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File: 1453121854584.jpg (21.26 KB, 320x320, il_570xN.549450014_3px9.jpg)

No. 82305

Unsure whether she's actually lulzy. But I've seen her floating around on IG and Tumblr recently.

She's into weird ugu babydoll face and garters. Is she just another Creepyyeha?

No. 82318

Never heard of her but she has the same winged eyeliner Yeha does

No. 82319

Wow thanks for providing links.

No. 82320

File: 1453123497154.jpg (50.19 KB, 683x560, iklm,k.JPG)

She's just Tumblr famous and I don't think she's lulzy at all.
But her jewerly looks like shit kek

No. 82321

No. 82322


Is it me or are Asian girls just dressing up in bondage looking loli shit for fame?

No. 82323

No. 82325

File: 1453123684562.jpg (11.03 KB, 236x311, 240_01.jpg)

No. 82326

File: 1453123748213.jpg (9.24 KB, 236x312, 240_01.jpg)

No. 82327

File: 1453123791850.jpg (103.43 KB, 736x1239, 240_01.jpg)

No. 82328

File: 1453123834484.jpg (483.12 KB, 983x1021, 240_01.jpg)

No. 82330

File: 1453123857767.jpg (109.41 KB, 1003x717, 240_01.jpg)

v original

No. 82331

I love her eyeliner tbh

No. 82333


its winged liner and there is about 92832983298329382 tutorials on youtube how to achieve it ;^)

No. 82337

No shit sherlock

No. 82338

holy fuck, punchable face alert.

No. 82345

her hair looks like a wig in all her selfies, too much hairspray

No. 82347

Does anyone know the brand of these lenses? https://www.instagram.com/p/BAk1ci6qL8j/?taken-by=michellemoe

No. 82349

She's so pretty wtf
Somebody point the shoop out so I can stop feeling bad about myself

No. 82353


Why do you all sound the like same person? What are the odds that this bitch made this thread herself?

No. 82355

we are different
I am >>82345
I don't know who this girl is, but I've seen her on tumblr too. I'm not interested in her, but I wanted to say her hair looks like a damn wig and doesn't look good.
Idk about the other anons. I think it's a self post too, I don't get the point of posting her here if she's not a scammer of sh00ps or that shit

No. 82357

Well, I'm both >>82349 and >>82318
While she does not seem like cow material she's still pretty, there's a thread about her, there doesn't seem to be any news on other cows, and I'm bored.

No. 82360

her face is so derpy

good thing she's got trendy pastel hair and ugu tumblr aesthetic

No. 82390

As a Chinese anon, she has what most call a 'farmer's face'. The most generic unfortunate face. Small eyes, flat bloated nose, and potato shaped face.

If you shoop off all her eyeliner you would behold a very unfortunate face. Even with make-up there is no beauty to write home about. 4/10.

So where is the dirt of her scamming or shitty personality, OP?

This is about sharing milk, not self-posting your stupid plebian face in hopes to create more sales for your failure of an etsy bussiness.

No. 82442

>farmer's face
>Small eyes, flat bloated nose, and potato shaped face

No offense but don't most Chinese people have farmer's faces?

I know their eyes can range from tiny to big, contrary to stereotypes, but all Chinese I've seen have flat noses and mushy faces.

No. 82464


But that's okay though since some desperate white guy (almost all of them especially on the internet) will see her and think she's the hottest thing ever and she's a submissive waifu come true.

Why listen to what your own people say when you can get an oblivious white guy with higher social/political status than you? It's a win-win~!

No. 82491

She isn't lulzy. She's a sweet, genuine girl. She doesn't shoop, she has videos on insta where she looks exactly the same as her photos. Y'all need to post some real snowflakes or fuck off because this is getting boring.

No. 82493

Samefagging, but I agree with anon. I've been following her for about 2 years on now and I haven't seen any problems with her.

No. 82505

idk about anyone else but the lips in this photo definitely look photoshopped to me. the shine on the top is unnatural, and the ridges in her lips look blurred and stretched, like they've been badly liquified.

this photo also looks like it's been heavily edited. I wouldn't be surprised if her 'lenses' weren't just shooped on in post.

No. 82509

Holy shit I thought these were kinda cute until she posted about how she uses her real blood on these

No. 82515

Indeed, she has a very generic face and would not be considered a pretty girl in China. Especially in the big cities. Already looks too much like someone's auntie.

Have you ever been outside of America?
Chinese people have a range of faces, but the 'farmer's' face is rather average. Thus, that is why it is not pretty. It's the same with the average American girl's face. Doughy, big nose, thin lips, thin hair.

There are quite a few beauties in China, and some of them haven't even used plastic surgery to get that way.

No. 82521

I'm a Eurofag. And yeah, I've been to most East Asian countries. Guess I didn't pay enough attention to people's faces then.

Perhaps Asian noses and faces just look flat/mushy to me because of my Western standards.

No. 82794


anon, I believe she wears Desio lens!

No. 82801

File: 1453192563897.png (5.39 KB, 278x51, n.PNG)

No. 82804


What are the best Chinese characters to google to see good examples of girls with "farmer's face"?

No. 82806

omg Shes so ProBlematic!1!!!

No. 82812

Maybe try looking up attractive Chinese people? Aside from S.H.E my knowledge is strictly Chinese people in Kpop groups, so Amber from f(x), Suzy and Fei from Miss A.

No. 83003

Kpop artists get lots of plastic surgery, though. Bad example, unless it means the Chinese can only look their own fucked definition of attractive with surgery.

Lots of girls use winged liner. Creepyyeha didn't create that look.

No. 83034

>>Unsure whether she's actually lulzy.
Then why post her here?

>>Is she just another Creepyyeha?

This isn't how it goes, you provide us with why she's a snowflake or cow, you don't make a thread asking if she's one or not. I mean if you have to ask then they most likely aren't one.

No. 83337

It was a joke. She really doesn't. I think they're kind of cute too, but I really don't think they're worth $35 USD.

No. 83358

I'm very confused. She has big eyes, a v-line shaped face, and a small nose, all things that are considered good for asian girls and yet she still looks wrong to me and I can't pinpoint why.

No. 83374

the lower half of her face is beautiful (lips and jaw) but that's it. her nose isn't small, it's bulbous and kind of flat. her prominent cheekbones actually work against the mushiness of her face and the distance between her eyes actually also makes her nose look even flatter.

may be the makeup style. i think she looked better in older pics like this:

No. 83384

OTT but Amber's Taiwanese, not Chinese

No. 84389

File: 1453464412370.jpg (56.15 KB, 766x511, harro.jpg)

Her face reminds me of a sumo wrestler

No. 84398

omfg she's adorable and her insta is perfection

wait why is she a cow?? everyone in this thread is just debating her features like are you guys really trying to push plastic surgery tier standards on all asians again? jesus fuck as a white girl I don't understand why asians are held to such unrealistic crap

No. 84401

This thread is filled with jealous bitches who probably wish they were as cute as her tbh. She's not a cow at all, nor is she ugly. She just has a generic Chinese face? Farmers are getting so desperate for milk nowadays…

No. 84405

Oh shut the fuck up you dumb ugly bitch.

No. 84468

Can we stop with the lazy threads? You're all so fucking insufferable lazy you can't even type out information or links and expect other people to do it for you. Fucking get out of here.

No. 84916


OP here

Nah, I posted her because she is getting to be very similar to Creepyyeha tbh (also Panache Halloween).

No. 84922

I pray that one day /snow/ will be deleted.

No. 84968

Okay, then why wouldn't you just post her in the creepyyeha thread? Making a whole thread about another girl who wears shitty bondage doesn't make any sense.

No. 84993

>as a white girl

k. no one gives a shit about your race, but that just makes your opinion more irrelevant. don't talk about shit you have no idea about.

No. 85013


>another azn girl who wear shitty bondage to u anon :^)

No. 85014


maybe its a trend? asians want to be cool and edgy

No. 85030

Get out cheapfag. Despite the fact that these are extremely tacky, $35 is a completely reasonable amount of money to charge for a piece of jewelry that involves hand sculpted and painted work.

No. 85103

The point is that people defend very ugly white girls all over lolcow. Half of those threads have posters sympathizing with girls who are overweight, terrible makeup, terrible fashion. They say things like 'oh if she just lost weight' or 'just improved her hair/makeup a bit' when these cows are clearly doomed. And here we have a qt that first of all isn't a cow. Secondly, there's nothing wrong with her aesthetics. But you just neeeeeeeed to be mad and over-analyze the size of her head out of spite. I know my asian friends would do the same thing, I know they would tell me why she's ugly. It's just fucked up. Because if a white girl had the exact same instagram, cute body, no milk. There would be no discussion here. Go find a god-awful weeaboo with actual milk next time you want to make a thread for no reason. No one has proven that this girl is a snowflake.

No. 85108

I'm not cheap, but I wasn't aware that they were hand sculpted. I thought she just painted the blood work. Now that I know that I feel a lot differently about the price. Personally, I think they're pretty cute.

No. 85109

Really? People only defend white girls here? I kinda agree, but most of the non-asian cows get comments like '' Why do they want to be asian so bad '' and other shiet like that. But reaallllyy, wanting to look cute, or be irl animu isn't the same as wanting to be asian. really most popular, 'cute' asian girls don't look cartoony and that kind of cute srry

No. 85112

Shes fun to discuss, so let us, dont tell us what to do

No. 85117

Yeah, there are plenty of comments like "why do white girls try to be cute they don't have the asian body/face/eyes/monolids/height/style/etc." Asian girls get just as much love as white girls tbh. It's the black girls I feel sorry for

No. 85148

it's not just white, black and asian tho..(expecting that most people think east asian when we say asian)

No. 85175

if this triggers you so much maybe you should go back to tumblr and unite with your fellow POCs

No. 85180

I just want to know why you're being so racist? Why can't a non-white speak out without being told to go back to fucking Tumblr. Fuck off. This thread is pointless, Michelle isn't a cow. Everyone posting is clearly jealous. Let it die.

No. 85183

>go back to tumblr

yeah, go back to tumblr or take it to /b/

No. 85205

Who is even discussing this girl negatively besides maybe Op and one or two other posters. A couple of losers that cannot justify their bitching doesn't make someone a cow or snowflake. Waiting for the admins to take a clue and go on a deleting spree of these recent useless threads. /snow/ was a fine idea until lazy posters took the liberty to make threads about anybody without any milk to share. This defeats the purpose of the entire board.

No. 85210

So… Now it's racist to talk about everyone not white? and if you find someone non-white unattractive you are racist? haha fuck off with that shit

No. 85218

I'm asian. Stop trying to make my comment sound racist. It's just facts, fuck face.

No. 85272

File: 1453673993503.jpeg (23.61 KB, 300x300, image.jpeg)

To anyone wondering, this is an example of a Chinese non-farmer face. Continue discussing

No. 85284

I'm so glad I didn't turn out looking like a farmer face.

No. 85315

farmer face looks cuter ihmo…

No. 85318

No. 85338

yo i don't care what race she is it's corny AS FUCK to pander to creepy dudes on the internet. cool she's selling shitty elastic bondage that there's a demographic for, good hustle, but you can tell with a lot of her shoots/how she presents herself it's embracing a dumb stereotype.

idk i fucking hate when grown ass women infantilize themselves - you're clearly not doing that for yourself and it's beyond annoying to other women so you want dudes to worship you because you play weak and dumb for them.

i'm so sick of this pandering lolita shit omfg.

No. 85340

Anon, no…

No. 85342

This. This. This. So goddamn much.

No. 85353

Honey no.

No. 85359

she is the epitome of tumblr and Asian.

No. 85363

most asians have shit taste

No. 85387

wait what does bondage have do to with creepy guys?

It's actually really trendy irl at the moment. I'm a visual merchandiser for a large fashion chain and tons of our employees incorporate them into our outfits. Not to mention a bunch of chicks who wear them are also lesbians so it has little to do with attracting men. I also fail to see how a mainstream nod to BDSM is infantile? You're going to be seeing lots more of this throughout 2016/17.

I don't understand women who are convinced that other women live their lives according to men's desires. Are we wearing high heels and short skirts for men too? Red lipstick just for the menz? Chokers are so degrading omg they're like dog collars for men amirite?

No. 85393

I hate that it's so trendy. Bondage is really passe.

No. 85400

Do you like potatoes

No. 85407

She looks white except the eyes

No. 85432

I think her "ugliness" makes her cute, like she knows how to put on makeup that works for her features.

So far I haven't heard any drama surrounding her but I've only been following her for a few months so idk

No. 85444

File: 1453737670542.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.96 KB, 615x409, wtfhorrible-pig.jpg)

So I just tried looking up "Chinese farmer's face" to get a better reference and this…thing is what I got. Wtf China?

No. 85455

Pretty sure that was in Wales or something lol

No. 85558

That poor pig. Must've suffered so much in the brief moments of his/her life.

No. 85573

Seems like most of her followers and the people commenting on her photos are actually women.

No. 85582

Who cares if she panders to dudes on the internet. She probably doesn't do that anyway tbh. Most of her comments are from girls amd women, and her followers are mainly female too. Girls are finally doing things for themselves and you don't seem to like it for whatever reason. She's not initializing herself at all, she acts like a mature adult, if she wants to wear clothes that aren't the conventional norm, who cares? Wearing a bondage harness and clothes that aren't necessarily mature =/= lolita nymphet shit

No. 85591

Sucks to be in a mentality that women only cater to men

No. 92824

She would follow me and unfollow me too often, It seemed really odd… I think she just wanted me to eventually follow her so she could probs unfollow and then me have her store on my feed ;/ Dont think shes lulzy tho maybe a lil attention seeking secretly??

No. 94530

Can I get an amen

No. 1039000

Jeez you guys are so freaking racist like don’t you have things better to do than call people ugly while you’re over here wearing your 12 pounds of make up shut tf up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1039007

Is this Sherliza Moe? I can't tell

No. 1039012

Don't you have anything better to do than necro a dead 4-year-old thread?

No. 1039031

Lmao @ this projection
This is a 4 year old thread you retard

No. 1039160

Is there a way to un-necro a thread? I want it as back far as it was.

No. 1039260

Post milk or shut up you retard.

No. 1040760

File: 1600396698261.jpeg (31.84 KB, 320x398, 9BE44703-CFE0-4138-8797-546E8B…)

Holy fuck, I only saw her face in videos and I thought she was obese from how large, fat and puffy it is., her head looks like its inflated lul.

No. 1040770

The fuck is your problem? I was saying that I wanted this thread fucking locked. You sound like a retarded autist, spazzing out that people won't post milk. Shut up.

No. 1040782

What the hell is this vendetta. Bet you’re fatter.

No. 1040806

She got surgery in Korea, if she looks bloated that's why. Not because she's fat.

No. 1040839

yes. i dunno why she goes by both michelle and sherliza. it's weird

No. 1040907

Holy shit ahahhahaha old lolcow sounds lit

She does her makeup weird

No. 1040978

That is the most basic makeup I’ve ever seen I don’t know what you’re on about

No. 1041409

I said iI thought she was fat retard, but fou d out she just has a big moon face.

No. 1041615

She looks fine, no one is going to bandwagon onto your weird vendetta, fugly-chan

No. 1053296

Rejoyce whores and give kokoos from kf kiss on the ass, someone archived her whole thread

https://archive.vn/QLvch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1053338

Wow, a whole fucking necro for no fucking milk whatsoever.

No. 1053361

Tbh I love her style and her accent is sexy af. She has some issues with gatekeeping though.

No. 1053370

"issues with gatekeeping"

you mean her natsoc-level sperg about skull shapes on one video, im surprised no one mentioned that yet, she has very weird opinions on race and likes to flaunt around she's uwu asian.

No. 1053383

That was the funniest part of the entire thread on PULL. All these 16 year olds trying to do genetics gatekeeping while trying to also avoid sounding like the NSDAP.

No. 1053529

Kek, I also enjoyed how that one wk had three seperate account and it took mods multiple fights to realise why.

No. 1055253

Sage for no milk but a year ago I watched about a dozen of her YouTube videos but after a while it becomes obvious that she fucking hates herself lol. She has always been a pick me, that’s why she aggressively gatekeeps. Too bad there’s no milk

No. 1097542

Uh this thread prolly dead but I just wanted to respond to the Chinese person on this thread n say 98% of Chinese people got small eyes so wtf u mean "farmer face" means having small eyes ?

Also having small eyes doesn't necessarily mean that you're unattractive anyway, it's about the shape of your eyes and how they suit your face. There are plenty of Chinese girls like Liu Wen that look better than bug eyed white women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1105535

No. 1182947

She has very strong " Kuu-dere submissive waifu edgy cool intimidating, who has ab-normal views" persona, and uses being asian for fame. Some white guy will look at her and think she's the hottest shit to ever exist. I hate everything about that bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1182954

She looks like she'd use her race to attract motherfuckers who fetishize asian people for attention and be into rape play, and be a Belle delphine.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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