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File: 1567460303321.png (1.15 MB, 698x992, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 5.38…)

No. 862657

Caroline Calloway is a 27-year-old woman who has never had a real job in her whole life, instead taking to Instagram to document her life and sell her half assed arts and crafts. The milk is endless, but here's a brief history:

>is upper middle class (at best) but is obsessed with the elite
>transferred to an elite new england boarding school for her senior year
>then went to nyu for three years, basically failed out
>got into cambridge university on her third try
>once at cambridge, started to gain an instagram following from detailing her relationships and life at college
>barely able to graduate and was proudly a horrible student
>had an adderall "addiction" which she is allegedly now "clean" from but much speculation that she still uses it
>plus she has admitted to using coke
>still writes and posts about her ex while she was at cambridge, oscar, despite him trying to get her to stop
>got a book deal for 500k w/ a 150k advance, admitted to using a ghostwriter, blew her advance, never wrote her book and had to pay back the advance, probably still owes some
>started dating another guy, conrad, who broke up with her and she still posts about him constantly and compares other guys to him

>decides to go on a tour across the country to teach "workshops" and sells tickets for $150
>twitter thread about her basically scamming everyone goes viral, fans refunded by eventbrite, caroline asks for the money back bc ????
>managed to put on a couple of sad events, which didn't include what was originally promised
>begs fans to venmo her & she spends it on alcohol, clothes etc
>begins selling shitty paintings of her tits but takes forever to ship, some people never get them
>holds another workshop which is actually planned by her unpaid college aged "assistants"
>blocks anyone who criticizes her on insta
>apartment is a crusty disaster - she admitted to not washing her dishes for a MONTH
>wears the same outfit for a week or more and never does laundry
>it was revealed that she didn't pay her rent for months and almost got evicted until she paid her back rent (over 11k iirc)
>she cancelled her trip to italy after this was revealed but then went to montauk

>started a patreon
>increasingly spiraling, seems to be on some sort of drugs
>is obsessing over a guy she dated for 2 weeks and trying to get her followers to message him for her
>she may be committing actual credit card fraud by taking out cards, maxing them out, and reporting them as stolen
>copying matisse cutouts and selling them for $140
>buying $40 cambridge sweatshirts and reselling for $80+ bc "sentimental value"
>wrote a freelance piece for refinery29 and got btfo in the comments
>never showers (even after doing pilates, spin, and sauna)
>continues to kill entire orchid plants so she can put them in her hair
>SO much more

>pinterest (inactive)

>her r29 article
>article about her newest scam (She literally called it scam)
>older vice article about her
>w article
>twitter thread that went viral
>funny twitter thread w/ screenshots
>parody account
>another parody account

No. 862661

File: 1567460421153.png (587.6 KB, 508x1114, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 5.40…)

she has a $2 patreon tier and a $100 patreon tier. as far as anyone knows she hasn't delivered on any of this

No. 862662

File: 1567460544233.jpeg (363.48 KB, 1152x2048, EC6UJXlVAAAmZ_v.jpeg)

example of her cringy, long af instagram captions

No. 862665

File: 1567460630742.jpeg (213.95 KB, 1000x975, 1565106352180-caroline-callowa…)

unpaid rent receipts

No. 862667

File: 1567460702569.jpeg (167.15 KB, 946x2048, ECdbh5BX4AEE9rn.jpeg)

person who bought a painting and never received it


No. 862668

File: 1567460788536.jpeg (118.81 KB, 946x2048, ECdbh5BXUAAcrxH.jpeg)


caroline blocked her after this

No. 862669

File: 1567460846128.jpeg (156.31 KB, 750x1334, EBOWAvkXYAAgWpO.jpeg)

selling a "vintage" sweatshirt for $150/$170

No. 862671

File: 1567460885270.png (1.65 MB, 1922x1020, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 5.47…)

except the sweatshirt is actually less than half the price and isn't vintage - the color is actually brand new for 2019

No. 862673

File: 1567461007809.jpeg (142.41 KB, 750x1334, C2vkKmuUkAAKWlU.jpeg)

pure idiocy

No. 862676

File: 1567461084828.jpg (181.2 KB, 946x2048, HScR9Ni.jpg)

posting about drinking and doing drugs

No. 862678

Damn, I’m so sad I wasn’t around for her university drama. I love university cow life. Do you know what she majored in?

Why did she choose that picture?
Is that one of the maids from handmaidens tale? I’m so confused

No. 862679

File: 1567461296366.jpeg (144.45 KB, 750x1334, D-p2UBqU0AAvPdM.jpeg)

selling polaroids for $40

No. 862681

No. 862682

Art history, she now calls herself a "historian." She also got rejected from grad school @ St. Andrews

No. 862688

File: 1567461712846.jpg (137.96 KB, 750x795, xtICd13.jpg)

her followers defending her living in her expensive UWS apartment whilst constantly complaining about how poor she is and how she can't afford rent

No. 862698

File: 1567462633546.jpg (201.2 KB, 720x1280, qaYtLbc.jpg)

her ex oscar asking her to stop posting about him

No. 862699

File: 1567462750032.jpeg (146.61 KB, 1200x946, EDeSpATVUAAl9jv.jpeg)

her idol cat marnell calling her out for still using adderall

No. 862700

File: 1567462878615.jpeg (296.23 KB, 1226x2048, EDaGKKCUUAEXuUS.jpeg)

says her copied matisse cutouts are sketched and then claims she freehand them

No. 862701

File: 1567462926230.jpeg (230.95 KB, 1152x2048, EDaGKKCVAAAz7mW.jpeg)

No. 862702

File: 1567462951615.jpeg (665.55 KB, 1152x2048, EDZ25GNVUAAVuVZ.jpeg)

has zero self awareness

No. 862706

File: 1567463039071.jpeg (242.21 KB, 1152x2048, EDZ2GBkUYAA8cl0.jpeg)

she also is constantly going on hinge dates and exploiting them on ig. this poor dude

No. 862708


I love me some Cat Marnell, but she's her own special brand of trainwreck.

No. 862709

any ss on her not showering? thats fucking gross

No. 862714


In the beginning of this video she says that the employees at the sauna she goes to told her not to shower after lol. Every day she does pilates, spin, and sauna so if she's not showering between those imagine how awful she smells. She also will wear/sleep in the same outfit for days on end

No. 862715

File: 1567463771199.png (122.04 KB, 550x738, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 6.33…)

the fact that she idolizes cat and made this post when she realized she was following her really says a lot about her I think lmao


No. 862721

arrived at a cousin's wedding in the dirty outfit she was wore traveling for the past couple days as shown in insta posts. gave cousin one of the titty paintings as a present. I have no problem believing she doesn't shower.

No. 862760

File: 1567467818943.png (2.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190902-164032.png)

I know the answer is staring me in the face, but I need someone to confirm - this girl seriously cuts designs that aren't even her own out of paper and glues it onto other pieces of paper? And then sells them for over $100? I'd understand more if she were making and printing the paper herself, but as far as I can tell, this is just her profiting off of happy-crafts-time.

No. 862803

File: 1567471591263.png (6.96 MB, 1125x2436, 88E49A78-9402-4FB2-A26B-2A6638…)

yep and some for $250!

No. 862805

Yesss you have no idea how much I wanted a thread on CC here. I hate how the blogsnark threads are full of wokies who need to blogpost.

No. 862810

What irks me so hard about this bitch is that she doesn't even use a real paper cutter or grind alignments for her shitty ass arts n crafts creations so the borders are SUPER wonky and don't even fit perfectly into typically sized frames. Literally cut and glued bullshit on borrowed patterned paper. I'm truly amazed we're just getting a thread for her here today.

No. 862819

kind of a nitpick but i cannot get over the fact that she is a grown ass woman who is STILL calling the grown ass men she dates her "crush".

i mean maybe i'm being too critical/ ageist but i think in general half the shit she does wouldn't even be as cringey as it is if she were in her early twenties. like this is the kind of semi-excusable lifestyle/ personality you have when you're still young and dumb and fresh out of college, not when you're nearing your fucking 30's

No. 862825

File: 1567473950401.jpeg (711.6 KB, 1125x1917, 8CB83E59-F789-4AA7-883D-05BDB0…)

Caro is the only person in the world to be awkward in middle school. She’s v hot and has a lot of friends now tho so it’s ok!

No. 862826

yep I started the thread bc I’m over reddit. The banning of ANY speculation on drug use was the last straw lol

No. 862834

File: 1567476217063.jpeg (446.85 KB, 750x1108, BE4A4A5A-F9F5-4BD0-8B5E-353398…)

You've done gods work op and brought her to the right place.

Also found this pic of her with one of her rebounds and she's talking about how hot he is while all he's doing is placing his dick and balls on her shoulder which is an obvious "suck me off bitch" but she somehow thought it was romantic or charming and worthy of blogging??

She literally has zero self awareness. New fave snowcow.

No. 862835

Been waiting for a thread on her. Living proof that you can be white and mediocre and someone will pay you for it, and still pay you for it after you're exposed several times. Just lol. Her prose reads like tryhard Catcher in the Rye with none of the charm

No. 862972

I’ve seen some nyc media people I know bitch about her before but my god I couldn’t even begin to understand the level of mediocrity they were speaking to. And she’s gotten away with doing this for the better part of the decade somehow!

No. 863056

File: 1567508742202.png (10.23 MB, 1125x2436, 0A33F648-2C6C-4939-AD61-09A77F…)

Clearly on an adderall or coke binge

No. 863057

File: 1567509239084.jpeg (393.96 KB, 1125x1882, 4287D0C3-2361-4C70-A40B-B7DDA6…)

She claims her Matisse cut outs are protected under fair use & a follower calls her out

No. 863059

Same, I think she lucked out with the R29 and Vice coverage, even though both of those will pretty much take what they can get as long as it’s trending. One hint of publicity and suddenly she thinks she’s a “wild child/literary bad girl…with an (exaggerated) Oxford degree”. That market is pretty flooded atm and there are plenty of girls more talented and interesting doing it. I predict she’s going to claim she’s doing some sort of sex work soon to up the ante.

No. 863063

Can we not with the race talk? If you want to obsess over how Caroline is stealing the spotlight from a deserving WoC astrologist kween or something, you can go to /r/blogsnark

I doubt she would do sex work. Her mom will continue to pay for her, and she is too lazy to do that ind of work. She is just lucky she is rich and attractive.

No. 863066

Not ACTUALLY do it, make some claim that she does. Needs slut points to add to her new drug narrative.

No. 863067

she posts nudes on ig occasionally. her $2 patreon tier was promised nudes but she apprentlynhasnt posted in 9 days

No. 863068

File: 1567512041625.png (Spoiler Image, 8.03 MB, 1125x2436, EB99F183-A07E-4020-9E68-EC0A7D…)

poorly censored naked mirror pic

No. 863070

Anything goes here, and her being a whitegirl privilege artist is totally relevant. No woc going this batshit online would ever garner almost 800k followers and a Cambridge degree. Go wk whites somewhere else, like reddit maybe.

Also, sage your autism.(racebaiting)

No. 863078

File: 1567513240780.png (70.81 KB, 786x326, Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 8.21…)

also another thing: considering she has almost 800k followers her engagement is abysmal. she maxes out at 1.5k likes on insta and usually only a couple dozen comments.

No. 863108

Uh no, I wanted to stop reading the reddit thread because there was too much race talk. Not really sure why everything has to be about race.

She has a lot of followers but not a lot of interaction. Like >>863078 mentioned. So it's not like people are really going crazy after her.

No. 863118

she about to break her back to make it barely look like she has hips

No. 863167

File: 1567525279734.png (2.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190903-083837.png)

"I don't use stencils." Yeah, we can tell.

No. 863178

Does she have a new drug narrative? It just seems like she does coke occasionally

I bet a lot of dead accounts are following her besides bots. She doesn't post stuff relevant to Cambridge anymore.

No. 863189

File: 1567527904179.png (111.26 KB, 1358x350, Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 12.2…)

Her ex is embarrassed that he dates her

No. 863190

File: 1567528052222.png (473.3 KB, 574x958, Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 12.2…)


Also receipts on her being a crackhead at Glossier 1/3

No. 863191

File: 1567528073621.png (508.65 KB, 672x956, Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 12.2…)

No. 863193

File: 1567528174585.png (568.86 KB, 798x966, Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 12.2…)

No. 863194

File: 1567528229154.png (118.46 KB, 544x714, Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 12.2…)

& her confirmation of what she did

No. 863196

File: 1567528308338.png (155.63 KB, 1364x434, Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 12.3…)

her being rude at the wing

No. 863202

File: 1567528609632.jpg (519.02 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_plfy4eXLZh1y55nvno2_128…)

And here's the link to her annotated book proposal

No. 863206

Oh nice, I've been looking for a copy of the Glossier story

Why the fuck would you admit this? That is crazy. Also why the fuck would you buy eighteen lipsticks?

No. 863216

File: 1567529874776.jpg (222.6 KB, 1024x1820, 67589983_160528988462874_36870…)

Who would pay $200 for this?

No. 863261

someone emailed the company that handles copyright/fair use for matisse's estate and they replied saying they would look into it (can't find screenshots rn sorry) so she might get served a cease and desist

No. 863316

What Caroline doing is sketchy and not worth the money she's asking, but can anyone explain to me how this is different than an artist making off of an IP such as Disney or a tv show?

No. 863331

yeah I was kinda wondering the same thing because I feel like I always see some corny basic brand or artist selling bad semi-reproductions of van gogh/ picasso/ frida kahlo, or stuff heavily using their works' likeness and caroline's kindergarten paper craft here kind of falls into that. people sell fanart all the fucking time and I know some of that is technically illegal without permission but how often do you ever see anyone getting burned for it?

No. 863357

There are also a lot of bootleg t-shirts and such that have famous art or IP printed on them. The idea of trying to get anyone in trouble for this seems pretty absurd to me. If people want to be idiots and spend hundreds of dollars on Caroline's art, it's their problem.

There's also a ton of Matissee cutout stuff on etsy right now: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=matisse%20cutout

The idea that anyone would buy one of Caroline's "artworks" boggles my mind though. Who the fuck is buying this? Are there girls with super bad taste out their and unlimited pockets?

Caroline's finances are also a mystery to me. I don't think she has unlimited money because she is having so much trouble with rent. I'm willing to guess she could live a comfortable lifestyle in NYC just based on her mom's money alone if she was a little bit more frugal and didn't travel or buy new clothes so much. I'm guessing her rent and other expenses are 4000 per month? So her mom is blowing 50,000 a year? Anyone have any guesses?

No. 863392


The issue for a lot of people is that she is acting like she’s an artistic genius and a trailblazer - and also selling them at a ridiculously high price while most people on Etsy are selling for $40 or less. She claims they take her hours to make and that she’s spending hundreds on materials. I agree it’s useless to report her.

No. 863460

lol this makes me want a freckled fox thread here

the mods on blogsnark have gotten so uptight that they ran off their two biggest threads (sarah and emily) it's amazing

sage for ot

No. 863462

File: 1567554046253.jpg (645.77 KB, 1440x2560, 68903659_750525315378343_15733…)

Caro is acting like people bought her cutouts. I wonder how many she actually sold?

I meant to ask what's the difference legally/morally? Just because Caroline is a shitty artist doesn't make what she's doing immoral imo. If I want to spend $100 on someone's shitty fanart that isn't immoral.

I hate how there is so much morallizing over her actions. Like people complaining that her glamorizing drug use is immoral because it is disrespectful to victims of drug addiction. Is it extremely stupid, especially at her age? Yes. But people are acting like she has blood on her hands because her underage followers are going to become coke addicts.

No. 863464

File: 1567554175932.jpg (230.66 KB, 1440x2560, 69272736_938558636500798_60152…)

Who would have guessed she is on antidepressants?

I feel like a lot of the blogsnark crowd is made of people who use or have used ontd. They want to make fun of people but feel virtuous at the same time.

No. 863478

File: 1567555290479.png (523.78 KB, 750x1334, BO7VpmD.png)

She posted a screenshot of a private email with her publisher on her insta

No. 863495

>people complaining that her glamorizing drug use is immoral because it is disrespectful to victims of drug addiction. Is it extremely stupid, especially at her age? Yes. But people are acting like she has blood on her hands because her underage followers are going to become coke addicts.

I'm glad someone else feels this way. This is all I can think when people bring up this angle and pearl clutch about ~*~*influening the children *~*~. It's so tumblr

And not just in relation to this cow.

No. 863497

why are her photos so shit quality? I've seen flip phones have better quality

No. 863515

File: 1567559450696.jpg (85.52 KB, 586x801, carovsvice.JPG)

so, someone emailed a vice editor about caroline not sending her "bb" to a buyer

No. 863548

Matisse’s estate could go after everyone on Etsy if they really wanted to, but it’s a waste of time to send a cease & desist for a $5 poster.

No. 863551

what’s the context behind this? i’m confused

No. 863556

I don’t remember what the Etsy thing is referring to but this is when she informed her publisher that she wouldn’t be writing the book she had received the advance for and signed a contract to write. Her emails that warranted this response were extremely unprofessional … will try to find screenshots

No. 863573

She sold pages from her book proposal, with handwritten annotations, on Etsy.

No. 863754

She does have nice skin for someone who does uppers, I'll give her that.
ONTD thread when?
I don't have Venmo in my country but is it really what you'd use to pay for a good/service instead of like Paypal or through your bank where you have some buyer's protections in place? I would side eye an artist asking me to Venmo them tbh.

No. 863796

no, using venmo is sketchy as hell and enables her to not send people shit and rip them off with few consequences. her followers are dumb for buying through venmo, though

No. 863811

yikes. apart from the fact that this is so unbelievably unprofessional (she got paid 500k but wanted to make extra cash on etsy??), who would actually read this dreck?

No. 863816

File: 1567607063510.png (53.43 KB, 721x598, venmo.PNG)

I've personally never heard of using Venmo outside of paying back friends/family for things. I did check out their website and found this though.

I didn't know there were legitimate businesses and merchants who accepted venmo, but I think they're far and few between, and CC definitely does not count as one. She's just another individual. She probably chose venmo knowing there would be little consequence about chargebacks.

No. 863851

File: 1567611065136.png (9.09 MB, 1125x2436, C6AB7AB9-7D28-4F7F-B3B4-5A6547…)

Can’t pay rent but is hiring an assistant …?

No. 863852

File: 1567611112167.png (9.54 MB, 1125x2436, 6B00387E-C0CB-4026-9B78-3284A2…)

No. 863875

Someone did buy the proposal and upload it here


The proposal is also super unprofessional.

No. 863914

File: 1567617643505.jpg (187.67 KB, 1440x2561, 67945305_135066751093074_50213…)

This is going to be a trainwreck

No. 863996

i, for one, can't wait for the new horror stories that are about to be spilled from this new "assistant" in 1-2 months when it all inevitably ends in disaster

No. 864273

File: 1567679770877.jpeg (586.64 KB, 1125x1843, 41F8A0B8-C6F9-41A6-9379-C30638…)

Her ex friend is writing an article about her

No. 864275

File: 1567679807447.jpeg (343.51 KB, 1125x1450, 51F880D1-7E5C-4226-8A5A-D4F04D…)

No. 864276

File: 1567680016395.jpeg (569.57 KB, 1125x1891, 6F49A2D2-8ABF-49F4-A238-2F5E3E…)

Alina is psycho

No. 864311

I can't wait for this article to come out

No. 864324

File: 1567690958175.png (12.3 MB, 1125x2436, BB11A7E7-C481-4A5D-96EE-1425C0…)

It’s coming out tomorrow apparently. She’s having a meltdown bc she’s realizing she’s gonna get put on blast for being a shitty person I’m guessing.

No. 864351

File: 1567695108069.png (4.35 MB, 750x1334, LrfNR5w.png)

Having a meltdown in her stories over her ex-friend…

No. 864354

Lol at this transparent bait to make him make art about her

No. 864377

It's a lot easier for people over 21 to get in there apparently - you are classified as a "mature student"

No. 864390

File: 1567700356921.png (6.08 MB, 1125x2436, 46154FD3-8F73-46B4-9486-642352…)

Sobbing while “making art”

No. 864404

What is the relationship between CC and Natalie? Apparently Natalie helped CC write her book but they've had a falling out since then? Did Natalie go to Cambridge with her?

I can't wait haha


She applied multiple times

No. 864429

Never heard of this bitch before but I hope this thread never dies. The small hyperbalist crossover is really the cherry on top

No. 864557

Wow I've never heard CC speak before but she sounds more pretentious in person than she does in her captions. I also imagined her to have a deeper sounding voice like Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. Her squeaky voice only makes her sound stupider. She acts like it's such a big deal to take photos on instagram and post captions.

No. 864632

Caroline was on another podcast, We Met at Acme, a couple of months ago


Here's some details

>Changed her name at age 18 because she wanted to be a writer

>Thinks her instagram content is so "weird", "funny", and "vulnerable"; also thinks her posting crying selfies is revolutionary
>Tries to explain racism
>Her haters are all jealous and sexist
>Talks about her adderall addiction and staying awake for three days at a time
>Claims she dropped out of the book deal because she couldn't write the pages
>Said it was good the New Yorker criticized her for being heteronormative
>Says she was a loser in high school
>Says her ex boyfriend Oscar was ok with being featured on her instagram because it boosted his self-esteem
>Claims she wasn't mad at the people making fun of her for being a scam because she is so "compassionate"

Honestly the more I hear from her the more she pisses me off. She loves being so woke while contributing nothing to society and ripping people off.

No. 864815

natalie was the ghostwriter for her failed book/ex-friend

No. 864816

File: 1567778109104.png (1.28 MB, 660x1168, Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 9.54…)

she's so insufferable. I can't wait for the article

No. 864828

her whole 'woe is me, I know I'm a terrible person uwu' attitude is what makes me dislike her even more. that's not taking accountability; that's trying to play victim. I didn't even know who this girl was before and I'm still trying to understand how she got popular. I hate this word but she really is basic.

No. 864852

She is popular because she is basic. A couple of girls with deep pockets think she is some super deep artiste.

No. 864866

Insufferable is really the only word to describe this. It constantly feels like she's just trying to play it off as being relatively unbothered (and therefore supportive- look Nat! I'm being a good friend and being supportive of you criticizing me! Be my friend again, please!) but everything she posts just screams that she cares waaaay too fucking much about it.

No. 864961

im debating if I should spend the $2 to get added to her close friends list lol

No. 865107

File: 1567817310165.jpg (340.19 KB, 1440x2561, 68707298_737238963386170_28065…)

This answers your question

No. 865109

File: 1567817396090.jpg (82.81 KB, 1279x1599, 70050170_2194852120804733_6522…)

Posted one of her haters' comments on her grid

No. 865248

To the farmer who sent this to her: quit cowtipping. You commented this almost verbatim in the thread last night before you deleted it.

No. 865327

I doubt it, she gets lots of comments like this

No. 865329

File: 1567875987532.jpeg (644.5 KB, 1125x1897, 26B465ED-3D94-484B-813B-A0C8F3…)

Starting a website. She deleted that bit later

No. 865870

File: 1567939517741.png (286.89 KB, 368x631, Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 11.4…)

Caroline got a new assistant and she has a higher instagram engagement

No. 865873

File: 1567939621079.jpg (200.06 KB, 1024x1820, 69487946_517044602382005_20833…)

I think Caroline is going to have a falling out with this assistant very soon out of jealousy

No. 866616

File: 1568060673315.jpg (261.93 KB, 1365x1987, resizednightout.jpg)

No. 866620

File: 1568060858564.png (304.93 KB, 424x395, Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 9.28…)

It's this top

No. 866623

File: 1568060966175.png (550.71 KB, 577x583, Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 9.29…)

She made another post about Natalie and posted a picture of her. wtf


No. 866639

File: 1568063666063.jpeg (399.56 KB, 1125x2436, A4D6A14E-4391-483D-B5C8-38EDC1…)

Caroline x plasticnproud crossover

No. 866641

The Cut article was supposed to be out 3 days ago, what's going on with that?

No. 866651

I don't think it's been delayed. I think Natalie got in touch with Caroline, and Caro freaked and thought the article was coming out the next day. Right now it's New York Fashion Week so I doubt we will see the article this week. I'm guessing it might take a couple of more weeks for the article to get finalized.

No. 866659

LMFAO. Petty af. "I totally wasn't going to write about Nat even though I've wanted to but now that she's writing about me I'm so glad that the ice is broken!"
I'll wait to see the article but I mean yeah it's also petty of Nat to write about this cow, but to each their own. I guess it'll be entertaining. Caroline is clearly stressed af about the dumb thing.

No. 866684

File: 1568070167164.png (1.65 MB, 1688x1410, 6A5439B7-74E9-4473-B0DD-9A0DBD…)

Oscar’s new gf started following The Cut recently lol

No. 866752

other than the obvious obsession issues there is something so creepy about this girl. reading her captions it sounds so unnatural and affected or something

No. 866881

Lmao its so transparent that she’s trying to guilt Natalie into going easy on her or dropping the article altogether.
I hope she gets dragged.

No. 866894

CC is doing a an fuck awful job at doing that. She doesn't seem sorry at all and just seems to be using the opportunity to drag Natalie's name through the mud and make herself look better. It's so transparent.

No. 866982

File: 1568134583594.jpg (144.61 KB, 1024x1820, 69030496_626639604409996_59253…)

Caroline jokes about selling feet pics

No. 867023

Here's a good overview of the book deal

>Surprisingly, back in 2013-2016 Caro was actually pretty big. Well as big as one could be back then. She did a bunch of interviews and podcasts for minor publications online. She also had 250-500k In followers during this time which was a feat back then. People were enamored with the ~quirky American falls in love in England~ vibe of her.

>So she developed a book proposal (these deets are under wraps big time most likely due to the nature of Natalie’s involvement), put it up for auction to I believe 8 publishing companies, and was ultimately offered a 500,000 book deal. Her manager was Byrd who managed Tucker Max, Cat Markell, and Donald trump. It was truly an era of self-shame self - exposés
>She was supposed to have the book submitted in January of 2017 I believe, however she kept pushing it off. Then in July 2017 she posted on Instagram she was backing out. She then posted 6 chapters on Etsy with her edits and Natalie’s edits (AND CREDITS THE BOOK “AND NATALIE BE*). Publishers and managers were livid and she eventually removed them. Some people bought them and there’s a tumblr thread somewhere with them all posted.
>Back then she said she backed out because the book proposal she sold was too much based on romance and was not “feminist” for her and her new lifestyle? She then said she was going to still write the book but have it be on her terms, more raw and “authentic”. Nobody wanted that book.
>She was almost sued but they agreed to let her pay it back gradually. She is still technically bound by contract to either pay back the advance she was given (estimates range from 8-150k) OR give them a book. So when she says she has a book deal- this is what she means.
>Interestingly enough. She started posting only intermittently after that. With only a few posts in the fall of 2017. She also never mentions Natalie again and scrubs her Instagram of her. (This week she unarchived all of Natalie’s posts).
>My guess is what actually happened is she agreed to a book deal based on her Instagram caption writing skills but realized she was way in over her head with a book. We see her task completion skills are very poor.
>Add on top of that, she had a ghostwriter on her captions so she never even had the skill that she sold to publishers. Eventually Natalie stopped helping with her captions and Natalie’s sister stepped in to write at least 7. Caro’s addiction at this point was reportedly so debilitating that she couldn’t even Instagram.
>So no. She does not have a current book deal. She is likely still very much in debt. And she claimed to have a goal of 500 words a day on her new book and instead she makes glue-stick nightmares all day.


No. 867094

There’s a reddit sub called Caroline Calloway, but it has no posts yet.

No. 867097

File: 1568151966470.png (248.56 KB, 969x483, Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 10.4…)

Apparently the article will come out today or tomorrow

No. 867112

No. 867122

omg I was freaking out when I opened the article. thanks so much. The truth is so much jucier than you could imagine

It is so shitty and ridiculous that Caroline thought she could blame this on her adderall addiction.

No. 867133

There are way too many juicy details but here are some of them:

>Caroline bought her instagram followers ("tens of thousands") and instagram ads

>Caroline couldn't finish her book because of her adderall addiction
>Natalie did ghostwrite most of the book but Caroline didn't like her work and threatened to kill herself over it

No. 867152

File: 1568159834063.jpg (623.83 KB, 1080x1529, 20190910_165756.jpg)

this is the part she's upset about, but apparently she hasn't even read the article yet. caption following.

No. 867153

File: 1568159892113.jpg (751.5 KB, 1080x1799, 20190910_165815.jpg)


No. 867165

What makes you think she's joking? She thinks very highly of herself.

No. 867261

File: 1568189513932.png (1.2 MB, 1204x1916, Screenshot_20190911-011040~2.p…)

Holy shit.

No. 867262

File: 1568189576474.png (1.65 MB, 1208x2048, Screenshot_20190911-011017.png)


No. 867268

I feel like a lot of CC snarkers have traumas in their life involving someone similar to Caroline, and they're using her to deal with that. I think that it's worse now that Natalie's essay came out.

Is this the twitter trending page? That's insane

No. 867279

The article is a solid piece of work. I would definitely read a book like this - not the one about Caroline's adventures, but about Natalie and her dealing with a toxic friend.

It doesn't even paint Caroline badly, actually it made me a tiny bit sympathetic. Natalie humanized her. Doesn't mean she's not a POS still, but you get it.

No. 867280

File: 1568193293836.jpg (67.88 KB, 771x178, sssss.jpg)

A lot of people are actually siding with Caroline in the comments. I guess it was inevitable with this type of honest diary-like narrative. People are mostly mad about Natalie's jealousy and in general "white girls problems"

No. 867365

File: 1568212004951.jpeg (758.83 KB, 1089x1826, CD9E92CE-0B10-4361-9421-148231…)

Her childhood home that she shows here:


I expected bigger.

No. 867368

Seems her father went to Harvard. Maybe that’s why she’s so obsessed with prestigious colleges?

No. 867496

File: 1568243928947.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 3ED5A521-6B3F-40DB-A9F9-8EDD83…)

she’s having a mental breakdown!!!!! she’s posted 50 times and counting since the release of the article yesterday. each post has multiple slides.
literally ALL of her followers are telling her to calm down, stop posting and log off but she’s not listening I can’t

No. 867528

As much as i hate caro, this makes me a little uncomfortable to watch.

No. 867534

File: 1568250937917.png (167.01 KB, 984x634, Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 2.14…)

Is this proof that Caroline doesn't have friends? These two girls are her interns. Is no one telling her to stop posting?

No. 867545


Her parents are mentally ill hoarders. The inside of that house is trashed and dirty she showed it in her story on Instagram titled “dad”

I don’t know how they have so much money to support this womanchild when they can’t even take care of themselves or their property. I’m assuming their wealth is inherited, they have good jobs, or both.

No. 867581

The dad’s a hoarder. The mum and dad got divorced years ago.

Dad is a lawyer, mum was a high-level government researcher (she has a Ph. D in public health), but the suggestion is that there’s also some generational wealth on the mum’s side.

No. 867613

to be a decent hoarder you need a bit of financial independence - so that you can run your own home and life into the ground without anyone stopping you. there's often a correlation.

No. 867720


She sounds like an extra sweet Alicia Silverstone from Clueless here.
Maybe this is what people mean by her appealing voice? I can imagine
her being pretty hypnotising as a cute rich girl from NYC lovebombing
you with compliments and name dropping Italian aristocracy and telling
tales of Cambridge balls. Too bad she's a garbage human being.

No. 867754

File: 1568311827294.jpg (718.67 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20190912-110919.jpg)

when it rains it pours

No. 867758

wow, that seriously fucking sucks.

No. 867779

It's going to suck for his family because they get to clean up his hoarder mess. RIP Caroline's hoarder dad.

No. 867781

It's always fucked to lose a loved one in my book. You are right though they are going to have to clean up his hoard, but there are a million things he could've been worst than a hoarder, not to WK.

Maybe they'll donate or sell whatever they can.

No. 867831


How do we know he was a hoarder? Sorry to ask for spoonfeed but I don't have time to comb thru her giant blog entries on Instagram to find her mentioning it

No. 867843


I assumed the book advance was made up, along with everything else, but it was real? And she really - goddamn, the whiteknights in her Instagram comment section need to stop defending this chick. Pure narcissism.

No. 867844

She has mentioned it probably upwards of 20 times and all of the information is in the third highlight, dad, on her Instagram.

No. 867875

Her money problems wrt the book debt r gone now at least, you know daddy left her a healthy inheritance

No. 867880

the only reason the comments are filled with WK is because she’s deleting comments that don’t feed her ego and narcissism

No. 867892

something about all this just doesn’t seem right… tin foil but a huge part of me thinks she loves all the attention regardless if it’s good or bad. she claims she wants to be as transparent as possible but it’s like a desperate “look at me and pity me” party at this point. who reacts this way when their FATHER just passed away? she just won’t stop posting and it’s CRINGEWORTHY.
sage for the rant

No. 867912

She’s his only close relative as fast as she’s said. He has cousins who live in Nebraska that she visited a couple of years ago and did Instagram stories with.

This is really sad, and the timing is so awful, but she needs to get off Instagram.

No. 867917

Tinfoil: This is a lie.

No. 867920

You've never seen a really bad case of hoarding. I knew a case where the whole house was a mold and pest infested hellhole. The relatives were forced to knock down the building with a company specializing in contaminated waste removal. It was really, really disgusting and expensive.

No. 867926

How do we know there is inheritance? Is there any proof?

I'm going to piss my pants laughing if you turn out to be right.

No. 867928

YES!!! I was thinking this exactly!!!! How convenient that TWO days after she’s exposed her father mysteriously passes away hmmmm.
Heart goes out to her if it’s true, but how does she expect anyone to believe her when she’s lied about so much?

No. 867935

I've watched shows on it, do we know if her dad was that bad?

No. 867988

One of his Nebraska cousins posted on Twitter.

Even if the house is a teardown, the land has to be worth quite a bit given real estate prices in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC.

No. 868012

>How do we know there is inheritance? Is there any proof?
No, but it's a reasonable guess because her dad was a lawyer and she's an only child.

>Even if the house is a teardown, the land has to be worth quite a bit given real estate prices in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC.
That's a good point.

That really sucks for her. I hope what's been happening is a wakeup call for her to go offline for a while and stop having a public internet persona. But she might be too addicted.

Her mom should also have a wakeup call about how spoiling her daughter

No. 868013

File: 1568350499098.jpg (164.84 KB, 1024x1820, 69186683_2462042584060837_6109…)

This is what passes for news these days? She's barely an influencer

No. 868139

she really needs to get off of social media. Who gives an interview two hours after their dad dies? she has some serious issues that she needs to take care of

No. 868197

I'm fascinated by Caroline's finances. How much do you think her mom is spending on her per year? Her flat probably costs at least $2500 per month. She also gets sweetgreen and goes to expensive gyms. I don't see how her mom can continue to enable her.


I guess she was one of the first people to make it big on insta. But she's achieved a fraction of the success that other influencers do. She never gets to promote anything and she barely makes money off of it.

No. 868200

File: 1568400005227.jpg (164.84 KB, 1024x1820, 69186683_2462042584060837_6109…)

Natalie gave an interview to the nytimes


I don't blame Natalie trying to hitch her star onto Caroline's wagon. Nor do I blame her for being mad that Caro's book deal didn't work out. I would be fucking pissed if I wrote a third of a book for an existing book deal and nothing came out of it. Caroline should have just shut up and taken the money. She could probably have written another book later.

No. 868205

Super OT but is like half of the pictures in this thread broken for anyone else?

No. 868226

I don’t have this issue in any other thread though? The thumbnails are there, but when I click on them some are broken.

No. 868271

Nah, the “lost it in the depression” was the maternal grandfather’s family (and he had a very high up job in the government overseeing atomic energy research, then founded two companies after his retirement from the govt).

The grandmother’s family business went bankrupt in the 1950s, but she still had some family money. Let’s not overlook the million-dollar painting she forgot about and then found in the local museum’s storage:


No. 868286

No. 868303

Caroline seems solidly upper middle class to me. She might even have a trust fund. Still, she wasn't as wealthy as a lot of the people she tried to hang out with at Cambridge which probably hurt her feelings. I can't believe her family is rich enough to where she can afford to live in NYC indefinitely without a job.

I can't imagine what is going on in Caroline's mom's mind. Is she thinking that funding her daughter's lavish lifestyle is a good way for her to social climb? Caro's mom follows her on ig, so it's not like she doesn't know what her daughter is up to.

At the very least, Caro could get some part time job but apparently she lacks the work ethic for that.

Let me try to break down Caro's expenses

>Apartment: $2500

This is what a cheaper 1 bedroom apartment in West Village rents for
>Food: $500
Caro eats out all the time, and I doubt she buys cheap groceries either, so this is a conservative estimate
>Clothes: $500
Caro is regularly seen with expensive new clothes though I can't remember the pieces or prices off the top of my head
>Gym membership: $100
>Travel: $400
She doesn't travel every month but she does fly around pretty frequently it seems
>Total: $4000 a month
This is almost $50,000 per year which is probably half her mom's salary

No. 868355

Nah, spergs on Reddit called and found out she wasn’t. She’s faking that like she fakes everything else.

>>what is Caroline’s mother thinking

Her husband was given only months to live (Caroline’s stepdad). I don’t know why people expect her to be policing her idiot daughter’s Internet antics while her husband is dying.

No. 868365

>Her husband was given only months to live (Caroline’s stepdad). I don’t know why people expect her to be policing her idiot daughter’s Internet antics while her husband is dying.

Caroline's biological dad died right? And her stepdad is dying? That sucks

I don't think Cathy (Caroline's mom) is going to monitor every little detail of Caroline's life. But it doesn't take a lot to see that Caroline is not doing well. And it should be obvious to Cathy that Caroline is taking thousands in rent money every month and contributing nothing to her own life.

No. 868521

File: 1568456375423.jpg (90.61 KB, 828x1472, 69731353_435447943740521_48277…)

I checked Caro's ig wondering if she was going to stop posting. Lucky for us, she's back to normal and posting thirst traps like everything is ok. I have a feeling her story is only going to keep getting crazier from here.

No. 868522

File: 1568456480876.jpg (183.04 KB, 1024x1820, 69104713_203055970696618_86296…)

Here's one thing I hate about Caroline. She has one normal working day and acts like it's such a struggle. Bitch this is something the vast majority of people have to deal with every day.

No. 868523

Nah, there's no way Glossier would sponsor her. She tried to return 18 used lipsticks >>863190

She tags brands a lot to seem like she has sponsorship. But really she hasn't had a sponsorship in years iirc

No. 868538

File: 1568461928007.png (39.58 KB, 707x213, 2019091401.png)

Anon you unearthed a gem. Holy shit that's a ton of money the heirs including Caroline received. Screenshot from Sotheby's

No. 868539

File: 1568462299793.png (101.94 KB, 1133x454, 2019091402.png)

The Herald Tribune article explicitly says all the money will go to the 10 heirs. Even after deducting the auction fees Caroline should have received around $100,000.
>still sells Matisse cutouts for $140

No. 868561

That’s a perfectly normal thing to post the week you found out your dad died. Especially at age 28.

No. 868583


was she EVER down to earth tho? i mean, sure she tried to be the relatable kween but she never pulled it off. but like, for example her charging over 100 dollars for her gluestick creations is exactly what i'd expect from someone who grew up with money. i also think that the idiots who paid for her apartment salad seminars were doing it bc she sells a fake relatability that is still really glamorous even though she's openly a train wreck

No. 868607

File: 1568476661447.jpg (501.98 KB, 1080x1428, Screenshot_20190914-085159.jpg)

Has she made her dad's name public before? I assume so? I'm new to CC though, so this is the first I'm seeing of it. There's a lot you can find on Google with his name though, and I even found what is (probably an old) phone number of Caroline's.

I'm really unimpressed by the name reveal of the ~boy she lost her virginity to~ and his dad. Totally unnecessary.

No. 868643

His name is in her Wikipedia entry.

No. 868671

File: 1568487792882.jpeg (601.97 KB, 1125x2075, 4AD5B3D5-5A24-474B-926E-D75367…)

I’m a recovering adderall addict but pls give me other drugs

No. 868675

She's tying to humblebrag so hard about her dad going to Harvard even though she wanted nothing to do with him before his death.

Why would you post about doing drugs on your ig? Especially at age 28. She is really spiraling and needs to stop. I have nothing against drug use but this isn't the right way to deal with your father's funeral.

Also before Natalie's article, I thought CC exaggerated her adderall use so she could be more sympathetic/cool. But I feel like she isn't someone who can be trusted around substances

No. 868679

File: 1568490309447.jpg (67.53 KB, 1024x1820, 70305058_158445968573958_15944…)

I can't believe an actual art history PhD would be a fan

No. 868690

Lol imagine how funny it would be get her to come to your party though. No other entertainment needed she’d put on a whole show for you.

No. 868711

God, she's such a ripoff of Cat Marnell without any of the actual personality or charm of Cat. Additionally, by asking to go to parties at Harvard… was she asking to go to college parties? I know she got the invite to the PhD party so they'll be around her age/a little older, but does she/her followers even realize that begging to get invited to college parties (even if its a swank ivy league) as a fully grown woman is horrifically pathetic?

No. 868783

File: 1568512636336.jpg (52.44 KB, 382x679, EEd_Cr0UYAAcDBi.jpg)

I can't believe she is 28 she's cringier than most 14 year olds.

No. 868790

It really just seems like she feeds off the "damaged rich girl" trope. Like Serena Van der Woodsen from GG. That's how her "character" (representation of herself) reads. She enjoys living this stereotypical but oh so special life that she can over share on a platform to thousands of people. She's so privileged, but all the nice things just aren't enough to fill her sad, lonely soul. Striving for romance. Etc.

No. 868795

Jfc even mainstream media are wk'ing her.


"When we vilify women like Delvey, Holmes, or Calloway for lacking authenticity, perhaps what we are really raging about is the desire for a world where women have permission to live more authentically. Wouldn’t it be wild if we were suddenly allowed to be unpretty, unglamorous, not-rich — in short, imperfect — and still be deemed interesting enough to read about?"

wtf. she's not a martyr. (Tinfoil: this was written by a friend of Caro).

No. 868809

lol as if "lacking authenticity" is the extent of what people are pissed at her about

No. 868878

She could actually make money off selling her used branded clothes, like many of other influencers have been doing but she's too braindead to do that

No. 868913

File: 1568552962970.png (5.04 MB, 1242x2208, 6DB85706-C637-467E-B3B7-BB11FF…)

cow crossover soon kek

No. 868918

Here are another twitter threads I found about her that you guys might find interesting. Kinda long and milky. There is also a post about her posting nudes of her ex boyfriend and her own nudes in the thread, yikes. Enjoy and read them all if you have the time!

Part 1

Part 2

No. 869008

She doesn't portray herself as the damaged rich girl. She portrays herself as an intellectual, free-spirited starving artist.

No. 869009

I think it's pathetic that Caro is almost 30 and has no idea how to find drugs without asking strangers online. Who wants to bet she's never done acid before kek

No. 869131

File: 1568595395746.png (185.9 KB, 668x884, Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 8.56…)

Her date with a phd candidate lol. Also no one pays to get a phd caroline

No. 869151

people do not get "scholarships" for phds and no one is doing a phd at harvard that is not fully funded lmao. if you're funding your own phd you're a fucking idiot

No. 869194

Imagine being 30 years old and religiously obsessed with various universities like she is

No. 869219

>for a SIX YEAR PhD program
How retarded is she to write it in caps like that. If this guy is even remotely real he must have seen her as a real easy dumb lay.

No. 869323

The funny thing is that Caro tried to get into art history grad school for St. Andrews. Of course, since she only had a 2.2 and her application essay was shit, she didn't get in. But she proceeded to live at St Andrews for a couple of months and even went to a ball for freshmen. I'm starting to see a repeating pattern here of her trying to hang out with undergrads despite being out of college for several years…

No. 869379

File: 1568642680352.jpg (116.28 KB, 828x1472, 69017018_976744869335423_73381…)

Caroline crashed a Harvard Lampoo party. It must have been awkward as fuck for these people to have some random grown-ass woman at their party. She also complained that there were no drugs there.

If she wants to do drugs with strangers so badly, why doesn't she go to Bonnaroo or another music festival again? Although when she went to Bonnaroo for the only time, she claimed she refused to do the molly she was offered. kek

No. 869391

Why can't she be a big girl and get fucked up alone in her apartment like the rest of us? Does she want to get raped and left in a ditch or something?

No. 869397

Why would going to a Harvard Lampoon party get you raped lol? You sound weird

No. 869409

Can I rant about Caroline "snarkers"?

I've followed Caroline's antics through blogsnark. The good part is that there's a lot of content. The bad part is that so many people are using CC as a way to sound about their own personal traumas and difficulties.

I dislike Caroline because she's a pseudo-intellectual narcissist who claims to be a starving artist. There is a ton to dislike about her.

But so many people would dislike her just because she's a rich white woman who is interested in European royalty. There's so many people saying it's so ~problematic~ that she likes that. (They should tell that to the Japanese too) Then there's so many posters with barely veiled jealousy because they're not thin or white.

Then there's the reaction to Natalie's article. There's so many people personally upset on the behalf of Natalie because it's clear that they haven't gotten over their own shitty friendships yet.

It really makes me appreciate the blogposting rule here. When I read about a cow's antics, I don't care about your own personal struggles with race or your "narc" friends.

No. 869416

Yeah, Lampoon are nerds and about a third of them are women. Obvs people get raped everywhere, but Lampoon parties aren’t scary.

No. 869443


I think it would be healthy for her to experience ego death and gain some actual self awareness. Acid would give her the ass kicking she needs to finally get her shit together and get off social media.

No. 869480

University dudes are infamously rape-shy, even asexual

Though if anything happened to her it would just be considered "content" for her amazing Instagram account

No. 869482

Blogposting completely ruins PULL as well, it's damn impossible to find the actual information between the 99 pages of blogs on every cow

No. 869580

File: 1568692150370.png (6.72 MB, 1242x2208, A3D45B0B-E37E-4A86-A4EF-79E940…)

I can’t believe she has the nerve to charge that much for art that looks so poorly done…the cuts in the paper look rushed and uneven.

No. 869581

File: 1568692295085.png (5.94 MB, 1242x2208, E52F9AF3-89BB-490A-8636-6A7E45…)

Anthony Fontano voice: it’s not good

No. 869583

File: 1568692412085.png (8.44 MB, 1242x2208, DFBF0F58-CABC-42EE-805B-15AFBE…)


No. 869590

>three purposeful, almost imperceptible tears

There's a fourth one under the boob right there, you bint. Didn’t notice? Purposeful my ass.
My god, she’s so infuriating, trying to pass her sloppiness as artistry. It’s a fucking 15-minute paper cutout, not oil landscape. If you fuck it up you can easily do it again.

No. 869653

File: 1568722657524.jpg (186.86 KB, 828x1472, 69490400_1438164803001446_3725…)

Caroline is so brave as a rich white woman to commit fraud and steal from people.

No. 869655

File: 1568723091971.jpg (98.55 KB, 1440x2560, 69401099_525419891549357_63876…)

Caroline is going to launch a website. But who is buying her art?

No. 869661

What a nitwit. Even artists with fancy portfolio websites still sell on IG to get their audience’s attention. Does she think “making a website” will get her more sales somehow just by virtue of it existing?

No. 869713

File: 1568731585805.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, B3F23407-459F-4575-9132-14868E…)

she is so creepy, oh my god.

No. 869734

lol he probably didn't want to visit her because he thought she was annoying

No. 869763

Um, no. He didn't want to visit her because she was annoying, and that google search only validated it lol.

No. 869916

File: 1568765173719.png (795.71 KB, 935x637, Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 1.04…)

People are buying this shit? Why? You can buy the same thing from etsy for $20 and in better quality.

No. 869934

File: 1568770826519.jpg (29.05 KB, 640x853, EBkgQHOUwAEDA2L.jpeg.jpg)

Why she didn't think of that sooner is a mystery. Pic related is one of her tittay art that someone bought. Found it on twitter.

No. 870005

>Caroline constantly calling herself an artist

No. 870010

Context? Did the person who got it continue being blind and say it was beautiful or did they complain and say it literally looks like garbage? Because wow this bitch

No. 870072

File: 1568807556612.jpg (48.4 KB, 443x570, EBkgQHNUYAAsV9j.jpeg.jpg)

It's just my thought on her flaunting the shipping tubes she bought recently to make sure all the "paintings" are received in good condition. Meanwhile the people who bought it before that insta post got no shipping tubes and received it in awful condition as the pic >>869934 shows.

This is what the buyer thought of her "painting". The "painting" sucks with/without a shipping tube anyway.

No. 870073

File: 1568807690840.jpg (59.21 KB, 640x853, EBkgQHMU8AEfiLj.jpeg.jpg)


No. 870102

File: 1568819413582.png (167.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-18-22-09-50…)

What the hell

No. 870171

File: 1568827503184.png (185.55 KB, 750x1334, 1FF9D01A-1AC6-454F-89F2-4BA895…)

Caroline literally acts like a cringey fourteen year old in every way possible, how does she have fans who are actual adult women who have been following her all these years? This caption is so fucking embarrassing, the post was just screenshots of a Taylor swift interview?

No. 870226

Those first three things are COMPLETELY ELECTIVE! God, she acts like it's such a chore to live a life in which she does whatever the fuck she wants always on somebody else's dime.

No. 870289

bold of her to assume recovery made her a better person

No. 870366

WOW what the hell kind of thing is this to write about your own father on fucking Instagram?! I’m flabbergasted by this

No. 870369

the air of desperation that just wafts from this bitch is almost unprecedented

like it hurts me

No. 870417

I can't believe she's using her dad's death for instagram content. She's like Kelly Eden.

No. 870440

bold of her begging for cocaine on Insta ass to assume recovery is in any way relevant to her

No. 870488

I don't think she is addicted to cocaine, just attention

No. 870843

File: 1568975340292.jpg (277.98 KB, 1440x2560, 68963729_141383683779075_77257…)

Caroline brings a tree into her house and is shocked that it dies after not taking care of it properly

No. 870865

her apartment looks filthy

No. 870890

Caroline is known for not washing her clothes or dishes for week at a time. She is very filthy.

No. 870893

Stole someone's healthy tree off of a stoop/ store front just to kill it.

She has other plants outside her window, she kept this one inside so the person she ganked it from wouldn't see it.

No. 870897

What pisses me off is how so many "woke" publications are defending her even though she is the definition of "white privilege". It really shows you that these woke people don't give a shit about this at all.

No. 870949

It's mostly because she's bringing in the clicks right now, not for any real interest in defending her.
It's going to be funny when she's too lazy to capitalize on this sudden interest.

No. 871018

File: 1569010396807.jpeg (207.92 KB, 750x1109, 363E17E7-822E-4636-BCB3-A8BCA4…)

“That’s right. Hollywood is loosing its goddamn mind for this story. I’ve always wanted a movie to be made about my life and now that very well may happen.”

peak narcissism or what

No. 871108

yeppp bb, you and jeffrey dahmer

No. 871148

lmfao this bitch. i shouldn't be surprised by this point but it's really something how delusional and self obsessed she is

like the only reason anyone gives a fuck is because the world loves schadenfreude, she was pretty boring before this from the looks of it.

No. 871340

File: 1569088538194.png (1.03 MB, 1478x1114, bland - the picture.png)

This just in - a bland picture in a cut-off peasant blouse with an out of focus Cambridge in the background is art.

Do you suppose the thing with the art society is real? Maybe they're doing something on fraudulent misuse of the works of Henri Matisse?

No. 871349


Probably a real event…but also probably not as big of a deal as she wants people to think it is. More like "lol let's invite that wacko and see if she takes the bait" instead of "all expenses paid VIP trip to the UK." I can't wait to see her ludicrous posts when/if it happens.

Caro is loving all this, though. She's definitely milking it for her last gasps at "relevance." Still, sad to see how the world enables her sad little dreams.

No. 871417

File: 1569109276182.jpeg (193.17 KB, 738x1049, 1C80690D-79FB-4745-8123-5F9FCD…)

just posted, seems like we’re not the only ones who think this kek


No. 871418

File: 1569109308581.jpeg (206.85 KB, 1024x713, 270361A5-DF1E-4676-A407-9D4990…)

comments on the actual post


No. 871458

damn, hope they come through, i'd love to see the screenshots of her forgetting to log out and switch accounts lmao

No. 871528

I think they are on blogsnark, can’t seem to find them though. If anyone can find them please post!!!!

No. 871535

File: 1569146106232.jpeg (28.7 KB, 640x592, 97D3CDC7-B9BC-4E9D-A9C7-5079DC…)

Bruh the screenshot was literally linked in the thread description on blogsnark, did you even try

No. 871592

File: 1569166733149.png (191.68 KB, 1440x768, This guy is alive.png)

Screencapped this earlier, should've got the others as they are now blocked/deleted.

People saying that there should be some record of his death, even just to say "pending:" that people don't die without record. And that they live in the same area and normally there would be some news coverage of something like this, especially with the "celebrity" connection.

Tinfoil: her dad saw all the nonsense she was posting online and cut ties, she is very literal with "you're dead to me" response, proceeds to announce his death in grisly detail to her 20k real followers.

No. 871609

Jesus we were right. Caroline made it all up. What a pathetic twat.

No. 871731

File: 1569185631240.png (723.04 KB, 881x640, Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 9.53…)

Caroline's new post talks about having sex on shrooms

No. 871733

File: 1569185737814.png (110.94 KB, 971x499, Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 9.54…)

Meanwhile at blogsnark people are tripping over themselves to show that they are bigger partiers than Caro. Apparently there's a right and wrong way to use shrooms

No. 871742

new to this thread and just read her info and as a student that's applying to universities, I think she's extremely stupid for dropping out and destroying her chance to have a good stable future when her stans don't want to follow an old lady.

No. 871746

She didn't drop out of university. She did graduate from Cambridge with mediocre grades. And she seems to be independently wealthy. Her apartment alone is $2500 per month while she doesn't have a job.

No. 871757

I’m looking forward to how this will turn out, that’s pretty convincing (if true)

No. 871807

Oh yeah her whole thing is that her parents are loaded and oay for her life. Thats part of why she's so gross. She's just a rich girl narcissist

No. 871834

Her face is so ridiculously bloated now it's unreal. she used to be cute

No. 871847

jesus this is just beyond the pale

i really fucking hate blogsnark a lot of the time. like god damn they're almost all as annoying as the people i come there to talk shit about

No. 872025

I'm not so sure about whether Caroline is lying or not. It's just one random person making a claim on Caro's page. Also the person said that Caro's dad was schizophrenic, when no one else has ever claimed this, so that's weird.

No. 872655

File: 1569360113852.png (753.19 KB, 965x623, Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.2…)

Caroline becomes vegan.

Btw, trashisfortossers is Caroline's rich "activist" zero waste influencer friend


No. 872656

File: 1569360172273.png (335.1 KB, 1008x617, Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.2…)

Somehow a 42 year old woman finds Caroline inspiring when Caro hasn't worked a day in her life

No. 872912

it's funny bc caroline posted a pic of trashisfortossers having a cheeseburger at dinner the other night … tift isn't even vegetarian although she claimed to be in the past

No. 872997

She reminds me SO MUCH of the protagonist from that Netflix series "You", it's a bit ridiculous.

Her reaction to her father's death is just very weird so far. I know people grive differently and she wasn't close to him but she didn't seem to truly grieve at all, so honestly I think she is lying about it too.

No. 873054

File: 1569439366977.jpeg (87.02 KB, 750x328, 7879D55A-9CD1-4A4A-847C-B22E02…)

The buzzfeed interview is out and I cannot believe how fucking tone deaf Caroline is. Gain some actual perspective and stop acting like a 15 year old? She really does think she’s absolutely persecuted for having followers on Instagram.

No. 873062

File: 1569440867507.jpg (249.76 KB, 1080x1102, IMG_20190925_214606.jpg)

From the buzzfeed article. Dont bother, it's mostly revisiting things we already know, caroline barely has any new things to say.

No. 873067

>I worked very hard to craft a writing voice that is so easy to swallow
>I make stuff that is deceptively smart, that is emotionally addictive

my eyeballs detached from rolling them so hard. how can a hag like her not have an ounce of self awareness?

she’s really out there like she’s the Shakespeare of Instagram, when her writing is just vapid schlock from a self-obsessed spoiled druggie who thinks she’s pretty deep while possessing the emotional intelligence of a kiddie pool.

No. 873090

File: 1569445842001.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, D3AC68C7-DA91-42F5-87C4-861EA9…)

SURE, Jan. Like that happened.
More like “No one messaged me to buy my horrendous “art” so I’ll say I declined the messages so I can shamelessly repost”

And you can only “decline” messages that come up as a request? And for that to happen, the original account has to be turned to private. I doubt, if anyone messaged her at all, that every single person who wanted to purchase her art had a private Instagram. Nice try. Better luck next time.

No. 873096

File: 1569446401962.png (822.77 KB, 1080x714, 4B1AA20A-9BEF-45EE-8DA3-050E1D…)

sage for samefag but she’s already being called out by vegans because she’s too lazy to actually research what shes eating. another person messaged her saying that “most Indian foods have cream” so her first meal being vegan literally wasn’t vegan.. at all..

No. 873267

never toy with the vegans. they're very unforgiving. other influencers have fucked up with this.

No. 873337

>the stuff I make has value
she's so delusional to really think what she's doing is truly unique or noteworthy. Once everyone gets bored with her and moves on to the next flavor of the week, she won't know what to do with herself

No. 873350


Lol "PETA said" great source there Caroline.

No. 873429

No. 873746

Now The Atlantic has its own "think piece" on Caro.


TLDR: Her haters are "toads," Caro is a beautiful faerie, and she is just too incompetent/fragile to be a real scammer. (Tell that to the people who buy her "art" or go to her "events.")

No. 873776


I tried to catch up on gfg after months of ignoring that horrorcow lardass and reading through everyone's personal drivel was such a chore

No. 873867

Why hasn't Caroline been cancelled yet? As much as I hate cancel culture, Caro is one person who totally deserves it

Caroline is going on red scare pod. Not really sure what the podcast is about. Seems like some literal champagne socialists who are the female version of chapo trap house. Seems like the rich support their own, I guess.

Is this author seriously? I really hope it's just clickbait. It's so dumb I don't want to read the article.

No. 874010

File: 1569664577231.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 40FC3CBD-5482-4CB4-9831-AFC690…)

Last night Red Scare was a fucking Trainwreck apparently, can’t wait for the recording.

Also, she looks pretty chunky for a girl that does Pilates and Spin everyday and only eats a salad and a croissant a day

No. 874016

Croissants are pretty calorie heavy on their own, and unlikely to be vegan. Salads are calorie-light, but dressings add a lot of salt, sugar and calories that people might not think about. Either way, if she's not shopping her body, I don't care what she eats. Spin class and pilates builds muscle, but it's what you eat that contributes mostly to your appearance. But yeah, don't be fooled by her diet. Soz for pointless sperg. I don't mind that she's chunky if she doesn't shoop herself thinner or lie about flat tummy teas. It's one of her redeeming qualities

No. 874111

Caroline usually looks pretty fit. I wonder if this is just an unflattering candid. But I wouldn't be surprised if she shoops her photos lmao

No. 874262

I am out of the loop. Can anyone explain to me what is the schtick of the red scare pod? They are a bunch of attractive women from rich families who are edgy and like to promote socialism. What is the appeal of that?

No. 874294


they are assimilated russian immigrants from middle class families, i dunno if either of them are that attractive. i've listened to some of the podcasts, sometimes it's funny (like the last one where they dragged natalie beach) but mostly it's very hipster dated nihilistic and dasha (the actress) is clearly only there to be a hypeman to anna. they take a lot of "reactionary" positions to triggered lefty elitists for clout and it gets old and ultimately kind of lame. but anne seems smart so idk

No. 874307


when did the atlantic stop comments on articles? I really wanted to read the shitstorm of this one

No. 874328

File: 1569726020374.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, BAF2EF2A-575C-4086-A8C0-B4626C…)

These are especially disturbing. I’m new to CC so I can’t tell if she’s having a nervous breakdown or she’s just like this regularly

No. 874330

No she's always been like this.

No. 874384

Her posts about her dad are really disgusting. And it makes both her and her mom look like asses, since she apparently loved her dad yet let him live in a dirty hovel. It isn't that hard to clean up and support someone who is mentally ill. There is such a thing as intervention.

No. 874433

They could have sent him to a mental institution if it was that bad, with all the money they have

No. 874629

Absolutely disgraceful that she continues to detail every sordid bit of her father's last moments on IG…and for what? Attention for herself. She could show some class and respect her father's memory (and respect the rest of her family's feelings, bc I can't imagine what they would think reading these posts).

This isn't just cringe. It's disgraceful. I can just see her gearing up for another (failed) book project and pitching her dad's gruesome death details as Chapter 1.

No. 874710

I feel terrible for her father. Shamed in life by his family and shamed in death. She goes into detail about how he didn't change his sheets for years but her mother says he changed them before committing suicide. Probably because Caroline brought it up last time she was over. He wanted some dignity. She won't allow him that.

She posted all of these lovely pictures of him and the captions are all gruesome. No glowing memories of her childhood. Just the things she's currently observing and how it makes her feel right now.

If she were a better writer I would assume that she's implying that he became despondent after she and her mother left. Everything was left exactly how it was in her memory. He only ate, shit, and slept for years. Since she was 6. I doubt this.

No. 874711

Samefag but some of the pictures of his house looked exactly like her apartment. The office was full of dead plants and papers covering the floor. There was even a dead tree. Is she just like her dad or did she make this mess at her dad's house?

No. 874742

Her dad was a compulsive hoarder apparently. I wouldn't be surprised if Caroline inherited those same tendencies.

It's not so easy to send someone to a mental institution against their will in the US. Caro's dad did have money of his own and chose not to go, so I doubt he would have agreed to that. A lack of money wasn't the problem for him. I do think it's sad the way he ended up but I'm not sure what anyone else could have done.

No. 874743

The thing that irks me about this situation is that yes you’re right there’s not much that could have prevented this, but she was asked if she wanted to sue (either the hospital or the judge) for not allowing his request to go into some kind of extension treatment program. She said no because blah blah. Blog: if I hoped my whole life that my father would seek treatment and then the system failed him, you bet I would fight for him with everything I’ve got, just for the sake of this not happening to someone else. But whatever cc

No. 874885

File: 1569874996255.png (685.82 KB, 985x673, Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 9.22…)

Caroline and Natalie are going to meet soon. I wonder what Natalie would get out of meeting Caro

No. 874943

File: 1569881813264.png (649.14 KB, 817x600, Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 5.14…)


Evidently that got cancelled. Natalie flew east lol.

No. 875090

It would be so funny if Natalie flew to avoid her

No. 875108

File: 1569933013703.jpg (309.65 KB, 1440x2561, 69277172_114394616629614_86047…)

Caroline is always telling about the guy she fucks

No. 875141

imagine Natalie somewhere back east with a red marker trying to strike the word male from
>he's a male model

No. 875200


No. 875302


Lol how she hated about how her book was just about the boys she's fucked bc that's not "feminist" but always always makes it about boys boys boys to this day. Hypocrite.

No. 875433

but you wouldn't know him he goes to another school but hes totally real you guys and he said im really pretty

No. 876126

File: 1570137127342.jpeg (514.96 KB, 750x1195, 26257BEA-C8A0-4C5D-9D99-DB986F…)

CC just went from 800k to less than 750k? Fake follower purge?

No. 876149

File: 1570143165815.png (530.23 KB, 883x646, Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 11.5…)

I guess Caro really does have a new boytoy

No. 876152

File: 1570143684546.png (170.8 KB, 912x570, Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.0…)

Here's a recap of Caroline's lovers that I'm archiving here. The original post was deleted on reddit for some reason. Maybe for "doxxing".

No. 876153

File: 1570143867500.png (152.95 KB, 854x492, Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.0…)

No. 876154

File: 1570143896771.png (178.13 KB, 890x599, Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.0…)

No. 876155

File: 1570143929430.png (143.58 KB, 873x528, Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.0…)

No. 876156

File: 1570143961412.png (124.03 KB, 873x385, Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.0…)

No. 876157

File: 1570143984276.png (160.81 KB, 884x489, Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.0…)

No. 876162

File: 1570144093308.png (212.62 KB, 924x600, Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.0…)

Apparently the current guy she is with in Joshua Tree is the model from NYC according to this poster:

>The crush/lover is a man she met in NYC last month. They went on a date together and he told her up front that he’s moving to Colorado to work on some business he and his “brilliant philosopher” friend are starting up. She blasted his crotch shots and his Instagram on her stories the night they met up, he found out, he told her to take that shit down. She did. They kept hooking up for two weeks before he moved to CO. They were supposed to take a road trip around Big Sur together but of course that was never a real thing that was going to happen. YES the man in the Joshua tree post is in fact the same male model…he has very distinct, floppy hair.

No. 876169

I like Caro’s habit of assuring us that all these men are so stunning when Conrad looked like a potato and this male model looks like the biggest scrub

No. 876194

thank you for these, I had a good laugh. her obsession with her exes is so cringy

No. 876292

File: 1570183415507.png (1.85 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-10-04-12-02-54…)

No. 876308

Why do all uwu unique snowflakes think their eyes magically change color like the protagonist of a bad young adult novel? Light eyes look different depending on the lighting, it’s not that hard.

No. 876321

Oh no surprise she’s on of those hags who goes all THeY ChanGE cOLOR dEpeNdInG On my mooD!

No. 876368

File: 1570202513499.png (167.96 KB, 1242x808, Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 3.43…)

No. 876461

File: 1570214227307.png (167.97 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_2019-10-04-20-35-25…)

She already broke up with her model bohfriend. Who was not okay with her posting about him but compromised (or as she put it "changed his mind" as if he was admitting he was wrong) with these boundaries. She's already broken a ton

No. 876503

File: 1570220373728.jpeg (555.41 KB, 750x977, 66FE8569-F49A-42F6-B77C-6078AB…)

Caroline’s male model. According to the comments his followers seem bought so I’m surprised he isn’t trying to cash in on her, but her posts make it sound like he’s using her without the public shame of being talked about on her page

No. 876536

ngl he has gorg eyes

sage for noncontrib

No. 876539

you can't just say sage. You need to type it in the email field. jesus.


No. 876544

They were just fuckbuddies, though? Why is she carrying on like this? Oh, noes, now she has to pay for a hotel room.

No. 876548

File: 1570228516758.jpeg (191.65 KB, 750x1022, 7EE8C26C-937A-400F-91B1-014D74…)

Judging by his page “model” seems very generous

Also she’s dropped 20k followers today and this yesterday.

No. 876603

Lurked his IG and he looks average as fuck. I'd even say kind of below average. He looks malnourished and greasy.

He was in London not that long ago at some chicks graduation but from what I found on Google he went to Sarah Lawrence and played on the soccer team. He was born in Pennsylvania.


No. 876705

She's dropped from 800k to 725k followers in the last few days, if any proof was needed of how few real followers she has.

No. 876732

File: 1570288903656.jpg (208.13 KB, 946x2048, EGECSskU0AAPu3u.jpeg.jpg)


No. 876733

File: 1570288932596.jpg (307.85 KB, 946x2048, EGECSuBUYAAp0Fv.jpeg.jpg)

No. 876734

File: 1570289015113.jpg (277.36 KB, 946x2048, EGECSyqU4AEVGDp.jpeg.jpg)

These are from sassyblackdiva twt

No. 876735

File: 1570289048031.jpg (288.99 KB, 946x2048, EGECTEUU4AEk0SJ.jpeg.jpg)


No. 876780


This screams Twilight fan fiction or /r/thathappened

Either way, bad writing and narcissism.

No. 876837

Why…why would someone Tweet this

If she said yes this person would have a whole 15 Tweet thread about it based on the fact she thought that exchange alone was was worth posting, leave that nonsense to CC. nobody cares

No. 876930


I would literally run away if this type of gross wannabe 70s hipster tried to pick me up. I know different strokes for different folks but she literally made him out like he was dolph lundgren or something lol.

No. 877162

File: 1570395809576.png (699.42 KB, 860x631, Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 10.0…)

Caroline did a collaboration with another artist and is selling some paintings for $400

No. 877260

File: 1570411040601.jpeg (600.82 KB, 750x959, 257FE5BF-EB4C-4B31-B340-973E5C…)

I can’t believe this ugly thing is 400 dollars

No. 877279

she's not fat or anything but that thigh sure does not say "i go to spin and pilates daily" to me

No. 877874

File: 1570531269730.jpg (242.28 KB, 1024x1820, 70498782_1363483723819220_8004…)

Apparently over 20 people wanted to buy these ugly paintings

No. 877875

File: 1570531296388.jpg (344.09 KB, 1440x2561, 71176730_191727471848641_26108…)

CC claims she is getting a tv show

No. 877878

ugh I can’t even hate follow her anymore

No. 877879


I was under the impression it was going to be like a Netflix documentary? But the way she talks about it almost makes it sound like a Hollywood movie or a Kardashian type thing.

No. 877979

File: 1570554904793.jpeg (170.51 KB, 750x914, E7A57755-F79C-4772-8E5E-EC7FB7…)

Do people even care anymore? She can’t even crack 800k even after the scam thing and the Natalie article.

Also I don’t understand this no hair washing thing

No. 878018

she did crack 800k but instagram purged accounts and it went down again

No. 878040

Crescent moon face

No. 878054

I could never leave my house with my hair that greasy good lord it looks wet and ratty

No. 878119

I was losing it at her caption for this post. complaining about 3 days of working 6 hours… so like even less than what an average person with a 9-5 works

No. 878120

File: 1570586991863.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 1EAA4F69-83DA-407E-85C5-7EF2DD…)

Oh god the Bbs look even worse in real life

No. 878267

Law And Order: SVU episode about a crazy wannabe socialite?

No. 878437

jesus fucking christ no wonder she hides her chin in every photo.

No. 878756

File: 1570735195316.png (716.74 KB, 876x645, Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 8.15…)

Caroline thinks she invented the idea of images being in a grid. She also thinks hse deserves to be a speaker at her alma mater Philips Exeter.

No. 879089

Yikes they really do. I wouldn't pay $10 for that. I thought she was packaging them in tubes and shit? This looks fucked. Then again even tubes couldn't stop the glue stick paper mess.

No. 879714

File: 1570995689718.jpg (259.01 KB, 1024x1820, 70626972_1031885847142445_4928…)

Why does she have a lump of candlewax sitting in the middle of her floor?

No. 883649

File: 1571834917857.jpg (334.58 KB, 1440x1440, 74600058_2352220871570050_1393…)

Caroline is going to write a new piece lol

No. 883765

File: 1571855776869.png (1.8 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-10-23-20-34-51…)

At first i thought the photo was pixely but thats how bad she cuts these…

No. 889088

File: 1572920682897.jpeg (357.99 KB, 1152x2048, 07B865AE-D25E-464B-885D-77068D…)

what the fuck

No. 889097

ew, how do you mention masturbing and watching a movie with your mom and grandma in the same sentence? this is fucking gross

No. 889106

wow, this is terrible.

No. 889130

This is what drugs do to you.

No. 890086

It's not drugs. Caro is just edgy.

No. 897275

she posted another nude on her instagram story yesterday(necro )

No. 897286

File: 1574620048764.jpg (399.9 KB, 1440x2560, 0732292.jpg)

not a nude, she is only half naked

No. 897287

File: 1574620107895.jpg (437.53 KB, 1440x2560, 9909223.jpg)

gosh stop milking pop's suicide for attention, cringe

No. 897289

File: 1574620179877.jpg (598.29 KB, 1440x2561, 2616292.jpg)

stop objectifying yourself if you don't like it, attention whore

No. 897404

What the actual fuck?

No. 897406

Please tell me this is fake

No. 897436


she also IGed that the football game was interrupted by students “protesting for climate change.”

she is the dumbest pickme

No. 898089

too much sentimental value

No. 898097

Jesus christ

No. 898102

…..why do people wanna emulate this on fire garbage can again??

No. 898148

kek I saw this on tumblr of all places, knew you girls would have loved it. she's unhinged on another level

No. 925635

File: 1580337981400.jpg (43.29 KB, 740x839, 5E4437DC-CD1A-431B-AD2E-90D1FD…)

Has anyone seen CC's new site?


She's claiming to be publishing a new book soon. lmao

No. 925639

oh yeah, the age old trick of releasing a book or song with the title of your personal wrongdoings in order to obfuscate information about you being a terrible person.

too bad this site exists, eh caroline?

No. 925643

File: 1580339305525.jpg (859.23 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200129-230856.jpg)

These were all the same, who the he is buying this

No. 925651

It really depresses me that people would buy this shit. I wonder if the conspiracy that Caroline is lying about some pieces being sold is true, though there are definitely people who have been confirmed to buy. On the other hand, CC's expenses in NY are at least $100k alone so she still needs mommy's money kek

No. 949386

File: 1585118716463.png (540.8 KB, 591x587, Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 1.44…)

Carline is posting unflattering pictures of Natalie

No. 952255

Caroline just dropped her rebuttal to Natalie's Cut piece. It's a trainwreck.


No. 952300

File: 1585677598755.png (392.14 KB, 858x559, Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 12.5…)

She's trying to make her article look like a copy of Natalie's Cut article

No. 952369

Thanks for posting this Anon….wow, Natalie's piece is a million times better. Caroline is just jerking herself off in her long, arduous to read piece…Natalie's was witty, interesting, and to the point. I have to say, to compare the two, it's clear which one of them really has writing talent….

No. 952537

Link is broken. can anyone repost?

No. 952646

No. 952655

Thank you!

No. 952983

How is this photo unflattering?

No. 953002

that's actually a nice photo, but after seeing all the photos she's been posting of her on her IG, many of them seems to have caught Natalie off guard, or she was not prepared to be photographed. Natalie might know about all the pictures Caroline has of her, but probably not: Caroline is constantly "documenting" her life, and she probably has a ton of pictures of her

No. 953008

It's a candid that's not from the best angle. Knowing Caro, she put that picture up as an attack

No. 953009

File: 1585810112591.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.77 KB, 826x829, xJgVfe7.jpg)

To "apologize" for the low word count of her rebuttal article, Caro posted some nudes on twitter

No. 953035

She’s so self obsessed…her fan base of Pinterest and Instagram flower crown and mason jars girls will totally appreciate this(Emoji)

No. 953055

>posting her tits for her mostly female audience

Just investigated and she has pinned this boring photo of her tits. One day she will regain her sanity and regret all her choices, but it's evidently not going to be soon.

No. 953064

Okay so I went on twitter to research this and everyone loves it? The accounts that were famously live-tweeting her shit and making fun of her are now praising her and thirst tweeting her and are also followed by her? Tf is it about this dumb bitch that makes people crawl up her ass so fast once she gives them an ounce of attention

No. 953166

It must be the narcissists allure. They either share the same mental illness or are too inexperienced to see she is a walking red flag .

No. 953172

Really, Natalie is beautiful even exhausted without an ounce of makeup. She just has shitty self-esteem worsened by spending so much time with a narcissist who makes everything all about herself.

No. 953187

I don't get where people saying Natalie is so beautiful are coming from. But there's nothing wrong with looking average.

No. 953246

I agree, she's average and there is nothing wrong with her. but I also think Caroline is really average? she has no prominent features, she's just … plain

No. 953290

Big eyes, long lashes, full lips, cute freckled nose, she's plainly pretty. It's rare not to use microprocedures & semipermanent makeup where I'm from.

No. 953312

I think it proves the point that they are similarly pretty that I can't tell which one you're talking about. Natalie lacks confidence where Caro has way..way too much of it.

No. 953402

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I really believe most people think Caroline is more attractive than Natalie. I think Natalie isn't as attractive as most of the cows on this website who get dragged for their looks.

Natalie has a public ig these days. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it or pictures of her from there, but you can google it easily. Currently, with her hair cropped short, I think she looks like a dumpier version of Lena Dunham in the photo she chooses to publish. But she married rich to a nice looking guy and is a successful writer in LA, so looks aren't everything.

If Caro wasn't objectively attractive she never would have been "famous" in the first place. Her claim to "fame" is posting pics on ig. Not really a platform in which unattractive people succeed at.

No. 953437

File: 1585876202973.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.92 KB, 1080x1920, 91355667_215348949716874_70678…)

Caroline posting nude with her new kitties

No. 953452

how hard would it be to take another photo that isn't blurry before you post this absolute horrid quality one? wow caroline you're so great at instagram…i can tell you know tons about photography….

No. 953482

Nit picky but I’m always bothered about the way her chin is. I know people can’t help it but there’s just something about Caro’s perma bump chin that makes her looks so gross.

No. 953485

haha what.. the fuck. her boobs are so average, they shouldn't count as an apology.

No. 953764

File: 1585944680074.jpg (76.7 KB, 558x768, 6c2d9uq6fnq41.jpg)

Caro put up a list of guys she fucked on twitter

No. 953976

She really loves reducing guys to how hot and fuckable they are like geez we get it you’re an edgy feminist Caroline

No. 954021

That's true but people also think Bella Hadid is the most beautiful person while I just don't think filled frozen horsey faces or alien cat babies are nice to look at. They are gross and creepy. Caro is just blonde and skinny cute but there's no charm or interest to her look at all, it's only what she does that makes her interesting. Like a really slow trainwreck.

No. 954024

She really just loves attention. Her comeback at Natalie went unnoticed so had to get “positive” reinforcement; in her mind.
Mediocre pathetic tits in ours.

No. 954037

Kinda confused by why people are praising Caroline as a queen and calling Natalie a backstabber on Twitter. It took Natalie calling out Caroline for Caroline to actually write something to publish and that took forever and is still a piece of shit whereas Natalie's was actually readable and exposes how Caroline bought fake followers, had a ghostwriter, and has a toxic personality.

No. 954064

I disagree, but I guess that proves the point that beauty is generally individually perceived

No. 954223

A big mystery ive been confused about is why the hell CC would choose art history as a major instead of writing. Obviously she doesn't actually give a shit about it. To be a historian takes years of hard dedicated study for no material gain. You have to be okay with pulling all nighters and teaching a class they next morning, making below min wage as a TA, living on a stipend with no benefits. Academia is arduous and we only do it because we think our field is the greatest most fun thing in the world driven by insane passion.

She wants a rich spoiled lifestyle where she makes $30000 from her weird tangent "rebuttal" writing and blocks anyone who has something negative to say, but academia is nothing but relentless criticism and scrutiny that pushes you to improve.

But now it all makes sense. She struggled through undergrad for 7 years because she thinks that she's a fictional character who likes art history.

No. 954403

Lol, Hasan from Twitch was talking about this a few days ago and went straight to twitter to look it, "advertising for women" my ass

No. 954424

File: 1586046657725.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 123.24 KB, 946x2048, EUyn52iXYAAUpZy.jpeg)

Now she just posted another image of her nipple

No. 954426

File: 1586046693550.jpeg (211.78 KB, 988x2048, EUyUmPAXQAITfdA.jpeg)

Here are some receipts that are somehow supposed to make Natalie look bad

No. 954470

The fuck is with her and guys named Alex?

No. 954614

Some of these sound made up and she lists one of them twice (maybe "Alex" is all the same guy)

No. 954713


Honestly I find Natalie to be roughly as detestable as Caroline is. Natalie is a(n at least somewhat) compelling writer, and this was just an effective means to get more eyes on her writing. She doesn't owe any allegiance to Caroline or anything, but she's trying to paint herself as the people's champion, someone who has quietly suffered for too long, and now has to speak up due to some noble, moral duty. But the reality is, she's bitter about having played second fiddle to a bad friend in college, and saw an opportunity to steal back the professional boost she feels entitled to from back then.

Caroline has been flailing in public for years, desperately grasping at any opportunity for relevance; Natalie made a surgical move to capitalize on the popularity of her former associate who is clearly melting down.

Also there was some weird ambiguity in Natalie's piece that caught me off guard. Though I am not the one who gets paid to write, so maybe I'm the idiot.

No. 955157

I don't see the big deal.I don't hate Caro but she was clearly a shitty friend. She got what was coming. Natalie wrote one piece that wasn't even so critical, and I think she's moved on.

No. 955218


I mean Natalie also supposedly sold the rights to this story to a Hollywood production studio. The tone of her piece wasn't overly critical, but that was definitely calculated. People would rather to business with the triumphant, yet respectful, 'abuse survivor,' rather than the 'abuser.'

After reading Caroline's meandering reply essay, I am honestly starting to lose interest in all of this. This is two affluent, successful, well educated, white girls pretending like either of them had anything worth overcoming. They had a shitty friendship and are both trying to spin that bland story into "art"/money/a career. I guess you just have to work with what you have?

No. 955427

I honestly only got in for the breakup scam tie-in in 2018 but this entire she said she said shit is disappointingly far more boring and tedious than any other cow on here. CCs a mentally ill trashfire who will always do something dumb for more money and attention but none of those things are even fun to watch anymore.

No. 955767

Part 2 of Caro’s rebuttal has dropped. I’ll try to post a link tomorrow

Does anyone here reas /r/smolbeansnark ? I like how active it is but damn it is full of insecure blog posting bitches. I swear every other comment there starts with I. I did this, I did that

No. 955769

Natalie has a career though. SHe posted one piece for $5000 and moved on.

No. 955877

Deuxième Partie:


Haven't read it yet, but from the chatter on /r/smolbeansnark it sounds like there is some amateurish reliance on adverbs to look forward to (particularly, 'icily,' apparently.)

I'm sure she'll be involved in the production of the Ryan Murphy/Netflix thing, if that's true, so it's hardly moving on. And even if she doesn't, this move would boost her existing career, as intended.

No. 956126

Its unedited typo filled stream of consciousness rambling as expected. Not worse than a teens self insert fanfiction as she admits. I thought it was most interesting that she believes Natalie was somehow wrong to judge her. She mentions that she treated Natalie like a piece of shit, and it's obvious that the 'bff' feelings were one-sided right after she transferred to Cambridge.
Its weird that shes aware that she is a narcissist and took full advantage, but doesn't get that an "im Soo sorry!" email isn't good enough to make up for any of it. Natalie didn't mention the breakup emails or CCs recovery because it wasn't part of their past story.

No. 956158

Yeah, her 'strongest point' against Natalie seems to be that Natalie avoided using the word, "addict," in her essay. It was very clear to any sane reader that's what Caroline was: the images of hidden shells of emptied out capsules, the XR beads rolling everywhere, etc. Caroline wants everyone to believe that this was deliberately downplayed in order to paint her as a 2-D cartoon villain, that would be easily hated by the readers, and thus make Natalie's apparent restraint all the more heroic (and make the piece more marketable.)

She seems to think that her status as, "Addict," absolves her of any wrongdoing. She pulls the classic move of saying, 'there is no excuse for my actions,' and, 'I take full responsibility,' yet she gives endless excuses, and avoids taking responsibility the whole time. I do believe that her being spun halfway to fuck for years affected her decision making, but she's refusing to acknowledge it was still her acting on those decisions. She thinks it was Addict Caroline who hurt people, and how that the Real Caroline has gotten clean, and apologized, anyone who doesn't forgive her is the one being cruel and unreasonable.

I actually do think that Caroline is a decent writer, but the idea that you have to go off and be a swashbuckler to be a writer is naive. It's really the depth of the experiences, and of the person experiencing them, that makes a story compelling.

No. 956160

I distinctly remember that Natalie mentioned the tons of addy tubes piling up everywhere and thinking "oh"

No. 956615

the fact that Caroline thinks everything has to be so directly spelt out does not bode well for her future as a writer

No. 958074

File: 1586793978947.jpeg (46.2 KB, 640x503, 7FAYyWHl.jpeg)

Is Caro going to set up an Only Fans?

No. 958143


Looks like she did make one after all for $50 a month.

Hope Caroline's mom is happy with investing hundreds of thousands on her education for her daughter to end up as a camgirl.

No. 958210

it seems like everyone thinks that they can start an OF throwing up some mediocre vanilla r/gonewild tier nudes and that people are going to pay for that shit

No. 958223

I can’t even imagine the content she’s going to put out, she is the last person I would think that people want to see porn from. She genuinely does not have any sex appeal, her content is not “sexy”. Her content barely even consists of pictures of herself, it’s mostly shit art and writing. Her thing is that straight white teen girls like her, know your audience. Way to bring down female intelligence and sell your body as an object tho Caro, much smart there.

No. 958249

I think a couple of people will pay for it. Maybe in the single digits. People still pay for her Patreon even though she doesn't put anything out.

No. 958253

File: 1586814183269.png (257.6 KB, 363x657, Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 4.42…)

Desperately sending texts to Natalie to get her attention much?

No. 958683

>suggesting things she thinks might be a problem after publishing it

If Natalie is using the paywall as an excuse to "not" read it, let her do that instead of trying to use it as an in.

No. 958719

Caroline went ahead and posted another part of her aticle, this time centered on her dad's suicide


Usually I don't get too worked out about what she does, but using her dad's suicide to g

No. 958720

et attention is just sick. She is posting shots of his house and everything. Poor guy. Had to spend a long time dealing with severe mental illness and then his ungrateful daughter trashes his memory like this

No. 958766

it must be really stressful to know this girl personally

No. 960370

what does this even have to do with countering Natalie's piece anymore? i like to point and laugh at this mess as much as the next person, but this i admit gets to me a little. exploiting her father's profound illness and death to further her (poorly written) self-obsessed, self-pitying narrative where she should be absolved of any responsibility for her shitty personality and actions is fucking vile.

sage for no contribution other than my bitterness.

No. 960958

File: 1587184161013.jpeg (160.72 KB, 750x1328, D50B47E1-5E5A-4526-AA76-FB54E8…)

Oh my god shut up you vapid self obsessed cunt

No. 960961

File: 1587184296686.png (511.27 KB, 750x1334, 82B83A7E-CB39-4BF6-814C-90378B…)

She was begging people to comment on the post in her stories to create the illusion that anyone gives a damn

No. 960962

File: 1587184356534.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 5387E4E3-6B5F-4596-AAEC-BBE85B…)


No. 961282

File: 1587237417044.jpg (780.52 KB, 1080x2340, shy59b48mht41.jpg)

Is Caroline becoming completely delusional? She's almost thirty…

No. 961337

I'm increasingly convinced half the cows of the internet are simply roleplaying a character loosely based on themselves. Their history, appearance, personality, and even other people's experiences and histories can all be changed as quickly as hitting the backspace button on your fanfic about yourself.

No. 961342

File: 1587246178576.jpg (106.76 KB, 675x1200, EV5_hC8WsAIoN05.jpg)

Someone on Twitter has a thread going compiling all her narcissistic batshittery. She seems to be be actually threatening her followers and friends in Stories. Absolutely deranged.


No. 966327

No. 966429

i know all theses articles love to paint her as a lost soul who rose up against the haters triumphantly for being a white woman on the internet but it just reinforces again and again that she is a huge narcissist.

No. 966585

I didn’t bother to read the article because I don’t care enough, but is she really that famous? I mean the last instagram cap posted here had two thousand likes, that’s chump change. Guardian will write about practically anyone so that’s not much of an achievement. She must be genuinely sick in the head to think she’s famous or worth anything to anyone else

No. 966628

No. 966685

File: 1588171213916.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.22 KB, 750x1212, EWuYRoUWsAAMMEn.jpg)

her ass is so… weird… not sure if it's an editing fail or that's how it is

No. 966688

File: 1588171691230.jpg (105 KB, 750x1234, EWuaL5wX0AQfaBu.jpg)

she looks the worst she's ever looked tbh, she used to have nice skin but now it's so crusty, textured and frankly old, like suddenly the sun damage caught up to her. Her hair is greasy and unbrushed. She thinks she can rock this "unbothered unintended natural beauty" look, but not anymore.

No. 966689

Someone said on here that she refuses to use soap on her face or any hair cleaning products. I'm not sure if that's true or if the anon was being mean and funny, but I took it as fact because I never had any proof against it. I've not once in the past year seen her hair look clean and fluffy, or for her face to not be full-on reflective.

No. 966691

Does she live with her grandma?

No. 966696

Lol good catch, she’s at her grandmothers house right now for quarantine while her grandmother stays with her mom and her mom’s terminally ill husband. So there’s a house with three 60+ people including a cancer patient, and then theres caroline on her own inviting boys over to the apartment for tinder dates during all this (and still having her mom drive her to buy groceries).

No. 966794

File: 1588191415369.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1359, 1B779135-95D4-4DB3-9F06-181D76…)

This is how she showed up looking to that photo shoot, why even have one or post this photo? She must not have a clear mind idk

No. 966795

She a a lot of followers, like half a million but she posts 9 photos on instagram everyday. As well as like 20 insta stories so her engagement is low, the algorithm isn’t going to show all her followers spam posting all day. Plus her posts are hard to decipher half the time they are non sense rambling with random photos. She does it to herself, she can’t curate an image for shit

No. 968532

The matted hair and the wedgie really make this photo.

No. 968533

She definitely bought most of those followers. During her initial "infographic" viral fame phase where she spammed her followers with screencaps of all her old posts, she was getting literally 100-200 likes per post, while "having" 750k followers. She has maybe 100-200k real Instagram followers at the most.

No. 968543

i can't tell if those are just really unflattering pants, or if her ass is actually that flat

No. 968570

File: 1588538817351.jpg (574.21 KB, 1071x1885, Screenshot_20200503_155806.jpg)

Loads of her fans are encouraging this somehow

No. 968571

this picture is a fucking disaster lol her ass looks hysterical and her arm is so blurry? must be some deformed editing. her ass is a sad long pancake but this photo is even worse.

No. 968578

So she's going to her porn platform to suck on a lollipop and talk about if sexualizing children is "amoral"? Fucking insane levels of classy

The books protagonist is literally supposed to be "an unreliable narrator" and "Lolita" in the story purposely has no narrative so that the narrator can strip her of her actual name and project his own desires onto her causing him to not see her as a human being but as an object of his affections. Not some cute lovestory between and older man and a younger girl.

No. 968579

exactly, caroline is like the only idiot who still doesn't seem to get this (i guess besides literal pedophiles and 12 year olds watching the movie for the first time)

No. 968645

There was a time when Caro did have real fans and would get over 10,000 likes per post on her adventuregrams content. She used to have real fans and even fan accounts, but she's driven them all away

No. 975374

File: 1589743183100.jpeg (258.14 KB, 828x1428, 5A94B72B-2729-46C0-896E-A76C7B…)

after sexualizing a bunch more underage literary figures like Lux Lisbon on her onlyfans, she’s now dating a 20yo eboy and true to form already sperging about people commenting on the age difference

No. 990035

File: 1592664690595.jpeg (764.47 KB, 2987x2400, carosc.jpeg)

I wanted to share this here since I don't think it has been yet and it's a little hard to find. This account has caps of all her close friends stories.

When I found them back in May they were commenting on many of Caro's posts (looks like those were since deleted), mocking her/promoting their account (not necessarily explicitly but with the username @carolinecallowayclosefriends any comment is kind of a promo). At the time comments were theorizing that Caro wasn't blocking them just so she could see their followers list and block users who followed them. Lots of people in the comments on @carolinecallowayclosefriends said they were blocked by her after following.

The hilarious part is that shortly after the account came to her attention and she realized she was being called out for posting such shit, infrequent content for people who were PAYING her, she began trying to do damage control by actually starting to post at a frequency you would expect. The close friends IG has about ~25ish posts between August, when Caro started, and mid-May. She made this salty ass post (pictured) on May 16th, and suddenly there's almost as many posts in the month from then till now as there were for the uhh… almost 10 months she's been running this racket. I wonder how many people were subscribed?

They also have I am Caroline Calloway pts 1 and 2 if the imgur links ever stop working. Caro might still be blocking people who follow the account so be careful if you care about that sort of thing.

No. 990046

File: 1592666679387.png (377.08 KB, 479x598, 104322375_611242446153860_6583…)

Samefag but the recent close friends stories are unhinged af and as low effort as you would imagine. Some of them, especially this one, kinda push me a little more towards believing the tinfoil that's been discussed on smolbeansnark and IG that she's just wasted all the time at her grandma's condo. I mean wtf even is this?

No. 990767

I don't snark unless person in question is objectively shitty on some levels, (or needs to be called out, lots of influencers / adjacent are).

Mostly I ignorenher cause she's literally boring and I'm not her demographic so looking at her GRID is headache inducing, but used to check up on her gossip cause her behaviour is like a primer of what you shouldn't aspire as a late 20s woman.

Shark eyes 🧿👄🧿🧚🎀
Passive-nasty with Natalie.
Tourist with her art, onlyfans, writing, anything.
<<Omg respond to me bro!!>> And other cringy antics with b0yS thinks it's cute. Her corona berlin trip and r/femaledatingstrategy is already a crossover somewhere.
Damn truffle oil ilke is evoo
No shame in showing to the net sitting, sleeping on bare airbnb matress

No. 1001910

she's fallen off. I feel like the hype surrounding her has died down a lot. I reckon if her supposed movie about her came out it wouldn't do well

No. 1011300

File: 1595464844411.jpg (259.83 KB, 720x991, 20200723_013608.jpg)

You would agree, Caroline Calloway

No. 1273099

guys she’s now selling HOMEMADE snake oil

No. 1273123

File: 1625690035607.png (682.98 KB, 669x737, Untitled.png)

No. 1273126

File: 1625690170244.jpg (316.47 KB, 1284x2778, 71wun8638o971.jpg)

No. 1273137

how much can I pay to guarantee my skin never ever looks like that though?

No. 1273142

File: 1625692369681.jpeg (258.01 KB, 827x1626, BC13A995-37D1-476A-B115-1A90CD…)

You can literally see the cat hair on the bottle… then there’s the packaging for the snake oil that she’s selling for nearly $250!

No. 1273143

File: 1625692409393.png (3 MB, 828x1792, DCD6DE03-176C-467D-BBFE-A6C402…)

No. 1273144

File: 1625692442546.png (2.79 MB, 828x1792, F889A902-F60B-4C5D-BEE4-CF213D…)


No. 1273148

Omg thought this was parody. Giving a whole new meaning to "snake oil salesman" lel

No. 1273150

I wish it was satire.

No. 1273450

The one with the oil spilled all over which she is clearly just gonna send anyway after writing "oops" on it like a child, everything hand-scrawled instead of designed and printed, it being a random mix of oils which if anything would cause a rash, all spectacular work Caroline

No. 1274061

put sage in the email field if you're not contributing milk, annatkavo. otherwise leave all the fields blank.

No. 1315267

File: 1630723002842.jpeg (271.27 KB, 827x1194, 2AAA5F97-5BEE-4E33-909E-42B418…)

So she’s in a movie now? With Dylan O’Brien and Zoey Deutch? Will they be making fun of her oooorrrr are they so nice they might actually respect this cow

No. 1315279

the movie is about a girl who puts her life in danger to get clout as an influencer
Caroline is doing a cameo as herself

No. 1316789

File: 1630892911352.jpeg (138.74 KB, 511x856, 041BF545-770A-4AB9-B3FB-F9C8FE…)

Context: she did a reading in nyc…her reading was about a specific man…this man came to the reading and allegedly “stood in the front row to intimidate” our dear Caroline. She claims he was “inches from” her face until she spoke HER line …”cruelty isn’t cool. Bad behavior doesn’t make you an edge lord.”…she went on to talk about how he looked nauseous and immediately left the front row. Then he posts this on his story and she sperged online for days about his misogynism. No doubt he’s gross too. I have his @ but don’t know if that’s against the rues.

No. 1316836

thank you op for confirming the "doesn't shower" thing. her selfies always had me like ??? and threadpic is a good example. why would you want to post yourself looking so greasy

No. 1316849

She is being so insufferable lately why is this thread dead

No. 1316850

she’s showing off this movie in her stories as if it doesn’t make fun of her vapidness LOL

No. 1316892

why should she give a shit, it’s a cheque at the end of the day and embarrassing herself is her gimmick. it’s like being surprised water is wet.

No. 1317086

the dude in question is Dasha of Red Scare’s former apartmentmate/friend with benefits maybe? just to add another layer of “I hate New York” to the whole mess

No. 1317434

She recently painted her beautiful hardwood floors white around piles of junk.

I hope her cat is doing okay or if he finally passed to escape the parties she was dragging him to

No. 1318417

File: 1631064872560.jpeg (191.35 KB, 826x998, 4DF1D00F-1BA2-4AC1-A7F9-2872D1…)

The floors in question

No. 1358843

what would drive a person to do this

No. 1391384

File: 1639351431770.jpeg (463.46 KB, 1614x2065, 17BC09E9-8B69-4391-8485-2D5B47…)

she has deleted her entire instagram including all followers and followees. or more likely just archived it all.

No. 1391386

File: 1639351466696.jpeg (406.69 KB, 1640x2107, F40FD842-B2F7-4553-B082-A7D8EA…)

No. 1391456

lol did something happen?

No. 1391463

rumor on the subreddit is that she’s trying to lockdown a boyfriend whose parents are super rich
she claimed she was going to England to finish her book and would stay off Instagram until she was done
since she will never finish her book it’s unclear what her strategy about returning to Instagram is going to be

No. 1393107

What subreddit are you talking about?

No. 1396594

She left to England and abandoned her cat in the apartment while offering to rent it out on instagram a while back.

She'll be back like acacia

No. 1456416

Well nonnies, she's back! Caroline posted a series of tiktoks to her instagram touting she has given up the internet to move to tiktok (???), showing her audience of few her disgusting apartment she's left in shambles after a 9 day party, rambling on her usual Adderall fuelled endeavours.

I want to post a webm but I'm retarded and it's telling me the file size is too large, but here's the link:

No. 1456670

>>1456416 kek she is deranged. Part of me really hopes that she is secretly an incredibly accomplished performance artist and her whole internet presence is an act because I find it so hard to accept that she is genuinely like this. Although it's more likely she is simply a drug-addled fantasist. She has definitely been kicked out of her apartment too. Can't wait for another Florida chaos chapter.

No. 1456689

idk if she's been kicked out. I think her mom might have stopped paying her rent.

No. 1456724

I don't like Caroline but I'm a little sympathetic to her because I do really think she has ADHD and that can be a huge struggle for some people. On the other hand I don't get how she could have so much free time and a ready supply to adderall and be so unproductive.

It's interesting to see that her parents were actually pretty accomplished. Her mom got a PhD and worked in government while her dad was a lawyer.

No. 1456828

Holy shit she looks worse than ever. Her skin looks like sandpaper and her teeth are crusty. What the fuck Caroline.

No. 1457093

the absolute state of that apartment, there are cleaner crack houses

No. 1457191

maybe r/smolbeansnark

No. 1457194

>>1456689 ooh I didn't know her mum paid her rent (although it adds up). I figured she was covering it herself due to the fact she was in such bad arrears before

No. 1457197

It's the only explanation for Caro being able to pay rent since she's never had a stable income and she's from a really wealthy family on her mom's side. She also got a significant inheritance from her dad when he died a few years ago.

No. 1457401

I think she has a drug problem rather than ADHD.
They're never getting paid. Like why would you venmo a known scammer!(learn2sage)

No. 1457627

Why can't she have both a drug problem and ADHD? I think she exaggerates the amount of drugs she does anyways

No. 1457630


It’s for sure a combination of drug addiction, ADHD/Autism. I guarantee she has a lot of sympathy for herself because of her ADHD tendencies (which creates a history of “fucking things up”) and this is probably the basis of why she views herself as such an emotional person. The addiction likely stems from trying to keep herself together.

No. 1457651

How does she have autism? Just wondering

No. 1458047

Different anon but she has a hard time understanding other people's boundaries and why it's inappropriate to share personal details about them online without their consent. Not necessarily autism though.

No. 1460164

sometimes it really isnt autism, but being raised a certain way. people need to realize that not everyone who is socially "weird" has the tismo.

No. 1475834

File: 1647840598037.jpeg (531.59 KB, 1637x2011, DC3F24FA-8B1B-48E2-BF8F-EA5F1B…)

exciting developments involving rachel rabbit white who seems quite the lolcow herself

No. 1475835

File: 1647840623738.jpeg (760.45 KB, 1640x2010, 7D4B26EF-3067-45F6-9A29-AEA71C…)

No. 1475836

File: 1647840670910.jpeg (452.26 KB, 1640x2079, 8BA8195C-3331-46EB-810F-BA7FD7…)

No. 1475841

File: 1647841072303.png (2.63 MB, 1394x1252, 000.png)

No. 1475871

How did she even achieve this? Invite 40 preschoolers in to touch her fridge after eating popsicles?

No. 1475948

she probably burnt her food multiple times and didn't clean properly between the fires. Looks like she didn't clean properly in general so all the soot is bound to stick.

No. 1475952

Oh cool, it's like a magic eye poster; I see an anime girl's face and a tiny bit of Arabic writing, hbu?
man that's nasty

No. 1476073

She burns a lot of candles, so I think that's all candle soot

No. 1546526

bumping this thread! I prefer this thread over blogsnark or smolbeansnark.( necro)

No. 1546527

The shoddy paint job is peak mental illness+ drug abuse. Isn't she like 30? A mess, truly.

No. 1546538

that's what chronic adderall and a huge ego does to you

No. 1546595

Same, smolbeansnark is so fucking full of tragic wokies, virtue signallers and handmaidens I don’t want to have to read pages of overwrought prose about why landlords are evil, trans women are toootally women and white girls with pretty privilege are worse than satan just to make fun of a messy bitch addicted to meth

No. 1546609

What’s the current milk on CC? Her internet hiatus was effective because I completely forgot about her.

No. 1546640

she sounds insufferable but I'm sure men dc.

No. 1546793

post fucking content instead of bumping if you want to revive the thread you absolute mongoloid

No. 1548367

File: 1654295479704.jpg (357.6 KB, 1242x2688, CUvEdWg.jpg)

Y the fuck would you tell me to post content and then fucking temporarily ban me? that makes no sense. idk tho forgive me luv, I am new/ never posted before.

Anyways, caroline looks heavily medicated in her recent ig story.

No. 1584456

Caroline released her response to her former landlord's lawsuit against her: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/ViewDocument?docIndex=rsWiv7Njdikk_PLUS_/ZrTN9nzA==(imageboard)

No. 1584545

File: 1657420151239.png (2.88 MB, 1080x12579, CAROLINE CALLOWAY - 1.PNG)

No. 1584553

File: 1657421348899.png (2.98 MB, 1080x12579, CAROLINE CALLOWAY - 2.PNG)

No. 1584564

File: 1657422031942.png (3.21 MB, 2160x11182, CAROLINE CALLOWAY - 3.PNG)

No. 1620500

Caroline is reading crumps because is obsessed with Dasha. Her fixation on dasha is cringe considering dasha treats her with contempt at best.(necro)

No. 1620514

Sage this!! Wtf I was so excited to see this thread bumped thinking there was new Caro milk, but nope!! Don't tease me, anon. Integrate - you'll have a better time.

No. 1704244

Caroline came out of hiding to make an appearance via a prerecording at the Aesthetica Book by Allie Rowbottom event held in NYC.Does anyone have a link to her video appearance? I have seen bits but I cannot find the whole thing.

Rambling ahead:

Her life is very sad right now. I remember listening to her forbidden fruits interview, and she kept remarking on how she is stranded in the middle of Florida, and that she does not drive. Saying stuff like " I have other things to do like, walk 3 hours in the Florida heat because you’ve just driven me like 45 minutes away from my home to god knows where. I have bigger problems!"
This is an insignificant part of the interview but it really stuck with me because I always assumed that Caroline was ashamed of being completely broke and isolated which is why she deleted her IG and went ghost.

Caroline's situation is rapidly turning grey gardens-esque. Caroline's hoarding tendencies, obsession with her past years at Cambridge, living in recluse in her Florida apartment that is probably getting filthier by the day and delusions of grandeur that are compounding as time goes on. I predict Caroline to be the subject of a niche piece of media, a documentary or a podcast.

No. 1704266

Thanks to the nonna that bumped this. I was just thinking about this girl after reading more into her a year ago. It seems she's obviously aspergers, no? I know she's rich and annoying and over-sharing and weird but she genuinely looks and acts like a sperg, and that makes me feel uncomfortable and sad because it's a real high school bullying thing going on if that's the case

No. 1704277

this is just sad, this girl is some autistic loser

No. 1704279


Caroline was once on daddy issues podcast and stated that she was "very very mildly on the spectrum".

No. 1704280

She doesn’t have Asperger’s.. she’s on drugs/drunk and embarrassed by her lifestyle vs what she tries to uphold

No. 1704291

And probably mental illness such as bpd or bipolar, hasn’t she talked about one of those?, she’s not on any spectrum mentally

No. 1704393

No. 1704612

I think she has diagnosed ADHD which led to her Adderall addiction. She is constantly planning to do things and never following through and flitting from one interest to another.

Her dad sounds to have had Aspergers, being a hoarder recluse with a Yale PhD. Her mother is also academic and could have Aspergers too (high IQ common), plus people on the spectrum tend to get on better together than with neurotypicals.

Caroline is too social and too needy of other people to have autism though. She's also quite manipulative and has no problem taking advantage of people and straight up lying. She doesn't have an especially high IQ either.

I think she is post likely ADHD plus some sort of personality disorder, likely caused by not having a secure bond with her parents when growing up. She does have some autism traits such as not showering, oversharing, etc but these can also be associated with ADHD.

I actually wonder if she's not hiding but that her mother or grandmother threatened to cut her off if she didn't go quiet. She's probably waiting for her grandmother to die for her inheritance.

No. 1704616

File: 1668958508088.png (1.32 MB, 1000x1249, 8754248900404a524842016885e1fe…)

I unironically like Caro's style, or what she is sent anyway. Can anyone ID her top in pic related?

No. 1704617

File: 1668958529094.jpg (88.21 KB, 736x917, 67717c5a02c64bac6f1da1fba07e03…)

Or this shirt?

No. 1704800

No. 1704896

Her dad didn't have a PhD. He had a law degree. Don't know if he did undergrad at Harvard or his JD too. Her mom wasn't an academic. She had a PhD (from Johns Hopkins, I believe) but worked for the government. Her mom had a lot of money. I'm surprised if both her parents had autism how she didn't have it too

No. 1704941

Thanks nonna this is the first of many.

The doc did provide a comprehensive timeline that explains the rise of her in 2012.

No. 1705230

Thank you!

>Part of our South Asian wedding collection

Lol Caro would

No. 1705234

File: 1668996759633.png (4.22 MB, 2079x960, 0AB98EA5-FE61-4BE5-A5C0-0C7A29…)

I watched Not Okay last night and her acting was so terrible. She kept using her hands too much and at one point they cropped the shot to try and hide her hands moving lol

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