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File: 1568200280084.jpeg (105.33 KB, 540x960, 2B219454-BF46-40F5-9C52-290B26…)

No. 867303

Kara Faith Sykes is a tiktok poster who claims to have a cocktail of mental illneses (DID, anxiety, depression, ptsd, etc).

Some milk -

• groomed at 11-12 yrs old by 30something yr old boyfriend who at the time was dating someone else
• let her cats inbreed and have kittens. One of the kittens died because it was so badly infected with fleas
• lives in absolute filth and squalor
• calls the plaque build up on her teeth “tooth butter” and the filth from her stretched lobes “ear cheese”
• participates in DDLG but claims it isnt sexual (claims her little age is 2)
• boyfriend allegedly got arrested (by accident) for murder???
• pathological liar
• boyfriend claims to be ftm but there is some confusion on that, because he claims to have a child with ex partner, and Kara wants to have a child with him
• purposely posts cringe in various facebook groups and asks to be roasted for some sick satisfaction
• at some point was reported missing, but this was already after she had moved in with her boyfriend
• boyfriend receives SSI for being handicapped. She doesnt have a job and he cant work.
* she also wants to get on ssi
• doesnt ever wash clothes, claims stains are “bc craft shirt”

Social Media:
Youtube- Syko Pebbles
Facebook- (she has like 6 accounts) all under Kara Faith Sykes
Instagram- instagram.com/lil_gothix_sykopebbles
Twitter - Lilgothixpebs
Tiktok - lilaliensykopebs(tripfagging)

No. 867304

File: 1568200313924.jpeg (150.15 KB, 750x1334, DD2E7A72-6EFB-41FC-96E9-116FE1…)

No. 867305

File: 1568200343293.jpeg (96.88 KB, 444x960, C399DCAE-9B29-468D-8007-DB7BAC…)

No. 867306

File: 1568200386198.jpeg (130.22 KB, 444x960, 7FB035DC-2343-4873-A133-62360F…)

No. 867307

File: 1568200412610.jpeg (131.03 KB, 444x960, DC4E92E8-39A0-4BB6-9862-5BA1C7…)

No. 867308

File: 1568200491115.jpeg (133.13 KB, 444x960, FFA6FFC2-7A86-4FCA-B51C-7E5203…)

No. 867309

File: 1568200530277.jpeg (132.27 KB, 444x960, 97B29C61-0AAC-4A7D-A44B-59ACD6…)

No. 867310

File: 1568200559670.jpeg (123.37 KB, 444x960, AFE37C25-BD7E-4F6A-AE09-FABFF4…)

No. 867311

File: 1568200642159.jpeg (80.3 KB, 720x773, C257604E-0D7D-4798-9D03-A33EFA…)

No. 867312

File: 1568200664781.jpeg (95.46 KB, 540x960, E983A33D-6B44-40D4-BFFA-008206…)

No. 867314

File: 1568200697312.jpeg (193.48 KB, 595x1547, B793B27D-5188-4675-97D6-D31B25…)

No. 867315

File: 1568200727095.jpeg (187.65 KB, 640x1385, 29173D16-5320-4ECB-8554-D2EF1E…)

No. 867316

File: 1568200777452.jpeg (166.17 KB, 640x1315, 1F05B12E-7D3B-410D-9BBD-919C52…)

No. 867317

File: 1568200816479.jpeg (86.28 KB, 960x720, 5CD3871C-2D69-425D-8966-E8DA3A…)

No. 867319

File: 1568200914062.jpeg (113.02 KB, 540x960, 3847F26C-0398-4220-B970-82771B…)

No. 867320

File: 1568201069055.jpeg (76.1 KB, 540x960, FCF036C9-418F-4A09-9DB7-2C2606…)

No. 867321

File: 1568201186394.jpeg (48.77 KB, 540x960, 4AECB072-136C-48E0-A098-EC1B93…)

No. 867322

File: 1568201264809.jpeg (104.42 KB, 540x960, 7A9B2203-5D48-444F-BCBA-047563…)

No. 867323

File: 1568201296691.jpeg (102.96 KB, 540x960, BC0EFBD7-D8A1-4C4C-9F38-59D387…)

No. 867352

Not even read the rest of the thread but had to stop here to say. THAT PILLOW. Vom

No. 867507

Shut up kara group got zucced??

No. 867516

This girl is just depressing tbh.

No. 867543

Her cats can't be the only thing that are inbred…

No. 878600

yeah this is just the result of untreated (or treated too late) grooming/csa. I've seen a ton of trainwrecks like her in csa c-ptsd therapy groups. They act out ddlg because that's how their sexuality formed, it's not rocket science.

No. 882684

>>882671 fucking stop doxxing, retard.

No. 882695

File: 1571612439943.jpeg (85.12 KB, 750x1334, C15C22DA-5E0B-4F66-8A39-C2C840…)

kara doxed herself fucking retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1024893

update on buttertooth.
•discovered her and Dwayne met in a CP trading group on kik (kara tells people it was an emo group and he "saVeD hER LiFe". Lies.)
•kara distributed CP of her sister to D
• kara is actively using the DDLG/Agere community to get more minors
• both refuse to work and are trying to get famous on youtube
• kara has consistent behavior and enjoys harassing pregnant women
• more animals have died in their care
• kara tells people dwayne uses a strap on dildo on their dog?!?!?!
• idk they're terrifying(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1024948

File: 1597728805219.jpg (65.65 KB, 495x354, woof woof.jpg)

Ffs Sam, at least post screenshots or links or something. Your recap is not milk. Given that your name and email address is linked to lilithhunts, which has many articles on Kara, it would stand to say you're involved in the inner circle of this particular autist-fest. If anyone can provide screenshots or links, it's you.

Here's one. Don't know how relevant it is to your update.

No. 1025102

ReAd the rules, integrate, don’t use your fucking email retard.

No. 1025958

File: 1597891561135.jpeg (297.64 KB, 1112x2208, F24D35D0-94EA-4769-B9B1-DC995E…)


We don’t need a reason to be anonymous, everything we do is out in the open. Just like how we accessed all of Kara’s accounts, snapchat etc. We’re good at what we do.

You don’t know Sam’s email, it’s not public knowledge, stop pretending you know it’s linked to the website when it isn’t.

This is why we have the FBI looking into Kara, and you’re still posting anonymous Tea on a shitty forum.

It took us three months to gather that information on her. We know her every move, everything since she was 10 years old.

Everything about D’s real and adoptive family.

Like I said, we’re good at what we do, and we don’t do it anonymously.


No. 1025960

File: 1597892190165.jpeg (18.6 KB, 480x265, B309A34A-D59F-4E88-89AF-D6BE8E…)

Stick to slicing your deli meat before things go West for you.

Wouldn’t want people to find out that you’ve protected child predators yourself now would you?

The creator of this entire thread is a pedophile protector, he’s next.

Peace out - Kégan/LillithHunts

No. 1025988

not that i give a shit about your weird superiority complex about some random retard and her greaseball mate but the email's literally in the post.

sam.morano97@gmail.com. lol.

No. 1025989

So cool, so edgy. Wowowowow

No. 1025998

File: 1597901070042.jpeg (54.76 KB, 720x555, 9545BE33-EA73-4581-8556-C88AD0…)


Yeah so edgy to have pedophiles convicted, grow up. Get rude to the people who have actually pursued this case and managed to find damning evidence as opposed to the pedophiles, whilst you sit there making 14yo 4chan comments.

No. 1026005


this is embarrassing and you still didn't bring links or screenshots. nobody hates you here, you just have a ticket for the crazy train and you have to let us join the ride. you have been collating information for a long time and are incredibly invested in this random degenerate.

tl;dr gief milk, shitposting about your 7 proxies and uber leet hax0r skills isn't impressive or threatening here

No. 1026006

Just stop, I have no idea what you're trying to get out of this (probably attention) but it's so fucking dumb, this thread is a year old and hardly active anyways. Most anons here are too busy laughing at Momokun's flabby boobs to really care about a milkless cow.

No. 1026065

File: 1597922475253.jpeg (852.96 KB, 740x4513, BF4CBE0F-01FA-48A4-8E78-D01CD7…)

I’m not bragging about my hacker skills I’m saying everyone knows Sam Korin works with us and it’s hardly “news”. Her alt email is hardly worth this drama.

All the evidence is on YouTube:
In an easy, basic format for you

Or the Lillith Hunts fb group where all of the evidence about her selling images of her underage sister is posted. It gets more traction on there than here.

I’m just saying don’t shit on Sam bc she used an alt email with her first name in it.

Here have some tea, then decide if you want to follow the group, we have over 2,000 images and are currently in contact with CPS and the FBI regarding these cretins.

This is a statement from one of her ex’s when she was 14.

They’re not just Hills have eyes motherfuckers, they’re actively grooming young girls.

No. 1026071

Nobody here posted Sam's surname so it was nice of you to dox your friend!

okay, one last time - nobody here is angry at you, attacking you or siding with paedophiles. on lolcow, it's expected that if you say something you reinforce it with links to social media posts, screenshots, videos, archives, ANYTHING to validate that there is credible reason to be examining this toad. Having to join a facebook group really moots the point of us being on lolcow, and it's expected that if you care and have access to the posts, you post screenshots and archives where possible. You document it, use these threads to build a living timeline.

I don't care to search through your youtube channel to find the best information available. You care enough to compile it so autistically but not enough to repost what you think are the most important images/links/etc here?

tl;dr sorry for the novel mods but this thread has potential if kegan calms the fuck down

No. 1026109

File: 1597934288406.jpeg (336.61 KB, 1112x2208, 65B6AC5A-11EF-4B05-AEBB-05C7CE…)

Lol I am calm, I’m just british, and I’ve got over 2,000 pieces of evidence against D & Kara that have been sent to the relevant authorities - and what we can legally upload goes on Facebook.

I’m not bringing this thread back from the dead for you, it’s shite.

I’m not contributing any evidence to a random Internet forum where you’re saying collecting evidence is “autistic”, so strange how you love throwing that word around. And exactly why I’m not posting anything else to this thread.

And Sam has her full name on Facebook, it’s hardly a secret.


No. 1026118

good riddance

No. 1026122

This girl looks like she has obvious gum disease. That's really disturbing at such a young age.

No. 1026126

Not the place for you if words like autism trigger you. Take some pics without a snap filter.

No. 1026189

Wait, is that you on the photo?

Girls, I am howling at her thinking she did something showing us her face and a peace sigm, this is not tumblr, child.

No. 1026201

why are british girls always so ugly?

No. 1026233

jesus christ how embarrassing. how much sense does it make to put your pictures on a website you don't even like lmao.

No. 1026315

nice job hiding your second chin, ham hands

No. 1404361

She appeared in one of my fb groups, posted this and deleted shortly after

https://imgur.com/a/gZcbiCx(this is an imageboard)

No. 1404368

LMAO she popped up in one of my groups making fun of polygamy degenerates. Didn't expect to find her here(namefag)

No. 1746364

I'm unsure how this works, as I've never posted on a forum like this before, but hello, I am the subject.

I go by Sage now, but I wanted to give a little update (which I know seems silly, but I have no doubts some of you were involved in TLF and trying to stop Deven).

Firstly, I - myself - am not a pedophile. I do not like kids in a romantic or sexual way, or really even at all in any context now, I tolerate them.

I regret everything I have ever said in protest to the truth being exposed about Deven. It came back to bite me in the ass, and the only explanation I have is that I had no choice in the matter.

I was groomed by him, and then taken from my home, without explicit permission.

I have been abused by him for the entire 5 years I was gone form my family, and I am now back with my family, and have left him, and kicked him out. He is no longer in my life, and is actually currently trying to make divorcing him as difficult as possible.

Because I don't know how this works, please feel free to message me on Twitter? (@WiltedxGemini)

I also have a blog where I am slowly telling the story, and exposing him further, from my end.

No. 1746609

File: 1674073030050.jpeg (530.46 KB, 828x1253, FF088634-B6B8-4EA5-9EA5-863EAC…)

no1curr clearly

No. 1748342


Oh god, that was a bit ago, does that say October? I was still deciding where I wanted to take all of this. I also don't trauma post on main anymore, or at least try not to.

I've been gathering screenshots since that post, but also have been making a lot of milestones. Am I able to add links? I'm gonna try-

plz read? You don't have to if you don't want to, but I encourage it.


No. 1748398

I glanced at this thread since you bumped it and just want to say idk the whole story but sounds like you were handed a shit show of a childhood and I am very sorry you dealt with all that…no one should have to heal from the things you are but I do wish you the best in your journey forward.

No. 1748420


Thank you so much, I appreciated a lot!!

It's been a fucking journey

No. 1748447

I'm so sorry this shit happened to you. Not any rational person would ever think a kid deserved any of this. Seeing this thread is actually gagworthy. So glad you're in a better place now. All the love in the world for you in the future xxx.

No. 1748605

ur ugly and gotta work on that

No. 1748626

This thread seems like a retarded vendetta on some 4/10, way to show off that you're envious of a clearly broken woman looking for sympathy in this thread.
Get the hell off this site and into a place where you can find a healthy group. Not everyone around here is a moralfag.

No. 1748645

Yeah if this is real and you’re not just shitposting this is not remotely a safe space to post long personal essays, please get out for your own sanity

No. 1748991


I figured since it went quite, everyone assumed I was dead or locked up and wanted to update.

Of course not many would care, it lolcow, it's like 4chan but worse, but the group is gone, and the twitters are dead and I don't know how else to reach out to anyone who genuinely tried to help, to let them know I'm ok, and that I got out, so I thought I'd start here.

No. 1749002

>4chan but worse
Shut the fuck up retard. They’d gut you on 4chan, you’re lucky you only got posted here. I promise you no one here tried to “reach out” or “help.” Nobody cares that’s why it went dead. Didn’t care then, we don’t care now. There’s one person on this site that hated you posted almost everything in this thread. Go post on your blog or something and get off this site.

No. 1749071

No. 1749079

tbh that was really boring, hard to follow, and not worth it.

No. 1749085

Scrolled to the most recent post and goddamn that's a lot of injuries. Can't you go to the police about this?
I didn't read any of it since it's very long and I never saw this thread before, but it looks like it needs more than a blogpost just based on those injuries

No. 1749474


The injuries are throughout the five years, I dont think anything can be done?

My family tried to help me get the police involved when he lived with us (for an extremely short time) and they (the police) wouldn't do anything "because he gets mail here".

I personally think that they just didn't believe me because he's disabled, or because they didn't wanna deal with it. It took my parents and brother driving him to a motel and abandoning him, for him to get the fuck out.

My dad had to out up private property and no trespassing signs because he and his sister were threating harm to me and my family, and kept standing in our yard.

Once private property/no trespassing is physically estate (with signs, warnings, etc) Stand Your Ground goes into effect. So it literally took having to risk being killed by self defense for them to go back to OH.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1749544

Sage your shit retard nobody cares

No. 1750690

Oh naw not methany w/ her bs.

Gawd damn

No. 1750691

File: 1674486110248.jpg (517.62 KB, 648x2665, Screenshot_20230123-072223_Twi…)

Holy fuck, I'm so confused, what is happening?

No. 1750713

> Holy fuck, I'm so confused, what is happening?
you’re self posting on here because you don’t have a healthy outlet where people give a fuck to hear about your abusive situation. ultimately this is still the wrong place to post about this and i suggest getting a therapist or something to help you get through this trauma because you’re gonna be incredibly insufferable and self centered (rightfully so, it sounds like you lost yourself for years to an abusive man at a really young age… that takes time and work to heal) but honestly nobody outside of a therapist being paid to help you or maybe a fellow survivor is gonna wanna hear the ins and outs of your past abusive relationship for any reason past being nosy, so posting every little detail won’t really benefit you in the long run. if you want randos to feign sympathy and prod you for more details and give you attention maybe try telling your story on TikTok or something. this isn’t the place. we tend to make fun of people like you.

No. 1750774


No yeah, you're right, I do need a better outlet, and posting here isn’t a healthy outlet. I'm just trying to put the heat back on him, yk? Because everyone was right about him, I just wasn't able to actually talk about it, he had fucking control over the whole situation.

I would give anything to have been able to do a actual honest interview, share my own proof, he would probably be rotting right now.

No. 1750792

None of that will happen, no one knows who you are, or who he is. Whatever happened, it only matters to you, and that's ok. You will not have a conclusion, you will not have closure. That's just how things are. The people around you only see you today, they don't see your past. There are people around you have been through worse, and no one will ever know their stories either. Accept that or struggle forever.

No. 1750867

Honestly it's better for these things to stay unknown lest the random hateful moids write a list of 100 reasons why abuse is fine and it was all your fault, akctually. Even leftie moids have absolutely no sympathy for women who have been harmed by men, I've witnessed it myself. They will mock en masse, even when the guy is 100% guilty and there's solid proof. However I think op writing vent threads on Twitter is fine, it's a way of processing which can work in finding your feelings about a topic.
I wish op good luck and better things in their future.

No. 1750871

Samefag, also seconding the Tiktok suggestion, >>1750713
its algorithm seems to be good at guiding posts to the right audience, hopefully op could post and maybe it would get traction among other women.

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