story

No. 868508

This thread is only at 960+ posts anon, it locks at 1200, do it then.

No. 868509

No. 868531

File: 1568460319670.jpg (270.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190914-122537_Ins…)

>>868474 She said she wasnt with her daddy, but then panned to this person??

No. 868532

>>867673 she said she was strictly into cocks so she cant be fucking pyro

No. 868533

File: 1568460461977.jpg (341.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190914-122805_Ins…)

Oh this is her ex T. They are in a hotel together.

No. 868535

File: 1568461312818.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-09-14-13-27-51…)

Love how she just pulled down her shirt below her bra to make sure she has cleavage. If she wants to be sexy so bad, why not put in a little more effort??

No. 868581

File: 1568471807205.jpg (529.06 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190914-153640_Ins…)

No. 868656

It's sort of clear that at least one side is in an open relationship.

In general, she's sat in a hotel bed with her ex with her bra clearly showing.

No. 868669


Mfw my shitty filters turn one of my tits into a cube

No. 868758

In a few of the stories with T it’s clear he has his hands on her in some way, definitely not the kinda behaviour a “uwu I’m daddy’s girl” would do

No. 869331

She said in her story that she couldn't stay with her daddy because he lived with his parents but didn't hear anything confirming who he was. Who was it anon?

No. 869339

a daddy who live with he own parents
a shameful daddy

No. 870468

No. 870474

she's just so empty and depressing for me at this point

No. 870599

No. 871049

Could've just said "we trust each other and my ex and i are cool as friends, please don't assume" the end. But this is Jude and she just needs to have tantrums at her followers, even though she invites them to ask questions in the place of real content.

This will totally boost you to influencer status and doesn't make you look ungrateful at all Jude.

No. 871277

This is really petty but the way she walks in heels is horrible.

No. 871656


aren't the shoes in 1:13 and 8:05 too similar? They almost look identical except the sole height. Why would she buy same shoes? Also the music's annoying bass irritated the hell out of me.

No. 872008

The music is by fatboi - heh heh. The way she looks away from the camera and asks us to tell her what our favourite shoes are of hers…she is so lackluster and void of personality. No one is forcing you to be an 'influencer' Jude.

No. 872073

File: 1569243584519.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-09-23-14-51-10…)

No. 872076

And then everybody stood up and clapped. Ew Jude.

No. 872091

>decided to my nudes

no idea how someone whose entire job is being online wouldn't give their own shit a second readover before posting

No. 872237

File: 1569268975280.jpeg (690.4 KB, 1079x1478, WhatsApp Image 2019-09-23 at 2…)

No. 872248

omg I laughed out loud

No. 872249

I don't understand how this is appropriate or healthy? it's one thing if only her ex has them but his friends also? is she that desperate for male affirmation

No. 872255

Very easy to dress horrible when you never leave your apartment and all your underage fans are naturally going through their badly dressed phases.

No. 872323

he looks like toxic tears lol

No. 872329


no way does he have the balls to wear this out in public lmao he gets all dressed up for the camera and then changes back into his fat boi sweats

No. 872474

File: 1569337600608.jpg (23.75 KB, 424x535, image002.jpg)

grabbing his plums. such a sexy daddy dom…how sad to be in your 20s buying a load of off the rack 'goth' clothes and dressing up just to take crusty pics in your shabby apartment to impress teenagers online because you don't have any real friends. he was such a normie before - you can't just buy killstar anf claim goth.

No. 872475

my god this pic makes me feel sick