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Sunnycon is a anime convention running in Newcastle UK. They tried to expand to Liverpool by holding an event in 2019. However there hasn't been any announcement of them continuing to hold events in other cities apart from Newcastle for 2020.

Sunnycon is ran by Michael Tuckwell.Just a big guy with a massive ego and thinks he's the only event people attend.

He was fine until this year where he decided to make a cringy video series of "Behind the Weeb" where he explains how he runs his conventions and the "convention secrets". He has also claimed Brexit is the worse for him which may explain why he hasn't announced Sunnycons 2020 voice actor yet. He also streams on Twitch under the Sunnycon name and begs for viewers.
Banned ahegao clothing and is riding the "we are a family friendly event" bandwagon while his own mascot is a loli and not appropriate.

Recently he has campaigned officially on the Sunnycon social media pages as well as a dedicated video on the YouTube to force people to vote for Labour using scare tactics and false information. He has basically said if you don't vote for Corbyn you are killing the country and are scum.

I think we can all agree this will be a interesting cow to watch for next year…

Quick Summary:
>Sunnycon is an anime convention in Newcastle
>Michael Tuckwell is the head organiser
>Claims to be the only convention to go to
>Created cringy "Behind the Weeb" series on YouTube
>Made a Twitch an begs for viewers
>Banned ahegao hoodies while their mascot is a literal loli
>Using fear tactics to get people to vote for Labour
>Will they ever expand outside of Newcastle?

No. 903081

File: 1575755855218.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1920, part1.jpg)

A thread in the comment section of the "Vote Labour" Video

No. 903083

File: 1575755937533.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1920, part2.jpg)

No. 903085

File: 1575756045993.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1920, part3.jpg)

No. 903087

File: 1575756158551.jpg (365.81 KB, 1080x2147, part4.jpg)

No. 903450

When you just want an anime convention to be a convention…

No. 903502

Retarded thread

No. 903550

I apologize Tucky that we don't conform to your standards

No. 903576

This is why I vote Tory.

No. 903697

I feel he is using Brexit as an excuse for putting on a smaller event in 2020

No. 904947

File: 1576195316359.png (1.95 MB, 1600x900, skynews-general-election-exit-…)

well. bye bye sunnycon. he kept going on how if Brexit and the tories got in he'd shut down

No. 905172

Lol. Watching Tucky's meltdown will probably the one good thing to come of this result

No. 970370

Update - Tucky dates a 15 year old and gets her pregnant.

Sunnycon are VAT Registered and scamming money from the state.

Sunnycon 2020 cancelled due to "venue reasons"

Sunnycon don't give refunds until they are shouted at

Sunnycon delete negative comments only leaving the good.

Tucky spies on 4chan and replies in it. Lets see if he replies here too.

No. 970389

His attitude is fucking hilarious given sunnycon is raided by furries (in diapers) every year to the point many fans have refused to re-attend.

No. 970463

I've been almost every year and haven't seen 1 furry in a diaper. at max theres like a group of 4. if you're gonna bullshit at least do it correctly

No. 972200

Theres definitely more than 4 furries or the James Robson drama wouldn't have been so serious.

Can't comment on the diapers, seen them with dummies though.

No. 972301

>fat greasy weeb who, to everyone's surprise, is also into lolis
>lolifag who shockingly is a pedo/has pedo allegations
>quality customer service that would make dashcon blush
What the fuck is this con?

No. 972332

Welcome to the UK Con circuit
Just wait til you hear about Anime League!

No. 972335

Let's be honest, Sunnycon is worse. Impregenating a 15 year old is kind of the bottom of the barrel, that's before you even think about his awful business practices

No. 972380

Tower's Encyclopedia Dramatica seems to be fuller :)

also, Hi Tucky!(hi cow :))

No. 972393


Probably because AL is a lot bigger than Sunnycon ever will be so he's a bigger name in the community, if not a bigger nonce.

No. 973273

ED doesn't make someone worse than someone who knocks up kids, anon.

Anyway, has anybody been watching his streams? It baffles me how he's desperate to make money from Twitch but puts absolutely zero effort in.

No. 973332


Watching it atm, they're just slagging off LuminescentSunrise customers now

He's gonna exercise in a Godzilla outfit tomorrow because someone will donate a few pennies if he does. Desperate for sure.

Not sure what happened to uploading to Youtube 2/3 times a week either.

No. 1007272

So, I see Tuckwell's at it again with the 1000 fake followers on his twitch that were striked off within days. What's the odds the account ends up banned?

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