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File: 1570068760881.jpg (44.28 KB, 317x324, elaraelias.jpg)

No. 875809

Elara Elias is a Facebook Famous, self proclaimed goth girl that hides behind her BPD and past abuse as an excuse to generally be shitty to others without consequence. She's manipulative and takes advantage of the fact that her following believes everything she says to get them to attack people she doesn't like, buy her nude "content", and be her yes-men. She recently moved away from the town she spent a lot of her life in and she almost qualifies as a NEET, but she has exactly one real life friend that she sees on a regular basis. Here's the gist of the milk, oldest to most recent:
>(As Nicole Vogel) Constantly took pictures of herself literally standing on top of graves and hanging off of headstones (standard wanna be edgy things), a lot of people pointed out that this is incredibly disrespectful, backpedaled by saying she can talk to dead people and that they actually wanted her there
>(As Luna Dea) Used the death of a local boy to send her followers to attack a girl said boy used to date because Elara just didn't like her
From here on is all Elara Elias, but she has two accounts under that name so some of this is available and some of this isn't because she hides/deactivates the other from time to time
>Post statuses she thinks are "woke", is extremely combative when people disagree with her
>Unless enough people do, in which she backpedals hard or just deletes the entire post
>Is generally rude to anyone that doesn't kiss her ass a la PlasticnProud
>Will blatantly make shit up like someone literally "fainting at the sight of her beauty" for Facebook likes/shares, followers eat it up
>Accounts kept getting deleted for violating terms of service because of nudity or extremely suggestive content, continues to post the things that keep getting her accounts deleted
>Constantly posted every detail of her relationship with her (now ex) boyfriend, including their very recent breakup
>Almost always claims abuse or manipulation or some other behind the scenes situation after breaking up with anyone including ex Joshua
>Broke up with him and not even an hour later started posting lewd pictures to her public Facebook advertising nude content
>Claims Joshua would yell at her for uploading the lewd pictures she was already uploading anyway
>Posted nudes with him without his consent
>Basically exists for online attention and will do anything to get it
>While dating Josh would frequently post about being a findom and recommended it to her followers as a quick cash grab
>Literally tags her instagram pictures with findom, paypig, etc
>is surprised when people sent this information to her father
>Is now trying to find and sue whoever sent her nudes to her dad
>Constantly posting about her "MaNiA" and making impulse decisions like new piercings or tattoos when she's manic
>Makes sexual posts with sexual captions and then acts weirded out when men respond in a sexual way when she's literally advertising herself as a sex worker, again a la PlasticnProud

The Personal Cow thread has a lot of the previous documented.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elara.ellis
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elaraelias/

No. 875813

File: 1570069118405.jpeg (171.17 KB, 750x605, 6CF9C0A2-F574-4725-B93B-3571F2…)

In the comments of her "I'm manic I'm getting both my nostrils pierced" post

No. 875838

All BPD cows are basically human embodiments of BPD. Same predictable behaviors.

No. 875849

She definitely checks all the boxes for your run of the mill BPD cow, she's just conveniently very public about it and also uses it as an excuse for quite literally any sort of negative criticism. That or she cries abuse victim, which is her more recent choice.

No. 875986

do we have said nudes?

No. 875996

Facebook. How quaint.

No. 876009

File: 1570117378405.jpeg (104.96 KB, 750x904, 10CE9359-4ABF-4DD5-9DE6-7BF65A…)

I'd say this is a reach but honestly you probably have to be insane to think plucking your pubes a certain way makes you crazy..

No. 876027

She's like a walking stereotype of every alt girl.

No. 876029

She's a dick alright, but I don't think she deserves a thread. She's just >>876027 past her expiry date.

No. 876030

She was posted a lot to the personal cow thread so in the interest of not clogging that one up with the same person it was suggested to give her her own thread. More of the actual milk is there but I wasn't sure if reposting it here was the right thing to do or not.

No. 876097

File: 1570132066677.jpeg (408.69 KB, 750x1203, EA77EBC7-9483-4655-97A2-2AF595…)

imagine making three posts in a row about someone you blocked; they really deserved each other. also it seems elara either went completely private or her page was deactivated yet again.

No. 876343

File: 1570197036372.jpeg (120.47 KB, 750x362, 7DE733AF-CA3C-4C5D-9BC4-3E7A09…)

why can none of these cows stay away from the internet for more than like 24 hours? its pathetic, honestly

No. 879902

File: 1571059255732.jpeg (111.76 KB, 750x350, 0BA5A245-104E-4085-AE1B-BBC08C…)

she reactivated her facebook and ever since she did that her statuses have been wack as hell. also she's literally turning into arianna, wonder how long it'll be before she "has to" give the cat away or something like that.

No. 891835

File: 1573486356583.png (1.41 MB, 744x1298, Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 9.59…)

I got four words: bitch what the fuck?(necro)

No. 918932

File: 1579156360560.jpg (244.71 KB, 1080x1066, Screenshot_20200116-163132_Gal…)


No. 923119

Why even post that last one? lol

No. 923167

File: 1579889683559.jpeg (183.55 KB, 750x472, C615F165-4552-46A0-9139-DAB44B…)

someone cowtipped! hey elara, everything on this thread is shit you've done online, documented. No lies here. maybe if you didn't want stripping and selling nudes to interfere with your ability to get a different job, you should oh, I don't know, not do that? your actions online have consequences, dumbass.

No. 923172

james george ferarro III?

No. 923178

>>923167 is that you buddy?

No. 1014899

File: 1596142306422.png (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 1080x1438, 20200518_203247.png)


No. 1014904

Wtf anon, I really don't wanna see that on the front page

No. 1014912

File: 1596143084908.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1080x1444, 20200519_150223.png)

No. 1014913

Lol are you a fag or some shit?

No. 1015067

This is a female board, sir

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