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File: 1575890650267.png (622.84 KB, 1000x1500, dd8tx3n-6aaef6b5-c575-4d68-9ad…)

No. 903647

DeviantART: HealerCharm
Tumblr: Jade-Green-Butterfly

>30-year-old deviantART user who uses "teehee >w<" baby talk and roleplays as one of her millions of ocs regularly

>Can't take criticism in the slightest. Instant block and retaliation if you try (not that anyone cares)
>loves to abuse bases and dollmakers for new ocs
>Also extremely obsessed with shipping her ocs with whatever fictional character she thinks is hot at the moment
>Recently came under major pedophilia accusations from a bunch of people where she would drag RPs in a sexually charged direction, as well as talk about what she found hot in an open chat full of minors
>wrote an apology where she basically dances around the accusations and pretends she did nothing wrong

Saw this going down and thought she might make for some good milk. Never heard of her before or since but her typing style stays with you once you've seen it. if anyone else has any milk on her it'd be cool to see in this thread

The accusations and the apology:
https://jade-green-butterfly.tumblr.com/post/189040711375/my-statement-apology-hello-all-it-has-come-to(shit thread)

No. 903668

File: 1575899998692.png (971.78 KB, 900x1000, dczgg33-dd540a72-a125-41de-9af…)

I'm honestly surprised she's a woman. After browsing through her social media I got strong "autistic cartoon-loving troon" vibes (it doesn't help that she looks like one either.)

No. 903681

Sounds like an unaware autistic woman to me

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