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Babispit is a instagrammer mostly known as Babighoul and for posting Aesthetically pleasing photos.
critiscism=\= hate huge difference
How do any of you feel about her???
Here are a few subjects that rub people the wrong away towards her (some of these dramas I witnessed, others I have just heard from others)

- keeping her age a secret and lying when someone points out that she is underage. She is currently 17 and it has been told her birthday is soon to arrive.
-She allows her followers to believe that she is an adult. When any old follower knows she’s not. It’s been told her mother lets her do her own thing. So it’s easy for her to be perceived as an adult of the internet.
-Posts sexual/inappropriate pictures. Mostly panty shots and lingerie. Apparently she’s been doing this since she was 14.
-Getting upset when she’s given criticism, even when she asks.
-Posts videos of her excessively smoking, but gets upset when someone points it out.
-Lies unnecessarily and full of contradiction
Ex: “Says she’s not 19 when asked ,until fans starting assuming so, so now she plays along”
“Says she got kicked out of her High school, yet says she graduated”
“Recently told someone there the reason she can’t get a job, yet says she has 2”
-She’s very private towards her age, and name, gets upset whenever someone asks claiming it’s her business. Yet is somehow okay with being a minor and presenting herself in a sexual manner. Someone said when she was 15 she posted a sexual photo with milk dripping out her mouth like semen. Saw it somewhere but I didn’t know she was THAT young. While so many people sexualize her.
-Also saw a screenshot where she claimed she had BPD(this isn’t drama).

^ if anyone can confirm or debunk these ^Dramas that would be lovely. All I know is that it’s been in confirmed by many people online and on threads that she’s currently underage til soon.

Insta-https://instagram.com/babispit?igshid=mqafmlq6hofz(OP is a faggot)

No. 885646

Tiana is a mentally ill grown woman playing a character. That’s all.

No. 885651

>discussion not hate uwu
Faggot indeed. So what’s the “drama” cuz being a carbon copy of every wannabe pedo bait e-tard ain’t much.

No. 885655

Wow, you're actually retarded.
Nobody gives a shit about this chick, as evidenced by the fact that she kept on being brought up in the e-girl thread and literally no one cared

No. 885661

i smell selfpost. get some hobbies op.

No. 886091

No one cares about your FGAS or CGI looking shoop face.

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File: 1579165536192.jpg (74.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200116-130538_Ins…)


No. 918995

hell yea! about time!!!

No. 919970

I dont think this is selfpost, I live in this girls city and have friend who are ex friends of hers,trying to do a vid on this chick, any insta archives i can look at? socials gone.

No. 919992

enjoy your ban

No. 920067

She was I a relationship with a late twenties Trap Metal "Rapper" named Kiddo Ghouls who was statutory raping her.

No. 920070

File: 1579352439549.png (518.35 KB, 530x555, Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 11.5…)


His now got his comment sections all shut down. Likely in an attempt to try and lay low in hopes of dodging a conviction for multiple counts of statutory rape.

No. 920073

File: 1579352851336.png (478.16 KB, 588x442, Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 12.0…)

him late 20's her 15/16(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920079

proof, namefag?

No. 920081

this thread is shit and incorrectly formatted, but who does she think shes fooling with that photoshop. she had no pores and made her face round af

No. 921207

File: 1579584013742.png (6.37 KB, 225x225, 1575927964588.png)

reading this in 2020 as i used to follow her and i just assumed she was a grown ass adult with an aesthetic
this is interesting to read about

No. 921215

No one cares GTFO newfag

No. 921258

honestly same

No. 921649

Hope you don’t mind me adding onto things
Kiddo and Babi weren’t in a romantic relationship, Babi stated that they were just friends. But due to Kiddo being accused by multiple minors of him trying to get with them, and Babi being a straight up liar. Their romance could’ve been a thing. A lot of people found their friendship creepy. But she actually dated someone else a couple of months ago, some rapper whose clearly older than her.
(If you look at his follower list a lot of “Babi” accounts still follow him)
The comments are now deleted but while they were dating she constantly called him “Daddy” when she was a minor and he’s clearly an Adult. (She also likes ddlg, and admitted it after months of stating she doesn’t involve her self in it.)

He cheated on her with multiple girls. And they dated while she was 17 for about a month or less. She’s currently 18 and her bday was Nov. 4
This post on Instagram addresses her lying about being underage, while literally being 17 at the time. I actually didn’t mind her darker style despite how edgy it could be. But now she’s just unbearable.

No. 921654

Omfg this is retarded and nobody cares please stop bumping this thread

No. 921677

I mean… I just wanted to add on to what the other Anon was saying to be helpful. Also there’s another user who wanted a lil more info on her to make a video. If you’re upset that the thread’s being bumped then just hope off it. This thread was dead for months until a couple days ago. No big deal lol

No. 924486

who where the other minors the Kiddo Ghouls was trying to get with?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 924496

this entire thread reeks of selfpost

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