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File: 1573922377348.png (449.25 KB, 483x600, Annotation 2019-09-16 120041.p…)

No. 895044

> June 28, 1999, Sydney Australia
> E-artist and animator, side job of being an e-thot
> Widely known as being Pyrocynical's ex-girlfriend.
>> Drew a lot of fanart about him and her as a couple, even drew animations about him.
>> Dated 2016-2018. She's now dating PunkDuck. Rumors about Hyojin cheating.
> Bully
>> Makes fun of people with mental illness. Thought that people posting their health are weak.
>> Belittles small artists who are better than her.
>>> Made a podcast with her group of friends about one of their former friend's depression. All believe to be fake and seeks attention. Now deleted.
>>> Made fun of one of her former fan to the point of being in to tears.
>> Has made journal entries in her old DeviantArt account, talked shit about people who disagrees with her. Now deleted.
>> Craves drama with her small group of friends for no reason.
> Had been involved with drama, Slazo's rape allegations and Zaptie's pedophile allegations.
>> Slazo's Rape Allegations
>>> Slazo has been accused of rape from his former girlfriend, FiZZ1P0P, Chey, in a long twitter post. Typical results, the victim got her support from fans and friends, and Slazo got none. Until he made a video with his perspective, showed that he was being a bad and unsupportive boyfriend. There's no rape involved.
>>> It's been later reveal that there's a large group of creators, were planned to take down Slazo.
>>> Hyojin is one of the supporters and players. She's BBFs with the victim, Chey.
>>> Denied about being involved but is exposed by imAllexx, involved with the Chey party, and other small creators.
>>> With this situation happening, a lot of her dirty laundry has been exposed.
>>> Turkey Tom made a bait about Hyojin being a dog abuser and cheated on Pyrocynical with Dolan Dark, and she took it and post a statement in Twitter and her Instagram. Said that it's taken out of context, but she did the same thing with Slazo. Showed how much of a hypocrite she was. A lot of people demanded apologies from her and hope she changed her ways.
>>> Threatens to kill herself because of criticisms. Her friends started #loveforhyojin in Twitter. Being sent in the mental ward for recovery, but been later been debunked from different stories from her friends about her condition.
>> Zaptie Pedophile and sociopath accusations
>>> Zaptie has been exposed as being a sociopath and a pedophile from his friends and Heather. Youtuber named, Nicholas Deorio debunked the accusations. Zaptie has anti-personality disorder and was an asshole, and Zaptie admits to it. Heather faked her age and catfished not only Zaptie, but another influencer, Nick Cash.
>>> Hyojin was associated with the victim, Heather.
>>> Not very subtly posted tweets about the situation after it ended. Liked a video in Twitter about Zaptie touching a baby's penis. Have drawn a baby ver. Zaptie art and have Zaptie and Pyro porn.
> Drawn her persona screwing her IRL friends and each other. Some are underage of 18 and didn't gave their consent.
> Can't take criticism. Wanted constant attention from her fans, even after her suicide attempt.


No. 895045

File: 1574048898379.jpeg (297.4 KB, 828x460, 51C4FB48-8C20-465D-BF6C-40CD5D…)

Her art looks like garbage. What the hell is this?

No. 895046

move this to snow.

No. 895082

She's not milky and this is old commentary YouTube drama. That community is shit anyway. Next.

No. 895087

File: 1574114486420.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1500, 20191118_215704.png)

The main thing that annoys me besides her horrible unfunny personality is how much praise her art gets when it's so shit. Her animations aren't as bad (just really simple and lazily drawn) but I remember Arin Hanson tweeting at her "your art is lovely" and she's followed by other big artist names when her shit looks like this. What the fuck is happening with that face

No. 895091

File: 1574114650813.png (513.69 KB, 1080x1229, 20191118_215730.png)

Samefag but this one of her and pyro always made me laugh. Is she meant to be sucking his dick, why does she sexualize herself that much, what's with the broken neck and perspective

No. 895095

File: 1574115522683.jpeg (68.82 KB, 800x800, DB20C73F-A86B-4847-8531-052BA3…)

She made Pyro look like a man and not like a gross British butch lmfao
And is she really even that thicc?

No. 895114

fuckk her art is BAD, its really beginner tier and she doesn't deserve that following what the fuck

No. 895124


She is popular right now only because she abuses 'memes' and trends, draws fan-art, low-tier shorts about them. She became popular again only because she decided to draw shorts about cursed emojis. Cringe.

No. 895267

Honestly, everyone involved in the Slazo drama has lost all credibility for all times. Wish they would just remove themselves of the internet. Never had anything against Pyro, other then him being a bit spineless until this snake slithered out of his asshole.

No. 895268

File: 1574168401054.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1272, Witches8.png)

Her art can be cute when she does simple stuff like this, but when she tries to paint it looks disgusting.
But yeah, now all she mainly does is shitty animated memes, I guess since she and pyro broke up and with the slazo drama a lot of people stopped pretending to care about her so now she's trying to get them back.

No. 895271

File: 1574169452069.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.12 KB, 205x246, IMG_20190709_125346.jpg)

Just gonna leave this here

No. 895295

Does anyone else find it interesting how much art she used to make art of her and pyro together, however there's very few of her and her current boyfriend (who's she's gonna move in with very soon)? Either she realized how cringe it is to draw yourself and your s/o fucking or she mainly did it to get attention and remind everyone that she was dating "big YouTuber" Pyrocinical. Lol.

No. 895327

File: 1574184534912.jpg (85.07 KB, 750x920, IMG_20190716_120938.jpg)

Reminder that she bullies people to the point they feel suicidal, constantly uses racial slurs because "it's funny", makes many callout posts on other people but then acts like a hypocrite when that shit backfires.

No. 895382

He looks like he's smiling to be polite but also watching tv and waiting for it to be over. Pretty sad when your partner doesn't even look excited for a blowjob in your own sexual fantasy depiction.

No. 895393

I think she is just resting her head on his thigh, tbh.

No. 895403

Her and Pyro are both shitty if you ask me.

>>constantly uses racial slurs because "it's funny"

same as pyro used to do. Bullying kids and all that, they were both shitty people who love attention who got togeather in my eyes.

No. 895418


Yeah, honestly Pyro gets away with a lot of scummy behavior that comes from these groups of people because he does a good job at not mentioning any drama he's involved in and being careful in general. I'd even go as far as to say Hyojin became this person because of him and the commentary community.

No. 895489

because she's Asian and a lot of those artists have yellow fever, it's gross

No. 895500

Anyone know why they broke up?

No. 895964

if she actually put in effort and time instead of rushing to put out content she would get better. clout means everything to her tho and it clearly shows in her work. sage for art sperging.

No. 896954

File: 1574532608469.jpeg (475.59 KB, 750x1182, CF4696CD-2188-4574-AB99-0DEA4A…)

she’s deleting her Instagram lol wonder why

No. 897147

Her art looks like shit, her animations are kind of decent, but gain popularity mainly bc she draws anything viral at the moment (like memes and so). Honestly what I find the most annoying is her idiotic sense of humour, her shitty streams where all she does is scream and laugh like a loud retard

No. 897150

I wish she had more backlash from the slazo situation, seems unfair

No. 897239


Probably just wants to move on from the whole thing, stop being an e-thot and become a meme funny haha animator person. I don't blame her tbh, but doing that won't make us forget what a horrible person she is so good try hyojin

No. 897494

If you compare the fanart that Hyojin made between her and Pyro, there's probably more than 10 drawinigs (in her old DeviantArt and Tumblr) and several animations in a span of 1 year of dating. When dating her current boyfriend (they're probably dating for 6 months since he showed up in her Instagram since May, probably more if the cheating rumors are true.) there's about 2-3 drawings between him and her. Pretty much the type of person to show off her relationship with a famous YouTuber and be forever known as the ex of a that YouTuber.

No. 897511

File: 1574650557621.png (15.3 KB, 667x94, Annotation 2019-10-02 133725.p…)

Just a guess, it's probably not working out with them together. Hyojin posted in her Twitter about her and Pyro still being friends, which I high doubt since they've unfollowed each other in Instagram at the beginning of 2019.

No. 915663

File: 1578603933943.jpg (380.93 KB, 2084x1272, IMG_20200109_210506.jpg)

Imagine charging that much for your mediocre art LMAO

No. 915677

File: 1578605475134.png (633.12 KB, 1080x1555, 20200109_213033.png)

She took the commission post down after she was called out for tracing the background, she's so scummy

No. 915698

The lighting of the background is nice, but the people don't sit in it right at all

No. 915702


It's nice because it was literally traced

No. 915726

I was thinking the same thing and based off her shitty coloring on the characters I could tell right away that it was traced/ripped from a photo. lmao that's embarrassing how obvious it was that it's traced, and quite bold of her to ask for 300$ for possibly more traced garbage

No. 915899

According to her Pateron, it's 1/2 the price that she's offering. What a fucking scam.

No. 915936

She blocked the guy who pointed out it was traced lololol
I wonder what else she traces, to the point where she doesn't even address it and just tries to hide it from her followers

No. 915938

File: 1578657097826.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1484, 20200110_114901.png)

I bet this one was also traced. Generic aesthetic bedroom. The only thing that for sure wasn't traced is the self insert characters because of how bad their anatomy and perspective is.
Honestly the fact that she can't draw her characters right or make them fit the background it's such a big giveaway. This bitch is a fucking hack

No. 915943

>Honestly the fact that she can't draw her characters right or make them fit the background it's such a big giveaway.

Not even an artfag and I noticed that right away kek

No. 915968

What a stupid move. She’s nothing but a e-Thot who’s has dated Pyrocynical. It wouldn’t surprised me if she did cheated on him with her friends and other people.

No. 916276

I had got into it on twitter with her a few years ago for saying that her art had shitall improvement over 4 years and she sent her orbiters after me. Good to see she’s been called out on her shit. Also did she actually go to a ward or was that debunked?

No. 916277

Yeah I’ve never seen someone draw that much porn of themselves. She’s proven she’s a narcissist beyond doubt

No. 916316

It's was debunked the next day when she announced her "suicide". A lot of her friends have different stories about her condition. For example, her current boyfriend, Punkduck, said that she's physically fine. Kingani said that she's at home safe and sound, and one said that she's in critical condition. This is all her online friends, including her boyfriend. It's suspicious when a selective group of people doesn't believe the suicide attempt. Few people found out that Hyojin changed her social media links with an extra letter, while she's in "critical state". Staying in a ward is 72 hours at minimum and they'll confiscate your cellphone. So no, she didn't stay in a ward. When she came back and pretended that nothing has happened when she posted her usual stuff, pretty much shows the lack of remorse she have with her situation. She's a very shitty human being.

No. 916319

File: 1578743461669.png (141.5 KB, 745x812, Screenshot (2008).png)

Not sure if it's true, but I see people refering to another guy, DitzyFlama, as her boyfriend. I thought PunkDuck is her current boyfriend. Unless Hyojin is into a polyamorous relationship.

No. 916330

File: 1578745410181.png (704.21 KB, 1080x1721, 20200111_122158.png)

"Muh standards are way too high!!!!!"


No. 916333

Why add another letter to her social media links? What’s the point of that?
Also yeah she never made a proper apology for falsely accusing someone of rape, she just got asked on stream about it and said “yea whatever sorry stop talking about it” like she was trying to make people shut up. She’s a bad person, so are her friends who I have had some history with

No. 916334

Honestly my impression is that ditzyflama saw how much attention hyojin’s “””suicide””” attempt was getting and wanted in on it.

No. 916336

Damn, that shit was bothering me for months and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. She should at least try to make it look like she didn’t shoop an older pinup onto a stock image

No. 916338


Wouldn't be surprised is she found this thread and realized what people really think about her shitty art, instead of just hearing what all her dick sucker followers say.

No. 916339

She posted that like an hour after I tweeted at her about tracing
Maybe cause of that, idk

No. 916341

Lmao, let us know when she blocks you anon

No. 916343

She’s blocked me before lol. I can’t stand her follower base, she’ll post some shitty ass drawing and every reply is either a reddit meme or someone saying some variation of “thicc”. Never anyone calling her out on her shit. She’s tucked up so many times and I can’t see how there’s not even one person in the replies calling her a shitty person

No. 916349

File: 1578748483558.png (187.69 KB, 362x299, Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 7.08…)

this is making me lose it bc using guide lines is so much easier than trying to trace all these details and make them line up

No. 916357

File: 1578749649034.png (123.15 KB, 750x1334, 1D5D3C75-2E38-4DC7-8DBC-9A2F53…)

Lol I replied to her story and said “maybe stop tracing”(cowtipping)

No. 916366

Here’s a tip…don’t announce your cowtipping here for asspats. It’s against the rules. You’re acting like a cow yourself.

No. 916368

Will keep that in mind anon

No. 916404

I don't follow this cow but it bothers me so much when artist choose to block valid criticism instead of owning up to their mistakes.
Just admit you lied and traced over somebody else's work and move on, this just makes you more of a lolcow hyojin

No. 916411

File: 1578757475258.png (728.15 KB, 1080x1430, 20200111_154453.png)


No. 916494

There are dumbasses who’ll think that she committed suicide.

No. 916533

Wouldn’t surprised me if she followed this thread and the PULL thread since there’s one made for her.

No. 919235

File: 1579207640193.jpeg (710.12 KB, 828x1624, 1626DE7B-ABB0-4AD8-B179-CE0C8E…)

When you have a habit of posting selfies so you post it on your artist account because no one gives a shit about your personal e-girl account. Can’t see the full figure of her dress if she wants to promote.

No. 919281

File: 1579213495215.jpg (28.42 KB, 400x356, 1576356331768.jpg)

>300 dollarydoos

No. 920811

File: 1579517398808.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, 20200120_104635.png)

Guess who's tracing backgrounds again while bragging about how hard it is and how much work she puts into it, still refusing to acknowledge people caught on to her bullshit. Wasn't she saying her standards were way too high a few days ago? I can't believe this woman

No. 920812

Hyojin you have no standards. Stop lying to others and to yourself

No. 920839

The mans right arm is thicker than his left. Clearly she’s also lazy with her proportions.

No. 920850

I’d be going off the deep end too if my life revolves around screaming on stream and drawing effeminate men

No. 920852

Her selfies on her old account averaged 1-2k likes per post, no wonder she moved accounts
Can’t blame her though, posting selfies for her thirsty fans to get them to ignore how shitty her art is probably works
Art doesn’t matter if it’s not a “pretty” girl drawing it!

No. 920875

Does it matter to her though? She knows everyone will just be commenting Reddit memes and “omg the background is soooo good”

No. 921183

File: 1579580068414.jpeg (88.48 KB, 828x372, 4C2FAF36-2787-4FA1-8C42-B8CC37…)

This is coming from a person who’s supposed to be suicidal last year, but both people are trash. From what I heard from her fans and PULL seems like YanDev threatened suicide.

No. 921198


She's being ironic here, obviously, but it's also obvious that's how she feels. After that she gained subs and donations. She knows what she's doing. Just an beggar.(this is an imageboard)

No. 921216

Well she deleted the tweet, pretty stupid of her to make that tweet when it comes to serious topic.
She’s so obvious that I’m not surprise her brain-dead fans are eating her tactics.

No. 921249

I have no idea how hyojin can be so bad to the point where she kills memes worse than reddit does. The meme just isn’t funny anymore if hyojin animates it

No. 921250

Is the yanderedev meme a thing again? What did he do this time

No. 921252

File: 1579596031825.jpg (89.45 KB, 828x1472, squiz.xy_82083372_176651537030…)

Not really sure if this has anything to do with the tweet about yanderedev being deleted but she posted this to her story a few hours ago.

No. 921257

>is a complete bitch to her friends and supporters
>they’re the “fake bitches”

No. 921309

LMAO she’s so delusional that there’s a reason why people leave and don’t give a shit about her.

No. 921322

She seems like she uses the sympathy and victim card a lot

No. 921925

File: 1579720537247.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, C628F6F9-AB16-4B52-A182-106034…)

How much do want to bet that she’ll probably going to up-charge her clothes for a lot of money, just like her mediocre expensive artwork?

No. 922276

Of course she will, how else will she get the money to spend on even more makeup and Tyler the creator merch

No. 923542

File: 1579930404782.jpeg (591.94 KB, 750x1028, 15A22E38-6B75-4704-BA50-46A26C…)

>this bitch is still tracing

No. 923596

Saw in her Instagram story about not liking the background she worked “hard” on. Looks like she’s too lazy that might as well finished her crappy art. Can’t imagine paying a lot of money on her lazy artwork.

No. 923599

File: 1579947917747.jpeg (139.5 KB, 828x594, C7B741AD-D075-4C6D-9A2E-BE503E…)

There’s a reason why your weird anatomy is fucked because you can’t draw backgrounds for shit.

No. 923986

She just traces a background then tries to make the characters fit into it and it makes the final product every worse

See >>915938

No. 924084

File: 1580049325159.jpeg (398.98 KB, 828x1347, 868C3E0D-81F4-4A15-B29A-F9B87E…)

Hmmm hiding something Hyojin?

No. 924452

It seems whenever she gets criticism there’s always someone who says “woah there she attempted suicide 6 months ago you can’t criticise her”

No. 932216

File: 1581720361791.png (616.94 KB, 1080x1294, 20200214_174355.png)

I guess this confirms they started dating on Valentine's day last year, before she announced her breakup with pyro.

Also why does she keep drawing herself so much different than what she looks like irl???? Since when does she have blue eyes and I thought she wanted to be thicc

No. 932258

File: 1581725118138.jpg (124.05 KB, 634x757, D_tRTeUWkAADOlq.jpg)

This didn't surprise me about her and boyfriend dating somewhere around the beginning of last year. I've read it on a post in Reddit that made theory how it started. This user made the post around May 28, 2019. Also, I highly doubt that her and Pyro being friends at this point, that's just my opinion.

No. 933158

The thing that’s funny about it is it looks identical to the Valentine’s Day drawing she made for pyrocynical a few years ago

No. 933208

File: 1581980725142.jpeg (437.22 KB, 828x1381, 3CEE9336-AA5E-4A7F-B575-28452A…)

You’re right. Seems like she’s not creative enough. Kind of wonder if she still have feelings for Pyro.

No. 933410

The art is better in the old one too tbh.

No. 933856

File: 1582152813989.png (753.77 KB, 828x1792, 6B6B5D7A-D570-40F8-A8B8-7E5F1D…)

Hyojin, you drew your Pyro and yourself fucking each other for everyone in the internet to see. You also drew your persona (which is yourself personified) fucking your friends, including your friends fucking each other, some are the under 18 at the time, while you’re in a relationship with Pyro. Of course people will gossip about you and your relationships, to the point there’s potential cucking/cheating involved.

No. 933858

File: 1582153058314.png (759.95 KB, 828x1792, E444FB2C-C1F4-474B-A153-2F5312…)

Ghibli’s art and her art are two different kinds of style. Not sure why she thinks like that.

No. 933874

If you want your private life to stay private, then keep it private

No. 933878

Why is she acting like she doesn't want her relationships to be public when the fact that she dated pyro is what got her fame in the first place?
What, now that you're done leeching you want privacy? You can't expect your fans not to care about your relationships when you're the one who made everything so public. Brain of a fucking worm hyojin

No. 933898

That’s funny, considering she had a compilation of her and her current boyfriend dating to celebrate their 1 year anniversary in her Instagram stories. Not sure why she expects her fans to respect her privacy when she made her relationships public in the first place with her ex.

No. 933940

File: 1582162383442.png (639.09 KB, 828x1792, 0A80B2EE-CC76-4AE6-A0F3-9A450E…)

Hyojin: “Respect my privacy.”
Also Hyojin: “Putting things out for the public to see is worth it. :)”

No. 933985

>is known for being a big YouTubers ex.
>Draws her current relationships CONSTANTLY.
>Doesn't want people to ask about relationships because apparently it's "private".


No. 934053

She only drew so much of herself and pyro because she knew he’s famous and that she’d get attention. She drew like 2 things for her current boyfriend because she knows she can’t get clout off of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if pyro broke it off because she was using him to get an audience.

No. 934055

File: 1582181095522.jpeg (43.17 KB, 750x1107, ACA51158-1FE0-4009-AFC4-F0BDC5…)


No. 934113

i'm not an artfag and i don't know shit about art but i noticed how out of place the people look kek, this bitch can't draw at all

No. 934136

learn how to integrate, retard. just because you're a terf doesn't mean this is milk.

No. 934527

The backgrounds are only good cause they’re traced and distract from the shitty characters. If she only “drew” landscapes and buildings it’d be much better but clearly she only traces them but her followers are too brain dead to check/will defend her tracing. Compare her backgrounds now to her ones from like a year ago, you can argue improvement but her background style always changes and coincidentally looks better when it’s obviously traced.

No. 934542

Nta but why are you so pissed by this particular post when other anons don't sage their useless comments? strange.

No. 934678

because it's twice as retarded as every other post made by another retard that incapable of writing a four letter word in a big white box. you can stop crying now.

No. 935002

the testosterone must be rubbing on you with all that girldick sucking huh. no need to be so aggressive, sweatie.

No. 935043

No. 935068

And then they say the evil terfs are the one derailing. Good bait, though.

No. 935204

File: 1582350604901.png (1.34 MB, 1027x1641, 20200222_004132.png)

Who cares about her thoughts on trans rights, there's a gender critical thread just take that talk over there, it's not milk.
What's milk is her claiming she's thicc When she looks like this (especially considering the angle the picture was taken from). Being average weight doesn't make you thicc, why does she draw herself with a big ass all the time? Does she just want to be seen as a sex object all the time to get twitch donations? Like ngl she's cute so why does she need to over sexualize her self inserts and constantly remind everyone that she's a "sexy artist"? It's just sad and embarrassing and I really don't get her overconfidence.

No. 935205

Hunchback lookin ass

No. 935227

this doesn’t make sense, retard.

are you finished detailing over your huwt feewings?

the way that she draws herself is super absurd. she really does draw herself as some slim thicc hourglass shaped babe, but she literally just has an average body (and face)? she really doesn’t dress for her body either - she thinks an overpriced designer belt on its own is enough of a look against two other boring, ill-fitting pieces.

but yea, she definitely has that weird mix of narcissism and low self esteem that so many wannabe e-thots/influencers have, so it’s not a surprise. also, that picture is REALLY unflattering kek

No. 935229

Yea she’s just fat lol

No. 935232

She knows if she calls herself “thicc” she will get twitch donations. I think she dresses in oversized clothes with a belt on stream to give off the illusion of having a hourglass body figure when she’s actually just fat. But I guess she does what she can to get those sweet donations to buy more designer clothes and makeup lol

No. 935247

tbh, i’m surprised she doesn’t lean more on the fact that she’s korean/asian to bring in those gross koreaboo fetishists as well as pretending to be soooo thiccque 24/7

No. 935252

She fake complains about how much she “hates” koreaboos but you know she loves the attention. It seems like she only complains about koreaboos to remind people that she’s Korean

No. 935259

Sorry for being a fag, but what is "traced art"? Never heard of that until now.

No. 935282

Lol what’s the point of her posting short posing videos of her being “thicc hourglass” when her body look average with the added softness? If I remember, she does workout but I barely see the difference between her old body from before to now. If she really wanted a thicc body, she needs to stop eating junk food and buy clothes that are suited to her body type.

No. 935287

File: 1582367201741.jpeg (718.52 KB, 828x824, FCF5E63B-9F28-447B-8FDC-677EA4…)

She’s supposed the to be “thicc” but that dress just makes it look really tight on her. Where’s that booty at Hyojin? Aren’t you supposed to be curvy? Also, that belt is very unnecessary.

No. 935290

typical plank body bitches trying to say they're thicc

No. 935292

No. 935392


Just looking at her legs, they look big and it gives the optical illusion with what she’s wearing and the black behind it that she could be in that picture…… but looking closer there literally is NOTHING there lmao.

No. 935500

compare her face from this pic to OP. Facetuned to hell and back

No. 935534

Lol it wouldn’t surprised me if she photoshop her other photos to be a “thicc Asian”.

No. 935687

Yea you put that in better words than I could. It looks like she uses a belt at the bottom of an oversized shirt to make it look like she has an hourglass figure. It’s obvious that she facetunes

No. 935698

she has thighs and boobs but no hips or ass so her whole figure gets deleted depending on what direction she's facing. She has a nice body tbh the whole I'M THICCCCC act is unnecessary.

No. 935752

she only wears that fuck ugly belt because it's 'designer' and to girls with no taste, designer = fashionable, regardless of the outfit it's paired with or what it even is.

that outfit is genuinely a total fucking mess though. the shirt makes her arms look so meaty and she really doesn't have the chest to be able to pull it off anyway.

No. 935771

File: 1582449671474.jpeg (462.43 KB, 1440x2160, D283E944-0928-44A6-A468-D1CF02…)

Not sure why she would buy that dress. I’m guessing it’s from YesStyle since that dress she’s wearing is popular in that website. And if you’re a frequent shopper there, their sizes run small. She really wants to be sexy with that dress but it just makes her look bigger than what she is. Doesn’t make it better that she paired with $600 Gucci shoes, designer belt, and her messy bangs that doesn’t suit her face at all.

No. 935825

Wearing sneakers with dresses or skirts should be illegal.

No. 935835

Those shoes are actually disgusting, she only got them to show off how much money she makes from ebegging. They're possible the worst think you could pair up with that tacky ass cheap dress

No. 935868

File: 1582477955763.png (1.62 MB, 828x1792, 33E2B60F-95E1-49C0-B8C7-E6CC71…)

Tracing other peoples’ work is a talent you know, Hyojin?

No. 935884

File: 1582479113525.jpg (27.6 KB, 500x314, ed4c18c01b3a31eed874990f2180ce…)

Kirby doesn't even look like that he has long eyes.

No. 935918

Pretty sure it's a shitpost………

No. 935970

File: 1582489136215.jpeg (780.13 KB, 828x826, 175B968A-1F14-47F2-95DD-CA95B7…)

Saw this on her friend’s Instagram. Not so much of a curvy body that you like to depict yourself, Hyojin.

No. 935994

She dresses like a chinese tourist

No. 936091

she thinks wearing padded bras for the illusion of big tits despite being a refrigerator from the chest down makes her thicc

No. 936111

She begs for money a lot and overpriced her commissions under the impression it was to pay rent/buy a new pc yet I’m 99% sure she still lives with her parents despite bringing in a lot of money over the past 3 years. It all goes to makeup and designer clothes to try to look rich to the followers who pledged money under the impression that it’d be paying her bills.

No. 936112

She’s had that “drawing character with small facial features funny” sense of humour for a few years

No. 936113

I think she dresses like that to try to look like a jojo character but really she looks like she gets dressed in the dark

No. 936122

not to mention the off-white belt. my friend also bought one a while back and i was like ??? what is the point of wasting so much money on a belt that ugly other than to flex?

No. 936130

Didn’t she promise her followers/donators about donating money to charity for the Australia’s wildfires that happened WAY before it gotten worse? Something tells me she didn’t donate it but used her fans money to buy other things. I didn’t see her announce anything about hitting the maximum mark for her donating money to charity. At least her friend, Kingani, helped donating money with her online friends by doing the Yeti event that happened a month ago.

No. 936132

It wouldn’t surprised me that mommy and daddy are paying her apartment that she claims to be independent. I wonder how it’s going to go for her and her current boyfriend since she can’t rely on her parents to pay her bills.

No. 936133

I’m pretty sure she lives with her parents but yeah they probably pay for her shit

No. 936145

This thread is PULL-tier. I'm embarrassed. Post more shit art and scams, less commentary on chunkster normalfag clothes.

No. 936149

Her whole personality is a scam

No. 936155

Hyojin trying to put herself as a thick and curvy Asian but in reality, she have a cute face but have a chubby and average body. Also, mentioning she's supposed to be suicidal? Yet she's constantly on social media 24/7 since she can't live without the attention from her simps.

No. 936165

Yeah she faked a suicide attempt even though her friends all said she was safe and didn’t even hurt herself

No. 936168

Her drawing herself “thicc” when she actually looks like a refrigerator is a commentary on her shitty art tbh

No. 936197

Please sage your posts, jfc this thread doesn't need to get bumped with your shitty comments. I smell a lot of newfaggery here

No. 936228

When someone traces over an image/someone else’s art line for line

No. 937177

File: 1582694445865.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1182, 20200226_001708.png)

Anyone else finds it kinda weird that pyro just made a video about eboys and she coincidentally posted this eboy inspired look?
(Looks more like a clown tbh very appropriate)

No. 937214

Ugly as shit
And yeah she probably still is trying to get pyros attention like a whore

No. 937268

It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s stalking Pyro. I thought she’s happy with her current relationship. Something tells me she still have feelings for him and didn’t have time to heal. I highly doubt both her and Pyro broke up on mutual terms and are “friends” at this point. Barely a peep from the both of them and their friends.

Also, I’m more distracted the fact her wig is messy as hell and isn’t properly brushed.

No. 937280

Yeah, that and her Valentine’s Day drawing looking similar to the one she made for pyro. Honestly punkduck is a huge downgrade but honestly I wouldn’t blame pyro for breaking up with hyojin, especially seeing as you can tell that hyojin used him to get followers and clout.

And yea that wig looks like she bought it for 10$ from a Halloween store, guess she uses up her patreon funds quick

No. 937299

Did Pyro give a specific reason for their breakup?

No. 937310

File: 1582726263724.png (185 KB, 597x731, Annotation 2019-10-02 131131.p…)

Pyro didn't post anything or give the reason why, but Hyojin did in her own words.
Lol I remember Pyro being in one of Punkduck's podcast, Please Stop Talking, one time and Punkduck wasn't there like he usually is with his friends for their podcast. I wonder he tried to avoid Pyro since it's official that Hyojin and Punkduck made their relationship on Valentine's day.

No. 937668

Couldnt imagine being Hyojin and dating/fucking ur exes friends on a consistent basis lol

No. 938108

Pyro is a cuck for letting hyojin draw herself fucking their friend group

No. 938304

File: 1582896576268.jpeg (292.57 KB, 828x745, 515803CB-18C7-427D-8926-A9D6E6…)

Makes me wonder why didn’t she broke up with him earlier to the point she fuck-drew her friends. But then again, she’s only with him for clout. There’s always a theme about e-thots dating big Youtubers.

Already know it’s a shit post, but I find the metaphor funny. She’s a complete snake.

No. 938321

i have too much shit on this chick it’s unreal shes a real snake honestly lmao its kinda sad cause people just deal with her cause of her “”mental illnesses” which i doubt are real

No. 938328

then post it

No. 938333

Do it. Majority of the users here are anonymous anyway.

No. 938487

Any of her old DeviantART friends have a looooot of shit on her lol. She used to be a completely different person and changed just to get more followers. She's just really fake and hypocritical, bullied so many of her old friends and fans to the point they were suicidal.
No one from her old friend group likes her anymore. When she started dating pyro and we were all supportive she made a separate Twitter account for us to follow because she didn't want us "furries" to ruin her new reputation. She literally said "I can't be myself anymore because of my new fans" (That account no longer exists). She was either take back then or is being fake now. I don't even want to know. I cut off all associations with her because she made of of our friends almost kill themselves.

No. 938591

Do you have screenshots? Or any stories? I’m dying to know

No. 938650

>>938591 I blocked her so I can't get any more screenshots, and I really dont want to unblock. I also don't want to share screenshots as they are very personal to my friends who were the most affected. I'd like to keep this anonymous but if you want milk just look up her name with random asterisks on Twitter, as that's how most people in the warrior cat / MAP community (her old group of online friends) talk about her…

No. 938674

Like look up “hy*jin”? Do you have stories?

No. 938720

It's pretty obvious that she's trying hard to be a "cool girl" but really, she's just a deeply insecure and delusional bully. The story doesn't seem to be farfetched. The past Hyojin doesn't seem to change like the current Hyojin, and I highly doubt she's going to change as a person. I've done some research on her and records some stuff and it gives me the conclusion that she's never going to change her ways.

Pretty funny for Hyojin to say that she doesn't like fake bitches where she's also a fake bitch herself and the worst of them all, in my opinion.

No. 938723

This. It’s obvious she fakes a mental illness to have people not bring up any of the shit she does. Perfect example is when she faked a suicide attempt, almost NOBODY kept calling her out and whoever did was guilted for “harassing her after she attempted suicide”. It’s clearly a bad attempt to suppress criticism, if she didn’t pretend to be depressed you know that everything shitty she did in the past would be easy to find on her. What’s weird is that so many people like her despite having no talent nor a personality other than screaming, even after she broke up with pyro she still manages to keep the clout she leeched off of him. It’s good to see people on her twitter calling her out for tracing but I’ve seen people defend the fact that she traces and then go on to say not to criticise her because of her “mental illness”. Honestly nothing would really be lost if she did kill herself, she’s a cunt and so is her fan base.

No. 938726

She’s really fake now, especially to a lot of people, used to pretend to be nice to Pyro’s new gf, i heard she would turn around and talk shit about her.
Not to mention when the chey stuff happened she had advised her from telling anyone about it as it was “best not to relive the trauma” this was months before the situation ever happened.

Also not really milk, but i heard she has tons of money, but hates spending it, this is in reference to the past but heard she hardly ever paid for plane tickets or food.

i could write a fucking book on her actions that no one wants to talk about, again, cause its hyojin and obviously shes “mentally ill”

No. 938736

Didn’t she collaborate/was friends with pyros new gf? I also heard from Ed’s (hyojin new boyfriend) ex that hyojin was being a bitch to her out of some sort of insecurity or jealousy

> Also not really milk, but i heard she has tons of money, but hates spending it, this is in reference to the past but heard she hardly ever paid for plane tickets or food.

Wouldn’t be surprised, she has a shit ton of expensive and designer clothes (even though a few years ago she said she couldn’t afford them). I honestly think she leeches off her parents/boyfriend/ and maybe a few dedicated paypigs. She deleted her tweet about commissions but she probably does do them and overpriced them as well

> could write a fucking book on her actions that no one wants to talk about, again, cause its hyojin and obviously shes “mentally ill”

Do tell

No. 938740

She did collaborate with his new gf ages ago, thought her being insecure isnt an excuse, the stuff she allegedly said is just miserable from an ex

She tends to fly off the handle, very over emotional and spontaneous- and not in the good way- she was very clinggy to Pyro at events from the looks of it but at the same time was overly sexual, even sent someone pictures of like “morning after” which was fucking weird, shes a certified nympho not even as a joke.

Calls herself thicc, can guarantee you she’s not.

Once in her discord server someone had said something which spurred a response from her where she said “My cats ten feet under” and a few people said that wasnt really a joke. “sorry that my cat being dead isnt funny” which made everyone believe her cat was dead, she got sympathy points, days later posted a video of her cat on insta or some shit, lied about her cats death.

If youre friends with her she’s probably talked shit about you or told someone that you said something about them

dgmw when shes nice she’s chill but i cant get past her fake facade of her always acting like her word is law, people dont want to speak up to her because she over reacts, says youre ganging up on her, and will stop the whole conversation, shes never in the wrong and will go to the grave believing youre the bad guy, she does it to EVERYONE, i wouldnt waste my time caring about her anymore than you have to.

No. 938748

> she was very clinggy to Pyro at events from the looks of it but at the same time was overly sexual, even sent someone pictures of like “morning after” which was fucking weird,

Seriously? And for someone so clingy she clearly had no problem drawing porn of her and their mutual friends.. does she get into drama a lot? It’s crazy how much shit she does behind the scenes and still managed to have a pretty good reputation up until the Slazo shit. Even now she still has a good reputation among the art community, does she always play the mental illness card? It seems like that’s the only way to suppress so much drama that goes on with her. I’m just waiting for when she does move in with her boyfriend and he ends up breaking it off after seeing that she’s a psycho bitch. The only mental illness she seems to have is some sort of personality disorder

No. 938749

LOL I remember her charging $20 for food commission stream. I literally thought, "Did you used up all your funds on brands instead of basic groceries or you're maybe a e-beggar usual?" It won't surprise me if she buys junk food and cook healthy foods, and she considers herself as thick, but really she's just chubby.

Also, I heard that she's planning a trip to Italy in the future according to her Instagram stories.

> I also heard from Ed’s (hyojin new boyfriend) ex that hyojin was being a bitch to her out of some sort of insecurity or jealousy

I feel really bad about punkduck's ex since she got dragged into drama for no reason by ImAllexx and Hyojin.

> I honestly think she leeches off her parents/boyfriend/ and maybe a few dedicated paypigs.

I highly doubt punkduck has the money to pay her stuffs because if you look at his YouTube socialblade and personal Pateron, he doesn't make much. I feel like Hyojin will probably date a sugar daddy in the nearby future to buy for brands and frugalious shit.

Sounds like Hyojin wasn't over with Pyro, at least in my opinion.

No. 938751

File: 1582951553597.jpeg (554.18 KB, 750x925, 19F6D125-D149-4F65-8432-63A57D…)

Forgot to mention this in my other post but I found her commission sheet from a few years ago, she charges way more now despite tracing her backgrounds. Her art style hasn’t improved since this commission sheet was made, it honestly got worse imo, at least back then she had some sort of unique factor in her drawings (the hair shading/eyes)

No. 938755

> LOL I remember her charging $20 for food commission stream.

When was that? Seems like something she would still do now

> It won't surprise me if she buys junk food and cook healthy foods, and she considers herself as thick, but really she's just chubby.

Probably also just dresses up, takes selfies in a gym mirror, then leaves. After all that exercise she claimed to do she’s still fat. It’s like she’s so deep into her reputation that she’d go to these lengths to look good for them.

> I feel like Hyojin will probably date a sugar daddy in the nearby future to buy for brands and frugalious shit.

Probably, she leeched off of pyro for clout so it’s likely that once her past catches up to her and she gets “cancelled” and loses her income that she’d rely on a sugar daddy instead of getting a job. I don’t think she’s worked a day in her life. That or she’ll continue getting fat/get old and her followers will stop thirsting over her and pretending that she has any talent. What she lacks in talent she makes up for with far below average thirst trap selfies. Her fans have low standards but their standards won’t lower with her appearance over these next few years

No. 938756

> When was that? Seems like something she would still do now

She streamed it yesterday. You can find it on her Twitch.

I'm surprise that she's not part of the beauty community since Hyojin will fit right in for the drama that she craves.

No. 938760

File: 1582952624723.jpeg (481.93 KB, 750x674, BEF4C1AD-0366-4D98-AD9F-98D0E1…)

Not even a bad idea, she’s way better at makeup than art and she’s barely improved over 5 years (pic related)

No. 938764

Only her looks can save and serve her it seems like. When she grows old, no one is going to give her any attention. People will ditch her eventually.

No. 938766

And as mentioned she’s getting more fat. Only the weird fat fetishists will be her source of income within the next few years

No. 938775

File: 1582955698391.png (492.27 KB, 828x1792, 6A3C0755-C1C6-4E09-A90F-277AC0…)

I HIGHLY doubt Hyojin is on a diet.

No. 938777

lol she started a diet 4 minutes ago after seeing this thread probably

No. 938805

it took her 5 years to learn how to shade? And she can't even do that well LMFAO

No. 938821

It looks like she gave up on his pants

No. 938958

If you look at her stream from yesterday around 33:30 to 39:10 she goes on about fake rape aligations

No. 938972

Is it bad to say that I prefer her old style? It seems more nicer that her current style. Although it was awkward in a way

No. 938985

She’s admitted to trying to draw in a more JJBA-esque style and its ruined her art completely, just trying to mishmash styles horribly

No. 939012

File: 1583017497737.jpeg (385.98 KB, 750x721, E838073D-E82D-4D94-A3CE-71B9E4…)

Link or transcript
Her entire fucking life revolves around jojo, her old shit used to actually have some sort of recognisable style like the eyes/mouth but now it’s just half assed “look guys it’s jojo don’t you like it”!
Her ENTIRE personality reminds me of pic related

No. 939131

I've managed to record the response. Ignore the water mark since I'm using a free trial screen recorder. I also edited the video a bit since the recording didn't last long so I have to clip the two different videos together.

No. 939138

The video was lagging when I was watching it so I might’ve missed a bit but fuck, the fact that anyone can listen to this retard’s opinion about anything remotely political is beyond me. She lost all credibility to talk about rape after she tried to ruin someone’s career over a false allegation. It’s so ironic hearing her talk about how “metoo” victims barely ever lie while also defending to the death her friend who lied about being raped lol.

No. 939156

File: 1583040073423.png (89.03 KB, 521x679, Tweet.png)

I'm sorry to hear that the video is lagging. I get the feeling that it might be the video file is huge(?). A quote from Turkey Tom that talked about Hyojin, "I would go back to beg money for makeup. Instead of talking any remotely serious. I don't think you're capable of it."

Also, I highly doubt Hyojin remotely cares about the victims wellbeing. I found a Twitter user that talks about her, it's clear that it's about Hyojin, during the Slazo drama. I cropped the tweets to make it a cohesive story a bit from her POV. I'll provide archives for this too.

No. 939180

Ohhhh man
Is kingani still friends with hyojin? I was honestly expecting her to lose half of her friend group after her fake suicide stunt.

No. 939273

File: 1583066939459.jpg (72.74 KB, 576x1024, EBrLJQjWsAABnqZ.jpg)

A lot of the people who're involved with the Slazo drama are still friends with Hyojin, including Kingani, to this day. REALLY shows the type of people they are. Also note that Kingani hasn't apologize yet.

Coming from a person who hasn't watch any of her retarded streams, she made a response about the Slazo drama last month. Also, it seems like Hyojin and her BFF, Chey, don't talk to each other anymore. Imagine my shock. I recorded her response. And interestingly enough, she says that she "cut" her wrists, but someone capture the moment when she came back after her "suicide attempt," you can see her bare wrist not being covered in her. VERY bold of her to show her scars. Even in her old IG account, she doesn't cover her wrists. Even a reddit user saw it being very fishy several months ago with this post.

No. 939343

As a very old ex friend of Hyojin I gotta defend her on this issue. She might be a shitty person, a bully, a liar, a hypocrite, but she always had issues with her mental health.
Just because she isn't public about them doesn't mean they don't exist. I can't confirm if her latest suicide attempt was real or not as I was no longer friends with her, but she always dealt with issues and would self harm in the past. I just want to make this clear because it bothers me that people think the suicide thing came out of nowhere. I find it believable knowing her, maybe wasn't as serious as some people made it out to be but I'm almost certain she wasn't able to handle the situation well.
I'm not a WK, far from it, I dislike Hyojin and what she's done to many people but I just want to be fair. People acting like her suicide attempt was just a stunt bothers me, certainly something happened, please take that a little more seriously.

No. 939379

I used to be friends with her too, i stand by the fact that her actions- regardless of any mental illness and disorder- is inexcusable but this isnt the first time she’s attempted suicide either so i doubt she would lie about it regardless of how toxic she is as a person

No. 939530

Her friends confirmed that she was physically unharmed when she was hospitalised

No. 939554


No. 939559

File: 1583117696106.jpg (27.74 KB, 900x286, EAEGPl-XUAEhJ3s.jpg)

This is according to her boyfriend, Ed.

No. 940383

File: 1583256469187.png (10.68 KB, 523x81, 1003672884068798.PNG)


No. 940430

I think she's trying to tell people to vote for Bernie but man that's one way to make me not want to vote for him

No. 940439

tell her to leak her sex tape instead

No. 940447

She had a mental breakdown on her Instagram story today, calling herself fat and a catfish, saying she's ugly without makeup. I guess her insecurities are starting to show and she realizes she can't hide behind her cute thicc persona anymore

No. 940452

Didn’t she just post her color lens that she got (not much of a difference from her normal eye color) with her wearing a pink wig? Now she wants sympathy because she called herself fat and ugly? Social media ain’t for you that’s for certain.

No. 940550

I watched it ready to laugh but it looked like it was for the most part sarcasm. I’m still waiting for the day she actually realises that hiding behind the “I’m so ugly uwu” layers of irony stops fooling people and she actually kills herself

Reason #1243848 not to vote for Bernie

No. 940556

I mean, she posted 2 different “looks” on her story. Maybe she finally realised that spending so long on makeup is a waste of time and that makeup fucks up your skin and makes you age faster. I’m laughing at the thought that she possibly found out that she either has to spend hours on makeup and age faster, have shitty skin, and waste money, OR she has to stop wearing makeup and look ugly in her day to day life and her followers find out that she’s ugly and doesn’t have the face to make up for how fat she is

No. 940561

She could’ve spend money on really good high end skin care instead of high end makeup. There’s a lot of drug store dupes for makeup, not so much for skin care. Maybe she would consider taking care of her skin well, but I doubt it.

No. 940563

Well she is able to, I did the maths and I’d say she make maybe 3000-5000$ a month on patreon. You know it all goes to makeup and clothes

No. 940565

Pretty sure she stick to drug-store skin care which doesn’t work for some people. If she complains about getting old, she might as well search for expensive skin care. Also, don’t forget she has ads on her videos too, which I believe she makes about at least 1.5k weekly.

No. 940566

Damn, thousands of dollars off of shit tier animations and traced art and she still tries to complain about her life

No. 940569

File: 1583284772175.jpeg (372.2 KB, 1528x1528, 9AE4D568-4B04-4E10-8DC2-ED7C6F…)

The girl complains about herself and life yet she’s able to go to conventions and different countries. So much to complain about going anywhere sarcasm

Also, not sure why she claims to be “thicc” right now where it’s obvious that she’s just average weight from several years ago, and now she’s just chubby. She’s pretty cute back then too.

No. 940570

Lol the short haircut makes her look even more shit
Hyojin, you will never look like a Jojo character, stop trying

And yea anyone who can afford to up and go to another country whenever they feel like it should quit complaining about how bad their life is

No. 940581

for the love of god, type sage in the email field if you've got nothing new to post

No. 940645

this threads just anarchy at some point but because you asked ill sage

No. 940796

File: 1583328001394.jpeg (98.99 KB, 828x396, 1AE6233C-A9F7-4C2A-9555-24550A…)

Lol Hyojin doesn’t realize that majority of her fanbase are mainly horny simps and they believe her about releasing nudes if they voted for Bernie. Pretty obvious the joke didn’t translate well to the point she has to make another tweet.

No. 940841

You're looking way into this lol, pretty sure she said that because Bernie didn't do so well yesterday.

No. 940858

File: 1583340444565.jpeg (869.71 KB, 828x1468, 43A6E110-2F5B-46D6-921A-BB9506…)

She thinks she’s not fat.

No. 940862

Oh so her breakdown yesterday WAS just a pity party. Love how she keeps dogging herself into a deeper hole

No. 940922

She's not, judging by that pic. Ana chans jfc…

No. 940993

She's not. She's just lacks any tone and it gives her the pudgy look. She looks average but not fat, which is why she even posted this as an excuse to show the picture.

No. 941028

She is huge. Its sad when someone lets themselves go like that

No. 941034

The ana-chans in this thread are fucking wild

No. 941053

/fa/ please go back to your containment board and thinspo containment thread

No. 941086

File: 1583371011474.jpeg (304.22 KB, 750x729, 17DF29A8-52C6-4362-8E08-E7712A…)

Getting a feeling this is shopped

Look at her right leg and the roll of fat on it. Skinny people/Average people don’t have that

No. 941110

What the heck is she trying to hide or enhance? I feel like there’s no point in photoshopping the legs.

No. 941114

that looks like the type of weird smushed dent you get from wearing too-snug pantyhose…which, from the colour of her legs in comparison to the rest of her body, she might be wearing? her legs look weirdly pink and dull in comparison to the rest of her.

No. 941118

File: 1583372851954.jpeg (141.22 KB, 415x641, D26B7FC3-C704-4FB5-93F7-CA61C8…)

Could be, but I guess it’s been established far too many times that she has a shit sense of style
This threw me off too, I know it’s a blurry photo but it looks off.

No. 941339

File: 1583425173162.png (272.07 KB, 1080x1410, 20200305_111151.png)

If she wants the situation to be over why does she keep blocking people who defended slazo when that was going on?
I thought she wanted to move on from that but she just keeps making things worse for her. Of course people won't forget what you did and who you are but if you're still trying to block these people who haven't talked about you in ages you're just bringing up more reasons to hate you…?
Anyway glad this happened and a lot of people in the comments are finally getting informed about the whole thing again.
I wonder if this thread and others are making her paranoid and trying to block everyone who could possibly be part of this. It's an anonymous image board Hyojin, and blocking people on Twitter/Instagram doesn't do shit you fucking idiot. But please keep showing everyone what a true lolcow you are!

No. 941343

Not sure why she bother to block Bowblox since he barely talks about her after that horrible situation with Slazo. I’m more surprise she didn’t bother to block a guy name, Nicholas DeOerio, since he done a shit ton of research on the allegation with Slazo and Zaptie where he mentions Hyojin being involved with the two. If you check the Tweet where talks about Bernie, you can check through the comments about mentioning Slazo and the rape allegations. And yeah, she’s on a blocking spree with people that mentions about her involvement.

No. 941351

That is not at all helping her case lol. People will catch on that she’s blocking people who bring it up. She’s just digging her grave

No. 943007

File: 1583758193905.jpeg (553.9 KB, 750x1184, BDF4E41C-6897-40FB-9B86-5AF5F4…)

I wonder who paid for this vacation

No. 943014

sage for no one cares, but I don't think this is shopped. My hips look the same when one leg is forward and not holding weight. I think it's a dip between the butt and thigh.

No. 943019

It’s pretty on obvious that either her paypigs or parents are paying her recent flight. I doubt her boyfriend have the money to pay it. Otherwise, is she did pay her own flight, she won’t have enough money to move out out of her places or pay for her makeup and high-end brands.

Also, I’m gonna guess she’s visiting her boyfriend? She vaguely says the continent name but didn’t say which country or countries she’s visiting, unless she’s doing a big trip on the whole continent. If I remember, her boyfriend lives in Belgium, according to his YouTube socialblade. Or probably Hyojin and her boyfriend are having vacation somewhere in Europe.

No. 945204

File: 1584150814568.jpeg (440.72 KB, 828x1470, 5EB2CACF-9955-461E-A23C-676386…)

Pretty much figured that she’s visiting her boyfriend, according to her Instagram stories. Not sure why she vaguely says Europe and not the country that she’s visiting. Also, that outfit that she’s wearing is a fucking mess.

No. 945343

Very responsible to visit Europe NOW.

No. 945360

Goes to show how she’s not taken it seriously. She’s more concern about racism on her ethnicity/race than the virus.

No. 945377

Hoping it’s Italy

Kek, she still is getting dressed in the dark to look like a JoJo character? It looks so out of place especially in Europe

Yeah, I’ve seen some people who have said that taking precautions against the virus is “racist” and ended up contracting it just to not be seen as racist. Wouldn’t be surprised if it happened to her too. Seems like natural selection

No. 945804

File: 1584275247152.jpeg (340.04 KB, 1528x1528, B25679BF-82FF-486A-90C0-E435F7…)

Interesting choice for her to compare two different artworks. Two relationships but one of them has a traced background.

No. 945809

if you told me these were from the same month I wouldn't doubt you

No. 945834

Unironically the only “improvement” was using lineart.
Agreed, her style changes so often that both look like they could’ve been made around the same time, realised how shit the background on the first one was, then decided to trace. How do you draw for a living yet still can’t improve over years and have to trace to make something look good

Also on the topic of drawing for a living she went 3 months without delivering content to her patrons who give her all that money to buy shitty clothes

No. 945882

it looks like there has been no improvement lol

No. 946023

Her Patreon is a desert at this point. I can't imagine paying 70-125 dollars per month to see nothing. Makes me wonder how old her patrons are, to pay that much money.

It's funny of her to compare her art style to Hayao Miyazaki.

No. 946158

honestly nothing makes me cringe more than naturally uncreative people that are convinced they have creative talent. get a day job, hyojin.

No. 946181

File: 1584358261958.jpeg (419.08 KB, 1528x1528, 0AA481D5-4E51-4212-8E37-E4FB10…)

Someone mentioned in this thread that Hyojin photoshopped her body, partially the leg and waist area:
I’m incline to believe that might be the case. Even though she’s wearing a coat in the left, not much to be edited and her curves are gone.

Also, she really likes that cheap black wig since wears them a lot in her streams and photos. Might be nice if you brush it Hyojin.

No. 946210

It’s a good question, I’d think some of them were YT’ers who have enough disposable income to waste it on her shitty drawings, but damn gotta wonder where some of them get all that money from.. a lot of her friends/followers seem like college age students, even someone with a well paying job most likely would see it as a loss to give hyojin 100$ every month

Why does she manage to dress like her outfit came from the dollar store whenever she goes to Europe?? It’s like she realises that dressing like a jojo character in somewhere like France will get you side-eyed so just throws on some cheap ass shit… hyojin you’re a joke

No. 946243

> It’s like she realises that dressing like a jojo character in somewhere like France will get you side-eyed so just throws on some cheap ass shit
TBH Europeans will negatively side-eye her on her fashion choices. From what I can observe, European fashion is more strict and conscious on what they wear.

No. 946263

Yeah, that’s basically what I just Said

No. 946288

This is a shit thread. As far as I know there hasn’t been any milk besides the slazo situation and the traced backgrounds. Yes her art is shit but that’s not new. This thread is just full of pro ana fags who think shes fat, newfags who don’t sage and cowtippers. Come back when there’s some actual milk, you’re killing this thread.

No. 946545

leave then

No. 946748

She is still fucking up and is still fat lol, read the last few posts or leave faggot

No. 946759

File: 1584486068257.jpeg (142.01 KB, 828x1434, 8BF47F54-74A0-4126-B2CE-6F7BA1…)

Saging here in case you don’t care of this post.

She’s answering questions from her followers/fans, and she answered this. She could’ve answer any other questions but she decided to post it in her Instagram stories; makes me wonder why she has fans in the first place.

Also, been seeing that she’s deleting selfies in her account, despite having a lot of likes and more attention than her artwork; sad but not surprising. Not sure why she’s doing it.

No. 946795

maybe because the "no one cares about your art, you're just a popular average looking asian female who insists on being overly lewd" comments have gotten to her?

No. 946802

She found the thread kek.
whenever I’ve asked a question I’ve been blocked

No. 946804

She always drew and takes pics of herself sexy. If she really don't want to percieve as that than MAYBE don't post lewd or general selfies and sexualize yourself in your drawings? And maybe get better at art if you wanted to be taken seriously, Hyojin? Besides, whenever she post a selfie there's simps thirsting for her and nothing negative about her. She can post selfies as much as she want, but she should know that she has simps for fans that doesn't give a shit about her art but her appearance.
What question did you ask that made her block you? I'm curious. Did she really found this thread?

No. 946827

She probably did find the thread or something else about her that made her realise that not everybody on the planet likes her. I had asked her once why she only drew a shit ton of relationship art for pyro and if she was doing it for clout. Got blocked almost immediately after

No. 948697

File: 1584918340494.jpeg (145.72 KB, 828x1520, 8434FC01-5F8B-400D-B4C1-7B093F…)

It seems like Hyojin deactivated her famous NSFW account recently. You can still find her old drawings in Rule34 and YouTubers making vids on her work. Funny she didn’t delete this earlier like when she made her other NSFW art in Tumblr several years ago, which you can still find it in rule34.

No. 948776

Took her long enough.
Too bad I archived it http://archive.is/XeTsR

No. 948801


Someone link her animation portfolio

No. 949057

If you want to see lazy and low quality animation so much just go turn on Cartoon Network.

No. 949091

File: 1585052153201.jpeg (856.12 KB, 828x1463, 640B74BD-56A4-43C4-9820-FEE87D…)

Pretty much confirmed that she’s staying in Belgium with her BF for a while. Also, why didn’t she expect about flight troubles at this time? There’s already news about people trying to fly out from Europe, have to stay for, who knows how long, because of the pandemic. Of course, people are going to be paranoid if they see others in and out of countries without being tested.

You could’ve canceled your flight in the first place since you complained about spending about 1300 dollars for an emergency flight back home.

No. 949159

She’s irresponsible as fuck. Considering how much of a narcissist she seems to be she probably thinks she’s “above” the virus and can’t get it or something. That or she’ll call it racist

No. 949180

what a dumb bitch

No. 949285

Thinking about it, here’s some thoughts:
Hyojin decides to travel to Europe at the worst possible time when this virus is at its worst. People were advised NOT to travel, to keep their distance even if they were likely to survive this virus, as they might spread it to more vulnerable people. Considering how much she uses the internet she knows this. But she’s clearly over and over demonstrated herself to be a narcissist, do you really think she cares if she infects anyone? Even anybody who will die from it? Of course she doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t kill HER. She could spread it to hundreds of people and as long as it didn’t affect her she wouldn’t care at all. She’s not even dumb, just so self centred that she’ll travel to see her ugly ass boyfriend even if it means spreading the virus farther. Fuck her. She could die from it and I would lose no sleep or tears over it.

No. 949294

You would think her suicide attempt and Corona would make her face reality, but guess not since she’s so far up in her ass and so out of touch with everything around her.

No. 949296

She didn’t attempt suicide. She’ll do anything for attention.

No. 952565

ex friend of hers having just skimmed through the thread. Was wondering if anybody had mentioned the time the airport confiscated her makeup and she put up a begging post about it. People actually donated a lot of money to it too. Total abuse of her position. This is the same girl who insulted a guy in a GC when the place he was staying in burnt down and all of his belongings got burnt

No. 952704

I hear a lot of people online talking about her makeup stash being thrown away by airport security and she pretty much bitch about it. And it’s messed up for her to insult/degrade anyone for her own gratification. As many posters her already mentioned, she’s already displaying narcissistic behavior.

She can’t seem to keep friends for long it as she doesn’t hesitate to burn bridges with them throughout her career. Makes me wonder how many people she lost since there’s a several of her ex-friends anonymously participate this thread.

No. 952848

Kek I remember that

Yeah she’s proven many times that she’ll turn on friends if it means getting more clout. From what I’ve seen the only friends she’s managed to keep over the past 4 years are the ones that will excuse her shitty actions and defend her

No. 954915

File: 1586139093995.png (379.3 KB, 517x539, dfdffg.PNG)

Sageing since it's not really milk, but how long do you guys think it will be until Hyojin starts an onlyfans?

No. 954926

Hopefully never. Not only is it degenerate but the chances of running into a photo of this cunt’s refrigerator body is too high

No. 954932

File: 1586141035361.png (201.98 KB, 654x248, stream.png)

What can she offer if she does open up a onlyfans? Is she going to wear cheap-ass lingerie and cosplay and call it sexy? As the thread shows her sense of style is shit.

Sage here. But history is repeating itself.
> Begs money for makeup in the past.
> Begs money for an emergency home where she spend about $1300.

No. 954936

Are they really ex friends if they're exposing her? Snow is just as bad as Null

No. 954938

why is she editing herself like that? she looks retarded as fuck

No. 954956

“Emergency commissions” what emergency if I remember correctly she just took a trip to fucking Belgium.

No. 954977


Is that what it is, editing? Her face being 90% of her head was really tripping me out. Ew.

No. 955034

File: 1586177453947.jpeg (213.14 KB, 1528x1528, 60FED306-FDC7-49F0-BED7-6AF854…)

Her hairstyle reminds me of Coconut Head from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. She has a round face-shape and when she has that stereotypical straight-cut bob with the straight-cut bangs, it makes her face more wider, giving her a bobble-head effect.

No. 955150

File: 1586201778684.jpeg (533.46 KB, 828x1410, F51024FC-DF16-4DEA-A5A2-7913AC…)

Not really milk, but looks like she made an alternative account recently, for some reason.

No. 955176

File: 1586208984796.png (252.12 KB, 529x528, chinkcunt.png)

1. To post offensive shit so she won't get suspneded on her main with all of her money contacts on
2. to shit talk other artists look at her latest tweet

No. 955182

She says that while this is her improvement >>945804

No. 955199

File: 1586211748566.jpeg (34.03 KB, 419x594, 69D3876F-7A32-45A0-91B3-6D644C…)

Pretty hypocritical of her complaining about her fans not respecting the privacy of her relationship yet she’s airing out Discord conversations with her current BF in her alternative Twitter account.

No. 955255

lmao she's one to talk with her hammy ass hand and various other anatomical oddities she draws

No. 955289

File: 1586222765362.jpeg (313.12 KB, 1800x1041, 5A41906B-FF39-4E8E-B3A8-AE891C…)

Can this bitch go 4 minutes without talking about fucking OnlyFans

No. 955297

File: 1586223717497.png (14.04 KB, 531x114, sdfdff.PNG)


No. 955309

File: 1586227254776.jpeg (236.68 KB, 1200x1290, 0BA61C0B-8A88-45D8-8C8A-E890C7…)

It’s so obvious that she’s doing this to bait people into asking her to make an onlyfans so she can be like “wow people must really want me to make an OF guess I have no choice”

Also archive the tweets because there will be some time in the future where she will deny these tweets existing

No. 955327

hi, I noticed this thread and I can actually share a personal experience I had with hyojin. forgive me if this is possibly sage-worthy. I was an avid deviant art user when I was younger and I actually joined a livestream where she insulted someone’s animation (UglyEmochu previously on YouTube) then made everyone in her livestream comment on his deviantart page insulting him. this was a few years prior, but she has done that for YEARS now. I know people who had been her friends and she dumped them all after she wanted to suck up to the commentary community. squizzy used to be a MAP creator & partaker. Multiple animator project (I believe) and actually used to be very big in the animation community. She’s privated every previous animation (this is probably about 100 animations down the drain) when she started to suck up to the commentary community.
never thought she’d end up here.

No. 955450

File: 1586269097979.png (50.59 KB, 1429x338, January-2015.png)

She's established herself to be a shitty person behind the scenes but that is already coming to the internet to see. Still, she has her simps/whiteknights for fans to support her. She's bound to have a thread about her eventually because she continues to mess up her ways and not changing to be a better person.

> used to be very big in the animation community.

I'm guessing she's nonexistant now? Didn't know she used to be popular back then. Still, she maintains a following despite her toxic behaviour and dramas she's been into.

The story doesn't seem fake, at least in my opinion, considering there's multiple of stories about Hyojin's past connecting similar to this.

For a thread that has Hyojin's ex-friends (allegedly) participating in this, she sure loves dump them. What a great friend and influencer she is! She sure is someone to look up to!

The journal entry that I've found in Wayback, she posted it back in January 2015 already aged like milk.

No. 957578

File: 1586704356754.png (9.11 MB, 1242x2208, 233112D3-B948-4088-9914-F8155A…)

what the fuck is she doing to her face to look like a car accident victim lmao…..

No. 957640

Still better than her art

No. 957645

TBH she should just transition to makeup content since she puts more effort in makeup than her drawings. Also, she’ll get PR makeup if she really wants free stuffs. But she has mainly male fans who’s not interested in makeup or her drawings.

No. 957653

File: 1586715210465.jpg (66.51 KB, 742x1000, aliexpress.jpg)

this angle makes her look like one of those aliexpress crossdresser skin masks

No. 957686

File: 1586720248514.jpg (5.41 KB, 211x239, 1508376067835s.jpg)

she can COPE by picking on the special ed kids all she wants, but this won't change her from getting out of the crab bucket.
all of her facial features are creeping onto the edges of jaws, even the animu bug eyes style has some liberty to proportion the scale just right so its more balanced. And the dude has literally no brain/skull, reminds me of those brainlet wojack memes.

No. 958001

File: 1586782306660.jpeg (414.79 KB, 807x1468, 16784387-B162-4F03-8834-F47E61…)

Sage for this post. She got a new haircut.

No. 958026

File: 1586786952769.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 892.46 KB, 1242x1836, 33181E71-D819-4BE3-A7F3-F16B27…)

This relationship sure is private

No. 958034

Hyojin, a month ago:

Hyojin, right now:

Makes me wonder what punkduck thinks about this.

No. 958096

She really posted his balls? And also I checked her account she deleted it

No. 958109

She's probably not coping, many people use special ed and wrangler as a insult to demonize people.

No. 958113

What the fuck that’s actually disgusting. What is wrong with her….

No. 958126

File: 1586800220952.png (83.43 KB, 1080x478, 20200413_134627.png)

Her selfies were recently used to catfish dickpics and this is what she has to say.
No Hyojin, selfies are fine but the ones you posted were intentionally lewd (ahegao face, open mouth, cleavage), don't act like they were just innocent selfies. I don't think catfishing is ok but come on, don't act so fucking dense.

No. 958127

File: 1586800446944.jpg (475.16 KB, 2172x3862, 20200413_135312.jpg)

Samefag but here are the catfish tweets

No. 958137

Her alt account is just a milk farm at this point

No. 958350

maybe she's doing this so men see her less sexually? lmao wouldn't imagine them getting it off to a kpop boy. If she doesn't start exclusively wearing wigs, then bye bye thirst followers I suppose

No. 958380

This bitch would cheat in a second if she thought she could trade up to someone more noteworthy. She’s constantly sucking up to bigger e-men and animators in their DMs. she has no female friends because shes one of those “I just don’t get along with other women because I’m cool and edgy and one of the guys!” snakes. Not sure if she thinks she’s charming but she just comes off as abusive and bipolar.

No. 958388

You think she's gonna stop drawing herself with an extreme hourglass figure, show of her boobs and post very sexually explicit private conversations? Just because she got a haircut? Nah, believe it or not anon people are still into short haircuts even though it looks bad on her head.

No. 958392

File: 1586830931298.jpg (454.51 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200413_221637.jpg)

>maybe she's doing this so men see her less sexually?

Are you completely ignoring the fact that she's still trying to look all seductive in the new pictures? A bad haircut doesn't mean she no longer panders to her male fanbase. She also wants people to compare her to Jimin so bad, wasn't she super critical of kpop before and now she wants to look like them?

No. 958400

oh no what has she done to herself lmaoo

No. 958402

I'm guessing her cheating on Pyro is true? TBH it wouldn't surprise me if she did since it doesn't seem to be far-fetched.

Also, not sure if her current boyfriend, punkduck, consider to be "big" since he barely has any presence in the YouTube gaming community or whatever community he's in.

And yeah, I believe she doesn't have any girl-friends (hence her ex-girl-friend Chey, Slazo's ex). In my opinion, I highly doubt that she's bisexual (even though she claims to be one) when she always have an attitude and hostility towards girls.

Also, I'm going to nickpick on her haircut since it doesn't really suit her head to toe. But if she wanted to go for a femboy type of look then by all means. And TBH she's going to shit on Kpop anyway since it's "cool" to shit on the genre.

No. 958410

She probably had a mental break down during the pandemic and cut all her hair off

Now she's self-deprecating to cope

No. 958415

yeah I know some people are into short haircuts, but that's not the majority, especially with her edgy flavour of (male) fans who are into very feminine looking girls

that's seductive? my apologies. But really, I hadn't seen the photos and they really don't look that sexy, she really does look like a wannabe kpop boy, which again, isn't usually a point of lust for many straight men

No. 958484

File: 1586844901000.jpeg (461.89 KB, 828x879, FA79CEDC-152D-4A35-AC1A-33D898…)

She’s really milking the Kpop and Asian fetishes right now. Wonder how long it’s going to last when she’s going to complain about not being feminine or hot enough for her piggy-bank fans.

No. 958490


Her head looks like she has microcephaly.

No. 958507


Of course has to show off the AirPods too


>And yeah, I believe she doesn't have any girl-friends (hence her ex-girl-friend Chey, Slazo's ex). In my opinion, I highly doubt that she's bisexual (even though she claims to be one) when she always have an attitude and hostility towards girls.

Every woman at some point or another has claimed to be bisexual to get attention

No. 958525

“Every woman at some point or another has claimed to be bisexual to get attention”
Just because you did doesn’t mean everyone else did It as well you weirdo. What a genuinely weird ass statement to make

No. 958529

Have you not noticed a pattern on here of nearly every female lolcow claiming to be bisexual

No. 959240

File: 1586962384605.png (493.08 KB, 1080x1466, 20200415_105218.png)

Oh no, she think she's funny…

No. 959242

File: 1586962514560.jpg (510.04 KB, 3600x3000, IMG_20200415_104906.jpg)


She literally just drew porn of herself with the new haircut LMAO

No. 959264

She’s just cringey than funny since no one wants to know her ugly ass BF’s ball-sack.

She’s pretty much a femboy and doesn’t scream sexy to me.

No. 959286

File: 1586967883388.jpeg (488 KB, 750x1115, A046BF56-FEDF-4083-91C4-DE27DA…)


This bitch fits every single characteristic of a narcissist, drawing porn of herself just furthers that point. But to be honest I thought that was of somebody else at first considering her body shape looks nothing like that.

Pic related, she fits every single one of these.


This, it wasn’t a “funny conversation about balls” it was a retarded paragraph attempt to be funny along with a photo of his balls

No. 959290


why does it look like she's trying to draw like shadbase?

can this bitch even get more degenerate

No. 959297

she cant even be bothered to develop her own style. it's like being racist uncle but with more steps

No. 959299

File: 1586968258907.jpeg (173.76 KB, 750x429, 4DFAD446-101C-4EFE-B049-A7DA54…)

Sorry for samefagging but I wanted to show this screenshot as well, i don’t think she is self aware at all. Does she expect people to forget that she draws herself fucking her friends while in a relationship?

No. 959346

Of course she’s going to use her alternative account to reply that tweet since people, who aren’t fans of hers, already gave her shit about the underage porn when there’s potential cheating involve.

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprised me if the rumors about Hyojin cheating on Pyro are true since both of them broke up somewhere around the end of 2018, then she immediately hook up and made it official with PunkDuck a couple months after the breakup, which is really fishy and fast to go to the next relationship to the point they decided to move in together when the time comes.

But that’s just my opinion.

No. 959433

This is not humor, love, this is just gross.

No. 959575

god, I made that comment hoping she would be sticking to her seemingly new interest in deleting selfies etc, this is really funny lmao

No. 960019

File: 1587066416137.jpg (72.33 KB, 352x612, IMG_20200416_150939.jpg)

Funny suicide joke haha

No. 960069

File: 1587069556401.jpeg (94.55 KB, 828x360, 6D152563-2364-47F5-90E6-AC464A…)

Because you’re a passive-aggressive fake bitch and still is.

No. 960149


Now she's just reusing content! Boom! Boom!

No. 960258

It really says something when women are some of the most kindest emphatic people don't want to touch you with a 6 foot pole and and the only filth that surrounds you are men that will literally do anything for a chance to hump you. Women are the starter pokemon of friends, you've got to be really messed up to scare them away.

No. 960500

File: 1587133601796.jpg (Spoiler Image, 354.88 KB, 3600x3000, IMG_20200417_102416.jpg)

What is WRONG with her body, not to mention I'm pretty sure this is her fursona/persona whatever, what is her obsession with drawing porn of herself it's just weird…

No. 960504

File: 1587134008649.png (378.37 KB, 1080x1365, 20200417_102928.png)

What a fucking scam artist, she only got big on Patreon because she would put her NSFW art there behind a paywall and promote it with previews. The least she can do is keep it up there no matter how degenerate it was. Now all those people she fished are supporting her crappy lazy animation memes and traced art.

No. 960509


>"I liked your old work"

>"WOW you're so obsessed"

She's losing it lmao.

No. 960528

The girl can’t make up her mind about censoring the vaginas and dicks. She really desperate for the need to call herself “hot”. Also, the proportions are off and disjointed like usual.

Hyojin barely posted anything on her Patreon that her followers are leaving her. She already lost about 40-60 patrons which probably the reason why she doesn’t give a shit about them. She might as well start a OnlyFans if she really wanted to join in the trend like the self-loathing and attention-needy bitch she is. Cannot wait to see cuck memes on her with her current boyfriend.

No. 960587

The only way that anatomy would make sense is if those were somebody else’s legs and hers were amputated

No. 960621

the titty on the right looks so fucked up… how do you mess up drawing perfect boobs for yourself of all things. they're literally circles

No. 960645

LMAO my interaction with hyojin got in this thread. Yeah she’s not exactly the nicest of human beings. I’m also friends with punk ducks ex gf who hates hyojin

No. 960656

Denise? The girl who Hyojin basically said "lol what if she's dating a rapist"? Do you have any info on what happened between them?

No. 960743

Guys isn't Punk Duck 17? Did she post pictures of an underage kid's balls online? Not to mention their age gap is weird considering he was 16/17 when they started dating and she was already an adult. I wander what Ed's ex gf thinks of Hyojin posting her exes genitals online?

No. 960752

Ed is 18 and she's 20. It's not that weird, yeah he was 17 when they started dating and she was 19, not a concerning age difference at all anon.

No. 960755

Yeah I don’t know the details about punk duck but hyojin tends to randomly not like people out of the blue and completely ghost them and shit talk them behind their back. Denise hates hyojin because that’s exactly what she did, and the worst part was that there wasn’t any malicious intent. Hyojin just decided to fuck her over. Whether it be out of I’ll intent or because she’s a shithead who couldn’t find any benefit from being with Denise, no one will ever know.

No. 960885

Both Ed and Denise don't follow each other anymore. I highly doubt that Denise follow Hyojin with all the shit-talks she does on her and I highly doubt Denise cares about Ed's gross balls being posted online.

Something tells me Ed's with Hyojin because he wants to save/help and pay attention to her but really, Ed pretty much sign himself to be with a psychotic narcissist.

No. 961158

Does Ed act like a narcissist too? What does he do? Or does he only act like one to try to make hyojin happy?

No. 961186

Ed seems to be posting video-game commentary content on his YouTube channel, but seems to be stagnant at the moment. With the lack of social media presence that Ed has, personally, I don’t think he’s a narcissist or acts like one but he seemed to have some sort of mental health issues (he didn’t specifically say what kind) that he tweeted publicly a year or two ago.


From the looks of it from Hyojin's Instagram stories and discord conversations, he clearly loves her.

No. 962852

File: 1587469585138.jpeg (270.85 KB, 828x1454, 73394EF2-9A35-40D2-A22D-D6AE0E…)

You just need to date a famous YouTuber to get famous and earn money/clout.

No. 962956

Step 1: find a friend group to average you a couple hundred views on your animations to get bigger you tubers to notice you
Step 2: befriend bigger youtuber and their audience to get a couple thousand views on your shit
Step 3: once popular enough abandon original friends
Step 4: date said you tuber and constantly mention you’re in a relationship
Step 5: cheat on said you tuber with his friends because you’ve already sucked him dry of clout
Step 6: act like a cunt behind the scenes when you’re at enough followers and have enough money to do so without any consequences
Step 7: get dumped for cheating and move on to the next famous boyfriend
Step 8: get even more followers and clout from him
Step 9: abandon your patrons and keep sucking the money out of them
Step 10: repeat steps 4-8

The hyojin method

No. 963111

Sorry for the blogpost, but I almost did this method unintentionally. It just happened but we ended up not moving in.
This is a real thing but many people don't do it on purpose

No. 963128

Congrats, you've just admitted you're a shameless two-faced attention whore. It's literally not that hard to take a step back and analyse your life in retrospect, stop bringing up excuses for this type of behaviour. Also sage your fucking posts.

No. 963171


The “grind” implies she worked to get where she is. Riding dick for clout and an audience isn’t work.

No. 963191

We just ended up edating and didnt make plans to move in or close the distance, he was friends with a relevant youtuber but he wasn't famous himself.

We broke up because of the distance not because he had clout, it was on the other side of the country(blog)

No. 963192

You know you're not supposed to blogpost, but you keep doing it. Amazing.

No. 963359


"the grind" implies grinding on dick.

No. 963365

Never would’ve see the day when Hyojin comes to this thread and admits to her mistakes. Let’s hope that she doesn’t use mental/suicidal card to excuse her behavior.

No. 964053

Pretty sure that's not hyo and just some random farmer..

No. 964445

learn to integrate

No. 964669


What do you mean? Should we pretend that someone's blog post who didn't even claim to be squizxy was actually her? Nice one retard

No. 965020

So only one person can be in a relationship with a youtuber at a time? Impeccable logic there idiot, might as well claim there's only four people on earth

No. 965229

Literally who said that

No. 965290

Saging this post.
Didn’t Hyojin say that she doesn’t give a shit about the virus going on? She’s joining/streaming COVID-19 12-hour-charity event with her friends.

I guess when she spend huge amounts of money to see her boyfriend made her snapped out.

No. 965970

No, you report/ignore it, retard.

No. 968012

File: 1588422613205.jpeg (472.83 KB, 1529x2048, DCB66DC3-6C49-4979-8AC4-B37D9F…)

Looks like she can’t trace shadows properly with her self-insert characters. Also, the girl who’s standing up reminds me of her ex-BFF who accused Slazo of sexual assault.

No. 968131

she just made a really boring ass animal crossing animation a few days ago(imageboard)

No. 968222

yeah she did. She's just an obstinate cunt who parrot screams the popular opinions of her educated friends until they aren't popular anymore and then she backpedals and denies.

Bitch cannot actually logic her way out of a paper bag unless she is copying a smarter person's argument verbatim and resorts to spluttering and swearing mindlessly when the argument goes off script.

She's pro Bernie (Who I was all for) but she really couldn't tell you why in any depth since she has no actual idea how american politics work.

she was on the "if you are afraid of covid you're a racist" bandwagon until her own ignorance financially buttfucked her. Now she's charity streaming because it's the in thing to do.

I'm not against a lot of the ideas and opinions she parrots, I just think it's clear that she isn't capable of thinking through anything herself and she's so goddamn loud and smug about every hard stance she takes.

Good example: Used to draw pedoshit. Now she pretends like she was always super anti MAP but is really bad at arguing why

No. 968332

Oh cool, another drawing where the characters don’t fit. I swear the easiest way you can tell it’s traced is by looking at the bitch on the couch. At least make them fit your traced background hyojin

No. 968664

oh cool, another quarantinefag that can't read rules or sage.

No. 969200

Shut the fuck up rule fag nigger cock sucking faggot. Saged that for you you fucking hook nosed kike bitch.(calm down)

No. 969270

retard moment

No. 970430

File: 1588879218124.jpeg (215.18 KB, 828x934, C036A1B4-1E99-4FF1-8BB3-B392F8…)

Saging here.
Hyojin is blocking people who hasn’t interact with her. My theory is that she’s blocked this user is because they’re associated with small creators who of defended Slazo.

No. 970472

Or she’s a complete pussy who has a blocking bot

No. 971709

File: 1589080653606.jpeg (544.24 KB, 1536x2048, 419AD0DC-514F-4CBE-AA84-136F51…)

Enjoy this and go off on her

No. 971849

Sage your post if you're not posting any milk about her. This is not a jerking fest here.

No. 972254

This isn’t /r9k/, nobody here is going to find this attractive let alone get off to it

No. 972257

File: 1589196798214.jpeg (831.13 KB, 750x1209, AD53141B-E212-4951-8A31-D1BEE5…)

Completely convinced that she’s going to make a really shitty commentary video

No. 972279

The way she draws hands is so wrong

No. 972308

File: 1589205728137.jpeg (246.49 KB, 713x484, E581B4CF-2980-4093-87E7-F6B99F…)

Yeah this one looks like a foot

No. 972352

File: 1589211699946.png (545.63 KB, 1080x1182, 20200511_113938.png)


This just looks like a cheap rip off of this other art YouTuber, GinjaNinjaOwO. Same framing, same concept, even the poses are similar. At least GinjaNinja doesn't trace backgrounds.

No. 972353

File: 1589212151044.jpg (464.6 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200511_114814.jpg)

Sage for no milk but it just looks like she has one middle boob in this picture

No. 972358

Kek the way she needs to arch her body forward to show that she has an S-curve body is unflattering. Doesn’t make her cheap-ass wigs more attractive.

No. 972484

and even then, bitch still can't do it properly kek

No. 972595

I didn’t mean like jerk off I meant to like say what’s wrong about the photo lol

No. 972679

Oh absolutely, even the way she's sitting is similar.

No. 972690

TBH looking through GinjaNinja’s art in Instagram and YouTube, in my opinion, hers has more personality and style than Hyojin’s soulless art and unfunny animations. Also, I realized she deleted the Valentine’s Day/Anniversary drawing in her Instagram and Twitter despite being there for a couple months, I wonder why.

No. 972729

File: 1589266099217.jpg (48.59 KB, 720x405, original.jpg)

No. 972781

File: 1589281120270.png (1.2 MB, 1024x1229, 60050551-53C8-4F50-90A9-AA1098…)

> TBH looking through GinjaNinja’s art in Instagram and YouTube, in my opinion, hers has more personality and style than Hyojin’s soulless art and unfunny animations

Definitely so, especially in terms of the animation. You can’t expect the animation to have any personality in it when it’s created in a rush just to jump on a trend of whatever is popular. Hyojin clearly from what’s in this thread has never been a good person but at least her art had some personality and originality before she got clout. Now her animations are just reusing the same 2 frames for most of its run time and her drawings are just traced, jumping on trends, or “hey guys have you heard of jojos bizarre adventure”.

For example pic related from her deviantart at least had a message behind it, not just some meme she drew to get popular

No. 972797

she really looks so uncanny

No. 972813

She recently said in her stream that she graduated HS at 16/17 and then did a 1yr interactive media degree and graduated at 19? Am I mistaken of do most bachelor's take at least 3yrs?

No. 972816

I might be wrong but it seems she stopped going to school around the same time the patreon money started flowing in

No. 972820

Did she specially said bachelors? Because the way how she got her degree sounds like an associates degree (you can complete it on 2 years average). Depending on how long you take to get your bachelors, on average is 3-4 years. Unless she’s the type of person who’s very studious to get everything done within less than 2 years.

No. 972879

That first part is definitely a lie. She dropped out of HS to pursue art and somehow got accepted to a university. Not sure if anything came out of that though

No. 972881

To be fair it is possible to graduate early in america, probably the same goes for Australia. But I have no idea why a uni would accept her lol

No. 972979

In Australia it's pretty easy to get into uni if you didn't finish HS, she probably did a tafe course then went into uni, or she submitted a portfolio to a creative/design institute and got in through that (they're desperate for money/students, not that she has much talent), especially if it's animation, which is easy if you have a portfolio to work with.

No. 974486

Not really milk but in relation to the university talk, I'm pretty sure that's where she met SuperProWaffles, who was the person claiming Hyojin dropped their dog on its back.

No. 975515

File: 1589767457347.png (814.38 KB, 589x773, Capture.PNG)

why is she sucking her cheeks in so hard and why does she only ever take photos from this angle

No. 975526

File: 1589768612389.jpeg (63.36 KB, 463x507, BC59B00A-4DE9-454B-9956-0826CF…)

Lol comparing to the recent stream, she got baby cheeks. Some anons in this thread knows she Facetunes the shit out her face in order to have a slim “sexy” face.

No. 975548


I almost feel sorry for this chick, what a curse of a face she has to work with.

No. 975600

holy shit I thought you were comparing her to some asian boy

No. 976089

She's drawn herself to be so thick in her newest video and does she even smoke? I've seen her drawing herself with like cigs everywhere but never seen her smoke ok her story or whatever

No. 976118

The video she made is okay. TBH she should've made 3 topics (Pen story, origin story, and tablet review) in seperate videos since I don't understand why those 3 are related to each other; but she has to make a ten minute video by pushing together those topics to get that paid promotion and ad revenue.

I'm annoyed that she says, "it's hard to be on a budget" when she shows off her brand clothing on Instagram (and failed at styling them) and has a lot of time and money to travel more than one country last year.

I saw her holding a cigerette in a Twitch clip where she stayed with her current boyfriend. Not confirming that she smokes but it's possible.

No. 977956

File: 1590204988545.jpg (655.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200522-203500_Ins…)

How much you wanna bet she comes out as trans or nonbinary or sumn

God she looks like a little korean boy

No. 977965

I swear I was just coming here to say that lol

No. 978010

She might; she’ll probably use those terms not only to get attention but as a weapon incase people criticize her actions and have her vapid simps to attack the “haters”.

No. 978145

File: 1590259357524.jpeg (745.45 KB, 750x1207, 59E792BC-2EAC-4DA3-BF7A-166E89…)

Referring to herself as a boy a lot and calling herself “bisexual”
I give it maybe a year before she “comes out” as a tranny. Or next time she needs to try to excuse criticism

No. 978175

It’s cringey when she refers to herself as “bisexual.” Where literally she have two relationships with e-celebrity men and belittles her own gender in public streams and expect women to like her.

No. 978256

The way she overlines her top lip is so ugly

No. 978320

File: 1590291619368.png (104.28 KB, 1490x285, Annotation 2020-05-23 223739.p…)

Even Kiwifarms sees through Hyojin's fake personality.

No. 978382

File: 1590312669574.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1789, PicsArt_05-24-09.31.10.png)

she's making merch and says itll be released about June but this literally looks veeery similar to the skull on Pyrocynical's merch

No. 978384

File: 1590312827275.png (487.99 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20200524-212601.png)

Looking at her photos I'm almost positive that she wears foundation or at the very least concealer or goes overboard with blurring her face

No. 978400

It does look similar. She’s gonna overprice her merch since she “design” it like her overpriced traced art.

She literally posted a short Instagram story where she uses a make-up wipe clean off the heavy foundation from her face a month ago or so. It’s obvious she caked her face, added filters and she FaceTuned her chubby checks and jawline.

Also, a bit of advice from a person who has done Korean skin care, using make-up wipes are bad to the skin. An alternative to removed the heavy amounts of makeup is using a cleansing balm and a wash cloth. I doubt she’s following a strict Korean skin care routine.

No. 978512

As mentioned before, nearly every female lolcow has claimed to be bisexual at some point or another

No. 978517

Yeah when she posted that I thought it was a screenshot of pyrocynical merch. Even the position of the skull is exactly the same.

No. 978725

She's defending herself drawing porn of her friends as not a fetish thing but iT's a JoKE.

No. 978731

If Hyojin have a dick, people will have a fit but since she’s a girl then it’s A-okay to draw herself fucking her friends and each other when some are below the age of 18. The double standards are ridiculous.

No. 978795

File: 1590397197218.jpg (857.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200525-015833_Ins…)

"I'm pretty much only asking for attention"

Why would people care what she does with her hair? And she kinda looks like an alien in this pic.. rancid

No. 978855

Next thing we'll know, she'll probably shave her head bald to erase all the girly parts of her.

No. 978914

“what should I do with my hair”
>makes legs the focus of the image
>10% of the image actually shows her hair

No. 979175

what the fuck is wrong with her mouth??

No. 979182

File: 1590480339521.jpeg (532.68 KB, 1536x2048, EY16EXhUwAA4V0g.jpeg)

God this is just a bad angle for her. She looks like she has a massive underbite and her edited chin is too sharp

No. 979199

The awful way that she overlines her lips is why her mouth looks that way

No. 979221

I wonder her boyfriend is not paying any attention to her since she's been posting her chubby "toned" legs a lot recently.

I've done some light stalking on his Twitter account, doesn't seem like he "likes" her legs photos she posted in his Likes page but likes the other stuff she posted.

Her arms been looking meaty with that angle.

No. 979262

Damn. I feel bad for her.
I think she should stick with really long hair that would hide her cheeks, because she looks like an unfortunate toodler like that…

No wonder she is such a toxic
person. Insecurites really do turn you into a complete trash kind of a person.

Even photoshop doesn't do her justice >>977956

No. 979327

TBH she can still stick with a bob hairstyle that she used to have, but make it asymmetrical so it can make her round face balance. I agree that she should stick to more longer hair length, as many anons here agreed that her short hairstyle makes her look an unattractive Korean boy.

No. 979395

Damn no amount of patreon money or photoshop can fix that unfortunate face

No. 979981

File: 1590609995165.jpeg (958.82 KB, 750x1183, FBDF2846-F8DC-49B9-99C4-37D14C…)

Why does she draw so many fag couples

No. 979986

she's a fujoshit, im surprised she hasn't transed yet.

No. 980009

> she's a fujoshit

She’s a fucking virus to any community and I wouldn’t even put her as a Fujoshi when she barely showcase any boys in gay relationships. She knows her simps/fans are into the lesbian fetishes since that’s what gets her likes and attention.

No. 980028

Interracial and gay, all she needs to do is draw some of em fat or disabled and she can secure a job at google with her shitty diverse art

No. 980031

I guarantee she will start pretending to be a dude within a year

No. 980035

File: 1590615945815.png (180.26 KB, 420x541, 000001203.png)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but both of those characters appear to have tits anons.

No. 980082

The girls are smaller than the radiator lmaoooo

No. 980129

File: 1590627893580.jpeg (34.34 KB, 419x652, E77680CA-E42B-4179-A486-2FA67B…)

She posted rough sketches of herself and her BF in her personal Twitter account. What the fuck is wrong with her body?

No. 980138

File: 1590629319951.jpeg (267.26 KB, 750x996, D5E8EAB9-2AC1-4952-B2A9-C7238A…)

That’s how you can usually tell if somethings traced if the characters don’t fit

*dyke shit not fag shit my bad

Her leg is going right through his arm instead of under it?? That makes no sense. Also looks nothing like her. I did a shitty red line on my phone, I hope you guys can see what I mean by the legs being fucked up

No. 980213

Ironic that she recently said "not all art is porn and naked people are drawn for learning anatomy" in a stream yet she has an 'animation degree' and seems to have skipped on that class

No. 980238

She looks like a blowup doll
And I don’t see why she calls herself thick, she’s clearly just fat kek

No. 980240

File: 1590657015214.jpg (40.44 KB, 705x339, D_qKLj5XsAEY2eG.jpg)

Hmm pretending to be a shining defender of social justice are we?

She knows how to work with her body angles I'll give her that but compare her to other girls at her height and she seems like a whale

No. 980244

File: 1590658373404.jpeg (233.83 KB, 750x733, 4F231A92-96C1-43B1-B326-B7D4FE…)

Please someone who has twitter post that here

No. 980245

But the last one was killed by two rednecks, not cops…

No. 980246

Hopefully this braindead chink doesn’t end up running for office, for Australia’s sake
She just regurgitates whatever political view is popular, she’ll probably move on to making a shitty animation about these nigs just to get some clout

No. 980254

LMAO she said herself in her Instagram stories from several months ago that she doesn’t want to live in the USA, and suddenly she cares about American political and social matters. Hyojin giving her brainless virtue signaling about the BlackLivesMatter can’t even get her facts right. JFC she needs to stop pretending she cares since it’s evident at this point that she doesn’t give a shit about COVID-19, I doubt she cares about POC lives other than hers. So much for going to college with a degree that doesn’t have a basic researching skills.

No. 980260

I think she’s referring to the Minneapolis protests over the death of George Floyd, who was suffocated by a police officer. Protesters looted a Target and burnt down an Autozone last night.

No. 980266

As mentioned before she has never tweeted about an unpopular/controversial political opinion. She shouldn’t post about any politics though as she’s proven she has the mental capacity of a child. Just posting whatever opinion is the most popular for clout

No. 980267

They did a lot more than that, it seems like the biggest chimp out since that dindu Michael brown(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 980270

can you at least sage your cringe attempts at edgy 4chan racism you fucking retard

No. 980273

Jfc go away retard .

No. 980274

No. 981017

Kek at so many people calling out this stupid bitch for her political takes

No. 981018

i see your 2 day ban is up

No. 981019

File: 1590800684248.jpeg (292.94 KB, 750x749, EF8E2F5B-84FB-42DC-A47F-05825D…)

Forgot image

1. Everybody says kek even on this board
2. Ban evasion is preferable to waiting for a ban to end :^)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 981020

She's right. Who gives a shit about that neckbeard's tweet

No. 981022

Who is

No. 981023

No. 981026

I called it when Hyojin shouldn’t be taken seriously with her “woke” takes since she just spergs out.

No. 981028

File: 1590802016474.jpeg (555.06 KB, 1536x2048, EZOixZkUYAIYLdu.jpeg)

She looks like a literal clown and that eyeliner does nothing for her tiny eyes she also currently doing a stream where 'all donations go to the Minnesota fund' as if she actually cares and doesn't want clout

No. 981035

File: 1590802761426.jpeg (392.69 KB, 1528x1528, 204ED3D7-F4CE-4868-A9C3-4A16F4…)

She’s doesn’t look like a clown tho…but an alien.

No. 981051

Her face looks like a rubber mask, how does she look in the mirror after doing this makeup and think it looks good

And yes the streams are definitely for clout, same with all the other multi million dollar celebrities doing “charity sttreams” or saying all the money from their new song goes to charity. Hyojin makes like 5k a month on patreon and has the money to donate, but that would mean less money to spend on ugly designer clothes and less clout and virtue signaling points

No. 981074

I distinctly remember an audio clip of her screaming "i hate niggers"…

No. 981077

Any archive link? It seems like she’s tried to scrub those clips from the internet

No. 981110

can one of her 'friends' tell her that lining her lips like this doesn't look good?

No. 981116

File: 1590834971876.png (317.08 KB, 637x556, Annotation 2020-05-30 053539.p…)

No. 981121

Why is she always overdrawing her upper lip? It looks so bad and obvious…

No. 981478

File: 1590919887712.png (Spoiler Image, 530.57 KB, 620x744, 2294780 - Pyrocynical hyojin s…)

fyi here's the full pic,

Why would you make this? why would you post it?

No. 981483

File: 1590920710081.png (346.85 KB, 539x650, 68RL9Sh.png)

from one of her twitter pals, the "can't stop thinking about rape" part really gets me

No. 981575

File: 1590939385379.jpeg (382.52 KB, 1536x2048, EZULcoLVAAI6Ezp.jpeg)

"thanks for donating to my stream look at my body uwu I'm not a hypocrite" shes really just showing off how fat she is and how edited her selfies are

No. 981649

Tinfoil but I feel like she is very well aware that twitch won’t ban women for nudity and will “accidentally” show her ass or something on stream

No. 981844

No. 981914

File: 1591002775060.jpeg (182.15 KB, 750x1056, 60168ECD-7320-493C-A1C4-EB9EFB…)

>this is what her patreon begging and stream cuckbucks go to
Pathetic. Remember when she was begging for money to “support herself” lol.

No. 981920

Considering she lies 99.9% of the time, I am sure she took the screenshot from someone else.

No. 981924

File: 1591008959570.png (880.56 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200601-225538.png)

Funny I thought all money was being donated, where did the other $200 USD go?

No. 981931

Could be her parents or boyfriend.

Don't forget that she needs "food money" like she always does in her streams. I can't imagine paying commission to her when you only get a rough sketch with no color as "art".

No. 982049

> Could be her parents or boyfriend
Yeah I thought it was weird she censored her name. Everyone knows what it is

Designer clothes probably

Hyojin makes probably 5k a month off patreon and spends it on designer clothes and non essentials. That’s how you know the stream was for clout. She could’ve donated the patreon money but god forbid she doesn’t get all the comments thirsting over her and calling her a good person.

There’s a reason she announced her donations too and didn’t make them anonymous.

No. 982051

Bumping this too
Might not put a dent in her income but it’s worth a shot

No. 982233

File: 1591070383437.jpeg (298.1 KB, 828x853, 5E8F13B3-C522-4040-BDEF-4C6BFE…)

She’s the one to talk because she cares about her brand too. We’re talking about a person who threatens suicide and for her to come back online after 3-4 weeks of taking a break and post her usual content without apologizing to her former friend firsthand. Gotta love the people who comments her tweet since they haven’t forgot her actions last year.

No. 982247

More people need to start replying to her tweets with her streams where she yelled nigger and her false rape accusations. I’d say maybe 20k of her active followers heard of her after the Slazo situation.

No. 982749

File: 1591167886778.jpeg (28.42 KB, 592x750, EZjfbHHUEAA385d.jpeg)

Is trashy the new quirky I'm not like other girls trait?

No. 982757

Matt's not gonna pick you girl.

No. 982767

I always think to myself “why does she draw porn of herself” then I remember she’s a narcissist and she probably doesn’t even feel a bit uncomfortable doing it, especially drawing herself looking way more in shape than she actually does

No. 982777

Can’t believe she didn’t include her beloved assets in that drawing; her big breasts. <- sarcasm.

No. 982893

She used to brag about her tits but doesn’t realise everybody gets tits if they’re fat. Even men

No. 982977

You know, he might, if he didn't have a gf (not that cheating would deter Hyojin.) Seems like he likes men AND asians specifically and since hyojin is a clout-chaser, everybody wins! Wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't already tried to bark up that tree.

It's just a common Aspie Egirl thing. Wannabe costhots over-generously draw themselves slutting it up for male attention. It's like pre-gaming for getting an onlyfans for nerdy social retards. It's just that most of the girls who obsessively draw themselves in porn suffer from the Chris Chan effect of having embarrassingly bad drawing skills and being too autistic to see that it's cringe. Hyojin has at least passed that point, but she will never overcome her lack of objectivity or see that this form of begging for attention is embarrassing. She also doesn't seem to understand that most people can tell anything remotely well-drawn in her art is straight up traced. Even when she references she fucks it up lmao

No. 982981

> It's just that most of the girls who obsessively draw themselves in porn suffer from the Chris Chan effect of having embarrassingly bad drawing skills and being too autistic to see that it's cringe.

Pretty spot on explanation. And she has tweeted quite a bit about making an OnlyFans and leaking her nudes. She used to talk about her nudes even 3 years ago. It’s like she tests the waters to see if her simps are desperate enough to pay for her gross nudes. She probably smells really bad

No. 982994

Lmao Matt does have yellow fever though. He talked about it openly so who knows tbh

No. 983128

> You know, he might, if he didn't have a gf (not that cheating would deter Hyojin.) Seems like he likes men AND asians specifically and since hyojin is a clout-chaser, everybody wins! Wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't already tried to bark up that tree.

It wouldn't surprise me if she does break up with her BF in the next year or two so she can go for another e-celeb boyfriend.

Oh boy. Imagine topping iDubbz's GF's lewds where it's pathetic, boring, and unsanitary.

No. 984778

File: 1591599930945.jpeg (380.05 KB, 750x772, 624ECCF4-71C3-4DE8-81FE-ED9B4E…)

No. 984793

File: 1591611405417.jpeg (475.59 KB, 828x898, 0B5FE9BC-E29F-46E3-ABD8-70F4D3…)

She’s normal…for a police. IDK what’s worst. Her messy selfies or her simps defending/thirsting their queen. Also, I love Nic’s joke on her.

No. 984797

File: 1591616189366.jpeg (75.11 KB, 750x317, F60FCD45-7F22-476A-83D4-B4EEB0…)

Off topic and not really milk but why does she constantly make jokes about feces and using the restroom and other vulgar topics, does she think it’s cute or something? It’s gross to think about, talking about how your feces smelled doesn’t make you one of the boys it’s just fucking gross.

No. 984822

Big yikes. This is disgusting no matter if a man or woman is doing it. She's def doing the 'i'm one of the boys' type humor.

No. 984826

At that age, you would be tired/bored at this point to be making poop jokes. Must be tiring to be a “Cool Girl” to pander the male attention.

No. 985020

This, I almost forgot she’s fucking 21 and still making the same jokes a 13 year old boy makes

No. 985065

File: 1591681606094.png (498.45 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20200609-174128.png)


I swear I see this autistic simp replying to every single reply calling her out for rape allegations and saying that she "apologized." so that somehow immediately exonerates her of any wrong doing in the past. I wonder how desperate she'll get once her audience gets bored of her

No. 985071

That dude replied to me once saying it’s ok that she traces her backgrounds because she was “open about it”, that was like 7 months ago I can’t believe he still replies to every single post that criticised her. Is it far fetched to say that it’s her on an alt account or is it just a really dedicated simp?

No. 985112

Jesus he’s still active? Last time I saw him is last year, around November or December 2019, where I showed her “apology” stream to a user’s tweet and gave my opinion on how it’s a shitty apology, until that simp spergs in to insult us. He’s not that hard to deal with when you lectured him then he’ll be quiet, like dealing with a child.

What a sad individual to be defending a low-tier tracer. The dude is lives and breathes in defensive replies about her. It’s like arguing to a brick wall when you have a argument with him.

No. 985331

I really just wanna know what this man thinks he has to gain from simping for an overweight 21 year old who’s entire sense of humour revolves around literal shit

No. 985480

File: 1591765610847.png (709.76 KB, 1080x1136, Screenshot_20200610-170622.png)

Her simps are impressed at her range as if it isn't just makeup and a wig. My favourite reply to this was "I don't see a clown one"

No. 985880

This tweet just shows how self absorbed she is, how does someone draft that tweet and not think once that it’s really narcissistic and get uncomfortable posting it

No. 986353

True, I meant more in the sense that I’m pretty sure he has a girlfriend and doesn’t seem like the cheating type. But like >>982977 said she’s probably already tried kek.

No. 986675

watched a couple of her streams, and I kinda hate it. She's super negative and bitchy for most of it, plus the boring conversations she has with her two friends. Her drawings are not even that impressive. Surprised that she averages even 200 viewers

No. 986799

I can’t be fucked to watch her streams, how much percent of it is unfunny poop jokes?

No. 986801

File: 1592054620695.jpeg (419.99 KB, 750x976, 948A0448-5A8D-4EC2-856F-C9E66F…)

Please someone tell this man that she’s not going to follow him back or talk to him

No. 986808

I applaud for your efforts when I can’t watch the first 15 minutes in one of her streams. It baffles me for her to hold an audience is beyond me, like you said, “negative, bitchy, and boring”

He’s such a pathetic simp since he has nothing to gain from defending her. It won’t surprised me if Hyojin soft block him since he’s been constantly replying tweets that mentions her.

No. 986882

Every stream I've seen of her have all of the following something about her tits or thighs, her stance on racism and pedophiles but then she contradicts herself and how shes got a diploma in animation

No. 986904

>something about her tits and thighs
Seriously? I thought that was just something she talks about on twitter but damn.. how does being a self centred cunt and thinking heart attack inducing screams is funny entertaining to people?

No. 987022

She does have some pretty nice knockers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 987028

Please leave

No. 987560

File: 1592201035540.png (232.32 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20200615-180248.png)

Oh boy, she put out a merch announcement videosupposedly it's out on June 20th. Her designs look so tacky and cheap like no effort was put into designing anything, unsurprisingly her simps are lapping that shit up

No. 987646

Her fennec character persona thing is so fucking ugly.. you know she’s gonna overprice her ugly merch to look like some hypebeast shit she would buy

No. 988183

her new video is out and just something about her voice rubs me the wrong way. its super monotone and deep but also really annoying and scratchy

No. 988198

She’s trying to convey emotions but it ends up being forced instead of being natural; for example when she’s trying to be lovey-dovey with her boyfriend in that 10-minute promo video, it sounds cringey and forced. Even though it’s acting, it just doesn’t sound natural.

> its super monotone and deep but also really annoying and scratchy

Kind of wonder about her being a smoker is true since she sometimes drew herself with cigarettes which can confirmed the theory about her deep and scratchy voice.

No. 988296

File: 1592391119311.jpeg (53.33 KB, 828x720, 68B848B3-DB0B-426C-9B4E-86C710…)

> Sex jokes about your sex life is totally part of being “one of the boys”

No. 988441

Does her boyfriend know she posts this shit? he doesn’t seem active on twitter and any normal person wouldn’t be comfortable with their girlfriend sharing all that personal information, especially sharing photos cause she posted his genitals once

No. 988711

You'd assume that he would also be a part of her personal discord, I wonder if he just has stopped caring or if she has him whipped.

No. 988753

He’s fine with such a blatant invasion of privacy so long as his girlfriend is quirky and not like the other girls cause she likes poop jokes and funny reddit memes right

No. 988836

File: 1592471465217.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20200618-210842.png)

"Hehe look at my bf I 69 with!! Were kissing here!! So I love"

No. 988881

He’s ugly af too

No. 988901

What a downgrade. Wouldn’t surprised me if he’s a rebound.

No. 990309

File: 1592701358700.jpeg (779.31 KB, 828x1471, 9571BFA9-A4A2-41F8-95AE-65AF35…)

Oh no girl, that ain’t right.

No. 990340

If she really is 5ft which I think is believable, she's going to look like a granny. Some find that longer skirts are more flattering on taller people

No. 990341


lmao are we supposed to be envious of her bragging about sex with this lanky, scrawny motherfucker?

No. 990348

Ah, yes, another fashionista who gets all of her clothes and shoes from yesstyle

No. 990668

you can tell her ass is searching ulzzang on pinterest constantly for outfit inspo. this is so obviously trying to mimic korean fashion, but you can tell she has no natural fashion sense. the wack ass colours she's paired alongside the THREE different variations of plaid… just stick to trying to make offwhite look good with your cheap crop tops and skinny jeans sis

No. 991210

Nononono lmao

No. 991224

oh my god this is so fucking cheap looking and ugly as hell. The stupid bitch couldn’t even match her plaid patterns, look at this shit. Beige/grey with beige/brown and completely different plaid patterns…. this is atrocious and she should just stick to her shitty street wear.

No. 991450

literal art hoe look

No. 992148

The outfit could work on someone who’s taller and in shape, but she is so self absorbed that she thinks she looks good in anything.. try losing 30lb before thinking you can pull that look off Hyojin

No. 992213

Since everyone is getting “Metoo” I think it’s a good time for this bitch to get what she deserves

No. 993033

File: 1592962572407.png (494.17 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_20200624-133308.png)

I havent seen anymore announcements on any of her social medias but her merch dropped on the 20th and it looks very low effort and a shit version of cool shirtz

Store: https://crowdmade.com/collections/squizzy

No. 993036

File: 1592962593969.png (505.7 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20200624-133248.png)

No. 993073

When she dropped her merch announcement vid a week ago, she didn’t marketed a lot about her merch and I pretty much forgot about it.

All that hype for basic shirts and hoodies with boring designs, none of the clothes stood out to me. You can find better designs in other websites with less than the price she’s offering.

No. 993162

File: 1592970093036.jpeg (254.5 KB, 828x1000, DB7C5D40-431C-46DA-9D12-D1DF03…)

Hyojin announcing her a new video to her new second channel; coming soon. I would guess she’s either going to do commentary or like Reddit content like her famous commentary/Reddit friends. Surprised she didn’t do this earlier.

No. 993229

File: 1592976501792.jpeg (327.06 KB, 750x1045, 06A3260E-0A25-490D-B4F6-94B471…)

This merch is so fucking ugly I can’t think of a single person who would wanna be seen wearing this.. it looks like she’s making a shitty attempt to make ugly designer clothes that people only buy to show off that they have money. Who would even want to wear merch with this dumb cunts name on it lmao

No. 993247

The only somewhat good one is the skull one but it’s a full rip off of pyrocynicals merch. It’d be fucking hilarious if he called it out

No. 993631

to be fair, i think hyojin made a lot of pyrocynical's merch illustrations back then. there are a few desings with just minor changes or different colours (mostly the furfag stuff)

No. 993796

Regardless I’m pretty sure it can still be regarded as stealing his designs cause I’m sure pyro holds the copyright on his own merch even if he himself didn’t draw it

No. 994978

File: 1593095506959.jpg (158.44 KB, 862x865, IMG_20200625_102557.jpg)

I wonder who the blacked out icons are? My best guess is slazo people like Slazo, Chey and Alex. I also wonder if the icons with no picture are people she blocked/ people that blocked her? This girl is so wild she not gonna have anyone left by being a bitch

No. 995004

I highly doubt that her and Slazo interacted after the drama considering they don’t follow each in their social media’s. According to Slazo’s video, “Being “Cancelled”’ the people he tried to contacted either unfollowed, blocked, or soft blocked him when the drama happened. Even for Alex and Chey, I don’t think she has interacted with them after the drama ended.

No. 995022

i'm fucking stupid, what is this circle? is this people she's mutuals with on twitter or something? do the people closer to her interact more?

No. 995213

If whatever bot used to generate that also includes disabled/suspended accounts, maybe some of those blacked out ones are pyrocynical from back when he had a twitter account?

No. 995220

It is a "twitter interaction circle." Funny that she didn't block out Elvis or iNabber. I'm not on Twitter, but I suspect many along the outer edge are commentary/drama ppl.

No. 995286

I believe it is based on tweet interactions. So replying, retweet and liking posts. That's my guess.

No. 995776

File: 1593141726067.png (688.32 KB, 1080x1124, Screenshot_20200626-151653.png)

Imagine thinking you can pull girls like Haruhi and don't have a shit personality

No. 995786

Fuck off! Hyojin never had to work for a damn thing in her life unlike haruhi

sage for blogpost

No. 995849

Personally, she’s more suited to look, even act, like Shinji Ikari from Neon Evangelion. A character that bitches a lot.

No. 995980

I think it’s a good time to just cancel the bitch once and for all

No. 996011

Except Shinji has a whole host of situational and psychological reasons for his behaviour KEK

No. 996279

File: 1593194603419.jpeg (137.37 KB, 1024x852, 591144F4-5198-4A06-83C4-AE3300…)

What drama did she have with Elvis or inabber?

What normal person spends their day posting about what anime character they look like wtf
“Cancelling” has never worked on a single person ever. I suggest this instead. It’s more effective and can ruin her chances at getting jobs In the future(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 996282

Forgot to mention too, just email clips of her saying NIGGER to her potential employers to fuck her over kek.

No. 996532

Why’d I get banned for this lmao? Fucking faggots(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 996881

>>996279 It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get more evidence of her saying words that would definitely cancel her,allegations,rumors and her acting scummy and that would make it hard for her to even get future sponsors

No. 996883

This is fucking psychotic and poop-touching to the nth degree. That's why you got banned.

No. 997463

Psychotic? No it’s fucking brilliant. This dumb cunt has tried to ruin a mans life with a false rape accusation, she should have it done to her in return. Don’t be a pussy

No. 997522

>5.2 Do not use lolcow.farm to organize a crusade against a cow (not your personal army).

No. 997669

And I should care about your faggy rules why…?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 997675

we aren’t a little personal army you can send to do stupid things to people. if you don’t like the rules leave.

No. 997748

File: 1593344795834.png (945.33 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20200628-234117.png)

Drunk stream? Aren't we blessed, can't wait to see what bullshit she spews out while drunk.

No. 997949

The Japanese text translates to "meme"… imagine getting caught wearing a shirt that just says "meme" on top of a shitty illustration

No. 997970

I was expecting it to be a mistranslation but having it just say “meme” is even worse. >>997748
“Hey guys I drink uwu”

No. 998319

File: 1593406044717.png (2.57 MB, 1080x1506, PicsArt_06-29-04.47.22.png)

She really did just lose a chunk of her jaw though

No. 998465

File: 1593429324410.jpeg (477.3 KB, 1528x1528, 20BCCD21-1C06-4563-98B7-C66CF9…)

She really wants that slim face but can’t accept the fact that she has chubby cheeks.

No. 998470

File: 1593429853099.jpeg (731.01 KB, 1536x2048, C1C9C965-C818-4AC0-B53E-E1B61E…)

Samefag. I don’t understand what’s going through her mind when she thinks that this angle is a great picture to send in the internet.

No. 998530

File: 1593440005838.jpeg (149.6 KB, 930x720, 1D3E4DCC-1E66-4637-8208-E2F53E…)

lol she looks like Ms Kwan

No. 998533

This is embarrassing. What's the point in editing your cheeks when u show yourself on stream. Literally two different people.

No. 998546

Maybe Insecurity? But even still, editing your face/body in photos seems pretty dishonest imo.

No. 998547

File: 1593442120509.png (73.42 KB, 200x241, 69b.png)

No. 998749

LMAO can someone outline both of those photos and overlay them

No. 998836

what's going on with the irises on the left pic? wtf did she try to do lmao

No. 998839

File: 1593471851027.png (780.56 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20200630-105610.png)

"the #metoo movement is super serious and that we should bring light to it and then that…" She trails off and says nevermind and smiles about it, i think this is when she realised that she has a documented history

No. 998844

She then goes on to say "I believed a victim once and that they were lying and me and some friends has no fucking clue and then she dipped and she so clearly used us for clout, there's not conspiracy theory and the victim was just lying. Rip me and Rio the other people" uwu I haven't done anything wrong not like there's screenshots or anything hehe

No. 998869

File: 1593474087001.jpeg (190.17 KB, 755x762, 772BFD41-D516-4F6C-B5DC-252E7D…)

Interesting. I guess she didn’t saw Kwite’s apology not where he mentioned the screenshot conversation between him, her, and Alex; Kwite didn’t say it’s fake. she needs to stop saying that she’s not part of participating the canceled mob against Slazo; a lot of people who weren’t fans of hers are tired of her shit.

No. 1000289

what the fuck, lmao. Did she make this?

No. 1000813

Yes and it’s not even the only porn she’s drawn of herself

No. 1000818

File: 1593651754859.jpeg (204.41 KB, 615x945, FB4BCE88-26E0-484F-BBF2-D91909…)

Why did she change her artsyle again to look like the simpsons it’s really ugly

No. 1000836

Yes. She has more drawings on Rule34 website.

At least the Simpsons art style is iconic and memorable in my opinion. Her art style is just plain lazy and traced, and it’s not news that anons in this thread saw and agreed that her drawings haven’t been developed since 2016-2017.

No. 1001078

File: 1593709078157.jpeg (317.37 KB, 828x622, 3C78A230-D143-40D2-9B45-A7F941…)

Girl, you’re just going use those sponsor money for shitty high-end clothes and make-up. You ain’t paying bills except your simps’ and rich YouTuber friends’ and boyfriend.

No. 1001361

I remember in one of her streams she was giving advice on how to move out by yourself AS IF shes left her parents house. Also what bills? She lives at home

No. 1002081

File: 1593873002100.jpeg (264.27 KB, 828x927, EA990063-DEBB-43C0-8FBD-66E9F4…)

Not really milk; Hyojin updated her Patreon, including the tier roles. Personally, I read it as, “doesn’t give a shit.” when she gave her announcement. Considering she barely posts content and now she says she won’t be doing monthly commissions anymore because of “schedule problems”. I wonder how desperate she’s going to get when her Patrons leave her and she has to resort to OnlyFans to sell nudes.

No. 1002926

File: 1594003081732.jpeg (441.44 KB, 1536x2048, EcI8LIpU0AMTAWj.jpeg)

It looks like she's sucking in and I'm glad she's not editing her pancake face anymore but even her tits look smaller than how she talks about them on stream

No. 1003692

File: 1594148014098.jpeg (499.78 KB, 1528x1528, 3444BB85-353D-4BD6-94CD-99678A…)

Saging here since she 100% Facetune/Photoshop her face. The right picture I found where people tagged her.

No. 1005814

File: 1594545859082.png (76.96 KB, 1080x523, Screenshot_20200712-212255.png)

Oh boy, I'm pretty sure this is a half joke half serious thing

No. 1005854

File: 1594559828294.png (1007.41 KB, 828x1792, B80A9F9D-3BF3-47A9-B0B7-DB2AD6…)

Yes, Hyojin, we like to know if you’re horny or not in front of the public audience. >>1005814
She’s going to do it 100%. She’s not doing monthly art commissions anymore so she has to make money somehow.

No. 1006283

File: 1594626585962.jpeg (143.04 KB, 750x453, 1D05CED2-C1E3-4805-9016-285F85…)

Ohhhh the irony

Anon you don’t get it she’s quirky and one of the guys don’t you think she’s cool and unique

No. 1006293

File: 1594630488227.png (137.61 KB, 1080x982, Screenshot_20200713-205231.png)

Oh sure hoejin, just a meme
Her whole personality revolves around being one of the LADS and being not like the other girls

No. 1008995

boomitsmaia is a warning stamp

No. 1009137

File: 1595047668181.png (523.73 KB, 1080x1447, Screenshot_20200718-164714.png)

As if this wasn't the original intention, she looks like she has a black eye

No. 1009248

File: 1595077295683.jpeg (38.42 KB, 828x363, FF2777D0-B2D4-4CC8-923E-B8A869…)

She really loves that attention of not being compare to a stereotypical Kpop boy. Let’s see how long it’ll last when she complains about not being hot enough with that short hair. More unfunny sex jokes incoming.

No. 1009271

'please PLEASE stop comparing me to two men i look absolutely nothing like! i know none of you have seen it actually happening but i PROMISE my dms are just full of people telling me i totally look exactly like jimin AND jungkook at the same time and that i'm not just making shit up to fuel my ego and give me a reason to go fakeboi! stop it guys!'

No. 1010130

File: 1595229044907.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20200720-190956.png)

Is baiting the only way she knows to keep followers since she doesn't have her own personality?

No. 1010185

Oh she has a personality. She’s the “cool girl” and “not like the other girls” who makes poop and sex jokes!

No. 1010269

Literally nobody but herself compares her to them

No she just has a really autistic fanbase who thinks she’s funny and one of the guys because she makes poop jokes. You don’t need to fake a personality when you just amass a fanbase from the absolute bottom of the barrel

No. 1011095

File: 1595439461711.png (390.1 KB, 724x767, gross.PNG)

I don't mind her weird shit all that much, but every time she posts about her disgusting ass bf I cringe (its a snapchat video of him shitting btw)

No. 1011101

File: 1595440066552.png (32.17 KB, 702x244, comeon.PNG)

Also this, dude's retarded af

No. 1011108


I feel like guys that fuck girls that talk like that just really secretly want to fuck their bros. What’s appealing about being this way with your S/O?

No. 1011162

That’s not her BF since his name is at the bottom of the video but some random ass friend of hers that send her the snap. I guess when there’s more than two white guys who are ugly as fuck can confused people. Her boyfriend is totally a rebound and a downgrade TBH.

No. 1011286

So much for a private relationship, both of their channels are pretty washed up as far as I can tell

No. 1011690

File: 1595531476590.jpeg (197.45 KB, 750x768, 85492836-CD23-4685-BE73-6764BB…)

What did she mean by this?

No. 1011691

File: 1595531517399.jpeg (295.93 KB, 750x662, FBE0BA96-4C6A-4724-A88B-97D51C…)

And Q the simp is still at it

No. 1011698

File: 1595531971607.jpeg (395.36 KB, 750x573, 10E8B70E-40D7-43CE-A905-06A00B…)

No. 1011701

If someone accused me of rape and never got to hear my side, I would avoid them like the plague. Hyojin is bragging like she usually does.

No. 1011772

She's taking the piss thinking everyone forgot but even in one of her streams she made it out so that she was a victim of Shays 'manipulation' and didn't fake a suicide attempt to deflect blame

No. 1011916

File: 1595566346262.png (260.42 KB, 1080x1256, 20200724_004912.png)

Oh just remembered this account hyojin forgot to block me on. Here's what she actually thinks about pyros fans (basically her current fanbase). We used to be friends before we found out she was just throwing around racial slurs with her new popular friends.

No. 1011921

File: 1595566686627.png (318 KB, 1080x1069, 20200724_005753.png)

Funny how nothing's changed

No. 1011934

>greasy keyboard
Projection much?

No. 1011938

The @ is @squizzzzzz
It's been inactive since 2016, it's really cringe and it's just her sharing private information that pyro messaged her that I won't share here because it's not my place and she shouldn't have shared it either. It's just full of crappy selfies of her pancake face, sex messages between her and pyro, overwatch talk, ranting about pyrps fans and drama within the community. And of course poop jokes.
She would often tweet at us pleading not to share it because she really didn't want pyro to find out about the account. I don't care anymore. I just unfollowed the account, it's rotten milk and It's just clear she hasn't changed at all. I'm ashamed to have considered her a close friend without realizing she had a big ego issue, and dating a famous YouTuber just amplified that.
I want to add that they genuinely seemed to love each other at the start, I was no longer around at the end of the relationship.
She's a really shit person who abused mutual friends when she became popular. I hate her and will never forgive her. Anyway to make this less of a blog post I'm just gonna say Pyro likes pegging. I don't know what her current private is as we no longer get along.

No. 1011945

File: 1595570023735.png (508.87 KB, 1080x822, Guro.png)

Samefag but I forgot this screenshot of her weird guro porn furry fetish kek

No. 1011964

It's unfortunate you had to deal with something like her, she said in a stream that she has a third private account that only close friends follow. It really seems that she was only ever really with pyro for the clout and she's still latching onto that almost two years after.

No. 1011997

I called it when I was doing light work research of her that she's not going to change as a person and reading some experiences that anons have with her before and during she gotten with Pyro, proves that. For Slazo going back being friends with her is a mistake and she almost, along with many others, destroyed his career.

> she's still latching onto that almost two years after.
Being "famous" because of association with other e-celebs is not good for a long career run. She's already known as "Pyro's ex" and friends of "Reddit/commentary crew" and she's forever known as that.

No. 1012125


I wonder is Pyro ever found out about her publicly sharing their intimate messages. I know I would be pissed off, this bitch has issues

No. 1012203

File: 1595624845711.png (550.19 KB, 1080x1114, 20200724_140335.png)


He probably wasn't a big fan of her just sharing private drama either. She used to complain a lot about not getting enough attention at the start of the relationship

No. 1012240

> Shares private conversations in alternative private Twitter account.

> Same actions except it’s in a alternative public Twitter account.
Hyojin mentality.

She needs to fix her codependent issues and needs to learn how to be alone by herself to heal, since seeking validation from other people is obviously not healthy. I’m guessing therapy is not working with her since she’s showing the same exact actions from 4 years, maybe a little more, years ago.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Pyro decided for himself to break up and be distant away from her since she has no decency and morals on what boundaries she’s crossed. It wouldn’t surprised me about her immediately going for another partner, AKA her current boyfriend, to boost her self-esteem after the break up.

I’m firmly believed that both her and Pyro broke up on mutual terms and are mutual friends now. <- sarcasm.

No. 1012331

i kinda understand why she behaves like this, clearly having low self esteem, she seeks validation from people online especially in a 'gaming/ commentary' community where guys pine over the rare girl she truly just enjoys the attention she doesn't get irl.

she literally surrounding herself with people that worship everything she does, trapped in a delusional world shes cultivated for herself jumping from pyro to punkduck so quickly because she doesnt like being alone

No. 1012444

i want more pyro/hyojin tea. it reminds me of anisa whining about idubbbz behind his back and that shit was glorious!!!

i was very perplexed when I learned pyro and hyojin were an item back then, bc I think he seems to be quite a nice guy but she is just vile and nasty as fuck. seeing how he is privately and what they were writing to each other would be interesting as fuck.

No. 1015122

File: 1596198673765.jpeg (569.26 KB, 828x1463, E93349E4-7C21-49E7-9513-650119…)

> Totally not flaunting my body while asking my simps dumb questions on “working out”

No. 1015456

File: 1596253129207.png (671.03 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20200801-153550.png)

Hyojin flirting with Emma even though she has a bf and is filth


No. 1015458

File: 1596253152954.png (785.37 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_20200801-153556.png)


No. 1015460

File: 1596253365913.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20200801-154039.png)

Hi male followers I'm actually a girl! Look at my ass and titties

No. 1015505

She’s been doing that with every e-whore as of late.

No. 1015506

Anyone else notice the people she use to talk to before the "suicide attempt" no longer talk to her or show up in her streams ?
Looks like she switched out her friend group once again

No. 1015579

> GuYz I'm BiSexUaL! It'z PaRt Of mY PeRsOnAliTy!
I won't be she surprised that she's saying she's bi to pander attention and is willing to do mff threesomes.

No, I've noticed as well; specifically Aiden (AKindAleWar), Rooting_Around, and MerkDEnglish. All three of them being prominent BFFs since 2016, and they no longer follow each other in their main Twitter accounts, even they didn't followed her alternative account, fartingballsack. But both Aiden and Root followed Ed, her current boyfriend. Something is wrong when your friends are following your significant other and not you.

No. 1015772

God she is working so hard to give herself the illusion of an hourglass but she still looks like an absolute porker. Her stomach isn’t even flat here and I’m sure she’s suckin it in. I don’t think her face is bad tbh but she’s not really in a position to give advice on “How to stay fit” lol. The absolute cognitive dissonance.

Oh there is no way she’s bi. She doesn’t even seem to be able to keep any female friends or like genuinely like women beyond hollow performative simping. After all, girls are just SO dramatic!! And hyojin is too chill for that! I’m sure she’s pretended to be cool with the prospect of a mff threesome as a pickme tactic but there’s no way her ego could take it. Her pathological need for male validation def seems to put her at odds with other women.

No. 1016075

File: 1596376684949.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20200803-015543.png)

So much for being a knowledgeable thicc gym queen

No. 1017010

Why is everyone calling her fat? Not to blogpost but my body looks like hers and I'm normal weight. How tall is she? She just seems chubby but not straight up ham territory.
Idk how Id feel about it… on one hand it would be interesting to get a look into their relationship, but on the other, he seems like too nice and genuine a guy to have that info leaked AGAIN.

No. 1017020

Sage your post if you don't have anything remotely milky about her.

She claimed to be 5"2 or 5"3 from what I remember when people asked her and Pyro's relationship and their height differences. She's chubby for sure but I don't see any muscles that she claims to have. Also, she claims to be working out for 2 years and, in my opinion, I barely see any difference. I don't see any posts about her weight loss or muscle gain journey, except showing off her body to her fans that she's slim thicc hourglass babe.

IDK I thought working out would not only helps you physically, but also with mental health, and I get the feeling that Hyojin wanted to show to her fans that she's "hot" and she not so much for care about her poor self-esteem since it's clear to me that she needs validation from other people to tell her that she's "hot and thicc".

No. 1017077

>>1015579 Longtime ex-follower here, she's always identified as bisexual. Whether or not it's for attention, she's stuck with the label for a pretty long time.

No. 1017170

she looks like a fucking tranny lmao

No. 1017313

her streams are god awful. Her latest stream is her drawing black lesbians (because of course) while ranting how Logic isn't allowed to say the n-word
like she's one to talk lmao

No. 1017659

We'll remember this tweet when she does that. She'll usually crave into that

No. 1017746

File: 1596591820345.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3148x3067, 4455CCC7-6191-4F43-BED1-8BA6DC…)

Fuck it i dont care anymore


No. 1017747

File: 1596591857848.jpeg (1.54 MB, 3148x3067, 9FF27AE0-68E4-40BB-B5D7-01D9B6…)


No. 1017749

File: 1596591949460.jpeg (1.55 MB, 3148x3067, 5B058CFD-0840-4F16-BDED-01A6C7…)


No. 1017753

So there you go. Sadly didnt save images of their chats which got kinda explicit. She was 16 and he was 19 at the time, its not that big of an age difference but clearly she never had an issue with sexualizing minors (in reference to her drawing porn ofunderage friends). She is a very insecure person and hates her fans.i believe that hasnt changed.
She did self harm and there are pictures of her cut arms in the account, for obvious reasons i didnt include those. But for people who are skeptical of her suicide attempt I wouldnt be surprised. Shes a shit person and the only way she thrives is by making others feel worse than her.
Im no better than her for sharing personal stuff, but I dont care. Im not in the public eye, im just a hurt friend. I hope she has changed but i highly doubt it hehe

No. 1017754

File: 1596592777931.jpeg (337.26 KB, 828x906, 8086AD25-16F0-4002-B584-174EE5…)

Damn Anon, you snapped. I have sympathy for your anger and hurt, it hurts me to see Hyojin abusing her power against people.

Like always, Hyojin got some damn issues and seeing her private account with the tweets like this didn’t surprised me. I wonder if therapy isn’t working out for her?

Not really milk, but I found this post on Reddit interesting.

No. 1017756

File: 1596592840564.jpeg (544.62 KB, 1438x859, DF5058F9-7487-4E28-A5C9-5548E4…)

No. 1017793


Yep, this is true. I believe this was one of her 17389292 alt accounts though I'm not sure if it was private or public
When they started talking she would send our friend group pictures of him and I guess she got too comfortable, not a big deal now that his face is out but it certainly wasn't leaked by keem. Also the whole "pyro is dating a 15 year old french girl" lie wasn't that far off considering he was dating a 16 year old psycho. I remember hyojin being afraid of her security at the time because people were trying to find out who the girl was, don't think they were openly dating yet

No. 1017844

File: 1596612991051.jpg (786.38 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200805_193620.jpg)

Thanks for the caps anon, I don't blame you for hating her since she sees most people as replaceable, it really sucks that you had to experience her shitty behaviour

Has she mentioned her going to therapy? If not she seriously needs it, constantly baiting her nudes and body for her simps to lap up but also trying to maintain that she's just one of the bros.

No. 1017855

thank you so much anon, seriously

No. 1017915

Holy fuck this is the most cringe thing ever. If my partner talked about me this way in public, I'd yeet them so fucking far. Uncomfortable.

Why do people with fine lips feel the need to overline them? How fucking big do they need to be? Also overlining too is always so obvious so what is the point?

No. 1017960

thank you for this anon, much obliged! very interesting insights indeed.

No. 1018317

I hate the overlining lips trend so much its basically painting a sign that says "I'm insecure about my looks"

No. 1018727

this is a whole ass r/ihavesex

No. 1019073

She's trying so hard to get attention from youtubers it's embarrassing

No. 1019151

File: 1596819906973.jpeg (315.04 KB, 1528x1528, AE9F8AAE-83D9-45BE-BDA6-1A8162…)

Ugh why I get the feeling she’s going to make an OnlyFans soon with this type of shit?

No. 1019629

File: 1596868121962.png (1.39 MB, 1142x901, Capture.PNG)

Probably nothing but her arm looks like it has track marks. Couldn't find another stream with short sleeves. I also didn't look that hard

No. 1019639

File: 1596869045371.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, E5691CA3-6FF4-4425-9122-56F5A8…)

That middle one is drawn so weird… and ofc she’s drawing herself “thick” even though she doesn’t look like that at all.. we get it you have a big ego

No. 1019643

Anon that's a freckle.

No. 1019696

are you pretending to be blind? nta, but there are a lot of marks and redness in her elbow crease, though I highly doubt she's using any kind of injectable drugs

No. 1019725

Are you blind? Where the fuck in this low quality picture do you see fucking track marks? Or do you just not know what a fucking track mark looks like because you like to nitpick? Rashes are common on the inner elbows, I see a bit of redness and a couple of freckles.

No. 1019729

NTA, but that looks like track marks and some bruising. And I know the fucking difference between inflamed skin and some light bruising. And sure, that ONE THING ON TOP looks like a mole, but the small sore spots near the bottom are suspect.

No. 1019753

Sage your nitpick, the picture is too low quality for anyone to even tell what's on her arm.

No. 1020167

then how can you be so confident calling them freckles?

No. 1020266

They obviously are freckles. Low quality or not, the difference between a track mark and a freckle or more is staggering.

No. 1020380

thank you for the milk! slightly OT, but I can't believe there is hardly any pyro milk online, so this is so interesting to see. I wonder how much of a freak he is underneath his rather reserved demeanour. their personalities seemed to be the polar opposite from each other. he seems so nice and she is SO EXTRA.

hyojin's porn art of their fursonas and her stating that he likes vore as well is… interesting to say the least. anyways, I hope more pyro and squizxy stuff gets leaked.

No. 1020767

File: 1597065755513.jpeg (186.07 KB, 828x1472, EfD176PUwAEjGZY.jpeg)

"the worst bed hair in the world"

No. 1020769

If this was a drawing I would of said the anatomy was off

No. 1020792

Can’t imagine how uncomfortable she feels to suck in your stomach and arch your body to make yourself a disfigured hourglass.

No. 1020850

>the worst bed hair in the world
>can’t see hair properly

Wow, she has such and unfortunate looking body, she has thick thighs but no ass nor hips and her arms looks like bloated hot dogs. She could have picked another pose, but she had to pick this one.

No. 1020918

File: 1597093665922.jpg (851.12 KB, 2215x3207, IMG_20200810_170545.jpg)

This is like a worse version of sakimichan, an artist known for her hypersexualized pinups full of broken anatomy. Why does she call this tomboy, it's just a pornstar with short hair

No. 1020944

IDK why but the way Hyojin drew her random poses in different locations in one page bothers me and doesn’t make sense why she put her self-portraits there. As anon says, I didn’t get the tomboy vibe or theme from this drawing. This is not creative at all in my personal opinion.

No. 1020949

Because she doesn't know how composition works and it's blatantly obvious of you look at her art in general. For a "professional" artist it really seems like the only think she knows what to do is linework with the help of clip studio's smoothing tool. The only time her colors look good is when she steals from premade color palettes, her perspective looks good when she traces. This bitch doesn't know her fundamentals and outside of her very simple cartoons it's clear how bad she is.

No. 1021100

File: 1597123539913.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20200811-172509.png)

To reinforce your comment about her body, why is she calling her deformed arm out yet still posting it

No. 1021207

Her arms are like that is because it’s fat and I don’t think she bothers to tone her arms. Also, is no one going to mention how her hip is the same size as her head? If someone told me it’s photoshopped, I would’ve believed you.

No. 1021268

She didn’t even shade the right arm in the middle. Why’s the shoulder so big? It looks like a tranny. This bitch has 500k followers for shit tier drawings because she’s “One of the guys”… if horny men didn’t exist she’d have no following. There are so many talented artists who deserve more support than this shit.

No. 1021288


Anon when you see someone whose pics are all at weird angles it's because they're exploiting tilting the phone and its wide lens to find something flattering. It's as much internet disease as photoshop.

No. 1021365

Don’t forget facetune. Now any dumb whore can shop their body without even touching a computer

No. 1023382

for a person with "dysphoria", she sure likes posting pictures of herself

No. 1023458

Did she diagnosed herself on stream or something? It sounds like another mental-health card to add in for sympathy and attention again. I guess she needs people to baby her.

No. 1023703

yep. She had a stream where she went on a rant how she's not pretty enough to be a popular twitch girl. Part of that rant was how she has "dysphoria" over how her face is shaped then set a donation goal to get plastic surgery.

No. 1023707

jesus. Shes an unbelievable idiot.

No. 1023713

is she too dumb to understand the difference between dysphoria and dysmorphia, or is she just trying to get woque points?

No. 1023715

> “College educated” Hyojin is sooo smart and secure in herself.

It’s obvious that she facetunes/photoshops her face in her photos so it didn’t surprised me for Hyojin to go for plastic surgery to fill in her insecurities. I guess she wants to join in that plastic surgery trend that so many of her own ethnicity is doing. I’m going to bet on she’ll still complain where her face gets botched and old by the next 20 years and continue her plastic surgery journey. If you fix one thing, others will look weird and out of proportion so you’ll eventually have to fix others.

No. 1023723

File: 1597583582521.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20200816-215526.png)

Speaking of her face, she looks manly here

No. 1023727

She is going to look like a trannie if she does surgery kek

No. 1023731

she already does lol

No. 1023738

Can this bitch style her party city wigs before taking a selfie she looks like a crackhead who just got done tweaking for the day

No. 1023775

She looks like a man in bad drag

No. 1023798

It’s already a known observation that Hyojin has no sense of fashion and style. I doubt that she takes care or style her own wigs considering how messy she make them look on her. Even with her short hair, she manages to make them look like a hobo on her lol.

No. 1025059

File: 1597748852169.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20200818-230636.png)

Please clean your mirror

No. 1025093

The girl is caught up with her narcissism that she didn’t bother to make her reflection look good. It’s kinda symbolic honestly in my opinion.

No. 1026087

File: 1597927597463.jpeg (564.38 KB, 828x1468, 356525A8-B885-44DE-8A53-11FB13…)

She might want to fix her nasty personality before she has anyone living with her. I guess she change her mind about having her BF moving in with her.

No. 1026128

Got to love that they need to be content creators in order to room with her

No. 1026153

File: 1597940508543.jpeg (92.89 KB, 1419x229, FDEFE336-FC03-4AE4-8B39-715890…)

No. 1026307

Probably wants more COLLABS or in reality to mooch off their audience and change non existent personality to be more marketable

No. 1026308

>Just exposed her flat non-existent chest
I wonder why she hasn't gotten a boob job yet, she obviously sees herself in that way >>1019639

No. 1026311

Sydney actually has the biggest scene of artists or "content creators" in OZ, if she actually went outside she'd know that

But none of them wants to be associated with her edgy bullshit unless they were half-formed scrotes

No. 1026340

IDK I would thought since Hyojin portrays herself to be outgoing and sociable, she would easily make friends and connections to consider to take in to live with her around her area. As you said, I don’t think anyone with a basic intuition would be roommates with her unless they’re also degenerates themselves.

No. 1026536

I'm a bit late but did no one notice this self post?
In this screenshot, you can see the Activity button on Hyojin's tweet. You can only see that if you are the owner of the account. The file name also says "Screenshot", so it probably came directly from her phone. It also doesn't seem like Hyojin ever tweeted this image (though she could have deleted it).
Can anyone confirm if she tweeted this image or not? Looks like a self post.

No. 1026560

If you’re talking about the tweet itself, she still has it if you look for it through her “tweets & replies” page. You might be right about the activity button that only owners of their own tweet can view it when I tested it for myself. I think it’s likely that Hyojin found this thread if not earlier before, unless she got hacked.

No. 1026569

File: 1598014967971.png (544.83 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20200822-005942.png)

Not a selfpost, she posted a screen cap of her tweet to emma onto @fartingballsack where I just directly screen capped the what she posted. Pic for reference

No. 1026571

Thanks anons! I looked only on her squizxy account. Sorry for the false alarm.

No. 1026754

>greased up mirror
>midget length fat calves
>ugly feet
why would anyone post that jfc

No. 1026982

File: 1598083769803.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1795, Screenshot_20200822-200558.png)

i hate it when you guys call me jungkook!! im my own person! but should i pander to my simps i want to be an eboy because im one of the girls uwu

No. 1027029

File: 1598094449187.jpeg (348.23 KB, 1528x1528, 72781DB5-A19E-4FA9-8A15-AC6652…)

Love that the shape of her face keeps on changing with every selfie she posted. She’s truly is a queen of angles.

No. 1027603

don't worry anon, she'll get plastic surgery one day to stop her body/ facial dysphoria

No. 1032863

File: 1599144312203.jpeg (210.32 KB, 828x740, 7B2778D5-702C-4BBA-922A-5A4967…)

> Haha accidentally sending masturbation jokes to friends are funny. :)

No. 1032879

File: 1599149126655.jpeg (438.42 KB, 1536x2048, 84E61971-2588-44B2-850C-44476E…)

Clean yo room if you want to be presentable.

No. 1033134

>posting that discord screenshot to twitter as if it’s funny
Is it a requirement to be an unfunny loser to be hyojins friend

No. 1033166

File: 1599189183933.jpeg (424.87 KB, 828x1192, 905A0D90-718A-4B8A-85E0-6D3E7F…)

Sad that the tweet deleted by the user since they have a similar source that this post have about Hyojin’s private 2016 account. Also, Ed is chiming in to say that the account is not her. Oh how little she knows about her.

No. 1033205

File: 1599195158697.png (847.08 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20200904-165210.png)

You forgot to include the caption she had for face tuned photoset

No. 1033927

File: 1599307585771.jpeg (25.74 KB, 828x161, 4BEB31B3-5CFC-4F9B-A307-31871F…)

I found it funny how Hyojin made a Let’s Chat and Fall guys stream and says that she doesn’t give a fuck about Twitter. Yet she shows who she’s following on Twitter in stream and she ignores the tweets that talked about how racist she is that has been going fire for a couple days. Plus she been bleeding over 2k followers in her main Twitter account because of that.

No. 1034156

Which racist tweets?

No. 1034294

File: 1599389313899.jpeg (467.63 KB, 828x1005, E7436A36-D5FE-47B5-AA5B-5156AA…)

There’s tweets from other users that called her a racist, some calling her a pedo because of the infamous NSFW Twitter account, if you search “Squizxy racist” or “Squizzy racist” you can find that tweets calling her a racist back around 2018. Some fans are aware of this and made a mass unfollow.
Also, the bitch is using that mechanism where people she follows/mention can reply to her. She might as well make her main private. I can already tell that she’s ignoring the issue.

No. 1034313

wow she looks disgusting in those first pics

No. 1034502

File: 1599423663047.jpeg (776.84 KB, 828x1138, E87A3FFB-3FB2-45C6-A395-DC4F1D…)

She made a statement on her main account regarding the tweets mentioning about her racist past. Personally, we’ll see time will tell us.

No. 1034541

its seems really half-arsed to start your apology with a deflection of guilt with no evidence backing your claim and its really obvious that shes addressing it now because shes actively losing followers and supporters. it seems so disingenuous

No. 1034558

Her apology is similar to her half-ass Stream apology about her involvement with the rape allegations. Is it bad for me to say that she hasn’t changed a bit as a person?

No. 1034566

Not really milk, but I noticed a trend the other day. Seeing more people talk more and more about the whole Slazo situation. Turkey Tom made an update video on the whole thing, diesel patches made a video on ImAllexx, Kavos dropped an interview with Slazo yesterday. It’s mostly focused on ImAllexx though.

Might be Keemstar and his cronies trying to get rid of ImAllexx once and for all, which I highly doubt will happen, but this does circle back all the way to hyojin here. As this thread has demonstrated, she’s paranoid. She blocks anyone who she thinks has some kind of agenda against her, and those people have no problems with displaying that in front of their audience.

I dunno, next few weeks might lead to some milk. If not, then it’s a reminder that she’s an arrogant prick who surrounds herself with simps and yes men.

lmao what else is new

No. 1034633


But… she still says retarded/edgy/inappropriate shit on the daily so, it’s not about being a teenager, it’s about being a dumbass.

No. 1034648

> but this does circle back all the way to hyojin here.
Are you implying that there’s maybe more anons/users that will expose/talk about her soon online, kinda like what a lot has happened with ImAllexx? If not, explain on what you mean.

TBH it would interesting to see about more people exposing her. it’s funny to see how much she lacks self-awareness that she expects some people to forget about what she has done in the past.

No. 1034689

File: 1599457599756.jpeg (494.53 KB, 828x1273, 7476F933-9F25-4B8E-BD0F-A40513…)

Sage b/c it’s not really milk. Personally, I don’t think she’s sorry for one bit considering the her liking the tweets. I’m not surprised that her simps are eating her apology statement up.

No. 1034758

Not that I know of, but this whole thing could result in people with a large platform talking about the situation, and her involvement. Especially since diesel’s friends are all buddy buddy with DeOrio and his crew. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew this thread existed.

Especially John Swan, that motherfucker has been pulling rabbits out of the hat for as long as he’s existed.

No. 1034791

I doubt that a group of commentary YouTubers care about this thread in particular, given the fact that this is an anonymous gossip website and some people take things with a grain of salt on what anons has said as fact.

In my opinion, the commentary community doesn’t care about her since a lot of know her as Pyro’s girlfriend until that relationship died, along with the fame she had, and she’s already shown her toxic colors for anyone who interacted with her publicly and privately to the point she fade in irrelevancy. Some won’t mentioned how she’s involve with drama unless those people are Turkey Tom and Nicholas DeOrio.

No. 1034815

Probably right. As anon said, it could just be Keem attempting to cancel ImAllexx. As far as I can interpret, she and Alex don’t really interact anymore, so she’s probably gonna be removed from any sort of drama.

Still, I can see a very small chance of it going tits up for her. DeOrio and Tom interact with a lot of people who can pull some strings in the commentary community. DeOrio talks to Optimus, who talks to Cyrus and diesel patches, and ALL of these guys talk to Keem and Leafy.

I wouldn’t count on people as big like Keem or Leafy to talk about it (unless Leafy runs his mouth on Twitch, since he does that now.) and the commentators probably don’t care since they can’t farm that much views off it.

Again, small chance.

No. 1035664

File: 1599611701251.png (228.37 KB, 1231x637, DB055811-10D8-4433-95D1-A14B7D…)

hyojin is a twitch streamer

hyojin celebrated Leafy’s ban

could it be?

No. 1035687

> Celebrated Leafy’s ban
> While also being an ex-girlfriend of a famous commentary YouTuber and being friends majority of them in the community.
Lol what did she really celebrated Leafy’s ban? It sounds like she follows what famous e-celebrities opinions like she always does in her career. Also, I doubt Leafy will “take down” Hyojin unless a lot of people requested him to do so.

No. 1035693

> While also being an ex-girlfriend of a famous commentary YouTuber and being friends majority of them in the community.

Didn’t stop a good chunk of that exact same community from tearing her to shreds last year. Doubt they still care though.

Although your right on that last part though. Doubt any of Leafy’s fans know who she is.

No. 1035708

Kind of funny since Pyro was and still is friends with Leafy, as is a lot of the commentary community.

No. 1035726

File: 1599621559142.jpeg (349.08 KB, 828x1468, BCF1BD20-1C0F-4883-AE33-AD44F1…)

A selfie where a lot of things are happening. Distracting background and a basic outfit that isn’t really worth showing off.

No. 1035744

At least that’s a body worth showing off!…

No. 1035747

she looks like a sausage stuffed into casing.

No. 1035801

her shape is so unfortunate, why would she post this?

No. 1035833

Huge feet, tiny legs, wide shoulders and narrow hips. She looks more like a tranny than a woman.

No. 1035899

Wow that's unflattering. I honestly think she only owns clothes under her actual size. Maybe she thinks she's skinnier than she actually is or maybe she thinks her body looks good in tight fitting clothes??
I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be to go around like that.

No. 1035960

> I honestly think she only owns clothes under her actual size
Considering some of her clothes are from YesStyle, which majority of the sizes of clothes run small, you got the sense of it correct.
I would add that maybe wearing tight-fitted clothes = sexy in her mentality on clothing of choice. But in reality in my opinion, it just makes her look chubby.

No. 1036025

Fuck anyone seeing her from a distance must think she’s a tranlet (tranny + Manlet)

No. 1036281

File: 1599723006664.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1796, Screenshot_20200910-193018.png)

She only ever looks decent when she's sucking in/stretching and at a 3/4 angle

No. 1036314

Jesus can this girl clean her room to be more presentable? So much shit laying around.

No. 1036319

What are the chances she saw the thread and decided to post this

No. 1036350

File: 1599745300711.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1146, c66aef6476Yb7774f2aaed4f00daf6…)

"I'm feeling good about my body!!!"
>proceeds to draw herself with breasts 4x larger than they actually are

why lie?

No. 1036351

You can still see her humongous shoulders and stubby legs. She’s definitely the kind of person that just can’t pull off the “thicc goddess” meme style.

No. 1036361

File: 1599747552158.jpeg (61.79 KB, 272x265, BA058E31-E050-44BF-8043-014BF3…)

You forgot this.

No. 1036407

File: 1599755745758.jpeg (276.64 KB, 828x1340, 1B0402E7-C7FB-496C-8818-C01308…)

Is it me, or Hyojin’s boyfriend starting to become like herself, Unless she took her BF’s account? I like how he added a smiley emoji at the end to prove his point which totally not make himself a dickhead at all!

No. 1036411

File: 1599756191485.jpeg (465 KB, 828x1018, EA7E34C7-B194-46AC-A135-0E7AA7…)

No. 1036578

File: 1599780178876.jpeg (367.82 KB, 828x848, D5C67A87-20CB-4CE4-9890-178797…)

Her friends are in defensive mode now. Also, got to love that this user said, “opinions are valid” then proceeds to limited their replies on the tweet thread. I guess when Hyojin made her “apology” statement, her BF, friends, and fans are in defending her now.

No. 1036581

Lmao imagine citing a video made by an h3 proxy.
Also, I should mention that the dog dropping rumor was cited by an anonymous source, not just unfounded, even if that source turned out to be iffy. And yes, completely ignore the fair criticism that was in the video.

No. 1036596

It’s pretty obvious, to me at least, that the dog abuse rumor is bait (even Turkey Tom admittedly said it in his Slazo autopsy video). Seems that both Hyojin and her BF failed to see and realize it and no surprise that they ignore the criticism given to Hyojin. I wonder how long Hyojin’s BF realizes that he’s dating a psycho.

No. 1037128

File: 1599869437893.jpeg (73.65 KB, 1334x750, EhAYQYSWoAANOZV.jpeg)

Think this is the post in question, don't know what possessed me to save it but here you go. Lot of people were claiming she'd never used that pfp so I'm not sure.

No. 1037157

Whether or not the profile in question is fake, there’s a lot of rumors about her using racial slurs and microaggression behind the scenes according to anons and different users from other social media’s. Also, given the fact that she lies and manipulates a lot, I wouldn’t be surprised she still continues on using them. That’s just my opinion.

No. 1037441

File: 1599911268666.jpeg (342.89 KB, 1463x828, E1C124CB-282A-4BC4-B403-4D4702…)

I like that she claims about loving her body but she draws herself like this when she’s nothing like that in real life.

No. 1037555

the weights haven't moved an inch lol

No. 1037561

Back to Twitter with you

No. 1037612

why is it that nerdy white guys always date bottom of the barrel asian women?

No. 1037662

Could be:
>A) low self-worth/esteem
>B) disdain for white women
>C) the terrifying realization that 30 is just around the corner
>D) all of the above

I've seen them do the same with Middle Eastern women too, developed a whole subculture around "bleaching" nonwhite women. Seriously wonder why some of these guys don't just date a trap or some shit.

No. 1037736

File: 1599953869080.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 9FEC2E0D-966D-4CB3-A7E3-55925E…)

???? Why is she changing the race of characters? Is she trying to get into that type of community or trying to Be “non racist” to get back into peoples good graces?

No. 1037739

File: 1599954191965.png (374.26 KB, 1488x808, 1599589645024.png)

Where have you been? Lot of assholes have been doing the same thing, but they only bitch and complain when people attempt to make them white again. But yeah she's likely doing this to appeal to black artist twitter.

No. 1037745

She’s probably joining the trend where POC artists are drawing famous fictional white characters into different ethnicities.

No. 1037756

File: 1599957130256.jpeg (55.7 KB, 576x356, 83A6B33E-E83E-41EC-ACFB-CD4D66…)

The black princess Peach isn’t her concept, her drawing is just fan art of kianamaiart’s design on Twitter. My guess is she was just trying to get clout from another twitter famous animator.

No. 1037839

File: 1599970320428.jpeg (153.25 KB, 1528x1528, 284EB46F-48DD-47E5-8192-BEEF79…)

Saging a post; she asked for credits for her Among Us animation from this user. Also, I found it interesting that she deleted her replies to this person.

No. 1037876

Ngl the racebent Peach looks pretty damn cute, although far from an original idea. It's unfortunate the double standard that you can't do the opposite though. I think constraining artists over something so trivial is pretty counterproductive to say the least.

No. 1037879

File: 1599984462922.jpg (109.36 KB, 1080x702, b1cd8df0de873616a228e8837a7cb8…)

It's mostly just reactionary bullshit to some perceived injustice on their part. I prefer ones that are done with less vitriol and more creativity in mind. Stuff like this maybe

No. 1037883

You're right, it's ridiculous the reasons people make art nowadays. I think inspiration and creativity have mostly gone by the wayside in favour of clout, and political pandering. This is image is adorable btw.

No. 1037887

Pretty much, it's become more about making a very shallow statement than making something worthwhile and enjoyable. And thank you, found it a while back and I felt like this was as fitting of an opportunity as any to post it.

No. 1037896


yep, it became a meme among black artists on twitter but non-black artists are using it to get clout and show how not racist they are

No. 1039149

The black artist on twitter are telling non black artist to not participate in this trend so it's going to be pretty funny when she post this.

No. 1039591

It’s gonna be super obvious she’s doing it for clout/to look good and I cannot wait to see people call it out. I admire black twitter for not putting up with people using their issues/creations for clout

No. 1039626

September is a great month for Hyojin. She’s getting dragged left and right on Twitter. Is karma getting to her? I wonder there’s more to come.

No. 1039690

Oh she's cooking up something REALLY stupid, just wait and see my friends. I don't really pay attention to this cow but now she got it and that of a few other people that she thinks she can leech clout off, but I think she's making a big mistake.

No. 1039781

File: 1600258158158.jpeg (326.63 KB, 828x1296, 49F5FF98-0209-400D-8D99-DF60DE…)

This cancer is recently made with a creative title.

No. 1039823

Kill me.

No. 1040572

I’m going to take a wild guess as to who made that

No. 1041152

File: 1600451918152.jpeg (404.91 KB, 750x757, 33099529-D4D5-4D23-B6EF-74D137…)

She got those cafeteria lady arms for legs

No. 1041212

Midget legs are attractive according to her simps.

No. 1041289

I thought she was a fake boi? Did I miss something?

No. 1041306

not yet, but it’ll probably come sometime soon. she can’t stop shutting the fuck up about how she ~totally looks like jungkook~ atm but that’s as far as she’s gone for now

No. 1041366

i don't know why she keeps wearing a push-up bra to the gym, I don't think that's hygienic

No. 1041444

These awful and awkward poses she consistently keeps taking because her asian hog body is flat and knows she doesn't have anything close to an ass or tits. Give it a few more days when she gets a yeast infection from pulling her shorts high trying to impress bottom feeder men

No. 1046058

I can't believe that these people said I was messed up mentally but they had private accounts to hide from the boyfriends/girlfriends. Weird! None of those relationships lasted now did they

No. 1046297

File: 1601200453701.png (34.99 KB, 592x324, spleen.PNG)

not milk but punkduck is in the er. apparently he got hit by a car accident, was discharged and his spleen ruptured overnight

No. 1046298

damn, a ruptured spleen? that usually doesn’t end well.

No. 1047152

it is hilarious because it is so ridiculous! I have never heard of somebody having a secret twitter where they share text messages hope their boyfriend doesn't find out… especially when it's somebody as weird as hyoujin.

I'm a nosy bitch, so I'd love to see these messages, I'm sure they are hilarious. but unfortunately the account is private or doesn't exist anymore.

No. 1047177

> when it's somebody as weird as hyoujin.
Calling her weird is way too much of a nice compliment, anon.

The account is still there on Twitter but it’s private now. Understandably, the one anon (who has chance to view the account) said that there’s a lot of info that are private (explicit messages and self-harm) that Hyojin shouldn’t post in the first place, and anon is being careful on what to show in this thread. As much I want to see more dirt on the psycho, it’s really is up to the anon who can provide the leaked info.


No. 1047178

File: 1601301893305.jpeg (518.99 KB, 828x1414, B10D45B9-EC14-4AF5-9DAE-5A3900…)

Not really milk.
You would think that this autistic (literally in his Twitter bio) simp would be tired at this point to defend his queen. It’s been like a year now.

No. 1047298

cosign on wanting to see more dirt, but only the lulzy kind. Definitely no serious shit like pictures of self-harm and the like.

No. 1052541

File: 1601937804127.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, ABA204A1-66A5-4A09-B5BD-969771…)

No. 1052609

the photoshop lessons are on skillshare hyojin, maybe grab a sponsor?

No. 1052660

File: 1601947880444.jpeg (373.27 KB, 828x1558, A22FD03E-4BA8-4CD3-B48C-7624D5…)

I’ve lost count the many times she mentioned about “making OnlyFans”. Like no one is stopping her (maybe her ugly BF unless he’s going to be a cuck like iDubbzz) and I know her simps are willing to pay big bucks to see her nudes considering how thirsty her subreddit is now and they barely post content that she posted.

No. 1052946

File: 1601996667911.jpg (39.91 KB, 480x530, a033a639c35f355dbd5fbc6fddde4e…)

No. 1053475

File: 1602041792397.png (544.33 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20201007-163424.png)

"this is ezcema, I don't do heroin"
maybe she does lurk here

No. 1054094

"maybe"??? I kinda feel like she started this thread, why else would the thread pic be something as flattering as that?

No. 1054961

Lmao not only that, imagine if one of the anons here was Chey, trying to get back at Hyojin for some unknown reason.

No. 1054995

Lol it’s a plausible theory, considering that Chey gone AWOL from the internet and Hyojin always victimized herself and pretty much established herself to be a shitty person. I doubt that Hyojin cares about Chey’s well-being since Hyojin treats people around her like shit when they don’t have a social media presence.

No. 1055499

nah, there's too little milk for that. If she did start the tread, we'd have more "omg I know chey and she said this uwu", but there's none of that, the most we have is the anon with access to her private account.

No. 1057750

File: 1602608852401.jpeg (80.96 KB, 828x745, F73AC3C3-34EA-4822-8B6B-45EDDA…)

Yes, I believe Hyojin to be an “enigmatic” person. Does her fans even know what the word means unless they have the brain of a 1st grader like Hyojin has?

No. 1058177

Oh my fucking god. At least it couldn't be as bad as the Hyojin Simps sub.
How new is this sub? If its recent I swear to god this confirms that reddit's demographic is made up of neckbeards and "hey guys have you heard of jojo"

Also, anyone who followed the situation last year would know that "enigmatic" is the last word you should use to describe Hyojin.

No. 1058266

The subreddit is brand new. I guess when the two other subreddits, r/squizxy and r/HyojinSimps, being overrun by her simps posting her “work out” body check-up photos from Instagram, and not her animations and twitch highlights or even original art and fan-art, it pretty much shows how much value she has; Hyojin got the looks in her simps eyes, but they don’t care about her content. Let’s see how the new subreddit is going to last when it’s going to be populated and starts posting her body-check ups again.

No. 1059852

more shit of hyojin saying the n word

in the beginning here she literally says ''when a little n word whip too hard'' this is so hypocritical. she's now all ''BLM'' as if she wasn't screaming the n word and saying it at every chance she got. she's literally just a chunk of lard bathing in her own dirt at this point.

No. 1059941

> squizxy laughing compilation
Sounds like hyena and not in a good way.

> she's literally just a chunk of lard bathing in her own dirt at this point.

Have you seen her photos? She’s always be looking messy, even her bedroom be looking like trailer trash.

No. 1060421


looking at her pics is gives me second hand embarrassment. she's genuinely so self obsessed it's weird.

No. 1061831

File: 1603134732734.jpeg (791.27 KB, 828x1475, C28A7C85-C5C8-4251-A6D9-4DFEF0…)

> “Asking my mostly male followers who aren’t fashionistas dumb questions, but really I just want to post a selfie in my dead art account to gain relevance.”
Could’ve asked Google, dumb girl. Also, I thought she had a unibrow at first.

No. 1061983

I’ll never forgive this stupid cunt for misusing the word based in front of an audience of over 100k

No. 1062128

Ugh she’s about to come out as nb or genderfluid within the year mark my words

No. 1069327

File: 1603856446025.png (146.93 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20201027-215042.png)

No. 1069367

I just caught aids from reading that.

No. 1069491

Can this bitch bother to use urban dictionary?

No. 1072834

File: 1604285292763.jpeg (310.51 KB, 828x818, 259D747A-BD8F-4557-9896-AF8A96…)

Interesting like for the tweet. It seems like Hyojin caught wind with the Pyro grooming allegations that’s been spreading through Twitter for a several days.

No. 1072882

She unliked the tweet. Hmml

No. 1072928

What grooming allegations? I follow a few of his mutuals on twitter and haven't heard of anything

No. 1072971

File: 1604305646504.png (82.54 KB, 743x748, pyro.PNG)

Didn't look much into it myself, but here is the twitter thread

No. 1072985

File: 1604309019794.png (148.38 KB, 681x844, pyro.png)

fucking KEK wtf is this shit

No. 1072987

Is pyro bi?

No. 1072995

Watched a few vids covering the allegations (in all their furry fat fart-fetish glory) and my fave part of this is reading the comment sections where men blast 'her' as a liar. I mean I'm pretty sceptical about their claims too but it's a guy.

Shows how much attention people pay when deciding if allegations are legit or not

No. 1073005

i honestly don’t know if i believe OP. someone in the replies said pyro had deleted one of his discord accounts, which would explain why the account they interacted with was deleted. it could really be anyone with a deleted account tho.

No. 1073032

They put out some proof that it's him here:


No. 1073035

Tommy C did a interview to the accuser to get more in depth with the grooming allegations.

No. 1073502

Because it normally IS a woman, and the guy who accused Pyro talks as melodramatically as your average teenage girl.

No. 1073506

Im 90% sure if the accusations are real, its someone impersonating pyro, because hyojin made all of his kinks public in her weird porn self insert art.

No. 1073632

Not really milk and I’m just tinfoiling here; I’ve read some theories from random people on Twitter and YouTube where Hyojin might be involve with the Pyro accusation. Mainly because they saw that Hyojin followed the accuser, Ivory, on Twitter and, Ivory seem to know that Pyro was in a relationship with Hyojin back then when he and Pyro interacted and accused Pyro for “grooming” in the Tommy C interview. It’s a stretch but given the fact when Hyojin is open about for exposing her relationship with Pyro and his privacy, and with the past events on Hyojin’s shady position behind big dramas like Zaptie and Slazo, its likely but no proof is presented.

No. 1073641

12 year old pyro fangirls will believe tinfoils like this but will screech "this proof isn't good enough" when their doughy favorite youtuber turns out to be a furry, role playing obese dragon vore with 15 year olds. can't make this shit up

No. 1077790

File: 1604817104623.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20201108-193016.png)

Someone says "usually they get flatter models" in the background

No. 1078225

Holy shit who the hell thought that makeup on her look good? She look so dirty that it looked like someone is done with their day that their makeup fall apart.

No. 1082139

File: 1605360078463.png (2.17 MB, 1388x2048, Screenshot_20201113-195859.png)

The outcome

No. 1082168

This is one of the worst makeup looks I’ve seen on her for a while. Her face looks extremely dirty. Also, it doesn’t go along with the merch that she’s selling.

No. 1082291

I just wish she would learn to dress for her size and wear shorts to actually fit her buffalo legs so she can actually look flattering instead of trying to fit into all these shorts for asians with the body structure of a child. And what is going on with the makeup? Did she do it herself and not pay for an artist? The big bitch can't blend at all apparently, ends up a muddy mess. This is honestly embarrassing to post as a professional shoot but I expect no less from the same person who thinks posting their spouses shriveled ball sack is cute

No. 1082390

Her nose looks so bruised kek

No. 1082395

Looks like a cockroach operating the body of a heifer.

No. 1082431

File: 1605397544899.jpeg (195.3 KB, 787x984, 202E0589-C268-47B1-B5AA-F5EF67…)

Can’t tell if it’s the clothes that she’s wearing or the girl can’t dress herself up to cater her body type. She looks chubby for someone who’s supposed to be working out at the gym a lot. Also, her subreddit have a few of her old photos from her old Instagram for reference when she looks decent.

No. 1082471

Do you not know what fit people look like? That’s not chubby lol

No. 1082484

Shes skinny fat 100%. She’s not chubby but she is not fit.

No. 1082496

anachan please stop

No. 1082508

File: 1605403550241.jpeg (460.63 KB, 828x987, CCDCD59D-16BB-4045-A229-32ED02…)

When people mentioned your ex but not your current BF.

No. 1082597

Fatty detected. She clearly doesn't work out, her body isn't toned and looks saggy.

No. 1084562

Her fursona toy is pretty ugly.

No. 1085594

File: 1605730289628.jpg (131.35 KB, 924x865, 20201118_120601.jpg)

It's pretty atrocious.

No. 1085686

what’s with the scummy price? 25 dollars for some weirdo lady’s fursona with a crooked snout? It’s retarded.

No. 1085740

Couldn’t tell what it was at first tbh. Just because you can make merch out of something doesn’t mean you should. More shitty YouTuber need to hear this

No. 1085741

Samefag but whatever Chinese sweatshop made these plushies didn’t even get the ears right. Yet she still sells them for 25 dollars Lol

No. 1085761

Her version of a fennec fox is ugly and ain’t worth the money.

No. 1086142

File: 1605792737869.jpeg (640.62 KB, 828x1037, 8E345B40-6241-4844-84EE-F024EB…)

The fake freckles and dark eyeshadow pairing together looks so bad and messy. I can already tell she done the makeup by herself cause she likes doing the fake freckles look.

No. 1090306

File: 1606230676749.png (52.85 KB, 484x544, 9E38E56E-5FC8-4C79-8F6F-3FE01F…)

> Pube jokes FTW

No. 1116438

That looks nothing like it. How do you fuck up a design so simple(necro)

No. 1116839

I don't get these bans. Isn't it better to bring back a thread with a bit of dust instead of unnecessarily making a new one every time?

No. 1118198

she looks like a corpse also she needs to put on some chapstick jfc

No. 1120896

File: 1609683167895.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1620, 76517B44-EF3E-4D27-BDD6-49B5B3…)

Ah yes, still tracing backgrounds. Could’ve grab a class to learn not to put her insert characters.

No. 1140935

File: 1611502967712.jpg (481.17 KB, 1080x1939, Screenshot_20210124-173240__01…)

nothing much milk worthy has happened, just makes me revolted to notice this bitch is again in belgium with his punkcuck bf n visited tintin museum in the middle of uncertain times if the third wave of covid is going on. at least she's wearing a mask lmao.

No. 1142123

Lol I can’t believe she’s visiting her BF at a time like this. She’s such an ungrateful bitch. Didn’t learned her lesson on spending huge amounts of money when she visited her BF last time, when the pandemic is at an all time high last year. She has to begged her fans to donate her “emergency” money just to go home.

No. 1154238

File: 1612643497030.png (Spoiler Image, 388.53 KB, 821x702, qq.PNG)

No. 1154240

File: 1612643541023.png (Spoiler Image, 629.75 KB, 589x771, qq1.PNG)


No. 1154276

So the milk is that she has a body?

No. 1170106

File: 1614255444125.jpg (204.47 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20210225-140817__01…)

i can't take it how hard she tries to pass as kpop idol boy, she's developing really ugly traits everytime i see her new selfie smh

and atm she's in portugal with his bf, i wonder what kind of entertainment both get from traveling all around Europe with high risk of virus? bet they don't even put themselves in quarantine.

No. 1170423

Hyojin joined in her BF's podcast. I'm going to make a quick summary and timestamps what the podcast is about:
- Beginning is filler. Talking about Roman Polanski movies and other random stuff.
- 6:45: Hyojin talking about how much she loves Ed and complementing him, and she's glad he's her partner. Both her and Ed talks about their anniversary.
- 14:00: Guy named, shammytv, talked about walking to the clinic because he has chest pain(?). Lobbymemez talks about not being funny in front of doctors and nurses.
- 32:40: Conversation about Ed shitting himself. There were a lot of beeps from Hyojin describing poop.
- 37:55: Hyojin tells a story how she thinks she and her friends got into child sex ring.
- The ending is just random conversations.

Personally, I tuned out a lot from this podcast because I found it boring.

No. 1170439

File: 1614288600683.jpeg (162.45 KB, 1528x1528, 3FCDB9C4-CB5F-4D73-9105-59514C…)

Honestly, her looks are getting messier and messier as time goes on. Also, the photo on the left I found in her simp Reddit, like what the hell is she thinking about overlining her top lip? I can clearly see her natural lip lines.

No. 1171061

not to derail but is there even a person alive who would willingly want to hear about their/anyone’s relationship? do people even care? what’s the entertainment in that

No. 1185531

Majority of her fame is associating with e-celebrities and e-dating. A lot of people in here agreed that she has no redeeming personality besides being popular.

Not really milk but Hyojin seems to be posting her stream moments in her alt youtuber channel. One video in particular, she decided to stream one of her messiest looks where she reveals her face and not being a vTuber.

No. 1192690

oh hoejin you surely have "talent" to stay relevant for your fanbase by trashing another fanbase. the disclaimer at the end just translates to me as "i don't deserve hate as a trolling qween as i made a very good contribution on pointing out problematic mcyt fanbase and i have rights to bash people who like different things than me, watch me polish my halo here"

tbf i dislike mcyt stans but i'm not salty enough to trash mcyt fans and going this far with it for attention. like who even laughs at this vid?

there are even 13 year olds with more braim than squizzy that even care about human rights and else, even if it was just twitter tags lol. unfortunately squizzy doesn't know how to debate.

No. 1192803

I don’t think anyone at the age of 21 or older will find this funny unless they’re retarded and unfunny as Hyojin.

No. 1201025

File: 1617457824018.jpeg (111.67 KB, 1076x1722, 66A17C47-FBD1-4E51-80E7-CD611D…)

Looking through her dead Reddit simp page and one user find this “attractive” and decided to post it because the page is dead. Why the hell she pairs the fake freckles with dark eyeshadow colors? What the hell happened to her makeup skills?

No. 1205162


Bruh, doesn’t Sr Pelo scream for a living?(necro)

No. 1205167

File: 1618044037176.jpeg (407.25 KB, 1078x1438, 47BEE5BA-9ECE-4004-94BA-9E6F45…)

kek yall were right

No. 1205233

Lmao anons fucking called and knew it wouldn’t take that long for Hyojin to present herself as non-binary. Now, we’re waiting when she’s gonna release her OnlyFans since she can’t shut her mouth about releasing/teasing nudes and considering she hasn’t updated her Patreon and left her Patrons dry out of content for months now since sponsorships rolled in.

No. 1205508

nit pick. she looks fine.

No. 1205517

Yeah, he’s also an imbalanced weirdo so it makes sense why she’d go this route.

t. legally blind? ntayrt it looks like shit anon.

No. 1205537

I still think she looks fine, fine is barely scrapping the barrel. Hate the lips and freckles but I think the eye makeup is ok, I still think the other anon was weirdly nitpicky though.

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