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File: 1575323589326.jpg (61.02 KB, 887x1024, Ko4Q6gd.jpg)

No. 900676

>"30 year old female"
>obsessed with personal cows, keeps making videos about them and uses her "degree in psychology" to diagnose their disabilities
>known for threatening to sue ED

>Eve starts offering $15-35 porn-tiers on Patreon
>gets called out on KF
>KF anon (Eve? Eve stan?) tries defending Eve, ends up looking special ed
>Eve deletes one of her YouTube channels, Instagram, Twitter and Patreon
>also her dog is dying

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9pfnHcmeg9ameeKwOij_cw (recently purged)

bad-fannibals-again.fandom.com (her attempt at making a personalcow wiki)

No. 900684

looks boring

No. 900964

Oh fuck yes.
I don't remember well how I got into the Final Fantasy House thing. But in short, a delusional idiot lures FF delusional fans into a house for a weird ass cult around being reincarnations of the characters from the Franchise.
Once the group disbands said idiot moves to other fandoms to do pretty much the same. And the cicle kind of repeats but this person never gets arrested? I've been out of touch in that part. I don't know how much of personal cows they are, since this has been covered by other people as well.
Rebecca decided to be the "investigator" and compiles all the info about this fujoshi cultist and keeps it updated.
I noticed cowish behaviour when she posted a picture where she clearly looks ill (too pale, hace was hollow and skinny) and short time after posting she ranted about worried people telling her to take some rest. All of this deleted, I'm trying to get screens for the wayback machine.
And I hope somebody puts her dog to sleep if they can't pay treatment.

No. 901488

Her videos about Jen are fascinating, but Eve's a schizocow, so she's an unreliable narrator. I thought it's funny how in one of them, she admits to RP-cybering Laura. Seems like she's had an internet relationship with most of the people she makes videos on.

Do you remember Eve's videos about being targeted by Russian mafia, anon?

No. 901493

File: 1575456481114.png (266.24 KB, 839x805, BxNv0vX.png)

Unemployed Rebecca promoting her dying dog and arguing with a fan. With her Patreon gone, I wonder if she can afford dog food.

No. 902388

Yeah, is there any evidence that "Freddie Lounds" is actually Jen? If she is, then yeah she's a true cow. However, Eve is batshit insane and Freddie Lounds currently doesn't seem very interesting unless the OP was just shit at explaining why she's worth paying attention to.

For anyone who's been living under a rock, here's the FF cult story in question: http://www.demon-sushi.com/warning/

No. 902389

No. 902957

No, but I'm not surprised. She seems to be in this constant feel of beign targeted by anything. From her point of view everyone always attacks her (or just take turns).
It's kind of hard to post about her right now because she's constantly deleting everything. And thank fucking god because those patreon porn tiers are something that still haunts me even though I didn't see any proof of it. The idea itself…

I guess I'll keep an eye on her if anything happens.

No. 903237

File: 1575795447374.png (41.82 KB, 618x459, 0HtZ8e2.png)

Abusive roommate is trying to manipulate and harm Eve. I wonder if they can afford to heat their apartment. According to her LinkedIn, she's been unemployed since 2010.

No. 903367

File: 1575824099197.png (420.67 KB, 842x1034, 6kXBviD.png)

Seems like she re-opened her Patreon? Porn tiers are gone, but now she wants $100 for a personalized video.

Her ED page is really informative: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Dumblr_Feminist

No. 907943

I think the wildest period of hers was claiming that she was being targeted by a Russian sex ring. I don't think the videos are around anymore (she deletes and reupload conflicting parts of the story) but claimed a friend was held hostage and later murdered. Also part of her evidence for it being a "trafficking ring" is that one of the people in the group was Filipino

No. 908293

File: 1576935457341.png (1.12 MB, 1773x512, d7IyU2M.png)

Her trying to sell a nasty, used video game for 35 bucks, and claiming she's never played it is a huge WTF moment.

No. 908294

File: 1576935859144.png (316.98 KB, 1277x952, DRkgu2Q.png)

Back to trying to sell porn. 0 subscribers, but now you can video chat with her for 25$ a month. (she went from writing erotica and selling fetish photos to becoming a cam-girl apparently)


No. 908304

if she's such a writer/journo then she should know the word she's looking for is 'wary'.

No. 908589

Did anyone save her video where she claimed Gillian Anderson got her blacklisted from Hollywood? It must've been after her attempt to become an MRA and before Russian sex mafia story.

No. 908827

I listened to her 20 fucking part ‘tattle-crime exposed’ video series (it was mostly background nose but I did kind of pay attention) and I don’t understand 1: how anyone thinks she’s not just, as if not more crazy than every person she talked about and 2: why she got so involved in a fandom of a show she admittedly barely even likes. she spends half of the time in these videos spurging about she hates the homoerotic tone the show took and that it strayed from the source material even though in the books her waifu freddie lounds is a man and wouldn’t even exist as she is if they'd stuck to the source material.

No. 909330

On the one hand, it was exciting to see this spring up– she's slightly abrasive and has lots of horror stories about other people, so I was lowkey wondering if she would end up being a stealth cow. But, if she's really been slandered across the internet by the same group of obsessed Hannibal stans, this thread could be more of the same. Sort of leaning towards the former, but hope more milk comes in.

No. 910589

She's been a known skitzo/smugcow ever since she threatened to sue ED back in 2012 or so. With that being said, she actually could've been relatively internet famous by now.

She had a popular MRA YouTube channel but seemed to have ragequit because attractive (Caera McCord) and witty (Feminism Lol) women arrived on the scene. Now they're gone, and had she still been active, I could see desperate men giving her donations for being anti-left.

Her reasoning behind quitting was that "she is about to sign a contract with an agent and wanted to separate herself from politics", which still makes me lol.

No. 910919

Old milk, but here's her interview with porn star/child molester Mercedes Carrera. It's mostly Mercedes talking about herself, with some interruptions from awkward Eve, who can barely hold a conversation.

>praises Mercedes for her acting skills, says most porn actors are shit

>says Mercedes reminds her of Eve's fictional character, wants her to audition for the role, once her movie is in production
>mentions Krista Allen about 15 times, claims to be friends with her (?)
>she talked with an agency and almost became a porn star, but then she changed her mind
>hates the show Survivor, talks about it, from her description it appears she has never watched it
>brags about writing erotica and being a pro dominatrix, never sucked a dick (pretty sure she got exposed for being an e-domme)
>is dating a FTM because it's the best of both worlds, male brain and female body
>goes on a random rant and calls Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde talentless whores, Mercedes gets uncomfortable and ends the call

No. 912820

The lack of self-awareness is mind-boggling. Every woman she makes a video about is exactly like her: writes shitty smut about celebrities while constantly begging for patreon/Kofi donations. I don't know how she writes all these rants without considering how well each description fits her.

Also: whenever she makes a video about someone more attractive than her skeletor-looking ass, she tries to hide it by making one of these ugly traced portraits.

No. 913885

File: 1578215622260.jpg (61.31 KB, 640x480, fV7JAix.jpg)

It's crazy how she keeps making fun of all these Tumblr bitches appearances, when she looks like the love child of ProJared and Narcissa.

Surprised she stopped psychoanalyzing cows, her constant mention of an imaginary degree in psychology was hilarious.

No. 913888

File: 1578217085523.png (121.23 KB, 845x497, lldrRQ9.png)

I thought she was a YouTube Creator/Writer/Journalist/Researcher. I wonder when she's going to start identifying as a Fetish Model/Psychology Expert.

I checked out her Discord, it's mostly boring, but she did brag about how charismatic she is and how she's friends with Hollywood actors/producers. There's also some random Gillian Anderson bashing (who she made about 10 videos about).

No. 913911

Thought this was the shay gnar thread for a second … woops

No. 914298

File: 1578323841699.png (105.02 KB, 736x805, t0bx3U5.png)

Rebecca getting offended by positive comments is something else.

No. 914302

>this is such dime store internet psychologist BS
like your channel?

No. 914343

Is she really using a picture of her with one of the actors she writes self-insert porn with as her profile pic?????

No. 914576


Because I don't see it listed, here's where she posts her self inserts. Sage for old milk. Her wattpad seems to have been purged though. That's where she had the story of "I once went to a con and the guest there fell in love with me and is going to make me a famous screenwriter"

No. 914766

File: 1578405373033.png (504.63 KB, 1434x1170, APQMwzA.png)

Holy shit, that's crazy. I remember her video talking about how one of the Saw actors kept flirting with her, can't believe she wrote a fan-fic about her delusions too.


I just found out she tried crowdfunding at the height of her popularity, she got $35 total. The best part is that she linked three shitty Windows Movie Maker videos of Krista Allen/Hannibal/whatever and acted like they are so amazing, she should be given 3500 dollars (or alternatively a free PC/camera).

No. 914772

File: 1578406716180.png (15.5 KB, 599x146, eWlFvRe.png)

Hopefully she makes a video about this ex as well, I can already imagine her amazing lines, that totally aren't used in all of her documentaries.

>"___ is one of the most mentally ill people I've ever encountered."

>"We met online, in the ___ community."
>"In a way, s/he's a Jennifer Cornet in-the-making."
>"I consider this video a public service announcement."
>"___ is known for scamming people and this dumb fandom is willing to throw money at them."
>"Please consider donating to me on Patreon, Ko-Fi, OnlyFans etc."

No. 914854


Don't forget
>"I only got close to ___ to get popular in the fandom and they were too stupid to notice, but they're the scam artist"

No. 915093

File: 1578464085908.jpg (107.48 KB, 768x1024, hRnNnSf.jpg)

Did some more digging on this cow, and turns out she's even crazier than I thought.


Before becoming a journalist/screenwriter, Eve was a "digital artist". Most of her artwork are shitty sketches of Hannibal and Freddie Lounds, but she also did some creepy photoshops of her dear friend Krista Allen.

No. 915094

File: 1578464267556.png (22.59 KB, 889x185, pWVcg7K.png)

Nitpicking, but here's her rage-quitting Reddit, which I found kind of funny.

No. 915098

File: 1578464767513.png (547.82 KB, 1094x1097, kuBF5oq.png)

And here's Eve demanding a 13 y/o takes down their fan-fic, because it has poor grammar. She goes off on multiple rants, talking about how she's a professional writer and a BDSM expert.


No. 915189

File: 1578495085804.png (63.65 KB, 618x700, 58YpF5G.png)

Is Eve about to make up another online Russian mafia story?

The page she locked with a password is available from the index page, so not sure why her schizophrenic brain in under impression everyone is out to hack her. Link: http://www.tattlecrime.org/bryan-fuller-cult

No. 915609

File: 1578593681509.jpg (114.33 KB, 509x850, sdfgsdfadf.JPG)

called it

I find her whole story here confusing–they're a Russian mafia, but they're not real, and she knows they're not real, but she's also taking all the things from their RP group at face value????? It's not a "scam" if your tumblr RP group writes fiction and you're too dumb to know the difference

No. 915891

Here's the link, if anyone's curious: http://www.tattlecrime.org/tattle-diary/2020/1/7/tattle-diary-50-krystal-mather-last-stand-m-thomas-wilson-included

So, she catfished some troon for 3+ months and then claims, the people she was trying to get dirt on are obsessed with her? At the end of the blog she says she has multiple alt accounts to make sure the abusive Russians can't victimize anyone else.

She's unemployed, uneducated and appears to have never been in a physical relationship at 35 years old. I doubt she's ever going to get a job at this point, but the amount of time she spends online is still insane.

No. 917978

File: 1578998932032.png (126.86 KB, 623x771, vEJJxHz.png)

In her newest video, she makes fun of her online ex-gf for having a well-paid job. 24 hours later, she's mocking another girl for being unemployed on Twitter.

At this point, Eve should just admit she's bitter that all the Tumblr cows she's obsessed it, make more money via donations monthly, than she has in 8+ years of e-begging.

No. 920751

This is incredibly cringeworthy. Youtubers as a group are open to (and often grateful for) suggestions.

No. 921205

who the fuck does she think she's talking to? she has next to no audience. this video actually creeps me out, why is she even saying any of this. the audio? no one cares about her, weirdo.

No. 921950

File: 1579724381878.png (69.17 KB, 583x397, BPLfbHx.png)

I wonder how long it's going to take before Eve realizes her rants about fictional characters and Tumblrinas "incorrectly" roleplaying as her idol Freddie Lounds are cringe AF.

No. 921957

File: 1579726059072.png (47.63 KB, 716x437, 9COsKcN.png)

I don't know if she's delusional to the point she thinks her real name is Monica Edwards now, but I find it hilarious how she goes full-retard whenever anyone calls her Eve.

I watched her video talking about how she got doxxed, and according to Eve, her real name "is so extremely common, the lesbians that were obsessed with her got someone else doxxed". Does she honestly believe there's hundreds of Eve Rebecca Habats, aged 36 out there?

No. 922215


Sorry, where is this from? Did she delete it?

No. 923079

New video, Eve ranting about her ex-gf for 10 minutes. She's diagnosed her ex as a narcissist… based on selfies. She then backtracks and says she doesn't diagnose people, she just makes educated guesses.

I wish Laura and Eve started a cowfight, but it seems like Laura isn't aware of Eve's videos, which makes Eve look even more insane.

No. 923080

File: 1579854328084.png (838.1 KB, 771x799, yrsVI93.png)

She also shows off her dentures as a proof of how normal people smile.

I find it really creepy how all of her photos are either taken at her apartment or horror conventions. It appears she only leaves her house to pay to meet all the actors and actresses she's been masturbating to.

No. 924492

New video. She starts out by talking about how the Jamie woman, she's made multiple videos/blog posts on, is obsessed with her, blah blah.

She goes on to say that she got attacked by 20-50 "psychotic" people from some fandom, and got kicked out from a Discord server, because someone wrongly accused her of being a pedophile. Then, she talks about how pretty much everyone likes her, and it's just a vocal minority that finds her insane.

Video ends with her promoting merchandise. It appears she recorded it, while in the middle of a mental breakdown.

No. 924596

literally who cares this fucking much about some dumb fandom nobodies she needs to get a life.

No. 926232

Is she off her meds? In the newest video, she kept whining about how she doesn't know whether anyone cares about her Jen updates, and how she's going to stop making them unless people stroke her ego.

Doesn't she realize her Jen videos are the only ones people actually care about? She's made dozens of videos about all the women (Laura, Morgaine, Crystal, etc.) she's had cyber-affairs with, calling them con artists, psychotic, abusive and nobody cared.

She's hideous, has a grating personality and judging by the porn star interview, so socially awkward she can barely hold a conversation. Milking Jen is probably the only way for her to grow her channel, yet she appears to think her narco ramblings with 400 views are somehow going to make her famous.

No. 926247

File: 1580468064845.png (343.85 KB, 641x634, yZJXeMv.png)

>A new ex has appeared!

Seems like she's planning on making a video series on another one of her ex-gfs. This time it's a crazy, incestuous stalker/criminal. I doubt that anyone would mistake a remotely good-looking woman for Rebecca, but who knows.

She also implied she's dating someone famous, which isn't likely.

No. 927079

I tried summarizing this video, but she's so bad at relaying information that I gave up. Basically, she's extremely paranoid when people on the internet know about mistakes she's made regarding Jen's identity.

No. 927090

File: 1580641367817.png (338.76 KB, 1624x1148, community post.png)

Sorry, samefag, didn't see this until now. Not saging in case there's a second thread someday.

Community post from the ss: https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugz7sIRHcd2Ru0DW8nZ4AaABCQ

No. 927145

Holy shit, this cow honestly thinks everyone is out to get her, steal her identity and/or kill and rape her.

No proof, but I was in the server when that Alex dude "started harassing her".

>Alex tells Eve that the person in the photos she's shared wasn't Jen

>Eve goes full retard, spamming the server with about 10-20 DMs each time Alex says anything
>says she's good at identifying people from photos, how she knows Jen's smirk, even though she's never seen her in person etc.
>Alex calls her unreliable, since she accused Cleolinda and Mela of insane stuff in the past (he was right btw)
>Eve gets extremely offended, demands he shows her proof or she's banning him
>Alex tells her to calm down, says she's triggered and wants to talk in the morning
>(this part I can't verify but I'm speculating based on Eve's video) Eve bans Alex from posting on the server, Alex leaves the server, Alex tries to contact Eve via e-mail, Eve makes a video on Alex and calls him creepy for leaving the server, he can't post on

No. 927154

Also, we all know Eve spends 24/7 roleplaying and cybering with people on Discord/Tumblr/other sites. Shouldn't she realize, you can't contact people, unless you are friends or share a server with them? Most likely, the reason she couldn't DM Alex was because he left the server, she banned him from posting on.

It's hilarious how one person hurt Eve's feelings, and now she's quitting YouTube and demanding $5-50 for new content, when she has a 50 person audience.

No. 927314

File: 1580664030354.png (209.91 KB, 604x414, 7P7eDtm.png)

She's quitting social media again. I wonder why she's never posted the Discord conversation, since she's all about sharing proof etc.

No. 927371

File: 1580670609192.png (183.14 KB, 1366x594, outsized reaction.png)


Exactly. She said she won't share her source on the photograph, in the same breath that she said Alex didn't seem credible because he didn't share his source of information.

>Holy shit, this cow honestly thinks everyone is out to get her

Yes, it's so weird. Whatever "the Mila mistake" was, how can she be paranoid over Alex knowing about it? ED's down again so I can't double-check, but apparently

>she threatened to sue ED back in 2012 or so

and as of 2015 she had a KF thread. It's not creepy in the slightest that an internet history fan knew about her before she "started [her] website" "six years ago." Her antics were documented way before she started her current– and iirc, not first– website.

Thanks for the summary btw. I could not have kept it as succinct as you did. From context it sounds like she deleted his messages (not familiar with Discord) or you left the server? If not, would you mind doing a pastebin for max cringe? I would join myself, but she sort of scares me kek.

Unrelated to the posts I tagged:

She went on and on in the latest video about how her viewers don't pay her. She did that in >>920751 as well. It wasn't even true at the time (she had "staff" i.e. patrons,) but now what will she use as an excuse for making shitty content? Not in my life did I ever think a YouTuber with 1.5k subscribers would be up in arms about not making a living off it– let alone a Youtuber who hasn't paid their dues re: creating decent content, and who treats their small following like shit.

This is old milk I found indirectly through links on this page, so I wanted to hold off posting it until I was making a non-milk post. Maybe some others here haven't seen it yet. It's another YouTube account she has, and it's dedicated to covering some other cow, Juliana Berg.


Lastly: are we of the general consensus that Freddie has even interacted with Final Fantasy House Jen? Lately I wonder.

No. 927381

File: 1580672153377.png (287.24 KB, 1676x1098, last one for awhile.png)


Sorry to post so much today, but every time I try to watch a YouTube video she's posted new bullshit. Who gets this upset over one critical comment?

No. 927395

File: 1580675697534.png (12.34 KB, 1009x88, iHwFvcn.png)

She had two Discord servers. She deleted the first one, because "she wanted to protect her fanbase from the Russian Mafia". She probably got into 5 fights in the second server and ended up kicking some people out. There were also some odd fights, she didn't participate in.

The other funny thing was that she made a server for "Tattle-Crime Fan-Art", where she asked people to make fan-art of herself. I don't remember the details, but she got into a fight with some lady, because she posted something that didn't include Eve or Lara Jean. (note that Eve was feeling herself at that time, since she had 2 followers on Patreon)

Jen's ex bf, Nate, was in the second server and he posted some really interesting information about Jen and her background/wife/mother. Whenever he posted anything, Eve would interrupt with her autistic rants about how everyone's obsessed with her, though. (It's worth to mention that at first, Eve refused to believe Nate knew Jen and seemed to be jealous of the attention he was getting)

Anyway, she's decided to purge 95% of her second server because of that Alex person calling her out. I only saved this one image, but both of her servers were really milky and I regret not taking more screencaps.

No. 927449

She gets upset about anything.
Are you worried about her, and mentioned it? Maybe trying to sugest something? Did you found a small dumb dumb she made? You made a typo? Content about something she likes, but executed in a way she doesn't aprove? Did you just you just called her EVE? Did you just not praised and payed for her videos? Then le big mad

No. 927594

Eve has “left” before, she’ll be back in a few months once she’s found something else to obsess over, write fanfic and then say the fandom is full of scammers or people stealing her work, lying about her or whatever else she likes to say to play the victim and get attention.

No. 927652

This is the same woman born in 1984 who got herself kicked out of the Pennywise fandom -a bunch of people that want to fuck a clown so you KNOW these types can handle some weirdness- for trying to say writing about f'ing underage kids in a fictional sense is okay because it's fiction. She got outed on tumblr with screenshots of her lunacy from a pennywise discord. This chick is wild and her internet footprint is an internet k-hole for the ages. googling her name(s) is a journey

No. 927655

and she also writes hemlock grove incest fanfic between a mother and her 18 yr old son claiming it's canon so she can write it

No. 927664

File: 1580738396814.jpg (262.19 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20200203_085310.jpg)

I'm sorry but on what plane of existence does Jena Malone resemble this meth-head looking incel even vaguely?

No. 927940

yo, I'm the Alex in question. I found this discussion while I was double checking my own facts before I post my evidence debunking her recent claims. I've given Freddie my full permission and encouragement to post screengrabs of our conversation the Discord server and let that speak for itself. I suspect she won't, because it shows her a) the only person in the Discord who has MET Jen irl unwilling to 100 per cent identify the most convincing photo, and suggest the other two don't look like her at all b) Me asking Freddie how she verified this was Jen (visually. that's it) c) me asking her to explain gaping inconsistencies and her responding my doubling down with stunning leaps of logic, and d) her becoming increasingly hostile, paranoid and accusatory to a calm line of questioning. I checked out of the discord once she restricted my access because I wanted a discussion, not a fucking echo chamber, and it's clear that asking people to do their own research is something she wanted as long as it didn't demonstrate how her content is grossly curated through the lens of whatever her latest theory is and evidence is cherrypicked to support that. For the record, when I heard rumours Jen had moved onto the Hannibal fandom back in 2018, I googled that for more information, which brought up YEARS of her research around this, including wild scattershot accusations (which is how I found her Mela theories). She is not shy about her contempt for Fred Knudsen for not running with her theories on Down The Rabbit Hole, but if he found what I did when he researched these claims, I'm unsurprised. Her work around this leading up to the YouTube channel is unfocused and unhinged and. Now that I've had a front row seat to standards of evidence, leaps of logic, and monstrous persecution complex, I'm not convinced at all about her claims.(namefag)

No. 927963

Alex here again. That is really fucking interesting re: Nate. I always wondered why she never mentioned him or his story in her Jen videos. And I never could understand why she wouldn't rely on him to verify her claims. Nate was a contributer to the original Demonsushi public warning page way back in the early 00s when the FF7 house shit broke, as well as being interviewed for the 2015 Vice article about the FF7 house: his claims are easy to back up. He does an interview on the tattlecrime subreddit that is super interesting if you guys haven't seen it, check it out.

No. 927977

File: 1580813079955.png (133.21 KB, 369x340, xIv3rWo.png)

Old milk, but she used to claim she's a model/photographer combo. She airbrushed her photos, to the point she looked somehow decent. (photo is from one of her "photoshoots") Not surprised to hear she still thinks she's quirky-looking, instead of plain hideous.

Hey Alex, hope you didn't get any hate-mail from Eve's 15 followers after she repeatedly called you a creep and liked the comments saying you're somehow connected to Jen.

She's never met Jen, yet somehow believes she can identify her based on 2 photos from 2001. Eve's recently claimed she was interviewed by Rob Dyke, and if that's true, I wouldn't be surprised if he found her so off-putting, he decided not to release any FF7 content.

No. 928002

Nah, all good. I actually dropped my email address in the comments of that channel myself many times so people could hit me up for evidence, receipts, whatever. She kept deleting the posts those comments were made on. I suspect she wants to keep her followers away from me.(namefag)

No. 928076

File: 1580831982676.png (103.81 KB, 481x521, evehabatweird.png)

OLD milk but seems even at the tender age of 23-24 Eve has some mental obsession with celebs. I've only heard of her ramble vids on Gillian Anderson but didn't she once say she was gonna go to a canadian convention just to take a troll photo op with her? Sorry if this info has been posted. It's easy to get lost in Eves whirlwind of shit-for-brains. Also she's been writing this screen play since she was 17 according to this 2007 post so that's over 17 years and half her life working on this magnum opus.

No. 928097

File: 1580835082899.jpg (14.93 KB, 600x400, rlBYEWM.jpg)

No. 928424


I mean, clownfuckers are clownfuckers and can be weird as fuck (especially the tumblrina set), but even they draw the line at pedo bullshit. Eve lacks even that shred of common decency, apparently.

No. 928797

File: 1580979851414.jpg (157.6 KB, 682x1023, 4Ezq2ts.jpg)

Not surprised to hear she's okay with sexualizing children. I wonder why she's deleted the video, where she claimed she isn't a pedo, though.

The most disturbing thing is that she wrote bestiality fiction. (I'm praying someone shares that story + the delusional Russian mafia videos) Makes me worried about her dogs, considering how hypersexual she is, and how she only leaves her room to take "modelling" photos.

Actually, it seems like the only people she ever interacts with are her abusive roommate and toxic mother, who laughed at her vomiting, when she was 6 years old.

No. 928818

File: 1580987474341.png (1.33 MB, 1440x960, 8Lix0Qw.png)

Sage for old milk, but worth posting, since her bizzare behavior hasn't been documented properly. It appears that Krista Allen tweeted at Eve once, which somehow made her believe they're friends and that Krista is going to get her a job as a screenwriter, going to star as Eve's OC Leila Dawson and that they're going to become lesbian lovers.

There's also hilarious posts of her shitting on her dad for giving her only $50 a week and telling her to go to the dentist (since all of her teeth fell out or something), calling him abusive and demoting him to "former parent" status.

She's probably busy catfishing Krystal again, but I bet she's going to end her "huge hiatus" and start making shitty videos in 5 days.

No. 928824

File: 1580989150197.png (761.36 KB, 934x601, eqE23om.png)


New accounts. Who knows how many more this cow has, but according to Tumblr posts, she also goes by Kathryn, Kris and Alice. She appears to catfish people, so that she can talk shit about herself and then use it as evidence on her blog.

No. 928825

File: 1580989406819.png (44.76 KB, 481x336, RgWy6Rh.png)

Eve harassing Jamie's mom.

No. 928947


That's low of Eve. So the other girl writes fanfic of dudes she finds hot, let her. Considering Eve a) does the same thing (only on an extremely juvenile writing level–so many fucking adverbs, comma splices, etc.), and b) goes to conventions, poses with actors, and then tries claiming they're besties/lovers/whatever- she's claimed to people some actor from the Saw films (the guy who played Hoffman, I think?) was going to leave his wife for her, which… lol.
But crazies gonna crazy, I guess.

No. 929185

File: 1581063581714.png (106.76 KB, 575x424, nEmsKX5.png)

It appears, Eve thinks that Jamie is a part of the Russian mafia now. In case, anyone wanted a rundown on who Damien and Krystal are (according to Eve):

>Eve's claims: Sex-traffic ringleader from Australia. For over 3 years, Krystal catfished Eve and used over 26 different accounts, pretending to be Russian mafia members to make money, scam people and lure young girls to Russia. Murdered Eve's friend, sent her a picture of her corpse, which traumatized Eve enough to go on a 3-day hiatus. According to Eve, she contacted child services in Australia and got one of Krystal's kids taken away from her.
>relationship with Eve: alleged cyber/roleplay relationship
>number of videos: 3 (+ dozens of deleted videos)

>Eve's claims: Krystal's right-hand man and boyfriend. Father of Krystal's autistic children. He helped Krystal catfish Eve and many other victims. Sent Eve a dick pic (which she didn't save and regrets to this day). Heroic Eve tried to get him fired from his job.
>relationship with Eve: Eve harassed him on Facebook and got blocked, doesn't seem like they interacted outside of that
>number of videos: 0 (gets mentioned in Krystal videos)

No. 929187

File: 1581063836429.png (76.6 KB, 573x318, xtRL1S1.png)

Accounts are gone. Maybe she didn't want people to see her incestuous fan-fiction.

Seems like she's trying to sue Jamie now. She doesn't have enough money to feed her starving/dying dogs, so I wonder how that's going to work.

No. 929267


The Wattpad account is now Skarsgodfrey.

No. 929286

File: 1581091142122.png (563.55 KB, 1013x1240, zCKLMB0.png)

Found the It drama post on Tumblr. Seems like Eve was sexualizing kids from It and trying to ship them with the clown. Also, it all happened on some underage kink server.

Then she accused people of photoshopping her comments. After getting called out, she changed her story to "I was specifically sexualizing 16-17 years-old". All of her accounts are now gone.

The funniest part is 36 years-old Eve saying she's 27 - and then calling Jamie and Morgaine cult leaders for allegedly lying about their age.

No. 929289

File: 1581092049127.png (101.68 KB, 658x738, aAw9usJ.png)

Some of her blog posts from Wattpad. It appears she's rage-quit writing for 2 months, and no one cared.

Also, she's writing a lesbian(?) version of 50 Shades of Grey, but it's going to be amazing and sell much better, because Rebecca is that good at writing and don't forget that she's worked as a DOMINATRIX.

No. 929307

File: 1581096312877.jpg (675.59 KB, 1440x2320, Screenshot_20200207-092827_Chr…)

She did write self-insert smut with Damien's "Russian scam catfishing" oc Demyan. Also regularly implied that he must be attracted to her but was being "tricked" by Krystal

No. 929375

File: 1581105672673.jpg (261.87 KB, 828x1617, 3lJ3vZw.jpg)

Jamie vs. Eve cow-war continues. There's no way Jamie's going to sue her, but it would be hilarious if she did. Eve has a mental breakdown whenever someone disagrees with her, her reaction to getting sued would've been hysterical.

No. 929566

File: 1581138099730.png (637.45 KB, 632x454, looks like.png)

re: Eve's claims. No child was removed from their mother and no job was threatened. This is all rubbish to make herself appear threatening. Child services did not even call, let alone visit. She is a nobody trying to save face that she thought a roleplay was real life. Sad really.

No. 929682

File: 1581173983279.png (55.82 KB, 755x416, iowiYQl.png)

Tumblr sex traffic ring update.

An alleged anonymous source (most likely Eve's split personality), found more Russian mafia members on Tumblr. Using some kind of facial recognition app, Eve came came into conclusion that this guy is also a cult member.


No. 929687

File: 1581175697957.png (176.54 KB, 1696x859, W6UQK1o.png)

New patreon, and she's trying to sell nudes for $100.


No. 929688

Here's her comeback video, that none of us have noticed. Seems like she's lurking and took advice from >>910589.

No. 929708

Is s/he a troon or a very unfortunate woman? My instincts say man, but everyone is referring to it as a she.

No. 929723

She's just ugly, anon

No. 929737

File: 1581188126294.png (693.06 KB, 933x598, d3L2AE2.png)

Just in case anyone wants to go down the rabbit hole, here's the list of some of Eve's online nicknames (most originate from her ED page):

>anewwaytobleed, badfannibals, Bedannibal, BeefTrails, BensonOwnsMyOvaries, bensonownsmyovaries, CrimsonRegret, deathtotealeoni, Dumblr Feminist, Egalitarian Eagle, Epsilon-Omega, Hannibals Animal, HoffyBunny, Hudsonwhompus, HuliBunny, hyenastarlight, IBelongToHoffman, JillNApt413, JillTuckNeedsAHug, LisaBrixton, Miss Misanthropist, MissMisanthropy, mizzanthr0pist, NothingIsSetInStone, NumberOneHoffBunny, RabidAntiRadFem, samara's on tv, SISTERSPOOKY1121, Skarsgodfrey, Skarsguardiandreams, tamedinsanity, tattlecrime, The Cult of Olivia Wilde, TheHeathenSlave, TheNaughtyMissLounds, thetwistedpriest, TrustNo1sLies, UpirQueen, VonSnortsenburg, vonsnortsenburg, WaxAngelWings, zetabetaepsilon

Most of her posts are extremely bizarre. The most interesting thing is that she's outed her father as a millionaire and called him abusive for trying to get her schizophrenic ass medicated (she thinks that all of her therapists have been lying to her, so that she's going to turn crazy or something).

No. 929739

File: 1581189028304.png (66.1 KB, 451x186, hQiUg24.png)

Not sure if she identified as a man at some point, or was born male, but this is her official account:


No. 929745

I assumed s/he was male just by looking at the thread pic. It looks like an obvious troon.

No. 929789

and the cow replies to her own thread…

No. 929813

You must be a tranny yourself if you think this looks anything like a woman

No. 929837

Just discovered the thread recently and sincerely thought this was a trans woman. Her face looks very masculine if that makes sense

No. 929906

You must never browse fandom drama, ugly autistic women who don't take care of themselves are a dime a dozen. Either way she's a "sex worker" so we'll probably get our answer pretty soon.

No. 929930

Let's not devolve into troon-spotting. IIRC, she has plenty of underwear pics. If anything, inactive profiles calling her male could be trolls from ED and KF. The latter had that whole dick pic tangent in the thread she tried to start about Jen. I do see how her face could be manly (mostly she just looks like a mummy,) but don't bury the thread with tinfoil.

No. 929949

Guys, it's a fucking MALE. It's not just their face; their whole body, the way they act, is MALE. You can even clearly see the beard stubble in
It's not rocket science to be able to tell males from females. Do you honestly believe that being female is all about being pretty, to the point that women who "don't take care of themselves"(whatever that even means) will spontaneously develop completely identifiably MALE facial and body structure??

No. 929958

File: 1581232424997.jpg (34.08 KB, 400x600, zXdg1dz.jpg)

Leila Dawson is the name of Eve's OC from her canceled book/future movie, that no one cares about. If anyone wanted to troll her, they would've named the account Eve Rebecca Habat.

Speculation and not very likely, but I think she might've been inbred. It would explain all of her mental illnesses, odd facial features and how all of her teeth rotted when she was 16 or so (her hygiene must've been really awful otherwise).

No. 929964

File: 1581234946027.png (116.86 KB, 1534x624, 387 views 58 comments.png)


She's so hard to listen to.

Not sure if she's seen this thread, as she hasn't freaked the fuck out over it publicly. In any case, >>910589 was right! She has a lot more engagement on this video than she does on her Freddie Lounds account.

No. 929965

File: 1581235028135.png (123.96 KB, 1568x590, old audience.png)


Samefag. She's still flipping out over any perceived criticism, but now her followers love it! topkek

No. 931280

Rebecca's new video. It's a really boring 20+ minute video, but her lack of self-awareness is getting even worse.


>"I didn't harass Jamie's mom!! It was obviously Jamie trying to make me look bad!!"
>"There's no proof I am crazy, it's all slander!!"
>"I might have made 4 videos on Jamie, but I'm not obsessed with her!! Jamie is obsessed with me!!"
>"Btw, Jamie is so crazy and cyber-stalking me!!!"
>"Oh and her fan-fiction is bad!!"

No. 931283

File: 1581495421262.png (16.38 KB, 657x153, 7Y8a0gP.png)

Eve accusing someone (Jamie?) of hacking her account and deleting her fan-fic masterpiece. I guess it makes sense, since Eve has never deleted anything herself.

No. 931284

File: 1581495527976.png (201.25 KB, 584x723, PAKXbH6.png)

And now, she's accusing Jamie of hacking two of her Facebook accounts.

No. 933326

File: 1582025279786.png (271.72 KB, 1670x950, mm.png)

Eve's spiraling out over a comment.

No. 933712

It's obviously Russian mob's attempt to assassinate Eve. Thankfully Eve is so smart, she saw right through that person.

Surprisingly Eve has been really quiet recently. She's probably catfishing in the It fandom and trying to find dirt on Jamie.

No. 933716

File: 1582127035099.png (53.23 KB, 564x238, LYtxdnV.png)

Why does Eve keep claiming she isn't the only person fixated on the cows she keeps making videos on?

I know that she has these weird delusions about having a fan-base, but now she's saying she has some kind of agents reporting cows to her? I somehow doubt she interacts with people, considering how autistic and schizophrenic she appears to be.

No. 933735


Any one she perceives as better looking than her, more popular, more talented, she will find a way to REACH and find "dirt" on. That's 99% of people no one is safe.

No. 934326

File: 1582232084417.png (49.73 KB, 598x456, 0uN6TaX.png)


She's written another blog post. Despite her claims that she's consistently busy, she somehow has the time to write novellas on anyone who's wronged her in someway. This time it's some kind of anon, who left one comment. She accuses them of being Alex/Jen/Kiwifarms.

No. 934391


She claims she has an otherworldly typing speed and that is why she can type these novels because it is nothing for her lightning fast WPM. What looks like a novel to the average joe is a childs play to Eve. She can beat out thousands of words in no time which makes her a better writer than everyone on the planet. NO ONE can think to claim this is all she does with her life because she produces these in the blink of an eye and actually doesn't spend any time on it at all. The talent!

No. 934926

File: 1582316218656.png (16.44 KB, 378x288, lD1o3b4.png)


Seems like she's purging another account of hers. After insisting that Jamie hacked her wattpad + mulitple Facebook accounts, she's changed her story to vague 'people are hellbent on having my stories ripped down'.

Care to show any proof, Eve?

No. 936392

File: 1582561495990.png (25.92 KB, 842x187, Dg4qhO2.png)

Seems like she's just had another mental breakdown, deleted her social media (again) and is now accusing Jamie of getting her Twitter deleted.

Eve being fixated on Jamie, talking about her everyday, yet somehow insisting that Jamie is the one obsessed with her is truly bizzare.

No. 936396

File: 1582561862297.png (33.84 KB, 594x299, 1BGi1RP.png)


No idea who deep.sixes is, but it SEEMS like Eve's accusing him of single-handedly writing her ED, KF and lolcow pages.

Watch her purge/private her new Twitter within the next 24 hours.

No. 936847

File: 1582641053272.png (29.26 KB, 511x154, Uo4xd1w.png)


She posted a massive rant about how she deserves to be paid to keep making videos. She keeps writing these walls of text responding to any slightly negative comment and it's the most hilarious thing.

No. 936848

File: 1582641280498.png (51.22 KB, 594x401, yU6U1Y7.png)

Here's the comment she got triggered by. 95% of her videos are a static image, so who knows why she got so upset.

No. 939280

File: 1583067998428.jpg (126.13 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot_20200301_080447.jpg)

Still unable to stop talking about Jamie every time she posts. I wonder what the shrine in her bedroom looks like?

No. 939345

So far she's claimed that Jamie:
- hacked Eve's Wattpad and removed one story, because it was amazing and well-received
- hacked two of Eve's Facebook accounts, and did nothing to them…?
- got Eve's Twitter banned, even though it's still active

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Eve decided to purge her YouTube channel and blamed it all on Jamie.

No. 939346

File: 1583079323237.png (392.47 KB, 598x546, reEGqsF.png)

Looks like she's back to masturbating to The Sims 4. Can't find the tweets, but she's also made some kind of FF7/Fannibal household (Jen, Lauren, Mela) and most likely had her OC have sex with all of them.

No. 939361

Holy shit she made a Jamie Sim.

No. 940177

File: 1583212281650.jpg (287.29 KB, 1280x1280, eve2020.jpg)

eve can pretend to be someone else now because filters

No. 940191


Source? Im in the mood to laugh.

No. 940202

source is a private message, apparently she is trying to make a female pennywise instagram to become a personality on there. she just needs the costume and full makeup so nobody recognizes her.

No. 940215

File: 1583220512085.jpg (37.52 KB, 254x382, 00b.jpg)

admission of guilt

No. 940216

File: 1583220612442.jpg (29.13 KB, 251x386, 00ba.jpg)

part 2

No. 940219

File: 1583220925240.jpg (10.75 KB, 247x135, lol.jpg)

i liked this one

No. 940220

File: 1583221247502.jpg (36.25 KB, 243x402, lame.jpg)

hope i am not being annoying sharing

No. 940221

File: 1583221345969.jpg (14.05 KB, 252x161, lame2.jpg)


No. 940222

File: 1583221726312.jpg (19.51 KB, 246x217, 001.jpg)

her 'files'

No. 940223

File: 1583221752102.jpg (71.13 KB, 603x335, 002.jpg)

part 2

No. 940224

File: 1583222033708.jpg (22.95 KB, 249x309, its her.jpg)

so you know it was her i guess

No. 940227

File: 1583222637319.jpg (32.83 KB, 248x409, hum.jpg)

this went on for hours..

No. 940228

File: 1583222706266.jpg (42.92 KB, 250x405, hum2.jpg)


No. 940305


She really is off her rocker and im curious to know more context of these rants. Eves psychosis is a big guilty pleasure.

No. 940710

context of rants is she wanted to know information, i gave it to her and she said i was not being honest. well shit, i can't even tell you the truth, lady. good luck finding your own narrative of what happened i guess?

No. 940714

Because the truth makes her look like a complete loon. There's no Russian anything, it's called roleplay. Which she supposedly "knew all along" (but then why all this fuss when it ended?) Thinking she wanted to join in, she was incorporated into the story. End of discussion. She joined a roleplay and was too stupid to realize it, so she pretends it's some kind of big deal so she looks like a hero or whatever, exposing a bunch of… roleplayers for.. well, roleplaying..

No. 940799

>Jennifer Cornet, Lauren, Roxy, CleoLinda, FannibalMonica, Rotem, Katie, Laura, DannyDoesArts, RevNickie, Celine, Krystal, Marianne, Jamie

She's openly stated that she's roleplayed/had cyber-relationships with at least half of the women she's made videos on, and then she also has this weird obsession about getting married to a male and being his personal slut.

I think it's obvious that she doesn't interact with people outside of Tumblr/Wattpad (aka sites dominated by females), if she actually left her house, she'd probably be making videos on anybody who's ever look in her direction.

No. 940806

File: 1583330770333.png (70.52 KB, 633x746, dycma36.png)

Just noticed she's written another novella about Deep Sixes. She's still convinced that all of her cow threads were ghostwritten by the same person, it seems.

No idea why he was trying to reason with a schizocow, but hopefully DS is lurking and going to post Jen discord conversations.

No. 941227

She says "the russian scammers" "krystal is a scammer" "nikolay is a scammer" yet no money or goods came to them. SHE admitted getting from THEM: $100USD (for her drugs), an Xbox console and a PS4 game. So uh, how are they the scammers exactly?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 941231

I found this thread recently and I want to tell you that I know who Krystal is and I can tell you that she is not as evil or bad as this creature would have you believe.

Her accent isn't "Aussie" because for 25 years of her life, her ex had her locked in a small unit and wouldn't ever let her go anywhere. So she could only watch television shows and try to guess how people would talk, naturally the most often used TV shows were from America or England back then. This has made her vulnerable to being targeted by predators like Eve.

She's never left the country and was born there 100% - Managed to escape her ex and for the last 6 years has had to figure out how to suddenly be an adult as she was only 16 when he had her. She has got help to deal with her trauma and doesn't deserve what this bitch is doing to her. And this Damien that was "exposed" or whatever? Legit is just a nice guy who offered to mow the lawns for her once a month. That's it. That's your big conspiracy. But you know Eve, it's not sensational enough for her to look like a hero so she refuses to listen and continues to demanded the "truth" which is, this what I've written. Krystal thought she was a good friend and started to pull away when Eve got too demanding. This is the fallout, jealousy or rejection, whatever. There is no "scam"

No. 941813

File: 1583481951520.png (60.58 KB, 597x468, HrmYzi8.png)

Seems like she's going through chat logs, trying to prove Jamie is crazy.

Eve should just admit she's fixated on Jamie, I mean she's just recently recreated and seduced Jamie on The Sims 4.

No. 941815

File: 1583482336123.png (24.5 KB, 279x413, 5a6Dyji.png)


She's just admitted to making an anti-Jamie Tumblr on her blog. Also, seems like she's contacted Jamie's "minions" demanding some kind of proof to why they think Eve is a cow/trying to get them to turn on Jamie. She's cropped all of the conversations, so can't really tell what she's raging about.

No. 941929

No. 942368

File: 1583596436446.png (136.58 KB, 556x588, hFGqLP2.png)

Seems like she's sending herself anonymous questions on Tumblr now? Jamie doesn't seem popular, Eve making it sound like she has dozens of people dming her with some kind of dirt is low-key hilarious.

Also, I wonder if Eve is going to sue the other girl for stealing her ideas TWICE.

No. 942370

File: 1583596751331.png (302.05 KB, 558x570, bEfHZmi.png)

"Exposing" Jamie as an internet thot.

No. 942373

File: 1583597096737.png (43.62 KB, 590x382, UQem0Dg.png)

Accuses Jamie of writing incest erotica, backtracks 5 minutes later.

I find it odd how she's repulsed by incest (when it's allegedly written by Jamie), yet she's openly into incestous rape.

No. 942375

File: 1583597234432.png (32.5 KB, 596x335, JVIoeFl.png)

Last update, and kind of nitpicky, but this is really ironic, considering Eve has a mental breakdown every other week + has at least 3 Patreons with 0 subscribers.

No. 942553

Looking through most of these people in the clownfucker fandom that Eve bitches about… For being tumblrina clownfuckers they're mostly normal? Yeah, you have ones that are thots and sjws, but they're all just mostly chill, friendly with each other and people in general, and decent enough writers. No wonder Eve's so pissed- anyone who's even slightly better than her is immediately an enemy.

Also, apparently during the tumblr purge Eve apparently deleted her tumblr and left behind a post that sounded vaguely suicidal over the tumblr purge and these same people were concerned for her, apparently. It was only after when Eve showed her stage five clinger tendencies and people began distancing themselves from her (for their own mental health, I guess), that she began going nuclear.

No. 942971

File: 1583745893087.png (32.12 KB, 597x320, kKwy03L.png)

Eve being disturbed by Jamie's fan-fiction (and mentioning it daily for a month) is honestly the most hilarious thing. Eve's written about getting dominated by Krista Allen, getting gangbanged by the entire male cast of Saw movies, getting raped by Gordon Ramsay, etc. yet she somehow insists that she isn't crazy and is somehow friends with all of these celebrities.

No. 942975

File: 1583746804571.png (117.51 KB, 561x503, WuKmTDd.png)

She's sending herself anonymous questions again. Atm she's claiming that Jamie harassed her and got people to send her anon hate… For being nice. I find it odd how Eve's never talked about it before/never shared any of those conversations, considering she uploads all of the chat logs on her website.

No. 943161


Seriously. People don't hate you because you're "too nice," Eve, they hate you because you're a nutjob who harasses people if they don't agree with you when you go off on psycho rants. Doubly rich considering these people, as "fucked up and delusional" as you claim they are, took time to give a shit about you when you were posting a vaguely suicidal entry over tumblr changing its policies.

No. 943439

File: 1583824067965.png (104.89 KB, 565x485, oPogaZc.png)

Eve thinks that someone's about to plant a bomb in her car. Apparently Eve is the only person in the universe with a bumper sticker.

Also, she thinks people are going to break into her house and try to kill her???

No. 943441

File: 1583824468037.png (20.02 KB, 543x81, z7gDyKY.png)

She's just had another mental breakdown, because someone called her Eve.

No. 943442

File: 1583824726397.png (98.66 KB, 564x450, mrToEnI.png)

One week ago, she'd brag about how people constantly DM her to talk shit about Jamie. Now, she's crying about how no one will talk to her. Which one is it, Eve?

No. 943512

File: 1583839874371.png (70.09 KB, 567x291, yki5h4b.png)

Mental breakdown continues. She's deleted most of her posts, too.

No. 943513

File: 1583839958829.png (167.44 KB, 563x693, SIABc4S.png)

Claims to have never written incest fiction, despite bragging about her story being #5 most popular incest story on Wattpad (or something).

No. 943515

File: 1583840196734.png (164.37 KB, 569x605, V2lfmCe.png)

Claims people Photoshop conversations to make her look crazy.

No. 943516

File: 1583840411847.png (69.03 KB, 561x304, Sjs2hVF.png)

Sends herself questions on Tumblr. Also, claims that Krystal and Jamie are the ones making up rumors about her (ED, kiwi, lolcow?), despite saying it was Alex just recently.

No. 943862

you'd think for such professional trolls and stalkers you'd have a real name and most of this information right by now

No. 943864

So what would make this right by you for me to delete everything cause quite frankly I'm tired of doing this in the first place, but you guys get so much fulfillment in life stalking me. Anyway if I nuked it all and never came back then what? You'd start a thread about me nuking it all and not coming back and how I'm an LOLcow who "ran off crying" because you were such great bullies? When I've literally said publicly I'm only doing this another year? Hell if it'll shut you guys the fuck up and get you to leave me alone I'll take it all down tomorrow. What's the verdict?

No. 943865

Oh wait I suppose you'll tell me to kill myself because that's how creative any of you ever get. Right. In any case it's coming down sooner or later. I'm sure you'll find other targets more interesting than me.

No. 943872

Hi, Eve.

No. 943895


Tell you to kill yourself, like you did to elisabethwise? Nah, Eve, not everyone is a sociopathic shitbag like you. That's the problem with you- you expect people to be as shitty and unempathetic as you, and when people aren't or express different opinions, you go nuts.

No. 943903

I never told anyone to kill themselves I don't see any proof that I have in your fucking shrine to me either. Find another lol cow to jizz over. I'm out.

No. 943905

pretty sure only like 4 people run this page or give a shit about it anyway LOL but yeah I'm the loser. Anyway you won so…time to move on people who totally aren't Krystal or her 5 consorts.

No. 943909

God so much of this information isn't accurate I'm disappointed in you guys didn't you use to be way better at stalking people? Anyway it's fine. Since none of this is true nor does it prove anything that you are good at taking my words out of context or straight up lying about me I shall take my leave. I hear illsy is a nice cow to target weird how you don't go after her incest fiction but this fake incest fiction you pretend I wrote? You target me. Sounds like someone with a personal vendetta. Doesn't it?

No. 943911

Nice photoshop work by the way! Can you tell me who you hired? Never mind I know don't feed the trolls guess you'll just have to starve

No. 943912

File: 1583896159758.png (180.34 KB, 462x453, Screenshot 2020-03-10 at 5.39.…)

Here's a photo of Krystal Mather by the way the woman who once had cat puke in her house for a week and refused to clean it up

No. 943913


And if you think my writing is LOLCow worthy then you should check out all the rape, snuff, incest, torture, and other things Krystal gets off too

No. 943914


Fuck off, cow.

No. 943915

Okay I've had my fun good luck with calling me a tranny/faggot/whatever I don't need this in my life nearly as much as you people do.

No. 943916

Awww you really don't like it when the cows fight back do you?

No. 943918


You're just annoying. That's why you have this thread.

No. 943920


You're an annoying mental health case who needs to stop harassing people who reject you, step away from the keyboard, and get mental health services. Nah, you're not that special, just your average sociopathic Ohio methhead.

No. 943928

No you're obsessed with me that's why I have this thread

No. 943930

Anyway seeing as how you use the same insults as like the 3 people who have always hated me I think the case is closed on who made this and who continues this. One of them being Krystal with her made up story about how Damien is just a "nice man" who mows the lawn for her. My ass. Anyway good luck in the future tormenting much more entertaining people. Hope it's fulfilling as it's clear you literally have nothing else going on in your life when I have enough that I can just drop everything you hate about me and leave. The websites you portrayed out of context, the youtube channel, the social media, it's gone. Now that you can't stalk me anymore sorry "Be annoyed with me" even though you seek out this information to begin with on purpose for your own entertainment…what are you going to do?

No. 943931

File: 1583897661375.png (292.82 KB, 1381x1495, Capture _2020-03-10-22-32-47.p…)


No, you're a shady cow, Eve.

No. 943933

I'm sorry it would seem the anonymous user who is obsessed with tracking literally everything I do, on purpose, so they can claim to be annoyed by me (when they don't have to look at anything I do) is the shady person. Seriously do you and your 5 internet incels have nothing better to do?

No. 943934

All these fucking cows, everrrry fuckinnnn tiiiime with the "so obsessed" line. Like no dumb ass, everyone loves a trainwreck. For most people here you're something we only read about on the shitter or on lunch break. We watch your shitshow because it's funny. If you aren't here there are 1000s of other retards to replace you.

No. 943935

File: 1583897901746.png (212.01 KB, 529x320, Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 6.35.…)

Here's queen Illsy aka Jamie L. Purr being a thot for Valter Skarsgard's attention and yet I'm the LOL cow?


No. 943936

Then replace me already it's amazing how you'll go after such a mundane fucking person when there are so many more people around me that you should claim are worse. Also, you wouldn't passionately update this with everything I did if you had any sort of a live

No. 943937


You are full fucking retard. She has her own thread.

No. 943939

I'm a full fucking retard but yet you still need to check in on everything I do all the time. Glad I get you off so hard cause it's obvious no one else is doing it for you

No. 943942

Where's the thread I'd like to see it if it exists

No. 943943


I just like the milk, stupid cow.

No. 943944


Learn to google, Ms Detective.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 943945

No you don't you have nothing better going on in your life and you know it. Alright this is it. Glad you had your fun. In about 5 minutes everyone will forget I existed and you will die a lonely death but don't worry you've won all the internet points. Sorry I won't be killing myself cause you think this is my entire life or some shit. I already said I was quitting at the beginning of the year no better time than now. Thanks for all the fun.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 943950

Nothing better to do cuz we spend like maybe 20 mins daily loling at people online, meanwhile you're picking fights with fandoms and obsessing over folks who are sick of you. Dat projection. Maybe get offline and write some more shitty fanfics. Like you could just be forgotten about if you just quit all your bullshit.

No. 943955


Also had she not bumped her own thread while lurking.

Just delete your social media and move if that's what you want. But we all know a narc can't do that.

No. 943958

File: 1583901170880.png (816 KB, 1440x3533, Tattlebitch.png)

Crazy bitch is done?

No. 943964

Damn cow you are fucking INSANE. It’s amazing.

No. 943966

THIS. IS. CERTIFIABLE…. please keep responding cow, the psychosis is wonderful.

No. 944020

What happened to her to her endless search for that "Dangerous cult leader Jen Cornet"?

No. 944049

File: 1583926578077.jpg (99.43 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_20200311_073005.jpg)

She's never really gone. Eve is too narcissistic to leave for long. She's still on Wattpad and the first story on her page seems to be about her queen Jamie upon first skim. The others look like self insert rape fiction and Pennywise porn. I wonder if she will turn it into a screenplay and have all her Hollywood connections hook her up with agents

No. 944052

File: 1583927940072.png (449.73 KB, 477x897, jOJk1Rq.png)

Seems like she's quit internet for 3-4 hours. Congrats, Eve. She's already back to catfishing as a 27 year-old and pretending her name is Letha Cates.

Her life revolves around writing fan-fics and having RP cyber-sex, she's never going to quit internet. She's going to try to hide her identity, though.

No. 944059

It’s not a requirement to be part of the ‘Russian mafia’ to update the thread and laugh at your lolcow ways, Eve. Enjoy your millionth rage quit, I’m sure we’ll hear from you soon.

No. 944061

Taking bets on when Miss Misanthropist makes her valiant comeback. I'd be impressed if she went 2 weeks without popping up again. Impress us, Eve.

No. 944065


I don't think she's pretending. It says on public records Eve legally changed her name to Letha Cates in 2017. Letha is the name of a character from Hemlock Grove as is the surname Cates. Coincidentally the borderline incestuous cousin of Roman Godfrey- Eve's lord and savior. I'd post screenshot from the site but it has lots of personal info but it is really just a google search away. Its much funnier to call her Eve and watch her piss herself.

I searched for the video of her introducing her lifesize Pennywise cutout boyfriend she has in her room but she's purged again for a day or two until she gets bored pretending to be a screenwriter or model or dominatrix or stripper or friend to the stars

No. 944193

File: 1583954472192.png (198.72 KB, 1391x650, Capture _2020-03-11-14-15-44.p…)


Anon wasn't wrong.

No. 944224

>I'm sorry it would seem the anonymous user who is obsessed with tracking literally everything I do, on purpose, so they can claim to be annoyed by me (when they don't have to look at anything I do) is the shady person. Seriously do you and your 5 internet incels have nothing better to do?

imagine believing that an entire imageboard only has 5 people on it. delusional.

No. 944236

is there anything practical to do about eve? given her history of delusion and harassment?

No. 944243

just drink the milk and don't engage her. Stupid bitch really sperged out on here. I saw her do the same on KF, but I thought it was a troll.

No. 944247


Yep. Just let her do her thing and try not to initiate contact. She'll be back here whining sooner or later.

No. 944248

she's a stupid bitch but she's dangerous too

No. 944249

are you retarded? mon.ica108@outlook.com

No. 944252

apparently lol

No. 944253

She might be dangerous, but only to people who get personally involved with her. Mocking her is just irritating her.

No. 944254

Please sage.

Why the hell would you think she's dangerous? I don't find anything dangerous about her, tbh.

No. 944255

Is she trying to get more 'dirt on the trolls?' lols for days

No. 944257

Just the whole "catfishing to get people to trust her" vibe. She apparently used Jamie's info to threaten her. Plus, she's not exactly stable/a pillar of sanity.

No. 944258

just the shit she's pulled with jamie

No. 944260

For the love of god. SAGE.

Also, it's an ANONYMOUS IMAGEBOARD. The most she is doing is googling her name and reading these threads when she's binged on meth. There is no dirt for her to uncover here.

By this logic, everyone on the internet is dangerous. If you are dumb enough to be catfished online, that's your own problem. It doesn't make her any more dangerous than an obese 14 year old pretending to be a barbie.

No. 944261

At most, Eve is probably only a danger to herself. I mean, meth and untreated mental illness isn't good for anyone.

No. 944263

idk that elisabethwise person apparently ended up in hospital

No. 944264

Do you have a source for this?

No. 944267

She posted shit on tumblr, including a picture of her hospital bracelet post attempt

No. 944272

yeah going to call this bullshit that Eve put this girl in the hospital.

No. 944317

"Drink the milk and don't engage" Weird how none of you are taking that advice since you keep trying to badly hack my accounts and still don't have any current information on me.

No. 944318

Also posting the same stuff over and over a few of these pictures aren't even me. LOL you didn't do your research and since I recognize the chat boxes where you got some of these convos I know you are the same group of 5 people over and over. You are stealing information from websites not getting it yourself. Please. And I know how to use a VPN. Try actually following your advice of not engaging me.

No. 944319

go away, cow.

No. 944320

Why would I go away you are my biggest FANS! I wanna hear more about how awful I am! Especially the things you made up! Keep going!

No. 944322

File: 1583974381224.jpg (19.77 KB, 400x400, RachelAlter.jpg)

There's a girl out there named Rachel Victoria Alter who stole my look and identity for awhile here's a picture a lot of posts you are using are actually her lol

No. 944323

No ones trying to hack your shit. Drama queen. That's waaay to much effort for lols you provide on your own.

No. 944324

Then explain why I'm being incessantly spammed with password reset requests for every account you can think of which is one cause you don't have as much info as you claim to have which clearly one of you is Krystal posting it you wouldn't have access to a lot of this otherwise duh

No. 944325

File: 1583974604205.png (76 KB, 604x476, 2020-03-11_19-56.png)

Wasn't hard to find out who this was. EVE YOU ARE DELUSIONAL.

No. 944326

Anyway tell me how awful I am people who aren't Krystal or related to Krystal. I like hearing these stories.

No. 944327

No I told you what her name was? I knew her I got into her account and changed her information? Are you that retarded? Come on you can do BETTER I thought you were master trolls and I'm just some kind of tranny faggot

No. 944328

People post pictures of Rachel all the time claiming they are me you have at least three on this thread of Rachel try to guess which ones I'll wait

No. 944329

did someone call her a troon?

No. 944330

All you ever do is call people troon/faggot/tranny whatever also you stole the meth head insult from other people like 99% of everything posted here none of you came up with yourselves you aren't even creative trolls

No. 944331

File: 1583974870634.png (405.45 KB, 596x471, 2020-03-11_20-01.png)


No. 944332

Waaah what? And? You found a picture of a person who's full name I gave you from like 2010. Good job.

No. 944333

I'm glad that you obsessively read everything I write here too. OBSESSIVELY. You know every detail I've never had bigger fans. Wanna know what I'm going to write next?

No. 944334

So what other entertainment do you need from me today as it's obvious you don't get enough attention otherwise. Tell me. I'll do it!

No. 944335

Also why are you so stuck on my name being Letha it's not lol like where did you even get this information? Oh and there isn't a thread on Jamie on here. Weird that you'd be defending an LOLCow when you really should be attacking us both.

No. 944336

Only one person ever insisted my name was Letha and that was Krystal Mather so there's no way she didn't start this/isn't part of this sorry guys you can claim that's the case all you want but it's not true and pretty soon you aren't going to be able to find any of my work :( What are you going to do when all my accounts are gone….

No. 944337

Shes just not that interestng.


No. 944338

File: 1583975406274.jpg (59.49 KB, 563x700, DamienGeorgieMiles1.jpg)

Here's Damien Georgie Miles since none of you are him I guess you won't care that I post this

No. 944339

I mean you are right I'm a terrible writer I NEED your attention I'm soooo upset that you all circle jerk and obsess over me I have "nothing" if I don't have my website! There's NOTHING going for me if I don't write my "Smut" yes I am going to die because you destroyed me. Clearly. IS that what you need to hear? Does it make you happy or…what next?

No. 944340

No. 944341

Well when my accounts are gone because I totally need them to live like you say and you can't find them anymore what are you going to do? Anything?

No. 944343

This guy definitely looks like a dude who would call himself Damian.

No. 944344

If your floppy tits are dry of milk then we will move on.

No. 944346

You don't even have milk here. You have stolen info from other very old websites you didn't get yourself. You then decided to harass me and a bunch of other LOLCows like Jamie and Elisabeth to get them to blame it on me for your entertainment. You are also clearly related to Krystal or else you wouldn't have a lot of the stuff you do have, that and you keep calling me Letha and she's the only person who ever used that name. Seriously you already have no milk, you don't like that I'm here, and you know that this is your entire life. It's not mine though.

No. 944347


She's going to be way more entertaining for you, you definitely don't have a thread on here and are defending her and her fat ass friend for some reason. These people have way more milk and yet you go after me. Why is that? Seems like only people with a personal vendetta who use insults the fannibals came up with 5 years ago would ignore these cows.

No. 944348

Please. A malignant narcissist like you never goes away, you live for the attention because it validates your existence and your paranoid conspiracy beliefs. Meth and mental illness are like that for people like you.

No. 944349

I mean I have other LOLCow threads that dried up in 2016 you are TRYING to get milk you are making your OWN milk you are engaging despite claiming you are not engaging like seriously. Well I'm dancing for you now just like you want so tell me what to do next. I really wanna know.

No. 944351

Okay so when my accounts are gone and I am getting rid of them since they are such a burden to you and I don't come back this is going to be over? The only narcissists are the people on here who think they can affect my life by calling me mean names

No. 944352

stupid bitch this website is not engaging with you you are coming here to engage with us

No. 944353

all this thread proves is you know nothing about me you can't do your own research you purposefully came after me despite your own rules of not coming after people etc seriously if you think I have no life you may need to examine your own issues. I'm shutting everything down and you won't find me again. So sad.

No. 944354

Except you are cause you clearly sent the anon hate to me, Jamie, and Elisabeth telling them to kill themselves

No. 944355

Also someone from here sent me an email last night from the temp email address "BitchesBeCray@something.pink" but no, no one is engaging me. That's totally the truth.

No. 944356

I notice you don't deny the mental illness or the meth, Eve. How long has your current meth binge been going?

No. 944357

I wouldn't be getting anything from temp email accounts if you weren't engaging me you are. That's the entire purpose of these stupid forums because it's all you have in life. So I'm going to be shutting down my accounts now and not coming back. You wouldn't have banned me if you didn't care that much in the first place.

No. 944358

My meth binge has been going as long as yours thanks

No. 944359

Got some really good meth from your mom she says it's your favorite

No. 944360

File: 1583976284553.jpg (14.37 KB, 224x236, IMG_20200311_212419.jpg)

Keep on mooing cow

No. 944361

Oh no you posted an old pic of me that you stole from my old facebook that I posted publicly let me slit my wrists

No. 944362

Imagine being this delusional.
You were banned for not following the rules dumb fucking bitch

No. 944363

Where's the screenshot? You have screenshots for everything else.

No. 944364

Do you really think posting old pics of me or pics that aren't me really bothers me? I'm actually serious do you think that?

No. 944365

No you guys have screenshots of everything go on post another one I'll wait

No. 944366

Screenshot of this supposed email. But since it clearly didnt happen there's no screenshot to be had.

No. 944367

No. 944368

File: 1583976681201.png (11.37 KB, 307x142, Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 9.31.…)

Who was this if you aren't engaging me?

No. 944370

lol that looks like a spam email, fucking moron this girl.

No. 944371

face the fact that you faggots called me back here not the other way around

No. 944373

Yes okay a spam email that contains no links to porn sites or anything like that. Sounds legit. Wouldn't a spam email contain a link somewhere? Yes? Nice try.

No. 944374

Dude, it's clearly a porno spam bot. Christ, imagine being so delusional you think even pornbots are part of a conspiracy against you.

No. 944375

File: 1583976884587.png (64.34 KB, 1016x410, Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 9.34.…)

Here's the full thing as you can see no links to porn sites or anything else. Cream.Pink is a temporary email account. You know it was one of you so please try harder.

No. 944376

It's not a porn bot it's one of you phrasing it in such a way so you can claim you didn't engage me the whole point of this stupid LOLCow thing is to get people to engage me you just do it in ways that you can't "Prove" you've been telling people to kill themselves and blaming it on me. Well. My accounts are going down and you're going to have nothing. Stop provoking me. I mean damn. No one cares but you people.

No. 944378

Clearly you know nothing about 419 scams. Stupid bitch.

No. 944381

This will be old news just like when it died in 2016 you are the ones who keep bringing it up not me. Now you'll just have to target someone else I guess. How bored are you that you got an LOLCow from 2016? You really have NOTHING else going on? Pathetic. Try harder with someone else. I'm done.

No. 944382

we are telling you to leave
my sides
its against the rules to 'engage' drama sluts.

No. 944383

You certainly seem to care. Why else are you still fucking here?

No. 944384

You are an absolute fool and a trainwreck omg

No. 944385

Nobody cares about the thots that rejected you. You're the one who goes nuclear every other day

No. 944387

Right? Thots are no fun, they're just thirsty and being a ho. Drama whores like Eve are the real gift that keeps on giving.

No. 944391

we know when its you, btw. Even when you are taking to yourself, we know it's you.

No. 944392

File: 1583978037852.png (101.92 KB, 240x267, 2020-03-11_20-53.png)

Ironic, eh?

No. 944393

All ya'll are clearly Jen Cornet.

No. 944394

Will the Jen Cornets please learn to sage?

No. 944396

Speak for yourself, I'm clearly Renee/Hojo

No. 944398

File: 1583978889635.png (330.98 KB, 1032x613, 2020-03-11_21-07.png)

No. 944400

That's something only Jen would say

No. 944403

So is this cow just posting and replying to herself this whole time? AMAZING.

No. 944410

File: 1583982660991.png (86.07 KB, 524x536, Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 7.48.…)

This is what you call not engaging

No. 944411

there's also clearly only about 5 of you circle jerking each other anyway wanted to show that you did engage me first by making those terrible hate blogs about me otherwise I wouldn't be here. Don't act like you didn't provoke me. Also my accounts are all done. I know you're sad you don't have my work to jerk off to anymore. I think I'll go slit my wrists because I'm so devastated. Bye bye.

No. 944412

File: 1583982914024.png (20.56 KB, 518x234, 2020-03-11_22-14.png)

your reverse trolling doesnot work but here you go anyway.

No. 944413

You'll be back, Eve. See ya in a couple hours when you come up with more fun conspiracy theories.

No. 944414

Considering that account went dead the same time your other ones did, I think you were talking to yourself. Much like you were here.

No. 944427

it's even more annoying bc you cant even talk about the juicy shit without her being able to cover her tracks.

Whoever tipped this cow, fuck u.

No. 944454

File: 1583996217656.png (546.74 KB, 500x750, t05bloa.png)

Did she just accuse Jamie of running Lolcow and sending death threats to herself? If you google Rachel you can find a hate tribute Eve made for her. Seems like she's been targeting women (and calling them scam artists/fake lesbians/cult leaders) for at least 10 years. She's most likely going to find a new female to get obsessed with real soon.

I think this photo is from her high-fashion/print model days.

No. 944458

No. 944467

File: 1583999440611.png (149.88 KB, 596x324, 26s2Fly.png)

This video is mostly awful and gives Letha reasons to cry about being cyber-bullied. That channel also accused her of being Jennifer Cornet, which is not possible. Eve doesn't leave her house and most likely never had actual sex.

It is nice to see proof of her Gillian Anderson obsession though. And how she thinks she's Freddie Lounds since they are both smart, charismatic and hot.

No. 944468

Steps in Eve's pattern:
>become obsessed with thing
>meet girl online who also likes thing and is somewhat popular among people who also like thing
>become obsessed with girl and her interests
>pretend to like same interests
>exhibit stage five clinger tendencies toward girl
>when girl pulls away, accuse her of being cult leader/fake lesbian/obsessed with you
>write post on blog about girl being cult leader/fake lesbian/obsessed with you and post highly suspect and out of context screenshots of convos with girl that support this viewpoint

No. 944470

You forgot:
>claim the entire fandom is brainwashed and harassing you constantly
>also claim that there's an infinite number of secret agents giving you dirt on the girl
>have a public mental breakdown
>purge everything and "quit" internet

She's done it in Hannibal, Law & Order SVU and It fandoms, she's done it in the MRA community. Seems like Hemlock Grove is next on her list.

No. 944477

She's already done the Hemlock Grove fandom, there's not much of a following so she moved to the Bill fandom from that.

No. 944560

File: 1584026755356.png (38.95 KB, 532x662, UBFooo0.png)


Really old milk, but it was never mentioned in any of her old-school cow topics. Seems like she's written a screenplay, where she got to have sex with all of her teachers and childhood friends. Obviously, one of them is played by Krista Allen.

Also, Monica Edwards was an OC of hers in 2010. There's something really odd about her LARPing for 10 years, and insisting Eve is a name made-up by "trolls".

No. 944564

File: 1584027232387.png (1.43 MB, 1074x771, qAzCBk5.png)


Here she brags about getting a taser from her abusive landlord. Not relevant, but she somehow looked manlier back then, which makes me feel like she might be an MTF after all.

No. 944568

File: 1584027816066.png (38.26 KB, 601x324, 8B7F6Ge.png)

And here's her feeling herself after hacking Rachel's account.

I bet she felt like she lolpwnt Lolcow (which according to Eve, is run by Krystal and Jamie) by posting in this thread.

No. 944632

File: 1584037750721.png (31.73 KB, 654x143, 2020-03-12_13-26.png)

wasn't really that hard to find

No. 944633

Oh, she's certified crazy. That whole school is for kids with issues.

No. 944712

It explains quite a bit. It would be kind of sad that Eve is still having problems so many years later, but it's lessened by the fact Eve causes most of her own problems at this point.

No. 944747

She keeps making edits to the page that had her info and name change on it.

So if thats not u, why you changing shit.

No. 944890

Eve denies being crazy though. She wrote a series of blogs, where she talked about how her abusive parents brainwashed and gaslighted her into thinking she's insane. She even bragged about being friends with her therapists and got depressed over how they stopped talking to her. She also cried about how her rich dad tried to get her into rehab or something.

Over the years she has transformed from a self-absorbed snowflake drug addict into a hypersexual schizophrenic cow (who gets obsessed with any female she's ever interacted with). It's tough to tell what's going to happen once she hits 40, but considering how sexually frustrated she appears to be, I wouldn't be surprised if she started abusing her dogs (that is if she isn't doing that currently).

No. 944902

>She even bragged about being friends with her therapists and got depressed over how they stopped talking to her.
how do u get fired from a therapist? lol

No. 946465

File: 1584426784314.jpg (570.03 KB, 1080x1988, 20200317_023031.jpg)

Four days… I think that's a record but she did peek her head up to post these.

No. 946553

File: 1584457506742.png (210.71 KB, 598x594, Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 10.29…)

The "guy" who started this thread is a much bigger cow than what you're on about

No. 946556

How a guy looks has nothing to do with all the things this frekshow has said and done.(namefag)

No. 946574

And what is it that she did because I do not see sources to anything I see you guys saying she did stuff that isn't in the screenshots and I see links that don't work with no archives

No. 946609

Post milk then, the more the merrier.

No. 946625

There is no milk. You didn't post milk. You stole the milk from very old places and pretended it was new then made stuff up. If we are just making stuff up now what is the point? You tipped the cow when she didn't find your posts fast enough as well. You are a bunch of fags who are making up stories, there is no more milk to be found. Why the hate boner?

No. 946627

Nobody archived any links, because she's a (possibly transexual) washed-up MRA, people forgot about years ago. Most cows have some kind of fanbase, or at least fascinating relationships with other people. Eve's recent videos have been consistently getting >300 views, and her abusive landlord is the only person she ever interacts with. She's a D-list cow, and doesn't have much recent milk other than her obsession with borewhore Jamie.

There's probably 50 archived links on her ED page, dozens of images from her blogs + about 100 messages she's posted herself in here, if you want to see her at her best.

No. 946631

You have no sources to this. Show me a source to this. You have some old news that no one cares about. The most relevant thing I can see you stole from was 4 years ago. Any new milk you claim to have doesn't exist. She's not that interesting to begin with. The tranny fag who started this is far more interesting and you ignore his penchant for drawing erotic furry porn over this? This isn't a cow thread this is a personal vendetta

No. 946634

Hello, cow. Make a thread about the tranny fag, if he's milky.

No. 946635

File: 1584469446768.png (34.6 KB, 680x220, Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 2.20.…)

Johnnie Karbowiak http://archive.is/u9XTV
Sad patreon for furry porn where he makes $2 dollars a month http://archive.is/tvQKw
Failed out of game dev school and lives with his parents this thing has far more milk than the old cow you're trying to bring back

No. 946636

The cow you tipped offered several better cows I looked into them you defended them why you all defending milkier cows than a dead tranny?

No. 946667

File: 1584473782023.png (23.8 KB, 521x364, Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 9.12.…)

you also might wanna tell the fat cunt in your group who tipped the cow not to do that in the future cause it's obvious who you all are all this over a tumblr squabble what a bunch of fags

No. 946671

Eve if you really want your thread to die learn how to fucking sage

No. 946699

File: 1584478261886.jpeg (156.76 KB, 640x1416, 16D4F8F8-EA62-4900-A729-7F09DB…)

That’s an awful lot of big talk for someone who is stalking people, Eve. >>946667

Eve basically just proved that she’s been stalking and harassing this other girl, Maxx, for quite some time.


https://web.archive.org/web/20190902211739/https://rosenondraben2.tumblr.com/ (the blog Eve used to threaten Maxx after she was blocked)

I’ll continue posting screenshots of this conversation, but this was from June a year ago.

No. 946700

You banned eve you fucking fags she's linking people to this and laughing at you

No. 946701

what does that prove since you censored out a name that could be a conversation with anyone

No. 946702

Also it's really obviously Maxx posting this as the conversation would have been had with her so who else would have this but Maxx? Maybe try harder to be anonymous on an anonymous board you cunts

No. 946704

Because I know Maxx personally. The blue is her.

No. 946705

File: 1584478543873.jpeg (197.61 KB, 645x1462, 7BA82311-CAE3-4090-9B8C-EB62E2…)

No. 946706

So you admit Maxx is willingly involved in this harassment which means eve was never wrong about who was doing this to begin with which means you are all part of the group she mentions higher in the thread holy shit are you people fucking retarded

No. 946707

You have screenshots you are censoring out a name if that was eve why censor the name out what does this prove?

No. 946708

get a clue if she's linking people to this page and laughing at you then you are all the lolcows especially since she knows who all of you are

No. 946709

File: 1584478682248.jpeg (185.5 KB, 621x1464, 47724859-6A94-4864-9D1C-B4C163…)

No. 946710

please post more fake conversations that prove nothing Maxx not like you couldn't have made this all yourself right?

No. 946711

File: 1584478795820.jpeg (174.44 KB, 639x1481, 1DFF2A5A-2688-476C-AD08-E70AED…)

No. 946713

I don't know how any of you spergs thought this was going to prove anything but right now you have dead links, screenshots that don't contain what you claim they contain, stories with no sources you are making up milk for the hell of it because she got the best of you she doesn't care if she's telling people where this thread is and you keep going with it as if it'll change anything

No. 946714

Eve, learn to fucking sage. Get some mental health care when the whole covid-19 thing dies down.

No. 946715

where is the proof that the censored name is eve's blog and not one of you? Why censor one name and not the other? rosenundraben is Maxx so I guess she doesn't mind being on here now?

No. 946717

you only want this saged so people won't see what a bunch of lying assfucks you are lol

No. 946719

you tipped the cow she told people where the thread is and you're mad that no one outside of you little group believes all the fake milk you put up

No. 946720

Right, you- I mean, Eve's got her "agents."

Stop feeding the fire, Eve. You fucking moron.

No. 946721

okay because eve has no ability to link this to anyone just like you have no ability to fake the screenshots you I mean "Maxx" just put up

No. 946723

seriously stop cow tipping for attention it's fucking pathetic

No. 946724

"Little group?"

Right, Eve thinks this whole site is being run by Jamie, Krystal, the Russian Mafia… Because it's a giant conspiracy against this chick who has proven mental health problems going back almost twenty years to her school days.

No. 946726

File: 1584479467085.jpeg (184.33 KB, 640x1468, 91719C3C-9156-4A5F-9315-7D06F3…)

No. 946730

Can someone who's not Eve or affiliated with her please explain what the fuck is happening in the thread? Is Eve trying to switch the topic or something?

No. 946732

File: 1584479716112.jpeg (208.25 KB, 647x1475, 40BB76E7-9A4D-4875-9A10-D1FF19…)

No. 946733

Stop spamming the thread with irrelevant screenshots you dumb fuck

No. 946735

I can assure you I’m definitely not Eve, but I know Maxx and I feel she needs some defense. Mostly she just wants to be left alone and enjoy her hobby.

No. 946736

File: 1584480044598.jpeg (203.65 KB, 649x1454, E79C543A-6BED-4C4F-A6F6-A15B23…)

No. 946739

File: 1584480374859.jpeg (245.04 KB, 661x1500, EF25EDF2-2118-4770-9EF9-EB99CC…)

No. 946742

This thread has nothing to do with your friend. Fuck off

No. 946744

You posted a screenshot of Maxx’s blog, but how do you even know she was talking about you?

No. 946828

Sorry eve you can't have Sasha. You think we do not have his best interests at heart? Do not try to contact him again.

No. 946871

God it’s such a cringe lord

No. 946878

Funny that she thinks we’re all this recent group from tumblr. She’s been pissing people off for the last decade, I for one am nothing to do with this “Russian Mafia” or Jamie shit. And Eve, you’re terrible at pretending to be someone else, we can tell when the comments are you.

No. 946902

Eve self-posting and pretending to be a farmer is the most embarrassing thing she's done in months. If she keeps it up, she might end up getting the Erin/Kiki treatment.

Eve spammed her own thread, pretending to be a farmer. It's tough to make sense out of her schizophrenic posts, but according to her:
>all of the photos in the thread were photoshopped
>lolcow is run by 5 people, who are all obsessed with her
>she somehow is 100% certain that Eve got cow-tipped and all of her milk is fake, even though she claims not to be Eve? (it's confusing)

Also, she's doxxed the Johhnie troon, who appears to be a Russian Tumblr mafia member.

No. 946920

Johnnie’s her ex

No. 946926

Ah. This is worse than trying to follow the high school rumor mill back in the day. Combined with Eve trying (and mostly failing) to use lingo, I was wondering if I'd fallen into some pit of hell not covered in the inferno

No. 946928

I kind of hope not, he looks like he's about 15.

No. 946933

File: 1584530293106.png (11.07 KB, 719x164, NleYXZJ.png)

Seems like she was engaged to that troon back in 2015. I wonder if Eve just accidentally exposed herself as a pedophile?

No. 946975

From the archived patreon page she posted of the troon? Borderline- if they're really 24 like they claim, they would have been 18/19 in 2015. With Eve being 30/31 at the time, the age difference is still kind of gross no matter how you slice it.

No. 946984

aaah just when i thought this dusty cow dried up she comes back to make herself look even more schizo. she talks to herself about herself in a thread dedicated to showing how painfully cowish she is. a thing of beauty. dat 4 day hiatus from posting of the girls she worships was her biggest accomplishment aside from her failed screenplay from 15 years ago

No. 947235

The troon lives/lived in Sydney, on the other side of the fucking world. Do y'all think Eve has ever had a relationship offline?

No. 947253


Have you seen her? There's a reason why she obsesses over people on the internet to the weird degree she does can you picture what she is like in real life? It's one thing to be hideous , another to be crazy but Eve is both. She has e-shrines to all the women that rejected her and she probably hasn't met any of them what would hapen if someone actually did give her a shot? Guaranteed to go buffalo bill on them

No. 947330

Exactly. In real life those tendencies are usually easier to see.

No. 948123

Eve's written a new blog post about Krystal. Nothing special, but she accidentally added a pic of what appears to be a 10 year-old boy, which fuels the pedo rumors about her.

No. 948124

File: 1584784470482.png (55.84 KB, 999x421, xihvb3o.png)

>"People are out to get me"

She mentions moving on with her life, but I think it's obvious, that this skitzocow is going to spend the rest of her life, writing erotic fan-fiction and sharing her lol-worthy conspiracies.

No. 948130

It seems like they started dating when Johnnie was still underage. That is unless, a 30 year-old Eve decided to propose to a barely legal 18 year-old, after few months of e-dating.

No. 948134

It wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 948170


Eve must think she is so important that all these people from her past were so affected by her that they had to band together to talk shit about her on lolcow? Did she never realize that anybody can see this thread and Google her name and see fairly quickly how milkable she is? It is so laughable how she tries to "connect the dots" and makes herself look even crazier. Everything bshe posts only makes her look dumber. Since we know she reads this thread….. Get help Eve youre really not that important or don't and continue giving us shit to laugh about

No. 948171


She likes kiddies its obvious since she always lies and says she is much younger than her real age of 35 has just exposed herself as being in a romantic relationship with someone barely legal and apparently thinks it's fine to write fanfics sexualizing young teens. I feel bad for any child that crosses her path.

No. 948917

File: 1584995847060.png (141.4 KB, 1452x476, fk.png)


Seriously. I started out as a fan. (I know that sounds crazy, but I took Fredrik Knudsen's comment on his Final Fantasy House video as fact. Eve is practically the only source to go to from there. It doesn't hurt that she reads others' stories about Jen verbatim.) Her videos are low-effort, of course, but she's also super rude to her viewers. Her paranoia and bad personality snowballed until I could hardly watch her anymore, then this thread came about and I was not at all surprised.

Don't mean to blogpost, just trying to make the points that a.) Eve is paranoid to think that people are out to get her, and b.) she sucks as a content creator. She's the worst small YouTuber I've come across– everyone else in her position knows how important it is to put in effort, and retain fans.

No. 948923

Surrpised her ED page wasn't linked, lots of milky stuff on there

No. 949336

Was reading this thread and went to youtube to look up jennifer cornet because the final fantasy cult house is a fascinating story and i'm seeing a lot of speculation on there that monica/eve/whatever is actually Jen Cornet. What do you guys think

No. 949393

Don’t think they are the same person but Eve could easily be the next Jen. Narcissistic tendencies, delusions, e-domme (aka talks to young girls)

No. 950638

No. 950772


Interesting that Alex and others still think Jen might be the soulbonding Hannibal lady. It would be great to see this pan out with people who aren't Eve telling the story.

Assuming it's really Alex in that thread, I wonder why he deleted his account suddenly? Probably doesn't matter, just mentioning it because it's odd.

No. 952127

Can someone please explain to this cow what "cow tipping" really is.
Not only does she use the meta incorrectly, she doesn't sage, doesn't follow the rules and tries to derail this whole thread. I had to read through 20+ posts that I knew were from her just by the post format. God this is an annoying bitch.

No. 955435

File: 1586264070234.jpeg (44.29 KB, 309x375, 08742368-781D-44D2-9AED-A82CD9…)

So, Eve’s back on her bullshit again. This time, she’s threatening to harass blogs that she barely even has met.

No. 955467

I thought that the Russians were all imaginary aka Krystal's split personalities. Eve's brain must be so damaged from all the drug abuse she can't separate fantasy from reality.

No. 955481

Lmao Eve "done with this crap" Habat always comes back. She is never done with any crap is she?

No. 955535

File: 1586284171591.png (86.02 KB, 512x1027, xDnPRuS.png)

She's an unemployed autistic narcissist with no friends - she's never going to quit the internet, it's the only way she gets to interact with people.


Her current RP blog is odd, she somehow seems to think that Lex is an actual person/gang member/Tumblr pedophile, but he's also her OC.

No. 955536

File: 1586284270846.png (41.85 KB, 521x519, 2mSghYx.png)

No. 955541

File: 1586284786969.png (156.95 KB, 371x840, bKs4O8l.png)


Sage for old milk, but here's her incestuous fan-fic blog. Not milky (and one of the least questionable things she's ever done), but felt the need to post it as she's denied writing incest in here for some reason >>943909.

No. 955899

File: 1586365867158.png (62.56 KB, 518x814, VgTxygg.png)

Her posts are getting more and more deranged. Her recent post doesn't make much sense, but it sounds like she's claiming to be underage now, pretending to have been groomed and somehow trying to protect teenagers from pedophiles? It's kind of odd considering she's an alleged pedo herself.

Tinfoil, but I'm guessing that both Eve and Krystal prey on young/underage girls online. The difference between them is that Krystal appears to be somehow smart and careful, while Eve is a schizophrenic retard.

No. 955904

File: 1586366240549.png (9.89 KB, 523x231, 8M8kYKY.png)

Another confusing post, but from what I can tell, she's still lurking, and is planning on getting this thread deleted. I wonder if she's going to try to sue Lolcow, like she did with ED.

No. 955917

Pretty sure she's talking about getting anonymous messages on Tumblr and deleting them

No. 956199


She claims she wants to protect people, but she doesn't post the proof she supposedly has? Classic Eve.

No. 956238

Because she has no proof.

Also, Krystal hasn’t even been on Tumblr for some time, so I doubt she’d even be active, let alone actually doing sex-trafficking like Eve claims.

No. 956532

Nice theory, but I think the real story behind it is that Krystal and Damien both called her out on her bullshit and as a result of social consequences, she’s sealed herself away in her own codeine-fueled bubble because nobody wants to associate with her. In large part she takes extremely draconian measures to the smallest things, such as harassment, threats, doxxing, etc. She’s now just realizing “Oh shit, I’ve completely destroyed my life, and now there’s only me left.”

So she’s not really trying to “save” these people as these deranged posts claim. She’s really just salty about two things. One, that no one wants to associate with her because they perceive her to be an asshole, they know she’s an asshole, and they tell their social group that she’s an asshole. And two, they called into question into the validity of her claims, thus resulting in those social consequences.

No. 957033

Kind of pathetic that she has to steal someone else's OC and claim it as her own just because she wrote fanfiction about him. lolz

Not too original is she?

No. 957421

File: 1586670308953.png (728.38 KB, 1121x898, 2020-04-12_00-43.png)

> codeine-fueled bubble
This is hilarious considering her opiate abuse that she claims she is free from but yet still abuses.

She's turned her website into some cult-hunting domain where's she's doxxing the imaginary russian mafia.

No. 957583

Does she really think 5 year olds are somehow Russian mafia members or did she accidentally upload photos from her child porn fap folder? Either way I think she's mentally disabled.

No. 957679


As I said, she’s really just salty about the fact that she fucked up her life to that extent and now there’s only her left.

No. 957914

File: 1586765409811.png (23.9 KB, 273x208, E9A087FD-49D6-482A-9CC3-D72F58…)

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this point. But at least she’s being honest that she’s harassing people now.

No. 958029

File: 1586787670381.jpg (90.75 KB, 640x480, evesucks.jpg)

No. 958496

“This person is a better writer and way more popular than me! They must be some kind of cult leader!”

Or, and hear me out… maybe… just maybe… it’s what happens when someone is not a total dink all the time when it doesn’t serve their needs. And if they could actually write.

No. 959968

File: 1587061934536.png (221.2 KB, 574x870, 2020-04-16_13-30.png)

On her blog she has put this screenshot of her arguing with some guy about catfishing. He basically tells her, "If you want to play, get a muse and play." yet she continues to tell him he's catfishing her. They aren't in a relationship, btw. She's a moron.

No. 959970

File: 1587062107199.png (22.18 KB, 696x90, 2020-04-16_13-34.png)

I don't know who THEY are, but I am not THEM.

No. 960021


I am also just here for the lulz after reading the board and seeing the pics of this uggo and seeing how easily she can go off on the stupidest crackedout rants. Reading the ED article on Eve is hilarious because even though she is old news now she still exactly the same. Let us all keep in mind she pays money to host her website shrine to the women who rejected her. Its amusing to see how far she will stretch to make her sound like she is connecting dots. Hi Eve! When can we expect another beautiful photo shoot? I miss your old teeth.

No. 960298

File: 1587090834080.png (61.67 KB, 1021x208, 2020-04-16_21-31.png)

She wrote a book under a pseudonym in 2017. I can't find an actual copy, but there's mention of it around.

No. 960429


I had no idea she's still updating her site. Didn't she quit the internet like a month ago? Also her lifestory is really confusing.

I've been following her for a while and she started off by accusing random VK people of being Russian mafia members, then she cried about someone killing her Russian boyfriend, then she quit YouTube because someone allegedly killed her friend, then she tried to get some Filipino girl involved, then she claimed that she's got some secret CIA software that is going to help her track down pedophiles. Currently she's bragging about pretending to be a man online.

Krystal is most likely a creepy pedo herself, but Eve and her amazing stories are something else.

No. 960651

I think it’s more likely that Eve is the pedo herself. She’s just deflecting the accusations on Krystal because she can’t stand to have her own ego challenged.

No. 960969

File: 1587185197241.jpg (417.04 KB, 1080x1610, 20200418_143502.jpg)

I've got to say that I missed Eve's insanity, reading through her updates was so satisfying. so here she is pinning this thread on Damien and the Russian mafia. She makes several mentions of it in the blog entries too, funny how she never links it, since she's so obsessive with cataloguing and screenshotting every perceived wrong. Getting sloppy, Eve.

No. 961143


Does she not realize this isnt the first, or even the only thread that exists about her? Eve doesn't realize anyone can stumble on her giant internet footprint and google her name to find several pages of constant idiocy. And whatever happened to her tumblr crushes starting the thread? Now it's this Damien guy? But wasn't it Krystal a week ago? She can't accept random strangers on the internet are ALSO making fun of her just because she's dumb, easy to milk and looks like the byproduct of Voldemort and Skeletor.

No. 962155

In one of her latest ramblings, she basically admits to using socks to “monitor” (and by that, she means stalk) Damien and anyone who is associated with him. It’s funny that when any of them block her or her socks, she claims she’s being stalked, but when she does it apparently it’s okay?

No. 966672

File: 1588168196194.png (915.37 KB, 1473x788, shesback.png)

Look who's back lol

No. 966866


I notice the videos in which she completely accused a strange woman she found on DeviantArt of being Jen are gone, with zero correction. Y'know, the videos that caused the criticism that lead her to the most recent ragequit.

Looks like she's just acknowledged-without acknowledging-she was wrong.

Nice fucking work Eve.

No. 967070

I'm betting that 90% of people, who watch her videos, are aware of her lolcow status. If Eve had any sort of social awareness she would've made a video acknowledging this thread. She made so many enemies over the years she could easily play the victim and blame it all on Krystal/Jamie/Jen being jealous of her being a successful fan-fic writer/text-only pro dominatrix.

Jen stans already turned on her so it's not like she's got anything to lose.

No. 967090

File: 1588253217963.png (804.09 KB, 1440x3114, PicsArt_04-30-09.19.38.png)

Who wants to take bets on this thread becoming her next yt video? How many boring rambling videos do you think she can stretch this into? How many fanfiction writers will she claim are the proprietors of lolcow? Or maybe lolcow is another cult she uncovered and now she must reopen her sooooper popular channel to warn the children and draw more attention to her dumbassery.

She was so over it a month ago I wonder what changed.

No. 967186

File: 1588266809119.png (183.76 KB, 945x609, 1.png)

She's back on YouTube because she had some kind of mental breakdown in the Instagram Skarsgard community and deleted her account. Let's be real her life consists of writing erotic fan-fiction, roleplaying, making videos… and that's it.

I personally think that she's some kind of sex addict, but nobody touched her dusty vagina in 20 years and that somehow made her mentally unstable.

No. 967187

File: 1588266836804.png (183.8 KB, 938x603, 3.png)

No. 967775

Guess she wants a legal battle in her boredom, since she has openly doxxed on her website and encourages people to use the info for harassment purposes. Something she said she "would never do" So much for integrity. All she does is lie.

No. 967838

Looked at these tumblr blogs she hates so much. I have yet to see any smut on any of them. Also checked out the AO3 and LiveJournal she points to. All the comments are praise and positivity. Nothing bad to see there as she claims.

No. 967912

Wow. Even if I hated someone, I would never endanger their children's lives by putting their home address online in public. Lotta crazies out there. She'll have blood on her hands if something happens to them. For shame. wtf.

No. 967924

File: 1588389569545.jpg (28.39 KB, 470x253, 3a.jpg)

She's bored and used her stimulus check on a computer. So rather than use her time to do something positive and productive, she will just do the same shit over and over. Smear campaigning is so old, it's like she thinks she's doing the world a favor by creating yet another load of manure nobody wants to smell. As if it isn't bad enough that she has put children's lives in danger by exposing their home address, she has opened herself up to yet another person being able to sue her. Talk about stupid, she never learns.

No. 967987

New accounts

She made it sound like she's looking for new people to have cybersex with on Discord. Hopefully minors are going to stay away from her since she's a pedo.

No. 967990

Krystal should've sued her instead of posting in here and making herself look dumb. I bet Eve could actually get in trouble for doxxing minors and posting their photos on her creepy website.

No. 968006

File: 1588420823637.png (461.92 KB, 1241x631, lmaowut.png)

Cackling this 35 year old woman used her government money to buy the computer her half dozen failed patreon pages and kickstarters couldn't provide just to make videos about women she's never met and all her other media pages are dedicated to her extremely goofy photoshop jobs of celebrity men.

Starting to think she seeks women out and pisses them off on purpose just so she can justify going on her retard-rants on YT, incorporate them into her really BAD quality fanfiction then smack her dried up clit over it.

Her Deviantart makes her look like a serial killer and what I read of her fanfiction out of curiosity is so bad and sounds just like her YT rants. It reads like a 13 year old's diary. Has Eve ever read a book?

No. 968431

Did she just confirm that her and Laura were in a relationship @ 2:32? "Extended interaction" sounds really odd… I wouldn't be surprised if she made Laura roleplay as a male priest and that somehow caused a drift in their relationship.

No. 968437

File: 1588515501411.png (500.26 KB, 1080x1080, 5392B2C0-115C-4757-963D-59A444…)

I wondered the same. And I wouldn’t be surprised if her obsession with Lauren is because she’s jealous Jen got to her first, Lauren seems like the type of girl she targets.

No. 968647

File: 1588553265514.png (149.19 KB, 617x622, tweetcunt.png)

First tweet automatically about someone trying to "hack" her account.

No. 968671

File: 1588556806596.png (28.44 KB, 625x203, noticunt.png)

Krystal must be so powerful.

No. 968681

File: 1588560610334.png (169.08 KB, 1073x704, boringcunt.png)

What the hell is she even talking about? She set up her IG to go to a spam account, but someone sent her a password notification and she still sees it and is crying about it?

No. 968747

Is Eve really going to regurgitate the same boring stories about the same boring women again? This bitch needs some new content unless her 12 followers are ok with being fed the same bullshit pseudojournalism about mean girls in fandoms who don't want to RP with her.

No. 968749

Krystal is shady but I think Eve's lying. Does anyone remember back when she accused Jamie of hacking her accounts and her proof was that one of her fanfic stories got deleted.

No. 968766

File: 1588593080294.jpg (72.25 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20200504_074734.jpg)

Funny how she condemns all these so called fandom queens and then comes back out of quarantine boredom referring to herself as a fandom gossip queen. Eve, the only thing you're queen of is sucking dick for crackrocks, failing miserably at writing and not convincing anyone your name isn't Eve!

No. 968791

Idk why she doesn't want anyone to know her name is Eve. It's easy information to find, similar to easily finding her adoptive parents are huge donors in the Jewish community.

"Eve" might be her adopted name. The fact she hates her parents so much might be the reason she rejects the name.

No. 968799

She changed her name to Letha Cates because the name Eve Habat is now forever associated with her cringy internet behavior. Imagine if an employer googled her real name and found all the childish fandom drama and methed out rants she put out there and the hilarious photos of her cosplay. I'd change my name too if I was forever known as the dumbass who threatened to sue ED and creates e-shrines to superior females. She is well on her way to 40 and calls herself a fandom gossip queen. Eve will forever be one of the most laughable losers in internet history and she proves it time and time again!

No. 968804

> Letha Cates
I actually couldn't find a verifiable source for this. I tried looking for an official court docket with the name change to no avail. Do you have a source? I will try to dig a little deeper if you don't.

No. 968812

File: 1588606315482.png (640.84 KB, 542x815, oldmilk.png)

Saged for old milk, but why is she wearing gloves and leather sandals on a beach?

This was taken from her old Twitter where she tried to rebrand as Monica Edwards: @TrustNo1sLies

No. 968869

I wouldn't be surprised if Eve never legally changed her name. She's a compulsive liar and I doubt she has the patience to fill out the forms, go to court and stuff. Letha Cates rumor comes from mylife.com I think. She also goes by K. Sullivan but I think that's her split personality.

Also would she really benefit from a name change? There's no proof she left her house since her model days. The best she can do is a minimal wage job and even then I feel like she thinks she's too good to work to begin with.

No. 968890


The problem is, Australia is well outside of Ohio’s jurisdiction. The most that can be done is start a paper trail and contact an attorney. Plus, if any of the people that Eve rants about were guilty of anything, then why didn’t Eve contact the police?

No. 968928

File: 1588623372580.png (5.33 KB, 1151x53, onearmedrussian.png)

A list of her aliases are: John Habat
Eve R Habat, Eve Habat, Eve Risati, Eve Vitt, Monica Edwards, Monica Edwards Larson, Elizabeth Habat, Marleice Gorring
Robyne Habat, Gorring Marleice, Monica Habat

But while digging for the name change, look at an email address she's used.

No. 968936


So she's posted a video about her stalkers, leaking dozens of IPs in the beginning of her video and doxxing her own IP.

No. 968968

File: 1588626577933.jpg (145.84 KB, 1599x418, Screenshot_20200504_170605.jpg)

In her newest video she claims her hiatus was due to her "job" and having a life when weeks ago she wrote on her website that Krystal, one of her exboyfriends and some tumblrinas banded together to harass her into silence. She can't keep her story straight. How does she expect anyone to believe what she has to say when she openly lies all the time on her own website?

No. 968970

people who actually don't have anything together love to lie that everyone around them is crazy and needs to get help. makes them feel validated and excuses them of responsibility.

No. 968992

I don't think anyone pays attention to anything she really says.

No. 969090

Newest video

I still don't understand how she can talk about forming a fake relationship with someone for popularity and still think the other person is the bad guy in the story.

No. 969142

This video makes no sense. Why is it ok for her to sell nudes but some random girl or ex friend or whoever she is can't.

No. 969148

File: 1588642564909.png (24.06 KB, 615x122, 2020-05-04_20-27.png)

She's reading this thread again. Won't be long before she spergs out here unless she can't figure out how to post on her new computer.

No. 969255

Hilarious given that she recently threw a shit fit over someone refusing to do a tumblr rp with her and was convinced they were being manipulated by Krystal

No. 969280

Her videos are honestly getting worse and worse. The constant transitions look awful, the stock videos @ 3:44 are odd, the script she's reading from makes her look like a psychopath. Her story is basically:

>"I manipulated Jamie into being my friend because she was popular… Btw she isn't actually popular, what a pathetic bitch."

>"I got her address, bought her a gift and was going to send it to her… But then I didn't so it's ok to doxx her."
>"I stopped respecting her because of that one fan-fic she wrote. It was so bad and poorly written I had to remove her from my life… Also she sent me multiple DMs while I was stalking celebrities during a con, what an annoying cow!"
>"Jamie is so obsessed with me! She even wrote a novel about me. I'm going to skip through her post since it's so lame… Let's ignore the fact it shows me harassing her mom on FB since it's not proof of anything."
>"Btw it's okay to harass her mom because her social media accounts are public."

I would be surprised if she doesn't delete this video. It genuinely makes her look like the petty schizophrenic closet lesbian that she is.

No. 969322

File: 1588685099249.png (25.93 KB, 910x130, Screenshot_2020-05-05 The Skar…)

it's amazing how much this person misinterpreted a situation because they didn't think about what she was saying lol. not only she is the one manipulating, she is making herself sound extremely bad in that video with the constant buzzword throwing, and saying "oh i'm like this but if another person says they are like that they are just lying to look good".

No. 969327

Irrelevant but that Sailor Mercury random has been kissing Eve's ass for ages. It's either a simp or an edgy girl that hates all the "SJWs".

I wonder how she'd feel about her idol writing about having anal sex with the likes of Gordon Ramsay and decaying David Bowie.

No. 969339

new to the thread so i just assumed everyone in her comments are her loyal fans since her videos have such a tiny demographic and it's not like she has the personality to sell it to more people.

No. 969442

For someone who claims to be such a great writer you think she'd know how to manipulate a story to make herself seem sympathetic.

But she's too busy trying to put up a front of "these people are lame I never ever trusted them I just pretended to like them" that SHE ends up sounding like the asshole.

EVE since you're reading: PICK ONE FUCKING STORYLINE.

No. 969459

Honestly the dumbest part of the video was her saying she stopped talking to Jamie because she wrote a bad fan-fic. I can't tell whether she's that mental or trying to cover up the real reason.

New Ko-Fi

She's a "video documentary blogger" now. Can someone please try to list all of her former and current professions?

No. 969495

Pretty sure the only real job she was able to hold down was the job at the retail pharmacy.

I wouldn't be surprised if Krystal/Jamie/Russian Mafia, etc arent even on this thread and it's actually just part of Eves delusions.

No. 969643

There's been enough newfags in this thread to suggest they definitely found it at some point, but they certainly didn't start it like Eve seems to think

No. 969644

File: 1588727263824.jpg (459.35 KB, 1558x860, Zzs2vSX.jpg)

She still stalking everywhere. Then claims someone sent her email from the blog.

No. 969645

File: 1588727296212.jpg (21.24 KB, 628x128, UMs04rg.jpg)

No. 969651

I don't think anyone who wasnt her fan would comment for fear of becoming the next target of eve's obsession.

I talked with some people she targeted once on twitter and started getting random messages similar to her usual stalking method

No. 969667

Can you post more info on this?

No. 969673

Sure, though I will admit that a lot of the info has been deleted. And also, I have nothing to prove for sure that this was her.

Basically, I reached out to some people in a now-deleted Eve video bc their twitter handles were left uncensored and they seemed concerned about potential harassment. I basically assured them that the majority of people who watched the video were like me and watched to enjoy Eve's craziness and didn't care either way about the targets of her harassment.

After that, two things happened. First, I had a lot of anon messages on tumblr (which I don't use all that often, but I do have my instagram photos autoposted there). Along with the anon messages, I had someone dm me very interested in buying me something off my amazon wishlist (which I have, don't really promote, tbh the only people who buy things off it are myself, my mom, and my partner). But this person was REALLY into wanting to give me something and even sent me links to things they also wanted me to add to my wishlist so they could buy them. This account then deleted a few days after this encounter.

Then around the same time I started getting hate messages on instagram. These were on the same photos that the other account on tumblr talked a lot about, but now it was all negative, using all the sort of insults that Eve goes to (being an ugly old whore, etc).

The thing I found odd about both of these was that they were older posts and not the most recent thing on my feed–you would have to look to find things.

Anyway, I just blocked and moved on. Again, I don't have anything to know for sure this was Eve (though I guess given that she reads here I might know sure enough) but listening to her talk about Jamie it reminds me a lot of Eve's MO, especially the near obsession over buying me things

No. 969782

Krystal 100% posted in here. Russian Mafia aka Krystal's "minions" that Eve doxxed on her website don't appear to be actual people though.

All of them (minus Damien) appear to be VK/FB randoms both Krystal and Eve used as roleplay/fap material. Eve's story at some point was basically how there's dozens of decent-looking Russian men, all desperate to gangbang and murder her.

No. 969841

>Krystal 100% posted in here
This rabbit hole goes too deep, so I wasn't even 100% sure.

No. 969843

File: 1588777556100.png (222.05 KB, 932x546, vATP1rD.png)

No, it still makes you look like a jealous cow.

No. 969845

No. 969846

File: 1588778439122.png (176.03 KB, 1008x813, yCkEVnv.png)

No. 970012

File: 1588799202499.png (100.1 KB, 1253x648, CdUemBK.png)

>I actually know that (not trying to be a smart ass) I say it that way to annoy people who call me that cause I know they don't pronounce it that way. It's stupid, but…yeah. I know it's more like "Lawlcow" LOL

This bitch is so fucking dumb.

No. 970016

File: 1588799790288.png (103.71 KB, 1186x400, capOf4Y.png)

This is how dumb she is. if you think there's milk from your personalcow, then post a thread yourself. Stop waiting for one of us to dig it up.

Stopping her from derailing her own thread to talk about her personalcows is defending them? got it.

No. 970049


this is an interesting way to describe her desperate screeching "look at them, not me!" while bringing up the most boring people ever

No. 970062


She's neglected to mention we looked into her ex bf and found out he was underage when they were "engaged". But sure, let's focus on furry art and ignore online grooming from a 30+ year old woman who also got booted from the clownfucker fandom for sharing her fuckfiction about kids.

No. 970071

the fact she is spelling it "LOLcow" here makes me think before that person's comment she really thought it was pronounced like that. she is truly a complete idiot and a delusional one at that.

No. 970073

I didn't know this. This must be where the pedo shit comes from.

No. 970090

File: 1588808508616.png (137.09 KB, 1186x781, 6vmCnVQ.png)

This is what she does with every new person she meets.
>She meets someone who might potentially be a fan of hers.
>She sends them this thread and 100's of DM's about how her life was horrible, she's jealous of her sisters that were born to her adoptive parents and begins to spew countless compulsive lies.
>Person stops talking to her.
>She becomes obsessed with them not wanting to talk anymore.

No. 970130

File: 1588811941415.png (499.18 KB, 934x595, 2020-05-06_19-38.png)

her only claim to fame she can't let go

No. 970191

File: 1588820100620.png (89.69 KB, 603x439, RH689eL.png)

She complains about fannibals stalking her, but then she deliberately goes after them?

No. 970231

My sides. Her "not like most cows" is so entertaining to me. Also, why is she lying about ED links being in Spanish and how they are not even written by her? Does she honestly believe there's hundreds of autistic Monica Edwards, who just happen to be obsessed with the same shows Eve is?

No. 970257

Her newest video could've been good but her bitterness and lack of brains ruined it. She could've easily called the Mae girl out for her questionable behavior and look somehow sane. Instead she decided to take unnecessary digs at Rotem, the vanilla knife girl, for being rich and taking trips to Europe.

Don't get me wrong Rotem is most likely a celebrity stalker but it made no sense to mention her in a video about some French girl that allegedly stole people's money.

Also she made it sound like she entered the Hannibal fandom just because she thought it was going to be full of men and got triggered by the fact most of the fans turned out to be female. Did anyone else get the same vibe?

No. 970263

Old milk

No. 970264


Old milk, eye bleach required if you look deep enough in misc pics

No. 970267

File: 1588846466875.png (802.32 KB, 682x1023, PinkDressSigOutine.png)

This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Not only was she a professional model… she also cropped her own photos.

Not trying to be mean but her belly is really flabby, her butt looks like a pancake and her vagina looks odd (is that what MTF vaginas look like?). I can't believe she lied about being a model when she doesn't even have a decent body.

No. 970296

File: 1588857276601.png (589.68 KB, 1242x1793, image1.png)

She's talking about tulpas in her video description. It is hysterical how she calls Jen a nutcase for believing in otherkin yet seems to think magical split personalities are a thing. Also she implied that her split personality kidnaps neighborhood pets?

Also despite claiming to be one of the most popular writers on Wattpad she can't even type "misplaced" properly.

No. 970350

This video was from her heavy opiate days. The face scratching is for real here.

And these photoshoots look like her high as fuck on pills at 4:27 in the afternoon, bored with all her energy and set her camera on burst capture these "candid moments". Pathetic.

No. 970351

File: 1588867485675.png (157.66 KB, 273x566, 9gZ9Siu.png)

Are you telling me, with all mommy and daddy's money, she can't buy a straightener or a bra that fits?

No. 970353


no silly her entire shtick is that her adoptive parents hate her and only love her sisters though i'm sure they were the ones that bought her new teeth since her kickstarter campaign failed epicly. imagine adopting a kid and having it turn into that? i'd neglect it too

No. 970364

File: 1588869680388.png (Spoiler Image,302.18 KB, 651x555, rAHzcxV.png)

I don't think she is actually MtF, I think her vagina looks weird because of the way she is pushing her hip out.

Although she has had made questionable remarks about her adoptive parents not letting her grow her hair out like they let her sisters.

She's a compulsive liar tho, so who really knows

No. 970387

File: 1588873649464.png (45.9 KB, 658x361, Untitled.png)

Newest Eve conspiracy theory: she isn't being harassed by Krystal and the Russians anymore, it was Jamie all along… Also it actually might be Jamie's minions instead (she isn't sure). Then she accuses Jamie of harassing innocent people.

No. 970393

File: 1588873969817.png (194.18 KB, 929x601, Untitled.png)

Can someone explain what she's talking about? From what I can tell she's claiming that Krystal/Jamie/lolcow are harassing random people, and that those random people just happen to be Eve's fans?

No. 970496

maybe this is about the post mentioning a specific comment on her video here?

No. 970613

>maybe this is about the post mentioning a specific comment on her video here?
I have no idea what this means.

No one has contacted anyone. She's trying to stir up her own drama.

No. 970615

No. 970616

File: 1588902661462.png (17.21 KB, 856x184, ra8DAqU.png)

No. 970628

File: 1588903834935.png (45.49 KB, 816x175, 1XJOF5P.png)

Bitch is stupid because I don't know any of the people listed here. Never met Krystal, never met Jamie, never met Monica. And yet here I am milking her dustyass tits.

No. 970633

File: 1588904350746.png (14.66 KB, 1175x73, 2020-05-07_21-18.png)

Lie. Bitch used her stimulus.

No. 970651

Has anyone considered that she might have or have deluded herself to believe she has DID or is one of the pluralcows? Or is all the Multiple Personality stuff just conjecture?

No. 970656

Not going to medfag, but I think she is so wrapped up writing and role-playing, she can't distinguish reality from fantasy/role-play/fiction anymore.

No. 970767

File: 1588930316019.png (506.25 KB, 415x677, unknown.png)

Exclusive to Wattpad

No. 970779

dude it's not that complicated, i'm talking about this >>969322 post and maybe her acting like this is directly contacting the person.

No. 970808

File: 1588943271522.png (42.08 KB, 601x636, Untitled.png)

She's writing a fanfic about Jamie. Even her faceclaim looks like a Hollywood version of Jamie. Eve is most likely going to write about her getting killed or raped and it's all so weird to me.

I wouldn't be surprised if Eve thought anything she writes turns into reality. She's a really creepy cow.

No. 970868

lmao this is great

No. 970873

File: 1588952053732.png (94.23 KB, 608x453, V7Ltq5U.png)

Both of these bitches look just as stupid as the other.

No. 970886

File: 1588953086747.png (509.66 KB, 907x504, unknown.png)

Eve choosing who's hacked her accounts today.

No. 970948


Honestly, I’d be paranoid too if I had somebody like Eve stalking me, though.

No. 971003

>If you want to RP, I will approach you, not the other way around.
This reads as if she thinks she is royalty and Eve's shit reads as if she thinks she the best journalist there ever was.

I'm starting to think they both feed off each other.

No. 971023

File: 1588972213223.png (Spoiler Image,342.38 KB, 1196x426, EuqtU87.png)

Why would anyone put their "stalker" or "harassment" campaign in their bio. Bitch thinks she's smarter than everyone else.

Wouldn't be surprised if she actually created the account to bait likes to find out who doesn't like her.

No. 971096

File: 1588981873689.png (80.63 KB, 622x416, QEohlLf.png)

"They say I lie but never say how"

Here you go, you paperweight.

You delete your phone number off your twitter, but yet you still get thousands of texts a day from this person trying to sign into your account.

Yes, Eve, we know the impersonation account is really yours now.

No. 971098

File: 1588982196395.png (24.99 KB, 618x138, 4W0UbI1.png)

Does she even know what a DMCA is? Fucking dimwit

No. 971105

File: 1588983281361.png (204.61 KB, 645x566, scoobydoo.png)

Krystal's back on the list

No. 971108

File: 1588983657031.png (470.75 KB, 1195x531, S3QMxOe.png)

Whoever told her any publicity was good publicity lied to her. She is making herself look so schizo.

No. 971227

She obviously made that fake account to make it look like lolcow is harassing her. If it was a real hate account she would have taken it down asap and/or made a video about about how everyone's bullying her and how people keep faking screenshots to make make her look insane. Does anyone remember when she responded to Fannibal Monica's dumb videos?

No. 971234

File: 1589004708004.png (485.1 KB, 513x676, Untitled.png)

I'm legit dead at this cow thinking she's hot and anons go out of their way to post "ugly" photos. She does look way better with a Snapchat filter applied but really Eve?

No. 971238

>>970886 called it. I swear that she accuses Jamie and Krystal of hacking her accounts every other week. It's been a while since she last talked about Jen stalking her though. Maybe she doesn't want to lie about Jen since she's kinda popular and people are more likely to call her out on that?

No. 971265

I'd suck her dick

No. 971271

You're too late, she had it removed ages ago. Sure she'd use a strap if you asked nice enough though.

No. 971614

This is so clearly a MAN. You can literally see his beard stubble in >>928818 . His body shape, neck, and facial structure are 100% male. It even says “male” on one of his profiles >>929739 . I clocked him as soon as I saw the OP pic, why have only a few others in this thread managed to clock him??

No. 971670

File: 1589077235586.png (212.63 KB, 391x523, YK7cOXP.png)

I still don't think she is a man.

She just has really bad hygiene, skin and teeth.

I am not sure that Leila Dawson thing was real.

No. 971759

File: 1589093339874.png (158.6 KB, 1416x660, Untitled.png)

I love how she keeps affirming that everything posted in this thread is either photoshopped or that accounts posted belong to people that just happen to look exactly like her.

She could've just admitted that she thought she was hot and that she would be able to make money by chatting with people. Instead she just keeps denying everything and it makes her so much more fascinating to observe.

No. 971766

File: 1589093970075.png (19.21 KB, 754x202, Untitled.png)


According to Eve all the anons in this thread were recruited by Monica Morais (who is allegedly cult leader). She insinuates that her Kiwifarms thread was kickstarted by Monica and that everyone that posted in it is a cult member?

I recall her accusing her underage FTM e-boyfriend Johnnie of ghostwriting this thread but he isn't mentioned in the blog so I guess Eve changed her mind.

No. 971795

Their body looks so male in >>970351 though. Especially the abdomen and hips. They do look more female in >>971759 though, so maybe it’s just the weight loss making it look like they have an adam’s apple and no hips. I can’t make myself call them a “she” though..

No. 971811

woah what happened to her. Did this bitch become a mouthbreather after this because her jaw went down long asf.
Having a ugly face/body does not make someone a man. Yes there are women with features like these not all women are pear shaped or narrow shouldered. Also her jaw looks fucked up probably from the mouth-breathing and deformed teeth. And this is why people you need to go to a dentist from a early age or you get that jaw.

No. 971825

Her teeth got destroyed because of years of drug addiction and lack of basic hygiene. (Note: she currently blames her teeth loss on genetics and diseases).

Maybe her dentures don't suit her face well and that's why she's looking worse nowadays?

No. 971865

File: 1589129191800.png (233.58 KB, 421x653, uzDMVNR.png)

weird how she now claims the account she linked on her blog is a now fake account not associated with her

No. 972367

File: 1589214196865.png (30.73 KB, 105x198, 9RBPPiC.png)

The missllounds2you twitter is gone. I saved the profile picture tho to look at it better but I forgot

No. 972719

If eve was so hell bent on getting people to stop laughing at her she’d calm her obsessive paranoia and let sleeping dogs lie - instead she gives people milk to laugh at and then complains that she brought it on herself all while making her schizo cow tendencies loud and clear

No. 973068

File: 1589321254563.png (25.16 KB, 617x140, 1rCOYwg.png)

It's Tuesday. But your video won't be done until Sunday.

Saged because not milky just dumb.

No. 973071

File: 1589321492882.png (91.86 KB, 611x683, 2020-05-12_17-11.png)

Who is this rando she is trying to get answers from?

Also, if she was a journalist at all, she wouldn't approach her targets this way.

No. 973111

I've only been half-following this but I recall Cleolinda was a Big Name Fan back in the Fandom Wank days. No idea what Miss Toothy's talking about here though.

No. 973262

Cleolinda is a hideous monster that Eve accused of being Jennifer, Jennifer's sister/cousin and Jennifer's best friend. Eve came to this conclusion after reading a vague blog post from 2012.

Cleolinda somehow makes $60 a month on Patreon and her only tier is a tip jar, which means that she doesn't offer anything in return. In comparison Eve had 2 Patreons at the height of her popularity and probably made $100 total over the course of her entire internet career.

No. 973624

Eve dedicates a significant amount of time in her Jennifer Cornet exposè shrieking about what a talentless fat cunt Cleolinda is and how she doesn't deserve her book deal and success as a writer. So yeah, jealousy basically.

No. 973767

She's back to doing reviews. Boring video, but one part really stands out to me.

She's somehow offended by Alana and Margot (two fictional characters) getting married two months after meeting. Wasn't Eve planning on marrying 18 year old Johnnie? Since she's so against marrying quickly, does it mean that she's been grooming Johnnie for years?

No. 973851

File: 1589464803328.png (118 KB, 635x682, jcdyV4h.png)

Her flavor of the moment.

This video sucks. I don't know the backstory of her and johnnie dating when he was underage, care to give deets?

No. 974283

File: 1589511740385.png (181.9 KB, 608x448, RXkVO4s.png)

big yikes

No. 974334

The tl;dr version is that Eve showed up on this thread, sperged out in a spectacular but entirely predictable fashion, and posted her ex bf's Instagram and Patreon to deflect attention from herself. The ex was revealed to be currently 24, which would have made him underage at the time they "were engaged", which is a polite way to say an adult woman groomed a child online. Eve was also kicked out of the clownfucker forums for writing porn stories involving children, and there are screenshots of her lying about being much younger in the same discord. None of it looks good.

No. 975420

File: 1589750862851.png (63.37 KB, 634x331, pOfCpas.png)

No one owes you anything, eve.

Also her hour documentary premiers tonight where she'll be answering questions live in chat. eye roll

No. 975497

File: 1589763092887.png (276.63 KB, 1236x707, 2020-05-17_19-48.png)

Watching the live chat replay with the vid on mute. Her voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard.

No. 975591

File: 1589782954945.png (34.86 KB, 873x246, Untitled.png)

Eve must be feeling herself since she's fishing for compliments and wanting to start doing porn.

No. 975601

i don't wanna see her nasty body, but god i want her to open a discord just to see her day to day craziness.

No. 975603

Her new video is so boring and long… She talks about sexting Laura, she doxxed Lauren, showed photos of her "anonymous source", she also accuses CleoLinda of being Jen's twin sister. She revealed some new info and said that Lauren's mom contacted her and I guess was just okay with Eve calling Lauren a sex slave. Lauren's mom is also Eve's only witness?

Can someone confirm whether Sam is an actual person or Eve's split personality? Eve seems to be in love with her and spent like 5 minutes vaguely talking about how sorry she is for treating her badly.

No. 975676

File: 1589812472294.png (31.88 KB, 1201x153, tYctHbn.png)

Maybe you freaked HER out, dumbass.

Every time any one comes in contact with her she dm bombs them, I am assuming she did the same to this girl.

No. 975677

File: 1589812700597.png (16.74 KB, 849x137, 0OreMd7.png)


No. 975681

I had a quick look btw and what else is on the platform besides porn. I found prostitutes, porn, modeling and escorts. So, not sure what she means by people use it for other stuff.

No. 975690

Was she always that paranoid or is she worried about people making fun of her on Lolcow?

Maybe she wanted to sext people for money?

No. 975773

If the girl who disappeared was making fun of her on lolcow, she would know. So I'm guessing the girl just dipped out.

Eve literally sends this link to everyone new she meets and tries to get them to come here and defend her. If she would have done the same to me, I would have deleted everything I said to her, blocked her and saw myself way far away from her as well. So I don't think it's weird.

I think Eve said something incriminating or did something incriminating to her and that's why she's freaking out.

No. 976025

File: 1589854573811.png (103.21 KB, 614x488, LUwUzvS.png)

Had her ko-fi for a while and just received her first one, but 'the support happened so fast'. d e l u s i o n a l

No. 976758


New blog entry. Was she actually being harassed on Instagram by Jamie's fans? Does Jamie actually have any fans?

I usually find her schizophrenic ramblings fascinating, but this is one is just really weird. Why does she keep talking with her stalkers?

No. 976818

Sounds like Eve trying to make herself seem like she's not the stalker. What a joke.

No. 977068

if you didn't know her before hand you might believe what she is saying (though her just paraphrasing out of context conversations should be sus enough for most people), but if you do it makes it so hilariously obvious that she is incapable of getting the other side's perspective and makes up shit.

No. 977095


Fuck off Eve nobody cares about your lame fanficworld drama. Where's the new onlyfans account?

No. 977147

File: 1590081202937.png (34.04 KB, 615x154, TY49GaL.png)

Hahahahahahahhahaha, she's getting copyright striked for her bullshit.

about the blogpost:
>We are talking about a woman who wrote an essay about how much she actually cares about what I think.
Here we go again. "I stalk them because she stalks me."

>In Jamie’s long essay about me she openly admits she stole and saved pictures of me to give out to anyone who wants them.

Eve, you can't bitch about someone else doing something you do yourself.

>She says that I run an “incel attracting twitter” whatever that means when my twitter is pretty non-political

lmao. omg. This bitch doesn't even know what incel means.

>I asked her to see these threats

Noone owes you anything, Eve. Leave the fucking girl alone, god damn.

>[Proof of these conversations available upon request because unlike Jamie I’m actually not in the business of covering up what’s going on]

Then post the proof, clown.

No. 978021

I feel bad for her simp roommate. I don't think she ever had to pay rent, yet he's an asshole because he plays music too loud or something.

Imagine letting an unemployed leech live in your house and somehow you're to blame for all of her failures.

No. 978212

File: 1590272202686.png (12.39 KB, 840x132, zrqM7mt.png)

Her cats are purring too loud, her roommate was making too much noise, now it's that the windows are open. Does she lie so much she can't keep her story straight, even about something so small as getting a video out on time?

No. 978621

The video she posted "explaining" and downright lying about her hiatus was taken down. Either Eve has been reading her thread and is trying to cover up her inconsistencies or the video was the one flagged by Lionsgate. Not milky, just an observation.

No. 978641

File: 1590360939728.jpg (328.71 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20200524_182725.jpg)

I wonder how many people she told about her "affair" with Costas Mandylore. Does Eve really not think about how insane she comes off when interacting with new people? STG she starts every conversation with the story of how she stalked this guy and convinced herself he would leave his wife for her. The utter lunacy of this hag is off the charts. Its good more people are starting to recognize Eve has no journalistic integrity to speak of and when it comes to conveying even the most basic of information comes off sounding like a gas station crackhead. The sad part is she could probably have success on YouTube if she managed not to inject every video with nonstop verbal diarrhea and criticisms of totally irrelevant things (such as Jen's feet/weight/appearance). Her videos always start off fine and then quickly nosedive into complete idiocy. Then the tumblr fandom drama she tries to milk is a much sadder level of desperation. "If I can't be the queen bee of this fandom I'll accuse them of being cultists or call attention to their cringeyness" might have worked for her in the past but now given she's almost 40 seems more and more like legitimate mental instability then trivial fandom immaturity.

No. 978930

File: 1590430969331.png (80.97 KB, 885x661, Untitled.png)

I swear that she keeps getting more and more retarded.

1) She already edited her FannibalFest video, but I guess that it magically broke or something. She had to get a new mic (that won't arrive until Tuesday) and it MIGHT delay "the production".

2) She needs to have multiple mods on her server (that is going to have 15 members tops) and she wants them to give her their personal info to verify they aren't trying to harm her? Is she planning on doxxing her mods on her website? She's so paranoid it's scary.

No. 979235

File: 1590497036119.png (14.86 KB, 599x127, Untitled.png)

I love how she just recently bragged about how she doesn't roleplay or write fan-fics (and how all of her wattpad/RP accounts belong to someone else), but now she wants her followers to read her smut.

No. 979237

File: 1590497372642.png (27.08 KB, 876x377, Untitled.png)

She's feeling herself currently. I find it really interesting how quickly she switches from sobbing about how hideous she is to thinking that people want her to do porn and stuff.

No. 979277

Holy shit I hope she starts going on camera. Horse face old lunatic sperging about her fandom drama smells so milky already.

No. 981749

File: 1590960144566.jpg (79.83 KB, 1080x421, Screenshot_20200531_172108.jpg)

Eve proving once again how incredibly stupid and ignorant she is. Fucking idiot.

No. 982314

New video is up.

She talks about having cybersex with 22 people (who all roleplayed as Eve's usual fap material such as David Bowie, Pennywise and Gordon Ramsay). She then says that they all might be fake accounts ran by 3-5 people.

She also talks about doxxing an overweight Asian girl and how shocked she was when people didn't like her for doing that.

No. 982315

File: 1591086338768.png (25.1 KB, 875x189, Untitled.png)

She allegedly recorded audio for this one video at least two times already, but it's somehow still broken.

Can't she just say she got bored with the topic, instead of making it sound like there's magical forces ruining her audio? I wonder whether she's too lazy to finish the script for that series.

No. 982666

Her voice is so grating and unpleasant. Does she realize her voice-overs are in monotone and she didn't spell Australian right? You'd think an almost 40 year old woman and "writer" would know how to spell.

No. 984486

File: 1591526831065.jpg (268.6 KB, 1037x1359, Screenshot_20200607_064329.jpg)

New photo of cross-eyed Eve flashing her dentures and looking exactly like the kind of person who stalks people and calls it journalism. I'm surprised nobody is talking about her pro-cop twitter feed right now.

No. 984487


Sorry for samefag but Eve keeps uploading videos talking about Australian people who have RP blogs and says nowhere in any of these videos why these people are of any interest at all besides the same old -I faked friendships with them until they realized how schizo I was then they turned against me and now I will tell the world they are scammers-

Is it just me or is Eve starting to sound even more special in each new video she posts? We had a shortbus kid at school who spoke all robotic and weird like her. It makes me wonder if Eve isn't on drugs and is actually just severely mentally stunted and doesn't realize her age makes all the effort she puts into scrolling through roleplay blogs and making videos out of them seem really really really sad.

No. 984490

File: 1591530760760.jpg (191.85 KB, 1080x1124, Screenshot_20200607_073732.jpg)

Eve should change her YouTube channel name from Freddie Lounds to Freddie Krueger cause fucking yikes. In her latest video she shows her face while talking and it's hard to believe she's 35 looking like that. She looks about 50 years old and spends her free time doing what 13 year old kids do.

>Comes back to YT after a month hiatus and runs out of content in a few weeks.

>Begs her subscribers to tell her what to do because Eve doesn't know
>Talks about looking terrible on camera. Probably the only truth Eve has ever told
>Says her fans want her to read her fanfiction but it's lame and terribly written according to her
>Wants her subscribers to make fun of her fanfiction?
>Assures she will eventually get a better camera so everyone can see her meth mouth and pock marks in HD

No. 984622

No. 984661

She's purging posts from her Twitter right now.

No. 984710

File: 1591580691073.jpg (395.27 KB, 1075x1770, Screenshot_20200607_214024.jpg)

Eve found out people are discrediting her on Reddit and launches into a classic rant. She always claims she doesn't care what people think about her yet makes it clear that she really really does care a lot. Is this not "par for the course" Eve?

No. 985069

New video is up.

She's now claiming that Jennifer fans made the thread. Everything ever posted about Eve on the internet is a lie. Well… except for some posts that aren't, but she wrote them 15 years ago, so it only proves that people are obsessed with her. She said that she doesn't take photos of herself outside of her house, because she doesn't want Jennifer's cult to harass her friends(?).

She also implies that everyone, who watches her videos, is obsessed with her. She then says that she's quitting her Youtube channel, but she's also making a new gaming one.

No. 985123

She's referring to lolcow in her latest video but won't say it. Instead she tries to pin it on the Jen Cornet subreddit. What I don't understand is how Eve can make it her life's work to hunt down and harass people and put it on hr channel then shriek when people do the exact same thing to her. Literal shrieking toward the end of her newest video then her trying to sign off and then more shrieking.

There is no logic to your actions, Eve, which is why you're so easy to make fun of.

No. 997343

well Just found this thread and I’m disapointed that Im not mentioned anywhere! She’s been obssessed with me for like ten years, creating fake profiles on twitter to insult me making posts and videos about me… haven’t heard from her in months though

No. 997521


I used to follow her content before I realized she was insane. I remember your name from some of her deranged bleating. Care to share your story?

No. 997646

Well I'll try to make it short.
I was somewhat in the SVU fandom years ago maybe ten years ago and she made a comment and I replied back in a mean way. She then decided to come after me and decided that myself and 3 other girls threatened her to death. I did not.
I remember two of the girls were a couple, the other I knew and the 4th one I never found out who it was.
Years later I started watching Hannibal and saw a post of her on hannibal, I recognized the cringy style and fonts.
It's her MO. She inserts herself into a fandom with her sexist ideas and think she's gonna be queen of it but it fails so then she starts stalking people while playing the victim. Problem is the Hannibal fandom shot back. They worship a cannibal after all so dont expect them so spread their cheeks.
I am not part of the fandom, they are a bit nuts and the show wasn't that good IMO but I was part of the people she hated. She made videos about me and wrote posts about me. The fannibals looked out for me and always messaged me when she was bashing me. She created like 10 profiles to come and insult me. She hasn't talked about me in a long time but I know she knows about this page and will probably post about me soon.
She is a pathological liar. She lives with 2 over weight old men, one of which likes her so she pays the rent by blowing him. The other can't stand her.
I don't think she's trans, just ugly and drugged.
I don't think she legally changed her name either.
Apparently the fannibal did research and nobody with her new name monica ewards was registred to vote but eve habat still was as of last election 2016.
She is not really harming anymore as she is desperately alone in real life and people online don't give two fucks about her.
I don't think she has a job at all. She used to work in a hotel but I think the fannibals got her fired or something.
She always gets great jobs that pay great with great benefits but it never lassts(pretty sure she's lying about it)
She also likes to pretend she sold her script to a producer but that's not true, she's a terrible writter.
She likes to think my life is miserable, she's convinced of it and I don't want to convince her otherwise. I find her pathetic and funny more than anything else.

No. 997656


This bitch is insane. She reads the forums religiously so expect some blowback, but if she's still up your ass after 10 fucking years I don't suppose it matters what you do. What a sad fucking life.

No. 997661

Yeah I know.
Worst part is she's not wrong about the hannibal fandom, they're a bit nuts! She's probably not wrong about the cult either.
Also the whole gillian debacle, I personally messaged the con to tell them she was up to no good( I think or maybe it was another con…) I also messaged another con because she wanted to stalk James marsters for kicks…
Everyone one knows she's nuts.
For instance I once wrote a post about FIRE(financial independance) and she went on about how it was a pyramid scheme… she's pathetic.

No. 997695

There's a new video up. Apropos of absolutely fucking nothing she felt the need to overexplain her stash of Bill Skarsgaard fanfics. As if anyone gives a shit. Eve is truly no better than the people she thinks she calls out.

What is it with Even and inventing her own groups of bullies? Is she so eager to be harassed that she pulls stuff out of her ass?

>She is a pathological liar. She lives with 2 over weight old men, one of which likes her so she pays the rent by blowing him. The other can't stand her.

LOL maybe this is why she had it out for Jen. The bitch is crazy but at least she could freeload off of younger, more promising people.

No. 997700

I found her roomat's diary where he talks about her from time to time. It hasn't been updated in a while but still.
It gives you good insight into her crazyness.
She doesn't know how to keep a job because she thinks she's so muc better than her various bosses and when she points this out in a very disrespectful way she gets fired.
But she thinks people's life are miserable.
She posted on another board to complain about fannibals and it back fired and she threatened to sue them.

No. 997784

Here's her roomate's journal.
You can look up Monica to see posts about her.

No. 997814

File: 1593354991147.png (20.83 KB, 635x199, monika.png)

Damn, thanks for the link, namefag.

I always knew Eve was a fucking psychopath and her roommate's journal entries prove as such. Between the "Monica's moving to Vegas" "Monica's moving to Illinois" "Monica constantly bitches about how her parents are big meanies" it's easy to see just from these fairly benevolent posts that Eve will never change. Her life is fandoms and the timestamps prove she is nearing on 36 years old. How pathethic.

No. 997821

You're welcome!
I just found the video she made about me and like 90% is wrong. She posts no screenshots of our alledged conversations or my tweets cause they don't exist. It's just a voice video of her spreading lies about me to a 50 subs.
it's pathetic.
The things she says about me aren't that bad but it's so wrong… like she says I moved to ireland and became a millionaire after almost losing my kidneys, well I was in Ireland when I got sick… she can't even get basic facts straight. She's not even a good stalker.

No. 997825

File: 1593356453727.jpg (75.88 KB, 777x569, Screenshot_20200204_104544.jpg)

Since Eve insists nobody posts GOOD photos of her here is a totally not edited recent picture of her as you can see she looks nothing like her younger self. The mile-high smoker's forehead wrinkles are vanished, stringy lifeless hair is miraculously shiny, druggie sunken eyes are bright and the shape of her eyebrows have totally changed and she could afford to have a complete jaw reduction procedure during the pandemic. I wouldn't be surprised if she's using this FaceApp'd to shit photo to catfish more people.

No. 997832

Yeah that's not her! It's edited! She tried several go fund me to ger money for a teeth surgery a few years back but never got anything donated.
But then she gets a stimulus check and spends it on a computer. The lady as been living off the kindess of her rommates (who she blows for rent) for so long ….

No. 998160

Holy shit what a goldmine. Christ, imagine living with this chronically unemployed hag for ten years. Pardon me, Eve, I forgot about your screenwriting and YouTube career.

No. 998212

she must give amazing BJ for them to let her stay for that long! that or her dramas are super entertaining !

No. 998253


Apparently having no teeth does have its perks.

No. 998384

According to Dan's blog, Eve might have never had sex with either of them? She identified as a lesbian back then and he just assumed that she was dating his brother. She did flirt with Dan and let him take nude photos though.

The funniest thing is that he exposed her for lying about being a dominatrix. She wanted to go through some submissive sex slave training program and that seems to be it for her BDSM career.

No. 998394

if she doesn’t pay rent she must blow him . she is not a lesbian she’s bi.
she also lies about being raped

No. 1002200

well she posted a new video on youtube and she looks 50. Her profile picture is obviously he’a ily photoshopped.

No. 1002907

Where? No recent videos have been posted in a while?

No. 1002931

This video, I'm assuming. Extremely bold of her to post something like this considering she looks like she wakes up and dies every morning. I guess she thinks she's really sticking it to those imaginary hambeasts Jennifer cultists that populate this thread, right?

No. 1002949

I don't understand how she could have such bad skin. Did she have a heroin/drug addiction at some point?

No. 1002978


She’s probably still using is my guess. It would explain all these wild theories.

No. 1003088

yeah she did meth but said she stopped. She also smokes a lot and probably eats junk food.
And yeah she’s obsessed with that Roten girl. She’s her new target, she’s just jealous that she got to lead a zoom reunion with the cast.

No. 1003091

how can she afford drugs though? she hasn’t had a job in years.

No. 1003426

Where has she said she did meth?

No. 1003530

File: 1594122476669.jpg (24.15 KB, 400x400, 20200707_074236.jpg)

We get it Eve, your only friend is a cardboard cutout of Pennywise.

No. 1003532

File: 1594122806813.jpg (117.35 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20200707_074943.jpg)

Everyone still sees you as a nut job. Mask or no mask. It is a small upgrade tho.

No. 1003722

oh well apparently she knows I'm here, according to an anonymous source! LOL.
She's trying to make herself more important than she is.
it's not hard to know I'm here considering I signed my initial posts.
Also about the meth thing, she admitted it plus she had meth teeth.

No. 1004077

File: 1594227259940.jpg (236.52 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20200708_124827.jpg)

Oh no Eve is gona make another call out video that will get less then 500 views but she will still brag about her view count lol does she think she sounds intimidating? The only thing scary about you Eve is your fucking face

No. 1004128

I suspect they’re fake views she buys herself but since she’s broke she can’t buy more than a few hundred.
She actually threatened that person to expose them if they didn’t come forward and the whole “ I got tons of messages”, bitch please nobody is talking to you, you just stalk people and find dirt that way…

No. 1004141

File: 1594232070578.jpg (118.57 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20200708_141231.jpg)

Prove it ugly bitch prove that ppl report to you. You won't because you have no sources but your retarded opinions.

No. 1004154


I think she was just boasting about a 2 month old video of hers getting almost 1000 views as if that is some type of big accomplishment. I follow her because she is one of the hugest flaming trainwrecks on the net and found this thread and all the golden milk on her. It is entertaining to watch crazy old internet crones taking digs at others while making themselves look very dimwitted in the process.

No. 1004163

yeah she was never successful and that’s what’s killing her! she can’t stand that people don’t follow her because she believes her opinions are better than everyone else’s.
truth is, her accounts always get shut down because people report her and yet she can’t take the hint and comes back with the same shit.
also she said stuff about me without ever posting proof like screenshots cause they don’t exist. I’d rather let the fannibal a deal with her, it’s fun to watch!

No. 1004574

This girl is insane, she takes normal internet drama and makes it some big conspiracy. Like get offline. I’ll be cracking up when Netflix renews Hannibal and she is skreeing over it.

No. 1004601

I don’t think netflix is gonna do that, the show doesn’t have enough of a fan base but it would be fun!
She creates drama because she has no life no friends no jobs. it’s how she exists. it’s sad.

No. 1004607

File: 1594276738499.jpg (136.44 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20200709_023526.jpg)

Eve keeps deleting her Tweets so I will just post them here to remind her of all the stupid shit she says since she keeps up with this thread so much

No. 1004608

she is so paranoid, no one gives two fucks about her! But if she attacks someone we they respond.

No. 1004622

Why is she so convinced that people are out to get her? She is hella insignificant. Even in all her dumb ass fandoms, she doesn’t produce fics/art/ect ppl care about, so why would they know who she is.

All she does is skree about fake drama delusions.

No. 1004652

she has nothing going on in her life! she stays in her room all day and creating dramas passes the time and gives her a feeling of importance

No. 1004841

oh the passive agressive b… talks about us in her twitter but us too much of a coward to post here

No. 1004856


I think it’s more of a case of she can’t handle what she dishes out. She tried to jump this thread and got roasted hard.

No. 1004880

oh really? same thing happened on two other boards kiwifarm and the other I can remember… she got there on her high horse thiking people would worship her but failed . I’ll have to read this thread again to spot her. she’s incapable of confronting anyone. she usually creates a fake twitter account, sends me a message and then blocks me so I can’t reply.

No. 1004951

File: 1594341105948.jpg (123.88 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20200709_202914.jpg)

Nobody cares about your videos. You only get views because youre hilariously stupid but think youre smart and it's fun to watch you make a fool of yourself. Plus your face and voice is like a car crash thats hard to look away.

No. 1005052

Why is she always so pressed?

No. 1005082

File: 1594382294035.jpg (243.37 KB, 1126x1022, Screenshot_20200710_075114.jpg)

Nowhere in the screenshots she posted did this person tell her to delete anything. Just goes to show how far Eve has to reach in order to make herself sound righteous. She connects dots that have no business being connected because she is just a dumb petty bitch like that. Oh and she's claiming whoever this is is holding another man hostage to prevent him from speaking to Eve. Eve makes the most ridiculous inferences from nothing. To be fair, whoever she's speaking to does sound like a pretentious douche but of course Eve will take anything and stretch it into whatever balloon animal "truth" she needs it to fit. This woman needs psychiatric intervention.

No. 1005141

She's incapable of telling the truth even on stuff that are random. She comes up with lies that don't make sense and that can be checked easily.
She lies cause she enjoys the drama.

No. 1005143

She can't stand not being worshipped. She tries to dominate topics and fandoms but nobody agrees with her or follows her that's why she's so mad, it's her ego.

No. 1005249

this page is the first link when you google her real name and then the kiwi farms thread… not that she’s ever apply for a job where they’re google her but still.

No. 1005349


Sage your posts, anon.

No. 1005427

File: 1594440381882.png (353.51 KB, 828x1792, E03E9191-204B-48E5-8B12-7AB21B…)

Looks like she’s admitted that she’s stalking people, judging by the response on this one’s post.

No. 1005453

in her mind she’s just collecting information to expose the bad guys… in reality she does everything she accuses people of doing.
by the way I finally read her posts here, the whole “ i’m leaving now!” was hilarious!. I guarantee you she still comes here everyday

No. 1005782

File: 1594535214872.png (385.45 KB, 828x1792, 3D38DFFC-DA54-40D0-83E5-DCDD4E…)

While I’m at it, since she’s crying about being threatened now…

No. 1005783

File: 1594535269202.png (417.14 KB, 828x1792, 17AB3828-1B2E-4A9D-8894-B3BC9D…)

No. 1005784

File: 1594535339903.png (302.6 KB, 828x1792, 63E5BCC4-3697-4FDF-B513-EA791F…)

No. 1005786

These were all from a deleted sock account.

No. 1005823

I wouldn’t want to be her roommates…
she is making little things about huge conspiracies that tells you how boring and empty her life is.

No. 1007484

File: 1594810029378.jpeg (252.93 KB, 828x1792, 3F85F028-57A0-4DA2-A70F-72C1EE…)

Here’s some more threats that she made from the same sock.

No. 1007679

nobody has ever felt threatened by her. She acts like a big shot. She is not exposing anyone wit any kind of consequences.

No. 1009139

File: 1595047801245.jpeg (177.49 KB, 828x1792, 1AFF26D8-4E2E-469B-B239-766519…)

More threats from the same sock.

No. 1009208

Didn't she say that the entire Russian mafia was actually Krystal's split personalities in her most recent video? Now she's mad at Krystal, for not sexting her using her alt account? Not sure whether Eve is extremely desperate for male attention/romance or can't separate fiction from reality.

Oh, and is she pretending her name is Juliana now? It's legit creepy, considering she made about 8 videos on her former obession, Juliana Berg.

No. 1009212

File: 1595067493058.png (478.62 KB, 596x585, Ji787sW.png)

I love how Eve brags about her fans allegedly doing fan-art covers for her smut, when in reality her most popular story has 390 views.


No. 1009457

File: 1595103117572.jpg (145.75 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20200718_160248.jpg)

When she's not reading off a script you can tell how inarticulate and stupid she actually is. In her most recent video she acts like a twelve year old and her skin looks like it's literally melting off her skull. It looks like this bitch hasn't eaten a vegetable since 2004 and smokes 2 packs a day. Nasty. I commend her for having the balls to put her real face on the internet though given that she's almost 36 and looks like she's approaching 50. That heavily edited profile picture she had on Twitter was hilarious.

No one is making these covers for her otherwise she would credit them. In what world is blurry photoshop considered professional?

No. 1009468

File: 1595103654403.jpg (178.95 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20200718_161846.jpg)

Eve loses her shit over an account following her. Why does she go out of her way to have that cutout in every picture? Ironic she dumps on fangirls yet can't take a photo without Pennywise in the background every time.

No. 1009494

she actually has a new profile picture that’s even worst.

No. 1009495


she can’t afford veggies but she sure can afford smokes!
She does look like she’s 50

No. 1009506

File: 1595107560643.png (236.92 KB, 1920x1080, Nuttierthanthenuttiestsquirrel…)

Holy shit, this bitch is crazy

No. 1009524


yeah she goes from 0 to 100 in a second. triggered?

No. 1009613

File: 1595123334786.jpg (216.1 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_20200718_214543.jpg)

She makes fake accounts to harass people all the time. Of course people are going to assume she makes fake accounts to comment on her own retarded videos. The comment this person left is very accurate. Eve thinks she's some kind of fandom authority. She's been obsessed with going after the Hannibal fandom for actual years and it IS truly pathetic. She can't just say her piece and move on. This is her LIFE.

No. 1009623


It sucks that she's so godamn crazy. She complains about cult leaders, but spends 99% of the time bitching about the fandom.

The Jen Cornet/FF7 house/Hannibal stuff could've panned out a lot better, if it was being documented by anyone but Eve

No. 1009734


Yes this is her life. she hasn’t had a job in ten years so she has to occupy her days!

No. 1010336

File: 1595272535119.jpg (62.38 KB, 1080x389, Screenshot_20200720_151505.jpg)

I'd be fucking distressed too if I had to see Eve naked. Vomit.

No. 1010350

That reminds me of how gross her pictures with her dogs always are, like…

No. 1010418


Her roommate's livejournal confirms she is abusive toward her animals which is oddly not surprising at all given how she talks to people on a regular basis. Fuck this bitch. She shouldn't be allowed pets at all.

No. 1010573

File: 1595318035363.png (19.31 KB, 601x210, isrYdZ2.png)

She was an animal hoarder back in her ED days. She probably got her cat killed, because it belonged to her ex (the one who allegedly stole her identity). Not sure what happened to her other pets, but she went from having nine to three, within about 4 years.

She had two dogs and a cat until recently, but considering she doesn't mention the other dog anymore, it's probably dead by now. I remember her crying about how she needs money to save her dying dog earlier this year (only to backtrack and say she isn't begging for money, since her dog is going to die even if it got surgery, lol), but I assumed she was lying.

No. 1010577

File: 1595318342726.png (31.62 KB, 597x292, O5KFVAx.png)

Wish she elaborated on what happened to all of her cats. We know she happily put at least one of them down, so it's funny seeing her act like a loving pet owner.

No. 1010612

she put her cat down cause she wanted to move away or something?
I think she neglects them so much…

No. 1010809

I wish she would do a video with her dentures out.

No. 1011054

she had a gofund me years back but got no money . she tried to play the victim but nobody cared. I wonder where she got the money to pay for them!

No. 1011142

File: 1595444550388.jpg (141.98 KB, 1080x654, Screenshot_20200722_145502.jpg)

Imagine being 40 and bitching about your roommates who let you live rent-free on Twitter to an audience of nobody? Does mental retardation usually give ugly women a bizarre sense of entitlement or is Eve just a spoiled brat with a geriatric face and the cognitive skills of a 10 year old?

No. 1011160

She just likes to show how smart she is…. she hates him cause hE’s a democrat. she’s been living with him for ten years but can’t afford to move.

No. 1011487

File: 1595505213014.png (492.85 KB, 674x498, lvengQv.png)

Sage for sperging, but I am tired of newfags bumping the thread with their "witty" commentary and no milk. Eve is one of the most retarded bitches, I've ever seen, but she's been laying low recently.

Probably got the money from her rich parents?

No. 1011508


Wouldn't consider doing commentary videos with her decrepit face on camera "laying low"

No. 1011660

no, she doesn’t talk to her parents anymore. if they were giving her money she wouldn’t live with two guys she hates. She blows him in exchange for free rent and probably works enough to get unemployment the rest of the year

No. 1014288

File: 1596017779242.png (1.05 MB, 1337x730, X7zvUbZ.png)

She's trying to become a Twitch streamer now. I wonder how many days before she gives up on that.


No. 1014290

File: 1596017934765.png (69.91 KB, 594x531, lBnImSc.png)

She changed her name again. This time to Veronica St. Pierre. She's also still very paranoid, to the point she's too scared to say what she's allergic to.

No. 1014327

File: 1596026824657.jpg (334.58 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20200729_083829.jpg)

Eve making milky promises. Will she deliver? Probably not. She looks like a sick dog in a wig when she cosplay this character. It's not good.


She really looks like a dude here. Her roots are so bad it looks like the blond part of her hair is a clip on wig piece. Fuck she is just so awful looking I would seriously kill myself if I was that ugly. No wonder her life is a struggle. Ugly as a scrotum, zero personality, almost 40 and still lives with roommates who she complains about not getting her the right food. Why doesn't she just make her own food? What is honestly stopping her from feeding herself?

No. 1014421

she just doesn't buy her own food cause she has no money so she has to buy whatever her roomate buys.

No. 1014422

good luck with that! She has has like 12 followers. She will give up when she sees she makes no mney.

No. 1014594

File: 1596074685743.jpg (350.46 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20200729_220255.jpg)

A far superior YouTuber did a video on the Final Fantasy House and apparently used some of Eve's footage or whatever and now Eve is getting desperate to get those views up because Conkerax uploaded a video about Jennifer Cornet and its got more views in a few hours than Eve's ever got on all her videos combined.

No. 1014691

Eve getting into drama with foreign Youtubers is legit the most random thing I've ever seen. Got to love how she keeps saying how she's not upset, while shaking in her response video.

Tbf, Conkerax is retarded and/or didn't do his research, if he actually accused Eve of being Jen.

No. 1014698

omg the guy is french! i’m gonna go talk to him(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1014725

File: 1596109673842.jpg (251.88 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20200730_074406.jpg)

Eve is so not even mad about it. Arguing with people and making a video about it and whining about it on twitter because she's not mad at all. She thanks people for the traffic to her channel a dozen times though. Just put your stupid Freddie wig back on and get your roommate to take photos of you looking like you belong in the ana chan thread already and stfu

No. 1014731

you could see how excited she was on her last video ! 500 views that’s more than she ever got!
the guy was scared but he had done his research and new she was not well. I reassured her.

No. 1014774


How does this moron think people won't assume she's Jen when she has a similar domain name and goes by Freddie Lounds? Eve chose to skinwalk as Jen and gets her buck store granny panties in a twist whenever someone assumes she's Jen even though it's her own doing? Dumbass.

No. 1014858

she took that name because the tattle crime site was popular and she was hoping she d get views that way…

No. 1014883

File: 1596139196996.png (253.88 KB, 594x694, lEoYXxY.png)

This has got to be the weirdest drama Eve has gotten herself involved in. Does she honestly expect an ESL to read and comprehend all of her novella sized statements?

No. 1014888

File: 1596139603784.png (33.43 KB, 850x379, jFYmTxX.png)

It's odd how she claims she doesn't understand the video and how she isn't upset, while also calling the Conkerax person a liar and an idiot, at the same time.

No. 1014889

the idiot caved and made his video private… and she refused to do the same….
she’s getting attention and that’s all she craves.

No. 1014897

I bet he didn't want psycho Eve to taint his reputation with her creepy video documentaries. With that being said, I fully expect Eve to make few more videos about him. At the very least, she's going to constantly use it as another sob story.

No. 1014910

sure she’s gonna milk it! thing is his viewers are french and very little french people speak english and very little americans speak french so it’s useless anyway!

No. 1015261

File: 1596224898741.png (302.06 KB, 597x390, aob60gc.png)

Is she using FaceApp on her old photos again? I got the feeling she's going to spend the rest of her life using that app, and cry about how all of old photos were edited by trolls to make her look ugly / aren't actually her.

Eve has no friends, and she burned bridges with her senior citizen roommates, so all of her photos (minus selfies and photos from cons) are probably from 2014-ish.

No. 1015268

File: 1596225476128.jpg (259.6 KB, 1023x682, gJEJ98x.jpg)

For comparison, this is what Eve and her horse teeth actually look like. She probably used the "Hollywood" and "smiles" free filters on the original pic.

Nitpicky, but I find it funny how she thinks she's pwning haters… by posting heavily edited photos?

No. 1015281

it’s photoshopped but it’s an old photo!
Did you know she used to be fat before doing drugs though? she was already ugly though!

No. 1015322

This is literally Junji Ito-tier. If I saw that thing at the cemetery, even sans that dagger, I would nope the fuck out. Or just die from a massive heart attack, idk.

No. 1015352

I don't understand how she's showing face on YT now and then posts this bullshit. Probably because anyone who followers her is retarded and can't tell the difference.

No. 1015591

Everytime she “ clashes” with someone she hopes that this will be her big break but it never is.
Her few followers believe every work she says tbough.

No. 1015642

Anon, sage your posts or read the rules

No. 1015651

Is she honestly surprised people think she might be Jen? She literally stole Jen's old username and website, all while trying to fool her Twitter followers, into thinking that she is somehow attractive, and not a decomposing tranny (while also showing off her real face to her YT subscribers). She also comes up with brand new social media handles and "legal" names, every few months. Eve is a basic skitzocow, but she does act so suspicious, I can't blame people for jumping into conclusions.

No. 1016603

she loves the attention that’s why she chose that name!
She also loves that people mistake her for Jen

No. 1017054

File: 1596516392570.jpg (334.35 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20200804_003912.jpg)

Does Eve ever get tired of her own incessant bitching? Imagine living with a miserable hag like this. How have her roommates not offed themselves? Combine that with her screeching voice and that god awful face she tries to run through faceapp to make marginally better and jesus christ. How has somebody not knocked her the fuck out already.

No. 1017055

File: 1596516567443.jpg (363.49 KB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_20200804_004826.jpg)

Is Eve getting ready to doxx people again? Also more nonstop bitching.

No. 1017300

yeah nobody reads her tweets but she likes bitching about stuff!
Also yeah she likes to pretend she has power over her haters… as if you can’t hide your ip

No. 1020905

so apparently she’s writing a « pilot » now. I’m sure it will be as successful as her movie script!(imageboard)

No. 1027246

File: 1598127901557.jpg (328.01 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20200822_162011.jpg)

It looks like old granny-panties Eve has started shit in her fandom of choice. She's been busy egging on other fans with videos that STILL make her look like a psychopath and failing to recognize her own dumbassery. An almost 40 year old woman is still baiting fandom drama. Will she ever grow the fuck up and get a real job, or will she suck free rent out of her roommates' ancient cocks and hunch over her covid-money computer making revenge videos for her entire life? Only time will tell.

No. 1028645

she won’t get a job unless her roommate kicks her out. she doesn’t pay rent so she doesn’t need to work

No. 1029105

Eve makes another farewell video and this time it's because she continues to fail at summoning an e-army to defend her or is maybe starting to realize that nobody including her subscribers really gives a shit about what she says and never will.

>I'm so tired of this. Lyke literally sooo tired

> omg like she wrote a literal novel about me, as Eve fails to see the irony of this statement
>explains the little to no effort she puts into her videos, as though it isn't already obvious, to make herself look like sHe rEalLy dOeSnT cArE yOu gUyS
>says the word 'literally' 20 times in 7 minutes after claiming to be well-versed in narration
>I already said I'm not special and a nobody so you CANT tell me that to my face!

No. 1029124

File: 1598456463433.jpg (97.67 KB, 899x659, evetattles.jpg)

No. 1029131

She is trying to defend her methods too hard. of course she is obssesed. She doesn't receive infos from sources, she just stalk people.

No. 1029225

File: 1598469348479.jpg (46.47 KB, 535x720, monicaold.jpg)

sage for old and no milk but I read Eve's roommate's livejournal and did more digging and found out Eve has been living with these old men for at least 10 years rent-free. She has no job and no friends so it makes sense why she spends all her time making up stories about the russian mafia and trying to make people out as cult leaders and catfishers. She literally has NOTHING to do with her life. Photo was found on her roommate's facebook from 2010. It seems her roommates call her Monica so maybe she did change her name.

No. 1029229

She actually appears to have about 15-20 loyal followers, that shower her with compliments whenever she threatens to quit (which happens every few months).

Her recent videos are just straight up retarded. She keeps whining about how immature some girls from Instagram are, all while putting herself on a pedestal, and ignoring the fact she's a woman in her late 30s, that gets into arguments with dumb teenagers. It's all so odd, but also so boring. She's putting up new videos daily, and takes them down, only to pretend it's some kind of social experiment. I think she's getting more and more mental, but this is definitely the most boring Eve era I got to witness.

Sorry for sperging, but it's the same old shit with her, over and over again:
>Eve enters a fandom, dominated by vapid female teenagers
>Eve keeps writing smut and has roleplay cybersex with people in the fandom
>Eve fixates on a boring female from the fandom, declares her a cult leader, scam artist etc.
>Eve gets banished from the fandom
>Eve gets offended and makes dozens of videos, calling the fandom toxic and a cult
>Eve leaves the fandom and deletes her YouTube channel for 2 weeks

From what I gathered from her videos, she has been following this pattern for 20 years now, starting with X-Files, Law and Order SVU, House and Saw. I think that she might have burned all the bridges with the Skarsgard fandom, so I wonder which fandom she's going to invade next.

No. 1029234

Don't quote me on that, but I think than Ron and Eve had a cyber affair. Ron let her move in, but then she came out as a lesbian, and ditched Ron for Rachel. Rachel dumped Eve, so she moved back with Ron. Eve claims to have never had sex with a man, while also claiming to be an expert in BDSM and a rape victim, so not sure whether those two ever got physical. Ron didn't want to let Eve become a professional submissive in a Ohio BDSM club or something, which implies that they might've been in some kind of relationship. In present day, Eve frequently calls Ron abusive and talks about how he's gaslighting her so I don't think they are friendly anymore. Source: Ron's brother's blog.

Sad @ this probably being the only Eve photo has taken with people, other than the male cast members of Saw movies. Also she low-key looks like a corpse.

No. 1029256

File: 1598474007530.jpg (187.19 KB, 677x921, evefail.jpg)

No. 1029955

they call her monica just to shut her up.
And yeah it's been like ten years.
She works a few months eveyr year, enough for unemployment im guessing. Everytime she fails at her dream job she blames him on her manager or something.

No. 1029956

The way I see it :
1. she enters fandoms.
2. starts a blog
3. posts her opinions that she thinks are smarter than everyone else.
4. complains when people call her out
5. stalks people and make blogs about how evil they are.
I read the blog of that canadian girl she's stalking. Apparentlyshe contacted her mom(she posted photos) but she insists she is the one beign stalked.

No. 1029957

really? I thought he had not updated his blog in years?

No. 1030521

File: 1598701726660.jpg (203.71 KB, 1126x970, Screenshot_20200829_074739.jpg)

Who needs to ask you for answers when your entire life is already on the internet for everyone to see?


How did you find her roommates Facebook?

No. 1030523

really? I thought he had not updated his blog in years?

She reads us, we alreayd knew that.
Different anon but you can just look up their names easily.

No. 1030527


Hi, Eve. Welcome back to your thread.

No. 1030530

Yeah no, it's not Eve. I'm the girl she's been stalking on twitter for years.

No. 1030536


Learn how to sage your fucking posts, Eve.

No. 1030547

not eve

No. 1030550


What don't you understand about saging your fucking posts idiot? Read the rules at the top or stop posting.

No. 1030562

fuck you bitch, I’ll post as much as I want and if you ban me i’ll use a vpn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1030603

Celine, that comment was very Eve of you

No. 1030616

Yeah well I get defensive when people piss me off.

No. 1030631


Stop being a retard and sage your posts then, fuckwit

No. 1030940

Hi, Eve

No. 1031278

Putting up a picture of her house(?) is creepy.

Note: I wouldn't be surprised if Eve posted it herself, so that she can brag about how everyone's obsessed with her, rage quit due to harassment, create a GoFundMe/Patreon to get the money to "move out" (and then spend the 15 dollars she got on It merchandise) and possibly try to get the thread taken down.

No. 1031406

Her address is public knowledge but I do agree it’s kind of creepy (and pointless) posting a screenshot. Probably someone involved with the Krystal Mathers Scam, seems like something they would post thinking it looks like a threat

No. 1031454

Don't give her reasons for her to call people stalkers you fool.

No. 1032189

Hey Eve. You don't have to worry about this thread reaching possible employers because nobody will hire you anyway. Feel free to lash out at the few friends you have with your vendetta paranoia.

No. 1032308

Well i’m glad that we kept her busy for 15 minutes. her life is so pathetic and empty…

No. 1032342

Can someone please archive this video, before she realizes it's dumb and deletes it? I can't believe this bitch said KiwiFarms is legit, but Lolcow is run exclusively by her 5 stalkers. She says that Celine and Monica Morias are the new Lolcow "cult members" and she's no longer calling Johnnie, the tranny bf a stalker. She says people have been trying to ruin her life for 10 years, even though the thread is from 2019.

Then she talks about how Lolcow doxxed her and her whole family… 2 days after someone randomly posted a photo of someone's house, so I'm guessing she posted that herself to use as an argument? This bitch is legit mental.

No. 1032389

She won’t delete the video. she likes to play the victim. she think i’ve been stalking her but the cannibals I talk to keep me i formed when she talks about me… it’s hilarious how she’s convinced I’m trying to ruin her life, news flash there’s nothing to ruin. she has no job no money no reputation… I do love that she’s obsessed with me and monica though! and she still believe the fire movement is an MLM not surprising though, she hasn’t worked in years.

No. 1032630

File: 1599092121061.jpg (119.16 KB, 1080x517, Screenshot_20200902_201529.jpg)

It was only a matter of time before Eve called out lolcow

No. 1033816

How the actual shit are you going to claim that You don't stalk me when you are literally here stalking me you fucking moron and no I haven't commented on this thread in forever so whoever you think is me isn't me you'll be happy to know that I'm planning on deleting all my content so you have nothing else to talk about I just came here to see if you have found literally any of my alternate accounts since I purged those and you haven't so if that's the case I can finally leave. For good.

No. 1033822

One video is a "hideous amount of time"?

No. 1033823

Johnnie wasn't underage when I met him he was 19…sorry she was so I mean keep lying if you want?

No. 1033824

I never wrote any stories about children funny how you claim this but can't produce any content in fact you make a lot of claims you can't produce content to…weird right?

No. 1033825

It's so sad that it's obviously the same people over and over and how bad you want attention but now that I'm sure you have no idea where I went to it'll be fun watching you die without content lol

No. 1033835

See ya in a few days when you get bored, dumbass. Predictable. Classic Eve.

No. 1033894

this is not an airport, you don’t need to announce your departure.
We know you!ll be back soon enough to entertain us anyway!

No. 1033920

Meh, she honestly thinks (or at least led her viewers to believe) that Lolcow was made exclusively to spread lies about her, ruin her life and doxx her entire family. What she doesn't realize is that she's an easily replaceable laughing stock.

She's pushing 40, is hideous at best, unemployed, unpleasant, and continues spending her entire life obsessing over male celebrities and boring females, she considers competition. She's probably going to lay low for the next couple of weeks, and write smut in private, but that's not going to last. Since she doesn't seem to interact with people outside of the internet, she's never going to quit it, she needs her narc supply. I could see her trying to catfish people in the Skarsgard Fandom and stick to quietly having roleplay sex on Instagram DMs, but she's bound to go full retard sooner or later.

No. 1033932

yeah she’´ find another fandom to harass and obsess over but her behaviour will betray her and people will realize who she is soon enough.
She is incapable of changing and like you said she has no real life so she can’t stay away and she also can’t seem to change her behaviour. It will be fun to watch mec time it happens.
Ps : her twitter is gone

No. 1035005

well she’s already back on twitter. she locked her account though

No. 1052756

She also tried to bring her website back, but she’s not paying any domain service to do it. (Basically using tumblr as a domain just because.) But nooooo, it couldn’t be because she’s broke, right?

No. 1058383

Clogging up the tags on tumblr again, and created another blog to back herself up (by poorly pretending to be ESL) https://simplestsimon.tumblr.com/

No. 1058879

wow she’s found a new fandom to target!

No. 1059234

Not really, it’s still connected to the Skarsgard fandom

No. 1060695

I meant new after hannibal

No. 1060928

I checked her blog and apparently she’s convinced that I send her anon hate or something? damn she really is obsessed with me isn’t she? I live rent free in her head! maybe she should try to get a real job for once she’s have less time to obsess about random people

No. 1061549

Not really a far fetched accusation, Celine.

No. 1061956

I had no idea what her tumblr was until I read it here and checked it out.
I visited it twice but never sent any anon asks or anything.
She’s the one obsessed with me creating dozens of twitter accounts to come and insult me not the other way around but she can think what she wants though! i’m keeping her busy and considering she has no job or social life that’s a good thing

No. 1067519

eve currently has a sock-puppet blog (simplestsimon.tumblr.com) where she claims bill skarsgard's kid has fetal alcohol syndrome, his gf is an alcoholic and manipulating him ???, and various other trash posts. its funny how she thinks no one can tell that that blog is her lmao

No. 1069560

File: 1603903715037.png (669.19 KB, 2982x898, 12345.png)

Queen Eve is back in all her glory… Arguing with random people, because her videos are so much better.

New website/socials:

No. 1069564

File: 1603904125003.jpg (44.17 KB, 828x820, MePenny.jpg)

New handles:
Loralai Muerte
Loralai Murete (because genius Eve doesn't know how to type)
Moonage Daydreams

Retarded blog, where she talks about how some girl ghosted her, and how her life is now ruined.

No. 1069626

sage for non contribute after reading this whole thread (only knew of her because Down the Rabbit Hole of FF house had her videos on recommended and I always wondered what happened to Jennifer)But honestly she could of made a killing if she embraced her hideousness early on and went horror movie route.

No. 1069872

I had my doubts but then saw the photos of her dog, it’s her… so far I haven’t seen anything bad other than your screenshots.
I almost forgot she fancies herself a writer

No. 1070356

File: 1603989855696.png (132.55 KB, 1481x505, 1234.png)

I'm actually surprised by how boring she's gotten recently.

My theory is that she deluded herself into thinking that getting 10k views on an erotic fan-fic, means she's bound to get a movie deal.

No. 1070370

File: 1603990944595.png (223.53 KB, 1202x494, 1234.png)


Nvm. She's still a full blown retard on her Tumblr. And her blog has gotten even more bizzare to read, instead of focusing on random Tumblr bitches, she talks about Bill Skarsgård's wife, Alida.

She analyzed all of Alida's Instagram photos, and came to conlcusion, she's abusive. Her proof being that Bill's eyes look different or something.

No. 1070426

every time I scroll past this thread I do a double take because she looks like whatsherface from the H3 podcast, ie. a man

No. 1070444

Someone should pay her roommate to set her Pennywise cut out on fire. I'd pay to see Eve's reaction

No. 1070494

she has been talking about that script for years, I thought she "sold it"…
Oh and 10k is nothing. I get that every single month on fanfiction and I haven't posted in years.

No. 1070529

Going by old blog posts and that he has not charged the cow rent for the decade she’s been living with him, he has the hots for her so wouldn’t do it even if he was offered money.

No. 1070579

yeah she pays in BJ.

No. 1072788

It can be assumed that the following tumblr sock-puppet blogs all belong to Eve. She pretends to be ESL on some of them, using google translate to talk to herself.


No. 1072799

how do you know?

No. 1072968

No one gives a shit about Eve but suddenly a bunch of blogs are kissing her ass and interacting with everything she posts? As well as having the exact same writing style, and the crazy opinions only she has? People can be similar but these blogs are an exact carbon copy of her, just poorly pretending to be ESL – except in the very long posts which are perfect English and content you expect to see on her own blog? I guess you forget to be ESL when you type so quickly.

She has rage quit again, not enough people noticed because she has sent herself an ask on simplestsimon to try and get attention for it.

No. 1073031

she’s known to send herself anon both hate and friendly one.

No. 1073187

There's a new woman who is supposedly "launching a harassment campaign" against Eve. Some Instagram person who according to Eve destroyed her will to go on. Does she ever get tired of trying to summon an e-army to defend her from all these "psycho girls" and does she not realize this all makes her look crazier and crazier? It's always some woman she decides is her life that probably realizes Eve is psychotic and drops her resulting in Eve writing encyclopedias on how they wronged her. She has no idea how insane it makes her seem to do all this instead of getting some real friends she chooses to hyperfixate on some poor girl in a different country. I feel bad for the next sucker who meets Eve and only hope they decide to search her name so they can see all the evidence of Eve's psychosis.

No. 1073198

File: 1604340827320.jpg (78.33 KB, 1061x800, Screenshot_20201102_130912.jpg)

The irony of Eve saying others need mental help is mind boggling. Did anyone get screenshots of her angsty WordPress diary before she rage quit everything? Her mental breakdowns seem to be coming more frequently but now people know her address so maybe shes worried this might come back to haunt her in real life.

No. 1073345

she needs the drama to survive because her life is so empty, it’s sad, it’s also the definition of insanity. she’s never gonna change.

No. 1073356

link? tx

No. 1073824

Eve called it a hate campaign because it’s further evidence of her insanity and abusive behavior to girls much younger than her.


No. 1073830

No. 1073831

she sounds like a 15 yo girl who is throwing a fist

No. 1073832

thanks! if I had time id message that monica person with dirt in eve!

No. 1073835

Which Monica person…? Eve Habat and Monica Edwards are the same person.

No. 1073838

I think you mean Ana Paula.

This whole thing is crazy. I thought Eve might've gotten relatively normal, but then she goes full retard, over some random bitch saying Bill Skarsgard's wife is pregnant?

No. 1073856

Yes her friend monica!
or her other personality because that might be the case!

No. 1073865

It isn’t another personality, she has always gone by Monica on the internet. Eve Habat is her legal name. I suggest you reread the thread. Messaging her will not get you anywhere.

No. 1073909

is eve gonna kill herself because ANOTHER woman realized she's a psycho and dropped her? Her extremely dramatic blog posts make it sound like she's gonna slit her wrists.

No. 1073923

look, I’ve known her for years, I m just curious as to whether monica is actually a real person or one of her multiple personalities.

No. 1073925

To be fair she has no social skills , she is incapable of dealing with her issues like the rest of us but her ego will keep her from hurting herself.

No. 1073947

Eve confirmed that she has never given a BJ in one of her interviews (while also claiming to be a bi pro dominatrix, but I digress). There's zero proof she ever had sex with a man.

Eve is legit retarded, she might acidentally kill herself, but she's too much of a narc to ever commit suicide. Lbr she's going to keep being obsessing over all the females, that ever wronged her, make blogs and videos calling them cult leaders and such, up until Ron forgets to feed her, and Eve dies of starvation.

No. 1074003

yeah there’s a debate whether or not she is actually a virgin or had only been with women.
she also claimed to have been raped but never believed victims.
I never believe anything she says at this point.

No. 1077882

the name of that Russian is the name of an imposter Russian double agent from the movie The Good Shepherd

No. 1078422

Their entire story was probably made up of various Russian Mafia movies and books so it’s not a surprise they may have taken a name out of one (the name is pretty common though).

Crazy really does attract more crazy, huh?

No. 1078467

tattlecrime.org is gone now

No. 1078490

OH NO!!!
it will be back soon enough.
she’s gonna come back with new targets and new accounts

No. 1079954

This is insane. I used to know this lady like 7 years ago ¿ I was such a cringey antisjw loser back then so we were friends. I remember her and misogyny mermaid. I eventually saw what toxicity I was getting sucked into and I left those kind of internet spaces for a good while and became a better person. Its insane to me these others have never grown

No. 1080307

her life is so empty that she needs to create drama to stay entertained, that’s what happens when you have no jobs/friends

No. 1089121

And on the day she bawleted her site, truly, nothing of great value was lost.

No. 1091561

she saved everything it will be back soon enough.
Im curious to see which fandom she will target nexg!

No. 1102927

So, she did bring her website back, but not completely. Part of me thinks she actually did get into some serious trouble for her behavior, or she’s playing victim over her harassment and people calling her out on it.

If she did get in trouble, I would say she deserves it.

No. 1103406

File: 1607482804916.jpg (14.97 KB, 213x320, unnamed.jpg)


Eve in trouble?? I like how law enforcement has not only had to deal with Defund the Police this year but allegedly they were called over to Eve's house to listen to her be fucking nuts BAHAHA

No. 1103615

Nice! It seems she found someone crazier than the fannibals! That being said she suffered no conséquences for her actions. she will come back once the person leaves her alone and will continue to harass other fandoms.
That being said it’s fun to see her lose her shit. her online life Is all she has so if she has to delete that basically she is deleting herself

No. 1103616

Im sure she’d be Whining all over the place if the police had come to arrest or something she probably was just tired of the harassment

No. 1103856

File: 1607541948007.jpeg (551.03 KB, 1242x1181, 9B8C2558-2BE8-45E5-BBD6-64421A…)

No. 1103863

how can she afford a house?
it’s probably ron who sold his house and brought her along to his new one!

No. 1104066


Correction: Ron moved Eve AND her Pennywise cardboard cutout into his new house

No. 1104088

Funny when she starts a new blog and posts on it like she already has hundreds of followers and like her fans need to know all her life updates because she's just soooo popular

No. 1104176

She's probably just pretending she "moved" because she was dumb enough to give people her address and now she's being harassed back after however many years of her being a piece of shit trash bag on the internet

No. 1105451

File: 1607735257726.jpeg (582.72 KB, 1242x1668, 3E834BA4-0C8A-4BDB-A35B-8DDAEB…)


She pretends alot of things

No. 1105703

She didnt put much efforts into her blog? her blog is her whole life!
Also she's not an editor, she doesnt have the contacts or talent to make it in that industry!

No. 1106067

How did she put a down payment on a house when she's unemployed? There's no way Eve bought a house when she was just e-begging on her YT channel for people to pay her to make "better" videos.

No. 1106241


i don’t know how eve got a stimulus check either. how can one file taxes without an income? mind boggling

No. 1106330

Chances are she's lying as usual but maybe she draws disability or SSI. People who do were included in the stimulus.

No. 1106428

she must work from time to time just to qualify for unemployment, she also like responsible adult but a laptop with a stimulus check

No. 1106555

File: 1607882913844.jpeg (191.98 KB, 1163x1037, 62E8F02F-F2AA-4021-8BA9-D5491C…)

this cow bitches about literally anything and everything

No. 1106583

File: 1607884327541.jpg (520.53 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20201213_133050.jpg)

No. 1106588

do you have a link please?

No. 1106594

Yet another woman Eve tried to get her hooks into. This girl posted a long account on Instagram of her dealings with Eve and it follows the same pattern associated with Eve's extremely bizarre and cringe behavior. She even posted the link to lolcow for her followers to see. This Ana girl is the one who made cover art for Eve's snuff porn. This woman disagreed with Eve's bullshit and sent her on her latest spiral. Now apparently Eve is telling people she got her own house which seems unlikely because of her unemployment. What bank would sign off on giving this crazy bitch a loan? Someone who doesn't work. Oh unless you count "pretend screenwriter and editor" as a job?

This chick truly is fucked beyond all things natural. I feel sorry for all the women who fall into her trap.

No. 1106596


Just go to the users Instagram shown in image. It spans a few posts.

No. 1106622

This is the Ana girl Eve last doxxed on tattlecrime

No. 1106630

it's a private account and I dont want to follow her with my only account but thanks.

No. 1106632

I garantee you she is not working as an editor. She hasn't had any kind of job in… her entire life. She often posts about getting her dream job with good salary etc but then she gets in trouble for calling out management cause she knows better.
She was a driver for a while, possibly with uber.

No. 1106637

File: 1607887362381.jpeg (924.38 KB, 1190x2685, 8C3AE0DA-4D53-4EB9-81A2-5BC782…)

her talking to herself is too funny

No. 1106656

I dont think it's her, the blog is mostly in swedish.

No. 1106712


Yes it is. She's just pretending to be someone else and failing. That blog says all the same things as Eve does. Sometimes they can't form a proper sentence, while other time can type in perfect English. It's one of her many fake blogs she uses to talk to herself. Eve also tags all of her blog posts the same.

No. 1113725

lmao, didn't she ragequit as themorbergsuccubus after the fandom started "trashing" bill as much as his gf?

No. 1113806

File: 1608774074889.png (150.73 KB, 532x885, 2020-12-23.png)

No. 1113940

Shes not nolongerfeelhuman? That blog and wattpad are literally just recycled versions of her last wattpad account, new titles, same bill wank fics

No. 1113945

tell me what you need me to do to get rid of this hate forum

No. 1113946

it's obvious you can delete posts because I see a bunch of them are missing and it's weird that you would delete posts about Jamie and Krystal but whatever tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it if you get rid of this forum already("Show saged posts for this thread")

No. 1113948

Those are not my fics all my fics are down they don't even have the same cover images you should know this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1114022

File: 1608799448912.jpg (314.36 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20201224_033404.jpg)

Nolongerfeelhuman is Eve without a doubt. She brags about getting all kinds of anonymous requests when it's just her sending herself messages snd giving herself a reason to throw her piss kink garbage up for nobody to read.

Guarantee nobody is deleting posts from this thread eve. Maybe people would stop talking shit about you and revealing your information if you stopped being everything that got you this thread in the first place. You earned this thread!

No. 1114025


When this thread expires there will be a new one. Buckle up Eve! Your lifetime of being a giant flaming pile of shit comes with consequences.

No. 1114037

I joined a Tumblr group chat for writers that this nolongerfeelhuman person made but glad I found this page in the Bill tags. I will not talking to this psycho girl again!

No. 1114088

Eve made another video calling attention to her own mental instability

>turns the word "and" into a two-syllable word somehow?

>this man is being held hostage trust me I can tell
>once again says every person who's ever had a run in with her has "banded together" to harass her
>called the cops because of people harassing her.
>"I was gone for 2 months" is code for "I made more accounts to pick apart this male celebrity's life"
>shows picture of male celebrity smiling… "look at him, he's in pure misery and crying out for help"

Eve is only getting crazier in her old age.

No. 1114094

File: 1608817563243.jpeg (246.3 KB, 640x866, 2C337F39-17B8-4E41-B7A0-A887B9…)

Guess what happened when she actually got called out for her shit.
That’s right, blame it on Jamie and the hater gang.


No. 1114100

No. 1114112

File: 1608820484805.png (917.4 KB, 2372x1062, eve.png)


Eve posted here nine hours ago. Google first indexed the obit page five hours ago. Eve really thinks it's believable that, in the span of four hours:

She died.
She was discovered.
She was pronounced dead.
The hospital successfully contacted her next of kin.
Her parents informed her other relatives privately.
They set up an obituary page, by no means the first step in the funerary process

And all this in the US, in a pandemic.

No. 1114118


Looks like she’s faking her death, albeit poorly, for more attention, because now she doesn’t have her narc supply aside from her usual simps.

No. 1114121

File: 1608821837536.jpeg (371.3 KB, 640x815, EB78BA2F-D5CB-4D02-97F4-C47403…)

Wow, amazing. The sock-puppet accounts are forming a sentience and are finally realizing how much of a lolcow Eve really is.


No. 1114141

this is ABSOLUTELY hilarious. Eve is trying to fake her own death!? They really already found her and created an obit page saying "still being investigated?" as if the police found her dead body and were like "quick someone write her obituary page this is very crucial in our investigation to get this woman her obit page!"

Wow, Eve. This is on the same level as trying to sue ED.

No. 1114144

Kind of goes against her whole "my name isn't Eve" thing and holy shit the photo on that bogus obituary is grizzly. I can see why she heavily edited that when she first posted it trying to catfish people into thinking she doesn't look like a real life troll doll.

No. 1114147

(216) 251-7722

crisis hotline for cleveland ohio if you need it, eve.

No. 1114162

File: 1608828721790.jpg (159.27 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20201224_114956.jpg)

She posted this after the fake obituary. She's fine. Just very bad at faking her own death.

No. 1114212


Wonder how long until the Freddie Lounds YouTube posts another video seeing as Eve is "dead" and all.

No. 1114265


I like how its ok for eve to stalk and body shame actors ((this is how her roommate confirmed she spends her time)) but when others do it they’re considered nutsos and are in a “cult”

No. 1114279

File: 1608839108055.jpeg (151.64 KB, 1242x658, E823C69B-9935-4AB6-A533-87AD05…)

the cardboard cutout clown has been brought down to the cleaveland pd for questioning. Local cops suspect he dunnit

No. 1114309

Can’t wait for Eve to blame the “hate group” for creating the obituary page once she comes back.

No. 1114398

WOW! She faked her death? That's the first time she does that!
She's hoping people will forget about her which we would if she didn't come back every so often with new targets.
Hey Eve, I don't know which blogs are yours or not, some don't really sound like you but I'm glad you're still a miserable unemployed, broke, excuse of a human being.
Coming here and seeing how miserable you are. Karma is a bitch.

No. 1114436

This proves that really made that othet blog! He’s her new obsession!

No. 1114463

Hi eve!!!! Feeling desperate? Know you know how it feels

No. 1114488

File: 1608859643404.jpeg (159.98 KB, 1242x1159, 8B72182B-D059-4BF1-8B52-208783…)

Fan mail??? XD It’s inbox chain mail Eve.

No. 1114489

File: 1608859659674.png (119.88 KB, 653x962, 2020-12-24 (1).png)

So tattlecrime.org got a redecoration because of the whole "death" thing..

No. 1114497

kek is that a somber RIP pic a screenshot from nier

No. 1114520

Holy shit you’re right it looks like Nier wtf

Why am I even surprised at this point

No. 1114538

As if she hs given access to her website to some trust worthy person who leas than 12 hours after her death would think about posting this…

No. 1114646

Has Eve ever read an actual obituary? Was she trying to make it sound like she heroically, yet mysteriously got hit by the Russian mafia and/or one of her stalkers (none of which live in the US, btw). Her dad is a local celebrity, there's no way her dying in some kind of dramatic criminal investigation way wouldn't have made the news.

She could've at least made it somehow believable by pretending she killed herself or… simply quit the internet like a normal person would, but this narc genius decided to go out looking like an OC from a fanfic wiki, without realizing she's too retarded to keep low profile and is going to expose herself sooner or later.

No. 1114668

Yeah, she's not the smartest person out there.
For her to do that though she must be desperate, I have never seen her do anything close to this.
I don't think she's scared of any of her stalkers, she knows they all live abroad and let's face it, no one would risk jail to kick her ass, she's not worth it.
It's sad that her life is so empty that she has to do that on christmas' eve. Reminds me of that episode where ross fakes his own death to check on his popularity and nobody comes ot the wake.
I dont know if Eve's dad is a local celebrity but he's wealthy, also I dont think her family (she hates btw) lives in the same states.

No. 1114741

File: 1608910584597.png (128.82 KB, 297x554, 2020-12-25.png)

lol, she posted about it on tumblr and tagged the fandoms
as if they cared about her in the first place
and to make it even funnier, the only account who gave a shit was a BOT


No. 1114747


I love how she tagged the post using the same hashtags as always. She's definitely not dead because she's deleting comments on her stupid youtube videos. She's so fucking stupid.

No. 1114785

She'll come back saying she faked her death as a social experiment.

No. 1114786

File: 1608918006824.jpg (147.45 KB, 1080x1276, Screenshot_20201225_123619.jpg)

I guess Eve's ghost is speaking for her today. Eve has no idea I'm in her tumblr group chat. I'm sure she'll realize after she reads this but she's too stupid to figure out who I am.

No. 1114917

File: 1608935602607.png (59.79 KB, 311x769, 2020-12-25 (4).png)

Eve, we know it's you. Get some help or quit the internet without pretending to be someone else.


No. 1114938

The gift that keeps on giving!

No. 1114939

File: 1608938882204.png (79.08 KB, 316x781, 2020-12-25 (6).png)

No. 1114941

File: 1608938973148.png (125.91 KB, 379x912, 2020-12-25 (7).png)

No. 1114965

File: 1608940960494.png (80.37 KB, 330x927, 2020-12-25 (9).png)

No. 1114970

That website with her "obituary" is ridiculous- anyone can post an unverified obit. That plus the fact there has been no news in the Cleveland area about finding a woman dead (which most places do even in the case of suicides as eve supposedly did- dead bodies are big news, the papers would just never publish a followup about the cause of death in the case of suicide).

Finally, you can't "steal" nudes if the subject of the photo is the one who posted them in the first place. Try harder, Eve.

No. 1114971

File: 1608941774269.png (36.27 KB, 317x466, lmao.png)

No. 1114978

Eve is still a lolcow. She's still having an argument in the comments.


No. 1114987

>anyone can post an unverified obit
Can confirm, done that.

No. 1114994

File: 1608946048530.png (264.12 KB, 1175x906, WAIT A DAMN MINUTE.png)

Wait a god damn minute, has anyone heard of Jonathan Matthews? Apparently whoever made the obituary was a friend of Eve.

No. 1115148

That is a fake profile. In case anyone is actually worried about Eve and/or is upset about how she blames lolcow for her alleged suicide, I can confirm that she's alive.

No. 1115158

How are you able to confirm this?

No. 1115190

That dumbass cant help herself

No. 1115191

We know her, she’s fine trust us on this

No. 1115242

File: 1608987583709.png (1.13 MB, 794x687, xSI2XIh.png)

I'd love to know what was going through Eve's mind as she decided to fake her own death. Personally, I think she's going to email lolcow as one of her "friends", and demand this thread gets taken down "to respect the dead". Her "death" doesn't even make any sense.

Did her "online friends" astral project to check on her and found out she's dead? Did her family find her body, and decided to inform her "online friends" straight away? Why did the police department start a criminal investigation, only to delcare it a suicide 2 hours later?

No. 1115243

File: 1608987657893.png (387.37 KB, 934x1141, BlYDBgh.png)

No. 1115267

Oh hey, that was from the simplestsimon blog. They also didn’t give a shit about Eve’s “death”, which was nice to hear coming from an alleged sock-puppet account.


No. 1115376

Her «  friends » sound exactly like her! She knows nobody is buying it!

No. 1115402

Looks like "her friend" deleted the tattlecrime.org tumblr

No. 1115461

To be fair she said she would in the next 48 hours

No. 1116021

I smell next thread pic

No. 1116272

There was an event which they do not expect Freddie to fully recover from? Wtf? Was she committed? Struck by a meteorite? Wth does that even mean? Did she fake her own death or did the Russian mafia fail to assassinate her? I can’t wait to see what this kooky bitch will churn out next

No. 1116275

So we got
>Murder that is being investigated
>Bullied to suicide
>Failed assassination by the Russian mafia

At least choose one, Eve.

No. 1116840

The women Eve doxxed, harassed and made nasally voiced videos about appear to be thriving meanwhile Eve is laying low and playing victim when she brought this upon herself by being a vile cunt for years. To quote eve in her stupid Freddie lounds imitation… Eve is the perfect example of real toxic energy. This isn’t a hate forum it’s other people’s opinions of her and everyone is entitled to their “opinion” <-more of Eve’s lame excuses for being a piece of shit

No. 1116897

She dors everything she accuses people of doing and will never change.
she faked her death because someone in that fandom scared her or because she thinks her “bullies” would feel guilty about it.
Thing is, nobody believes she’s dead. She is too dumb to realise this .
She’ll be back soon enough .

No. 1118067

And the fake obituary got deleted. Saw that coming.

No. 1118138

File: 1609348825707.png (83.34 KB, 641x774, PAujJiu.png)

She's still pretending to be dead, albeit with a new Tumblr layout and main post. The obituary was most likely removed by the staff. It allowed donations which might count as a fraud.

She should come clean asap, she's delaying the inevitable.

No. 1118200

ya cuz we all believe eve found a third party with nothing better to do than lick eves taint even in the after life. sounds totally legit.

No. 1118202

aaand she still uses the fandom tags
>"Even in death, Freddie's name continues to be dragged through the mud of every toxic fandom she exposed.
As someone who is part of one of these fandoms, I can say that we haven't even said her name in days. We only talked about her a few times, which was during the time when the Tattlecrime blog was still there and the obituary was new. She is acting like she is the victim and hot topic of these fandoms, when in reality everyone knows that it's fake and a way to guilt-trip everyone. We have pretty much moved on from this topic, yet she is still bringing it up.

No. 1118211

Eve the manipulator keeps computer files of all of her conversations with people for future blackmailing purposes, has a pedo fandom history, has stalked and harassed family of tumblrinas on Facebook but she has the audacity to call everyone else toxic?

No. 1118232

She knows nobody believes she’s dead and yet she continues to say she is? She is sooo dumb! She should just lay low and come back in another fandom in a few months like she usually does

No. 1118332

the obituary was deleted because my friend and i reported it. they took it down within a day or so after reporting it, which was satisfying. felt like a way of getting back at eve. even though i know it won’t stop her. i’m sure she’ll be back eventually, either claiming the whole fake death was orchestrated by her internet “bullies” as a way to get rid of her. or she’ll return under a completely different alias. if she does come back under a different alias she won’t bother to change her writing style or format i’m sure and people will figure out it’s her yet again because she’s a stupid bitch.(cowtipping)

No. 1118615

File: 1609399196814.jpeg (273.86 KB, 640x948, 52BBBA92-8FB1-4E81-808B-96C239…)

Lol, we are familiar with her irl name
Death threats where?


No. 1118643

Yeah her real name is the one we have, that’s the name linked to her adress etc

No. 1118825

really confused, is this person not a troon? s2g i always thought this was a not-a-girl.

No. 1118829

File: 1609431831580.jpg (65.5 KB, 1280x720, tattlecrime comin atcha.jpg)

Nope. She's just an unfortunately natural dead ringer for Jon Heder.

No. 1118846

File: 1609432951836.png (33.81 KB, 318x452, shut up meg.png)

She's still going on about the names..

No. 1118847

No. 1118867

Which proves it’s her talking not some friend.
eve was obsessed with the fact that people refused to call her monica! We call her eve to piss her off! She says she legallt changed it but her name is still on the voter’s register and so on

No. 1118972

File: 1609440591170.jpeg (344.28 KB, 835x1200, 82C74458-9D8A-4DFB-9368-6F33DF…)

considering how Eve makes up a succesful professional life, I find it pretty odd that she never pushed the fact that Junji Ito used her as a reference for “The Model”. Such honorable personal attention from Ito-San! oh, and also RIP I guess

No. 1118997

If she had any friends, they would have told her that faking one's death is a dumb short-sighted idea.

Eve's truly vile, she went out of her way to harass the families of her victims, now she keeps trying to make everyone feel guilty by pretending to be this imaginary best friend, and making posts, saying how people should feel bad for making Martyr Eve kill herself. Once this whole arc is over, nobody is ever going to trust her again.

No. 1119100

File: 1609449440301.png (56.06 KB, 316x688, MUH TAGS.png)

No. 1119102

File: 1609449596378.png (61.95 KB, 255x847, anon something.png)

No. 1119708

Exactly! She was dumb enough to post a photo of her ID a while back that’s how people found her and the same name is still active.

No. 1119731

Hey eve since you come here, I never admitted to being a part of anything, I dont even know who that Bill is.
so go back to the shithole where you spens your days.

No. 1119811

File: 1609540891622.jpg (851.14 KB, 1076x5501, ffs dumbass.jpg)


>"Doxxed her family and friends

>"never figured out [her] real name and location"

Pick one, you idiot. Either her personal info was known or it wasn't.

No. 1119824


If it wasn't her, why wouldn't the person whose info it really is say so? It's been floating around for so long that if they weren't the same person, the one whose info it really was would have said something by now ("I have no idea who the hell you're trying to reach, but I'm not that lolcow, sorry").

No. 1119995

She wants people to believe we dont have her real name because she’s afraid that people will come after her!
Back in the day she’d threateb people with her guns and dogs but im guessing they werent impressed!

No. 1119999

Lol oop, bet getting doxxed sucks but I guess that's what happens when you attempt to manipulate guilt in people by faking your own death. Plus getting yourself removed from all public records across the web is a small annual fee that not only saves you from doxxing but also keeps your information safe from identity thieves and data brokers. All the YouTubers and ethots who whine about getting doxxed don't deserve sympathy if they can't cough up $150 a year out of their simpbux to have their records wiped.

No. 1120059

I’ve sent her a few asks wanting to know how it was possible for her to send a message to her tumblr group chat on Christmas day if she allegedly died on Christmas eve and she’s ignored every single one of them because she has no way to explain it away. She thought of everything else, even changed her legal name and yet left so many loose ends. And she wonders why none of us are buying this stunt.

No. 1120084

She didnt change her legal name she also still lives at the sme place, she wants us to believe she changes it and moved out because she’s scrAred of people knocking on her door

No. 1120207

It seems she wanted to leave all of this behind her so it is possible she has done both. All of the public record information has not been updated in years so she probably learned how to keep such things private.

If she was just able to stay gone from the internet, the thread would have calmed down like it has in the past, why does she not understand the only way to stop being a lolcow is to literally stop acting like one? You can’t make fun of a cow that isn’t mooing.

No. 1120259

She cant give up, she’s too dellusional for that! As long as she’s convinced she’s right she will be here to amuse us

No. 1120431

File: 1609621387757.jpeg (427.46 KB, 915x1848, B33E4724-1419-437A-BE63-3651FC…)

what a joke

No. 1120432

The more she posts the more obvious it is that she is alive and losing her shit

No. 1120613

just found this thread off tumblr and jesus christ this woman is ridiculous. at first i assumed she was roleplaying or trying to create a shitty hannibal ARG but she really is just fucking insane, huh? at least it's entertaining.

No. 1120748

File: 1609648711631.jpeg (752 KB, 1242x1647, D8BED985-6620-4869-8815-3719B6…)

this soap opera just keeps getting worse

No. 1120815

OMG! She expects us to believe a hater would go through the trouble of defending her?

No. 1120826

She realized she failed at faking her own death, not that this excuse is believable or makes her look any better…If she really wants to move on from this, why doesn’t she? This thread can only be updated for as long as she continues to publicly act like a retard.

Eve, you get most things wrong, and that tumblr post wasn’t any different. No one wants to see you leave the internet for good. We think your behavior is hilarious, we’d rather you didn’t harass (innocent) people to the length you do but, hilarious none the less. You are clearly extremely unwell, dragging peoples names through the mud just because they’ve hurt you isn’t normal. You have met some sketchy people and have ‘exposed’ them, most of us won’t deny that but a lot are just fandom weirdos who didn’t agree with you after you went on a rant about your latest obsession, or they just didn’t want to be your friend. It’s simple, change your behavior (which you won’t because you can’t) or forever be a “LOLCow”.

No. 1120834

She can’t chAnge.
She’ll find another fandom to harass, one that will come after her even harder and she’ll complain cause she likes playing the victim.
it’s hilarious to watch!
keep it up eve never change!

No. 1120835

Celine, sage your posts if you are just going to repeat what the previous one says.(hi cow)

No. 1120899

Are you calling me a cow?

No. 1120911

Nah, it was admin/mod calling me Eve

No. 1120934

Oh admin thought eve told me to sage my posts! Get it!(autism)

No. 1120954

Okay just to clarify.

Eve is now trying to say someone else faked her own death to try to silence her and drive her out of “the fandom”.. as if it’s a physical place..

@the-tattle-crime on Tumblr claims to be the real Eve, driven out by those preventing her from serving justice and opening our eyes with her websites and hardhitting YouTube videos.

@tattle-crime-org Eve claims this is a hoax website. But Eve was also claiming to be her own dear friend carrying out eves final wishes which for some reason consisted of posting on Tumblr. Which is reasonable, I’m sure when everyone dies their final wish is that someone posts about them on the internet with fangirl hashtags.. makes sense!

Also Eve is insisting her name isn’t Eve or any of the names here…

Eve you’re really running a zigzag pattern to avoid this forum aren’t you?

No. 1120965

What makes no sense is that she insists a hater created all the pages but that person clearly defends her so it makes no sense!
The more she comes up with new stuff the less credible she is!
Eve runs both pages, period and insists we dont have her address because she is scared, it’s that easy.

No. 1121127


Of course Eve runs both pages- the supposed hoaxer is what comes up if you type in Eve's tattlecrime.org domain. She can't even do a death hoax right.

No. 1121134

Next she’ll say they hacked her to get access to it!

No. 1121432

File: 1609726484853.jpg (386.47 KB, 1076x2812, no you.jpg)


Well, you weren't wrong. Christ, she must be exhausted running her attention whore hoax.

No. 1121462

>which claims to be me (eve) is not me (eve)

Congrats. You played yourself. So which is it, dumbass? Are you your friend taking over your page after your death or are you yourself. For someone who fancies herself a writer you're really fucking up the plot.

No. 1121558

The memorial blog is not a hoaxer because it uses all the exact same defences she has been using for years (such as denying photos of her are her, and accusing everyone to being the same 4 people. The writing style is also the same.

No. 1121637

She’s so dumb, no one will believe some hater created a blog to fake her resurection..
Im sure she’ll slip soon enough and get confused between the twi bligs.

No. 1122511

she deleted the blog already.

No. 1128322

No. 1128397

No. 1129068

eve: accuses other blogs of being obsessed with her
also eve: obsesses over other blogs

No. 1129095

This is an image board, why not post caps? I can't even do it for you because the links aren't working.

No. 1129127

File: 1610425231045.png (273.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210111-201622.png)


I was able to access some of the posts on the actual Tumblr app. Looks like she went off on a few of the other blogs and then got in a big ol fight with simplestsimon, in which the "friend" of Eve magically knows all of the drama from the Bill Skarsgard fandom for the past four months

No. 1129128

File: 1610425259219.png (1.16 MB, 1080x3481, Stitchcraft_20210111-201659.pn…)

No. 1129129

File: 1610425365750.png (5.12 MB, 1080x14294, Stitchcraft_20210111-201038.pn…)

Eve tries to trick her way into some private instagram group and then gets mad when it doesn't work, so she decides to expose them while claiming it wasn't her.

No. 1129131

File: 1610425484517.png (4.47 MB, 1080x13011, Stitchcraft_20210111-201228.pn…)

and now the latest post: Eve's "friend's" surprisingly informed account of the whole saga

No. 1129815

So the friend is now documenting for Eve with this much knowledge??

Did Eve "request" the friend that they'd "document" the Bill fandom when she's dead??

Eve can't even keep up the consistency, yet she strives to be a screenwriter.

No. 1130352

No friend is that precise. It's further proof that it's her.
Eve keeps detailed notes of everything and just copies/pastes whenever she needs to "speak out".

No. 1130454

File: 1610561399856.jpeg (388.34 KB, 1284x790, 673B3437-5526-48B8-9E01-8BE421…)

Most friends don’t keep tags on their deceased friend’s fangirl obsessions after they die…. “I have access to Freddie’s notes”, yeah I bet she has notes. She may not be a professional writer but she’s a professional creeper I’ll give her that

It’s also important to note that no one here ever called Eve by the name “Freddie”. Eve has been a Freddie Lounds cosplayer for years. That doesn’t mean she is Freddie Lounds…. I don’t care what kind of psychotic malfunction Eve is suffering, Eve is Eve.

No. 1130530

She suffers from many mental illnesses. It started after her adopted parents rejected her and pushed her aside after getting a biological child. Her feeling of constant rejectiong started then.

No. 1130586

Her few subscribers called her Freddie, I guess that is why she is using it.

No. 1131064

i find it interesting that she keeps pushing the “freddie is dead” narrative yet continues to behave the same way she always has she’s singled out and begun to obsess over simplestsimon which is something eve ALWAYS does — she always finds someone to single out and harass, without fail.

No. 1131067

File: 1610598297373.jpeg (424.66 KB, 1242x1333, 76047764-01D9-4619-98F7-BC7F2C…)

No. 1131079

no one is interested

No. 1131120

there is only one member of that chat, lol

No. 1131179

Didn't Eve recently confess to faking her death? >>1120748

Does she expect people to believe that someone hacked her account, tried to fake her death, and then within 24 hours, she actually killed herself? Very confusing timeline.

No. 1131666

Isn’t this the woman Eve dragged in her last youtube video?

Well theres further proof Eve faked her own death.

Her “friend” should have known Eve isn’t a “alida stan”

This just proves Eve’s theories were nothing but jealous hag fan girl rants.

No. 1142885

Well she’s been going longer than I thought she would! She did give up the second blog fast though…

No. 1143057

File: 1611716373373.jpeg (148.74 KB, 640x589, 6809C0BB-E58F-4A3A-B4DB-2D4117…)

Probably necro and old milk but this was literally Eve’s response to an EXTREMELY OBVIOUS troll that mocked her for setting up that one group chat about SimplestSimon


No. 1143478

I dont get why she's so triggered. She provokes them on purpose, she get a rush of adrealine when someone reblogs her.

No. 1163012

File: 1613494100740.jpeg (123.92 KB, 750x750, 5866B6D6-0E63-42CB-92D6-A84713…)

Necro and probably old milk again, but I found a Tumblr blog through the fandom tags that stalks Bill and literally shares his personal info, going as far as to dox him by sharing his personal records. (RECORDS GOT BALEETED LOL) Since the records got deleted and all the private accounts were sent, they now watch Bill’s private Instagram status as if it’s the countdown for New Years. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t share this a while ago, since this blog was around since late January of this year. (probably because im fucking retarded and can’t turn on my spidey-senses)
Sage if it’s not Eve, but it sure is a schizo


No. 1165381

This week in “that was so obvious”. She brought her website back up again and admitted she faked her suicide.

No. 1166678

OMG! She’s back!
i suspected she would because the Clarice Show is out and she wont be able to resist shitting on jt

No. 1166771

what a surprise! i love how she kept adamantly insisting that she was dead, that an entire fandom was to blame for driving her to suicide. and then she comes back, because she’s desperate for attention and validation and just can’t stay away. i’m surprised she lasted as long as she did with this charade. yes, eve. we all knew your death was fake. you’ve just proven all of our points.

No. 1166818

I read her "explanations" and she is saying she overdosed and told her friend to just say she was dead. I almost peed myself laughing. she wants us to believe she bought a. house and has a great job now….

No. 1167154

Can you share the link and post screenshots? She's going to delete everything within 24h, as she always does.

No. 1168660

File: 1614090728865.jpeg (460.95 KB, 750x1256, 55D67861-837E-4CDF-A9B4-D7356E…)

No. 1168734

“Not that I care” lol