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File: 1575718689325.png (1.3 MB, 978x814, dandelionmilk1998.png)

No. 902898

Ruby/Vladimir Josephine is a 21-year-old white American "queer" artist, social media snowflake, and "baby drag king" by the stage name of Christian Undertones. Going by dandelionmilk1998 online, she identifies a "mentally ill furry femme transgender man" living in Seattle, Washington, whose interests encompass furry fetish art, liberal politics, horror movies, (bad) makeup, and veganism. She has been active on Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantArt since the early 2010s, and temporarily went by the names Daniel, Dandy, and Ragewolf Bravegrowl.

A description of her years of milk and overall personality are:
>Frequently switches gender/sexual orientation, has called herself male, female, nonbinary, lesbian, pansexual, and polyqueer within the last five years
>Has used she/her, he/him, they/them, and shi/hir pronouns
>Repeatedly claims to hates men while identifying as a transgender man, is "anti-TERF & anti-SWERF"
>Draws sloppy MS Paint art typically of furries, with references to fetishes, gore, suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders
>Art includes "political" work about fat positivity, transgender positivity, "transgender" bodies, and glorifying self-harm
>Fan and semi-calf of Lana Del Rey, Nicole Dollanganger, Die Antwoord, and CocoRosie, frequently posts about them and emulates their aesthetics
>Saw Die Antwoord live twice, once peed her pants at a concert and another time attended a concert with weed in her vagina, deleted a Tumblr post about it
>Is "anti-pedophilia" but has called herself a member of the BDSM, DDLG, petplay, and babyfur community, as well as drew art of those fetishes
>Is "anti-zoophilia" but frequently likes and reposts furry porn and draws the genitals and sexual acts of animal characters
>Regularly posts about her "mental illness" and "disorders", jokes about not taking her medication and having hallucinations and delusions
>Identifies as otherkin and therian (after discovering therian vloggers on YouTube), once claimed she was "bimbokin" or kin of derogatory depictions of women
>Posts makeup/outfit "looks", publicly screenshots and posts people who criticize them
>Loosely chronicled the slow breakup with her girlfriend from 2014 to 2018, afterwards claimed she was manipulated, abused, and traumatized by her
>In February 2014 (16 years old) briefly mentioned she was in Louisiana "just tryna stay out of jail/inpatient care", no information ever came of this
>Worst of all, probably, is that her mother follows her on Twitter and watches all of this happen

In summary, a basic ~die cis scum~ liberal furry degenerate with a Luna-Slater-esque art style, attempting to make a name for herself in the Seattle drag scene.

Twitter | twitter.com/dandelionmilk19 (active)
Instagram | instagram.com/dandelionmilk1998 (active)
Drag Instagram | instagram.com/christianundertones1 (active)
Tumblr | dandelionmilk1998.tumblr.com (active)
Art Tumblr | genderqueerbobbyhill.tumblr.com (semi-active)
Horror Tumblr | https://owleloth.tumblr.com (not active in past year)
DeviantArt | deviantart.com/dandelionmmilk1998 (active)
Fur Affinity | furaffinity.net/user/dandelionmilk1998 (active)
deviantart.com/peoplescreaming (inactive)
deviantart.com/werewolfbaptism (inactive)
deviantart.com/sunswallower (inactive)
(Other short-lived usernames of hers include dandelionmilk1999, lavenderswallower19, babymiaow, wolfbodied, and xxfrozengrapesxx.)

This is the first thread about dandelionmilk1998, so more information and evidence of claims will be provided in the first few posts on this thread.

No. 902900

File: 1575718864973.png (782.9 KB, 630x629, christian undertones.PNG)

OP Here. Apologies for the links not being clickable.

Here is her most recent "drag" work as Christian Undertones, her stage name. She has had a few performances in the local area and even once performed at a friend's wedding.


No. 902901

File: 1575719031416.png (2.56 MB, 1706x1014, 3.png)

Along with the general sloppiness of her makeup, here are a few years worth of her makeup "looks", although there are many more. Once, somebody messaged her on Instagram saying that her makeup skills were bad, and she screenshot the messages and posted them for her followers to brigade.


No. 902903

File: 1575719196983.png (3.98 MB, 2299x1500, 2.png)

Here's some of her art, most of which revolves around sexual and/or "violent" (see: 12-year-old trying to draw gore) themes, typically crudely drawn. (1/3)

No. 902905

File: 1575719393098.png (Spoiler Image, 330.72 KB, 909x831, 4.png)

Some of her older art revolves around her interpretations of My Little Pony characters, usually as queer, transgender, self-harmers, drug users, or fat (for "representation" and "diversity" of course.)

Spoiler for cartoon breasts.

No. 902906

File: 1575719572636.png (Spoiler Image, 718.36 KB, 1201x795, 5.png)

Her recent work (including art and journal entries/online posts) includes her "political" work. Two of which are the attached images, one being a MS Paint "trans female positivity" drawing of genitals, and another being a mutilated person with a testosterone shot and "transition goals" written below it.

Spoiler for nudity and genitalia.


No. 902907

Jesus christ, what a cow. Great thread OP, especially love the little cocks being described as female.

No. 902910

File: 1575720402483.png (2.8 MB, 2016x1776, selfportraits.png)

Thank ya, anon. The reason I had so much information to go off of is unfortunately due to the fact that I've known her (online) for a while. She's been following me on and off since 2013 even though we've never interacted otherwise.

These are some of her self-portraits, from 2017 to now (including one of her fursona, a mentally unstable strawberry-milk-producing cow.) I feel it notable to list that she includes some of her likes as:
>radical queer artists
>body positivity
>paganism (her entire drag person is Christian, though)
>the occult (see above)
>BDSM (now claims she doesn't like it)
>social justice
>doing the right thing & trying to be a good person (lol)
>goth queers

…and dislikes as:
>pedophiles (her taste in art and fetishes suggests otherwise)
>the trump administration
>climate change deniers
>men (even though she identifies as one, and is on testosterone?)

She also apparently is "interested" in carrying around used menstrual products, not wearing bras or shoes, and having acne.

No. 902912

File: 1575720853564.png (Spoiler Image, 58.53 KB, 884x850, dbu5d08-dc035e62-9466-43ed-85d…)

I don't want to clog up the thread with minor additions, but I'll finish with adding this commission (yes, somebody paid her to draw this) she drew of a furry standing in a toilet and pissing onto their own feet.

I'd spoiler it but the non-detailed MS Paint genitalia is small and not all that ideologically offensive. If you're interested in more, such as cows squirting milk into each other's mouths, cats putting leashes on other cats and abusing them, or classic "fat positivity" and vore, you'll love dandelionmilk1998.


No. 902920

File: 1575721605266.png (717.98 KB, 932x597, wedding.PNG)

Oh, how could I forget. Here are the pictures of her performing as Christian Undertones, with Tripp pants and some type of stuffed-sock-esque mock penis, at her friends' wedding in August of 2018. The fact that she tagged that as "#drag" and "#dragking" are truly the cherry on top.

Genuinely unsure if this needs a spoiler or not, so apologies if it does.


No. 902961

Why is she carrying around used menstrual products? Are there no trash cans on her home planet?

No. 902969

I guess to her, it seems vaguely "feminist" to do so or something like that.

No. 903164

File: 1575771904210.gif (5.62 MB, 320x240, source.gif)

Lemale genitalia

No. 903176

File: 1575777786737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 405.4 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20191208_045922.jpg)

Why would anyone post that?

No. 903202

File: 1575783900876.gif (518.35 KB, 500x202, b9c15d5146364599c87f7b25ee1ea9…)

How the turn tables. So I've been on this site for almost 3 years at this point. Pretty active contributor. I've had a really fun and weird time on here. I was drawn in because seeing so much information across social media from really interesting/bizarre people is entertaining regardless of how you feel about them. Also you are very funny.

Anyway I'm not close with this person but I'm very tight with a friend of theirs. Really didn't know much about them. I'm pretty sure me or people close to me are going to start getting posted soon though and It's a pretty stressful prospect. I feel like I'm getting a very firm reality check/taste of own medicine. I also just feel like the spark has died now and I can't just hide this thread and keep on being an asshole lmao. That feels evil???

I kind of pretended that if I ended up on here I'd take it So Well and be flattered by the attention and maybe even try to troll you back and have fun with it. While there is a an element of that I'm pretty uncomfortable with reading any negative thought y'all have the energy to post about me and my current/potential friends. I guess this is greyknighting because I have never met this person and cannot tell you whether they are a "good" or "bad" one. I don't know if I am, but judgement day has come lol.

I want to focus on my ~art~ and my ~mental health~ uwu so probably the best course of action for me is to leave the site for a while. The idea genuinely makes me sad because of how often I'm on. I've really adapted to the culture imo and feel like it made me a stronger person who can handle criticism better than I did in an echochamber of constant fake niceness. I really expect to come back in a few years and laugh about it. (I wish this for all our pathetic cows tbh)

So yeah I know it's fucking idiotic to post this at all and draw attention to myself. I did want to say goodbye and let you know I still think this is a cool place. Just because I might be on the other side of the screen doesn't mean I suddenly don't think drama or gossip is fun anymore. This is one of the only places we can do it without ruining our own lives so it only makes sense to log off when that's no longer true.

Milk on sisters. Milk on.

p.s. I also thought this might be interesting to some anons who maybe know cows closely or have had something like this happen. I guess if I get found out just DM me and we can talk about it. lol.(ma'am this is a wendys)

No. 903214

This post confuses me. You made this entire post and are leaving this website just because you happen to be friends with someone who knows this cow?? I mean as long as you’re not milky I don’t see why you’d be ridiculed on here.

No. 903245

No one knows or cares who you are so why would anyone DM you, you fucking sperg. Fuck off back to your hug box.

No. 903343

File: 1575820833240.png (970.68 KB, 598x598, 1.PNG)

I think it's supposed to say "female", she just wrote the "f" like a capital l. Either way, lol.

No idea. For the "aesthetic" I guess? She talks frequently about her dislike for zoophiles and people who harm animals, and her love for environmentalism, but looking at all of the furry porn/gore she draws I think she'd fit right in with that crowd. Picture related.

No. 903350

Am I the only one here who feels like this is a self-post?

No. 903355

OP here. Not a self-post, just have known her online for a while. Wouldn't want to exhibit any of these behaviors myself.

No. 903371

>DM me
>doesn't provides any account to DM

Is that you, fistula-fursona bimbokin-transmale degenerate?
If not, shame on you for not posting about her sooner.

No. 903390

>and temporarily went by the names Daniel, Dandy, and Ragewolf Bravegrowl.
>Ragewolf Bravegrowl
My fucking sides

I hope that's not the groom pictured bc he's looking extremely homosexual

You should pull your head out of your ass.

No. 903407

Her Twitter was public yesterday and now it's private… odd. A case of cowtipping on our hands?

No. 903490

Kind of thought the same thing. Saying you are against animal cruelty and then posting a real dead animal for aestetics is very hypocritical in my opinion

No. 903503

Oh great another reason why I despise these furfags,another mentally unstable,scandalous freak

No. 903505

That poor chicken…

No. 903516

File: 1575850800347.png (199.98 KB, 1167x729, 1.PNG)

I found out she's got a curiouscat (where people can ask anonymous questions) but it doesn't look like she uses it much. Her weird responses get a kick out of me though. (For context, the "bunny" and "harvest demon" refer to some adoptable designs she sold. I have no idea what the hell the "being pregnant with yourself" question is about.)


No. 903520

Samefag, just can't get over this description of her "passion" for horoscopes.

>"theres a lot of complicated little moving parts that i cant memorize all of, like i dont know what sumthin sumthin bein in the fifth house…saturn…all that means, but its super real, im very mmuch an aquarius with a virgo moon i think!!!! and reading about my friends (and CRUSHES) signs n stuff is always fun :-) i used to hate geminis but i like them a lot now!!!11!"

It's like she's intentionally writing a parody of people who pretend to be interested in something but obviously aren't, except it's fully serious.

No. 903665

File: 1575899547149.png (221.57 KB, 822x692, 1.png)

She deactivated/deleted her Instagram, deleted all of her Tumblr blogs, and deleted all but 2 of her posts from DeviantArt (there used to be around 75, including the one which "suck my furry libtard cock y'all" came from.) What a shame, since she had so many milky posts I never got to screenshot. I guess cowtipping can really shoot a thread in the foot.

No. 903687

Either she was cowtipped or do you think she frequents here?

No. 903708

Hadn't considered that. Maybe she does. That'd explain her drastic reaction. I mean, if I saw myself posted here I'd be a bit irritated but I wouldn't delete all of my social media history just because of it.

No. 904112

File: 1575998827065.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.66 KB, 1024x1076, cruel_but_cute_so_i_m_worth_it…)

A new "art" piece from her, posted to DeviantArt yesterday. Spoiler for, well, crude content. (It's tagged as #pee and submitted to two fetish groups called Chubby-Furs and Cow-Girls, unsurprisingly.)


No. 904257

Her drag insta is still up but she hasn’t posted since last month

No. 904378

No. 904559

File: 1576099094445.png (535.66 KB, 628x665, a.PNG)

She's definitely still active on her (now private) Twitter, she replied to some of her friend @b3ige's tweets yesterday. She also favorited a whole bunch of art on Fur Affinity within the last 2 hours.

No. 907428

Who fucking cares? what a terribly boring update , please provide actual milk.

No. 908016

That was posted a week before your post and was saged, anon. If you don't see any posts for a while, it's because there's no milk.

No. 909338

File: 1577168522246.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.1 KB, 1024x830, sticky_icky_by_dandelionmmilk1…)

More wonderful furry "art" from Ruby, posted today. Spoiler for breasts and and self-harm.


No. 909361

I dunno who this girl is but her and History1970s could be best friends if they aren't already lmao

No. 909365

mental illness

No. 909384

I mean we all start somewhere. Plus a “baby” in the drag community just means someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience yet.

No. 909526

I'm pretty sure they followed each other on Tumblr for a few years, 2013-2015 or so.

No. 921726

File: 1579677697941.png (581.72 KB, 986x640, 1.PNG)

Her new Twitter is queerbeef.


No. 931545

i feel like this cow had so much potential to be milked and turn out to be another fatvegfemme phoebe but ugh it's all dried up now

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