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No. 903270

So, what the fuck happened?

Did she just rage quit?(shit thread)

No. 903272

Legit thought this was lady Gaga
Don’t y’all have to write a bunch of info in the OP (I thought box disappeared in like 2012

No. 903276

I don't fucking know.
I don't really come here that often.
But 4chan is now corporate, 8chan is dead, 7chan might as well be dead, and the dark/deep web is poorly managed.

Besides, lolcow.farm was originally created to catch shoe0nhead stalkers that were following her from Unichan, which was dedicated to Boxxy at the time.

So I figured I'd post here.

No. 903285

ok well learn to integrate then

No. 903286

Why is this even a thread? Even some light internet searching will tell you what shes up to, it's not some huge secret. Hell, I watched some youtube videos YEARS ago and iirc she went offline because her fandom was crazy and it was suffocating her
.now lives a peaceful quiet life doing voice acting or something along those lines

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