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File: 1454694023280.jpg (72.38 KB, 600x495, Lexxy.jpg)

No. 89782

Not entirely sure if this girl qualifies as a snowflake/potential lolcow but she strikes me as an attention whore for sure.
In her most recent video on YouTube she claims that doing porn has improved her life so much and then goes on to complain about people who (mostly on the internet) slut-shame her.
She had a couple of girls sending her tweets and nudes to her job/family and gets pissed off when her followers tell her that it might not be a good idea to post nudes online and have your 'porn alter ego' connected to your regular social media profiles.
She is also currently trying to get into the actual porn industry, so far she has only been posting videos of herself masturbating and stuff on ManyVids.
Also claims to work out a lot but looks really flabby in her porn videos. Probably edits her nudes quite a bit.
Furthermore she's a SJW.

Her profiles:

Her porn stuff:

All of her social media stuff is NSFW because noodz.

No. 89793

I think I've seen a couple of her videos before. Her SJW rants are kinda annoying but her tattoos and general aesthetic are pretty awesome tbh.

No. 89822

Her body is so confusing

No. 89825

File: 1454706458419.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_2016-02-05-16-06-36…)

No. 89831

Yeah, I can't describe her body type. Her body really isn't attractive at all, She has a very pretty face though.

No. 89835

She kind of reminds me of one of shitty drawings you see on tumblr with all those crazy looking body types, if you sort of get what I mean. I can't really think of anything else to describe it.

No. 89838

File: 1454709157362.png (1.27 MB, 2048x938, PhotoGrid_1454709033904-1.png)

>she has a very pretty face

You're kidding right?

No. 89839

samefagging, this is her latest video

No. 89841

File: 1454709694669.png (2.26 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1454709661812.png)

No. 89843

Yes, screen shots of IG videos are very flattering.

No. 89844

tbh i find her face to be quite pretty too. but i think she is in her prime right now, her face looks like it's gonna be saggy as fuck when she's getting older (like margo lol)

No. 89847

Oh absolutely. her jowls will only get worse.

No. 89853

File: 1454710858722.png (Spoiler Image, 896.19 KB, 904x598, stomach.png)

lol this bitch edits her body to hell and back yet preaches "body positivity" gtfo (pic related…had to spoiler it because her vag is on one of the pics)

No. 89855

She has a gorgeous spirited away tattoo, for this reason I will not lurk this thread, I never want to associate anything ghibli whith such a disgusting slob.

No. 89856

Holy shit she totally does, she has a killer fupah.

No. 89858

Screenshots from videos look more like her in real life apperence versus the angled/edited selfies she posts?

No. 89860

File: 1454712220880.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 500x286, ezgif-1482567705.gif)

The screenshot didn't do the actual video justice so I turned it into a gif.

>I can't describe her body type.
She is fat.

No. 89863

Sorry anon but her "aesthetic" is awful. She dresses pretty lazily most of the time. Her make-up and hair are both decent but she ruins it with a mixture of uninspired tumblr-esque and white trash clothes.

No. 89864

She reminds me of Megan. Slightly less retarded face, horrible make up, floppy boobs, vag looks like an axe wound, says she's "slender" in her manyvids description but is quite clearly chubs as heck. Also that thing she does with pulling her panties up to her fucking boobs is really irritates me.

No. 89866

File: 1454712773225.gif (1.23 MB, 500x235, ezgif-2372963248.gif)

I suffered from some serious nostalgia while making this gif because the way the deer's face morphs took me back when I used to put silly putty on pictures of people in the newpapers and then stretched their faces until they were unrecognizable.

No. 89868

File: 1454713446902.jpg (59.23 KB, 600x600, lex.jpg)

Idk man, I think she's cute

No. 89871

Her fat is dispersed oddly, I was meaning her body shape. Never said she wasn't fucking fat, body shape is what I meant. Fuck.

No. 89872

File: 1454714009929.png (238.91 KB, 275x460, Untitled.png)

She looks so much like that derpy down syndrome cam girl here.

Yes I definitely agree. I think she pulls her underwear up so high to hide her fupah.

No. 89874

lmfao this is gold. While I don't think that sex workers should be viewed as lesser human beings or shit like that it's still pretty damn pathetic how this girl acts like porn is gonna save her life even though she is already getting so much shit for posting her ~tasteful~ nudes and videos…like girl no, you will get even more shit from people when you do actual porn????? either deal with it and stop complaining or log off for good

No. 89875

File: 1454714228494.png (38.83 KB, 565x479, Untitled.png)

>Weight: 115 lbs
>Height: 5'2
>Measurements 30" 28" 38"
>Body Type: Slender


No. 89876

good lord the resemblance is uncanny!

No. 89877

File: 1454714507687.png (483.38 KB, 617x579, Untitled.png)

Anyone else think she is lying about being 115lbs?
Here's a photo she posted less than 24 hours ago compared to a woman of the same height yet 127lbs.

No. 89879


No. 89880

File: 1454715151688.png (518.52 KB, 421x563, 4776cf08c049cf1e0a8dbe54d2a36a…)

She's definitely fudging the numbers, there's no doubt about it. We have the "same" height, weight, bust, and hip measurements and I'm not even close to looking that fat. And considering the extra weight in her upper and arms and waist…

Related: Someone "heavier" than her with "similar" measurements and the same body type. Fat upper thighs, but not necessarily wide hips.

No. 89881

Well. She's either lying or like some other anon said before, her fat is simply dispersed oddly. I guess she's trying to go with the 'thicc' look here. But then again I wonder why she would describe her body type as 'slender' on her porn video account.

No. 89884

How old is this chick? Does anybody know?

No. 89886

Her birth date and age is listed here: >>89875

No. 89887

Yeah it sucks, some Asian girls look chubby in pictures but are actually quite thin in person their own fat just looks so large on their body? Tbh tho looking at that picture she is definitely fudging it- or at least that's the only reason she'd have to stand with legs that far apart lol

No. 89890

File: 1454715630078.gif (4.23 MB, 372x356, ezgif-4200263910.gif)

Her videos make her look pretty chubby but she has an old Instagram video where she looks thin af, i'll be posting the gif version in a minute.

No. 89891

Thanks, didn't look at the screenshot properly haha. She looks older than 22 though…

No. 89892

File: 1454715959271.gif (3 MB, 500x514, ezgif-410938824.gif)

Tbh, I'm starting tp think she gained weight recently, which is why the weight and measurements are off on her camming page.

No. 89894

File: 1454716161373.jpg (37.76 KB, 584x199, weightgain.jpg)

Yeah, she actually did.

No. 89895

File: 1454716239305.png (1.19 MB, 926x1163, Untitled.png)


>#progress tho

No. 89896

got the round ass, still waiting on the abs tho

No. 89897

File: 1454716487495.png (399.07 KB, 895x545, Untitled.png)

>she is in her prime right now

In my honest opinion, her prime was a year ago when she looked like this.

She'll never get abs with that layer of fat resting on top of them. And her butt isn't exactly round, not when she is standing normally.

No. 89898

she's bigger in the recent pic…so much for progress lmao. homegirl is delusional…

No. 89900

File: 1454716722631.png (504.45 KB, 810x560, Untitled.png)

She used to be pretty hot.

No. 89901

Is this a fucking personal vendetta thread or some stupid shit like that? According to the majority of the filenames ('Untitled.png') the pics are almost exclusively posted by one person.

Also, it seems like you are talking to yourself buddy.

No. 89903

Not a vendetta thread, I don't even know who this is. I'm just extremely bored and this is entertaining me right now.

No. 89906

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

No. 89959

fat ugly SJW tattoo whores are a dime a dozen. The only keks are that she resembles Meg.

No. 90028

Ugh, this bitch…acts like she is hot shit, praising her 'peach booty'(read: fat cellulite ass) and ~edgy~ aesthetic. Dumb af.

No. 90037

I thought she was pretty okay looking until I watched her videos. Her voice, attitude, and mannerisms are god awful. She seems extremely entitled.

No. 90044

This is exactly why I can't stand her. I even agree with some of the things she says but her sense of entitlement is really fucking annoying. It's funny because she always complains about all the evil white entitled cis men who want her booty so bad that they stop dead in their tracks when they see her but damn girl, glass houses.

I don't get why so many think she is ugly or fat tho. Her looks aren't a problem at all to me, she just looks generic af. Edgy white girl with "crazy" colored hair and a bunch of tattoos, not as special as she thinks but not bad either.

No. 90058

>I don't get why so many think she is ugly or fat tho.
translate to:
>I don't get why so many have opinions that differ from mine tho.

Not everyone has the same physical preferences as you, she reminds me of this annoying bitch I graduated with and because of that, I can't help but to find her hideous.
And she isn't obese but she isn't anywhere near skinny/slender/thin either. She just has a very unfortunate figure with a horribly dispersed fat. I honestly don't believe she workouts as often as she claims, not with flab like that jiggling about.

No. 90059

Yeah, I don't believe she works out that often either. Or she simply eats a lot of crappy food. Maybe a combination of both. She could have a nice(r) pear shaped body but as of now she has too much fat on her, it makes her body look weird and jiggly.
But even if she was to be more in shape I still wouldn't like the bitch. She gives off that kind of vibe like "I'm better than all of you bitches, look at my sexy nudes, all the boys want me lol" even though she really isn't that special at all.

No. 90063

Skip to 2:18 to listeb to her feminist rant, as she described it. This bit annoys the hell out of me for a few reasons, one of which being that I just can't stand people who use words like "fucking" as verbal pauses.
(btw she is ranting about why strange men grab tattooed women's arm, at random and in public, to look at their tattoos.)

>maybe this is me being a crazy fucking feminist that hates men and just doesn't fucking wanna.. i don't know why i got a country accent right there but i do it way too well

>you didn't grab my arm to look at my tattoos because you are actually interested in the art… you did it to have power over a woman that in any other circumstance, not give you a lick of fucking attention

>because society tells you that GIRLS LIKE ME are fucked up in the head and have daddy issues so our comfort zone doesn't fucking matter

>is that why you grabbed my arm? because you sure as hell wouldn't have fucking done it to some girl without tattoos. that's for fucking sure.

>we are stereotyped as.. fucking sluts that will sleep with anyone and we all sleep with fucking tattoo artists to get our tattoos and we have this weird pain addiction and it's so fucking sexy

>because nothing's sexier than beating the shit out of a girl while you fuck her in the ass

No. 90065

this chick is annoying wow

No. 90075

File: 1454780612939.png (1.03 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

I went to her YouTube and watched a bit of her latest video that's brightened as fuck and she's cute.
Amy other videos and she looks like this. I didn't even try to take an ugly screenshot.

Comparing her to Meg is actually an insult to Meg.

The jowls and big mouth and teeth remind me of alliekay the 30 year old creepy religious girl on YouTube.

No. 90087

ok wow, I take back my original statement. this bitch is not pretty.

No. 90088

That's not pretty at all lmao. Even sadder that you didn't specifically go for an ugly screenshot.
She looks a little bit demented in that pic too haha

No. 90094

She's so annoying. I have a bunch of tattoos and people (men AND women) will go to all sorts of lengths to invade your personal space just to get a look at your art.
I got sick of people bugging me and saying weird shit so I typically just wear long sleeves and pants. Problem solved.

I also used to work in a tattoo shop and my boss was a creep of epic proportions, and the guys I worked with were pervy too, but ffs what do you expect from a tattoo shop? They're not known for being "safe spaces" or whatever the fuck she thinks they are. I've seen drug addicts, drunks, pervs, bikers, thugs, racists, trannies, etc. and I only tattooed for 4 years. I had one client who came with his dad, and they both were hitting on me and saying creepy shit the entire time, and that's not even the weirdest thing I've experienced. Tattoo shops attract all kinds of people and usually they aren't the top tier members of society. That's just how it is.

Is she forgetting that having tattoos only just recently became the trendy thing? It's had a negative reputation across all cultures for a really long time. Old folks and sheltered types still aren't used to seeing heavily tattooed young people.
She draws a shit ton of attention to herself by dressing like that and wearing tattoos and unnatural hair colors, then complains about the attention she gets?
She seems sheltered and out of touch with reality. Shop culture is the complete opposite of a tumblr hugbox. They love their crude jokes and it's just a rebellious atmosphere in general.

Sorry about the rant, girls like this just drive me nuts.

No. 90108

When people want to see my tattoos and they grab at me, I simply tell them I can show them without them touching me. I don't care if that makes them upset or offended, some people just don't want to be fucking touched.
It's not a feminist issue, she needs to get off of her high horse. No one needs her advice, I don't know who she thinks she is.

No. 90116

>i look like a slut, i look like a slut. it's awesome!

No. 90117

Couldn't make it through the whole video, something about her voice and the way she pronounces words is really off-putting to me.
I agree with both of you >>90094 and >>90108, she really needs to get over herself. She seems to be a lot more chill in her earlier videos (her voice is still meh but bearable since she doesn't ramble on like a pretentious bitch) but her 16k on YouTube make her think she's some special snowflake or something, idk. Girl can't handle her e-fame too well

No. 90119

File: 1454795002686.jpg (137.63 KB, 582x783, Twitter.jpg)

Some of her tweets make me cringe so hard man

(pic related)

No. 90149

She's a grade A, massive bitch.
Hateful as hell too.

No. 90190

File: 1454808649477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.11 KB, 576x1024, CaajVOtUEAIIJKV.jpg)

She really needs to embrace her weigh gain and buy some bigger panties for fuck sakes.

No. 90193

I am extremely bothered by those shoes.

No. 90204

Get some panties that fit girl, that's a yeastie in the making. No bueno.

No. 90218

holy shit, even her socks are too tight. she's getting knee muffin tops.

No. 90222

Her body is gross. she should lose weight.

No. 90226

You just made me spit out my water.

No. 90263

how can you go so wrong?

No. 90332

Ah, supposedly she was raped but forgot it even happened because she blocked out the memory and part of the reason she did that was due to how society views rape?! And all of her mental illness stems off of her rape?

What the fuck did she just say?

She starts to actually go into the details at 4 minutes and 40 seconds in.

>graduated high school

>moved in with 3 guys to be closer to her college
>slept in the same room with one of the guys for around a month
>one night woke up to someone repeatedly calling her name

Cue breakdown at 6 minutes and 15 seconds

>pants were off / shirt was on

>realized "dude friend" was fucking her
>still asleep though
>says she "a high schooler" as she thought back (??)
>officially wakes up in the story, starts to have a panic attack, starts to scream, kicked him and flips over then fell back asleep (??)
>doesn't know what happened after that and also not even sure it happened in the first place (??)
>doesn't understand why she "hasn't told anyone"

later in the video she says:
>society views rape as like you're walking down an alley at night and some dude grabs you and violently shoved his dick through your pants and fucks you in the butt and stuff like that

>it didn't affect my sex life in any way, i'm a pretty average, normal girl, it didn't affect it any way, i love sex, that was fine

>i'm extremely cautious around men and it pisses me off how cautious i am about it

>my new method of dating is kind of stupid now, because of it ummm, i like to text guys for 2 or 3 weeks before i, like, ummm, meet them in person annnnnnd i always wanna meet them in public and stuff and like

>a lot of guys get really really frustrated about it and they're like, making, like attacking my ego and say i'm way to egotistical and i think i'm like too good for all of them and stuff and it's like, i just wanna scream like, I WAS RAPED, ummmmm I DON'T WANNA BE RAPED AGAIN, I WANT TO KNOW THIS PERSON MORE SO THAN I KNEW THE PERSON I MOVED IN WITH THAT RAPED ME… i want to not have that happen again.. but i cant.. um.. i guess i could.. but.. it doesn't seem appropriate

At the end she says she made this video because:
>She has never told anyone about how she was raped
>Guys think rape is super funny, and ummmm, i would like to see how funny it would be to a dude if he woke up and his bestfriend was just fucking the shit out of him

and that's the end of the video, she literally cried on camera about how traumatic her rape was, and after she was done feeling sorry fr herself, she said she would love to see how funny rape would be to a guy after he was raped by his bestfriend.

because rape victims ALWAYS wish other people would get raped. yeah okay. the more videos i watch by her, the more i hate her.

No. 90348

File: 1454864440370.png (110.87 KB, 265x309, lexxynichelle.png)

No. 90353

Isn't that her point though? As in she wanted bigger ass and whatnot, so the progress is that she's gained.

No. 90356

I believe she wanted to become toned with a big ass/small waist, not fat with a flabby ass.

No. 90359

File: 1454866441170.png (240.44 KB, 857x581, lexxynichelle.png)

I'm only 30 seconds into this video by her and she did exactly what Ember did.

Sent herself anonymous hate on Tumblr, then responded to it on her Instagram, where her followers could form a love and support rally, defending her against this unnamed foe.

I can't prove it's self-sent anon hate, but what kind of person says this type of shit? It just sounds forced.

>you're not curvy

>you have a flat stomach
>i can see your ribs

The text at the top right is her caption btw.

No. 90361

Yeah that looks really fake and self-sent. She couldn't even hold back on complimenting herself while trying to make it out as "hate".

No. 90366

I facepalm'd multiple times while listening to this video.

>so if i was 20 to 50 pounds heavier, i feel like people would be.. praising me for posting half naked photos of myself online

>it upsets people that i'm proud of working out constantly to get a body that after 21 years on this planet, 21 years tomorrow, i've never been happy with my body before and now within the last few months, i am ecstatic. i love my body, for the first time in my life

>since when did we turn curvy into meaning fat?

>i'm a curvy girl! okay, um, PHOTOS! cues photos I'M CURVY!.. i am pear shaped. my upper body is really REALLY tiny and my lower body is significantly larger.

>i'm not proportionate at all. i'm 5 foot.. 5'1. that's just how my body works. i have short little stocky legs, a huge fucking ass, huge hips, tiny waist, tiny microscopic tits

>i had an eating disorder, i dropped from 150lbs to 108.. 105??

>being morbidly obese is a choice, we also need to realize that some people are just naturally thin

>some people struggle to get a body similar to mine because there bodies are just straight, up and down, skinny

>just like how some girls are naturally thin, some are naturally larger. i'm lucky to be in the middle where i can gain and lose weight as i please

>let's get one thing straight, hating other people for having a body type you want will not get you that body type

>i worked so hard to get in the shape i am in today.. so fucking hard, and it's amazing how people are upset with me about being happy with my body

God damn, she is so full of herself throughout this entire video, the self sent anon hate in the beginning and the fact that she is now fat is pretty hilarious now.

No. 90367

File: 1454868302261.png (658.78 KB, 833x884, curvy.png)

These were the images she used to prove she is curvy btw. Jesus christ.

No. 90370

File: 1454868663272.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.13 KB, 291x466, 501f3d15e5aad.jpg)

I found a model mayhem portfolio of her with images from August 2012 (she was 19 in these)


She listed her height and weight to be 5'2 and 110lbs here.

No. 90373

Why are her boobs so saggy? Seems unusual to me that a girl her age would have such saggy tits. Especially since they're rather small too.

No. 90377


Samefagging but she's absolutely full of herself. Girls her like always be preaching about loving your body no matter what but need to let everyone know constantly how they are blessed to be '"naturally" curvy/thin/etc.
She comes across as insincere, bitchy and arrogant. And now she is fat lol, karma bitch!

No. 90378

reminds me of tubular breast syndrome slightly

No. 90379

File: 1454870697344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.58 KB, 501x279, Syrencove.jpg)

from her model mayhem portfolio:

"I do not wish to show pink or do pornographic shoots, however. I have my limits. If that is what you are looking for, I'm not your girl."

okay then girl

No. 90381

Even though hers are little, they'll sag faster if they are fatty vs breasts that have less fat and more breast tissue.

No. 90382

thx to whoever put the spoiler over the pic, I forgot, sorry

No. 90383

The last she was on that MM account was June 2014, clearly she realized she could make more money just going balls to the wall and fucking on camera.

No. 90385

File: 1454871811272.png (Spoiler Image, 303.85 KB, 498x283, ....png)

Yeah…keepin' it classy.

No. 90387

File: 1454872221012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.78 KB, 492x268, calves.jpg)

Her calves look really huge in this shot, damn. She really gained a ton of weight, especially in comparison to >>89892

No. 90390

This pic inspires me to workout harder.

No. 90392

File: 1454874065604.png (26.78 KB, 578x152, ob.png)

You objectify yourself by exploiting your sexuality for money. You turned yourself into something people can buy and pretend as if your actions are symbols of feminist strength.

No. 90393

Same! Literally, I did 25 situps, 33 squats, and some arm workouts after looking at pictures of her before and after her weight gain.

No. 90395

File: 1454874354798.png (58.48 KB, 589x409, ob.png)

She deleted all of these tweets, not sure why but it sounds like someone is a lil pissy today.

Also, if she is now posting nudes of herself on her social media accounts, why does she want young fans still..

No. 90398

I have the same body shape and it's because I have a bad case of pcos

No. 90399

File: 1454874876063.png (614.75 KB, 864x574, cat.png)

found a candid shot of her yikes

No. 90400


Idk, she might be pissed off because she received backlash in regards to her latest video? I'm sure some of her fans are seeing through her bs and are calling her out. She wants to be treated like a "normal human being" so badly but all she does is talking about porn, her dildos and how she wants to be fucked in the ass. She literally defines herself with these things almost exclusively, especially when she emphasizes how porn has saved her life.

No. 90401

Her cat is so cute though!

No. 90402

File: 1454874966882.png (35.76 KB, 588x220, lol.png)

IDK, someone linked her here but she deleted this too.

No. 90403

File: 1454875083246.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.8 KB, 600x800, CIPMhe0VAAABYNM.jpg)

Her tattoos are really nice, I'll give her credit on that, but those tits..

No. 90406

File: 1454875453221.png (94.08 KB, 507x487, youtube.png)

She has her youtube comments turned off but I found this screenshot on her twitter.

I assume she got a lot of backlash for saying so much dumb shit, and turned off the comments on most of her videos because she couldn't handle the scrutiny.

No. 90407


Well if you put yourself out there, especially like she does, you have to expect people criticising and talking negatively about you. I mean, it's not like she could, umm, I don't know, separate her porn vids/nudes from her regular stuff, you know. It seems to me that she can't handle criticism at all and expects people to kiss her ass and progressiveness 24/7

Her tattoos are gorgeous

No. 90411

Took me a minute but I figured out which video that comment was left on (but it was deleted ofc)

No. 90415

Her teeth are fucked. She should spend money on braces.

Those nipple are massive. AND they're pierced. That's freaks me out a bit.

This girl needs to go to the gym and not jus do home workouts. She's going to be so saggy in the next few years and those tattoos will look horrible. Also if you come here and read this: Do you know how underwear works…???? Unless we're back in the 80s it goes on your fucking hips, not halfway up your vagina. It doesn't look good, your body does not work with it.

No. 90417

Beautiful tattoos and well-done ghibli stuff too which is rare for me to think (usually it's just done in a way that looks cheesy), but if she plans on getting any more tattoos she should definitely just save for a breast augmentation first or even just an areola reduction. Nice tattoos are expensive as fuck so I'm sure she could afford a small surgery

No. 90418

A breast augmentation would do her sex worker career wonders, definitely. But who knows how dedicated she is to her image. I think she should just get a gym membership and stop blaming birth control for her recent weight gain, and actually do something about it.

No. 90420

I don't get it when women blame their weight gain completely on birth control. You can definitely gain a couple of pounds due to water weight but 15 lbs??? That's a lot just for water weight, so my guess is that she has an increased appetite due to her birth control and just gives in instead of working out more and/or making sure she doesn't it too much shitty food. I know everyone reacts differently to birth control bla bla bla but still…:/

No. 90423

Idk anon, I've been working out at home 3-5 times a week for years now (mainly squats, sit-ups and tricep dips) and I have become a lot more toned, been a little bit skinny-fat before. I walk a lot too and eat well most of the time (I have a sweet tooth tho haha). I feel like this girl does indeed work out but it's either not enough or she eats too much crap. Maybe she should do more cardio too, in her latest workout video (>>90116) she seems to mainly focus on exercises that build up muscle. Not an expert tho so of course I could be wrong when I say she should maybe do more cardio. Just saying that working out at home can improve your shape dramatically but you have to be committed.

Sage for slight OT and mentioning personal stuff

No. 90424

she's an idiot. I've been taking BC (pills!) for seven months now and i've not gained weight, instead i've lost some kilos. I just keep in mind to dring plenty of water.
I guess this girls doesn't work out nor watch her meals, she looks definetely… chubby, if not fat in her recent photos

No. 90428

Same here, have been taking the pill for years and haven't noticed a significant weight gain at all.
Just workout regularly, eat healthy and drink enough water, it's really not that difficult unless you have a chronical illness or something like that. I don't count my calories or avoid certain types of food either. Just don't stuff your face with literal junk food every week, simple as that.

No. 90429

I think that she just became more confident with her body and now doesn't think twice about not working out every day or what she is eating anymore. And I only think this because that's what happened to me. I lost a lot of weight and after a while, I felt super confident, stopped caring what I ate, and before I knew it, I gained back some of the weight I worked so hard to lose.

Also, BC caused me to crave food even though I knew I wasn't hungry. So, if you can't control yourself when that happens, I can easily understand why people gain weight while on the pill but it isn't an excuse by any means. It just proves you have no self control, especially when tested.

No. 90431

how can her stomach look decent but her thighs and fupa are so disgusting

No. 90432

File: 1454882316648.png (778.59 KB, 590x591, fffuu.png)

dropped pic

No. 90433

File: 1454882503127.jpg (104 KB, 540x734, tumblr_ntjutb4N8N1rk1wcvo1_540…)

saw this in her tumblr tag lol

lexxy.. the word you are looking for is "brothel".

No. 90441

Yes lexxy. The sole, one and only reason prostitution is illegal is because the patriarchy doesn't want women to have sex

No. 90444

Lots of other sex workers are against legalising prostitution because the illegality makes things like trafficking harder. There are so many differing opinions and arguments within the sex industry. I hate "feminists" who are all about vocal women until those women don't fit the narrative. I wouldn't mind if she reached her conclusion after hearing their opinions but she never even recognised their existence, just blamed oppression.

No. 90445

Why is she pretending to be sex positive when two of these tweets are acting like casual sex is dumb UNLESS you get paid for it.

No. 90447

That is….unfortunate

No. 90448

because she's a dumb fat cunt

No. 90452

Nah I get what you mean. That's basically what I was trying to get at. Not enough cardio and a shitty diet. If she went to a gym she could probably get a trainer. That might benefit her a lot.

No. 90454

Preach it anon. It's really irritating how Lexxy wants people to be more accepting and open-minded when it comes to sex work and whatnot but she cannot accept differing and reasonable point of views or legitimate criticism at all. That's why she tends to turn off comments whenever she's discussing a more controversial topic on YouTube because she can't stand to see people not crawling into her big ass and agreeing with everything she says. She acts like she's having oh so much experience but she's naive as fuck tbh.

No. 90465

File: 1454890093333.png (365.27 KB, 587x468, KoreanFood.png)

Her stomach used to look quite nice >>89892
but not anymore sadly >>89860

It's unfortunate because she could have a pretty decent body but I think like >>90429 said she just has become too confident and basically stopped giving a fuck about eating properly and working out diligently (even tho she claims to do so and seriously, is has been established before, gaining 15 pounds entirely because of birth control is bs. There may be exceptions but if she really works out that much she shouldn't be gaining that much weight just because of birth control)
I don't think she's fat but she's really out of shape.

Also she eats a lot of Korean food apparently (pic related). Dumb question but since I don't know anything about Korean food, is it generally beneficial for a healthy diet?

No. 90467

Addition to the Korean food thing

No. 90469

her apartment looks really messy

No. 90472

Kimchi is so god damn pungent, but that is one way to make sure your vagina has the right amount of bacteria… ugh

No. 90473

Her boobs look like those funny u-shaped boobs that cartoon characters have.

I don't think that's how panties are supposed to be worn…

No. 90476

Korean food has more veggies than standard western dishes so depending what you are eating and how much of each thing, it can be pretty healthy. You would not want to load up on dishes involving lots of red meat or oil for instance, but in general, most Korean food is conducive to overall health and also a slim body if you eat moderately.

No. 90477

Korean cuisine is overrated. Vegetables in East Asia taste like pollution anyway.

No. 90662

File: 1454955796559.gif (589.56 KB, 448x200, ezgif-339036650.gif)

She did an interview in one of the questions were:

What was the first porno you remember watching?

>Oh wow I've been watching porn since I was 12 or 13 (about a decade damn) so I can't remember much… but I do remember it being a double penetration.

Awesome, that's for making us picture a 12 year old watching DP porn. Wtf.

There's the full interview.

No. 90668

Is it just me or is this interview kinda weird? It's literally just focussing on (anal) sex, double penetration and porn. This girl really has nothing else to identify herself with.

No. 90685

Did you check out who runs thats site though?


>My name is April Snow. I'm 25 years old, 100% real, and I want to turn you into my personal, panty-wearing, cocksucking sissy bitch. Seriously – I really enjoy humiliating men.

No. 90696

>If you dream about being turned into a faggot, I WILL make you go out and suck cock.

No. 90706


Good lord. Just read her 'about me' section. It's grossing me out tbh. I guess birds of a feather flock together lmao

No. 90734

One of the questions the interviewer asked was

Why are you pursuing a career in the adult industry/porn?
>I've always been into porn. I watched porn from a young age, and have always been interested in sexuality. At this point I've cammed, made masturbation videos, been a stripper, and now I'm pursuing adult films. I've done everything and I feel as though the adult industry is empowering. It puts women in control.

and turns out, she was only a stripper for five days after an ENTIRE MONTH of research.

Video extremely related, I'm barely a minute in.

No. 90738

Quotes from this video:

>I didn't think the girls were going to be as much as a problem as I thought they were gonna be

Wow really feminist like of you, assuming the girls who work at a strip club were going to cause you problems.

>I thought my biggest problem was gonna be girls being like 'hurr you took my customer'

There's that lovely false sense of importance that you constantly remind us of. We get it, you think you're hot shit and feared that your hottness was going to cause girls to fight you. But that didn't happen, now did it?

>Gen-u-wine (1:41)


>I got regretted a lot. Umm one day I walked around the club like 7 or 8 times and got regretted by every single guy in there [..] I had one guy even laugh in my face, be like 'ha ha ha no.. no, i don't want company from you"., like okay, um that's fine. I'm confident! I don't let people like break me down but.. that shit got fucking old, really fast… i don't know how girls put up with it. it's so demeaning and disrespectful

If only that was humbling experience for you. Lesson lost.

>I know I'm gonna get a lot of girls that are like, "You didn't do it long enough. you only did it for a week, you should stayed at least a month before you decided it wasn't for you"… I understand that, I knew I couldn't handle the environment, deep down to my fucking soul, I can't handle the environment of a strip club. it's fucking depressing.

>I'm not deceiving or manipulating enough to be a stripper.

>A lot of the girls pretty much get off to manipulating these old men, like 50-60 years old, into thinking they're dating them and make them into their sugar daddies and pull money from them.

>I don't submit well.

This is a quote by Lexxy from the interview posted the other day "I love being submissive so…"…????

Okay I only got a little over 7 minutes in, I can't listen to this idiot anymore.

No. 90743

My god, her hair was fucked back in 2014. You could have scrubbed pots and pans with it.

No. 90768

Ily anon, your critique is on point. I have to admit I kinda liked her before but now I can really see through her bs. There was always something that bothered me about her but I couldn't really pinpoint it till now.

No. 90786

i love how she talks about having a tiny waist but she has NO waist whatsoever? also because she wears her underwear like a fucking retard it makes her look even stockier. what an idiot.

No. 90798

She look like her pussy stink

No. 90801

Same here. When the thread first started I thought there wouldn't be anything to post about her. Just a chubby chick taking pics in her underwear who had nice tattoos. God damn was I wrong.

No. 90808

It smells like kimchi.

No. 90810

File: 1454982798345.png (34.4 KB, 764x161, l.png)

but anon, anal is her specialty!

No. 90815


I like how her harpy tattoo has less harpy-like tits than she does.

No. 91040

This makes me feel better about myself.

No. 91042

File: 1455063128148.png (1.09 MB, 1367x590, Twitter&Instagram.png)

Seems like somebody took the time to go through her thread on lolcow, lmao - also, she conveniently ignores legit criticism that has been made for example here >>90738 and here >>90366 and only focuses on ~fat shaming~ and ~anti sex work mindsets~
She can't even respond properly, but I guess it doesn't require much thought to just shove your ass and stomach in front of a camera proving the h8ers wrong.

No. 91043

File: 1455063945509.png (428.01 KB, 745x598, Untitled.png)

LOL she went full retard today and finally replied to this thread.

>Reminder that my body doesn't look as fabulous in a video where Im taking a giant dildo up my ass as it does when Im posing after a 2 hour workout. If you wanna fucking fat shame you better put up some photos of how great your body looks when you have a 9inch cock shoved up your ass.

B-but Lexxy, I didn't gif the video of you taking a dildo up your ass. I gif'd the very start of your videos, before you had a "9inch cock shoved up your ass".


No. 91045

File: 1455064467637.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.95 MB, 261x310, ezgif-2023067266.gif)

>Reminder that angles change a person's body drastically. Lighting matters.

Yeah, that gut is defo caused by the angle and lighting…

No. 91046

File: 1455064849892.gif (1.75 MB, 500x541, twitter.gif)

Look what you caused

No. 91047


She's too dumb to defend herself decently, hahaha. Baby girl should just let it go, she's embarrassing herself. It's so sad that she can't handle people criticising her instead of drooling over her body and attitude like she think she deserves because she is a special little snowflake or some shit like that

No. 91049

I'm so proud of myself, literally crying right now. Suck that gut in girl!

Omg she's so hot though amirite?

No. 91052

oh god she sure looked beautiful at that weight (whichever it actually is there)

I'd bang her. Her face had more definition, or it might be just angles and photo magic (?) but oh god. hello past lexxy.

what a shame

No. 91053

Yep, the recent weight gain doesn't suit her face especially, it softens her features way too much.
Also, she looks beautiful here >>89897

No. 91056


yeah, she still looked awesome, by my standards of course :P i actually have a similar body figure, peary around her bmi at >>89897 and if she only hit the weights and made a bit of a change in her diet, she would look a m a z i n g.

this disturbs me so much >:C I CAN LIFT MY ASS WHY CAN'T YOU ohgod

also wtf with that rant, relax girl just take our advice


No. 91061

File: 1455070772075.jpg (55.42 KB, 500x500, into the trash it goes.jpg)

>dyed hair
Even one of those is enough to qualify for the trash but all five?

No. 91075

she looks like she smells bad

No. 91172

>Also some women gain weight with their birth control. Theres tons of kinds of bc & just because you didn't gain weight doesn't mean another girl wont.
>I'm too lazy and lack self-control therefore I blame my birth control on my weight gain #curvygirl #phatass

Try harder next time

No. 91183

rofl!! What does have a dildo up your ass have anything to do with being fat or not?

>2 hour workout

this bitch has never worked out a day in her life

No. 91184

She did this on purpose? She didn't even get much a bigger ass or at least in comparison to the flabby cellulite thigh fat she got.

No. 91185

File: 1455125914791.png (68.77 KB, 509x588, weigh.png)

I wonder what type of birth control she is on because I have tried two different types (birth control pill I took every day for a full year and an IUD, which I've had for about a year now) over the past few years and neither made me gain weight, though they both increased my appetite.

Also, I did a lil research because I wanted to know why people always say BC causes you to become a fat ass and found this

>Estrogen in high doses can cause weight gain due to increased appetite and fluid retention. So, 50 years ago they may indeed have caused weight gain in some women. Current birth control pills have much lower amounts of hormones.

Pic related is from here: http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/answered-questions/birth-control-pills-and-weight-gain

No. 91186

It's been proven that the weight gain associated with bc is only like, five lbs. That's nothing.

No. 91187

File: 1455126434189.png (28.58 KB, 497x168, point.png)

what point does this prove though? idgi

No. 91189

She looks decent in the "before" pic, sure, her legs are a lil stumpy but her stomach is relatively flat - she actually tried to make the best out of her body shape here it seems. But the more recent pic…no, just, no. She looks totally out of shape there.

No. 91191

File: 1455126735731.png (294.16 KB, 1066x542, ok.png)

being 130lbs at 5'2 is literally 2 pounds from being overweight. i'm all for being confident, but please ruin your body because you 'love yourself'.

like you can love your body while staying fit, lexxy. stop pretending your weight gain isn't due to you becoming lazy.

No. 91195

Can confirm, I'm on bc (pill) and I've gained 3-4 lbs tops. But I also workout on a regular basis and eat well 75% of the time.

Holy shit. I'm 5'7 and around 121 lbs and I wouldn't even mind losing 2 or 3 lbs. This girl is becoming fat and uses "body positivity" to cover up her laziness. Yet she is editing her nudes lmao

Sage for personal blog post and OT tendency

No. 91196

I guess she thinks that it's ~edgy~ to go into a make up store without make up and sweatpants or w/e one day just to show herself off the next day with her burando clothes and a full face of Sephora make up but Idek anon. The more I read about her on here, the dumber she seems to me.

No. 91202

I don't believe she's 130, I'd rather say she's 150 lbs, and that she doesn't work out. Otherwise she's very unfortunate to look that way already at 130.

No. 91206

I only said 130lbs because her camming page says 115lbs and she recently said she gained 15lbs. I wouldn't be shocked if she was 150lbs though but she is very short and stocky, so any type of weight won't look good on her.

I meant to say

>but please DON'T ruin your body because you 'love yourself'.

No. 91210

I'm a similar height and the only time I looked THAT bad, was when I was ~150 lbs. (not a fattychan anymore btw, dropped the 50 lbs)

No. 91211

I usually dont comment negative stuff about peoples progress but where's the progress? she looks the same just diff angles?

No. 91213

I could imagine her weighing "only" 130 lbs since her fat is being distributed very oddly but wouldn't exclude the possibility that she's even heavier than 130 lbs (especially considering her height)

No. 91221

File: 1455131047774.jpg (185.4 KB, 919x597, IG.jpg)

Her most recent selfie on IG. Is it just me or does her face actually look extremely puffy and bloated? And why are her eyes so slanty?

> #goth

No. 91229

130 at only 5'2" is definitely chubby. She looks like she has zero muscle mass, so she's mainly all fat. Gross.

No. 91230

People who act like working out and counting calories is a chore are always fatties.

And she's glorifying porn shit and implants? Ah, of course.

No. 91232

She's DEFINITELY bigger than 130. Like other anon said, she seems closer to 150.

I'm 5'3" and used to be 160 at my highest weight and I was disgusting. Dropped it all in my early 20s. This girl is just LAZY and she doesn't look like she works out at all or even eats properly.

No. 91239

can we stop with the diary posts? your weight and height are not relevant. this is not the post your stats thread. the fuck, guys, at least sage your shit.

No. 91249

This particular makeup look doesn't fit her at all IMO. She looks worn out and old. Can't believe she's only 22 years old.
In comparison to >>90370 her features look extremely…pudgy.

No. 91253

Don't forget that she's also a massive weeaboo koreaboo, constantly praising Japanese and Korean food, anime, Pokémon/Nintendo, CL and Etude House.

No. 91254

>weeaboo and koreaboo

No. 91259

She looks like she's in her late 30s. That's what being fat and sloppy does to a person.

No. 91270

She looks cute in the video. But I just checked, this video is about 6 months old, so I assume this was before her weight gain? Her facial features are definitely more defined here and she doesn't look as jaded
OT but I have to admit that I also like to use some of the products by Etude House she mentioned in the video

Yep, and the makeup doesn't help either. Dark lips are a no-go for her, too bad she doesn't get it

No. 91300

It's quite a shame because calorie counting is not that hard and neither is doing a bit of exercise once you get in the habit.

I can't help but think there is a reason why this girl is disrespecting her body like this.

No. 91307

And that reason would be what? I'm curious

No. 91309

Could be past abuse/trauma, low self esteem, who knows. If you watch the TLC show with Dr. Now, all the mordibly obese patients seem to have some kind of tragic backstory that caused them to emotionally eat to the point where they're not mobile anymore.

No. 91311

according to this video, she used to have anorexia. isn't it common for recovered anorexics to become chubbier quite often?

No. 91313

File: 1455141034728.jpg (16.07 KB, 532x384, my prediction.jpg)

Looking at the speed of her weight gain surely it will only be a couple of years before she is obese. Pic related.

Why does she hate herself so much? Maybe the tats and piercings are like self flagellation.

No. 91317

I hope she will become more self-aware. I'm definitely not a fan of her and probably will never be because she's just way too obnoxious, but she is a potential qt regardless IMHO. It's evident looking at >>89897 and >>89898. She's one of those people who look their best when they're slim and toned (kinda like Suzy minus the toned tho since Suzy has never really been toned IIRC).

>Why does she hate herself so much? Maybe the tats and piercings are like self flagellation.

Been thinking the same. Also her obsession with porn/being a porn star and being 'empowered' simultaneously.

No. 91319

Fuck, meant >>89900 not >>89898

No. 91320

She reminds me of Megan lolol

No. 91324

Yes, I fully agree with you.

Using gigantic dildos and filming herself is definitely destructive. I know some people won't agree with me but I think it's a kind of self humiliation and punishment.

Opening the videos page on her youtube all the way to three years ago really shows the difference over time in her face chubbiness wise.

No. 91326

I don't understand why she wants her regular SM to be clogged with her porn shit so badly, seriously, it's common sense: Separate your work life from your private life, especially when your work life includes shoving dildos up your ass. Is she really that surprised that people approach her negatively on the matter? Sure, we can argue about people's perspectives being right or wrong all day long but in the end most people are not as "progressive" as she wants them to be. Sad but true. It's not helping her at all to regularly proclaim how she wants to be a porn star in L.A. and get fucked in the ass.

>Opening the videos page on her youtube all the way to three years ago really shows the difference over time in her face chubbiness wise.

She used to be more chill in her older videos too. Her voice is still annoying af but she seems more down to earth and less pretentious overall.

No. 91332

You're right. I'll add that dramatic and exhibitionist behaviour is a symptom of quite a few mental illnesses. She's pushing people away.

Let's say she does become a porn star. Will that be the end or will she keep going more extreme? That's what worries me.

No. 91335

Yeah, even though she wants to be seen as tough and experienced, she just comes across as naive and desperate to me - this makes her extremely exploitable as well, so she might indeed keep going more extreme eventually.
How does one in all seriousness think that doing porn is some kind of a lifesaver?

Top kek

No. 91353

No. 91359

She definitely isn't 130 pounds. I'm 5'1" and used to be 210 pounds, and her body (the puffy face, the thick arms and wrists, etc) looks more like mine at that weight. I'd push she's probably 160+.
Why the fuck do people feel the need to lie, honestly.

No. 91373

How long before she's pushing 190lb?

No. 91519

>tfw so much posts on new interesting thread
>It's just 20 posts of mostly of anonymous height/weight to lend "credibility"
>so credible some delusional fat fuck thinks she looks the same at 200+ lbs

No. 91522

File: 1455166349777.png (1.05 MB, 1858x942, PhotoGrid_1455166202587-1.png)

No. 91533

>how to maintain healthy blonde hair
Top kek. Does she also have a video on how to not ooze raised by a single mom and mental issues.

No. 91566

At this rate? 5 to 6 months?

No. 91572

I used to use charms as inspo to workout more(still do), but this girl just takes the cake for some reason… Every time I see this girl I want her to drink some water.

No. 91579

>stop staring at my ass and tell me what size coffee you want
does she… take orders facing away from people…..???

No. 91580

Ew these are control top panties. I'm her (lower) body shape and about her weight, right down to the way my knees bend slightly back, but you can hide a muffin top with non-control panties. They're really just for wearing under dresses. You only need high-waisted ones for pics like this especially if you're lifting up your arm.

Also, what the fuck do you call her upper body shape? She has no waist but hips for miles. Is it all shoop?

No. 91641

Her body shape is brick/fridge/rectangle. She is standing with her weight on one leg. Check out the other side it's a straight line.

No. 91652

The hip to waist ratio only looks so dramatic because she is wearing extremely tight, high waisted underwear that women use to hide their fuppas. Just look at the fat billowing out around the panties, she is so pudgy.

No. 91657

File: 1455211917522.png (1.98 MB, 1920x1611, 2016-02-11 12.31.23.png)

I can only imagine the deep lines these underwear left on her skin after she took them off. This just looks painfully umcomfortable and ridiculously unflattering.

No. 91751

Fucking hell why did this girl let her body go to hell. Disgusting.

No. 91755

She must look like she has four ass cheeks from behind when she wears those knickers.

No. 91759


You're killing me anon, I'm crying

Honestly though this girl is in for a big fucking surprise if she actually thinks she's gonna make it into the porn industry. She probably sent all of those porn companies she applied for her edited nudes and most likely also lied about her body shape/weight like she did on her ManyVids account as well. They're gonna kick her ass when she shows up being this massive and out of shape. I know there's porn out there with fat chicks but she herself describes her body as ~slender~ so she is probably delusional as fuck thinking she is gonna cater to an audience that likes "tiny waists and big bootys" (that's legit what's standing in her 'about me' on ManyVids). I want her "porn career" to crash and burn. She is a liar and a hypocrite, ugh, this bitch is getting on my nerves.

No. 91760

File: 1455231506120.png (194.98 KB, 923x499, IG_Lexxy.png)

Look who's throwing shade, lmao

No. 91982

File: 1455319464849.png (89.83 KB, 1080x343, Screenshot_2016-02-12-18-21-57…)

Tune in next month to see if this 22 year old fuckhead is dumb enough to ruin any chances of her ever getting a real job by tattooing her throat.

No. 91987

Unless she plans on being a cam model for the rest of her life, she's fucked if she gets a neck tattoo. The porn industry is very off and on, some months you're making a shitload of money and others you are struggling to buy groceries. You never know when the bubble is going to burst and you need to find a job where that kind of appearance wont fly. but she does have shitty hand tattoos, so she already fucked herself out of a lot of job opportunities.

No. 91988

I hope she's content to spend the rest of her life in a fast food kitchen or night cleaning crew.

Imagine being in your thirties with a saggy Pokemon tattoo on your turkey-gobbler neck.

No. 91993

File: 1455321049506.png (19.29 KB, 585x131, Tattoos.png)

Guys, I'm starting to think that this bitch might be a potential lolcow for real. A fucking THROAT tattoo of your favorite POKEMON? What???

Also I'm currently crying because of this tweet she made a while ago (pic related):
>my skin is worth more than six months of your rent
Well bitch your tattoos might get in the way one day when you're trying to pay your own rent because you'll look like a trashy fat worn out camgirl/porn "star" with a bunch of fucking anime tattoos.

No. 91998

Does she actually make an independent living camming? Even fat charms doesn't seem to make much and imo is an upgraded version of this slag. Cuter face and her boob job might not be perfect but this chick has the saddest tits ever.

No. 92004

>a trashy fat worn out camgirl/porn "star" with a bunch of fucking anime tattoos.

This made me laugh. Just the idea of a person covering themselves in their favorite anime characters scREAMS betafag and after watching her videos, she is a dead ringer.

No. 92008

File: 1455323564542.png (181.42 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2016-02-12-19-30-37…)

In case any newfags aren't too sure what a betafag is. And yes, they really used "lexie" as an example lmao.

No. 92013

Charms is super unmotivated though. Just showing up on a regular basis and turning on your cam can do wonders. If you don't bitch and moan the entire time, you're already out-earning Charms.

No. 92015

Nah, she is a barista I think. You're right tho, Lexxy can only dream of making as much money as Charms used to make in her prime. And tbh I still prefer fat Charms over Lexxy. Even though but are horrific and have tacky tattoos lol.


No. 92464

File: 1455392716488.png (553.41 KB, 941x603, hand tattoos.png)

I ever noticed her finger tattoos before.

No. 92473

File: 1455393624024.png (2.22 MB, 1506x1038, 21.png)

I wonder why she updated her porn twitter?

No. 92481

Elemental and zodiac finger tattoos, wow never seen anything like those before

No. 92519

File: 1455396704418.jpg (122.65 KB, 1024x848, CZ7FUDMVIAEFj6z.jpg large.jpg)

She looks so much like that weird downsy megan girl in this one

No. 92553

File: 1455400892377.png (58.2 KB, 571x421, dollskill.png)

She's normally very vocal about stuff, I wonder why she hasn't dragged dollskill through the mud for fucking over their customers?

Probably because she already wasted her money on their stolen designs.

No. 92554

File: 1455400981136.png (3.59 MB, 3630x1145, 21.png)

I just realized their a thread about them in /snow/ >>91806

No. 92555

File: 1455401295031.png (1.22 MB, 1028x1364, dollskill.png)

I was looking in the #dollskill tag for more info on their drama and look who I found lol.


No. 92692

File: 1455415438076.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She always pulls her underwear up and it just looks so wrong especially with the pussyfat fupa roll line thing.

No. 92716

File: 1455418165431.png (2.16 MB, 1965x1360, PhotoGrid_1455418084179-1.png)

Her body has so many unnecessary creases now.

No. 92871


High Rise undies look good on people with big asses and defined waists. I think she's trying too look like she has a defined waist.

No. 93434

File: 1455582928991.png (826.56 KB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_2016-02-15-19-30-16…)

She changed her instagram name btw


No. 98697

File: 1456604833940.png (851.72 KB, 891x864, 1453271225539.png)

she rly needs to buy bigger underwear already


No. 98698

GIRL please buy some fucking panties that fit. Yeast factory in that sling, woof. ugh.

No. 98716

She isn't fooling anyone when she stands with her hips pushed back like that.

We all know she looks like dogshit when she's just standing normally. It even looks like she's got those typical knock knees that fat people have.

No. 98728

File: 1456613480302.jpg (19.3 KB, 381x188, image.jpg)

Her whole body is so ugly holy shit.
She has a vag roll for Christi sake. That swaybacked pose isn't fooling anyone, and the stank that poor yeast sling being swallowed by her ass fat must be murderous.

How do people get so deluded?

No. 98779

There is literally no fucking way this fat piece of shit works out """constantly""". As one of the many girls with actual hourglass shapes, her and every other fat cunt calling themselves "curvy" can fuck right off - like maybe that's why people associate the term curvy with fat, because of people exactly like you.

And for the love of fuck you do not have "a huge fucking ass" why is it so difficult for some girls to just not say that delusional shit.

And sorry for the obvious rant but this shit is soo dumb. Girls used to have eating disorders and hate on girls with curves, now it's gone the other way but all that's really changed is that wannarexics have turned into girls that do the dumb "big ass" pose to stick out whatever they're chubby body has. Just different shit to lie about.

Also willing to bet money she never had a fucking eating disorder, and if anything just stopped cramming bullshit into her mouth for a few months. 108 pounds at 5'1" is healthy as fuck.

No. 98790

I really think the hand tattoo thing won't matter if she applies to work in places where having visible mods is acceptable. I have two tiny tattoos on both of my hands, they're so small my employers probably never noticed but they never stood in the way of myself getting a job. Then again, I also didn't choose to cover all my fingers with edgy symbols like this chickie. But there are definitely places who will hire despite hand tattoos, it's becoming more and more common these days.

No. 98806

Where's her "fucking huge ass"
and who the fuck gets a muffin top from leggings

No. 98977

File: 1456691536252.png (5.04 MB, 2540x1520, american girl.png)

randomly skipped through her newest video and screenshotted the still frames

No. 98979

and the video. the other girl is also a cam model but a more successful one it seems (but not by much)

>here's her info:


No. 98980

File: 1456691875783.png (88.31 KB, 621x485, single.png)

she got a boyfriend, lost him, and we missed it lol

No. 98982

File: 1456692215262.png (119.83 KB, 286x380, fg.png)

>big bootied
bish whur

No. 98983

her ass looks really really grimy an dirty. weugh.

No. 99124

Don't worry, anon, this happens all the time in her life, we will get another chance to watch her wreck of a love life unfold for sure. If you look through her twitter you'll see what I mean. I'll provide screen caps later, can't do it right now. She loves to blame it on the guys not accepting her career choice lmao.
>B-but doing porn improved my life so much!

No. 99145


Tattoo seems fresh in the picture, it's probably "ink bleed".

For real though, clean that shit up before taking a picture.

No. 99382

Big booty? Ha.
You're just fat hun.

No. 99388

This girl is just so.. saggy. She could have a decent body if she actually exercised. I don't find her that fat just super untoned

No. 99389

I'm thankful for discovering her because she inspired me to start exercising again

No. 99390

Out of everything she could have sold, she chose her body. She could honestly make more money making jewelry or designing t shirts, though I never rly understood girls who immediately start recording themselves being rammed with a dildo over making something more substantial and worth wild to sale.

No. 99391

Same. Big lotte was my inspiration then this thing came along.

No. 99393

Omg I will never understand this argument. What you're saying is "I spent a lot of money on this!" Yes tattoos are expensive and you chose to spend your money on them…yeah you really told them didn't ya?

No. 99395

It's because they are lazy whores, anon. Doing something worthwhile is a lot more effort than stripping on cam. You don't even have to leave your house!

No. 99802

gurl went and got a face tattoo didn't she.

No. 99806

she looked ok in pictures when she was thin. but her voice, her way of talking and her facial expressions are so annoying. I can't stand her in videos neither fat nor thin. can’t watch more than 30 seconds of it.

No. 99824

I just can't make up my mind about this girl. Seems to me that she's leading a quite pathetic life tho…all she has is her barista job, her porn videos, pokémon/weeaboo stuff and the frequent complaint about evil cis white men who want to fuck her and use her as a side chick. Maybe if she laid off her hateful and hostile attitude she'd actually get more out of life? Idk.

Also who in their right mind gets a fucking Sailor Moon symbol tattooed on their face? And is it just me or is the placement of the tattoo really odd (apart from the odd decision in general that it's right on her fucking face lol)?

No. 99825

File: 1456922996724.png (692.84 KB, 933x594, goodstuff.png)

Samefagging but this is the picture that was posted a couple of hours ago on her old instagram account (she changed it to Syrencove). She wants her followers to report this profile because it's a "troll" who has taken over her old account apparently.

-polite sage for samefagging-

No. 99831

She is a highly defensive individual. I get what you mean though. She'd probably enjoy life a lot more if she stopped acting like everyone was out to get her or secretly try to shag her.
And about the placement - it is pretty terrible. She should have had it placed further back towards her ear because in a few years time if/when she regrets it, her hair could easily have hidden it. She's never going to have a 'proper' job. This coming from someone who is very heavily tattooed. It's her call though innit.

No. 100317

File: 1457052148103.png (2.15 MB, 1440x2205, Screenshot_2016-03-03-16-40-20…)

Her new tattoo is dumb to me but Im not a pokemon fan so idk. Also shes just so ugly to me but i think its her style that has that effect

No. 100327

holy shit that is horrendous. i'm not usually one for judging on tattoos but imagine being 80 with a tattoo of a fucking pokemon on your throat no thanks

No. 100328

That looks like some deviantart-tier furry shit.

No. 100329

I like to use Noivern.
But her Tattoo is just shitty. The placement sucks. Have fun covering that when it's hot outside.
It's going to look even more horrible with colours.

No. 100392

It's already hideous. When her face sags it'll be even more hideous.

No. 100507

how is a fucking POKEMON important enough to get tattooed on your neck??? I mean if you're getting neck tattoos then obviously you lack common sense anyway, but pokemon? really?

No. 110902

File: 1459006055262.png (667.4 KB, 934x592, hur.png)

eh so i'm kind of into her new hair

No. 112293

File: 1459269125938.png (640.18 KB, 913x551, 70.png)

She is sucking in so much in the left image.

(you can tell by how the area's where her lungs would be located is encaved but her stomach is still fat)

I also only assume she posted the left image next to the right image, because she looks like she has a gut when she is facing forward.. Just look at how the top of her belly button hangs down now.

No. 112416

Shes so fucking dirty looking.. She just looks like she smells fucking foul. Her hair is pretty cool though. Wasted on her.

No. 112428

I honestly do like this color, but I can't get over that ugly neck tattoo.

she's so flabby.

No. 114241

File: 1459609666506.png (519.34 KB, 467x573, lexx.png)

god i literally hope this girl gets chlamydia

No. 114243

File: 1459610181095.png (1.98 MB, 2520x690, lexx.png)

ure a chubby dragon skinned fatt assed ass fatt assed fucknugget ass pig ass fuckface fuckface ass narcissistic ass childish frumpy ass racist chan

No. 114246

File: 1459610595922.png (4.43 MB, 2048x2048, fuckman.png)

so cute tho

No. 114247


youre grasping at straws, u fuccing cuntasaurusrex fatass cow

No. 114248

holy shitt ure such a disgusting bulldyke

No. 116800

Is she implying that she is wealthy? Fucking kek.

No. 116801

File: 1460210126288.gif (1.66 MB, 212x153, no.gif)

>those floppy tits hanging over the tattoo like drapes

No. 116882

I hate when people do this facial expression. it always makes people look wrinkly.

No. 116894

This gif fucking DESTROYED me, oh my god

No. 117765

Ha, looks like she needs a mastopLexxy

No. 152970


No. 153021

This mouthbreather can't keep her damn lips closed for one second

No. 153108

File: 1468099985296.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.31 KB, 640x841, image.jpg)

>More kawaii than yo girl
How about no
I tried to like her I really did but the fact that she acts so pretentious while claiming to be a feminist and still supporting the scum like dollskill, Jefree Star etc on top of being a raging weeb is fucking cringeworthy. She's a giant hypocrite and acts like a white tumblr feminists even though she tries oh so hard not to. She gets herself involved with shitty gross men and then starts whining about how all men suck when they fuck her over. Sorry hun you brought it upon yourself by getting involved with slimy men like that "obviously coked out" 30 something year old that you ended up giving the keys to your apt to after 3 months of being with him. She's embarrassing

No. 153230

File: 1468121594827.jpg (39.18 KB, 640x277, image.jpg)

Is she autistic or what?

No. 153232


Jesus man, I can't take it!! This girl adds so many unnecessary details and tangents, she puts me to sleep every time. Worse than fucking Tana Mongeau.

No. 153535

She opened a donation page/button because she couldn't afford to pay her own cat's vet bills before this in hopes of milking her subs but took it down shortly. She's defo lolcow material.

No. 154324

I don't see this girl becoming a porn star. She might do one Facial Abuse video, that will be it

No. 154330

That would be so fucking funny

No. 154797

File: 1468405137647.jpg (54.06 KB, 640x386, snapshot.jpg)

Screenshot from her last video, which wasn't very SJW.
She could be super hot with some muscle mass or less bodyfat.

No. 154887


Is that really how you should pronounce it?

No. 154896

kek, she really hates potential male customers

From 4:25 to 4:45 she's talking about her fans aka "you guys": "young women who may not be legal to look at my stuff"

No. 155123

Those tits are unfortunate

No. 155130

wait a minute she knows that she has young viewers yet she's putting out videos like that and sharing nudes on her twitter?

No. 157260

Can't stand this chicks face, that lip shape is the worst.
She's a pretty typical tumblr SJW, these girls are a dime a dozen.

No. 157334

File: 1468967635010.jpg (40.27 KB, 440x637, 3a9f21ceb670e96d5c83ad6c7e3b6d…)

Something about the way her mouth moves when she talks reminds me of a chubby, fucked up Charlotte Free

No. 157368

File: 1468978849513.jpg (145.61 KB, 650x400, Mimi-Bobeck.jpg)

>>157334 More like Mimi

No. 158541

File: 1469283838347.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.53 KB, 1200x675, crater.jpg)

Something about her vagina is off..it looks like it smells like fish

No. 158549

She has no vagina lips. It's just an open slit, Like a gaping wound.
That's a creepy vagina.

No. 158570

are those cuts on her upper thigh/ass?

No. 158575

File: 1469298227898.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1200x675, ew.png)

No. 158577

Is that bruising or a rash?

No. 158581

Looks like acne

No. 158610

I think it's just a rash from the ass tattoo she just got
Jesus fuck you're right

No. 161503

Mind you don't cut yourself on all of the edges, guys.

No. 161508

Video should really be titled "I am NOT a Tumblr Femimist anymore" as her problems with it have everything to do with Tumblr feminism than actual feminism (speaking as a non-feminist btw). For someone who claimed to be a feminist for 5 years, you'd think she'd know the difference between the two by now…

No. 161720

ugh her facial expression in that thumb nail.

No. 161745

File: 1469865962870.gif (423.65 KB, 259x169, giphy3.gif)

wait does she have a pokemon tattooed on her neck!?
it's not even a goodmon it's a shitmon

No. 161756

>>161503 Maybe that fatass of hers will drop weight and she'll get rid of the stupid colors in her hair since she's dumped Dumblr feminism.

No. 161764

One of the comments was about how she's doing this to appeal to her cam audience. Guys like when cam girls are helpless, anti SJW/feminist and offensive. Sorry if I'm rambling

No. 161780

File: 1469879329941.jpg (10.79 KB, 178x128, disappointment.JPG)

Holy fuck, that bootleg Totoro just made me laugh so hard

No. 161793

Not being a feminist doesn't mean you're helpless. It's usually the opposite. I've had feminists and sjws block me because I recommended learning some self defense and getting a weapon or mace to protect yourself as a woman and was called sexist, even though I'm a woman myself. Like, they're really fucking backwards.

No. 162050

Those camgirls just want the reddit-crowd.

No. 162055

Wrong show! Creatures with mon in the end of their name are from digimon!

No. 162056

No. 162060

File: 1469979722975.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 876x814, Untitled.png)

What makes her think this looks ok to post. This is so unattractive.

No. 162068

File: 1469981809847.png (143.95 KB, 500x616, tumblr_mv2o0v4GOX1rq0cklo1_500…)

>goodmon and shitmon are not actual pokemon

It's a pokemon called noivern it's the most random fucking pokemon to have. I've met some saddos before that had pokemon tattoos but it was like Pikachu or Mew, what in the fuck is so important about this one that it's on her fucking neck, it's one that's been released in the last 5 seconds

>it's the equivalent of a new harry potter coming out and immediately having their face tattooed to pride of place

No. 162069

that was a shit example it's like having dobby's cousin tattooed to your neck

No. 162077

>one that's been released in the last 5 seconds

It's a gen 6 pokemon, Anon. And to each their own, maybe that's her newest favourite pokemon or it means something special to her? Tattoo's usually have personal meanings behind them, people who don't know her aren't supposed to "get" the concept behind them.

No. 162078

No. 162086

File: 1469986620177.gif (1.17 MB, 250x230, 1096.gif)

>whiteknighting someone's fucking POKEMON tattoo whilst implying it's possible for a pokemon tattoo to be personal or conceptual in any dignifying way

No. 162108

File: 1469993467069.jpg (85.89 KB, 905x900, AFL0m.jpg)

the saddest titties I'e ever seen….and holy fuck those areolas. LMAO

No. 162496

File: 1470122202291.jpg (16.42 KB, 477x357, CiK036x.jpg)

Reading through this thread just make me think she has psyche issues. The sort of issues someone gets tats of stupid shit and piercings out the wazoo in attempt to compensate.

Her weird tits are just bad genetics really, and her body shape is straight up and down, she tries to make it look like hips with angling and stuff, but if have serious hips then its something you don't need to draw attention to.

No. 163095

File: 1470334849252.jpg (200.33 KB, 639x912, image.jpg)

No. 163099

She's gonna start streaming on twitch ugh I wish camwhores would stick to their sites

No. 163103

In other words she gives up on her tumblr feminist ploy to cater towards edgesters.

No. 163105

Camming isn't going well for her so she's gonna leech off of the male gaming community now

No. 163106

File: 1470335938664.jpg (110.61 KB, 640x943, image.jpg)

Someone's lurking

No. 163111

someone's reaching

No. 163157

Live streaming Sims 4 I predict.

No. 163206

Welcome to lolcow

No. 163451

File: 1470452769615.png (12.51 KB, 524x96, Screenshot1.png)

This bitch literally sits on cam either shaking her fupa, whining about nobody tipping, squeezing her sad tits together, or staring at her phone.

No. 163466

This is what happens when you start camming you get butt hurt the Internet doesn't appreciate you. What a dumb fat bitch

No. 163643

File: 1470507920338.png (682.94 KB, 602x600, Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 09.0…)

>squeezing her sad tits together

No. 163962

I like this girl i just wish she didnt get visable tattoos she could have had a nice career etc

No. 164167

Too late for that now bitch dun got anime characters tatted on her body "I'm not a teenager anymore, I'm more mature".

No. 166204

You all need to find better things to do with your lives

who are you to comment on another person's body?

You're nothing

No. 166209

You must be new here.

No. 166306

>I dont date & I dont get into relationships anymore because Im too prideful to let someone see how dark & bleak my mental state is becoming


So edgy. Also, what the fuck at "prideful".

No. 166346

File: 1471400685375.gif (2.64 MB, 400x225, 1470923838716.gif)

I would bet quite a large amount of cash she doesnt do those workouts, her squat technique is terrible, she almost fells over on the leg lifts and she lost track of what she was doing for the last one.

No. 166364

is that lidnsey? she used to be so cute too bad the illuminati raped her as a child

No. 166366

File: 1471408946032.jpg (128.25 KB, 1401x788, LINDSAY.jpg)

One of the greatest examples of wasted potential. She had the hot redhead market cornered, and then she immediately turned into a 45 year old crack whore with duck lips. Sad. She fits in well with the cows here though.

No. 166368

Lindsey is the LOLCOW of Hollywood..i don't blame her she got raped as a kid that's wat Hollywood is about a lot of old child stars discussed it

No. 166369

I'm pretty sure something terrible happened to her cuz she COMPLETELY changed as a person in just a few yrs something totally destroyed her

No. 166370

I also feel bad for lexy cuz she opened up and made a video about her rape which broke my heart to watch I really don't have nothing bad about this chick besides her neck tattoo was a bad decision :( I had a small neck tattoo n completely lasered off n ppl treat me WAY better now n can get any job she will regret it man(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 166394

I think she's more famous now and has more 'credit' than if she had just done a load more crappy movies that no one would give a fuck about. Pop culture died in 2007 and lindz knew it

No. 166405

File: 1471428736964.png (506.36 KB, 600x451, Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 09.0…)

I think people like Lohan and Britney had breakdowns when they became more aware of their roles as entities of celebrity culture. The explosion of the internet allowed everyone to see the bigger picture of everything and I think people like that suddenly felt like tools.

pic related

No. 166410

Lindsay had awful excuses for parents too. Isn't it always the same in these Hollywood circles, the parents treat one kid as a cash cow then look what happens.

No. 170794

Agh. I can't tolerate persons who write like entitled, arrogant, pretentious, pompous, deluded idiots on their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

No. 171406

File: 1473083981646.png (47.17 KB, 613x304, hard knock life.png)

New youtube vid coming up!
I wonder if she will apologize for her anti-feminism video.

No. 172708

that's 2 diff chicks lol

No. 172862

File: 1473530524719.png (46.35 KB, 575x296, prnrtscrn.png)

Preach, sister.

No. 173149

File: 1473608334647.png (Spoiler Image, 304.79 KB, 563x544, likeeggsnailedtoawall.png)

shit sorry i derped. I love how shes like when you act trashy it justifies society deeming us degenerates right after she posts her nudes all over her twitter.

kettle meet pot

No. 173363

File: 1473679203809.png (293.85 KB, 660x541, ex-feminist.png)

She has a new video: ex-feminist reads comments.

She also has a new Pokémon Gaming channel, it should be added to the OP:

No. 173579

How funny, she started a gofundme to help her move.

No. 173582

File: 1473744420182.jpg (75.06 KB, 640x526, image.jpg)

Waiting for the "Why I'm no longer a stripper" rant video.

No. 173583

File: 1473744511392.jpg (105.21 KB, 640x718, image.jpg)

She's a train wreck just like Trisha.

No. 173594

'I was unconscious for over 12 hours but got no brain damage.'
Bitch no you were not unconscious you were fucking asleep and hungover.

No. 175803

Damn this thread is harsh.

No. 175849

I don't like tattoos, I don't care about her weight, but holy fuck, if she were in front of me I would split her in half like a lumberjack…


No. 176640

Did she lose a lot of weight? Her tits look really deflated.

No. 178412

Nope she just has saggy pancake titties

No. 181653

File: 1476145109787.png (112.05 KB, 616x920, 1.png)

k den

No. 188836

shes fugly plain and simple.any attraction you beta males have is a illusion by the products she wears.

No. 213082

"edgesters" - waht this word mean ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214802

she always talks about her butt being big and how "bottom heavy" and "disproportionate" she is and im like bitch where you have the proportions of shrek

No. 220136

Her face in some of these reminds me of a she-twink, white, Leslie Johnes.

No. 222724

I remember once she blamed patriarchy and "omg western beauty standards" on her saggy tubular tits

No. 222734

this girl is really attractive and sexy. Too bad she's an idiot and has awful hair and ugly tattoos.

No. 238744

She said on Twitter months ago when she came out as an "ex feminist" that she hadn't been like that in a year and hadn't been a "man hater" in a year but in a video she posted a couple or few months before her ex-feminist video she went on a mini rant about how all men are users and treat women poorly. So that feminist way of thinking is still there and she definitely has talked about feminism-related things.

No. 292865

File: 1492392835938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.79 KB, 900x1200, CoaIQBgVMAAPg9V.jpg)

Despite her fucked up tits, her body wasn't that awful before the weight gain

something tells me she gained weight to be part of the weight gain trend, to bad it went to her arms stomach and face, not her ass tits or thighs

pic is mid way between weight gain

No. 292878

I'm prob gonna get banned for necromancy soon but here's a montage of stupid shit she posted on insta
Really bitch? you sexualized the word so much it takes away the actual meaning and makes YOU uncomfortable
I'm sure they can say the same thing about fucking your sloppy fupa and pussy having ass self, no ass and sad tits
lmao she shouldn't be telling anyone to exfoliate
Oh no there's women who get grabbed, dragged and raped but god forbid your arm be touched to look at tattoos, what a spoilt brat
"I hate straight cis men so much thats why I cater to them then deny and get pissed when you call me out"
yeah… that so happened
nobodies pissed you want equality they think you post stupid shit like this
her pussy must smell like rotting dog vomit
"stupid sexist men wanting sex from sex workers what do you think we are sex workers or something"

didn't feel like posting pics, come at me lolcow

No. 292971

File: 1492404435710.png (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 912x1300, Special Snowflake™.png)

You forgot this

No. 293218

I remember when she blamed the patriarchy for people not finding her sad, mutated tits to be attractive

No. 293278

she constantly complains about getting treated like a sex object yet works as a sex worker, what a fucking airhead

No. 293411

File: 1492467785898.jpg (4.83 KB, 150x150, 17077153_307238616359383_67192…)

the fact she thinks she looks anywhere close to these drawings is hilarious

No. 294030

File: 1492541226753.jpg (64.39 KB, 648x432, vintage-adverts-13638950816980…)

she wishes she was thicc

>>292865 anon is right, considering there's a huge "gaining weight makes you more womanly" trend like #relationshipweight #getthicc "____'s weight gain <3.<3" and people use ads like 50s weight gain ads convincing girls gaining weight will make them hot

just to find out their weight didn't automatically go to their curves ass and tits kek

No. 294169

thank god someone said it, tired of these bitches scarfing down mcdonalds and little debbies thinking it will make them hot then complain their stomach, arms, and double chin gets fat and not their tits, hips, bum and thighs

No. 294231

File: 1492561803213.jpg (37.88 KB, 550x521, 516bd684fa8deae8d52f3da444d916…)

reminds me of a girl I knew who was 105 lbs and 5'2, as soon as the "omg gain weight to make you THICC" trend came in she started working out a lot with weights and scarfing down any fattening food she could get her hands on until she was like 140, she was super slender and petite with delicate curves now she's chubby and not a lot of weight went to her ass or tits, she's trying to lose weight and corset now, hopefully she realizes the dumb eat like shit to get thicc trend doesn't work

pic related, it was similar to the girls body on the left, she didn't get as balloony on the right but she was heading that way

No. 294245

File: 1492563073352.jpg (34.72 KB, 461x585, url.jpg)

girl in the ad was super thin, gained some weight to make her tits and ass bigger, id say she gained 5-13 lbs at most and became curvy, girls today will look like the girl on the right and think they're not curvy enough

fatties today like using marilyn monroe as an example of proving curvy can be beautiful, truth is if a girl today had marilyns exact body she would get floods of comments saying her butt isnt big enough, her tits are small, she isnt curvy enough, etc

then there's the girls like lexxy who think they're thicc just cuz they gained weight or think their butt is big just because it isnt 180 degrees flat

No. 294247

have unfortunately witnessed the same thing happening a lot. I even knew a woman who was extremely fit and slender, whose husband had the audacity to demand she gained weight to be "more curvy and attractive" and now she looks like an average chubby girl. Pretty sad trend. Lexxy definitely looked better in the past.

No. 294265

thing is marilyn monroe isnt even thick or curvy or anything at all. she is thin. not super skinny thin, but not chubby or anything either.
not saying her figure sucks, but its often used to glorify being chubby, when she just isnt.

also, didnt all women wear those short corsets in the time she lived? they all have that super slender waist going on.

(and also being malnourished due to post-war)

>Prof Gray continues: 'As underwear has become less restrictive and more sensual, the hourglass fashion or nipped-in waist has been replaced with a desire to have a flatter stomach. Every-day underwear does not hold in the stomach or contort the waist for you, like corsets used to do.'

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7061/Where-waists-gone.html#ixzz4eecELHye >>294245

No. 294352

men are morons, most of the "weight gain before and afters" of girls getting more curvy are either of super skinny girls who gained some or they had plastic surgery or did squats and got bigger, not from eating like shit which is what girls like lexxy are doing.

yeah they had corsets, imo marilyn had curves but she wasn't that curvy, just average womanly curvy

No. 294399

It's really funny when a fat girl says shes curvy. No, you're fat. And those who gain weight to become thick they'll never become thick, just chubby. The thicc girls are born with a different structure, the mother of someone I know is really really thin but her hips and legs are thicker. If a skinny girl wants to eat to become like that, the fat will be distributed. You don't eat crap and gain weight only where you want it.

No. 294413

Then again, to be fair, if every fattie of today was on Marilyn's dosage of barbs and stims then they might have the same figure with that variable adjusted. That's just the way things were back then, women weren't expected to be thin via exercise and muscle.

No. 294927

they were expected to be healthy, or at least look like it, although corseting was damaging as fuck

I know a girl who has a figure similar to marilyns but she has a bigger butt and hips and she thinks she's not curvy enough because of the ridiculous standards, kinda ironic we are talking about this considering lexxy thinks she's curvy as hell and her followers think shes curvy as hell but there's girls curvier than her and think they're not curvy

No. 295401

I'm starting to think girls who call themselves pear are in fact the exact opposite

No. 340830

File: 1498349878871.png (1002.2 KB, 896x1078, whitepowerlexynichelle.png)

>When you're running out of money and get paid to do the white power sign in your YouTube videos

This girl is a train wreck lol

No. 340841

Imagine making this many bad choices in life and turning out this grotesque…

No. 340843

#1 This is shooped to make her look thinner.
#2 There never was any going back after she got those idiotic tattoos.
#3 She still had a fat person's arms, back handles, and pancake tits so the weight gain really didn't matter.
#4 She was always average at best and the makeup is terrible.
She only looks slightly greasier in >>340830. Let's not pretend that fat is what ruined her here.

No. 340850

It's a screenshot from her YouTube video. I did not shoop her you dimwit.

No. 340854

File: 1498352508067.jpg (35.82 KB, 436x265, Laser-Tattoo-Removal-Before-An…)

"but but my shitty videos of me flopping my sad tits around pay rent!!!!"
honestly if she took better care of herself and get full body tattoo removal and died her hair a color that doesnt make her look hideous and tacky, she can be AT LEAST a 7/10

No. 340857

Her tattoos are too dark

No. 340896

Sure told me anon. Wanna address the other points or you just gonna be salty over your incorrect point of her ever being attractive to begin with?

No. 340903

Did you really necro an old thread just to point out an "ok" hand gesture?

No. 340904

Anon wasn't referring to your screenshot being photoshopped newfag

No. 340915


despite everything wrong with her words and how delusional she is,and the self posting on her tumblr, etc etc

her body, or at least her silhouette looked alright, if she maintained it, got a boob job, got rid the tattoos, wore natural makeup and maintained a good hair color she could be decent looking

No. 340916

todays her birthday though

No. 340918

It's the white power symbol and yes I did. Her content is getting really out there and aside from it all she looks really beat up.

No. 340921

Yikes sorry

I was a dumb bitch & misread I apologize >>340843

No. 341128

File: 1498405959259.gif (982.65 KB, 500x364, ok1.gif)

…It's literally just an "okay" symbol, you're reading too far into it. At least post a fucking time stamp and link next time so I don't have to watch an 11 minute video of her awkwardly spazzing out to find what you're talking about. She's a massive weeb and that hand gesture is a pretty common pose in anime/japanese culture besides the peace sign.

No. 341217

It used to be the okay-symbol, but now in 2017 it means White Power.

No. 341227

I don't wanna give her views

No. 341253

It fucking doesn't! 4chan made this up to see how many dumb fucks actually believe this shit smh

No. 341259


What's it like to be literally retarded???

No. 342471

Anon 1 was being sarcastic…Anon 2 on the other hand….

No. 345259

Well just think about it. After her I'm not a feminist video she started to get the ALT right yt demographic. She posts videos of herself in a tub with bananas. I have no doubt guys pay her to do stupid shit in her videos.

It's not that uncommon. Eugenia Cooney does it to for ana fetishists. Yall ain't fun at all.

No. 345840

File: 1499134053921.png (148.5 KB, 464x476, Sad.png)

No we're just not a bunch of dumb asses. The videos of herself with bananas was just her shitposting and attempting to be like filthy frank and those other shitposting ytbers. Saying she gets paid for those videos is reaching. Anyways, hi Lexxy, how much longer are you gonna attempt to leech off of more successful youtubers?

Whatever happened to the funds she received to move to Seattle? Now she's saying she wants to move to Cali. I wouldn't be surprised if she opens another gofundme to scam people. On her most recent gofundme for her cat, she promised to send people stickers yet there hasn't been any whispers of stickers being sent/received.

No. 347042

File: 1499322125386.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.3 KB, 752x575, syren.jpg)

Such unfortunate tattoo placement, it accentuates her lard body.

No. 347051

Those tits are chel level sad.

No. 347147

Y'all ain't fun

No. 347304

Christ, she looks mentally challenged. She shouldn't have put off a boob job for that shitty chest piece

No. 357630

well, it's not that she has no ass, it's that she emphasizes it so much and claims to have this big ol kim k ass, so when you see it, you expect a big butt and get a normal butt

when she was thinner and has less tats, she looked good, besides her tits

IMO she should go back to getting fit, get tattoo removal, get a boob job, and when she does lose weight she should get the loose skin on her arms removed

she looked hot here, but her tits are just odd looking, she tries to hard to be quirky

for her face, it looks fine, she actually has a nice face, its just she ruins it with ridiculous makeup and ugly white trash hair

No. 358029

>claims to have this big ol kim k ass

This. She keeps calling herself "thicc" when she's nowhere near having a stereotypical "thicc" ass.

She looked hot in the pic but ruined herself with poorly placed tattoos and chalky makeup that makes her look dirty, it's embarrassing.

No. 358597

agreed, if she didn't go around telling everyone she has this big balloon ass, no one would talk about how tiny her ass is when they see it, and her ass wouldn't seem as small, it's psychology

No. 384747

File: 1505095413338.png (85.82 KB, 1082x816, wat.png)

why is rep obsessing over her

No. 384837

Doesn't he have a girlfriend? He's been ass licking her since she made that why I'm no longer a (fake tumblr) feminist video.

No. 385054

that's what I'm thinking, he always complains about the ex he had in court, the he talked about one girl he did collabs with in 2014 or 2015 who was an alcoholic and lead him on turns out she had a bf, then we have mystery gf who he apparently had a bunch of wild sex adventures with but doesn't say anything else about her or show her so either

>they broke up

>rep lied about mystery girlfriend to make someone jealous
>lied to seem cool or some shit
>rep is a cheater who obsesses over some chubby white trash girl because she made anti fem videos while having a GF

dont mean to derail the thread about rep btw

No. 407982


she's back to posting regularly on youtube and making a lot of feminism-related videos. it's kind of like she's trying to be a shoeonhead, only she's even worse.

No. 413554

Hey guys she's "quit" porn, just like she "quit" camming (only to go back to it and fail), just like she "quit" stripping (only to go back to it and fail). She's now a "Twitch streamer" and I'm assuming when that falls flat on its ass like every other one of her horrific career voices she'll be back to waggling her ass for bucks. I actually almost feel sorry for her

No. 413952


she'll never quit porn because its the only job where she doesn't have to do shit but whine on twitter for money and make a product every like…two months?

she went back to stripping for like a month too so. can't wait for that twitter mental breakdown.

No. 413972

Oh you bet she'll be back once twitch doesn't give her enough money and gets over this honeymoon phase. She always drops things whenever she's not personally gaining anything or getting asspats. It's so funny seeing her have a mental breakdown realizing she can't just get money for sitting around and trying to disguise that as hate for the "shady" industry.

>>>At some point my entire identity became my sexuality

No shit dumb ass, that's the only thing you promoted constantly.

>>>the thing is that the money is stemmed from how much effort you put into it

Like most jobs? She sits around on her phone the entire cam time and expects people to throw money at her for doing absolutely nothing.

No. 414604

Since she's made some of her porn free now I checked it out… it's literally some of the worst content I've ever seen. Her camera barely seems in focus, she angles/positions herself TERRIBLY (like this is why you typically have a cameraperson lol), she looks so dead-eyed and angry and her content is just…dull. She sits and awkwardly masturbates for 5 minutes at a bad angle doing poor cosplay or w/e. I actually felt kind of reverse aroused lol.

No. 415805

He comments every yt video. Dude is gay for Peter Monn too

Lexy should stick to porn. She's the utter definition of uneducated rural American camslut. I just watched the fat acceptance video of hers. She has the vocabulary of a 13 year old

No. 427772

if you think about it though this career move is genius- trashy anime loving chub who shakes ass for bucks diving into the virgin nerd male sea with her legs open. She caters so well to the desperate girlfriendless nerds who "hang" on twitch instead of doing real life stuff

No. 431876

Did you see he recent drama with MrRepzion, she has went off the deep end.

No. 431881

what happened?

No. 432598

Seems like she tried to call him out for using jokes as a coping mechanism. Which she also does. The tweets were deleted and she accused him of sending his fan base over to threaten her with rape. I guess she can't use him for fame anymore

No. 432606

File: 1511766991930.jpg (195.45 KB, 720x1280, IMG_6503.JPG)

No. 436342

it's hypocritical because i am sure she has in the past said how "funny" it would be if guys who joked about rape got raped themselves? Rape's bad only when it happens to her I guess, seeing as she loves saying that every girl who has been raped is making it up to "use against men". I guess it's only her who's special enough for it or smt

No. 450750

File: 1514026662546.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.32 KB, 797x599, OMG1.jpg)

Did you guys know she got her entire boobs tattooed?

No. 450752

File: 1514026775814.jpg (Spoiler Image, 193.1 KB, 795x597, OMG2.jpg)

Even her areola! I almost can't believe she went that far.

No. 450810

this is probably shocking to you anon, but plenty of people get this area tattooed, not a new thing. what's funny is how fucking scratchy the outline is and how terrible the color is - no detail or dimension and doesn't look fully saturated. girl fucked them titties up.

No. 451610

File: 1514133596883.jpeg (48.3 KB, 400x400, 91EE3F47-A860-4D27-83FE-910013…)

Arieola tattoos can actually be really pretty, anon.

No. 451730

Nah, that's vile.

No. 451746

Those tattoos literally make it look like her breasts have some kind of skin infection. Nipple tattoos can be nice but hers literally make me gag. Also the shading and linework is fucking dreadful on those pieces- normally her tattoos aren't too badly executed, if not to my taste but those nipple ones are g r o s s and badly done

No. 451750

also she is "missing porn as a creative outlet" and is shoving a candy cane up her ass on xmas day or something so I assume she's given up on the twitch $$$ that never was going to happen. Countdown until she's camming again?

No. 451776

This actually looks cute. But i feel like you have to have very light or very small areola for it to work.

No. 451848

hopefully she can support herself on hot topic or guitar center cashier wage went making money off of thirsty nerds doesn't work out

No. 452086

Jesus that boob tattoo is awful, and I'm someone who likes heavily tattooed people but that just doesn't look good.

I feel sorry for her in a way she clearly went with the whole anti feminist angle to get more attention to her channel, but I don't think she truly believes it and probably regrets backing herself into this corner. As she can't be a sex worker with an anti feminist audience, as they'll just call her a whore, a hypocrite etc. There's no winning there.

No. 452155

They look like 2 fucked up, soggy red cabbages

No. 452238

same, I like areola tattoos as well but those look sooo bad and hideous, I also feel like she got them because she's insecure about her areolas maybe, I could be wrong though

> As she can't be a sex worker with an anti feminist audience, as they'll just call her a whore, a hypocrite etc. There's no winning there.

well it's not so much that she went to some lauren southern level anti fem, she basically just said "feminists are meen so I am anti feminist now!!" It is dumb as hell that she's starting to cater to alt right neckbeards, which I don't understand why she would since men like that tend to be extremely picky over their women, not really smart career moves, she should just stick with catering to stoners who would fuck anything that walks

No. 452482

I guess she knew her tits were dog shit anyway, she might as well tattoo the things.

No. 452508

Yeah, I meant more so alt right neckbeards tend to hate any woman who doesn't look cookie cutter. She's covered in tattoos, has coloured hair etc so she's not going to appeal to them, it was dumb of her to try that. She should do body mod vids or some shit instead, those videos get views and it'd attract a fan base who won't damage her self esteem further.

No. 456004

The coloring for the breast piece is literally like a week old. That pic is of when they were brand new. Do you guys need to be told a needles puncturing ink into skin irritates it? lol

No. 456590

My man, her tit tattoos looking like garbage is nothing to do with the fact they are irritated (she's posted "healed" pictures and they still look rank fyi) and everything to do with the fact that they are horrifically executed with scratchy linework and poor shading- I have had lots of tattoos in sensitive areas and trust me, although they swell, go red and crusty, they don't look diseased and vile like her tits do. I'm pretty sure she is still selling her homemade porn on Manyvids if you want to go white-knight her out of poverty or whatever rather than trying to defend her awful choice in body art.

No. 456592


Ok Lexxy go back to shoving candycanes up your asshole now bye

No. 456735

Does anyone know if this girl used to go on gaiaonline? She reminds me of someone I used to see in the GD around the Charlotte Charms gaia era.

No. 456740

For a minute I thought you were gonna say LD because that shit was also wild.

No. 456923

Lol tattoos look best when they are fresh and then it all goes downhill from there, but whatever makes you sleep at night

No. 457295

for linework yeah, but she got red flowers and irritated skin and blood is red, so it's possible we'll see more shading and negative space as it heals. still shit quality though.

No. 459604

File: 1514908512638.jpg (33.94 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>horrifically executed with scratchy linework and poor shading

literally what are you on about? You can think her anime themed tattoos are corny or not your cup of tea but to act like they're quality is scratcher tier is beyond overdramatic. Do you need glasses anon?

No. 459682

go home Syren lol

No. 460712


Her anime tattoos are fine if you're into that kind of thing and executed well enough but her titty tattoo linework is awful, scratchy and really not well executed at all. And the colour is just poor and splotchy and looks amateur. I get that her tits are probably hard to work on but still.

No. 460739

But why those colors? Especially on your breasts, shes so fair skinned she had plenty of options I don't get it theres like zero dimension in the petals,the outline could have looked kind of cool but she ruined it.

No. 468873


At what point is she going to realise the reason she's such a failure at being an online persona and is unable to make a career out of it is because she's such a negative cunt who literally spends her entire time bitching and whining and complaining about whatever 'career' she's decided she's doing this week rather than actually approaching something with a positive, upbeat attitude. The problem isn't the platform you choose, Lexxy, it's YOU and your miserable, entitled attitude.

No. 469499

She used to play it, I think.
I called it. You nailed it right on the head. She can't chose one "career" to focus on and bitches when it flops. It's sad that she refuses to get a real job and wants to mooch off of other people.

No. 469930

File: 1515953424530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 247.57 KB, 1920x1080, DSRrmg5XUAATZQD.jpg)

Here are her boob cabbages retracted or something.

From 10:18…
>I kinda got fucked for a minute because I didn't read twitches terms of service, cuz I didn't think I'd have to read every little dot in the terms of service
>When you get paid out for the first time you have to wait like 2 months, so I've been waiting on a check from twitch since like November. I don't get it till February.
Top kek!

No. 470107

But she neeeeeeeeeeeeds that check for the fifty whole bucks she earned by working sooooo hard!

No. 470112

Fucking hell, is that really the most flattering angle/pose she could find? Shudder to imagine what a candid picture of her must look like.

No. 470279

I'm pretty sure twitch doesnt send out money until it reaches $100 or more so if she hasnt made that much she wont get any money until she does

No. 470521

is that a fucking meme tattoo on her arm?
also, I know she has too much pride to admit she regrets getting tattoos she gloats about but how long do you think it will be before she regrets it or does something about it

No. 470660

Her entire left arm looks to be a Spirited Away sleeve while her right has the Full Metal Alchemist ourosboros on her hand and I dunno what's on her arm in this pic (probably just more weeb shit, kek). Did you mean the left or the right one? And I mean, I would already regret being a 24-year-old with anime tattoos all over my body anyway, especially the Pokémon tattooed on my neck.

No. 495020


is she trying to floss her asshole (as well as try and fail to look 'thicc' rather than just chubby) by wearing her underwear pulled so high up? smh

No. 495027

File: 1517927351846.jpeg (424.91 KB, 1536x2048, E1CDB8AD-A02D-48CD-BC85-DAFB14…)

This is an image board you retard
You bumped this thread over this? Yeah she looks like shit ..When doesn’t she?

No. 542404

She looks like a fat boy in this. Her body is shapeless and those tattoos on her tits just make them look flat

No. 570964

File: 1525175145001.jpg (410.32 KB, 1080x2220, payme.jpg)

looks like she started camming again

No. 575770

lmao@ her thinking her chubby body, greasy hair and perma-drunk demeanour constitutes a "luxury service"

No. 575779

Lol she's so damn full of herself, then again most sex workers are, I knew guys who would fuck anything that walks that would turn her down and vomit if they ever got that close to her

Whats her obsession with being thicc and pear shaped anyway and why do her fanboys fuel it? She's chubby with no ratio or propotions, chubby girls who think they're thicc or curvy by default for being fat are the worse. Also I'm surprised her skeptic and june milk wasn't posted her "thicc secret"

No. 585982

Anyone have any idea who she’s talking about from like 31:00 onwards? (Can’t be repzion because we know he subbed, cant be groceries and shuwu because the guy clearly talked shit about them)

No. 591021

Hahah this bitch sucks

No. 602921

Still want to fuck her, like weird tattooed up bitches like this(no one cares about your microdick)

No. 606091

File: 1528572514554.png (289.89 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180609-152511.png)

She's back and pretending she's relevant again. Everyone knows youre too desperate to say no to actual money, Lexxy.

No. 609464

Despite the shitty tattoos, her body and appearance seems to be improving, then again not eating like a hippo and getting rid of the ugly greasy neon green color didnt seem hard to do

No. 609472

no amount of “improvement” is ever going to fix her floppy titty cabbages. they look like some kind of strange disease from a distance.

No. 609529

File: 1528906909514.png (642.91 KB, 710x1009, Screenshot_2018-06-13-11-20-33…)

Her boob shape is looking better at least, she claimed to go up 1 or 2 cup sizes while losing weight, I'd say she had implants but they are still far apart and saggyish, maybe she took hormones or something?

As bad as the cabbage tattoo is, it does help hide her deformed areola

At least she lookers cleaner and her hair looks better as well as her body, she should work on her skin though, something about the texture on her face looks so off, she should get a skin peel

No. 609776

she made a 40 minute youtube video talking about how her fans can feel free to send her shit. her ego is amazing.


and her body doesn't look that different to me, especially if you look at the porn previews she's posted but I don't really give a fuck about that.

i honestly just can't wait for her to constantly be getting into twitter shit storms again. she's one of my fav cows because she's such an insecure attention flake.

will she stay an edgelord or go back to being an sjw for the ten thousandth time? we just don't know.

No. 609781

Eh, maybe I'm not as nitpicky and more optimistic with her since I don't really see her as milky, due to the fact she doesn't have any real milk outside of just being indecisive about who she is and having a large ego

No. 609873


I mean the same description could be applied to Pixyteri

She's not committing crimes and shit but sometimes simple milk can be the most refreshing.

I can't see her ever growing out of being a cow as long as she stays addicted to starting drama on twitter and complaining about things she does to herself.

No. 610029

but pix still had drama with ebay buyers and shit,the only feud she had is just claiming a ytuber with a gf was after her and the thing with rep, but I do respect her for keeping it sorta private and didn't go all june and make entire posts and subtweets and whatnot

No. 610770

File: 1529008146766.png (300.55 KB, 376x399, lexxy1.png)

the way this bitch pronounces "ing" as "een" triggers me to no end. It's like a serious speech impediment

No. 611331

yes, holy shit am I the only one that's noticing her speech is getting more and more "squeaky entitled porn bitch"? the way she talks makes me cringe my eyeballs out

No. 611515

You bump the thread just to cry about her voice? This is exactly what people mean by no milk

No. 611632

I didn't know disliking the art a stranger decided to put on THEIR body or the shape their genetics decided to make their breasts constituted milk to some people. We got threads out here on people scamming, being bullies, dating rapists and faking illnesses but



she's "annoying" or w/e.

Guys, trying to make milk when there is none is stale, move along and stop obsessing over someones online activity if your only real cripe with them is that you find them annoying. Just ignore them. Participate in worthier threads or find a hobby.

No. 612145


Then go be salty with the cows you love fucking kek.

The only milk police here is admin-sama and her mod maids so you can turn in your badge, anon.


No. 612146

File: 1529118921682.png (289.18 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180615-231402.png)

Anyway she went from bitch about her tattoos and tattoo tours to posting one smfh

No. 612148

File: 1529118946051.png (183.81 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180615-231452.png)

No. 620184

10 minutes of shitty tattoo shots, nothing about this makes her look like an "anime girl", how deluded.

Her tits are looking saggy and holy cellulite. She has the body of someone mid-40s.

No. 752875

She now has an Ugly af black boyfriend.

No. 752885

File: 1545536511594.jpeg (430.05 KB, 750x779, B816594F-7224-401C-A18E-911831…)

Here’s cap because anon is too stupid to image board and who’s also from the 40s apparently when fucking a black guy is milk

No. 752905

thought she was "so done!" w men

No. 753029

No. 753030

I have no problem with he being black. He sure is ugly though.

No. 762156

>"How do I get attention now that I no longer do anti feminist videos?"
>"Ah yes talking shit about Trisha Paytas like I'm so much better than her!"
Also the fucking Animal Crossing music in the background, isn't she afraid that Nintendo will copyright her shit for that?

No. 762177

OT but people have been using AC music and Wii music for years now as backing tracks for their videos
Nintendo just doesn't want their games in your videos…er, they didn't, anyway.

No. 762185

Her bf looks just fine. He's just kind of a cuck for having an e-whore as girlfriend.
This chick isn't even that interesting but camwhores who cry slutshaming are just the worst. You're part of the problem and you don't care because of easy money + narcissism

No. 762297


Ended her anti feminist phase so of course the Harley Quinn soooo real cosplayer for daddy phase commences.

Also kek imagine pandering to /pol bros and getting mad that they hate your black bf.

No. 780340

When you get bitched at for joining her server and just stating a fact. People were talking about syren coves discord and i figured itd be wholesome so i searched for the link and joined. She said she didnt like how this youtuber, Repzilla, talks slow but overall likes his content. so i explain its due to a brain injury and she thought i was attacking her . Like i never said you werent allowd to have an opinion i was just explaining why he talked slow…she has a history of getting mad at people for next to nothing tbh but i never expected this. I used to be a big fan of her but now this is kinda proof shes not the best to her fans(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 797600


No. 799764

ugh i luv her

No. 801041

File: 1556493404484.jpg (199.33 KB, 901x1200, D5HMp9VWwAEriYn.jpg)

"pear shape"

No. 801054

She doesn't suit coloured clothes at all cos the tattoos. It looks wrong. She can only look ok in black

No. 801091

Know a girl who she used to be friends w long time ago that has a ton of dirt on her. trying to get her to post. haha.

No. 831303

yeah gimme that dirt anon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920748

File: 1579497805371.png (2.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200119-232322.png)


No. 925990

File: 1580421587564.png (523.72 KB, 2048x1368, Screenshot_20200130-155928.png)

She baleted all of her videos save for the BluePotionCo one.

No. 926018

That's disappointing. I enjoyed her videos.

No. 1717031

I hope you get phimosis, necroing ass cunt

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