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File: 1576615252499.jpg (136.91 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20191217_203947.jpg)

No. 906756

Awfultune / Layla Eden / Micheal Hoffman

- low-fi musician with widely underage following
- flirts and solicits images from said underage following
- flip-flops on explanations and 'apologies', either says it was years ago, or that it's completely fake
- turns off comments / blocks whoever mentions it or has an opposing opinion
- chronic account deactivator

Instagram @awfultune (currently deactivated)
YouTube @awfultune(shit thread)

No. 906757

File: 1576615535806.jpg (332.37 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191217-203859.jpg)

There's currently vids up on ig showing the full range of messages.
They keep trying to get this deleted and it's sad. This information needs to be up to serve as a warning to their young fans who don't believe they've done anything wrong

No. 906758

File: 1576615605327.jpg (322.17 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191217_200311.jpg)

Screenshots sent by them to 'prove' they were not a pedophile, all red underlining was them

No. 906759

File: 1576615669010.jpg (280.56 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191217_200851.jpg)

No. 906760

File: 1576615703285.jpg (253.83 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191217_200622.jpg)

No accountability

No. 906764

2017/2018 awfultune age: 19/20 messaged a child who was13/14. Awfultune asked the birthday of the minor and they stated they were born in 2004. The minor was honest from the beginning, awfultune did not stop there as she should have but instead asked for a “dick pic with a sticker over it because it wasn’t illegal that way” implying that awfultune knew that it was illegal and that the child was a minor.

No. 906767

there was a previous incident where another kid ended up being of age, 17, New York’s legal age. While the child was also in the wrong for sending a video of when they were 15, awfultune was also in the wrong as well by constantly bringing up the fact she was turned on by “15 year old dick.” She explicitly states it over and over how she likes that the kid was specifically underage in the video.

No. 906768

File: 1576615954450.jpg (703.69 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191217_200356.jpg)

Last year's apology p 1

No. 906769

File: 1576615989233.jpg (683.84 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191217_200444.jpg)

P 2

No. 906772

File: 1576616128444.jpg (227 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191217_200546.jpg)

This wont go away unless you actually admit your wrong doings.
Things this serious don't just go away, your actions have consequences.

No. 906773

Two videos are floating around.
One is a screen recording to show the convo which leads to awfultunes profile directly, the other is a video from a second device to show the legitimacy of the first. It also leads directly to awfultunes profile. Proving, that the messages to the 13/14 year old are real. You can find these videos by @moetrons on Instagram or @babivampiire

No. 906775

Layla/awfultune has switched back and forth between saying, “yes she did say those things” to saying “no I didn’t” to “I said those things so long ago when I was young and dumb and I regret it!”
They were an adult when they said these things to the minor, they constantly lie about what did and did happen meaning they don’t regret it- they just want to cover their tracks. Awfultune insinuated that the minor just wanted attention. Awfultune victimized herself and shamed her own victims. Unfortunately because her audience are mostly underage and impressionable and want to be on their faves good side, they are supporting her anyways. Some fans have even dismissed the evidence after acknowledging it and still saying they “don’t care and will continue to support them.”

No. 906776

She turns off comments so nobody can point out the holes in her story and then she deactivates till everybody forgets so nobody can unfollow her in the mean time.

No. 906790


No. 906815

oh is it trans? ah yep. it's trans

No. 906845

Why the fuck is this bitch allowed to keep coming back? Because trans points? I don’t get it. I remember the awfultune callouts like twice. The fan base is filled with disillusioned 15 year olds

No. 906916

Anon, this is a whole ass man, do you know what site you’re on?

No. 907085

didn’t want to get eaten up for misgendering

No. 907380

once a freak always a freak, lol, i wish i still had all the old screencaps from my facebook community days, but he's groomed and creeped on tons and tons and tons of people. used to insist he wasn't trans for years hilariously enough, he always swore he was comfortable with being male and just liked feminine styling. too funny

No. 907591

love how some tard marked this as a “shit thread” lmfao like y’all want milk on people and here’s some fuckin milk about a sick sucking adult but yanno no biggie

No. 907622

File: 1576788446807.jpg (515.51 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20191219_204642.jpg)

Them being disrespectful to artists who didn't want a pedo using their stuff

No. 907626

File: 1576788583301.jpg (487.87 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20191219_204857.jpg)

the mental gymnastics on this one

No. 907627

File: 1576788615623.jpg (349.28 KB, 1052x1661, Screenshot_20191219_204909.jpg)

PT 2, posted literally a minute or two after.

No. 907628

File: 1576789110967.jpg (296.54 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191219_205515.jpg)

You knowingly solicit nudes from a minor, that is worth investigating, it's also worth holding you publicly accountable for actions you admitted to doing?
This person needs help and to not be on a platform/multiple platforms that gives them unlimited access to young fans

No. 907721

I think they were just referring to how bare bones the OP was compared to other threads but go off

No. 907831

This person is so fucking ugly, imagine them lusting 15 year old wiener lol.

No. 907884

File: 1576849690688.jpeg (57.38 KB, 750x415, 460AD6D4-2CB8-4BF8-9F6F-9D3AFE…)

I’m glad someone else remembers his fb antics, I think he went be Micheal hoffman? All I could find from fb is this picture of his foot

No. 908092

never thought i'd say this but holy shit this foot is inbred

No. 948100

I know I'm late but just a reminder that the only reasons Awfultune became a tranny was for armor against the pedophile allegations. He tried pulling the same shit on me about two years ago when I was underage and after I denied he deactivated his insta and kept saying he was gonna kill himself and slit his wrists. Hes a manipulative pedo and needs to be locked up.

No. 948155


Interesting allegations. Do you have any caps or could dig them up? It would be helpful in furthering the case for degeneracy of this sick fuck

No. 974743

File: 1589598277934.jpeg (47.87 KB, 444x960, D01F2993-F5FB-40BC-9918-46CDE7…)

her saying the N word

No. 974745

File: 1589598304267.jpeg (77.49 KB, 539x960, 924B4F3E-E65B-4AD4-8B99-2F64BA…)

Her being terrible to her fans

No. 974747

File: 1589598398251.jpeg (32.03 KB, 362x250, 19E8600D-7EDF-47FA-BF80-238993…)

Her admitting she did indeed talk to the “boy”

No. 974822

What the fuck

Do they still having people working with them? Do they play gigs? This is so evil

No. 975436

File: 1589753898205.jpeg (153.27 KB, 750x945, A33C481C-5441-4BED-B1DE-DA1B35…)

her fans are completely aware what she’s done and don’t care. It’s so gross.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 975460

I'm unfamiliar with this cow. Can someone explain why some anons are using she/her? It's a gay man pretending to be a woman, right? The pictures are androgynous enough to where she could just be an unfortunate-looking woman so I'm not 100% sure I have this right.

No. 975524

She transitioned at the time that the evidence came out but a lot of people think she did it for sympathy points and to get away with it. I don’t know what to believe so I’m going to respect the pronouns.

No. 975577

>I don’t know what to believe so I’m just going to call this man a “she”
Ok anon

No. 975587

i agree on diagnosing him with man in wig syndrome, but pronoun fuckery is the least of anyone’s concern when it comes to grooming minors with meager clout. call him whatever, label a garbage bag she/they/them/zir and it’s still gonna be full of trash.

No. 975628

It's confusing to call him a she. It also is misleading as this is man doing this shit not a woman. He's not one of us.

No. 975786

I guess she had drama with vivadrag? Does anyone know more abt that? >>911415

No. 977958

I was semi close to him and they have basically been unable to get any worthwhile gigs due to the rumors. He's kind of an idiot, and as he was becoming more and more successful he pushed a lot of potential managers/gigs away for stupid reasons, and I recall he actually managed to get a gig with some semi-famous artists that make music similar to him, but due to him being a pedo they kicked him off the setlist, which caused him to have a huge tantrum and announce to his followers that he was going to kill himself for the 1000th time. So needless to say there's probably not a lot of people working for him and he's never going to be able to get meaningful gigs again because of his grooming. He's fucked as a musician.

No. 979207

Sage for no contribution
But you probably shouldn’t use the term ‘rumors’ if there’s evidence and truth to it. I get you meant no harm but it’s dangerous to use terms like that when it’s all real. Her followers like to find things like that to cling to and justify her actions with.. RIP

No. 979251

>newfags think saying "sage" in your post means you've saged it

No. 979258

you were newfag once too, she's trying

No. 1015146

File: 1596205075718.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 7829EA9F-9524-489C-BF6A-307CCF…)

Crazy to me that awfultune is still lying about shit lmfao, she was 19/20 asking a 13/14 year old for nudes smh

No. 1039370

sage cus no new info but something needs to be done about this pedo, anyone know what legal name they are registered under? i'd assume it's still michael but idk(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 1039382

when i was a newfag i at least read the most basic info on the site. you’ve gotta be retarded to not look up what sageing means & how to do it if you’ve been on this site longer than five minutes

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