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File: 1568729485983.png (832.53 KB, 1038x618, 5902C23D-0091-4C3C-9CC9-E29131…)

No. 869680

Originally posted about her in the personal lolcow thread. A couple of anons suggested I get her her own thread so here we go. I’ve added a few extra details I missed before.


>anachan skincare youtuber named dr. dray (Andrea Suarez) - https://www.instagram.com/drdrayzday/?hl=en

>used to be a practicing dermatologist, had a relatively normal life with boyfriend, friends
>mysteriously 'lost' her original job and has never addressed what happened
>was briefly doing e-doctor type shit online like here at firstderm - https://www.firstderm.com/andrea-suarez-dermatologist/
>started a youtube channel, focused on simple and basic skincare routines at first
>has a very weird relationship with her mother, they are very codependent in vlogs
>eats with a bib, kid's utensils, drinks out of a sippy cup and plays with dolls
>mom just stands around like the undead while daughter spergs about disney plates and the calories of eating one potato chip or ice cream cone
>goes places like Whole Foods to ogle food but she never eats anything, just ogles all the food and obsess over the nutritional content so she can make an excuse not to eat
>makes horror tier pigslop and passes it off as 'vegan' despite it all being absolutely disgusting
>dishes include cauliflower oatmeal with blueberries, peas in almond milk cereal, 10 vegetable 'soup', mushroom tea and other concotions she brews up in her kitchen
>fatshames her mother for eating normal food on camera instead of her nasty cooking
>slowly started integrating basic beauty guru junk into her channel more and more, now her instagram is filled with shilled crap that she used to say wasn't worth the money/good for your skin from high end brands
>does OOTD in either swimsuits or clothing that just hangs off her body because she's so thin, acts like there's nothing wrong even though she's practically translucent
>fans praise her despite bones sticking out of her skin, hair falling out, skin is weird shades of green and yellow from god knows what health issues
>practically bathes herself in sunscreen and goes outside in a full body suit + mask because she’s terrified of the sun
>'exercises' in nearly every vlog, which consists of her lifting her legs and doing squats and pilates type shit and her claiming she did ballet when she was younger so that’s why she looks like beef jerky
>got veneers, they fell off her nasty teeth so she had to get new ones put on kek
>started putting extensions in her hair to hide her hair loss, suspected to have gotten fillers to try to make her face look plump
>prematurely aging because of her health
>has said in vlogs she prefers playing with her barbies because "they don't upset me like people do"
>people justify watching and supporting her because of her 'skincare advice' despite her having moved away from where she started
>deletes and filters comments relating to her weight and appearance, only 100% positive sycophant asskissing on her social media
>is rude to followers when she's not deleting comments, is either mean as hell or has trouble relating to others, talks down to anyone who is remotely concerned for her well being
>clearly wants to be another beauty guru despite starting out washing her face with Cetaphil and shopping at CVS and Walgreens

No. 869683

She has a lot of videos so I’ll try to find the best ones.

No. 869686

Her nasty ‘recipes’. Everything she cooks is basically cauliflower with something in it.

No. 869687

I was just reading the post in personal lolcow. I get recommended her videos a lot on YT (I like makeup/skincare vids). I always thought, nah. She didn't look like she was one to give skincare advice. She looks like something on a mortuary gurney tbh.

I didn't know she was nuts. I'll give her vlogs a watch now I know she is.

No. 869688

No. 869700

Her shilling sponsored products.

In this video you can see the greenish undertones in her skin.

Lots of medfagging in this video as well.

No. 869711

Wtf. That looks like a bowl of vomit.

No. 869717

File: 1568732062025.png (2.84 MB, 1334x750, 791562DA-E284-44D4-B2F0-E7799A…)

No. 869719

File: 1568732234867.png (4.73 MB, 1334x750, 32E2837F-CB94-4AE4-92BA-FBEDB1…)

Black bean brownies with dollops of shit.

No. 869722

Oh finally, a thread about this chick on here. I've been following her shenanigans on gurugossip for some time. I wonder how long this thread will last, her life is particularly boring and unfulfilling besides her OCD and ana "quirks"

No. 869729

Do you have any screenshots from GG?

No. 869731

I’m kind of glad someone posted her on here, I always saw her recommended to me on YT but she always looked so skelly that it threw me off

No. 869735

File: 1568733132487.png (306.5 KB, 750x1334, 2E7219A7-6074-4CCF-8E98-FCF286…)

No. 869751

>tries to discuss this unhealthy famine cow
>”but she’s a doctor! She helped me learn how to wash my face! She’s not ana unless she confirms it herself!”

No. 869754

Vegan Taco Slop featuring the granny bib.

I’m trying to find her vlogs where she eats with toddler plates but she has so many fucking videos.

No. 869756

File: 1568735270507.png (4.52 MB, 1334x750, 47293953-945C-4925-BB8E-E48EFC…)

No. 869850

i wanna see the interactions between her and her mother, and her playing with barbies

No. 869854


She also loves Hatchimals…

No. 869855

Anyone know how old she is? I always got the impression she looks way older than she actually is.

No. 869858


Her vlogs with her mother are extremely redundant. She goes to WF, they eat some oatmeal for breakfast (at least her mother does), while she eats mashed up cauliflower…again. And spergs about all the omega-3's and vitamins in her food.


I believe she's 37. https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-andrea-suarez-g3pr6

No. 869861

Her poor mother should be retiring not babysitting this skeleton

No. 869872

The cow has already reported the thread various times. I expect an email in the next few days.
Due to the current e-climate, cowtipping will most likely warrant a permaban.

No. 869878


Her mother apparently has also gotten some sort of throat surgery…I'm not sure exactly why but it's the reason why she has a very soft voice, like she's straining.

Her whole channel is a rabbit hole of strangeness.

No. 869880

File: 1568756787395.gif (704.37 KB, 400x293, 9D76C207-A881-4674-8FEC-185BF5…)


Less than a day wow she must google herself every morning before counting calories

No. 869893

Already?? Damn that was quick lmao

No. 869981

Maybe she’s a farmer lol

No. 870032

Thank you so much for making this thread OP. Always wanted to post her in the Pro Ana Scumbags thread but was always hesitant about doing so. I was subscribed to her for a short while but the constant uploading and half of her content featuring her mother was insufferable. Their mother/daughter dynamic is extremely codependent and creepy to say the least.

No. 870054

What is up with skellies and weird codependent relationships with their moms and acting super infantile and immature? I don't follow many pro ana flakes but it seems like they all follow that mold.

No. 870060

All the hate on this women is pathetic. All the time you guys have to find videos on her to post is ridiculous get a hobby. Iam a straight Male and she is real pretty she is skinny and probably has a eating disorder but I think most of you are fat and jealous.(scrote)

No. 870061


No. 870088

Cfurin. This is a fat jealous female only board. Take your needledick elsewhere and ffs brush up on grammar.

No. 870092

2/10 bait

No. 870119

Skip to around 3:30 for turbo autism.

This is from her lastest mommy and me vlog where they go to Austin for Andrea to sperg about the sun and show food she never eats.

No. 870121

File: 1568823172061.png (753.07 KB, 750x1334, 6A9BA664-24D0-4CDC-80BB-F59B1E…)


She needs to get some sun.

No. 870152

She's 38 looks 28 and wears no makeup can you, and very attractive. I think most of you guys not all are fat with caked on makeup to hide all your face problems.Get a life people.

No. 870157

No, not all vegans get this at all. People who starve themselves get this, vegan or not.
(saged for ot)

No. 870161

This thread is so sad. Once upon a time she was a smart successful doctor with a boyfriend and a life, now she’s a pathetic womanchild obsessed with food and making her cringey videos. Her eating disorder has taken everything that made her life worthwhile. But hey, at least she’s skinny!

No. 870163

Andrea, stop trying to pretend you're a dude, no one on earth thinks you're pretty or look "28"

No. 870166

File: 1568827137304.gif (972.74 KB, 350x188, 41CBDF8D-7E64-4396-BF75-BF2C86…)


This thread is already to a great start. I’m here for it.

No. 870172

You really think Dr Dray would respond to this website or care. I am a 38 year old male surfer with sun damage from all my travels and surfing that's why I follow her for my skin. I am married to a cosmetologist who turned me on to her. She's very pretty no makeup and looks to be in her twenties. Fat cunt bitches.lol

No. 870173

how did this 38 year old male surfer find lolcow I wonder, world is so bizarre huh

No. 870175


Andrea, you've gotta quit googling yourself, girl. That's time you could be using to delete those dissenting comments.

No. 870176

All these random men to declare how pretty and youthful this cow is?? Oh and let’s not forget she doesn’t wear make up.

We all fat tho

No. 870177

Not doing yourself any favours Andrea.

No. 870189

Because I follow her and this weird sorry ass site showed up on my gmail story recommendations today. And cunt fat bitches is probably not in her vocabulary or cock,twat,fucking,gloryhole. Its not Andrea you fucking idiot's.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 870196

File: 1568829116340.jpg (35.39 KB, 336x188, Xyvdqun.jpg)

ah, yes the face of someone who looks sooo young for her age.

thumbnail is 2 years old. i'll give you this, andrea, your fillers have made you look younger, but you looked like a skelle old woman before.

you can pass as younger than 38, but not younger than 30. you're one of those women who who claims she is 29 until she hits 40

No. 870198

File: 1568829511507.png (3.06 MB, 1334x750, 840D7C7C-EC4D-468A-BFB0-9DAFCD…)


The girls on GG think she may have gotten a liquid nose job as well.

No. 870200

You know that's a shitty still photo you captured that can happen to anyone. Look at all her videos thru the years she looks amazing and young. I deleted some of my post because I have a problem sending my message before proof reading. Yea I think she has a eating problem and is to thin. Who doesn't have personal problems. I bet 99 percent of you could not leave the house terrified without caked on makeup. I wasted enough time on this lame site. Get a hobby and life and lay off the makeup oh that would be scary thou so keep it on heavy like you have been.

No. 870201


They don’t want to admit that they’ve been vapid materialists all along. But they’re only kidding themselves because why would you quit (or be asked to leave) from a great paying job as a physician to hawk makeup all day and make videos of yourself eating baby food?

No. 870202

So you have a crush on her or what? Your wife might not like that so much.

No. 870206

This just screams “I’m an insecure female hiding behind a male poster”. Most men don’t give a shit if a woman wears make up or not. Or if they’re fat.
Women are caddy and like to attack a woman’s looks. Men call us whores and think we only want their sperm and money.

No. 870208

These dudes commenting on Dray have to be her kek. Out of all the cows on here, all the white knight scrotes are here on her thread. Sure.

No. 870218


Well, I’m wondering why ‘Chris’ the ‘surfer’ isn’t out there at the beach catching some sick waves, brah.

No. 870225

Holy shit. She looks so bad there. Whoever does her fillers deserves a fucking award.

Also- I commented on one of her videos once (a long time ago, not tipping) about how she applied a shit-ton of sunscreen to prepare for the workout THAT SHE DID IN HER FREAKING LIVING ROOM BEFORE THE SUN WAS UP. She deleted it within 2 hours. Girl can handle absolutely no criticism.

No. 870229

File: 1568833623248.png (378.31 KB, 750x1334, DB049438-35D1-412C-81EA-883CC9…)

The way she responds to legitimate questions is so unprofessional.

She goes on long monologues in videos and captions, but when asked a direct question, she either ignores it or gives one short often rude response.

I don’t even know why people waste their time asking her for help as you could get a better answer from a Google search.

No. 870389

I was watching her solo trip to LA and she seemed much happier than when she’s in Texas.

So she can be an adult when she wants to.

No. 870608

>”I collect dolls, I know it’s odd to some people but…yeah.”

No. 870630

File: 1568924150664.jpeg (110.52 KB, 711x1024, AB972AC7-937C-4507-B5CD-514D57…)

Stole this from gg but yeah this has been going on a while

No. 870631

File: 1568924366547.jpeg (73.31 KB, 1024x575, 43930BEF-0AA1-46B2-8AA7-9E0281…)

The toddler placemat she bought to use to eat her cauliflower when traveling

No. 870636

Wow, never heard of this kind of lolcow. How can a doctor get into a very competitive specialty and be this exceptional to lose it all?

No. 870639

I feel sorry for your mother. Why did you lose your job?

No. 870640

>Tfw the anorexia has rotted your brain to the point that you can't be a doctor

No. 870641


I forgot about the placemats. She also collects spoons from froyo stores.


Speculation on GG was that she’s always wanted to be a guru judging by who she follows and earlier tagged videos.

No. 870642


Exhibit A

No. 870648

File: 1568927449550.png (4.37 MB, 1334x750, 0DDB5E2E-8092-40A0-8B5E-B5B045…)


Have to add one more photo. I got this one from Gossip Bakery.


No. 870650

I like her skincare advice videos but I always skip her vlogs, I did kind of feel like there was something off about her…

I think if people want skincare advice definitely watch her older videos because I do think they're genuinely helpful and she tended to avoid overhyping over-priced products.

No. 870652

File: 1568928141515.png (321.51 KB, 750x1334, B789268B-126A-4090-B49B-F92248…)


She’s 100% a shill now. She has LikeToKnowIt affiliate links on her insta.

No. 870654

holy fuck she looks like a 80 year old man in this

No. 870677

File: 1568930744387.png (3.6 MB, 1334x750, 6AAD28AD-8E1F-4EE3-9D20-721D81…)


I found out it was from her vlogtober series last year. She was looking extra skelly. I think this was around the time her hair started falling out for real.

No. 870743

all that sunscreen, so thick you can see it! can't let a ray hit you

No. 870816

I remember one of her videos got recommended to me awhile ago, I think it was a dollar store skincare video? Something seemed mad off about her so I never finished it. She also doesn't have much charisma so she wasn't interesting, either. Not surprised at all she's actually a nutty age-regressed anachan, I wonder if it's part of why she lost her job or was a response to it.

No. 871411

Skip to 17:00 for actual interesting content.

No. 871412


Sorry for samefagging but I forgot to add something to my first post.

Andrea goes into this long monologue about body image (how ironic) in her vlog and how people are influenced by what they see online.

I just found her arguments so insincere and you can tell she's trying to come off as being more humble than she used to. She's never been this quiet before in a vlog. Usually she's rambling about all her knowledge, sunscreen, etc.

No. 871416

New to this thread and am not surprised that Andrea is in lolcow. I fell upon her videos a few times when I was searching for skincare for my allergies and knew from the get go that she looked like she has some personal problems and this thread confirmed it.

She needs some sun and alot of vitamins. poor gal but lovin the milk

No. 871419

File: 1569109571682.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 42179D71-6A37-4109-9208-2C941F…)

No. 871426

File: 1569111523963.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 87C81769-8372-46E2-9CF3-CE17C4…)

Reuploading photos of Andrea only to stick to board rules.

No. 871428

File: 1569111605701.jpeg (173.92 KB, 750x1334, 071AB409-3B9F-4041-BAC2-4D4785…)


She seemed happier in NY. She actually had friends.

No. 871431

She still looks pretty spoopy here tho

No. 871433

File: 1569112251425.jpeg (710.11 KB, 750x1334, E6CC684B-57EC-458C-BC6C-677F04…)


I see what you mean.

No. 872240

File: 1569269297133.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 4DCA6FE6-0CD1-47F7-A491-B78469…)

Several people asked Andrea how her cake tasted in her latest boring ass vlog. She ignored most of them but eventually answered one.

She clearly does not eat anything she makes on camera, other than sipping on tea or black coffee out of her giant sasquatch mugs.

No. 872241

File: 1569269522745.png (1.99 MB, 1334x750, 0C79E6C6-9177-4BEB-8BA8-25B3A8…)


Also, you can really see her fillers lately so I’m assuming she got them topped up. The lower half of her face does not move, but her eyebrows are going everywhere.

No. 872478

File: 1569338583354.jpeg (123.75 KB, 750x783, FB51D159-AFA4-4BA3-97D1-A0BDBD…)

I found this in Walgreens vlog.

No. 872479


In HER Walgreens vlog, sorry.

No. 872482

So glad to see a board on her. Tbh her old videos don't have bad advice but she's so strict on certain concepts that it reveals pretty disordered extreme thinking. I had to stop watching those videos lol

No. 872511


Her anti fragrance stance seems harsh, I agree. Because she even admits she likes scented shampoo and conditioner, and she lights fragrant candles all the time, which can cause allergies as well. I get where she’s coming from, but you can just tell she’s miserable and is punishing herself.

No. 872572

File: 1569351205141.png (136.12 KB, 590x523, Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.5…)

No. 872576

File: 1569351512153.png (90.38 KB, 565x530, Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.5…)

No. 872585

Is she speeding the video up in her new video about drugstore makeup? She seems a lot more fast moving and lively or something, especially at the beginning when she's sitting in her car. I could be losing it.

No. 872600


I've noticed it, too. She is known to lurk and obsess over her GG threads, and I remember a few people on there commented on how she goes on and on and talks too slow, so they speed up her videos. She reads everything negative on her. The only place I haven't seen her lurking is reddit.

No. 873092

File: 1569445993511.png (568.79 KB, 815x550, Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 2.12…)

I don't know why this shit made me laugh.

No. 873099

We should all be grateful she decided to cover her over exposed clavicle with her chicken foot hand

No. 873545

There's so much wrong with this video…

>looking off into the distance

>eyes wandering all over
>stumbling over her words
>rehearsing a script

Her videos are always mediocre but this was just really, really bad.

No. 873584

omg I randomly came across her videos probably like 6 months ago and thought she seemed so strange. 1. her voice is awful 2. she made a big show about getting this specific type of shampoo from h-mart that was soooOOsSOOOO amazing but I looked it up and it contained sulfates 3. she said she doesn't/you don't need to use soap??? iirc. she's gotten even thinner

No. 873638

I used to watch her videos a while back, I really would like to know why she doesn't practice anymore.
I dipped out when I saw how much sunscreen she used, her weird diet, her very thin body and when she said she doesn't use towels after she showers and she just puts lotion on her wet body to lock moisture in????????

No. 873752

At around 17:00 you can see her preparing for and then running a marathon. She makes sure to put on sunscreen, of course, and you can see how hairy her face is, which apparently can be a sign of anorexia? It's also what looks like a normal day and she is decked out in a hooded jacket, a fucking mask, and long leggings while everyone else running is wearing normal running clothes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80UTC2_cEGI

In this video at 14:15, she is at the park with her mom and again wearing some full mask/coverup, sunglasses, and a floppy hat as she swings on the bar while her mom films her. Her hat falls and she hastily picks it back up to protect her fragile head from the mean sun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp19dmySVjQ

No. 873782

File: 1569611186013.jpg (66.23 KB, 618x412, TheInvisibleMan.jpg)

I just realized who she reminds me of when she's all decked out in her sun getup.

No. 873886

OMG I dont have anything to contribute, havent been here on the forum in a few months but glad to see this lady have a thread when I came back. I used to watch her videos but it begs to wonder why anyone would take any sort of health advice from someone who looks like that. She is not the poster child of health at all.

No. 873899

File: 1569632028499.jpg (224.05 KB, 1069x452, Screenshot_20190927-205322_Chr…)

Theres nothing on it lol

No. 874694

She's started up again with the weird food shopping vlogs where it's basically a levitating camera obsessing and nitpicking over things, shoving the lens in her mother's goofy ass face, and being generally weird as fuck.

I swear going to get Trader Joe's and Whole Foods is like going to Disneyland for her, despite the fact she does a lot of her off camera grocery shopping at Costco and Kroger.

No. 879640

I guess she still has a day job?

And wtf… air fried radishes?? This bitch is crazy and all her food looks nasty.

No. 884083


I think she may be lying about ‘working’ because she modifies her behavior according to whatever she reads about herself on line. Her ‘work day’ is YouTube, trolling her socials, reading GG, and breathing down her mother’s neck.

Comparatively, if you go back far enough through her social media you can see she would post about going to the ‘clinic’ nearly every day or every other day, taking pictures of herself in scrubs and shit, and then sometime between 2017/2018, she went full NEET and no longer talks about her original profession.

She stopped filming herself walking to work, doing her hair, and talking smug about patients and coworkers like she used to and bragging about being in the medical field.

If she is working, she’s doing something basic that she doesn’t want to mention. I doubt she’s doing anything though as she’s overly sensitive and can’t deal with people in situations she can’t control, like a workplace. No one is going to kiss her ass all day like her followers do.

No. 885608

File: 1572232172202.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, EE7C1C1A-6B40-460F-802D-C6EB42…)

Andrea just posted the dumbest shit to her Instagram for Halloween with her handler (aka mom) in ultra derp costumes.

Still cannot figure out wtf her mother is supposed to be.

No. 885610

File: 1572232223962.png (294.45 KB, 750x1334, FF4D1715-2D17-4B49-9D28-6082BE…)

No. 885611

File: 1572232326607.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, 4E76DFC7-908E-496A-83B6-7FBC93…)


I think she’s supposed to be a sheep but wtf is up with the floating device?

No. 887763

She decided to be "EweTube", so she's wearing an inner tube. Bizarre.

No. 921611

This showed up on my recommended videos section of YT and this guy drags her for pretending to live a “healthy lifestyle”. He’s kind of a tool but it’s a good watch if you can get to it before she copyright strikes it(necro)

No. 921845

Is this person related to Michael D. Suarez?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 956747

I think I'll stick to Reddit in future. This whole thread is just fat obese femcels attacking the most boring aneroxic I've ever seen. Jesus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 956811

huh the women in the video is defending her…so what has that got to do with us you retard.

No. 1077787

File: 1604816833164.jpeg (1.16 MB, 828x1166, 6F8EBC58-11A9-44E5-8579-B70F84…)

Sage for necro but she has gained some weight and seems a little healthier mentally and physically. She actually has a human tinge to her skin.

No. 1105930

Wow she actually looks so much better. I wonder if she realized how unhealthy she was

No. 1105951

Wow she actually looks so much better. I wonder if she realized how unhealthy she was(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1108100

She has gained about 10 pounds at most. She's had botox, fillers, hair extensions, and veneers put in. She also started using "tinted moisturiser" which covers up how uneven her skin tone is. So much so it's basically foundation. She only used to wear nothing but sunscreen and talk down on wearing make-up because of the disadvantages it has for your skin. Now she looks like a Star! Literally because she is constantly shining.

That's just in the last year and a half that she's changed all that. Also, IDK how you can't tell but her pictures are quite edited. Esp the face. She's gained some weight, yeah but part of that is because her diet is all carbs and laxative tea with no protein (at her skinniest, she ate meat).

No. 1108197

Huh…interesting. She always acted superior because she didn’t wear makeup. And to go under the knife? More proof she’s not about health at all but about clinging to youth. She’s not even old. What a fucking weirdo lol

No. 1110348

She looks like if one of those black and white pro-ana tumblrs came to life, very “horse girl” but make it thinspo~
So creepy and weird, and not in any “quirky” way.

It’s interesting that my first exposure to this woman was through a video a dietitian made and not Dr Dray’s actual videos when I follow a lot of “skincare YouTubers”

Idk if I’m remembering this right but didn’t she say some stuff essentially like “Tanning isn’t my aesthetic” and “Tans, even fake tans, are frowned on in my profession”?

She doesn’t seem…..all there.

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